The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, September 08, 1881, Image 1

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    Uoneyoar,.. m I
enlurrtn, one t. v.-
sdjitf.wel insertion. .f 60
thannlin, per year, 5.00
Bteculor, Administrator
Pittioe Soti., .... 2-0(
notice wrlins, 18
,Mciat advertising lens then
, ploenue lino.
FcrtHemonto for a shorter pe
i one yoar are payable t the
are ordered, and it not paid
in ordering them will o held;
bie tor lU money.
kurUhip and Matrimony.
Moonlight talk,
Midnight walk,
Longing eye,
Soothing nigh,
Front gate.
" I
parlor scene, ' -,
Feeling me nn,'
"Deart De,
Answer Ye,"
Kind kiss,
Blind bliss,
Papa, too, ,
Nothing loth, ,
Happy both,
Couple tflail, ' '
Have It buiL
Organ swells.
Marring boll.
F.ndod soun.
Double brown,
Mettled down.
One year,
Skies clear.
Years two,
Rather blue ;
Yearn three.
Can't at;ree.
Count- court,
"Hplendid sport."
Borrow. Sin.
Jury grin,
Divorce given.
Tetter riven.
Worried wife.
Lonely lift.
Husband roam.
Care. Cost. .
. "Love low." '
When yon wed,
Look ahead,
MlKht Full.
That all.
Nkw OhlkHSs Timks
Ia ,'07, Jko Tool wa atiiog tb
mat from QnlUtio to Heteos. Id
Montana, driving a iour-liotit onacb
la aamuier, aod a ' jdrkv" in winter,
seventy milut a any ' through luu
wildest rejjios, aad dm ' one of the
raoiit dtniforom road io the Hoi tod
SUtet. The conn try through which
thit truil mo W totally oiobabiU
ed. But (or tue threo itag station.
ber horne worj changed, and
which were dntf ont, or ' log hut,
twenty niilci opart. The IodUog,
ah bough geoerally filod'y,i'ra liable
to beoonie eoemlei at a tnnmont'A
wtroing ; road-t(rDts tod outliwe
wrra tliiiker upon the Oalla'in route
tbta toy other uorth of the Uaio
Pacific Uailroa l. aol the routo Uolf
ran through proolpieev, a though
orlgUnahy laid out by raouotiiu
ehi-ep, NotwithNtaodio all tbi,
Juke wi a Kuoocteful driver, ma le
Itettcr time, loat Tower mail an'l ex
preiit'eH, and rao his o )iol at a
amul'er eiuonse to tue company,
'.Inn ny other mu in tboir employ.
Hut when mixlortuua did o vert u Wo
bim, it was no llbt baud that tiitf
genius of evil laid upon him, wliicb
the following aJventurt prove :
One mugy nuruini), id surly
My, a$ Jt'ie lianled up in In4 of
the tii(e.o!u -e, an J prepare I to ro-
cene ruiiiU, exprons and tnoitnengfr,
if toy there uluul i be fur IlbUnt, the
WelU-Faigo agnt oallud to him
from within. Throwng the rem,
over the loot-brake, Po"l dep'udd
fruiu bit perch aod entered Hie nl'ico.
The ssent chut the door Mnud
that mad pace down tbe inouuUio
"Let's aes," be eontloned.'-if noth
ing goes wrong aad tbe road's' all
right, I ought, to make my lust
change about flva o'clock and roach
the I'aes before six. It will then be
broad daylight, eo I can rattle right
along, and then, after the spin down
the'eansway, I'll strike. Ditaon's
before aevon, cert tin. Beyond that
the road is too open and too tmieu
traveled into Helta to be danger
ous. By Jove I he concluded, hit
heart warming as be atruck his bcl
agaiual the unfa beneath tbe aeat,
'I don't see wliuro the aeot oati
atop me, uuIohs (lood boavone t
what if they try it in tbe very Pits
itaelf f I bad not thought of that 1"
The tuia was silent for a moment,
ao I bis face grave t tlion br'gliti-n-ing,
he shook his rein, loosened hi
rovolvora in boot and belt, an I, with
a sigh, oonoludud his soldacjuy with
tbo remark t
"Well, if they should meet me In
tbo Pan, 'twill be about a even
thing. If tboy inies their first shot,
I II rnn 'cm don, drivo cm into the
canyon, or drop 'em with my pietol.
