The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, February 16, 1882, Image 1

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n column on reafi (V).o
One-half, column, oris year,
On-fonrih column, one yr,
On square (10 ltnc) 1 Insertion
gitrf additional Insertion,
frnCwwionill mid Muslnes cards of
not more than 5 line, pef year, 6.0T
Auditor. Bteeutor, Administrator
ud Amieiin Notices, 2.6T
fclitfvtial notion per Hue, 16
All transoionl advertising lei than
months 10 cents a lino.
All advertisements for ft shorter re
rind tlfan one yesr are payable at th
imn thn lire ordered, and il not rialr!
vit person ordering them will ! neld;
uponsiuie tor me raonev.
Our Lovad Ones Before.
They never quite leave us, our frlendi
who have passed
Through the shadows of dsath to the
eunlhtht above.
A thousaud swet memories are hold
ing them fast
To the planes they blessed with theli
presence and love.
The work which they left and th
books which they read
rtpealt mutely, though still with at'
lo"iienoe rare,
And the soiijjs .that they sung,
and dear words that they said,
Yet linger and sigh on the desolati
And oft when alone, and as oft In tin
Or when evil allures us or sludrawetl
A whisper ooines gently, "Nay, do not
the wrong,"
And we feel that our weakuessls pltl
ed on high.
In the dew-threaded morn and tht
opaline eve,
When the children are merry, or
crimsoned with sleep,
We are comforted, even as lonely w
For the thought of tholr rapture .for
bid us to wesp.
W toll at our tanks In the burdei.
and heat
Of life's passionate noon. They arc
folded in peaoe.
It Is well. We rcjoioe that theii
Iwaven Is sweet,
An I one day for us the bitter will
We to- will go o'er the river of
re it,
As the strong and the lovely before
us have gone,
Our sun will go down In the beaut If U'
To rise In the glory that circles the
Until then we are bouud by our love
and our faith
To the saints who are walking iu
Paradise fair ;
They have passed beyond sight, at
the touching of death.
Hut thny live, like ourselves, In Oud'
Infinite care.
A Talk with Jesus.
A little talk with Jesus,
How It smooths the rugged road !
How it seems to help me onward,
Wnen 1 faint b.'iiriutn my load I
When my heart U crushed with sor
And my eyes with tears are dim,
Thnre Is uaught ran yield me comfort
Like a little talk with hiiu.
I tell him I am weary,
And I fuln would be at rest ;
IThat I'm daily, hourly lon.'iu-
To repose upon his breast ;
I And he answers me so sweetly,
In the tenderest tones of love,
"I uin coming soon to take thee
To my happy home above."
Lli this Is what I am wanting.
His lovely face to see ;
Vnd, I'm not afraid to say It,
I know he's wanting me.
lie gave his life a ransom,
To make me all his own.
Vnd he'll ne'er forget his promise
To me, his purchased one.
Phe way is 1 ng and weary
To yonder far off clime,
tut a little talk with Jesus ,
Doth wile away the time.
hie more I come to know him,
And all his grace explore,
It sets me ever longing
To know hlin more and wore.
cannot live wlthouthlin,
ftor would I if I eould ;
M ' my dally poif-on, . '" "'
my medicine and my food.
'els altogether lovely j
None can with him compare ;
Ihlefent among ten thousand.
And fairest of the fair.
often feel Impatient
Ana mourn bis It ng delay,
;" 1 never can be hanrjv
I While he remains away.
jut we shall not long;be parted !
II KnOW he'll nnlnklvainiiia
m we shall dwell together
tin that happy, happy borne.
I'll wait a little longer.
ill bis appointed time,
4 along the nDWird n&thwav
-i. . -
y prilgrluj feet shall climb,
"re, In my Father's dwelling,
Where many mansions be, -'hall
sweetly talk with Jesus,
And he will talk with we.
A set is being mad strains!
B Mnmjk.a n I I ;
I, vvngnn is giving
lentioo to the eobieei. and the
re so ore than yer sronsed
the importance of eradioetin-r (be
1 of polygftomj fron om country,
blio meetings are being held, srd
PMpU are determined tL ft
73wy lh!I ga
SV . ,
VOL. 19.
S'jehvl been, cilel tint svor
linoe aha osme ft round fused, rosy
iheoke bright-eyed little thing
i. to a family of great, ronjb, ten.
der-heirted, adoring biys. an 1 she
I been treated by them as a doll,
ip te her sixteenth year.
