The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, March 30, 1871, Image 1

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' ; . .-...V -.:. . .. ' H " - . -......'. ' e- a. .. 'i .
i -iff-;iiiiikiiTia , b,,,- - -'njiin - iiliii liiiiikali' V: ' ' : i '-'1', Mr ilJ . . . . . ' ' " '
rt'ttlZ T'OHT".
f ubnthed vry Tbarsdsy Ironist by
JltlMlAH CROtSf. rpeprtetOf.,
Term of Subscription.
, wiihln srs moat, or ,ou u boi paia
' villi lk yaa. Ko paper discontinued
' ' anlil ell arrearage ar paid- unlet at
' ' Ih optloa of tb pblibr.
Subscriptions outside of the. connty
gg7 Tor liftl and "sing paper
addressed tkr bcoomo (tibscribar,
tnd are llsbl Tor th price of lb paper
' g Mlddleburg, Tn.,
Offer bit proTesjtonil servlee to tb pub
lic. CollMiioni and oil other profeaaiona)
business ntruetd t bil care will reoelv
prompt mention. Jo I, '07if
A.C. SIMI'SO, ' '..
M.r ' Sclinsgrore To.,
Offer b professional eerviee to Ibo pub
ie. All kuiiaet enlruated to bit care
Kill be promptly attended la. .
fJea. IT, X7tf
Freebnrir Pa..
Oxers hie Profesloal service tb lb pub
- i All buiinei entrusted la hi car
iU promptly attended to,
Jan. 17, '07 tf
Lewisburff Tb.,
Offer kit profSnlonal terrlc lo of pub
lie, t'olleolion and all otbar Pi esaion
al btteiaeei entrusted to bl oar ill re
ceive prnfcpt attention.
Lewisburg l'a.
Offer hi Professional lervtce to lb pub
!c. Collection and ajl other profession
i)l uine entrusted to hi car will re
eti'e prompt attention. Jan. "8, 'W7tf.
I M.L1NS, '' n. DILL,
V s (HoffMlon to J. F. It J. M. Ldun,)
ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Lewi.burg, Pa.
Offer their profeoional aesvioe to tie
public. Collection and all olbcr pro
fessional buelnei enlruated to their car
will rcceiTproniptattention. Jan. 8, 'C7lfJ
' SeliriKgrova Tb.,
Offer hli professional service to the pub
tie. Collection and all other professions
business enlruated to hi care wilt re
cciv prompt attention. Office two dror
nor lb of th Kejslotie Hotel. Jan 6, '0
Sclinsgrovo Pa
Offer hi Professional (entice to the
public. All bualnea enlruated to hi
eire will be promptly attended to. Col
lection mad in all part of tb Stat.
He can apenk th Engl.'iU and German
language fluently. jOHic between Hall'
tad lb Poet office.
Miildleburg 8oydor County Pcnn'a
Office few door West of th P. O. on
Mill street. Conroltatloa in Engliab
and Gemma rguage. Prp.'t'tf
T C. BUC11ER, . . : .
Lewinburg Pa.,
Offer hi profeaatonal aetvicealo th pub
lic. All Itualnesa enlruated to hi oar
ill ba promptly atlended lo.
" Jan. 8. 07t
G HOVER & BAKER 7"rr tl",t
SEWING MACniNE."nri.J; " S'or
Peraon in need of a rood and rturablcmn " ,n S,t"
Sewing Machine oan b accommodilcd i
rraionabl price by calling on on 8ll-
vii Fai-it, Agent, Selinsgroee. '
I Jan. Z4, 'C8
DR. J. Y. 811 IN DEL,
Middleburg Pi.,
Offers hU professional service to th clt
liens of Mlddleburg and tloinily. -March
21, '67
- " SoliiiBproT Tcnn
Text Twp., Snyder Co. Pa
Jaokson Towusbip Snyder Co. Pa-
V1U attend to all buaines enlruuted to
ki car and . on tb moat reasonabl
term. ; . t . , v , Uarok 2,.'U8tf
imreiciAN andscroeon,
V4 am. f . m b.
rairet ossjacr b
Offer his professional (errlc to th
public - -' 6-88tf
' . . : J'orl Travorton Pa.
Offer bi profMeioBjal sareiaaa to tb
ciilien of Ihi place and? sleinily. U
peak Oerman sal Eogllah, .
, . e. . - ,i t , ,Apm u,. 'oo
1? A. BOYER, Jr.: .
Al ir-rii-.rvll'l,CP r,i
. . v . Ffaoburo- Bnvder Co. Pa..
iloal raMetfull offers bis awsiota to
4k publio a Vends Crrsr and Auction
eer, Haviag kad a-larg xperienoe, I
IeUaonfldeat tkat I aa reader psrfsct
atiafaelioM to any employ. :
' Jan. 0, '67t
OA H Court PuM,.8cpl.J6, 'C7tf ' ,
No. 32 N. TH IF3D S
. e,88f PHILADELPHIA. 4 .
UU21UJJT H0U81.-1
, c r .fjt, c
. no . 41 Kertfe TkJ't ium.
