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    it pays, I'll buy your copies , at - cost, for
my boys to keep.,
-Mr 5.-- : \Vflit did yon say. the paper is
called?. .
Mfr J. The American Agriculturiet.—
It is published iu New York City. The
editor, though one of our country fat-niers
and living in the, : country, finds ho can
publish it cheaper there,: where printing,
and paper, and
_mailing facilities - are
convenient. •
Mr. S.-11oxi• shall I get it?" .: •
M. J.—Simply inzlose a. dollar bill in a
letter, gh:ing your. name, Poat, Office,
Comity, and State plainly,an4 directly to
ORA.NqZ sTeDD, 41 Park-kap ) y eti , Foil:
ke S.-When does a volume ' begin?
Mr. J—Tits tiventieth volume begins I
',Tau. Ist, but all who send in the 'dollar !
nOw,,get the remaining, numbers of this I
year, in addition to the whole of next I
year's. , So, if you subscribe now, yon get 1
fourteen months'•papers. The proprietor'
also offers. some .valuable, premiums to
Allege who get up lists of subscribers.— 1
Send for - the paper, and you may. after :
wards ftud sit well worth while to•male up
a club. Same 1700 persons have got good
Rremiums in this way during two years.
borne Of your German neighbors • Weald
joia you,. perhaps, for the Agriculturist is
printed separately in German. ‘,I did in
tend to start a club m yself, but 1 have 'so
many. potatoes-to dig, I cannot g et the.
time. My sister.imlaw in Ici . iva, got up' a
club last year, and - received aliremium of
al5O Wheeler& Wilson sewing machine ;
and o acquaintance in \Viconsin got
'two ed• three -good farming implements,
and a y g - nepliew of mine in Ohio e•of
a beautiful opy of Websters great- t)i-e
-tionary. These things only cost - them a
little time,. showing the paper evening's and
election day. Sena in your Subscription
• and the first paper will tell yoic,iol . -abont .
thepremiums. I forgot to toll yen that '
• every year the publisher also sends out
to all his Subscribers who want Ahem a
lot of choice garden and field stir.-
Mr. S.—Wiiiit does he ch:irge for them ?
• . Mr. J.—Nothing ; they are sent free. cy
4cept, the postage. They art of the best
kind and une single parcel I got last year
Was worth more to me than the price of
the paper ,
Me. s..—ril try it a year, any war; if
half what you say ; is true it will be a good-
Mr. J—You'll find every , word I have
said true.
Mr.' .5.—1'1l send this very night, while
in the spirit of it. •
. Xt. :T.—Do it, and you'll nlwayS thank
me for this talk. Good day, I must hurry
up digging my potatoes, rye laid, a lot of
them—thanks to. a hint in the Agricultu
rist. ' I T •
. ..Ifr.S- e —llow yotl saw I should di
- r
rect. ilip,,etter containing the Dollar?
M. :11.—To OnxsGr: JUDD, ' 4l • Park
Row, New-York City.
-7 -
That, to come nearer home, we rind a Itle
state of facts hiour own county. Here
the proportion Of gain is over three to one
in favor of the Republicans, and that, too,
when the- Democratic party. AraS never
better or7avi?e , i. Over te , l . 4bonsand
votes were polledin Westmoreland, when
it is pateitt to every_ti)dy that there are
not that number of , ilOters in thiA county.
It Derry Diztriet 576-vote's were polled,
. being the largest vote that ever was poll
ed-An that,Distriet. Ten days previous to
the election there were made in Derry
alatte Oaf ha,:/ , ed crq sry, n tv.'n extra ass
essments. 'We have compared the assess
ments in that.fownt , hip with the Cens4s
We had over - Turn Hundred names upon
the list of voters that are not upon the.;
census record at all. Each of those
teas represent six people, which make al
total of over rwm.Yr lII:ND:ZED of the in
habitants of one township alone that :the
Consits 3larshal must have missed if the is ri,11,1. 6(1, too, that
ty-eight men voted at that District whose
names are not upon the assessdrilist.
Now, ail these things have a very sus:
picious look. It is not rea.sonable that
the entire increase in the, vote of Pennsyl-,
vania . should be. on the side of Abolition
ism—that the ;ache remarkable fact should
appear in almost every county in the
State—that-here in "01a Westmoreland"
where we have a clear majority of not less
than seven hundied,.with the whole party
,r-and eager for the success of . one
of ha,: ow citizns, we should be. cut,
down to almost nothing—that in Derry
District' there should be polled I a larger 1
vote than evet before, when it is well
known that there are not as many 'Totes
in that township now as were several years'
ago, and, most remarkable of all,' in, the ,
fact that the Census Marshal, whose oath
required and whose interest induced hitn
to make return of all the inhabitants . 'of
that Township, should fail to. find over
twelve hundred of these who mside
in its borderS. AU those th*Mga are ex
tremely hard to credit, yet tl:e facts - are-as
ttated, and no honest nian can learn them
without being convinced that a great out= .
rage has been 'committed by the Repnbli-:
can party in Pennsylvania.---Grcpaburg
Democrat.' r '
HOLLOWAY ' S -01:NTMEN'T:—IfC opiniOri
elf Me Presx Rrad it,—SrmtixsDisLocA- I
T fo s , &c.—We take great pleasure, in red
commeifaing this deservedly popular medi
cine to our friends and patrons in parties
ular and to thepublic at large. We sneak
advisedly, being, in a position to pronounce
a reliable bpiniOn from having - used it at:
home, besides the economy of the article,
- -as • we have saved within the.-yei,x,more
than one
_Doctors bill, by haVing s the
Ointment on hand. We 114vc tried opo
deldoc liniments, embroeations and paiu
extractors without end, I.)ut. for the
• mediate. cure of sprains, dislocations.
wound's, bruises, cuts, burns, scalds',
bk)tcher, piMples, and "cutaneous erup
tion€,, we _have found none so speedy or
effectual asilofloway'srment.-741eratd. 1
Bauka, of 31assachusetts. hasbeen
Made a Doctor of LaWs. It in-done, sayS 1
an 'Eastern paPer, because he has doctor-1
ed the laws of 31a4aelm,:etts till they'
won't let a white foreigner vote there till
ItwO years after he has been . naturalized,
While they put. a negro through without
winking. , • • - •
Mr" John B. Gough is said "to reCeir,e
*250 for each lectore he has v given since
his 'return. Ile has already acquired a
property valued at - Upwards of $300,000,
!which he islikely to dauble •rin a few
!years. . • .
