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    .- : 1 .
'".l- ..,•!•,..-,.. ' , ..,r. -.., , 1
,cet.-itior: .wo - rritErs PENN'A.
k - -ALY.W . DAY;E*hk‘9.
ilteiti ro
~1117arcitr16,1185- 1 .
mrhlll , -
3. S. nIBBARD.
- '
or worldly - Wealth: . 2 : :
.ather ; olden story : : ,
eart is ell:wed-in stealth,
ed to its- inmost cote.
o strength, and ebeer.;nd health,'
at, thotkei wean and.pior,--
unning craft' or,straltit
X. 1.4.341 More -gust more. '
li di) not. wish
Or. seek to
The miser's h,
Not while
be opt ,
. - Nor strive by
To heap up
Tess in silken r shpon,. •
- •
t would forgettne soon; •
from thorn . -to - ; night, • . -
,e sultry boatel'. boon ; • ,••
cannot harq my right,
.1 cheerful tune. - •
Though not
Or smartly
I covet not th
Of those the
For . l can toil
• Nor heed tl
And though I
My. heart
It matters no
* Still greed)
They'll Fuld 'v
Their hollow
.grave •
What peacerf.
If unto Mi.
to me thatinen '
jstrive.fOr gain ,and!gol,l; - ' • ••.• .
vas fal,or all in vain, ~
has nade them weak:and old; `
friends stirround them'when - •
awns deep, and dark, and' cold :
~henrts, when_ racked With pain,
mon pledged add 'Sold ? . ..
oi tho_vvidoW'el 'fear, - '
eared for orphan'eloy, '• .
nd stretched far •or neat, •'.
itifftirer's burOied . sigh ; .
themAall have a care ?
or hearts all blailki and dry?
hipm t and -doubt:, and fear, .
e-sink down to - dio. y, ,
'They heeded tl
TheiY never
Mir helping lit
To stay the
Then, lho.fori
Who - cares
They ; live in
- And All
- • - -• • •
firth, and sfriv'e to shcral
heart_to all around,..
luting marts abound.
rhedrt find .eorilial glow*
tul then, tyhen . o7er- found,
pfirkling cheer shall flow, ,
ivn neither gold nor. .
gito„ una
I'll Ike for w
An honest
And pleasure'
In warmth
With truthi
My life with.s
. Although F
. .
Mire th * lifearsp*PerS
Spheres !,,, •
. . ..
The followin, report from a tneeting of ‘ 4 the
circle, of love" . fit New . York, will doubtless be
read -with grea' hiterest . : - '._ : ; • .' ' .
The circle net in the library of Judge Ed 7 -1.
monds.ent—Dr. Dexter; - Oov, Tall-,-
niadge, - Mr' :a d. Mrs. S
.I ) re
, , and Horace!'
Greedy. '• The otes of the revelat ions, and im-
Pre.ioni. of t e l last meeting *ere read-,Sand!
corrected by tl - q spirits.,...._,
'After an interesting, bu t somewhat desul:
tory,. Conversation, was introduced 'by Mr:
Greeley, on the subject of journalizing in the
spirit 'worlds -tile 12 and' of Dr:Dexter became
visibly moved; rd. .obeying its. magnetic - in
fluence, it `trot as follows : -
In then., e .4. those illustrious benefac•-•
'tors of the di man face, Grittenberg, and
Faust, Whose i fluences, even from the high
est spheres, are shedding transcendent glory
around von. ' • I
, greet -\ you . to • ni gh t- my
friendslf • ..
.thi i
. , ,
. Judge Edin . i i nds erriired..what position
editors and pttnters occupied in the other
worN . , Dr. Franklin immediately: wrote :---.
".Man is fore!ver progressive. - Those • Whe
..have . done good on earth, are rewarded With
the opportunityl of continuing their acts of
•beneficence,thryughout eternity. : The Press
is the Archimedean lever, which first 'moved
humanity fromjits inertia , .,.and 7 gave vitality.
and power to. all the elements of p.rogress.
It is like the su ' in the heavenskiving- light,
and , heat . and life ,to nature. Why. _then
• bejfewarded,. hen they have shuffeled . off
their Mortal col 1"
Here Mr. Gr
occupation, ts - on,
_ _ .
eley,' manifesting-evident de
lu - hat_ his ow p position - and
he in Ailivheres? The
-ter obeying the spiritual in
'hand - of Dr. De•
fluence, wrote:
\ "Man is lib a sower, Horace; and -he it
con.,Ttiititly scattering the seeds of good and
i i...
evil, and wliats ter be sows It springs 111
with a prodigi us ine.reaSe. When you ge
_ to -. the land of Spirits, vou there behold al
the acts of you, life, which are the - seeds co*n, - ready for the Harvest. - Amon
your wheat .11orace.-you will perceive a eon
siderable quantity of cheat and cockle; • and
that you.NVilluiveto pluck up stalk bystal
1 1
Until you . : have cleaned your field for the sick
. le and . the garer; ancirL.then, :Horace, you
will take Your place in the array of Philosol
. Oters ; and . pr 'tied upward and . onward." .
Jlorace, fain ed.. MTS.'S.' held- a bottle b
o il
hartshorn to Ins nose, and Ire revived.• ,Judg .
Edmonds reitlarked soothingly; thatin tin
• _life by repentf.nce, and goal Ni:orks be .migh .'
expurgatellie Triune of Most ,of the meri
rieious sentiments and
. false philosophy •
had sullied it in the past; but on the othe ,
hand, Bennet wonld- have a hard, johof it in
'the other wOrldith his Herald 1 1 1 The linen
mentS'of Mr. Greeley's inexpressive counte
nance recovered their wonted 'equanimity..
The hand mo red on : • :' , '-. .
My friend the.dudge L is :correct . abo t
:.Bennet. Mr. Greeley is a. reformer, and
made some mistakes; those that were uni -
tuitional will be. forgiven, and those that pr'
Ceeded from - e.vil passions; or • .-corrupt sen -
ments, mast he atoned for. ,You wish to kno
' if we have nw . spapers in 'the spheres., \ e
haVe ; -but th y subliinated and refin4
that I can hardly describe them to your co t L
prehension: I t As you receive your news .fro
~ confederatl. states, and foreign nations, soo
we from." pl anets aims and adamantine splier s.
c n
'Your news is printed and disseminated ;• so 's
ours: But among the..sPheres there areTno
delinquent Subscrrbeis. .NO spirit on 'Ea
is ever permitted- to read the journals -of t e
the skies, wh4 has - ever cheated a pbor print r
out otitis just due4l... That is' considered here
.as one of the unpardonable, - sins. The spirits
of those 'Men Who havedefrauded printers i -
. habit a vast onotouous plaitionrrounded y
unsightly :and impassable Mountains; - a d
there they - remain for centuries, craving to
.. know,wliat it going . on in the bright Acorn.,
beyond -. thei.l eO reach; and without . finding A
kindly spiiit mpassionate enough to gratify
their longin - - 1 went ()nee among them,
• advanced Spi 'is'are in the habit of doing
instruct She . nitent ; but I fohndiu .iny ha
no yearnings of compassion for theirsituatid i
If One. Of the ever gets-out .of that ' dreat
reahnot is.b - begging the printer. that ._ .
has-cheated to intercede for his forgivene ..
• Sotnetituesth sis done. Curiosity Often takps .
thespirits of • itors a4d printers to strange'
• out of the w y places ; and when they see
their'old sim dated friends suffering .to get
out oPthe lA t ttd of Ignorance, they will one
' rinda7While, loet ono of them. over the moun
tain, perhapsto : make the: others.- feel . the
worse I One f these undeveloped:spirits kaid
• -to me, "0, ).r. Franklin, if- ever you visit
- Earth, tell al, the friends that .I ever loved
there to subs'eribe for 'good . neWspaPers,, and
paylor- . then in advance ; and thus' they will
obtain Passports, to the Land of Knowledge,
through whit they can make their. Wayupward
and onward t the celestial regions of the bles
,e..O. When h said his, his dull eyes lighted
up with gt . . ..' ei entirely newto them ;and
taking-him , r. the .hand,.-.laoie With -Mai over
. the .barren. ni Mital:ps;iand placed 'him' under
. • the _care of t oSe.spi' riti Who' teach the -Alpha-
I .
bet of Pror ~ion. And tlire was joyarnotig
. 1
~ , '
the I - 046181'4er - ',that' titeatafsnne '''
.my frieuds,llit Isigettinglatej; and as /.. ,was,
alwas an a4Vdeate..Pr retiring 041 tin bed
NVililSt 1 . was on Eartl4 I ' 011 aiaintaia' the
*isdoni of . the babit..,. Good aight.r . i ' • '
' After.Dr. - Franklin had left the eirk.lo,,l ?gr.
