The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, May 11, 1854, Image 4

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    - -- 7 '• - 7 - 7 --- -- ,- .... — I -• ,— i: 4- 1-7 ' - ...1 - 7` -- - - ", •: -,-71 - -- ,
"'. ' . f-'"l:o)'itti * l / 4 1-itto**xxilittlitige, - -:-1 i'of are:: trseti i ;itive . fot . every :five huidred..
. .• • •
- '• I'' • • - t -• 'sit - I, jeet to ilia ' •tp qovitl
. ki.,;,-,V,e'ntiv I rilYtuoVecf,'an. aineadtnett i l- ' o'l ; ; 01 -0 . ,, , ', •is; qiksla. I ,cll. 1, ~ .-. • I ,
.. ~ .
the hilli:Yathicli utitiellritirto-the , iloor.i, Let of 0 -cili t ,,l L ''' .I jiii i rcl.. ,- .griide :. - en . trattce ; or tile
-* Id. dd'hiiiiig it *to it ,*to such, nu -:c lient „ g's f•tae. lgov l ',limpet it,,!. ,t rtfull. , eqn al Ity . - wtttr i .-_the
y le
. •',•• wIV. .thee 'retrito=
might; I:1 - '1i l e r ce.isary . I 6 the
_gentleman :ifre fu" 4 -?:t4littatilt.l.Jitis. •is tl4-. •,. . .
Alissi'lli'tt-f s Oli', * B .. O_` ,`f . - ‘r.: 'vies I aVt i lbeeit I governed for several '..) ears.;
Tlio •Altitii•M• i• in- response to :Mt, in - 4,iiiiii,' - ti nil • 1.,.,nt„.t .f:o . r . 'al c ilierittit . , to it . ...'.; '
~ . . . • ,
isaid , Ahaiariten ntetitiu_tlre.tecon.:l4egrett-w - is .TIIE 1nt17.71::x-r 1 4:). 'cir it.:llN' l n,w4 st;AvF.l t y 4utis.
- - -I - ''l ilo , i - --'''\ ' • ' '
debateable. ' ' " ','" - ' _i' •• ~- .. , .. •_ p .
IklYil? ! enton - That isr all' I:Wrint (latiglti ,4, ,At i 1 now; what - is,tll4„ - ,chs e ' for : all ;Allis
Me lg hpr s agraitl t t . _et owded'arontid hint. i . 0 6.1 oha ace of . he-cos ttry;'.this breaking,,Up
144 :Smith cf_Virginixrose to a question )f ' of an .nn t .coUt tromioe .1• "Arraying. one inlif ' nf I ,
orders and aft r this wtts.,disposed•of, **: - - the'Llnion against the Otheri: and tiestrOving
. .
Mr,_ Benton mild, Sir . ting :- - - . q.' . t-bc . : - ,tittuper.rtld busine4i of ettn , i4ess 1 • . - W hat .i
. Atrfpltibolo y. is a cause for the. rejecti, n liS tho'C:OttselfOr all this ttirnioil and '.. mis•-, i
i r
.of,bills, not et ly by (.:.ingress.. Ink - hy, •the Le hief•i - ~i y . .
J ulie told it.ils tO . leciv the, ipi6s
- President w e 1 earti•xl, to 'hi tn. for - hi's : nppito- tion kr shiVery lout of C4tigre4s; ' Great, (3 dd
-va1,, 4: fileneral Jacks - on rejected ' one, . for i that ; - It W•alq., -. ( t u l tt of Ctingress lf COMPletelv," entire
cantteand it was less - amphibilogiertl ithan .. Iv, luld'iOreler out of-elongre'6s, unieSs L.Cen 7
thii; it was II e - last night : of the . hist/illy - 01 - - - grsStdra , ,,fged it in. by hreiliug ttotr tltt se
his•lait admiikStration, and a :quarter before ; red la s-,11 whi cli Sett I ed! 'i t. -,l'lle
.qiostion was.,
inidilitritt Congress had Sent him a . bill . tO.' re- ,4 e tti e l,j acid d o - ~,,.w i i h . , \ I Th ‘ ,,, e , t .uns ii( i t , . 1 • 112
' peal lie specie circular, and to - inn - ugurate tbe e iticiol f qiy,ire, ' o territory irr the Union nii,
paper money: oi . ..: thousand local banks as the 1 ivhicli it iiouldi he l•ajz_ze,l without:a .hre4cll.;'of
currency of the\ Federal
. Governutent, 4 'IY:I6 - 1. (;011ipr 9 01i.5 , .. - 1 - (The . ordinance of 87 .1 .it_li! , l
nn'jkjfct.not to he avowed, nor to . he done in it in iillle -enutining Part Or the northwest
any i - . direet•or 2alpable in:Muer. 1 ) :#6411 i.§o 7. territ§ry.peyond - Wisconsi it
,i; the -c'ompritilse
ciretindoetitio i, atubidexterit l anti atn- igui7 line or 3Eh deg.' 30, min.+ settled it, in all tif.rpt- -
tY**9o necessary to covet up , t lie ,( 1 .() . -si0 A n.lia . i I , v ittirtl I lila west -of Alis.sofiri to 4 lie rjrititAt -
it ills: untelligible. The 1 Pre•,.....ident. ,renil ill Vote, Ind hp fa the Ilockv -. .gletinttiiits ;,.. the tir...
and could make nothing of, if ;he sent to .liio ' • - e , a . 1. fo re ' ir o n, - maae hv tile people, and
Attorney Gettei•nt, who was equidly, ptip.led•_. 'Sautiti n I -
Hai th - en returned it with la. nressage to bv' Ciingr6-.-.• N'etflet - I. it 1 'in MI
thd_ ilmt i gi l in)i ) ;tltt' acts foit ' l 4 govN lith ei ti t' or
Semite, refusing, to sign the bill her amphibot•-: J.Ttalt. itt - A, tv ' - fe.,xice set th - ..d it in ill jSe two
•ogi.- ;We should - reject . thikhill f r the• Same tertif I - -; . ;''lli6 ceitipaet with Texas,.ilclerrni
•cau . se, it for nothing elSe. I Itard,l - - the fate of . a i„• 1 11 0
Minberof slave states to, be forme&
party fealty. dltltiS to keep np. wi h the c•t.r-! - eat , pflth t state; settleclit there; nad CitlifOr
changing tnefisnre. - Often h ave
.thes.e-rihills nut setttlell it fin; herself. Now ; Whfir4 - was
,C44ngod • and! under e‘,!,L phase . They, 'hart!
.thew :Iti 'inch s' ()nave Of territory .within the
Ind '.' 'be -lived •44 of orthodc 'id -, I - lqi.> , ' -•-• . • .-- ' .- '. • -
~ ,
- 4 0 VW: tee(
11E1'03_111:ore eh,
,continue to b(
Ax ri te r iiodoxy ;ant
itiges to 'lndere:o yet, aril to
r t
, A test under
L , ,
hat is the Object of .this
i niove
,o ' dtsturUsi-Ont.ress- And; the
4n now,
._ . . - .. .
country? Wlluit does it ipropo,o . -to acconi T
pluiliii I.' To settle a prine plc, as theauswev—
tile-.principle: of non-in erve.ntion,.- and; the .
right,of the ' - ple of
_the territory to decide
the question f slavery fo thents'eTVes. • I Sir,
there is no such. principle.. , - The territories
Are the children of the states. They are.!, Mi
aloll, 'ander : age
,and it 'i I
e..b si ess of: , L
-statesthrouiilhiir delepations
.in Conress,
to take care of them nntithey.
are .ripetr. fOr
state governnient; Alien ito - give them that
goverrMient, 4nd adMit them to. au eqn.lity
with their fathers. - That' is law,. and ',. has
been* admitted since tl4e first ordinanes, in
17.4.. i . . 1
._ . _
-Thestates in Congressl are the, guarslians,..
ottlie 'territories, and are, bound . .to exercise
•that.gnardianShip; and cannot abdicat .it
witbont a breach of trust anti a dereliction of
dot .1 Why, [sir, -territory itself is tliepicier
tfof,the s,:tattl, and they do withit they
‘ plesiSe-',--7permit it to be --,settled or not, as they
please; cut itup by lines, as.they please ;sell
or give: it *trw.y as they. please :;. chase. •white
people, frOnir it, as they 'pljease... - I.'his has been
alWaysthe . eaLse. There' is a proclam4icin
now extant Odle old Co giess of the -
federation, deSeribing th .first settlers in . - . i i the
Northwest territory as a isorderly 'person s, - 7
and .oniering them- to be driven ()Irby thernil
itary.;.: 1 j -.
- 1. remerobi many stielL military expulSion
in : the
_early ttlement O l t . ..the western country
often eXecu with seve:ty ; burning hotises,
cutting up Cotri, destrOynigfe.rices, • and dri-,
ring.of peopl. at the po.rit of.-the bay9pt,
.and under the; edge of.the, sabre.. As late; as,
1834-'35, and after the xtenSion ot,,the-I.,ln
dian ' title' to the Platte. untryin MissOuri,
sirnilar orders were give to the then colonel
dratroonscom,i .b
mandino• . n that .frontier,- 'the
%., •
now senator in Congres„, Hemy Podge,. to
_expel-the. peoPle from that purchase ; - briers
which be ex iuted iagelitleness 'and ,}nervy,
going alone; xplaining his business ; and Int •
quiring them to go aw 4, - which they . did,
like good an orderly pepple ;..aiad when G he
waSgone v ca e back like sensible and indus
. people and'secured their pre-emptiOns.: ,
No only sett} d, but Oranized territory,
•heen so trey by - the federal government,
and worse ; t . people diiven off, and their
homes given Away. Th . - happened in Aikhn
sas in 18:28, - . ben ' twel e thous.and . squlare
miles Of her a ganized , rritory was given to
the Cheroke and the
driven *lll7/.3r. .
t l .
Why sir, this Try line of 36 deg.
