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    reached the west coast, fwelve miles south --- titaloW "'hied in Premint. - - I rity df pickle, tO be . aeceiv r oa- - I iim ---. ••
afr 4 Pclsabeah, allaheing unable to pase NIP
e catl r beloura letter - written by i brthe koroe ear evidence-which mmnot be'
'tee cape , are dropped anchor, and on the IThWeed to the Albany Evening 1 waisted, constrained to admit that he
Seth, -i• made a puree . ); to, the north side i Journal: The letter is dated at - Wash- 'hue signailYtined fo dienhargee with ,use'
of the cape in awbale boat, and from an 1 1 ingt?n,and,ile the,writtr is Iv own to hold i fulnelts to the country, or credit to aim.
elevation of six hundred feet, obtained a , conhdential relations' with the Adminis- t pelf the duties of hit; station.
view to the northward. In that direction
tration, its publication is regarded as it
fiftefifteenmiles above ice i
Cape Isabella, above - Cape coifingation of the reported determi ne remorse was solid and unbroken as far as the e% e 1
1 tion to remorse e General Fremont. It is
could reach. ' as follows :--,
To the eastward,the - h e av y'
pack fee W3B .f _
and impenetrable. To penetrate the ' Since• it cannot be concealed er doll- ,
Strait under these circumstances with the 1 '4 that -
General''Fremout's 1
conduct in
view of reaching a practicable point fur ' •
Missouri has been the subject of official I
future sledge operations with my reduce 1 inquiry, and is now the subject of exe- 1
ed force, (for I had now only five dogs,) 1 anise deliberation, and of popular solid. I
was clearly impracticable; and .believang • ( ._:tude' I have Made it my business to . ob-
tlmt I was not justified in incurring:Alia t baan, from various • baC reliable sources in.'
hea'y expense of another yeses absence , I -formation from which the , people; as jib.
without a . prospect of toorrespondinf res. I tors; mar safely render a verdict.
In corning, as I hare, to a conclusion
ults, I reluctantly abandoned, the field,
. and turned southward. . unfavorable m
to General Fremont, it is
Taking Whale sound on the way; I scarcely necessary to say eat I had, in
doing so to " conquer ' my "prejudices."
completed the survey of that My re
lations with General Fremont have
inlet, and obtained there an excellent set been intimate and pleaeant. I believed
of-magnetic eleterfninations, and sumo him eminently upright and phttivtie. I
photographs of the natives, the glaciers,
. thought him well fitted for the high em
end other objects of interest. mania with which he was invested, and he
After boring through the ice of 361. man
•went tbrth with my heartfelt aspirations r
vine-Mr for one hundred and MI. miles,
that he.would render good service to ou
we readied the Southern waters, and en.
count» and win glory for himself. "
tered,the habor of Upernatik on the 14th Pausing much a n might be said, im•
of August. There st e remained ten slats , rgning the sense and . taste of General
engaged cluing that time in various scion- • remont, and con fi ning myself to accusa
title exploralionss. On the •Ist of bept
, ti o / 18 undeniably true, I 'submit' to the
ember we reached Gorham' or Lie% ell
. ..ts e `, readmi of the Journal some facts which
and were there Similarly
occupied. 11 dill show them
,how lamentably a fat voted
,wei e • i • eady for sea ngain nn the dth, hut
a sueemiun
of s. w. gales detained us. General diiappoints the public expects
nutil the 17th, when we again put to sea. ; Lions :
When General Fremont reached St.
and haling a tair wind we were, on the
,2lid, two hundred m
miles to the southward Louis he took as his beadquarters,a honse
fur which the Government is pa) ing $B,-
of Cape Farewell. From that tune until
the 9th of October we n
encountered cot'' °°° :I S car '
lie surrounded"himself With a numerous
• stunt southerly weather, with frequent staff none of whom were residents of
gales. When off Haiiila ire sustained • Missouri; organizing, simultaneously, a
serious damage, and were obliged' to put body ward pf nearly three hundred horse
into that port or repairs. We arc now
expect to irate I men, through which access to the-cliief is
agaiu ready for sea, and ,
this port tognorrow. i as difficult as the apiiroach to ft. monarch
tn the darkest days of despotism.
I have to regret that we could not :lc
He has appointed` and commissioned;
complish a. greater Nort bine., but situated
without the shadow of authority, more
as we were with Smith's Strait to cross,
tir officers, with the ranks of Col
and with a small force at coition mil, I can i „.": 611
Licata mint Colonel, Major, Captain,
but regard the summer explorations ^s' ('"
Colonel Andrewl, the United
fortunate and saccessnil. The field of re- I ' c ''' . ' l ''' .
search, althgh nu c Itinitcd than I Lad ' states l''l. ma.4er, was requested' to pay
ob n
the.-e officers, and upon his refusal to do
anticipated, was Low ci er new arid m y
' , IA was tiii.eatened with imprisonment.—
observations in different departments of
He mas also directed to make an illegal
ph:4, eke aid natural science will, I fed
of 5100,(436. ,
assured, meet the approbation of the tran-/ I r l
.. The officers belonging to Fremont's
patrons of the expedition. stair ar e inteliested in army contracts.—
lam well satis fi ed that they will be Captain Haskill; an aid, is a partner of
found fully tojustif,,v the) labor and expense
Col. Degrafiu mule, hay and other con-
Which they have cost. The untbrt tinate
accident which occasioned the untimely tracts..