Iftheydjo't tnisn, why thco the
"wag's theire I''
It was uow high noon, and aoon
station two wa reaolio 1, where hors
es were again olnnjod, nu 1 whn
Pool d ncl upon j rUal be.r uiett.
hot braid nud bluuk OoiTdj. Strong
food, but u i to) attva for t.'i't
long rido yet before him.
As he ruomitfd tho box and pre
pnred to dcpait, the kecpor of tll.t
Tbe grade was sharply descending
now aud tbe road rocky and rough.
A mile more and the Pass wonld be
reached. Theaoach fairly awayed
under It rapid motion.
Old Jim was forcod to cling to tho
scat with both bands in order to
avoid being hnrlod to the ground.
This was as Pool desired, and he
milod grimly as be noticed the otb
ei' aetion.
"Yer a drlvin' pnrty fasti"
screamed the gray-haired duMpem lo,
tho word fitirly joiko 1 from him a
the coaoU sprang forward, roukiug
from eiJo to side. "Ye'll hev to
hold up at the Pas--l
reckon "
Jako sot Lis teotb.
The granite walls of thn Pa were avoid all
now just bufore them, and tho rond-1 p cm pons
Don't Uie BlflWoidi.
In promulgating your esoteric
cogitation, or articulating your
snnorlicial aentimentalities
amicable, philosophical or psycholo
gical obnorvatioti, beware of pliititu
dioons ponderomty, Lot your eon
verMtional oommunioaiions p
a clarified coucienea, a eoinpaclod
comprehunsibleneKS, cotlecont oon
sintency, ond a concaleunted cogen
cy. Kschew all oougloinuration of
flatulent garrulity, jejtne bHbMe
muntaud atHiuioo atfoction.
your vxteinpornnnn us deitciiiilingk
and unprvmolitiiiol espat iution
havo in tUi gihility and veracioim
vivacity, without ihoduniontado or
thraxonioitl bomba Ht. fediiloiialy
poljRalltibic prolnndity.
prolixity, pttti:eon
A Funny Old Story
Tom Marshall was eo gaged in the
cae of a trial in the interior of
and Ken tuck r, when a decision of th
I'tihllnli'Kl eiry '( hnredav Even
Tenns of Snbeonptioo,
al.lo rlUiin six month, or lfiOlfnit
paid within the rr. Jo peper die
continual nntu a,l arvrx are
paid nnlee at the oUon of the pub
NubK.rlpriors nnteide of the ooootf
PATAtll.1! in AOVaMCB.
tTl'crfn liniiiff ami iiins; panera
addroMod t other beooineninnbera
old are liable for the price of the paper
way, dumuding and atet'p, rnn into vaciiitv, vrntrilooiiul vnb')ity, nnd
tho lm.lo-v of the c?tnin!? uight an d vnniloqtii'nt vapidity. Slum donbl"
tho ffloom of the crave like opening oiiti'titc. prurient jocosity, and
J u dee struck him so bad that hi
rose and said t
"There never was snch a ruling a
bat since Pontius Pilule presided
on tho trial of Chrml."
"Mr. Clork," rohponded tin
Judge, "Hue Mr. Mnrnliell III) Lo
oonttMiipt of Conrt.''
"I confena yjur Honor,'' con
linuud Toi:i, "thut nhutl shkI
vn a little bin d on 1'ouliu I'llatc.
hut it i tlm thut tnnu in the bixtoi'
of Keulucky jtn io u U'iH'o Unit it i
lipd that to eptal( dmrttupK'l fully ot
of I'ontiiiH l tlute is contempt of
Co nit."
"Mr Clerk, mxko the flue ?2d for
a coiiIiikious C'tiituiiipl," raid lh
Jlld'H. Holl'llltllv,
a narrow path, but little wider
than the coach ittielf.
The roar of tlioanry rivor fur be
low knuiled a novor ending warning
it ran, ra.fgd nnd torn, mu iti
tho j-iga I rocks, and tho dath-liko
init tht crept upward W;H damp
and chill.