.6'o . Min.,
with all. - Awry on one. i.1i.....0f it, end
two degrees o - the other.- side, - were given
away it - the ing Of SAIL. ' , This has hOn
seventy years I practice of the govsrnment—
,to treat the territories as property, and the
people as uninvited guerts i to he - entertained,
or 'turned out. as. the ow r of the house choo- .
sex. Fine soereigns th -. l chased off by the.
military', and
their hours given to-Indian:or•
Spaniards. , he- whole deAthissovereign
;.o -1,.._ ...,..4e,
, scouted ,ong,ress 'when,
f ed in the ISenate, *contradicted
ution antlf-the whole notion of
nt, in all t:ime; and contradict-,
itself, secure it. The
the hill :ale a burlesque uPon
It gives tb the people, instead
tun them,ian &gamic act. One
, are denind, every attribute l of
Denied freedom of elections;
m of Tot mg; denied ehoieel of
s ; deiaiedl the right-of fixing the
lor voter , Islibiected foreign
ty is a novelty
Tit first appea
by the consti
the governor
ed by the bil
provisions of
of receiving
in which_ the
their own•lal
malification I
electing; nue
to reject slall
tends to the
ono side of
end contri
ichich tri{i
L only alloj
.=tl-. The
übject of .
other half Of the poWebeing '-he(d to be Pe
nied by the 4onstitutici , which is etenled
over them, and Which according to the read
ing of the sUPporters o this bill,) forbid); any
i ll
lawrto lie wide which will preventanv-.titi
zen from ,going there with his slaves.. - Tins' is
squatter Soyreignty, non,intervention i andlilo
power to legislate in tilrriteries upon . slavery.
And ; this is elalled a ,p 'nciple—the, Trine:4)lc
oftion-inter} ntion-1 Wag the people alone,
to. settle. he uestion ' f slavery for thems'.'el
yes. flow s ttle it! IThat can s onlY be , dOne-t.
in : an organi act ; an -they have no Kichabt,
rio'r can: hay one till , hey make a censtitn-
tion fora St te'government... All the rest: : is '
legislation, •hich settles witliiiix, awl :Pro u-
ees contend
, nikat ev4y election., Sir . this
principle of non-interVeution is but the ,;ppn-
eiple' of eotitntion—i bone . given, to, the p)o
-ple to qUarrel and fig, over at every eleeq . nn
and at every meeting of.-the .legislature, until_.
they beeome a state - goverument. -.then, .nd.
then : only, caithey: settle the - question., .'
For seventy yearS±since ,the yeir. 17 4, .
when , the. organizing, i niind of Jefferson dr iv
the first territorial , ordinanr had a iin.
• i. ke,e—m•
form method of. rier ding for the goverman
of territOrie4 all fou ded - ttpn -the 'clank,
the Con f ftittt ion.whielt Lutiliorizes . Cong.i
to dispose o 'and mtke rale'cind regulat,
•,_._ -
7 -
respecting the territ4
the 'United §thtes.
has consisted of thre
the right of Ponf,Presi
grade : a Go i tvernor 4'
the United§tates t
states,, to be in Fore
Congress. Second
lattire, when l ,the inh.
fire thonsand men a
one, composed of a. c
by the Unitdd State: ,
seittatives, .oeeted bj
subjecteo o reig.
iAlable by the federal
ey have lib hand in
Yed to admit, anti not
r sovereignty' only ';e:y
slavery, anti only I , to
admitting side ;
...............gtuat us
IT-and other property of
hi :i mode ofgovermn tit
grades; all founded in
-togorern.therri: 'Fits
judges, t
d 'appointed tiy
adopt laws from °Pier
until disapproved hy
_i'rade.: a.territorial ltis
i ,Litants shall_amoutd. tfr.
hove the' age of twe ativ.
'ountil partly'appo - intld
, and a !louse of .Itepre-
T the people at the 'ate
1 • is - - • ['• •
Unlicti S ates - iin wliialt file linestio% c
i - '
"rvisd4 l".. ,',where.: N6t 1:/11 meal :', 'll
, ~ , ,
tion;%tlis =,;!itted\ .cv.o-c\. wi)erei not • m( 2 l
1:i*; i i; t
. .iv fact. Trio vciork - was . doi
!herdl:a,' :no Ava), - -to
. ttel int the:iiiwsti
by of (51 , tg...tlici, 1,-ork T. iNo 'Way er: C
It - 167 - ) i- , "Ivi
filleAlbn . 111, fek.the purl, ,Keep
to break iluw4' compromhs.4
t. . . • I
to bit
it out, '
kept it
from tl
will Le
m .
14 redJ
IC N - 11•41F.:E I I
,t, I (.I;•ati . tage dolt' e slave state,
is bill ?' - CertainlY . they . ekvi-_,,et
41 1 ' •+tv , 1 '‘- ' • - f (1. slave
, . , c i . poi%•er . ,rl, .
1 1 hat inay prove! a fallactilth:
[{-'he grtie:ltiou pf fsiftvei•S• i 4 111
i khrc4ii.'optiib territorial i
a t ti est ion of. the akajc,tity for or t l•
;-• ml. .what,i'llitne.!.3 I Would. t lle!
1 1. cc: in sack a C ).tik , s:.l ?. ..1\;(1'1
:the slaNitefnizr: iits t - Artil be. ot
, n 4.0.. &nal) .11.eZ t. )lav at n -
feci4:f. _ompilled to. >lay at a nut: :, ti
qual 'gain , not only . .in loint.of numb:k r tnt
also in' Po ut•ofstakes. . i'llitslaV'eltolderta 'es
Ibis Property; auddlas run it, oil, or lose it, if
outl voted at the' l polls.. . I st:te nothin:a•l i llviiii:ll
SlaVehold ri - are to gain ttialer this - 17i --110-
thing bnt an . unequal :Ili 'vexatious - ontest, ,
•in whieih,. hey.are, to be. losers. JAIL , . U•eente
'such - It . Foulest, and did inv i .- p4it to 1.( , e ii I out
of the state Of'Misiouri wfiten her eons itution
I , ,
wait forred.l I was tiot itimmber - of tie cop
,. i ~
ventitin i Ilutl . wits a chief promoter of th elatt7e
which the .legislaturd to ,enia i'Fipate
slavc's , Vitlyont the.eonse it :Of their. t l .vneri..
I . l . prot .)te4r - that clause f r the sake - o , peace
! —for* sake of keepitk tl.e slavery qnestion
. •:, ~,.
'out ot Pe elections 'and.ileoislation4 'qt. the
• • , 1. • r•-.
:isake ofThreventing perpetual strife. amonz the:
PeoPle,J .N I Visit.'l did for, Missouri, lw )hlti,do
for th.elteritories ; and-if it Was an open clues
:don woull - Vote one Way or the other itit .set
tle it ; t•x: it is ;not 'Mt ;open . question ' i and
eannotil.!e opened tivithont,a!breciell of 1 l'aith;
andi the df , struction.of the peaCe - of tlpi .iceitn=
ti+.l _. l . .1 i. , ! ,; - ' : ! 1 1 :
• , 1: R.
_- t . _ _.. I. : .
1 1 .. . .1.1; t_ - ;•.F.un TO TILL NORTH. 1 1 ' : .
S4r, 111 lqueStiOn has biien•deeided, 1 The
T• are against this bill ; and it lis .an
* f
ill reor their past g . ,eriekons , conduct to
endeavoito force it upon them.• 'They have
been not my just, but magthanimous!JO the
slave qat•s. , What w:is tile jeondition 'of the
ii ,
sIaVF• stat .5 thirty 3'mm ago - in relation, to the
use pf. hl soil IViti t tintheir 'knits ? . Pearred
of al g..e1l
rt part of its use :' an Indian, ppula-;
tion; e vefing ritore! of :less. of almost i every '
slave si.ato, and: preventing the - epansten ' of
its Use : an Indian population covering i rifor
or-Iss ofjahnost every slave .'state, and pro:ea
tings the expansion of its 'population. Yhat
.is /tiul,w l , - All relieved. The Indians areal!
gone ; !the it fluids • all bong] •
,i ,t, under the dontin
ion,efrthipiwhite.ukan ;•and the area oil slave
popukticin, and of slave cultivation
inereaFed 7 --fo the extent of h third or a fourth
Of its toil in some of the . stAtee. Ifol- :was
this,4l3,tid ? , Certainly by .the lielp of free
state Totes ' ler it could not' have be 44 I done,
Withont them; by the, help of their - , - i. - .Q:te:s in
proeu ing the.approPriaticitts, and •I•atlfring
t •aties ‘Vitelt the removal of the iikhians
.id 1 'Missouri
requireid. r .got her' tine Isouthwest,
quartt ;.elieved'bi the.. Illifirl. The:: same
. . -
Totes liJ,:e us thePlati'econntry,:: seven fine
colin*.,sl added to the state! and that' , by : al
teringi !the ComproniVse line t include it.: and
ae.tuali.ylcOnverting that ifin iegior..frOln free
soil toi .
i i
slave, sosoil.;. Northern tl
i otes - enaliled it
to be '( otie';.northern T,Otes d;tered aboie an
hand . ( r dirniles. of the - cOmpilitnise line . fir, our
I t o upon our r.equest;:al I
1 will n4ver be
un , natieul to the North for 'it, nor reqUite: it
s .
'by. - allircacli of the 'line to-.theiq ,preitidicje.--.-
And /lOW', did we obtain• the , northerni - i-otes
Tailirere'meeeis.aryt f?r all these inertures
~ !;
i d
l , i ,1: 4 , i.
--LI a)pro i mations ; - tr treatise for all theie
LadiaV rerov*,. and;, for that •alteratioh of
the c6 4 71.0:) , /ise.line vhich,kftr us tlid heal' :
tifut ilatte c tintry ? -
.licr.y. did the M i jispuri
delegiatiim of that . dad•-'-;--the most ahliable
and talented Jr.. Lulu :it'd . tri V . . 1 ,0 f,I in thii sea
- . -I_ , •• - -I 11. ! • - x
ate, tindi Gem Ashley in the frottsdJ-12.',W did
we r obtani:t at great boon • 'for • our st i rtfe?
