The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, December 08, 1870, Image 1

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    v. TE post.
PaMiekad1 eeerr Thursday Evening by
U&Uliai CBorsi, rroerletor.
Term of Subeorfptlon,
mn aivaine, r 2.ou ir not paid
wlihln the year. Nt paper discontinued
until all arrearages art paid unites at
toe option 01 ina publisher.
Sabacriptiona outside of tho county
JkJ Persons lining- and using paper
aoarreeea it titers ceeome subscribers,
and art liable for lha prloa of iba paper
J P. qiONHIT.LElt, .
Middleburg, Pa.,
ejflars liia prtletsiotsl services to tba pub
lit. CoUeotione and alt otbrr professional
aslneee entrusted to bit oara will rtoeivt
prompt aitantioo. f Jan 8, 't)7if
Solinsgrove Ph.,
Offers kit professional service lo tht pub
It. All buelnest tnlrutted to bia cart
will bt promptly attended ta.
f Jan. 17. CTlf
Freubiirg IV,
off.ra bia Profession! service to lhe ph.
Is. All bueiness eotrm-tea lo bit Car
will bt promptly tt'JJ lo.
Jan l','67tf
. Lcnvisburg Pu..
I 'fart hit professional eervlce lo In taih
lit. Collection and all other rrofe-eion-al
hneinesa entrusted lo bia cra will re
evlvt prompt attention.
GEO. F. MIT.T.F.l?,
Lcwirtlwrjr Pit.
niters his Professions! service In ihepiib
'ie. Collection and all other profevalon
all business entrusted lo bis'osre will re
scivt prompt attention. Jan. 3, ''.7tf.
I 51. 1.1 NN. A. IT. PILL.
lit (iiiccessn's tn V M. t.lnn.i
ATTORNEYS AT LAW. l,ewi.iiir. !
Offer Ilieir professional services to lite
ulil'f. OilleeHnns ami all other pro
fessional fciieiness entrusted In their rare
will reeeivepronipisttentlon.fJsn. 3, 'CTlf
Selitisprnre Pn.,
Utters hl professional eervices to ihe pub
I, Collections and all other professions)
hnslnsss ntruotcil In bin rare will re.
seive prompt attention. Office two door
north of tbt Kejitone Hotel. Jan b, 'ft
Selin(rrove Pa
OtTere hi" Professions! services to the
pul.lif. AH business entrusted to hie
imre will h promptly attended lo. Col
lections ms'le in all parta oftha Stale,
lie can apeak lltt Fnal'ab and Germm
lant usee fluently. Office between Hall's
ami lb 1'ott office.
La. myf.hs,
Middlelmrg Snyder County Penn'tt
lifliea a few donrt Wel of the V. O. on
Wain street. Conrullnlion in'hh
and Ceintn rtgurflte. Fer.'liTlf
Lowinliurir Pa..
lideva bia professions! seioeslo the pith
) 1C. All hnsiiiess entrusted lo bia enre
bt prompt! al tended In.
' (Jan. 8. '67lf
Trover a iukv.r
Pemona in need of a food and durable
Kewine: Maclilna enn be aeeommodated l
reasonable pricea liy eallinf on on Hau
nt PAraT, Agent, Sallmgroe.
rJn. 24, 'C8
Middlrburn Pa.,
OITara hit. prnfeiaionaf tervicee lo tbt ell
item of Middleburg and vicinity.
f Marcb 21, '67
SelinKgroYt Tenti
JOUN K. UU01IES, Esq.,
Peo Twp., Soyder Co. Tt
Yn, 17 A ONER. Etq.,
Jioknoa To w.tsblp, Soyder Co. Pa.,
Will alland to til buaintat tnlruated to
bit eart tnd on tba moat reaannahle
lerml. Mtfeb 12, '68t
omrcTllit), Snyder Co., I it.
Offert bit profeaaional tcMioet to tbt
publio. ' 88tf
W W. BCnWAN, M. T.,
. . Port Treorton Pa.
OfTertbit professional terrleta to Ibt
oitiiena of tbil pltoa and tiolnity. Ht
paakiGerttiaa and English.
r April 16, '68
X' s
Fieebnrir Snyder Co. Pu.,
bloat refneot fully otfert bit lervioea to
lha rnhllo aa Vendut Crvtr and Auction
aer. llavint bad t larct txperitnee, 1
teel confident that I tin render perfeol
saiiifaoiion to uiy tmuloytet. ...
K Jan. , '671
Office it Court House, SepMS, 67tf
No. 322 N. THIRDS
- J. 0. N1PE, Clork.
Rm. 411 ft 41 Notli Third Street.
. Pbiladelphl
Stttlootrg, Blank book Manufactures
M featert lit Wrapping, matting, Cur
mi Wall paplrt Ftptr Bttf it (ie
U1 jab Prlnltrt . . ,
3N Itrtk Third atrttl fttta
! --v-
VOL. 8.
Wintiwr Amino anient. MniiHue
Not 21 1870.
Orett Trunk Lint from tht North 4nJ
North weet f.r Pbiladelphl. New York,
Rtaiiint, Pollsfille, Tama.nia, Ashland,
Hhamokin, Iebannn, Allentown, East on.
Fphrala, Litis, Laneaaler, Columbia ke.
Trains let nrrtaniiri tor new lork, as
followst at 8.10, 8 I t, 1U.50 a. m,.
and 2.60 p. m., e.inneeting with similar
trains on tba tht I'tnnsyhanlt Kailfoad,
and arriving at New York at 10.10 a. m
8.60, 6.6U and 10,00 p. m., repeclirely.
