The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, March 09, 1882, Image 1

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0,Uh.!f. Colum, one Jt, ' .
v,,v .. kiw, .mi In. till
tCTeouare ( UV lin-M) 1 itviertim. 73
-ionalait'l Bimihwcmw 01
..j more than 5 line. Per year, 5.0ft
Jl(ilor, Ktcutr, Administrator
aril Assignee Notices, 2.80
tlitrtriul notice per line, 15
All trftnorient advertising less thau
4 lll)M ID cents a line.
AM advertisements for ft shorter pe-
riml tlran one year lire payable at the
in thev ere ordered, and il not paid
, . 1 . . 1 1
be person Druon mem win am uoiuj
jeaoiHtbte for ilie money.
A Printer's Protest
tl, why don't people forrutheir a'
AnJ unlst. on weir o s
Why tbey make Bush crooked c's
Aui sucll confouuileJ u 7
Why do they form such shocking e's
Ami r witli ague utsr
Tti 'lr k' b'e are too uiucii
fjr any printer s wits.
What a human eye Ii without sljht
an I without a dot.
l't aro suoh curl on, or oked tilings
We recognize them not.
K ought to stand for ktinsednesx,
Hut floiiis In well for kick.
L's and ui'a nre inischievioos.
While n' Just raise Old Nick.
(V nre rarely cloned at all,
And p's are shaggy tiling.
y' might as well be spider's leg.a,
And r mosquito wing.
Some people make a passing
Who never oros a t;
Others uwe the self sams strokes
To form a u or v.
Wsget strangely mixed,
X' seen, on a spree;
Y in a skeleton on wire,
Z juikU, how w swear at 1 1
cV yet, think what typ gnt
From drivernof the (ilill t
Tliny oall us Miuh a aandeitu net,
And ncriuhlt on at will.
Wll, they will norlbble, and we
And vainly try to please,
Till tlioy go back ttuclioM und le ira
To iiuike their a. b. o'h.
A Life' Loa.
1 loved hhn In my d iwnin yeare
Fur yearn, divinely dim;
My blitlit umile, my ill lent taara.
Were everiu jre 'for him.
My ilrca uiiijf w!i;u ttie d ty bewail,
Tiie latent t!3'i;!it 1 h:i I,
evir Btill eo n lovin.x p:iin
To uiuko tuy d irlin jfl-.i 1.
Thy d"erno 1 ho l.i'?ed the oo:n"e'"
lii wiles
That uther children wiar;
To me hiii face, in frowns or it;nile ,
Wus never aulit but fair.
They enid tliut Miifi wan all his n ml,
Ilu knew 110 thought beynml;
To me, I know no living houI
Wan hulf ho true and fond.
Ah, many a love wan mine ere n v,
In life's citprli'loua May,
And many a lightly whispered v v.v
Tiie bore awity.
Vet, looking bnuk 011 friends betr.iyed.
And eweetlicarts left to rue.
Myxoid can say, "In Mliine or Hhido,
At leuttjlie found lue true."
In love's eolipne.lii friend ddp' i'.e irth,
In griat ami feud and biUe,
My heart haa learned the sacred w jrth
Of one that cannot fail;
AuJ coma what must, and come what
Nor power, nor pralee, nor pelf,
Wiall lure my faith from theetostray.
My kweet, uiy owu myself.
The Old, Old Horn 3.
When I long for saluted memories
Like angel troops they come,
If I folduy arms to ponder,
Iu the old, old homo.
The heart has many passaei
Through which the feelings roam,
But Its middle aisle U saored
To the old, old home.
Where infancy was sheltered
Like rosebuds from the blast,
Where girlhood's brief elyslum
In Joyousness was passed;
To that sweet spot forever.
As to some hallowed dome,
Life's pilgrim sends herviulon
lis the old, old borne.
A father sat, how proudly,
By the hearthstone's rays,
And told his children stories
Of LU early manhood's days;
And one soft eye was beaming,
From child to child 'twould roam;
Thus a mother count her treasures,
In the old, old home.
The birthday gifts and festivals.
The blended reeper bynin,
(Some dear one who was swelling It
Is with the seraphim,)
The fond good-nights at bed-time, ,
How quiet sleep would come,
And found us all together
In tbe old, old home.
Like a wreath of looted flowers
Close Interwlne eaeh heart;
But the time and change in oomert
Have blown the wreath apart
But dear and sainted memories
"Like angels ever coine,
If I fold my anus and ponder
Oil the old. old home.
f It yoa most dabble in shares. If v
plowubaraa. N olbsr kioj pgyg to
rtjnelsr d.rtdeod'
Holout Talri
Tha Mexican's Mi3ti'i3.