Tjna, D.o'i aa 1 firry bvl gme
otntrket which was ft trip of two
liysi Jiiok and Joe ba l g'ne to as
sist a neirfhb rin frm it ia ft piuoe
of work fti I at nini o'o'ok 'a lb-
jicuojq Djllio's fjlber, llr. Ddraod.
laid .
'PoVio, Nid an 1 1 are gio to
t ia tilUe to do soma trading at tlio
tore. S'jau'tbe bo'( until aflei
liooer, ) have an early euppor for
is, for we'll by as buury a
Yes, fUber." eid Dillio brin
ngoat twelra diizan egs in a bask
t. fir she know ber lather's ways
iosIwijs lonlod up the wagon with
nuntry pr lt, e. apple, pjta
oea and other vjg.iiblos, which be
xebsnged at the store for sugar,
ea, cloth, farming implements, eta.
"I shan't take a cent with mo, for
'oar I sb'ill be nvir-perfiiilnl t
ny tbusa pesky catllo of Jim
Ireea's. kuo he's lyiu' ia wait
'or mi, for he mostly U mirket
liys, I ilji't wint 'en an 1 I wont
lave 'om if tbo be cheap I But you
:now lb ire's m mey in the hr.ixe.
Vdlie. There's 83 10 Mr. Kent give
m i f jr the saith mn Ij.v ljt yestor-
I iy in the dask, ard there it must
ilay safe until I go to Petorbongb
auk Si dou't eotertaiu strangers
r euspioioat looking people while
'ru gone."
"No, father."
'I'll leave ba at homi, and I'll
)9 back long before dark"
So when bo bad drawn two ;nili
jf water and Net bad filled np tho
vood box fot Dollio, and they drove
iff. a little pig tied np in the bottom
of the wagon, eqnualing lustily.
Ojllie liked the borses and cattlo,
he bent, rhinkons, and pigeons, bat
she didu't 1 tbe p!g, so she
didu't feel ba lly at all that this oue
was going off to be etnfTod nod
roasted for somebody's dinner. She
ivl a biking to do and picalili to
nako, and sot busily a bout ber
With a wistful look dowu the
road and a sudden, nnplervmnt fcol
iny of lining unprotected in that
lonuly place for the farm was half
4 mile from any other Dollio cuine
back iuto tbe kitchen.
When she ba l t i'coa ft solitary
lunch of broid and milk at tbe kitch-
e i table, she m tlo a nice tea cake
for tbe evening rani and then sot
abrnt making her father's favorito
relish picalili.
It was fire o'clock wbou Dollio
bad finished this last task and carried
tbe jars down below. When she
came np, a man bad entered the op
en kitchen door and was seated be
fore the stove.
lie was ft rough looking customer
and Dollie was frightened, but she
did not show it.
'Whom do joa wish to see 1" she
"I'd like eometb iog to eat, if yon
please," answered the man in what
was evidently ft feigned voioe.
Bat in spite of that and the mnffw
er about bis face, Dollie knew, bim.
Tt was Jim Green tbe oattle dealer,
and be bad s very bad reputation.
She bad never seen bim but once be
fore in ber life, but she remeubered
bis leer and booked nose. Ube bad
bim pointed out to ber in tbe village,
but she did not think be, bad ever
seen ber. What did be want bere
when ber father was away f
With no idea that this was tbe
object of bis errand, Dollie, however,
out one of tbe pumpkin pies and gave
bim generous quarter, which be
proceeded to eat as well as be oould
without too freely revealing his faoe.
Dollie boped when be bad finished
it bs would go away, but ha did
not. Instead of that bs got np,
walieVI into tbe sitting-room nd
looked around ytfter a moment, be
walked op to the dosk and shook the
Say is this locked t" be asked.
Tbe frightened blood came hot
ad indignant to Dollie's young
obeeks. Tbe man was robber! af
ter ber father's money, bhe took
ber bauds oat of tbe dishwater
hers sbe bad been washing np tbe
coking dishes sod went Into tbe
illiog room.
"Se here," sbe said boldly,
know yon i you are Jim Qreen
What do you want bore "
"Jfoney," laoooically. "I have
seen your father at tbe village) I
knew he has not got the money
Kent paid bim with bim, so I tbiuk
it ran at bo here."
lie shook tbe lid violootly and
peerod abont tbe edges.
