The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, January 12, 1882, Image 1

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    A. -lirHr'fcHt-i-t 'jtlrttOM.
Di column One year, fCO.Ot)
One-half, Column, one year, 8(1.00
One-fonrth Col if i an, one rur, 15.00
One square p(Mme)l insertion 7fl
JCerr additional insertion, . (0
Professional and ItifMness esYds ol
not more than 5 lines, per year, fl.Go
Auditor, Executor, Administrator
and Assignee Notices, 2.50
Suifcmai notices per line, 10
Ail transc.ieni advertising leal (ban
f months 10 cents line.
All advertisement for a shorter fe-
mu uno jrwir are pevaoie l the
lima they are ordered, and H nol paid
the person ordorln'tf them will tie ueub
sponsible fur lite money.
P o e t r
tooforej Prayer.
' O! Chrisl In subtnlmion
' And humble contrition
1 beseech absolution.
In my weakness and grief
He not to tue deaf
Olvo my soul relief.
May Thy holy permission
Grant this heart remiiwlon
f From IU wretched condition.
To Thy glory and praise
Remove the dark maze
That o'er shadows my days.
If Thy will It be, "
Ijet eternity
Solve the mystery.
Overrule the maligning,
To terror consigning
Their wicked designing.
May Thy grace assist
My poor heart to reslnt
. Thoughts It shouki;desist.
Help ray heart to rise
From all earthly ties
Unto Thee lu the skies.
Approach ine when dyinjr,
ThyJSweet grace applying
Death's terrors defying.
When I cross the dark sra
' Holy Christ tut It be
Thatiny soul rests lu Thee.
A Cry from the Shore.
1'ome down, yegraybevd mariners,
l"n to the wanting shore I
The morning winds are tip: the gods
Hid mo to dream no m or.;
Cuiue, tell me whether I must sail,
What peril there muy be,
U-fore 1 take my Ufa in haul
' And venture out to sou!
"We may not tell the where to sail,
Nor what the dangers are;
Kueh snilor soundetli for himself,
Kach hath a separate star;
Kueh sailor soundetli for hiniMulf,
Anil on the awful sea
What we have leurued Is ours alone;
. We may not tell It thee."
Come book, O ghostly mariners,
Ye who have gone before!
dread the dark impetuous tides;
I dread the further shore.
Tell me the secret of the waves;
Say what my fate shall be
VJuiek! for the mighty winds are up,
And will not wait for hie!
"Huil and farewell, O voyager!
Thy selfniuxt read the waves;
What we have learu'd of huh ami storm
, Lies with us in our gravws;
What we have learu'd of sun and storm
1m ours alone to know.
The winds are blowing but to sea;
Take up thy life uud go!"
Twos thus she fell; and the people
turned ,,,
And coldly spume 3.
Old time friends with studied earn.
Tossed her by with a stony stare.
All day long in solitude
She brooded o'er the oleasant iMmt.
Andfroiu the future shrank agahst
i ...
. -a. KBigut. -iier neart was dead,
Tli ...
Tflf tllA l 1 J L f . .... . -
Tiuwiew oeuiirs or air
j ..vfiiu uoiu auu uuiuiori uer.
eL In tlia .1 ... i i ..i
unu sua wsuea ma
" 'sou. xreatiuig co meet
er soul in sleep.
"Charity's" door she bastied thuf nl.rhf
.umik wmo mnr i iroin aiirhr
im tiAir..i i . ....
ui ouBiiuneu room within.
'hJ t .
uoiwiessi v. un and down.
"e walked the streets of the slumber
ing town. i
ould we but know' what Christ's own
rced on the sand.
... ni no uouoi ne wrote
suoh as her sweet words of hooa.
eannot know-so let It be.
P nd down, with vuwin. r..t
" trveLxl the deserted.street. . '
morn nor tool Had fled. !
'y found her-Ueadl ' ',. '
- ui ton ine sad volood bel . i
-r .uoa as ner, Tis well! ,
tinned against and desolate. .
wajlre blush of womanhood.
" "iiie sea, sne stood.
Chicago Tbib vnb
a me mso WUO "00M3
fetty flgore.". , ;
'MJ wife remake FitlDoodle;
. . ' over" the wiuer
"UQS. Nua'a 0n4 tK. J.l.-.i
aid tha fnrm.n nt
"lory, when giving In .the er-
a Sad the man who stole lbs
am ' ' i .m r- t - . '"""iT'"" - , nii,.--r -,T-
How to have a Bad School.