Tbore wm Caslilian blood in the
viios of the dnik faced roao who
galloped into Taoa, in New Mvx'xco,
at the clow of a beautiful dsr in
mild autumn. Mis physiqno was
faultiest Lis' restless ey ta daik and
piercing, and the np'ifled brim of
hia sombrero disclosed a lofty fore
head. A grott mustache, alne
long hair were blon boliiud his etrs
by the win W, added to his personal
This m m was II mil Mann ij, a
wild and restlesi follow, fmn ma,
anions other tiling, for tlio emu
mary tu tuner iu which Le swept ri
vals from Lis path. Almost incredi
ble stories of his love niakiui; nre
till told iu tonsuf New Ncxico
and Arizo'iH, and the inenucnt per-
son baa bis deuJs at Lis tongue's
Lot ns rocord hit List act.
Stim'lit to the most promioeot
drinkiiiK hoiiHn of the town rode
llenito Miirmij') on the. evening
afore nisntioued, ilu found tiie
usual louniers about the bar
youn bloods of rank iu tbj turrito
ry, ao l bis frionda and aduiiiers.
Ilia first act was tho treating of!
tlio crow J and wben the liquor had
dHsitppeuro I one of the loiionrcis
said banterinly :
"'l'oiuorrow niht the beautiful
S'UioriU Inez becomes the North
erner's bride. Who amoiiif ua has
she invited to her nuptiuls ?"
The young ma' In e I at M 11
iiinjo a be pnke, as if Lis word
were uJJiussud to that iuJividuul
The Moxicin'H faco flushed.
'N it lleoi'o Miirunjo I" was Hie
trntinj renpouHo. "The son jra ih
freo to cho iho whomesover ahe mnyi
but those who are asked to the mar
iiuge feait d uot alleys attend ''
Tiie worli couuiuil a sublln
me iniu', an the apHnker's 1 k aud
ti.o o anner in ahicli they eio spo-
Ui 11 iiiil.Ciiteil lo ira niMitors.
As the liiht words fell from hie
lips Muriuiijo, the Mexican, drew 11
well tilled pure from hi bosom .
and tossed it up tho counter
couipiuioua excluued staitlud aad
inilicHiit l'Miks.
' .Vh.i tikes my tracer ?" tlio
skinned A I nn crio 1, d liinlh'. Lis
eeeu iiuiiu.lilli.t I Iim nni-il in m liicea
. .
-.i- -
that surr inn lad him, " Thirty
ounces i-f gol 1 I Some snnor covin
t bem, and Joes, onr barkeeper, ehall
hold the vollow stakes"
A moment's si'ence auec elel.
lieu a young man, who had en tot
ed the place iu time to Lear tho of
fer, exclaimed, "I will," a he elbow
ed hia wav toward tho Mexican.
A slight cheer w uit up from the
crowd, aud the liuud.souio reprobate
turned smiling up ui tha youth.
Ah ! is that yourself, Seuor Iglean
he exclaimed, extending hi hand.
' You must be one of the disap
pointed ones."
Tbe young msu blushed deeply,
for it wus generally knowu that he
had ouco sought the band of the
eonoiiia. who stood so noartho altar.
"Whether I am or not that does
not effect the wages," bo oswered
nettled somewhat by the Mexican's
words. "I cover) on r purse -thus,
Marmajo. Those senoia are wit-
And Jose, Lore, the stake-bold
er 1"
'Si, ueDor."
"Good. Now Jose, let ns Lave
tho best liijuor that your bouae sup
plies." Tbe wager was sealed in draughts
of tolerable god liquor, and lioa
to jlfarmnjo withdrew from tbe con
vivial cotppany and remouuted bis
lithe limbed steed.
'Day after to-morrow, eenors."
be aaid, with a smile, to the few
wbo were able to wisb Lis adioux
from the porcb of the bouse, and
touching his horse geutly with the
spurs, be was soon beyond tbe
boundaries of tbe town.
Oue by one tbe drunken revelers
left tbe drinking place with biai'os
too befuddled to tbiok of the cov
ert threat so illy concealed by Mar
oi a jo's wager. Tbey did not dream
of tbe blow tbat was hovering over
tbe young Northerner who bad en
tared tbe territory aud won, over
Ika atdnravllnna f msntf nktivA bsddz
... j .
tbe band of tbe Senorita Iuez,
Beautiful, wealthy, and good, Ibo
inaiJeO a desoanJoot of One of
OoHl' aailsJ fvaljwsfs. U4 lodg
beon the belle of of the country ) Irf Jhe weird lljht. Nnry welled
about Taos. Her fithnr'e lirrfejfrom the bruised lips. They Lad
hacienda, arta'rniiu with cattle, and. Jorij? boeu silent, and tho hands
bonwtinir of silver luiom of ureat
wealth, would io course of timo bo
come hers. Thus she was tho rich
est heiress in the territory.
