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    . . ,
,! • ! i the rich wife was inexorable; lientust,altd
VOlartsC , tin artai . ' that•inOsseti with the' b -
- lief in her supernatural power of compelling 1
treading more than.
VIE tar.GEst cntoutdatom ruarrrnEns itself:the etT4cfs of the Unlitckel
disclosure •on the feroptir ofhisleir England
helpmate,•he Made tt virtue attic, necessity of 1
the case, bade farewell tp the latter amidst n
'perfect hurricape of repttianhes, a nd .th on nt e d
the white horse, with his old.wifo, qu:theol-
lion behind hiin. Of that ride Burger might
I have writteit a! counterPartto his Lallad :
" Tramp, tramp„ along, the shore they ride;
.Splash, spinsh,inleng the sea.' ; • •
:Two or three years bad passAl asap, b ring
',lug no tidings: of the' unfottunate . husband when•lie'one - e more made his • appearance
his native'cillage. ,Ile was not 'disposed to
be 'very co mmunientive; but for one thing:, nt
I least, ,fie seemed willing. to express his grafi
! tmle.. • Ins Ohio "wifetio spell. against
intermittent fever, !lad p•aid the debt of na
ture•and h•ft him- free;- . in !View which,
his surviving Wife,• after manifesting a due
degree of resentment; ! consented to .tale
him back to her hed and board', and I could
never learn that hail cause to 'regret her
clemency. -• ! - - .
Montrsse Feb. ft, 1855.
" Ttre thrersisters iwrit: burled side by tide; white roses
lay wpm their breasts, an •f tt..e colin% were crowned with
0! bear them to their rest! •
Whitii roses on their b'reast's and in their hands ;
Through slumber deep and bleu!
They pass in beauty to the eternal kinds. •
Theirs was ito outworn life
Of failing hopea and ufireinember - d rows;
' The miorld's'sad care andstrife
Had traced no aT.rows on- their marble brows.
0, call them no too young ! ''
God's peace was on their lips—their life was love:
Long was theii stay—too long ,
For angels whoi-had left their .homes ab.)te. .-
The weeping Sprinz shall come.
And spread the , paths ihey loved with glisteniaLT
• green: 1 ' ;', '-' ,
The jay shall*iild her home
In arbors where theit favorite been.-
They shalt- 'comeback no More
Morning shlll miss their glad, swect-smiles, and
• deep,
The pipes perpetual roar
Break o'er the Spot where side by side they sleep.
And will . ye still complain, -
Whose cluiehal with unavailing tetra are wet
They shall bo yours again ! .
Beyond this prison-house of dark regret. 7 •
If perfect sight were -ours. -
Ye could n mourn them lost, but .11;161111y say
"The ather gave these flowers,
And the Father taketh them away."
0 ! bear tCtem to their rest ;
White roses on their breasts and ►a their hands .
Through slember deep and blest
They pass in beauty to the eternal lands.
Ifif' • ; ' i - • 1 ;
Fresh meats.of all kinds, at the' pries at
which butchers retail
. it,. is nut economical
food. In eeoni - nnizing foot ,l' meat: should
never he firiekor boile4. l - If you tv4uld gLit
the most substance Out - of fresh -Meat, -Make
it into soup, or stew, or pot-pie.. In? inakiiig
'$ at Join' G. wort - ruin •, soup, soak your 'went - Some hours iii - eal wa- .
' ter - and boilit in: the t same. .ThiCk:Oll with
When a boy, I occasionally Met at the :
,house of a relative in the adjoining town,
I be:ius, peas, iiee,,leirlL'tv, Iletniny 'th ,broken
brend. The best Intadis the inost eeonoini
'Stout, red-nosed old farmer of the neighbora-
cal foic soup. . . • ,
hood.. A fine tableau he made fa - winter 1
i It eir boil meat to never 'pill it in
evening; in the red light of -a birch log fire;
;cold "water. Let it be' ht fling ) ili e w h en y ou put
as he fdt• hours watching ins pregresa, with , i , ,
NO meat in the'pot. :PO not buy• fresh meat
half shut eyes, changing his position only to '
, a
pound or at tkinie. . • Buy a quarter or
reach the cider mug on the shelf near mm.
halt: You *tit at half price.
Although be seldomopened his lips. save to
lbaked. It
assent to some remark of of his_ host,' or to is
si i x ° ; ,t r o . t b u y , J ucea 'rot"' bkead ready. ,
poiind. , )ry. flour is the same..
answer a direct question, yet at times, . when
Mimemade bread. is: far more mitritions.
the cider mug got the better of hisAaciturnity, t
'Make usc or corn meal, oat' meal, ,Oraluint
he would amuse us with interesting details Of I
flour, hominy and ertiCke,l wheat !'or bread,•
his early experience in the "Ohio Coun- i
•in preDqenceto find :Wheat' flour, both for
r5'.11 ,. ...
. • health.nd economy. : Here, are the ! ,relative
There. - waS, however, one chapter in these
retail prices per - peund of •theie 'nrticies t e , -
experiences which ho. usually held in reserve, wheat flow, Ce ;
cracked vvhciat
and with whiCh "The stranger intermeddled
meal ole; hominy 3c; pat meal 41e. .The
not." - Ho was:not willing
.tO ,run the• risk of
latteris the most nutritious breadstuff known.
hearing which was a frightful reality turned
Hominy is an 4iiticli., that no.- fiiinily, de
into ridicule ; by scoffers! and unbelievers., sirous' of practicing eConoilly, can do. witli-
The substance of it as I received it from one I
• out. It is.a Very - cheep, • health, rditiitions
of his .neighhors forms as clever a tale of 1 food. ,
It costs only h i alt• the \ mica per pOund
witchcraft as modern ties have produced.
1 ef.tiour....Cracked . wheat is exee)lent for sed
-' It seems that when - quite a young man be 4 entary 4, - _-rsonz.' That .and; .11raharn . flour
left the :homilead; and 'strolling - ivestvrnrd, I
i should be, used - in . preferenCe, at ti 4 same
worked his way•frem place to place' until he ;
price per and, to white floar, beean ietiters
i he
found himself in one of the French settlements althy . nnd po More nutritious.' One ;hundred
on the Ohio •rive,r. Here •he procured ein- i
pounds•Of Graham flour is:wortli'ps..Mirob in
ployment on the farm of a widow; and being•
a family as ''one hundred and thirty-three
a smart, active '• fellow, and proving .highly I
e p o m s •zi l s es e s f i s i i i i n i ii ei h .fi la n l e r i t i l ici e d i t , e ric ti:l o ir f .
fi .:t o e l l r r . ri
l ii - : , et i il s
. serviceable in his department, be, rapidly
' ' •his employer: ,
gained favor . in the eyes of 1 ;1 ..
t worth twiee as muehtt It is not 0 econoini- i 1-7- Cii E.IP HOOKS.
Ere lon g ,ocontrary to the .adviceof the neigh- i t ell in
r,,becauelit.. takes-sO.enueli tire 'I ! .•
bora, and in Spite of somewhat discourag,in ' '
gI to cook it: Toe first ,grnat erior!, ills ~i . n . i• Extraord;rary inducements tt, the reading' Publie.
hints touching certain • Matrimonial infelici- 't meal is'in giinding iti t too riuch, and leAt in 1- g c: on receipt; or the piice
I' ther.of the following fire %pork,. •aill be sent free of p op ,_
annexed. - .
ties experienced by the late husband, he res
t not cooking. it enough. ; Corn 'm •al intisli . t ;I's r ,,tbd ee tiee, trigs and A (-1,-cnir, el Arline(
olutelv stepped into the de all Man's slioLs ; IshOuld boil two hour s.; it. i's better ';if 'boiled , ! 3fanderiGe,
the mistress became the nife, and the servant 1 fear, and. not fit to . etit, i e , b • oike le , i - t h an . one t
. 1 -wire of seeaFies ti• siseasran..orl . lanimcre, .rho was .
was legally proutoted_ to the.head of the touse- ,
hOur.—Buckwhent I flour. 'should never be '.
. . -it olen from her buLliarni• at Bo g ota, New Granad by a
band or Sp.;,l,lsh Robbers, and 1 7 thi,m th•taineil in th-ir
• t
hold. 't hesed by 1, fllD'ill* . 1.'"110 er 'oblioed to i Pl°.nr•t,a•in•
. „ - i t pure .. . ~ ,
..- , .
,L, fftstuetises for thirt mouth=, there It r o s ,
-; g one through the most terrible s l ew., that the imagination
. . For a time matters went on cosily
and i eConorilize . fLod. Ii is dear at fin'y.pri - ce, It ran Picture: the whole, forming the meet tru ly
, t7e ee..prr t t , ii
' comfortably!. enough. He was now lord of I must be floated in clear butter. In .ty, Pr
tli 'be eatea,l'i'e ar a :?..n t' c 'v re(' of
cn a 6 t:u u t 2 ty i o .
" i7rft e r ; ever
r yet l
u pl aced
ad. . er'il r :i t iel
the soil:t'and he had in his crop' of corn ! and then is not' f , ' , 11, alibi. Oat meal* is as I eseo. i ' ;
~ . ;
and petatcies, salted down his pork, and - no. and Stfirtlinalll'ork! the authentic
r iled . I good in enkes as lateltwheat, and far more
;7' l r ' rill , ? . . . .-.; i ., ,
.up his wood for winters use, he natural!l!