Greeley wiated i,4 i. - 4 ; the manuscript for pab-,
Hallo - a in tho,Tiybuaci.H.. k ...tu,t:crov.Tallnuidge
thought it wouid. be better to send: it; to some
:Western localit...V. aUirsui,rgestetlWis.',Or lowa.
Afer•r , oonsillerik I le debate'..upon . At fici' ; subject;
it. tea s voted toe sent to Pennsylya:Ulaixs - a
.greaf F centraLs It:6, and '.to. the .:PittStOtrgh
..ifo . rniv_ Post,, as a •WOrthymeiliut&ifor;•;giv 7
ing to the worhl'a re:Velatiork sin iniri4itant_to
all who. client - or Pationise the• Press::
1 Hieli : Oceue: - , i- •,
' ' 1.4.-- , • , ' , J. .
_. .
l r;t.
R,ather il l rich ,
iece ?iii M
the wny Of a ar
tiage. occurred at thel American house in.
I limcsn, o' the V 'Rh i ..- '. . couple weie al4- . ,
lolls to as. ucne.the ' sponsiiiiities of niatri
inonial 1 i fe, -and- accordinik* started;for
.." Cretna," of Dodge County.. 07Priii,•ailthey
stopPed a; the American, and. nalitig:itheir.
'wants known, to one of the proprietOrs,- were„
furniihed s with p Justice of the Pe to per—
form the ceremony. ' J:ust RS-hey . wereabont
to be made ; One, up drove a to d, of prornising
young Met hcadedbvitt 110 . broken .yMitb, ,
who loudly priiclaiin.e'd the in° *tanley of the,
intended bride: .It seems thir4 ha 4 been', an
engagement hiftween her and tri t e diSaprSAfit:
ed. ventli,. to the effect . thnt a siiiiihq-, cerrno
ny 'should 'be Perfornmsil for . t/eit' 'Sent ,
ft imii the succeeding day..;. eir arrival Was
timely, being just as the an:, u s couple !ware
about to pronounce that mi s t riotis ilittle .3'es,
.Alhich should.forever m‘ake thein 'one,- .. There,
S,-oodlthe --almost 'groom trembling like .a
ofhipped kitten.- The bride - exhibited' cenaid
e.. . blefirmiless and self , pOisesSiolp,. 'lsiaddenly
found herself taken forcible possession 'ofby
the iinfortumite lover,; and forced 'to'llisten to
riithcAt ail aidniatedlectlire . .upon lier,Jituplici
ty. The candidate' for matninopial hbnors
thinking , himself unable tomaintainlas rights
againSt so manv, belook.- himself to 'one of the .
proyrietors, lola the story. of hts A t , iTengs,l. and
-begged that his fair one might, b restored to
..' lhazvas assured
. that •Shl l . .should of
course be . allowed 'to do as she_ Ose in the
mat kr,iipon which she took her place liy the'
side 4 her favorite, and tlielmot..efas finally
tied E by Esquire Meri, in', spite' o -the 'argu
ment hat " She bid greed' to mares; - hirii:".L.—
After the ceremony friend 'lifer, lefti, it seems
withOtkreceiiingr thi:needftil,4,ut the giociin,
thoughtful !youth. as he was, deposited:. two'
dollaniin She bar s for. him, after having .Stud
' died. the Remised 7 '.! , tPtutes, SessioL' . 4aivs, &c.,
for,..ahimt half
. and hone, for the :purpose; as
he' said of .seing "juthoir much it was nee
.eessari, to. pay -to furike the thing;; perfectly
safe.-- 71 BearTr Dam Rep. -, 1 - -, / .
- i
. .
. .
- 1 -No 71Cothei. . .. i
' "She has •nO Mother !" What a volume of
sorrow u 1 truth ,is 'coinprised •in that sitigle_
utterance—no mother.. ' We Oust gO far down'rd, rough, paths of life; and 'become in
ured' :f'care - and sorrow their Sternest
. forum,hefore iwe
; can tale home flu e owfi . ex,
peri'U e the', 'dread realiff—no ',nother—
with' at- a Stritggle.aUd,a,tor. - 44 when it
1 )
1 is Saldi of a frail yontig girl; just paSsing'from
childhood toward' the life of . nreinati, hen- rad
is th tory summed up-in that on-short sen-•'
t nce . l Who now shall'adininistei the need
f-I co n i se.l 7 - 7 --Who•now shall check!theway- '
lard - aticics, 'Who now . shall bear :With •
I t e erioisa,nd fail lags of the motherless (I.tugh-:
ter.. ::.. -. .: -' ~ ~'1 ,: • - , •`: ii .,;
- • Deril gently_with the child. Let riot - the
cup olf her sorrow .k &et-filled by the harsh
riess of: roar unsvinpathizing .- - cokines.S.:, Is
she h•4ealess of-lien : Is she - forgetful
i'ef dulfr ? . Is she . Carels.s in, her movements?
IRemember ; olr,rentemberi) ;she has :no : iitoth
-lei ! Wbeuler . y.min . 4. companion,.- are.: gay
. 1 and 4fyous, does she sit.sorrowing '!,- Does she .,
pass *lilt ,a 11Inguid•Istep apd a doWneast.eye,'
when.lvou would fain Witt gt!ishing l lnd
, overflowing 'Viz - itless of yo i tith ; -? Chide her
I not—lfor she motherless.: and the' great sOr
• • is 1 , ~
1 raw lomeS. down:upon her:soul lilip-an !men
-1 bus • I Can you gain ; her confidenc'e, can , you
win her love ?. Come \ the:lMo the!inotherles.s .
I-With Ole boon, of your-tenderest
,care, anal by
mempry of your oWn, mother,
_already, perhaps
passtil,awas-:---by the fulness of yoUr own. re- .
meMber her Sorrow-4y the possibility that
vourjowia child - m.y , '' yet be motherless,-con
tribu;te,,,So Tar as kou rny,
; to reliete the! sor
row and repair ttelsm, Of that fair; frail c' hild,
who is written plotherleasi. - • ~1 " •
" FRAN.KLT.i."
- TtE NEWSPAPtIt.-410W..loneseine the fire
side iWhere there is nonewspaper l'i-Ask the
manlwho 'has had a family newspaper to read
duri'ig the long Wintei - evenings ; who has ac
cast Med fo• entertain; his. wife, while she
busi herself 's\itlkilip.{ household dtitie4,with
the' tirringlnews, the Useful- essons, and the
wit* , sayings of the-newspaper—ask him its
vale. Let him-be "deprived of it fora few
weeks, and ask him t 6 put an estimge,, on it.
No,ino,,he W greatest
esteem! it one of hgreatest' treahur/ and value itl accordingly. !,-
, 4 Y Icee gentleman, conveying a:British
geutlema around to view-the defer tit ob
tjectiof ttraetion in the city'. of Boston,
broiighth in to Bunkei 'Hill. They stood
looking a the splended !haft, -when the Tan
-1 keesaid,---
J• i•• : • :
"iThis is the place whete, Wari!en fell." •
"Fib," )iepliedl the Englishman,; evidently
notiposted• up inl oeal historieartnattets, did
it hurt,hurt,hiM timid 1 J. .I .
The native looliedat him with .the 'expres
siord.of fourteen 4thiordulr
„in his' coon
n_ an •e- ' • , t
" -e
utt him," x - elaimi'ad he, "he wa;kill d,
sir T.l-' , ......
"Ah, he wasebl".said The stranger, still
eyeing 1114 monument; and computing its
height in hts - ,9wn'-mind, layer by layet-, well
1 should'thiuk he would haTe been
~ to. fall so
far' • - 1 . • -_ ; • • • 1• _.
_ .
_ he iciest coninnbrum of the seasoa is
the (following:-hat y it the difference be
twe'iin an attempted homicide and a cincin
nitiho,o4 butchery ? One is assault with
tentltoi bill,,tmd the other is a 14 with intent
to slit. .1
1 _
*At ItliO last session of thei NeT!'\ York'
Legislature, the following annonne'rrient of
the arriv9l . of his eolleagne 'was,- pada' by a
I .
member. Nr. Speaker--MY ktd*ks: come,
and .dink be (it:gilt to. be achrodre.'
01:Tnocit4rny..=- 7 -A. western , writer thinks
thatlif the properi ivl4 of 'spelling is
thovh:;and. t r io, is `heau,", 'the i pioper Avay he
thinks of spellitig 'potatoes , p.pouliteigh.:
tea. •i
"jenny," said a landla4 i the other , morn
ing. to her " help," . was thre any fire in the
kitehen last night while you were :?sitting
"up? , . II ' 1 1
" • es,mann ' "- said Jenny, "the're i was a
spar - there when I went 'down, ; land ' I- soon
I ,
fann'ed there
a Estee."