Brown says, the "State a
Matrimony,'!. is a slaire State.
,As Br" Own
'has a termagant wife, lie certainly ought
ao,know. '
tar 'hie London compLerci a / 1 Record
states that the Great Eastern steam, ship
Is so shaken up_aul wealialei that she
copesworthy. _
TE3I6-41:50 PER ADV42IOE. •
$B5 Beivixig Maclaine for
We can furni4 ilio-celebrated tiBs Grr
ver -and i llaker . LSew'ing -machine.. (either
Family er ShntPe machine) at $5O (less . a
discount for nOli.)1 - Also 'Wheeler and
Wilson's reduced prices. - We
can sell afdowr rates - than any ether
parties-khippAl direet from the mannfac
turersi and - byilthein warranted.
Latet Eleotion News,
Indicates the probable election of Lincoln and flamlin.
CH"' , ln . our reference to the Douglas
and 'Li coin Debates, last week, the
readflomres 100, instead of 23, as we wrote.
The inusie-lOving citizens of our
borough and Vicinity will be pleased to.
learn that tbe celebrated Hudson Brothers
will visit our town give-a . concert in
a few days, LOA out for tfieir- eirOlars.
• . • •
The last nuniber of Forney's Week
• - •
h: Press, before election contained a
greater. amount of tnlater designed to aid
in electing Lincoln ;
that any other sheet
issued-3n the connti.v.
...Therh are iudicatious °fan - uprising Lineoln-party at
the South. It only pee & that thousands upon thousatids
at.thoSatith act ont.thsir Convict i a::4-L-and this they wit
soc.n ..!ct Vie courage to dor—to 'show that Itepublicanim
there'll:Ls udcpthai:detrcehth which fCw suspect."—P,Zr....7-
Iran ton .14,:put.Z:can.
.()1(1 4 . ohn Brown , led tltZ , first " uprising
Itincol party at.the South," and we be
lieve :riio'st thatl party rose a few feet
above tent firma. Does the Republican
man mean that the t -e is to be another," up;
party-at 'the South?"
stilne eVidenee the n‘.l , zrc-ecitmlity 'tendency of
"lye retcr to' the ihci..thot iwgroes loin
I tho itklyak:proc r e; r i;,Aotonii in 34,,F6ttbu;ettsginiro.,itsnocrti.
" As rOm'e evidence of the Jackass-equality - tendency of
nitviern.Deinocracy. we niay mention the fa& that a gen•
nine, long•tvired, quadrnpedcd donkey was reen. a few
ddys azo;•tallowitn; a Democratic prticession."—.lfcntrwe
So it seems thatißepublicans da 'some,
times follow•DemOeratic processions; but
such i 5 not their habit—this,being,
ceptional case,.in Ni hiell Sn unusually wide
awislo wat sent to spy- out
the. doings of the folks, and furbish
a- report to the , Republican4ditor;-and no
doubt the editim felt a fraternal. interest
in observing . thei proud strut of his
quadruped reportedr: - •
All our readers May not ,bc Acquainted
with 'one of our inOstVuableAgricultural
and. family jounialS in the . country, now
in its nineteenth volume. We refer to''
the - 4millicaA . .Agrzrulturist, which is a large
and lbeautiful joukial, devoted to .the
practiCal labors of the lield; garden and
hotisOold: It is i prepared by practical
I men :(and women). who-know what they
Write about, and it giv - es a great amount.
I , of valuable ..nforrnation, useful not only
to faimers, ftardners stock-raisers, fruit
growers, and thole who havelittle village
plots but also to every family. We ad
vise our readers tO - send*l to -the pnblisb
ter,s'Orange . Judd, 41 'Park Row ; New
York, And try the Agriculturist a year:.
speciinen copy Can doubtless be. had by
sending to the puhlisheri Those subscrib,
Mg for the-twentieth volume, IS6I, will
I . .get the remaining numbers of this year
Avithout charge.. '
,Founded upon the eternal principle of
truth -and justice, ivith The constitution for
its guide, the proSpeidtv and perpetuity of
the Union for its aim, the Democratic-par
ty has so fir retained its integrity unspot
ted and its power, unbroken. It is now,
as it was in the days of old ; the friend of
civil and religious.freedom,. the friend of
the people, the advocate of the great and
simple truths which the - Constitution em
bodies. PrejudiCed against no section of
-our common countr3.--pledged to the sup
port of no measur,e That: -does not • insure
equal and exact to all---enlisted
not in the cause of men but in defence of
principles it emerges from the contest with
the 'same coti. , ,Ticiusness of 'the .tri
umph of its cause. which cheeredin formet
strangles—the conSciousness . thav it is the
cause of t midland justice. With the Con
stitution it arose; and with the ' Constitu
tion it has lited, and together - with the
Constitution it will die.' The one cannot
survive the.other. Without the Constitu
;•tonThe Democratic party could not exist
• ;wit h out the Dunvict atic parts-, the Con
ktitution would heconie in a flay the foot
I ball,of ti nativism. • • -
IMPHILDETOE CONECEECIAL COLLEGE. •1. food one, ; considered even-with reference
We hear nothing but goad, reports of I to a better day, and ;he concourse of peO
-1 this •C0114 , :c. frOni ; ~all directions. , The I ple was large, very significantly indicating
I proprietqrs by an untiring energy a strict I what 'might: have been done, under more
I attention to business, earnest endeavors*; favorable conditions, and it may be hoped
; qualit3: their Stud,ents and personal ex-1 will be done at some future time: • •
1 ertions td obtain situations for them When L . _„ The ri l ports and award's of the judges
I through,. have raised it to its present.tide I w e re " follows:
I • —•
of prosperity . , and gained for it the good 1 -Horses .and 'Mule:—Best . stallin, Ste
1-opinion -and he:Lily-support - of every one ; phen, Brundage; :2d s beSt, A. - - D. Corie.
!at all acquainted with its facilities for pre-1 Y•iest span of matched horses, J. B. Gregg ;
.paringi men for business. No one by a i °Li. L.• N. Stiles; 3d, C. Peck. ,Best pair
1 mere cursory glanee can fully. comprehend.,t o f :3 years old colts, Wnr. Brundage. Best
the benefits that this • institution is ,_con- I gait Of ' 2 Nears old colts, , Paris Tiffany.
ferring upon the! young. men who, within I-13est single 2 years old V!olt, L. G. Bennett" 1
its walls, are seellang that education which 2d. Alorizo Tiffany:. 3:1; 'Radcliff Wood.
