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    I th..h - tiONt,OF 711 E o:,:ili t ED ST#TruSi .
.1 ...,' 1'; . .
- The 1141 e 'Whlte populatiop of tifeeonntry,
by the . tsus 0f4850, waknineteeti. millions
six hun red and!twenty one thousand .seven
hand*. and nin'ety-ninO , nave.po'' pulation,
three tii llamas, tiO! hundred and - ninety-eight
t-housan ilttee, ~.Itlndred !!, and!' tweinty 'Our ;
free coleted, • folk hundred` and' twenty-eig4t .
thsaus;and sfix hundred and thirty seven. •To
.tal 'ecilored, ;three itrillions
: six, hundred find
tWenti-sit. alto - usanC. nine hundred, tind ! thay
oti,.' 1 : : i
s' makes- ! I!'•. - ; ':
. ! makes- thd white Popniatic,n about five
I f
.a (.1 dite-fciurth to' i one of the lack population.,
The ivliote .co tired,-,p4u ation inercaied,l
front :1840 to] 1850, at the ri tio of 26.22
. perk
pent.', - w !deli' - tiOuld doublythe, colored popui
tition- in :thitt,y. years. lA.coreling to .. the!!
freeof - 8:10,- there were then • fifty-thiecl!
free eolorld persons in the State. of 'Penlisyl-•1
Ma.. 1 It i 4 be,;ievW, howev* p tliiit the number!'
.hae Suomi-hat de t ereased since 1850 -
The fr4ndly regardsi•te colonization and ',
Liberm or e ii - uch stronger in the rural dis-:1
tricts of:the t..a.t : t - i than in the cities. Some,'
go fitornlt'-lie.citit., - but the larger and betteri
number. froni the. country; laud - the' dispcisi-4
tion itowlci guiltiiifoitiao:l abort Liberia,'
and, go there, ishecerning ,deq, strong and!
gene' al,"timongloindredt - end. thotisands.- 4
the.' oler4d -people of
this State
• i r- :
. i
Pennsylyanta stands.distinguishedi among
the Statefi of .thefLinion, fori her 'active beney.!,, i
olenee• tni endowing' Chari tat*, and lienevolentli
"institutions.. Slie his established institutionsl
for tie education lliif the deaf and dumb, •foci
the blindy for the reformatien of f ie yotitlM
criminal ;and the : abandoned female s ! She haS•
reared land 'fosteredtin institution for the rev;
lief pf: thi,lunforOnate insane; and ;ilast.,. tho,
Inot least.;" 01 is no,w evitici is a deep, merest i
to aid hi, a. p : cutitary point of view, the friendS
of the idiot, o Cultivate his 'feeble i tellect
and; rise hit t above the . tcondition f the
brute. . : !: • '-; • I
During the past. year, more than One hu -
'reditltottsand dollars 'were drawn' from. the
'State Treastiry, for purposes of a charit:ible
nature. - ...Very few of thesel'iustittitions have
. . :: ,
conferred any benefit on the colored p pular 1
tion., By the charter of ;the Penns,),- ilittia
Lunatic.llospital, no !person of dolor can, titi
der any. circumStanees, be itdmitted into ant 1
of its wards or &ills; so that the 4-.),4-)
ple:, as 4 class,lhave r heretofore received 0,4 i
few - of:the - bountie.i.of the C-ominenWealtit4_
and we think 411nore judicious dikrimination
I •. ! t
among the appropriations to chAitable and: i
1 benevolent - obj,FCl,.Would afford to
.all desita-
ble Objet theltneans of Some.. .pecuniary; ai- I
' : , ..istinice'b • the State,. without swelling : the I
: general are ate. Two years ado the State
a social, civil andmoTal i apo.opri ed-t WO thous: rid .dollarsto : tile
uce voluntary emancipation I Pennsyliania Colonizatio !Society', which the.
re. their freedom and happi-1 society
,grate oily acknO ileddes.l4s having
prosperous coutatT• of.theirl been !of' very essential se ; - ice' in, the good
; being most effectually re- li, s • -ork of Aft can coloni t
i ion. Besides, the
It influence of the Iteptiblie i -Ine'atis it furnished the..'s • iety, directly,' the
humane, benevolent lid. 1 ipproving ha dof the at oritieS of the coni- I
ofslaves at the Sputh,l in i monwealth hi ;had the e ect of establishing i
and free their.peo- - confidence atilleneonrago the great worn: Of 1
nr emigration; and
ix- ithlra Wind ltl e : blac d I i popula ion 6°l
epublic. 1. onongst us, and plant ti fin upon! • soil? and
• - ' !! - . hiinateO
adapted to: their nstitiaiOns. , i I
The PetiusylYania Cohinizatioia!Society op
casionally has 'received very large bequests.
'We will,-i' this ! connection, state an '-o,nl}-
itinstance. 'lElliet res.Son;!Piiq., who was' for
iia number of yelirs president of .the-petitisYl=\
vania Socilety, and. xVll° -lately - deceased,c, I wfil
• • 1 - . !,! '
I to the society ten thousand dollars, : f°r tbe
!,purpose . ..of:Episopal missions and .scheeils lit
Port Cresson, in •Libcrin, in 'Africa ; also one
I-thousand dollars to therPennsylyania Celotii-
•„! i • . t.
Izidiot) Society.:' - ' l.! i - , : ,- -; 1 .! -
t• : Tie work isi .rrieticable to transpOrt to Ar
-1 rie t ar three milli us of meni!wotnen andichil
i dren;.! But it :iiinot be done without moi
-1 ey. I,To''transi ort . the ! fifty-three thousand
; now 54 this Sti e;:could• be aceoniplioied ,n
'less than tWeni ' years, without the assistance
' ,f h:very . large ; lattionnt frOtn l the ;State Treas-
I try. It is ascertained that! there are over
i . -
ouir millions of f.uropeani;,:and the immedi
ate descendants of Europeans, in tlie;Uhited
States; !and they are: tides coaling to our
shores at an average of althousand a day. If
'the emigratiori should continne! to . advatiq
for the next ten years, as it has done the last
fi've years,
,there .will .arriye in -our counfry,'
Vow Etirope,five millions , of people in ten
fats. And! :Millis ;without governMent aid
. :
t any - appreciable ,extn. Tile, whole mciVe
en ! •
r l
. t is, founded' upon prvate enterprise,'and
i t 4 accomplish private interests. •!„ And it has
,, been •Offiefally:acertained, that ;the Irish em
; idranls; besides sustaining themkives in this
1 home;
.country during .three years,, seat to
their -indred in their native land, fiftein Mil
,-lions f &Marti. ;:Are we to be, told then, that
1 -these 'fates, in eennection With State, aptiro-,
. .
priati ns and pri,Vatehenevolence, cannot=, in
thnotirse of 4 generatidn or 6v°, transport
I:, • the °hi !red• •
,i! 'population,. 4 leas than three and.
I a Italic Millions, to the 'W stern Coast of Afri
i ca r'!! tspecially,!as it is la measure of,:public
!justice; public- .benevolence; public , hOnor
!'and national prosperity. i - 1 ' . : -!. .- .