Toe landlady looked sttsptclowily at Benny
huthe inn en girl, Weiition-scrubbing and
lium'Oing "Xnti Darlinf."
. • 4.4. ,
14r Tire 4
e jutenile scion ung Anteri. ,
,ca,oking his- ten or fifteen cigars every
ruor' ing, trresistablv retail+ eof the cat
erpi ar,iwbich ' coitsurns isev al times its
owniWeight of lt:aves in a ,
~, .
_ . . . „..
Crockery and L House Furnimhing
l~t l
- ,
T i H. DEPEU is now prepared to invite the
tfi •- public gezierallY to examine his varied and
extensive assortment of goods;] vtilell (as an ex..
eltisive dealeir) he is'enabled to offer very low.
' Craw:—LCOnsistinir df Gold I Band, Decorota
and - Plairi, Diener and- Tex. Setts, Fruit ,Baskets,
' Stost Cuttra.—Ftllll Dinner and Tea Setts,
Prititee., and Plain EMbessed: in Setts,. or by the
single piece, also, a ,I ttriety of beautiful styles of
Toilet Ware. , i 1 . . :
Loottnto Gt.settr. "..-411fahogany, Gilt \and Or.
nainentallrnmed 0 iSileS from 6 1-4 'Fis:lo $75
also, 'Marble Slabs' lidßracelets.
PLASS Wins:—. lit and dressed Goblets, De.
canters,: Tumble rs, Pham'pgs, Bowls 'on foot,
Cor'd Butters, Glo , Candlesticks, &e. &c.
"HouszEnErno 114.!stiwknn.--Tablettnd Peek.
et Cutlery, Spodns, Ten Trays', Scales, Saddrons, ,
Emmeled Kettles, :.Hat Racks,' Refrigerators, '
'Water Cdolers, lee Cream Freezers, &e.
WOODEN AND:ittlll,Ol,E WARE.—PrOpellOrSl
Cabs, Wagons, Roe:lig HOrS,Os, Cradles, Ceder
Pails, Tubs,'loes,tptinders, Baskets, Rocking,
High and Stool Chain; &e. F
Pins and Heads, Bandit LoOP and Tzissels, also
Stain-Pools iu'Variety 1 :
JArrAsEn W.Ani,'..--:(Poilettiett, consisting of
Foot Tubs, Slop Jar and Water Pail, Cash Box
,es and 'all c:rticies Mutinfactured in the line..'
BurrAstk isniAnexxiisn WAni„—Coliee.and
•Te'-'. Urns, Eag COddlers, Castors, Chafing Dish
es' Aetans, Pitehers;.Candristielts, &c.
Lam; am Lakrzizxs.—ln every variety, style,
price Anti rynAli_ t tvi :
~, ' , .
• TON'S AND V.ria..*' lARflCLES.—consisting, of
China;Glass, Woodi Tin, V411110,-, !roe, Paper-
Illnehe;Tena Coita, Pariar and Atabater Pins, al
so Fancy Baskets. l '.. ; -
Plated AN''are.--!--,Table- ,
and , Teaspoons, Table
Dessert and Oyster Porks,. Dessert knives, Soup
and Sane° Ladlei, Casten, Sniifters and Trays,
'Pea add Coille St',ts; : f' -
Bird Cages, Table:add Floor Mats, Brushes of
every descriptionl in' faet \ alMost every article in
the line of home furnishing,both useful and orna
mental, may be f'uund at this extensivestablislic
mcnt. • - I 1 . . '- . _1
of the American Hotel.
md. Bth ]Bs . s.
4d00r9 east,
Binghamton, J
Till E ulersigned: beg to . annonnee to the citi.
' 1 zens o Susquehanna CoPuty, that they have_
established a Shop in Xreelerrii bpilding,lon Alain
'street, Montrose, where they will keep on hand a
supply of Fo e reign and Arnerieau Marble,and man
nfacipre the same into !Monuments, Tombs, Head
Stonl.s, Pier and Centre Table Tops, &c.
i lI3T The public will find it to their ititerest to give
tut a ial! before going alsewhere, with\ their orders
! „811IPPEY & DE LONG.
Meintrose, Aug. 44, 1853.34wtf
Australia, California,
Or any place on . idi Globe, cannot present greater
tpduretrenis; than
AATHICII is nbtv :filled with a new- and exten-
Vi sive assortment of !articles' in their line,
embrpeing a general: variety of new and elegant
styles of Ladies and's wear, among
whit i are Ladierj French, Silk. Lasting and Pre
uille aiters, Kid and tnarrieled Polkas, Kid Pat
'ent' eather andl hinnzed Jenny Linds, Buskins
and Ties ; gentlemetea% French and Philadelphia
oak..lanned calf skiii ; 'and kip Boots, Congress and
butte Gaiters, Monterey'and Washington Boots,
.toile Slips, Mcirocco,! calf. and Cowhide Bro
gans &c. Boysi kip, calf and cowhide Boots and
t ia
Brog ns; kit kinds of Misses and Children's wear.
Also, a general assortment of Findings, which can
oe. :is pftt of Nati, poen._ aparuhlast. llnnrrarian
nails, tacks, thread was.-IBnstles, shoe bindmg.
awls, rasps, sandstones, shoe knives, &e. :Also,
oak and hemlock tanned calf upper and soleleath
er, Morocco skips find linings. et ,
Work made to orcier'and repairing neatly dcne.
! Montrose, Jun i e 10853. ' '
•L. WEBSTE It 4. U. would respedfully .
inform the iieople Al this county and the
people in general, that they have 'opened an estab
lishment of the itboe kind lin:Montrose, at the old
Stand of Sayrel s and Webster, . one door north
the Demlcrat olßce,wherei they intend to
hand a lar.:te ;libsortnient, of Stores Tin, Copper:
Brass and slree Iron SVarei, all of which they will
Bell as cheap a 014;3 , 0E1.1m bought in this or any
other county... Amcing;Our steices may be found (he'
following besides others t;ro numerous to mention:
•N. Y. 4- Erie airkight, for wood. •
Moderri Troy ! • !, or coal,
1", 44 '
44 44 c
. .
Bay State, i u . • " 66
. !•-• -1
Pores! n, elevated Oren.
Mohair*, t! I
Mao, Parlor, Office and shop Stoves, Culver's Pat
ent Hot-air Furnacla for beating Public Hiti!dings,
stores', Hotels.t l etc. Siord Trimming, Pipe, Zinc;
sheet Lead', Lead . pipe, Well and Cistern Pumps;
'Chain Pumps, tt
Chnins udtGe b 'arin , r. ' , •
kindi of Custo Custom Workdoue on short no
ttice and most reasonable trine. Our motto is small
profits, ready pay, and quick 'returns.
kinds of •Produqe at ken iu exchange for
Wares. If you don't beli‘ve tit, call and see. •
• Montrose Sep t .'
gTh ,UR assortmeat•how comprises almost every
kJ article wanted, •niad lwe fear some' that
are not scanted, which ice will sell at cost and
some articles at leis than! cost on that same
account:. I U. BURROWS & Co.
Gibson Oct. 26, 1853 ; ,. ,
• 'HIW-
LS' all oo qai.m a? dbeat u patterns,at
extre4viyimvpr. .
• Gibson, Oct, 26. 1 • 1
Ikffato - llobes. •
Large lot:of the choice whole Robes a
a very small advance ran the cost.
Gibson, Nov. L;! IT BURROWS & Co.
. ' The . Aitist's Greeting. -
Friends, , ratrons '42741 L'ierybody, another mile
stone has been reached OD the journey of life—
another degree has been marked on. the scale or
time-another link; has been severed from the
chain of thie future-4-inother page has been writ
ten in the great !volume of the past—and again
we witness the bright 'opening of a New Year:
And at its early klawn we meet you,
-. And with a" happy new year" gret you.
And now, as you - review the year just eparted,
and dwell upon its joys and sorrows—i s privi
leges . enjoyed, and its duties neglect d; per
chance,aome of you have beglected to I call ,ori
the Artist ,andeeieure one of those "Faithful
Shadows" , ', \ 1
Which light and art, with magical spell,
_By worl4ing together, can catch so well
But you may yetredeem the past. As you lay
yOur plansifor the adTanciti j g year, let this occupy
an early :m i d prortrinet place on the programme
of your future intentions. „I '
- Would you leave a Mail i ng irnpresson behind.
you.? Come to the,Daguerrean pottery ! Would
yoU "see y'ourseli'es as others see your Come
to the Dagirrreah _Gallery, Would you make
an approprtate yi,reont to, a cherished friend?