- --- -
VOL, 9.
of flnjil.r Connty, ir the year 17,
atenolol on th lltd.T orjaniiarr and (Hullnc
on theUet darof lombr,bothdayalBelaalfo.
tt25tJtSS!3S t?
P 3
M tJ m M M M S?SfOM
cs turns tsieas
sssSatcSssesSsE ' p
ss . it -arras
P Ct
rl P
l3St888SBSI88 g
h 8 M m
r!!".e.. "5 Cberrir.
1 ,h ttftialitx.jBlto?
Auditor' terries, Inoludina Clerk SCO
S. Alleman, Auditing County Office 6
Attestor' ray.
Aai'ri, m1cc In tusking altera' 128 86
do do . under Registry ct 842
do do ' making military rel'na 64 78
do do do . triauniataai'ut 889
do taking ft do septennial ceniu 72
Election. '
Am't paid to Return Judges, J: a 810 17
" Conilablea for adrsriising
nd (erring notice . ' 117 13
Weujlit and Jfeature.
W O Hickok, for on et Weight and . '
Measure for county, a dlreclcJ '
by act of Assembly - 298 60
Eattern Penitentiary.' .-
Eastern Penitentiary for Support f
conrlciiin 1800 ' , 86 44
htqutHt. . . s , ''f '
Benj Hooiewortb, eott and fees for
. holding inqueat on dea4 body tof
na uotaorr, or eeunsgrora ' i 30
-"Bridget, i'-
W A Bell for new bridge at Selioeg't CCO 95
varey Jt Echnnre for lumber o for
rep' of Sslinsg'r ft Long bridge 103 46
Schook It Bro. ipike fto. for earn 8 12
J.Uouaaworta t al, lumber, hauling
and labor at same 88 85
Hummel ft Hower. lumber for S-
linsgrore Bridg 81 06
nieatand ft Borer. Bail. rlk. oil.
paint, eto. for (ana 18 47
Samuel Oemberling, bauling fto. to
Kaals'a, and griral and bauliug ft "
' filling In at Selinsgror bridge 84
Jokn Mebn, t al, labor at Kauts', '. '
Blaeksmitbing, bolt, spikea Jra.
F at Belinigrov bridge - U9 26
rr- W Vawlay t al labor t at
Rants' bridae . i : : . 166 64
M Frymoycr, work at Letter' bridge 9
A t Specbt building new bridg rr J
MiJdlecraak in franklin to 1299 '
Santa tut extra work in making eald
, Driug net longer nd on not . 1
higher than eontraoted for " ' 1&0
Benj Bpp bnlldiag aew bridge ever .
Middiebreak.wear Kants'a Mill, '
Iter aantraal ' ' r.-i ...... ' 1886 ,
S Yot, for plank - and repair at "
Bridge near at mm - w
Riobard LUy4 811101 in abutment
al new SeUnigro bridg ,.: if
A Ulsh rep'g bridg int W Baarar I p ft 21
Bamnel Bert, state rial and repairing
bride near Trenlmaa'a Mill . .09 06
J as UouMwetb, plank, baaling, ft -ntUat'imDl
, .: , . 22X7
WageaseUer-ft Son lot pik and,,
nsilu for repair at brides , . 81
Ed Gajobsrliog, for kanling frayel - '
t BeJtnasroTe brldse . ,4 96
John Uekn and atkra, for ,
nor, aaui ag etc lor repair ai 1 -linacroT
and Kaal' bride 84 76
t Bolfc. repetriag Borer' brld4 88
i Brunaer, battling and lab or a earn 26 60
W Bowereoa i day aiasoBvwrk at
am and Furaao Wide vi 13 00
ft Elseakower, maaoawork, hauling,
labor and Urn at ama 88 16
Fr4 BoHgrsairiaf Furnace krle 61' .
Jsaeb aVW4 hulUiBgM ircrd '
t -b ar aOJiant'- 7, "
y-Tt t',-. , .; .r" :
a r-j
2 'Ko'
' ,,f .tsi a
. rrr
-ft " m-:s7ir wnv '''.-.. riv. .:. .
Aug Arnold do do serosa Mahiim'go 13
Seboob ft Bro repairing bride mar
their Mill . - . , 4 W
Moae Krebb. flllidg abutment at
Ul.h'.brldg , 2 .
lYothonotary'i OJJici. '
J Crouae, bill of fees In full for 1W9, 8.11 18
do . do - part for 1870. 171 23
do do for ream writing paper (170
W Deaser, tap A for offie . 1 50
8hindl & Bwlneford, for stationery 69 Al
S WUlenmyer, fper, broom, alo - 8 17
J W Dreee for merokandiaa "77
Millar It Elder, bill for dockela, lit-' '
eluding rla for Reg and Kecaftic 167 01
ltcfinlrr it Ileeordrr'$ Ojffkt.
9 B Sobuck, Recorder' for recording
KtrnJ f.iVlTl. lTll,nl )lM.Ah.
