The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, September 22, 1870, Image 1

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Pekllebee' tvtry Tburtdy Evening by
jkklHIAH CBOtfSB, Proprietor.
Terme of Subscription,
tibia sis mom hi. orsK.oo lr not paid
irlibin Ih veer. No paper dieoonlinued
tinill all arrearages arc paid unless at
lb option ortot publisher.
Subscriptions outsido of the county
Sjt Persona lifting and axing papers
addressed to others become subscribers,
and ere liable for the price of Ibe paper
Middloburg, Pa.,
Offer bit professional services to the pub-
lit. Colleollone and all other professional
vjuslaets entrusted to hie ear will receive
proaipl attention. fJan 8, 't57i f
So I improve Th.,
Offers hie professional service to Ilia pub-
lie. All business enlrueted to hi oar
will be nrompllr ailended to.
fjen. 1?, 'C'tf
Frecburg Pa.,
Offer Mi Professional service to Ibe pub-
lie. All bueinee entrusted to til ear
ill be promptly attended to.
Jan 17,'GTU
Lewisburg Ta.,
Offer hie professional service to the pub
lie. Collection and all other Profession
al baaine entrusted to hi earo will re
ceive prompt attention.
Lowitdmrg In.
Offer bla Professional aerTice to tlie pub
lie. Colleeilon aSV) all other profession
al business rnlrusled to Li cur will re
tire prompt attention. Jan. 8, 'U7tf.
Ltvlrburg Ta.,
Offer lie professions! services to the
pahli. Collections and all other pro
fessional business entrusted to ibrir cure
erill receive prompt attention. Jan. 3, 'tiTif
Solinsgrove Pit.,
Offer bt professional services to the pub
lic Collections and all oilier professional
usiness entrusted to bis care will re
ceive prompt attention. Office two doors
nerlh of lb Keystone Hotel. Jan 6, '0
Selintprovo Pa
Offers .lii Professional services lo the
publio. AH business entrusted to bis
car will b promptly attended to. Col
leeilon made in all pana of Iht Slate.
II can speak the English and German
language fluently. Olhce between Hall's
and ibe Poet office.
LN. M YE 1!S,
Middlcburg Snyder County Pvnn'a.
Office few doors West of Ibe P. O. on
lain itrett. Cousultation in English
and German language. Fep.'ti'tf
LewinburR Pa.,
Offer hi professional sc'vioeeto ibe pub
lic. All business entrusted lo bis car
will be promptly attended lo.
Jan. 8. 67if
Persons In need of a good and durable
Sewing Machine can be accommodated at
reasonable price by calling on on 8am-
k Faust, Agent, Seliusgrov.
f Jan. U, '68i
. Middlcburg Pa.,
Offer bla professional services lo th ell
lien of Middle Jurg and vicinity.
March 21. '07
Sclinsgror Pnn.
Peon Twp., Fovder Co. Pa
H. WAGNER, Efvj.,
Jack so a Township, Sayder Co. Pa.,
Will attend to all business entrusted to
kit tart and on tbt most reasonable
term. March 12, '68if
Centreline, f Bitter Co., la
Offer hit professional services ta lb
public. 0 88tf
Port Trevorton Ta.
Offert bit profeeelonal servloee to the
eillsene tt tbit place and vicinity, lit
tptaka German and English.
r April 18, '68
Ft ttburg Snyder Co. Pa.,
Matt raepeot fully offert bit services lo
Iht publio at Vtndut Crytr and Auction
eer. Having badj a largo experience, I
fool confident that I oaa render perfect
satisfaction to toy tmployees.
Jan. -, '67t
Ottet la Court Hsuss, Sept.16, '67tf
No. 322 N. THIRDS'
a U. MANDERBACn Prop'b.
J. 0. NIPB, Clerk
.41l k 411 Kortk Third Street,
VOL. 8.
Wish to Inform the cititens of Bannerville
and vicinity thai they I are opened a new
slock of goods, and will keep constantly on
band a full assortment of.
ComUt log of A I.P AC A S. PO PLI SS.r L A DS,
Cloths & Cnsslmercs
Aad In fact everything usually kept In a
first class country store. All of which wt
offer at greatly reduced prices, for Cash or
Country Procuce.