Did Weiget hese vote by helching abilition
i,:tul agattst, the North ?. -No, no,; we, gOt tient
.by ,appealing to the. ju•itice 'i i nd ;the friternal'
feeling, i',,f our norpiernbrethereri,and toi E ki.hieh
we l ,nevor...appealcid- once, iul : vain,' - N i i'!9,l in'
tile 'last .'liardlri al 'to get, thB Chb!roktesl'ouit of
geOrgia; gave, us fourteen affirtn'atiVe votes, to
'balance, Seven negatives from tlie !South,' and .
saved the treaty:by one .vcite:? A nd.l.lvho
wal q part tlips; transactions, acc,l - totoed to
soli{ it t 140 t hein: i.-otes and Oxprcss ilia bk - s - for
them' , Wriq, not tiOW. return therm-evil fare good
h !stteipii.ting• to . deprii them of theitl Share
of al coinFronaise - which' 3i;e: : imposed I upoh
th4i. ;II . ' , . ! , . i• 1 i
-ii , ' • . I i
.iODODt Wiiil:l" S IT TO 'I.X.Si3 AT T A EW
; • :. it ; . . iir r I ; 1
It is'illlV : ioUr mouths since this moijiment
for the abro-ration.Ofthe l'lfiouri „Gornpi-o - wise
co:um in this:Ccingre4: It b r ,e ,, ..ah With-
out a tne,ni '
oral without a petition, i ,,, ; , 'lltotit ,
a r l equestllfrotna hinnan.being. I.t has l,' bored.
lotig. and iltard in these hallS, and ; to tlnShbur
theire is zof it petition for it 'froin tb4 :class
'us fur ' " !
of-Mates i.*or.'m-itose;k
m me'fithe . thtivetnellt pro
' to Mare been ade '..-÷tiot a Ivor 'itt ifs.
farm- fropi the smallest public meeting I. pri
vate:as'srkablag'e of any 'slav'e state. .'f & .is
' , 4ici.ofi i'tlie. South to this Liofi: •
tit, respiinse of; the South t'o this boon, ten
dered tot -bp 1 northern _weathers, ullicier a
northern! ?resident.. 'lt is the response!of si
lenee--nttore emphatic than words—an 4 WOr
flif of cAliecial note in this debate. _ Itjargues
well for `the haraniny of the, Union, and. goes
to 'show; l
(rhatiin fact,has been' often ,•sect4
tl4t the triciublos of the Country ec4n4; froth
uneasy; 6liticians 7 ' r -its safetyfrot4 the tranquil
1 4 1 u s -e-% I 1 1 • - :- .1` -
,!The'corrimittee then roser and after pu in
effOetual f fort to,proceed t 6 the business on
Srienkers lble, ' ' If
' •
ITilkiltri -. at three o'clock, a4ljourr4ed. '
- r
: 1
i [,
Dint MOOSE—Ertnhlislosd fo
'',Yearsafljt by Dr. IV:iff,lipt.N 7 ,rx•rner Of. Third & - Union
eds. bettrecatiprupe end Pine. 1'110th:102in. l'a.
ere apprhfed that - Dr. KiNtir.LlN confines
hlsprac flat defiler branch of mettlettio, which on-
Pg" , hiffetufli yideil nitration .' Ile can thrus theutifor t nu
agninrt ille.t r bosi, of iner envy t hOurends are an flUal/
inercuidnilirld tint - , of life . Rl:rent affectlensareptoniptty
l'ilretildrtrarli Etcpeli Men Itt the ttcatmeht
of elatitlaf treares. Vitherto neglected end I mperfect ly
&M ots?, erfalihr lONE ETA N.(Aurito aor A ICOR
tFN Sant; P.aset fietaxiost,) to prase that: nine tenths of the.
causes of tierro - us:dellility, local. and constitutional wenk-
EINSS; mental. and physical suffering, are traeeehle to efir
hatips,fcrtnins mutt -keret yet deadly and fttai
springraftletilectie misery an:title:nature mortality. i
Title - tbikrt Notx4 - e—There is an evilh4lt
somethdesinAulgo l itt hy treys, let 3olitilde, often gunflin
Alp wlthitLieuelo Menhooll,andwhielt, if riot. reformed
due (-illy begets s eriou's,obstacles to matrimonial
happinetsr,tragiviili Ilse to sorfeti tit •pentrtieteil,itisidion
and devna!aiing affet•t Fear. of t Wire who give way,to
Oda pernteions practice are aWere• of the couseqUencer,,
unf It thi•y• nerrott(systtim (Vat tered. feel stren;re
and unncrottntehleft4din,r4,.an.hvegue feats in themhyl:
. Tile Unfortunate thus affected beer:nip; unalkie
Inbrufwitli ocettomrd •vieer,,i-or to apply his mind to
et.udy:ihtssitupigtal'Sy and welik-. he Is flull;lrrernikety,
and cuAfigei iii his: sport. it It ler F imergy than usual.
If he easviripetir himrelfheitorie the Freetice has done itt:
worst....tud enter Matrimony. hisimetriare I:(unfruitfuland
his-eure tells hies that thh.i sea used by hi, early
These ejrercOsidfi'atipy7s tr.7t;rlt atrotrn the finer:lion_
of Jraosi shailarly3&itPinted . • -
Ittuffiritttre ra:lutres the' fulfilment or several condi
titlll P, in order thnt It may' be r ;ally the cause of mat oat.
.•:Coufd the veil - covers the origin of
mestie wretobe , hal;rs be raised , and Its truesontee in every
instance disclose if—iirMiow.menvi could it be traced phys-
I cal•disqunlitleetimir pnd their et t:frlfult
Apply there - whileAt is yet-time. la onier to itrtve y‘mr nu
•Ft, intiff *nate:44i organiratintt rebraccd, revivified and
rtrengtheuerl. •
ig !IS OAccra ItiMself under Dr.
tre•ttmr.nt tunvrellgiowly - confide in Melton_or as a ftv•ntlernen, aid rely natin the assurance, that the
secretr,ori Dr. pat fent,: will lif'verdre discloser!.
•.• Youni.t.urin-rldt no false modesty deter )ea from utak
' lug your car ekte earn tp e`who,(rom education and teepee
tability. earl nertainlYhefri end yen. -
Too many' thluq t,loy wilt conerfal the Ferrets In their
own hearts *
• end icure thezarelCes. Alasd - how often
this afa tit actual k and how 'Many it • promistn g young
than ,ittio Might bate -seen an Ornament to society:lice
faded from the earth'.
Strictnresl'of tlie Urethra are rapidly removed by the
apPlicationnfit new therap entire' agent, n+ed only by
Dr. K., Weitkneks c.m-titutionel 41,41ity 'promptly
cured, and lull 4 . iguje rtottete.l4 .
Cotattlr . ,3" istyitlids Can have illy stating their
care explicitly. tdgetiter i ,nl 111 thLir symptoms, p'er
ter enciosfut'a epnropria
[ nteri - rdingly.:
Forwarthil lo'niv part of I he IT nl ted States, and peeked
Fri•ure friar ;TlA:ktmly7.-or CIJitIPSITY. •
I .ottld Le
e t
v i . u t.,
-e,t, apd
)1t but
' bfrr .s ,
t 17,'
. •.
READ ! !-4-Youth {yid. Manhood. '
. 1 17,,,„ 0z i ; Life. Q.- a, PfTllla; Zi IT Deal:l, Kinkr:in on S. .;
. ~-, I'riseri•atiosJ-00)25Cenii T. ,• , . .
It is ii work eminently it tuir,;:d, as a mean of roform
ing the rieeit of the age in whin twe live. :Also, .
Iriai t : iarsfir lktj Prolon9olioi;!or I..;ie.juBr to m t.'.o Pres s
A Int tiv9th a;retaittattee 02.5 eentF, or. the valhe In
peat stam2siadatessiqto—lir. , ,lClNlik:LlN;l'llila.lelphia,
l's. will Feettre a!eotiy of el:het of the al, ve I) 001, s by
rettrtn 'of mail; kt,r I'4 (topics will he atm t free of poit.t. , ze Ilooltiellerp,,,Canva•:sorr, Travellit.,:t A .y.ofit:, tc.c. ,
mtpplictl Wholegaie at the .pnbitsher's iirieefi, • which admit
nf a Large prc,r.t.r ; ':I , • 1
r'''...ill Lqtrei: ntnil be 21-11 kg il. 131*
I • -
s ?
the ex
pop It
' 6iiee
14et . ion,
, .
Auitp.lia, California,
Or. any place int! 1. 1 .4 WohC,llcr..nn• - )! pres,:n.,
._,!! , rrater
• i- ! ; inlltc'er:zeni.: than' ! . !
, ! lit 'I.: r,F.'4.,'! 4• s 71'o DnA pp' s
Boolr 4.lii - D szioE sieolll - 3. • i
Troy.* is now tilled ,iVith a nOw, and exteat- I
• T.; ! 'sivS , assornnent . ofl artiCles lliu.theirline, I
embratiag'a.g'cneial• variety .of nevi. and clegant 1
stvlesaf, Ladies and Genbldmen's ',wear, among
which' are Ladies French, , lSilk Lasiing and Pre-'
halt Gaiters, 10d'and Eniiiineled Polkas, li,id.Pat-
ent leather and_ bimized }je n ny Linds, Buskins
and Ties; • gonilrmett'S Ft - C r aw and I ridtile-Iphi*. I
oak-tanned calfskin and kip ls
Boots,Vongress anJ i
button Gaiter-4 Manterry rind Washington Th , ets, I
toilet :Slips, •Nlnrclcco; calf. and - Cowhide Bre, I
gnus; &c.: Bays kip, calf 'rind cowhide Boots and I
Brog•ans; rill kinditif Misses and Children's wear.
Also, a general asf.tyrtment 0.. f Findings, which con
sist. itt -part of lattts, pegs,t-sparable's. Hungarian
nails, tacks, titre:n . l, wa x,I !Bristles, I shoe binding,
awls, Irasps, Eil:arlOonis, shoo knives, &.c. Also,-'
oak and heinioqk i f upper and soleleath ! ,
er, MOrocetio skinS', and linings. I •
Wark niade o•aide.r l and repairing neatlydin.'
