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    in the room. You'll be loney; - 11 , 1711s 1 death. ,
father: - •s.
It is death my nary." ;i
Thank God P' t;„"
Sabbath evening came and a Ow ProcessiOn
Avoundthrough the forest.tu scht4
• house. There With ainfpe tit4thstA4rgynitut
performed_ his duty n*Wcutiio.tbergrave::i
There were hardy.meti and rough; in shooting
strekeWarithotartvitirritleemrtirciratroulder s.
Bet .et! warm hearts gave beauty to their un.
shaved faces, and they stood in reverentsi (cue°
'b,y_the grave. , The river mumured; and the
'birdS'aang, and Iva Wiflieried her.
/14 go dotrirfteM the'paMe pot
- h stars were bright, beerelleft=for
Dlll4**li the
Itit old
tentai'itro c em; I rove to see 'a church id a
grave yard; for. eveh =as the pass-'through - the
place of Glid on earth so we must though: the
grave. to the tainpic•of God on high.
• _
A T ;eii; ioiife'fOitiefiain of from
-ialcci . Onfario toid' Erie,
one 11111 i.
area riffles of ' the'pret:ent, router travelled,
pFoitaesto-attract touch Attention '3a soon
as its: ialvabta.g La...33eeenie generally.known.
POta,.:,lmTpd,' the principal proper.
, don of whi l ..lll,eogroas;,peses
sys.r,i.l46 Morrie utid I,lleacm,pailrond , "to, New
4Frse),:, thO Pelawat . e., river, and thenco
e y l iip, northeast corner of Petinisl,ii
i;la io fc41,1%,:s
Train Jorevyto the Dalai - are iVater dap,
-" ` .
DAtiivaio Water Gel) tO-Seraatonia,Va. - 4t
Sciantonia . ro Owego. 47
Otvligo to Itbaca, , : * SO .
'lthaca. to Geneva, r ,:39
Jersey ,City. to Geneva, . .242
,York, to Geneva; via Albany
§4Oneotady, etii.; is 344. mie . s, as
to - Albttny;
rit6a to §yrticuio; • '
Yortr-tn'Oenei . e; - 344
~-; ;TrOin N-c•l'ork to Geneira, by the Erie
-Railrcad or; Seneca Lake, the distance is
as fonliW97.* ; •
"iNelf:Klark. to-.Pierment,.miles,
keirinopt to Owego,. , ,
Otregolo-Jeffersen - -
.TellOnri to Or:grieve, threugh Seneca .
Total-NeW York. to Geneia, , 3371
Ifisiif be noticed that the new rOnta 441
I.o2..mitee 'less. than 'Albany - route to'
Geneva; and 95 juiles less. then the. route'
Lathe same place •via the -Erie, Railroad;
. ;which is new the preferred route to Gone
ihi..llochester.. Briffalo,,anit.pLsces further
west.. The new route is certain to be eom
plataksoon, 119 mils being already in op
: eration, and only, 93, miles, in, process „of'
einstraCiion,:being necessary to eonneet the
with the central line by both the San-
edti and eitYliga It will crossdie
Erie.'Railroad teat:,Owego; All the differ
eat - reads; forming the are, we lettin,
tribeeof the' same width - .a9 the Erie Bail
, road, Which is one foot-and four inch
cis Wider tbarethe railroads,frarn Alliany_to
buffalo. The best; rears , passes near the
line of,the-olti Aflllfard.and Owego turnpike.
ti—i_.lkiLitie;distung_wza_ l2 apa ut- Ar r.
from - liew-York, by the stage 'route
'traveled 'over; the' Milford 'and
Owego - turnpike: '
Front N.Y. to Newark; tunes • - 9
k.f l ." Morrigawn; - •28
" ..Newton, . , 46
- Diilford , '76
• lllontrese • 147
Owego, ._ 177
- 200
Geneva, 251
Bifrao. 357
= The stage - rente from New York to Siff-
Aibany„ was 440 miles.
Thopreliniiriary steps have" been taken
for Am.-construction of a railroad, from Ge
nera 'to Ithaca,- between Seneca and Cayn-
An laitcs.44'conneet.Nrith the Cayuga and
rcmd, from Ithacato Owego,
which has been for some years east in ope!?
ration. This road, is leini extended fro*
Owego th
and="slnowri as tkerLeggefil
' thitrbati.jAlii=the latteiJi6 . aa"there - -'are now
. 2.000 men at work. awl it is - :ltitended
ba I cionpleted. - nest season, - including . the
itinaelikg of , the ,nacitatat"n. l'rotn, :Saran
,t:gnizt to, the itte;nware Ater, it tile Dela
sgare.Wter-61 pri: the ratihad Wirdand'ed to
-aesisiin., Here it
,meets; 61,
6 extension of the r.irrititotiti , rail
`fead.'--W. - Y. Herald:
of oopsctitreelas beeii`rolated ' , hi occur-
Wit near - at binil*hielfiti its liaimfol
eivenieSis OM- 'Orted surpassed-Mrs. R
: o f Woodward' townsbig. in this
*iitiantiy,:hati been. lingering'in arr :illness for
'siorterstracit4s pievious _nor death,-tvbieli
occurred .twat ATee Feeks ago. „ Daring
Virt 01,11iisiqkiiess Acorns not, able
'toJeavalimi often &pen
iiii2gbborr; for what Ale.' - reeelived.
Ver - tacr ellililretiwera'tno small to "afford
fterobeli . th;nre'r(to take care of Ilietitielves.
I rPitiltifrittrofteli left atone for dayszt
he, Ayoub! ratan) it 'was
not io tallto her sick bed cheerful by thtteet
'lntentions whink ankincl be,art-wouW render
,pul a,tet l iding.ectupattion -would,,eipfeS.
~Soinetitne, before her;derith,hit-IrAnt to
'\Y!lite-neer vli!IP7 - . , S*llliet:tourty..witere
he was engage:alit' lie "oeenitatcliirfirliiih Mils ,
:sltst of a. stone-Muscat - 'Whilst filt.**;' his
.wife diod.'Ffewisitintforinantedintely.lut
being slow Jr), come. lte' faun& her Itnied,
when he arrived,, ficiad theimdy dug up
front the grare.,,,ftegrusecluitett the features
rOttl!e4eadkl.l 3 PPT/t 1 . 1-o dAilin villercid the
. remains to be restored' "to the . earth; H e
...Irrnstorgy.4ml gertyced,the fiesitefide 'bodj%
`Even iiitiiinstailt.s be iiiiif li Vrejr 'till re.
worse., Itiefystem stunt yielded to ibein:
:flueniellf sympathytimt in toe veetti fro
'iltet.iiiitt'wheir'hisloolfed intim ;the 'eofftii(of
bfitrife t be-btol tilreohis Tiede by her side
. ~
in the grave. .lUr. —Le.—r...rome imp o f
• some prnpertyoras r Andastrione. ~sayini,
'honest and 4togetbe4ihettei blazer( than
' a husband. fleinidniier, piiintptadarned
Ap,”bear orkkforbese pod ',hid 'fiLtia to
. k r: utile ins itiart to .:erirkiti'VX - TifP:ot the
inerieitileo mind at hirmniftalitt
11 y.— ciintort - DernOtTca. 1 ,
,1:,111.1111431EC)I22.At'; -
The Largest Mtntalon in northern Pullen
S. B b' B. B. CHASE, EDreole.
arlanT, Januar,' .23. UM.
