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hw-foutlh column, One year,.
.11 iqlinro U lliii H""''vii
.-.err additional inscrtii-fi,
rHjfeSBIOnlV Rmi numiiw .-aa.on i7t
iiditoi, Executor, Administrator
unci Assignee Notions,
Mitorial notices pr line,
(AH transoiont advertising loos
a mourns iw i"w iinv.--
ah advertisements for a shorter pe
U(xl than one year are payable Attn
lime they arc ordorod, and ii not paid
ilie per-ow ordering tliem will oe
kspoiwihlo for the money.
IVY ttr oT ,ntl ktBdt,
Laid I ra. r-r - I
1 Mr'. lo Tarly dlapM AmIii,
. vk rlek bloatoinlaii la o'.r i
Dwalh HtN tuo Kttl.
Tkal a-M man- (mil or WHp )
TlnV ntoitow th .oal,
Mill. Harry's wrVl ".
1,1111 Uarry't gen M rati,
Aa1i tan kin iaWly hoia (
go tnr klta nafMl wp ,
Moftif la lb dor-f mit,
f.lll I. Harry ' noil to r-atf,
II ha ! I ml
Tkr' ant kr bad rrarl,
Er II (.11 Ik 1M akt f Mn,
Tkro' Ik door Ik siatl,
Varlln- Harry hat paaaart In
r'ar ixruxl Ik aiur am...
Wbtn Ik. Hay ur-ay --ti I
From .11 oanb'.-aij doaiiM sad (nn.
,lltl Harry'. od la rut;
Uill. Harry'i id to rt.
t? will trail la fair Units,
Wh.r Id anit.l "old tint )
Tkr lh flow'r.1 ahull pttBil,
Thar, nail lot p-Tfeetlna brinx
II baa r-anliM lh aoldra aliuie,
Tfcro' tk rlr aoid nd dp I
Aai.l aor Urn lkri
Llltl. Harry1 K9 tu rwt I
Lull Harry os w rati,
Hulout T a 1
I was not the regular doctor, for
he practice at Burnley belonged to
'red Unmet, au oiu noHpiim iriona
i mine, wbo bad taken to a simple
antry practice, while I had luca
Voaiuirijj aboat tuo world as a sur
toon in emigrant ships and during
bo Franco Uurman war. Wo had
nut after seven youis, wbon 1 vTiiut
3d a month's quiet in tho country,
md he h;id asked iae to attuud to
iiia practice, whilo ho cauvj up to
tou t J pitrt a Uugroo, lor no was h
mrd studying, aoibitioiis follow.
A wan at . tue door tlusirotl iuo to
onto over an J nee un m inter, who
ivas dyiug of otit. Thin tu tho
knuoauooujunt by t'jo sortant. 8 iv-
ag that I had boon cotidiiltod nb nit
i "torriblo wlioiiilin' p iiu'' iu tht
Lack of au old lady of lo, this was
uy llrst calf .
"Thuro's Hiss Kate a Matching for
I could soe the fluttor of a white
Irons by tho jrato as wo drove ou,
ut my alteution was too much tuk- j
u np by -the prottinesH of the place, j
iiia i mis gaping nuy uu nu, iuiuu
UK oothiux of ''.Miss Kato" and lioi
liros, wueu tnegii stoppua ana 1
limped down-
"Mere be is, nnoleUkiir, she cried,
"Time he was here,' esclaiinud
jiue one, v. ith a suvajjo rour.
After Klv'iUff various lilt Iu orders 1
klacod tlio tender le in uu uawy pu
lton, the patient bi'ea!:ii) out into
irious exolmiiaiious tue wlnle.
.'bun, by matns of S'ljoo h'lop.i fnnu
binall woodeu tnu, I made a little
ypy tout over the limb so that the
manias did not touch tho I'S'i'ii-
tely louder bkin, and ut tuo end of
lalfan hour hud the pleasure of
earing a sigh of satifacliou, of seo-
hga hiuiIs steal over tho facn, which
ras now smooth and bedowed with u
eutle perspiiation, and directly af-
pr, in a drowsy voico, my patient
Kitty, my darliutr. he's a lanmn.
fake him into the next room And
Wogize to him, Und tell hiui l ot
lot always such a beast '
us was half asleep, while even
t that short honr I had fallen into
dream, a dream of love i I who
d never loved before, uor thought
if iL hut ainklv hiivnnd.(rii'l
tnff, unworthy of busy men.
I cannot tell you now the day
used, only that Kate Anstey bad
aplored mn not to leave ber ancle
it t and IT I was ber slave, and
ould have doue ber bidding even
tbe death.
He was soon-better, but my visits
the farm were more frequent tban
rer. 1 went one day as usual, but
fiwaa oi rvate being at tue window
id running out to meet rue, the old
pnueman stood at tbe door, look
g very anirry. and be at once
tight hold of my ooat and dragged
b into the kitchen.
"Is anythiug wrong t" I said
"Yet, lots," laid the old man.