Come to the Picture ;Rooms! And 'beside all
this, would you, encOntage 'art, and make glad the
heart of the Artist? I _
Then let it appear by.. Promising here,
That during the year Fifty Four,
You Will, °tie add all,lbe Bare to call 1
At' Odd Fell Owe na11,7 Second Floor. .
1 W. B. DEANS.
Montrose, Jan; 2, 1854, I I
Fill 4 French.
- 7 '
lITOOL Long Shawls at 84,25. .
IVI Gibson, Nov'. 1. U, BURROWS & Co.
; . .
Acimuitstater's Notice.
NTOTICE is hereby given that Letters Testa.:
.t mentdry ulien the estate of J. T. Bailey,
late of thuMony toivaship,.dee'd, have been grap . .
ted to tge inbserlber All persons indebted to
said estate are bereby requested to make hume.:
diate payment, and:those bave claims• upon said
ivstate to present' theta` duly attested for settle
ment 0.1: LEWIS, Admir.
Thomson, 'Feb. 2O 1854-8 n 6. •
Stoves: Stoves oyes...
.64 MHE Sere arid' Yeßossi Leaf" reminds us
that old, fait approach orthe keett Frosts
of Oldl Grey Wlnter;,:Wheb! One of, thesci unsur
*sable and highly sapprmied Stoves. from the
most extensive llllatiutactinies in the Union,'
iiiressrs i ,'ShetiPackard,'.l4orne indispensable
to every family. %N . ,e ivoul d teepee tfull v announeo
to thel l citizens ,of , '!Ousqu'el4;nna arid adjoining
counties that we likvit just received and are , re
ceiving the largert said best,*sortment of Stoves
ever introduced Inti:rer.asteip Pennsylvanii, which'
will beiold'at the kery loW4t cad figure. To
those virtui tire . it %isn't of Stoves they will find it
to their ihterest and examine our, variety
before Purchasing elicwhert4 They comprise in
partias follows: t
United States, it• 01 .
Eastern Queen'.r . ; 0., • Verteiier4 do
Firel Clipper r Fancy 'J o
Nentanal A 774r4i E. o.`• lrving, do
Morning Star, Couage, "do
- Fariaers'
ThOlabove Ste, ve'sare 't'ea \ ci, µell kncW,n to re
quire /ay minute :description, being the most
:popular and appivredS;Olie'ln market. ;All who
rnay. favor us with,:veall \vitt be shown through
Anr assortment *aim°. "Recollect the
number"--Ltroit's far fattied. One Price Store."
ilarford, 1853.-'-35 , •
' - iCAR - IP,,Eililr.F.ll4llloTkili. ' , 1
r. . n
(Fetp.sErtt.Y. l, 0 1 raiI:EAT Dr.STE, Psi. P .
'" t 4 411 U i i
' s
. ~
rrii7 subscribbrOntvingjrented this weTh known_
.1_ ho 4 use`; ancl re-fitted and ).e.furnishedia . good
style, is now' propirid
.to. receive and• entertain
girest,4. This house is delightfully - situated on
the barks of the Sniquehinna river, on the line
of thelNew York 4rirl Erie„tand. the Delawtare,
Lackaeannaand . ,W4terug4ilroads; overlooking
a most beautiful sihrtion 14 '.eountry, ..arid is Thu
panorma ofseeperyjineqiralded anywhere. .
. As a. SummErt RisORT l Or the business man
seeking quid and( freedom from the, Iroise and
din orjeity life, aniVfor . ladies and gendemen in
pursuit of plensurb amid 04 rural scenery of the.
country, this lodation eanrroi be equalled. here
the wary traveller s secnru from the confusion .
ineldettt to the eontinual arrival and deParthre of
trains; which, eSpt.cially in4he night time is a
very great annovapeb•to thOie stopping at houses
very near the !Sew; - . .
ifisLltoems are 'now, pleh.s.ant and well furnish
ed; hi Table With ill the tielicaeies Which both
eountily and `city rrairkets..niTord ; and i K , , p a ins
will b 'spared to Mike hiali'onsr3 a pleasanthome
to all is gnests. .li . • ,?i
. 7:v.- GUESTS will be.e,oheeyed to anAtifro; the
ears, - at any hour . a4i, or night, in a good Omnibus
free, o )
_tcharge. . f-
Ur A LarEuyi iTAIIE is attached to the
House.. -
. 1 . ! ,I
t Bend, Junk; 27th; 053-261 f. i •
Bryant ; Honk Great Bend Depot,
• 'l' Pa. -1
'Till Snow and 'spat:tons building, situated but
JL few feet frnin the INpot at Greac Bend, is
now opened and ftlinisho In a siiitable:style for .
a Public House, tiMI will be kept opim ;at all
hours' (both day_and night, for the reception of
travellers; and especially fo). the or
of pastmerer:i.traV.e)linl.7 on the N. Y. & Erie S.
L. & Railroads;lb,eing,at the junction of these
two reads, and-tile Most eohvenient. point to btep
in and take refreshMetits and be off with - the first
train, as . well as the'tnostje'envenient hoitse to ae
eomModate the phblie, it is i NEW CLEAN and
WII9I,ESOME With r4oms• enough to accom
modate ALL, beink fitted nit With new ii . orniture
to corespond, and tables i:alwaysset, with. wAn3t
MEALS and Ifpxttrips furni=hed at a Moments
Warnmr , i
nir - Passengerslesiriii4 rest and sleep, can,
by calling here, a_i-41i1 theinconvenienceof taking
find )in inti,;hs. well as do.,r
tin&uneertainty cif returning to the depot at the
srrivat or departUT4'of the trains ; as a Porter Will
belnrwaiting to conduct th4m with their ,s baggage
to th i tilryantllonoe, "just across, the wiy," and:
collect them -backlagain ),flthout fee cr. r'eward,
taking . special eati to Wakio them if desired at
any hour of the night. ;-1 - .
The loCatii,n of the BrY4fit House, iwith the
natural scenery ablint it -'eOnbine to- make it a
very desirahlo•Seit3lEß RESORT Tot business
men and others int . l.the 443: who magi Wish to
"cast la- ep.rti" for few :days• to recruit. in the
• . •
• .. .
A Large, aiul .oiiimodious . ffrill •
• .
is,attoehed to this buildhn.for the eoprenierice
of plitasure PARitiii, who may always ifirid croi,(l
accommodations l JlOre, without regard to nuinbers
-with warm - stableslor theif teams, and relialde
tiLilp to Wait upon them- i ' 3 - .'
' • i -
, 1
i -W' For further •parti:rulars inquire . .. 4t the
Bryant Ilou4e t4tlitt inolirietor. .1 I .
• Feb 1853-71fii • .
• , ,
invalids `of Psnnsylvania,
~ , ,
Ardour attention iti , urgentiv invited to ;a :ca re ful
and ea ndigpernsal of something thittJuis just
been introduced into your rich and time honored
.tat'.l t t
Pu rernacher's Ilidro El&:tric Voltaic"- Chains.
1 I I
A ;new and . noyel mode', of 'I pplying a powerful
remedial agent, so Fonstrutited as to be +-oru under
the gartnents, veit•to the skin producing ; a constant
uninterrupted cukrept of Electro Magnetism, effect
ing immediate relief from the most acute pain, and
also a permanent cure of all Nervous Diseases. It
seldom has failed to ferniell almost instant :relief,
f und a fillet, perntarient curs, by being used aecord
ing tbdirections,ltoithe following disease's.—Rheu
matism, Gout, , Striatica, •Paralysis, Painful and
Swelled Joints, IsleProlgia if the face,. Diseases of I
the Spine, Deafness and
,Ithhiness, Uteiine Pains,
Palpitation of the fleart; Periodioal Headache; St.
Vitae Dance, G4neral ,Debility, Pains of 'the Chest,
flys erica, Dyspepiia, all diseases that. 'arc caused
by a; deficient aitionnt efliqrvous Fluid are greatly
relieved, if not Perunnently cored by :imply wear
ing the chains a few hours i.ach day. : •
Be it understood that ht is not claimed that it
cure's all diseasee, but onlol lose fot which it is rec
ommended; and rnoreovetA-e boldly claim and de
fy that'no medsoinal agent 'of anylind h asperform
ed so MANY cure's durini,the last year : „ Of those
dise'ases just 'smiled as ':' • I '
Pulrer`miicher's Pectric Clnn.
And to prove this•assertion, we defy any person to
produce so many well authenticated Certificates of
scientific Physiiiiaps and iitt`.elligent patit4its as may
he found in a painulilet ofl6 pages, to be had (gra
tis) of the agent in this tokti. The Electric Chains
were first introduced in. Prince in 1850,'.aud after
being, subjected to the' matt, thorough and rigid trial;
by the first med;cel menin-. Paris, they were found
to pinssess strarate and mr ;le lions power[ for reliev
ingpain, whereveo' applied, raid by their infinence
wore introduced into the hiispitals of thiit city, and
also secured letferii patetf by the French Govern
ment. They are now inrcidueed into almost every
Hospital in Englafid. Geintatly, Austria, Belgium,
and , patented inithisse ecuatries, where :they have
become . the most. ,I -• i ,'.