Oatuqvantedl. ; •
We want 1000 tinstrets ov Okla at this of
iiettran-trabseripfint; -for which thtt *hest
market price will he paid: - Also„-Wheat; Rye,
torn cmd•Porsrors;
announced in a. postscript, lasttv — eck,the
*dims of itrc Italia Pool:amen, of Northaro
ton Co., for Scnaior, . -to sOcceed i Mr. f
6TUSGEOIt, Whosp term of,, Oftice„oxpires the
foUrth OfßiatV.h, next. •
Our choice for that position under
stood by our readers; and we confess ourlas-,
0111.511ms:4 .tt tbissesult.. - When we heard of 1
*.tredhead's nomination in caocus,,, we pre=.
tlictud . it to : be game Of , Cr CAMERON, ttO secure
I his cumuleetion; ancithough subsequent events
proved tile contrary, we arc aro not satisfied that
Simon didn't; manage it. ~The,; exultation of
his friends; the fact that - neither they or: Min
self encievored to. defeat Mr. 8., seems eon
clUsive evidence, of an understanding and , ar
rangement, for who ever knew Simon Cameron
to befillant on's question, that affected his in
terest in the most remote particular?. -We are'
disposed to sacrifice almost , anything but -prin
ciples for the sake of harrnooy, ,and therefore
will hcpe for, the Best till the worst comes. ,
Onseveral, of the first ballotings in caucus,
Judge_ W9ODWARD received the largest num.
ber of votes of any candidate ; and his chohce
`for Success, seemed by farthe fitirest. Thia ofj
coursecould not be allowed by BuenawAs and 1
Cameron, though at war with each other : 'cud I
that fellow-feeling of revenge, which they'mu.
Wally cherish towards Mr. Woodtvard, whose
purity,of mind, putpgse,.and, principle they
would do. well, to emulate, induced
_them to 1
combine thee;`forces to defeat'
We, are not satisfied with Brodhead's elec
tion, over Jiidge Woodward, for 15everal prom.
inert masons., TkiiSt, in point of talent;. Judge'
W. is an 'intellectual- giant when compared'
with him, and -though Mr. Brodhead may - pos.!'
seas fair abilities, he , has not the •eletnei4s,. of 1
greatpeae niental.,tunDeC ea+.7 to
' occupy a prominent place is the 'Senate, mull
which Judge,W'oodward_possesscs to an emit)-
1 ent degree. To suppose that Mr. Brodhead
can tali,. a position along side of the leading,
men of our country is absurd, while only, one
at all acquainted with Judge Woodward, knows '
that he most certainly 'would if he had thh pa ]
sition to admit of it. It is a shame on Penn.!
syly*,e-..the Keystone to the noble oldarch— I
that ebe "has not a_maa in the Senate whose ta.'
lents- are equal to the importance of her in.'
terests, which he is 'called upon to sustain
aabanao that she has not men there whose in
fluence is felt - throughout : the whole country;
and svhom the whole country la,proud to rev.
ler.'Brotthead was in Congress in '46
and most violently_ cipposod, the passage of that
Tariff act, tilt • the while snatzining : the •act of
742. , asthe Tariff ; battle is; again . 1
30 he,,fonght,; to all „appearances,, the real
o; : it.of Pennsylvania, as well,. as of the whale
Union points to, judge Woodward as the mark
for.the times, : rather, than, Brodhenii •
. And yet again, Mr. iirodhead has strenuous
ly opposed theprineiple of Freedom for free
Territories; =din Congress wasdistinguishdd
for his'fierte and denuneiatoty assaults vilk4n
the Proviso - of Mr. IYmmor; always, we • 1:1;e
-neve, teldng sectional southern ground, in
position to manly and generous llorthern
It luipleen intimated that Brodhead has
repented of and,abzudoned.-bis •'42 Tariff mo
tions. if this he so, he is so far..less ester,:
tionable; but no repentance can make up ade
ficieney ,oftalent • - •
• Finally v this election has preyed -.that . the
purest and ablest men are.'oftert: struck --Gown
in the . _that • high,. moral
.11.ortli f purity, of principlei•integrity-oV'eliarac.
i t ter,and splendid. talents...are net algars,.l;..,
I port to success... .
Withirik the.Whigi who have eadeavo
to Manifest so pnch . , patriotism ;so much ;
lio`ri'•erice - of Democratic legislation is regard 'co
the monetary affairs' of this State; mu nota 4ttle.chagrm' ed: to find in 64 -age
of ,60%. iothisTaii not a single
,trcUi sen
ince eofiddmning the "Small Note, Law," of
last session,.'True; the Governor passes over
this 'subjectverplightlY ; still he inalcei one al
lusion to that
Must he anything but ceinfort
ing to thoie :ti ho have` so fierceiy assailed
In this eetsiffthe whore Whig . rat Y !has I
been pirayed-;,and; in the Fall;campaign, the
;Mkt lahered efforts , u'effe put" filth to suite
thaVulest qUeatiot. — Sviry person who,-had
the futUness to stand up and Sustain '",tile law
was denouneed li,"the"mbit _bitter terms, , and
his politic4death:prpnowniCl 'eertahil, ineVitp
ble and::,imuiediate. 'tlieS,'Pnilish. 'language 1
could BP4r.c.-ei3 1 , 1 r 6 i4 epithetsstdAdenilic°m ll3 -1
and sOVere "to express
sterling li i emoc ri e c Sgllf or, Mr STHEETEt r i
who favored Its,paCiage. The LW was.. pro.
iietMeid uUdonstititronal
° Oppressive, grievous
and ty*cdcal ; I- #4;_lts::repeal,r, thelir:mert
scssiou vouched .