To all of her admirers S'lVo lilcb
nrd Coiupton, from the States, she
turned a deaf ear. Tlio bnudnome
MarniHj t Lad courted her smilis in
vain, and tho youthful Ilean ha I
poured the story of his psssion into
Iter ears, while she loved tha Ameri
can alio Lad won Iter heart. Thn
bride'a father had invited "fli 'ors of
tlio territory, and (ha wcnlih and
beau'y of tbe i nuutry worn exported
locriicotLa occasion. Hut Mur-i
imiiii f hn disniinmi;tMd attitrtr h ul i
1 .1...-
th.ti'.i 111111 u nices in gTi.i miu j
Irflean that tho Auioticiu would not
kins Inez on the wo I lino; ni'it.
It whs setting d irk on tho niht
of the e.l lmjj wtien a m iuute.l
mounted j
brandies ;
u. an drew rein under the brandies;
. . ... ...
f a tree that stood at tho ede .f i:cnno," hu exo! linind, I f iney
narrow Mexiciti roil, n w ne a
broad biitiiuiiid soiubrero that slnd-
id his face, but tlio d irk mtiMtaehn
that almost touched Lis Hhonl lors.
... 1 il, 1...,,.! UiH ... u
proclaimed In identity. It was
j,.niU, ,,, j0.
TIih coil of a huntf from his
saddle' pimimul, and ho seemed to
be awaiting tho approach of some
person from tho aout boast. Immnv-j
able as a statue, aud s viking not 1
ho fat upright in his mi libit hut
his eyes wero rettthiMS and full ofuvety was yjt to como. Unto the
auxiety mi l expectancy, lie was bienst torn by Iho roe't and hi mis, lttw t IV ai d p.ivc l.iti one twl.l be
not liir from the homo of the happy lliHtcited something that attraete 1 1 1 wi en the ees ih it m id h .i Htag
Million t a. A few moments' gall pi .lat uiijo's utteiitioii. hnatchiiig i( fi r b n k till ho Hit do.vti in the
would Invo brought hint to the eagerly lie held a locket in his h ind i l.orse ear tr ick.
house ahcady ringing with the
Mejieab with Spanish blood di I n il
intend to visit the mat lingo board.
At Inst lis started and uncoiled
his lattat. Then the tretd of a horse
bee oiio dis itictlv an lible, and a
miuule Inter an obj t uppiirol in ur !" he full fir ward upon lita victim i
the rnooiilight that ehimlmred in the .tin picric 1 his lips to th.i ! t'i 1
road not far away. t . II. In in.'. m.! , i i I i'
"Al mo J" mutters the wab'her, us v, onj iiiiu, hit his t Ir " r
toilished, aud then with the Iiili it , l,..:..i.
I i: . f L m I,.,., I I... I '-li! In ll.o ai'utiv of (ho 'tl vi!i' I r
is well. Nowf.ltho thirty oiiucis
... T I . ...1.1" I
which i(-!Hiu Hiaiieu.
I . . . i! .... f . .K '
l no not hmiu in coniiui.i in ni-
ptoiich. apputlitly uuo inscions of
II.,. .....ui.lK... ,,f ll.A il.llB .I..VI
l....i ,.f V.iw M..;..,i,, i.vrH
f t . 1 I : . I. l. ..
I Were 1 inteuu'i iiii'in ii i ill iiif
.'lire of the basilisk's nibs.
' I know tis hn the hated Amen-!
. . .
nun! I.ihsi.I .Manual', as le lias l -
Iv piepii'H I the I ii'iat f r the thio.v
'Would to Josu that Luoti was here
to nee this deed. The b iv iiIa ivh
oriiUl hiuidolf on Ho uo of ti,0
oord," l
T.nnn was the sneaker's brother, a
boy whom lie bad out seen for sev-
nil years, but whose imago was en-
. i ! .. .. i i.:.. i .... la.. ....I
son whom he had ever loved. Near. 1 s. but no ono ever lirard of tiie
er and uemer cmu'i tho lassiici'H brothers nieeting.and Hich ardO i n;
victim, galloping slowly 0vwr the ton.tha Amoiioin, oovur beuid of
narrow road, now in the moonlight, hia cucapo.
and now agaiu almost lost among Young Iglean raked in tho staked
the shadows. All at ones tbo lariat money, won luiiug whit had bucouiu
dencritied a circlo above Marmajo's
sotubereio. then it was shot toward
the horseman aud dropped over his
head like a noose of death.