"... ,i.rnr I uiiboar.i. fMyc i "ch,
in ponjfot
nrtiv smi
WMb,,..rM. D.
JoephfW Jl.Mri Jrjfisicr.y,
John J Matlern, Cswiniui.UYirrsr r-v'
Iaaao H I.ongaore, do &7A
I'hlflp Kinney, do . ' M
A J l'elsri, Coanissioocr' Clerk 400 -
RTPirki, do. '.Counsel KM)
J W Drees, brooms, pens and sta'y II 85
Shindrl J- Swinefnrd, Slatipnery .. . 24 0
F W Schwan, (and, ink, pen elo , 4
0 A Schoch, sundries for oflica ; 2 9tl
U Ranch, Hook cne do VI 85
J Attrand, poelase, envelopes, elo 8 71
8 Wittenmyer, coal oil, brooroi , do 4 lit
L'ohi t JJoune Exnrntt
D J Haasinger, hauling coal, 1800 2 CO
0 A llolender do do do 4 CD
E A Sleininger do do do 11)
John Young uo do do 4
Jont'n Ilnweraon do do do 13 67
John II Walter do do do 8
8)1 Ilowroi do do ' do 2 60
J Hocb repairing CI Hon window 2 60
8cboch t Hrotber for coal U 70
W II Bearer for merrbnll ' 1 til
Shindel t 8wineford,bill for aundrie 8 63
J 0 Sinitb, repainting Cl bouse roof
and new conductor for spouting 160
Do for repair at roof eto . . 25
Rokrbncb Rudy grata for alova Rfl
Wegenseller ft Son coal, I860 '70 85 At)
tlsary Huber, rep'ng Ct koitM lock 6 76
J W Dree, for sundry merchandise 6 ott
0 Alfred Sohocb, for tundrie 1 CO
8 Wittenmyer,brooBis,tiationery,to 13 OK
Court Erpnte
Feb. Term Grand Juror . 119 BO
Petit Juros . 871 02
Tipstaves 24 60
Court eryer 12 '50
Conalabfes' Return 63 VI
May Term Grand Juror 01 76
Petit Joror 167 60
Tipalare 16 76
' Court cryr 7 60
Constable' Return 39 92
Sep. Term Grind Juror 87 76
Petit Jurors 244 88
Tinataves 14
Court cryer 7 50
. ' Constablea' Return 82 64
Dec. Term Grand Juror 88 H'i
Petit Jnror 26 26
Tinalarc . 76
Court oryer 10
Conitables' Return 42 GO
Schwenlt. Janitor, tier contract 60
'' Jail ami Jail Entente
(D Bolender, late Sheriff, boarding
prisoners, fee, and lockage
Join S Wolf, Sheriff, drawing and
v eummoninc Jurors lo Fatiruar
43 Feb, adjourned and May Term,
cleaning init and rep'nr lock 118 25
r1(Sama conreylng John Douglas and
S A Pollock to Penitentiary 185 10
eame urawtng ana uinnioning Ju
ror lo Sept. and Dec. Term 70 .
Same, Bill of Fee, boarding prlaon
er, lookage, labor, material o in ,
repairing Jail and out buildiug 103
Irrin Smith, for one bed for jail 8 80
Schoch ft Bro for coal do 22 73
Geo Soliambacb hauling eoal 2 li
C A Bolender do do f 06
W II Bearer, merobandUe fo.' jail , 8 82
D Raucb, repairing, door, f-o - 1 19
D Bolender, for building new prlvyy .
Grain house, lumber, hauling, la
bor, fto at jail . 880 04
Jeremiah Smith for labor at same ' 8 87
Joseph Boweroi,ror tton and haul
ing for un
Samuel L Muiser, lime for (am
Ccorce Wolf, labor at ame
2 75
11 62
1 87
18 87
13 89
John E Bolender do
Uriah Smith, do
Philip 6pad, maaonwork at am
Jeremiah U Smith, Plaalering
N Sohabaoh, blaokamilbing for isms
UEBogenreir do do
A J Specbt, plank and lath do
A J Peter, board do
E L Buffington, Carpenterwork
II R RelgeT, labor at repairing
J O Smith, repairing at iali roof
H Schwenk, claaning jail well
J 8 Woif, Sheriff, tor and pipe
do do 2 new counterpains
8amul Smltk, bauling board
Shindel Swintford, paint, oil jo ''
Israel Baohman, hauling eoal
J W Praese, nails, oil, rarnisb j :
2 25
8 0
4 46
24 76
4 60
12 ,
10 80
8 28
7 83
17 66
0 61
8 16
20 .
15 6C
eciiocb s uro., coat ror jail
U 1. 'I .
W H Bearer, bnckets, nails, glas eto
G A Seboob, linking lo for bedding
Dan Bolender, abinglaa for roofing
wagenseiier Den, coal ror jaa -Morri
Erdley for wood
Henry Zecbman, earpnlrwork at
Groin bouse. Privy la at jail ' '
24 76
a un, - li.-.. ... -
I 87
UommouweaUK Vott.