:for With the
. uhilose isittr
'Such a flourish of tiriMpts induced cos to I
. , . , ~
believe thstGotc Johnisiciti would' recommend:
xis ieptcd; for certainly,. ii LW ici - extractive
of every, and ail the inteieste : or otir citizens=
this I'4 liedierePreseited to - bi, - -would loudly
Ica upon the atfimitioit citn,gie:giecittivg. • In.
la:punch then, ps Pp . Govern!, passes' this" over
1 ici"iiiiWily, tia-inn . f -ftik*infeithnt lie :is w 8, 61
fully negligent.of his dutyi or thutike l tots
not consider thatAie liktinisiti f- iit.iOniniuni.V
have Amin isktificed.= . :l6Vhielrenter* bon),
gentle ea Whigs; will you Wm!' i ,--
. ' .
t". WOinitiaristmerelliiellive that ati'•Pbserr 1 Thiongh - thei 'kindness Oi s e frierar,l' '‘ work } ' HotisZ-4dircinlian atterepte&-:a correction
once Ofthis lair .by i'busiiiess ;soon glierally lies onotu-labliMAtliOngli waled - t e pleas : l of thekienrnal in relation to the: action an the
'ItTH' uld lead tnhipPy i andlheneficial.resilta. A lure of ifitgninglto th 4 Oration and Nem on ihe I at,iti-laery.,-Mernorial plesented by les
iilkort tirneZwOul&Witnesinntibuniance of spe-loceasithilittheir,delivery,tie iinmediateli gavel tordni. - His motion:Was laid on the tabre:4
vie inplaco of thlaittineless'4preientiitive of; them n''' , ...Meful PernSal. AVe.,,h'eaitatitihtlo say i The New Hampshire- •obntested..,election was
Moneyin ; tho shaPe Of paper t and the: whololthsit nis 'one can commend tlaa Add is and ,iensidered'hut itot concluded:' '- - ';‘ '
eirefartlitiltrCtif llii Stalo - ,*onld . ' cease- I leave ittatifinished.'.Wf-will Pliiilish It entire I • .SuaatUan: l 3.—An amount . at ttimportliiit
, ..
quently be much healthier. and firmer We soon. _. . ' . - . business was- transacted, after Whiell the bill •
yenture.that the Aciost-vident•oPposer-- of the .... igr Onrthanks. aro dim-toMesrs Greeley.' t! ) -,,,§eirti,Y194._ t V e l, .in..,C ll s! ) !!! in ; N Y as s ac .. ",
law here, will congas that there is at, least!& 3.l6Elnith for 11111 early
/10016.0113.1311,edulAg#0.1401.011103,01.1gfisr.1411'411mOnne4for 1851. l' fille& with ' portant
f W 7 1- 'Houst.---After preliminary Business,' ali.. I
IJeries;,of-,Termessee - tiOyed the; order ofi the I
that theta wee. previous; to the Operations -of and interesting - statistics, which teeks it rniu..l‘ 3 4: '''.• Mi. gtatltid ' l 'Cdign) .6f" Kelitu4Y "said'
the law;_ and yet n general obiervenen of it is able as 'a book •of reference. Singe. c o p i est that as this was the anniversary of the .battlo
lis not Vete. A few' indiyithuds cannot,. regard. ;2 , 1.2 cis., al per d oz .,
.$ . 7 p er 10 01,
,„... ~ _ 1 of•,:pr7 Orleans, he hoped , the House would
!it strictly, however much disposed toyiriotso, 1.. ,iiiirl‘i,,, the
pdhii.. L . .
,„„if Peterson's 3 t.,;;; ; ;VlL'lii§ l -0.1 1 ,' • The question was taken and result.
Lwithont greatpecuniary sacrifice, and trouble, •'.'c'''' . ;lino =V
in the aifinaritive.
„—-- _ -......„.• • •
• oE'l Ti I'M '9 - - - The DII te'pr 1. ue ii. in
1 while the great mass of, business men wholly - . ..... - • ..k 1 .-i -- - 6'i ” s. - b
flaw eg4d is In such circumstances only is the ' — 7, 4 - 7:' ------ • r ii -- ' ---- 7 2 ' Imaviadion of the' St. Lawrence RNei as ta e
ln grievance 2 ' 1 .
_. :,,, -•- ',:.... ' . Li. :1'...3 .). 1 „• I ken up a•nd madelhei3pecial order for Jan. 95.1
We believe. the Democratic party l' ' this been se.ll The'bill to' settle land titles in California Was I
contity aro generally Well unite:din fiveref this agazine, !further diScussed, and' with the athendments I I
._ ,
measure; Sid many, eery !natty sensible, and l i o 51,000 irefciTed t 6 to Judiciary Conimittet." l % 1 ''• ' I
• • 1
candid Wkigh are.beconiing Ewerable to it: - sr.-1' ho nes occurs. upon the
1 Hon ' ' h session' ' i 'ed '
the Nen , Hampshire. bn• case. '• -- '
• . _•
' • SENiTt; Jan. 10 bill relative- to ' ,
powers and'ilutieS o !lees' pnblic, among
' ether tliin,ts authorizingaft4taries in the sev
eralL'states and territories; idtake and certify
depositions tie bene'; MraS Ordered ' engrpss:
Pod. - - A !till nutlibriiinittie State of Wisecin.'
'sin to Seicet - '50,000 der - 6814 land kir purphies
' ' '
of, internal improi•ernertt - was a con.
siderable length and ordered engroised, - 3i! to
10. • ThelSenato adjourned t011otalay: ' '
'' Housn;-Mr. Evats, nt'Ohle,•iritroduned al
bill autherizinepersonsentitleatol 3 mintylarid, -1
;under the late law, to receive Treasury Sciiill
I instead, which Was r eftrreil in the 'Committee
' on Public Lands. ' The New', Hardpshirti elec
thea ease was taken tip,,iipd :further debated:
lUnda the previous question • the amendMent
giving the seat to . 51r: 'Perkins; - (whig,) was'
releeted, and the report of the Committee in
favor of the right 'of Mr. Morrison,- (dem.) to
the seat was adopted; 98 to 90."
SENATE, , ..' •
..)ENATE, Jap. ti.--Senate not in session.
Ileusr..—Tho Postage Bill was taken up
land dise.usse'd iu Cominittee, hut no n ai oo t 0. ..1
ken on that er any thin. else except an ad-1
Ijournment to 'Monday:* ' I
I SENATE Jan. I-3.--Mr' Cooper presented
three memorials from:Pennsylvania, asking for
the repeal' of
of the 'Fugitive Slave LIA% ; . He l
stated that the great body of, the people of'
'Pennsylvania were in favor of sustaining the
Compromise acts. The petitions Were refer-
Cheitp Postage Bill passed the Heine'
of Bepresentatit : es on Fndar inst. '
The Bill prOvidesfor a nriiforni - ratoof three
cents en hit letteis not I‘ : eighfutover half an
printed matter not 'weighing over
twoloimeei one cent, aiid O . ' newspapers de.;
livero.l in 'the Stte - ,' wheie TirintOd OnlY:one
half: the above; rate., - Icti - poStage be
charged on-neivspaper mailed to actual sub..
scribers in - the county Where printeti, or'within
thirty miles of the place 'of publie4tion.,
I We 'hail this reform] %Ith Satisfaction espe
i daily that which relattis to'newspaper postage.
