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clap trap exprussion ,is conialonlS
• used by" the fusionists trs synoriymoris With
theiprinciple of Popular sovereignty, embod
ied in the Kansas Nebraska taw. •-" Surety
von nib not in favor of the ettensieris- of sla- .
veri sayS a- political, parson- to a plain,'
honest' democrat, who knows that if tb; peo
pie !estinot .infely be trusted to maitar,,e their
Oven strsits, the whole theory of ,a repiitoliean
envertinient is a fame and a liumblig.".•Don't
you see that thi.icinfamous Nebraska -law ex;
tends shivery over a territory iarm enough
loft* mighty empire, from which it wa,excht
deolbY the sacred compact;the 'Missouri Coln
promise!, Surely you are too good a'man
to'sanetion such an outrage against God and
humanity r - The poor fellow is puzzled hy
thiii-iopliistry,ieed by the amitherna implied
in the appeid. And no he surrenders lain .
judgement tolia - spiritual sulvir ! er, and W
eenies a fusionist. There are thousands of,
just such we have no doubt. `
Now , the fact is, that popular: tovereigaty
is the grand safeguard of freedom, and the.
grand OppOnent of slavery. It has banished
plavm7 from Ilaine,New IlamPshire,Verroont,
Massachusciter, Rhode Island, Connecticut,
New York, New,,lersey. "Pennsylvania, Ohio,
g indiana, Illinois, Michigan; Wisconsin . and
lown—is fast 'banishing it from Deleware
and firilt uhiniately do die aurae
_," for Mary
land; Virginia,-Kentecky, and :other slave
, bolding states. 'Wily is Virginia: to-day a
eta "seholding community ! Because the prin
ciple of the Kansas Nebraska law was not
permitted to operate there, but .was OVOI , -
thrown and trampled urider foot byllio!;goe
ernment. • -is a matter of historical record,
aueolwill not be denied by any intelligent
Arian; that slaves were foreed upon_ Virginia
against - her willo-s-nay, against her cattiest
remonstrance, by the parent government ;
and thus 'a slaveboldieginterest was created
whieb eventually over-matchol the anti-sla
very, feeling, and the result 4 . 4 what • we tiow
_witness. The faMeus " Ordinance of. 1787"
is continualliin the c oaths of anti-slavery
men, as an infallible antidote
. against the
extension of slarery," and they Mourn and
kurient thatlhe same prohibition' cannot be:
'applied by congress to all the - '.national teri
slo636lot yet organized.. into states. Look'
now at the practical effect`of that Ordinance,
eoniPared with the principles of the Nebras
ka lam.' Under the ordinance of 1787, de
verp!stfrae introduced into Indiana and Dan
eis, and etaitiatted to increase there, until by
she Mention of these territories into states the
principle of tll- Nebraska law was embodied
in their ConstiNtion, after which, it gradual
ly dinainished, and now is even •
TO be more'particular :- In seventeen hnn- -
died!atid ninety, three years afterahe passage
of the ordinance .seventeen eighty seven,
there were no stares io. IndiatiaM then com
prising -what is now Indiana* and
In eighteen hundred, the number - was one
ttired and thirty-five.. Ia eighteen hun
aid ten the number of slaves in Indiana
thus, certailed, had increased to 237, while hi
Illinbis the; umber was 168. Indiana was
erected into a State in 1816, and Illinois in
, By the change, popular sovereignty
to* the place of the ordinance of 1'187.
what *as the consequence ! Why this;
that; the number of • slaves an Indiana, ,four
years *het the change, to wit ; in 18* was
'redUced to 100—in 1830 to 3. in 1850
-to 0. ,
that the number of &leer* in Ill '
which in 1820(two years after Che 'change,)
was ninebundred audaeventeen, wee in 1830 1
'reduced to seven hundred and fortyleere int
1840 to three hundred and 'thirty one, a nd in
165016 none. Such is the
,operation of 14-
It* sovereignty upon the system of sla!vmy
contrasted with the prohibitory Ordinanne of
1787. Popular, sovereignty is th e , leading
principle of the Nebraska law—die Ordinance
of 1787 is the same as the Wilmot Freida).
Which do you prefer reader! !
What made California . a free stated The
principle of the Nebmitt law—, easel:rep
lat ,Soverei gnty_:' Nothing else." Congress
had no hind in this business. California had
fortned # state constitution such ash& people
approVed, and it prohibited slavery ;
'4 great fuss was made by the ."fr: by Meads of I
freedom!' as they call themselves, because U-
tab and New Mexico on being organizestinto'
-territories in 1850, were authorized to Lave
slavery, or, not, asey pleased.. But what
' harm Las it done ! ' How many sieves ~ t are
there in either territory 4 or in beth tog.ber!
Probably not-forty; and these will be . Sot free
a king time sooner than if they had remained
in the State from which they came.
A still greater uproar was made. because
Katmai' and Nebraska were erected into , ter
riterirSlOn the same Luis as Utah and - New
Meiico.. Barrels of sermons have no doubt,
keen. preached i against the measure, ;and, its
mover and supporters have been denounced
Uphill and down. But what harm has it ione!
pciellAe3' 1 1, 04 new believe = that either of
those. territories 'are to become slave kohling
' states.?; - V,zery, few certainly. he only,, dan.
get of such a result, kas tome occasioned by
the atelitien einigrant societies ; whieh,, by
pis 2 ng, forth 'grad swelling -wordier vanity,'
started 'ups counter moVeutent in Missouri,
of a violent _and disgraceful ellameter, wbeie
air,. if they had been content to trustthepeople
• and, the :free eeikieg o f the Nebraska_ law;
Missouriatisi we bare do doubt, would have
dope se too.: *e may therefore rem -up the
achievements ef_popular sorentipty, is ems. ;
bodied ip the Ilebraska law, - within the last;
six' years, I in, the ' foiloninenutimairw'.! ,--:-
, . 1 ; - - • Square Me& -•.
State ef California, - 155 980 --..., .
Territory of Utah, ' 248 170 - .'i' ,
-10 , New Mexico,`" 207 007
; W I 1 • Kansa% - 114 710
4 ' N - elkiekii, '
- - . ..i1. .ritisk l : • ' '— - 146 0. 7 #J1 1- '
.6 0itailtiersitory MOM Ain 200,000 -- 1 --',
-... r i gat - Or ri k.
