The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, November 05, 1857, Image 3

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Great. Bend Eli she 1. 5.q0 . .
Ilerriek— Alva Cartienter,
Jacksor.--Orlsuclo Gunnison, Artasa Norris.
Jessup—E. V. Cook.
L en o x —William - Hartley, Ma Howard,.
Liberty—Patrick `Cerbitt, -William Trues
dell, David Bartle. • -
Lathrop--Ilorace Thayre..
Montt ose—A. .1.. Brewster, Daniel Sayre.
Middletown—E. Brister, . -
RtiAb—Elisha Horton, J. Smith, Elliott
S u s(faDepot—,—Jonathan Baldwin, Albert
- •
Siicef..Lake—James Gage, Isaac V. Gaga
sEnoxnj WEEK. ,
Brooklyn—I: 11, Itnyer,-Andrew Rogirs. 2d.
T3ridzewter—llarvey Tyler, Spencer WA
trotr,, John Ilarrinzton.
Chnconul--Roliert Addigon,Blward Brock.
ClitTord --Alex. Bums. Jas. M. CalenCier,
Byron Ditumick, J. W. Lowrey.
Forest Lake—F ! 11. Southwell,
Great Bend—William A. Green.
liarford Wm. Birdsall, Erastus Brewstm: •
Ilarmony—Moses Claik, F. P. Lyisne l
Mort. Litulser.
lirrrieti—Llward Dinniek, 'S. A. Rey-
molds. .•
Montro:e—T. A. Lyons..
Newt Milford—lTliomits':D. Tennant. ' •
Cush—flngt Roddiug.' .
sp r iogiillo—Wm. L. Avery, Joe, A. Ty
rnxn, A rsd,•Wak4ie. •:- • ••
- Silver Lake r —lse:re - G.64th MA Sutton,
Meeker, Wm. Meeker it;.'
Thocuson—Alvn !xtuagi, Collins Gelatt.-
Lecture. requeg o fthe•Cl Hamm, Prof.
J. F. Sronnsnn will lecture to the pre le of
Neo Milford - nod vicinity. in BARNU3I'S HALL,
Thursday 'Eevening. - Nov. 12th % 1857. at 7
o'clock, P. M.. on Punic iwarnrcriutt, with
speciai referen.!t. Ix, the eidablishment of per
manent NORMAL( SCHOOL in this County.—
The public are earinestly invited to attend.
Nov. 4, 1857.
Lectures,.-470 be m delivered before ;the
B. 8. BENTLEY. Esq.-Dim:arose, Friday ere.
Nov. 6th. The public are Invited to attend. j
- Brooklyn, Oct. 30,'57.
B. F. Tt.wrisurrur, , Dear Sir ; / 4in
he with you on nest Thursday evening,
-November WI, - to lecture. I shall came
the ..Veto Jersey route, for the purporre, - 1 of
avoiding the long 'ride' by wagon. -Will You
send me word as *to tie point of stopping, tfe.
Your's Truly, W. Beecher•
Subject; The iChristian Commonwealth.
Teachers' Ezairninatiaus...-.4 will
meet applicants for certificates in the differeut
towns, as follows:
Nov. I Vh.N. Milford:Ward S ILI() o'clock,a m.
1611, liarford Village, 4L
a 17th. Kentark, Gib;on 4g
•' 1 S th, Jackson, Xo. 2 "
" 19th, Thomi,on Center " • 44
. 14
• Ilannony.OakiamtandSu:(oDepot,
both, 1. 0 E nsL Hill
" 21 , t, (t. Dena. Village " u .4 "
" 2ri• 'Stant rose " "
241h34•Sciip. COrrell " "
" 251h.1tn.h Givingeis " 4 4 a
" 26th, A ribure,Center " v a Si
" 27t h. Sering,rillmtioll'w "
" Dirn.ek, Carner's• " 4 . 44 a
34th. Bylaklyti, C4lter " " " - "
Dee. 1 Wit. Lathrop. "
" 2d. I enox. Glenwood " " "
" Clifford. Corners " " "
• " 4th. lierrick.M. Church" "
" sth. Ararat. Church " "1 "
" 7th. Franklin. S. 11. 0 " "
Bth. Liberty. Br. S. H. " " "
" 9th, Si Lake, Britekriev" " "
t oth. Chnconirt.C.'s SIT." • " a *
11 tit, F. Lalte.Town's "a ' " " • "
" 12th, Middleto xn.; TVs" " " "
_ " 14th. A polacon, L.M. " " "
The ex.ltninntinn will commerce at the time
rppninted. and close at 4' o'clock; after which
time any questions env , one may desire to ask,
in rezrtril to tly,se which hare been asked, will be
cheerfully answered.. All teachers who expect
to he esomined will please be. at the place ap
p,,intfi. at the hour samed. They will also
plrase hare with them a sheet or more of fi)olsray
Piper, pea anti ink. The examination wit be in
part written. anorthe above requisitions must of
neoeb.sits , he complied with by each applicant be
fore their examination can pmeeed. The School
Directors will of tonne be present,nnd the pub
lic ::re invited.
Nov. 4th, 1 fts7. •43
Notice to ikOhoOl Teachers and
thaw who employ thesa:•—•The Board
of Directors of NewMilfcad District re disposed
to let the Patrons ofthe several schooli, respeca
lively,, within the District, select their own
teat:hers, under thefollowinzrestrictions:
•. l,t. They wisti t o have those employed who -
will consider it a\:pitiril , ge as well as their duty
to attendTenehersi Institutei 'and .other. means
1 \
of improvement w hip their reach at least once
in two wreks.iith ut compulsion. ,
2d. All teachers Must be regularlylieensad
by the County AupOintendent before tom menc
ioz their schools, or as soon thereafter as the
arranretnentS of the County Superintendent with
regard to public exiniinations, will allow.
3d. Monthly reports must be regularly Pea.
'out and made to the Secretary sit the end of each
moat!". If tnoreconvenient they.may be - left
with Wm. C. Ward. Beg , School Treasurer.
Any failure oti.the part of teachers, to coin
plc with . the fore4oing will be sufficient revert
to withol the pubqe money.