'How dare you try to rob a bonse
in opon d iy 7" asked D llio, 'D n'i
yon know yon will be arrested and
sent to jail t '
"No. I won't," answered Oroer.
C'iolly. "I am going out of tlie
ootid try to-night. Come, I want
tbe keys."
Dollie tnrnod scornfully away.
but gave a longing glauco out of tbe
"I expoct my futlnr every minute.
lie has the keys,'' she said.
"You need not expect bim at
present, said Groon, still at work up-
n ttm desk. "Ilia boro cast a shot
and he's at the blacksmith's and
likoly to stay awhile."
"Well, bo has tbo keys with bim,"
ropliod Dollie, still coolly. "Yon
bad butter take yourself off My
brothers are liable to come homo at
auy moment.
' Oh, I kuow all about that," re
sponded Greuu, taking a largo pock
et kuife from bis picket and pro
ceeding to force tbe lock.
What conll Dollio dot The
0.0110 was half a mile off the maiu
rond, and that distance from any
living soul. There as uot a weapi
on of any kind under the rouf. I f
there bad boon Dollie Mas more
afaird of a pistol than sbe was of
Jim Oreen.
But tbe snapping of tbe lock and
lb 3 villain's long drawn All 1" ot
Mt'isf.iulnn, tdiuout frenzied ber
ller bonost, bard-working fath-r'n
money tbo mtiot save it if sbo t!"v
at the r.iai-nl uu J scratched Iti i ev
A suddon thought came to Dollie
She wont into tbe buttery and took
a small, wide-moutbad bottle, close
ly corked sud marked "Cayenne
I'eppoi'." She took out tbe cork,
concealed the bottle in tbo 'palm of
btr band, and went iuto tbo otber
Qreon bad not found tbe money,
but lie hud e'zud upon a tine gold
repeater which he used ouly nuu
rare occasions. II is nevor-lttiiuig
silver lime-
companion was a bi
w hich he can led iu bis
"Ah !"' repoated Orccn ngain. and
hurried to the still open door of the
kitchen to examiuo tbe watch more
He bad time to soo by the fading
sunlight that it was even more
valuable than it bad at first seemed
to bo, bnt Jim's eyes did bim little
other servico for many woeks.
Dollie raised ber little band and
quick as lightning dashed a portiou
of the fiery compound into bis
With ft shriek of agony the man
dropped tho watch and clenched his
bands over; his eyes as be leaped out
into the yard. With bowls and
yells be dances about the door-yard
nnd was tumbling over tbo wood
pile as I'ollie saw bim last before
sbe shut aod double-barred the
She picked up the watch, restored
it to its place snd went to tbe win
dow. She bad to wait but a short
time before ber father's wagon
wheels rolled into the yard.
Bhe flung op tbe sash as her fath
er and brotbor sprang ont and ap
proached tbe suffering mortal, who
was still bowling and kiokiug in ths
wood pile.
"His eyes are full of cayenne pep
por, Ned. He was stealing your
money, father."
She saw ber vigorous young broth
er collar tbe already punished man
and pull bim upon bis feet, while
ber father recognized bim with ex
olamations of amazement.
But bis eries and moans continu
ing, tbey finally deoided bat be bad
been punished sufficiently, and af
ter awhile let bim go,
lie sneaked a ay, aod without
tbe booty bo bad so confidently ex
pected to obtaiu.
When tbo exoitment wasoror.Dol
l.o, like any other woman, bad ft cry
ing spell but ber fattier and broth
ers, to this day, tell proudly boa
sbe saved tbe money.
A suit of olotbss, like a suit si
law, ia onoonforiable until you gui
used to it.
7, .mn
Who Will Help Mother Now.
A scream of agony, a pnuso, a
rush of hurrying feet, miugled ex
clamations of horror, an 1 questions
put from one to anotbor, "What ir
it !" "What's the matter " "What's
tbe row, now t" and amid thorn nil
a small helpless figure lying !iii
tnd utmost ltfoloss iu tbo dutl mnl
noise of the street.
