The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, June 16, 1881, Image 1

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HBM aaal aaM BVJ V aOTBPB V aBS asaaasaaaaaaaaaaav-asaa-a- -I- III aa
... i.. ...... .. ii -;! , . . '
- - v -- . . , 1 ' "
aaaaaaasaaaaa. - I .
Oa column one year,'. " '; ' Iflrt.OO
One-half, Column, one year, .- V0.00
One-fourth column, on yea. ;-f
Otve square (10 Iiiim) 1 insertion 70
Bvery additional insertion, 60
IVofeaslcrnkI snd Business caid of . .
nol more than 5 lines, per year, . 5.00
Auditor. Executor, Administrator
- and Aeian Noticed, ' 8.60
Editorial notice per line, : . , 15
All trensoient advertising than
t month! 10 cant tin.
All edverttaentcnti. for shorter pe
riod than on year are payable at the
tlm they are ordered, and it not pnid
lk person ordering them will tie held;
jtapoiunuie ior mo munev.
I Qetryi
t A Fartwttl. .
,,t . h: ' - '
Farewell, dysjuil months, and
Farewell, thought, nd hopes, and
Farewell, old delight And wo i
Farewell, self of long ago I
In the old familiar place .
Tltn sped On at ajower pace
Pant recall ludeed you lie,
Day, and ruontha, and year gone by.
Shut u out forevertuoro.
Farewell, hou no more our home 1
Other, In the year to come,
Hither homeward will return
Oa the hearth tliolr dree will burn (
Children that we not know
Gather round the blithfoouie glow ;
Other feet wl" tread the ntnir,
Other gneete be welrotnnd tliore.
W, who home it wnn lxforo,
Shall be itrangore evermore I
May be, In the year to come,
Past the houfte our foet may roam
Orer all a subtle cIuuikq
Will have tolc n and made it utrango,
And the bouoe we leave toilay
Will have vanlxhed quite away.
In thU boue'e joy and enre
We ihallhave no lot nor nlinre ;
And all our life herciu will seuin
Like a half-forgotUn droain.
We shall be a ghoHtit, that roatu
Llug'rlng round their ancient home,
If our feet pane evermore
Near the old familiar door.
Farewell, day, and montha, and
Farewell, burled hopes and faarn I
Whereaoe'er our footHtepH Htray,
Whether long or brief our etay,
Whatsoever (rood we find,
Many graves we loave behind,
So, farewell, old joy and pain,
We shall never know again
Farewell, All thingH that we leave 1
Burr I y life and warmth must cloave
To the house when we ar gone,
Can it empty aeeiu, and lono.
When the echoes of the yearn,
Hopes and Joys, and grief and fear
Scarce have died from roof and wall T
Surely ghostly HtepH will fall
On the bare dismantled lloors,
Gliding in at open doors,
Flltlng up ami down the Ktalr,
Wlllnot shadows wander there
Shades more vague than shadows are.
Or than ghotttsthat break death's bar?
Sure our wraiths, when we are gone.
Oft will haunt the chuinbers lonu
Come to seek (ah I ne'er to find)
All the years we leave behind.
Farewell, house, forevennore t
Farewell, old familiar door I
Farewell, home yet no, not so
Home goes with us whore we go I
H e 1 o t Ta In .
That OneJ)ollar Bill.
How it did rain that November
Bight None of yonr undecided
bower, with hesitating intervals, ns
it wore, between none of your mild,
peraiateot pattorings on the roof,
bat fBgalar tempest, a wild dolugo.
nun of ngry drop and thunder
of opening flood 1 ,
8quir Tratlel beard the rattling
up against the casements, aod drew
hi snag easy chair to the Ore a
great, open maa of glimmering an
thracite, and,, gazed with a sort of
lecpj, reflective satisfaction at the
orimion moreen curtain, and gray
eat foot asleep on the hearth and the
canary bird rolled into a drowsy ball
or yellow dowa upon it peroh.
' -This is song," quoth the Sqaire i
-i n giea 1 ho4 the leaky spot in the
bom fixed last week, I don't object
tot stormy night once in a while
when fellow's under cover, and
there nothing particularly to be
"le." Mrs. Pratlel . .n.r,i
6h was flitting abont between the
uioDea and sitting room with a
great Iae checkered apron tiod
boat her waiet. "I am nearly ready
w oome tn, now. WelL I w0n,w
otto TOioe, "if that was a koook at
weaoororjast little rash of the
Sbewtntto the door, neterthe.
and a minute of two afterward
M went to her bnaband'a nlmir.
,"Jo, dear, it's Luke nn.i;u..
bd, balf apprehensively. The
-Hwe never looked np from his
reading. .
' Tell bim be has made a mistake.
nt tavern is on the second corner
Bat he wants to know if yon will
W" dollar," saict Mrs. Pr.t-
"OplJWtyootellblm no, with-
W il Wtely that I should lend a dol
Mi Ts a cent, to Lake Rud-
"yaratnr throw it
obj yonder r4 , coals, No-of
Mr. fra'ttlet hesitated.