Tile Board wisii 4:;IPSebon!!! to be 'in opera
t:-,c by the third, pleads,' in •T;;:retnber, 'fr pcb
-i.ibik, so that th e esooKtory books may Li: Pti•
inisbed at the emnineneement. .
By 'order of the Board,
I. ;AV , . WALKER; Secriary,
New MI
Fever, . distatte to
which the is caused by
impure hut by-the more
rabid action of the blood struggling mill snare
in endezroring, to east out of the body the ear- -
rapt mutter which is tieadly„opposed to health.
lirnce the good and bad Lereors are at war with
each caber, and the commotion which follows
causes feiee end heat. -The symptoths of fever
2t re tarious; causing beaviness, langnid, - difficult
breathing. eyes dull and heavy, anxiety. sighing
acid Yawning', alternate heat- and mid. After
which the patient complains of pains in the bead
and back, great thimt,nauFea and sir-knee** run
ness about the stornachorand sometimes vomiting ,
billion - it matter. Pr. Morse's Indian Root Pills ,
pare acknowledged to be ti stri4gthing and de
lightful tuedicine for all kind, of fevers. They .
not only cleanse the stomach, and bowels from
all billiuus matter, but they open the excretory
restels.caopting tbent topourcopions effusions
from the blood into th - t-bowels, after which the
corrupted mass is thro'Wnont or the b°dY. Ail
that is requiied, in-nrgent cases of fever,. Will be
, to take large doses. In order to have them opt
• erate thoroly by the bowels, take from 3to 5.
night and morning. until the fever entirely ahoy
. Pears. After whirl', fmtn 11 to 4in the - evermg,
until well, and yon *Mho - convinced that this%
the heat way to cure fever..beeause they drive out
ail inflammation, and restore the body tog a state
of sound health. And ihe blood and other fluids
mill be so thorely purified that diamtse in say
form will be utterly impossible.
In' Rome, Branford Co., Pa, Oct. 22d. by
Rev. Geo. Stone, Mr. J. B. VANWINK LE
of Montrose , *ins 11.. wooDbuits
-1.1 Rome. •
In Lathrop, on the Ist inst, WILLIE IL, in•
fant on of Asahel acd• Mary Lord, aged 2 years
months,and 23 days.
WILL be soli at public render, at the
of the subscriber, in New Allillord, on
Weiluesday, November 25th, 1867,
the following property, via; one pair of Mime,
one 4 years old Mare, one pair of 2 years old
Steen, mated and well broken, one Cow, one
pair of steer Calves, one Wagon, one 2.
horse Sleigh, one Cutter, one sett double Hareem
one Plow, one Harrow, one Slcd, a quantity of
Grain, (threshed) and a variety of other "articles
too numerous to mention. Terms of sale; all
sums under $5,00 Cash, over $5,00, Notes tin
the let of April next, with interest and approved
security. Sale to commence at 10 o'clork.A.M.
New : Milford, Nov. 2d, 1857. 142tds.
F D. WOOD is still in town, where he
I.' • proposes remaining for two or three weeks
longer. All those desiring good Pictures at
reasohablo priers will find it to their interest to
give him a call before going to any other place.
Melainotypes without Cases for ;tido
sing in Letters, 25 els. Pictures with Case,—
from 50 eta, to 81,00
Montrose, Nov. 4, 1857.
Prot J. F. STODDARD, •
' IPAilatlll2l,-, 1
• •
/TIME UNDERSIGNED, have the plesture or ,
.1. .announcin g that the SDSQUERANNA COURTS'
NORMAL SCIOTR)L," will twain open in the AcADF:-
MY BUMMER sat Montrose on
Illonday,Norember 30th, 1857, .
to continue 23 weeks. under the charge of Prof.
SrnonAno, and competent Assistants.
To those who desire to attend school, this Op
portunity offers rare inducements.
Prof. STODDARD'S character as a IhOtOrtgb,
practical Educator and Author—his discipline,
scholarship. and superior methods of instruction
—is:dread! , too welt known to require comment.
Those who design becoming teachers should
not fail to avail themselves of the advantages
here presented.
Prof. STODDARD will deliver...during the term,
a Congo. of Lectures upon The Science and Art
of Tear/ting. at:I:110ra, Science.'
There will be an Experimental Department,
Connected with the Normal SchooLio'which 40
pupils only will he admitted.
Tuition' in Normal Department '
per qr. of 11 weeks, $B,OO
7 " Experimental, " 3.50
" " Latin and Greek, 5,00
Board week, from $2.00 to $2,50 - •
It is highly desirable that the tuition bills be
paid in advance. The money will bo refunded
if the student is kept from school by. protracted
sickness. ,
IStudent/4.03n hoard themselves the same as
iduring the Full term. Gookinr , Stoves and fur
niture may be rented of Mr. Sayre at very rea
sonable rates . ,
N. B.—itiOrig" hly important that every atu
he I resent the first day of the term, as the class
es rill then be formed, and studies assigned. / '
W. JESSUP, Prat.
. C. F. READ , Sec y.
Montrose. Nov. sth. 1857. ,
Thus the sweetest flowers will fade,
Wither, droop. and quickly die.
And in the silent dust they've laid.
With many a deep and bitter sigh.
Though no more his smile will greet,
A parent's fond and anxious sight.
Yet. in that spiriLland they'll meet.
In realms of pure and endless light;
Yes lin that better land hell bloOm,
Lov-Iler far than Whtm bn • arth %
A epotlesa gem beyond the tomb,
Clothed with pure immortal birth.
Then little Willie, gently iNleep,
Angel* guard thy tomb at acid.
A" golden lock orhnir7 well keep,
For well we know, tkatt art in keacen.
4 rc
, ( 4 Tyel .
That Car T' on the Green
Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue of suns'writs issued by the Court
of Common Pleas of; and for the County
of Susquehanna, and In me direeteti, I will ex
pose to sate by riblie vendee at the Court
Haase in lifontrome. on Saturday. the 14th day of
November next. at one o'clock, P. M., the follow
ing Real Estate. to wit:
ALL that xertsin piece or parcel of land situ
ate end being in the township of Choennut in the
yo'unty of Stisq'a, it being lot No. 113 on a map
of ee-suryey of the Rhode - Island pnrehsee; • eon.
taining 1090-10 acres. and is bounded as follows
to wit; or, the north by Int no. 115. and on -the
* es t e y lot no. 112 of said re surrey, with the
apperlenances, one dwelling house. sod • one fra
med here, one orchard, arid about 50 acres im
Taken in exeention snit of Alclandor
Dewing-vs. loans Steinberg. late loans McCoy-,
chick; and Wm H. Steinberg.