Tbe papers Muttered in soiloii
ojofii i u about tbo poi r bruixo I
form told tbo etory of his buHinnsH,
no of the newsboys tbnt cry tbcii
papers day aflor day on tbo oil;
1'ushing Lis way tbrcngh tin
crowd came a rough raoJ fellow.
arryiug uudi-r his arm his IhiikI uo
paper, another nows boy with cti
rioHity stamped on bis face, auxiom
o Cnd out what was goiu i n
linl as he ciuglit sit;lit of tbo white
face and miinglid body of the child
lying tbero undor tbo ga6 of tbe
pitying crowd, nu exclamation of
mrprirto and sorrow broke from bi
I pp. "Why its poor littlo Max, the
pluckiest folio. I am afraid huV
done for now. Main's tbo chap I
!mvo lii'kud to help that young "nil,"
with which expression of sympathy
tie drew bin ragged sleeve across hi
face to wipo souiutbitig very much
like a tear from his eyes. Ho fol
lowed tbe policemen as they gather
ed tbe poor littlo nuconcious li,"iie
roru tbo ground aud conveyed it to
tbo hospital, and g ivo tbo inothoi'n
address, ' though," h'i addo 1, "from
bat Max says, I gums she aiu't Hi
ed for this world eitUor."
Oo one of tbo hospital bods Ibe
little u!Toror-lay. -'Tho blito veins
;ould bo traced on tbe whito foro-
hr ul, while the poor littlo face, thin
a ul pinchoJ oven iu the days I "lore
t!n o; u 1 abeols had traipl- l (nit
tbn oua,! lifo, grew moro tuiu und
wbitowith tbo purple shadow of!1'
i .1 : l . !.- l.l0'
and circling the groat brown ryes, j
that for a whilo was awakening t't a
realization of I if.) mil dmt!l. lli
watched tbo kind thoughtful eyes of
tbe doctor as ho bo In 11 the wee
fruit fingers aud scunuud itli ten
der sympathy sbo well ki.owu to-j
kens tint spoke of tbo presence of
tbo death iinglo.
'Doctor, must diet" ho snid.
looking eagerly f r pomo contrudic-i
!.. , . .' ,, . ,i j ., , , i ;
tion of what amintbuig wliiHp uodj
. ii . ..:.. i ... .
'fin, anr.tlv fur hiioM to i.iiiii a nl ice.
The doctor nodded, as l.o answer- I 11,0 nt'st "u""i"' u'l,"'?' ,,n 1
ed, ' am afraid so, my littlo Iuail. ; American wont for bis child. She
Then ho tuiuo 1 bis young f ico to 'H ar,"rtu'1' ti',,, v"r-r ,lwkw;ir'
tbe wall and there was silona The nulbor bud never Imd un
Who but God could road tbo etrug -1 ',ru8- n ',,"t
gle in that youug bout. Life even U wu a w,"",l(r llmt hI,u l,lJ ""l "(''
to this poor littlo half starved news , ,Lu ' ro..g up. Km
bov. with bis daily lot of toil und'tbeij be was Tin mother wailed
Btruutrle. held eoinothiuc to cling to.
something to ma'io it worth tl10 tbing that was dear to her, tbn In
longing to bold. tber lay and moaned looking from
11a turned bis face to tbo doctors
once more as he said nnd of, what a1
world of pathos, what a gleam of
besnlv from tho heart of this child of f,.rll. in tlinM aiinnh.
words I
l do not mind so much, but who
will help mother when I am gone f
Grand unsold-ill -words 1 No
thought for tbe young life ebbing its
painful way to the great boyoud, but
fot tbe mother hastening, too, fast
to tho laud to which he was goin
a little sooner. Angels record such
words in tbe great book of eternity,
and wbo shall say but those words
were the keynote of a soul's redump
tion. All that might bavo been
wicked or reckless in that young
life, that bad not seen fully U years,
rede lined in tbe great unsdltlsb love
that spoke through those dying lips.
Stranger bands folded the wasted
limbs that no longer fol ft , and
closed tbe weary eyes that had fal
len asleep with those words linger
ing on tbe dying lips.
Poor little Max I Little need for
worry for tbo mother that was sll
of earth to bim. With tbe news of
ber boy's death tbe lust bold of life
was dropped, and she, too, lay cold
and lifeless for stranger bauds to
bury, with oo tear of sympathy or
loving care to male mure bright the
fading life.
God bad answered poor Max, and
with bis tender love had cared foi
both. No more weary days of pov
ii ty and toil, no restless torturing
nains but safe in tbe beaven beyond
Mux found an answer to bis cry,
'Who will belp mother when I am
jooot" ."