Bleeping rart accompany tbt 3. V m.,
train, wiikoul change.
Returning i Leat New Tnrk at P. 00am.
12.00 Noon. andn.OOptn. Philadolphia at
MO in and 8,30 p di i Sleeping cars no
ompany the 6.00 p in iraina from
New York, without change.
I.ente Harriahurg for Reading, rotlsTllle
Tamaqna, Mincrstille, Aslilaml, Shnmokin,
Allentown and Philadelphia, at
".10 a m, 2,60 and 4 05 f m, flopping at
Lebanon and principal way : Ihe
4.05 p m train connecting for Philadelphia,
Pottirltle and Columbia ouly. For Pott.
vide, Pchuylkill li nen and Auburn, via I
Schuylkill and Suaiiiehannt Unilroftd, j
Leave llarrishurg at 3, 10 p in i
East I'eneylvania Railroad trains leave
Reading tor Allrnlown, Easlrn nnd New
York at 6.00. 0.:jiia.t.. 12 4 i noun. M 4.I."I
p. in. Rrtnrnig, leave New York al '.'.(Ml a. i
m., 12.(10 noon and 5 tat p. in. and Allen
tnwn al 7.'J0 a.m. 1J. J5 Noon iy 4.20 rnd
S.l6p. ni.
ay passenger trmn leaves I'tiiiniiolphin
a. 7,'!o a tn. conncciini with eimiliir tmln
on East 1'i nim. Itailioad, rcluriiing from
Iteming at 0,'Jitp m, eli'i pttig nt all sintiuns
Lvare Poltsviltr at tt.OO a, tn and
3,10 p. m.; Hern Inn nt 10.1. am: fUn-
mnkin at 1,40 and 1 1,-ti a. tn.: Asliliiml at
i.Oo a m, and l'J.AO noon, Mulianoy City
at i. 61 a. rn. and l.ilj p. ot.. Tiininiiii at
K.83tn, and 2.40 p m for 1'liilndelphia
New York, Heading. ll.ivrilurr, io.
Lenve l'otleville. via Bchiiylkil. nnd 5us-
liielinnna R R at 8,16 a ni for Harrisburg,
and 12.'I6 noon for I'ini'gruveanit Tremnni,
npading Accommodation Iruu: Leaves
Pottsville at 6.40 0 ni. pas.ra Iteadint nt
7.80 a m, arriving al Philadelphia al 10,20
a, ni. Returning, leaves Philadelphia at
4.46 p in, pnxsing Rending nl 7.2" p m,
arriving al Pottsville at M. 10 p in.
Tottstown Accommodation Iratn Leaves
rut i Mown at 7,00 a tn, returuiuif leaves
Philadelphia nl 4.00 p in.
Cnliimliia Hnilrmd Trains leave Heading
at i, .11 a m. nnd o.ij p ni fur rpotata,
Litii. Ltncnster, Ooluinliia. Sit ,
Perkiomrn Riillmad Trnlna leave PcrM-
nnirti Junction at 7.4't, H.05 a m, 11.00, and
'i,:)0pm: returning leave Scliweuknvillo al
7.00 and 8.20 a. ni, 12,(0 Noon, and 4.U0
p m. connecting witU aimilar traina on
Rending Riiilrmd.
Colehrjokdule Railroad trains lenve l'yils
lown ot 0,40 n m, nnd 6,20 p m, returning
leave Mount Plensntil at f ,00 and 1 1,25
am, connecting witb similar truing on
Reading railroad.
('hosier Valley Railroad Iraina lenve
Bridepurl at 8,30 a m, and '!.(l" and 6.02
p tn, returning, leave Dnwningtown al rt.5.1
a ni, 12.45 noon and 6,16 p m, connecting
w ith similar trains on Reading railroad.
On Sundays: Lenve New York at 8,00
p m, Philadelphia 8.00 a m nnd 3.16 p u.
tht 8,110 a ni train running only lo Rending;
leave Pottsville 8.H0 a m: Harriahurg 3.10 a
ni and 4,5 p in, loavo Allrnlown al 3. 4 '
p. in. and tnd 8 45 p. ra ; leave Reading
at 7.16 ni, and 10,06 p ni for llariiaburg
al 5 trC a m for New York, and 9,40 . tn.
and 4.26 p m for Philadelphia.
Commutation, Mileage, Rrasor., School
and excursion tickets, to and from allpoiuts
at reduced rates,
Rnggage checked through ; 10O pounds
allowed each passenger.
Qtnrrnl Suprrinlendtnt.
Readlnt. No. 21. 1870.
Wart Room tod Slort on Tint Street, '
Faotory tn Snyder Street,
Stlinsgruvt, l'a.
If yon want to bear and set Una toned ant
beautiful Uricans and Molodeons sail at our
Wart room and 8tore. Wi use nont but the
best material In maklna Instrument. Try one
Ul .uom inn 7.u wii, v. Ri.ij.nwit
Kvery Instrument Is warranted for live years.
Dealers, AKtntsand Ministers or the Gospel,
are Invited to eorresonad with us and send for
price Hit. We are also agent fur the beat New
York and Philadelphia Pianos.
Violins and Aeeordeons Irons ts to tie. V tot to
Btrlom, Kneel Musle, Picture Frauiee, 1m., sm.,
Pianos and Aeeordeona oorraetly tuned and
Call on, or address by letter
ept. I, H7t... h.lioitrore, Pa.