The uext ruinate tbe Mexican's
ftoed darted forward, aud the victim
was jorked violently from the sil
die, us the exelamatiou ''Jesd, pity,
fell from bis lips.
Tbe infernal noose bad pinioned
liiaf arms to bis sidj, and a siuilu of
malicious triumph crossed Mar-
lusjo's face as be locked over bis
shoulder and saw tbo objaot whioh
bounded over the groun 1 at his
bane's boels. Through tie oliappi -t'al
and in the unobstructed moon
light the Mesiom urged his steel,
which seemed eager to escape, as it
wero, the dreadful thing the lasso
dragged behind him.
"The thirty ounces are roino I
the lassoer exulaimeJ, looking bink i
and thou be laughed "Marmajo
kuew when bo bet tbat tbe Aioori
cano would not kiss tbe senora to
night." is borse did not seem to tire.
Over the gently uq I ilatiug oouutry
and iu the golden light of tbe mom,
be bora bis reckless rider, whose
heart beat fat with devlitb tri
umph. The spurs, jioglini io their
I sockets, ever and auou to lobed tbe
bloO I sUidttJ flaull and the W I Dili
sang mroiigti tue ri im nuir.
Uoiinciog oer tlitf wri-r MWat
jbtill. tlte la'rtddr' Wdtltfl (,II'W I
.l.tjaklf dl tfrtiiWdtli ltM looM jL'VV
which a f moinnnti aluca Lai re
seniblod arm.ijo'a had been bat
tered into a bleeding pulp,
Oo, still on 1 Was tho duvll never
H')iii)I to draw rein f
The win I b!o v back tho froth (hut
droppu 1 frout tin h irso's in "I'll
and now and thou it full like R'wnv
fl ikes upon t'i'i victim of bis mns
ter's revcriKn. As .Vaimji cuull
not ridu to the end of the aorld, he
iloppud at 1 1st. I'pininu l ir lei's
ofahtrenn that rati tlii'iuih the
(MUiitty to tlio 111 iru ptet nli 111s
Jil the rujir ihiiu Iim.v iviri.
I'lie moou. hi'i up in t'.in liO'ivils
u'lmn hi it in.r hm t irl i. ivi tin
. ... . 1 . ;. .... 1.1.
iif ni 1 lie 1101 izou t 0111 lis neiiinn leu
uprn the w iter tin 1 th wild llowerti
that heautilied the, b.iiiks,
j Msi.ti ij dismount" I, an I with a
li.uijis 1 look walled towuid lh'
"Will, my love-niiMn'j .1
"Wi ll, my lovo-niiMn'j A udi i- 1
rd I m? w il I 11 t e-o 111 te i
Jbomty in your face woio aiu Ij loo',
at you now "
A lnn.lf,.l nifihl nad tho la'S.iei'e
when ho htood over tlm mini
whom ho hud di n'ed at his Lot He's
hi-t'U for Iwouty miles. The seiii-
bl.itica of humanity was all that with-
'llu juurney. and over this tlio
.loxican Mo ped with a wil l cry.
lie had discovered Unit the Iniial
had dropped over the wrong in in!
lit another and 111010 teirible dis-
I )m glance nt. it and he Muggeicd
to hia font with a
one long, loud
a gonv.
piercing hho'it
cry of tin tiling
For a mn-ni nt to sway to nn 1 fro. ;
then with a civ of Icon, mv broth-'
joyful past came over tl.- dci n i (
.1 .....111 i.,nj l,.u I. .mnis fell .
......... -
n...... t.i,., ill u........!.l..jj I. ii.ii. I V 111
, ,. . .
and by ho unlimited tin 1 ei .M-d
lite Hlrc!llll. llKI Oll-Cl HO lll'l
illllL'ied at Ihu lieeU of his Ihusm1
... . . ..
.... ,u 1., ,,. I.i j , r ma i.n.l In, w I ,i :
". .
in-.' like a in i 1. nan.
All this Willie
l-'ichardlJ .mptou was lookin
1 1... ...... r i .. .,.,.... I,, i I..
. I
I ,.'
.'i'" 'i"'' - .'
Maiui'ii i ha 1 lost the w a.'nr.
With much anxiety the loungetH
of Taos waited for new ff.nil the
if.iiHt. and whe.titdid nolc utin lin y
...t...- ; I...".!I
! mellt.
"He inu-d have ridden off with his
luo-bor. who pasee,! throngh Taos
i in i ni i ini tnv iiilll Hili.l lino.
of Marin ajo.
The stars might hava toll
that Marm ij i was not ouly
ilorerbut a a lioi I
Thoughtful Thoughts.
No man is wis at all timna.
S nito with the worl of truth.
A wbiapor aoparatoth ftieuds.