Tbu man wbo is ft little nodef tbe
wsstber will soon get over it
A Pathetic Story,
The Toledo Illndo snys : In our
paily was an Amoricm gentleman
vho was blessed with an abundance
of boys, but no gills, find ho and Ion
wifo had boon contemplating the ft
doption of a girl Hero wns nn op
puituuity t' teo'iro not only a girl,
nit j ml tbo kitil ofugiil tbnt In
'vaul t lno given half of his fht it
tj b , tlid fitii'T of, an 1 m bu oii!ii
il neg I'iations.
An IiiHlmmii who l;nnv him, rx
il lined to tbi) lather an I tiiotber.
hut tbn goiitluma't aia man c f
neaii", thut his wifj wus an excel
lent good womnn. and tbnt tbo child
nuld bo adopteil legutaily undei
he latvs of tbo ntnte in which .
ive I. ii'i I wmil I bu educated, nn
iVutild rank iti lilly with bis own
children in the in itter of in!i"ii itanc -.
an. I nil tbnt. Iu s'u irt hIio msd':
ti understand that Not. ill won! I be
rcarod a la lv.
Hid American struck in. She.
tbo mother s mibt select a gill to
iceonip'Uiy the child across tbo At
l intic, aud the girl solecled should
go into his family as tbo child'
nurxe, and that the chil I should In
reared in tbo religion of ils parents.
Tbo father and niolh r co.siltcl
long and auxioiiNly. It was a terii
ble slrugglo. Ou the otio baud wn
tbo child's il l vantage, on tbo other
pirental nud maternal lave.
1'iu.illy a c jucliisiju was arrived
"God help mi," sail tbo raotlior.
You -tiinll have her. 1 know yon
will be her.
,;.Vi I lri'l;r-
I l.',. . r.iiv to HO"
IV brid,
lit' n' Mii'er. to l-'riit
' l i-: Ue.
Jl '
V. II. Ii,, ' ' '
1 1 r i.i i
rii i-ii. ! . ' . '
.;MV.' le Ou.
W. I,. Il.i -i.' ' 1
' I
loll'. Ill" II 1
I liivf, el. I
i- l ie.
.. ,..l Ill's to i o"A
l.i 1"
v "i v.'eller. 't. ul.. lumber
ren. to Mi.lilleliurir
p. Keefcr, rep, io l.unn
brid 'c.
U. ;. li.ivU. int. on I'.ri l r ' M
' lt.,-i:i..r-.r..!..,.ti.
(onvillc I'll . .
f. KeeU. et. III., f'p. MelM-I
' 2 Vi 'M
1 1 '
.1 r,. Mo.--l.ii:ii.. stone fiimUl Samuel's First Letter
t;, ..I ..
le. ,
it S lin-:;ruvii 1
' 40"0(. M vel. ll.H.l
nr. 't hn loliu'. -:.-..n iiiun mi bioiiglil
tb. 'in back, itistmcliii;; tbo mothel
t!mt ho should leave with tluiii loi
li. .livel. f
Coik tho next morning tit II, him tbo uirl uu I child ul mid bt
i nuiHHeii uiin leuny iu tu'i ti i,
w" w'ls I'uruug witu vi r.
-Soiuli to llio American, iiuio was
"1. Tlio mother took tbo in
ber onus nud gave it tbo tiui.l em
b,,lClJ 11,0 l"u' luV'" ki"H' 11,1
. fatbtr took ber iu hid 111 III H mid kihH
ed her, und tho other children look
ed ou iiHtouudod, while the girl stood
"Hood bye," said tbo Ainoricnn. "1
. will t ike good cure of tbu balv,"und
taking her fro a tbu iu JlUor's uuus
bo started for the door.
Tlire whs a shriek, tbo womai
darted to bim just as bo wus closing
the door, and snatched tbo bub
from bis eyes,
"Drop tbo child 1" snid ;tbo fatbei
"You can't have bor forull the mon
ey iu Amoricky !"
"Xo sor," ejaculated tbe mother,
half way between fainting and hys
terics, "I can't part wid bor
And she commenced undressing
tbe baby.