"He look no pinched and cold
and wretched, Josiah. He says
there e hobody in the world to lot
bim have e,oont,"
An3'Hettt Tor him. if he did
bnt kooMr a,'" Virply e-nunni'jted the
old'Rqairv.' "If hdbadeo'rno to that
half d rtwn year J parlup' it'e'
wonirnot have bsen the rnisralle
fsgfthonj he now is." ;
"We nsed to ga to aohool toirath
er," said Mrs, IVatlot. ffnhlly. ' He
wa'lhe eraartost boy in the clnss " '
"Thai's probable enouli." aaid
Ihe S inire, 'bat it don't niter the
fuct. lie is a poor, drunken wretch
nowT'' Send hitn a lttnt his business,
((ry, and if hia-timo i of any oon
seqnef eo, just let him know be h 1
bettor not waste it coming hero after
dollars-" .
And the Pqiire laned back in his
chair, after a positive fashion, na if
the wholo mattor wa sottlo 1. .
Mrs. Pratlet went back to tho
1:1.1 t T..L. I........
.:...., wuere -.ko n.uioi.oTO was
.i..uiuK uin yuor uuKers ver lull
blaze of the tire, bit tattero 1 gar
raents eeeaming a if he waa a pillar
of vapor.
"Thon I'vo got to atnrvo like any
other dog !" aid Lnka Kud lilovo,
turning away. "Hit aftnr all. I
don't snpposo it makes mtt.Oi difl'er
ence if I nlmlTIo out of this world
to-day or to-morrow."
"Oh, Luke, no dilTeronce to yonr
"She'd be bettor oTwitlnnt me,"
he said, down-beartodly.
"Hut she ought not to bo "
"Oiifht ond is aro two difT'irent
things, Mrs. Trallot. flood n i 1 t .
I ain't going to tho tavern althuh
(ho Squire thought I was."
"An.l isn't it natural ononrli, t!iat
ho should think so, Luke t"
"Yes, yo, Mary t I d m't eay but
what it is," murmured L ilio. in tiio
same dejected tone he uno l during
tho in(ervio.
S(op," Mrs. Prdtlet called to
him, as his han 1 l-iy on Ihn d r
latch in a vji ". 'IIr is
dollar, Luke. Mr IVatlot givi it
to mo for anoilelnth to go In front
of tho parlor stove i but I will try
and rr.ake. tho old one 1at a lit.
tin longer. And Lnka, fir the sake
of your poor wifo and little oil'.- nt
home, for tho fiako of old tinioa,
try nnd do bnt tor, Won't you ? '
Lnko Uuddilovo lookod vaeantly
at the now batik hill in his hand,
and then at tho blooming young
natron who had planed it there.
"Thank yon, Mary. I will, Ood
bless yon." ho said, and crept ou t
into tho storm that rek'nod without.
Mrs. Pratlet stood looking into
the kitchen fire.
"Idnrosay I'vn done n foolish
thing, but, indeed I could not help
it. If be will take it home and not
spend it at tho tavern, I ahull not
mis my oilcloth."
And there waa a consoioua flush
on ber cheeks, as if she hud done
something wrong when she joined
her husband in the sitting-room.
"Well," aujd Squire IVatlot. "has
that unfortunate gone at hut 1"
"To the Stake's tavern, I Bnp.
pose 1"
'I hope not, Josiah."
'i'ra afarid it ' past hoping for,"
aid the Squire, ahrnging hi shoul
ders. But Mrs. Pratlot kept her
sooret in ber owu heart.
It waa sis mouths of tor ward that
the Squire came into tho dining
room whore hi wife was proaor? i og
great red apple into jolly.
"Well, well," quoth he, "wonder
will never cease. The Ruddilove
bave gone away."
"Where t"
"I don't know ont West some
where with a colony. And they say
Luke's not drank a drop of whiokey
for bis month.
" am glad of that, r esponded
M". P. ," . , ,..
"It wont last long," ba suggeot
ed, despairingly. v , i
"Why not t" , ,
"Ob, I don't know, t haven't anv
ittitn in those sudden reforms,"
"Mrs. rrutlut was silent i she
thought thankfully that, after all.
Luke had not spent tbo dollar for
liquor. 1 '
' Sis month sis years i the tim e
ped along ia tie day and weeks.
almost before busy little Mr. Prat
let knew it was gone. The Ruddl
loves had returned to 8equoset.
Luke bad made bis fortune, so the
story jnt far off in Eldorado, '
"They do say," said Mrs. Back
ihgbam, that he ha brought that
ore lot iowo oppos.te the co'irt-
nonse, an.l be is going to build
ench a bouse as never was "
"Ho most have prosperod greatly
obsorved Mr. Pratlot.