- vides, I tbligi :all thf iamisustivou-061
r •„„
Misibisit•pi . Tut togather,..hal been : sec ured to`
'freed 0r d _ b 3*, the much abused priaciple.efpoo,: :
else eatereigaty._ , Tiled :more could the Wil- •
mot PlavVo hare'ditiei 'Or the orfaiseee of
1787 V
I , _. ..
.4 IMPROVEDIENT. - , , ` - .
pima all•this the inference is - tUutreid,44o,
that ihoie elergytnen and othera, wit:repro=
,sent . the repeal the Itlissc!uri
And thesubstitation thereto - rot the
of popular sovereignty, as synonym. s with
qt.! "extension, of slat?'ers l "ettiemil at ud t 4
'Oa their. henrersjoi which,aml -
bet ...if which thavitr4 'responsible be 'te U s s d
VA," A JCOOtt ass ,, Atutusr mt—ti, ?he Sa.
!mum Court, ,New "otk,vrt:. J,its•
tire, Da vs Ne esiding. a decision wait>giveu
as to the tigitt to atintiit joh - 4i juror itti
the punnet ditto Supreme Circuit Oaart
appears, was arrested by the Stslitiff. civil
.- He - was than taken 4 4 a. t° , 4 11 ko
foteiJudge Pavia,- who dcoided thai a itllrei
cauttot be arrested oa a civi l .-Praceaa l i:durihi;
the eitistt.nce of the pannel witic:' is.
Stuis.—Thc,lnivons . •lk fhave mien in
value since the year; 1847, front leo, than
$12,000,000 to over $24,000,000 And The cits 7
toms from $1,833,850 to $8,129,583. the&e
eine years the total amount ul duties i lreceivcd
into the Treasury from the manufat4eres
silk is $51',893,871, while -the toed t raseues
from manufactures of iron, 114 steel,
amounted. 6) OtaillsB,lB9s42.
Mon. Mr. Leiter of Ohio, . a Republican
member AA the Bowe of Representatives
'gives his reasons in a letter to WM of bin con
stitueuts, for voting against. the Iliiuse Bill
for:reorganising the Terminal . /C3lnSail, the
following extract trom which, it will be seen,
fully sustains the construction which ire have
heretofore given to the . proviso to the'section
. the Missouri mstriction : lle says:
M We passed Duntis Bill for Kansas yes
terday iu a very objectioual manner.' has
many good' provisious ' but extends die fugi
tive slave law - over olCatisits - and Nebraska,
sod perpetuates slavers , there - :until 1858,
and makes all children Lout Ware up to that
Lime, of slave snothersslaves: This was too
much fot me. I have always - said, .:and now
repeat. my:pledges.that will never_ vote to
recognize slavery; I will never vote M make
any human being a sluve'; I will
_never - vote
to extend slavery one single foot ; will nev
er vote for.the fugitive slave law or us ex
teosion over any free territory. 1 theretort
voted against Dunn's Bill, solitary and alone,
of all our party."
Face the music—A gentleman at Satatoga
wishes to bet $5OOO that : James Buchanan
will be the next President. Ile offcratt bonus
of $5O to any' one who will 'take the bet.
N. : trELLIZt 41c CO,„;
Athens, Pau, -, - ' •
Threshers and Winnowers combined.
Chrular and Cross Cut Suer Mills. Emery's
Cider Mills. Feed Catten4 Corn Shelters, COM
and seed Planters. Seysieur's Grain Drills and
I road Cast Sowers. Revoking Horse Mee.
, g Powers. Clow's .Grain., Cradles, Ketch
um's Mowers. Reapers ataMowers Combined.
Magic Corn and Cob Mills. EzeelliorFansing
MIN. Cultivators. Leather and Ribber Belt
ing,- Meat Cutters, Apple Peare.s. Refrigera:
tors, Provision Safes, &e.
&toe furniehed for repelling Emery sad
Wheeler!. aniebines.
Por.Excelsior Fanning Milts ate ;mod to
woo made in the Union. ,
Descriptive Catalogues, Ark°•Lids sid area.
tars of all machines, sold kr us, sent gratis
and postage prepaid. to all applicants. Bead us
your name and address,. • -
H. I..III4OWEILS; of Franklin, Agent._ Pad,
Qtriee address . , Montrose, Pa.: - •
Starracca 'Rail Road !!!.-
i t kalTakik t
ADSE & pA.; are on Amami
V Y with the largest, beet; and
of general merchandise 'in town.. Consisting of
Axes. Alpaca, and Alspice.
• Brooms, Boots:ad Bedsteads.
Clocks, Calicoes and Clothing. '
Denims, Drugs,,and Dior Handles.
Envelops, Edgineand Epsom Salts.
- Flour, Flannels, ind Pish-Hooks.
• Malik Groceries, and Gitnblets,
Hats. Halls, and Hand.itaws.
Ink: Indigo,
_and I ' Babies (dresses.)
Jugs, Jaconot; sad Jewr6arp,,,
Knives, Knob; and Kentarky Jeans. •
LoCks, Lamps'and Looking Glossal.
Matches, Vagina sitaflifolasses. '
Nutmegs, Nankeen. and Notions.
Oils, Oxbows and Overalls. '
Pork, Pills aid Powder.
QAteenswure, andQuirtenps.
Robbers, Raisins and Rattraps. -
Shoes, Shirts and Sugar. - •
`Tobacco, Tea and Trace Chains.
Umbrellas, .Under=shirts and Union Hats.
'Veils, Vinegar . and Nitrol. -
Whips, ...Wallets and Wash-toirhi.
Xtra Superfine Flour.
York, Cottonades and Youth's Rata •
Z. And !may. ither Which they . ms
soiling at a rery,smoll" advance on pa cost ce&
"Rmidl, profile sud fitir deslitigti - the motto for
the Summer of TOL -.tire rasa ad' and test the
truth of our assertions. - • - -
-• • Witt TREMADiIi
Loneaboro;Ps., Mai 26, 1856:• .
-Bitter late than Never. _
Neer Goad* at . the IlitheavlUe
,tf• - , ellaalege r - --
, 11111£ inihacrilier is happy to inform hia:frieadis
I.ADC 'patrons that he , has jast received a
Choice' lot of Goods, direct from New York-coo
cdain,t,hiserk DO Geeds,Groceries; Crock.,
*TA- Hardeare.litimeware, PIA Nails. - &oho
Atmifilifleic Hate and Qv!, Bonnets; Usatoellaa,
Pap3i; Stu**, y- e "
Clothing, TruilluiC Notions, die. she., *dill be
i r m .. .0f046 1 p for ready pay, —ei.oritc4nifor'
iroagitt *fly - ether establiab
ekeatta the county;- That late hay ,that be will
not be say bilging- -
Be .400 widiesficiatt-iiword to 1, r ,
astalltbaU to - the.' way some *ewe
folkt 44 r
_, , apis..,,. ilf-AhoT have soeka.