!nutritious, But it isttmoit.untr . itions and is . C.‘,,ite , ssi(.n of Witham on,
The cruel 21-furierer if his and Mother! 1-o g ee,.
enongh congratulated himself upon his. good I particularly healtits 4 : fur elaildren, in ihe form I [er with a econ,plete account of his ration, Robberies a n d
fortune, and laughed at the sinister forebo- of porridge.. 71 i l i • , .1 . ilMnrdersinclit;lin g that of Mr. Mannin g , of Ituffitio„ N. y„
and the beautiful 'Miss Emma ?I rein. -A,l,led to which to
.- • ain g i of hi , neighbor But with the long The cheapest} of food is white: ht-rii
'...15.-- Ilthe his t ory 0; th,. h fl .i endit t lilarlere a r,a o nd7Ler o t i. V . r ;
'lviilter months came a change over his" love's 1 T . tc ,
t y nre, worth from $1 •50 t Ee2 per bushel,
voting Area..
pzi" .An evil and mysterious • n- I
.i \II fs' a r r ;:e- a Ve . e.k ..-.ll! , l`"r T v;-... a. ; s . I , l' e' t he " mP
and retail for eigh cents a 'quart. Prof. 11 '-; rm.
.IYetiu tried Jeries. Rachel 3fenduza.
' \ iluence seethed to be at work in his -affairs. I
I Liebig has stated the t perk anitt beans • form ti Iler lamentable cwirteztion wiih •he dark and eren Ifu
It Whatever he did after consulting his wife, or ' a compound of sabst nee . peculiorly- adapted i .;-''''''',":_icepti,t;'„Y.....rtair,`l„l'Vlpertw„LY.',ltl;•,"l•;,4P,:i:, :b e n. c• e s a z - a : v s :T .: .
at her suggestions, resulted faVorably enough ; I
I tofurnisli all that .1-. necessaryi to support !lk, Y .rre,; in Madrid. neat t h.:Pr:Mod of the ghee°. hs. created
but all his , 'schernes and projects were unric...- !life, and give bone;'inusele and fat, in proper t s e o vi m p u r c , %cons.;ramat, a n d such intrust. Int efe,r. 1 9 the Amerl
cotintably marred arid defeated. If be boright t proportious, tOt,inamt 'This food will enable - Thousaroloi throu g hout th e I:nitfit si t ...s. ! .c. a 4 e b ta T i t i l ia l:
a horse, it ;neas sure to prove spavined and :
one to perform more labor at less, th an w nar ltl ra' P tfr r e l 's ° e n t's ° o r tt t t h i e .'n a l r al e ri r r o oinrl'il'i n p c :•,'rt . ?.ernr:c . r, especial -'
wind broken... His cows either refused to I
any'other substance. t- A quart of beans, 8 it his etnntieliou with the rirh ind t..eautifill Jewess, Rs-
givedown:their milk, or, giving it perversely I cents, half a pound, oil pork, 6 eents will feed s c h fr e:::l .7. , , l : z il , o7k. b . s o A n 1 (14 y r e e g zo x I n sg l ;i l v i e n n
t r u h r e ,,, fir i; 7 - e
M i, , . .
kicked it gYer. A fine • sow which be had l ' alarge . family. for (li - ii•-, with strengthening Vn it e t ,' f . , tntep , tlt ! ' .N'o s rpg..i z, c l o i fi n d , u t r e s
s u e o cr to c: 7 aodtl
the tt
hat:gained for, repaid his partiality by devour- I
I food. And who flint Can raise ti reminiscence (Ifi i l`t% S t rain.
..•;',:isfLiis. ri ee I s c4tp...
. ing, like Saturn, her own children. By de" l of geed old times it i New Eneltind, but will . Starainff Disclosure! : Mysteries Sared ! or the
gree-, a dark thouilit forced its way . into his,'
I remember flat glori4u - s old tfashioned dish ' - ° Elston, of Esthet Litingstnue._
mind.. ; • ...,
.. I called " bean
,porridger .11 Li should Call it •!,1' 1. Itenril Baid r in. ily fteor g e Loppard.-
sol d o :Tur k a c t a i k ee' r n o 4 only - picture, the sin g ula r 'career of
_Comparing his repeated mischances natii
i bean . soup now. tour quarts of . beans - and _riae - se,nivie e mos end the e rimir of-henry
p ttl- r in, but
t e ante-nuptial warnings of •• his neighbors, t
two - pounds; of certied beef ' w ould 'give a good
h last came tothe_melanisholy conclusion
lt oil
ju t meal to fifty men--1- , CH --One cent a menl. '4k m :s et.. . n e e : r l %`t'...T`' e h e l t e h e e :: „ w t e e r a. l a 17a7d r e
win n ,in a bold,t mtb-
AO, hut aboothing style. Anil he murder of Mies Annte
Marria g e. IF le
that is wife was it; wittb. The victim Another ye ekeellenf, 'nutritious :Ma " 217- Inc4ri7°ll ' 9 isi be .i v ''V=°:..lrseies
i there pacer terribly viir..... nt , . t r. ~ .
'Motherwell's halted - Of the Demon - Lady, or ; econemieal, anti of 'food. is dried Peas. -- ' - The RiraTs Rcreizgrft -or l ithe Loi.ely -Quakeress,
the poor fellow in the Arabian talc who dis
-1 Ths , v are enerar ‘, 'zi Huh.' inure :Costly titan ' . r.,'aiiiirine 3 ithllet•o-h.
covered that he had married - a ghoul in the I ben- ns, but some thitik thev.. will :" . go further. Th ;i s tt "&' ui ? A rTgs ter de la e p r "e zn 'e s t -el- i- H iTii s iT•; ul ; r ifo l e .
- guise ofa..Young and blooming princess, was I At aP.V• rate they are. goo 4 for ti ehanze.— s re e e e r e's3seieine• The Mani.;e. Prie,t." J 'Pr iv; 1.,:i centl.
scarcely in a • more sorrowful predicament. t It would be mood fuia change to those: whoci m e e. nit i T t - t. :: ,, u eti s t b t o o s a a ny es ii e d r4eas fh s . t t e n :, , , , t d : l te ,e, lo n i a .
Ile grew; .!nervous and fretful. Old. dismal •
t are put to. their xv . ifi end to knoW how te g , tJ 'Canada.. fr.-•ot Postste. on the receipt ;of 1:0 cents. : Poste .
nursery stories and all the witch loreof•boyn. ;
food enough to feed' their families, if anythinol l Tio r eTs rs wi'iri;e tb :s s t,'L T o7l? , "; Are 7.ze tla sti t Pe e „ u s w e s'e e erZ
::- . .5 . d .
hood canie back te .his memory, and he I
1 ilintlive have sah."l , *hall put theni ia a way .
0 11 the receipt of ftrn doi l lars h theylaill be s4n to 'fifteen Pe.-
crept to his b t o like a criminal to the gallows, !
chang . ng. _
i someloff - their uld habits,
half afraid to fall asleep -
lest his mysterious :bop such articles :is will satisfy Hunger while" . •
so as tj I "."" s
Alt I I:elt ''o r t s e l n u b ol tt l e t a Stl7ere t 1 propor ti on.
1 BAR6LAY 11 CO ,
companion Should take a fancy to transform ! . ..- itiO Anti gt reyt . Ned York
. ! (Ming theta healtli,:and strength ; for less than , -au the abtre 11044 sresplendid l ly Mart raled.-Im3
-him intota horse, get him shod at the sinitnet r nalf the money thi are now expending and
and fidetlani to a Witch meeting. And, living..only half i ce
_iillirtablV . ..__:,_ ..
c' . ,
. • .if to mike the matter worse, his wife's , tiffe a c- s I
, , I ---""- I
• tion seemed to-increase just In proportion. as i . •- • 71akiiIng Etridim. • I - 1
his iv:llll4s' thickened uthak him. :She ag
, ',.... A trnveller• in fAkinany :...ays:— .- The Gerj
grivated , hini with all manner of caresses and .•
t mans, by the waY.iliave a !queer Why of artj
-• endearments. This was the drop too much.. king' ,‘ • - ,_
i brides " au
~ o o f g, trungs,
' The poor husband recoiled from.her as from in the courtin•O; akid marrvino. way which
. a waking nighttnnre.\ His thoughts turned
. t , mar intere,..t you
f t erhaps. When a maiden .
• . to New England; he longed to see once more '+
is I;etrothed; . she ig called_ "bride"! and se
• the.old homestead; with' its tall Wellsweep i continues. till 4.11 e 4e'comes :‘wife."
.- All'the'
and butternut trees by.the roadside; mid lie t while she. is
egadd,'she is a ''wide." The
' • sighed amidst the rich bottom lands of his tiovers„imineeititertr,. upon the betrothal, ex . -
ne* hoe for, his,father's rocky pasture. with I
; Change plaio•iol-„Ctings, which are,<evi:r vs-ern
its crop! of stinted mulleins. So one cold No- afterwards Oh dea i iii parts them: The woman
vettabertday,finding himself-out of eight, and t weirs hers on itlie:ltliiril finger (tiler left hand,.
hearing of his wife, hesummotied courage to i i an d
. „.b en. ,b,!:,. I.,4boines "wifi,".. her ring 4....
attempt stn escape, and resolutely turning his ', transferred to . !the i i third finger of' the' right
, • back on the 'West, planged into the _wilder- Iliand, and A 11445 •it reitiains.. The huspand
ness toWards_the sunrise. After a hard and - t . ai , tays
ti , ,.. - i , int , just,
long journey be reached his- birthplace. and !hers, so if Ye ,
.104 upou a Man's-hand. von
was- kindly 'Welcomed by 'l.lii -.old friends. t •can
tell whether Jill is inertgaged or • not•-es,
Keeping a close -mouth with respect .to his , •fliere is ne.elleating for Mtn ever- after—no
unlucky adienture in Ohio, he soon after- ceiquetting I 'With l'tthe girls, as if he were, an
. 'married one of his schoolmates, and. by - dint_ aninat . rit _ d • tutti
.1(011 IQ.:
the! .