Popular curative iikent in the lfr, odd. '
; They werefiist"introitrAed into the U. States a
bout one year since,,atil li-ent throgghl the same
trial as in. Europe .and verb at once introduced in
to every Hospital In N.Y44rk, where they are now
in dilly use, effecting tveh more wonderful cures
than had ever befere been lawarded the:in. They
are higlilytecomniended by Prof. Valeatine Mott,
Van Buren, Nit, iind others, who have published
their views of their, pen/in:and value in several of
the medical jounsils intbil eity.and aid also in the
daily practice of :recoinniendink .their inse to pa
tients. A full account of their opinion tay also bo
found in every pamphlet , end sent to Ali address of
every person in 04 applying; (post paid),
to ABEL TU RR& LL, Asent, Mont ror., Pa. The
Chains can be seat by mall, with full descriptions
for use. 'Price of . Cbtrintiii3 and-86. I
Physicians Fria politely;invitedlo calliand exam
ine ,their construatioi, add pronounce' upon their
merits. Ores Koko to tivat.rris, no person need
fear that they till} not atomplislt just what it is
clairned they' cin 40.
N. B. One C.hairt will list for years and lose none
•of its electric power by net, and can be applied to
either adult or child. , .I
, ABEL Turtatit,,AgenOtontrose, Pa.
Jim. STEINEILii, Generajl,,Agent,- 568, Broadway,
NeW York. ii ' '--, 1 ; - I 651-
• Carpets and 011
AVINP ohltirged tidd refitted our extensive
Crockerf abd Home FurniShin, Store, ex--
pressly for thO blisinewe have, added a new
feature,in dePiiirttnenti3. •
The second ',floor is devoted to Carpets, Oil
Cloths and Loelti:ng MAO es, in which-we offer a
good assortm en t 'at prick which cannot fail to
please, and to vhleh wo invite your pitstieular at
tention. - ii a J. H. - DE VUE.
Binghamton QctlBs/1 20 7 • 1
Illall ilappioe . od are Monk, or Aliorry Ord
Inekorsa, oftpisol_f! f '
• . Reftettons for. the Thoughtfut 1, -
Stiango irk ; at . countless human ,beibga exist land
l in
• drag tthrou h life as do the beasts of the lel ,or
the IMsects f the earth, evinci a g - . no more tho ght
•or reflection than though the noble faiultieS of d
were Mot vouchsafed to them. I -;
•' Many suelvare husbands and fathers, upon w Om
am dependent the health, the well•being, and - Hai
• happiness or a confiding and affectionate 'wife, wit'
• perhaps a family of children. •
.I i
j' . , • ~...
'Mrs LING S 0031 tlearroylif
\ ....
Jo .tii.v.t pitiable eenidtion as not A , en Tor one•da:v
feel !he happy and exhilematig l infleence incif
.to thoenjoyment of health.:, ! I
Slit) may not be an invalid confined to her
or then to her, room*; - as her pride, (ambition'
Imo* induce and nerve .her to take perS
charge of her household; even when her health
not admit of it ; but she is nevertheleSs pereep
sinking frod day to day, and alwiys :filing. • -
• 'Thus; day after day, and =nth' after month
spire, Her health daily sinks, till fteally even
• hop e of recovery no longer remains. ti lnd thus
But a few years ago in the ILIA Af heilth
youth, and buoyancy of spirits, rapidly, and of,
ready inexplicably, becomes a feeble, sickly .
bilitited wife, with frame emaciated, nerves
stning, spirits depressed, countenance bearin :
impress of sufferang,
s and an utter physical'
mentalp . restration. - 1 . , ii I
hiametinies this deplora b le change may and
'visa front organic or coustituti,onal causes.
oftener, by far oftener, to gross ar d inexcu 1
ignorance :of the simplest and jplamest - rid
health as 'connected with the miming, ' statel
violation bf which entails disease, , suffering
nals&y, not only to the wife, but bften : I
I • , •• I
Ilefeditary Complaints ion 14 Childter
_• t ' I
KING'S EVIL,, and other tilscasesl
, ..
*. ,• . , a - , - ; •
• ' • , from thb Parents.l I
And mest•• • this continue l• Shall la, e ho Wi a in
all that concerns the cattle of our S ods, ourh4r ses,
our sheep, our -cows, our oxen, the ' nature and
character of thb soil we possess, tlie texture and
quality of bur gooda and merchandise 4 but in all that:
concerns durselves as human beings, with human
functions land passions, subject ' . ,to great .der4rige
taunt, 'involving our future peace and happin ss—
in all that concerns the health and ;welfare' o the
wife• of our nffections, and the moth'er of our dill
dreu ; in all that concerns tho Mental and physical
.well bejng of those children, We:should be im- -
mersed. In the darkest and' most • . i 1
i 1 ' , !
:: • '
liow .1 g.,,, shall this ignoranee!prei,ail so proclne.
tivez of i ts! bitter fruits 1. Ilow long !shall the [wife .
And' mother be ignorant of the. naturei character and
:auses of the various wouiVand•csexaal complaints,
embittering' her days by suffering—Suffering often
prolonged to years, eventuating in a cemplication of
, disewes utterly -and. hopelessly I incurable 1 It:ball
we ‘for • ever close our eyes to the results of ph ski.:
logical science by • which we May I.arrivent an
understanding of ourselves as men and women,
subject to serious life-long enduring diseasesi and
perpetuating them to our children. t
No husband: or - toile 1*(1 be igrierant of whai
tor - tarns them most to know to I nave the ir calth
and happiness. That knowledge is kroutais • is a
altars work entitled . *. ;‘ i • , '
, ~.
BY pL A. M. MAXltlegAlf, -.
One ilunetrecith Edition. 19md.,. pp. 260.! Petit 60 Cents
• , ..lox VISE PAPER, EXTRA FINDING, $1 00.]
i " ',First published in 1347; and ktis not
1 .
Considering that -EVERY IF' E ltl ALE A ,
*whether IIIARRIED OR NOT, ban II era
acquire a full knowledge of the is -
Cure, character and causes of be
• • symptoms, and that steariy. i '
. -
should have.been sold. - It is impracticable tf con
coy fully the various subjects
-treated of, a they
aro of a nature strictly intinded fOr the married,
•or those contemplating-marriage. ' • • 1
. . .
Have been SENT fIY MAIL' . wittiin - lhe t, few
months. - . . . • I
• .
...,.6 , •
• 1 . ' .BE NOT pEFILIt/DF.`,D i '
i. I
' 1!.9" no book unless Dr. A. .1%1: '#%lauricetiti, 129
Lille ty Street. N. Y., is en the title page, and the
eritr in She Cldrk's Offize on the back of the title
. p4ge ; and buy only of resioetablei and heriornble..
y l r
• _ dial, 3, or send by mail, and addiesx to Dr. 'A.. NI:
Mauriceau, as there arc spurious and surr4titiotts
infririgeinenix of Copyright. • ; , -
i .
, . isrir Upon receipt of One Dollar] "TIM MAPI
PANIONn ti sent (mailed frer) to tiny part of the
ti_pit'od States, the Canadas and British piovincex.
411 Letters must be post-paid, and addrested to
pr. A. M: MAURICEAU, Box 1224, eit-York
City.l Publishing Office No. I.29lLiber4 , Street,
! . '
1; 'o ii.if.t , BY—T. B. - Peterson!, Ithilo,: Mrs.
Crnihia Williams, hoih..sdale: Minch &. Crup,
11;:rislfurg; J. S. North, Leban , o ; N. De\Vitt.
Mill rd ; J.N Ensniinger.Manlicitn Spangler&
Bro,l Lmeaster; II W Smith, Hunting,lon ;'S
• McDonald, Unilontown-; J.. 11 Muni, New Berlin;
11' A Lintz; Reading;. R. P Croat ) ", Brownsville;
Wentz !& Stark, Carliondale ; Eldred & Wriaht,
IViliarnspOrt ; S. l'oek, i Wilkeiba'rrti ; G. W.