1st. Elect the most ignorant.
bigoted, close-fisted old fogies, for
Directors, .
2 Oil. Employ the cheapest teacher
yon cso get, regardless of qnalifloa
lions, repntstioo or sxpsrlenoe.
8rd. Find all the fault yon can
with the teacher, sod tell every'
body especially let the pupils bear
4lh When yon bear a bsd report
boat the teacher or the school
cironlate it as fast you enn.
Cth. Never visit the school or en
courage the ttacbor.
Cth. Take close notice of what
soems to go wrong, (quiz the schol
ars) and tell everybody abont it ex
cept the teacher.
7th. Never advise yonr cbilJron
to obey tbo toucher, and when oue
punished, rush to the school
room before your passion is cooled,
and give the .teacher a bearing in
the mat tor in the presence of the
school, or allow your children to
insult the teacher without reproving
8th. Be indifferent about sending
your children too regularly, nod if
they uaake slow progress, blumo the
tencher. ,
9th. Never bavo yonr children
study at homo,- or inquire about
their progress.
10th. Do not bo conccrnod
whether tlioy have tbo necessary
In general, conduct yonr school
ou tho chespot possible plan, and
let your chief cmiceru he to find
fault sud deviso ways of retrench
inent. If theso rules ft re faithfully carried
nut. you arj not likely to fail in.hav
iog a bad school ; to seo your child
ren grow up vicious and ignorant or
look back with bitter censiiro on
their parents for robbing them of
birth-right ; you will seo tho morals
of your district degenerate, decent
and enterprising people move out,
taxes increase, property diminish in
vul no, and the wholo community
on the high road to a devil's para
dise. .
Whcro tho Drums Come From.
Granville Corner is situated about
two miles north of the Connecticut
line. A large mill stream rnns
through the place (a brnne.Ii of the
WostQsId River), furnishing a num
ber of privileges most of which are
utilized. Mcssl'1'8. Noble Si t'ooley
are by fur the largest manufacturers
iu the place. They say that in Do-
ceiuier, ioj, they Uitl inu la a
drum in Mr. Noble's fathei's kitchen,
from a board found in the bain,
teamed it with a tea-kettle, aud ns
ed two hog 'a bladders for tho Loads.
Nest they made a dozen drums, and
sent them away in a boot box.
They now , bave a fuctory 110x10
feet. They lave made and sold
79,000 drums. Those were made
of wood, tin, brnsa and niello. They
used for the beads of all theso
drnms .80.000 sheepskins, which
came from Liverpool, of the kind
known as salted flosbes. Let none
of your resders wonder where all
the toy drums are rnado bereaftor.
The firm also made 100 gross of toy
pistols, 23,000 boxes tenpins 700
gross rolling hoops and 13,000 boxes
wooden toothpicks.
Ttiouflhllul Thoughts.
No man is wise at all times.
Smile with the sword of truth.
A whisper soporateth friends.
Charity is the band of porfeotooss.
Every one mast bear bis own bur-
Neatness and order are eomaond
The first freedom is the freedom
from sip.
Mental gifts often bide bodily de
fects. .
Modesty bas more charms than
beauty. . , ' . . . . '
We sow a good many seeds to get
a few flowers. :
There are remedies for all things
bnt death.'
Every season of life. bas. its ap
propriate dutios.
' Few are tbe orators who know
wbea to stop talking. 1 '
Strong language utterly fails to
bolster a weak argument. ' ,
No priuoipal is 1 more sober, os
there is none more bcly, tban that
of true obedience.
Beware of treacherous friends.
Thieves steal olocks out oXorr's
town school boustf,"V,. , .
Religious Drumnfore. .
Religion comes bsn4y in basins,
Tho greatest liars, as a rule, are
rhareh members, s'ttif riost "drum
mers" naturally belong . to aim
cli met).
Ooe ef the travelers for a Ne
Yofk dty good house recently arrived
lu so interior State to Bud that onr
of hl best customers ws about t"
trani.f r his custom to a llolon firm.
"P'Ju't we nlwsys do well t
you V as!el the Nw Yrker, as h"
sat down for an explanation.