Heware of trenuherons ftieu Ih.
Charity is the band of porfuct
oess, Kveryor.o musl bear bis own bur
Neatnesa and ordor ore comtnou
dable. The Qrst froa 1 itn is tho free Jim
from aiu.
MoiiUl gifts often bide bodily de
fects. Modesty Las more charm than
We siw a giol many sooJj tnget
a few flowers.
There are remedies for everything
but death.
K very season of life has its appro
priate duties.
Fa are the orator who know
wben to stop talking
Striuj Ictiliga ntteriy ftd to
bolster tffak argument
No principle i more' Hober, as
there la none more bolyf thiu that
of Info o'lodietioo.
j i
) f . a., A,.jtun , i wui-U
..1 can beat good wife! ye8,a!b,tHl
- bJ huabani. t .v
l'A, AlAROIl
A Fjncral Prosesi'on.
Sullivnti, alio lives on Knst Mar.
rimao St. shot his ne.,;l.l.oi a rat in ,.,Hitl nJ ,,, ,,,.v :1(ir.
buck yard tho other mhf. nn-l ,., ,,,,. v.n,r, ,, t,(. -f!r.
enily the hext niurnintf went down Cniiin (.t;i t cviTpwh"i-e,
and bioilht the coipii! itdo tliej Th it's Willi''.
house, tliiiilin it niiltt crmtou
I'l iricl iu tlio no't;!iboi hood if L f
mi tho held f lidl hi. Ilu th ui'!il ;
lie bust tliiu, to il 1 s to put the !
lofunct deslr..ver of liis eh-p into 11
ltir.i M.iniil.i ei.r.r h.iT I.T li v.:i,ii.-
1 11
lo hiiVe in III" IioUhi-. hi. I II. ell. i Iho.
he went down tow u ulti I' bienKf 1 -I. j
titil.eil Willi I. no aiiulii I t ii.oil,'
, , . . 1 ,ii-
Mucipole el n i t and wa'cli bis
eh nice to t'tiiiek it into the nv-r u
hi Iu il in a rubbish heap mi tin-1
bui.k Ilu hid i: ir.l'v fr.i out ol I
tiie wlieii tin In
. . , 1
. ' .. . . . ". ..
u 11 tiki ol w iionl liM noun 1 1 1 1 1 j
11 1 v h'i iu t 1 1 uuttur iu lnul !
' ll. ll.i. .l I b i ; if it sonio ci'
i"ll lie nr em I I sen iri! " "I'i
ills f
eh f Mhihi ll,..'r,i ' 1 1 1
olieH if
yon er iomg to
'iv. S ll
lis, o. . i ll
livan ; I'm .1 fi i of v
In r." ftc. 1 le. 1'itially "Mo ,-fi ien I,"
with a littlu mora cho U than t'.iu
oilii 1 s, aetu illy sto 1 1 in his w iv.
all I M.i 1 :
'Ni.w, look Lern, Sn'livin. This
ain't going to do. You'll hive to
sou'!'. Y ul nin't goin to In;; a
' : ole box of rigat s by me wi'l.oul
leaving 11 tiaui,ile."
"tell yon I haven't got unv ei
U'lisj li.nv let 11 p.' beg ' I S I 1 . v iu.
"No C'ars ! N..W tli it's to 1 thin.
A le. let M M'e Yin " and li" In 1 le a
1 lb tho box. Ma li l 'be 1 it
and in ai ly got it npi-tt w In-n Sullivan
Tnere ! I, to thiMM ! ' paul ! Sn!
Imiiii "I'
you beltei
uifoiiu.i ymi ! I'd loieli
inaiiiiel's than to iuli r-
'rapt a fiiiininl pioccHsiou !" And
the heaisn moved rapidly awtiy.
,.!' ' ''.'': m.
il.3 Loil 3 n i "' I'J'-'f
th.'i- 1 iy V b '
i f il 'H ei.'i i . ,t i ' li
t ,lice it'tti-.n .1 mi ' '
1 1 i - nit in cha i gu I i. i' I - i.t lie
n n I
!;" -'
I- was
It" V
Isle '" il-Ve l tl lie el
'H he pi ep u
I I.. Aril., lint. II il I-
Hi oil. nv
H i old .' Whv. I IK V
er n-ke.l
,,.i,v. I
i i...... ,.i t i... ,., "
nini u ' i i'i
Well, What , , o I thliill "
.. Ir.