"I won't hol l np !" and, an I with
thiHi word tho driver struck bU
boiwu shmply, mi .1, wtwitin, they
nprnng forward into thu Dovil'
t the natna ioUnt, lt'ilf-wiy
Well, Jitdjc," Tom od l.i 1. "a
pestiferous profanity, obacnrnnt oi vott won all my money ln Mlit a
apparent. In otln-r wordM, talk ' poki r, le:i 1 mo the twenty."
plainly, briefly, tititurallv, -iisibly, f".Vr. C'l. ik.'' cii.'d tho Jud.
truthfully, purely. K.ip from . hmlily, "remit tho fine. Tbe tate
"wt.inir ." dofi'l o ilon nil i rv what can tifTold to Ioho the mouey bolter
you mean i man whit you say
Aud don't iiho big word ! Jx.
him then drawing near he tuid, iu jBlatiou ij.j.oj Jtom Lis dug-out nud
Mercy love u 1
Far above u I
the comet xlaxhlng round
Tifty million
Million billion
)Ullo mile above tho ground.
VHiat a tall,
Llko a wlmle.
See it scout nud whiz and rare
With It flipper
In the Dipper,
now It roll the Major neur.
Now It' tryln'
(IrUli oxin;) that killed tho bull),
A:. 1 the moon
Prttty soon,
Uive the comet's tall a pull
nere and there.
IteNtleis sprlteof ky idea ;
Awful pert,
Hee it flirt
With Helen Potter's Pleiades,
Unbeliever 1
Famine, fever,
Plague and pestlleuce and war ;
Fret ond worry,
Trouble; hurry.
That la what a comet' for.
' Lote of dept.
Too much wet.
Rain and hail and (fleet and flood ;
Burning drouth, t j
Torrid south, i , .
Sunbaked fields and seas of tnud.
Blood and jbones,
Tears and groanit, .
Onatthlng teeth and horrid cries ;
?v. Howl and yowl, "' '
Frowns and eorowla, .
That's about the comet's site.
..' ' Everything !
It will bring
That Is bad beneath the sun ;
How It bums I
Here it comes 1
- Ooodnese trraciou, let us rnn I
. ' " : A Fish Story.
Some eastern tourists bad been
pinning some Incredible yarns,
jwbon one of tbe party taming to eu
Wd mountaineer, said r
Billy; that gets away with fishing
io Montana, don't it T"
"Wall, I don't know abont that"
c"Do jm mean to say thai you
have oanght larger fish V
I tot, I've canaht tome party
9 '
I exaolly k. tell aa to
U weight, bat joa folks oao flgger
on It,VTon know it la two hundred
""ilea t-arotnd Vellowstone lake.
M ttat 4owo; - Aa I said before '.
donTkbow tU-eight of ' the big
)( Ift at l ever yanked oat, but
"Ofjr . J&aolsd one op on tue
Wuh. aud after I - landed him tba
fQ Uiree feet, and it ban't ris
"There's fifteen thonsand in cur
rency iu the safe, to take ovor to
Ml rightl'' ropondod Jake
" I've c irriud mora bufore no, and
carried it safely."
"But," said tho agent, drawing
still nearer, "Dick's sick, aud there'
uo mesduoger."
"Ah I" sai I tho driver, meditativ
ely then, touching tho revolver
which bung at his belt : "I'll be
mosHongor and coaohmaa both
"But," utill continued tho othor.
"there's one thiug more," and bo
leaned forward so that his lip
touched his companion's ear.
"Coppor Tom end his pal, old Jim,
sre ou tbo road. A man from Cross
Trees was robbod by thorn last
Pool whistled long and low, and
his band fell from kis pistol-butt.
' Copper Tom" was the worst road
agent in Montana a desperado,
with both courage and braius.
"Dou't send the rags."
I must I" said the expressman,
anxiously. "The order is peremp
tory i the money iuut go to- day,
messenger or no messeuger. how,
will you take and carry it through!
Jake laughed. '
"I'll take it t that's part of my
bubiuess. Throw' the aafo under
the eotit and give me your pistol, I
may waut two." Aud be took the
otbor'a revolver from dunk where it
lay and thraet it into bis boot-top.