"And his wife alio wnir a sillj
Kown that will atand alone with it
own ricbncsJ I I oan rem n'xr
when nuddibve was nothing but a
poor drunken creature."
"All tho moro credit to him now,"
said Mrs. Vatlet, omplmtio illy.
"Its to bo all of stone, with wbitn
raanli-ls aud iulaid floors i and he
haa put a lot of papers and things
undor the corner-stone, liU they
do in public bnildiugs."
''ell, that is tialurul enonKh."
"I know, yd it seems kind o'
(inner that ho should put a do'lar
bill in with tho other thim;. Ho
I must havo lots o money, to throw
it vvny in that manner."
Mrs. Pratlot felt her cheeks fliihh:
lavoluntiirilv tin rr 1 .i nnn.l I 1
I ' " l 1111 '"""ni
tlm j,t nQ uovl,r ,,. ,
' aioiltld, .SIlO Wot Mr.
i:, .,i,i,,v i.
tllllfc nrtnt' f.. - l. r.--t
, .
...oiuiiiiu HI -L'IJ,OSH(jl LUUO
y,u,,if .1 ... , . .
niHcir. sate tunt tlm , inn f
tompcrnnco had been rotniilutclv
,., , , i, . , .. 11 -
crushed, and hi- hotter nature tri-
,,.. , ,, , , , .
uiiiplimg ot last. Ho looked her
brightly tu tho fuoj, and hull
his hand, baying but the ouo word :
TrmuuloiiKly alio rcplio l -I am
glad to sooy.ln hero again."
When Lnko had ovorcomo his
emotion ho continued :
"Do you remember that stormy
night when you gave mo that dol
lar bill an I bnggo.l iuj uot to
go to tho tavoru V
"That night was (tin pivot on
which my wholo destiny turned.
You wero kind to ma when all oth
ers gave tuo naught l ot tho col I
. .
ion crttHiu l mo when all
other facea wero averted. That
night took a vow to myself to
prove worthy of yonr ponti lene .,
and l kept it. I treasurod it u;,
and ilea run lias a,1 lei niigh'ily to
my little store. I havo put the bill
in tho corner-stone of eiv new limine.
i ,
I it arose iilono from that doll ir
"I won't offer to pay you back, f .r
I am afrai l." ho sai l, smilingly, "I ho
luck would g from ni ) with it H it
lll toll you what I will ,l ; I'll giro
motley and words of trust an I . n
coiil'agemeiit to sum) other pur
wretehes us you gavo 1 1 hid."
Tho next day Mrs. Pratlet rei-iev-cd
from tho delivery man at her
door a buudlo which, whun sho ha l
opunod it, revealed to her nvtonished
gaze the most beautiful piece of oil
cloth hor eyes had cvor beheld. This
naturally uttraetod tho Squire's ut
toutiou t and wh in Mrs. Pratlot
told him all, he only replied, with
sonio emotion s
"You woro right, and I
The Unknown Future
What ia boforo mo T What is bo-
fore you I We do not know, nnd '
moro is no one of whom wo can ask
tho question with hope of reply.
There aro many things which wo
dread, somo which we groatly fear .
but we aro well aware that our
hopes may nevor be roalizod, nnd
that our fears may prove groundloss.
That whioh wo nevor hoped may
gladden ua i that which we novor
dreadod may fall upon uh, after all.
The babe in his cradlo yonder ia a
riddlo not to be road even by his
mother. She forma her plana for
uira as she rooks tho cradle with her
slender foot. He is to be a states
man, or a clergymen, a merchant or
a soldier. She plays with bar
dreams of bis future just as sho blow
bubbles in ber childhood, and as
those bubbles burst, so may thoso
bright fancies of burs. Or, happily.
even greater things way be in store
for bin than she has thought of i
for though some one who was dos
lined for the church by bis mother
has, doubtless, diod u folon's death,
another, whose parents only bopod
that be should work at bis father's
honest trado, bab oome to be ft ruler
in the lanl.'
Tbe great poets were not poets in
tboir cradles. The wbole list of
people whoae names sre known to
tbe world gave no sign of future
greatness in their cradles. Tbey
oried for pap sod the moon just like
all tho babes who lived and died
without being or doing anything
lint, oh, the fto that mi? bo be.
fore ant babe, before yon, boforo mo !
Oh. tlio bt whtness or tlm ilnrLnnaa
1 1 l.i i.i ..
ueuinii mo curtain tint vmlw our
future and that of those wn lovn
Po Hie ainjoH know ull t It it writ
ten or only to lo written T
For one thin: let ns all bo thank
ful i that Wu do n't kn.nv, an I that
there is no moans of knowing lha
life wo miy live, or the death we
must die, or t!io fate that lies before
I'io children for whom wo build our
bonny air casllos.
The Dng.