Having bad large experience in the
business, we flutter ourselves that w ran
please and satisfy all our customers.
Hoping by dricl atlenlion to business
and a desire to please all, to merit a liberal
slase of publio patrouage. Our motto Is
"Qitv k Sales and Small Profit,,."
We, ask at least that the public examine
our slock and trices before purchasing
elsewhere, as wt always show our goods
with leisure.
lii.l.r men nun lu.
pannerville, Jan 14, 1870. if
nines balei
sjaUi rnorzxB.
Re.pclfulry announoea to the eitixens of
Middlebiirg and vicinity Ibat be I now
ready lo supply tbem'wilh tbt largest aud
uiost complvt stock or
ever brought lo tbis place, at greatly re-
doc et prices cheaper than the cheapest
He invites attention to his large stock, of
Doots unci Shoes,
SHIRTS, and everything usually kept In
a well regulated atore.
Give me a call and be convinced Ibat
Ibis ie the place to buy goods.
COUNTRY PRODUCE taken in exctutng
for goods. Wm. II. Ucavcr.
Middleburg, May, lbU7.
Smunior ArraDgemaut, Monduy
May 1G, 1870.
Great Trunk Line from the North and
North west for Philadelphia, New York,
Reading, Pottsville, Tamaqua, Ashland,
Shnmokin. Lebanon, Allentowo, Eauton,
Eplirata, Litis, Lononsler, Columbia 4c.
Trains leave Hrrisburgfor New York, as
follows t at bib, aiO 11. i'5 foreuoon,
and 2.60 p. ro., cinneoilng with almilar
t ruins on lbs tbe Pennsylvania Railroad,
and arriving at Now York at 12. 10 noon,
3.60 ,05, and 10,00 p. m., respectively.
Sleeping cars accompany tbt 5 35 a m. aud
11.25 a. m. train, without change.
Returning i Leave New York at 9.00am,
12,00 Noon, and 6,00 p ui. Philadelphia at
8,16 a m and 8,30 p in ; Sleeping car ao
ompany Ibe 0,00 p m, and 6.00 p m trains
from New York, without change.
Leave HarrUburg for Reading, Pottsville
Tamaqua, Minersvillt, Ashland, Sbamokin,
Pinegrovt, Allenlown and Philadelphia, al
8,10 a ro, 2,60 and 4.10 p m, slopping al
Lebanon and principal way stations: the
4,10 p m train connecting for Philadelphia,
Pottsville tud Columbia onlv. For Pottt
ville, Sobuylkill Haven and Auburn, via
Sobuylkill and Busquehaona Railroad,
Leave llarrlsburg at 8,40 p m.
East Pensylvania Railroad trios leave
Reading for Allenlown, Easlon and New
York at 7.: 8, 10.80 a. ra 1.27 and 4.45 p.
m. Relurnig, laavt New York at 9.00 a.
m., 12.00 noon aud 5 tK)j. m. aud Allen
lown al 7.20 a. tn. 12.25 Noon 4.20 and
8.46 p. m.
Way passenger train leave Philadelphia
at 7,30 am, conneoling with similar iralo
on East Tenna. Railroad, returning from
Read'ng at 6,86 p m, stopping al al) stations
Leavt Pottsville at 6,40 and 9,00 a in and
2,60 p. m.; Ilerndon al 9,80 a mi Sba
mokin at J, 40 and 10,40 a. m. Ashland al
7,06 a m, and 12,80 noon, Mahaooy Cily
at 7.61 a. m- and 1.07 p. m., Tamaqua al
8,83 a m, and 2,20 p m for Philadelphia
and New York.
Leavt Pottsville. via Sobuylkill and Sus
quehanna R K al 8.16 a m for Harrisburg,
and 12.06 noon for Pinegrovt and Tremoni.
Reading Accommodation traUi Leave
Poltsvill at 6,40 a m, passea Reading al
in. m, arriving at Philadelphia al 10,20
7,80 Returning, leavea Philadelphia at
6,16 p m, passing Reading at 8,00 p m,
arriving al Pottsville al 9,40 p m.
Pottstowu Aeooramodalion Train Leaves
Polistown at 0,25 a m, returning leaves
Philadelphia at 4,00 p m.