"As to carrying it through, that's
another matter, with those fellows to
stop it. But I II promise you this
if I go through, the safe shall I
The aaeot grasped bis baud and
shook it warmly. The door was
thrown open the driver mounted
bis eeat, tho irou box was stowed
beneath hie feet, the single pussen
ger (an old woman, to be left at the
first station) got in, the whip crack
ed, the horses plunged, the ooaob
lurched heavily forward, and, amid a
shower of mud, disappeared dowu
the steep monutain road. ' '
Although, it was May, the morn
iug was cold, and it was not until
the son bad climbed well np tbe
eastern eky that the chill thawed out
of tbe air, and by that boar Pool
was more than twenty miles npon
bia joarney, with fresh borsea iu
their traoea, and an empty ooacb be
hind bio Jit began to brighten
with tba mdv
Mfter I get through the Devil's
Pass," aaid be to Limaelf, "Copper
Tom or any other nan easy . whistle
for me, for root that to Piokaon'a is
as handsome a road aa ever a horse
strhok foot npon. and whoever . tries
to stoD me there, nolea bo shoots
first, will go under tbe leader' feet
I intend to make that little aeven
miles in jnat twenty-eight mioatea
without breakt I"
And be gathered hie relna with a
flrom band, as if already whirling at
Tho llariinbitrg TtU'.y fnpU vory
trntUfiilly roiunik thut tho m iple
and hoiulouk foroxU of l'eutn IvuiiW
Imvtt never tli beuotit of the
light kind of vuturpri o t ren ter
thetn n important an 1 , ro l ic'ivo
than I can."
"I cmigratulnto tbn jT'omt
it return to n riwio condition.'
Tom, rrsnuiinjj hi seat nmi I roar
of 7'c Ci)!'il.
ant 1
drew near
"There' nn oil ptrl dwn the
road apiece, '11 want a ride. He
war hero 'liont t wo hour ao. lle'll
bear watchin."
An I tun rough fr in'.ijrsmnn
touched the pistol-b i'.t wb cli pro
truded from hi open shirt front to
emphasizo hi warning.
Jake nodded.
"Tbuuk Tom I I'll keep roy eyes
open. So lonj '
The fresh rtouJa inharnus spiang
strongly frward, and thu empty
ooacb whirled away,
"It's old Jim, sure I" half whimper
ed Pool to himself, as bia trained
eyes suaiouu.! tue wiu iiug roaa oe
foro him. "1'lie old devil wants to
ride so that he'll b on hut 1 wiiu a
Copper Tom turn up in the Pans. I
see it all."
Tbe teeth closed with a snap.
"Good '." he o mtiu'tod, a momont
later "IU shall r ide."
Some five miles wore paiae 1, when
in the shadow of a great pine that
grew near tho trail, Jake eapiod hi
prospootivo piMOOgor, prone upon
the gionnd, at the foot of the tree
apparently resting. A the rattliu g
coaoh drew near, the into bustirro 1
himself aad slowly roo.
"U alio, driver I Kin yo favor an
old beggar with a life f Vox pluyed,
for m too old to trump as I used
to, ao' too po ir to pay for a rido.
Kin ye give me one f"
He stepped forward as .he spoke,
'oor be was. if tittered gtnuents
betoken poverty, for his olothiog
was but a single patched rag from
head to foot. Old be surely was,
for the witbofed skin and sototy
U ray lock, the claw-like bands aud
suukeneyes, could not well be disguised.
Half in scorn and balf iu pity, yet
with a brain awake to bie danger.
Jack drew rein aad replied to his
potitioner i
'Yos t Be lively and climb up
here. I'm behind time now. Where
do you go f" -'
The old man answered, as be
struggled to a aeat at tbe driver
side :
A touch of the whip and the
horses were again npon a quick trot.
Pool eyed bis oompauion as they
rode ouward, end almost uncon
sciously dropped his h tn l to bis
boot-top aud loosened the revolver
carried there.