-Eari,e, i Waynesboro! ; Potter . & 'M e Nan, Belle.
fffi?te; G Moil!, Warren; - Robetit Crnky, Men..
cer ; ; .i S. Lc. , s4er, Hanover; R. P. C4mtnings,Som..
erset ; ftios'CoNperthait,-Pliilad i J. B. Gunni.
son, Erie; S. B. LaulTer, - Green,Lnrg ; B. Hall,
Pitt-to :E. S. Durban, Franklin ;'Dr S-D Scott; ,
Becil'or :. E. Hilland; Indiana ~.. J .1 Mellally, Mil
terd!: J. W. Kidney. BroWnsyille ;1G- M MeQet
tys,:Autler'; J. S., Niekson,.ChambersVprg ; F D
SaWer,lNorristown ; E 'Benner. StimneytOwn ; i;
MiOliell.Pittsburtr? G %V Gettyis, Butler; Sos
Swdrtz. Blow:146r . ; ; P S.Deeliert & Co.Cham
. .
• berOur g. .
. . .
•; t I FITS !PITS I .'l PITS V. ! -. . i I
s _
Foritlir cure of Fits,- Spastits ,Ckarnps, a nd all
. •
Ne.r - c• us and Constitutional ;Diseases; . . ~
PEn SON who are laboring under this distressing malady/
Will.find the VEG ET 11.11. E EPILEPTIC! PILLS Co ile ,
the nnly remedy ever 'discovered for ,euting Epilensi, or
Falliiuf Fits'.
Thf!FP pills posses a specific action onithe . neoolis eye
tern ;' an altbou4ll they are, prep red especisify for the•
porposeof curing Fits, they wil the f undjof especial benefit
for all persona afflicted with wee neri•e., or whose ncr
roua sys em has been prostrated 'or shatteredfrom any
camiewlitterer7 'ln chronic complainfs,or diseases' of long
ncnniiiun: • sweerinduced by 'nerendsriessi they are exceed
Pace, B 3 per box, or two
.Lotes for SS'. Persons tut of
the clty.ienelosi,ng a remittance , will have the Pills sent
them tO•ough the mall, free of posture. For sale yt? i
EVE S. I ILONE, No* IGS lialtimore slreet. Itaitizuore,
Md.,;to whom iurders from all parts of ;the Union onwst
~"1 •
be pai 4 . .
' • 1 k r eit.EW % ON'*A. '
Infalli le .Remedy /Or all liitlamitu!rycamplaials.
A il F. .TAI ly: a . ad sure Antidote for tO following difeas
-11. .es—All Fevers arid Inilainations, to which the sys,-
tern is subject. Rheumatism; Lanni back; Piles, Diaz-rives,
Bystintery, Ileadaehe, Toothsche, Peversores, Biles, Cuts,
Spralhas. Bruises, Burns and. scalds. ! .
linitistiwison 9 is litinte !termed r, for •Curing
Rini . Bones, 'sriavins, sweeny, • poll , Fyil.- Cuts; splint.;
Galli, Fistilla, scratches, LamenCsr, spring Balt. Bruises,
Mange, Intlamnintinia 'of the }lugs, , and all Pevers to
whiela llnnes are subject., f
A lrefsta—Abel Tureen, Montrose-15.:Bailey; Lerays
irille7-Cyrus Avery, Wyalusing—L, 11. Woodruff, Dimocit
A; .3: „SI& •Tworid, flush. •
.1 1
• •• . -
Odt.ll,lsr4 .
1 ~.
• 1
•;T US ' received another Importation of those
t..) sp endid Pia Jeweled Detached Leer and
Holiz nth! 'Watches wall' seconds and hard en
itmelle Dials . ..deuble bottomed - 4i open cases,all
of hi .11 are- warranted and received direct from
Switz Hand'. ' .The few sObjoitied pricei will at
! one° p tint out to the priblic i whdre and ;how an
enorm ms percentage can! be savo. • 1. -.• .
Doti le bottom 1.3 Jeweled Leiter Watches es
abOVe in elegant silver •eases frdm $l0.• • Same
'moyements in glinting cases frerrt $ll Honi.
zontabDouble botioined 4. hole -Jeweled !open
race arid seconds from $8,75, - the same move
ment in elegant hunting cases with sunk rsecnndi
frotn $9,50. All of which have Nard enamme,hled
Ditilti. - Gold Diamond pointed Fens with pencil
anti silver extension holders,lma4azine 'far leads
&c. from $l,OO. - Gold Dihninnd pointed pen
blaidetS from 50c. '.lC.Welry &e. &e.etpiallY cheap,
A, ;good assortment of es:Celle 't. second . hand
Watches, eminent .naakers,.in firs ittigoingcon
dition,lwill be Fold decidedly lo' % for cash. Best
French Lunett Wateh 'Cryseals, 19c: Watch re
p airin'a as nsie,..T.
. • tai. B. , Watch Chains and Keys grati.4 to pup
clingers. - ' 1 . .. !
1 1 W: fro,urs of business froml7 A. M;16.7 P.
J. A. till`tiGLET9N,
Watch maker ad Importer.
Au. 16, 1853-Ictr.
, ..
New York Fir e -
.3 ' Insuranc , ':
..1 - •
Quice, .Walt Street; I- e .
, .
eALITAISi (In Cis li. _ Ara i Approved Seeurlt lea) '.
, .
. $ .
1 •-0 0 0 i'•.. ' . -1 . • - .
.., ,
, .0 t .• ~,
I -
' Insures against trls qr . . Damage by . fire.. , '
• • ECTOIt'S.A '4l:Pit:bbins,:3l3 lipoid iiittl : ee' t ;
Peter (3. Baker, 1 Spruce titreet ; Girard
Broath tu
iay;.Tboat Andrerobt!, 118" Cedar street; Ea:4nel
gutith -Maid, 3;7 , 'W.e4. seitet; Albert L. Cenkliu,',Blo
Gleenwleh street ; Vanes A.llltosby, 113 Broadway; Cliatlss
Lent, Ft lugsbittlge, N. Y.; Liam bert,C...llall, Cbiceio, Alt.;
I Smith tiobble; - Wm: tW.?Leland, NOw York; Valet, 'IC
Roach, 138 Salta.- street ; Etastes 8. Bell. ier. West i 'and•
Laiglit etteets •, Jubn 'lr,*2 Nen:7B Wati-estreet ;' I): ;Nan
Wart,llBitroadway ; Horatio N. Gallup, cot. Wert :arid
Harrow - streets; l'et., r 11. VOilt er cot. Girosvoort and .Weit;
Itrulfen }toss,. Jr;., 49' P.ifith Avenue,* Stephet Criortwell,
Camden, N . • J.; "tibia drat leigh; Philadelphia; better D.
lirlttan, .49 Water, streei 'l,3B,uiltel Sitsetair,T - ribuue Bella
lags; Samuel B. $l4, C f•tOlsait. Ohio I - ' •' :• :
CIIAJtILE.S L: CI, ARK 4, eee'y. . • • ;.
. . ' 'ChM:LES . I.4l3itow,q;'Ageriti. • .!,
Montrose, Sept. 0, 185 . • \.
I and
' and
' CI;
ice. ••
Pr,yaria fro _ of the
Ox,.eftr_r directiohn of Hare!' Liehig,lhe'great.PhysiDlog.
jell Chemist, by : i II.OI4IIITON,
Pa.r 1r
lay fe-
Thla is truly Nature's 6Wri ll.einedy for an psi. ,y,
Stomach; No art of man Can equal curative powers. It
commas no Alebliol, 111ttim Acids ; or Nauseous Dsugs. -
It is extremely agreeable to the taste,. and may be taken
by the most fcchle patients whocannut eat a Water crack
er without acute distr .s 4. Beware of Drugged Imita
tions. Pepsin isnot a . reg. • ' . , ' . , ...
me- Call, on -_the age t hod get a Descriptive circular,
gratis. giving a-. large ar:Mnt of •Selenlific evidence, from
Liebig's Animal Chem! tgy; Dr. Combs's Physlologrof
Digestion ,• Dr. Pereira. Intl Food and Diet;. Dr. John W.
Draper, af New York liriivnrsity; Vrof.Dunglbron's.Phis
iolour Pref. Silliman, f_.',Yrile College; Dr. Carminter's
Phislology; ace., tnget.l er with reperts of curesfrom all'
Parts,of the. United Slat •s . !
. -
xi- OBSERVE THIS !-t . -Every boitle"of the genuine
PEPSIN bearstht writte 'signature of J.S.IIOUGfITON,
M.'D.' • sole PrOprietor 'lilladelphia, Pa. Copyright and,
Yra•le Mark Pecan . ..l... r
f•--Sold by all Ortrigisis and DeaferS in Medicines.—
Prier; gt per bottle. t t
• 'irj••• Few sale by A BEI. TURRET Ti, Druggist; MOntrose
Pa.,arnoleszle and retail ?igent. f .• P 7/ •
31 , ./ ... .
_horses Com u upon S u
y p. of Yellow,
- - D ock Ro ,t,' . .