CabhoM4 .Vit!*%' of aipiliag else gnats.
avetable*difsfrllfhk SO Aieppeo i of ,Ibo X -1114
SakaAtiata toAtlio - Attota is Vl* own toitrik 4al
fait* orolifi* *Ole wilchat .1144 h*thiah;
c b
eaNl4lhaiii!e l .o, l ,*lNV 1 4 i for jPeotle, ;the
Wilfgo 49 Billipolkil „: ,!. 09
AP -0 0 4:- 4*4 4 boil , ~;10i1 114- • bow., Al' 4)
cheaper il,f/feao hutlmteiviway ilvoakboali,
boo: tho ca . i at latitaa t .*ll.Uri 'Weal. to
mach testate4i lirielfirt irldt parr cub
and if I have say -Goods ,jou-iroat, I eatit - and
will sell them to joa.,atinves isigabi4h.
.int -• - L ii.,Mf , --,
, •
ito cireeg the !lick le u extent sever
before kiteSviii.el say Medkiet.
- Alta . RAUl4lliia, tie Porikolor, of
- Chubut Sum, -Philadelphia, whose choke peregrem
- , ace fond at alma may idler, says -
"I am happy to say a your- Camoorne Pius, that I
"pre land'them a boat badly medicine, kr commas
mliri any oda within my knowledge. Elm of my
have Yeathied matted bearalts from them, and co.
Weide with me in beUtilsg the they possess estramkaary
virtues hi delving oaf dame and coring the sick. They
are not oily edhetaal, but sail sad piament to be lakes
ermlidafartsich lama make them visaed by the public,
whim they are kagira."
The vemable Clouttellor WARDLAW wear tout Sal.
Mt April, /854 t • •
.11: 411 ral. Avna Sir t Lave likes your' Pills with
mos Bil low foe the lisikems, kamoor, Me of appetith
imid whkh
lam yam imortiken
' wit Ike spring. A lbw doles of your PlMcured me. I
base mod you Cherry Pecanl many yean la my family
fee milk and rads with mailing mass. Tot make
medicines which cure t sad I feel it a pleases to commend
' yowl* din gopil yort have done ind see icing." •
JOHN P. BEATTY, Ep.,Dee. unto Pram. Wood Co,
Nell t ..
Pis. jt. JIL'OPm. Ptdirktriati, Da, 11, IDOL
"Hier I tate Omni Madders my asti r
in The
011iatey a you mediciase, havist_ard a somerial
lieseat - Imo the toe a both yore Te., I aid Cathartic
Plik, teactieree without dm in my bunny, as shall
ma comes is 'he, while ray awe will procure them*
themkt senowned il.B. STEVENS, M. D., a Wee&
:CIL, writes:
at used your Camaro Paula my 'math%
"metitr theiniamerienne dna they are an hivalaaW
aim ft caseraillisorimed hurtilime of the Mer,=
eaanlees, epd che pm variety
alma thal kno, they eft mow may
aka In all owes was, a plupeive mealy ir
emilliestb mcominmed Semi l'Ule a the pribre
vapakit amt gem I have me Mai They ass sun
M operatim, indergy sais —aunties which
make tam nUr ktais ankle he =ask Me
Ile many yam lama you Clem as the his
- Dengh ommileas in doe wodd ; and these Pills are to as •
win inkrior is that adiakable pripsialkno Ma
asest ilkatami."
o .llon, as. NIEL
Ds. J. C. Am— Dear Sir t I have bees .T
allicted '
my %Mit -with soaula in its Out km, and now, all.,
yssa' Mat, and as untold of ament of suateing,
have hien completely mod in allow weeks by your Pills.
With what leafage of Making I writs can only be - ;
imalsed when you realise what I have auffend, and bow
" Never until Now have I bees flee from this lowbrows
dime is some shape. At dares it attacked ay oyes, and
made nee alma hued, beside. the unendorabk pain; el
ahem it settled ha the Sam bead, and destroyed wry
haft, end has kept me liaM all my dome ' sonsetiam,
it mare eat la my Ike, kept - it Mr errouThe a raw sm.
"About am weeks ago I combated taking your Ca.
thank Pills, and now am entirely free trots the complaint.
My *yes an well, my this is kir, and my hair has
aimed a heal th y growth; all a which makes me het
already a new mom •
"Hoping this otement may be the mean* of convey ing
- inkniation that shall do good to others, I am; trial every
esatirmala gtatitude, Tour \
"I have knows the these wined Maria Ricker from
=let &Mood, and bet tai eseent it strictly true. •
. Omega a the Portsmouth illanufaming
Can. JOEL 'PRATT, of the ship Maria, writes km
Dosits, Sikh April, IBM:
" Tour Pills have mod an then a bilious attack which
muse from detangesseat of the Lim, which had become
very Mom. I had tailed of any relief by my Physician,
asoll km every remedy I mild try; ten a kw dome a
yam Tib love compissely named me to-health. I hare
given them to my children kw worms, with Abe best et.
fiche. They were promptly cured. I nommendell them
to a Mead Ibr onalveners, which bad troubled him ha
alma ; he told me in a kw drys they tad cured bum. 1
Tow Mae the best medicine is the world ; mid I am tree ;
10 IPY
Rend this from the distinguished Soliciter of the Supreme
Coot, wan Mutant abilities have ma, him well
Yawn, not ally In fhb but Use neighboring from.
Hass Orkiner titik Jyrd '
"Pk greet u
estbeectio• la ,
mewing yon that
spelt aM Daft hare been Ivry much benefited by your
ntediciass hly wife was cured, two yeah dace, d a es.
rem tad duippus eirsdi. by year Clinic, Pact chil oaat,
sod since Disa tun inklered psd,ct Width. dren 1
bees arnwid these bees cured ficri attacks of the 'lieu
era and Comp by it. 'lt I. an horaleable weedy for
these etemplainte. Your CATIIIMMC Plum have soiMly
4111.11 me*OMa d yspepia and costivessee, which has
grows upon we he ease years,— Indeed, this ono le
mach ware Iniponant, has the met that. I bad idled W
pt relief hoe the hp Thpicians which this section of
the cosetry allbeds, aM from any of the niumeses rem
vies I had takes.