"Cold day for May l" ld the
oew-oomer, shivering. "This yer
wind's sharp too"
"Yes." responded the other, men
tal I v wonderinJ where about - bis
raaired clothes the soooodrel at bis
side bad eoooealed bie weapons, "it
is cold. Dot yoa'll Aad it warmer
in tbe Pass." '
Sura 1" aaid the old roa, worthy
bis blood chilling with tba eovert
bint ia the word i and be urged bia
bortea to yet greater freed- -
Tiir. I'll r::i;iis,;K. Burdetto n lot
CM the following 'I' observa
tions : One day this hiI'Huht wo
thrungh tho terrible gorge, stauding ja thvir real viilne onhl t pio luce ; rode fifty miles in u inihv,iy cur sent
luotiouluse in tho coutro of tho roek f r them. Tli i muplo woilt'i of vd liliud four en, vnIio were
opou the olio hand, n oll tsia of un- ! Pi'tinsj Ivunia iu u valuable at that pi tying with tboMj n w f 1 1 pnli things
known depth upon the other, wn of her b'nek wtlunt, if pMpnrly !f (he devil cai'il. They played
e, -ii a in in 1 Ihnnilled, becniHo the wo ill i hard, '(.nrliio until thev v. ere tiio l of it.
Copper Tom was awaiting his and can lie utilize I to n bcnntiful They played a littlo sever-up, podro
I'latryl I effect a iu building and furniture n 'and occasionally tiillo of poker.
The old mm at Pool's aido niter-' that of wnlunt or null. This wood I We never heard n dispute. Tlmir
ed a cry, aud loosening his grasp tiflgrowsto enormous abundance in buihte of nieiriiiioiit occauionnlly ot
the seat with ono baud, he would , this state, aud will sooner or later ; some iiucn peeled puly leprittedly
bare thrust it into hie breast i but beeomo one of its most profitable drew our eye from our book
the oilier limr.n l him lout? toward sources oi iiuiustry ny moso wuo never quarreled and never
him. an 1 pro-ising a rovolver-muzzlo jkuow how to put it ou the maik
against hi forehead, whispered let.
atermelon contains about 'Jo
What right has any one endowed
with an ordinary annual of intalleot
no I blotved with a respectable sbsre
of good health, to despond f What
is the meaning of sin f I'r ovi tsnoe
never intended that one of hie crea
tnrea should be victim of admire
o feel and look the gloom, of a
ihniider cloud. Never despond,
friendly reader, for ono of the first
nitrance of vice t-i the heart is
nude through the instrumentality of
leHpondency. Although we conot
ct all our d iva and hours t b
indi-,1 by snnhine. wn must nM f r
mere inoiiifintiiry niieT suppose liiat
they Bie to be mehr.'VI l- 1 ill 111
mist of misery or clou bid by the
ipn'il v of irron nnd mi-f irtune
lUhintj ami ''(., Srrnf.
ufoM t'inmrj, I. Vvr., Old
.Sort, ox. M:miri,il ,f'
ftCti'iitt icicd nil olh'.r
Jutan A'ftirun
Tnr. refers iiu:TV:vr. inr tti
n.i l Miltl.Mi- t.p ami III" .1 iijh . n.
,i- tn I u lue f niil n. ol i-tutha lintin.v
v it . Il: ni 11,1,.,. I t,rltt r. nnl tic- fiftprii -I
it--,,i ri Ti'fu, nui i:v rirt h., .siiAr, lh
' M 6- I Skill ' , r- .
I .ir -ii,it.iirM. I ., nrmy amn
I 1 till HA nr, mn rui W tnllvf, littl Sllil
t.U'-cr) .aiirttu-. lr4Krnt m;u i1:I.Iiiu
UuMvriHl'.i nmi u'ili 14 ii.l-.. 111 p.
Mill Clifiim,
Will Mrll mi l Ml t. -sfors, OhlMir.
It r m (1 1 illy ..tiw I. ott cur,, Ma II lOmiiia
HO llill, un.-A, !,-. 4 'tl Itl'l A4 . ir HHV-'ll-lFi
4r- t 1, I ai.Iv l! wa.a I x. vl 'in t0 I'
Anl t -- .i.' n- y-4 : iwt im 1 1 liAit .