1 leads' to ' steceSsfid business; -usefulness 1-B est yearling colt, N. B. Miller; 2d, Joseph 1
rand. Wealth. - Many' of its graduates, I Brundage. Best spring- colt, Arvin Sw,Tt ; ;
I through the influence of the proprietors, I 2d, — .A. I'.l.'Corse;, ; .3d, Coe Wells. Best I
I are now filling situations 'in our. own town I brood mare, Albert Capron; 2d
,ArVine I
I with-ti like credit to themselves and the I Sweet. Best horse, speed considered, A.
`institution.' The qualifications of the the- I J. Chninberlin ; 2d, Benj. Potter; 3a:A. ;
ulty for their respective departments are'; 31. Tiffany.' Bust single. carriage horse,
too well known; to need any comments. I
. k . M Tiffany; ; 2d, 'Charles Tingicy ; 3d,
In its location, its course, its system, 1 0 1 Edward Kennedy. Best farm horse, A.
1 beautiful diplonta, and in all' its appoint- 1 Sweet; 2.d, B.•'Payne • 3d, Roberson
,- , meuts as , a Conmercial 'College we heii- i Lewis.' 'Best span of males, Win:llolnics; ;
'.tate not in - saying,it' lias no lerior. in 1 od,
.It. Brewer.. Best Spring' mule, F.
the *hole country.--Binghamton I Tennant. Best jack., Wtp. Owen. . .
- Oxen and' Stein—Best pair .of 7 years
' old, Nicholas Low. Best pair of 6 years
old, Silas Chatuberlin-; 2d, Richard Owens.
Best 5 years -old, John Smiley; 2d; John
-Bennett, 2d. Best 4 yearS old, John Ben
nett, 2d; 2d, .Cyrus Steenback ; 3d, Wll
.'W. Williams.' --Best 3 years old; E. W
Frazier.; 2d, Edward Evans, Best 2 years
old, E N. Witter • 2d, Wm Slocum-, cl,
IW. W. Williams,. Best 2 years old na
' tive, Everett Whitney.
I • hulls—Best devon, 3 years old, George
I Sumner: Best 2 years old, Wm. Birdaall.
i Best yearlings,'G. 0. 'Sweet. Best Dur:
I ham, 2 Tears old, Justin W. Gillet;
- 12 d,
J. Pickering.. • , .-.. .-
, .
1 Cows—Best durham coin, R. Walworth ;
2413,- Walworth; 3d,R. Walworth.. Beat, Warren Bailey; 2d, .01,. Coon;
--The Auburn -State Prison, during the
fiscal year which has just closed, has earn- 1
ed a surplus over expenses. I •
• —A young lady in Berlin, having ge t
bold of a, challenge addressedto her lover,
I•dressed herself in male appearei, net , thel
"challenger, fought : and "winged." him in
the shoblder. - I.As he had - only seen his
intended antagonist- once, and that in the
night, be net discover the substitutioh,
t t as fully satisfied." .
. - ,-Many years ago, Elwood Fisher plc
dicted that, the . epitaph which fittu - re
1 Ages -.Would . be 'inscribed .upon our politi
-1 gar tablet would read as follows; . 4 ‘ Here
people who, in striving to give lib-,
erty t9the negro,. lost their ; owO fre f e.
I.dorri.". •
Netvi of the Week.
—:•Presideni Buchman hag : engaged to
write a sketch of the life ofWm Lovmaos
to ;be published in the!N.Y. Ledger
—Kansas is in distress, for food,_ Blow
see if those who sent ritleithere
to db,rnurder, will pay as freely to send on
bread to feed the hungry. By so doing
they can in 'part undo their-own,u'rongs
--Sixty yenrs ago - a naval officer wisiM
to cross . from Staten Island to Bergen,hut
Could find - no person fo heart:the:the:job
but a barefo,oted boy, who, despite the
roughness of thc•sda,,brayely rowed him
to his place of rlestination. The officer
was so pleased with his pluck thit he get
him a situationtn7a steamer. That boy's
name was Cornelius Vanderbilt, who now
wefth E;l3 000 000
—As the opposition haVe • elected their
Curtin Governor, it is cfesiied to knoW.
where the '• plenty ofwork at high
this fitll - and - winter;" the free homes for
the homeless," and the " - land for the land-.
less," may be found. 'Who has the giving
of them ? •.« her are they ?Why; they
are quarreling over the spoilS,.thul letting
the dear peciple; their' dupes, go to the—.
for . • :
Clendcriin, Postmaster :1 Car
lise Springs ,
. 'Pa., has been removed, and
the oflict (which is oulv.neeessary, during
the' waterimz - season) 'discontinued, be
cause he divided- his commission . with a
firm in *NsW York On a quan'tity of pri
vate eirculas sent there by said firm. to
be mailed. The same, course hiO: been pur
sued with rele.rence to' the Toqinaster.
Georqe White, and 'the office at "West
rhoreland'.l:%-pot, NeW IlampShire, for en
gaging in the Gift Enterprise" business.
—The London Ontrt Journal, which
ought to be good authority on such sub:
jects,las announced'the coming bet-totiral
of her Majesty's second daughter the
Princess Alice, to
. 1 -) iinee Louis, of - Tiff:se
Darmstadt,• nOphew of the reigning
,Grand Duke.
. •
"We revere the memory of°
Brown, of Qssawatomie;" was an ins'erip
tion.oii-a banner . i the processiim of Re
publicans: .;4 Pittsburg,,Pa.
—.lolutP.llectran, the Benicia Boy, was
fined i.:330 at. Buffalo, N. Y., on Thursday,
for acting as second at a prize fight be
tween Price and Kelly, over a year ago. .
—The San Francisco Bulletin has' been
sued f0r"540,,000 damages,, for calling
lawyer 'Squire Doe•berry.
—Boston, Qet. 26th.---The Schooner
Foaming Billow, of Belfast, Me.; was
Weecked• near Prince Edward's Island.
All hands comprising thirteen_ persons,
were lest.
—De 'Bow's mortality statistics, coni
piled from thelast censas, show that the
people of the United States, are the health- -
ieston the globe. The deaths are 530.000
per year, or I per cent. orthe popula ,
tion. In England the ratio is nearly 2 . per
cent. Virginia and 'North Carolina are
the healthiest cf the States, anj.have 638
inhabitants over 100 - years.
