The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, May 04, 1871, Image 1

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THE rQ1.
tlisbfel trry fharaday tvalng ij
jIKXIUK CXOTII. Froprlrtor.
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Erlihia fit oai or tv.ou ir aoi paia
libln the year. No paper dlntined
Bill til arrearag paid inlt at
lb option or too poonsner.
bsoriptions ontstue 01 ine oouniy
persons lifting and tiling paper
reSSfsl 19 visrrv imvmf nuiincnuin,
ar liable for IB prrc oris poper
M!ilillliirtr. T.
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.UIIV1 " - " ' . . --
entrusted to hi tar wilt receive
Impt attention. ja o, our
Helinsirrove ra.,
Lre hi professional service to tho pub-
All buelnei enirusieu to Uif re
bo promptly attended to. .
r IJtm. If, Wf
vr. kniqht,
Frceburg Tti.,
n bit Professional lervlc to tbe pub-
All business entrusted to bis care
bi promptly attended to.
Jn 17,C7tl
Lowisburg I'd.,
n bit profeiilonal service to jo puh-
Collection! ami mi oioer no'mion'
. . - LI- ....
Mines! emrusieti huh nn "m rr
t prompt attention.
ko. f. miller,
Lnwlnhurrr t'ft.
lrt bit Professional service to the puh
ijolieeiion ana an oiner profession
fastness entrusted to bil earo will re-
i prompt attention. Jan. B, V7tr.
hl.-UNN, A. II. DILL,
(.umessors to J. F. a. J. m. l.inn,)
rTOK.NKVS AT LAW, Lewinburg, Pa.
their professional service to the
bs. culieoiiona anu an oioer pro-
IodiI business entrusted to their care
tciivpromptalteniion. Jan. 8, 'bill
Sclinsgrove Ya.,
I bis professional services to ibo pub-
Collections and all other professions
1 litis entrusted to nil care win re
s prompt attention. Oftice two door
a of the Kejslone Hotel. Jan 5, '0
Sclinsgrove Pa
bil Professional service to the
Is. All busmen entrust ea to ms
Iwill bo promptly attended to. Col-
Ins made in au parti or iu state.
In speak tho English and German
sis fluently. Oflioe hot ween Hall's
lbs Post office.
ldlcburg Soydcr County 1'cnn'n
( a few door West of the P. O. on
street. Consultation in bnglish
IGnnun tifiisgei. Prp.'tTn
LowiMburi? Tu.,
bis professional leivicesto the pub.
LM1 business entrusted to his care
bi promptly attended to.
Jan. o. o,i
tons in need of a good and durable
! Machine eau bo acconimodvted nl
tab) prices by calling on on 8am-
kt'ST, Agent, eelinsgrove.
Jan. i. tt
Miildlcburg Ta.,
IhU professional services to thl olt-
bi Middlcburg and vlctnliyv
SelinngTove Pcnn
rcon Twp., 6oyder Co. P
wnJT'l v..
ioa To waBhip, 8nydr Co. Pa.,
(end to all business entrusted to
s and on Ibo most - reasonable
Marob 12, 'C8tf
rcvllle, Snyder Co., Pa.,
all profesiional ferric to lb
Port Trevorton Pa.
is professional senlces to lb
if this plaoo and vicinity. II
jQcrman and English.
. . Aprtl JO, uo
rieeburg gnydef Co. 1 a.,
fretfully offers but lerrloes to
I io as Vendu Cryey and Auollon
K'log bad largo experience, I
btint that I aa rondor perfect
ton to my omployee.
(.Jan. , ui
CotiH Usui, 8ept.l6, '67lf
- i. . J. C. W1PK, Clerk,
k ill North Third Btreel. ,
. . . , i PhiladelvUla
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'i Blank book Manutnturci
'sin Wrnnnlna Ulaitlna- Tiur.
'U pap r Papir Ragi lo 0'
xnk Third ttroot abT Rac
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VOL. 9.
rccuioa to CAFrAit fctaaw,
Vo. II Kerth Fourth 8lrcfl,
Original Package Constantly on Hand
lipraerated by THKO'H flWtlf EFORD.
III Office, 720
"I uir mr Itcnrtr rreferenco to tlio
tt illcox A Ulbb BUnt Hewing Machine."