Whole store is
•of persevering industry and economy,in a-few I told by his fing - Fr4ing: A monied,. Vienne,c
y ears Rim e d himself ie. posaession of a' cora - ' lady .was much aiiiused when.L tola her that
I-, -
:.. fortable home. , ' - , rE
' I inyour-conntry we only "ring" the women,
-. • . But: is evil star . still lingered in 'the hori- 1_ but let the hnsbafids run, at large. unmarked! - I
• zon. 'One "suminer 'evening on returning' Oh I thatis dreadftil, said she, more than half r ,
, •
• .frOm.tt4 hayfield, who-should meet him but - sliecked. 'lliinKthereis Frederick, my has, -±ll,
• -A New lot- of Gift Books Air N ew y ears ,
•.. his witch . wife from' Ohio l She came riding , band--onlyltweuty-four—so youtig so band- The life of P. T. Ilarneratind H. - Greeley,
I also Teri Nights in a Bar-Roam and what I saw
... - u p thei;:vad on her old white horse, with a I some—and. II thl girls:would 6 taking ' lain i there," by T: S. Arthur,-a fUat'rate Book for ev.
- .- pillion On hehind tbeeaddle. Accosting him for an nninarr t ieditmae, and be: making lave I erybody -
Enquire at the Alentrose Post office.
. ,
312a'kiidly tone, yet not without something,, to him'. Oh" it- h,Odreadful. is it. not -I • Th r ey 1 'Montrose, Dec'. 27,1854. • 1 .
of a gentle reproach'for hia unhandsome tie- 1 would:ney . - er know 'he'. was, married. Flow 1 -. •
ration of her, Ave informed bica she had I -can yen do• ko it f ft. •yonr country'? . 1 woUld'i 1 PORK FOR SALE. ...
~ , i 710041 C. F - OR'SALE by the nacre), by
.come all the way . froth Ohio •t 0 take him I not live there with Frederick (Or the world. IJE
back again. .- \ . . 'AP NIP 110. .- • • M• 8 . WILSON or A. BALDWIN.
; • _ I M o n t rose , May r, 1851.
- 'lt was in vain that be . pleaded his latter 1- .14r A girl of teri dispiac courage, amount- I •- I . .
. - • •
Sha.wls. i. '
en . garn •
ents' tt was in yam that his new wife ; ing to rashness, lit her'firs engagement ; but``: - - 1- '
raise her
remonstrances; not unmin- lis usually deficieii, !in 8' iuess. 1 - I I 1 T ONO and Square, Wool, Brache • and Silk,
gled with expressions of vehement indignation 1 • • ~ to , - i 1 I.,LJ very handsome styles, and at extremely low
• •
' gt. the tlevelati6n tir Fier husband's real position i pirA kit- I , prices.]
nyitls mare thin A kick. I , ' - Co.
1 „ . . i . . I .: . . 1
.. .
-- -
"Tile-Witch Wife.
VillatShail we Ealt;.
"Under this dead, ri date thunlier - of the.
Tribune contains' ome interesting ti,uggestions
in reference' to substitutes for qesik meac.
flour, &c., the. prer , ent high prices i of which,
connected with . the scarcity of I:tbr, place
them almost if not.r iitc beyon , l the ieach of
many who lave to : rely" upoh du) labor of
their hands for their I ;l..upport. 'PM Writer
enumerates various . hrti.tles of far lugs
expensive than the necust oneec] , diet, and some
of which he asserts, while equally palatable,
are more healthy and- nutritious. We a'vail
ourselve . s - ot this rtrtiel to present the follow-
'Abt trtistment,s.
Fcnithe ertpii cure t j Onighs,Cidds, llttatseness,
• Brossehit4i, Whooping-leinqh, Crimp •
Asifitna and Consumption
ZING the r, urnerouit diaroveriea
Erienee leas male hi genera
l ,lino to faciiitate the bukinesa bflife
--inereaae it enjoyinetit, and even
pinking the term of hum'atrexiilence,
I N . none eau beinatned of niore real-val
ue to tuauldtid, than tbia contribu
tion of Chemistry to the Healing Art.
A vast trial of its rirt nes throughout
! ... , 7-.:! '
. ! . =.-.- 1----
. .....
this broad country. has', proven be.
yondra doubt, that no medicine or combination of medi
cines yet knovra', ran so mutely control .and cute the nu
merOus varieties hf pulmonary disease which hare hith-' 1
erterywept from due midst thousands and thousands ev ,
cry , *(..str. Indeed, thin. is abundant SC3Frn to helieye a
ReJniedy has at length been found which can be relied on.
to more the most dangerous t flee& DP oft htilungs Our
s pan. here wilt ndt penult us to publish airy proportion
of the cures ellectil by Its nse, but re would, nreseot the
following:—and ti4er further enquiry to My American
Almanac which the agent below named, will always be
pleased to furnish free. wherein are full particulars 4 and
ind!sputdbleproOf of these statetuent.c.- ' :
1 -
Orlce of Tr:aro:portion. T.aut ens Tt . r.... s . C Aug. 4.'63.
4. C. Assn Dyer sir,—M - little so , . four years old hair
just recovered from a severe attaak or mni4rtnint Scarlet
FeYer, hie throat Was rotten. and ofery person that rlsit •
h im. pronounced him a dead child. Haring used your
Cu inay pr(,mkt fn Cal fl-nin, In the winter of IMO.
for J a severe rata 'lO of Bronchitis, with entire suecess. 1
was inaueed to try it on my little boy. I gave him a Ica
spoonful every thr..e hours. c,mmencing_in the morning,
. mid be ten o'clock at night. I found 0 flevidmi change for
i- the better. and n'ter three days use. he was able to eat or
I drink without pale. - - .
llts use in the tih)re named disease will' Save many a
, child from a prentaturegrave, and relieve the anxiety -of
mane a - fond pardnt. I affections of the throat and
i.l.nngs. I believe lt the beet medicine extant. A f e elinx
I al t ite deenctd gratitude, prompts Inv in these
1 lines:—hut for 5 -nur important discovery, my little bOy
: 1 voila new hare , been in another world.,
i ' ". I am Vaunt. will, rut r., spect. ,
• J. n PIiVELT,. Supt . . Tran S.., L. It; R.
! ;" . . Rock pill, (Somer , et Co..),N.d.,dui y2l.*:t2.
i. C Arcs your Mel(eine' lt , s become
known ha.c a :treater 4.l , rrtnnithrill any (01A:iron:zit
reme ly we Ivire:eyrr Fold. : I. spoken of in term• of
nranealured praise tboFe who here it.ed T.J. and I know
of where the hest they can say. nt Ity ix hot
torinittrh for thC r•Knl it has done. i tak:e plea , ttre In
seltin It. breauie I know that lam cirin2,ry customers
the worth of their money. and I feel cratitled in'serinr t bre
hettrtit it confer!. Phase s,emi me a further supply. and
believe me . Youis, with re.pret
Alma 4 anY number of eet tifieates. can he sent
yoti, If on RIPII . I‘.• , •
AT,-u,d,oi.x. W.. JIITIP 2n. 1 252
C. AyEn-5,4;1'1ft. may certify that) t have-used
pitir Cherry Pe.itoralfor upwards a mic year: and It Is
my sincere belief that T 5h , 11.1 hive been irf my gtareere
thht time if I . hw4 not. D has cured me of a,lllmerous af
fection (+l' the •nd I do not overoate my
dons when I tell von it is a prieete.o. remcdk.
f . Yours very re‘pectf oily. : ' .. '
D. A. McCtiLI.IN, A It'y at Law.
Wl' leeslut tr a. Ta.. - Sept ember 22. 15.50.
Tir.,.l. C Ayer. My dear Sir, —Yonr medicine la much
apj,oved.of by (hope who have hard R her,: and it:, c,,m.
pt , ,ition is such; as to ins eve and maintain ita reputation.
I invariably reebrnmeml h for pulmonary affection P,35 do
many of otrr principat phy4einna
lam Toni, friend. CH C.F.'. Tit.E ' TER. M. D..
Prepared by JAMES C. AT Ea, Practical and . Analytical
CherniFt. Lowell: MaF? • . •
;. , :fII.D DT A. Turreil; Montrone; MP. et R. TI . Eaton,
horror!. Church k.Vidienri. Dundnil; 1.. •S•m!t, Great
Ilimel. gy 101 Dru:..-7.1.ta and Dealers hi Nt,: &wine every.
sicro. . i -Sept 1:7-417mie -
Stoves; Staves!
14 1 11. W. mntei,!riberA bez leave to inform the eit
izens of Brooklyn and vicinity that they
hive jn4t.recCived a tot of STovEs of the carious
modern pattern , ' and styles, they offer for
sole as low as they can b pnrchaSeJ elsewhere
in the e•innte.