By Panibl Hanra, D. IV, author or the nono
lar "NIkIiI Keeoes." This master tn thouaht
and lanKSUKt shows as nntold riches and beau
ties In the (liMt House, with Its Hluomtnic flow
ers, SIdkIdk birds, Wavln aims, Kolllna
elouds, Huutllul tnw, Saered mountains, lie.
IlKUtml rivers, MUhty oceans, TnamleiliiK vol.
c.t Hlaiing heavens and vast universe with
countless belnas In uillllonlof woraW, and reads
to us In each tne Vaorttleo Word. Koee tinted
paper, ornate anarevlnge and superb binding-.
'Klcb and varied la thouKbt." 'xliasle ""ty
and sjreeeiul ta style." "Correct, pure elevating
In it teniteaof." "Beautirul and aood." "A
hoaselndii treasure." C'omoieadatlon Ilka the
above from ikillene PreslUeuU and Protessors,
mlnlssers of all ueaonilnatlunst aod.tlit reunions
and steals preea all over the country. Us
nMJM Kuril, nll.r.ii.-a with .lau. .....i. ,
Ant steel enKrevlnite, substantial blndlnst. iLd
low price anko It tie book tor Ihe uiasM. Ageuts
are sellltif from tojto 160 per week.
v.w.ii. Livrayiu.n, pciiooi leaceera smari
young ai.n ahd twites lo Introduce the work for
us In every townahlp.and we will pay liberally.
no luiauixeni man or woman Been ue wituout a
payruic buslnaea.
cieou iweireuiar, ran ueaenpioon ana Mrms.
ZltrULKR MVUVRUY. ItH. flu St. Phlla
IN Haottit.Uln. O.
t Monroe ML Uhl
tos N.tthBt Louts
eoi.i. m or 101 main it tsprlok-neld. Mass.
i.srf. CKAMRLLO,
Market St. Widdleburg Pa,
TTAV1NQ located In tbit plact I would
XX rtsneat fully inform tbt oitiieni el
Middlebu. tnd vicinity that I am prepared
to repair CLOCKS AND WATCHES obeap
tnd tipsditlously. Tbt pairooagt of tbe
publle it reepeotiuliy toUeited.
Uiddleburg, Nov. 24 1WB. .
Not. 8li A 811 Market Street,
v .. . (16e AyAfa,)
.. art Vfwvu t, ntwi vv
k . rtertiBTot. ' a,51tf
"Drowned I browned t" Haxlit.
Ont uinrt unforlunatt,
Wi'wy of broHth,
Ksnhly Importunate,
(Jout to ber death.
Take her op tondtrly,
Li II her wttlt cart ;
Ftihbmeil to teii'lerl,
Young and to fair!
Look nt her p nrmtnH
Clinging like ooremttlt;
Whilst tlit wavt eoostantly
Dtipa from ber clo'klnjf ;
TsVt her up iosttutly,
Laving, not loathing.
Tmieh her not icornfully ;
Tliluk of her mounirully,
(Jently tnd huaianlj ;
Not of I bo ti t ot ol her,
All '.hit remaint of her
is'ow, ia pure, wowanly.
Malta no deep acrutioy
Into her mutiny
Utsh aol undutiful;
l'il all hibnt)or,
Draili hat left on her
Only the beautiful.
Still, f if all !ip of IteTi
One t' Kre'i t'atnily
Wipp lluo pour ipnof bort
(Ijzio tto clammily.
Iioop up Iter trtsci
Kitoapoil Irom tht comb,
Her fair auburn tresses ;
Whilst wouiJeriiieiit puttees
Where wu ber lioint?
Who wan her father ?
Who was her mother f
Had (the a Hitter?
Had Hhe a biotlmr '(
Or itt there a dearer ono
Still, and a tMnrti' one
Yet, than alluther '.'
A1:i t fur the rarity
Of ChriH'.i.m charity
I'U'ler the sun
Oh ! it wai pitiful 1
Near a wlinlt city full,
ll'iine ttht bad uone.
Sisterly, brutherly,
Kniherly, tnotberly,
Fet'lings bud clinned ;
Love, by bnrah vvideoce,
Thrown from its eminence ,
Kvcn (ind't proviileuce
dooming elraoed.
Whore the lumps quiver
So fur in the rircr, mftny a light
Finn! window nod vasemont,
From garret to bitternest,
Slio stood, with attiaueiiitot,
llountlena by uighL
The bleak wind of Marob
M ule her 'ri'tnblo ood tsliivor ;
lint not tht dark arch
Nut' ihe blnck flowing river;
.Mad from life's history,
Cilnd to death's ttiyslery
Swift to be hiirl'J
Any where, any where
Out of tbe world I
In alio plunged boldly
No matter how; coldly
The rough river ran .
Over tbo brink of it
Picture it think of it,
Diteolute Man!
Lave in it, drink of it
TbtD, if you can 1
Talce hor up tenderly,
Lift her witb cure,
Faibioued ao alenderry,
Young, and 10 fuir!
Krt ber limbi fritfidly
Siiffeo too riitidly,
Decently kindly
Smooibe nod compose them ;
And hor ryes, eloae tbora,
Stariog 10 blindly I
Preadfolly itarioj;
Through nin 1 Jy impurity,
As when with tbe dariog
Liit look of despairing
Fixed on futurity.