.•—,An imknown cripple went ?into-an
eating house in Rochester on . Tuesday
night, and while at supper, striiel: the ne
g,ro girl ,who. wait ed . on him'air some tri
flihg Offence. When the girl 1,-ent , to get
an officer to arrest him, he secreted him
self in a - garret; wheu the pollee came be
*as dead. •
—At the recent election lately, the Re,
publican - candidate, 'for Clerk of the Ses
sions in Sehiylkill county, John B. Reed;
was defeated by one vote. Chas. A-. Rahn,
Democrat, & t . ":le_ happy yietccr by our.
Mrs: John C. Calhoun.reliet of, the dis
tinguished S'entitor ' from. Solite-Carolina, •
'has been for some time en a Visit to her
daughter, !grs. Clemson, near Bladens
burg. She is now in her :66th . year: .
• —The toannmber of bales of cotton
raised in Tennessee; for. .the year ending
AugUst 31, 660, was 108,076, valued at
' P 5,433,800. For the-year previous it. was
\ rti
only 85;?,§.1, 1, lued at P1,266;050,
—ApPles are.,selling in' Mobile at from
40 to 50 cents :a dozen.
. .
li —The 3ladison.:(lnd.) Courier says that
1 40,000 bogs have been purchased,by Mad
ison packers.., he present season at p 6,50 e
6 75. :: - . ,
- : ', Fe; the.Montrore Demo Cut. -
:The Seckd fikgair of the Gibson
Agricultural Sogety itas held for' the
present year - at Gibsor; , ,,Hill the. 11th of
October. TheleNient - and variety of the
exhibition was materially limited by the
unfaVorable_ state :of the .weather: : The
former part of the day was .drizzly
withal very inauspicious insomuch as to
detain a large number of exhibitors at
hrMie, many supposing that thnekhibition
:would have to be adjourned entirely to
some other time. And -what the mbrning
so distinctly fortokeeed the afternoon very
I fully realized is a drenching - rain, alto
gether greatly detracting from the inte r
rest and profit oT the occasion. The ex
hibition however notwithstandhc the
weather and after all 'detractions was a
ad, John Bennett, 2d., Best native cow,
C. Bills; 2d, A.Titlluty ; Jd A. Tiffany,
Hrifers. Yearlings and liCalUes—pest ,2
'years old grade devon heifer ' 0: Welli
2d,' E. N: Witter; 3d,-Gett.Gelatt. Best
2 yeari old, grade_ durhain, R.WalwOrtii ;
2d, R._ Walworth. Best, yearlinglbeifer
grade Devon, H. D. Bennett.'
,Best lot
'of yearlings, G:.11. Wells;: 2d, John Ben-.
nett, 2d. • Best paii. of . 'yearling Steers,
I-Philander Tiffany; 2d„BOswell Chamber
lin. Best lot of . yearling4 grade d
Valworth ; 2d, E. N. l Witter •,-
3d J.
Pickering . . I3est - du rham Intl! cal ,
Stiles.• Best grade durhath calf, J.l
,Bost lot of Eativel calves,
.Braidard `~d, G. L. Abel i•3d, E. C,
.13C9t two calves, grade i devOn,
'Wells; 2d, John Bennetti
,Sheep—Beet goutbdown buck,
Tiffany. Best • two buck lambs,
Pouliry and Grain—Best creole':
IL Payne. Best napoleokelneken,l.
Logier. Best bantams, p eOr g e
Peg winter wheat, Edward Evaris ;
Almison Pickering; 3d, IN. C. Sweet, 20
bushels to the.acre. Beg- spring IWheat,
G. L. Abet ' Best winter, rye Benj. Dix.
Best oats, S. S. Chamberlin. • Best! yellow
seed corn, Pliilander Tiffany; 2d, Seth
Abell 3d, Everett Whitriey. Best, white
Corn; John Bennett; 2d. Best King] Phillip
corn, John Bennett,.2d. Pest brown corn,
G. H. WeHS. Best timothy seed, Hussell
Tiffany. Best white 1) 1 0ns, Philander,
Tiffany.. B2st hungarlani grass seed,
Fia/1 , ---BeSt winter apples, Lewiißrain
ard; 20, J..M. Potter; 3d, - john Bennett, 24.
Best fall apples, George pelatt ; 2d, .J. M.
Potter; 3d, John Bennett, 2d. For the
greatest variety, Ist, R.I Walworth ; 2d,
! John Bennett, 2d ; 3d, J. I. Potter) 'Dried
apples, Mrs. Martha W4s,only lot on ex
hibition. Siberian crabaPples, L. G. Ben- .
nett, only lot. Best graPes, G. IL Wells - ;
2d, John Smiley. Best tomatos, ',Charles
Bennett,: 21, Warren Bailey, Best quin
ce's; W. W. Barnes ; 2d,1(.. D. Smith. Best
peaches, Ira Washburn ;12d,. Warren. Bal..
lev 3d, Lewis Brainard. Best pears H.
D. Bennett, 2d, J. L. Gillet; sfl, Seth
Abel. Best citrons, J. F Gillet; 2d, G.
H. 'Wells.'
1-'l,,otahks—Best beets!, Hussel Tiffany ;
2d, 'Wm. Thayer;
3d, Hubbard' Payne.
Best squash, Win:Thayilr ; 2d.A:lClinton
& Son ; 3d Samuel Washburn. Best car
rots, H. Walwortb ; 20, John ISmiley.
Best Swcedish turnips, 4. S. Chamberlin.
Best field turnips, Benj. Dix. Bes French
turnips, 11. S. Whitney) Best pumpkin,
Warren Bailey ; 2d, S. SI Gbambe!rlin ; 3d,
George Woodward. B st onionsjßadcliff
Wood; 2d, Philander Tiffany. Best pep
yers Egbert Starks. B'est kohl-rabi, G.
C. irundage. Best par nips, •RUssel Tif
fatly. Charles Bennett exhibited e great
'est variety of' vegrables.l.
~Ifechaniru.l Piditcliolis—John Matlock
exhibited a tine silver plated harness and
Saddle. J. -B. Gregg,, iHulibardis- mow
ing machine, Tteadwell Pell's plow No.l
21 and .mould board plow O. 10.
• - LfromeAtic aufuctsi Best table linen,
Mrs. Polly Putter; Mrs' Thaddeus Whit
ney. Best 'domestic plaid, Mrs. Wil
liams; 2d, Mrs: WWn. ; Pickering. Best
woolen 'hose, Mrs. L Maynard. Best
white' bed spread, Missl.M. Case ; 2d,
Mrs. `E Whitney. Best gay coverlet', Mrs.
IL Belcher; 2d, Mrs..M. O. Bennett.