A bst do yoo corns here for t"
ror mercy sake, don t keep it
kk 1" I said, for tbe room seemed
swim roand ma.
Kate ill t"
pfesW think she is," be said
V. "But look here, joang man,
t does this mean t"
('Mean." I said. Oh, Mr. Brand.
is ill, let me see ber at once 1"
fSbe don't look very-bad,'' be
A peering through the crack of
f door into tbe parlor, where I
d see ber white dress "bat I
ryoaog man, you'd better not
any more Rho'a f rowino" dull.
1 1 can't have uiy darling made a
It Ul.
SMade a fool of 1" I stammered.
Yes," ho said, grufll "what do
come here for I" .
was silent for a minute, with a
idrona funlincr alnalino am ma.
1 at last my lips said did not
wpi weal, 'because I love ber
s ell my heart "
And jrm t'-e Mi bor so P
:ota- ',"Mr'ls!owly.' My
' ii a V
n column one
i If,,,. An
ffU; (fl E ' ' SMf If If 1 1
VOL. 17.
with (lint gill s heart would be the
greateat Scoundrel tbat ever stepped
on God's earth.''
The whole of this part of my life
is so dreamy that it is all like some
gold on trillion. But I was at her
chair, I kuow end tbat glorious
eveuing I was content to wstoh tbe
soft, dreamy face beside me, as she
sat there with her hands folded in
her lap, watohiug the sunset.
At last wo rose aud walked togeth
er through the wood, to Stop at last
beueath an overshadowing troo, and
here in low, broken words told bor
I loved ber, and iu bor swset girlish
simplicity she laid her hands upon
my shoulders, looked np in my face,
and promised to bo my little wife.
I wont home that night riding in
a Wonderful triumphal chariot instoad
of a gig, and, to my groat surprise,
on reaohing tbe bouso there was
Prod Clarnot.
'Back ul road r V I stammered.
'Already t Why the month's up,'
ho said, laughing. "You must have
had good sport with your fishing,
Master Max.'
It came upon me like thunder,
this return, and I lay that night a
wake happy, but miserable, for this
meant the end of my visit, and what
was to come in the future T I bad
not thought of that.
I put it off for the tun f, so J uftving
obtained willing poriniMHion from
tiaruot) I went bis rouuds tue next
moruiug, and, of course, fouud my
way to tbe farm,
1 fancy tho sorvant looked at me
iu rather a peculiar, uoustraiuud way
as she said that her master bad gone
to tbe olT-lmud farm.
"And Miis Kato t I said.
"She's down in t'ao woo 1, sir, 'said
tho Kirl.
I waited to hoar no morn, but ran
along tho garden, luipud the galo,
and crossing two llold.i, went through
ho wil dorness, aud ovor Ibo blilo iu-
to tho wood.
"My darling I" I kept ropoatin.?.
as I bullied ou, expecting to niuei
ber ut every turn, aud t.ieii 1 (stopp
ed uhorl witli n horrible pang soura
ing to citch my huait. I was dizzy,
fnint, rnriiu with anger, and ma I in
turu but that nil paxsod oil' to loave
a bitter, crumbing bouso of tuUory as
1 lH'1 1 on by a young sapliug, uud
peered at the suone before mo.
lucre stood Willi nor bacx to ran,
Kato--falHo, falso Kato with tlie
arm of a tall, haudsomo, military
loouiug mau oucirouling hor waist,
ber head resting on hi- shoulder i
and, I'Veu us gaz) l, ho bout his
lioad dowu hu 1 Hhu ratio 1 hor ar ns,
bor face, ber lips to rucct his kisse.
as he folded hor lightly to his
1 saw no more, but stole blindly
awuy, went to the stable, saddled
and bridled the horse in a dreamy
midiion, mounted mi l rod bad; to
Burnley, threw the bridle to the
man, walked straight to tho station
without seniiig Fred Qaruet, aud
went otT to London, j
Mix mouths ulidud by, and thou I
was once more called upon to talco
charge of the practice of a fiieud iu
the suburbs.
It was one dark night in the win
ter tuat 1 was just goiug to bod, half
wiHbiu: tbat I bade call fori kuow
that 1 should only lie uud toss about
sleopless, and 1 was too good a d kj
tor to try ray owu drugs wheu tho
surgery bell rang sharply, aud sum
mons that 1 wishud for came.
It was a poliooman with a hand
some cab, and his oilskins shone wot
and vividly iu tho red light of the
lamp over tho door.
"Atiden' oase, sir.' he said, "Dr.
Barker iu the " next street's got in
abd sir, aud he wants help.'
I learned from hiia tbat a gentlo-
man bad been knocked down by tbe
very same cab we wore in, and tram
pled upon by the horses before the
wiieel went over aud Drone ma leg.
- We were there iu a few minutes,
sod I was shown into the back par
lor of a comfortably furnished house,
where tbe sclrcrer bad been laid ap-
on a mattress.
A brief conversation with my col
league ensuod, and bo told me what
he feared and how he was situated,
another important call demanded his
presonoe. The result woe that I a
greod tbat we would oxamine the pa
tient, and tben I would stay tui ut.