The ComtsMWcalih v lb followiag
ptrson ror wnien w county ia
OSStS, T13 t . . on I )
Wm Hummel and Wm Musser " -
84 60
8 62
0 80
? 14
4 82
48 07
8 28
28 84
62 04
84 92
8 6tf
Danial I Rboads
Cbarlotl Bruaaar - i
Ovauair erf Lower Auguila
Jbn Flkr. '
N Rena and J Foy
W W Dewlll r , , . . " n
Walt.r Beiller -J - - '-
W Harrison Bailey ' i' 1
Simon ZicbniBB '''
8 A Pollock and Joha Dooglus
Christ Haulea and Fred Wall c-
I Jry GaiumtutoHeri,
Jary Comatiasioaer pr dlq pay
. ' , t .. Ji 1 . . ' " A. .A
. niissg taoiuuiBg ir si w
, i ; Road Kirun and Bridge.
P M Teats and tbara, for road and
L.1J -I.. .V '' OOA KA
J f ellarolf, promJuio on Fx acalua . 87 89
8 B Schuck ft B Laisru (QarmM) 102 60
IIUIDf Myr. (siuai - 10
Umbwyel 4- Mvers . .'',.. ,116 ,
J. Cro--a . . -o .' .86
'j ' Jiiterett fxt 'J. i . , 1 1
" IS'lv" -v l2ta4
(Jiiix'y Linn.
The following Item were paid for
running line be' ween Ibeeountie
Of Union, Snyder, Mifflin andt'en-' i
tre, (direlodbyAlo(Aaembly
approved th fifth o April, 1870i
Aaron KGIft, aurrfynr, in part 800
8 Bowen, aaxlitanl Including tip' 75 06
O O Paler 40
J E Bolender - 88 40
N 8 Baohman " 11 " 2i W
D Kerstetler " " " 77 85
J II Smith - " 16 65
O A Schoch '' 151 15
N. P. Rare 50 15
J 8 Clab, proviaion for inrr'g psrty 11 00
. Mitcellaneou. . -
r 1 lb. Groea. lata tra.atirr. k&1 dtiB
PTty Ih Co. at laal etllpment 842 48
,uHty, Attorney Fee In cseeof
tier oonnty r Junlall county
riaerv nf Anata - - - 1A
Llluber, tat refnadtd and
n lo Bonda 10 IS
"I Vayblll, tas overpaid and rerd 2 83
rn, Minium, redotnpllon money
tract of land sold a properly '
"Dan Rengler, and afterward
"itemed and tas and eoalCrald 11 86
J Kiealer, damp te ool'r bond 1
m Mover, eip'e of Teaobeia loat 61
John Hocb, taking Coni'rs clerk and
counael to HclinigTove on the way
to llarriaburg for Ibe purpose of
getting lb county' quol of Stat
Tate reduced - , 6
Coro'r Attorney txpente in going
. lo llarriaburg In same iu 16 46
Com'r Clerk, ditto, 13 37
B Kremer, ehoul tax refunded 1
John K Hughe, stamp for bond 1
8unn rjamparll, Redemption money
on irno oi ibuu iota oar ana aner-
wsrda redeemed
John M Smith, ditto '
12 3
10 81
John Dietrich, lax refunded, being
th amount In liilfation between tb
aid Dietrich and Geo Eby, collector
settled by t'ommiesloner
Jaoob Groii, entered taxes, paid in,
of lien ver township
Jobn Emerick, money paid in county
87 65
treaant y on Mtray bone cold , 20
B Hupp, for discount on not in bank -' 4 88
G C YVelkrr, Agt, injuring CI boui 20
Geo Eby, oosis refunded in east of
Joba Dietrich v tho eald Eby 10
D T Rhoadtfor fixing iter elo in
Court llouie and jail 7 75
St . i i
-Total' - . $17,829 7.1J
Wf, th lutmrlQIrf, rommlntonera or th
ennntr or Hayder, l)o Rsrtlty, that that the tor
irnne Boeount n Uie KVt and Dsiiendlluree
or xoj,lr oounty. lor the rear A. 1), ls;o, . true
Dd crrMt nated, to tb bl of oar knowl
elte and beilel. .
(llr.n uo.ler W hands, at oor ottlo In th
Court liuu.a at MMdleUura-, Ih 3,1 daf ol Janu
ary, A. l., 171, . J. J.llATti-H ,
A.J.s-stsKH, PU1L1P kl.NNKV. '
UlerK. CvmuJloor.
Ttrotiircr't Account.
John K, Hnsbes, Treasurer, In aeooaat with
finvdor County. dr.