I LT li-s In 'll. H l' ' i ' l, ' li ' '
' as a n. ail 1 hi l s a s hbn will Ian
hii itieki t g.,od and hlout I t get-
' 1
i l and hlout f ! get
ting lo t ' i
' Wbafa the c.,lf of his hair ? 1
II air. I.. .-S ;.ee.' I
I III t I'l-'ieV.-
ever took no lull I've heal I
1-1.' ''
"1 " l" t "
I III 0 hlH I'V
bit tho
t.?:iii til hi i ii "
"Are they Mil" f"
I don't know : Hii-s ii Iho
timo lie over hut himself."
"Iid ho wear ll bat T cup ?"
I don't know, he gui u illy gies
around bare-liO'ided, an I int. sasjnf Heiitiunuital heodiuea broiling
he'll get Biiii-strnek yet.''
"I low was ho dressed."
' I know ho had on h i no vlolbcs.'
uas Iho hesitating n-ply.
"Docs ho wear oaals ("
"And pauW t"
'Was ho barefootol !"
"I guenH so,''
"An I whit's lai- name?"
' llu's got loUof uamei, I guesn
he's called .liunny mmt of anything.',
' Well I guer,a we'll know him.
-aid the soiguuut, as he laid down
bis pen.
Oli, yu'll Invo to knv hi u if
no gets in here. He calls names
and howls and ma'tes up faces and
.,.,,'H i.nnw him fast enough. I'd
lut him gut lout all he wanted to if I
owuod him. hut tun sueuM to kind n'
waut him back and so I came to tell
you. If yon have to lick hint while
he's here, just bond him ovor a chair
and whack him with a borsi radish
grator. Ma has tried every other
way and this is the ouly oue that
give satUf ictioo ."
A iriin staa ling io a store door
od.lHtiu Ivimie call1 out to a
oon :j try ui m sitting un a wagon t
"f.iw are my ton o lining mi
' Y ur brotliei'j bay uiulu W doa
b it all thi res', of 7 ir kinsfiiJ L-
aud kicbing '
x n 1
'., iss'J. No, :w
M vnm s OalJisli Eoy.
M.iMiij 1! oil t' c ua!l,
1 Mai:i .' mud in the I1.1M,
M,,!,;,,. - , ,.. liiws ,.f tnv ko i!!,
Mul.iii r tr iuI'Ii-fnr us nil.
'i'ha' Willie.
it,,. i',.
1 Shouting till histbroit ! s "'.
Making nil youtbV b.itlei irj roar,
Ml this mi .-vu :. .
That's VVil'ic
,i li n :, 1, t . it .1 11 1 1 ,-
S! ubliinu' out hi- I " n 'u
' 1 1 " 1 ' ""Mi. t
1 at in,.' hi tie b"'v In - i m,
TlmtV Wiliic
Ah ! Uv heart N i-re nnd wid.
Tl i'lUit'-' i t my " iu :! ' I ''I.
' 1'i'ier 1 iw 11 1 1 1 1. ne er li I,
.Ni'Vi r lia.l a li.i ii bad,
1 As V, i:ue.
I 1 1 ,vh 'tl I'll.MIeil ilowil t'i sl ill,
An.i lii-iinn- nr. hiii. I in.- er.'i ji.
Asking 1 bid bi i ail t . i ;,
Till'll ill felulel" love I Wei p,
Tlieli I l.leov I In. Id t.i ebi'iip,
.'.!;. preeioil" Willi.
- lint lit .-1 Kit F.xnt::
A Great Shrink.
'Why. .n-!:h-l.n.-r on t'i-
li.Al b',1.1!:, hell, n lite lll.o I lies.', f .1
iM I." Hiiid u ronntiyinun to n a-b-ingtoit
hi t il' .l. I the ottier d i
"Y.i a. my li 'ii fii-irt. I ktio v a '
i. bout dot, at. I I lis vv I. n n'l
ill III 4 1 - I hl'lll'lll. I i v l-clllll.l.H
hcIo ii.l.s I'lie diU' .h fu' ! Slut v
dlnpoll Vl'lf It'll o ip d IV i'. I (.
Von I, now b g "lit in Jones, d.
g it petider T Y. il, I.e pil". s t H' l iol
of lloelvhi llllel I lt Week llllt t,'"
out i.niihptee. Ho in trunk dree
tin lOvery night be Hchlei p onto'
si lewiilk. mi I i fei v night it rain
i),,,,, KI)H ,,.'.,, ink a voot ofery d me
I'er foil night der lailice run him j
in." !
'V'or In in,' di'U' k. ' h ''
!'i,e mil l.'ceiit i xo'is ira ; mv I
dein gloso vos pretty i ii ix li
No SI p this Tuna,
e's ii down nt
,o Ins h i I Ii i 1 luck with
but b i- at I ist been mm I ;e.
e I V I'I h.