I• In cOnclusionthe. committee has 'Only to
, say, thni the- t Afrieati•Coliinization is thooff
-1 spring': :ofClirystiaulphilatabropy. It is allied
I to nos heme of*ealth Or power., A. corral
, .- riccessit • ',tve, birth tOlthe' The
a ; Ssa g P l i sufferin tui !degraded dominion Of . the 'Col
•w_ithila 1 orelpi. p e intbe City df *London, ! in. 11,87,
11 ,-,°.ift•u s, '. moved- h boasts of \ Wilberforce and I•others,
ind ev-,1 , 0f kindred spirit, to dei-ise means- for their.
flier-ii relief a improvement, and imPrOVeent,fand the colony of Si
-tf fives errit Leone was-the 'result! . ::
'"; ! tceu I ' The'satne beneficent ipirit, socking to 'joc;
L ' ! liorate the. cdudition of the race itt this court-,
try; but with' a Scope initneasurably broader;
was, led bY the light oft British, example to
the adoption of Simi lar measures!, and .through
the agency, of the ; Ame4cati Colonization So
ciety,Tformed in 1816, Liberia, - the genii of
an empire, sprang into 'life..
• The piouee '47idfoundersof the enterprise,
believing ilia the separiaion of - the rades !is
essential to t 7 e ; highest improvement of Both,
sought to see re a retreat., where the African
might, enjoyleverY right] and fra chise of an
American citizen, and in the free xerci'sc of
every, nativeendowment, stand er cti' . .iii. the
Conscious dignity : of manhOod—in.. the land
. of, his att;:stort, freed from his social:lnferior
ity. andt
• litical disfranchisement, With every
incentive tomanly -tffok, . and. virtuous aspira
tion.' : - 4 . ••! - 1 ; I • •. •
•• A retreat: has been found near the : equator,
.-the native hoine of the race, comprising n ter
ritory; of twenty thousand square miles :id
mating - of indefinite extension into the interi..
or,•as tl e eXigencpeS of i4q" . pe9ple .may.,re
quire, -• Froi the limn:blest! beginnings fortn=
ed, of, in terra S the most feeble and helpless,
nursed by Pri •ate.:!..char4y, iposed to aggres
sion from every ruthles marauder,
tetAß,d 0n1y. , ,,by Almighty. leve,!sLiberin, has
escaped theperils Of her infancy. She has
even spirit to call lierself a State, a COin
.4ion*Olthe!an independent republic; pi 94 the
proudest monarchies of Europe have enrolled
her among the nations. i &boob; and churcll
- adbm heretoins and villages • the atroci
ti‘s of the slave trade liave!.ceased 'within her
bOrders• tliOnsattds•of the'etnancipatedF,eiult
,',-iii the I:le.ssings 'of freedom, and. astonished
'Africabehelds a new Order of things infiugu
ted UPotrlier shores. •il !! : - ': • •
the return of the exiled to
the home their anceistorS,.to shait th 4 tiles-.
sings her free institutions and ennobling
flftv miles . on an•average. • The Marv
colony. at Cape Palnias, is not at this
nit, a part of thnLiberian.Repnblic,but
vill be, :when thncontindoui coast under
i ,
ntrol . of-10e Ainerican . colored= emi
shall} extend' about five.•hundred, and
y miles. fTlicie are twelve
. ..millions of
g rcs in the Liberian territory, much of 1 • .“ ...
j.i b q very fertile and most :is .susceptinie, or
I,rotitable cultw,ation.- It has-been 'ascertain
that - e d that the produce of „a cultivated acre .is
m ere than . .enotigh to support a man,
,- iipopulatrn.of the African Common
veal li i. 4 alien two hundred thousand . souls.
4 - t...lirda-morrument of the wisdom
'4f it Pioneer fends in .America, populated
iii 4 veren Iby blacks-from its chief mag
ir,tra ell",down,.t. the humblest officer, with
c hurches, schoOks,:good laws, the press - '`and
all d i g ble:4sings of - -civilization. There 8r
f el in this stirring age;. more
. fall- of
aliseibing interest than the foundation of this
intlePedent.ntrtion of colored freemen nutting
their own raed'of one hundred and sixty mil- .
lion of peopiel.. . .
The face of the country of . Liberia, .her 'soil
nat4al fertility,'rivers, natural scertery, - 'cli
mate, civil and social ' institutions, manufal-
tares and coninercial advantages, arc such,
. i
that your committee have no • hesitation n
ilvturuending the young Republic. to the fa;
vorlthle consid the people of Penw.
1 -
- o-lvania.
• Tri) . o ECM OF COLO?.:iZiTIC!.N. . _ , . •
1 - L .To prntiCally.demonstrate the cap4ai
tv 9f tarcolo . d mail forself-governtnent,and
- . f,ir independent, civil nationality. This, has
' beeil realized by the establishment and pros
. Of the Republic of Liberinin Western
frka - I:
:id. To full. break up'and destroy the J.Af
ricn slave tide.. This, to' a'. great extent,
bal d been don and is - still being done, by
plaiting and_ xtending social, civil and Chris
tian colonies ' f free colored people front . this.
country, on the Western coast of Afripti.
• : l td. To intrpdwe civilization and` Christi
, -amty into AfOca, and- thereby promote the
re i e mtion Of that Vast 'continent andlong,nr4
- d e i ? ply degraded race,`by the instrumentality
ofih i er own ex led children; there
,from thy,
c 9, ntry.. Th s missionary work ; of African
~. colonization . 'been most efficient and . sue-
4th. To s o re a.hame for t 1 free colored
ilopk of the niter Staie . S, whei,v the !'l may
e t s
. pr l ofess and eijo - :ndiSiurbed peace and. free
don, in - sense. - This has be en ad
! •
comphsh , trhaps there is no place on
earth to ( :e the colored 7 man, -, in s
high and legree, possesses and enjc,3l - t•
li Jetty ai prosperity, the Repnb
lic of LP.
sth. Ti
~., slaves
the c
Ilt-SS in. II
oivn. Al
ahzed by
of Liberi
Christi al
Ile, in
ship in that
1 Ist. Betty n six •and eight hucdre.d
Of sea coast of Western" Africa h ve been E.e,7
eland to the' Ttilnibli . e. froni the native . tribeS,
'load this terri ry extending interior from fif
ty to on© huu red miles, '
~, ' li 1 4 I
N. liars}'- f the. native popuh tton hatfe 1- I
ken the oath of fealty to
_the G l overniiic !.t.
.rhile many ens of thiugicals have. bOu +ci 1 ,
themselves, b - treaty, wholly tolabandon the
Aare trade mid himan.sacrifice4 and thin are l
rought in contact with and'unar the tiatiu- 1
tic'e. of a civilized government, and people.
3d. The sl ve'trade has be . en ' permantintly
Atirpated fr m at ;'east three thousand Miles
of the Nireste African coast ;. from ahont
ight hand miles by and sbeial
redemption„ . and from over two thousand miles
by treaty sttpulatt'anis • and all of this,--direet
ly, or, itliirp.Ctly ,-by the eNistence and iintlu
cute of the liepublic of Liberia:. 1 t •
. J .
-• 1 _ k • .
olonization societies ' have sent,V
expense and by. the, renuest oft!,
we gone up to the . closelof 1853,H
4 nine intadrth.l and sixttl-eighti i
'I . :, it
Ist. The
at their . os-n i
those who, hi
eight thou,
Colonist. "I ,
2d. The United Stater - Govertiment have
sett one tholusand and' forty-four wlifw ;were
rc-capturcdlaves, making, in all; ten, thous
and and tw ice -colonists established in iLiber
ia, both by- he Colonization societhks a d the
'Governmen of the United States. '
3d. Of t ese sent by the Colonizati
i rt so
cieties, sere, hundred and eighty threl were
sent during the past year ; 18'53. ' ' ' I
The disposition. among the colored
of this coutty. egpecially in the free
to go to Li eria, is dails, and almost i
sally inere ing. . - . 1
The,ex of sending a colonist to
f se
ia, is daily and almost universally inc
The ex nse of sending a colonist
'beria ' and i,upporting him there for sic r
after `hhis arrival, together with a ti
of five acres of good land, (fee., is , f
'o eightyollars each one, both
young. , . i
The Co onization Societytheii
- furnisher, rovisions-and medical aid 4
comfortabl e hottse., .for the first six
and long,_ when nect.. cary, to cacti
',ry emi,, ut going to.the Republic o
ia,, , beside • the gift of a homestead I
acres of 14,nd to a single , person; ai
nem' to al colonist who has a family.