Ca ,t. Totally, a United States commis
denth of Mr. Sonntag, eimied a serioVs
sary, was ordered to receive and pay ex
loss to the expedition. The system of
'which we 1 nrblant pill es for interior mules, from
obsentions apd experiments
Capt. Haskell anti iipon pi °testing against
had planned in con,—rt had already ac
was ordered away front his
complisbed important additions to Arctic i
this ‘Nrsjilg'
post b% Gun. Ft eniont. •
science, whet) xleath deprived • me of his
Ca pt: E..ILID.INiS, of t leneral Fremouts
invaluableassistance ; anti w•it lo the duties
staff; rtHit cti a contract for blankets
incident to Ai cti.! exploration in the field
which, on &lit cry. preyed rotten and
pressing constantly upon me, I was not worthlesl, and though cc ticum:A wire
always able - to execute the plans which
we had devised, paid f o r ,e nd sent to the ho,
My officer-A. lento ever,
','_ oil _
e 1. .,
', The iikcts.piii dm:A ah) Gen. Fre
contributed their best assistanc e
: and 't r_ us iii,
I ITl') ., nt in Fral l t e ' are ‘‘` )lthivs '''
was by ihem rein red of n`il.nv onerous '-fler Gen. Meilis limited the price to
lie paid for °its at 30 cents, corn at 'ie.
duties. /am especially indebted to Mi.
and hay at 4:17.50, a contract was made
- Radcliff, aSiebtallt fl , Il t•TioliK , ', 1,,r his
w , itli I; iir:gli.k; „Palmer (Palmer, Cook 41 -
zealous assistance in the work at the 0 1 3 ,
i Co., et t, tilifoi nia notoriety,) at 33 cents
sercatory, and for 4,...,15t-thee in taking I
for oats : 3o tor corn and i- , 19 tor flay,
pliotogranhic ‘lew s ; mid to Messrs.
an - intuiting tit the aggt cirite to 5. , 1u0.4C00.
Knorr mid Starr I owe obli ,, ations fo•- Ges , c t-al Fremont, on arriving at tit.
Talaable aid in collection si eciouna of
i Loins, w asanet by Alm aid of Generid It -
natural history and other scientific duty.
on, ..cebmpa lied by :11.aj M. cf
. Phelps, .,
I will mendon, in conclusion, that I pm
ibking for •re uku ecuieuts,4moi v, a , not
still -of opinion that Smith Sir I ,t can I R
nal i . ..rated with A . ti Isli Un der :As alone ''" l '
The intielntedne ss of the quill•tei master's
rii m satisfied that it cannot. It is iro,• depth.tment,ll: Gen. Fremont's eciunmancl
hope to be able t•N renew the attempt is ell er lour million , . and a halt.
•Nwith a small steamer.. With this
%i t w
This disastrous condilion o t niiil ,
ha%e left some stores at Port Icull: ' .., an ibufable td the " malign infitit nee'' of
Californians w•it h w horn General Fremont
With",thehope that thiA will tit :d .t.ou became unfortunately conneeted in minim ,
in the enjoyment health and, I,appi n e,-'
operatio . ns, and who 1 r ; 1 frond
0 au i .er. he Pa-
I remain, very sit:unit', your fiend sitti
J. 1117 _,. eitic on learning that he 'W11.1; VIII.TII , 4eiI
servant. s ttli a high, inilitaty command. These
I ill ornened men, smile or all of w hoot left
I a dark record in California, seem to lia‘t
obtained either a N 011 1
unary or const 1 amet.
control of the quartermaster and COlll /1114
, 111'3 departidents of Gen. lei 's mil
itary district.. The results and co equen
cc, are fatal alike to the interests •ot the
comit r y • dui die usefulness and reputation
of the chminailding Genoa]. They im
peach either his head or his heart, and so
fat• as he is pi actically concerned. it is not
material :which, for whether a wicked or
a we.,tz Geiteial, he is unfitted tor so great
i trust.
Approaching by. Sle*r Stager
- 'Abolition organs like the New York
Tribtr4 frefess to see in the recent let
ter of instruction issued by the Secretary •
of War to General Sherman, commander 1
of the forces attached to the Naval ev,pe
dition, evidence of an advance by the
(4th-ern:nem towards their favorite doe
trine of negro. e.mancipation and slauc
surrection.• have‘read the Secretary's
letter caretidly withdut discoverilig in it
any material departure from his previon.;
letter. to General Butler. Indeed it is
little more than a .re-affirmation of that-'!
letter. •The Tribanr, howeyer, is ga it! ?
encouraged, and exclaims in. the ekee , s , : of
its joy:- z --"Wc are cc.ut ant t..4.SLT the
‘"true position ni . • by stage. , ,
"that. the progress he stc:ndy and w ni -
"takeahie. The truth that slavery is the
"sole impellingand sustaining- misty ! o fthis
"rebellion:---that it is a traitor and n o: - thy
"of death—makes itseiffeit Jay aft er,day
/'« by larger and Still larger ntajoritics of
"those who are' strongly resolved that the
"Great Re.publi; shall emerge fro:u ;his
"terrible ordeal, stronger and tdore glo
"rions than ere:. - •
The policy of tb(! Tritaar is to urge
the Administration into a crusal.yigainst
slareq. and the practical ip:noritig of the
war—and` this end his cimte.ot le :T-
V:nett by slow Ft:iges. evi.lence
of the itdrance it has Mad,: in this direct
ion we
.quote a portion - of an article pub
lished in its columns about the middle of
last 'May and ask.our - rearl'ois to contrast
it with the extract chore Ituted :
, "This war is in truth a war for the pies-
`crration of the' Union,.ana not for the
destruction of slavery ; : Ind it would al
i-mate taany ardent Unionists to pt•rvert
it into a war aust siavery.