. • Ornaniental embroi
&red' skirt, Mrs: li. Gardner: 2d,. Miss .
Sarah A. Pickering. Best child's dress,
Mrs. Stephen Payne' Best lamp - mat Miss
Susan Maynard; 2d, Mrs. E. N.. Witter;
3d, Mrs. •D. Best victorine and
.culfs, 'made of down,-1 Miss 31. E. Case.
Best embroidered collar, -Mrs. L. 0
• Paintings. Phatogral4s, ike.---Best pen
cil drawings S. P. Hine; 2d, Mrs..D.
Smiley. A. W. Stiles exhibited some very
good ambrotypes and daguerrotypes. A
paintiiig in water colo;rrs %vas exhibited
by Mrs. D. Smiley. An Italian and Ori
ental. painting by Miis E. 3L Whitney.
A tine cone basket and frame by Miss E.
31. - Whipey.
Snaar—Best maple s gar; Charles Ben
nett. Best. maple mohisses, Mrs. Charles
Bennett. Best tomatAi - honey,.Mrs. Chas.
Bennett. •
Carpets and . Patchf Work—Best . 'yarn
carpet, Mrs. L. Maynard ; 2d, Mrs. Geo.
L:utier. Best rag, carpet Mrs. A. Clinton ;
2d, Mrs. 11. A. Pope. i Best patch-work,
• Mrs. George Woodward; 2d, Mrs. Cyrus
•B. Miller. Best pieced work, Mrs. Harri=
son Barnes; -2a, Mrs'. C.• A. Kennedy.
Best coverlet, Mr;. Charles Bennett; 2d,
•3lrs:E. Gardner.
There was a fine : , how of butter and
cheese, but. owing tope non-attendance
of two of the judges np report was made,
There will be a meeting of the Society
at the Aeademk• Building Saturday, No .. -
vembes. :4th at 5 o'clOck, m. The ob-
ject of the .meeting rdlates to important
business- affecting - thd general interest of
the Society, and full a+rultinee is solicited.
SETIt ABEL, Secretary.
—The St. Paul Pio:jeer and Deniocrat
—Nightly the horizcd, in different ditec-.'
tions is aglow with the light of burning
prairies. Some of these fires are close by I
us, others at- a ,' , rreater distance away.,
We hear much damage has been done in !
some portions of the y ' Slate—ha', grain
stacksjences, and even barns - and dwell-
Ing houses have been destroyed.
—Lynch Law is bee ring very frequent
in.the West and Ndrthwest. • Men are
summar::y hung every day for beingSits
pected of stealing horks. really seems .
, that ours is the countly cf "extremes."—
ln the East, they won't punish ; men for
murder ; While in the iWest, they balance
the general account of crime by . hanging
people' on suspicion of any crime.
; —The llymenial altar was recently stir
!prised. by the appearfince of Walter Will
jams, Esq., of Laure county, Ky., aged
eighty-four years, who was aceompamgd .
by a lady...not over forty years old, and - de-
Li:landed to have thelright of matrimony
solemnized at 12 o'clbek at night: Mr.
Williams has been married three times ;
once when young; 'once when Iseventy
seven, and now again!, at eighty-tbur- •1e
is grandfather and great grandfather to
Morethan one hundred children,
,and soy
.eral of them older than his wife:
—Late statistics show that 5,006,000
persons-are supPortea- in England" by cot
ton—that 30,000,0001 spindles are employ
ed in the production of the yarn ; and
triat the capital absorbed exceeds .750,-. 1
.000,000; FoutAfths of the cotton consum
ed in EnglandBoo,ooo,ooo pounds —is
American. - •
ifhe passengers. by the bight
o'clock libat from Staten passengers.,
this morn
ing, were detained nearly half an hour by
reason of the non-arrival of the train of the
Staten Island Railroad. The'leaVes &coin
the:tbrest of trees- along the side of, the
road had fallen upon the rail to such :an
extent- that they had formed - a slippery bed,
and, - caused the wheels' ofthe locomo ,
tine to slip, detained the train Until' the
track could be eleared.—Pew nrk, Port,
- • - For the Montrose Deunnast.
The annual' exhibition of the ,Jackson
Agricultural Society, Was held Thursday,•
. oth.lB, 1860. • r 1
We had a fair. 'representation clf the
earth; ps well - as.of art, in the vicinity,—
Tho weather had been so :unpropitious,
previously,,that not as much prepaVation
was made to make it interesting as knight s
have been 'expected, had - it. been ether
seise. . . , . . I
As the premiums, were,nerely lilonii
nal, , the figures 1, 2 and 3•will be slifficient
to designate
,the relative quality ofidifFer
ent articles.. 1 ' , •
Stallions—Evandur Tucker, 1.; 31; D.
Case, 2. -., , .
Single HoeSes—C. Ta,nner, 1 ;'Fred.
BrVant, 2 ;-Ed.-kennetly, 3. I
Matched tiorsUs—Eli Barnes„. i ; W.
ll:Bartlett, 2; Everett 'Whitney, o r Gib-
son ; 3-: • • - i
L. N.
G. 11.
TwO Years Old 'Colts—Geo. T. Ferry,
1; Orin Foster, 2 ; Griffin Cook, 3:l*.
Matched Two Years . Old Colts:4-Jesse
Williariis r; ParisTiffiiity; of Hartford, 2.
,Yearling Colts—Elisha- Brown, .1 t_Elon
,Dix, 2 : Hartley .Larabee, - 3.
Matched Yearlings—Judson Tennant,
1' • J., W Brown, 2 ; Norris Page, 4. • 1
Last Springs Colts—A. D. Case' 1; Ar
vine Sweet, 2 : N. Phelps, 3.
Oxen—Wm.. 11.. Bartlet, 1 ; !James
Bingham,:2. (Pairs exhibited by MiTalch
and IL M. Wells were but little inferior.)
J •
H Tucker, 3.
Three Years Old Steers- : —Gco. ZV, Ty
ler,t ; DMFarrar,2. A pair of threo years
Old stags, by - Asa Dix, and a.pair of two
.Years. old, by 1131 Wells,, were +3l; fine
animals, and shoWod. the commeOement
of poWerful teams; I
Two Years Old Steers-4H Tucker, 1;
Wm. Slocum,2,; Geo. T Pei rv, 3.1
Yearling teers—D. L. dregOry, •1;
Mfr.rtin Hail, 2. -
Bulls—A fine full-blood Devon lexhibi
'fed by H. Smith, of Franklin, iho best on
the ground. A grade Devon, by IJ. W.