ALSO.—AII the right. tit! e and interest of
Francalo Wright, in and-to that certain tract.
piece or parcel of land. situate and being in the
t own ,,bip o f B r ooklyn in the county of Suwes,
and bounded and described it-follown. to wit;
on the north by lards of O. Rally and 0.111. 1 1140 A,
on iheeast by land of said Wrighton the south,
be lands o f j. W. Galley and S. Gavitt. and on
the, west be Ueda of F. Whipple and I. N. Palm.
er. containing sbnut 65 acres, be the same more
or.less. with' the •sppertenatees.—ene framed
bonito, one tog Stable. sad about 34 wee in:lm.
red. being. the Seine lands recently occupied by
Mae Wright dee'd. , • - '
Takes in exeration at the snit of Alfred
Teurge,s. Fa -cilia Wright;
that certain pipet, or parcel of-
hind. 'situate and Wine in the township of Crest
Bend. is the tit Inge mostly raai«d Leder:vino,
,in tbe county of Amen. bonded and deerribed
as foillowe, to wit; I , 44p:nnike - st the north weal
coiner of the on the Greet Bend
and Coiloetos pike mid, :theac•
about south rf . cast 60 feet, thence at tied
angles with the said last mentioned limit - bout n'th
63 deg. east 100 feet, thence in coarse parallel
with the first fonntioned line,sbout n'th 27 deg. w.
along the line of the barn and_ sumdshed, about
75 feet to the cotter of the woodshed, and also
the corner of widow bteColluta's land, thence a-
long said last mentioned line, and On's line of the
woodshed, about oath 63 deg. west, About 60
feet to another cant! of said woodshed, in the
line of said widow 31Mollutn's Land, thence a'th
about 27 deg. east along the line of said w'oded
about 9 feet to the main building and thence by
the said main building about south 63 deg. west
to the place of beginning, containing about 7549
eq. ft. of land, with the appurtenances, one tay.
ern house and barn, With bbeds ,and woodshed
attached and all improved.. - •
Taken in execution at the suit of J. H. Sut
phin, vs. Attie*: Allen and Pemina Afilen.
A LSO— All that certain sawmill, situated
very near the mill site known as the Bee Skin
ner mill site, and. on land recently owned by
Benajah A. Skinner, in•the present township of
Oak land, ( Into Harmony) and bounded as folio's;
on the.north-west, by land owned by John Pat
rick, on the north by the faint kno w n as the Inn.
Ilibborn farm, now In possession of John Ilib
bornjr., on the east by land owned by A. P. Hap
man, on the south by land Dani Bond
and David Tavior.
Taken in execution at the suit of A. & S. 11.
Barnes, vs. F. A. Ward and Dougherty.
ALSO—AII that two story dwelling house
situatewm the north side 'of etrret B. in the Bo
ve' of Stamen Depot, in the con nti aforesaid, con
tvining in front on said B. street, 60 feet," and
1 in depth 120 feet, and the lot or.piece Of ground
and cartilage appurtenant to said lot, being LK/Dl:t
-ded on the north, by land of N. Linheim, on the
' east by land of the - N. Y. &E.R. R. Co.. on' the
1 south by B. street, and on the west by laid of C.
L Ward. it being let No. I'7.
Taken in execution at the snit of Morris S.
L I Sherman, vs. F. A. Ward.
A LSO—An that certain piece or parcel of
land situate is the township of Lenox. county of
Swig's state of Pa., bounded and described as
followe, to wit; on the north by lands of John
S. Millard, on the east by land of Sterling Max
on. on the south by land of Orville Tiffany and
Lake Reed. and west by lands of Luke Reed,—
containing '7l acres. it being the same premises
conveyed to John R. Taylor bydeed &mien, date
Ant. 141652. signed by G.R. Eldred High Sh'f
of Sam'a Co.. and conveyed to N. ,L Sherwood
by said John It. Taylor & wife by deed bearing
date Oct. 20,185.,--with the sopartettances, two
framed dwelling houses, rne framed - barn. one
lone saw mill. one blacksmith shop. and a grist
mill and orchard, and mostly improved.
Taken in execution at the Imhof Amos Sher.
wood, vs. Genet Titus, and German Titus.
• ALSO—AII that certain piece or pareel el
land. aircraft. and being in the township of Cha
conpt. (now Apo!aeon) in the county of Stassfa,
and bounded and described as follows. to wit;
beginraihr at a post and atones by the road, on
the line of Remnel Itfiltemm'a farm, thence north
by the said lire 192 7.10 perch(/' to a post,—
thence west 35-perches to a peat. thence 'booth
87 7-10 perehes to a hemlock. thence west 22
perches. thence south 180 perchers to a post by
the mad, thence by the same east 57 perches to
the place of, beginnings, containing 57 acres, bo
that same more or less.
A LSO—A 11 that lot Arland situtite in the
township ntAnolacon efnre►aid adjoining tht a.
hove described lot of land, and bounded as fol
lows. to Wit: north by land said tube of Patrick
Monin, south by the Million road, west by the
above described lot and east bv land of Elijah
Denel, containing . f.B acres. both of maid lots be
ing occupied am one farm and containing in the
whole 125 acres with the following itnprMem'nts
to wit : about 40 acres cleared, - a small orchard,
a lot, house, and an old log barn.
liken in execution at the snit of Milli
gan. mimic of Sam'! Milligan dee'd, vs. Thomas
Rooney. •
ALSO—AN that certain piece of parcel of
land situate end being in the township of Oak
land in the county of Sun's, and hounded and
described as follnws, to wit; beginning at a pile
of stones in the north west corner as tract of
land belonging to Benajah Skinner's land,and in a
line of John Hilburn'e land and adjoining lands
granted to. Matthias Bond. and running thence
along. his line, snuth,l.2 deg. west. 114 perches
to a post and stones, on the north side l of the
brook, thence down slid brook. south . 1 59 1-2
deg. east, 25 8-10 perches to a pile or Ntonm—
thence north 63 3 4 dee. east. 19 percher to a
pile of stones, thence east. 20 8 . 10 perches to a
hemlock tree. thence north 1.2 deg. cart. to a
stake and stones standing in the north . , bounds
nf Benajah A. Skinner's land in a line Of-.. John
Hilburn's land. thence north. 78 1-2 deg' 'west,
along'aaid Hilburn's land to the place oflbegin
nine. containing 43 serer; and 37 rode, be the
same on=e less. with }ho appurtenancem., •
Taken in execution ht the suit ofJames Fine]
vs. Michael Holomn.