; ' I • .t'KEI.I.,,F.R. &STODD A RD . -
Mmtrose,J ne ',1.1953.:• •
sirs( CC,ItiA7O.O. Co! ;t:•FY •
4k. L. \V EDS•I'ER g r CO. would rospertfu!ly
./.. - .1.•1 inform the :people
. Of this aunty and the
people, in giinerlai, !nal they'ttavo opeut.dan cstab--
lishment•el l the above kind'in,3lentrese, at the old
stand cf .s"tiyre and Welist i cr,. cue doer north of
tae Delle7rrat Other. Where they iutend to keep nn
hand a lar4e assertnaent at - Stovei Tin, Copper,
Brassiand Sheet Iran Waste, all of which they will
sell aa_ab r eap as they can lie bought in tlifs Cr any
other enmity. ' Among our storesmay he found the.
'following hesldes Other: t to numerous to mention:
N.-.}. f 4• .s-ic, dir4tight, fib' wood.
Mriderit l'roy ' - ,- ”) .or coal.,
.. .:
. - .IvystOnc Slate ‘.' 44 -
. Cl.• .'''
.. : Vulrai i ! " •. !" ,
B 5 4 •4
ak atc,; - ! '"! " .44
;- ' : Forest! Quccu, Heinle-it Oren, .
•- ~ 21147utt l k,' I • I" ' . •
~Also. T.:001 - , ( arse and shOP Stoves, Cnlver's Pat
ent Hot-aii F mares for heating Public Buildings,
stores, ifotels.lele. Steve ITrimininEt, Pipe, Zinc,
sheetlLeted, Lead pipe, Widrand Cistern Pumps;
Ghaiii Pitirips,lChains and c;caring. •. ...
3 All kindSof Custon Work done on short no
Lice and most feasOnable terms. Our•motto s smails
profitS, ready Pay,, land' riabrlbc. returnS.
*.itjAll kinds of Prnduce.l at ken in e tvel; a
1 Wards. If yen (Nit tient* it, mill i :anti cat
, . i
1 : - Ma, Ailist',4 Groctin 6 -
, .
F.ricna,..rk,irro.t,g, an:l .or.erybotly, another mile 11
stori(), hz)sl , e4l rellehed On the j4urnev of- lifeH
anoiller;de7ele I;:i.s been Marked on the s,;:tle of •
time-HinOthe link has been severed from- the
f i.
chain or the l uttit--anotlier page .has bee n wrilt
ten in the grieat ,yeliimejof the past—and again
.witnels tl e bright opening of 4 • NeW :ear:
Andat is early, &tilt wci meet yeti, ..
Atl 1 nd wi h a." happy ; new year" greet you.
And now,' as you review the year just departed,
'andlflwell 'upon
,its joys . and. sorrows—its • pri,i•-
• legel enjoyed, mid its 'duties neglected; per
chane'e; seme'br you have neglected to-call on
the ArtiSt and sueure one of those 44 Faitlfu/
Slt4)l/4-1 ; I 1 . '. , , . - ,
Wl;elili , lit and-art,%tit!) rmrri •'• 1 spelt,
r .. ,=, ~, .. ~ La .
By working together. can catch Efi well ! 1 '
But }cn may-Ivet!redeem!the past. As you lay LI
yourlplntrs fo the adyaneing year, lektitis occupy I
an. early grid 1 rominent place on the programme
of Our ft:ollre intentions . .
• 1
Woui,.lyou: leave -a britino - impre,vzon behind
ye . u"?' come o the Dagiferrean Gallery! Would
you ° " l se'p , - ; yOurselYes as others see plu r , Come
. to the' Dagnerrean Gallery; ' Would von make
an aPpr'oprWe present id. a cheriThed - frieild ?
Come to the Picture Roos s! i And ' beside all
this,iwoUld yOn encourage art, alild Make gladlthe
- heart (ig the Artist ? 1. •, . i I
Then Tetlit appear bly promit , infihere,
That during.the year Fifty Foilr, '
jon,lWilli, one and 41, be care to call '
• ,At " Oild_Fellows Hall," Sedond Floor..
• . , f t , ' I AV; V DEANS.
1 I 1 - . . i -- • 1
Mentrose, ,fan 42, 1851.. - ' : _ '
. —_--,
oac tki r 'df chclrpril than Illhitelerid,i2ildfreefro'm,
- . !., i c .
i tll.poisonotis qualities. • - . •
MITE NEV .1 iItSEV. - Z.INCI COIIPAN'T having greatly
_IL. onll4..terl thidr works.and int' rrere,l the quality of their
priittets; are pit pared to c,:xe , ute 1,1%14.v...f0r, their SAI t ,, ,ti.
or Pallas; *; D:y osid , groundin oil, in as:seat...l pnekages of
from '25 ep '...5!..0 p•Otanls, ; also: dry in barrel?, of - 291 pounds'
erteh. . : .-, 1- - • -1
Their white zi uc,. which is' sold dr Cr ground In oil, 1 ,.
warriintel pure and! nnaurpasstal for body and uniform
whitener . -., • .1
A. method of pi.epration has Tocently been discoccre4,
which enables the Coniforey to warrant their pi:intsto keep
fresh latict ict;Ct. In• the I: eas for any 'reasonable time. In
this rcnppct their ;Mints wits be superior to any other in
the merger. _. j , ,
Their lirnwn Zinc paint, %Odell is sold at a lbw price,and
can ottlrbe male from the Zineo Rif from New 3 eney. is
nbw welt known fort protective qualities . when applied
to Ir.M ogother Met Ilia surfaces. .
.Thelr stone cblori Paint all the prnperties of
the Brouni,:and l of au neretalde cot r for painting eot.-
ttiges s , O r tpnts, Out•huiliiing-s, Bridges, .k.c.
. .1/ cafe gupe..l nn liberal terms by their Anentp, .
TVho'liiiale 'Paint Dealers and Importei-A-, N.
W. Cuiiter of 16th. AT- .11arket I
,S'ls., 1 1 1tilqelflphia.
' • - 1-, -- 15.in5:
• , ....__.:.
ore.lANew Goods
.. •
Hi 111.1111:IT t now receiving another general o.toek of
Taal:end , fluter Good', by. %thief( .hie ntarirtment
still be faillY repleuMed in every department and un O.BU •
ally iuri'tiog gird Ocimplete. r . nrtlc u I 0 r I :,, in new styie of
Ladies Ds Giciln, Itiell Plaid and Faeey DeLninen end
CathinerriTarnmetten, French Ideripo, Della:re." Mobair
LW t te, IFltubroidered Nobel?, Silks, Botin et r .Iti , -11 Bonnet
Ribbons itlarpt and new 'nteertruent of Winter Shnwlr,
Ludic% ur Cu.fe Nietorlues and lltiflF: Lattifs Rubber
Boots, 8 ittpers fund over blirwr, Clocks of elegant and new
etyles, undo Tier iitwortmen t . ~ .f Shop, Patlerti lid Cooking
Stores, with a. great viirety of. other Peney "find Stnple will be ifold on the most favorable -terin't,
Offering ititeciallluditctments to curb or time buyers.
' New Milford; Nor:24, IS-53.,
.. ." . .
_ ~ .. i, . •
Lq,;l4.lNti Po l oilgrel:enp,to 'make room for a
]nw ; stipi)ly, : at TURRELL'S.
SttEt. , es: tit iavirgrsl Siovei V: 2,
''G6 r liU Serw:44. / ye)iysf UM' teinin(ls' , ug
- tldit the fr 4 apprOachof s tlfek4en Frosts
mf 00 NVintr, (me-of-044e tnittir-:
pils!6blemid highly -appritWA Stow's) fr9m 'the,
most Manufactories • in tfie Uniott;'
Mesas s. Shear& Packartl,iNcome indisriensalile
,eVery fatnilY. N\r, wonl respectfully - announce
.to the citizens 01; SugtOltarina and adjiiining
counties that qavo . 'jm s .l. received and arc re- .
'ociVitt the laraest4ind best mCsortinent, of StbveS
.'over latrodUced in o Flastekn Pennsylvania, ‘N hick
Sold at ltioN•dry loiest each future. "ro
,thoioWlio t a' re in iraiat, of Stoves they Will find it
tie their intOreit to call nntl- exaMilio..Mrt•variely
;before paniliasintr OlseWlmre. • 'ToyOrnfiriso in
lirt: as follOws:--4.
Ihrited ' Orientia Pa rlor,
• P,a'ilcrilQiiren r. o. i . dii
rirt. 1'74 - • do
- Nif.iotorr E. b. - do
itorni:p4. Star, (70;: s .r, •d o •
Air-V +i;l t, '454..-• •
't • •
ThO..aboyo ..tmt•es are too well lumwn to. re,
any minute ,''descririfon,. being -the most
'popular and approififdStoo in market All Who,
'inaV 'favor Os wiNt call Will be sim:ir thron , li
our' assortment roll pleasure.' " lvecollect the
numbor"-41A•ro:s•',.k far lathed "One Price Store!!
Ilarfor4 1554'.4-35, • :•
, 114113/4 . .
,• ; . • 1, •
(FM:it/EMS ""L7K ISESPi.
TUC oiber,•4ll:tring!frtittid this Nyc'll known
lioase,:and - rOitted !and re-furnishlrld in goad
style, is to..iy prepared to i: . receive and', entertain
guests. -phis !tense is clidightfully
,sitmtted" on
theibauks pr,the Rosqu.ebliflia river,. on the line
of the Nevi : York Erie,.. and_
the Whiware,
Lao;awanita and Western'ltaitrimds;.oVerlooliing
a Most beautiful st.ction of country; and- is the
.panurnia of sceneek unetitialled anywhere. .
As 4-SecumF.a.4-t tor. the business man
!seek int; (inlet and freedota from the • noise and
din of city i life, an it for hidies and gentlemen in
Tursnit ot%plioalirt.l amid the rural scenery of th e
'county;, this lootimi eantiat• be agntllled. I:fere
therwc:ary lravelli±t 'secure from the confusion
',incident to the eoatirmal and departure of
ni, , 4lit'.tiMe : Is a
-great 'aninoyahee to liaise stopping at how,: e s
verl; near the Depot.
Idt'c are new, rl4ant and lvoll Th
I rnish-
led his Taolo with all-thd deliCncies ‘Vhich both
,conntry and city tnr.rkel4 iitrord ; and no rains
I will bpi spared tont:lke hii hoitse leant home
Ito all his ! , •
I - ,,k..:T - 7(11 . 12S s trill. t!e conveyed to anti frern I 11.•
carS, at any hnur ay or night, in a gocA,Omnilitis
ti . eo 01 I.‘ 14Sre. ' : .