Gillet` of Gibson, the best of the kind:
Two Years Old Bulls' 7 7S J Gauls, ;
Calvin Dix, 2 ; Dorr Brown, 3.
One Year Old—WM. Bartl i eti,. 1 ;
Wm. Slocum, 2 ;'Geo. T Perry, 3.1 ,
. Cows= Grade Durhains—Wm. H.
Bartlett, 1 ; H 14; Wells, 2; H. G Case a
fine Native Cow. -
Heifers, two years old—Grade Ijurhams
—A D Case, 1.; Dorr Brown, 2; IGeo. T.
Perry,3. • • -
Yearlings-Grade Durhams-Wm. •H.
Bartlett, ;J L Williams, ;J H Scott,
• Martin - Hall, 3.
Sheep— L 0 Tiffany, Southdown Buck
1; Grade
,Southdown, EDI Foite:r, 2.. A.
'good churn sheep was exhibited by James
McNay - , that has churned 2200 pounds of
butter per year, for three years 1
-Good specimens .of Swine by T Perry;
no competition.
• 1.
Winter Whetit. : --S. W; Pi&ernlg and
Simeon Sjoat abobt•cqual; both fine. va
rieties. -
Spring Wheat—L. Payne, 11; C. W.
Hazer, 2.
Rye—L. Payne, 1 ; S. W. Pic l kring,
. Corn Yellow—H. M. • Wellg, 1: L.
Pane, 2 , i: J. H. Scott, 3.
White Corn—John Tennant. 1
A fine variety, of Egyptian Oat's was ex.-
higited by- Wm. Tucker, of
Turkeys—E. N. Tucker, 1 ; J. Bing
ham, 2. ' -
Ducks—J. Binghain
Chickens, Rant:es- 2 j C Lal!pb, 1;. J.
I%leVay, •2. • •
"Creoles—D M Farrar. Several lots of
different kinds of ehicliens,,all good,butno
FRUT. . .
Apples,--Best , varieties, T. H, Butter . -
field, I ; H L French 2 ;- W W Barnes, of
Gibson, 3.
Grcenings—E M Foster, 11; H. M.
Wells, 2,
Spitse - 'rgs—B. H. Larabee.
:,..;•pr... _:,-
best quality. 1 '
. .
Natural Fruit—Eli Page,, very- &ie.— .
Wm: Tinker had a•very good Variety of
apples, 30 kinds. • ? i
Pears—Mr. H A Tingley, ofs:usquehan. :
na, 1; Wm. H Bartlett 2. ,1 . •
• Peaches—Dr. Tingley. i
. - Quinces—'—W W Barnes.
• '
VEGETABLE:S. 1 1 - : '
Potatoes, Californians—D 311Farrar, 1;
B H Larabee, 2. - - 1 ,
• Prince Alberta—A W Barrett and B.
II Larahee; equally good.. i
Dooryards—A.W Barrett 1;
Dix, :I. i
Turnips, Rutabaga—J. Lamti and H 31
Wells; about equar.. -1,
- :
Field Ttirtiips=Calvin Case. 1 • •
• 'Carrots—Seymour Griffis. 1 .
Onions—Seymour • Griffis.. • . i •
Among the articles finder this head,
was a .first rate two-horse wagtia, with a
self acting brake, by J. Dutche l r, of Gib
son : also a model of a sleigh blike,by.the
same. A Buckeye mowing machine by C
lamb: A corn shelter, by 17' BurrowS,
very simple in'arran7ement, and efficient
in operation, at ek'pense
of ordinary shells: • A splendidisiugle
ness, 'by H. Hallock, of Gibsdn. .A.eifl
tivator 'of superior quality, by C W Hazer;
, Well 7 curb, by A I‘l Bensoni that the
' judges pronounce worthy of notice,; 'a re
turn butt zr pail, of excellentj workman
ship, with an arrangement ,ofover: fast
ening that was considered .ah improve ;
men t, by N A Houghton ; arid - excellent
churn, by L D Benson; Wm 0 Matthews
exhibited a stoneware 'pump, decided
improvement, giving, no tahte to the
water.- ' • 4
. . , . .
Butter in pails-1111 Win..H Bartlett,
1; James McCay, 2. l ' •
In jars—Channey, Lamb, 4I; • Mr. C.
French,. 2. • - . i
Best Roll'Britter—Mrs..A Li West. '
' Cheese—R. V. Whitney, 1 Mrs. E N
Tucker, 2. ' - • . 1 • -
Striped Carpet Mrs. E N !Tucker,
Mrs. L C Benson, 2. .
• Mixed Carpet Sirs. AD Case, 1 ; Mrs.
A' Barret, 2.'
Pieced Quilt—Miss A E
Patch Qnilt—Mrs. 'B
Toweling--Mrs.• N.S Wiliiums.. .
Lamp Mats—Mrs. Oreo.. Llmb, 1; Aria.
D.M. Smiley, 2. "
Knit Bed Spread—,Milas MIE Case,' 1.4
J.• Tyler, 2. • • • .
Victorine and Clink—Miss 41. E Case:
Worked Skirt 7 —Mrs:. - 11enq Tvier. •
Burr Basket—Mrs. Jonathan 'Baldwin:
Lamp. Shade and Grecian Oill Paintings
I —Mrs. D 'Roberts. •
Case of Ambrotypes-D.Roberts..- ,
Worked Collar-Mrs. Wm. II Bartlettf
made forty_ years •ag.:i. • . •
A Roll pf(Pineitppla . -Butter—Mrst IL
L. West. -I 'V - ' • • - .
• A vine Orange Tree--S Jenkins. '
' ' A Lot Of Roney, of:
Gene_ QualitY—
(3W 11[4r., . .
Leathet---A Lot of Kip—H.* . L Jeit
1 -
kiss. - I • ,
Calf.--•L D Larable. . •
After the ellibition,Win. II Jessup,made
us a shoyi;, practical; interesting address, i
upon: the utility and .benefits of Agricultu
ral Fairs,!and friendly competition in gen-
ral, with 'other smNestions suited to the
oe - casion. I It is utter remarked,, ".that'
what cost us - nothing is but lightly ; esteem
ed." But I think in this instance, at least ,
the people present apprt;eiated.the good
sense and instruction and advice • of the
speaker. i -.
, :,Utterlfrefusing any " - material 'aid," as
compensation .for his services, we deem it
proper; arid just, to make a public-acknowl- .
edgelnent of the favor received.'