" Tam sewn as us, Doctor, IDs a prod windential blog 1'
anew iliaft,sed yea seqy .well w . sae clot tar
strilid of Vows
' lksab Chseiller, ,Oils. Ape ish, VOL '
" Da. J. C. Alma Boiled &r: I have wade a taw.
esph aid of the Carisarrec Pmts. led nee by= atim i
e iget
and have been clued by cheat et the diesdiel
view WAD he Mimi me willbeing. The first Ewe
DPW sae, and a few subsequent dame have entirely :
nenesed die•disease. I het in better Pala sow than for
7 . wise yews before, which I attrDide entirely to Ws Allem
idyear Cesseawc Puts. Tam *ids prat rrrwpp t, ,
• LUCIUS a -
The abate are an hose persons who are pablkty known
Waste they Nide, and who would sat Make dem slats;
Nr widest adiamugh annictios that therms* trait
Prepared by DR. J. C. AIX& & CO. ' ,
sad Analytical Chinniank lonnll, You,
-- -- .1 of Philadelphia against the
,-.-; '-... world.—Evans & Watson, N 0.26
' south Fourth street, Philadelphia„
have had the surest demonstration
id the following Certificateis that
their manufacture of Salamander Safes has at
length frilly warranted the representations which
have been made of them, as rendering an un
doubted security against the terrific element :
- ,Pattantirma, April 12, 1856. •
_ litesszts. Eviss &,W.trson:—Gents :—lt af
fords us the highest satisfaction to state to you
that owing to the very protective qualities of two
of the Salamander Safes which we purchased of
you some few months since, we saved a large
portion of our Jewelry, Books, Papers, de.c.. ex
posed to the rilafaitoils fire in Ranstead Place,
en the morning of the 11th inst.
When we reflect that these Safes were loca
ted in the fourth story of the building we occu
pied, and that they fell subsequently into a heap
of burning ruins, where the vast concentration
of heat, caused the bniis plates to melt, we can
not but regard the preservation of the valuable
contents as most convincing proof of the groat
security afforded by your Safes.
We shall take much pleasure in recommend
ing them to mw of business as a sure reliance
against fire. - Guiana %V. - Sumas & Buck
PRILADELIMLA, April 12, 1856.
111assas. Evart! 11. Warrsoa-01 hive to offer
you my testimony in favor of the great security
sfforoksl to my entire stock of Jewelry, • books,
papers, &c., during the recent disastrous confla
gration in Ranstead place, from the fact that the
same were contained in two of the Salamander
Safes manufactured by you.
•Having fallen from the fifth story of the Arti
aim Building; where they wore previously placed
and exposed to a vast heat for a long time, the
preservation_of the valuable deposits seemed to
every one Who witnessed the opening and interi
or examination, a matter of profound astonish
To all who may, require a perfect protection
from the ranges of fire, I shall not hesitate to
- recommend the use .of your Safes, u I consider
they hare now undergone the most trying test.
N. E. Idoeuse.
• PAIMADELPHIA, April , l4 , 1856.
limas. Evans & W.sersort—Gentlemen—No
doubt you will be deeply gratified to learn the
gootecondition in which! discovered my book,
policy of insurance. certificates of stock, and
other valuable documents, when on Friday last
opened the Safe made by your firm. —,
With my knowledge of its park raposure,
.both to the intensity of the beat, frombot a
ire as that. which. destroyed .the Artisan &lid
lug, as alio from the force of the fall from its
former elevated position in the third story, I
could entertain but slender hopes prior to its in-
terlor Inspection, that the contents which I once
so.highly prized would ever be of any service to
me,'lnst as these fears are now happily removed,
I,feel it only due to say to you that I can hews,
I'ortilrecommend the use of your Safes --to all
who may Wish to feel a- confidence in the per,
feet sseurlty which such mesas provides against
so frightful an element. . : • •
' EDWARD Gasans, Bookbinder.
Catattantly on band, Patent Powder sad Thief
Pita Leeks, for Banks, Stores Ate.
ARM, 1/41,_ - - -
Whips tits
?ON Aliafs
.11114)10. at
EXTRATI9tit tram 7 i. to 0 dollars per .
fr,dit,"for Saler* - -, f - S. B. MOTT'S.
' :1611 4A 0 4-444t1
- www7 end able sue,. - jut received and
,L 1 for.eale by the Hack, Bushel or Posd. by
- ' I. N. BULLARD:
.3eite 9, I eilit
IEI'AS ust • received. - from 'Kim York, -a fell
Li an d desirable :dock of i
Comprising first rate assortment of Drugs, .
Medicines,. Chemicals;' )instruments,
Paints, Oils, Dye Staffs, China, Glass and Ear
then Ware,'(a good variety. ,Of Crockery,) Brit
annia Ware, Japanned and Planished Tin Ware,
Silver and' all other kindii - of Spoons. Silver
Forks, Butter Knives, &c 4. All sorts of Lamp& .
A good variety of Wood rand 'Gilt Pranie Mir
rors. Wall and Window; Paper. Stationery.
Stone and Wooden Waii. Brushes. =Brooms.
Family Groceries. Lauo OHS. CamPhene.—
Burning Fluid. Tallow/titeatin and Spermaceti
Candles. Hide and at3er Whips. , Varnishes.
Window Glass, &c. Allrsi rate variety °new- .
elry, and Fancy Goods.'; Gold and Silver Spec . -
Metes. - Gold Pens. Violins, Fhntes t , Fifes, M.-
cordeens, Violin and Veolineello Stnnost,
The largest assorttheilt of Pocket - .Knives in
Susq. Co., and the best quality in Market. Shot
Guns, Pistols, (single and Double Barrel,) Re
volvers, &c. •
loahort. the Physician, the Invalid, the House
keeper, the Farmer, the Mechanic, the Manufac
turer, the-Professionsillan, the Gentleman. the
Lady, the Rich and tln Poor, the Young and Old,
the Beautiful and the Ugly,. the Gay and the
Fashionable, and all the rest of the people, will
find something to Supply their every day wants
at Turreira.
Store in the new' Aria Bleek--Prices low—
Qualities good—Caltaad see. • •
Mantras°, March 141866.