A:discrimination like this is fair, iS just, and
called! for in view of the - obstaeles 'which sur
fronad the country. Prigs; Wo congratulate
our subseriberS on IheZ,pnispect that they can
soon obtain-their. papers thrmigh the mail free
of postage and not beSubjected to the 'expense
land risk of receiving them by Carriers.
When the Bill shall hare passed the Senate,
we !will lay it before our readetS,- and speak
moi - 6 particularly of- primision,„ v • •
The Demeeriztic Caucus.
The Democratic Cane - us for the nomination
of United States Senater,triet in the East
lnitte'e itoom of the Capitol, at „three o'clock
Monday. aftOrnoon. sixty-seven jmembers
king inattendance.. The utmost harniopy and
,good feeliag irevalled between • the friends of
the different candidates. A vote , was taken at
ithe begicuhig, to.plcdp every, member in at.
teudanceto - the support of the _ nominee Of the
I caneus, whoever he might be, and every one
of'l4,he sixty-seven ,said •aye to the proposi
tiC6. •
The following votes were then taken :
naLtors. 1,2 ; 56,7 8 9 1011 12
J..8..81nek,.9 12 16 16 16 18 19 19 14 13 12 4
ILD.Foster, _6 6 6 5 9.9 7 7 1 7,
Woothrsrd,ls 1517 16 1'1.19 21 17'16 17 2124
Canieron, 1 - I 1
Plume; • 5 5 4 4 6 7 6 7 0. 5. 5 5
Brodhead, 4 4 6 913161417 22' 24 28 34
Stempel, `5 1 6 '
Ingersoll, 3
Phillips; 49 1 6 - 4 '‘
- Fisher; • 2 • ' '
Smith 2 . , ,
ehaproan, 4 4 2--1 r 1
.:. 3 .1
G M Dglbs, 2 _
Waght, i°
Patterson, 1
;one,s, - ,
rpon the twelfth ballot, Richard Braihead,of
liOrtlaumpton county, Nyas 'nominatc4nd eicry
member of the caucus pledged himself to sup
port his,Uoudnation:7 ,
—Banyan's Pilgrim's Progress is now - on
exhibition in New. tack, in. the fonn:of a Pan
orama, and is attracting much attention. It is
described as a work of decided merit, on which
the pencils of several artists of disting,uphed
abilities have been long and 'diligently engag.
ed . .;,. and is descriptive_ of Bunyan i s beautiful
allegdry, hr 'which hideous monstcirs, .angelic
forms, yawning abysses, with bottMns ntretv
ed with human boni, enchanting scenery; pal
aces, and, all perform their part in
marking the ever-clinging progress of the
burdened pilgrim. .t ! ' I _
'.:—The belief' that) guardian spirits hover,
ttar "Srn,rmrt" Said a. smart thing - lest larotind CM Nth, of n covers a mighty truth i
Week. "Why don't the proceedings of o:a.m. :for every beautiful, pre and good thought,l
moval meetirq appear in the Democrat r, In:which The heart holds is an -angel. of mercy,'
we had not published our paper till 4aturday 1 purifying and guardtri' the soul.
night, probably his question would have been ' —airs. Judson,.': iv of the late Dr. Jud.
answered. . —,
son, the Missionary, ites home to one of her
friends, under the da of
. lEt5O, that if was
the Wish of•her late, h sband that -she should I
return to America,'CO ect his scattered family, i
and assume the guartlan ship
. 1 his children ;
but she - coneeksee 1 .. ehe nughtf remain at
Martin:Min a few_ yea longer 1 without- 'diFU'-e
-,gm. .ding his wishes, if odshmildpreseive her i
health so.that she ni , tbe u4ful.l ' i
HORETELE.-•-Six buildingiTheing, erected in
New-York,fell to thigroiind one day last week
killing several workmen -and'hadly wounding
others. It is said that the walls were only one
brick - in thickness and mend stories, high;
thus falling from theii own weight: The
owners and some of the •Workuien have been
arrested, and are nridrgaing an 'examination I;
and thought that they will have to fay
dearlffor the manner in' Which : they exposed
the lives of their felloW eitizem:
.. . . . .
this _. . . ..
.. :sr An aged'cition 'of County, camp
• into 'Orreltifflie a few'clays sinep; and*rote . the
folio ' L-; Mies at; our table: It: is.:lir,rdly ne; .
'ccsa that • Vii i npineei ate . theni
1 ,0"
! ..:... - !ear' patrons_ !Dust payth e printer; -
,-a -. ."Sire will - . —c—toast any thing; '", • . ;
I '
jilt i. 4 - a cold and 'dreary' winter, :• : : • • '
!:-"-,, . •-.E. ,,, ,
.-.!'till spring. • -• • .
. .. -
'f ''• tr - 4 - s rVIECT iisbciiivrifidti...'
i - - - , .
After', sog - inotions ''lir rules; dte.,' , the ,Tury ,
• ...... ....
.enipaneled , Di . the ease of the 'COggiaqii."
vrealih . V, ti,'John itealda l i indictinent - for'.'Xiiis- I
1 ance.': Verdict; 6416-, !:.Defendant recognized;
in 8100; to neicf Sessions : , ,'--' "--; '' ' -'- '. 1
-; ;,. •: •• : , ..:.-; .. •' • • • ... i
i E.rubois - ys. Temisbcry set._ fa., to revive i
I judgeinent. &.c.',' Deft. plead payment, Verdict;
for plintiff.. „Turrell,fiii i)lif., B6tley did. " i
• '. ComtnOnWcalth vs. Clini.'c..liandter „and Ea.
ra r Chandle4; indictment, .Assault' and ,-Bnitery .
with in'i6i=to kill, iit,'Noi . : tieSioii:' - 'terftet,
iqiltY. --- I"''. • ' ' - ••• ' .;!'," .-':••••••
Gr43ls_,lttir.+-ItettirrieA • severaf.'-bills - .• 4 -,4',
*nor imPortanee,..inostly for, rrippling, - &c: : • • .
' ADMlTTD,—OnlVednesday, .upon keCom-
Iroendation 1 f the ENaininini_Coroniiitee, and
On motion t f.t.:Streefor,' . ;Esti:, Sniiioe 13.-
Ciiiaz - vval sworn and iuitidtted ta , -- p . racticrai is
en AttOrnot arniCouniellOr at ta*SlhOiev.- :
eralbonrts of Susgneluinzia county.: .: --;_ '.."_
:" •:' •, •
Litters Living Age, N0,„49,,--Contents.