152:1 an
sent from
and Sixty
fire were
oo:s - rw.-AN-f.k coLiaxtz.tnos .- sli,
ciety was organized. in: t• C .fear
was chartered c c lart tb e i r r e tfi . in 1830.
ijri lt
t h i a ii s s ' 1
-State - th
gest, moo . intelligent, ente prising , and I k eSt
organize of coloredpeople ver senlhy the
this StateSta y te ea -t r o i
. Liberia, asol o w n o e t
I :n e d l r 6i ed r....
yen einigrants,':lct Whom thirty
ut during the palit year,,l 3.
Coloniza on Society. o tha Republi .1. They [
. ctie
have sel ted their homestfad , E4m.e; thirty I
miles from Monrovia, tip' the St. Pinta i l icer,.
in - a Ixtatiful and healthful;
.region Dc coun
try, well timbered, rich . in I mineral - wealth,
sslss:and po ing a soil. Of grtold:fluty ! . [
The Pennsylvania Societ aided thil c9m
- pany of emigrants, by its On n voluntary funds,
in secu' theta a Btca .engine_, ! lan , mill,
. othe Machinery;, to -render :thin- -pros
perous ad a blessing. to • the to try , and
people i o general; where they 'have, gone
. to
find ho 1 of freedom and- qualify. I : . .
Besides thoSe emigrant -sent .tol plieria
front thiS State by. thePennitylvtinla R ai -4r..iety; it
has alsosent 'four bUndrel and ntTipty' r twO
emit gran from -other: statesi most' of; whom.
i s
*ere sla.,.es, whose freedorn. I was . . h ereby o' se--
cured to them in trie ee:puta:. -4 ) I. 4 4.criit.-,
• Of . i thiS number, thirty-eigl4 were • t,e4 out by
tik society during' the\ pastl year; .114* Qui
being Oaves and -- Nvi3Ose freidom d •pi.inde on
. their Bing to ' Lilieria, has been seort so to
them - hi this' society 'er-tabsshing tti : ni it' that
Republic. The Peampqania .0460 tion
Society has,
therefore, semi to tiberf.s 'i all
,''six hundred .'and 'fifty .nilie etnigrants4-one
hunclil and
,sixty-seven ifroni thitSiLte—r,
. thirty- re . of *whom flie:pl sot year, : ri d four
hundred and ninety two, from othir l i Fitates
mostly laves, of whOut th i rty-eightWere'i;eut
.• .. 4 .
She past ;ear. - 'i . , ;-' 1
to Li
Ell sixty
41 and
. It • . .
destiny, t o be rivalled only, we trust, by the
Etup.ire'oft;:the•West. 1 - •
To a eguntry.sO inviting, is - it not. a.. Wise;
And harnatiO policy to direct the attention of!
the Coloiiid'race iti this State i .Jt has . beeni
- decided that here they can - never rise to
cial or politicalegnidity. • Call tlitsprefuthee,:
or patriotism, or philosophy, the fact is - . 1
tam. What hope. then- remains that - thiinri-1'
cortunatelpeople can ever • be Am4ricaniied,l
and constitute 'an integral part of the' State II
The•ciinviction this is impossible, that- theyj
are politilea4 disfranchised, that-tilt), are to
remain aldegraded caste, has. - sunk .into' the!
depths ofitheir hearts, quenching every nelli
iispiration,'repressing every manly efrort,landl
Crushing Ow spirits to the earth. ; •11 ~
Your committee, in view . of the ritetS . bet
fUre them, and in consideration of the icivi;
and social disabilities - to which the' colored;
i people: ocl'ennsylvania are subjected, reeorn-i
I mold munppropriation of two thousand 14oli
lam to theTeniisylvania Colonization_ Siicie4
ty, to liedrawn. and expended , as .proVided
fer\ in thf.'‘, bill herewith reported by. the CoM4
Mittee. . , l' • i
..All whithli, with the accompanying bill., is'
respecthilly submitted "
C L. IluNsucusit, B: R. MILLER ' ,
Gt':o. W. Ilittimi, J. J. • KILGOIiE, I
. : ,s SOXATRA:: P. ABRAHAM. , . . 1 s
. .
The Ward . Trial—ludignatlon at
.LorisvlLLli,. I.—The verdict of the
jury, in thei,ease of Matthew Ward, tried, fot
the murder Inf Professor Butler, has gi yen great
offence fothe people here. A meeting,traS
held on":,Saturday, l night, at which resolution's
were paSsed requesting Mr. •Chitteuden, who
Was one:: of the counsel of Ward,.to 'resign 14
seat in the Si Senate, and requesting M.
Wolfe, another of the counsel, to resign:his
seat as State Senator. The WardS were also
requested' to leave the Sate: A large, mob
.proceeded to - the residence, of R. 'J. Ward
.where they:burnt in'effigy Matthew and .hi 6
brotherkßobert, at , the *out door, se .clos
that the wood work caught. The fire! .was
extingliished, however, I)efore much damage
was done.,
. The cntccrats of Susquehanna (1-on tity op
posed t,&a .repeal of that part of tI4 Missouri
CornTrOmis.e which prohibited Slavery in the
Territciry of the Louisiana putchase, north of
Oeg. 30 min., are requested to meet at the
Court pouse in ; the borough of Montrose .on
Saturday the 20th inst., at
. one
M., toitake into consideration the proPriety
of Itoling Democratic State Carmen tiok
and electing delegates to' repreSent this
county therein. .
Tliti measure)tow Tending in Congress to
open all and every part of the National• Do
mani :to the senile labor of the black - race,
therer giving to the slave aristocracy :a nib
nool of the soil or the country is to 1!le
pressed to a final passage ,by all the energies
of the' slave interest, backed and stipported
the corrupting appliances 'residential
preiuises and patronage. This great iniquity
—this irremediable curse upon
. ottr. countfy
is to_be consummated under the namcilof 1..);.-
.rnoeracy; and it therefore becomes thC esPe- .
cial ;duty 'of 'Democrat's .to take 'effecae
ineasnies to r sone their , principles fiern. ,
prOaCh, and t win party. name from dishonOr.
The crisis has arrived when the!safety and
.prospority of our institutions demand . pronipt
and independent action on the part of • the
reaL.,'vating Democracy of the country. Let
there be a Democratic State evuirrttibly
respiting tiltit portion of the Demoeraticpari
ty libo are opposed to the contemplated high
handed.eneroachthent oldie Sltiiery power,
in the threatened repeal of : that part of, tyre
Compromi which securedtO.lftee
I while labor, aTortion of dur 'vast :pitblic!do
• •
• A. , Religions Notice.! •• i
'47l'llp. Gm.;
ety l iin :Montrose, are requested ;to meets ,a
their Chureh•On Saturday nat 'at :2 o'clobk
P. 4, fOr thetransaction of important business
Ittedical Notice.
The :Eclectic liotanii. ,Medical ;Society *ill,
inc+t at•Montrose the 24th day of Nay: I.AI
geieral attendance of the members i solicit-
ihere is business lof impoAanee_ to Le'
discussed. T. E. Loomis Seci
• •
• PtAltAllgPe ,
• At nirmersville, on Monday,JJanuary 2d;
by,liev. E. E. Guild, Mr. DEwrr i c. WELL•si,ot
F.Ornersville, to :Miss-, M.AuTti* of
iln Iknten, - Thursday . January] stll, by.