I S!i.' w is
f.uir tutus i'iii;age.l. Her
tii.-'l loer d.e I of eoiihuinptiiiii, In r
Il I id H'lin'il p V, her ll ii.l as
' drowned a. 1 in t'-e hpain of tio
, ai m. Tiie v ung melt of the Iiwii
all b. 'i:ii' nl a 1 - I h r. but the ot ll ,
.. i r , i ..... ,i 1 1 mi
.. ...I. I . ... : ii. r l,i li. f nil..
' "
1, s f,, and h .e eo,,S"t.'l. w if, I I.e
Illel' l-lan I. II I'l" uilllia-e
'. hhould take place at olic.
Iho obi
l!it P'liitt t tint Pil- 'll w Ih'I (
.... , .
l hey wi io uia lu ono
ur tic eh lent.
Wllnout d"lay
'So tiial's the ;mii7 j li v. ii it '."
asked tl.o liiau fio'ii Iho suburb.-, lif-
; lr eagilly heauuitig tho foi tni mi l
featuieH .f the tweiityfotir in livid i lU
in (h i Ii i - I I il i 1 w.t l il l ;)t
,i imi V loi'li-i, ii iother wiili an ato in
vet him. o thir l with a look of b
niu v i !utty irra Ii itiug hi cmiite
iitniee, iii.dtbo otl.etsii.duatir.gdif
fi rent blages of wri'tchediH-Mi and
misery. ' Well, nil', if you've got
any coniuijii, uveiy-day juryu.i'ii
i.i lu.l ulioiit here. I u'UcSH 1
Jon t
cho to look at them."
A boy who had been watching
through a key hole the antics of u
couple of lovers, ran down into tin
kitcheii to announce hi discovery to
bin mother,
"Oh, it'a such fun !" ho exclaimed.
"What's such fuu V a!iud the old
"Why. to see rister Mollie and
Mr. I'ippa play lunatic asylum.
'd'eUow citizens," said tbo street
comer orator, stun ling on a dry
goods box amid the gluro aud
siuoko of many torches, "tuy posi
tion upon this question is a peculiar
one." And just thou, whoa the box
caved iu and let bim dowu in tut
shape of a letter V, gripped by the
neck and he la, the crowd ialDtu
thought it was.
"I take my te' die rooming,
said a oollored preacher, "from dal
l. ..t, tionob the scriptur' wbar tb1
see' i)Btl l'aul piuls his piatol at d
PiiMUhcd avery Tlmrsdav Evemnte
Term of Rfflisrnptmw,
I W(t IU I'KM A M.N CM. P.iy
able vitliin Kit inov.lh, of .'.oOiiniif
purit within it. fenr. Ni. i.nper -h
I'liiitinrted all aricnriiL'er 1
intrf unless at the option of the ,n r-
lll rfpfinn MiOnrt j of the conn) f
tejrl'i rst.ns limine a id 11-nj 1 anor
44ih'Pri .11 oilers I e 'tn sin hci intra
linl nre liable OnlJ.e (iriee ol Ibe paiier
A pT'nt nnnjr rent lr are asking
hat ItnuLIrs llRowa't
Iron llitirRS i good for.
Il ill cute Heart tiisr.isr, Tatal
ysi., limply, Kiilnry Iiisfa, Con
sumption, Iy.H'paa, KliruinAlistn,
NcuiAtgia, ami all Mini'ur discuet.
Its wonderful Curntivr ,ri it
utn.!y Is'C.msc it au.t tn
rKlic tlio M.hhI, thus lC:inniii at
tiie faiitiiHtlnn, nn-l by buililmp up
the yMim, diivcs out nil LiM'ase
A LaJy Cured of Rhcumatitm,
llll.nion-. MH , M.iv 7. iHH-v
My t.r.,lili w.i' 11.11 h il...ilrrf.l I'V
t. Nfum.ili.rn In n I r. niiiirni r.
llt-fH lli'.'.vn' Iri.n I'lltrn Bml I
Ln rly Ii4a Klrensltt cnoun In at
ln'l n. my ri.uljf linuv-hol'tiltilir,.
I m ii.iw Itiell.irit tM.liteaiid I
m irv ,,n.iK lrntUt fluilv, and I
iliffiliilly I U to
i.niir.l n.v .-o miuh in prai
of it, Mia, Mam K. HnnMfAn,
i;j rrtkitnayii.
Kidney Di sense Cured.
t rir.t:;.iit'.l'ti, Va., i1.
rt:ffrnn lintii ki'inry 1aiM,V
fr'tn lin h I riniM ft no ilif), f
I nr. )!ri)n' I ? -n Ititfi.,
ntrnl ni4 cmiitrfe'ty. A thii'l ol
Itiine, rrt.iv riii frmn "Cnltt ivr,
l'.ii n ,irite ntnl T ! n m in
) at df ioi .li .it r 'I. I yvp lum tua
Jlitlrt with t!.r hVI'i'sl rrsult.