Tho doj ii a digitiijrado carniver
ons lUrtMiiual. This will bo news to
most persons wlio h.i.l nlwuys sup
posed that a dof was a d i.
it na.i Di'eti iiruite.l nliout that (he
dog is the bout friend of man among
the brut, i creation.
IIo pints after tho thief. When
oucj ho gets hold of tiio thinfri pants,
ho makes breaches.
A lt,ltLi'l'r ,l,,.t n,iv., l.ll.ta . I. I !-
-'" i unit in
I ''
wltmi lie begins to bilo he
i slops ll .11 U I II '
C inversely a biting
,1.,,, i......... I.,..t .. I r :. ! .
n '. u,ni, iiu i iui auiiii ir it'll-
; hoIIS.
ti i t i ,.
Tho hair of a dug will euro li s
i,:,, Tl .
b,,H- T'is is a curious sup rutilion
I i .
aro fast going ( o tho dogs.
Pogs Hrn diinti its by profeshijn.
Thev insert tooth with nit e!i I
Tin. sen .l.vr !.... Ll I I ,
yon ever ano it d.g that didu't f letters statin T t ut i l l' V n v or
Tho bark if a treo is unliko (h, M ll,'h ',r',fH 1 f,r
bark of a dog. Hvt-u a dogwood w 1 " .verstowu. fri.u
know this. which town ho ha I last written to
Iogs aro not alwaya kind, though i h'H r"llliv H' 11 ' '''''l'"''" 1 H',"''!'
there are inanv kin Is of d.."s. ' i11'"1 "n TI. urn, lay last received a
Kverv do- has his .lav. ..lthon,.),
dog days last but a fow'woeka in iiir"'"' ''''ll'''"'" lhaf unoth
voar. er, lei' -ivi! I there, had heel", return
There ni'M be a Sit-ins error hero !0'' l" tiul 0,1 '"'"h.v. after a vain
The .lo'shtar is tho dog's planet.
I'l I .. . n ... .... : i
..." I '"UK . nil tii.,b .11111 lliv-l llilllie .
I ... ., ., , "
wiiiiu inn Kiar i i in ine hkj.
They do not It is not a
Skvo terrier.
When a .l'ir enters a nilehod bat.
; tl,; he uses tho dog's tar.
liniltis said : "I aonl.l i-ullie.- In.
log an 1 bay the moon than s ic!i it
I lie had seen tho dogs roam in' !. I Hi.. I..,v
J 1 hey novel-got oer Iiu bay.
H..-1 '! ,
i A liwug d is n,i 1 to l.e l.-Mer
lliiua deal lion, i'tir.i's no I. in'
about this, but a dul l di,;
! g-itio bad.
Aigs were tlie oi 'ginal Argnnauls.
.They h tvii never i'ivt-n over their
soareh for tlm (leas,
j Tim bull dog is a -ltnbLi.ini fellow,
, Iiu is not ea.-oly eo.v. l.
I A great many staries ali rit dm
jdog havo olitainn l (iirrency. The
1 . .1 . A. . a . ....
man woo n-ii a part, oi ins ctotinng
with tho dog has a current. See
Puppies mo born blind. They are
. uot son dogs thou.
There nro many typei of d )gs, in
cluding doguorrootypes.
Hut perhaps wo had better paws
Howl this do for tho dog tJh'
ton Trnicr!t
Ho had proposed lo bur, and now
with fear aud trembling waiting for
hor answer- 'Only ono word," ho
said, ''if but to keep alivo tho fires
of hope within my bosom.'' 8 ho
lookoaiiit him touderly nay, loving
ly anMior lips moved in accents
that wont to tho depth of bis soul
.Sbartiud askod him how much ho
earnod a week, ,
A farmer living in il oik ham twp.,
twenty miles from Toronto, Cana l i,
has disco void. J a piloon.hit farm oon-
tninlng 500 bkulls nnd flvo times as
many leus and tirni bones. Dr.
Wilson, of the university ia of the
opinion (hat the remains bave been
under ground 200 years.
Mrs. l'urtingtou hat boon reading
tbo bca'tb officer's weekly renort
and says she thinks total must be an
awful boligoant H incase, since as ma
ny die of it us all the rout put to
got bar.
Fnecnor trains on tbe Somerset
and Cumbria railroad will not bo run
forioiua months as (bo oompany
have all tbey can do to attend lo the
ftclgbt business nf that road,
A man of decision a judge.
A moving eceoe dog in full cbaso
of a est.
Bad soats to ocoapy conoeit snd!
Tho doctor arrives at tlm hospital
lo make hi daily visit of inspection
and reeeivnM Lliu lii'lixt nf naur n i .
I . .. ...
htiont, wtncii read, "., mumcntu in
IjOerman band i pulm.inary
Ho proceeds to tlio pjtieiil'a bed
side, suirouinltd by his admiring
U' . I f I! ...
- v " H'"1 .. o-, j on
oioo.i, .ton t Von .