S. - *
Our own judgment, confirms the testi-,
ninny of cool of .errors that the consiii - ea- .
ey againwthelife of the. nation is r.ttlier
that of the f ! olitieal a . ..spirants than the
slarelfolders of as a l gen
eral ritle,.the slavelioltiers have beet but
reluctant:backers of Seee4sion, nine-tenths
of whose noisittat champions - are us desti:
late of Glares .3s of loyalty andpatriot
. The •Trib,ane has T.rckgrosspd far beyond
this rational style; and is now laboring to
dr4r,tbo Administration along with it..-
ra"" The itoantiQs sof spiritualism ore
ethomn in the case of two voting marrinci
seen of Smriburg, Vt., who left for Cali
fornia some _years since, and r.iturtted
hom.6 - retteutly, to find their • wires re-mar
who haring heard nothing. from
them -silica -their departure, applied tO
young lady spiritualist, who was very
net in describing to them the death and
bitritsl , of that husbands, the date ,of the
funeral; and the disease of witit - ith they
Their_stives supposing this tobe
reliable. it-married, and there was a ftm
ny dale whet; *lime oaser4 iptebends
retuned, " -
Nor are thesp i hilts grave as they are,
the only 'pnes to'whieh he is obnoxious.—
The um. :is being prosecuted by the army
tinder hi coMmand in away which recalls.
and ,deillens the horrors of vandalism.—
Witlionfeompiering traitors, he is. Con-
N - ertim , - bikini ;men - into enemies. his
line pi' mare li is in:irked and memorized
by irppliatiois and ravages whieh-disg.ace
an age of eitiliiation. ' We have a letter
dated " Tipton, Mo„ Oct. 17," from an
observing:. truthful .friend,
from whhAi i we take- the folloWing 6-
- . -
_tract :--- .!, -, • . N'- - -
'"Frotti Tilton to \V, - draw the inarc,b
,was one :continuous course ohleva\gation
without the leas, regard fir principles pr
antecedents. One Union ninii who had
kept -five, sons l'ailil joining •fhe secession
' foTees; had Mi.'. plaeoliterally .-r.litteil.. , the:
-then of Ashoth:s. and Sigel's di Vision-kill
, i n g, pn his fanm alone, , foriy sheep, three
cots. tisio siteer.s, iind stealing eight hors
` es. . The eavair l y galloped over . prairies
lassoing. innleg, and shooting oxen, sheep*
i • and hogS, ..and then thiiekCd them into
their already overloaded ivagons. ,Thereis scarcely is 'feathered biped left Within
five miles on either side of their march ;,
i not a whole looking-glass or an unrifled
O r blanket that has not been seiz
i ed.: rot all, this there islio,exeuse, the
1 arms' haying an abundance of provisions
and 'stork i • .... . '. . . •..
1, .The army - has now - reached Warsaw,
and can adVance no further, • and never
was intended to advance futtliiir: . Pricel
and Ms arni,v 'are - to day more than s'ecett
ity miles labead .of ours. Fremont-does
1 not expect, and never did expect to over
tt .
i talichi4 1 ;
I . Let the' least disaster happen to us in
t.front, -atid ncit a man will ever return to
tell th 4 Fitory—for' we shall have . . left be
i hind us a maddened, beggared, fatniiihing
i_frenzied ipoptitatiOn, in which those . who.
i were titian men ten days ago, arc to•day
oar most bitter , enemies." . • -•• , -
- - : - ....utilin license addi horror to - the legiti
mate and - tinavOidable evils of 'war . An
:, ariuY that; leaves such , remetutrances,. l
r,along italine of march will be forever .e . x3e= I
{crated, - 1 -4 ; • ' ' . , r• - '.- /. 1
,1t - Ili slid to . -reciard these ,things,,/,of a
i youth:Al general from whose .career the
' country looked for heroism tempered with
Ihumanity, : But :high' as'our.j/hopee .;were j
afGetterta Fiethont, , 'eve-,cannot afford;
s wherpr-whetherlionkfaittit. or ttrlifiirtime ,
. .-.,-so_ilool,l4oen4e.joxi . .wisdom , and iptpg.'
The Situatiot:
'the otivance ofte grand :Iraq Of the
West still continues in the direction of
Ark:was,. .General Fremont's head,
ter;on,the 28th -alf, -Was located. at - Campl
Lyon, Springfleld4eyeral-purtions of hie,
command having arrlied there safely on
the previoni day. -There_ were no profess
ed rebels in:thc .neighb orhood,,
none were fonrid.' , ' FThe:StarsaiidStripefie
once•prre ware& over l the town, and the
troopsweie enthtiSiastieally received by
the inhabitants. TWo%rebet Monde 'arc
reported 'among the during the
Charge made by Itlajor Zaconyi's cavalry.
General Priee . anii-pis-_,rebel troops are
supposed-to be located near Carthage.
The rebels continue active, as -far as ;
firing'shots from their .batteries is con
cerned, along theNrirginia shore of tho'
Loiter -Potomac. 'lt appears that, the
rebels at• Shipping Point had been rein
forced' by several' regimente of -their
troops. - ReconnOsarices continue to be
made by the : Vl-lion generals located .- on
the Maryland side of.;this .part or the
river, with-somewhat sat iSfaet ory.suecess.
A - new battery was diseovered* in the
iteighbOrhood of Quantico creek. .
A merchant of BrOoklyn, recently ar
rived from the South,' - gives sem' . inter
esting statements from that. region. He
reports that :he: luid an interview with
Generallicauregardi - at his headquarters,
about a mile outside of Richmond, and
that the General stated that, as ,far as - he
Was concerned,he iireferr6l acting entim
ly.on: the defensive, satisfied with the re
pulse of the Federal hrmy whenever it
made advances of any importance. He
- spoke of Colonel Totten and Major lirtlw
erten in the highest terms, as they were
his superior oilicer•On tie United States
Corps of EngmeerS. Also that Mr.-Davis,
‘! President of-the Confederate States,"
-was at Richmond on Tuesday of the pre
vious week, anti, in , a conversation with a
number of military officers; stated that
his heath was much unproved, anti th at
be was able to diseharge, all the duties
whieir were imposed upon him. The
whole of his remarks will :repay perusal.