"Tho weight of relialil yllrnre being
)TTwh-lnina fnr that of the Willroz A G ihb
lilent Hewing Machine, I decided upon it,
Jrocureu it, ana am mart loan saii(.
I hr the WheeVr A Wilson, the Ororer
Baker, and the Willcox A (iibb Sewing
Vlarhineo in my family. I use the Willcox
k Oibb most frequently, thinking it Car
uperior to eitner ot tne outers.
" Mr lfo would not accept a flewine
Machine of any other patent tu a oift, if she
nnst receive it on condition of giving up the
.Villcox A Gibbe."
CartwniUl., r.
" Tli Willcox A Oibb is the on'v Pewlng
tfachina whoa working i so sure and simple
bat 1 couia tentur to introduce it into
lria." rEt. a. T. Pratt,
Missionary American Hoard.
" W hay used various Pewing Machines
rithin our family, but it is tho unanimous
pinion of tho household, that tho Willcox
k Uibb U th beat of them all."
CSV. J. S. Hot at R,
Brookljo, KT.
"For simplicity and mechanical accuracy
f construction. I have Been no Sewing
Jachin equal to the Willcox A Gibbs."
Of the PennnrlTSnla Csntral B. B.
A correpon1nce on the lublect
tf Sm lnff Machine it respectful-
y 0onciiea,
720 Chestnut Street. Philadelphia.
&.., Ac,
March IT, llTO-tf.
Wlsk to Inform lb eilitini of Bannervlll
and vicinity that Ibey har opened a new
alock of good, and will keep constantly on
band full assortment of
:i)Ktss ooons:
Conslst log of A LP AC A 8.P0P LI N8,P LADS,
Clothe & Cnsslineres
...... t . . 1
And in faot yrytliing nscally kept In a
nrsi oiass oouoiry si or. u ot wuioo w
offer at greatly riduced prioei, for Cask or
Hating had largo oiporianea in Ik
business, w flatter oursIs that w oaa
plssa and aa flair au our euatomorst
I Hoping by atriot atlonlioa U business
mnA m Aa n1a.a all. lABaaril A llhara.1
stas of pullie pttrooag... Our motto U
W ask at laait thai lb publlo oxainlno
am .Innki ..I w j. kafnra mi a 1.1 n m
lswhro, a wo lwy ikow or good
t.L -I
wiib immn.
BMrrlUr fcJW, 1870. tf
Neleot Poetry,
"KEEP A STtrr irtjpMR LIP.
, i ' ' t ruolnicAtr.
There ha somelhisg gone wrong,
Mr bravo bny it appear,
For I your proud struggle
To keep baob tho tear.
Tail i right. When you cannot
Olt trouble the slip,
Then bear ll, slill keeping
"AltifT tipper lip."
Though yon cannot escape
Disappointment and rare,
Tke next best thing to do "'
I to learn how to bear.
If when for life' prises
You're running your Irlp,
0 el np, start again
"Keep a itlft upper lip !"
Let your bands and youroonicienco
It honest and clean a
Scorn In touch or to think of
The thingilial is mean
But hold on to the pare
And the right with firm grip,
And though bard be InoUik,
"Keep slid upper Up I''
Through childhood, through minhood,
Through life to the end,
Struggle bravely and stun. I
Hy yonr oolors my friend.
Only yield wbrn you must ;
Neeer "giTe up the ship,"
But fight on to tho last
"Wiih a ik ft upper lip."
BY r. I) K LACY.
George Riirlon wn a merchant, who
lived it) the city of Elinira. Ho had
boon iticceseful ia amassiagt, a large
fortune, and looked upon . money a
the c&eoce of all good. Did you tell
him of the (luporlor qtnliticg of Any
person, ho would ikU, "How much i
ho wjrth and if tho answer wn
not satislactory in thut rcpect, lie
won at ooct put dowo as of littlo ac
count io tho estimation of Mr. liartoo.
Holding the Tie? lie did on this
suljuct, it was not to be wondered nt
dint w hen Jamus Cnmoa mked Mr.
Darton for periiiibiou tu tnary hi
daughter Augusta, who waa a very
protty girl only twenty years of aj;o.
that cooRcnt wa rcdily girco, because
James Curgoo was quito wealthy, and
though nearly gixty years of ago, and
aoytliing but prepossessing In oppoar
an co, in Mr. Harton' oniiiuation, li is
money mado him a dubirablo son-io-law.