iil i. -r itf'it )mm ; trif.l l:unilrlt ot rii
liitM ; i.,i.tnrii tri,niMiiMitl 111- et h'iil. f
(i-ruikiivut'f L'urtil ib (.uilrut'A Ku,lij,
"Down with yonr bands 1 If ve
Mir ag'u I'll kill ve I kaow ye, old l,ul' CIU "f V"1 f and yeoftn'tcotoh Jake Poo! nor a trace of the purest sugar, and yet
bis load tins time I Down wrtU yer
Dtuues once. After wj got nt our
btiitiou wo sat nt tho window aud
watched a p u ty of young men and
maidens playing cioipiut. In tif
teou iiiiuule wu saw two persons
client suceusifiilly. We board tho
,. c. i .1 ini.r, "l-i urn li-mtui n. I.,
mrKllltPdnl.l. A, I.M.. l K..III, t..,J
I mkii.ii,., i,y ii,.- u-rn tii n"iiLtr Inur-
tINlly All I Ct'TII't'NA Hllil IM'TII l.'H SlOAr tl
ll.riillv. I'l, . ... m .M....I.
They ur priiA. in a juntii'o ul tb a.
CalUd llicbln Ami K.'ly t ibu ild ,uii tu u
lur nil" lAiiiiuuniAl la lull.
hand I "
Tho rLu Mnring rascal's ban 1 Joll jft- cure for summer complaint as
at his sidd ; his faoo grow asheu-hiiaii watermelon, and uothiii elsu. Kv
und Im eye stared before him.jW when diarrbmi has been kept
Thev were rapidly approaching Cop- "P l)y continued outing of onliuury
por Tom,
noiuin na4 i.eeu .i.scovuro.i io0 J)lllyur wl (U,, ot cb(jllt n0CUij.
thatftirnifht'aso petftct aud epeedy ),,,, , clu.Htniir five times. We
complaint oh : i)(,Kr,i f.Ur (liHtttict bitter quarrels.
We heard a beautiful young girl toll
two lies, aud n meok-lonkiug young
man throe, and dually wo saw the
young girl throw her millet ngiiust
tho fence so hard that it frightened
a hortio thu other young girl
food nut il tho disease has become
P..r An inutnnl ah I low lra- liuar JCliroUIC, thlCliellCIHIIH UOVora 'e lor
that worthy etood facing them ) I'"'8 lno, watermelon, taken
thon, through tho fading light he jfouly two or three tunes a .lay, lias polu,iUti l4ir lllaiiot B0 i,ni o0 th(l
sa the position of hi pal, upon ft"', ttS',in 000,1 known to work Kroiuld tlitat it knocked the buds off
whom bo bd depended -he saw thej wonders, and to o iro where all th.i j Mn ,H)B trc0 . tu,y )ot, mllJ0, iM
stern, set faoe of the drivet-bo saw,'"""" romu.iies i.aa iniiea norm
the furious borsos plunging down
upon bim nnd with a turior-btrick-eu
cry be turned and lied I
Could he but ruacli the lower cud
of the causeway Le might escape
could he but fiud a siugle spot to
turn aside he would be eafo i but it
was not to be.
- Laio flakes of snow, that fall un
perceived upon tbe earth, the seem
ingly nuunportant events of life
succeod oue unotlur, as the snow
gathers together, ho ore our hthiU
formed. No siuglo arlion oroitni,
however it may exhibit, a man's
to thu house at different doors, and
the twoyoiuitf men looked Hhenpih
and went off after a drink. Now
whv was this t
ktll OiAI'llNt'.
t'. It. PrAi. t,q.,, Mich.. lunffAl
I'syiiml all Hi trillion Irnin 'Win iIKaw
wh cti a I'AArril in, Ul" garni-, b. Ail sail Ia. a,
AnM nAitriy iii.-r.iy .1 ,ib Arc. Thn uitii
CAIAIul tlui'tilllllM IaiUiI ti livlp bim ul ftilAr
All bait li.llil I U" '1 On- ( Itu rm Hkaoi.v
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ibaIuiI urtsi'.iy kbII to thu Say,
linn. Win. Taylor. Iloatnn My,: "Aflaf
ltir IliiltltliA' tti-III ill t'1'1 1,'t'IIA ItKWrtHKA,
anil U iaata of ai ibilabl tutlarlos Ir .01 Un
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mlurtil. I nan lay Ibal I iu ruri, an pro
liuun" m 11 in,i ra-iitttaAbi un raooril,
I Iiata hn n em a. 1 lih my aurrtaA tlial I
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lllnlA, aim 101,1 1 1. aid -o vi tli Itullour Kaui'
in Ati'l iu y wuuiil i:ur-i ibwui,
Nhlit iliimora.
klrt. s b. Wblppla, Haiialuf, Mlrb., wrl'
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wr- ainioit raw. liaa-l envarai lib traua
an ni Suirn I Kirl illy an I ln 1 a, ry.