Barker s return.
A faint groan, from the mattress
saluted as as we turned to our pa
tient, aud aa I bold too lamp over
bis faoe, and the light fell upon the
fair hair and loug droopiog mus
tache, l nearly droped it,
"Nemesis 1" I thought, Mine en
emy delivered into my band. Kate's
lover lyiog bruised and bf en-
crushed like a reed at my leearAUd
now I need not to kill bun to be re
venged for all bia cruelty to me. but
stand by supine, and be would die.
' For a few brief moments told me
that I possessed greater knowledge
tban my colleague ana utat u i wuu
Imld miue. nothioz whioli Dr. Bar
ker' could do would save tho flame
even now trembling iu the socket ol
life's lamp. '
Tbe scene in the wood flashed be
fore raS'once strain as I stood there,
Kate's sweet face npturned askiug
for tbia man's kisses, abd ail so vivid
that my braiu reeled and a cist float'
a 1 bufore r-v fe- .
Tbe e-ored
Unless ''
Here I nnfolded ray clans as 1
said bitterly to myself, 'and heap
ooals of fire Upon hi head. Kate,
take your lover, and (iod foririve
"hxcellont, exclaimed Pr. Bar
ker, wbo Was a frank, ireutleittaulv
fellow, without professional jlous
ios aud in au hour's time wo had
douo all tbat was neoonwiry, our
pitieut was breatbiug easily, aud
Dr. IJ.ukor was shaking mv hand.
He's saved, lr. Lawlerv You've
eared his life. Now 1 11 be off and
get bock in an hour's time. You'vo,
givnu me the greatest le-son iu sur
gery I ever bad iu my life
And liion 1 was aloiio. tbiukiui
bitteily of what I had douo.
"Kato Kate dailiug J"
Those words feebly mutterod
brought mo to myself, and I was the
cold, hard man ouco more as I rose
aud taking the lamp, btut dowu over
my patiout, wuoso uves now tipeuod
and bo stared at mo. I
"Where s Kate V he asked j 'and
where what ' he stopped short,
"Hush 1' said coldly i 'yon have
had au ncoiJoiit '
"Acciduut T Oh. vos. I reinptnbur.
I was goiug to catch the uight train
for !3uruloy, wheu that ooulouudod
"You must uot talk,' I said, fight-
tug bard to coutuin myself. 'You
are seriously hurt.'
That hint was uot professional, but
there wss griiu ploauuio iu giving
him some pain.
'Tbats bad, Uotor, he wlimpor-
oil, 'for I was going dowu to sue
my darling iho s very ill.
"Ill 1 I exclauuo 1, Htaiuug.
'Yds,' ho said, speaking with miu
md I could not stop him now. 'Uon
NiMiptiun, t!iey say t broken hoart, I
luinn. homo scouudrel
ialiiuat dropped the lamp ail
c uiLrUtui iiaii'i ana gi ippmi it, ainl
said iua hoarse, ulioki.ig voice, for 1
wus Ktrugling to soe tuo full light t
"What ilo you mo to do f
"Telegraph, at uiv cxpjnsi', to my
brotlier-iu law. 1'ako it lovu, or
you'll forgot I Troni Ohristophur
AiMtay toJjun iSnui 1, Iuo 'ihulm 1
llunilov, Say Kato ii uot to ii let.
You know best.'
"Yes, yes,' I Hiainmnred, tnv bauds
trembling us I took out a pencil and
pi(:tondjl to write' "Jlidd Kate,
thou.' 1 faltered, 'is'
".My darling child 1' sobbed tho
poor fullow, 'au I she's dying !'
II o was too won It, toolaiulto lined
mo, us with a bitter groan 1 turned
away stuuued uiud uluiost -ul my
folly, rot I saw it nil now. poor.
weak, pitiful, 1'i.iioin fjol that 1 waj.
I had soiui tlio girl I worshippj I
putted uud caressed by. her owu f itu
or. and. without souking or nuking
in explauation, I ha 1 rusiui I aviy,
leaving hor to think iuo a saouudrol,
uay, worse.
Wheu I turned once moro to Uin
mattross my patient hail faliou aa
leep, and I stood there tliiukin.
I a few miuutud I bad uu li my
plais i thuu, watch iu baud, 1 impa
tioutly waited for D;. Barker's re
yo was back lo his time, uud in a
few words I bad made my airuuge
Doctor,' I said, 'you said you
were in my aom lor tins nigui s
'My doar sir, I'll write you a oheck
for twenty guineas . with pleasure,
he replied.
"I'uy mo in this way,' x saia i soo
tbat these patiout s whose names I
have written on this slip of paper
are atteuded to well for the noxt to
days, and tell our friend bore that
his message has boon seen to.'
He promised eagerly, and tue noxt
minute I was in tbe street, ranuiug
to tbo nearest cub stand.