ALSO-All the right title and interest of Jae.
W. Belknap in and to all that certain piece ni
parcel of land situate in the township of N. Mil.
ford, en. of Susq'a 'state of Pa.. bounded and de
*crib 'd as follows, to wit; commenene at a pest
corner of land of A. Moss. thence running north
49 1.2 deg. east on line 9f land of said Mors 130
perches to a . post the easterly corner of land of
maid Moss. thenre month 44 1.2 deg. east along
hmds . of Ifstch & Johnson 125 perches trr a pine
sapling corner of lands of said Hatch &Johnson
end lands of John Boyle. thence , konth 42 1-2
dee. West along lands supposed to belong to' t.
,6r O. Pratt, 130 perches to an oak mpling—
thence north 44 1.2 deo. west 125 perches to th ,
piece of beeihnine, centeinine 101 acres .and. 24
perches be the same more or less, and all unim
ALSO—AII that other piece or parcel ottani
situate as aSOre-bntinded and descritrettastnilo's
to wit; comineneine at a hemlock sapling. the
l moth east earner nf land of A. Moss, thence
running north 45'dee. east along lands of• said
I Nom. 123 perches to a post the easterly corner
of lards nf mid .linsm. thence south 44 1.2 dee.
cart a long the shove described lot of J. W.
It mip. 28 perches tea hemlock thence south 25
dem west alone land supposed to belong to P.. A.
dr. 0. Pratt: 136 perches to a post thence north
44 deg. west along !awls of Harden 28 perches
to the place of heeineig. containing 40 acres and
149 perches, be the same more or less, and all
ALSO -All the Homeefeed property upon
which the said J. W. Belknap now resides. situ
ate as aforesaid, hounded and described as fel.
lows, to wit ; on the north by lands of B. B. Lit.
tle, on the east by lends of Wm Bedell, on the
south by hind of Robert Gillispie. end on the w.
by the Cocherton & Great Bend Turnpike Road.
enetsming about 70 acres of land, the same more
or less. with the appurtenances, one framed
dwelling . horse. cue farmed barn and shed. one
bl a cksmith shop. and wagon shop, one saw mill
and mostly improved.
Taken in evocation at the suit of the Com
monwealth of Peensylvanis, for the use of Wm
B. Rockwell vs. James W. Belknap.
ALSO—AII, that certain satimill situated on
creek known as the Drinker creek,and near pub
lie road known as Curtis ram!. in the present
township of Oakland. (late Harmony) said mill
being on land'hounded ea follows; on the north
by Wadi owned by Wakeman*. on the east by ,
the Lenox & Harmony Turnpike, on south by
land in the possession of 3menb and on the
. wear by the above mentioned Curtis road.
Taken in execution at the suit of A., & S. H.
Hams, vs. F. A. Ward.
- F. P. HOLLISTER, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office,
Montrose; Oet 26th, 1857. 42-3 t.
ANY PERSON who oily haws any &map&
against the estate of A. F. Will:ams, deed,
late of Bridgewater, will please tresiot the samo
to me, as no letters of adtninretration will be te.
ken, lost. If. WILLIAMS.
Bridgewatei, Ort. filth, 1857., 42
T ADIES Dross Buttons, some very pretty
JUstyles, of Gold Stone and MonnieMit recd
G OLD: Silver , ned Bono z
pCpc'KL:'T .6 , p7Glwmoi,differenfaties.
A. J. F..
OLD Thimbles, of sll aims. jext re'ed bf
Ilisgbasstoe, Oct. 2i, 1857,
Is just receiving a large stook _ of
INCLUDiNG a full assortment of. r hutted
Oren, Large Oren and 'Flat. Top Premium
Cook Storm for Wood or Coal, with it Siiperior
variety of Parlor, Office and Shop Store,. for
Wood or Coal; also Move Pipe, Zinc, Sheet
Iron, Store Tubes, 4- c.,
His assortment will include the most't
and DESIRAELs STOVES in market, and will be
sold on the most favorable terms, and to which
ho would invite the 'particular attention of Caau
buyers. -
New MiVoril, October, 12th, 1857.
THE subscriber Askes'pleasure in informing
: friends that he is now receiving a large
addition to his stock or J EWELRY and FANCY
G(X)DS. His goodp have been selected with
great care, and being purchased in the present
depressed state of the market. will be sold at
unusually low prices. ALFRED J. EVANS,.
. No. 2 Odd Fellow's-Hall.
Binghamton, Oct. 7th, 1857.
GOLD. SPECTACLES of every age and of
various quedities received this day by
Binghamton, Oct. 17th, 1857.
Register's Notice.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to all per.
.• .ns concerned in the following Estates, to
lk state of FREDERICK PICYZEINa e IiIe of Susq'a
1 ..i.deceased,Wm4H. Hubbard. Administrator
Estate of JOEL Holtuitiss, late of Harford
township, deceased, Charles Tingley Adm'r.
Estate of WK. WHITE, late of Auburn town
ship4leceasad. Wm. White, jr., Administratior.
.Estate of JOHN RMEEVAULT, late of Forest
Lake' township, deceased, Mahala Rhinevanit
and John S. Town Executors
Thi;t the actountants have settled their ac
counts in the Register's Wee, in and for the
county of Susquehanna, and that: thesame will
be presented to the Judges of the Orphan's Court
of said County. on Wednesday the 18th day of
Nov. next, for their confirmation and allowance.
J. W. CHAPMAN, ttegit.t,er
Register's office, Montrose. Oct. 21st, 1857.
WHEREAS. my wife, M ingsrat "Anti: has
left my bed and board without just rause
or provocation, I hereby forbid all persons bar.
boring or rusting ter on .my account As I
will pay no debts of her conirseting after this
Lathrop. 001 . 151 h. 1857.