' The trial of the captain and erew•ofthe
little privateer Savannah for piracy_ may
be said to hare `concluded yesterday; the
result being that the jury,. after a consul
tation of twenty hours, could a! , ree,
upon a vet-diet ;,.four members out of the
twelve being in savor of an acquittal ; the
remainder.i'am4th.sring the prisoners guil
ty on atinie oft he' co an t s,OulY. The facts of
the ease have been Before the reader on
previous occasions, hut abrieldeseription
may still be interesting.. The Sacannah,a
little vessel:of some fifty or sixty tons,
waS fitted out at Charleston. as- a priva
.teer, under a commission *OM the rebel
government. ..,She got to sea on a Sun
tiny in Tune last,apd the next day cap
tured the brig Joseph, la en with sugar;
• from Cardenas for:Philadelphia. -The 5aL
vannall was herself taken the. same -day
by the United States brig. Perry, anti her
officers am . ' a ere-Ni= of twelve liken Mere
sent to this port for trial, The fret oldie
offence - was -undeniable, the vessel, as it
were, being " caught in the act ;" but the
question with the jury v,- s es,'whether . the
act was or was not piracy.
The. Arno, frtatt Southampton at this
port - , brings details•orthe news from En:
rope to the 19th of October. Our advi
tes state - that • France and:'pain had
agreed on a progrionine .of eommen ac
tion against the republic of Mexico .Ae
cording. to this pth,n, an allied land fore...,
numbering six lIJOIIRand 1110, is to be
thrown into the interior of the conntry,
its commanders having orders to endeav
or penetrate to the CaOtal... itselti,. pro
vi&d ample satisfaction is not given for
all the past :1114;0 injuries conunitted by
the Inhabitants 'Of:Mexico against the sub
jects te* the Emperor and queep. , -It ap
perrs as if the English ectvernment would
- content itself with supporting this MOTU
inent by a St rOlg 'tiara; delliOnStration in
the Gulf. .AlLthe'inoney claims of the
executive or people of the three govern
ments must be paid hy Mexi6e. Tke
French journals intimate that• the -offer of
a Prance-HiSpatio protectorate be
held out to the petiole. Ex-President
Mira Mon had- arrived•in .11 . adritl and will,
no" doubt, approve fully of the !Merrell-
Lion ~f the great Catholic powers. A de
tachment of British engineers •was un
der erders for Canada. - The. London
Times -expresses the opinion—its own---
that the United States-. Will I.!e reduced
by a long continued civil, war, the writer
j infmatilig,- perhaps booing that there is
istio prospect' of the termination of hostil
ities in, our country:----N. Y. Herald , Nor.
—The firm ofikitirrisl.. Cc.,"
recently It - rmight, snit 84 - rainst certain par-:
tiei3 in Alexandria, Va., to recover an
amount due for good. The 'royo , t -
Clourt„Judf.e Freeze, was called "ntion to
.adjndiCate, and the proccedin2 . s are of in
terestio every merchant in. Philadelphia
and the North.'
• The question 'appeared to resolve itself
intri this, iii: - --Mhether Alexandria was
ruder martial lair,- and • whether, if. such
was the case, it was legal far a military
court to appoint a eonitnission.-=hold the
goods found in the- store liable for the
debt—value- them,at such prices as they
would bring nit a public sale m: a fair mar
-I:et —apprOve the report,of the . Commis
sioners, and -dtliver the goods so.apprais
ed to the claimants within 'five •days from
the issuing of the order. '. The case
was carried by the Alexandria merchants
to the President and :Cabinet for decision.
If the -sustain. ; the action as proposed,
Northern merchants - having ', debts due /
them by Southern Store-keepers, can col- .
i lect them in this-summary manner, as oar
forces advance into the
.rebellious> / tates . .
1 Isis alleged, upon -what authori€y-we can
not say, - that the Secretary z orWar and
Attorney-General are both in favor of thee:
course strzgesto.l - ,
.' r4griVe have exantined a d,compared
thevario,us lists cif,tiie, killed, and wound-.
ed'and missing:at( the -battle of Bail's
Bluffs, and weare inclined to The belief
thaftbefolloWing figures will' 'not vary
midi frOuythe official reports : j
. :.
. No.
,etga sea ~ 4 , - • 1,901
Killed:. ..° . - .. 223
: . %inded -.,: - -I •' -- r. 161
/Wounded smong prisoners - ,„ . 100
'-- Prisoners nat Rounded , . - , :429
Total ' , 918
To the above must be added the killed
Acid wounded of the Third Rhode -island
battery,the First United States. artillery,
and, the Vfnited States eavalry which will
probably swell the pumber to + rime hen
‘dred zed thirtis.einearly my per. teat
or the 'Whole fer*eilteged: ' '
laslitoNitar limociat
fi O - pla mum xi num'
, i .• 2.46:,...Ti0a110re,wm00rri ,- ; - ... , .:
stomp= iitquiDAy, irovEms 7th. nei.
Thanksgiving 'Proclaination.