I was inst in timo to oatch the
early morning traiu, ana half wad,
half joyous, I sat impationtly tuore
till the train dropped moat uuruiey,
where the fly slowly jolted me over
to tbe Four Mile Farm.
It was a bright, frosty moruiug,
and tbo sun gluuced from the river
upon tho trees, but 1 could tniou
of only one thiug as I kept ur
ging tbe drivor ou, aud bo roust
have tbouzbt me mad as t leupodoui
and rushed into the woll-kuown par
"Kate 1 I cried, as ball blind i
ran toward a p vie face lying back iu
au easy chair by tbo fire.
You scoundrel r was roared at
the same moment, and the sturdy
farmer bad pinnod ulJ by tbo throat.
"Yes. ell that said i 'only bear
mo.' His bands dropped as Kate
uttered a low cry and fainted.
'Quick 1' 1 laid, 'Water aud aome
With a low growl of rage my old
natioct for cout oboyed me, aud in
a fow minutes Kato'opuned ber eyes
to look full iu miue as nor bead rui
ed on my arm,
"Have you come to say good-
by 1" she said feebly i andtboro was
snob a look of roprouoh in that .poor
worn face that I oould only answer
in a whisoer t
"No, co to ask vou to give and
bless me with rour love i to ask you
to forgive me for my weakness, for I
must have been mad.
A deen rroan tr4e me turn my
k- i, i i-iTiiiCa farmer'a bead
i r-i l'i t riss tad bis
woman began laugh- l,aoh voieee as
Car Ths I'oit.
Physical Heal
If subjects wore Considered im
portant in proporliou to their utility,
heat would have been among tbe
first objects of human iutcrost. lint,
unfortunately, this has not been tbo
case. Those questions that alToid
gratification to tho imagination, und
(peculation to the Understanding,
have absorbed the nttentiou of m iu
kind in all ngos. Tho poet, Philoso
pher, logislutor, aud divine, each in
his turn, has frequently lent his aid
to subjects of a puroly speculative
aud Imaginative nature i whilo the
great agouti that develop tho i vsour
cos of natures and afford health, hup
pinoss, and progrctia to mon, have
boon almost euliruly overlooked.
Monro, iu accordance with this ppirit
of human inquiry, poetry, eloquence.
ruetoiic, and speculative philosophy,
have rocoivud a large share of inves
tigation. And it is a signitlcaut fact
tbat our host pouts, rhetoricians, and
theoro'acal philosophers, aro to be
found among tbo aucionts We have
advanced in these subjects little
iuce tho days of Aristotle. Iu phys
ical siuco, however, tho moderns
bavo uchieved wonders truely worthy
of the ngo. float is purely a quality
of physical bodies, and exists with
out known limit iu nil. It is impon
derable and invisiblo, aud known on
ly by the ofl'oct it produces among
material objects. It plays a most
important part iu all tho various
phenonioua of nature. No body,
whether oriauio or inorganic, exist
without some dogrco of heat. Noxti
to gravilaliou, it is to all bodies. Tlio. most inert
mi l ru lo m.idsi s ar pregnant with it.
vVhatoVL'i' wo foci, touch, taste, or
smell, is full of heat, Alt the forniM
that boaulify thoHurfaeo of the e.irtll,
owe their existence to tlio iuil:i:u)
of heat. Without its gonial power
all uatilid would bo lOoMoulcsH, an I
in profound repose ail suddenly
fall into u bolid, impenetrable, form
Iuh.i in. lid without or.lor, witli int
heinty i and it may bu hignil'.i! intl.v
sail; "chaos reigns again." Of tlio
ultimate ualuro of iieat wo know
nothing. It exercises, howevor, n
most important fund ion in nil tho
proc-ORs of ualuro. Hut, like giavi
tatiou, whi.di piu'lains to all l o lie,
it is properly known ouly by its
function. Ileitis c died HI impon
derable ngeut, bi'Causo it has no hou
hililo weight. Iiiko light, it has law
of radi.itiou, truusiiiission, lell.'ciiou,
pulaiixilion, iiliHoi ptioii, uud refract
tion pevtniii.i t tlio inii natu
particles of iu itttl', or uioleuular
o imposition, us well as to thu.r utr-
giog ition, lleuou it la us iuiport aut I
iu the sphere ol Uueuiisiry us m itci
uat'.icil philosophy. I5y llioappliea
tion of luat t j u o impound body liio
most stubboi'u alii lilies aro brokou
up, un.l tho body reduced to its ul
timate element. lo..t IS II1..I -p'Jll
iblo to thoeliiboratioii uud grovthuf
all orgauixod bodies, uud the icost
uoeessaiy ugont in their composition
and decomposition. Nutiition can
not take pluco without a sum uout
logi'uo of heat, nmui ul ij Ij 1 ani
mal bodies requiro uiuoty-eight do
groos of heat i aud a temperature
but five degrees below tins would be
inoomputiblo with life the fuuetions
of life would ooaso Heut boing thus
iudidponsablo as au clement iu all
ui.itonal bodies, tbe next inquiry
will bo its source, laws, and pheno
mena, "iuo sources oi uout aro,
chielly, tho suu. combustiou, chomi
cul changes, friction, electricity, vi
tality, and lastly torrestial radiation.