1 ALSO—LA:IO of S'irovi: Pim.: and Eitilws of
the different :isizeg, at manpl:iet 111e6i : prices.
cLWANTED-101 d Iron. Connor and: Brass in eX
rgo for Stoves or oilier Goods. ;
t Nov. 28. 15.5-1. - .•
! . . *:-H•
atehes; Jewelry,.Silver Spoons.
OLD and Silver Pptent I.e4r,Abehor and
LepinulWateites, just- received and for sule
, • New - Goods
, tT. J. WEBB IQ now feeewint! Ills nil'
. Gor)(1,.• -They ha vino been bonzbt. ex
freroely will he sold :t the lowest Flee fot
rjeativ pit. • . . •
Drovght Home to the Door AT the Million.
A WONDERFUL Discovery bas recrntly
been made by 1
Dr. cnrtis,ot thi. el ty. trea meat of Colitump
tion, itt.thMa and ail diseases Cf the I.nts7, We 'Pier to
" Dr. Curtit" Ilygeana eel llygeon Vapor and
S) - rup." With this new method Dr. C; bat rest orl many
attli:ted ones to perfret health ; at an ceideure of.which he
bat innumerable eertificatea. : S;•eo.king of the gremment;
a phydriatirernartt: ft it evident thatinhaling—eonsunt
ly breathing an agreeable, Ni'atiog iapor, „ the medicinal
prtpertletmust come In direct contact with the whole of
the aria! errity of the lungs, and thus ✓ se.spe the many and
varied ehaligee preduetd.upon them when introduced Info
the-stomach, and subjected to the prOcest of digestion.—
The ifygeina is fOrtale at all the druggists throughout the
New York Dutchman af:lan.l4.
The inhaler is worn nu the brea.t under the linen with
out the least ineonvenienee—the beat of the, body
Ilafficient to evaporate the fluid. • '
Hundreds; of CAFES of CURES like the following' might
lie named; Oue l'acimee of flygea^a hat cured me of,the
ASTHMA of rlx year:: standing. ,
Jas. F. Eir.berry, P. M. Du nnun nail, Pa.
!! I am anted of the ASTHMA of lOyears ttandiug by Dr. -
9urtit' Ilygeana.,
Margaret Eepton. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Mrs. Paul of N 0..; MillTllllo6 , lSt N. T., mai cured of a
irevege'eafe of Itronehetit by the TlTOsua •
'My sister hog:been eared of a DIST Fi ESPINO COCO Vf of
several years standing. and derided to he incurable by her
phyrieiant. &he was cured fu ONE biONTR by the Ily
Mt:Abe:it, P. ..11.,7Richmond. Me.
Trice th•ee Dollars a Paekage.—Sold by CURTIS &YEA
INI4As BOYD As PAVL No. ;49 Chambers Et.. N. Y.-4
Package! Sent freed• express to any part of the Rafted
State'' , for Ten
NI ll—Curtis' Ilygrana is the OIiIGTNAL and - ONLY
ENUINt ARTICLE, all miter's are hate Munitatlons or.
wile and INaritiors cotinvereits.. : Shun them' me you
would POISON. ll7yl—Yiiroher* C.,Aelers.
. .
This excellent 'Medical Wine and the FeresS Pills, are
Dirt gaining the peed will, and becoming the favorite m ca.
Witte of the pisople,and kunwn aft& most effect uaf l remedy
lathe cure of - . . ,
DYsTePsleralbitollal Costiveness, Liver Cnittplalti4, :A nth
maj Piles, Obstinate fteadache, Billions Disordete, Pim
pies Utotehen and unhealthy Colt rof the Skin ;Jelin
dice, Ude and. Fever, Salt Rhein'''. Nryeinellit,: COM
plaints incident to Few ties„ languishing Weaknrqrs.
Night Sweets...Yervons Dieoriers, General ill; Health
. a n4ies.„taired state-of the Constitution.
' lint a Abort timelitselapsed since these great and good
Medicine! have been made known to the public. yrt thou
sande have -experienced their good offecte. Invalids given
over by their physicians art incuraltle.have been restored
to Fount! ant vigorous Itealth-hy their/use. Them, : medi.
eines arteUntike any other. Their two-fold properties act
diroctly on these organs of the stomarh.liver uti kidneys,
which secrete the Buhl., and separate the inipuritief from
thr blood. This Wine awl Pills Hever weaken , but give
strength and animation to both holy stud mini. ' i
Theatre , amount of wood these medicines have done for
the pick and :Billeted have induced thousands t o Ornmeed
them to thole friends and the public. Intl ivitinal tv 'of the
htgheot integrity have voluntarily testified to the krt . :mid in
favor of their ex trtortlinat y virtue.. sk, . •
De. I. A. Blinn Is.v. a eelebrated'lritysicien, In- a
letter from Princeton; New Jersey, dated Nor. 16 1619,
'declares that In all his exporienne he had Lever se en.any
thingt o compare with the Forest Wine and PHIS. rit the,
tame time relating' serStal caret of eonstitutionei Debility
and Scrolulons affectionawbleli it eared In an Itte!edlbl
short lime. Among the members Of the medical iiacnlty,
of Now York , who have witnessed the great resulte'nf the
Forest Wine. and recommended it 13 numernuecomplainte
will be found the names attic , eelebreted Dr.111.T.'0 ,, 04j
man. Dr. Ir•Cheerman. Dr. Chilton. pr. Wm. Brawn, Dr.:
Mareln, Pr. J. 51. alnreauo and others. i
TE , •:TIMONY of Mr. Johnson unrke.ahlrblyre4pletabbl
c iti z en of Waverly Pace, New York : t
Dn. G. W haters.—Dear sir. I esterna the Force
.mine a . the King of Meillc'nee it has . tione for tnein five
weeks what three physicians failed to Join as mane' years,..
In 1515. I became the victim of the heart Disearie , :erfil Nerr
Tout Affect' insterhichlreve 11UPTI r:rnalrie on Kw ff.f.r since
1 until 1 procured your Forest:Wine and rub,. although I
I had wasted eevert:l hundred dollars for In...heal attend
-Itruce. During the hest two years I was oltliae-E, to keep
Imy hot-e nearly all the time, and :gave Up bUOirldßiinr
i• sequence of tny 111.11.10 th. I had Inst nearly all, hopes of
rectoyersony complaint wats of that "class Undt.r . which
"nature sinks and ihe heennaes a burthen." Seeing your
Forest Wino advertised I concluded to glee it a irinl, end
,before finishing the third bottle. I felt like a different pee.
eon, and era. able to resume 1111411,4 again. entirely eurejl
,by t akintt five bottles . Foe the t te nelt at" .1,4..4 "Met e d
with tinnier eeniplainte you are at liberty to publish ibiti.
I . Yours., kc. J. 111.13 RF., Way , rly Place. NY.
General De',ility,l7,inaciation,Traning aflHidy.etc.,
:deep are of with some ale of the.ahove ermrolaints
without hAtia able to trace it to any partieuler cause., and
t it erelore delay the use of the irroner remedy waif the dis
ease becomes eanstitution tl. The disorders are "often
rhareetetietal by a sense of Fin ow:, or entire ethan;tion
, afteraxereise. Some expettenqe +lti:r:ltLnets.3lottsitride
I and at times paleness or tittsltina if the counteuance pal
ation of the heart, or like tylartents.
: .. The excellent effe.,:tt wlireil lt.tve ever attended the time;
1 of th,. Forest Wide and Pills. In every spe c ies of debility.
Is Conelurire evidence of its h tepy results in this -class or
di•tnelert lkittnv It ore resorted In these medieines at in
1 ylihnnt u tn. en.l bet 'a speedily cur' ti. For Nervitirs dip or-
I tiers and Debility the Wine :aid rill, ate taken, uesording
t to -the directions on the label.l •
: • Ta.the 1.110 44 , ..—Tru« beauty and. to . velinees tr
t cempany the highest perfe airn of health. which W gla I n in
varinbli (of lows the Pt: BEST STATE OF TUE It.lOD H
What artificial ippendtieee esinal thatvivid expression !of
countenance which ens metes front health? What paints .
can et - m*llrue with the orints , ned colored blood Castilla Its
1100i:int rote its hue throtteh the transparent text nre lof
the skin? What charms are more eaptivating than thlse
olnatnre, in her ugliest perfection? Let Dr Hanoi •rt
Wine supply the ;dare of all enrinet irks. The lase of Mi.
eaeon e nt, Wine in a ehort time -creates Pere. deli 1 . 1 ^4 4 .
teltiett clurtirt; therurtt the veins. penetrates the minut
est fibres that verge towards the surface of the Skin: er Us
log all nnlwalthy pimptee and Morellos to diterepenr.lni
_parting a vivid. row color to the akin.'and brilliant, ex-
I resell° to the eyes, ' t - . . ,;
In corroboration of these Me tr, Dr. Bills 'y; has many i
I es:timonials. Tito following is front a huly -fir the muF co- 1
!timetable in so•lety, -rot to us by her brollier, 1
re+ ilitl2 in It Mg; r" ,.. .g treet . i - I ;
Dit 0 W.ll ‘1..; ET— i . New York 4July 7.1)340 ,
I t)
My sister, from her youth. hal n- hero i very Arlie - to ;
health, complaining frequt-rt IY of weakness 00 the 'ln- I
Ott, Marti with a rough. about the age of r.ighieen she e—
;an to get much worse. For pi* months pie:gnus to etfin- ;
ntonring with your meclirinss she hall not Ittieniable to get I
out of . ..the house. Ifsr conntellanre was greiti• emariate•l i
yellow and sieldy lier fece'rintl neck was, roveredl hi
dinu:Teen.hle Pustules., eyes veer much stmitsn, .in --r
cone& •In fine. i , h4.hore every ni4learanre of
soon becomin.2 an no - happy victim In ron•nropthin. lAt 1
this time .1 proeurml for her some of your Forest Wine OW ;
Pills,whirh she commented Oiling according In the Ate-
tionr. She era ;natty improve' as she follovretVup the , e
ofthem. ifer flirt symptoms (if reeovery wadi an unenta.
moat y good appetite. her face finally become shin.° th. find
hercheeks retry. [lir cough left. her 'altogether. Sh'e is
now strong and vitrormg•. antl.firesentv tip florist •iartir;te
of health I ever witnessed i . Jolts F. I..kXIVF.T.t.