Perishing gloomily,
Spurred by contumely,
Cold inhumanity,
liurniojr. insanity,
I nto ber rett.
Cross her buoda humbly,
Aa if praying dumbly,
Over ber breast !
Owning her weakness",
Hor evil behaviour,
And leavitg, witb meekoeaa,
ller alna lo ber Saviour I
A Kuttry (Maine) youth who de
aired lo wed the o fcjeet of bia affeotions
bad no interview witb ber pateroal
anoettor, ia which be staled that, al
though he bad no wealth worth apeak-
of, yet ha was ' chuck full of day's
saarv ..a t
wore, ii gov tue gin.
Carlyle aayi i " Make vourself a
good niun, and then yoti may be aure
ibere ia one Iba lens rateul io tbe
There la? a nan eenteoeed , to 25
rears' imprisonment 'n aa Ohio peni
tentiary, who has alread apeot 25 years
to vartoua jatia.
veteran ahop keeper aiyi that
althuugh bia olrk are vary lalkalive
during tbe day, they are a I way a ready
Coutcn lu of a I'taleut Sletll
cine) .Man.
From Halph Foelor's " Confession
of a ratent Medicine Man," In the
L)ocoroler No, of the Atlantic ilonthif
we niitke the riiraci :
My corn salve was aiale of patab
and itutn arrahic. It would do it
work io fire minutrt, but. ol course,
it mnJo the Knit outrieouly aore sf
lerwarcf. This was matter of Very
little inoooveo eoce to tut, bucunse ray
buiiuoss required me lo bo moving
continually iron) place to place I
always managed lo get out of town
oo the fl'iod tide of my reputation a.
an effective chiropuditt. It will b
easily belvivod I did not ac
quire my skill siJ seir-reliance, as tn
operator, all at once. My corn eulvc
grow in my coiilirloara from the fee'
it fod on. You tlnok tbatitaqneer
eiprsiiin? lull cunnot, then, be
aware of the corrosive nature tf fot
ali. Well, sir, exporienceaaJ speilil
knowlodge ara evrrvthioi; in one's
buMtiea. I will confess that 1 iva
nervous before tuy lirai patient The
tulve had nuver been ttiod, and a
friend told ma I had better not
tty it. Hot my auhject wan a good
one, rather an aiomly, ton, in life. I
think you hardly ever heard before ol
a poor shoemaker with corns. That
describes tuy lint pitient. I m u-ilcr-fd
up courage at 1s t, tin 1 fl uirishcd
an old raz ir at bitn with quite a pro
fehsional air Ibr a youth of 10. The
job was not as neat n one at 1 learne I
to Jo ativrward, but Ht 1 11 it pavo tern
poruiy tut infliction ; and 1 soi l that
shoemnker two boxeaof tbo enlve.
And tliu I went about overs ilo
extent vf territory, loavin I know not
what number of sore feet Mi in I mo
I hnvo no b'.'tter idea how much more
podal d if ties 1 iititfbt havo worked on
a ere lulo'J community had it not beio
tor an socident which, at lb ) end of a
cotiplo el years, overtook tno in my
earcer. 1 ha I Itft a great quantity ol
my s,ilve and lo.oogers stowed away in
a towu which I wjs then makiug tuy
headquarters. They were carefully j
packed 1 remember, in noil paper
busm. un my return, alter au un
usually Ion ' trip, 1 lound tb it tho in
twt tul poiaib had eaten up tho paper
I'oxeii, and. m:iUiu its devouring way
to Uiy iMugh-ln.enert, und iovolved
uiy whole stock in one agglomerate
tij iM of ruin.
Out ot uiy temporary despair, how
ever, riiianu' a lu:kv in.-piration You
have doulillcM heard much ol the'
huppy elaiticiiy uyonth. Tlicroii.)
I gtaut souiething svailuble in that,
but 1 louoi Momotbiug a great deal
better tor tuy business iu tbe rapid j
growth aud physical chunks of thuli
period of my lift. Tho fuel is, I hud
to wo and altered so in appraranco
sitice I bad first alared out with my I
com salve, that, st the lime of alt it tp!
palling aoeideut, no oaool'my first pi
tieots would hsvo recognized uo Iroiu'
a mere surgicul acquautiiice of two
yearn bofuro. I may aay here, in fact I
that those riposted changes in my
physical appeseuuee, aided by the
coropping ol bjir, or iho ttbuudoniuc;
of it to excessive leogth, au iut la-t,
by tht coming of the beard, were all
through by early experiences of un
told advaotare to me. 1 litis in the
course ot li mo I became personally ac
quainted with all the people who:
could he duped in a given region of!
country, and with every new project
or nostrum, I returned uureuooi.ed
to thorn, ovea aod over again. Now
out of tba potashes of the agglomer
ate ruiu ot tny entire slock intrude
sprang, Phucnix-like, a lackey inspira
tion, at 1 have before said, without ihe
present iuditl'ertut joke, which ia alto-
goiuer accideuiul. iVbilo contem
plating my irrotriof able lust, 1 cou
ceived tbe idea of a patent pain killer,
wbicu 1 would go about selling tocure
tbe sores left by corn salvo.
Asa general thiuc mioty, or, 1
should aay, the want of it, gota the
ImiDorral work out of umtclaxa braiua.