Ile defences of Brit 4 P; 11 4 a renter.: MY
11 . ffei t : , r ,eE9g4 l 4 4 fe , Oen
, thimeo SmYree; The "City of -AP: The
,Reeerlie of th o : 4B neliet Kinget of Persia; The
Ane t 9 m Y ef. 4* Age ne h n a n 'Pure;
Alort =tides. .Faittell Tatestom
" antis/ .s - rVonservFigw-r-RefiriersP
Adams bYgorknenrYia:4*ltOtii - Auri ItThcl
Mohawk VaW pow by/41frea-.B.,S!reet,il
fr , sqllgonounceo bel*"the Societies;
"rtionnton /1 1 137 93, 1350. -
L—Tho felleiing'eetumittee have
lectod by themprietoie of Sartain's
to-award: the prizes, which millet
for 'ten Marley articles•
Reynolds Coates, lf:'‘ll.;' -
tbiniller,'end Gem? . Balier;Esq.
'—Hon:luther Kicidiar, ‘ Pre-sit - lent
theSChnylkill - destrict;,i't is has
ids intentions of
the March teem . Joshua Ny, tomly,
banville; Will be urged DA , ille'iliean4
—Professor Stephen Chase of I
College died of typhoid fever,- at Hi
He was gontduated in 1532, and elect(
sor of s}lathemsti in 1838.
Sbakspeiire, Schiller. ?Mollie!, ms.rtine,
• Lucretius, Lucian, Sophocies, Sismo di,Thiers
and Humboldt, are prohibited with, rs lender
the I . apolitan government. , •
—The proprietor of the Minneso
has issued a prospectus for a daily p
—Lake Erie" in • abontr,4vrenty.Av fathoms
in depth. !..ake Huron,Michigan, .d Superi
"or aro in
,places nine .hundred feett eep, sink
ing about three feet below 1 . the le, el Of the
--The. first Grand Division of th Sons of
1 Temperance has reeenq been est4blished in
England. - It is.located - at Liverpool, with H-
I teen subordinnte•Diviions under it,4 jurispru
dence. I
—Darr/name Abey, 'the former! home of '
O'Connell, has been the theatie of l a sheriff's
salad ,Tho whole or the household goods was
sold for a little more than 6361 .[The furni
ture of the,Libdrat — er's own chamber and state
bed sold for £3 Bs. 6d. t
—Out west to knock a -Min down with a
chair when he is .aiddressing -an audience, is
called cheering , the Speaker.
—"Tom, %Vot e s monomanyr • "Why, you
see Dick, when a poor man`steals, it: is called
' lareeny'but when it's a rielfun the jury says
it is " monomany;' and they can't help
that's it" 1 j
Mr. Cooper' presented a large number of pe.
titiona for a Modifieation . !of 'the Tariff. Ile•
also gave notice:ore bill till, chnnge the . mode
, .
of collecting revenue on itnports.
110u58....:-Hot.. 'Joint' Brisbin, elected to Con
D w i as stri i e n t, tr i o- n l i
d p_l u a c e e e d o f a r f o n Ch m d
q th e.s u e t a e li r:B e th l utl P e e r, nn d s , L l e v as an e i d l ,
H Mr. Phoenix ' s" motion to suspend the rules I
Ito permit him to introduce a resolution, mak
the Special order, for . January 28th, thel
bill to return the'duties on goods, in original;
packages, the fire in New Yorkl
in the summer of 18-15, was disagreed to. 1
Mr. Bayly moved a suspension of the rules
to make - the bills making appropriations' for
the Military Academy, Revolutionary and Na
-yal_Pansions...ontLiht-Indian Department" the
until the same are dispoSed of, was
,_ agreed to.
Sitwrn; Jan. 14.—A large 'number of peti
tions and reports were heroic the Senate.
Idr.',Hamlin presented a petition from 'Mr.
Ritehie;asking to be released from his print
., .
ing eentract. -
,mmt resolution from theIIMMe of Rep.
resentatives authorising
,the assignment of:
land warranta issued under the net Of Septem
ber 28,1850; granting liounty'huls to officers
and soldierS engaged in the military service ofl
the United States was taken up and fixed for'
, Friday. - '
. _ -
A bill'regulating the holding of Courts in!
Ilewa, and .1. bill directing the 'sale of lands ini
Minnesota,,were taken up and engrossed.
The Senate then proceeded to the consider- I
ation of the bill to cede the public lends of thei
United States*respectiyely to the - States in i
which they are situated, on condition'that the!
said States"shall ,severally greet and convey
the said lands to actual settlers,only, in linait- v
cd quantities—for cost, of,sun - ey, transfer and •
title . mitniments merelY.
. Mr. Felch coucludecnis speeeli . in' opposi- ,
Lion tothebill. He 'examined at'great length
the whole system on ivhich was based the_
sale of the public lends, and - alluded to the ex
-Itentto Which the saleshad, been affected by
I tbe difilAent grant made by Congress . to the
State: ' After he had 'concluded Mi. Walker
rose to reply in support of the'bill; but gave
way to a motion te adjourn, which preWdled..
~ , disposing - -
1 - lous,E.---After of, some Maimpor
.. , tent matters, the ILause went into Cotntruttec
gREV.III ' ..: 1 1t ( DEa l il.lo . '' ' ' ' ' I
, of the Nilhole, and resumed the, 6,onsideration
TillitTT-FI RSV- Din ESS--Seroild Session "of the elle.: t '0: I.ll‘ 1 - '
Szsa•ri., Jan.;6.—,, Butler presented the i The amendment of Fowler to 'nudie theuni
eredentipla citli. 'Be ell Ithetti elected:to ' t form rates Of postage tiro, cents: pie-Paid On
serve "out the uneapir , term' of
~ Ilr. CalhOim.lletters and the rabendinent of Mi. 'Tinton to"
The French Spoliatiot Is ill wasurged by Mil make the,same three cents, Were discnSsed for
Smith . of Conn., end- de the special order , nente time, when the .question' was taken_on:
feillionday - next.' 3i Bradbnry'S resolution, each, end they were, both reje . cted.
relative to removals fr o eflice'vyni taken* _ An anaendment was adopted' that no post '
stir .ease
of 3l a
theng u r n: n
co il evijeatt,odfe
r., Gen. ial Taylor te r . in ;the ,
th route t3col4,6 . s ms f ;v t g al t i ; b ina e itieo discontinued' c ,riftohf e postmasterspassage of
b diminished 6,rce:dli,,c.ed nor
liamsE.- 7 Mr.Robi n,;(dem.);_er Indiana, /!'i
The amendments that threi . cente
. sliall . be
fronititeseleefiornini e,: reported a "bill tol
f4ilitatethe Op o. of the:Ronntir" Land charged when letters are pre-paid, and fiye.ets: s
law, Valltllo#4 d th appointment Of - Midi) when 'not , 'and that Flea eireulai:a mid 'Fun;
I tionel'elerks,`Mil Chan ft in s'cike ie.peetsi Phlets shall be chated 134 letter postage. were
the rules - ofivido r 'e,.. t was read twice ondl after an' uninteresting ,dirlissit adopted.