Dr. a. IV. //alvPo's (;,;:4-(Fnited 1 7 nrest Pills!
7t1%-turirtare.l on the same orintiplea4 the Forest 'floe.
to which it is an important a•ljOnet . They are,t.ol'el With
ourefinm trahle. an import Ant invention. fot whichl Dr.
flalsey has re,•eive.l the only patent ever granted on l'ills;
by the 'lovernmrot." of the Unite/ Sates. - • ..-
De. llnlsity's Forest Wine and Ii um-coated Forest Isllls,
unite in neampllshing the annul gr. at .-vl 111}1Puritle-ition
~f the floral. the 1:e:to-ration and Resturatton of ?the
Stroparh and Dowels. i , I ' • t •
The life prlne.inle of man il the W0e.1., nn it...oner are
tl.o•o mgans of the stomach which f cry-ft. - the brer.i,
elearse.lof mortiti.mat ter on;htestoret - i to healthy ~ I ti.Sll
~ by the use nf the Fore t Pilts:lnnl pure rich: blood - lade
rto-flow in the vein.. hv the 'tasiof the Fnfesti Hine, than
i also:ocher:ins tor - knish and . an 4 rengtli and erifts.:y of hotly
• return This is the prinelple, on whirl; is Onn,lei t,!ife.e
great medicines, and hr whichinently al; ;ii-‘ea•es err tinre.l
~ ... •
- .
Thn Pnrent Winn IA imt UT' in Lirzeslirtro ihnttle.,'*th
Tr. ilniser'y name I.ln‘rn in;the On'. one Dilllar per;l. , ,t- I
tie. or ic• bittlel ter Fire Dol'aia 0 urri..en , t , o ForrPtrillg i
2.7irent4 Der Ttox. For 'c *lc% by the nnnninte,±l I..r.nt',s. n'
Whole,..ale nrilTietnil. ilener4l Pep t. lel tinane A ere..t, ',
one ..I , or - 1jn,1,,,,,,. N.., yi . . 4 .k . ,
. i ...,--,-.
A TIIIIII nte.,l - kgenis in Muni ros'e, Abel Tnrrell': Greatllenu , i
tutlen - Senit.l,
. ..
atyl ehnuge quarterly. t i
... I .1'
. .
, .• \ " NEW GOODS.
C MILLAN•& PARK return their g•tt eful.
I acknowledgments to the pulAcifor pait fa
vor*, and invite attention to the very .:larges;tock
of Spring and Summer Goods they art? nowt . re
ceiving., and offer fur sale at very imti s riresi k
addition to their usual mssortment of; staple:Dry
GoOds, Groceries, Hardware, Crocko'ry, l':4int.,
and Oils &e., they are prepared to exhibit a large
I .
assortment of . ,
of every description, Figured, Pla4and .Plain,
Silks. Bobnets,Sha.wls, RibbUns. Gloves, Hosiery
Ladles and Misses shoes of all kinds—also a
large - stoi?k 'of
Cloths, 'eassimeres.; Tweeds, Jeans, Summer
Cloths, .frestings, Hats and CapS - ;BoutS and
Shoes &C. &c.. : , _
l - -
,i•espectfolly solicit
-an early call from
those kltio wish to purchase. Goon Gooni; AT
Low PRICES. . . I
,liny 2, 1854.
Farrasrs' Union Insurance Co.
- Office,l :Athens, Bradford Coaniy, Pev i n'a.
CAPITAL .200,000, - .•
hNsuitEs against ill SS by Fir. Ur . inses, Stores
and Other buildings, G.Mds, Wares, and 3ler
chandise on as favorable terms ai any similar
Institutii.M. Losses R romptiy adjusted a l l paid..
I IllikIpCTOlFtS.
- •
Porace Williston, Francis Tyler, Geo. A.
Perkins.; J. T. D. WET.. C. N. Shipman, C: F.
Welles, E. Canfield, Athens; • Hon. ;. John
Lriportoj Toarida; Gen. - Bradley wz,lionan,
ceyville . Geo. 31:-. EMI lenbacit , AVi I k eabarre ;
chael Mylert, Laporie, Pa.l .
Hun. Horace Willibton. Pres.: C. F. NVelles, jr.
Vice Pres. and Trelik;'.l. E. Canfield, Se.e . Y.
Address, 0. S. Bekbe, Montrose, Susquelmnna
county, d'a.--‘2By l *1 •
Our StOck of Stoves.•
T§ now, completed!—:ind we would take this op
portimity to s:ly !that we can
_show the' most 1
beautifni and splendid patterns of Parlor and
CoOlting Stoves to; be found in the -county-- I
Among ; them can be seen the Rueolving front,
and Gothic Parlor, for. wood or-coai,entire)y new
patterns,' and decidedly • pretty stoves. 'Prices
from lire to ten dollars. 1 •
Of oOr Cooking stoves, we think it needle. 4,4 to
say meet), only to reined: that We are Belling
them at our former, prices, .ind judging fri - im the
rapidity of our salt*, we . believe the public are..
entirely satisfied with the prices :ind qtu of
our wares.
We have 'a " few left" of, thel" Clinton Air
Tight, EleVated Oven stove," acknowledged by
all to be the best cooking stove ilow in •
lussia, and English pipe at old priees,and Trim
mings and Tin Ware -of all deseiptions, at. the
very lost rates.
- New Slilfot 3, eel. 24, '54. . •
Everything works to a Ch.
SCOTT, JOHNSON & Co..arti now . r
a new stock of Fall Goods, and are .
wait upon the people to anyth'n they
the line of Dry, Goods, Al( thing, G
Hardware, Crockery, Fish. Sal , Iron, 8
Shoes, &e. &e. \ We WM surer suit
r ail and see -us nt our iitors in SPrin.qvii
Springville, Sept.
,27'1854. . . .
5000 bushels of Oats, 2000 bushels
1000 bushels of Rye, 1000 bushels t,i Di
plea. 1000 bushqts or fluckwpfati 500 bit
Bennis, and any quantity of ; Partridoei,
highest market prices. In exchantte for C
adv to
wish in
otss and
all that
of Com,
tied Ap.
lifiela of
. at tho
. . ~,
CC zu , •. .
— aii .
Kno .Thysplf." I
Anlnrulttablr Rork fur 25. rent I—"Lcery flintily th
, ! hare copy t' : } ofd
lir 3,G00 ll (IMES SOLD iIN
~ ~ 4 , e ,
• lA ' % • t :.... 4 1,, 1 „ ~ • LEs•ST,ItAN A, 11:411.: A n e ,w
. s,iii4l,,llts it .1/4•,,..,' , .- edition, revised and improied,'
...i., ....•.• I
.it s . 7 .C's 74 , .., ~ , J l' 5. , ,e just issued. • I .
-...,'"•• • -
~,...- e -Vitert„.• r•-?:' Dr. tinater's Sfedleal Manned
-••••" .....'AT - 41w,a10.. e' and hand nook foilheattlictrikl
-. ,• - ..<.
' ' -, • Containing an 011tlin(L91 thit!OSII•
' ~ .......
• , ',;;4: - .62 - z;
.. ~N's gin, mogress,treat mem inde i nre
';''',/,, II : ; ,-.. ~,N s' of ,every form of tilaeare_ cows
''' /".' i i i'l' i s:s s • • tracted by proiniscuoustsetual
Intercounne,hy self abuse or by sexual excess, with adidee
for their prevention, vn fit ten in a foraltiar sty:e, avoi4ing
alt medical techneatties. and everything that would offend
the ear of dr:remit ...with/in outline of comPlaiutsibeldrnt
to Females, from the result of some treaty years* snore
ful practice exci sively devoted to the cure ofrliaesses,ot a
delicate rr privet nature. •
• To which is added receipts fur the cure of the.above,dits
easits, anal a treatise on the causes, symptoms and curvet'
the /Fever and Ague.
Tetimon . y l of Me Prnfreso7 nroh , leiric 1 in Penn ,Coliqe,
Philrytelph:n T --• I'l It . I (.1 STE It 'st MEDICAL MANUAL,"
—Theanthor o• this work. unlike the majority of those
who advertise to rare the discs:4.a of which It trcals4l a
graduate of One of toe best tiollegesiu the UnitenOtitteS.
It affords mei pleasure to recommend hint to the unfertai
nate, or to the vletint of malpractic , . a F a successful And
exrwrienced ipratitioner. in whose honor nod integrity
they may place t h e greatest confidence.