N 11 . 1111 r
T - 211 D
G O'' 0 D St
For Clash or Ready-Pay.
The Rubseribers hare just puschased a New and
Consisting of Staple and Fancy •
GrOceries, Crockery, Hardware, Boots and Shoes,
ctc. , ttc- ,
Woted, offer them for sale at their Store, at low
er rates than Goods ham bren sold in thie plea.
for CASH or PRODUCE; exper:enee having taught
us that this is the only true way of doing busi.
As we hare brwht our:Goods for Cash du
ring the great money panic, we have bought
thcni Low, and sill sell them the same.
g * *Plesse a call and examine our stock.
arford, Oct. 1 2th..1837.
EIiNGER RlNGS—Avery fine lot of heavy
J: 18 carat plain Finger Rings, suitable fur
Wedding Rings; aka, Pearl, Garnet, Diamond:
Ruby, Mosaic, Chased and Figured Rings,. from
4 shillings to $5O, by A. S. EV ANS.
Binghamton, Oct. 7th, 1857.
PLATED TABLE- KNIVEa—A new invoice
of these beautifu! Table and Desert Knives;
also, Sieel . Knivei and Forks, -of different styles
and qualities, by A. .1. EVAN)
Binghamton, Oct_ 7th, 107. '
1...1 to 84, by A. J. EVANS.
Binghamton. Oct. 7th, \857.".
Farm for Sale.
. Situated about 11.2 miles from Lynn P. 0.
Springville. containing 93 acres, about 60 acres
under improvement. a framed [louse and Barn
on the same. A good apple orchard, with a
large proportion of grafted trees, sugar orchard
and timber adapted to the wants of the Farm;
within 1.2 mile of a good Saw-mill and Grist
mill. Terms made easy.
Apply at this Office or to Warren Taylor,
Spring ille.
Springville, O.•tobor '7, 1857. 40w3.
MAiry office to my new residence nearly oppo
site the Presbyterian Church. on Turnpike
Street The public are invited to call and exam-
Inc specimens of the various styles of Plugging
and Pistil which Fain daily executing. N gas.
sing...any more," friends, the work speakssy for
itself. - C. D. VIRGIL, Resident Den at.
Montrose, Pa. Se pt. 1857. ,7
4 IL ISBEI,I, wishes to inform 'the public
I that he has rented a' window in F. B.
Chandler's Store, where he will be found ready
to repair Clocks, Watches and Jewelry, on the
shortest notice, and in good style. All repairs
Montrose. Sept. let, 1851. tf
02/1211tri U 1 DILI:.
HAs jug opened a WATCH and JEWEL.
B Y Establishment in A. Merriman% Boot
and Shoe Store on Public Avenue. one door
above the Post - Office. Clock* Watehea and
Jewelry repaired in the neatest style. He will fill
ail orders for Watches and"Jcwelry at less than
city prices.
* * *All work warpnted.
Montrose, September 14th. 1857. 370.
JL desire to employ 13 Teachers to take charge
of the schools of their District, to whom liberal
salaries will be paid
1 he compensation will be graduated according
to the qualifications of the - persons employed.—
All Teachers expecting to teach in Gibson
School District must be licensed by the proper
authority—the County Superintendent.
Schools to open about the lat of DetersL er.
SETH AnEI., Se•Ay.
0.13x0n SEpt. 26 1857.
Anditor'e 'Notice.
In the matter of the- Ad.' rirtHE un d ers i g t e d
ministnitina account I JL having been ap
of Rob% 111 , :kune, Ad. ' pointed ‘n Auditor
ininildrt:tor of Situby theOrphan'stiourt
Melf.une, deceased. to
all parties in reference thereto. at his Office in .
Montrose.on Friday lb. 6th day of November
at ono o'clock. P. M.
WM. 11. JESSUP, Auditor.
Oct. 13th, 1647. 4terl.
CAMEO Breastpins. soother lot very eheop.
A. J. E.
Q T DS, a iarge lot of old, Pearl and Jet,
4.7 just reed by A. J. E.
Q LEEVE Minos, a fine assortment, just too
•,.7 by - A. J. E.
0 ; L Necklaces abd Armlets, in esrlitte.
A. t
IXTA T = tan. a variety of patterns.
V A.J.E.
Two Myna and Four t buipd Kulyei,
‘.../ and Elcia;ors. by A. J. EVANS.
Binghamton, Oct: 7th, 1557,
irstrTLE a If ARDING4fi'COtIMIN.
WILL please remember, when building, that
tho subscribers are furnishing
sAsV. and
At the lowest Factory price; anti that they keep
constantly on hand, a large stock of
LIME, de., 4., •
In tact, ; we have almost everything in the way of
Building Materials,
Of first rate quality, and will sell them at a very
small advance from Cost for Cis%
Therefuro woconfidently assure Builders, that
they will materially consult their own interests
by giving us *call, befuretpurchasing.
L X 111 E 1 1 •
BY the LOAD or , BARREL. constantly on
hand, and for sale, at the very lowest rates,
Nicholson September fit, 1857.
Pry an *ltabi4 Stock of
For the Summer. Trade.
Now and Beautiful styles,-
• Now being opened by
• Fish !Fish'
A- FRESU lot of those Fine Heavy 'Codfish,
also, Bluefish in Barrels and Half Barrels;
just iereited by - frrr4l &
ANEW Stork of Groceries, Hardware,,
Crockery, dtc., &c., a handreth part of
a bleb we have not time to mention. Enough
to say, we .have almost anything, and eve.
rything expected to be found at a store in the
country—all of which we are determined
tarn in'o cash, in-the very shortest possible
time and we herewith issue a
I.A I L .b-DV-PDaga.
We wish It distinctly undeeatood, that for
CASK we will sell any kind ofGoods at touch
lower prices than usual. .
Fresh Groom ies,
SUGAR, Molas s es, Rice, Coffee, Teri, and
all kinds of Groceries in any quantity, at
the very lowest rates, a full stock eonstantly on
hand, by • - LISTLIr. do ILLEDING.
Four Shilling Tea
NOTWITHSTANDING the reeent heavy
advance in the price of Teas, we have as.
cured a large lot of the same quality of that
which haw created so much good feeling among
our Tea drinking customers.