'.. I
po4poned,to IThurisil %.- Mr, l l'uliany .(freei. ,The ;Cotoraittoe then' tose,, and: Ikons° iid.:
tn " e * O3O ° rilf * .e ditlna' f the 'ut .s n le e
'' !. e .. a .erti ve ng t* O l f P • r t e lre,, 4 S t o ' ei tli e e 2i i . ° . urn SILT " F. " , Jam 16:-:A large. - nteber . of Peti
ty of Friends in to , • ' aga in s t! :s l a y e r yinani. ' a.. d i tio by n; fr :w .c er iz e. y p , r f eszt i ed eitiz i
eli A a rn or on n g ho tlt (r e e m ls it hin ves d, on in d
particularly ogaiii,seth reel, wicked and
mons• . .fugitiye glace la And askiagiis repeal: favor eta rule. of steamers teAfrica.‘ - Mr, ckly
He referred: ith instru r ctiona to.. re:isSid that
.colonization was the 'MO 41qaaa'.ta
port o . repo ia of the
„l a ; ,%Tho s i` ta k r ; sa id it ; suppress theA I
friean slave trade, or,to benefit
could be ref , ' l 'in , ri: the tiil.l,l , but not the" free , negwes in the,U l l l 4Td-Pt4e, , ;The,
wtthinstrietions 'Th motion to t i uspendthe Pet/toners represent that 4110 only ; effectual
rlales so ntifi .- in 04,his3. the, instriltions Wwiqmeartiteabolish the Africeir slave trade would
11)0and deeldett tiMiligativ:esi a 68, noel be to encourage the,establislunent of colonies
3P 9 . -: ' ,;01. :_:--: -, . !.- ~•! :: :7 . ., all:Mg-that Coast, -..- Xi.. Clay saidLthet pit
,Sztt4erf.,,lanr . .., ...44,rest4ntion on,..temcp; admitted on all sides 'that the: : SqUirdrOrt,,lMW
!#.:iy4 f - er JiettSsed.4*L.Fe .k, report- thero.had failed of , its •objeet,-; in ,Auppreseing
~thO,.. traffic, in,
,Slavel; and - besides_ there 'bad
_warrants, *anty-1,,.4,4 *iv : . templet : 7 l been tigeeat saerifiee; of life . in 'keeping
able '' - • 1 1 I • Squadron up. Mei - hen - went into a resietv of
.:-Bottioi is onotiO to find the nifo with
which theiiinters*Lit theli pi
The prisoners in jail .in Coneetieut were
:mated on Christmas day, to a substantial din jail. Speeches. were made by the
prisoners, and, after dinner, a-number. . of- dan
ces were given by a colored boy. Im the even
nf thn stunsaiL.
is watch suddenly qdisappeared. r Afte s r he'
had 'some. complained foroe time, one of the,
thieves, coolly handed hint his watch remarking;
.he • must be careful, what einnpanY fie
'stiseph It
.Inqge of
,tely after
Esq., of
a Proles.
per at St.
the-mode by-- which the slave dealers, obtain..., 11 es ‘ elved„.„That I f v o e r a t r htt e itnpfairpotsoef, threotreotio;
vessels end crews to carry .theiroi unholy ,‘. 4 . 1„5 , t,!la,tlYe ,meet
traffic. • - ,„. ,_ „.... , , !,, ~
,„, , ._,! tmrc, sutm. leei?Eatiaeod ' the citizens of eve ry '
. .I. Ho UnOte lie said was mainly icarrieu , townsh6 no f •
• ... . I ~ ,•• . i 1P• , 0 eel.the same interest, to ho , 'd
or i.b 3 , American vessels r whielsresold,in d,ip I niectings •" 1it. 1 4 petition for the like purp ose,
ferent forts'io
!that, eynality, Justice, and right demand it.
f. the Brazils, em.feondition th:Vt
',_lt_ esited,l.• fiat . the greater part.of the east.
theY be,deliicied' to some port jo i At.rie t"H: lem portrorvof the:County have had to e i
.. ,
He 804.-14 t the United tate..S should.-retusorin rv i tts :..o o •_ '—
years from eighteen to th' 4l ; 4‘. lx --
- to'graarieitetters 'allowing, vcsi e ti to- kail rinilei to attend to bfisines of the COunitrty-l'ati
from any of these ports - to the Coast of Aftiea,l their own legal business, and neW hiving b e
fti le • re . was no fraao-. to ti;eUTiii e ri 3 . e i:leome, -. by influent e . 'of internalimproretienti,
..,,, ~ ; oynomerous. - manufmteries eze., I (as v,• O b
a opt' the•slave.tride. Ike could not see Una, love) the largest tax-payers, 'we feel it rigiu tZ
t i
ws.a . tq bdcome7qf . peoplo of color,in this coon- claim, and -expect, if justice be donens
, a remo.
-- - - '.• -
t r y —there was. no better, plan. than to trans- val.
the IteSolved, That the •t. axable, - inhabitants or
port them; with their- own - consent, , to , .
the ....stern
i po por rt iic l i,ofki tit ti :: (juu n t ty y
to .. x ot c , si n b y, i: ,...
Coast. of A:friea. 1-k thought thit, if -, hoth - 111'Ood li i g .- oit .s.
North and South would j o i n i n thi s scheme, ft . : th e same time their growth in population at'i
iiisnia . bfikid - daive • Zotlii - Oltli - rifipinCga: 77ll6. o l iuteiest-ITfr - belirrkOlic-exte6
~,,. the , c
aminitthe on i that ofthe•ivesteni_ part) nml MIA principl e , f
petition , 'We.'„S iefeir ... ed . . .t0 ,... _
- . economy for•thbsOlatteridingiCdrirt,'tve believ e
Coimene; . s• .. .• • . iNeW , llilford ii.the tank : eligible -It v '
Mr.!laleprcsented a petition from citizens
of Pennsylvania; askinglor the immediate re
peat-Of the FugiliveSlavO 'Act
Mr. Hale wasprocieedingwith some remarks,
when he was called to order, and a running
fire of words took Plaee between him and Mr.