,117 tors,. every good gift • from
above and comes down to us froM the Al : .
mightY:tO wbonlit is meet„right,*and the
bounden duty of every people' to 'render
thanks for Itsmerews ; Thereforel,
.drew,G.- Governor of the Com.'
mon Weal th of ennsylvania, do recom
mend to the people of this COmmon.
wealth, thatthey set apart Thursday, the
twenty-eighth of Natember next, a'
day of solemn Thanksgiving to • God for
haying prepared our corn and watered
ohs farrowsond blessed the labors of the
husbandman, anktcrowned the year with
His goodness,- in the increase of the
ground and the gathering in of the fruits
thereof, so that our barns arc filled with
plenty:- And for having looked favorably
on this Commonwe'aith.and-strengthened
the burg ofher• mites,' andblessed the
children within her, and -made men to be
ofime mind, and preserved pc:led in her
borders Beseeching Him; also, on behalf' !
of these Hnited titates,ihat our beloved
country may have deliverance from those
great and apparent dangers wherwith she
Is compassed, and that Ile will mercifully
still the onfrares of perverse, violent, .un
rnly and rebellions people,and make them
clean hearts, and renew. a right spirit
within theM„ and give them grace that
they may-see the error of their ways, and'
briny , tbrtlifruits meet for repentance. and
hereafter, in all godliness and honesty,
'obediently walk in in His holy command
ments; and in submission to the just and
- manifest authority of the republic, so that
- we ; leading 3 quiet anti swayable life may
continually offer unto Hint our sacrifice-of
praise and thanksgii - ing:
By-the Governor : ELI Sr i ir
Secretary of the Common Wealth.
Harrisburg, Oct. 1f0.18(31.
it4P — Court commence at Montrose on
Monday, NOvernber ] St continues
two week;:.
gale of Saturday was very-se
vere ':lung tike coaq, - and did nfucl) dam
age ; but up Tuesday we have no went
tronithe fleet IVliiCh has been outa week,
except that it passe d Savannah
. •- •
? After Monday s November - 11th, 1 n inth
old postage stamps will not -he rerog-- Third. The name sio•ned, to the. T
niywil in iircliayment of plistage at this I iirimii_•,:tion,.Niz : "Win. -Schimptille
office,—mitil which date • they i•an he ex- l'ivk the-name of.the Colon e l o f any
caaeged tor the new issui.. . • ' rment of Volunteers. nt
By order of the P. 0. Depart:net:l, 1 the military serviee.of the United Si
. J. M. Nienut s4,s, P. M. lor of the 'State iii Pennsylvania. ;
llopbuttont, Pa., Nov. 4th, I ...ail. F'oiirth. We object to the
. .pielenee
---; - -94,19 9.11119 919.- 9 - 401 . 31 . :11 has been set tip, that tl s is'oper
.- SI:•;7 1- The rentlo al of Fremont is still a I may he a return front the 'Thirty-tlftli"
intent, - eottnnandeiPhy A. iihitramel
matter of doubt; althoterh it has been re- ! tog;
' proinie• Magni:eh as the Pithburr• Ohm,.
ported as settled ijpon. The 'abolition i ja ,, ,
“ f r , t ' he ; ‘ ,,, ,isvi . o ' et . o . ber his.. . t,
;e :s irdoner.
pressure is very powerful against it, and 1 ate ,,. - as :u p s ', n: •.. the regiments reernit!ed in
_they boast that Old Ala; i bare not Intt , r-1 Alltv•henv comity, - this very reOnickit. of
fere. I'Ve shall see. Read a letter from Colonel l•Zehintnielpfennig, - Ltd specifies
Thurlow Weed, the 'great Republican vol.: 14 "1" 0- aos, i\liirli 11 - 141 h 1 -4. 4 e 4 . 1 / 3 L l'e -
long h to that enmity, and terefore lha
itieian, hi another column. ':noright to. vote for officers in-thel. city,
Our'pairons will please noi t' or
;get that r Me desire a settlementof our
suliseription and other. itecourii., before
the first of January, next. Those who
l 'pay up "before that date will oulibeeharg
rd at :al vsallee rates ; .considerri , .
Lle untidier can 'save a dollar or two. hy
,: •
attenumg promptly;—and a,great
min.!: can' save 50 cents.
Court week will be a good time to pay
the printer: Let 'EVERY O) , TE Who
owtg R - :or s 5, feel that we refer to his
ease s'peeinu
Z" -- "".The Most unscruptdons attempt.
are now beim:-. , made by the abolition fa
natics to aid J 6 -111 Davis to destroy the.l.Tn
i ion. In both political and military circles
1 they are laboring artfully and persistently
[to lore abolition into the minds - of the
people 3TIII upon the Government. :They
pray that our arms may meet with revel , .
ses until frenzy prompts a-servile war— i
and if they'll:46e kcontral of battles,
they cord(' •not manage much more fatal
ly for the Union, than our generals swam
to have done, sp'. far. - But we hope that
victory will bre long per - eh itpon the Ban
'Tier of Union, and depress the hopes of
fanaticism. ". So sureaS the - constitution
. •survives, abolitiouism must die. .',•
.• i',._ilf.on Friday. last, Lieutenant-Gert
eral Winfield Scott asked leave; to be
placed upon the list of retired army ME- i
eers, in consequence of bis age, itifirmity;i
ece. A cabinet Meeting was held, his re-
quest complied with, and Major-General I
George 1.3. McClellan - was' notiflcdthat I
the command of the U. S. Army 'iwouliii
now devolve upon bint. 'lie accepts the
. 'with its great responsibility, and ,I
it is hoped•that the-Tearful issue upon the 1
country, maybe; vigorously and- eneraeti-
. cally tested. - Although the people and
.soldiers had confidenCe inScott,. yet' hi s
age and ill health could, tot but prevent
him from exhibiting that - energy andirni
nem now demanded ;, :When he yielded
' to the abolition presstre,.arid waa forced
into the Bull Min:disaster, -his great pies- .
tige in a measnridOparfed from
. 11bn,---
McClellan is.thotight to bethe right man
for the times, pd if he can prove a match
r for-Jeff. David in - la - treasonable atteraptif.
I to diVide the - Union, and - the fanatical.ef-
forts _
orrabii .. littoThaierrt to ',pervert the
war i
• tta.ends, and thu
' s.. destroy . the . , . .
government,i brilliant future awaits KM.'