."They are al!go l ing to Taleeirs
Terrible Accident,
APPENED to Mr. Green the other day.—
He had bought a suit of ready-made clothes
St the Store, and thO first day's wearing the ac
eident Occurred, Orst, off drapt his coat-tail by
the mere force of specific gravity, giving to an
fortnmite man the apperance of a badly trimmed
craft with theflying jib in the stern, and on
stooping over to pick up the remnant, the dread.
ful casualty took. place—the fountains of tho
great deep were broken up—Grten's pants were
sundered from 'ankh: to waist, and Green himself
seemed to be. Tho only way to prevent such
'deplorable necidenti is to patronize a skillful W
hir, who' makes up . ltis work with' a detersnina
tion that it shall n ot may et neatly, but weat
well. Grebn buYi,i at tho clothing store because
he thinks he can get his gearing a little cheaper.
In all brobability the pants that 'served him so
treacherously had 'ipic&sed through a lever hospi
tal, been striped from a cholera patient, carried
home eight nightti in the week on at shutter. and
finally bleached ind tarried by 'an ingenious
Frenchman for a market in the country. Take
warning by poor Green's mishap. and g o to a
tailor shop like that in the basment of Searle's
Hotel if you Want to be suited. • • '
Fir Cutting done as usual, and all work war
ranted. ' . ,JOHN GROVES.
Montrose Auv,27,1855.
Books That Are Books.
For sale of the IXontrose Book Store in the
- Post Office.
Macaulay's HiStory of England.
Diary and Correspondence of Amos Lawrence.
Prison of Welteverdon in tho East Indian
Archepelago, by qapt. Gibson.
Forest Tragedy: and other Tales by Grace
The Bush BoyaC . by Capt. Blayne Reid.
The Great Red Dragon.
The Prince of t,hellonae of David.
Good Time Coming.
Christine or Wman's Trials end Triomphe.
The Qnynz Ri ng.
Man of War Ufo.
The Old Homestead.,
Woodhill or, thoTWays of Providence.
D'Anbigne's HiStory of the Reformation.
Family Testaments with Psalms and. Notes.
Poe.ket do and Bitiltis.
Catholic Prayer Books. ' . -
Yen - ee Notions, I fe.c.,&c.
- . ay That tho Montrose Book Store is
the plat get Books and Notions cheap. Well
what if - they do sa4so you can't tell whether
they say the truth pr of unless' you try—but
never mind I feel very thankful for past favors
and hope to merit it.' continuation - of patronage,
by etrict attention to the wints of the public
mid by keeping on band a good - assortment of
Books and Stationary at aLive and Let lava"
prices. A. N, BULLARD.
Montrose, April 2;1856.
Low Prioas* Triumphant.
FORGE W. SEYMOUR & CO.; are now
retailing a magnificent Stock of Spring
and Summer Goods", selected with great care
and.with special regard to the tastes and wants
of this cotumunity,eensisting of a Choice varie
ty of Dry Goods, Fancy Goods and embroider.
ies, Boots and Shoe* Groceries, Hats, Caps, and
Straw Goods, Crockery, Hardware and Cutlery.
&c. Which we will sell for prompt • pay, at
lower prices than soy •other .establiahment in
this County.
we would say, that they have notbeen forgotten,
and that in, the way bf-Dress Goods, wo hare
culled fo'r their use the choicest g6ms in the
market! Drop in au d see us, and we will take
pleatare in showing you the nicest and cheapest
stock .of Goods len ever saw in. this place.
H.srford, May .1, 1856.
AGOOD assortaicat of Pattern Dun LAWNS,,
all LANS,
all prices, at G. W. 8. & CO's.
DARASOL.Saad rams, new styles and choice
varieties, 9== G. W. S. & COI3.
A.LARGE stork
,! of Crockery and Glass
Ware at . G. W. S. & CO'S.
WOODEN, Willow and Tin Ware,at ..
To the Citizens of Montrose..
& Knowlton are at all times ready -to in
sert Gas Pipe in did •or new houses, in a work
man like manner, and at low prices.
They have wine assortment of Chandeliers,
Pendents, Portable, Brackets, Glass, Globes, and
Fancy Paper Shades..
Mr. -Blackstone, who superintends the work
has had much experience in this line, in New
York and Brooklyn. ' , 'Orders solicited.
Binghsunten. " ' •
Tco:partriershipleretotore existing Snider
A. the firm of McMillan & Park is this day
dissolved by mutual consent.
The. notes and accounts are in the Wide of
James McMillan for collection.
Ju:y '7,1856. ' • -
DD ETICULES, for Lediesoi biro alisort
jA, ment at
Now., Goods - -
.Arriving daily, by Express, at . Hopbottaasi
- Pewee. - , •__ • ,
pia - subscribers Amble `elerlre
'spa well selected stock of aim
Coadatbig of Dry Go di, Groceries; Hatalrelei
Ready Made Ciotti* Beata' and Itheeei-of all
?Ina sad eine% FloariCaralisaliftalt, axe. am;
• At aterbkh iher ea - damp as esa
be bought etierwherelli the Cotatbrii ex e 111 1 $ el I I
for Lumber., Pradsee allitiade;
Woolea &eke: fur e 46 erfait.-
Tire shilling per pair paid ter'saiat
`Sixteen etn.liser lieei<fer Ants. •
Twenty ells
_. per lb. Itai natter.
• • ntl.- 1 k
Hapbottore. April 24,1884.
Ca4etinvi, 'Oil. - potho:
.400KING::.:-:' GLOSSES.:
At 'the Crockery and House'Furniehing.:4
,tahlishnieat of J. H. .DEPEtT,
Chenpei than• any other in Bing
- hanston.
IWOULD cell the attention of Housekeepers
1. ati4 thcpublie to my spring importation of
wares, fur their elegance of style and beauty 'of
finish; far Serpassing -anything before .exhibited,
and haying the largest assortment , in store . , can
replenish- old gotta and furnish entice new ones
of all the new shapes, at a . less price- than any
other House in this county; . '
The attention of new housekeepers is partic
ularly called to my stock as embracing all the
minutire,iboth useful and ornamental, of !forum
furnishing d0V,14, fora, complete ontfit--and
being thuslheaysiy eng,sged'',,in this exclusive
branch. offer great advantages to purcliaaers.