'Ye, I beliovs so."
"Didu't wo ship goodi to yon
prorop'ly ! '
Did we ever pres you in a pinch?
"No, I cso't sy that you did "
"We cnu't nudorstsod why yon
should lesve our hnue sll of a sud
den, srter buying of os several yoar.'
" suppose I ought to mnke ome
cxplanatio n, and I will lu so," re
plied the merchant.
"You know that I sliced cburoli t"
"Yes ; and sa do I."
"DoyouI didn't know that. 1
in lo ikod up n as a Cliri-ti m,"
"And so sro I, I have llio tints of
my baptism r'ht bore in imto book'
"Ii t li nt so ? well, our churoli I
io nrcd o( repairs. We wore talkinn
it ever tho other dny, when tlie H s
ton drummer was in here, and lie nt
onco subserlbed tco dnlliir,"
" J en dolluis ! Wliy, that's only
two tegi of (tails ! Tut mo d wn (or
$:M cash, s now silk hut and u suit of
flotlirs lor tho ujitiitcr.''
"Do you mean it V
"Of foiirso I do, nnd if thnt two-
cent Christian from Host on d ires to
five snnthor ?5. I ll send you down a
?(!00 I'hnrrh oignii ari'l n 8.")00.u-ycar
miiu to pliy co i'. W are a houxe
that ucvor nmke any'gre:it 'di-pl'ay'ol
gospel liynri" an I religious tructs,
but when u lloston drummer tlulf-,
we show our irligion bauJ, tii d
coop the put evey lime."
And the merchant si ill continue-
to deal with I lie New Yolk lit ui.
.Old Schoolmaster Saws.
In a school of yonug ru scuts the
schoolmaster isal.ays tho prioci
psl. Tl e cnrioM'ty I huve to show you
lo-diiy, children, is perhaps the
most wonderful iu the collection
lie bests nil.
The srlionl'imstor, it is said, (ruins
tho young idea how to shoot. He
is not, himself, given to shooting,
however, flu take- uioro duliuht in
the rod than the gun.
The schoolmaster is uot a military
man, but his priuoipul assistaut is.
Tbe namo ef this assistant is Corp
oral f uuishinent. ll is to be hoped
the corporal will soon bo reiuauded
to private lifo.
The schoolmaster thoroughly un
derstands the rule of threu, but al
ways iusisti upon tho rule of oue.
So you see bis understanding is out
of all proportion to his rule.
Although the schoolmustor is a
ruler of tho boys, be bas bis' own
rulor. If be is no stick himself, his
rulor always is.
The schoolmaster is a very in
quisitive person. lie is always ask
ing questions. His is a question
able calling.
Special Market Report
Young men Steady.
Qirls Lively, willing and in den
Papas Firm, but doclioing.
Mammas Uusottled, but waiting
for higher bids.
Coffee Considerably mixed.
j Fresh fish Active and slippory.
Wheat A grain belter tban bar
hy. ' '
Kggs Qoiet, but will probably
open np lively In a abort time,
Whiskey Steadily going down.
Onions Strong and rising,
Dreadatufls Heavy.
Boots and shoes Those lu mar
ket are "soled" and constantly going
op nnd down. :
Hats and caps Not as bigu as
last winter, exoept foolscap, wbicb
is stationary.
. All tbe school children at Titus-
villehsve been vaccinated, .
Tbore are fifteoo men under sod
tenco of death In tbe state.
" Diphtheria is rsglog la tbe north
em part of Cambria county,
A roan who bad scolding wl.",
being asked what be did for a UvloJ,
Wanted to Pleaie.
There are men atway anxious to
plonso. Even if they bave only one
artiole, so willing are they to suit
you thnt they will call it by any namo
yon desiro. They do this solely - to
iccommodato t they are good tnVn
nd never tell lis s. Klinktun is one
of theso men.
Dliiikum put np a notice rccontly
in our post ollieo adeertining a cow
for snip. Now on a square trade
Itliiiknin csn't be bent. A ocighbor
f ours wanted to purchase a cow,
iaw tho notion and cnlhid on llliuk
urn. I understand roti hive n cow to
jell,'' said the purchaser.
"Yes, sir, and she's as good n cow
49 ever whislced hor tail iii mosq'ii
to time," said Hlinkum.