IStieees r
ta:hii* in upholdin g the Bight I
' . . Gen: Scot( went.tq New York. and j wii
tAe A i r li to
.gtiropo4 -:Go where belt 4
t!i'.o4':** k bp.l . ,:tr.:.,tbq::o , ii,ol . o' . *riv , iyitti . ,
te6,-, .'.-- ,;• ,- ,-,.. , .:.j.5..,.1-,'.:; -, '_:.. , -:i. - ~..- - .1.:,: ::.
'. " "= Wicked EloitionlrattiL4s - r
:, - ' ll l43 .llo Publitan - 'P.l.irtY. - P 3 fnageni: 4 ! -
'ilitadolitiliti l :iiiivejkat heen';;letebted in.
*nether graeit.eiectinivfrand;.'designed to
114:41do the vpiidia 4 -rende'red - ' ' agiitiati
60 - 10/70;004. , freeinen. - Ite:ad thcif6l.:
,d . ispat4b froO3Vasbitigton : r
We weie eliciwn a copy'of an eleotion
tally, this morning, which _
_had been ifoi=
tvinied'tiPili - eViiitliOnotary at:-Philatiel
phia. lt purported to give the retirne
of in elm: - held ' in), the: , Thirtyepiii
regime; enneylvania volunteere,land
was to i , Williain SchimPfiller, co l .
and nue: ' y 'John Ilarketein, Clerk,
dated at Camp Schiller, on the . other aide
er the - Potomite..-- ---On 11k:4:Wirt/IC-re.
ttinanfl,ear as follows : _ ,
.•. For Sheriir. --
Robert -DO TbOtopson,
..-- 'Clerk `of.OrPhatie Court..
Lawrence" ' 32r1Stevenson, • '1393
31.cClintoek, . 1119 - .l,Bumm, • i BO7
• City_Commutstoner.- .
'-.20 Shee, - 4887
Stat'e Senat or. 1 .
Donovan, . Dickinson, - L . 33'
There are: no such officers, co - Tingled
With 'this reginteilt as named - ahov •
There is a . Colonel A. Schirumelpfei
and a Captain. Adolphus Von Mamie.
the Thirty-fifth. .Pennsylvania regink
This regiment is mostly made up - f?
Pittsburg, there being hilt few Phill
phians in it., CO: S. say.s that only se
ty votes were cast in his regiment,•
they,were for.
for -Alleglt
county, and the returns sent' to Pittstu
There is no Colimel in the whole
whoSe name (A.Sehimnielpfennig).islr
thing like his own, and he believes
whole tally paper to have been a flu'.
'deceive the people of Philadelphia. -
. Also the protest from two. of the
vassers: .y •
PnuAnuirtu.v, Nov. 1, 18111; •
•* The undersigned, citizens :31 Philfidel,
phi°, appointed brifte•Prothonotay of
the Court cif Gnomon Pleas of the et)
nit- .
ty of Philadelphia, ukhe pit•sent a the
opening ot- the retunis, of the rah iers'.
vote east at an election held -tletobr 8,
i 86 . 1,, not desiring to be silent with' tteit
of what they believe to. be a cross frind,.
respectfully presiltt to the Protiumtary
the following objection as their pr i
armin , t the pretended return contain d in
the envelope numbered by the contra tte°
• , -
, 41,83, 4,, on:insure "one," intrporting i n he
the return of the totes east by the "Thir
ty nintli'regintent," Penit,iylvania Vlnn
tvers. We object to this paper for
s the
following reasons : . •
First. It is upon itt! face a' re i 0
return only, nnaecompanied-by theta
cares (tithe officers authorized and rt
iiiied by, law. • .
S' . 1' IVI . 1 :. • ' tol
_erotio . It eit imports • :te
the “Thirty-ttintli 1 Zeginient." it is si .
by. one "Win. Sci t imptiller, Colonels'
niarttliag,',' a naine which is not-or:
not the mute of the Colonel ht the` Tf
yegimeilt, ania 'N'
and county of Philatie , 1
And, Ihrther, we object to this paper
being (] as a return . : front {{ ! the
"Thirty-fifth" regiment - , SClim
-1111•11110111-1g, bee . aliSe it is publicly k4VO
throng:li the neWspapiirs of • the city:-of
'Pittsburg, .(which the undersigned [have
seen,) that some- of the comp:tilers'of
140iiintuelpfcnni , r's regiment votediht.the
election befit in the various 'camps I near
W:e:hinplon,. on the Sth of October last,
'ter eamlidates-for office. of
county, itgui their votes have been 1,11 1 ).
Aishetl as hi'101)005 properly toy that
oi,u ltr., •
•Firth. -There are .Other - . oldections to
this' paper; contained in envelope
.which -the tonlersi2ne4 'refer to only in
. this general way bee:tose.Stitlieient has al
really been speLitied run the iztthieet ; aril
they, therefore, present- to- the I'rothonO 7
tary this proteSt against its reee.ptioti.. If
reeeived—notOrionsly fraudulent, as the,
' Afire. thets 4how it. to he,. it opens the
door to the repepiion of any return that
'evil-disposed persona see fit to tnattufact•
ure• ' and to that eA - .. tetadefelitS the will
lof the people as expressed, at a ',solemn
ejection. .
c J. V. 31 9 erAtaPEN,.