"Take back your beautiful clot ho
give ine back the rngs that wus ot
her, but ye can't bavo tbe child "
And the girl commenced under
standing too, for sho did not wau'i
to cbtuiu clothoe)uudor false pretense
but tbe American stopped tbe die
'It's bad for the child," be said
"but somehow can't blame you
Yon are w. Icomi to tbe tbes.
thought "
Aud be left as fast as ha could.
snd I noticed he was buy with bit
handkerchief about bis eyes foi
soiue minutes.
How many more steamboat boil
ers than reputations will be patched
this year f
A man that is variable is not es
teemed yttj able by Lis psigbbors.
10, ISS2. NO, 28
Tbo Scriptural Seven
On llio seventh tiny God ended
bis work.
On tbe spvppIIi inotilh Noah's ail
touched the ground.
In seven days a dove wns sent.
Abinli'iiii p'eadeit seven times fo
Jacob mourned seven days fo
Ioh. ll'l.
served mvn yeuis fo.
And vol
imollier seven Venn
n ire.
.aci.l) :'' pursued uhhwii
j irney by I. ill ,
A plenty of nnven years and
finiino of soeii ears were f iictol
j m Pharaoh dream by suveii fat am
levell cats (it hiilile.l c-l'll.
O l tbe seventh day of tbo mvunll.
nonth thu children of IhiucI fasted
n iton days Hi) I icinaiiiuJ suveii tlaw
r, their tents,
Kvury sove nth year tbo law win
rut 1 to tbn peoido.
Iu the destruction of Jericho ev
"il persons boro Heven trumpets sev
uu days j ou tbo seventh day the.
surrounded the walls seven time
md at tbe end of thu seveulb roui.d
tbo walls (ell.
S ilom m w :n seven years build
ug tbo teuiple, und fitted Suvei
lays at tbo iludicatioii.
In tbo tubci uiielo wcro sevoi
The got. leu CindlcMtick bad fccvci.
Niliiman washed seven times it
ho river Jordan.
Job's fi ieiids sat with him sovrr
.' lys mnl seven nights, und ofl'creil
.vtn bullocks uud huvuu rums for a:
' '.oncmcnt.
Our Saviour spoko seven timet,
nil tbo cross, U which bo bunt
ivuti bourn, mid after his riBUriec-
-o ii npptared suvou times.
In tbo Itcvelatioiii wo read of
iiisven cliuicbuH, seven c lu llentK 1;h
.VL. Hj,lH tmver. truuiputs, Heveli
lagiies.soveu tb.iudnrs, si'Vuii vials.
",vt. BII(ioi UU tt 8uvsu-beaJod
H ' il
it W(lB liH rusi ,.,,(,r ,()ine
b nirdii.'g hcbuol, uud it lea l us fol
Lot :
Dear I-'alliei: I wrotoyou In for.
i wnto ill i lite i I k ri .v you like d
() ma in 1 1. 1 tli:u!( I w ill ii t
don,; with my logons first-rate. Tin
g'l dell lielu il full (if chicken", UIMl
IlllieU I till Ullllilll III I. I.I llihlult
I've gut iih fur III All Mtiidi r tin
i-( il. I le em i it il a fwuid to en:
;nuli uu ii. 1 beru is uu iiil orch
.id half a mile I'll". I ho boyn plat
mil iu it : lifter that tberu inn''
mich nppli H Thu iniiiif tel'd son wai
1 ckod this inoi uiug for going a 1'hIi
iii on S. hi. lay, 11m iMiigbl lots ol
liib uud snys hu is going naiu next
.Suiiditv. think I like the minib
tor s son a good S'lid mo mm
ulus us soon iih you can, also u jack
knife and a top. Two of us bo
eft a piucti of wet soup lit the hiud
f tho Ktnirs just before daybi'euli
md by tbu tiiiiu the cook got to tin
loltom hIiQ was to sick to biiiakfiih'
A o have pruvms reg'lar t-VHry dav.
and tbo toachur roads out of the Hi-i.-,
but tiou't thiuU it's so bully .U'
ji Inying tug iu a liny left,
Truii) your iifl'uctiuuuto son,
That Message.
'I sposo you bus nnd do Presi
lunt's luiiHd io V" iiiipiirod an old
joloicd niiiti ns he wus sweeping nn
ollicu of Lurutid street, tbe vthui
Oh. yes !"
Anythiug ppcuhul in it ?"
'No, uut muoU."
Say anything 'bout do why
t iters Lus liz np in pi ice f"
"Git any hggers in dar to
policy ou
1 didn't see any."