Solar heat accompanies tho sun's
light, and most unquestiouuhly l a
suits from tbo intousely high torn
poruture of tho snn.or atmosphoro of
the sun itself, Oombuatiou, or in
tenso ohoinicul action, is also ucoom
uauied with the elovalion of boat,
r'liotion causes belt as a result of
mechanical motion. Thus, in boring
a cannon under water, heat ovolvos
sufficient to bring tho water to a
boiling point, and largo buildiugs
may be warmed iu this way.
Terrestrial rudiutiou is a constant
source of boat. Geological investi
gations have proved tbat tho contre
of the earth is in a liquid stato, and
tho surface has gradually cooled to
its present condition, euca the
eartu is a souroe of heat to itself. It
has ooostautly thrown off beat from
this source for thousands of years.
The iutonse beat of tbe earth is
proved by the progressive inoroaso
of heat as we descend into its inte
rior. The deepest well known ie two
thousand two hundred feet, add its
water baa a temperature of uiuoty
one degrees. The average incroase
of temperature, as we deceud, is over
one degree to every ono hundrod
feet. At this ratio we will have, at
two miles, the boiling, and at twen
ty throo miles a temperature of a
uout two thousand two hundred do
rees. At this beat east iron, trup
md rooks, and nearly all solid bod
ios, are iu a fluid state. Heuoe we
nan easily account for-the numerous
boiling springs Chat apnoar in vari
ous parts oi tue . woriu.. i-nysioui
heat eousists of two parts distinot.
but nearly related. The first relates
to-the natural influence of two bod
ius in alterinar their .condition in r
ssetto temperature. The second
o"i,:' ta t-t it-JT of tbo- e't-rv
-i' ',!"'( T-'
eweep aerosa lit Let 5LJ:i:
PA., JULY 10, 187!).
at which chemistry intervenes, or
the molecular composition of bodies
booome affected. Tho first part con
sistitn tho theory of warming and
jos rudiato and nbsorb beat i even n;-,
under a toinpevalivo below its own.
radiatos boat. But nil bodies do not
absorb and rudiato heat alike. Thoso
that aro the best absorbers aro also
tho bout radiators, but tho best re
flectors of heat aro tlio worst radia
tors. By this law of radiation ftudj
absorption of boat, nil bodies change.
constantly tboir o m iitiou in rospoot
to temperature, and also size. Mo
lar heat is abundantly absorbed by j
all surrounding objects, but they r
diato us soon as tho ntinnsphoro is:
distuibel in its equilibrium l and;
lienco tue iitiiiosphoro is kept up ut
nearly tho saiuo condition at tho sur
face of oarth. It is only by terres j
trial rudintion that beat is imparted ,
to atiuoHphcriu uir. Tho direct in-1
tlueiicu of tho sun has no suusibluj
t ll'ect upon utniospliericti'mpuratnrc. j
It is owing to tins fact that tho up -I
per regious oi tno almoHphcro aro
intensely cold. Uili.ition of heat
lakes place in a vacuum moro easily
than in air, mi l ij llieioforo ipute iu-
depo!i I. nt of any condueti'i ; medi
um. Ii it nil bu ll ' I that l lli l'e
heat, nlso cond.iet Ii 'at from p u lielo
to p irticlo. If tiiia were not h i, tue ;
Mlif.ieo of bodiia only would be!
warmed, mil tho interior never
ciiangi'. ll.'iin all bo liea cm liu't!
hear til -hi, but this i-i in lepeii lent of i
raliatioiior ubsoiplioil. If ono end:
of a bur of iron is lieatod, the Invit is)
in lep .ndeiit of radiation or ubsorp :
lion, If ono on. I of a hu of iron is
heated, tlio heat U trausuiittiid to
tho other by con Ijeli ou t!uou,;!i its
particles. All bodies, however, do
not have the sauiecouductiug powur. ,
I ho metals, its a cIhsr, are good con I
il'letorsi whilo wool, wood, cli.ue i ll,
lire cluy, au I hiiudir bodies, nio bad
ones, (told ia tlio best conductor j
known. In uielals of u d insu texture
tho conduction of heat is iiecomp aiii-1
ed with ii vibiati jii ol their putio
Ics. I
Th.j Hoiisn of loach glvei n goi 1
idea of tho conducting p i .vor of va
rious bodies, Iu a I'omiu iu at nos
i;liero all bodies have precise
ly the Baino loinpnrnturo Apply1
yoilr h ind to one, it foula Hold, to
another, uud it fools warm i yd both:
b.ive tlio same leuipnraturo. This is j
owing to tho ihll'iient conducting j
power of tho bodies i u good con-.
luctor abstracts tlio boat quickly:
from the hand, aud tho body fuels
cool, when, iu point of fact, it is not I
so. Heat oheys tho samo law iu ra-l
liation as light. It is transmitted
.... , .