I read tke subdaoce of tint remark in
a newspsper ; or was It a magaime f
It doieii matter; I believe it, and 1
verriOod it in the production of that
puiu killer; that's enough. Well, sir
tbe project worked la a c liana. I
commeuced operations, ot course, in al
most the exaot traces of my former
chiropodal exploits. It was oot long,
therefore, tdl J came upon my fit at pa
lient, the shoemaker. 1 began euu-
liously lo extol lha stomaoie virtues
of my medicine, and gradually led up
to tta external apilioatioo. It was
good, 1 asured dim, for btuiies,
spraiua keeping my eye,steaUbily on
ma, I rem uutier my Hat, to estcti any
taint gleam or recognition bruises,
sprains, wouuds, sores
" On tne lost r ' axkeu be, tntertnpt
iug ue io tny cauloue of poniiive
" CetUioly t better for tbe foot than
anything tlst."
' Well, 1 liave aore feet, and that s
i he fuct,"aid the shoemaker. "You
aee there) waa a rogue of a fullow
around here a eople of yeara ago cur
ing corns, and be made my ftet aore.
It 1 evtr catch the villain 1 II use a
strap on him; lhal'a what I'll do.
1 now felt sure, 1 need aoarotly add.
that my former patient did oot tecog-
one sue, and ao J sold bios two bot
tles of paiu killer to core tbe aura I
bad made two yeara before.
It was not, perhaps, a remarkable
fact thai my paiu killer went faster
toaa my pain mater, ton euro naive.
did a thriving business la this ao
thriving, indeed, tSal 1 gradually
eaug ht up, as I may aay, witb the in
terveoing time between tbe sale el Ihe
latter and former artielea. Tbat it.
DECEMBER 8, 1870.
my earlier truces became so recrtit
that my disguise grew pettloat. But
there wis such a demand for tht pain
killer that I went nn, notwithstanding
tho danger. One dsy, however, I en
countered a a'urdy young fallow upon
whose Icrt 1 had operated not very
Ions; before. Ia hit eagerne for ra
lief he was in the net of purclmiini it
at my hands, when u Idenly recogniz
ing me, he changed ba mind, nnd
gave me a sound thrashing instead
Tbat pat an end t tho piin killer
business. 1 returned considers' l
bruised, lo my headquarters, and set
all my energies ti work on the iaven
of something less perilous to others us
wtll as mrselt. I tnny say here that
t always kept the little town which I
havo calh'd niy headquarters, opin to
me as an asylum, by leaving it nnd its
imuiediiite tieighli irhond free from nil
my tnedieal sud rtiirgiral experituuntx
The result of my arjou- creative
inought ctiluiioiitc'1 tins time in a
pite to make old razor strops new.
It professed to do it rrjivennting
work by a simplo applirntion ; jet it
did not sell very well. From lite very
nature of things, I did not have the
credulous woman hall of the world to
work upon; Hi y had linlo er ni in-fat
tercst in viineratiniiatLMl raxor slons It
1 ,
was this consideration more than ar.t
other. I lliink tlml whioli in-nirod dip
Willi tbo brilliant uftcr-ih luht ol
chantug the namo ol my piio into
that of a healing Ra'vu This the
maio article became nt onee endowed
with universal c irativo virtues, and
beeams nUo tho profe.-sion dii ier.t
lion of all liuui iU nature. I .tupp'. t it
would not be modest in mo to eay that
mv Mi vs Was too l'ooi! lor l!s or.u-iual
pnrp.we. It is nt least true I hat, if it
tailed upon razor strong it aueceedod
adtniiably upon mankind. Vou will
hardly believe mo when I toll you. but i
stil it is ul.o true, that bv means of n
iuoipient Ivard, and my hair grown
long, and of a broad brimmed slouch
hat as a disguiso, 1 sold a boi of m
celebrated hcftling salb to that anno
innocent eliootnikcr, who liad already
twloo ligiired ns my customer. ( (wing
to my pain auter, or ino recuporsuvo
iiuiu oi inn iieaiuiy iraiur. ins ivei
" "' V, ' V '", "!" .viu.iio up. ns ue wus enntidont ' i,
ut well; uud t am glad tojthat wasahvo.. A tew daysa-ol
there was nothing in my heal- Cisntncr and Judge I'.cid stunej ijr'
that would materially ,ro-McKcnre. a town" at the jineiion ol"
sIrimnAtMtDAesa) I., tl ... . l ' aa V
wero aooui
add that I
ing sattro
vout his ultimate recovery.
KuperatllNon about Moriue.
Caverns were supposed by the Ro
mans to bo secure place ot rtfuge dur
ing thunder-storms, and they believed
lllllf. liotitimr iiMr ri.fltaiAit nm.n
lhan two vards iu tne earth. ActinL'1
on this) superstition, (he nipernr Au-
uuitususod to withdraw lulosomo deep,
vu u It of the palace, whenever a tern-1
pent was feu ro). und it is recorded hy
S.isiotiiiiM tint ho ulw.iyswore a eki'u
of seal around It it body, against liht-!
ning. That b tth prcua'tttntis arc rqttiily I
uuavitiiing. seurcely lo bo wen
tioued. I.ightuiiig bas been known to I
striko 10 ftet into iho earth : but noli.u;"reJ good bearing, busy
eveu ihe marvelous uccurry of modern
sjiuco can deturtiiiue ul wliu'. dulaoce
tr jiii the surface a sato ret i cat may be
found from tbe dtceuding (bud; aud
even were this uscorluiiied, the dangers
Iroui ascending eleotrio curreuts remaiu
tlio same. With regard to seal skins,
we tind lhal tho Homans attached so
much laith t) theiuas noti-conduclors,
thaL talits wera made ol'lhdui. boiumth I
which the lim d umjJ to lake rtlugo. It I
is a somewhat curious fact, lhal, i.i the!
neighborhood of Mo int t'evennes, iu !