Heart Disca:t?.
Vine St., If frUrnrif, P.
Afer Uy't-g ilitTrrrnt fhybutns
I'hI manv rniriir fur tlintatiun
if lh" lic.irl tsiihiriit rcreiving art
trtirftr. I watftailviM-iltotrv Idwn't
I run I iltrra, Ustve tirl two lnt
t anM ntrvtr ( mtul anything lhatt
g4ve ttv imi. It rrlirt.
Mu. JiahNiH Hut.
1'itt (lie j'cculiur tmulilct. lo which
lad 1 1-s are snljcO, 1'koWN's IroM
lill ll i u lc. Try it.
Be sure and get the Genuine.
tnr. sMrsox& sons
The rnnvs t nk i kint works Is
eni? of the Urf.cst ntul most cu!iiU'te catab.
Iilinu'iitt in I lie cuiitry.
li.n m.iMcit tlicin to nti.uii uich j erfccllon llicy can with eimfi.Itrncc nk ynU to trvt
the nuahiy nf tlnir wiak. They carefully
av.ii.hill iisoniuith ups, make only f.-nt col.
Dii, arc t1iiri'ii;;lily aaJicil inln'l water
ami seap, tlierchy rcninving anytliing wlm.h
wi.iil I st.iin umlerclothin,
T ho.c who liuyan.l wear their pints mill,
tliry fill tiinfiuYiititiml llietn uienoi in dm
al ility.aitiilic style and liiii.h. lie ure sml
ask for their goods, anil lee that then matka
auJ UkkvU ate uu them.
1. ihf only 'i'. rotiMi.l v nrtoral American ri n, A.ia I ami a, i"i iiul n.a. I wn t.iiin1r-.l nilii.l.a miar
u Ilia tiiUoivnig ar reetnil lafttiB IB
l.ilKi) I1'0 :
N,i. rr:-.
j:. riia Sn rt s.irnw. l.y Mar Ason
1 1. I k Ho.
,:. Kale I 1 1 tinrry. I.) May As'.ai
I Is nine l"i.
i l. ran l.tim. l.y Mra, lloury WwiJ 1 e.
Ii o. r r
ll, ,ii. l r..,U v. iMut V, by Hi u-
ii nr t II nl H .' Uiaiy !"
1 1,, r W I .In'. I'i.-iii. I"e.
... I i. .1 nil I'srial, ' III" auikir
..I Ii r , I li on- IS
Nil ...I Ku.aniai., Iiy At.tiun"a
1 1 ii. I 1 I '
T"tn nrUi'j !." . Ly K.laarl
i) rrrli !
-. T'j'ii I I'a 1 1 ..eii.1. lij Ciiarlai
IHi-k, i a li-a
IH., Waiiioa an.l Waft l.y Ml.. M K.
Iim a. oi I"'
ITI. r W in i ni.oi. l.y I Intla- Ilaaila lie.
IMi . A M'l'. ili'rlllj. , l.y Mary
l. II II. i I"
l't. Nliifty-. Ina ' h "nil'tiS" aJ
rtL'iiat.uio, N'i .1 IU
Tiie I'llnl'I.K'S I.I lilt H V la Hi "inat pnp
ular, tiruiia. It runt. 1 a au many orlmn.i
otl In Allirrlnall auiliiirt. 8. I.I by alluaaa.
ta.lara. or niailn i i r.' tut ol I'i .a'lta l-ir
-Inula an.l .t i-aiiia lor iiuui.ia Duiuiiara. Aad
ynur lieiia.Ualer air it.
.1 M. i HI. VlKfc . Haihllati ra,
l H. lt.-x ;a 1 hu Hi. N. V,
ttti. .'. li4 uw
n tlrmnnn filnfrtnil T
Hecatirie they buve proved tbeuiselvfs
thf llest Katernel Ueiuedy ever in
vented. They will cure iiMlima, colds,
eougl.s, rheiimatisiii, neuralgia, and
any local pains.
Applied to the small ofharlt
tbey are lufallisliU In Haca A, lie,
Nervous Debility, and H Milney
troubles; to the pit f the stmuaoh
tbey are a mre s for IysiepsU
and Mver CompWiit.
AI.lAHitT'lv'a ltKOlT8 rLASTF.Rfr
are painless, fragrant, and q taluk to
.ure. Heware of Imitations tliat hlli
ler and Imrii Oct ALLCOCK'd, tb
only Uenuine Toroiis l'laster. : ,
Tan. ft, Wi. Hni,
' li