... .R •
embraces the largest variety Over otrdred before
in this section, of all the different kinds.
of every needed article. "Carpeting,* 'And Oil
Cloths. This braneh - occup Oki second near
( I,
of our estahlishmeat nearly 100• feet in depth,
well' stocked with Velvet, Brustods, , Three:Ply
and ingraint Carpetings, - Raga, Slats, Window
Shades and ; Table. Covers, whieb are offered sift
small advance from coat . .
Live Geese Feathers always on hand. Looking
Glasses, Gilt, Mahogany, Ornamental and Oval
Glasses, in great variety.
cons:sting of Wood and. Willow Ware, Plated
Goods, Britannia and Japanned Ware of every
description, Tea Boards in various ityliu4, Table
Cutlery, Feather Dusters,Fluid, Oil and Solar
Lamps, Bird Cages, also fancy Baskets, Reticules
Satchels, dtc. &c. . ..,,
ir4' To all or which we inviteyour attention
and solicit your trade. • . . -
1. 11. DE PEU
Bit!ghninlon, April 20, 1856.
No Use in Fife-ing.
1 HAT'S so--as song :is Ptiyfe & Knowlton
keep suell'a splendid assortment of •
ks they now have in store, 'and"whieh is by ull
hands, rival,lttidwares inducted, acknowlecitged
to be the
erer'offered to the citizens of Broome, Susque
hanna, or any other county. , L
Wo can furnish as good on outfit of tools as
Hill, Wood or Seymour, of New York city, and
at prices at least 25 per cent. lower than. either.
ALL Toots sou) ex US WHICH , DO NOi PROVE
Hardware, Lase Furnishing and Fancy Goods
Establishment; 31, Court St.,%Bingham
ton, N. Y., adjoining Bank of
• Binghamton.
'TABLE_ 1 4nd Poeket Cutlery, gred variety,
ve7bw ri ce*. KNOWLTQN'S.
GOOD E r randCloth.Capa for 3 Pi billings a
kit piece t BELL & TINGLEY.
Montrose,' Pa.,_
Or Tin DAY.
nmerds Constantly Received.
Now Goods at liirisb - b's-
JUST opined by the subscriber a full assort
mentsef Spring and Summer Goods, which
will be sold I r cheap, Cheaper than ever. -
Pive us ' You cannot fail to be suited i
or quality, I quantity and terms. Everything
ritually found in 'a variety attire.
S now recomulg tits new Spring Goods, which
T. H. •
be offers at his usual low prices.
Montrose', March 110858, •
Blouse Builders Depot for Susque•
hauna County, at 'New Billtord.
nICKERMAN & GARRETT are giving es.
IL! pecial attention to the improvement con
templated in this County the conseing season,
;and now offer a helping hand, by keeping • con.
:stantiy for sale a large quantity of Window sash
'and glass,* Blinds, Doors, Natio, Painti, and Oils,
and a complete assortment of, builders Hard
Ware, &c. Those going to put up •Ifooses in
ithe'Spring will find it for their interest to\•give
!us a call. We can furnish every thing pni
want and at thovery lowest manufacturing prt 7
I New Milford, Feb.13;•1856.
'Summer Goods, to the above stock has just been
added a large invoke of Spring and Sunnier
!God& of the latest styles. Which will be closed
!outlet rut bargains. _
The Stock consists in nait of t he following
;Goods, viz; Fine Lawns, fast colors, from 9to
18c. per yard; Calicoes, American and English,
;from 4c. to 11c. per yard; Merrimack and Co-
Icbeco Prints, at 11 e.; Bleached and Brown Shea.
sings and Shirtings, from 4e. to 2s. 6d. per yard ;
Kentucky Jeans, from Is. 3c. to 2s. 6d. per y'rd;
Ladies Hose. from 6 I-4c. to 3s. 6d. per pair;
Ginghams, from I Oc. to 23c. per yard ;De Lai nes
from 10c. to Bs. per yard. Also a large lot of
Linens, Quilts and Counterpains, Curtains and,
Draperis, Shawls, Gloves, Table Covers, Silks,
Saces, Embroideries, dt.e.ifite.
Trunks, Valises and Bags, of all sizes and 'pri
Br Don't forget the number, 28 Court street,
I Door east of the American Hotel, but call and
see before purchasing elsewhere.
Binghamton, April 3d, 1856.
• • The Cheap Store,
ED, - 28 IVE2Ir ?MEW
MHE'Undersigned would respectfully inform
the inhabitants of Binghamton and vicinity,
that ha has recently purchased of Edward Priest
his large and well selected stock of 1 -
i. DRY G001:14 •
which he has removed from La Palette Block
to No. 28.. Court Street, ono door above the
American Hotel. - - - t •
This entire stock has 'purchased consid
erably below • New York coat i , enough ams to
'warntnt hint in saying that he-will sell GoOds
eheaper than can be bought at any other Store
in town. '
Attention at Rome.
; rip inns UNDERSIGNED would respect.
1 AL fully loran's the citizens of Ditnock and:
the sitromadiVeolmtiTt that he has opened a
stars at Dime*, four cornets,; where be intends
keeping constantly on hand ozood and w ell so.
leeted assortment of Dry Goodsfflreceries. Hard
War*Perfiefirfrad ail klnds of Merehundlnet
isil . as low, nasty Joplin a:lower ,
store, w hich iho wilt
if not
. thannyother establish.
*oat ID Nortbast-Pentisibitga, MoittOse sof
,ameepted, ~imilliones, /OW Intriii
011enot enatnine igiock - orGop4ic - ant fl.y.
lorlees..z.. Yoe will use aktiat iota°tr,wr
* lulfstotikti* -, come qi!or t
ary PRlLPll l, olli an aisikuuleniiif
Dandy Nada v 1441040 ** tiy on 4 2 4di.
— Altklude of cnionla k taken io
004 4 314 ie
ar t • e
ikta o l44o4olefor es
. it. TitiWzit r , ' .-
Maga tan. $5, 18116—y) -
_ .
!Noires! Stoves!! Stowe*: t t
rrilE subscriber wishes to call the attention f
hill friends and the Public to his rimy large
assortment, of
at his new Store Room in Lodeisvilie,rekt to
LS. Linheim's Store,. and , near the Great fend
Depot. Ile_ has in addition to his former large
variety ettooking , and Parlor Stoves, taacynew
Patterns, some of which ate—
.1 Pisa, Broach, , 1' ire Pim.