114V . r.r;v 3 -FTAth,F, is attached to * the
c •
•. • t
GreA Iknd,
li'ryntit; tirE)l:,z•',Great
i I -1, •
i , !•
Irtn: 111 S. J ;0. , , , ,- ! a nd ~.„...1 - pr,ibik i nS buildin, , T, sit'untell but ,1
1 . I f1 'f,,.. , 0E f t; ,..1 friooklie . ittep;,t at-Grcitt MO, is:l
inoW upentd. and fittliislirpl in, a suitt.6lo.r=tylo for
p .and; house, wi ! -be kept open at. all:
hottrs-,:(ticet' h day findi, nig IL) for the rereptien of
ttrai;ellers ;: and esps-cii . ltly ; for the aceorhtnetlatiOn
!of pa3:ien . qi,srs trlV,ellin;.7 n the N. Y. & Erie &
- 11.. & W. 11,' , ii-ir-4s, ta•i . -i- at tleit , netion•of these!
itwe - rtiails; and ih', most iconvenient point to step .
lin 'and tali.i . i - refr. , sht4ntgliinti be •oll)vith the ti rst
Amin, as W ; e11 ris . i the tm*t. convenient hinve to:nct.
icomm.'4laß! the pfiblik.-,.itis NEW CLEAN and!
l WII0I;EtallEt wft h [looms er - r,n,oit•to it , Totii- . 1 I
I • , . ;41 ; • ; • i
with'. - ",: • - • .
1 nigdate AU, betaf i r fitted i up nett'. Inrintatre
I tocorrespiml, aril . tahlr-Ai. r.l ways set-, 'wi th WA nm
us.? ::rid lnxitries • furni•hed .at a.. moments !
Ji . .. 6
t-Zr nger , P4sses. de sirma rest . irtiV isleep, can,
by caltingilier . o; iiioid 04, ineonvemetici , el.talting
an ( - )lnnitilis to CIO an inn, as -Well.a?i. the delay.
and. nncer!aittty Oi'rettiralng _to the depot Al the
srrivalor,Oepar'itire of thb' trains ; as a'porter will;
be itt•tvait:4.,q,. to tionduet then; with their bo!' , 7a,(zel
to th.i',Bryant I lifilse, '.` jnst•aeh - liS thel way," anti`
enlidnO. them 141: •ap . ,:iin withritit-fee or reward.!
tiMn , 'smicial rdro .. tc, li-.1.:0 them if desired :10
any hour Of the might. ; - .• -1
The,lochtion its the. Bryant House,' with the;
nat,tiraYsernery About it!' combine to'-make it• a'.
!very de,iritble SUM MEIt. RESORT it busint:s,•i
men a
city •
who nd Others-O. - the may !wish le
-I"cast off taro" fdr it fet s i days to. recruit- 'in the'
I ';- i •
leottritry. i. -
..,i, i % _ ' \
It AI Liz d ind T4iinirvgliotis ilf - et
. , •
is :tit:Mica to thjii,buildipg for the -e'iq* . eril'orlec- i
of pleasuie P,l..qi.ts,whh may always find' quo&, without regard to nAirl'llii•rs::
with wadi stalik. for their teams,.and rclialile
hejp to wait uP{tillthem• . i .!
FLI - I"'Fpr fusilier par4ieillars Inquire at the
Bryanillinise (iTilke proPriot6r. 1
A ! •
Feb. 1 R.;3-'#(f;
t - • • 1:
, Pethasylvania, : •
Vrfour aitentioU is urgetitty to a careful:
.1_ and imud4ll ,- Orusal of t‘o:nething, that has juz4 .
hear. iutv4t!ucatiarito ycui•rich cud -tilLe, honored
. .
. .3; ll , .
idrn L4cc:ric . Chams-.
A new awl udvel mod 4; eflapplying powerfut- -
rentedial 4/.:eut4;)lcinntht l ictti.diis to beuoru
this e garmeitts,-next to the skin proJiming k
uniaterruted edrrent of iiiectro 31:17.1104 , m, effect!
ing immediate r1C . 1114 from ithe•most acute pain, and
shin perinanent care of all Nervous Di,s.ea t cs. It
se dolt ha_; failed to--furnish almost instant relief,
mid a: final, peridanent cure. hr beinglused aecord-t
hag to dirc l ctictisl to' the' fort-twine diseaties.."—ltheul .
n i stism, 4tout, i?.lSeizttica.,l Paralysis, Painful end
f3weiled diaints, l N'eurulgia-of the face.
..Diseases of
the Spint"'Llertfttess and jtitniness, Uterine Pains,
Palpitatidn of the Ileart, rdriodioal Headache, St.
Vitus Dance, Cenral Debility; Phius of the•Chest.; -
11.Ysterics-, DyMepsia, alldiscascs that• are-caused
by, a deficient arMiant of Nervous Fluid-are greatly .
relieved,ll not it,...rmanently,cured by simply wear
ins-the chains Ow hourife'ach day.-
lI ,Be it Mitlersa.Oil that it is not claimed that it
cu l res.all diseasis; but only those for which it is rec!
oMmendell.; ttial moreover we boldly claim and de !
fy:that Inc( niedmidal agent of any kind has perform;
ed,soMANY carts during the last year; of those
dikearOsjak - naMed as - ! . • . •
l'ult ., :ioezclz!:;'4Efectric
;; ; •
At.l topthve titi,p'initserctott, we defy airy person id
produce many authenticated Certificates ot .
scientific i"il,leiFjitins and Intelligent patient s es may
bci (ound:ht a- pages, to bell Mil (gru!
tifi) theSgentt-iti this I.otvir. EloOttic Chains
vitre ilistlintroduited in: France in 13.'.50, -and after_
being Stll)l2C4l`d ;it the most thorough add rigid trial:
'by the firft medical meti lit Paris, they; were found
,tcrpossessstraqi.illend untrveilonspowelr for reliev t .
ing ivltereye} appliOd, and lty their iafluencO
wet e introduced rhto thehospitrtl-of that city. and
-abso secuied . lettera patent by the French igovero
IMeut. They arel now introduced into iihnost every
Ilaspital i s nntiland.-Germany, Austria, Beh.-fiumi
and patedied idittrose countries , where they havo
become the matt' i
. Pnliplar (.41.rahre Agen; in ihe'''ll;rorld.
They Werellltst :introdeed into the U. States ai .
bent one fear siVtie; rind '.went through the same .
trFalasiniEttronej and wtire at once introduced in= :
to every l lospititrl iu N. York, where they are now
in, daily Use, a - trite:l4; even more-wonderful cure
than had Tever hetore bo.en awarded them. - They
are hit:illy , rer o Otteuded iby Prof. Valentine Mott;
Van Burtiy, Postl:and others; who have published
their vies of thAlr power and value iu several of
the medical jou - Itints brain( city, and are also in the
d illy practice iffirecerntifendin7, their use to pals tients. A their opinion; may also be •
&Mud in etrery oJitnplileVend sent to tho address of
person iolitie Stets(
,by applying (post paid?
to ABL Ij TUB gELL, ftent, Montrose , Pa. Tat
Chains c4n be Er lit by mail, with full; descriptions
• flit use. IPrice,ciPrhainti; .93 and 66::.
Physicians artpolite)yiinvited to call and exam;
use their; constrrtetian, told prottouneci upon their
Merits. iONst tiftftenko Ins - suns, no 'person need
• fear•that they iti)Jl not accomplish juk what it ia
claimed they oafs
Chitin teill last for years and lose none
of its electric po4ter by bite, and can; he applied to
cd.heradillt. or child; I • •
AstltTuancat i e ', Agent; Montrose,• Pa. ,
:Jos. Sicncemii*Generat Agent, 46d, BroadwaY ;
I New 1: York. - i • Gyl.
• .
NEW T 421
OUR assortlOnt now comprises &most cvery
article wioted, std ,we fear sown that
are , act Valle d .1" .1 I w CI will se ll,;
at cost :Ind
some alleles :4 less Olin cost on` that same
;Aeroflt! , U. BURROWS & Co.
OiLsO» Oct.4i3
Bolles. •
A "Laro lot of thetn' choice. ivhole Robes at
/V a tars sinall'advanee nn the ei)st. •
Gibsoi), Nev.- • 11. BURROWS.& Co.
irhOf 'gondola+ and/ Pilth, orlAtlarry' and.
• - lateral 'lt fI. • -
Reflettions - the Tholicrlitful
Stiange that counticis humps% beings exist and •
drag through life. as de the heats of, the •lield,an
•;; the Insects of,the 'earth;'evincing no snore ttioaght ,
' ; or reflection than though the noble faittltiesof mind
•: were not vouchsafed to them. • • ; j
itlans such are hUslialids and fathcrls,3ipen whom
• i. are dependent the 'health, the well•being,; and the
' ; happiness of it confiding and affectionate wife, with
perhaps a family of - children. •
• •
; .110 W OFTEN IT itsrrsrrs ritar THE
. WIPE raigolran :FROil TEAR I TO TRIA
• - , •
la that pitilthle'condifhin as not even i. ,
or ono tiny, to
feel the happy and ekhilerating inlinence incident
to MC enjoyment of •
Shp may net be mi \ invalid confined to her bed,
or even to het room; as her_ pride ,iiiin.l;ition anti'
,• energy ;induce and• ,nerre her to 'take personal,
charg,e of her household; even When her health will
not ailmit'of it.; but Fhe is necertbehlss perceptibly •
iinkieg from day to tiny; and always ailing.
Thus, day after. day, and month aftiir month trri.
spire," Iler health daily
,sinlis, till finally' even the
Lope of recoVery no longer remains. :Ind thus •
. .