Chair decided Mr. lisle to be out of' or
'-'3lr.'Whiteorith moved to lay the qUestion on
The yeas `and naysWere - demanded,and the'
. proceeded tO 'eati the roll. Many of' the
Senators 'did not an'sviei to' their names: -
3Mes,srs, Butler and-Yuleldrefilied to vete.
A - Seine or great confusion '"ensued, The
Chair was called onto enforce•the laW, requir
ing every Senator to .vote. Another; storing.
'and confused discaSiimi 'follOWed Portia
The Chaii'decided that the: rub; required
ever} ; m to vote. : .
Messrs. Butler and Ynlee'did not vote.,
The, Chair.said the practice tins O. call a
member, and' if he - gave t no reSponie; it rested
with the Senate whether to censure or not
'The iMtitiOn was then laid on the tz‘ble-:-
yeas 35; nay's 30. The -fo)lowing, Seriaters
voted in the negative ;—Messrs, Baldwin,"Ben
ton,Chase, Coo Per, John Davis,Dayton,Dodg,e
twig Hale; H.imlin, 'Sliller;‘SeWard,
Smith, 'Upham, Miller, Winthrop.
The Senate then, resumed the. Consideratien
of the joitri... resolntion of the. House ceding
the public hinds to States, - Ike:
Mr. Walker resumed and concludedlis re-
Marks in favor of the, bill.
The bill. providing'for Piench Spoilations
was fiked for to-morrow:,
The Senate then 'went into .P..Xee.utive ses
sion, and. shortly after,adjonrned..
HouoF..—After some unimportant - business, I
the House, on motion,of Mr. Potter, resolved'
itself into Committee of the Whole on, the
state of the. Union, and resumed the consider
lotion ofAhe bill to reduce . and modify theptes
of postage.
_The pending question was oath()
iamendment of Mr. Brown, as amended yester-
I day, by Messrs. Ashmun, and Strong, which
provides,. that; froin and ;after the 30th day of i
June, 1851, letters carried in the mails of the
SUnited States shall be charged with , the fol
lowing rates of postage . On all letters , not
exceeding half en ounce in weight e three cents,
and •for.every achlition4 half ounce . or fraction
of titre tho like sum of
" • - ca r_
- letters two cents,and
distilictiOn t4. 4 l, lile''''clitir'''ging? - fi ve' Cents
for letters not pre-paid.; . •
taken -and - .the ; amendment lost—only two
members voting in the, affiralltive. • '
Mr. Potter then offered A substitute to ;the
flist'section of. the bill, providing . that each
letter weighing 'over hnif,an ounce, three cents,
and ler each 1 - Aiditionnl lislf ounce three. cents.
The question was taken, and the sulistitute
agreed to 7 --yeas 91, nays , . .
This Committee then proceeded to consider
the second section of the bill, providing post.
age on mewspapers, and :adjournedt.without a conclusion. ; - :
Sr.s.vrE, Jan. -16.--After the
. usual •openiug
business, petitions upon ramous subjects were
' presented. .
HorsE,--The House, after being. organised,
crept almost, immediately into
,Committee of
the Whole (m the Cheap Postage Bill, and ihe
second section was agreed to.
The rate on,printed matter of two ounces to
be one cent,• bound books not weighing_,o,veri
thirty ounce's are : considered mailable mr.tter,
on newspapers. , delivesed in• the state • where
printed, one half of the above rates . will .be
Newspapers to Circulate Within the county,
Withiri'thirty Miles ofWhere printed; are to
go free; . and'on Magazines, wiren prepaid,. al
deduction of fifty Per cent Will be made:: j
The resolutions preposezto reduce rates on
pre=paid letters of one half ounce to' two cents,
and on unpaid letters, three cents. NeWsPa
pars conveyedby mail to fctual subscribers in!
the'cleunty where published, to 'be delivered
free of charge:' • ; • ' •' t
The were adoPted,::', .
Ccninty Meeting.
At a meeting of the citizensof Susquehan
na Couhty in favor Of removing 'the County
Seat tocW 31ilford, coliVeneclat . duet Bend,
Jan. 8, 1 , 51, Ssar.,Er-,TtletrtinninE, of
Great Bend , was chosen' President, and "Bent
Glidden of Friendstille; ,laceb. Taylor atnr
las F. .31cliune of Lan esboro, Ogden Pratt of
New 31iit'ord, :Timetlii :Griffin of Apolaccin,
;Wm Thiyton of Great Bend, John Martin of,
Franklin, Peter Gunsolini of 'Liberty;
ick Foster okilridgewater, Vice Presidents, and
David,Sttmmers and 3i. L:Tr,ndell, Seeraa
ries. , S. B. West, F. A. Wani,,Bimj: donifert,
G. B. 'Wade, F:F., .11adger: and — John Doyle;!
were appointed: Committee to cfraftrealolutions
expressive of the sense of the( meeting, Who l
reported as follows : !
WrmanaS;the in r habikmisof ,Susquelianna
I Caunty,bavo built (me :Court House and .Tall
lat 'Montrose, ,Wlteielay'thii citizens oF and vit.
la ge; hive been', largelY benefitted ; Ifeiv,
when there is greata(Wzof new buildin,l , s4lie
sahicitizehl aro anxionsly striving .. to - , have
thentrebuilt at, the expense of the tax-'payers
of the Oonnty ' • and believing - as we codas
Wikinaw;thatNew, 'ltfilford is a more central
point-than'Montzoschnd the good and: coin.
modious buildhlgs, anitablk for county .:pur
posea,,can.b4 ereeto la- the citizens .of New
Milford free ....dr expense' to ,
„the " titiv-paxcis
the connty;whieltif 'built at,' Montrose. Mast
be'done - ty genefal 14 - s; therefore.
....Ingible - point at this
tireci. and is. 4-futtare. :Choice - - ut — -. location, no
better place'eati.berseteCtecL -.--
Iteselve.d,Tliat , ;aVe., ore 'iMpolied- to tts
course of action-by the evident jealousy on the
part, of the inhabitants - of -31outroie and vieini
ly in respect - to the -present prosperity and
prospective increase Of , population 3n .the east.
em Rat of the - county, as :manifested by their
inderatig•,..ble Opposition to Any and alt totem!
improvement :projects calculuted.'•to promot,
our _Own interests. .
~ ..