T amount ol Uiaa onUUndlng for lis
and previous yeara AiMO 41
Amount ssaearwl and levlad lor 1170 . 177 7
" reo'dol J.Humui.l.retl'ran money U II
' ' A. J. Klsher and othorror
taxes ar.'d iiravlous lo elertiun T M
" J,llllllI.Landthers, tai.a
eutereil In Traarr's olHre I 73
" of outstaoillnaannlera of la7, aa a
Bil.take In making fe Inuu 4(10 M
Amount due Co. Troasurer, Jaa. I, i7l lo sa
til,M 04
By am't orders tisuel In 'TO. tlT.Ke 4S
do outstanding "
,w W'i
U,yt 60
do do of lie and nrevl-
as years, at last ast'nt M,4T 83
do . do outstanding ot '00
ai previous year 1,147 14
do do paid by Treasure of ItM
and previous yeara l,r Vt
By cumulations allowed oolleotor or '70, M ao
ExoneratloB u u " loj gi
BUHiunl el ux outstan-llns; " 4,oj 11
mr in year
IM and previous years Toft 4
" " Interest added on am i due 77 14
M " corrertlun In order out
landing ol tea? and In rs-lssulug of
onlers ol said vaar smi so
Bf Kxoaarallons on tax of 1(90 t,j yo
t,omuiissionoi treasurer on l,nl 4
paid in and also paid out at fe 4M W
onnt due Treasurer Jan. 1, M7I, ije w
fount if 'unit.
January I, ItTI. T)R.
1 ain'l
t VI
order ouHtandlEg ror i1
I i:t Ml
1 107 04
" ' " " . '70
du Treaturtr, Jaa, I, "
By am'l of taxes outs t'ng for '70, S4o:i II
ditto ditto HHl fc lire' yra 7S 04
Interest oharged oi ;m Mojabuva IT 14
Oounty In debt Janaarr I, IbiI, as.sii m
Bnvder County, 8Si
U'l Ik. nnA.Hln.1 iarfltii.
, un,.., wiih.j, iw vvrmy, tnat we nave
esrelullv exauloail and audiud (ha fonnuu.
count of the Uommlsslnnera and l'r.uror of
snruar oounty aecoMina- to law, soil that W
Sod th same true and correct a stated.
In tastlinony wheraol we hae hereunto set
our bbbiis ia tn uommlssioBere' oltioe, In Mid
dlebuxg, tb 4th day or January. A, J l71,
,. , l. L. HAtiblNOKU, I Auditor.
UAL. h. riSUEH, S
Market 8t Middloburg Pa.
TTAVINQ loeaUd in this plaoe I would
XX respect fully Inform tba eitiieo of
Middlebu.-g and vicinity that I am prepared
to repair CLOCKS AND W ATCHES cheap
and expeditiously. Tb patronage of th
publio t rsspeotruliy solicited.
- ' ; . W. UHAKta-LU.
Mlddleburg, Nor. 24. lHo'J.
Br DiwiBLlf xaoa.D. D.. aathor of Ik dobb-
tar "Nlnal Soaaas." This aastar la Ihouakt
and Isogauge shows as so told riches and beau-
llee In lb Uieal HvoaeiWith lu Bloaexisf Sow.
ers. SlOkrlua Mrds. Wavlna naiuu. alllnsr
eloude, llasuUrBl bow, Baered aiouslains, it.
il rlvava. Mlabty uoeaa. ThBstdartaaj vol
llaalBg aeavena sad va.1 uol.ane with
aaluMS la mllllossof worlds. aadraaSs
to as la ssok ua Uawrllwa Word, stoee tlntad
paper, oraat BoaravlBga sa4 iaperk biudlag.
bilelt aad rariad 1b tavusha,'' ."LbbsI fcajy
and araoarul ta atyl." "Corraet, r elevating
In IU tBdBey.r "Beaatlnil Bad good." r'A
aaatahold treBsar." ComaiedUoBe Like the
above frost fJoilegB Presidenls sod Professors,
iqtesasa ei an aeBoaistaiMiiai amuaa reitgwaa
Bad aeeular prsae all aver the souatry.
. itairssa.
, lurlly of language, with eloar opB lips.
aa steal eugrsvlBugs, auheuatlBl bladlBg, and
low pnee mass inn uooa lor itta ati
or sell lag froaa stC U per weak
XiieraviBaw. bobooi
TeaoearS assart
youag mea abd ladlee to tuuudae tb work to
aa la every towa.klp.BBd ws will par llberaUr.
n intelligent etaa as wesaaa aaau aa wtuuiat a
aaylag iHielBeee.
S.nd kM eireslar, bill 4ecrtpeooa aad tarn.
i X.lL.M. at bjvvsui, i ej. ta Be, ran.
,. ' . . :,....,. MBllaotsH.Ula. O.
, . Monro St. Ubt
' i' v 1 ftSM.taat.Loal
e44m. as 1S aUU It aptloaaU. Mom.
AUMHKK? nOtZBAW-r ,: . I
... o ! !. . '. 1 ' i i f
v V
, MAllOII 30, 1871.
Huluot ' I i 1 1 y
Il Isn't all in bringing tip,
' . let folk say what they will ,
- You silver-wash a pewier eup,
It will b pewier art 111.
Even h of old, wis Solomon,
" Who aaid trnin up n child,".
If 1 mistake not, raised a son,
Oay, rattle-brained and wild.
T e- .