* 1
' l 'l ' S. 1 OYG:41100.E, NI b
From .4 Woo itrarri. M. I). ...rPern • Unit cr.sity,, Phihr
delplot,—lt glees inepleasute it- add my testimony tit the
profeFsionalithiliyty of the Author ot the!" Mt olciit.ll/0 1 -
1.9.4 L." , Nntlerons ewes of Disease ofthe Genital Organs,
seine of them of long standing, have come under my no which hislskill has been ea/tallest In restoring to
perfec • health, irt some fores where. the patient has. ))een
eon rbleretl bryintV medical aid. rotht..treatmcat Of Sinn-
Innl weakness. o disorratigetarut attnr functions pro
(laced by sOrahnise or Excess t{f venery. 1 donut now
his sn,prrior in the . profession. I have been acnua rated
with the Author t.otne thirty years. and deem It no Moro
than jostler to-bitit as well as. kindness to ihe unro.,tilnate
victim of earlyiniliscretion, to recommend him as ono in
wlinAt. professional skill and integrity they -May ' , lately
confide them,elvi•s., ALFRED Wu ODWAItD.NI4 D.
•` This is. wqll tut exception. the ' , lost comprehetisive
and intelligible mirii pulitished on the class-ot of
wide): it treats . . IA roiding iii technical l' adairei,S
viitr+elf to :he reason of its herders It Itt free frit). all
objectionable matternd no parent however fatitb long,
can object to tnts}frig it hi the h.trols of Iris sena. The An
tbor has deroteillmany years to the treatment of thd rUni.
our CODlVl , tillto , rieateil of. and. with non little bre:4ll to
puff alt.! too little presumption to napes°. he Mug olTert4f.
to the world. 'l' tit- merely nominal price of 25. cent 4, the
trait of 21 , 111 e tW,t,lit3-years' most I.l(Tetattl pl'Aqti l tl. " —
//tr , M. i . . .
No tete-11pr or parent shouldhe without the.kroviledge
imparted ir f'd.;inroluat.le work II writibl save. yriars or
pain.mortificatii r n and , orro.v to the' youth under their "—p,„,,r, Adrocate. . .
.4 Presln.terian e'eryam - 1' in Ohio. writing of ' i llnn•
tee , ' Mi- - liral It.lanol" oat's':•-"Thou•uid ,, ,npon thous
-ands of our Youth. by erit exmiple avet influence tai the
Pa‘sions.ligv'e lti, , \ in let into' tire habit of self Twilit 'Ott,
without realisinetit , sin anal tearful conser:encesi upon
tliemselv es and their nins:..rity. The ronstitut tone oftlions
ands who ire 7ftiiin:: families have been e nfee l drd. [ lf not
',rot. rn densmand 71
they do n0:flow - the cow,. or (tart cure.
Arty tinio.7 (hat can be done so to 'enlighten anal initoeucc
the ',Odic mind its to check .and ultimately to ream, e I i.hi
w w,..,..5p-rend s ou r e r . cinnamon wretchedness. woultlfeonfer
the greatest. l,4.4sl67..nex Ito the relbrion of Je , tlt , Christ.
on the pre-rut aUll comfit.: toneration. lote.uporm - r,er (or
tine use oriatoxit'ating drink-I, I bough i t lass slain Dm us
antis noon nri d is ' not. it greeter 5....11,7re to tlt e hts
' roan el,. A cc -1, t Inv thanks on behalf of the afflicted.
or i.f.lodicre !an t. l roar c , ..worlier 11141ot Foot work y4u are
aostetively engaged it., "
f 1,,,. serial i . .... • ~ .ely.cnrelotliel) 4411 he forwarded Jfrer of
prmtnce, to ,TIV !pit t attlie ITititel State., for 2'a eel 1 1. or
six rotse. , frir .4,11. A I,lre•s. (post. rlitl`, COSDEN CO.,
patoi hers. or bins 103. philrilelphia. 1 .
r.--r- rt,,,t,,,eirt, 1:Am.:V..41.S j ot Cook A,,,rents carpi:led
on the moot lilt .r , i terms. - ..' 243 - 1
Inval i lds of Ponnsylvanial
. , T
oar oti
ttettlion is ardently ; invited to a; larei ,.
and eeMi id Perusal of sin:nettling thnth is,jirst •
her - II tilt rofinded 11110: our rid. -anti . &line honored
stale. • • l
Pitlrritc:-.'tits !Alt - ft Elt.cfric Voltaic ('Mains. —
A new awl ilava.l ipplying a 19•Nerftil
remedial :12 , 111. 51i comotsiteted tis to be woru under
. .•it. .
tho , rartn-ri next to the wilier producing a ittinstuot
unittl, tritrieti ettrr. , :tt of Eleetro ‘i agitetisM4elf,cl
ing itortiedurni r,ll. f froth t h e itiO.rt uncle int it. and
also,. permat l neut cure of ail Nervous Direares•l It
getdOTA has flirt (Cr ftirpiSil Itillio , t . illSiailt • relief,
land a fits 1. p l erriminent cure. Lt' being' taped aiteord
in,: tar direr: t it!ol.s. to the fa ollow lug di seases.• 2 - Mien
matistn. GoOt. seiattett:/Pttruiysis; l i aiOt;o1. and
Steelled Joink i ~. Neuralgia of the -face. Diriala,ver. of
the Spina.. Deafness -and Ittinliress, Utorilut Nina.
Pail/It:it i1:-11 af Op- Ile art . P , tiallifitll (h.:Id:1( 6 01p. St.
Vitus llatioe,.(:eriorill Ibilrilily, Pain• of thafi'lle.t.
, f .
Up-ter:es:if:, sper , ia. , ll' diseas.•,- mar grelenos e d
by a &eiirieht amount of Neryou l s
Fluid arelwreall
rolieve-at, if turviperttranentl) cured by -, ittip4. wear
in_ th e eh:oils a few - bows each day: f • ... .
fie it iturb i srstomi that it is not chtimetilthat it
cures : di di,-,.. 41 ,, s. bat only those ro t which kriß xec
pinion-ivied.: find moreover W e baldly ,taitil'atol de
fy that l oin-edit:int/I .:+r-bt of way hind ImStierfOrtn
et!s FO M kNV ...arcs during" the ° lost Ve'ar i.i . those
11;eat , , , jo. o.tnteti A'S. \' • ' -
. it ; t r ,.,,,,, lr i,r' s El- dries (.'llatit. i '
. -
, tl.• this .I,nsertioa, we defy any Rerson to
Itotty well atilltezo tooted Vertia,etttet , of
iii!rieiatns :ind i lite Ilitzmit pa:llmq , as array
la p rritlvitet of 11; p ~*l-5,-to be hurl i'ara
ir,•-nt i l
ia 1.1., trryn. The Elertrii! Chains
ittoduced'in France in Isso, tasad after
rite,. to the MOSt Ilintoll.;11 and riirid trial,
ki-dical men' in: Path., they V:14.! 10111 Id
t r , ina r. and marve lion , power fiir reliev
irerever applied, and by their i-i l lflarinee
lacedinto the ho:piitik of that oi ly ,t natal
II totters patent by the•Froneh (7ro..erit
- .
it 4... ; are hate ace dintroti tato itliniLst. ererY
l'.m.r.l.tild. Germany. Austria. Pelgium,
bd in those countries. where (hey have
i• too: t - ' .
Tar f;uratire A:zeta it: the iqrld.
ea to prey
scietii'.fin PE.
he found 111 I
0! Ow n
I (4
also q..r. 11
11,1F r ita1,11
ht•Conv. th
They wt.reflrst introduced intis the U. States ,a
bout one, year bitice,- and went through (he same
.triul as in. Europe, mid were at once introduced in-
to every hospital in N. York, where they; are now
in daily use, effecting even more -wonderful enres
than h a d over before been,,awarded theiri.• They
are Itighlykeeommentled by Prof. Valetitloe tTott,
Van Buren, Post and others, who tiste . )aublished
their viewti of their newer and value in ieverul of
the medical journals in that city, and are also in the
daily practice of recommending their eto pa
tients. A!fall account - of their opinion thlty also be
found in every pamphlet. end tribnt to the hddressof
every person in the State by applying (post paid)
to A i'•LT R E LL, Agent, Mout rose,pa. The
Chains call he sent by mail: with: full descriptions
for use. priee Chains. $3 and $6. !
'Physicians arc politely invited to call rind-ertnt
itre their iconstract;On e and -pronounce upon their
merits. ONE. worm t o INVA LI DIN tan son need
fear that they :will not accomplish just 'what it is
claimed they eo n do. ; •
N. B. ()tie Chain will last for yeare andlosenone
of its electric power by use, and can be Applied to
either adUlt nn child.
ArtstAinanet.t„ Agent. Montrose. Pa;;
Joe. S - o , :txrar, General Agent, 568, Broadway,
"New York- 1 - 6yl.
Yourself -7-- Lirin_o 9 r_ : •
Eniry on his own .PhysiOion: • I
MDR FIF rtE - rit F.dition,i,onfainin f y, •
- _L otie hundred Etigravin,gi. showing
‘7• 7 Disauses and-Malformations elf the HAl
man systeni in every shapetud form.