"How old is she T"
"J tint nin yeitrs old last spring,
nnd not a dsy older."
"Drench I"
"Not a breach," said Dliiikum.
"What kind of milk does she
give r
"It ain't milk. It is clour cream,
and forms intj buttor balls nil
stamped bef ire you can get out of
tho yard. Why,' contiouo I Dlink
um, warming op, "hor butter Im
taken tho first premium at tho Ox
ford county fair f jt tho last dozen
What Sin Called Him.
A well knowu e liic tlimulist
vouches for tho tri b of tho follow .
ing : A toucher iu a lower grudu of
olio of our publio schools received u
new p ipil tho other day a litllo
.diss of six or seven years, limited
MatTio Drown After taking her
uauie fir the school roll according
to the custom, the tencher said :
W but i your pupa's uittue, Mat
tie .'"
Mr. Drown."
"Vcs, but wliat is his first n-imu?'
'Don't ki.o.v his u.tit.o is jiut
Mr. Drown."
"Yes, yes. I know i (lien a bright
idea struck her, "Wuat docs your,
iiiuiumn cull him !
Ou ! 1 know what . ou moan now
tho iuuocent child l epliod i "Ma, ! ing fret fill, peevish, fault tin ling and
sho culls him s darned old fool ! ' j discouraged. No two pers
It is safe to coiicludo that the untttur who they nr-, should halut-leaelu-r
did not reg inter the child s ' unlly ' sleep togotlier. One will
falter us D. O. I''. Ui own.
Good Byo.
It is n hard word to spouk.
mny luiigh that it should be, but let
them, Icy hearts nre never kind, l
'n n word that bus choked many no
ntternuce nnd started many a tear
I'ho Land is clasped, tlio word is
spoken, wo part nnd nre ou tho
groat ocoan of lima wo moot
where 7 Ood only knows. It may bo
soon i it may b3 never. Take care
that your good bye ba n it a ojld
ouo 'it mny bo tho lust you may
give. Kro you can mootytfur frioud
again death's cold band nny have
closed bis eyes and clialnod his lips
forevoe. And be may bave diod
thinking that yon loved him not
It may boa long separation Friends
crowd onward and give you their
band. w ono you dotoct in eaob
good-bye tho love that lingers there,
and how you may boar away with
you the memory of thoie words
many days. We must often sop ir-
ato. Tear not yoursolf away with
careless boldness that defies all love,
but make your Inst word lioger
give the heart full nttorauoa and if
toars full, what of it 7 Tears are uot
Tbe berths on board ship do not
oeoessarily aid to the census. The
hatchways are not hen's uests. The
way of a ship is not tbe extent of
her avoirdupois The boatswain
doos not pipe all hauls with a
meerschaum. Tbe ship doos not
have a wake over a dead calm, Tbe
swell of a ship's side is not caused
by dropsy t nor is the taper of a
bowsprit a tallow candle. Tbo bol I
Is tot a vessel's grip. Tbe trough
of a sbip is not dug out of tbe ship's
log. Tbe crest of a wave is not tbe
indication of its rani. The buoy
is not the captain's sen. Ships are
never boarded at hotels. The bow
of a ship is not evidonoe of polite
ness. A sailor's stockings are never
manufactured from yarn of his owo
spinning. Tbe sails of a ship are
oot made by an auctioneer i nor are
Ibe stays oonstrnctod by a milliner,
j "T'lfbioj, Points in , life street
Lotcri of Money.
Pardon me for trotrbling yon,
sir, but did you drop a ti t g kl
piooa T ' asked a ronn with an earnest
look on his face and a motmrnudum
book-in his hand, of a well-dressed
individual, on the rornor of Jefforsoii
and Woodward nvennes.
Tho man nddrussed ran his Imn 1
nervously into various poeitels and
replied t
"Well, now, t declare ! Cun it b
p-issible that I ws o carohm . m to
drop that coin! Yes, it's gone, 1
must have lost it riht here, near
whore we stand."
Tho tu in oponod li s m m r nd l n
hook, t ok from his vest p ic'tet the
stub of a pencil and said ;
"Will you favor me with yonr
name and address 7'
They worn gi-cn, nnd the ques
tioner stinted oil. w'leil tiu oll-
Irosiud ram crieil :
''Hi, there WUoro's tho in joey 7
(live mo my g jld piece."