:1 nut it few years ago in the flush Of. health and
youth, and buortney,of ispirits, rapidly, and appa.
rently inexplicably, becomes a. feeble, sickly, cla•
bililaied wde, with triune vtliaciatthl, nerves nti:
strung, spirits depressed; rcimitteratneed)earing the
imptess of suffernig,., and an, utter physical and
mental ikrostrntion. -
l'_.4'oructinies this deplorable change ;May. anti does
arise from organic •or 'cionstitutionta causes. Hat
;• oftener, — by far oftener,l to gross and inexcusable
Ignorance of the siMplest and
„ plainest rules of
'• health as. connected with the marriage statd, the
.' violation of which entail ' s disease , 'sufferingi and
, . ~
. mis ery, not only to the Wife, brit often
hereditary. Complaints upon the Children
," UNTO TIIE THIRD.; ANb .1 , 01:ET11 ION,"
• 1 . Tratisrolt t Tog CONSI.7.3IPTION,,SeItOFULA;
- KING'S EVII4 mu! other illsenses, •
i i •
- tmm iho Parents.i -
And most this continue'? Shall Iwo be lf • in
- all that concerns the Cattle of our Geld?, our 4 0T628,
put sheep, our cowS, cur oxen, the natuto and
'character of the soil- we possess, the texture and
'quality of our goods and merchnodise but in all that
-,e,_oucerns ours , ....lves as human beingi, with human
(Unctions, and passions, 'subject to great derange
inept, involving our future peace and happiness—
In nil that concerto the - health \ andivrelfare of the
wife of euratTections, and the mother of oar cliii.
it all that concerns the mental and physical
well being of thoset children, we 'should. be dm the darkest and most • •
How long shall this ignorance pro Vail. produe• •
live of its bitter fruits t flow 1,, , ,ng shall the, Wife _
and ignorant of the nature; character and
Onuses of the Various ; womb and scxnal complaints,
embittering her daya by sufferingisuffering• often
drolonged, to years, otentunting in a:complication of"
iseases utterly anti horklessly indurable 1 Shall
we for ever close our; eyes to the results of physio-'
logical science by which we may', arriro- at an
itinderstanding . of- ourselves as men and women,
subject to serious life-long enduring-diseases, and,
perpetuating them toi our; children.
Nu husband or teVc need bc. ignorant of whitt
cowerns them most to knew to secure their health
hioUness. That knowledge is contained in a
Pile work entitled
BY DR. A. 11. Ni.kUnlCEAti,
raopr_sort. OF, !DI - ST:ASV:S. OF WOMEN. ,
. .
One Illoadreith Edition; pp, 250 Price-50 Cml,
tON,FINE rarnr., nrrni-Juxmac7, - $1 00.]
First publisithl in 1047 ; and-it is not
"Considerin* that E.VERI" FEMALE,
srhetlwr. MAIIIIIE.D NO'r,ean hero •
acquire a •fulllknorrlidge of the tut-.
t' t tre, tharaete . r and causes of' her .
complaint:4 l with the various
symptoms,•and that nearly, •;
should-have been' sold. his iinpracticable to'con
vey fully the various subjects treated of; as they
are of a -nature strictly intended 'for the married,
far thorn opsttcrui,hakng montage.— _
Hare been S. ST BY MAIL within 'the last few
mouths. • •
\ RE Z‘" Or DE F 113 L' DED *
1 Fn) no book un'eil Di A M Mauricenu, 129
Liberty Street, \ Y., is on the title page, and the
I. entry in the Clerlee ()face on the hack of the title
I rage ; and I,uc . only of respect:l lo end honorable
1 di aleri, et <end by wail, and address to Dr. A. M
Maurieeku as there are spurious =and surreptitious
1 tntringmehts of copyrigur.
air upon receipt of One Dollar , " TEE MAR.
pAtriorm is sent twat'erf fret.) to any part of the
TA it e l l States, ttcrs iui th s
t o 1 1 3 ,e an p a o d: t s .
a d ,
Irl ' l 'lh ad.l P r 4 e 4 ss v4 e n d cc t L o
Etr. A. M MAIIRICEAU, Bo;s 1224, Near-York
Cite., Publishing taco No. 129 Liberty Street,
tie w.York. ',
Fig:: SAhr. D :—T. B. Peterson, Philad,: 3lrs.
Cynthia Wi, i .rn-, Itin , ,ial..; Blanch & Crup,
11nrri,hury•, .1. S, _North, I. lumia : N. DeWitt,
3111 ford ; J N 1',.. taaprer,ll.t• ho'in ; rit n4IL.r &
1 Ilrt,, I,vic.--tt r, II W Bunt's. 111 tingil m ; S
I 'Alel/cr.11( 1 l't i I. til•a • .1 . 1 1 11111t11, Nt W B 0,3111;
II . 1 • 1 `I t 1' ' di" , P. I' Cr ti' sr." os T % 111 .*
1 \Vt`nt, & ;,;ark, C,..rb.m I ,I( : E arc(' & Wright.
I \\*;:iii,ra , port , S. T ut 1,, W, I. ;,11:10; G. \V.
1 I:arlk, Wa,ne-11,1 , 0. Putter & 'Mt 31in 11.11 c.
1 t; ntc: G Mcrill. \Varrcr: Rtib2yt Crokv, 31er.
1 ecr; S. laorder, II m %cr.; It P. C 1,1 n'v,,l,S(km
c rbct : Thu. co ,p{ i fii ,it, I'M! td. ' J. b. Gunni
son. Erie: S. B. 1.1.1;11r. Green-bur , : B. lid!,
I iti-t, ri; n S. Du r ban. rr..-ihtin po Dr S D Scott,
Bcdfortl: E. 11111 ,ml.•lndi ma ;. .1 J lfell3llv, 3lil
- ford. J. W. Elam.... Bro , Anscilk; G II .ll,,Get
t3 s, Antler: J. S. \ tet,,)n, Chambersburg ;'F D
Soy, ( J., Nnni t .1%•li : E 11 .9 ner. Suin , ‘(.3. tins n : II
•31i1c1,e11. Pr kblirj 7 G W G.ttys, Butler; Jos
Su-nrt7, Bloorn , ,LurifP S Dechert & Co. Cam
,, . ~
beasburg. '2 m ( i
FITS ! rrrs!! FITS 1! I
nit the cure of EU,: Sprin ts ,Cramps, and 01
• -
--t -11 , n.:otis and cons: itational, Diseases:
Pta , - -. o . 's ' , day :ii , I abotinz under this pfrtit'Sfillg: lnalady ,
1761113:24 MerI:OEII%I;LE EVII . S.PrrIC P11.1 . ..4 to be
thconlyrealedy ere: ..114'29cvm1 for. caring 1:;pileosY; or
Follirez Fit 4:
1 . .
111,,e PINS ~,F(2., . .; 11 . ' ,
'perific. netiop ou,t he ner.T4lll3 Sys- .
terivi anl.filt tou2h they aro prepared:l CFpecially .for ;he
vu4msoofeutillg Fits. they willbe fount of esp,ecial benefit:
for Ifill porsot s urllicte4:witi weal: n 0 re.. or whose ncr
roOS f•yst,ut has boon pros;ated . or ribattoredfrom Puy
cauicwhaterer. ,In ehroule not plaln.ts l oir ilisen_ses of loug
strujdrng, supilinclitekol :by nerrousnes, they ar.:Oxceed
llVlS:l;coffloinf; : . t • , . . .
rxiee,.S . :riwr box. or two. boNes for,ri. Person's out of
thepity, f.ticloriiila a romittnnec, will 'lure the Pills sent
.tholo through the tfifill. tree of pwth;:e.• - For sale yb
SETh S: lIANCE, No- 103 Baltimore kteret. llfitimore;
Nle, to'whinn : orders from :tll 'parts ot - tht, Union, twist
be athirossed Test );.i . 'l.- ; .
- UST :re6cived another importation of these
splendid• Full Jeweled Detached Lever find
Horizontal Wiiiefivi with seconjis andihardien,
aMelled Dials, double bottomed !;ri, Open' easeS,all
of Which[are Warranted and received direct from
-Switzerland.. The i fen: subjoined prices will nt
()nee point out to the public vl-Infie and, how - ari
criiirthonti . per centage can be saved.
- D.onhle 10toin 0 Jeweled Leer Watches as
abciie in elegant. cases •frem.slo. Safde .
movements in ; Hunting. cases friumsl2.. Hori
zontal D9uble bottomed 4 halal JeWeled open
face and: . seconds .from the same niove
trieht in elegant htuitincases with Sunk - seetinds
frau . All of which Bays hard enainmelled
pold Diamond pointed fens .µiris• pencil
and Silver extension• holders, magazine for , leads
froM $l,OO. pole' Diamotid pointed pen
ttrides frOni Sze. O. equally cheap.
A .goO,dl.assortment of •exeellent second hand
Makers, in first rate going eon.
dition,iwill he sold decidedly IoW for cash. 'Best
Fr rclt Luneft:Wat.di Cristals, 19.6. . Watch re
pairing ' 7 1 . .1
; ; Witch Chains and Keys gyatis tdi
Wlrouys of bilsiness froh 7 A. 31. to 7 P
M:, '
Watch maker and lin,porttr
„, .. ,
. .
. .
CakrieiN :iand Oil lf,l4lis. 1.
. ,
t AVING etilartied and refitted
; Our extensive
Crockery and!lrone Parnishiliff Sta
. I re; ex-
ocissly for the hosleeSq,-we have
,added anew
feature in its 'departments. ! , -..
The second ,Ifloor is devoted ;to Carpets, Oil
ClOths and. Lobking Glasses, in 'Which wereffer a
good assortment at prices which 'cannot fail to
please, and to which' we invite.your' particHlar at
, tetition.l • - , . . .1.11 . : DE PUE... :
i —l3inaliantteri, 0ct1853; :IQ, i .
New yotk. Fire Isourplice .Co.
()IN V ., 9 Wa/ifStrit4.‘... 1
CA1 1 174111.; ern Cneli - nal Approved 130'cl:trill es) ,
',lnshres'agaiio,l 1.4?)5.1 pr',Damageki
nits..:..ev,oacs..-itki .Q..Stgbliing,ll.3.Broad Stratt;
Irekerl 1.1. Buker;, I 'spruce atree4; Girard " BanPker, In
Broadway; Thopla a Andrew+ , , 130 Cedar al rect,rEamoil
SoutlilSlay , /,! 4:7 IVe.t, strevt.;:-Albert 1.. Caaklln,B.l.ll.