Angula'8 mother liaJ entirely dif-
forcnt viows on this subject, and be
lieved that moral worth and affection
were more desirable io a husband than
money, and hor daughter was of the
samo belief.
Whon, therefore, Mr. Barton told
Augusta of tbo proposition made by
Mr. Carson, the at onco protected
against sucb a mnrrnc as Impossible,
as aho toid she nerer could lovo or re
spect such a husband.
Her father was exceedingly vexed
at her obstinacy, as bo called it, and
so determined was be on this marrage,
that be at last threatened Io disinher
it his daughter, unless she consented
to marry the man of his cboico. As
he concluded this threat, bs said :
" Mr. Canon ' will call to-morrow,
and see that you receive bitn in a
proper manner.''
The next day tho call was mado, but
Augusta took good eare to be
absent from home the whole afternoon,
and Mr. Carson was tbercforo uuablo
to make his proposal. Several calls
were made with a like result, but at
last Augusta bees me tired of baying
continually to dodge ber aged suitor,
and witb the consent of her parents,
accepted an invitation to make a visit
to s tisterof Mrs. Barton, who resided
in New York.
As sbe left bo roe, her father told her
tbal be hoped before she came back
she would make up ber mind to ac
cept Mr. Carson for her husband.
Mr. Burton bad duly informed Mr.
Canon of the proposed journey, and
train on which Augusta would go, to
that, much to her dixguat, on taking
her seat In tbo cars, Mr.' Carson eame
in, and she was placed under his eare
aotil ber arrival in the city.
During thi Journey, the old man
trrged bis suit to the best of bis abili
ty, but met witb no successand Au
gusta saw hini depart from the resi
dence of her suot after tbair arrival in
the eiiy, witb feelings of relief.
Two days afterwards Mr. Carson
again called, sod told ber that busioea
affairs com pelle4 bins to ti a joornoj
to Europe; 1 snot that hi should proba-
. . . . . . . ' ... A -1
biy be absent Mvewaaeoios, anu oi
ler again Ineffectually urging ber to
marry blmaod aeoompaoy him on tne
journoy. bo departed, loaving Augusta
Lapp with the assurance that for a
time, at least, sbe would, bo ireo irotn
bis attentions.
Japes Carson bad nephew wbo
resided ip the. tiJty, and whose nana
differed but slightly from ibat ot bi
unole's, the jvubf dud being Jamts
SNYDER CO. PA.. MAY 4. 1871,
Circumstances brought Ibis young
man and Aogosta into eaoh othor's
society, ami as she was a lo7able young
lady, it was not surprising that ore
long ho yielded to her charm.
Wheo be made known the state of
bis bcart to Augusta she frankly
told bin that bis love was returned,
but that ber father would never con
sent to the marriage, as he had wishc
of bis own upon that subject. She
also told liiru that a marriage without
hor father's eonsent wou I da probably
disinherit ber, but a she did not tell
her lovor, tbo name of ber father's
choice, tho young; man was eotirely
innocent of any intentions of interfer
ing with tho matritnorflal arrangemoula
He, however, expressed liia deter
mination to write to Mr. Barton (or
his conseot, and if obtained, nil right,
and if not, ho bud Augusta's promiao
to marry him without that conpcot.
The nlmeoco of Mr, Carson from El
tcira was known to Mr. Barton, but he
supposed that he was sliU in New
York, and accordingly wheo bis datigh
tur bad been absent nearly threo
months, tho arrival of tbo following
letter from that city was hailed with
much satisfaction by the old gcntlu
maa Niw York, April 1, lHOG.
Mr. ttsrlon : Pear Pir Your daughter.
Augusia, baa signified her willingness to
hecom my wife, but before taking such a
step, desire m to wrilo lor your eonsent.
Hoping for a favorable reply, 1 remain
your respect fully,
Jamss W. Cabsox.
" Will,'' suid Mr. Ilitrtnrj, ns he
read that letter, " I thought tho girl
would Coiuo around after a whilo.