1.4 same, Mi. JCDSON. GREEN, ofAbmgtoti,t6
Miss I"..,OutsE Wm.t.:s.of the former pla . e.e:
t; . • • •
ih.GibSon,- on Sunday May ;7th by Ithe
same, mr, Ennis CLINTON', of Gilson, to Miss
OLIYE ; SEELY of Harford.
!In Milford, "on' Sunday,. 3fay 17th, by ,!the
s:iine, Mr. GE:o. - T..Plunty of Jaclison 3 to
CANDACE ,RICE of Gibson. . • I ..
.v'i„ In Bridgewater, on the 4th inSt. by go.
L. Post,'Mr. Cuts WARNER of Spring
ville Pa., Mid Miss REBECCA Einar), 011 , t4
Ulmer place. i.
i • "
, .
'&44,,, i' •1 • j
. . .
In this Borough, on Monday the lith !uI4,
Mit. EDWARD FULLER,' aged 85 YearS. .
BREAST-P,lNS.—Diactond,MOsaie and tither
Breast-pins in every variety+of style' and
pattern, This day received by 1 i i
Binghamton, April 18;14, - I " :
I No. 2, Odd Fellows Halt -. ; ;
i •
IfFINGER RINGS.:—Same cif the
..1f fineSt ever brought into thii market, alio
Ruby, Pearl, Regard, Locket, Seal, Chaste, plaid
and Stone Rings of all qualities, by,
I , 4: J. E VANS.!
EAR RINGS.—Some rely i ßich? Einkrald,
Jet, Garnet, Enamalcd, and. Other patterns,
all prices, by. ' A. J. EVANS.!*
_, 1 -
A NEW ASSORTMENT, of Gold Sleeve
11 Butions,'Studs, Armlets; Snaps; &c. by •
fi OLD CHAINS, Vest, Chatelaine, Fob end
..icir Guard Chains, all weights and , patterns; 1:1
. A. J, EVASSi
NtAPKIN RINGS.--LSome of the richelit at.
1.1.1 terns everoffered in this tn . :trick., ic4eived'
this day by - 1
1 . A'. 3. EVANS,
IS ILVER SOUP LADLES,Tio and r fruiti - rtfves
A. J. EVANas
k.. j , .
s. ) I
~ I
V, HELL COMBS, a new lot just reeiv.ed by
!k ' A. J. EVANS .
" _
"VANS of all qualities from 4s to 08, plain fig.
.11.? ured and mourning styles by -- : '
. , ; - • A. J. E VANS.
1 1
lIAIR Bru s hes ? some , of the best quality ,ev.
er brought to this market, i
.. , I . , - A. J. EVANS.
T WINS Extraet, warranted genuine by
i ' A. .1, EVANS.
_Li ,
L - I . oi. WATCHES.-rThe subscriber has
Ur - jus . received another supply ot,Gold Watch.
es,, which together with bis former stock makes
bis asset Uncut complete. , 1 •
• '- • • I A:J. EVANS.
1 1
P LATED WA E.—A largo 'andlbeautiful as.
eortment Or Silver plated Cake Baskets,
Castors, and Can lesticks, some entirely - new
patterns, by - - A. J. EVANS. -
Bingli.uuton, 3 arch 30, 1864. -' 1' ' '
co . ‘partnersbip bereofore existing be-
JL tWeetstlie onto:scribers': under the -title of
Tiffany . & utith was tern:dented on: the tOth
April lost. "-The Note; and Accounts of said firm
ar e now in thts hands , Of E. Tiffany, for I f settle-
Those inde ) lated will
. Rlease hike notice
and sat accordingly. EDWIN Tirimil.
Brooklyn+ May,1U, . 1854
To the Public.,
9 - 111Wrindersigned having purchased of Mfr.
,Tiffanytis entire interest in the Mercan
tile I:nisiness, hereby make their bowl() the good
cithens of Brboklyn and vicinity, and invite them
to =Wand inspect and purchase one of thAtest and
most Complete stock of Goods ever befee offered
in Oh) market. Believing that peoWe Who buy
Good on lode credits have:, to pay a largo per
centage for iCREDIT At.osp,' we Wile,. adopted
the Ready Pay System of trade, as the ayEtein
most,conductve to the public as . Welrai our own
interests. MI kinds of Farmer's Produce re
ceived, in exchange for Goods, at - the highest
mark i 4 ratesi Those who desire to :purchase at
a lovr, figure will assuredly, find it for their 'inter
cat us a J. F. Smrqt,
Brooklyn,May 9,18.5 i. ' '
. . •
, : FISIV . -, 1
Ait c r E b .f , lt. - I .l o. L po b l y ln tr i : o l,-- ie l-i h an oti cit.2 Barrel,
,:. ,_ BF:4'111Y 11 ; 11.EAD.
310ntrose 'limy 11, 1854; • ; ; •
100 Dollars Lost.
*T wasnot stolen, neither was it'. dropped io
1 th roadi yet irrevocably lost to 4y gentle
man*ho perchases slop-shop elothiug, instead
of sOlecting Ids cloth of an bonest'dealer and get
tinas clothes Made up
. by an boneati
instead of Idsing that amount,. any geiltlman can
save 6,100 lit twoiyears time by earefidly
clotbsoud employing such a Tailor asl
John Groveit to cut and make tbeM up, and say
nothliOg of the coittort of having deaeut fits.
are posted Up at my shop;,and very peat styles
they hre. Call and see. ' -
IP. • • .•/
ar Cutting' done as usual - Tor - ready pay, and
warranted to fit. _ .
"Remeinber mi shop is in the: basement
1 ' •
eornei of S6rle's I &el, about, forty feet in a
Nofthwest oourse from the Liberty-001e.
• r' , i, ' JOHN 'GROVES.
MOntrosd; 'May 5, 18.54.:—.19.1m. '?, 1 ._
Medical Card. !.
IriOCT'S. THAYER & t CR/OaIiALL, *lag .
1 as . soclated themselv4s in the. 'practic!e of
Medicine. aid Surgery would respeCtfully.itivito
all 49: . give them a call that may mmd theiri pro
festilOnal service. . They : may be ftiund. at the
ofliec i formally occupied: by Doct¢ri Thaypr.—
Tt4 . l will keep on hand pure conceUtratedi and
H etrieePathic
ILA T10.1.-ka, It. P.
.scontrosti, May 8, 1854.; • • ; ,
New Spring Gnodi.
BURRITI , is now r eceivi4 his usual,
1.1.• supplies of Spring Goods, Winch will be
found unusually large and attractiv e , including a
superior nOorttnent of Ladies DrOss Goods,. in
Berages, I3erage Delanes, Laivits, Poplins,
ChWlies, Ginghams &e. Mantillas, Silk
Shawls, Silk. Straw and French Lane Bonnets,
Bonnet Ribbons, Flowers, Parasc4s', • &c,
together with a large variety of other Faney and
St;iplo GOads, incli2ding Clothsi ,Cassimeres,
-13,onts and phoes, Wall Paper, , CUrpetim.r. ' Gro
ceries, Crockery, Hard NVare, and Nails,
Drittr,s, Oils, and Paints, , Cooki4 !and Parlor
Stntes. Ohio Grind Stones, Ploughsl&c. &c., all
of which will he sold on. terms to tiult,
burs for cash or approved. credit; \
New 51iPbrd May Bth; 1854 .