"Yes. doetor. I"
''" That'll dn i wo know all alun!
it. And you havo coll t.t
nih'., di '."
sir, snd'
"h ! 1 limey now (hat by o.w.,
patiou ) on rare a;i.c,.ni V"
"Yes, I lay"
"I!o silent 1 You belong (o
1 nrass mm l ai',1 you liavn 1
1 yourneif have fairly blown jouri
lungs away pi.Vi.ig into y.iiii- instiu
( uienls. Ifiith, your percuivo i
1 that sickness has no secrets for m-i-
enen. What initrunout j you'
'..I.. . .. .1 I "
i'i,.,-, o'j (jui'ii man
i "Tho cymbals, sir !"
, ,. ., .
I , , . ' ,
fill" I.L.II.I, f . II 1,1 ,1,1 it ll-IU lllllllt ll.lull
.i. , ... . .
ai i'l, -,i I i iniuier s nolel, .UO'lfll .'OV.
i i f ., i ., ft'
received w ir I of t!io daith of his
, , ,
liner, k in w.u vvtvtlllie ,i.iiwi,i,
. . .. .
living on (he confines of S.vit. "I land.
tiei-m my an I I'V i-i vi. i l-'rilav
,110 rceeiv.'.l :l Urall .r M.;-' . Wl! I
1 a draft for Sl.-'l'
,,r :lU f"r 1 f I'1" ' '''"" i
; all nils.
ili-i'ovtr his where
started n atnrlav
I r,n- Ion f,,.,,,,.r I,,,,,,,, l,,,l u ill ,...ii,
' '
'"'"".v. His fathe i'm ihlnlej
I Vllued ut fI'Mi.titH). and hn is the:
' '"' Lv 'l'ild, He U ft I.. n.e lie
W,M tv - u" J""" of"
and l.e id
There is a man ia (ialvHtnn nam
ed ,1 is. jili W. Met 'Lilian, who is ev-
erl.nti.i.'Iv 1 1!!
ir with rtt savin:
anything. The other
""' hiei, "I iv Mm
, n,l-v -v"" 1 '"" 1
il iy ( ! ilo i i!y
do you know
f a liver .'''
; M an tle.iihl llieie wis a eonipli
i ni nl. in s or,, for him. an I t'i:ese l
that it was because some Inn g s;, n k
litig e fin- oil of his iim;il! ui! lie,
tim i. --N ,t j u i ..." . n. ni l l ;,i
; ho ily, "y ) i r. niin I in i ,,f a riv,-r,
'bee ill-ill y ilf In l it'i is bigger l!ll
i yonr In a 1.
i:i:.r t r et .V;i.:;m- If t .von-
Veil inehes of mi o.v gives t u I
ine'ies of wa'er. how in l ''t mili; will
l giv ti cow yield. wliJit fed oil tin -
k'r.-V,.!lml t, ..,l,... f
snow. Unices l.y Ihe number iif bans
ou the cow's tail, divido the pr. duet
by the juice of n dry turnip, n i l t
quotient the sunt ,y tho hydraut.
. ,, , . ,
A gentleman having engaged a
.... " .
. ... ui,,j ti, lining n,mi ie.ll S III
his cellar, ordered tho itln to bo re
moved boforo the luicklaycr com
menced work. "Oh, I am not afraid
of a bnrrol of ale, sir,"' sai 1 tho man.
"I proBiimo not," sai I tho gentle
man, "but I think a barrel of alo
would runat your approach."
It was terribly confusing to tho
small Chicago boy, during tho
Knight Templars' conclave, to sen
sixty brass bunds going in difl'.iretit
directions nud have to ducido in-i
stuutly which one to follow.
"In what condition wus (he IV
(riitrch Job at the end of his lifo t"
asked a Hrooklyu Sunday school
teachor of a quiet-looking boy at the
foot of the class. 'Dead," Cidmly ro
plicd tho quiot-looking boy.
The kiug of tho Sandwich Islands
is allowed 80,000 per year for "sta
tionery." Last year ha bought $I,
000 worth of California lager and ci
gars from tho fuud, and some of bis
subjects aie mad about it.
nm itm in
health may be a solace, but s
solo uco isu't worth mucu whon tho
other fellow holds three of thuui
Three poriod of life t Youth,
mumps i middle aga, bumps i old
age, dumps.
To raise onions take bold of the
(tops snd pull.
l(i 1SS1
NO. 4
Thoug'it Hb H.i'J 'cm Again.
Suililes br'oiiK'it hii wo wenks'
spree to a vlim on Saturday ni
Ha l y on a lounge i'l the pral r.
feeling ns moan as sour I 'or, when
H(im:tliiiiK in tho corner of tlin roi m
alriii-lel his attention 1J ti-i n;r (.,
. rlUow hn Rnod stoadilj at il.