. Pcilnit me to make a few suggestions
to those who may speak. to tlAereafter.=
That style of public speaking, known in
popular Parlance as" hifalutin," or " high
fulution,'l is sat a - heavy discount in thiS
community—and perhaps,. "spread-eagle
.eloquene " may not meet a proper appre
ciation--.-4but. strong common sense, and
sound reasoning. is, taken ever at a premi
.'Tis true— • .
"1t little nonsense now and then,
terroll4hed brtho s be tormen." ' I
But let the case be sense.. Tell us
' what you know—if you•knoW anything
musical, that would be pertinent to the
subject and occasion; let's have it., But
1 second or third rate newspaper'‘vit and al
mantic ituries - we cam read at our leisure.
For the Jazkswi Agricultural Society.
. .- . I, P. ILALL, Cor. Sec.
Frthich, German, Spanish,Latin, Italian
Languages without a -Master, whereby any
'one or all of these languagescan be learned
by any one, without- a Teacher, with the
aid of thiii book. By A. H. Monteith, Esq.
The Robertson Method of s learnintii the
German, Spanish, Latin, and It
without the aid of a teacher
has fur the'last ten years been seecessfully
tested throughout the -whole' European
Continent; and is, without a single excep
tion, used in teaching the modern lang,ua
gi!s in al! the educational institutions of
Egland, France, mid Germany. • In Lon
'don, 31r. A. H. - Monteith, the most eels
orated teacher of languages in the world,
has arranged and perfected, this. system ;
and his works on the study of the French,
German, Spanish, Laiin and Italian, .with
.ool a 4naster, contained in this volume,
immediately obtained it sudden and extra-- ;
ordinary pupal city. Persons unaequain
led With these languages, with the aid of
this voluine; can be enabled to read, write
and speak the language of either, without
the aidlOf it teacher Or any oral instruction
iyhatever, provided they pay strict atten,
tion td ; the instructions laid down in the
work, and that Rodin - T. "shall be passed
over without it thorough investigation of ,
the subject h. involves; by - doing Nvhich
they will tind themselves to he aide to
Speak; Read or Write, either .language,
at their VH1.444141 Oeasere. The whole is
' contained in Twenty-seven Easy LeSsons.
The French is in Six Easy Lessons,
ish is in Four, German is in Six; Latin is
in Six,.and the Italian is in five easy less
ons, 'or Twenty-Seven in ell; This work ,
is . invaluable .to any person wishing to
learn either or all . of these languages, and,'
is worth to any one, one hundred times its
cost. This work, has already run through
several large editions in 'England; ibr 'no
persons .hae ever bought a copy of it,
without recommending it to their friends.
Everybody should possess themselVes of
a copy of it at once.
• complete in one large duodecimo vol
ume, bound in cloth. Price 'one dollar
,atiid twenty-five cents a copy only. .
Read What Dr. R. Shelton Mackenzie,
The Literary -Editor of the Philadelphia
,;Daily Press, says of it editorially in that
paper : -
' "There is no -royal road to learning ;-
butlwhere the learner heavily dragged on
*Hsi - umbering, way in former times, he now
has a new track and wonderful engines,
which greatly facilitate his progress.
Study ' this book carefully, and you can
atqiure near 1;4116- dozen languages in the
time usually wasted upon the imperfeet
acquisition of one. Sadly, as well as wise,
. did- Milton write, "We 'do amiss to
spend seven or eight
. years 'Merely in
scraping togg i ther is' much Latin and
Greek as might be learned easily and de
lightfully in one year." Jahn Lock, Svd . -,
ney Smith, and other - great scholars, bear
like testimony. .
"Monteith's books, here before us; pro
fesses-to Make any one of reasonable ca T
Pacity and suitable industry, read, write,
and spear five languageS, (four -of them
living tongues) without .any assistance
from ateacher. Mut Burritt's case shows
how, intellect and the .desire to learn can
make a man master 'of the jiriucipal dead
and living languages : This book and a'
of the
real desire to learn the lanimage, will en
able, a student to teach himself French in
an incredibly short time; and so with the
other, - languages The Messrs. Peterson
Confer a great benefit on society by pub
lishing this look.". •
• Published this day, and for sale at re
tail or wladeiale, at the cheap bookselling
and, publishing establishment of T. B. Pe-.
terson & : Brother, 306 Chestnut street,
Philadelphia, , Pa. • " • , ,
Copies of the above work will be sent
to any - one to• any place, free of postage,
' on inclosing. to us•one dollar and, twenty
live. Cents ilia letter..
- W.txmo:—Storekeepers,CanVassers - and
Agents hi every City, Town and Vilhige
in the United States, - to engage 'the
Sale of the above popular Work, all of
.whom, will be supplied. with -the y work at
the rate of nine dollars a thizen. Address
all orders, with remittances for theluanti-,
't wished; to T. B. Peterson &Brothers,
N 0. 306 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, and
.they will receive inaniediate attention,
and be sent at once, per first express, after
receipt of order.
I,‘3l4Oistr . cogoc. 311Larlr-ot.
Wheat bushel, $l, (p 51 . 14
Rye' 4;{ cents
Corn 75 cents
Oats DO e, 35 cvnts
Ik4kns #1
Potatoes ' ceate
iColmiion Sense rules the mass of Su; poisple, whet
ever"the misnamed mad misanthropic philosopher may .
say to the centred. Show thern a good thing; let its
merits be clearly demonstrated. and they will not hesitate
to give it thir most cordial patronage: The masses have
already ratified judgment of a physician, concerning the
virtues of fIOSTETTER'S Birrreas. as may be seen ni the
Immense quantities of this mcdlcihe- that ate annually
sold in every section of the land. It lii now recognizisl as
greatly superior to all other remedies yet devised, for dis
eases of the digestive organs. such as diarrhtra, dysentery.
dispepsia, and for the various fevers that arise' from de
rangement of those portions of the' system. Alostetter's
name Is rapidly becoming a household word.. from Maine
tgTexas, from the shores of the Atlantic tia toe l'acine.—
Try the attide and be sardefied... Sold by/ all druggists in
the world. - • -
lefrSee advertisententlqinother -Column. - now
I Grand Juror", Nov. Term.--Aubton-if. L!11. '
! .
Brld-OWeter-- , banier IT ,%tinde. - P.m)* Newcurnh.
hoconnt-Fdward - Burke. Clifford-Arnold Greene.
l'tanklit , -Tittz. Smith Jr.. INA+ TATI , Y.-
Grb.nn-C N ntlier. Ci Bend,-John E Conklin, Orlando
Ciasmberlin, Jt."..n Lane: .