:Atliy prim int in fillinitifil 1 , i
~ iI: , i .,
'. The One Price Store. - I
090DS .7%."1' LOW. Villr F.s'l AND FOR 141.11YrrAl ''
rr LIE under,igned having associated themsch es;
together in the Atereantile briiiness, are übw,
pr'epared t;a . offer to the public, re.vbry desir.iblel
stick' of Gbods, consisting in main df '
~.DryGoods, and Ready ramie Clothing,
•'' klats, Caps and Straw Gtel'ids,
Books. and Stationery;
. , '.. Boots and Shoes, . ;', .. -
• - 1 Groceries;
i? , T Yankee Notions, &e. 44., • ,
i.tror volitull h'sve been purchased with great
care, and we are satisfied, cannot' fail to suit
those,whO may! favor us with a cAll.
:: !_rtii Diy Gclods departirient will be found
very complete, Consisting of all the tending style .4
or - i r' , , 1
. .
Silk, rich ?brocade, plaid'and striped, black,' dresS
and dfantila Silk's, very rich, high lustre, and a(
cheap rates. 1• .
- ';'Striped;Delanes plaid Barnge drio: satin str ip y
Challis, printed', Leats,•• Poplins,' Deßage, plai d il
and printpd irtone(s, - . in great ynfieq.e3, wilicli
wt are bOtind to sell at a low , fieriire
~ . •
''Rsingha6s‘—:( hadsome assortment, 7 -Prints l „ l
all the leading? s tyles, Meri mack:, 'Cie:beams;
Aliens, Spragu4s;:ike., very petty :,styles. 1
1 .
-' , ;Dress trunmin - gs , =,- .- of . the d .sirahle styles and
shades—Black silk Lace, D ess buttons, black
valet Ribbons,lsilk 'anid , wor'sted Braids; in great
variety.s : . I , ', : 1 . 1.
Whitegoodz-,—SwitO,Jaconet;;Nansook, cam
briek, Bishops Lawn, and Riok 'luslins, Plaid
Cambrick :11uslMs, dotted
. Swiss '.,Ntusl i ns, c orded
skirts, Irtah Linea, Cambrick Handkerchiefs, &ii.
iSit.,Frerich Needle Work,, SwiSi and Jacondt.
Fr f ilgings, 2 .and Lisertings,. otton, linen, arid,thrend
lace . do. flounCing, Ladle fashiobable,Cheiniset-
s' ! ,.,
te,,„Sleeies, Collars, Ben 6,:.
ets c.,the Itirgesi* 7
sOrtment in Tqwn, and a very low prices. i‘k,
Thireg‘4 . (or veils, in gr en, blub and browt,
Brack late :ails flitc: : - ~
-' l l./ii4 Olores.- 1 — Ladieliand Gentii a large,asset
inent, of the best quality. ~ • i
.11iits,dong'rind short, Black, 310 air and silk!.
Silk. Gloves,, Black, white arAdc tors. Lisle
.Od cot, do.
• i i
Irosicey-Ai fine' fbr
Ladies, Gents,
a' ri d children.
;•:• Ribborts,—a fine assortment fii Bonnets, aISO
Satin andlutestring, id every widtlitii and ove cOll,
- Domeitie Goods.—Sheetings, liteaca
bleached in usl ins, Ticking, Crash; Diapers, Table
Covers, Mid Napkins, and in fact, nll the' desirable
ityles in this department. • :t' , 1
't Shauis.—Printed Delano, Freneh - printed wool,
printed tashmere, Broehe l Black ; Talk; &c., a • fine
stork of;thetn.• .., i
i j • :1 - - ,
*v, Ladie!i Sloes, of eve l y description, at low pri
nips. Bays, Misses, and childrens shoes, in great
v,srietv.: Gents. Boots, coarse anti fine. , I
‘i.•:'"We have 'aVery tine Stock • of •Hats and Caps,
Canada Straws,' Paltnloaf, Curacoa, Minicab°,
-Bound Canton,. Leghorn, Calisimere Ate.; for
r fiuminer!wear, which aro very detdrable, and lid
pig chesp. , ,it , 1
i!. goOd assortment of frulics Bonnets,Misks
4inchiidrens Flats, Hats, &c. ~- . , i
li *
1 : In this branch of otir busine we cannot fail
',to suit.,: Our stock of Clothing is very extentiive.
!and well 'made up, in late and ' -desirable styles,
We would esPecially.iinvito- our 'friends desiring
ilit..y thin in this line, to. give .4s a call.' Gen.
1-- tlenienti, furnishing Goods, of every descrifitiOn.
, A lattgb stock of ,Wall Paperindfierdering„.
0 .
• Books ;Stationery and Yankee Notions, in greet
!..variety..) I , 1 - '
o r drociries.—,•Teas, Green and illack, very choice
i .
land frelili t at low pri`ces: . • -'; , 1 '
''• ' Coffeer.-;-Suporior St. Dominfp). and Rio. - .
:, beautiful article of ,Brown and !, White Saga ..,
CHEAP; Molassei; Spices , Soap, Candled,
Lamp Oil, Fluid; &e; Ste. A very superior artl
tile of caVendish Tobacco, at 28 tits. per lb: ! '
I: - We Are in the store for merlyeccupied . bylLti
,throp &I,Salisbury, and morn_ roi•entlY, by Oeo.
,Fuller, l Opposite Searle's Hotel." ; We weuld be
very IMPpy indeed, i to , see our friends, at! the
i yip Pity* STORE, and hope to Me o rit our alvire of
• the public patronage, by good attention. and [low
i prices. i'l - ' t
1 , G. & W. .1 - 1 ;FULLER, ,
.-• ,
Montrose, April 19,. 1854. : r
.1 , , ,
Mineral Fire-Preof Paint-
A4RIETY of colors, laud the beat ; quality
'• in 'market, for ; sole byl , 1 I
i 1 1 1 ABEL, TURRELL.
, , , .
310ritrose, April 27, 1851. ' ''
' . - 41 !'; ,
A RE now receiving !heir stock of Goods for
SpriOg nnd Summer trade, which' they of
fer, at lover. prices than 'ever offered in this mai
ket, beforLe,; Thankful tor the liberal patronage
they haie received, thei will` endeavor by strict
attention to husinessynad •by many new induce
ments,- to merit even a larger share of the'' patro
nage of thase who wishitobuy GOODS CHEAP.
Cull and examine for Yourselves, and sea if our
goods and . prices will nbt hear us out in all we
have said.
_ -
of every style. Thirtyi
eces Figuted Plaid and
changeable Dress Silks/ some as lOw as 75 cents.
Black Silks, all widths }end qualitie N and good nr
tide for $l. Lawns,] Berazea l DeLaaes and
GinghamS, good and chbap. Fine Whitei Goods
of 'every I;in b d ; Embroideries 'arid. Lace Goods ;
Bin net Silks - and Fringes.
ofievery grade: Black; bro.wn, and blue' Broad
cloths, all ;of which being bought at bargains, 'We
Will sell very ch eap. • , i
o6very Style, e qually] low. Call and examine
obr stock: of these goods, as we can and will sell
them at the very lowe4t prices: - -
I. anew article for Somme': wear. Surnmer Cloths,
Titkines,i Striped Shirting,s, Blue - and- Brown
'Drill, Keritueky Jeans, and Tweeds, a . - complete
assortment. - • ' !
a largo assortment, and of styles to suit
Boors and Shoes; Upper nod sole Leathcg.,
, • .
The most complete tndextensive assortment
ever brotlght into Ilfoutrose. Full setts of white
Ghanite and Blue Wziro for a very little money.