I lliil'liin tii eves, ho sfiivtn.l nonin
'and iw he stared Iim tirmr
t's'lin j his wife ha
uV) 1
hoar i'-
ly :
'M inn ly, win! i th i' '"
''tVliat i; win!.'v ."'li'M ti i. in wni n, in. I
jluswrle ei::.'l , u l. l r ,f r ' i r-1.
," 'ill 1 sweet,
-U'ov, t'ii - Hiil I! in (l,e
I eoriier," n li I (lie fri:'lit ii'. 1 lean,
a , poiiitiii ; at it. with ii haii I fliiil.lii
1 1 a ji .lit ui in.
'-l.ikey. de ir. I sen nothing,'
.;i,,l ih wo,ni-i.
"Wil li '. .y m doti'l cej it V
shi-iel;" I.
i. .. . . ...
"liieri ve got. em. W.i, leavens I
bring mr. I i,,. bil.l... M ir an lvlu .,.
';i ..: i. i n i ,
.it qun-1; I Ib-r , here, on tins naeie I
iHM'ir.,..v,.. i,..i,,,a ,
I' !
of Whiskev.
. - I
1 1 l iii ean in y v,uv may
inv light. Inn 1 f-le,',i t) tho
to if of
I ., , ,,
' '"' "louth, all 1
, ...
. I ' in I leave i in ; 1 1 in I leave vour
. I.ikev, nie 1, liiirvinj Inn face
in I.e.
I mi I
folds of her dress he Kol.tu
nioa-ie 1
himself intj
tro'lble I
'I lien his wife stole) geii'lv ( 1 (:.e
corner, pn-ked up the toy, ati l
tiir uw it into tlie stove.
MTIWHWI 1 -T------T-f-----Mra
Co.t'i Jonlial-
I 'I hn other m wuin r w'i ei Mr.
.tones enlere I his family drug slorj
to have a prescription put np he
found a now eleik in alien. lauee.
Mr. l ones has ei.ii-.i.l, ra!ihi curiosiily,
and while ho wiitul he b.igau.
"Iteeil here long !"
''Only two .lays."
"tioitig to stay 1"
"1 think ho. "
' )1 1 elelli gono for go 1 1 !"
"I'onm fi o-.t New York ?"
' No. I canto fiom St. 1. mis."
"I'i lil t like the toll, I hllpposo 7"
"Oil. faiily."
tl it a butter ol'er hero,
sniim ?"
I pro-
"W( 11, tint nineli betler."
"I.-Uggist lel.u I t y i n?"
' (I iiu to ninny his daughter ?'
"!l iven't thought of it.
There was a bri, f le t until tho
-l. llnishel his labors, nnd
tl,. n he Ii. ekoim Mr, .loims into
the !i ie!.- r an 1 s tid :
i "Yo ,.,; h;,., a pns ,n who rm
. ,1 ,1., I ,, i an I I II I..1I v.ei
,-,,iili i i,e,i wh v I e.m.,. her .. ( I I.n I
:,f l.o-iis, and I li t 1 good wages,
liat I li imieiinl to k II thr.m or f,.,i.
pei'so' h I v p-n ting np r ing lire.
wrong pro
set iitioiM if i, I I th night a chniigo of
,.,ii,,u w , il l relii ve my sorrow,
' l.i , is on tho s par,., yon kuov.
nn.l nothing is to be mill unless I
j lay out two or llnvo of yonr hading
citizens, in which . no I shall give
,,, , . . ,, ,
' up the .Uug business altogether nnd
igo s iiliug un ii sand-barge,''
I .loues went out feeling of his left
enriuii nn in l.i vnetn.-y. un. n
. . '
sore throat got sell without tlm help
of tho gargle. Detroit free I n. in.
A Gentleman.
If you cannot I'm 1 a gontlo imi to
marry, girls, do uot marry at nil.
Hy that term wo'do not mean a man
who is above tho neod of work ; he
may bo anything but a (jeutleatau
but a man who knows how to work,
who hits s t-lf-rcspect enough to keep
him from lowhab.ts both of speech
and action i who is courteous and
honorable i who is not af.aid of soil
ing his bunds ; tho farmer, the black
smith, the carpenter, any man may
bo a geutleiuitu under dust and soot
snd chips, but if ho is not, girls, do
not marry hint at all 1 There is
enough trouble iu life without in
creasing it iu any way. Do not
subjoct yourself to the mortilieation
that would bo euro to oome with a
husband Abo would continually
cause you to blush for bis law lens
actions, for his coarsouos aud rough
uuss. for his slippery dealiugs or for
uis Hypocritical polish, it is not
sufficient that a man looks and
dresses well i bo must not aud live
well beside.
It sounds very tiaby to alludo to s
naip nf frnkr.,1 .l.lau - I.,., -f
speckled beauties.