'Oil, I didn't find nny iminoy. I
took a notion this morning that in n
city like this, wlioro thousands and
thoiwtnds of d'lllais nro lniiKlled
every hour, tlu ro miiHt be groat
hiHses. nnd starl 'd out to iuvesti ate
tho inslter, J'utwoun horo ivi 1 tin
river I found H.-ven men that had
lust twenty d illarg il 1 pieeo-i, and I j
expect to run tho lint np to "JiVj Im
fore I reach the City Hall. Ujjd
day, sir."
Stccpira Apait.
Moio quniTilsiriso
brothers, betweeu sisters.
between I
hired giiln, between, clerks in stores,
! between Lirod n:en, boltfeon hus-
bunds, nnd wivcp, owing to elect lieu!
changes through their systems by
lodging together iiilit nfier vnU
under the samo bedclolbos than by
nny other dmtnrbing cm.. There
ts nothing that will so derange the
nervous fore,, as to lio nil ...glit in
bed with another periot, who is-a
sol Uon t iu noi vous forco. Tliu nb
sorbcr will go to sleep and lest nil
night, while the eliminator will bo
tumbling and to-sing, reslhss nnd
iieivoiis, nu. I witlio np in tho morn-
t In i vo nnd the other will lose,
is the I i'v. Aurn if t.if,'.
Fraver is tlio crent reined v
ngainst nngor, for it must suppose it
in soiro degree removed before we
prny, nnd then it h mora liliely it. help theitisolves. Lightning can
will be finiilio 1 wIi.-.mi the prtyer is j reieh tLo eal tli without any usin
d oo. We must 1 iv mi l i tha act. of j tnnco it'l l yet men put up li;;ht-!
anger as a preparati u to prayer t ning rods fur lightning to slido
so that if a ra in, to cure bis nngi r, 'down on.
resolvos to address himself to (iod Tho only jokes women liko to lead
by prayor, it is first neooisiry that nro thoso that relkct ri lieiilo ou the
by bis own observation and diligence
lie lav tho nnzer aside, beforo his'
prayer can built to bo presented
nnd when we so pray, and so en
do Ivor, we have all tlio Messing of
prayer which Ood liatli promised t
it to be our socurity for success.
liUhop Jeremy Taylor.
On to Washington and tliu widow
ers : "ins, dear, of courso wero
going to Washington this winter 1
tbo President's a widowor. von
"How awfully loo utterly sweet !"
'Yes, nod the new Diitixh Mini
ster's a bachelor."
'ow too . precociously consum
mately lovely 1"
'I can't marry tbotn both, you
know, dear."
"No, dear, lcavo me just one."
Not noticing some travelers, a Col
orado farmer went oa loading and
liscbnrging a double barrelled gun
always timing nt some crevice or
opeuing in tho rocks which lay in
groat profusion around. Firmly
oonvinood that ho was a IuqoMj, tho
travelers detormiuod to treat bim as
suoh, and that was, as is carefully
explained, '-mighty darned civil."
"Qood-bye, stranger." they said.
Tbe man looked up, bat said nothing
"Plonty o' shootiug. around here,
Is'pose 7" Styi no answer. "Why,
what do yon fiud to kill there was
askod, as the man let off another
hot, "Kill be darned," said the
man. "I'm planlin. wheat. Pou'l
yon see that all tbe soil in this darn
ed section is between tbe rairks ol
the rocks, and I bave to sboot in the
seds I"
CiiQ a man, with fire iu Lis eyss,
commit a eold-blooded crime
'v '. t
A garden party Sntnn in Kdcn,
Ask a woman hi v oi l s'ie is if
you want to see her eho v lur rngj.
Sermons on tho slmrlnois of lifo
should nlso bo short
Ho to prevent now boots from
sipio iking iu chinch stun 1 in the
No woman slnuld Inirow t'us
husband of another, beennsii it i
not good for iu iii to bo a loan.
"It is never loo lute to mend,"
which is why the cobbler never hni.
your boot douo ut the timo promis
ed. Tlio young man who gavo up
drinking to propitiate his girl, wi.
I) concluded that a inns i-f as goo I
ai a smile.