"Did he ssy it was gwine to le
bad winter
"No, lie didu't even mention thi
' Didn't give sny cures fur cbib
sins or sore fronts "
"Von what's do good of any oes-
asge T What's de use of sittin' dsi
ind fool in' round snd Lnruin' gss f
Saltes to graoions I 'Pears like if I
nonld't sqneere In s lossin or little
ours for corns la ft seben eJumn
noesesge I'd let ds old fiotr go, sn'
take my el Q s on a reflle far s
Cbiistmss, jm,!'- rV PrtJ
riiblMied every Tlntrsdav Kvenmg
Terms of Suliscnptton,
rwo iMir.LAits rr.R annum. p0y
shin vithin s't month . r f.'.'iOifiiiit
pnld within thsyenr. No pwr di.
continued until sll rrr.sraife a-S
i nid unlet st the option of the pub.
Hult rlptinns nntAido of the OOQbtt
8h?rlVtn)iis lifting and Using psprve
idilret-d .o olhm liccomssiilni.TUjors
unl sre liiihle foi the irico nrthe paper
Under. Oath.
IIIAM', boon sfll cted for twenty
rtt't Hh ) iit.atintl .kl i tm,, rl.
.1 i f initu M I) ' l-a.irlial.. nn.l ..h -f
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I nil I fl'iHl'l .., ltli tliv l.rli ,,( ii, m4t
klllli.l .l.i.-t. r. I. .In.Ij Mil .urrlr "ttn.l4
mill if ." 1'iU wlnlr II mroii.
It p-p.n in r.rm ,i Irjr ltr thMl
lii-r .r I I, li- . u ml. I- to ,., n li..,r,
ti l riiilrrinn In ( all il,a ,n. I, wry
n r . Hi -r . n il I l.o no.rly il.i.' il nf
e i r. rn I'fitn 111. .Iiritt mi ttif t.. fom of
lim h l u. lwii It. . v...t,. 0'itil .InldN
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vit'.l"ic nl'ii'i'1!. Ili.l (...iil.l l limntht nf ant rrlli-l. I 'm 3 h ul in,,. .t,ft.
v I, In I. .(. I niiul.l rnrli ll, Ida iirln,
i rHi-h'il l'Mll, tin it. no I w I (h' Svlit
li 'iil I hv" I" K i-i Ilir li "illl. hu. nnil l
I'l'ili'.. t.ii"li., Ml. h , whir I hi i
iairlltln. II... llr ir itll m.ftlntil
l.i Drrk ,1.111-111 in Ml i.i.l All Ili.iHh h-it I ,lnrl limn I.. Irn, I irn.-'llr
runl i.i .11". fr i ke-l ilir.ii li I hi .kl.i nil
oiiitI.."' . ir.i.i my rl -. arm. Innl,
ii, li-. It l.i liy .wi ilc ., tin, nail, nam nf,
niHi't n o.' .'ii i nn.i li ir I m i bur ilni.l
ii ..I 1 1 -1 a ul I ir i. in, mi ,ju.i
mw I ,. I .iiiii.r (
My al.'ir. M'l. K II. Inala. hit .mill
iiiii. i "I t-'ill. iiri In tut h ui'. nliS
' i.u .ln'i v v up -Kl.i " mil -y rnt...
s in .a . llr. .,n i,,n. an.l nm.
K-i'rlii ! tli-rn i. r. In ; at ..;. I tin l-rrli.lal
if.. Hit a rail..n Irmu lie. tin. I'li..y
imni'lillnly (it Hi I'u'liMir lliarl.ini
li imi.I I urlll -r), I'lill'TH an. I I'litl.-iir Mnap
llin -If In rurra) I ni-in m- nn.l l.y talia
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inii-illl a llila alil-t n iAIir
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ll-ni rann, .I'! a.m i. , . y
irn Iu hiluro in I . lUOt (lit f tinnirf,
law, A. M.I.KIIINiHVKi.l,.
J.etlc vl lb 1'iaCI,
' i n i nt.
Ilrnin II. -a ar f ir it'liy a'l .lrilKKala. Price
f . I ri. I'll t. a M I 'lnnl .InlU, nll h..ia., fi. I!, ru itKin.'a.r,
I n I I u l Turing.-, l i. r li.'lll. Ill in I II
UilH.IVAI. Tell.Et S.f, iV.i riTlrl'm
li tiir.Mi. i:r Sear. 1W.: In hari fnr 'i I I ir4 o-iaaj njr. I'rlool)t
i.f i t, wm.KHi I' lTrKit. Humn, mm.