Plenty of it, by the chest or pound, at the old
price, by
- It is a Fact,
rip HAT Saleratus, Soap and Candles of the
heat qualities, are for eutle by tee Box, at
New York city wholesale prices, be
IN Tin Cans, It Pure_ article, for sale by
Boats and Shoes,
CONSTANTLY on hand, a first fate Rawl-
V meat of lien's, Bors'and Youths' doub'e
sole Bontx and Shoes, a'f' the best titanttfacture,
also, Womeh's Shoes, Boots and Gaiters in
g ea variety, all to be sold at ve low rates, by
Lrrnt &. Itattutsc.
- gate and
- 114 almost ; tntess variety, of Winds, tpOityaba
1. pates, for side by • -
Lrett.t. dr. thaws.
1311380N5, Flowers and Trimmings, for sale
by Lvr Ls & H*RbHb.
• Clothing
COATIS, Vests and Pants, well made, alad
good styles;" Shirts, Collars, Hosiery,
Gloves, ste., for sale chest by
LilLttn & HARDIN*. '
• Leather!
SOLE and Upper Leather, Pegs, Shoe Nails
and Thread. Was and many other Wads of
Shoe Andinv, for sale by
Lira.: & HARDING.
D ICH all Wool Carpets, at low price, for
sale by
To Lumbermen and Coopers.
BEST Cast Steel and Steel Poll Axes, Cast
Steel Mill and 'ro, Cut Sawa, also Patent.
tooth.0"I Cut Saws, with Files, of almost. all 1P...
scriptions, for `sale by
Limit 4 likronte.
. To Dairyonn,
IRRINS, Return P;lia, Pans, Tin, Painted
and Cedar Pa '2,s, Butter Bowls,,Dairi Silt,
&e.• &e., for sal d by
. are You Building? .
YOU will save money by puiebssing your
Nails, Glass, Psints,clils;:inub, Dour Trim.
wings, and Hardware generally of
Flour, Salt and
BY the Load, or Barrel, constantly on band,
and for sale by
Cash I 1
YOU can bay almost anything, in the way at
General Merchandise, for Caen, at a• very
small adratme from cost, of
Produce Igguiteds
BUTTER; Eggs, lard, Tallow; Doeswat,
Grain of all kinds, Barri Old lion, Lumbar,
Shingles, Dried Apples, Beans,den.,
in exchange for Oobds, kr -
LITTLE & Ittantsis.
tokhaimoek Depot,
,duty lit, X 857.
LI ri'Lt & HARDIN%
. _ -
.Auditor's Notice.
The dndersikued un Auditor appointed bribe
Orphans' Court of Susquehanna County to, make
distribution of the Fund in the havids of. Alum:
da Benson,' Administratria of the estate of Hem
ry Benson, deceased, will attend,to the duties
of his said appoidtmint at lit office in Montrose.
a r k . Friday, the 611141.4 of November ,next, at one
o'clock in the afternoon, at *hleli time
all persons having claims will pivaeht them or.
be forever debarred from Coming in Upon said
Fund. ' . ' • F. A. CASE.
Oct. 6, IMt •
HBURRITT is now receiving a large
a stockof FALL and WINTER DRY
GOODS, including his usual, assortment, and
of the
in market. which will be sold t,n the most
fisOorablo term&
New Milford, Sept. 26th 1857. •
BarigliA tlgn
ERMAN GARRATT are no* rei
ceiving their Stock of Stoves for the ,Fail
and Winterpade, and w..mld be leave to say'
to their numerous friends and customers that
they have on hand the largest and bet selected
Stock of Stoves ever afered to the inhabitantsi
of Susquehanna Co. Their Stnek consists ot r
the most approved patterns of Elevated Oven,'
Large Oven. Premium end Coal Cooking Stoves.
Wood arid eonl Parlor Stoves of Elegant pat-,
terns, also Stx-Plate Office and Hotel Stoves,
Coal Burners, ace. We have the best Stove
constructed on the dicing flue principle, ever
made, at a very moderato price:
We would take this• Opportunity of reminding
our friends who are solicited to purchase "their
Stoves of Hawkers & Pedlars. that a moments
reflection will convince them that it is very had
economy to do so.
It is a Well established fact that the cost of
selling Stoves by pedling them about the coun
try is not less than 15 or 20 per cent, and getter,
ally as high as 20, to say nothing of had debts
and cost of collections. Of course this extra ex.
petite trine come out of the pickets of the par.
In consideration of the above facts we offer
our entire Stock of Stoves at 20 pei. Cent less
any Pedlar will or r i sn „sell. Call and see it
these things are not so.
New Milford, Sept. 16th, ISM
To the Independent Voters
A 261) ALL OTIIIHS who look to their own interests
The undersigned is notjust now to offer him
self with along epistle for your "votes at the
coming electloti,' but would simply say that be
has just received a tit , * stock of BOORS and
STATIONERY, Which he is ready to sell to
all those who want i insf exactly right.
A new lot of Pocket & Family Bibles, Testa
ment*. PriwYer Books &c &c.
SCHOOL BOOK 3, such as will be wanted hi
A choice tot of A. W. Ilartison's Columbian
Inks, Toilet & Soaps, Laciiis! & Gentle
men's Perfumety, and Flavoring k.stracts.
GIPTS,GIFTS. As it has become an. fash.
'unable to ddvertise '-spfendid gift enterprises," I
would just say that I will agree to fornish
chaiers with gifts, and quite as trainable ones too,
as Pewter Penknives, Brass Fingerrings or other
valueless trinkets. Try me at -the Montrose
Book Store. A. N. BULLARD...
- Montrose Pa. Aug. 12th, 1857. •
Stamp Candidate:
Iwould respectfully notify the public that l'atn
a candtd.ite for your suffrages, and 1 pledg,c
myself, whether elected or not, to fill the duties
of my office, (which is to make your Conts,VestS
and Pants,) to the best of my ability, and in a
style that shall be neat slid durable. If a thar'o
knowledge of the business, faithful ness to prom.
ises aad a determination to please my customers.
are merits worth anything, then am I entitled to
your suffrages. Bring along our cloth, and
your money to pay for cutting or hisking,_ and
see if lam not all right. Poor Richard says:
"He that by the Plow wholti thrive n
Himself must either ; hold or drive." -
if applied to Tailors, it *ould
read in delectable r) .