Modern Troy, Molimek; - Medea:knit
Peek wader, orient; oak,
• I Egg Stovi, . • -
Which together with his former 'stock will be.
perhaps the most ixtensive and varicd assortment,
.of well selected Stores in the Counki: ,,
Ni * Clinton Stoves well furnished at lOwPriees. -
Eir All artieles in his line - kept on hand and
-made to order as usual, and orderareceliedathin
old stand in Great Send.
.1011N-COLSTEN. _
Weraville,Bl , Grivit-Pond . Nov.,lBs6.—tfis
• _•
AT. ,C.Jr. .MOTT'S.
[UST received a lot of New Goode ) lurch es- De
of Laiues. Da Dames, PaYsmellas. ; Persian, Al=
paella. Gingham*, Blerincie. Pouts, sad Shawls,
in fact a general assortment of Dry Goods which
wilt be sold low • •
WANTED—Books, Eggs, Datter,Lard,chseee,
Flannel, Sae:, any aiaukutity iu eieliaage for Goods
at cash prices. , C. W. =Dr..
Moutrose,Sept: 1845. , , < . • • _
Clover Seed
OF the- Leitiret Lau and 'timothy Seed for
, sale hi ' IL BURRITT.
NWitford, Illareh 17. 1856. - •
W. Singleton,
/AAR now be found at his new stand on the
1.4 - eorner of Turnpike and Chestnut Sta., a.
few - 'doers east. of - Post's store, where he
etrectu s ally repairs' - with dispatch, %Vetcheas'
CLocka,Guns, Jewelry; and every de s cription of
tnachinarY, %Vlieel cutting, Gun and %Vateh
materials supplied to the trade. - .• • •‘.
Attention Parntors !--Plow Points
OF ;
ere and kind now in uso
also, No. 2, L. Blatchley ' Plows and
Corn Plows, may be kad at any time •of 'day, and
until 10 o'clock at night., hi exchange for Cash,
old Iron, Grain, Eggs, or\nny kind of ready pay,
of - • , N.BULLARD.
Montrose, May 1, 1856. \ •
Just Received
Ak Newlotof Boots and Lcathi\a , ,n s d for sale
cheaper than ever by . •
, • J. A. & J. R. Y.
Brooklyn, Dec. 5. 1855.
INT() Brick Block. front room, over the Store
-of M. S. Wilson & Son, '
C. D. VIRGIL, Dentist.
Montrose, May 9,1806. .
.0 LOVER and Timothy Seed Ly •
Montrose, April, 1856. •
ÜBLIC notice is hereby given that S. A.
WoOdruff is receiving a new lot of Stoves
and wares of all kinds usually kept in the Stove
and Tin line of business, among which may be
found a better assortment ofstoves, hemier,lar
ter and more durable than ever - before offered
iu . this county, all tbo proof needy nee will be
just to call and examine for yourselves:. All
stoves warranted in every respect. - •
Kept constantly an extensive assort
ment of Tin ware, made out of the best materi
als which is offered for sale as cheap as can , be
bought in any market, also on hand Lead Pipe,
all sizes, Chain and_ raring for Chain Pumps,
Cistern Pumps, all sizes, Brass and Itreelain,
kettles all sizes, Jammed ware, all kinds.
Jobing, done on - short . notice and in good or.;
der. All Goods in the line will be sold cheap
forcash or approved credit. ,
Montrose, March 20, lime. •
English Lever Wa es.
• DECEIVED by steamship
- 11 italtic, , 2 - dozen more of
= -. . _._R those splendid English Lever
Hunting Watches, of my own
importation, warranted the
9 I 'Z
very best quality. Also, a
small lot of very superior
Movements, which will be cased in any style or
quality, to suit purchasers: -
Bingluunten,-Kareh 14, 1.856.
THE subscriber is now receiving his second
general purchase of GOODS this. Spring,
which renders' his assortment very iesimble and
complete. By strict attentien to business and
by fair dealing, he hopes to , merit a liberal share
of public patronage. To those friends who
have yielded to him their prefertnees, and kindly
sustained him by their patronage, with the in
tention of aidingkini in regainining in part the
heavy loss recently sustained by fire, he , tenders
his sincere thanks,with the assurance that their
interests. shall be mutually promoted.. •
Montrose, April 24,1856.
PERBONS desirous of paying me money, on
debt of any description can do so by lowing
their 'Molest with Post, Cooper & Co., Ban
kers, Montrose, to my credit, .whose receipts,
will be allowe d their date. -
• ' ' C. L. WARD.
April 18, 1856.—tf.
. W. D22,E9
" Picture Market"
HAS REMOVED from Odd Fellow's Hall to
his new • "
In the Brick Block, over Bentley and - Re:OW
Como and see. t Calling will cost. you noth.
ing, unless you brig, and then you are,sure to go
away with more..than "value received."
A multitude of choice cases, Gold Lockets,
&e., just in. •
- Arrival of the,Africa, •
LIIAVE this day. received, per stearoshipAfr%
en, another invoice of those unrivalled PAT-.
ENT LEVER WATCHES. My stock is now
complete in every description of Cake. Open taco
and Hunting, Gold and Silver, and I imite the.
attention of alt persons in want of a - first_ ciaiy
Watch, as by Importing corn Witches di
rect I can sell to my eustomenr ,at the lowest'
New York wholesale prices. - ~/' •
Juni 4,1838. No. 2 Odd -Fellows'
Groat Eihibition inJiningrille•
CiREAT AND RARE NA - mil:ll'o6N OK
of Admit every style and - qualiii, - auch asw;U ; be
sum to 'lease and aecoMmodati all clones -of
people-,,from child in thetradle - to - the, old
and decrepit, Thine goo ds are boniht
most Womble tams and' sold
Please give u a and. we well: try, to sap :
ply all your wants In the, line of GOODS ever
kept - In a country. 40.Y,01t need not go_to
New York for any , thltiginit ..vran, becauaeore
have them fresh fto As Ott._
0013040. PAL I May,a, - • -
NOW floods :
monkis just rooolved
,motherlot of
•.NOW goods;. such as . PhollhOtaiiiii Do
tomps.#4,44,,iirincir pOtimax:itair tow
-math oum;y4ll Aim vas! 4 , 110* lot:'tilt;
*ry plait,
'also (IRA PA' and' 110 OK Aligrazawz -
j t A•-
444 I '
EMettrtabiarTOriaate at lir Or - fibk
,4 WaiL ogefrkirth -
• , : 13:8
moutrow,Juilo 4,1856.1 - -
~1. ~Do
- _ .