Hil'i. I'araiAuaiitiy aurao by OullgUr IiAio"
A Methodist minister,
Mr. 11 wusagood man, but
rough in his wnys, un 1 very fond of
uhewiui; tobn.-ci.
Onn tlay be was caoyht in a !in r
t'n I lu rn
l;mMA r fnrAtAby all ilriisulAta. Prlo
I l.'i Tii rn, a .MA.i(liial jAlly.ainAll Iaiiaa.
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thu h inn I l unoar tl ,v. r bam. t;rn-
t I ' H A MKtlriSL I Ol l. T NllAF .ac.J I'lTl-
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mm 1 "r, anil lArK etina UUAri. AO. rriBOl
U. . rn.. ' l'l (laiiol,
io Hev, wrl:K HiTtKll. Mau.
..All n.allail Ira rlpi ol ji lo.
V ...... .l il,n.1r.,1 l,n '
AITnil 4U, H51IVI muiii'i J M I . . 114.41 ..!.. llf , . . 11
, , , ....... luuuraeiiii 1 tin as mu luiuiiunn uun 1 111 iiuuo;s, ami LMiniLf 10 union cio-
iron-shod hoof behind bim, narrow ! , , , ., . ,
( I 1 1 ik A nn .vliil . 1 nt? 1 I lia t ilr ill II I it I II 'in rib,, s l I L niMilfuil a I in ilnn
. 1 ' eiiu reiniiMiiii v . m w uvAii in uoni utii7b iiv- v ;i n v 1110 v -r . i
there i . .... ... ....... ...
lana overwuei.ns mo inuuouaiu biiuia sharp looking omi iiiiuio answer-
askod for
er grew the fatal roa l, aulil
BtaaSViA-W M 1 1 f H f 1 1 1 f litUVM ll'iilrt
.-uj, . -i...., ....,., ... j, hu bltbiuli()Ui fl0 p,lftHi0rJi BOliu(, p
cry, luiii'ion wnn tue 11 iniouun
snort of the horses, a dark some-
on the elements of mischief which
pel nicious habits have brought to-
tumg oeuniowo oo.ore tue piun,;. . - nilMrfimlll. tU a..m,,U
o J 1
iug stood, lolled an instant before!
their grinding feet, and then,
spurned by tho (lying wbotils, was
hnrled, aa nndistinguishablo mass,
into tbe canyou baneith, and the
ooacb sped on I
Half an hour later, Jako Pool
pulled into the corral at Dickson's
rauob, and, tumbliug a balf-faiuting
man from the seat at his side into
tbe arms of tho astounded hostlers
be said .'
"Bind that roaa and give bim to
tbe sheriff 1 It's old Jim, the road
agent I Hie pard's at tho bottom of
the gulf ia the Pas, this one ought
to etretoh hemp when the officers
get bim, aud I've driven my last run
from Gallatin I There's too much
risk about the business for me 1"
Andiiike kept bis word, lie no
longer ooaobes it, but now keep
public bouse ia elena itself where
uot long sinoe, at hie own anng fire
side, be told me this thrilling tale.
tion, may overthrow the ediuoe of
truth ond virtue, Ihntham.
Tho slaughter of buffiloe still
continues on the Nurtwesteru plaiu
at a rate which v. Ill place them
among the extinct races, A steamer
arrived in Chicago recently, from
Duluth, with aca.igo oUi.OiJH buffa
lo t-kics, and it is reported that oth
or thousand are ready for ship
ment, wbile there are constant ar
rivals over tho Nortbura Paaiho
road. It i estimated that 200,(100
were killed iu tho Valley ol the Vel-
lowstouo alone 1 it yo-ir.
When the telegraph oempaniee are
compelled to run their wires under
ground the worms will learn to read
by soood so os to know when tbe
fishing ia good.
We can't all think alike. The horse
think one thing and the man who
rides him thinka another. The rid
er think it easy to vet over tba road
la lkal Knt that hnraa diffura
J from bin.