Mirrors of all sizes and of double plate glass;
Call aid examine our Inices before you buy.
Willow, I - Wooden and; Tin Ware
. kept. constant
ly, on baiid.
of al; kirids. Sugar, pfolasies, 'NO, &c., at less
than' - Binhamion . prices.. Ashton - barrel and
Table Salt. FlAur lly the barrel, sack - or pound.
Codfish aid Maelterel;Pork, -Farming. Tools of
evety kind, Ploughs and Cultit'ators. • • L .
'I: -. l ' i . GUANO: ~
' Tho greatest fertilizer in the world, in - quanti,
tiesl o snit. • ' 'i -" • '
M' ... ... •
. • BUTTER FiliKS ANIiTUBS. - • '..
Ptodttee of all kitids. taken in clichang,e - for
Goods, it ( cash ices.
Cheap Spiing and Summer Goods:
TE are now prepared to furnish - those - who
; V *ant Spring 'find Summer . Goods, at
ces pot faille, Compete- with the very .
lowest and suit the el-osest buyer.. — •
Our assortment of I tress Goods is- complete
beautiful- styles of all the latest
!fashions. Barege,Satege Dulaio, Lawns,Challis,
.• i S. H.
,& D. SAYRE.
- - ' BONNETS.
WE, hive received ngood assortment at ex
,YI tremely low prices. . • 1 •
' ' I 8: IL & D. SAYRE.!
CLOTUS, Broad Cloths, Citssimere Tweeds,
Jeai s, dnd a first rate assortment of Sum
per sttat.
LARGE Int wbich enables • iv; to sell. low
Li lisides giving an - oppnrtun4y to make liCt
tcr selections. . -
Ashton Salt, Butt 4 Filitins, Tin ..Ware &.c.
. - . SAY.RE. •
. •
bouzlit very him. 'Aird wilt not
~1 and eandot bd undersold. .• .!
• ! . S. IL Si D. SAYII.E."'
". Ready M ade Clothing.
A VERY desiral4lo stock at very low prices
11 -
I -S. H. &D. SAYRE. •
Executors' Notice.
BITERS Testkmentary have "been granted
to the strbseribers on. I the estate of Junes
Newman, late of Great Bend township, decd.—
All prirsons indebtdd to said • estate will make
immediate payment; and .pa i sons having demandi
will present them tn the unklersigned. duly - attes.
ted for settlement. S. W. TB.UESDP.LL,
' < ' rrllo'S ' HAYS. :
: 1 1 • 'Executors.
• Greitt Bend APrit 26, 183 i. l -17y4 . 6* _ •
_ . NEW GOODS.. . '
AI.AARGE asso i rtment of new and ieasons.
ble Goods ati the store of '
DrOss Goods. • ' _
AGOOD aSsorpnent at low prices, alo 'a
Jarge lot of tl 000 d Prints at 6 1-4 cts. per
yard.; - - : 1
- ; i• U. BURROWS & CO.
1' 1
, , •
BNNE:TS and- Bonnet Ribbans,a choice as-
Sortment at tow prices.
.• : ! U. BURROWS & . CO.
, , •
' . I i Sugars' - - '
. [
CCI OOD New 9eleans, at's4,B7 1 . 2 per 100 lbs:,
T 'Prime do. •at $6,25 per 100 , lbs.'
•Prime Portorico, aft 6,87 1-2 per 100 lbs. . ; ::
Alio; Clarafied Coffee, Powdered, and Loaf;
s Sug,ais, at very lo'w prices. ' • ' • - 1
U. BURROWS & co.
Gibson; April 2, 1854.: ,
- , , ,
I \ NjW GOODS, , •‘1 l'
It i rC Mlt . LAN & PARK return their grateful
ill: acknowlOginents to the public for past ft.:
vors,i and invite attention to the very large Stock :
of Spring and Sutnnier Goods they are now !re-'
ceiviSg, and offer Torii:de at very low prices. In,
addition to' their seal assortment. of staple Dry.
Goods, Groceries Hardware Crockery, ,Paint
and Oils &e., they are prepared to • exhibit a la
o me,
assortment of 1
of everyslescriptiort, Figured, Plaid 'and .Plaiii;
SilkS. Bonnets,St4wis, Ribbons. Glove% Hosiery
Ladies and Misses shoes of all . kinds—also a
large stock of ! f . .
Cloths, Cassitheres, TWeeds, Jeans, SUmmer
Cloths, VestingS,Hats. and Caps, Boots and
Shoes &e. - • • I
They respectfUlly solicit; an early call froth
those %he wish to purchase. Goon Goons st
Lotti• Places. 1 •
• Springville, Mity 2, 1854. '' ' • H
AdmiOistrator'e Sale.
xITOTICE is hereby given, that in pursuance of
IN an order t' sale, issued from the Orphan!'s
Cotirt Of Susquehanna CoOnty the following die
cribed property late the estate of Nathan Arnold,
dee,, will be sold upon" the premises 'in Great
Bond township op Monday the..fifth_ day of June
next at one o'elol:1; P. M. Bounded on the North
by lands of.Elizis Thyton, ott, the Eastiby the
...Suiq'a River; onl the south by lands of George
Caddy, and on the %vial, by lands of the estate
John Scotian det•eased, containing:Ally' -Acres, or_
thereabouts, be th re e same mops , or less, with ' the
apurtenances.- About forty acre improved and 'en
which . there is al dwelling. house; barn, Orchard,
. TERMS of payinent made known on the day f
sale. Cuaatniunt.
Great Bend, '514 9th, 1854.-19w4.
N‘w Milfqd Day and Baaiding
i :School.
• • 7
QUJIJIER te rn begins the first Wednesday In
1,.7 May. -Tuttfon, from $1,50 to. $5 per guar
ter, of 10 weeks. Music% drawing -d e. extta.--
Board with washing, from $1,50 to 1,00 per
New Mllierd,llo6llB, 1854-17w3*,
S. H. & D. SAYRE:
Adminiitrittors' Notice. ,
NOTICE is hereby given that Letters Tests
mentary Upon the
_caste of Theron Besets,
deal, late ofDlinock loweship been gran.
Wilt° the subscribers. All rions•
said estate are hereby requestedta Make Immo:
diate :payment, and , those haring claims upon
mid estate to present them duly'attested for apt
' thunent. .•
" Admr a.'
:Pimock, April 4, 18,4.-1441
:For Ssupielstuasiss
C 1 D. LATIIROP & Co. would beg leaire, to
• return thanks to their friends for their lib- -
exal fore the last- year and hope they ,
will continuo their favors,- w hich we hops to xner. ,
it by, strict attention to busineasiind low prices.
h:ive the most approvedd-patterns of Sroyts
ever brought into this market, antohg which may
be found .
• k't,•lß OF THE {VEST (Elerated bre».)
PA It AG 0 IV - , I
GLOBE, i • .
tranEß STATES, all Air Tight, and ''oth
ers too nutnerous;to mention. , 1 •
.We also:have (in hand large , assortment of
'TM Ware of a heary quality, expressly for home
trade. Cider' , and Well,Pums ofiall descriptions,
lead Pipe of all sixes, reels for chain pumps, &r
&e. Job work dime with neatness anddespatch.
AO kinds of produce taken, or approved credit
giten. Give us a call if you please. Shop on
Main street, directly opposite the Dem.
• • C. D. LATHRfr,
Cash paid for Furs by L. & W 4
MEW 1100=3.