Pul.l!iile l ever Thursdsv Erefttr
Term of Sntmcnptirm,
al.le rithin sil numths, r .') if not
psid within the year. No pKprr di
continued until nil srrearHge are
paid iin'es at the option of the mb
liher. Kulr riptiotm nutsido of the connty
plVr-ons hilia and itxim; paper
.!ili(Mne. o Oth' h; I:roniesiihrril'ra
and nie linl.le fortlip rviee ofthepnper
T f
l!r,;) Uu-nnrn, Ifumom,
li'.iwJ uiir., tnriVIt, nnn
niit';( mi I rr '! i . rtrei
i i.iift ir;nf till nthtt
lut th'i.U lrtirif,
r(',ii'r,i.n ,.. iho ri- ntnM Pari.
ti r. Iii'r...;v. I'Ti'-i .,al .tallT,
K'ltfl lv ., I I r. IK. ItV.I.-lM ir,
I".'... "r frit,ifi, l. Imrii l-rfrrni il thU
ii . .1 it, ni. .... i to. . ni t . imi, hr. l, an t
r. ,ii, . ml . nrlrtt ID ui.IUl
II l.l-HH,
. it IHni.., l-n.. iiff. nl I, r IU'f,f nA
-. .... I,c ,, it , , .i, . tfi vi- nn . n i -hit
l -.ll't ..I I,,- o. - , Ivrr..,, , lioltrtl), WU,' I.
I, 1. 1 l.,--n .full. I Ir .1 P'i--"iltfl Iv, ,,r p,,f-.
,o i.nii. rn,l whirl, ri, a , 1 1 1 v yl.l.l
' I t il. c t i.u.Mi n r. ;ii lii.,
'T !..,. ,1,1. .p,t, ,,a S'ro-, ,,(.
irilr'.n'i ,!,,. ..-). .1,... , ,ir ni
l.i .in .ni . ti. ,'. I ni- a,. .,.P , t
i v' l..r, ,(.,,r.. H..ln ti ir.lH ri. . i.n
I hii I- .ii.l hi,.,... r.r i ,i ."flu ni' ni. I- .i liv.t
I ',"!! i f t i.,. I, l i-i,-.i l, Ir l hun Iip l i rr,i.
' I ' ' 'f .r ill. .tin I l, e l,,,f.,,t
I ,' in.. 1 1 j ,- ,t -I i.t I',., u'l ur liHiiiaiio.,
Km. . tii T.i .i. I- -.'r.'mlt ,lr' , f r
If, -. I, I I I., I .it I.-or U..r1,- r
. u . . .r., II n, r, 1 .1 IV., tor . t". wlil'-H
-l rr- i.l it I vi. r l.i. r-. iiitS ii nit I .-, nn,l
ilx j.,,.ri, i. -i-ii '. nil ,.... ,, ii.i,.iiiiut.
i ..,
. I'Hi-ili.,. Ill , ..ti f
I ,1't'l ' tillPii-.. liPMi-.t r--
1 il", 1.11 I In. I glvrn III. Kl I
,4 riiv ft lii-l. 'I I,-, h.n-,ii-
pii... I r in, mi. I ,, ii, f
,.,,t, I i rp....tii.,i, p I tlir in '
I'l -VI
I I I'. I
I., il nil
I ... I . I. II. I
Ir , .. .1 . ,
i r,.- Hn. 1 :, v i,..
,,Wi In-U H 111 i.l,. I,
I i.ll, HI 4 ll.-il. .11,.. nr- .,r: -r- l l.f WsKKS
l-.M i II, l-eil-t- l. iT'liKI-)., W ...l.
In !- I , ,,, 1 1. I nr.- I r ., I. ,
I'.ik-I'I" I' I I i ii l.-iir... imiii-inil
, i.. MI..I' l...... .M,-ri... Inrn. ..i.i.,f,
" I tl' '.I l,.. i.r. III . I urlM-r.
I' i i o " 'iii. . "' I n .i I M..
.. "I- " i'l .11 11.. I.-In il .-I, .v,', i,n.i,,
1 ' o- t-'l I r- .., ,.,ri r,,n.,ii.
'I- I m ill 1. 1 Irr. on r-i-l;il of
I ' M-1,1 I r l.i -ii. el irunn-a u ll,
A fjraad co.'nbinatioa
ot Blood, Train and
IJervo Foods.
I Vll lllli... .iftiva tl,..r -ni lurliil I.lfn.
,-lnll,l t'r,..,rtln- Ir tin l t I, I', !!iir iu.
'In.- i.,i."n... it .in .t tnjt loll in,-.-
II u s. .,,. ir ain.i i i,,. m i ,.,,,r i.,,ips
r.n.r. I I,-,, f.l.l-tt.. ,... ,. r Ul.i.1,1.
Nmn-lilmr l'rlii-, ii ir i lll,i. wi,l,-h r
I , ,r ..i i t- i, in . , i. Cm I .'ir a,.. I
" nt ii i n i-v r ,i,.' I , .ma mcll'lna
I i.r I i,i. i, r. ii, , I,.., -i -1 r, M.elior.. nn,
sl.-klv l.ll r i, a.ill lilurr. km (iltrriu.