"Ile that, by the Shears Would thrive.
Must nuke good work or—Yankee Doodle."
pledge myself to make good work. Drop
in and lohk at the Fall Fashions.
air Shop at the u:d stand a IV* doors ere'
of Searle's corner. Cuttine done as usual.
Montrose' Sep. : 1851. . JOHN GROVES.
Farm for Sale.
Xatlbsiriber efflrs for sale a Good ram
X of 95 acres in Bridged-Ater. four miles east
of Monterse., 70 arms improved. There is on
tSe premises a large framed Dwelllhelinuse,
good framed Barn, ah excellent Apple Orchard.
One bettor the purchase money *ill be attired
dowh ; the balance In anneal in%tilments.
. ;3:4- raLISAIi BROWN.
iltidgeWareri August 19th, 11357. , 331 f.
good assortment or Groceries comprising
is Flour, Fall, Fitts, Tea t - Coffee, Sagur,
and other articles in the line too numerous to
mehtion, which is offered fur sale at low priers,
for rash or ready psv. Call and examine my
Goods and PRICES bnfuro purehasilig else
Montrose, Aug. 10th, •1857
A Benevolent Institution, established by special
endowment for the relief of the sick and dis
tressed, celicied with Virulent Epidemi, diseases..
T° ALL PERSONS afflietel. with Sexual
Diseases,:svich as Spereiatdrrbtea, Seminal
Weakness, Impotence. G Jnorrhees, G leet, Syphi
lis, the Vice of Ona:'.ism, or sell' abuse, &C., &e.
The Ilowae:., Ass.octaxituv, in view of the
awful des% o ni on of htiman life, caused by Seim
al diseases, and the deceptions practised upon
tie enfortavlste victims of such diseases by
Quaiks, several years ago directed their Con.
suiting Surgeon, S CHARITAiti ACT worthy of
their name, to open's Dispensary for the treat
men4. Of this class of diseases, in all their forms,
ad to give Ilanteat.ALvicz GRATIS, to Ail who
apply by letter, with a description of their con.
dition, (ag4,oecnpation, habits of life, &c..) and
in eases of extreme poverty, to furnish medicine.*
free of charge.' It is needless to add that the
Association 'commands the highest medical skill
of the age. and will furnish the ,most imptoeed
moderd, treatment.
The Directors on a review of the past, feel
assured thaCtheir labors in this sphete of benevo
lent effort, have been of great benefit to the
afflicted, especially to the young, and , they have
resolved to devote themselves, with renewed ,
zeal, to this . very Important but much, despised
cause. r
Just published by the Association, a Report
on Spermatorrhcea or Seminal Weakness., the
Vice of Onanism, MaStdrbiition dr Self-Abuse,
and other diseases or the sexual oigans, by the
Consulting Surgeon, which will be sent by
mail (in a sealed letter envelope,) iitex
nnAttnit, on the receipt of ftvo STARTS nit.
Address, for Report or Treatment, Dr. R.*
Calhoun. Consulting Sorgeorl, Halyard Asi atic'.
ion, No. 2 Shrub Ninth Btreet, Philadelphia, Pi
• - Dv order Qf the Hirvetora.
EZRA D. tIARTM LL President.
Oct. 15th. 1857.
NOTICE is herthy itiven to sit persoits -hat:
lag demands saltinst the estate of Den
PlYnee. 4eaevell , late of Lenoir township, that
thesame twist be presented to the understeno
for arrangement; snd all persons Indebted to
said estate are requested to' make immediate
AI ONZO A. PAYNE, Administrator.
Lector, Oet. 12th, )857. • 41 We.
HAS establiShea wgreater Cel6brity ban hat
ever bet obtained , by any other %arch.
Triis has been the result of its marked supo,,,
riority In quality, arid its itMaiiaLle uniformity.
The public may Ito assured of the continuum!
ottee high - standartrnew ostabliiihed,
ThD production is over Twenty Tons d aisy;
and the dem.lnd has extended ibrougfrut thi
_ .
whaler of the United Stutps i fod
tries. •'
Working thus on tiveiy large
. ... .
.in the quality throng o n
• tile yia
l it
This i 4 the great DesideratutiOn , _lat tiadlitlifi
and is realized,now for the first t the. . •
- The 'very besvStarelt that can beelle. and
:co oaten, + s always wanted by Nitta r‘otid
this will be supplied
.to them by ‘ho'gtocera. ti
soon as`their customers, have,i
It tied which -it
the best, end ark ; for ii—trtherw e they would
be likely to get that unit:Lc - cm Which thei haigest.
profit ran be made. . • • 1
!Mr. Kingsford, has been engng
facture of Star4h continuously ft'
years, and during thp vihole of t
Starch made wider his superyisio
yond any qtytation, the best in th
the first 17 years, ho had the .
works.of Wm. Colgate & Co.; h
Aeinventecrkho process of the
.COrn -Starch
his sold by all the best &peers n nearly every
part of the country. • ' • ,
(FOR Ma/DINGS, c.,).
Has obtained an equal celObritylri h thehl i Stareb
for the laundry. This article is erfeetly pare,
and-is, in every respect, equal to the: b4st Bee..
mada .Arrow Root,..bcsidos - hat ing additional'
qualities which rend_ er It invaluab a for the &Alf-.
Potatoe Starch ban been eater-siren- packed
and sold as a Corn Starch, and' lets gnats false
impressions to many,a4 to the real men of
Corn Starch.
Flom its great delicacy and pa ity, it is eaal.
ing into extensive nse as a diet or infants And
invalids.. E. N. KELLOGG & C „Agents,
Aug. 21m3.1 196 Fulton tneet,lN. y.
N 13 W
It it unnecessary .to ackno ledget Mot
i .
• R. KENY NI:.