te Dontrost gitinorrat.--
pususuma zvzur
MCCOLLUM. dc ii i
41,50,cashiA advanikei
'otintitiwi thin six ra on th a; Ind $2,60,4 tba r iaiie
,ortdtoyaar. No papirdiacontinuidinitilair
get' are .paid, except liV4heorlonif
4sherii. All ikommurdesitiona consiecOlAith,tha,.,
' too insure atteatioa i mast bedireeted tnir
Hales of Adverthleir.
ikle,squarkl2 Imes or less) 3 insertioeic, - -$1,60-
Eacs subsiquent insertion; • 0,2Ar l
f.)ne sqiarel three month's,_
One square six months, 4.00
Business Cards; four lines or lest 4 _ 11,00"
Yearly advertisements,'.not over 4 liplarti,
One colutun, one year,
Yeirly adcertiserAtill be re e tij e t e d to the
business in which they are, etigagedi ina Aire
considered as Wishing I , O.etyntitirre adverti*eg
unless:they, shall give specil . ditec4o s ;; discontinuance of _the same. •"-
... •
. - • JOn WORM
.I ..
fgerThOpublisbershaVin g adar4l,9 thfkie.l)
Printing materials A large and.:alupericiiitisisit
slant ofJob Type, are now prepared lo4 2 'sieltt-,
Job Work in "a" minneriminapissed ialblitNe•
tion of country,-and-on Itrutonable teritp4,
.Blacks of every description kgptcOnstsattY
n, b
oand or printed to , order.-
fusiness Pirutort
Divot Bend Depot, Pa. - Abeawthitz
I 'ANT, Proprietor.
Cabinet and Chair ManufactAirerai*Olfaiti
•• Dfontrose,Pa . . ,
_ .
1 Fresh _Arrival of New I.4l.Lpit
DlCiint3fANS & thißitiLTra-e, - P• •
T" svibscribers would respictfullyiwkies
the goOd people of ; Susquehnna-•Co-,411at
they are now opening their stock OF - 01'2nd
Winter Gotids which is unusuelly•lortwiktuitid:
tioetive all of which will•be - soid•for; tapir, of
approved credit cheaper than can be ~bonght at -
any other establishment in the conntyWillitbtut
just what we may. Please give usit-trial;
'New 31ilford, Sept. /8th,1856. • •
np 'CELAIN and Qiadite China latg rfLt.r
W.! Agli.T.
Take. No#ce.,
QUNDAY SCHOOLS. furnished , 741111,Mma•-
-10 ries of different sizes, at •NewlYorlygtail,
prices. Call at the. Poatol6i..T,.
May 1, 1856.
. .
... Dr. Iit.'SMITIE - -- : -.1k4
Surgeon' Pentist, Sionticise; P11: - ;VIIPbe at'
week.' - - : - .'., .4 - :. i , ...i'1 - i:i :.;-4 t , X4Y/
ABEL.TllsRlGlti>r.,~ideieaoe lii.
Dealer in Dnigs,Nediiitieti, Chinneitt, Dye-
Stuffs, Glass•ware, Paints,Pirs• ArangehesttlArin
dow Groceries, Famly, - Goods„ i Jewelry,
••Perfumery, dic.,—and Agent fora of the most
popular` Patent Nedicinet.
, • JOHIT, GROVES, • •
Fashionable Tailor—Shoppniiiilharles
Motel, Main Street,Man4nise,
DEALtn tx Stoves, Tin;iecpptfinObeet Iron
Wire,Lodersvillooeisr Greaßyiatlert.-13
. . . _
.• A: Lithiopi-
54t: ,
DEALER in Ready.Msde -Clothini,;4..k,
te and
Caret. Boots and Shoes; Pry, ,G,5:441, 1 die. - •
Ei'Store opposite Searin'aHotel,Kpatrose,
C. D. LAOr, and / ~t h :1 - '' . • '''''' .: 4-, : .
J.I. W. RIL ED, ( 71 t • - • '''
. • Dr. Merril
T - NRUGGIST _and qmos!„ . at d,. eater in
u Gs, 34 dieinea; Cbeinleils;Dyt , Stuffs
Paints, Oils, Patty, 'Window:Glow Camphine
Fluid, Perin Tivery, Yankee Noioss,&%&e.
. Lodersville , _
PiL t will attend faithinity_to,:all basmeas en
trusted to him in the . cOuntfolf%squebanna.
Conveyancing arid witting of altitieils will be
done neatly, and 'charge moderate e .„,A He will
also attend to the prolsecutioo oftliitme
diets, their widows and heira;agelitiiithe
government, toy Beurity'Lanktoielons,
Hays be found at all hours st_theol4selormerly
- occupied by J. 17. Richard, g 83 .? tic4th of the
Court-House.--1853413' ' -
BL TYL '`• -
Intereatid with Ili , Hftnt , _
IMPORTER AND DEALER in Hardware and Cut;
lery,Carriage Tritntninta, Springs, &c.
: No 215 - 445:4 - Street, N. Y.
Where - his litereantilefiliiiirra, in this and other
Counties,arOkitOtylo.44,and earnestly solicit,
ed to call and Einrchase. 6tf.
11 ‘...11.t.ritr803).11 1 -
Ware, Sofas, Beilitiade i ' Tribtes, Stands
, Chairs, &e. -
.9 Washington street. •
Biaghieitim, N. Y.
OrCotfin Write -Rorie ap Mike. ,
TAIL; IL. 1.. •
11311VSICIAN and. Bargreorritacpermanently
'loCated himself ;ataracktiertille,, Susq'a
County, Perin'a, and will prompt,lvettend to all
calls with svhich•he may bo tavored:
• .11ay,'.1858.:442.',--..S""A'V'A -
- - 'A. Pickett,
'lttrig q. Or • - TUE Team, Collector of Debts,
Executor =of Deeds, WiAls,'cputtucta, &c. Of
fice; Laceyvil Wy °mug .coupty. Pa.
May -9, 1856,- _ ' • -
--= . . ,
BiOXltrakt:APVll,ll eat •
- • ; *- t; Br:D. - BREWSTER.
. quantity,'
tondo to ordor; or:fitroisbodit lb.shortest no
tice; •
if • • 41 • 8,
,Xemr,Al Amy.-
ip Buttons
TAread., Panel
Goody, iyatnikeitiaQiiiii4lliii. and Plated
Cntlory,',finhinkniidisteirgara, &e, &e.
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