Langeu loe, whero aneiontly gome K0.i
man colonies were kuowu to have ex-
isted, tho eheperds cherish a similar i
sunerslitioo resuoclinj the sLina ol s. r-
lingers in the mind ol ibe peasant
Cevenoes und tho more costly super
stition held in reverence by hit Latin
ancestor. The Km per or of Japan re
tire anto a dead grotto duriug tlio tem
pests which rajo iu their latitude ; but,
iiAtiin iiaikM rnaav purnni i u itn unr nii.t " ei.vis.w viMmitoin, ntni uur nit'
KY You had letleV leave.'-j XtTXl
I...H..K., . ...t....i "os : but Bonne vim r.-,l r.., i.. i'n.'urs in ii.s e, ami he saij
i a L'.V..,. j ... ;a'armed. I've been ati.on,. thit a,.ei .,lnju l,!'irQl!a u't,n ,U Sju,ll
tleman. who writes on this tubiect. ia ' Pple belore. ou mti-t tell me , .'.IT.,...,,
disposed tosee of iuwreatingM.!"" 1 fiud,,J",r" W L. cotiio 1 1 r e s h it I v' w Vn r P'
. 1 i . ... , . . . . ' n't , , " ,t ; cotno. Here t h it 1 ve won trout
aiogy oetweeu me icgauu wuion ret - . ... ..., . n i ;, Blm. , i ,.
notsatistiad with the profuuJity ol,lbe'hb' about 4ft yeara old. weight l?U
eieavation. or tbe atrenirtb of tbo atooeslr". ,u" lu" " ,rl "
of which it ia built, they complete their
precautions by having a reservoir of
Water sunk into their rttteat. The wa
ter is intended to estinguieb the light
ti ing a measure equully futile, since
many inMauces aro known in which
tba fluid baa fallen upon tht water
with the aauie destructive effect as
upon land.
Tbe Lord' rittyer.
A maiden kuelt in tho twilight
and claiming ber bauds fervently
breathed forth : "Our lather who art
in Heaven, hallowed be tby name."
A tnolber, in greet arfsl aod agony.
gaiied en tba child sleeping bar long,
last aleep, a loiilo wreathed her toll
pa, and with taoda folded across that
still aud njlstless brart, and kneeling
there, tbe living and tbe dead, tht prays:
Tby will b done.''
At early boailie of oritnt gild tbe
sleupiog land, a widow with beriufrr
ing little ones ebilttd by poverty aad
woe, bowa al the throne of graooe and
fervently prays: "Giva us lb ij Cay
eur daily bread,''
Aa ..Tied t'.tlter, at Lie loved and
loving boy goes forth from hla cartels!
ear to brave tbe eotd frowaa of III
raeele betide bisa on the eve ef hie de
parture aad plead : u Lead hlds out
iuto umptstioa, bat deliver hitu fit) a
evil, for Tbiue ia tbe kingdom, ahd
power, and the glory, forever. Anita."
The atoek et' Milan ee hand at 8a-
frm .... I Ml
NO. 31).
llisunfval ivovtii.
Aout II m di tut ago a cold blooded
murder was cotiinit'ed in Coahoma
county, by .Mr. tieorgt Stacy. The
.liiiliimtte of that dute) gist a report,
which our readers will douhloss ro
meuiber. Mr. $lry killed a .Mr.
liilcy in his own Held, while be wa
at bis work, lloth wcr planters, nnd,
we think neighbns. They resided east
of Friar's Point, nboul 1I miles, fuey
weisrresled, iudiciud fur murder, gave
bond foi his appearance lor trial, run
uw iy und left li s boads'uitn an 1 sjrety
Judge llarrioo KniJ to pay the
bond Tlio circuit iude nronounceil
judgmotit again Held for i 0 )' about
tx Dioutbs ago. Iho Court give
Ueid to the 1-t of December, to
ring up his prisoner or jay llw U,0..
mil ttiK prisoner w.ih not to found
Lulgj Kunl applied to nil tho police
I'luceia and shcnlN in Mivsieaip;,! nnd!
Arkansas. He applied to iho detee-
...o in .iiMiijiuis, nut ait to no pur-!
pH. This was not calrululed tl
iiiiiko .lU'ige Keu CKinlortitblo, for th '1
1-1 01 in'cetuocr wjs tapnily approach
ing, and there was no es.ipe but to
pay tho b-iad.
t a a f 1 a
1 AUont ten da s n ti intra,.,,. ! ..: 1
tlm instunco of n Iriend, laid hi
I iriml.l l,..l'.,r t. '..
1 " " - 1 " v ... 1 ... 1 no, 1 n-t 01 t li is
;eitv, who. havittir .! all tl, .;.. fJ
io-.iii.i-j I ,.. .1. . 1 .. i... . i . 1 ,. '
; 1,'uid teiiirucd hoim t.i IM-v t-..i...
in he'ter tipiiitH. but tho 1, of Dceetu
ber haunted him. Six thousand Jo-
.... n nrrurilT lnum'V II no ijl hut
new U.M....wl. t.. ...i J. i .