T HIS 1s a pa;-,414,, , ,i.,.. 5 / 6 .17,, mpaund, scientifically
from the hi,. t Roots and Herbs of. the Mate
riot Mellen , and has gained an unrivalled reputation or
the-following*. trivets, viia i. Regulating and Strengthening
tluiliiver wail Digestive 9rgans, awl- Clennsinig the iStom.'
ach awl llowele,.and thns crisisto alli t llillious Diaries,
'liver Complaints, firspepsia, on, Costiveness,
Piles, Iliiadrielie, Fever , and Ague, J'inntlice, .1 1, 1anscri,
'Loss of Appetite, dot., land causing, th ; fo'od to notirish.
ouil support every part; .Purifying the Blood and tins
curing sill liumorso:lauttincous EreptiOns Scrofula, Salt
Rheum, Erysipelas. Saab% Head, Canker Pimples on the
face, Bletchei r filecri,lTnsuors, Mercurial Disease, Can
cers, &0.. . ,4 :" ,
Reg •
• .
ulattner gle Secretory. 13rgans,!. i
~ .0 .
and by enabling .them„ 'perform their proper functions
preventing and ouriiiit4itiany painful and dargertius dis
eases; Strey4.l,Tedilv4ati , quirtin4 the Verrous SyliLi m,
thus allayingz.Nervous ,Irritilinw, and curing all disears
of the NerveA, us_ Hysteria, Neutaigia,„ Cramps &c.
It is. unrii:4//t4 in the cure. of all Female Corn
s . IV
atS. . . i
• - _
'as Weakness, general !debility, Irregularity, Obstr c
tions.' Swelling otthe ilti•et., Limbs;- Joints, &e;, cauVed
by weakness; also, Lung Nind Throat Complaints,' as
Colds, CoW,ths, Astlaini,!Coniumpfiou, &e.,also,..Dropsy.
.. ' I
- .
. - • - i ,
Haiing made u.e o; k , li4 Compound Syrup ia . f Yellow
Dock 'tont, prepared bY' Al:Morse & Co.; either °nisei
'Tea, or in our faMillea, and flitding it to be a very Partitary "
:and effectual preparation, we do .most cheerfully recent
iitel:l,l it to the public ap it very valuable medicine. •, • •
E. Bourne, Esq., Cashier National Rank, Providence, R.
1..-,, A _ W. Spencer.(l4 ES Cashier Lime Rock Rank de de do,
Rev William Phillips Rev J It Richmond, C, S. Jones.
editor Providen , e Gen.: Advt., V' Field. M. W. GM.
((``pro's Fisher, M E li P* James Hutchinson, G:S Dea..4V
I Rate., 7.1q . 1t nerij C 0 0 ,1,81141 one hundred others of the
Most ro - poetahte families of Providence. • 1 '
This certifies, that 1 •have for a nunioet or ~,-...., i 5...,
acquainted with.tlib embPosition and mode ofmanufacture
of Slorses Compound Syrup !of Yellow Dock RoOt. I have ,
also been :iglu:dote. OR modus operandi in disease,
and can say that inn eApects it is admirably raleulated
,t °remedy that class ;Diseai , s for which it,Wait designed.
It iseseceially valtiab 1 in 1 indf.gestionand al its attend
-ant sympl oms,it exeit s. to healthy. action the !LireT. re
moves Torpor, and in it ity of this Organ. and stimn-
I ,
fates health , actionin illi ',•• system. AS a Dipurator or
purifier Of the Blood it hits superior.
• rvidence, R. T. Jai 145
P - reoared by C. llhrs9.- & Co. NO. 446 Broadway,N.
Y. and sold by pruggir.ta and others throughout this and
other count rir..
=^ l Soldin Nlontrosel)y
4, 13 .914 I
To the Citizens of Susquehanna
- , county.
),1T1CH11.17.1 & nEF:sirrT would respectfully call the
attention of lOC persons in Susquehanna County
Vicinity to their large and well fACCted !tea of Dry,
11001/R and 17:trpet.4 10011 consist of uIl the fothionable . arid
seesonible Goode uvula vogue, GooclA tufted both for the'
'grave and the goy. on4in fact all of the different Ptyies of
goods which can be ccille4 for or n : tut:lit of. are de-,
termitic/ not he un Oiiold, and if you Will be co kind twt
to favor us with a call e will make our Word good. Out
stock' of Goo la e.Migistliin part of
Block. Broenae, Plai,L...Stripe. Changeable, and Lining;
Fig. iru M
d oho Wool Driaintrs. Fig. and Plain Cotton do.,
Silks. 3terinnv„ Thibet.4„ l 4.pareljr. Paramatta,M. de nage,
Plaid Lioscys.Colorcd 14 ek "Flannels, Csßanes; ,Sc. &e. •
Sll I Wl.7l—Of whiefi ore have- an _endless variety,
Cashmere Shawls fronl I'=to ss o l,‘Bay State Long and
Square do., Fig. and Philn Thibet, &c. &c.
%Virile E . i.noris,--iiilain, Plaid ind Stripe Ift6OLlCst;
Ilislins,*Dirds Eye amtllussia Dialr , r, Irish Linen, Table
Linen, Linen,- CottonA, !Worsted, and Embostetl Spreads,
Swiss 'ant India ,Ikefk. Sfitsbns,. Victoria and Bishops
Lawns, Linen cainkife. L.nen Cambric lidk's, French
Worked Collars anal trittcr'lltlk!s. - llnslin Drai)ery. „Lined
and Cotton Sheeting and §hirtirig, Bleach and Brown,
Jacquard Diaper...kc.u. " - - .
Gen'lts 'Ol. [Sari' lent— , Consists of Black and 'Fan
cy Broadcloths. Cass! eves. Black and Fancy,. Satinetti,
Sheep's, Grey. Kentu ky Wan, Cashmeretti4 Satin, Mt ,
sted and Silk. Vesting:. Ma ck anti CoLlldit's, Satin Stocks;
Neck Ties, &a Flaotiet., White, Bed, Blue; Yellow and
stripe, {lents Cashmere 1V rappers, Drawers, &e. &eX
Our s t ock of GloVieve 111 l
anal owierple complete
i ntt-Ladies, MisLts and Herta Gloves, Lisle thread
Caahm re, . 4 1aysimereilleace Lined; Chamois Lined,Bea
var, K Buck,id. skin, p. ace. .
I:4,dies, Missesandll3an . ti, Cotton hose, and X Hose,
White, Brown, Mixed,j2llack anc Made Colors, Alpacaa,
Wooic4, Cashmere, l'iltliino . arid Silk do., and every other
style'or seasonable Hoe 'ergs. I
Also, nn endless 'ea Oty of other styles of floods such as
Damasks Cotton and Wool, S'ilks - S l l4 Cotton Xcl''
rats, Counterpanes; M .reens,Ciimhrica 'Tui11.;,::..7 8 , Colt
foiters,Ru‘e and Hors Blankets, Nanking, Ttekings, Scar-Scar- -inerostripe,MlCurtal '6, Carpet hags, tko.. 1
Ctirpetisitz-s-Bru eels, Three Ply. Ingraham both
Wool and Cotton, Cott h. d 0.,. tlotton and.WOol stall' Cat
rieting,Dru:t4et, CBI Cl thy, Ruth Carpeting Httgs. • -
Our stock of Dry Dilials is now . eomphsta,r and if you
would like to lee a god assottment - of Goodt!artl tisw
ponus you will call at
..Wickhand Jr. Ilenttett's nearly oppo
ffice. 7 ' ite the Post-office. 'I ' 1
I Binghamton, pi. 'E., N0v,8,,1.R53—n44 • -
Fresh err
SII., 4- D. SA'S
• ty'oiNtraiG.
Ladies Kid Glove.
made Clothing, col!)
Berge, Ousbrnere,
if elkeaper than t
DoeterYourself :i'\. •
Or,Eeery one his own Physicia4
• I
RE FIFTIETH Edition, contaimng
• 1 04)iundred Engravings, showing
Diseases lend Malformations of the : Un- \
• • • man sYstein in every shape and' forin.‘,
To which is added a Treaties on the
bisiases of Female's, being of the lOgliest
tance to married , peOle, or those dotemplating mar
riage. 13y
.• • Willicvn Young, AL . •
Let no father be ashamed to Kerkira a, copy of.
th.e.diesculapios te his child. It may save- him
(rowan early grate.
„Let no youngrman of woi
Man enter into the l secret Obligations Of -married life
Wi thou t reading pls . Pocket A esonla pins. Let no
One.suffering from a hacknied cough, Pain in the
• Side; restless •rights, nervoui feelings, and the
• whole train of Dyspeptic sensations, and given .tip
by their physicisin4 be another moment' without con
sulting the AESCHLAPIUS.. Havethe married,.
or those about to b e: married any impediment, read.
this truly useful brikili„ as it has ben the means -of
saving thousends c 4: unfortunate cr °tures from the
very jaws of deathi'
(IT Any persontending fwenti Are cents en
closed iu a totter; iil receive ono •Oopy .of this
Work by mail. or five copies will be Leant for One
Dollar. • Addresi(post paid.) ,
• No . l5.; 1 . Spruce StelPhiladelphis.