SELECTS• the oast style of Goods that are to
be found in New York, regaillesis of she e%a:
pence. Ile has Just received from Nevi, York a
large assortment of Dry Goods' corisiating of
Rich All WOl,lB 'Delatios, French Delanea, Stl
perior:Plaid Goods, mid Ciilieoe in endless va:.
riety. His goods cost and are worth t 25 per
m Jr.: thr the goods usually .rod through the
country, at the same prices. tgentueitY Jeans,
Printed Flannels, Rich RibbOnds from ilvS del
to the 1 , hillio Os , - Brochs lihawls from el to 820,
Carpet Bags, Umbrellas, White G tids, Sheelings
at low prices. Ladies ‘Vinter B nnets.l Shoes
and Gaiters, large assortment. II use Carpeting,
cheap. Collars. Uidersleeires,B cailet Dehmeis.
2.8 Inch Black Silk fur $t a yell. soriething un
heard of. 'Debagel+. Illas,,Caps, Croekerv. id, A
complete assortment of Groieriesillro*ll Roger,
et olarptitles,"l (Vets. per , 'pound. Cell A nirsee,
one and all. My reputotian for selling good*
cheapl haw not diminished in th )earl, 'Come
along with your cash and trade' ith .yoor Ser
vant. : KENYO4.
L .
Bof . AC accounts. with custom+ over one
'year); standing must be twilled As I need the
proceeds.- - ~ , r, .
Wool Sack Shadow not Wanteil....:
-` Lnerstrille Centre, Sep 1.5,114517. . - ./: . :
The Secret 41ifirmities of Youth t Maturity ;
Jun GnatiP, the 25t. 7'houltadd.
FEW WORD'S .n the
LA. treatment. wilho .t medicine of
rPi"- Sperunitorrhea - Or tut wi!akdelot ;
not:luring! etnissiona, genital add n .rv,ons
pi.' maitre deney of thos syste'in, npau ricyolltid
impediments to marriage genera l??:}, by i -
the important fact that the i. 'thany alarming
complaints, criginating in the u4prudenee sled
solitude nfyouth.may be easily removed'withobt .
',medicine. is in 'Miasmal! tr:,et elealrl) dereonitra
ted ; and the entitely Pew end lilthly,*tmeessfol..
"-treatment. as adopted by the Aut tot, t.—
fatly r
pleihed, by turani of which every one i s 'enabled •
to are himself perfectly at the least.possible
cost; thereby , avoiding all the adrytistd.,ttestrals,
-of the day\ Sent to any address. gratis end:post
free in a se led efiYelope. by remitting 2 .postsge
stamps to br. DE LANEY, 17 L"spenard Street
N. Y. Oc't 1 ISM _ .:: _ . , Ity.eq.
YkAti....paya for 8 ard, washing.
YIVI.VI fuel furnished. roe. • ,
espeasta and tuition: fa common at
Superb brick building's bilintif l ully lOated . :4lll
the Rail Road near Saratoga Springy raillity,
twenty Proft.'ssors !Ind Teachers. / 1110nuab. arc
- awarded to Ilauljes who e' ffrnduate. Winter'TierntiO,
aliens Dec. 4th: 1857. Send for a rata ppm to -
Sep. 20-Iy.) Rev. Jii,S." . E. KING -Prinetpal.
NrOTICE is hereby - given alit the 111 rat of
/ 1 1 ItAwt.zir ¢r Gump is this dissolved by
utual con4ent. - C. P. .
Gibpen, Abg 11 1t 7. E. . Guit.u..
The books and accounts eon be found tt fhb
store forrhoily 'Oocupieti by the subscriber:it. All
pert Ons hn vinzonsettied aceonnta Lie r6lthested
to settle the tome as soon as possible.
The filminess *lll be onnduetd in future b
the tinAerSigned odder the firm .of C: P; & O.
g. fIAwLET..:O4 are constintlyieeeiting_froin
Now York an44Philadelphls, the Tatra styles 0 1
Bud *Slater Dry Goods, 11.:los
thing he., 41l of witieltwill bit sold at a very
small profit for ready pr..y.;,. • 1
Gibsou, Aug. 315t.,1851. • C., P. Itairtt 4 4
Nbtide: •
V'OTlChis hereby given thin !enema a.
1. 1 1 ministration have been gninteti.toithe'itne
derligned UnOn the estate of egiVin Biih
eased . , late of the tuttrn.hip of Lenox ib the'
County of Bu:4oth:tuna. Al! Ipeii!ons hating
Valeta aganist said estate are therefore hatlßed
to present them duly attested; find _theta', Who
are awing said estate are fkinated to that* imp
mediate payment.
CAtHt-Rll4t .
lie troop ; Oet 19th,.1857.' • 41wtl.
RACE LETS.—A very fin. a s tiottiticht- of
13 Gold, Bard, 'dad Hair Briceictkliftlired
thi day by Y. trANS.
Binihanatoil, Oct. it t; 18674
LATtLi Cilstors, alikEra*ets . ,, Sugae
Snit Cella, eau! gailc4te, Candinstieks.
Forka, Spoons. ace., &c, in every itniletv by
J. -IVAN'S. •
Binebam.iPn. ' 1 4837: '
"UtARRINGS.;--A. new lilt lof 'Earrings and
Breast pin:. in. lett; 114 d *tarp variety*
of Cameo and Ali-Gold Einin s—new patterns.
by,. . 3. EVANS:,
.Bitigbamton... Mt. 'fib, 'lSn '
. . ,
- - Mel ain'ti t*p, ,s I ,' - • : '
ttiiiNG p'ner'hasia the right , for milthii , _
ll 1 thb hootttiftltiiid dumb% style ofplettftr,
known no. th s o 11olit;'nOtypor , Iron . Pieturei, 1 -
° 1
stoml 'ready to tu'ettish them t omit tto mei Pet,
for-them to the Anibrotypo Of,Dagoeirootypoi ~.:
If anybody prefers a cheap 9lteneit;i torose at
slifteripr imlity, I can. and win - ,maker %hone' as
eficap ! apd as_ gand ! ! as lima spid•ll , Wood, at,
!lir cart on the greon:
Or- .. .. .. ,
Fiala CLAiik Picyriers li - ttotiAt Neva*.
I.V. B. DEAN $i Pheigt Maki • -
Mantron :I alv fl'M! 185'r - - . .'" -
s f . ..,1 ' •
G 0-D
ift;* dander,
• in'the men.
r the Isket,
itpertod, the
• bee been, be=
market. For
Large; of the
-which peiloit
,sr,nfitetnte of