IU rccllliuear lliius, uii'i in lis reuec
tiou tho iinglu of rcll 'ctioii U equal
to tlio angle of incidence,
Hays of heat are ulso collected by
concavo mirrors in lain, l ucy un
dergo refraction aud polarization
precisely as tbe rays of light. Tho
laws regulating beat and light urn
s much alike, that heat has been
thought to bu only a modification of
light. However, thoro are certain
phenomouas of heat that do not ap
pear uudor tho laws of light. The
modification of bodies by their thor
mologioul chungo, is one of tho most
i in poi taut laws of physical science,
All physical bodies expand by boat,
and contract by cold, lhe uuio
solid tho body, tho more powerful
tliofaeoyf dilatation, Thoro is an
exception to this law, however, in
the caso of ice. or wator iu a curt tin
state. The law holdaiu water, iu its
fluid aud gaseous Btuto, to a certain
degree of bout, but immediately
Changes below thirty-nino dogrees.
Ico is well known to expand by
freezing. "To this exception the
comfort, and even tho hubitubility of
our globo, aro iu a groat measure,
dopondeut.'' Jn point of utility, the
exception to tue law roiuited to is
truly important.
Tho alterations of bodies by beat
aro of two kinds. We have only
spokeu of the first, that is, chungo of
volume i but production of a new
state of aggregation is also discover
ed. For instauoe, a solid body is
reduced to a fluid by a change of its
temperature, und a liquid to a guss.
When we boat any substauoe, tbe
elevation of its temperature is do
teruriued solely by tbe portion of
boat consu nodi tho rest of which,
iusonsiblo to tho tbormntuoler, is
absorbed to modify tho physical con
stitution of the body. This is what
is meant by latent boat) that is a
portion of heat has booome laleut m
the body. This is called t lief unda
mental law discovered by Black, and
is regarded as one of tho most bril
liaot discoveries in physical science.
Solidity end fluidity were long re
garded absolute qualities of bodies i
but, proporly spoukiug, ineyaie onii
relative qualities an ws aro eveo
certain tbat all , oolid bodies might
be rendered fluid,1 , tf we cc aid apply
t"t r ti reinca f-erj, avoid
NO. 4
chsngei producvd iu solid, lluid, and
. . a ! a
gaseous oouics, aro urongul nndor
the fundamonlul law of Black.. This
law, to understand it more tharly.
is this i "That every body, in its
Vassngo from a solid to a liquid
ituto, and from that to a gasoous.
ilways absorbs a moro or less dis
.ingnishnble quantity of bent with
nit raiing its teiopoifltuio while
ho iuverso process occusions a dis
engagement of limit jtrrsitwly coiTcs
jollddlt ttho nbsorptioii."
I havo Ihus endowored to nkctcli
niclly s.tnio ij tlio cnumon plion -ncna
of heat, ascertained its sources,
md determined sumo of llfo fuuda
nonlal laws by which it is governed.
To do tho subject jnstico, would re
quiro moro spaco than tho demgn of
this nrticlo would afford, and uu i,
blor pen than I possess, it is un
questionably ono of the most import
ant ehmienls of tho imponderable
elms, and iiidispunsiiblo iu nil the
processes of nature. And. in con.
elusion, it is the ngent by whose
iiilliieuci) tho rain deccudn to fructify
rio son, mat vegetation may becomo
lit for tho fiiod of man ; und I he i iv.
ors. brooks, aud springs, may ulTbnl
water to quench his thirst t" stoic. 1
n P in tho form of wood m, 1 it
furnishes warmth to tho body in
winter, nnd thus adds a degreo of
comfort in nil dimes that otherwise
would prostrate tho energies of the
system, and bring on prematura de
cay, upyilied to water in tho form of
vnpor, it propels the ocean steamer,
o:i I ear upon tho railroads, to cpe
diato travel, und facilitate commerce.
Thiii, by uti intelligent use of heat,
civilization is advanced, and nan n.
iieei;i(.. from (Jio iJeimiils that
would ol,!o't i.ii) iiimiiii. li hi ' coia
fcrl an I joy. ;. (.
Tlio VVorl.bliC)). j
Tlio knircs of pi M0r0 usualiy I
uvido ol brnii?.-. I
Ivory it lei,.) t -xible by steep- j
inir in a -oluiiou el I . 'rueliliirii' ai-i-l.
For lltlaelll.r litnl-iM ll--H r r j
p-irc 1 1 n, g nn U.uiijj.u.i i-, geu iui
ly employ .-d.
'. ncwliil-' i!o,! not p m.' t!ic
h iily of whi'i'-li'iid, requiring mure
to sever u given s irfiice.
('hinwo jvis'o is a ivinont of bull.
0 -ki' bt-i.i l, qa ckh.-no au 1 w utiT, lor
si mu, eurlln iiivji'o or wood.
"l'.irci'laiii eeiiietit is mudo by stir
ring plaHi r o! Paris into a iliit'k so
lotion of iOiMi.uabie, uud is best up
plied with a Iru-h.
rrintingniiik is asm xuh, ji-t blai-k.