Nul I rvcr hIiwio.
.Mnll llltlcn li..nni , lln.lnil, ln...
fc, ' i r l.i e, Of ,i'l,r
F'LAll'TfCi ' "ll'l"oi,' iei..r
" " I"" '"' " '""V
I ly r. II". . n, .. i, l.i . rr i ,1,,,, m .Un
j--''- nn I As i. . nl I,,, .v an I I'rlnnrr
I,,. ;, in, I ii... i-,., ,,,, ,n 0f
l..t....:s'i rlloK,l,..- in jiiy t tt
..rl. I il '., . , in .. - . I . v-rvw.irr.
j Wi,.:,i.f i 1 1:, Ii .i,i, M,,,.
i;l-. r
"I'i. Iv t iui,., iii-iil. Kaiin laa
I"',-. . Irr.,
II. I.
III UN...J Nu.-au .M;.l,
Errcra of Youth.
All IN I I.' M u I, i i.n- I , t,. ,r. tmrn
m ...,. i I I. L I , I i V, I'm; v I Tl UK II K.
' n "ill II I.. ! i.l i.e.llilul li:.ll.,-r.
ll .i . ill I t il i, .uiicriim liunianiif.
"l 'r" I i . 1 1 ,i, i-I n ii,- rn.r an l ,l
ri.,.,.n r il,h,.. II, r. iii -I- r. nn. I. ,. -O.I..I.
lie. n i
"I. ..trl.-mr- !-.: .in ti i.rntit i,v
iir'..'r' .. r'-ii.e cn ., l y . I.
, i"-'. '-'' m.. No; i urs. '
J no IT. 'ilflm.
t tM neill iff..,;; it.. r--p. tor tmi'
I Ano-i.iii: ii-i ii m win rrinii. i
KliMM.I, ii,is a. i I HI. ii i-e m
I. 'ivlnn il... iMn, .--r a-i I lanl.lnl i al,
Iii-hii. II n- l .r .'...,..n a iu tol . ,1 r i Hi
n li .Ir i.n h I..I I l-el ,,r .., 1 1. I, A.I-
Ir..... ni' ..-in., .,, -i!,.,,,,, i.,. VA.M.t.Lti
l fit. II... kman M ., X. V.
II,' n IvrrOr. I.a. lns l.rnn l firman-titiy
" , , i oe.i .'r,. i ,n.. f ..ii.,i,ii1,..,n. ,,r ,
" I" ri.,i- lf . I. I'.f .,.i I.. mm I
1,1 "U ' ' ' "". t i...n ..i u na. t .ii
- .i..-i,w u. no wi i ..en l i. p...f nl ll, tir.
a rl.ll .n ii-l. irn- ,n oinrj- ollli O,, Jlr,.
" I"f ,,i'Hrlnil an I ii-Ii.s li.s -aii.a, nhipli
thi'V llli... , un i i ua i,,r (.SII .rT
I'arlln. i.ui . tlm frra Tlntl m, will ! iiov. r. a wii.miV, ia M
W llliaru.. urtf, N . .
"ir.tntiic ii. r.f,SFKU '
Couutv Sui'VDvor.
Kralzcrvllln, Snyder County Penn'a.
HurT'itn nn 1 t'.u.f yanclnf rrnmpilv
an I akil.f.illv ntlomlrrl lo. A thsrs of
ib nl.!io'a pHir.iii.ig lnilin.
July '.'".ih, "i",
rt- I ,1 M , , in ex. I , TH. j.,-,
rn!,l,. 'rl,n,l, SEXES, tor th marrlH ani
Hi,..,. in.,.liioi iiuriwii-j lir.lllant,
1 1 . h i . i i.ii .. lorli.i Un-minimum linlih,
lli..H.n.i I'l,,.!,.! nr.... I Man l,d Woman!
T'lrn In li.n.1 ami
r.V!X'",.'.'rf" "'BO cents, l.y W a u.
lm III .v $800 f-r.-r ,'a.. of prl.a.f or
rt.r, .. .1 ., ., ,, i , i. -.-r ... Ii. m,il..,ijii.i-a ai.d
11 ISOK. A . ..... l Ijiiiiit- i .r IaiI... diir.i.n i-uii-.,.,...'..1.
Rubber Code nd Iniiiar
liuporuiut li.luriiu.uon, I.) n, -th., BO cents.
hntncky riofk. l 8. dark St . Chlci!o, 111.
likiar Mm rarf4f.Hk-
laaaiarlira. ta4
krv St., kl. m.
rs. .Muricot Nt.
L'halntlol plain.
A00PlN. tv-aMi-1.l4.
U 4. . ... .k...,.,,
. Uiaw,
, ... i . t uM . .
''"aNl tf ,
ri Si H rw
" S -B.
map av ( a)
3- 1