1 . ./ tee6wich street ;:,lathes:4. erei4j, rin Etrniviwn)s,; Charter
I.entJliingsbrid; N. Y. Laulbtrt H. Hall, tillitaego, lii.;
I Smith Hot.ble; ;Wm: IV. Lelattil, Ness .York; iPcier it,
ltessli, 133 Bank. tirect 1 Btocate'o. 3. Bell, tor. ',Wert' lutil
IA Iglik a treeta ;Jahn .12.' Dren,lJl. - Wattr atreetl; ld.' - V4n
Warti 11 attroadway ;• Horatio N.'j Gallup, cor. 'il,*(4t. and
Barrow ftreet $; Petcr, H.Yr.ster. eer. Owls s;nort ofnd•West
It cuhis Roas;, - Zr3 '4B Itlghtlt 'A - venue, fltOilien' i Crotaa Fit,
Canplim N. .1 4 , . .Ik‘hiuAlleigh t i Philadelphia.; illßritt .'
Britt:in, 49 Walitt , a..W street; Samuel s.lnclalr;Tribune 1114 id"
in S.unnclll,:. 3 .lnm, elcrrlawl;01,10 -- :- , )-. I
I . . , I• , ... • . 11 OVAL. OIIAMBEBVIN,.'Bres.
C itAni.R9 T.•4.4,Aiturs. liPley.. i . , . i -
nen.lnla.s 1.,. , ilkows Arent., 1 t
:ilentro4e,Septra, 1854. , .... . ~ 1, :
• . . . .
From ilic
Age rf
S. :1f.i.P13 ENCOLT., 4 CO; "
1'42 4 1yosit it 6., :Y. )oil, 4'lo Slate' 4,lllostott.
The G ltiano And,Mqsic
- ' 3 . 33 Olt Nuw vAltrc.
best owl twig Imprott4 i'lation and Itfolttlionst.••;••
y:411 is: q:UT AVorld;!/ Premint 'gnus,
‘.lflt tit how. t .liorean , and w thlron"frame.and sir
eular seal .:a. I Thp merit of thet'eliastrutnents - itt ;too woll
t•nown to itci i further.comm•mdatlon. Gilber4'l Boudoir
Pianos, an els•gnot lust runtent forstnall Noma! linnet &
CatTIST.OU . S i'lart(A, of the old established firm 4.111114 &
Co. :•ot n agent for-all the above l'lnnos,Can
Wier them loiter than any other houstf. 11 °race Waters'.
taannfadturel ripretiely 'for hfm. having : great
Power of tone andetatdicity of loud'. 1133 Ditladivo i y Ii
the largest Opot forAuti oat .rumentsdu this. rgitintry,
idTordittg ,oripcirt Imity.for:+clertiopm riot to IPE.. :hat, else,
Where. Second-hand I.l.anBt argrent.
trout $175: Every iastrtunent fully .wartantett or
the money refunded. • • . •
T.:LODI:ONS. ' j '
• • , J. - •
& l'ato' Ili Organ .11q1orleon,
with Two Da zlits'of keys—a swittd and powt...rtril instru
ment, rrive front 57.1 t 05200. .: tr. & If. 'll'i Smith's
eelehrat ed 11001 Itotts.Nl r tin 's unrivalled Guitarc,Urbsn's
'tarps; l'lntillan; Brass 'instruments. &et—
Dealers supplied;wlth Planot and Melodeons:at * factory.
prices. IT: jper,ctoat disi; , Clergyinen. , 4 : . •
.k •
Product. 'of the great Malt era of
both. l'ho At net lean an - 1 lituropean-continent s,att reevlv
ir g constant 'addittons by an extensive publication of the
-and p•ipttVar pieeel of theAa`v. Deodcre To Music,
and Teachers! of '?emitiarits wialtint Itipurehase anymnsie
pui.t4i...a : or. inak,e arrangententp for eolith ned snitplies
of Mr. %Vat eesd tjetv will tin dit to their intorest to
firward their. orders. Muaie.setit toany part of ilia Union
or Cauatlac, postage free. I.lo.ltltlE WATEIIS.
• :
THE ! undersigne have - established a •,ahop iuj
the basentout of Mr. §ayrett Store, in , Mou.:
troseo...ltere tliey Veil. - 1 at nll times keep na Nand
Poeatc, and liomr.irtc -- M.trtsr.u, and tnannfacture
the sante T.
hap's!, Tomb-stones., - ablei•
taps, eze•!! ! :•t.
„ .
ar:r pa.tionagei.or the; public is re'snectfidly
•snlicited. !! . ! ! CONG DON & BEVIER
• M. - mire-se:Aug ,f25!.18531--tf. !
• r
To the - , ,Citizens of SusquOhanna'
./AricKu.k)l rettpectinqy call the
V. V :attention let ell persons! in SusquilannaCounty
and Vicinity to their large and ;well selected Stork of Pry
()nods and Carpets whieh consist; of all the fashionable and
siiesonable GoAii now 51:1 voFuti,'Gnods'suiteilb4th for the
grave and the gay. and In fact all of the dabirent styles of
goods whieli, Call, he called for OT tbonght of. , 'Pi- are de
-termitic/ not to at ndereict, and. I f you will be ku kind as
to favoius with a call ,we will make our iyhr4goc - Our
stock of DWI'S G 00'1+1 ist F in part of,
,St ripe, Cliihntreable, add - Lining;
- Fig. and Plain Wool Delainect, Fig. and Plain Coittin ido.;
m e rinos, Thilietv,,Alpacetir. Parenfalta,3l, de. Page.
pYal LI,IF,y5,(10)11r0.1 rack Flannels, Calicoes. 4c. &c. - : •
Sill. IV 1;2 4 -.of, 1,1101 we have an • imillesti. variety.
CashmereShawll4 :froth
.87 to $.7), Ray State, ;Long and
Square 10,, Fig:itind Plain Thibet. &e. -•
- plaid and \ Stripe daeonet
Musiiiis, Birds Eye end Itussla Diaper, Irish Llnen,Tahle
Linen,- Linen, Cotton, 'Worsted, and • EtattosST 4 l3lo" o : l 43,.
'Swiss an 1 Intila honk .31 uslins, Victoria nntt Ilisloops
- Lawnsii Linen Vnen Cambric Ildk.'.e.; prenelt
Worked Collars ;land Under WA's, 3lnslin Drapery . Linen
and . Cotton SPtingi and Shirting, Bleach and. "frown,
Jacquard Diaper, &e. ( Sic. • .
(;..11-‘: DepartpAcitt=-Consis IP of Blacif and Fan
ey Broadcloths, Cassitniti,es, Illark end Faney,lSatinettrt,
Sheep's Grey. Kentitelly dean. Cashmeretts,Setini Wor
sted and viii Vistingsi,lllack and Col:ltches. Satin Stocks.
Neck Ties, &c flied, Dine, YelloWand
stripe, Gents Cid:thin eiq Wrappers, Drawers, &c. tee. ,
Our stoitl: -of file Vest and '.4ittry coMplete
etal•racing Lit•licis, Misers and fleets loves, Lisle thrttad
.Caelm - tere. Caisitriere, Fleece. Lined, hamois
Mick &e. &c. •
Ladies 31Isses'• and i.lO ants Cotton, ose. and S ;nose,
While, irown, Block tine Made ColorS. Alimeta,
:Woolen, Cashmere,;:tlerino and Silk do., and &tory other
styls:of eessonable
an en,ll4s. variety of uther styles of Goids. sitch as
Ditmasks hot h c'cittori. and VOA, Silks and Cott 0,11 Vel
vet:. Crain terpabeil. Moreeris, Cam]: riCA Jeans,' Com
forters, Rose atii Roma Blankets, -kcank ' ini, Tickiugti, Slat
hiers stripe, Oil Cu rtatriS, Carpet Ttags,ike.
Ctarpulizsak—Tfmstels, Three Ply.. Ingrabaiii. • both
Wool and Cot ton. Ctitton do.,Cotton nod Wool istufr Car-
C1G2ha.12.44,1a Carp.otinir, „ •
Our stock of Dry - Ahoils is rtotr completq, and
wiuldliko to see a zood assortment of floods! arl, Nets
Coons you will .+UII at Wiekham'Bennett's, nearly, pppo
-site the p 0 q,,,m6.,
Binghamton, 'Stir .5,1553—n44
• • • .
. •
Doctor Yourself : r':•••:
_gory 01 - Ihis !Tun Phy.s-ician.,
_ FIFTIETII Edition cintaining
(17._ —IL One hundred Eng.ravings 4 'lshnwing
DisCaies and Malformations of! the Hu
mlli system i , n every shape tnitl :form.
To ' whieh is added a Treaties t•lti the
Diseases of li!nnutles, being of the higlidst Inver
tance to ruariii,.o pcoplo; or those :cotemplatingmar-
Ily • . : • ,
• Wililittit Young, '111: D. 1 *
Let no fathi.r be ashamed to present -a 'copy of
the. -Aes.culatill;s to his child.: It may SaVd! him
from an early. grand. LeC•no young man .or \va-.
man enter intn the secret obligations of mbiriSd life
without readibg the :Porket 'Aescul'ar4ual'L'et no
one suffering: trent : alltacknied - Cough ,'Priin in the
Side, restless nights, - nervous feclings,rind•Ae
whole train of Dy•rpiptie sensations, and given up
by their physician, be another moment without con
sulting the AE: 7 OULAF,IES. Haethelmartted,
or those.ahouito be inarried any .impediment, read
this truly useful
: book, as it,,has been the tni.anS of
saving thdustinds of unfortunate creaturdsfrom the
very•jawe of t { leath• f • •
E Any person sending': itcepty fi ne cents ,en-'
closed inra letter, will receive one copy of. this
}}Work by mail; or Ste copiers will be sent for Ono
- Dollar. Address (post "paid.)
- I . • NO. 152. Fpruce
March Bth
H. C. BENNETT & co. •
lbzporters crud Jobber* Al Ftirciim I,Dq
them . e Drif Goods: j.
4h . nEY STar.,F.T,•ICEW YORK, j - •
. .