A man of mark, wbo fain would pais
, ' Foflord of ce and land,
j .May has lb training of an a,
And bring him up full grand I
May give bint all the weslib of lor,
- Of college and of school,
, . 11 after all make-biiq no mor ,
Than just n decent fool.
. - , i. ,
Another, railed by penury
t'pon her bitter bread,
rVho road lo knowledge I like Ihal
- Th good for Heaven must tread
Has but a spark of Nature' light,
He'll fan It lo flame.
Till in it burning letter bright
The world may reid hi nam.
If it were all in bringing up,
In cjunsel and restraint,
Somcrancal had been h-jneil men
I'd been myself a saint.
O, lian't all in bringing up.
Let folk say what tbey will j
Neglvct may dim a silver cup
, H will be silver Mill.
AVo wcro uaed to icoDoa of mio and
milT. ringat the 0. buapital, and could
look on gli&Klly wounds, and faces on
which tho mortal agony Inflicted by
the surgeon's probo and koilo wo
painted without hk-oi liioR or apparent
emotion. But when gallunt Ilnt'ty
Dcluiont was brought in Ire in "tho
front," with n hideous bole tu his tunuly
Ltenst, such as only a Minnie ball oould
moke, great btub of sorrow nod die
tn ay full npon as all. And when the
surgeon's Holomn words, "He cannot
lire tbroo day," fell upon our ih,
the huitb wns broken by tho tobs ol
Htrong men., is well as by tho moio
fUict weeping of the iemale nurscH, for
all of us lored tho travo youn captain
us a brother.
We borercd over hi cot throughout
the day, and wbon nlpLt eamo, it was
agreed that one of us should batJk tho
special duty of watchiog Loaido It
through tho night, for four thnt bo
should wnkeu from tho lethargy which
seemed tho preludo of approaching
death, to auk for fouicthiug that the
steward could uotobtsiu. And tben 1
pleaded for the privilege, and alter
some demur it was accorded me.
'Watch bim rery cloaely," snld the
nrgcon as I took my sent for the vigil
bcsiJe the cot of our favorite, "lor at
any moment he i linbly to oome out of
tbe coma, and he may be wandering."
But I was very tirtd, aud about
midnight, do what I could, I could not
keep my eyes from closing in a half-
UDOoimcioud reverie, wuicti, alter a
time, merged into a fitful slumber.
And very soon occurred the mystery
of which it Is my preseut task to loll.
A bright dream of the northern borne
so far awsy, was flitting through my
brain, when suddenly I seemed to be
impressed with some presence, that
hold my body in a thrall, while my
sejjuo bocaaio almost prcternaturally
acute. Opening my.eyos at last, I
gazed toward tho couch of tbe wounded
csptalo, and by bis sido, with ono
handclaxpcd in hors,I saw the figure of
of a young cd beautiful Udy,whnse eyes
were glaring down to Lis with such a
look of pitying tuudornsai, thnt I fell
sure at once ah was his sweet-benrt.
I wondered runoh, however, bow she
came there in (be hospital at that hour
of th night, when visitors bad never
been admitted after sundown. And I
knew Br. Vsneo, the surgeoD-ia-eiisrgs,
bad bis own brother been dying in
that place, and his father and mother
oome to see bim, would never have
admitted even them, only at. regular
boars. . '
I was so'exercisod la mind, that I
was just opening my lip to quest ioo tbe
strange visitor, wheo I saw tbe stew
ard with" a, light, moving aloutt the
lower end of ike ward in such a way
as to bring, oar visitor' between th
light and bio,' and then my bsart stood
till The lamp th steward carried 1
oould still e shining, and I was look
ing through tbe form of lb lady wbo
stood by my patient's bedtide.
I in M upoa tba apparition
tor fc ' few brief seconds, and - thso ft
torpor overoatiM me, and I : knsw no
mora until the steward roughly shook
my arm and bade me to awake for
Captain Belmont was no longer Jetb
srgio, bat delirious, , But when 1
looked pon his elear eslm eye, 1 told
th steward be was not delirious.
"I Nettie here!'' bt faintly asked,
M X bent over hJ.';;;; r.:; ,.
-1 did not qaeetioq. wbo "Nettle"
was, for I was eertaii I had seen bar
semblance, and I answered, ealmty i -
'Nettle has Iwea here, Captain DU
. NO. 3.
Mrs. Knnif, lor 1 wis,1! to Vjo:ik with
"Did you speak with bor wheo i'm
was heref" I aked, hoeding not the
teward's great ntitazement.
"No,'' he answered simply. "I triid
to spoak, but somehow I eu'd mi ut.
tcr a word. I supposo that I wi theo
too weak."' .
"Was she your affancicd wifo?'' J
Not when I joined the army. We
had been sfTuncicd once, but the broke
off the engagement . tcc.nne "' ln-re
hi voice fullered "bcCadoo I wai too
poor. But I know ho lore tue."
"She does," I said. '-I cou!d see
it beaming in her eyes."
' If she is here to nurse me," ho ex
claimed, "I surely shall recover! O,
rail Iter aow, dbar Mrs. Ennis Imiut
have the am u ranee from Iter own dear
lips." . .