... u .iimu'juv oinei.
and snitureblo nud wnYilu..l I't...
judge wat not hanov-
I I'ranmer, whoso hpirit of ttd venture
haa eirrm I l,im t.. '.!:,. .,
! plains, stid buck to tho Sta'tet won't'
vigorously to work. The fust point
fur Craumer was ihef.ict that Siaev
has a brother rciidin r in JaeUuti
Miss. Cummer visited .l.i,'t. i,.'
came inliin-ito with Mr. Sturv srs-m
j his umuey freely, au 1 wormed loiit of
, nitti enough to satisfy Crantn, r that
j (icorgo Siaev. the murderer was r.
Isidiug near Hunt iug'on, Csrmli Co
j Tetin. Criiiuierretariu-.l to Memidn's!
wrote to Judgo lltid that ho desired I
Dili) 10 Come up. a be was enntidel
the Memphis and Louisville and North
western railroads, about 150 milts
from Meiupbi. Ilore Judjre Keid was
icquesicu uy i rauuier to rerniin
ho returned, nn I, without iulbrminir
Keid o his t urpoos. ('runnier Jei.nrie.i
for Huntinyion. county seat of Carroll
3"u'"-v' lt,u l,ai" Bin-' t0 'a-hville. I
(viauuici ainvru uiere on iiiOMiightof
I . . . . I . , . .
the litli, and, early next moruing, U a eompauion to Iretpient a g.uubliug
hired a horsU. ju a very cirimis w,vlhou-e. He was young and yitliling.
Cranmer learned that a Mr. Clark, I '''s M" friend old enough to havo
Jusiice ol the Peace in iruiitinatnn. I D"'" h 'rsch-rous Oneeveoing
knew .Stacy aud where he could hele lwo l'd been drinking aud .amLi
lound j but that Clark would uot givel !'"- 'earfully the yosng man losing
any information unless lorced to d ) po '" v-'ry game A new vaine bad jusi
Craumer lound t'.urk. who is a gray-,
in ins iront yari nailing on the broke u
pailinu of a feoce.
fquiro Clalk, 1 euppoc, said
"Ves, sir," he answered.
qutre Clark, you know where
Ucorge Stacy can be found and I camel
to get lha ltifonustion.'
"Who are you?' bristled un the
U gsntlemau
1 am a" "r'c,'r of iho I'nileJ
ta,e''' ru"" abalge which
""I'P0"'1 b sl'awl pin ; but th;
words "officer t.f the Fuited States.'
P"keri "' ft'1 V0c 'd rather im
PJli,Ul1 u"l"rr ir. '''l ' ffect.
tell you, a r, ssid datk, -this
keep you till you tot or tell me where ; '
li eorgo Maey ran be found."
This forcible speech ol Cranmer bad
the desired e fleet. A broad-shou'dered.
fu'l-brtasied man 5 feet and it inches
broad race, of weatber-heaten eolor-l.
and an oilie r of the United States,
V t . f f
.It), . ..I,,,. k ...I . I... .m i .il'"n 'u
" . w m ' ' H 'w bum uuui"r-VII l.ini
overcoat made ao imiression Ksipaire
Liars, tne eommuui'y. to be aure,
was desperate, and if the 'bort'' learned
ol Crnnmer's presence, h:s life would
not te wotth a broken jug but Ckiki
was o t going to rot io prison
"Well, Mr. officer, I r oppose I hsve
io tell, but if it is found out that I have
told you, my life will bt in danger "
"Never mind that j get your horse
aod eome along, sir, io a hurrv.
Tbey rtste toor miles south ot Ilunt
ingtoo, and about V a. tu.. t ame in
sink! of a mill. "There,'' said CUik.
'on the bill.Just beyond tfca milt, is
tbe bouse where Sucy; ia the
mill be it perhep now. I tan so no
"Very well." raid Cranmer. "I am
obliged to yoa."
Cranmer dumoucted, tied bia horse
about a quarttr of a mile Iroaa the mill
ktid turttd oo afoot lie crossed the
ill raoe viii loot-log shove tbe mill
aad rae at a rapid gate, bat jutl as ht
waa usceadinw' tbe hill io ita rear and
a f.r yarda off, Stacy was in the act
of joiueiog ont of a bole, eat for the
par post. Crantatr drew hie revolver
aad' told hint t atop. The auule cf
a aavy repealer pereiieJet) State ao lo
j4op. traaoter eetered, pltwed band-
ouOs oo hiai, aad weat to tbe bouse, a
few verde off, te tpt ready lor the trip
While at tee hoete, Staey'e brother,
orotaerta-iew, eame op frees the aaiU,
Ont mtsnisMH J
One-half column, one year.
On r-fnurtb column, nnt year, .
(' tquara (Hi linea) ma in eart tot
Ferry additional Insertion
rrufcielnrul and lloioeaa tarda of'
ant mora Ibaa Cm lima, pur yran
Auditor, Fnacutor, Administrator
and Ast-nre Noticra
Eilitnrial aotloes par lint
IV 00.
All adicrtiseoieslt lor a shorter
than one year art patnhle al lha litfat
bey art nnlered. and if not paid ike per
ana orduritig iheta will bt held respounklt
lor Ihe ironcy. . .
of them had rifles s hl.-ht that (Van
did not like ; it was calculated to make)
him fee) hnely among at ringrts whose
character waa not altogether good for
peaceful pursuits. Hut a wool chop
per tame lo tho house lo re'ieva
t'rsnmer's anxiety, and aa he wen'
out ilia hack door, of conrae Craniurt
felt doubly comfoi table.
"Who tire those men V atked Crtt
in er.