VTQULDlinvite[the attention of merchants in
2 SuSqUehanna and adjoining Counties to
their stork Which be ; found large and desira
ble;at.all_scaons of the year; consisting part
of• Cloths, Cassimers and •Vestings ' .I`cans'and
Tweeds, witn'all the .best'afid well knoWit styles
of fast colored prints. '1 '
Also, Dres..Goo s !ls, NI/Than and Linen IGoods,
Also, Broehe long and.square shnivrs':Pish.
mere and Silk. Shawls ) together with %)siery and
niney Good 4: 1 1- 1 • :
' l . —Prompt attention paid to orders. I; • :
- ; - - 4yl-1 !change.,
. • ' i, New Stoves.:,;
.I.T:lma:.nntnoirrtjo B olini(4 r ;n7lor vi. 4 5% and shop : ,S tt t n o a ti, r •s o 7',.., t r tg lVigi
er.Coaii and id matati§etien *ith Lis previeds stock trill
make &select a' a eomplote. assortment of the 'mac po"pd
far and improc .d Linda of .., i ' ~ . 1 ~
Air . Tight,- Elei'ated Hthjen Prohiain- and
'. •
, `Plate Moves.' • •'•
. Also,' stove pipmsteel, lien, Zinc; Stove Tubes 4. a .
%Lich be will sell at the lowest prices for - cant or appio*
ed credit.. 1 '
Xe's 3 111forcl,ePt • 20 th, / 6.5
i f
Groceries---Who Aesalo .8c Itetail:
, .
T.ll great vlriOty,: ,Oonsiolerable quantity, imperi
-1 or ?polity; and 'cheap for cash, Or to exchange
for, most kitals of Merchantable . prod4e, on good
terms." His Stock of Suiten+, Teas, TObacco,
being sti•tiumerods, he deems; it only_uoc—
essary to say. that almost anything in the Gro-.
6ry tine'usrt by familiescan be found mioarnqui
rY and eowiegnently enumeration ie considered
superfluous: lln porticula'rbe would ;IA au exam-.
intition'of Sugar, 2L Tabs - cod, And 4s Tea.
A deslnction }worth saving made to lltese who hp)
in largequantifies.'
• t I. N. BULLARD..
Montrose; Pa.:
,• . . Iro -7 Rent. - -1,- :' - •
1 • 1.. ,
sToRy anct half dwelling bease with,
. „ garden and barn nttached—altM two setts'
soma ((gismo!' famiKes, dr students' titian
sehool,.hll in 1111untroie and it desirable 10,
: i , • ~_ .
ontroii,! April • 10, 18.54.-15w3 1 , .
[ •
' - \ I „ -
THE . I)''OISITPOSP IY 44 looPitrii
.puntrango tn..' I
611147A5U • rt ,
. .
TERITIS-$l,O, cacti jindvance; tt 2:00,
'not paid*ithin montini; and CON:lt:the e Ar i
of th e -year. No paper discintifined, inti I iirre ua
gest are paid, -Cxcept , at option .- .of • the Pcl4
livhers. All communications connectild.uith
office, to, insure attention; nust dirC , .etcd (pi n {
paid) to CHASE.. & 1491:arose ! ;SusqUehann a
County, Pa.
Ititteil 'or
••- I •
One sqbare (VI lines ni - less) 3 insertions,'Sim
Each sttbsequent insertien, . i. . 6,2 4
One Nunre three month,s,` . . 4 14:4 ,
)ne square six months,' . . , 4,00
IBusiiiei4=Cards, four lines priess,- - ..3, 00
Vearly :dvertis.truents, not nier,4 mqupres, - 7,00
One column" one year, . • • • 30,Q0
Yen t ad liertisers will . be restriete4'to th e
buinc,:a in which ihey'itre• en,gageti. 1' I•
• ..
11-1 - r.'rpo publishers hav,ing ridded tO their .101,
Printing Materials 'A i large Kid i.superior assort
ment of .T.Ob Type, are now prepared o 'extents
Job Werk . in a manner ensurpa.sned this see.
tiOn of country; and'on the most reasdnhb!'e terms.
Elk:mks of eveyy dastriptiori kept 'constantly
on hand or printed to order. - ,
J -
. . R
• • , OHN GOVES,
p'underSearle ti
'Hotel, Main Street,.lllnntrnse; Pa.
Great Ilend Depot s ,, Pa. Aorhsiirr
ANT, Pr9prie.tor,
Nairnftictitrer of Srnoues coat4isr.D , Cra.
ralci Spniins,Montiose, .1 °
• Win. W. .
4"abinet,And Chair lianufactdreis, (foot
Strea, Montrose i 1 1 . a, - ' , ; '
1 ,
~.• G. ez: 11. FIULLEI • it! Books, Bendy-Made' Clothing•, - Batq
- 1 - and 'aps Boots` an .; Shoes, &c.. Store. oppo.
site Setae's Rotel, ontrose, Pa . •
"Dr. C.. C. AVir4Rp,l, -
Phy4cian,ind Surgeon, ihrford, Pn. Of ev
2 doors belOirEhton'S Store.' •
• ' : . Dr. H.! - '
Surgeon Dentist, Montrose, PA.., ;will be ; I,
Seurle's Hotel, Mondays and:Tuersd4s ore:l6
week. • • 15y1
Dealers in-Dry Gofds, Grocenes,l Hardware,
• , Cro4keiy, Boots and Shoes, et.; Springville,.
, * '• 180
*l.tornies at Law--;-Oftiee feriperlir- ocen.
I ;pied by Little & Streeter, Moilfrea.,t timsque.
habna-County, Pe. • . - 1
B. LITTLE.] _ [EzE.t i , B. CaASE.
..CONGDON di; BEVDEl i tit; -
Dealers in Marble Monuments,Ta Tonb:,
! ;Stones, Corner. of Court, amt. Exchang e !
Streets, opposite . Broome County Mink, Biog.!
liainton, I • • !
iDealers ita Stoi - es and Arannfastnrers of
Coriper, Tin, and Sdeet.frron ••Wittei. Stibp
west side Main Street, oppsite Dirnoc-rat Of.
fiee;Montrose, Pa. •
E." 13. MOONEY,
. . ,
Itepairer of Clocks, Jewelry', IluSical Mani.
E . ments, - ami Cuns, &e., &e. Eleetio 'plating ef
Spdons, Watche.4, Jewelry, &e.; thine' to 'order.
l He fins an appointment for Seal . ei Of'Weigh
and, Measures. Shop on .3bin Street, fiat
door below the Brick Corner, Montrose, 134,
beater in Drugs„Medicines, Chernices,Painti,
Oili,,Dye-stuffs, Groceries, Dry Go4ds, Hard
waie, Stone-ware, Glass-ware,Camph'ene,Bin
ITT Fluid, Lamp Oils, Canfiles,Yarnithes,Wis'
dow Glass, Fancy and Toilet Articles, Perin:
meiy, 'Jewelry, Spoons, Spectacles, Musical
Instruments, • Trusses, Medical Initrumente,
Liquot!, Mirrors; Stationery, gruihes, Shoes,
Yankee. Notions, &c.- - Physivians Prescrip- •
tions carefully compounded; j •
Attorney an 4 Counsellor at Law,,
• .. •
- Mosrf..nsE,
WILL attend faithfully to all btykinefs man
ted to him in the county of iruswhanna.
Conveyancing and writing of kinds till i
cone neatly, and charge moderate- i !
Ile wil[also attend to the ftrosecrion of clairhs if
siAdiers ; their widows and ,heirs, \ against the Uni
ted States 'government ; 'for Bounty Land, Pe
sions, •
'May be (Vaud at all .honts at, the OE4 formerly
occupied by J : T. Richards, Esq.,itOrth of the Court
nonse. " , 49y1
DEALER IN Stoves, Tin, C:Tper inttd Sheet Iron
Ware, todersville, near Great Bend Depot.-6tf
- _ M. C. TYLER,,- . •.1 1 . F
.littorosted with; L.:L.
I6ioRTER: Al 9 DEALER !If lErdWaielond Ca -
i lery, Carriage Tripmings;,Sprinp; Rc. •
No. 21.5 Pearl Street' :114 Y.! •
there his Mercantile friends,' thi4 and offer
°unties, are kindly invited,,and earnestly 89114.
to!eali.and purchase. . in6tf.l
. -
With Rowe, Woodruff, , l& Carter,
NV ll l‘ c f ) F lo rN A A L .T E ,,N G To ßo i rgs litr • a n: h d i
iw C tt o 3 .l n l3 s ll t S r S e l e 7
b;etween Cortland and Dey 'Streets, Ne'w York,
March 8, 18.54-10tf. - ' ' •
1• I • •
i - ' - Medical Card. r:
RS. E - : Patrick - , Jr: & G. 2.
Di ~
- . niock hat . ;
this day. formed a co-part n ership, Or a rnke
theient and sheeessful - prosecution oUthe digt.
-ent branches of their- professiOn.l' HIJ -- I
Alt. business entrusted to theni, will,'' lie atten
ded to with promptness and fidelity. 1 : 1
Their office will be the one lately - oeenpledki
Dr. Dimock.- '., • : - ..1 . • :
. E. PATRICK, Jr'. ,
' • -.-,. . ,Q. Z. DISIOCK:.
Montrose, March 22, 1854. - H , 1 . , -•-•
. ,
, .
• Dr.. Merit H C. Vail
pRIJWST and Cniluts7,i•and•Mealil
I Pituq§, Itedieinesi Cbetnieals, Dye Stn
Paints, Oils; - Patty, Wiudow Glass, Camphire •
Fluid, Perfttinery, Yankee Noion,dz-e., 1 ,-
LoderUyille, Pa.-10tf. • - • • r
ripHE Subscribers nre running a Deily linc rr
AL. Stages between Carbons:l:lloll'nd 1-10plAtcir ,
Station on ".th© Lackawanna ard. Western 14 0 :-
road. Distatvee-20 miles. Leave Carbondalcin
the morning and - connect with the ears" 0.4'
North; ..Returning, leave on the arrival of a'''.
tnail train from the Great Bend. l'he t neing ,
mek,direet and -cheapest route *oni qreat
to Carbondale. Passengers. by This line alO 5 ,
get late Carbonditte earlierin the evening ! I ;' n
any other route._
Fare reeeilited in CarbOndaleiat the Stae Cf
the Subscribers, Main street, a few blocks lailoiv
Brenson'a Hotel.' I
,• • I
August, 18-12.—tf. • .1 ' L
R AGS, waatad at
S. , A. Woormirr
I 1