There is nothing like managing thene
pirls rittht, but what the duce does
old Carson want to write roe for T
Ho knows I an willing. However,
I will asswer biin, and tell him to have
tbe marrago over at ouco. Tbore is
nothing liko striking while tho iron is
By rctnrn of mail, Mr. Barton ac
cordingly wrolo thuri:
" Mr. Canon : Dear Bir I am glad to
hear that the girl was hown the good sense
io accept you for a husband. I enclose
you a check for f.MW, wbirb please band
my daughter, as she may need tbe money
io purchase ber weMiug ouifti. If you
tuke my advice, however, yo-i will not giv
her lima to cbango hr atiud before you
mak her Mr. Carson.
Yours, j o,. G. IUnrux."
Tho tone of this letter wai a s iurne
of much burpriso to the roung man,
but be did not honilaio to aut upon
bis proposed fathor-io-law's sdvico.
and accordingly hsutcned to report tbo
contents of the letter, and delivor the
check to Augusta
She at onco saw tbe mistuko ber
lather bad male by the similarity in
names, but thought best to keep her
own coonsel on that subject, aud
yield to her lover's solicitation for a
speoJy marriage, beioro ber father bad
an opportunity to discover bis tuistak
and withdraw tbo consent bo bad giv
en. She therefore Agreed to his pro-
posal.aod aftor a consultation with
her uont, whom she bad taken iu'o
ber confidence, it wus arranged that
tho toerrisgo should take place in a
quiet manner that same eveuiug at
ber aunt's resideoce.
Augusta Immediately wrote be fath
er, tbanklog him for his remittance,
and telling him than ia aooerdabco witb
his letter to Mr. Carson, they bad coo.
eluded to be married at ouce. and that
she and ber husband might bs expeot
d at homo the followiujr. day.
Tbe mxt day Mr. Barton burned
home from bil office, so as be ready to
welcome bis daughter sad bis sou-io
law oo the srrival of tbe train. ,
Is due course of time the carriage
conveyed tho yousg couple from tbo
depot to Mr Burton's residence and
tho old gentleman, with ft satisfied
look hastened to tbe door to reooive
As Augusts prevented tbo young
man to ber fatbor, sa " My faibaod.
Mr. James W. Carson," tbs satWGed
expression of Mr, Barton's countenance
rapidly changed to oo of astonish
ment and soger.
For a short time there was a stormy
scene, but as James bad only followed
tbo advice given blm by Mr. Barton,
and his daughter bsd , not married
without Lis consent, tbe old gentle
man finally eonoluded to forgive then.
Shortly after that Mr. Jaraea Carsoo
returned from Europe,' and when be
found bow matters stood, he graceful
ly sooeptod tho situation, and said bo
believed after all bo would Tolber be
Augusta's uncle than ber husband, and
io aftor years btfh tbs young people
decided tbst at aa uuoie, its was a uo
cldod succors.
" l'dacsrls,'--
i Tbe eoal miner passes Is hie sags
rapidly from the light of day to tbe
dukosM tf tbs eoaUbid, several bun.
dred yards beneath the surluce. Hero
he toil too often in a constrained
position for boor", bowing coal by
the dim MrM of a lamp filtered thro'
tbo small tncMies of s wire gsuzo
Hit dangers arc mnny, and, from the
moment tho miner trusts himself on
the decenJing en go, tliry begin. A
man a dty u l-Hlcl in the thofit (,f
our roKurii. Tho roof above hiiu in
his working place is often trencher-
uus, and nearly sir turn are l ilhit for
trt ry million ef lona nf coif rnhelin
ih! romitry. by tbo fall of the stra
tum beoonth which lie labors. Then
tho coal itself is sometimes continu
ously, often sudtiotily, pouring out In
carburet ted hydrogrn gas. whieh mix
ing with air, becomes the fire damp ;
and, with tho sad cnstialitics ariion?
from its cxioion, wo are unfortu
nately, but too familiar. Io one mo
ment stores of moil aro destroyed by
tbe forco of the expluinn ; aod those
who escape tho fire damp, perish in
the dendly cloud of "after-damp,"
"stythc," or "tboak-lamp," aa tbe
carbonic acid formod by the explosion
is varioufly named. Nor are these
ull tho dangers of the miner. He
suddenly breaks into oJ workings, of
which no reeorJs have beeo kept, and
he perishes by drowning, in the rush
of tho liberated waters, surging un
der the pressure of the column of fluid
which has been gathering, may be, for
u?vs. 1 ho com may bo set oo Tiro by
an explosion of gunpowdor, or from
Nome accidental cause, and, fanned by
tho force of the ventilating current,
become rupiiliy so extensive, as to cut
off all meucs of escape. Then wo
havo the sad record of tbo Hartley
Colliery, in which by the breaking of
tho marbincry, the shaft was closed,
and 201 men and boys found a living
Inmb. A similar accident occurred
but u fow wovks siuco near Hother
linm, where the wholo body of coll.