But I persuaded bim to wait till
morning. Morning came, and the stir
goon, alter a lusty examination, sittd
the captain wm much Letter, and that
a chance for life was woo. As soon
as ho wi ono I turned nsia to my
patient, who Only murmured Nettle."
' Csplalo Pelux-nt," I said, calmly,
"Nellio is not here."
"Not bore!'' ho ctied, clutching my
hsnd. "Not bore I why I saw her Utt
night. Sbo has not gono away aynio,
and left me here to dio nkine ?'l
"No, Harry, but alio has not yci
been here not in the flmh."
"Mis Emit), im mud, or are i t
For I plainly raw her, and you said
you saw her, yet you say slio has uot
been bore."
' Yes, I saw her," I raplitd, "and
i-lie was standing by your qot, ood in
her hind she held your own. But, Cup.
tain Dcliuont, through her I'urui I saw
tho candle carried by tho steward, haif
u dozen cols away."
Ilo turned bis fnco to tho wall, and
then I trembled lor tho effect 1 feared
my words would have. But when he
turned his face again, I saw my fear
was groundless.
"I ojlled her," he said, earnestly,
"and though five hundred thou-tuml
miles nway,aha heard uio and cuine to
mo. Uod blcHs her '."
And for all tho surcon'i prophecy
he rapidly began to moud. Bays n'l
ded by, aud be trrcw convalescent.
Two weeks lutur, going out ono day,
I met a lady g"in in, and it needed
but one pluuco to tell mo who it was.
Sbo stared at uio, appuivutly bewi!
dered. I went up to hut and took her
band. .
"This i Captain Del moat' Nettie!"
I cxc-luinieJ.
Slid looked frightened. I saw that
b!io grew pulo. I guided her to Cap
tain Beltuonl'a cot, and. when we
reached it ami tbe beheld tho surround,
inge, her face grow paler still
"Why, this Is tho very place I dreamed
ofseoiofr, about two weeks ago I and
you uro the nurso I saw sittiug by bis
cot," seh gasped, rather than spoke
1 did not reply. Hnrry Belmont
hsi clasped bor to bis brcat, and I
very quietly withdrew,
Of course th story ends with happi
ness and marriage, ss is usual ; but
the appearance at my patient's cot I
rear win never ce explained, it is a
question lor psychologists to tettlo or
discuss. Bailout Mugazinr.
TU4) Uaaderlqe; JJety."
I A rumor cemcs from a village near
Antwerp, that the histocio " Wsudcr
iog Jew' has been seen in that neigh
borhood. Ho is reported as having
passed rapidly through the market
place, and as having on tbe outskirts
of the village addressed .a few words
to some children, who. bolder than
their companions bad followed in his
path.. lis was drcsied io wora and
dingy antique garments, carried a loo;;
stuff, and with .bis profuse beard
streaming in the wind, presented suvb
aa ewe inspiriug 'appearance thai tb
terrified vilagers fled ' from him : in
affright. When he paused, and spuko
to tbe children) . ho told . them . to go
back and, iaform tba .'people that a
new governor bad risen la Europo,
who would bring- Belgium, Holland
end other countries uodor bj away,
mat many strange vioiesitudos would
be witnessed, . end that many proud
heads would be brought' ow. On be-
ing qoesUoucd as to bis name, be re
plied, Seek; not lo; know. I have
bein here.' before, in tho , patL, I ahall
be bere agato In ibe future: -- Until
the end pf time I shall walk tbe earth
unceasingly; .? Tji apparlttoo then
waving,- It .b'sod,1. turned , from the
ebildreaadKreeaiedlta ploddroa;
1 ,1- X Jt - k ' i , .
waia Mil Butappaariw w IBS UlSiaiiSSt
r Tho kepori of ' thts1 apryaraece 6 f !
dverllainKr llatei
Oaewolnmaone year ) . (HO.Oi
Oae-kalf column, on 9nt. . . BO.oo.
I Ont.foortb column, on rear, ' 15.00..
Un 7air (10 lie) oae loalrtlon r TS.
cars' Bdlltioni ini'irtina i , -t 6v
tcofafnaital and Kualneai eartla of.
ifcit Mar than Be Bne, ever year." i,00 '
Auditor, EtaesXnr, Adniniiirator '
' - and AatiK"e KoUee , J,50.
Editorial nntlsa par lin 1ft,'
All adTertiaemeai for a abort r period
than on year ara arable at the tin. ,
they are ordered, and if not paid tb por.
on ordortfig them will be hcM reiponaibl
for th (ttftnef. t, , t
lo tho legand, and the truth of the 1o
gnnd Is croJitod throughout IWrum.'