• Teachers'omination•
"The- examination of teachers:- fOr this
county. will he held in • accordance with,
the following progtamme: two or'
three instmiees
,two'townships have been'
put together, irlorder that the'.
tions May all be held before any of the
winter Schools! cc umence.' Examinations
will commence,precisely at 10 o'clock. a..
m, and none will -be examined who do
' not come in before 11, unlesi the • delay,
be'unavoidable. Each teacher must bring '
a fourth reader, the kind used- in the DiS
triet where the, exauMfatiowis held; he; it
is expected 'that each teacher will ,have'
reader, two sheets fools 'cap paper,- TO
and and , a 3:peeimen of their Writing
in coarse-and fine hand.: All who intend
to teach during the year, toust Ammo 'for.
'Ward and he examined:- None will be
examined pyipttely, Weak attendance np-;
on The"examination was impossible, :and
old . certificates will'not be: renewed..:.
Nov. 7--Thoroson,Sebool Honse,cenfre.
" 8---Ararat, CliOreN-C,entre.' • '
16—Brooklyh, Schoolllouse,ientre.
" 12--Ne.wllilfordißorotigh, SehoOl
House, Borough. •
N0v.20--.Tacklion;Sthool Muse N012..`
• A. N. BIJILAIti) Stiperifitendent.
• '
--During this month the careful farm;
will makeproper preparationa forthe
shelter ofhis domestic animals duringthe
approaehing m.inter.` A Meek les4.ltian
tity of food is requiredby 4 stook. an.
imahuif they enjoy a proper. Warmth, nd
dairy aninialtiveld, it
_or ahot4, ono.
thirdmore'Milk btitter. :
Punch terry fienßib I Y . saPte
ladies were;, less. studious of drefounsAiir,
dinuer And. would . *Wier, devote: them== :
selyps 0 - drew** the d i nner,
would ifor•llinotiraorc ,iitjaketion then
to , thelr:p4ruto r ud frieudc
4• 7- ' - '' - ' - :4A --7. 00 : ' - ' - ias4 -- ''' , '.C - 011iPan Y :l l.: y.-- -: ' ,,-
..---, : -1.,:_ „ ... .. . .
i - ,,,7 - R,:i:T , _.:y:,- . :7ctigs
SllSollillnid DEPOT Pl.,
Under the S,4ervilioa of
A few mom recruits wanted to fill 'the
Company, Which, by-special arrangement,
roil! be attached to one of th•
Best Regimente in the State,
• •
Under thel experienced, and univerrall)
t inig
Now Coin nranding Camp Curtin.
Head Quarters and Drill Room
• -
a - 7 m 21.3.27
,Susqueharua Depbt.
This Company • los: been accepted - by
the Gol.Trnor, • and full authority, giv.
en to furniSh pay and rations 'from- the
time of enlistment. - •
Pennsylvania's quota is uow 00; so
this is :roar last chance. ; = ' .
These from t< distance whO wish the
benefit of the 411-111 will bo suiplied with
board. at oue of •the Hotels without
• ...
charge. -
Silipieli4ona Depot; 00,25, 1;861
Jury List-14overab3r Term
Auborn-L-.Tonathan E.:Dav=
is. rriab D.• D. 1V Marti.
13rirl;tiewIter --11. 11. Harrington.-
s. • Ilrooklyn--:Diniel Tewksbury, 11. W.
•-• , -
DiMock+-Amos aordiek, jr.
hrieu~la~'. ; ill~ —Samuel Itort.on..
rraickliit--Charles \Vanier.
st,odara. •
llerrick, r -Abel Kent, llenry Lt_ oiu
JacksonL—Ambro'se Benson. •
Libeyty-alvin Markham, S. Warntl'•
typos--, : Asa !lowan].
3lontrose-Solomon tanc , Fion„ •..
New 3lilford—Or,estus Smith. •
Susqui4ianha—Jaules 31.
Silver tike:—llenbeti Meeker, 31a - fris
McDonnell.' • .
TRAvEr . ,:sE JURQRS-riusr Enc.
Atilirit'L-. George Carling, E.S.•Lacey,
Alonzo Whipple.- .
- Briklgewater-S. A. Pot N. •-•-
Cl;f1014 1 ---," - Ellefy Burni;, Henry - Cedde-
Lief:. 'Z.% •Lewi: , - '
Clikwtiiiiii-Mal.bew 31vInnernY•
. Duna:dr-Charles Danicls. '• • .
Dinipek-Lorin Newton,
Fratlkil! • •••••}:4W:lril Churchill. ;1
(.;;L:oit- i -JaeoliDatelier.• • .• • • -
: . Great Ueda-Galen NeWinnit. - , •
llarford-OliVer•Faynejr.,E.B.That eh.
er. - - • , .
Harniony-zllibliard A;•Webb. •,
- Javkioillollislin'Owltoii,Johu:Stben-'
back - . -
Letiok4Lyman Bell', W.m; D.-Miller,
Win..3liirer, jr., D. S. Powers.
.• Libert4-G. W. Crandall, B. B. 'South-
WOrt 11,110 ry A. Truesdell.'' • .
Middletown-John S. Davis.
• Neiv 31ilford-*•-S:11.1Bell.,. •
Ittotli- 7 D. P. Hibbard.:. • •• ' :
~ .
Sir:4lnel sons-A. C, Adams, James T.
Cameron;lamesTillnianafirrim .T. 'Smith.,
Leroy W4 - italt - er, Daniel -Nor,wood. '
' ' Titonts 'ilL--Orvis Lewis. : * .
Ap4ie -L n. W . Barton.
• - AraratThom'as Mir - Man. 1
. Atilinrit. S.•Davis,Cattlwell 3F3liek;
ins .Alberit Seeley. ••. - • .. '
• - hridtge4.ater•HC. J. Otitis,' ---
Ciitfort . l:-JamesßrOWnell. James Low._
ry, - %Vine Bennett; Datus SiephenS, B. F.
Wells.. • i :r -.• ' •- ;
• FrthikliDavid 0: Tnriell.
: . . y
Forest Birdsall.ake,Harll : '• 2 .