To i‘vhieli is added Treaties on the
Diseasesiof FOnales, being of the llighestitnpor
tanco to inarrikl people, or those cotemplatingmar-'
riage. By I
. .
inlliall4 . 1 .- 011310- M. D.i
• ,
Let no fatlitr be ashamed to preeeni a copy of
.the .Aes'eulainus to his child. It mar save him
from an early grave. Let no young Mau or wo
man enter tutu the secret obligations itifnarriedlife
without readi Bre, Pocket A esen la pi Us. Let no
one suffiring from tiliackuied cough, Pain in the
Side, teStless; nights: nervous 'feeling's, - and the
whole train or Dyipeptin sensations; imp given up
by the WO ysicia n, he another roomentlt Burnt con.
suiting the A I;St7 U A S Itavellte married
or thoseaboul.lobe married any impedirrient,Tead
this truly useful book, as it has been d e means of
saving thousands of unfortunate cry utt4esfront the
very jaws of death. '• '
liT Any pi.rson sending twenty fir! watt en
closed in a le4ter, wlit receive one copy,. of this
wotk mac! or fide copies will be slut for One
Dollar. .'Akidress (pmst paid.)
- DR. W tit. tOUNIO,
-. No. 152 Spines St. Philadelphia.
Alareh 'St 1854 t
limps! Pumrtg.!!
T "' i y,re a tost,,improm n C
veent of the e, C.
Patent Doubli3 4eting B.tll,
Valve, Ford and Lift; Pump.. .An iMproveinent
above ill other pumps or niachines:i for liftina
and throWink: water. .eomi•inino bottl..a tnimp - and
Fire Enfzine; This Pump, patented ijt Februirv,
1854, is thel of it tuetalie, .no •bottS-or
serews,about it to rust. eonseiptenritiV it Will
last n'tnan'tli life dine. .It can be used in every
varretY of Orin, can draw water front - any situd
lion and earn , it to any - part' of ay house, it is
i.ilperitki to all other: pumps for distilleries: Pa
per 11B1s, Tanneries, Brick . Vards,lron Works
and Matinfa'ettiring establishments oflatl kinds.
All nrdero. must be addrewsed. to 'Addison Ditn
wick, I,fielprscillit'n.. who ha 4 bought .the sole
right for Sulquelinnna County. .
185.1.H.351f. -
MEDIC6IES.-4 savitl
eion - sly molecti4l an.sortnicrt, including D r .
Swayrie s ,
.Jaynit's, and Throop't4 l'ri•parationa,
Wripbt'A 4flii.Plkinney's Pills, Davia'and T.hnyr's
Pain litrer, sze., dr.c.• SMITH &. IIt3IPSTE An.
11r . okl!.11, V. 22. 1851: . .
11IIILADRIXIIIA MEDIUM, I.l.ol3SE—Establabed 20
years iign by Dr. KIN KELM ,corner of Third. & Unlon
are i apprboillhai De.-111:51iEbiS confines'
its. between Spruce and Piur,Thiladelphis , pa.
hispraetice to a pat ticular branch of medicine, which en
gages hlsurnlivi:led attention. 110 eautionstho.unthrtnuat e
t bouseedit are anunally
'Wart 'the Aim , of mercury;
merenrialized out all fa- .Itec en t affectlonsare-promptly
sixtiaguishod:•. ' -
TWenty if en no of 3;x'prflrience in tnetfeatment
of a dui of disnosilliitherto neegleet ed and' mperfeetly
deratood,tutaarfabled I{lNEELlN.citertion. or wwoast
umNilit,lr Pas -flay a vinti,ltn prove that nine tenths of the
causes Dram - Vous debility : local and, constitution", weak;
Dias. mental anti physical sorb:zing, see traceable to cer
tain habits, fromilng the mutt secret yet deadly and.fatel
springs of demeatiz misery and premature mortality.
Take ,•ss rime titter Netice—Therein an evilhabit
sornetimraindulge 1 in by bays.ln solitude, often growing
Op with them to manhoori,ond witinit.if not reformed in
due nine, not t.nly begets various obstacles to matrttnenial
happiness:btu gives rise to aierieaof plotracted.inaidioaa,
and devastatingaffections. Few cif thnee who xtve way to
-this pernicious practice are aware of the rionsequenees,
unti I they find the nervous .ystem shattered, feel strange
and unaccountable feelings. and vague fears In thrilled.
Time unfortunate thus unable
to . inhor with occustnioed vigor, or to apply his mind to
study : lilt step is tardy and weak .he Is ihitt, irre „ o i ate, .
and engages in his sport with lea); energy than usual.
Iflic emancipate himself before the practire his done Ite:
worst. andenter matrimony: his In:I:Hale Is it tifenitlnhand
hlesen.e tell. htm that this le:caused by his early follies.
Thes are -ons i-lerations which ahould a Waken the attention
of rho ve gin - Warty sitwattel
• irgarri , l.To requires the fulfilment of several condi- .
order that it may hr really the cause of matnal
happiness. Could the veil which covers the origin of dee•
mertieiretchedness be taisCd.andits true sonnet in every
. inetence Now many could i 6 IA traced - le
i end their attendant..lleappolotments!
Apply them while it is yet time. in order to have your eh
strong and relaxed organization rebrared. revivified end
rvngthen ed.
...!yrnicit—He who places himself under 'Dr.
KINKELIN'S qeatment may relit:lonely confide in his hon.
or as a lerrtan. and rely upon the assurance, that the
• secrets of Dr. WS patients will never be disclosed. •
• ' Young min—let no false modesty deter you from. mak
lug your caseum men to ono who.fromeducatinnand respece.
tability.can certainly befriend you.
Ton many think they wilt conceal the secret In their
own hearts. and cure themselves. Alas! how often is
this a fatal deluslou,and how Many promising young
me n.who might bare been an ornament • to , societF hat
faded from the earth.
• Strictures of the urethra are rapidly removed by the
application of (anew therm> entica agent, 'wed out', by
Dr. K. Weal: mwvtand rpm-titutiimal debility promptly
anted ond t ull Vigor ravtorrd
Cows, erov -Can hove (by stating their
case explieltly.tfitrether with all tbeirsymptorits, per:let
ter epelosine iemittntfee) !Vs. medicine, approprin•
ted aceordtngly•
Forwarded to tiny part of the rotted Staten, and peeked
sreurefr , D 1 DAMAO r: or CURIOSITY.
RE ADI!--,-Yonth . and, Manhood.;
rigorou Life. or a Pr'eni4f Kinkelin on Self
„ „ Preserriaion--:0n1y:45 Cie111:1.
It is n work , tminently re lui reit , ns a means of rnform
i up; the rifles of the nein wn , ell we live. "Also,
With ruie.if.)r thi Prolongation of Life,lust fromthe Press
• A lekter With a remittance of 25 tient*. nr the value In
pnAgtarnpa, to 7 -Tir. KINKEL:IN-Philadelphia,
Pa-will secure a copy of either of the above books by
return of mail; or 12 ratites will tie sent free. of postage
for ;R t• Booksellers, Canvassers. Travelling Agents, ate,
supplied wholesale at the publisher's priers,whish adniit
of a lame profit.
trf..lll Letter s' mutt be po,t,poil
Australia, California,
Or any place on the Globe,e4anot pr(4e7d greater
• - • Mukreraents 111411
• .BOOT :tern SHOE STORE.:
filled with a- new and-exten-
V V sive assortment of articles in their line,
embracing a general variety' of new and elegant .
styles of • Ladies and Gentlemen's wear, among -
which are Ladies French, Silk. Lasting and . Pre
nill.."Gaiters, Kid and Enameled Polkas, KidlPat... -
ent leather and Itionzed Jenny Linds, ' Btiskini
and Ties ; gentlemsn's French and Philadelphia
oak•tanned calf skin and . kip B.mts, Congress and
button Gaiters.: Monterey and. Washington Boats,
toilet. Slips. Morocco, calf. and Cowhide. Bro.
gnats. Sc. Bays kip, calf and cowhide Beets, and
B r ogans; all kindsof Miss,-s and Children's
Also, a 2ent.r.ll:t.isortment of Findings; 'which con-,
sist iu -.part of hots, pegs, +=parables. Hungarian
nails.tackl. thread, wax, Rrrstrea, shoe bindiv,
aw ls • rasps. sandstones. shoe 'hikes, ' 'MA;
oak 'Aft , reamk trglinPii (tall upper and soleleatti.
er,"Merocca 'skins and linings.
. Work- made to order and
Wont rose, .Ttfne 1.185:Li • • •
At the "fCipsonyille Exchange.."
rCISi E inhabitants of li.psonville, and vicinity
a! , 3in favored with an exhibition Of an-
(ititer choice soleetion :end Wir.fiT. Goods
at the 41d stand of Cie sahlieribcr. (Doors open
daily; gumlays excepted, from 7 o'clock. A. N.,
until) 9 o!Plock P. M.,) where may be seen. sold
and n gooey :t ortment of Dry ponds.
Groceries, Croeliery. Hardware, Stont,warP,
Woodenwasv, Fish, Nails. Paints, Oils, Fluid,
Baotg. & Shoes, Clothing, SOtonl. Books,.
Trunk 4. Carpet B i s f7,4, lankee NotiTiii &e.
&c. All who can and will pay for, what 'they .
buy either down,' or within' a reasonable, time
thereafter, are in , iited to call.: Those belonging
to that other class may as well go .where they
can do better. All kinds of Farmer's' Produce,
Bolter. Lard._ Gars. Pork, .Po Ityy, and Cash re
ceived in exChanac ftir Goiidg ',. . . .. .
I.lpsonville, Oct. 7, 1854. . . '.
. .