iurs at work were In a moment scaled
in their colliery for some days ; but
happily, hero it was pofteiblo to re
leaso them,
Tbe toiler in the metal mines, who
is not liobto to suffer from explosion ot
Grc-damp, is surrounded by numer
ous danger, anallgous to those al
ready described. Bcyoud those, from
the soverity of tho lubors of tho me.
tallifcrous miner in air deficient of ox-
ygca uu 1 with uo excess of carbonic
acid, and from the injurious iufluonce
of climbing oa perpendicular ladders
from, it may bo, more than SOI) fath
oms bencuth tho surface, brnnehieal
diseases are contracted early io life,
and avemgo period of bis rxislunce
is I'Ut little above half that enjoy el
by other men.
The very condition of a miner's life
renders him a peculiar man. The of the recesses of a mine
gave birth to the kobal and tbo gnoroo
types of all tbo various superstitions
which, although somewhat modi Rod
still haunt tbe miner He it ever a
religious man. I hero is uo prolans
spoa&er In "underground life,'' and
whistling Is retarded as an set of le
vity, aod ia always checked. Yet the
minor's religion is almost always that
of tbe fatalist, "I shall not die until it
pleases tho Lord," is Its expression.
A man who wis brought out of tbe
Luodhil! Colliery for dead, but wbo
recovered, was coon at work in a
neighboring colliery known to be of a
''fiery" character. Ho was asked by
a visitor if be was not under fear, ha
ving already suffered so severely ?
"No," was the umbesltatinf reply ;
"tbo Lord wbo saved mo tbon will save
me again."
M. bimonin gives a discnption of
the results of an inundation of a
Liege colliery : "On tbe 28th ef Fob.
ruary, a sudden irruption of tho wa
tcr which had been dammed up in
tho old workings surprised ths coll
iers in ibo mine of Bi aujouo, tome of
whern bad just .lime enough to make
their os cap by . enfant of. the sbalt.
whilo others in their hasty flight were
drowned ; tbe rest remained close
prisoners. The overman, Uobert (Jof-
fio, eould have gone np in tbo tub, but
would not do so j and be evoe kept
bis son,' a boy sged twelve, near bin.
Like the captain who ought not to a-
bundon bis ship in the moment of
danger, be meant to remain . in tbe
ailoo, displaying the Most nereis devo
tion, aod tbo noblest resignation. 'I
will ssve ell sty men,', be said, 'or I
will perish wilb tbem.' Firm at hi.
post, he enoouragod and sustained
everybody, striving io revive the
courage of those 'wbo were oo tbe
point of yielding. Foooes took plaoo
suub as tbe poa cannot describe. Two
mo n were engaged ia a quarrel, and
while Ooffio tried to separate tbem,
some one oiolaimod, 'Let tbem figbt j
we will est tbe one who U beaten.'
At another time, all these men were
seiiedwith despair. The work that
Ooffio had caused them to begin, witb
tbo objoct of finding, ll possiblo a way
out, hiving produced disengagements
of fire-damp, thry cried to their chief.
Do not close tho eomrnnnientinn t loi
ns take tbe lights there and blow our
selves ip.' gome exhausted miner's
seemed to do nearly dying ; their
comrades, 0s thry afterwards sckuowl
ol(ed, watihed for tho instant, in or
der to dnvour their bidie. All the
lamps were vstsogui.thed for want ol
air the weakest and most timid be
come delirious, complnlnltla thataonio
body wautcd to kill theru by leaving
them without food or light. They im
periously di'iu indbd srinet Ling lo eat.
and inveighed against UofCu. Tlio
contended for tho candles, which thry
devoured. ISome went creeping ul inu
to (liicneh their thirst. 'It seemed,'
thid they, 'as though wo wore drink
ing tho blood of our comrades. ' "
Howover, help from without came
to the colliers. At tho end ol five
lays, twenty-four colliers were relea,.
1, and onco more saw tho light ol
tbo sun.