IlarTuAl-G F 'Babcock. ThOnlrot %111marth. Harmony-S
IT Barneq: WTI) Co:k; ir;.ltielutrd Martin. - •
Jacksun-Lconder Tirld`er. Wllll„,nrl.erahee.
New3Elford-lhivid.Mathew., }IO:3CC Seymour.
Sprin;;Tille-7. , Tnt I, AI cry. Sukniellunnr.--L F Clark and
Janlf.t.S ii•II. The//11507.7-CfrirleS 1 ., .:11 , UOVii 2 , W
TiaVoroe ,Nurorro.Nol. Tarm.-Nubun-Wm.
Coot. S. ,W. Eddy. .:.(1 week-S..N. Lowe. .
A:arat- 2 1.^., Itinlhbyen, ad we ek. , •
ErTrlgewater---B. P. Anion, Boma , : Brewster, Perrin
WeJl- , . &in - hi Storm: ad v. - ce.k-.T llan'll:gion•
itrooklyn-c•yalecOala- ,-..ndc - ,2w Roger,, ad. Tal week
.l S Tewkshary.r. G. " %tTillams, - •• .
CIiTMSI- , --Pro,per lIWI, Ev,in..lerrtins, 5E , Tlf filer, AU
Perk, 2d week - --:PBennett:Tß.Havii.
Choconut. lal week-J Devitt.
Dimock-T W Allen. E T V. 104 1 ,. f:tisha -Foray. fad week
-W. J. baker; 1 B Woodito.z.e,Ja 'iourY.
Forest Llke.. - . -.Ahrn.DeWel.s.lsekloallus.Orick. 24 week
'l' Melva,. C IT C 01.1?. 1 0111 in, . .
prlend.rdle '
ad week-. 1 IT,, •
, Tord.
' .
, 'Franklin. zd week-)L1'45:k...
Oreat fiend.Y.N Green, F. Cr!!!. If reel .T B Johnson.-
•ad week-E Ilawkini, Wm A Er. - ow.
Gitn•un--.T T. Gillett. C'A Fiehhcily. .7,7 Prt , , ,, r.
lici4ck -.1 Pratt. L Igor. ad week-, Mjikr. -
Ilartato*-Wte Puruie, 1 tituiTronsin. ad wt,...1. - -1.1 Hold
' rid;ra. L Norton, .li.• , - • - -
1 Burford-0 Thatcher.. -2d week-War :i. WBllams, $
Guile. -... . .
i Jesezp-D. Olmstead. It! week-N. Boer, N. 'Afacfb7..
i Jackson, ad week-,!. Buott.
' LCIIOX—C. Harding. ard week-C. Conrad, S. Roland.
Lathrop, ad week-:-D. Wood. . .
Liberty-11. - Law. P. C. Lice: , _
31ontrohe, ad.- week-A. Baldwin ! N. Ilawley.D: li. ?or.
eel!. 5. So)re. . .
Middletown-L. lietbe T. Tierney: 0. 110 , ,e.
New Milford., 2d vreek-L-T W II Bradford. It. A. Johns - Mt .
, Oakland-Wm:1). Stoddard, lld week-.T. H. L,rinoer. '
Itush-W. H. Whitney.
Sustinehanna..tilack;Wm. SO.:del:cr. T,Todd.2d week-
I'. Blodett. . .
Silver Lake-Wm. H. Gage, B. M. Gaze. •
Springville-D. Wakelee, - S. Strickland, Landis Lyman, X.
Hiiey. • .7 ..
.. , .
7111411rafhaldfo Pllifs.-1 he high and envied celebrity
ichichthi3pre-entinent medicine has icotilredforinvarlable
efficacy in all disease:: It professes to cure. has rendered
the usual pi-claim of (Atoll:Mous pu2lng not \ unly unneces
sary, but unworthy it:thtm. They arc known by their
fruits; their good works tehtify fur them. and they thrive
not by the faith oftlielcreditions. .In .111 ea-es of "costive;rlyspe pSia, bAluas and liver aff.xtlone.. plies. fevers
and a , „raet theumatiAm, obstinate licadazdier, and genera)
.derangements of health. these have Invariably prov . ed
a certain and sywdy remedy. A 'Angle trini.cill place the
'LIFE-PILLS beyond the reach of competition lb the esti
matlon of every patient. .
Dn. NOPFAT'S NICENE: be found to
be equally ef.lvacious in all* of dY.,:icpsia, hesea4che, •
nervous debillty, alchnesaincident to fem.tlee 'tic:llea:a •
health, and every kind of, , of the diurstire organs.
Forsale by; Dn. W. D. 310FF.'.7. nrcacivi ay, 25.1"..ana
by medicine dealers and dn.„,„i.its genera:l,7- throughout
the country. - dect ly•
• . , .
ncrrhavels Ifo!land flitter!.—A ntedielLe of,ede;ilcicv pur,tf:n.; tau L;00.1. C' 3,e11031 (or
the foUndation good 1t..14111., ar.d for correctin; disor
der!, of-the stomach and n. indigettiOt,
lie.rt-burn., Acidity. Wat;,r Cu.tirrne,t..
lleodache. LUsd .81.1 , e; nil Inn, Complaint., Cramps.
.s,u n nior cwopatiot.
Netvoul, Ilh.munctic atul Lrectiuos It has
frequently Lcen adroiniAtred *.v:ts st:Cee , P.
TWO Ur three vt,ll cortvlaceitne Of Ito Isl.
LA , / ry unin el, 101 l hpeellS• r,..r.t!u it; Kleugth,
itealtn , y action of the ilver,'llowel, mod I;!thier will rvid
ly take. pints, and reneNved'Leuitiz be the q uick re3ol.
thdAdverlisorzer.t or Doct...9anrora's Llama
bylgotator antl Catlk?.rt!^ PL I: -. ',another coluzoin:
'Weakness anti Debllity. , —AN ,i. 1.0 duffer f:o1
wcW.diess or lietiility; ~ , i tyire ii, a. want of encrgii
.could at once have recOttr-e tri JUDSON'S: MOUNTAIN
lif:itti i'ILLS. They losair.• 111111111 l parify the Woad and
act upon the tr.aiii,ouring oriife. ;:vinz strength and vig
or to the ryi.tem.; Yoeng :,et-o:., enter - In: into woman
h(,,,lt. ccith.a deran;:einent of the t:i•l•etient : MUd to tnOttt .
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