I'titiM: on tho zebra "Flint kind
rf n baste is Unit the initio wi l l,i
riln on the outside of his sbl.iu en
tirely !"
1). ug stores iu M lino nn 1 Knnstis
nro closing up for watit if cns'.om i
it Iiaviii boon decided that rock and
rye is not a nii-dieinc,
Ono redeeming f. aluro cd Mor
uioniMiu seems to i't- that it does mil
throw tho burden of the supputt of a
liiihhund ou one wonnm.
What is tho d.lT.-ietico between
l iudaiiiini nu I .Mirulitini .f ol I T
Ono is the juice ef the poppy Hint
tliu other the poppy of the .lewi,
(b-logits in a ngreud Unit tho
earth in inil'.i m of years ol I. The
mouutaiu tops huvo been bald as f ir
b.ielc as wo can remember.
It is a me-iu mm who wi'l f.
i (lies by having the sax liguio of a
bald-hen led mail iu his loom to
tract tltein from liiui,
'I'ho Hi's t tiling linit sonio women
will want to do when they get to
heaven will bo to bunt lor a
i.Ul ,lubt nnd eh.n l.n.i,,.
u ; H,(ia M t,XHWx.wlu ,
a0 Lollj(!8 ,lt No ,lllvo tlluil
UIf,t,1 Tlu ullUhiou,lblc
lmlUl ,a -,. .. . .
It seems a litllo strungo Hint jams
should always bo found in a wide-
iuoiithid bottle. Oulv tlie iiiu inns
f,e.ri0ut tho uarrow-ueelied bottle
tled for yenis like an nnuiuri ied ludy
of advanced line ? Dci'sliso it is old
madi), mid nouo t'uu woise fur it.
Jones, on heuiing a bund of
"picked nuiMicians" toittiring a tnuo
nt a recent concert, said, "Ah, I un-
doistand i they wero pieKed be-
.'J'o thy wero ripe I"
Always help thoso who nre sb'o to
men. Henou, wbeu a wum iu picks
110 :i imi'.n. tho Cmt li,iii. kI. 1,.,, -
lot is the uinmago cjliimn.
The gill who was locked in bor
lover's arms for threo long hours,
explains that, it wasn't bur fault,
be claims be forgot tbo combina
tion. "I'.i you think you will bo nbloto
pull through f" anxioiiNly imjuiied
tho ueedleof the tbreud. "Eye guess
so," was tlie cm t 1 espouse.
A voiy sweet breath is sitid to bo
an iudicatiou of blood poisoning
We fear that blood poisoning is liul
epidemic in tbo L'uilud .States.
Will 1'dith have some potatoes '!
said a fond mother to her little
laughter. No t was the prompt re
ply. No What, dear, says uiuiumu.
No potatoes was tho emphntiu reply,
A small boy went to see his grau 1-
tnolhor. After looking eagerly
around tho Lnndsomelv furnished
room where she sat, be exclaimed,
iu'quiriugly : "Oh, grndmumm.i
whero is tbo raiserublo table papa
saj s you keep t"
Wishing to pay bis friend a com
pliment a gentleman remarked .
"I bear you have a very industrious
wife." Yes," replied the fiiood,
with a melancholy smile, "she is
never idle. 8do always fiuds some
thing for roe to do,"
A recent advertisement contains
tbe following : "If the gentleman
who keeps tbe shoe store with a red
head will return the ntnbrella of a
young lady with whalebone libs and
an irou handle to tbe slato-roofed
grocers shop, be Will boar of some
thing to bis ndt nntago, as . the same
is the gift ed n deceased mother now
11 a more With tbe - name enirraved
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Tin: ro.sT,
r'uMMir.l every Thursday F.vcnmrf
Terms of SubscrrijtiAft,
"tile vithin six liloliths.or .'.'slifnrrl
paid wiiliin tha yesr. No pnprr (lis
coiiiiuued until sll snesrsiros nry
paid unless tit the option of iho pub".
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'on. Tim
Snyder Coun
prr mJfnrt rr 4.1 ' J
I Audi, xOUtxlS 0,11(1
from 25c ts upward,
FnraisWng Good 's
and a largo variety cf
other goods
Call and examine my
steel: and be convinced
that I sell better goxla
and at lower pri3cs
than they caa be hid
Oct. 3, Bl.