Sanford's Radical Cure.
A ptn In tiif Inst ihlly ruMftr- i thi ni'ini vl
ilr nl Mtir er liif nr H ! t N.t ts, ir tht h4
li I )' liatluK, lip4 w i-sjry iiis.'hfirystt Irinti ibt
'ifu in I f) o. i e. tynt 4 rnitf ing n "le In ti
ttt'Slfl, I'IIH' lyr-V.MIR IIO . Ml'll m I Jri lU.'rl
'hillsi mul lover. In I'tinmlr ('trrli II
lnnito ii -; 1 M ". nf fi.ul nm"Uf
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twlk. of all .ri lor 41. AsK I tSa-s-
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llirlrt it, tiny luf i.iiIh
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viry wliir
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Drt i-lliftfT Uo'lBO, StuMo
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n'tiiir flour In lanU rif ul culU ntlorj
I'ortns nsv
I'wr fmli.vr i-sirtl ul r- hlre ,
HAMlit A. M It KM A V,
Nuv. 2i Ihtl. II. 'Inuclvlllo ftojilsjr 5d.
'PlIF. ll.iis of Miclm.d Minium
I itii-M riltnrit r'lvull Hill, III f.illnwlnc
loai ili I l.r il Krui l : A oin.iln mm.
ii u ah. I Im.-i ni i.,u.l .Hun In I'irry t-u.
-ii y.i-r I o. I'. Ii.iiiii.Ii-. I ii. I il. i. iliiiil f'l'
I'.na, mi Oil N.irlli l.y Inn. In .il I n -fh Mnilh
Hatl I.. Inoml l.ia.i. N. UIU lij lan li
ol .lr- Ma It. ami Wot ky UuJi 1'aulil
AibaKl.t KJllUlllltltf
Six Acros,
ni -ri or lra miu tin n i-urtiiianool, 6t
a Ul. b la er. i'tnl a K'"' ' VHnry
I limn' iiiihh, Ihiiik l'nrn,
an 1 o'livr ui;ll.iill.lli.i.-a, al-o n orcliinl af
li.. . Iriill, n.-illant waiir rn-ar tn- loor.
l-ur iiiiiii n.(.l in l-KWIS flIIMt'S nf
II. 1. 1 n i I tun. hi. I Milli isnyilir Vo. I'a., r to
iili AH), .lAl'liU UILUbUr, MiUdlitiurii
' !). VI, II.
VOI ICK is li.-i.l-v pivrn Hint ths
i.1 L'n.nrlbiraLin liliitnltir attatlDff ta
in I.i lil lliua. I.i li. iii it. I'a., iirala't h l inlnia, j.a-ili-uiluri.1 lni laminlr. kl f
uailiaua lUUOay Oiaaultii) t n-uiuil ei.naiiit.
hit. 111. llll.
Jan. I,'a. If.
AD.Ml N I ST It A T R I X N OT I Ufi
l.UI-a n( i linlnlalr.ll .n nu t i lalaiaof
nr,..(iiy; II HN In-.K, diciaa.l lit! vl l -lun
ti., Hnilar ruuniy. fa, nalr Iran
MiaDii a to tin i. iiitiiiii it, all ariui,t hai.)
I. k lli.-ii.iilv.i I aid a.lata an ra
.ii.a .l.i luaka ln.uia.lia.a piyulol, bile
liii.aa l.allnn nialiui win irtal tlilia Half
juiLiutioaud lur iclLnuiiDl
J.n. Auiulait'itru.
X V I.nunri bi iilrnlitraHoB rm tin mats of
Hl.IMl.PII BK IHIil AH danunS, lata (
Harry Iwii. Sn) lir eoaaty, I'a., baa Id latara
araotr l In Ilia all (irauul Sanaa
ua Ibauiaalvaa lailibtanl to mil aaiita sra fa
iuiat. il to niaka Imiaa.liati aayiaaut, hiM
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ulttiutlii4 (or aiili-.nint io
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of Mllllliibiu-ijr, !..,
Iioh innritifrtcttireil n
Hitlvo for tho onre ol
tofT, iils, lteli, A:o.
wliteli im lilirliLv roc-
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