"il p tint, in rlo ol bo le i lin-oetl oil,
re.tiil-uil uu I laiup .blick ; su-ip uud
1 C-iti iii-o soiiii' u 1 Jo-1.
Cerluiil metals, w hen lui l'cil, nu
ll rg i'xp.iuii)il el- solid. lioatioli.
1J suiath uu I u.i-tjroii aro i '-xuinple-,
lioaco iho piicisiou viith wniih cast
iron Ink. IS III'' illlpru-iMOU ot u iu hi Id
Horn is colore J by b liliu it in in-:
fusions of colora. laiitutious ut' tor
tois-sliull uro in t iu by apiIiiu hot
a solution of tioiirlu-h, qaic'.hiU'-
lilliaro uuJ draou's blooJ. This
is 1 ud on in i-trouks und I'loteh.a lo
iiiiila'o iho shell, uud a s.-cuid appli
cation give tho darker spots.
luuiOT lioso is niiJo by ruppiiiLr
rubheraclolh around a tubi el Iho
required hmo, tho uuiuhor of plies do
peinliiig on tho rcuuirad sironi'th.
The tuOu ii tlioo placed iu a houler
and Biibjouted, for u suffioiout tiun'i
lousteuiu predsuro of MO pouulsto
tlio square incli, equal t-i SiJ deg.
F which molts ilm snlihur and
vulcuiiizos Ilia glim. The tulio is
then withdrawn from tho huso,
Ooo-o-quills for pons arj asortod
into quulitiu djteruiiuod by the cliur
uctnr of tbo barrel. They sro plung
ed iuto Iho tmatei aaii l tJ unko thu
uxici ior .kin peel oil' and tlio iutorior
lueinhrauo slu'ivul up. This umy hi)
perl'oriuud by altera ita soaking In
wutor sad dry ing In-fore u chirciul
ti'O. They are haidonod by souking
in a hut solution of ilium. The yel
low color H onterroa by u q-nok dip
into mti'iri aCi,
Lookiug-ulasses nro filvercd, as it
is oat Iod, by tho l-illowing proc-ns :
A. shoot ui tin-tod is placoJ viry
smoothly oo a table orstouo, and tbo
toil is tlieu Oouilod with mercury.
Tbo gluss is laid upon it iu such u
way ss to expol uir-bubles, und heavy
weigh's press out tho 8iiei'ftuoii"
meraiiry, und what rehluios tor ids an
vmulgam with iho tho tin which ad
heres to the back uf tho glass,
A fow years ago s big color J re
vival had lukea place iu and arouod
lioyklus, a stution on the railroad
ruutiing from Fonauiouth, Vs. to
Weldou. is. U. aud its oquol, as a
mutter of course, was a baptizing of
the cnuvorts in the neighboring
Meboulu river, Tony ll.irJeo wos
coming up out of ths sireoiu in which
ho bad J5-t boi-o bspii.ed. As ho
oiuoigod lis cluppod his liaodi uud
shouted s "I've see a I bo Lr 1 J.'sui
I'vo seoo tho Lrd Jesus 1" ''H-js'i
you d d fool " exclaimed a brotlior
c iii vert, who bsd boon iunuorsed iu
the same squad with Tony, "that
wubii t lbs Lord Ji-sut t twus tiolu
mg but a tui klc I 1 seed li I"
! J
Comniiu oarriur 'Oo'sipura.
Msrrisgo ia no onoven gaols Il
it a tut.
Tho oldttt verss in exUteuceTbi
uoivereei ; ; .,
PublMhnd every TliurMilar Kvcning
Terms of Snliscnption,
TWO IX)f,l I KIt A N NI'M. Pay;,
r.lils vithin six month, or J..Kiifno't
pn!d within ihsvvar. No )injrf'.r dis
cimliiuied until nil ArrciTrtirvs sro
prtid unless At tho op'lioil of tho pub
lisher. IfuWriptirvi nulsido of tho'connlj
rwAiir.t: im advance.
It-JVl'i i'son lifting nml iiiii); pnppni
dilr'spd '. olhein leroinPKiilcriliers
and -re liable for tho frh'? rfthe pnper
Saddler and Harness
Ccntrevllo, Snyder County, Penna.
Kx.paon hand. hnS in-RM In M-r all kind
nl lUrn.a.. Si..f, Hrlltn-, '.Vlil , tlnlarl
, Sr. All work iuvaiill.4 for nn .r '
Mr. Woinajr auk a l.ul a Irlnl l r. - that h
unil.ralamla kia liualn.aa. tSof III, '74.
W. II, Itll'KA,
.1Mr JStnti'on, Sniitir Co.,
(Kormrrly from I.rwlslown Jiificlion.)
AkAmI f,,r lh. I.atq.t ltuprnr.1 Tmni-a Wj,
HKII llul.riMO 1,1 OTII. C. fco., .nl r.r the K AHMKKfl' n-t B(V
V I AaV, Mutual r'lr Inaur.uoa. aolullial
tir-i i-U t'"nnanl-f.