'Oce is tty brother, snotbei
wife's brother anil couiin.''
'Aha! ate they in tho habit of esr-
rying those rides?
they are biititiu "
Presently they cams un to tan
houso i'ranmer reminded .Stary tln
it was tims to go ; Stacy was ready,
but Crantoer. was nut. He turned to
Ihe men with tht rifles und with the
staie emphatic manner with which liu
hud everawed Squire ('lark, s.iid :
"Mr. Ftaoy anl inysclf are ready to
leave, but we are not g 'ing to mote a
!uc until you leave. And the Ot-r.
inan who makes n tuolion to lute his
rille oft Inn shoulder, I will sli t thru"
ihe benrt." Aod with this he drcor
his onvy. "And," cotitinue I Cratt.
mer, ' I wm;t you all lo march to that
yonder hill, ('about three hundred
1 & 1 , . .
i-:.;,.r'ls " ) n"J " ?"a dj" 1 0"ve qaicK
, l " Cmnicnee tiriut?
nee tiring '
They moved nl when thev tor
to Ihe place deslgn-itcd trintner and
his prisoner monn.'ed t horse ol't'Nrk's ,
St icy first, Cranmcr behind honnl for
l.l i i
the railroid
1 ht train for NAhvilJsj
ratiio litof, und as t'ranmer pielerreda
rmlroid car. going anywhere ami in
any (jireetlou. rs'.hur limn remain
their, if. thcrifO of It lleMiarntn tnun
ne.r, it. tncrgo ol it ilehliemto
I ' ,l'"',Vr "f a of outlaws. t,vk
i V" i,efl"e getting into tlio
i ir'i (-,''r,l"ucr llckeii 'ii to ii
' H? t:"-'y's- t0 Kuard against
lt'',C;iIc T,,ey rtturnod to McKenxio
I nTt lnoru,r)f tuet Ju Ig Ueid,
UJ- ,u,T,i
' """'I" Th" 'j'W
i n,,',ou lo I
eurprisea atu bapp:rtt ct
WO were not to he
eliere Ueid r any
other nisi!
Ueorgo Stiry i's now in jnil at Frisr a
Point; will he tried, found guilly of
murder, (IouoiIchs. and hung, unless
he escatios or is reseueJ. li.. .m l,.,r
t arre-t ef S'ner is one of tht most
tmarkable nn I daring fiats tint has
ever l'fn lierformcd be anv
I'nite t
! Mates nlh er,
er anv other
fudge Keid has been oaved fMm pc-
Cllliiiirv ruin an. I iiiati.M K ..t .....
until;. ' U'Ji H'l
"?u,t j been defeated. .lA-myis .rati,i,7i'.
s' be rosi er ofa room;
A youns Anteriran rtilln -r nf
I I I ..n 1. - I 1 1 '1 . .
"""S ''een idi:u et i v
" ''. a"-'1w""J lu0 'dcr man sliuf-
1 eu ul" T' ll)e .vunger leaned 'a-s-
"., U ICI la rua r sn i carelessly
I c 'inmenecd to hum a tune. Without
'""utn no sang me I'cautilul liucs ot
I'h'cbe Cary, begiuoing,
Mine ewcrtly eo'en.n ihouglit
Coin-- io me o r and o'er
I'm nearer to my l ather's honsi
lliau 1 to mer Usin before. "
The elder gambler stare J at tlie
slngrr a tiioinetit, then, throwing his
cards on tho floor, exclaan.vl :
' Harry, wbTo d:J you Lai n tbit,
What tune?"
" Why, the one you havo be:n sint
iog." The jnung mro said he di i not
know what he hal been sinoiuif
ioso. As lor mo, as tlosl sees me. I
uuvo pluyrd my last game, tod drauk
tny lust (Kittle. I have misled you.
Harry. and 1 am sorry. Give me your
hand, my boy, aud say that for thl
America's aal.e, if for no ol liar, you
wPlqmt this tnternsl lusicess.''
iU ,B,' ;
1 11.0"" tob'etber, aul walked away arm
f'oiupuUua Interest.
The Chictgrj Journal gives a new
ru'e for computing interwt. ami says
it so aiuiple, and ao true, that every
bunker, IrUer. meretsnt or. c'trk
should post ii ap lor retet eoce. l'r
oo other arithmetical process can tbo
desired information bt obtaiued by to
few figures :
Sir pt C'tnt Multiply aa givtn
number of dollars by tht number ot
days ol interest desirvJ, separaU tho
right band figure, and divide Iv ail.
tbe result It the true interest ot such
suet, lor such Dumber wt days at six
pet tent. , ,
L uhtper teal Multiplv aav circo
ant mut by the number of days upon
won. a u ia uetuea to atiiain tne In
terrat, aud divide by forty-Bve, aud
Ibt rtsuit will be the iuiareti ef aucb.
sums fur tbe time required al Eight
per etc. ,
Ten per Ctnt. Multiply the earn
aa above, and divide by tbii tye; j, and '
iu resun wiu enow tbe rait el lutereet
at Tto per ceer.
A Kantae City arleat coaatititl
eaioide tbe eikar sy bteaue bo touldi .
eol pay hia tailor. Tbe tatar wsits t
know how that Itlptd matter.
Triaa Dtoera brum a hull 1 twi.
eiU,ttoaeaa4 mils of rsd-
- - - Hail. v M KK A e
to snuijip at B'K"'!. , ' ,
WwwJatrWVJtXjiees v