- Friiiiid4ville;-Ed win Bliss. - - ' :... —•
Gilson-:-Jolin, • Bennett; Rosman Ing
ails: • • ' •;•:- - -
.' !* -•' •-• .. • !':
•'-*lfirford=Pezinnel Cat Tenter. !
-,- ilerricili-ChArles Giddings. - .: • ''.
•Jneltson , -V r rederiek Bryant. ..., ;
Jeisitpf•-•Byron. G'?iffitt.,' . : ...., :. •
LathroP-Chirleia 11.-Bailes'. '
1 4 1tiox-+G. o.l.uoinityl.). - itobinion: : :
" . ..LibeitiHOrlando ROES:> .. .• ,
' • 'btentrcise.;--W.1 4 . Allcirt - ,4'.• P. 'Keeler.
• Midill4oWn--Ithamei Dodge, Charles
Virells;lereiniali:Canfield, Jr.:. 1 .•
~ -',R,tish•Lithiit; Dunmore, FOOS Sbete
inhkei;Lorenzo.Williannt: . '.* ',. '• . -
iSiTver'Lake-L-' •Wm - . Meeker, jr.;, Daniel
1 31iiipli,f.;. " ,
.• -•• : • .• •.. • , .
- • ' TTionispn :-.:,Chester • Stoddard; Gilbert
- Wittei;*•:lP'•• - • - ••*' .- :- *:::- r ' :!`• -•
• :::: •-•
. .
The, 3ut>lzlo C our i er says, it, h. the
aqthirityl - or-l'huilaw,yhed ":thr the
,05.. 6 4 1-o . o ohat Xr+ , .LinOtn Vie
int* intense lure that he did- nnt;:urge
-the a4ept4oh of On Crittenden , ContriTons=
ise reriotitionibf his friends in Congrees.°
./.. ..•':A:'.;_:. t ickFt.:34 4 l.4.irf
• c •
• • • . . fr.') .
• Kj
6utteubtrg, llosenbaum, k
Montrose, Suscra County, Pa n ,
Elmira New-York,
Ensquehanna l'a. -
W Ed i t; proclaim e l I n a l c m u
t !o .
q our e
u t e r l e e
u n; , l t e li st . n and :be .. t tb r l , l
t t e i n n re g t' e l
money 'Melte In the c+tiee i re P pu r cl aaa
1101 l 10 :0 10 'Eft l'T: LOW II Till; Fanurr 1,
• '
Therefore we are detertetned to GMT tlie pitblie oar.
.gonce4l stock of
.DRY : : - . - GO9.DS,
wklch compijses the
largest and best
-4 pi t
CTI 0 (340
• •
Kept in ANY COUNTRY Store
0414.4de - or :CT York 4'lt; - ,
- •
At Prices whleh pety Corr poti t..ion •
as retelll tell. fi , r C7A.1433C..-Aibc Atil3ll ad vanc,,
or ten per cent silly,' the whi,lerstfet. We
thefullowir.i.GWOLLS at the annexed prices, es:'
Black Frock Coat worth .t, 9 46:00
Mark FrOck Coat worth' lO for 7.50
Black - Frock Coat worth 12 lig. 9,50:
• Coat Worth: ss . .foi. $2,75
,Thisinesi+ Cilat wo r th 6-fur 4,0 u
- Over Coat worth *5 for
Over Coat worth .-7 for, 5,75 ,
Over • Coat worth 10 ••
Over Coat worth 1-5 for 1.J;50 •
• Over Coat worth 2t) for - i 5,00
Black Pants. worth .*t for -
Black Pants' 'worth 5 for . 3,75
Black - Pattiz; ;tworth . C for , 4,50
Fancy_cassitnere Pants - worth *t-for
Fancy-cassinfere Panty ‘rOrtli - :I for
Faticy Cassiinett,,Pat)U, - . worth 0 for 4.1.
Intel: Satin Vest worth $3 for .*425 -
Black - Satin Vest ;worth '4 fur 3,00
Black Satin VeS::t worth . 5 for
A. Wirki kstahly appeartil, we Invftetbe atterainn of
s,, s , ).
• *AP - 46..wkrimpt:rra.A....vax.2 - 3r,
Alfa GENTS tvl;iivn t , lito avail tltentsomi'or th e oppor
tunity to make roma Fair Opea bite
Christmas =or: New-Years -#1 •
tom' C •-tv . Pitt:SENT ,
to oar kuve amortnient of Y s , , _
Ems.! IET 3EL 6$
CLOA K S, Sl - 1 A 'S , Ve LS
110TOttsil i V:s
IS Ati‘4l:YS . : LARC;i: COMPI,ETE,
4,11.14 1111ACK. "Id -
. .F.A1,41,1
all colors and shar!es
DEINC*, &,V.-64,C.
ligkiii.j : .. : 111,-..P11.1.42ff
Sheetings; 6 to Bets_.
Best . I . le:tq'S6eetings, '1 to Slots.-11r y',
DENIMS, from - . 8• to 121 eelit:z s i purl yur,
TICKING, from 10 to 15 vents ptr yar(
GINGITAW, froM 10 to 13. ots..p . pr. yart
cAuput* tiwt_eiAorsi'l2ly4fas $
Best Merritivtok, 10 yakls only $
Pest Steel Spring - Skirts,
nice lot- r selling at 4 4t. per spring
L a dies , &mom, Wool Irrest-and
Drawers. ./
• /
• . -/
za.4.33,30nis cscrktieszairs.
OF the Latest Stylo s dm, ctc.
Thankful to thenuineroes cOstomers for
th - Or genesoulepatioaathe past yvar,
we tevisetfhlir solieit p a , ioutlnnance 0
liutttubtr4 . losenbaum gt.
/ /