1 ' i‘Bentle y . Itqad
A" 'w reCeiving, a largol- and desirable
stock of • I
which they are willing and anxious - to display . to
their customers, and the-public Onerally. They
hive been= bought for CASH, and will be sold as
cheap as the cheapest, for the " leeady,"-- Country
*duce, or appeoved credit. Our time being
tally occupied in' opening and selling gOods, we
shall be under the necessity 'of t=ferringiour cue
tdmers, to the advertisements oflour neighbors,
fcir a portion of the articles which Nye keep on
hitnd, and with which we intend to keep constant.'
ly i supplied. Give us a call and you will .noti
regret it.. .
[ Montrose, April 25, 1854..
AGOOD supply of Sole Leather, also Upper
do. Sad Cali Skins, together with BOcits and
Shoes, juit received, And for sale by
el LOVER and Timothy ' seeds, ntan Butter
V./ Firkins on r hancl, and for sale chenp.
4 ,
.4 Goods arc o
. VERY largo s tock of Spriag. , and &mart
- Bst b e - receiyed at
Sumae'rsvillo, April 25,1854;.'
gr:lOO,D New'Orleans Sugar at 5 1 . 2 eta ; ; tier
VX lb. and ;other Goods'egnally low at - -
i J. a!'SUTPIIIM.9.
ii iHE ! cheapest Molasses, Texts and other. Grp.:
ceries to be found in.this Or any other town
of this courity.
ii7olll3lk. ltloll.
I[ l lU ERE. ibought "cheap fer cash," and pr
Y V READY PAY, wilt be sold at a very
small profit. , -
i 'We itturn thanks to a getter r ous-tuftic tortfie
:many fiirers hcstowed, and we hope by "go; d
_haulier" to 'merit a continuance of the same....
Our stock of Goods comprises 'nearly everY
'thing nStially Called for in a coiantry store and by
constant additions we intend to keep Itcomplete.
We invite the attention of st i rangers as well as
:friends to: an examination of Our goods; feeling'
assured that they will become satisfied' that at '
our store at last, things can be bought
Further particulars given frotii week to sie6k.
In the mean time call and see. No trouble Ito
show floods. • , :
11iiiit+nse., lila) , 3i 1851.
- .
I New Spring cAolods: •
MITE uhSt. i :riber, is now receiving lila tiatial
1 sup ly of Spring and Summer goods, and
offers them; for sale as cheap as the CEIEAPET.
• ', ! _ 1 - , . . H. LAVY,BiL
' Montrose, March,•ls, 1135-1.! 1 1
At the Ready. Pay Stet°.
rrtHE undersigned would respectfully annouuce
to the public that they have entered int° a
co.partnership in the mercantile bsttineas at he
"Head; of Navigation,',' and; that the business
will hereafter be condubted under the name! of
Hawley 4k. Mott. Where may at all tunes'be
fonta'a goodassAriment of Good* at prices that
cannot. Edit to suit. New Gbods being receiied.'
0. %V. MOTT.
Montrose, April 1, 1854. I -
;' Mi. Hawley thanks for the very
patronarre the pait yeaf,,an4 requests
a continuance ofthe same ;under the new
penqation. ' • - •
I : • r
- _
• •
THE subacriber continues to Carry ontho
Tailoring bnsiness in all its branches; at
the.stand lately netupied by Lines & Reynolds
over Hawley's do Alott's store, where he will at. all calls in his profession, in it prompt
and Satisfactory manner.
Itlontfose, April 15, 1351.-4 f.
, .
Carp'ets,:.Caip6ts, Carpeti..l .
T"° landerskned has now on hand ready for hlsiCus
tomers, a ;very eatensire atisoreMent of • • !. 1.
Carpets, .rtsDrugOts fit , .Dugs,
~ Oil I a hs R
tinys, Vindoin Shades Stair Rods, ikr..
, ,
Which he ran offer tol the Ladles of Montrose and vicinity,
at prices lower than e:Ter. ' 1
.: - - • : i
• Inkralti Carpet, . - ' from 2s. to Ss. pe :yard. •
.. Stair Citriyet, •- •• ~ 4, Is. to tlt.,, •,,
Velvet Tapestry " - !" • 12s. upwards. 1
Brussels, ! .•:. 4 ' I • 1 " -Ss. " . 1 f
Aubustan ! • " 1 - • ' " `7a.."
And,other sloods atropeklonately • low prier/LIDO not
k p
fall toeall before purchasing elsewhere, as "stoult• Satas
AND ItitALL, i•Nropilre, ° iii mrmotto.i .,
Remember the number 1 S i 9. add • cut this out •nd pit
It In your pocket-book. .
~,,, • 3 M. OILLESPIR,
• • ..f 111 lloarery, llfewiThrki.
Arioarir.v ixo uoosis!..t.da Lkw--Susque
haOna Depot, P.t. o.lleo over S. B. West's
Store. , , 1 6y 1.
. 1 '
, .
Is lozi? reCeiring his Summer supply of .
r •
op .51. , T IV, G oittrly everything wanted in thisar-
W.:l het, which will sold ;at prices that earns° NI to
'plrase. The putille aro hired to call and exams ethens.
idoutrose,lilay 1, ; 1854. ; . • •
• Dingsi, Medicines & Chelni' alb.
First rate assortment. PhYsteisine Dills Wean and .
111. expeditlently put- tip at reduced prices, Wind Pres
erip ions carefully compounied• The best quality (dart'.
cies this di:partment will be found at the Drug and Variety
Stereo( - , - I ABB!. TO , Dbl..
A '
Full assortment aneof hest qualltißee et
11 • I ° 'i
:nit E1.L 9 11
. ~ .
Gliocerlew.igenr4l iewitmanl, and Melted 'the
zdarket afordr, a , TIIHRILVt.
. Dry Goodse;-41. small. but choice teleettin of the
most staple articles of Dry Goods, which will be sold at
prices that *lll reeks it Orthe interest of 'purchasers to
callit the stereo! ' . --. A.TtJ RNLI.
11la rd.!tv aro ,
and il l
retie rv. embraelim
eortmeut pt thore celebrated Waterbury Pock. ,
tupe.war, tau ho., at ' ' TUR
Druggists'. Glasia-Wareei-A 000.3aut
at. - - - s.
- • .
oasuror'e Sale,
kinds in iliNsgsoelcutna
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ere vimen t Agra
`t the gehero - esseinbty of th scmis=
i m nsoynnis; direetibgehe
lands Tomei * , the tensile
of nrseks pi- . uneested-lands,.lo4
e'vendu+ ini - th• second Mondsx:ot
!f3 Conn...noise in 'dfontraisi.
nd the COMO atiente'din slob tr*r{'''
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!, len theinune be ;skid befoie e' de:4
I. tonna/nes se tech*
0/ unsta t
11 'the acts'
nsoinvealth of
selllug nneease,'
!tact" and put:
laa' publ
Joni neaiiiit
tetrages doe;
or Dainleni.! Atm.
I n • . .60
le . : -
Wiittanteto own
Sernael floe
Charles J. Bid
CZ iota,
'Jo* laps - Cliff°
Arta Diniotk
rerrin VL ells
Sane! Dal . r lbu
R.- 11. Mc on
'W. 12,713 rrell
Nathaniel C. Lewii
Soloman Taylor
Crawford 'Titus
John Comfortilst.