A Living Stinko In it M Oman's
The report for some timo current in
Wooslcr, that tbcro was a woman in
tbo Wayno county Infirmary, two
milrs from tho city, who hid a living
nnko in hor stomach, Ins erentoJ
considerable cotnuifoi and excitouicut.
It wan gencrully regarded as a Ncua
nation story, gotten up by somo mor-
liid-miodel or li iirh I v imaginative
pCMoo. to quiver the muscle of the
strong, and trill tho nerves of tbo
But there is no Inmluig about ft.
An unfortunate woman is now in tho
infirnmry with a living miako in her
stomach, of the truth of which there
is tbe most obundaot proof to con
vtnee the most skepticnl. Wo visited
the infirmary last Saturday for the
purpoo of obtaining tbo facts, that
wo may hiyo our renders a oorreot ru
lutionn ol this truly remarkable ease,
Iur the particulars) of which we ac
knowledge the conrte-y of Min
Shamp, and A. il. Twenty, superin
tendent of tho infirmary.
The poor woman's name is Mrs Hat-
tie Lindis. Kho is twenty-three years
of ago. Kho is a citlxon of this country
and formerly resided in Wooster, an)
was brought bore from tho Richmond
county infirmary five weeks ao. For
six years sbo has been subject to con
vulsions of tbesoverost character,
which thus far the bent modical skill
has boen unable to suppress.
At Canton and Hnesvillo, Ohio,
we understand the doctor could do
nothing to relievo her, and nt Phila
delphia the was under tbo rare of
two of the most eminent plivsioisns,
without beneficial results.
In porson, Mrs Landis is of medi
um height, slight and delicate, bor
wan features, exhibiting sad evidences
of the reptile's Uialign influences upon
her nervous system. Sbo his spasms
every day, sod Sometimes as many as
During each convulsion she becomes
entirely unconscious. Hor body
ritbes and struggles In nsony ; her
face grows black from suffocation i her
eyes distend almost to bursting, and
turn iu their sockets ; her Urngue
stiffens snd protrude from her month,
and the domon of a snake twists, with
slimy folds up ber throat into ber
mouth, wrapping iUelf around the
root of ber tongue, aod darting its
bead out and tn of bor mouth with
the rapidity of lightning liko the
tongue of s snuke out of a snake's
mouth snd then tquirms down ber
ibrost, when the spasm subsides.
Tbo sight has been witnessed by
many persons, and pronounced a fear
ful and shuddering thing to behold. It
has protruded its body at much ss
thru inches, is black in color aod as
thick as a lady's index finger, sod
thoB wbo have seen it lay there la no
doubt but that is either a suako or an
cel. It does oot appear every time
she baa a spurn, but generally in those
he bas from 6 to 10 o'clock in the
svening. ',' , . , , .
The woman: oats voraciously, with
out receiving spptreot benefit, for
within five raiautcs of partaking of a'
liberal meal, the luffurt tbo pangs of
bJuiror. snd it ravenous for food. To
cat sour pickles, cabbage, or anything
ofansoid nature evidently throws
tbe animal Into paroxisms as, when
such are taken, it makes tbe greatest
disturbance aod immediately shows It
self in bor throat and mouth. It was
first observed in a convulsion she had
aftor eating somo picklo. Tbo unhap
jy woman bat no Idee wbtn or Where
VtlVfjriiNlnpr Itatrss.
On column one yer f 60.00.
One-half column, no yeaf, 10.00.
.viihi., vm jr, JU II',
On quar (10 liaen) oae lasorlloa TS.
Every additional Insertion . CO.
Professional aad Boslties' tut it of
not snoro I ban Sa llna. k.r vaa A no
Auditor, Executor, Admluiilraior
and Asslgnrs Koilees J.ftO.
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son rdering them Will b held responsible
fur the money.
sbo might linve swalliwcd it, ami
cannot be luudo to believe that so fo il
ai.d hateful a thing lubabitt bet body.
Tt Irf humanely hoped that bor nif
fcritigs will sour, be relieved, for she is
tbo most pitiful objert and rouuivus
ibo compassion of every person. .V.