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ana rur PAinia uraii irotu s wnm,
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m !... Mr.; ! f iimi. nnA iflri
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t ON i . v. m if I r '. .f Wit to iKp rn
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I i. ,i. .1,. -,,!f Hi.-u-i,al 11-(. and Urar. ilaa
i'i-au W or a, v ttl, a-' I iiUtii'.-- ..f .h, atfiinas,
Pol It S!iH or wp,rninr Itnnicln
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!: ii-!,- r. i tf. u uaatcti.
FOIt rarllfitlnn, ThII on our lrKltrn or
lite ui us for Hiu.ttaUd Cu.alar, wt.Kh a uiaiil tttth
jami:.-j i:ise:i, Agent,
Molioiilongo, Snylur Co., Pa.
liiuaht-r Ih'stlcr
Henri, Boor Item's. Windows. Shutters
window Boxes. Illliuls, tiiish, Ntulr
ii. l. ...a ll.,a If fillliiir-H llrilrk.
els." Moul'llncs I'loiirliiir,
... T ...I. C. B.A
OUlUieB, J-iUlu, uu., atu.
Orders solicited and rilled with prompt
raa aud de-paub. l'luasc onll and xam-
naour "took uerur parouasing nnnmr
lhe Phoenix Pectoral.
Una pror.1 Itanlf to it -ulUrl- a;lpt. 19
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hreika aeuld. It l"P a s.iukIi. 11 -I-pooiorallun
Itslv.a liialanl r.llal. Il IVM
Itrnitli, Itl.rinna real, U baa tuada mur
euro, lliaii any othor ineillcln.. 1 1mu-anila uf
lh. i.l fca.l.rn I'-nnaylvanH have
U.11-,1 11 I'T juar. I - -- -'
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,.,. i,y joim A. Muala, Ml.l.lhi.ur, anJ Soni
outun k llrir, riiirovi!l, i'a.
April rJ, li.x. I y.
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WCkJMLV l'AI'1'.H prlutaHt
Ibe a-ouuU-jr.
Il la tit. pap-r that raw la II" wanla of III.
ranu aixl H' Si.-iJa "' i aiyH'." "r
Dllnr,MWiii ia avii i-y a-.w, " u
I mu of Uu- l.i I owiiik lull, ami u c .niai..i.ii of
Uio lt h ilk any wlut ft Ilia ul) jkliul
It .olfj li vl, rv.u l.y a r-ixir ImM. IU Mm
mnt inprmiiaa jcn Id o.I or vtok fyt. a)
jlui. fui...r fintu c.if Ioh.. Ilial I'lakra
ill. ria. ia in', linn, uin -
i. ... .ti i.. ........ ...... ii.,.. u,nl'hl
aim r nr. ii'".. i ,
aoaals .nabl. Iia leial la lu foi iu . rorr-rl
liiji'tnalil on -lialrv.-r l.pwli.ul Rl'iJ
eu.-a qiu-allt'iia olh.ut r-jui!l-, t"it .1
wava lutliD lui.-ra.l tllli-j u-1u--tii clJM,-a.
li la In uu wnu anillniuil uf
trnolvil in lu lma or ..(.iiuoii. ai.l ctm bo
...... I tli ihu u.iniMival i.l. -i-ili. an-l mii:i't"4
I n 'lua.ia lu U.iii.u, l.i 'I '""I I- -'I' ""a I"
li..auie. Jl.i.n.iU-j ii..- ll...llm; naiiwa
I lUs -mii-i-:io-.ll.f . ai.'l asarawl l
11. li,.i.U,.l.ll Bl .'. 1 i , v . - ,
Wl'la if Ui-.l-vlio- )' -n i.aif.fl.
Wio-iva uu , !irciitiin. rinnil-notllia,
or oluluum a .v. Hi tlio i t.-a, ii.ii..oi.k Hut
Ilia Kiualft in I ' 'i-inia . m '.im-i ii I'i
.-U thu In .11. v ii. -li aii'-li ll'll.ia
, i i.. il. brtlair iMof luirrax-
luw llio UHlwr. a..a l.a.nii III. auuulu
Iu'ii.m lu li Iiii la of piotm. duaiara,
vlitfiw It i.ruiiily K-liitiKN. .
W,, hilly api roolal. lb npr
watj llwiu HlM.-ir.llv
Im-iiII, iia will hv awil b ral
i - Hal or raiali.aai laa
i lu uara-ui." wl..i-n la t-ui
vu-iica la our
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t'uiau tiriif isti p;itTic.
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tior iMiu. ow iyi -.
vLU M DO., Hudao. K. T
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: i . ; . oi. 'i t. i.i-i.u," to
r I'i.h. tli Hc-Lmsi'M, . ' I-'int Vf iM',
ai. r f r . f i , i i- ii . 1 1 i , . i -i . in, utc.t
tui " iL't-al- lUi -si -l tii.".'- ai It.m ,r.ii :t.
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