• . ,Ntoves: - Stoves:: Stoves:;! -
. •
'snbseriber wishes to cal( the attentiiiii)f
his friends and the Public . to his very large
assortment of , , '
at.his new Store ROorti in Lodersville, next to,
L: S. Lenheim's Storis, and near-the Great Bend
'Depot. .He has in addition to his former, large
variety of Cooking and Parlor StoYes, many new
Patterns, some of which are--. -, •
St Nwholas,
Makin Troy, Mohawk, Medallion, \-
Mack Warrior, ' Orient, ' Oak, ,
Eita Stove,
Which together with his former' stock will be
perhaps the most extensive and varied assortment
of well selected Stoves in the County.
*** Clinton Strives well furnished al IoW prices.
fr 4.77 All articles in his lino kept nn hand•and
made to order as usual, and orders received at his
old stand in Great Bend. . •
Lndprstrille & Great Bend Nor., 1853.—tf.
\ • .g.-4---..3,747:7a5
Delaware, Leekawau an & W. 8. B.
ON and after Thursday, Nov. '23, 1854, the
Mail , Passenger Train will leave Scranton
at - I2 M.
Daly at Great. Bend at 2.30. r.
.w . ith the Day Express Trains on
the N. Y. & E. R. R., both . eat and west.—
Passengers taking this i train will arrive :in New
York at 9.30 F. M. and-in . Dunkirk at H.
• Return, will leave Great Bcnd on the arrival
of the Buffalo Express bound West, (3.2.0 F. M.)
Whieh'departs'from New York at '7, A. at.,..--and
arrives at Scranton at 5.50, r. 51.
The Freight Accommodation Train. with pass ,
enaer ear attached. will depart from Scranton at
1.84, st.„due at Great Bend at ft, r. 51., connect
irig with the Mail 'Train bound West, and th'e
Nivht Express Traitis-b4und both Eastand West.
Returning, will: depart from Great Bend at
6.30 A. M. and :irrive at Scranton, 11.00, A. M.
Stages will lie in waiting on the arrival ofPas
senoer.Train*atScranton, to convey passengers
to Carbondale, l'ittiatim,_Wilkes.Barre,
phia via the' Reading. R. R., Elston, and all other
intermediate places.
• • 1). 11. DOTTERER; Supt.
Sulk Office, Scranton,
• Nov.', 18, 1854. c 25tf
Drugs & Medicines.
. 4 • EftESII stork of flenniqe Dew's and,3lmi .
I 16w...4; Patont , Paints, oils, Dye
Stuff+, &e. &c, for sale to ,
Pet. 14, 1854. BENTLEY & READ:
Poiyars and Steam Eng i n e.
NE and two Horse Poweils for threshing
and other purposes, and a sixteen - tiormp
Power Stearn!Engine, for sale low at-the &t ate
Frourirv. Ai O. Stoves, Plows, and all kind - 1i of
Castings for g,arldnery and other purposes. :
Montrose, Wk.: 1.1854. '.'
New Goods: . ' .
9..4 nsgortment=4n nrrhT week, A
14W priepi. -Call and examine.
`lllt - rnlroNk., sPpt. 13, 1854. - , .")
. .
. .
ItuffalciZobizt. i: - • -.' :- 1 .
.. ..,.
.... . , . ,: ..,
ALARGE lot or itrintisorOo RolA.s, apart a
-them whole, Indian dressed, and very supe
rior colors and quality.' . LLB. &IGO.
qibson, Oa. 11, • 1851 .• •-. . •
guasu 04 • -
TERM5...81,60, cash in stdvanck;s2,oo,it
notpaid within six months; and 82,50, at the end
ofthe year. No papei discantinued until arrears;
ges are paid,. except at the. option :of the Puhc.l
Ushers. All communications connected a h the,
office, to insure attention. must be directed (post
paid) to CHASE & DAY; Monttose,Stisquehanna
County, Pa. .
- • -
. Hate% 41 Advertising. •
One square (12 tines or less) 3 insertions, $l,OO .
Each subsetprent insertion, 0,25
One square three Montlts,. ...... . . 2,60
One square six mOnths„ . . 4.00 •
Business Cards; four lines or lesi, .
Yearly advertisements, net over 4 squares, 7,00'
One column one yenr,- . .... . 80,00
Yearly -advertisers - will •be restricted to the
business in Which theyare engaged ;and are Con..
sidered•as wishing to continue advertising unless
they sball.give special directions for a - discontia.
I wince of the. same.
.100 WORK.
igr The publishers having - added to their Job
Printing materials a large and superior assort.
mint of Job Type, are now prepared to execute
Job Work•in a manner unsurpassed in this sec
tion of country,and nit the most reasonabliterths.
Blanks of every description kept constantly
on hand or printed to order.. .
1115iness pirtcterg.
Great Bend Depot, Pa. , Ammar
Proprietor. I • •
31Iannfact timers
ataus.Spi4us, Hughesville, Lycon3ing CO.,PL
Springs may be had of M. S.Wilson, Montrose.
• IVin. 11V. SMITH*, Co. . 7 •
- I and.Chair,Nanafaciarers, foot Main
Street, Montrose, r ft. .
Dr. 11. SMITH,
Surgeon . Dentist, Montrose: . Pa.,will be nt.
• Seanle's hotel, Mondays and Tetedays ench
week. _• • • . •
. 31cMILLAN dc PARK, • •
Dealers in - pry Goods, Groceries, Hardware,
CroCkery, Boots and §hoes,--81e.,Suingville,
Attornic at Law—Office formerly occu
pied by Little & Streeter, Montrose, &aqua.
hanna County, Pa. .
s, .
~ • A. J. DAVIS,- • •
.hanna . Depot, Pa.: -Office over S. BL; West's
Store. - • 16y1.2
Dealeirs in Marble Motiumenta,Tables,Tomt.
Stones, Zee. Corner or Court and Exchange
Streets, opposite Brooine . County Buh l Bing.
ilaruton, N. Y. ' ' •
ABEL TILT,RRELL, N10NT.13.0.3E, 1 4 A.
Dealer in Drues,Medicines, Chemicals,Paints.
Oils; Dye stuffs, Groceries, Dry GoMis; Hnid.
ware, Yankee Notions, &e. Physicians Pre
' scriptions carefully compounded. • ' ' ^
Fashionable Tailor—Shop unc)er. Searles
Hotel, Mnin Street, Montrose,
i?EALET: is Stoves, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron,
tiodersville,near Great Bend Dep'pt.-:6tf
Woodruff & Eldred
DEALERS IN Srovufacturers 4 Cop.
per, Tin, and Sh il e li e li MPWare. Shop pear
the New Court Bowie, Montrose, Pa. I
S. A. Wooorarr.) IG. 13. EFDRED,
- hici - '• - . 4' 4
•' ' ''A: L . a t p' : I
DEALEtt-in Ready-31;de.. Clothing,: Ils And
''. Calm Boots and Shoes, Dry:Goods, & . . •
rar-Store tlpposite SeerlesHotel, Siontrore.
C. D. LATIIROP, end - . 4
~i h. . • ; r•
J.P.. W. Itn.r.v; . • ::. ' . ( A- Le.nl2o°.
• • . Dr. Merit H. C.
T'iRUGGIST and CHEMIST, and be ler in
L./ Bs tros, Medicines, Chemicals, DyeiStrtii, •
Paints, Oils,Patty ; Window Glass, Catarbite
Fluid, Perfumery, Yanl:ee Noions,dte., ate.
Lodersville, Pa.-10tf.
ATTORNE V ,AND Cotr.ssr LLOR .AT LAW, M4SLI tr(se,
Pa.„ will attend faithfully to all busin'ess en•
trusted 'him in the
-county of Sitsquihanta.
Conveyancing and writing of all kinds ;Will It
done neatly, and charge modcrate:' • -
aka attead to the prosecution of clainAof sol.
. dieri,)their widows-and heirs, against t 6
government, for Bounty Land, Pensions, it
May- be, found at all hours at the office TOrmerlr
occupied by. J. T. Richard, nadir of the
Court-House.-18.53--n49 ' ir •
N. C. TYLER , . 4
liiterested.witkl..L. Hot,
I . SIItORTER ' - AND DEALER in Hardware and Got•
lery, Carriage Trimmings, Springs, &e.
•115. Pearl Street 4. V.
Where his Mercantile friends; iri this and other
Counties, are kindly invited, and-earnestli solicit.
edt.o call and Pnrclnise. _ •t nett.
With Rovie,'Woo4ulf, .&I Carter,
Nl[7-10L,ESALE_ GnocEns and COiMISSIOS
V MERCHANTS, N0.'113 Washing,ton Street,
-between Cortland and lib y Stk.' etis,Noi York.
larch 8, 1854-1-10tf. ' •
RS. E. Patrielt, Jr, & Z. Dimeek bar' Dthis day, formed a ektartnersilip e foy a mdrt
efficient - land sneeertsful pr osecution = of the differ
ent branches of their pro fession.
All business entrnstedto them, will be Wei
ded to with promptness and fidelity.
Their office may , be found itver Latlirep's
Store, - Sist side Public - Avenue. t • - •
' E. PATRICE, Jr..
••'G. Z. Z DIMOCK.'
Nontrose, Bfareh 22, 1854. , .
• . • -W. Singleton,
. alp now be roped at his new stand on ° Wt.
street, 2 doors west ot'Seitrle's - Hotrli shot'
hit zeffifctuany%repatis with divalc4, ,
Cori ks; Vons,leweliy; and every description of
machinery.. White! and Watti'
ma t the Ingle: 7 4l H
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