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llunllng lli IlutTaltr
At present hunting buflatj fir mar
ket lui" become a regjlir ), aud
all along tho route of tho wilrosd Ibo
busings is Cirriol oo. A par ty gn.
orully coiihl-ts of f iur pois jtis, at tb
outride r)i, with one heud htintcr,
who employs tho men and who always
haa a wa;;ou witb its teum of rough
Indiun ponies. Tho hunters srj of
course admirable shots, au I very rare
laixly, il ever, is iimm tli.iii ono shot
utiel. 5!iiid our iuforuiaut, "One ihot
bebmd tli o Hliouller almost always
brings tlicrn dowu ; so many sbo so
many bufTalocs." They would luuijh
at any one who would Miout twice.
Their j:uo, tbelr only extravuguouo,
are as pi rlct as ran be, always brvouh
loadrs, in fact the old heavy tnuzilo
louder is becoming olaolct. Tho
herd is seated in such a way that tbo
winds shall eouic from tho uniuiul to
tho party. They can bo approaoliod
rciulily within a mile witb the loam.
Tho tucu then ccuiincoco a ttill huot.
Hunting them on horseback is fun,
but it is not tu.'cessful. Tt n-quinw
ureat s-k ill and patieooo to etHlk thoui.
1'eoplo who havo never boeo oa the
pi tins have a filse idea of what prairlo
grjss ia. In Illinois tbo grMM is as
hiuh ea vour middle, bnt on tho trua
prairie, where the buffalo foe Js, tho
crass be lives oa is hardly two ioohos
high. It is oot very green save ir
early Spring mostly, it is of a russot
hrowu, but ulwoys tender. All kioJs
of tamo stock cat it, ami imnrovoon it
! wonderfully. inow doui not hurt it j
the hunter even think the buffilo
fatten mupt when tbo pra-s has been
covered by snow. Tbe herd is varia
bly guarded by sotno two or three old
bulls, who ere very watchful. They
will I'uod awhile, then stop, sniff tho
air, look anxiously around, au I, ifoo
itiK notiiiog to excite them, will re.
commence tboir feeding. Tbe cows
and calves aro always ia tbo middle oi
tbo flock. Tho men, dragging them
selves oo the ground, approach to
within a very long ratine, and select
ing those iadicuted, ono shut always
docs lb business.
To ehoot ut tbo bond of a bull i to
wosto ammunition ; be does not mind
it any more than ho would a fly.
You might shoot all tho lead in Gale
na thero, and ho would never notico
it. It core is taken, you may kill a
largo number in the same herd, pro
viding you leavo the calves alone, or
do nut shoot a cow with a cull'; this
Kciiorully makes thorn uneasy, and
they nmy Hcampcr off. It is no uo
common thing for a good set of man
to kill and bring in a loud of 12
hind quarters, to avorago 223 pounds
esch, in a day. Tbe hunters area.
brave, will set, true frontiersmen.
making their mouey easily, aud tpeud
infi it freely. Often the pay of a
month will be gambled away in half
an hour's timo. Curds aod wbitHcy
aro there ooly amusement. Their pay
is about 150 a month end found.
Col, Jo.nes bud several Irishman
in bis employ, nod one hot day took it
into his bead to furnish each of tbem
with a drink of whiskey. Ho there
lore brought out his bottle aod glass,
and ss each took a liberal allowance,
by tbo tiuio it ctmo to Pat, who was
last in liuo, ibora was scareely a full
drink left, but what there was be drain-
ed into tbo tumbler. At be wa rait
ing it to bis lips a ' tuablo-buk',"
which unfortunately came flying along
just then struck the rim of bis bat
aod fill into tbo whiskey. There waa
no nioro liquor io the botti. aud as
l'ut hated to lose bia drink, be gently
fished out the bug and raised the glass
toward bi Hps. But hit stomach
icbellod against' tho dose snd he set
dow ibo tumbler witb the liquor un
touched,, when tbe Colonel taid t . ..
" Prink it, fat, it is nothing but a
clean bog. " ;; ;', ' ' '
" It miy be ss oiean as any ' bug in
the world,' repliod Pot,' ''but by St,
Patrick, I don't like ite occupation. L
Tcxe it tbe most prospvious ef the,
Sontborn Statet, its credit is good, and
improvement are progressing with
great rapidity. Pome Idea of tbe slxe '
and resources, of tbo state miy bo bad f
fiotu tho faot (bat after dsduutiog all ,
patented lands tbe state is still the
possessor or 71,028,830 seres, alWw. "j
Inn one-half to be fit for cultivation,' it
males a rory solid bottom of crdit
The total jtotedebt b i enlf MOSa.