Man% Bth, 1854:—I0yl.
rr,IIE undersigned have established a shop in
1 the lasemeni - of = Mr. Sayrel Store, in , ,Alon
trose, where they iwill at all times keep oni hand
FOINION and Domir dc.Martat.E. "an manufacture
the same into - 41forineuts, Tomb-stones, Table
tope: St,e., &c. . - {
V' The patronage of the public, is respectfully
solicited. , • r CONGDON & BEVIER
Montrose, Aug: 5,1853—ir. ' A
just reed, by.
'!) - al of New GOods.
1 . „
iftE are just receiving a rade
.. s, among which rtay ba;fpund
Only 23. 6d. per pair,.Ready
red carpet. Yarn, De Lames, De
krench, .4'nglish and Saxony
'e cheapest for Realy Pay.-
. \ .
gpoone, heavy mock
7 . 3. EVANS, .
: t 1464141 .411t4T,i t .
, .
TER All 1 ~5 0, 'cash in advatiae; 82,1 Oilf
.not paidWi in six months; and $2,50 , , at the mid
of the year., wo paper discontinued until arrsin.
ges are paid,- sxeept itt the option of the Pub;
*hers. Al e nmunications connoted with Old office, office, to insur attention, must be directed (pest
paid) to 041 s 454 DA.i, Montrose, Snsquelianni
1 -
• . . . -, • .
County, Pa
I ..- • .
One 'square
l att.mi of Advertising.
I or less) 3 . insertions, 1,/,04:!‘
-equent insertion, .. . . • 0,26
three months, . • 140;
I six outhe, -•. • • ••.,• , 4,14
rds, four; lines or less, . . 3,00
rtisenients, not over
. 4 squares, 7,00
onOiyear, .a . . . • . . 30,00
dvertisers' win' be, restricted to the
which they are engaged.
En& so
One nconre
One Bquar=
Yearly ndv
One holm
business in
408. WORK. -
publishers buying added to their - Job
torhils a large and' supellor-asugt-
Type, are now,'prepared to execute
n a manner unsurpassed, in thii,see.
try, dud on the most ressonable.teitus:
-of everidescription kept constantly
printed to• Order-
• VU` Th:
Printing in
!meat of Jo
Job. Wolk .
(ion of cou
on sand or
ittss Pirtrtffg.
• I P. A.! LOCKE, 'l--
,Washisninn.blo Tailor=-Shop in She fear di
A. Baldwin's liainpas Shop, up stairs.
- I L'. B. SPROUT -
9 ,
' 7
M v &
ania tureof Roues COMIIII/D CAR.
WAGE S • ruNGS, ‘iontrose, P a. . 1 '
m. IV-. SMITH & C 4. I•
and Chair Bfanufactarm, 'foot Mita
• I
ontrose, Pa. . •
• Street; 1
.I • 1
Dealer i Books, Ready. Made, CloXhing,Hnia
and Cap . Beets and Shoes, &e. Store °pig,.
site Sea es Hotel, Montrose, Pa. -. !
;-1 n and, Surgeon, liarford, Pa. Office
Eaton teStore,„
2 doors
-Dr: IL SMITH • • -- '
1• i
A 'Dentist, Mobtroge, Pa., w ill be at
; Hotel, Mundays and . TuesOays of each
- I: •• - . 15y1:
• • .
.. _
week. .
1 4' 01111.
'-` 'a. - .i.IILILA.N 64k PA.IIK, . .
•beale . in Dry Goods, Groet4les,ilardwnie,
Croe)Eery, Bdots and Shoes, &c:, Springville,
; Pa. 1
; ntley & L. F. Fitch will attent
sines entrusted to their care; under
e and style Pf "liktrnry &
B. S. B
to all b l
the na
es at Law—Office formerly oe l etr ,
Little ;&iStreeter, llontrose, Sufretim.
Conntyi Pe. •
LITTLk.] [EZRA lA. ...Lark
Pied by
ONGDON :dc 11EVIFJ1 f , i' -
.: •
in Marbl e• Mon ume n ts, Table s, Tomb. -
&e. Corner of Court' and &Amigo ,
opposite Broome County,Bank, Bing.
,N. Y.- , , -
- s d. D. LATHROP de Co. . •I
in Stai - es and 3frinnfactureri of
N Copp Tin, amPSdeet-Iron !Ware. ' Shop
4 E e Main Street, oppositd Democrat Of- •
flee, M •ntroSe, Pa. ' • • - .
.1 -.
... ... .T. . -
C. P. LA lIROP.I : • : [S. -A. ; Woopßtipr.
: - E. B. MOCINET,' '
Rep . al er Of Clads, Jewelry,"Musieal !nem
ments; and Guns, Sz.e., &e. Electra 'eating of
Spoon. ,•Watehesi 'Jewelry, &e., dear to•order.
He ha an appointment for Sealer of "Weights
and M asures. . !shop op 'Main Street, first,
door below the Prick Corner, Montrose,,Pi.
Montt 1 se•TailOrinj:Establisllment.
Lines - iSic Reynolds, rastiiondbl e Tailors,
over. . R. Hawley'S Store,one' does below
Hatch 's Hotel, ready at al:times to pietist.
'the.pp, lic and minister to the tastes and vim
r• foitiig those who want clothes., Latest filb.
ions rOgulatly received, and oldoneS observed
when iequested. •I j
AIL TURJ{ELL , MosTuoss, Pi - . ',
Beale in_Drugs,Medieines, Chemicals,Painti" , .
Oils,Lpyeauffs, Groceries, . Dry Goods, H4rd
' ware,Stone.ivare.Glass.v,;,are,Cumphene,Balit
ing Fl i
( t
d, LiMp Oils, CandleVarnishes,Win•
dew- lass, , Funci and Tolleti-Articks, NO&
mery, •Jewelry, Spoons. Spectaclei, Musics'
instru entS, Trusses, Medical 'lnstruments,
7 Liguots, Mirrors, Stationeri f `Brtisties, - ShOss,
. Yunkeb Notions, &c. Physicians Presiair
tions.carefully eompounded. 1- 1, , - I
ey and counsellor ataawo
atknd faithfully to all tv§inein
Ito him in the- county of Anignehanna..
arming. and, writing of Air Mode win be
ty, and charge modeati?-
-also attend to the p•PlecP ti " °fakir " of
heir widows an(' he'"? '
,against; the ~,11311"
government for Boom ; Pons: rea
• • - si
, • •
found at hours at the office.formerbe
.y L T.• Xietiardo, Esq.,north ofthe Court
• • • " 490
done nea
He wit
ted Scat :
stone, IA
• Mu} b
, COMER, •
ri stoves Tin, Cop*. end Sheet ron
tdoaer o s vine ; near timat tf
Dr rt.
ity ale,
M. C. TYLER, •
Intere,sted..With L L litint - ,]
IMPORTER" AND DEALER' *Harawsse `and Cut e
lery, Carriage Trimmings,' Springs, die. 1`
No. 2}5 Pearl Slreel,:N. Y.
Where }is Mercantile friends, in this and Oher
Countle:s are kindly invited, and earnestly solicit.
ed, to call and purchase. . 116tf.
ges —_ .__ Jnd;le a.. .lopL ..,tom
n the• Lackawanna and Western Rail
istance 20 miles.. Leave Carbondale is
nin,g, - and\ connect with the ears, giiing
Returning; .leave on the arriVal of 'the
n 'from the' G rent Bend., The °eldest ,
ect and chedriest ;mite from Great Bend.
hndale. Passengers by this line always
Carbondale earlier in the evening than .
er route. `, , -,
eceipted in Carbon \ dale at, .he. ire of
cabers, Main street, \feW bloekellielP*
'a Hotel. .
at, 1842.-tf.
• -
the' mu
mail tra
most di
to Carl).
tint into
any oth
the Sub
I , wed Upper Leiihesi—A 1[044 alls" 4 "‘
t kind, constantly on hand. -
Bushela , of Rye, and 20,000 blish da
lJ of Oath, for'whieh the highest pc.
(paid in Cash by SUTPHI&.
ersville, 9, IPO4I. \
I •
of the be
o i.•
. New • 69644,•,
~ V.BII is now recsiNing his Fell stock. o f
oodi; Please call , and elan:lines a! t h6l .
0144u:tap for cul l .
I ron -Sept 'l4 VMS: " •
will be