, ' Resolve* , , ', I I I P-t- , Pe --ilterests. of the,Tst
suggest the propriety of speedy and - energeti c
Action bythe citizens of the'aeYetiffownihip,
faiiirable ttithe: prepoged"rehuitiall'imirth at
Ave recommend the early mllot r itteetings there,
rn, arid . the a doPtioir of , umasnres-for the Tl,O.
cral circulation. Of petitions to r tbo..Legislato n
praying,:for the.ucces e gary. enactments,,for -the
1 accomplishment of our object, - -
Resolved, That John _Boyle, E: A. Pratt,ati
1 William C. Ward, - Ve'n general - Conimittei of
ieorrespendenee, to wheun-may , :be directed -CI
;signatures to petitions for removal,tvito are re.
uueite,d .to. hold' themselves in. readiness ton.ze
! port at any future meeting their, ,actual num.
bers, and the names.of the joUrnshini whence
they come; and farther: that - iiid Ctatiniittee
be desired to.. appoint Sub.edininittees in the
geteratlo'lvnthips; Soliciting :their , nid ,, iit hir
theranco of the . project. - : . 1 -
l..:ll,e:solved;:'...Tlmt :the-.proposed -removal' is
ashed only on condition that the Citizens of
'iNew.:3lilford vill erect suitable_ and' apprapa.
i.--ate County buildings at their own eipease; and
I that such .condition be expressed 'in
. out pea.
tion to the Legislathre; '-'' ' -.•., , -
Resolved, That the ,gyineral committee •1*
desired to procure the printing of the necesw
-11.2/ petitions, and effect their, speedy and, plop'
,circulation. ~ . . ~.
Resolved, That having noticed a 6411 for 3
ineleting to be held on'tk 3touritain ;this day, 'a thiovat of the County Seat, we
do heartily concur therein, it' the calf-was r0:41,,
I higooci,faith, `and tho right Itind.of spirit, _ad
if PO, Ave Pre: , assured thge:tNclayer ,ofclif
ford are with us.
d'' . ' ' : ttif
. Resolved, That the procee ingso is meet
big be•signed Ly the' off4ra; and that the ed.
itors of our county papers , be requested to
publish - therm - , ,
Dean StrNatEns,..Z 5e ,,,,,,,
M. L. TELT.SDELL, 5 : -, . • ,
- :1111M/11 9 THIL I , :1
Hsunisathio; Jan'. 13. Sxxi.raTl i : t
[Semite was called,to,order by SpOsker Mr,. V.',
, thias, who laid before the - Senate the e mu. r
' al report of the Frankfordand BriStil Turt. l: - ',1
pike Company
' . ' ' '' '
1 A petition from ,eitizens:of Philridelphil, 1
Irentonsiriting against the repeal of the kid. i'-'.:
I napping laws. . '...,- - A
, •
i., 4. number of petitions fer the incerpotio
i tinn of 'new banks' were presented.
~ ' ... i •
A petitiert, from citizens . 1 r Philadelphit
j pre:, ing" . for `it' law 'to' unite the city ail
, __lo.:l..,mnbtn. int 4 one eit.c. IN - 4
presented by '3lr. Perron; and preiduj c d ,A
the Senators from Philadelphia." '
iiiitiS.E.-:j-The' Speakerlaid itefora : A ~
nottee the annual statement. of"the.Westen .".'
I S'aring Fund SticietY of Plilladelph6.:;
An additional member froni.the city rf A
Philathilphia was appointed on the ennitnit• 7it
itee to apportion the State into judicial di;. '4,
tricts. ''• - : ..-; . .: - , • ';_t
On motion nf, Mr. Jackson; the !loco ."¢
took up the • bill-to ititherizellte - Pitiladel• "i
I phia C 4 ,llego of i‘ledivine tn• •born w . m o be ,;
!Theie is but little deLbt that the hill al.`l ''
'"pacts tire House. - - ' , ,• -
,• 1 . :
JAM.:I4. SENATE.—The'-Senate Wll 6g
{called to order by the Spealter, who ' pre-,
sented a memorial from the COMthissienen q
rof Philadelphia county, relifire to propertr 1t
exempt from faxatios. • - , .. .. . , : .1.
A number, oi:petitions for ineorporatlr:
and renewino. charters of. Banks were pr;
Mr. Crabh read.t....'?
a. bill relative to the e
tate of Strothers, - of Philadelphja'city: . . i •-.
A committee from', the ' Ifnuse was in-
nounced, who invited the Senators iti an- ''.
compdny them to the Hall of the Ifouse4 .',.
Representatives for - the, purpose of ••heing
present at•theOpenini.of the returns of.the .1.
hoe elections...for-Stale officers, and.on the .1
proposed aniendment of the State Coaatitu. /
The Senators werethen conducted to the , 5
Hall of the House....: . .1:.: , : r,
Housx.— The Speaker having called the i ;..
liii;ise to order, a number 'of bills' Were rJ:
read. r.
Mr. Hart read a 'bill antlioriiink the
trustees underihe will' of John' Pitmen-
stet., to sell cortuin.real egtute: ' '
Mr. Gossler, a billrstipplementary to the „
act to continue District Court of Nil-
' Mr. Oliyine,.a bill .to remit collatteral in-
beritance tax, chargeable cr : rt the lwfuest 05 -•'.
Josiah:White, deceaseik for the foundation
oi!' Manuel Labor Schools" in Indiana,add
lowa. • , ,
The Senators h'avi'ng
returns of the, election were 'opened!' and
read. „
The returns olthe eleetinit for - the amend- .-
r ,
ment of the Constitutien ware .opened, and
showed the following: result': ~ ,'. :.-. .., . A
-For the Amendment, -, ..•::-. 144,494.1
i i 4
Against the Amendment, .".• ..-795.
1 Both'louses(of : the-'ti egislatura tact to- i' , ?;
day in .convention, sal-proceeded , tol the
i election of a - United-States Senator, Miscue
;for six years, froprthe 4th of Mtwohllext.
'Richard Brodhead,,ef _,Not'•
' ty, was crested 'On th first_ balliif. ' The
vote 'stolid 98 f0110w5,:,.._,., _ f
• 'ItIOSsr.4: Hailey; . .RiaikilloW;:reriiiii, For
syth Frailey.F,u,ltnif.'Ouernsey,\ll6gO,3lls
gtiS,'"'lVeS,--jorieS; :MTligin, Muhlenberg.
"Packer; Sandersoirand,Shiindi'af ihe'Seu
late. and '' ' -•' `'-' ' '''''' . • ;.- , ' ;-; - t, '-. . •
1 Messrs. lionediettfielow - A3lafr, Brio
' dleoroti
seplirowe Cassiday, Deniers, Rot
bins. BAIN Downer„ Dunni . E l Ye-.Ev 4 , 4 a
lßerks, Feather Fegely, - Vreetuntl, Pot;
trade, Gibbs, Go 001 - tv I n,, 0 ran 1 1 ; (3 uggY.