A drygoods bouse advertises lawn
Iresses that will wash. Isu't it
the busiuess of a laun dress to
wash t
A Brooklyn maiden wants to know
bow to svoid bating a mustache
come ou Lor upper lip. Eat onions,
Many yoang ladies at tbe eeasido
take more interest in the wave of one
handkerchief than in all those of old
ooean. ,.
Eighteen thousand more female
than males in Boston, says tbe cen
sus man. That's what makes it so
delightful to live there.
"John, ia there tnuoh difference
between a see aod a aaw I" 'Tea i
the difference between and a
saw it inteuta."
ed bis sumiiioui, lie
'I dV iTniow you,' sho replied,
Ilumember tbe Scriptures, said
the duniiuie, 'He uot forgetful to
entertain strangers, for thereby
some have eutetlaiued an gold una
wares.' 'Vouneed'nt say that,' quickly
ret n rued tho other : 'no angel would
come down here with a big quid of
tobacco in bis month I'
beebut the door in bis face,
leaving the good man to the mer
cy of the ruiu, and bis own reflection.
Mftlltaiea " ''nl !.! TOI.TAIO
lv Q ll.i.f-THii I'LAArau, B...I.
SJaWa, r'nr arwry mhr ia.w
Plic-rrR lr"l a.i.llan a balor
l5ltrv iu .ubn. 1 bay Inniant
lTrli,u oy -iioimI t, l.lvar i loin ilaillt, Malt
rla. I amr a' ! Aada 4ii.l Kliln '? a .il tlrlnarf
liltflfuiil-r., An-I nihy Ii unru fir tba Mt ul
tba iiiiuiARb, A,-r iba ki loAyn, or ny aflvtAit
liarl. Hilo ts -. n-. "M narywbait,
Wtl'.KS a, PlISTON, MAS.
tin if
Never wnte thu word
buck wards, It will be a a
you do.
A river's month is larger than its
bead, the sea has arms but no hands
and a raouotein baa a foot but no
legs. Queer, isn't it 1
The Boston Globe says the total
absence of mosquitoes in Uoston is
due to tbo uetwork of telegraph
wires passing over the house
tops. An Ohio man ia said to be tbe
owner of $75,000 worth of . dog
We suppose tbi. sum ia arrived At
by estimating sausage meat at 10
centa per pound.
A "notice to vacate" need Hot be
served by an o nicer of .be lew.
Tbe mnezle of a shot gun atrikiog
through a front window I Invuria
bly taken aa due and aalfioient noti-fieatioo.
',J-l!r'I-flWl'li laUl.:
rp H K nntlerkinoit has opened a
I Furniture Store, near the Middle
liiirit Depot, and keeps eon ttontly rut
I mud a lureHinl WPlliflcoteU stockof
Clininbor Hiiitra.
1 Ifdt nlra,
Criiio-NfMitiMl ClinirH
'oclHnt Olivilrw
ICxtoiiw ion M'l.blow
and everything 1 kepi In m fln.t-eU.aS
Furniture blore.
niir the Depot,
Apr. 14,6m. Miadleb'jrg, Ta
Oalda fh Wh SEXES, for lha marrlt aai"
thn onniroiUliUK uirrilu a krtlllaal, ;!-
aIIUS book. anualirurtlniaiUlliiniiullaiib,
UIM-,ai.aiutt ruytl.Al Llh.ol Masau Woruau;
UrA la langiiAne, an aniWnid ky vhyaicUba
OI.IN, im oIiIaai Ki l.ii.l u l.a N.A-lUwAAl,
Uowlll way $SQO airaacry caaa ol privai ar
(hronts d.Miariirt'lthar Mt h aBdAnakaa arnt
full. In cura. Sud lo aiaaii Cut Quid) t
rtai-lth. fteilwble Feroale ril, a8
a ul, iuiai uuma lur (atlia darliif coo
rlueibvin. Rubber Qoorfe u'l t Irculai mi
UBpaciaBl lulu lualiua, lif i,ir4. Oeflta
Dr. A. O. OLIH.
Koatscky Brack. VH a. L'laik Ht, Cblcag, lit
tain kf ()) ri. Vn4
tj(09 MrUlaaf.rr.slATat.
It iurih f Uoo Me.