James Comfort \
Jaines Stamford
.11orace Griswold
Judge Attitnfprit
Henry SO iniron
Dwight F. Mono
Thos 7 Merriditti
+Ulna Mott -
wight F. Motss
,181. S. Itiiititt
MI s: Hamilton
Sedate Griswold, • • -
Snail Klemm
Andrew TOnnt,
J. F':Deptige
Rob% isekscrn
Andre* Tybout,
No. 4041 J. + D. e. Set,
N0:67 68 75'76 EldrO
N0..2035 iehiel Ditytoit
NO. 53 Wm. Darien •
No. 26 Seitiel Catbltt
S. B. Gurney
N 0.27 Joseph rattertion
Hosea Benson --
Hosea *Tiffauy.Etd. •
Jacob Taylor
Elijah Btolllllll
K. A. Johnson ,
Norman Mitchel .. • i
Thomas Norris 1
Wm. rlantet • Rash
Tnnell 6 The:
do: 1
f. A. Oro*
David Post
Henry, Print e
JacoltDdarniut, l •
Wm,. Drinker • t
James Comfort: ,
C. P. Tallman - •
James Mumforti ,
Peter'Dunn • _
TreasureOi Offlie,ll
I 3 ir I.
Virtue of anedryiwrits :tun ont, of -ttle •
Court of Comm ; as of
County, and to Me airebled, I will expose to pub
lic sale at the-Court Hinlie in Montrose, on Sat
urday the 27th day of May, at 1 .o'clock P. 111.--+
• All that tertain piece or parcel of I 'd 'situate
lying and being in the township of Cli ord
; Suss
quehaima County; described as follow to -wit,:
Beginning iethe centre of theAtighway leading
from Clifford goers fe the Calendei firm so.
called, and immedia . tely'lat Cite junetibp of the,
roads. and adjeihitellanda l ot Edward Ovamithehts:
along said road south 74 deg. west .2 ,ehains and
79 links to or near the centre of the bridge over :
the ditch and joining lands , of the Calefider fermi
'thence 'ilong.,theline of said farm south 40 deg.
west along the ditch 4 chains and 96 Hake to :.a
corner, thence north 74 deg east 6 Chaituri and
20links tO a -post in the Centre of- the Clifford'
and Carbondale turnpike , road, thence i aloug the
centre of said roan 'north 32'deg. w 4 *ant'
ind 64 links to the place of begutning, staining
p : co
acres of land, together with the a rtettanCes;
tavern house, 1- store house, 2 barn "p Meek
smith shop 'end some, small bid lug*, soul*
fruit trees, and rill improved; '• '', T • -
Taken in exec u tion at the suit of Acme' Ni,
Chittendeniand Thes.l Arnold vs. Al Finn. .-
1 . ALSO; ' :f I
. 1: :
All that certain pieee or parcel of lank'sithatil
lying and being in the township of Clifford, Sum,
quehattna county, and bounded' and desieritted as
follows, to wit: On the north by land of Mon
S. Burnes,, on the east by JonathanAluthen, oh
the Sotith by !wads in posseasien alWilliaml.
Weaver, and on the west 'hy.:land of Hollo w s
Lowrey, containing *bent t 5 acres, together with
the appurtenances, 1 Plank house, 1 framed barn,
and some fruit trees, and about 30 acres iniprovede
Takeh in execution at the, imit of "f'. P. Plans
ney vt.: - Jesse; Ricker. ' : .. , I
. • ALSO, '
• • All that certain piece or pateel'of and, situate ,_':
lying and being in .the
...township of Rush; Sus
, quehanna county, hoinided and described as '1111:
lows, to wit : On the north' and east by 'laid of
Wm. B. Kirkuff and John M. M. F. --J,-1--, on the
south by landi of Elisha Kinney, and on the west
by land now or , formerly of. John Hibbani, con:
Mining altoutosix acres, and'all improved. . . .;_
Taken in • execution at the suit of 5.,/8. Mut-
font & Sett, - assigned to John F. •Dunmere vs: - t
Daiid Case.' - ; - I • -
• ' 1 - ' I ALSO, -.. ' • -'
All that certain piece or parcel of lend; situate_
lying and being in I the Boroagh e Sutiqueban-'
na Depot, Susquehanna county and State or
Pennsylvania, hennaed and desert anfollows,
to wit: Ou the north by street, A., (is laid down
on map of Said village) on the east :bi lot _of
Mires Cregon, nn the South by'land of the New
York & E. R. E. CompanY, and on thrti l „, west by'
land of Hugh McCollum, said lot being 60 - feet' -
front hnd 160 'deep; on which are .2 - three:story
framed itorttsOnte 33 feet:front-mid '4O deep, end
the other 20 feet front and 4.5 . feet deep:also one
bake house oierr, &c. - . I 1 -- - -
Taken in execution at the snit f Joseph IL
Brown vs Robert It Meguno & the Smith, ,
- • : - ; . ALSO,. ~ _ . ,• '
All thitt certain 'twee or patiel d r land, situate
lying and being in the Eorough of,Susqlehanna , '
Depot, county of Snsquelianne and State of Penn:
sylvania, and knoWn as lot No. 17 as the game is
laid down and designated ohs mapl, of part - of
village of Susquehanna Depot blade try ,Witst
Wentz and recorded in the _office for rewrd'' '
deeds; in the county of Susquehanna, in. deed'
book No. 21, Page 696,containing about r -thittya.
two perches,•morei or less, togethifr oith.the up-, •
apurtenances ' 1 tavern house (coinreetatknowti
as the "Kirkhouse") 1 email &killing honst't '--
I ice house &e.,4nd all improved. - .± • ',. ... -
I . i Taken in execution ati the snit of Edwald As I
Smith vs. George ILeach, . S - : - , '
All that lot of groan and -bulldiui thereon
, ,
I erected, being in the village oft Suallueldumit
ibounded on the north by the titer road, on the
[ meat by, binda Of RObeitiNiehol e , on the , eta %-
lends belonging to the - said Ben' . 'Palmer , itbe
ing lot No. 25 on 'a plot,.of said village, a
four.story building erected thereon. , 2 -, '''
Taken in execution it the- suit of Ilenjambi
Palmer vs. Ilunes BlcWaide. • '
.. ,
4 -
G. B. ELDRED, Sheriff.
'Sheriff's Oflied, Montrose;} 1, • I
, May 1 1854 - c " . .
: .. -"Valuable Farm 'for Stiles --- .
, r
I rPI'S subscriber offers for sale his valuable
Ji.. - Etre% in Gibson `-township, Susquehanna
'county, Pa., containing 157 acres, situated In the.
Eastern part ofteid town, half of i mile
Tunkhanneek !Creak, end 12 12 mites front Sus
quehaens Depot,!on the N: Y. litJkllollonil f '
'On said farm in a framed kettle, 11 Ilatea, t a
horse shed; corn hotase a- mittit °Word of Over
100 trees, abd-la 'well watet4 .I • ...., -
Ile otters to sell for loper cent., leis than t sa- • !
real value. - - 1 ' '' -
Tsems.—Twor thirds - of the ibiki_hass . „ bogie" -
c ash down, nnd balance leetli : e d ,l l4l . ° 7 ll ogts
- • I '-' [ VILLIAk TA A i
< Giltsou l Nov. ) 20.183-.-41 Y/:: ~ -., 1-.‘-.; -
1 I i. ~• 1, - ..\,.
' '•
' I i . -1 . I,'-, - '
:Mod sa
-1 Knives,
1,313 -
I 267
I s o
i •
! ;4 `
. _H '
9 4 . 2 -
ior i t" i
'-' Itile - '•
... 3;54
, ,
64 '
107: .
190 , 1
227. \\
100 " I
Miyord. t
I :6 ' ' 2 l
400 :
Vl' 200 -.1
IS "
;;son '. X 320:
.- 1 - • 410 .
:150 •
r *. 100
• I 118
I - - 19
I • 36 •-
..;ITHROP, Tte
reh 21,1854. Al
I 4=7A2
l s 6o
0,42_ '
I 9t65
6.27 .
1;6:. •
1 66
• `-t