The legand of the Jew who had visit
ed the crnciflsirm, and wonder ovef
the earth until the time ofChrtst's see.
and coming, originated In the middlo
aqos, and cno bo trsccd back to the
chronicle of ths Abbv ol Ut. Albsoe
which was copied and continued by
Matthew Turk This chronicle rc
lutes that In 1223 s certain Archbish-
ip, of Arrnnnia Major, came te Eng
land on a visit to rat-red kIsccs. and
while enjoying tho hoepitnlitj of the
Abby of St. Alison, smong other
strange fitotic, related that there
was n mao nomcd Jotcph living in Ar
ineoht, who h.-id witncsfcJ the cruci
flxion1 This marl, rtriirlonll called
t'atnphilus, was a portor in l'ilate'8
civice, nnd vfhilo Jesus was passing
out from the judgement hull impiously
struc lum on the back, saying, " Jo
quicker, why do you loiter ?' Jesus
looked back on him with a severe coun
tenance and saiJ, "1 ntn going, but you.
will wsil till I return.'' And accord '
ugly Cntnphiltts is still waiting bis .
return. After Christ's death ha was
sotiverted uod baptized, and his namo
wa,i changed to Joseph. In IS 12 tho
" Wandering Jew,'' appeared at Ham.
burg, telling a story similar to thu
ttbovo He, Lowovor, said that his
name was AbawucniR, and that ho wns
a shocmnkor who struck Jcsns on tho
back while oo tho way to (lolgotlia.
This particular person i.i tloscribed as
a tall man, of about tiity years of ap,oV
with long hair hanging dawn to hU
shoulders, barefooted, and wearing n
strongo costumo, consisting of sailor's
Irouscre, a gowu rpacbing to the knoes,
and a long mantle flowing down to his
feet. Ho rp.jke good (ierman in the
Saxon dialect. In 1573 tho " Wna
del ing Jew" appeared in the Ncthor
lands, and this time used the Spanish
lannuajjo. A few years later tho '
" Wandering Jew' arrived at Stras
burg; nnd going before .the raagis- "
trntcs iufortnod dhem that bo bad
visited tho city just two hundred years
before, which Matcnicut, it is nsserted,
wss proved to be true, by a a refer
ence to some town records. Ilo next
was hoird of in the West Indies, and
again iu Franco, where, In 1001, ho
caused considt-ribio aensatiou bis pres
ence being auciimpaniod by destructive
hurricanes. On April '21d, 1774, an
indiuidual cluiuiing to bo the "Wan
dering Jew" appeared in Brussels, aud '
told his story to the common people;
ho, however, had changed the popular
nntno of this character celled himself
Isauo Laqucdem. This logaod bss
formed tho subject of numerous popu?
lar ballads io the different languages
of Kuropo, and also of poems, tales and
novels, by dihtineuihi d authors. It -niny
bet here remarked, that this cti.
rii'Ux myth seems to have originated
in that passage of the Gospel of St.
John, twenty-second verse, whore
Jesus cays of John, " If I' will thut :
ho tarry till I come, what is that to
theo? follow thou iu. , Then went
this saying abroad among the breth
ren tbut this disciple should not die.''
A Qkhman paper statos that fuo
German tutsans were quartered , in
tbo bouse of a wealthy farmer in the
neighborhood of Tours, and hospita
bly rcccivod by their host. ' Tboy -
wore nil loJgod in - dltforoat rooms of
the -house and when" tho "farmer rc
marked playfully , that Iho bouse was' .
said to Lo baunteJ but that tho ' '
ghosts were of a barmlcst disposition-, i ' -and
had qever Injured anybod. Io,
the night one of them was arousst) ly -
slight ooise,-and to his 1 error per
ceired white figure glido through the 'T
room; lh. fl2uro wo eradusllv ab. ' C
proathlog the bed, and, the hussar, 'y ,
bts terror. took' ooe of bis plsboU and r ' -A ' ?.! :
flrcd It. . Now lb spectre, threw "
his arms, ' aud fell to lh AMfl'.r 'QwfsS t ,'.'
bussar ; jumped' out of bgtyack fc",-, Xv'O
light, and saw his frioadly host, wrap., V'- " ""i
ped in a white sboot, and lwldJag i, u v U-
bloody inir in his band, in tbe arrow- '
ies of death be ha ts tied to tho rtoj;.
of his' comrades,' bat found them all !
weltering in their blood, with their, t
throu out from cario., ar,t Proeur ,v
l)g the help nfsams-olhtr oldUr :
aaisft was searehei), nna undef n ptr ' -v , .
of cabbaga In tbe eelluo wer founi thw ''. ,1. ' , . i
() mutilated bodies of , .number, of ' -
rt.i, l : i ' .i . , . '
uomtaei aoituvas wdoui mu sTTetyctyBfa; l! .c.
bjd doahUessassafSlQatedl'o'tho tuxaf"''
treacherOui' mtvWmr." ;"' "' . ' '
' '-1 - t - '
; ftiwV : ? w fpf ; doin', it," l'i ,r
("said mXaaraU bhBder to hitnaelf, , .
ba atood aarttr nnd walttnf for i jo,
If 1 eav wml L If tboassn doltsra I
"h'hfaKite' 'riTi''' ' .... '
b. -r
MB, bat f be a tot hers daw."
C V'W80dript7 S ii r u
"1 oynt-'i .iitH ni3.