Columbia Railroad Tralaa leave Reading
at 7,20 am. and 8,16 pm for Fpotato,
Litis, Lancaster, Columbia, At .
Prrkiomen Railroad Trains leavt Ptrkt
omrnJunolion at 9,09 a m, 8,00 6,80 p nj;
returning leave Sobwenksville at 8, 05 a m,
12,4t Noon, and 4,16 p m, conneoling with
similar trains on Rtading Railroad.
Colbr)okdals Railroad trains leavt Potts
town ol 9,40 a n, aud 0,20 p so, rtturning
leavt Mouut Pleasant at 7,00 and 11,26
an. connecting with similar trains on
Readlnc railroad. -
Cbesler Valley Railroad train leave I
Bridepori at 8,80 a m, and t,06 and A.02
p m, returning, leave Downingtown al 6,20
a as, 12.45 boob and 6,16 p an, connecting
with almilar trains on Reading railroad.
Ob Sunday l Leave New Tork al 6,00
p ax, Philadelphia 8,00 m and 8,16 p as,
the 8,00 a as train running only to Beading;
leave PotltvUlt 8.00 a m: Harrisburg 6,86 a
as aad 4,18 P as. laavt Allentowo al 7 25
a. as. aad and 8.40 a. m. leovt sV'
at 7,16 a . aad 10,06 pmt
Bepteistwr strewa the wno1Unil e'er,
With manf a eulor i
The wnrlil I. brighter then hetore
Why shonH our heirt be duller!
Sorrow enl Hi soarlet leaf,
Nail thounhM end ninny weatherl
Ah me I this glory and this srlef
Agree not well together.
Ttal Is the parting season this
The lime when Mend, ere lining
And lovers now, wlih nuny kin.,
Their Innif TArewelU are .Itching.
Why Is esrtli so irmly ilrewed I
This pomp thai auKimn heareth
A fuuerel em, where evarv guest
A bridal garment wearelh.
Each one of n. perchanee, my here,
On some tilue morn hereafter,
Return to view the giudy yesr,
Hut not with boyUh laughter.
We shell theu be wrinkled men,
Our brow, with niter laden,
And thou this glen way seek a g 1 1 n ,
Hut nevertuure a maiden I
Nature perhaps rora.ees that Spring
W1U lourh her teeming
And that a lew hrtel months will bring
The bud, the bee, the hloMom
Ah ! the.e fore.t. do not know
Or would le brlnlillv wither
The vlmln thai adorn, them pit
W III never more come hither.
As Tou Sow mo Will You Urn p.
Parent who leal a virtuous life.
who Him-rroly gourd to letmo n jjohI
c!-ar cunscienco, nail lie honuralilo bo-
loro Clou ami tuon, Imro at one of
their IuliIu'si aim of lifo to ninle
thoif ck ldrcn huppy. Tlioro isj on
sacrifir-o too jjroat which they will not
cheerfully make, in order to securo
their wclfure, nod for which they do
serve from their neighbor he highest
consideration nod pniiso.
Hut uufurtuiidtely many of the pa.
rcota Dow-n-duya lake wroox "tops to
securo the future happiness of thrii
children, by tbeir cxumple ol'extruvu-gant-o
of dress, modo of living, and
urrngnnt pride, considering it bulow
thoir dignity fur the hubnn3 to work
uioro hiinioif, instead of boaHtin
about, and tho wito to do her lioti-o
work to ft Kreator extent alone, in
stead of rocliinj io tho chair, and
idling th timo other wise, dojiendini;
oo eervnow, aou continually complain
iop of their tardincus and waste.
This common prnctico eiuon the
higher and mid'dlo clatei of aocicty
makes the impression onjhuiniud nt
the youotr that they must give serious
attention to out ward apiicarnnce, ihey
must bo d reused well by al! tuenim,
and if tliey want anything for their
bodily comfort they do like their pu
reutri, command to bo waited on, uni
thisjs the Grt futul Nlrp in their lifo ;
ibi'y b.-ooHie dopeo liiijr buiiiu; and
never will be Bell-relying; which is
tbe safest prop of success iu lifo.
The same I'uUe pridn, and evon laii
nesMhat so firmly nestles in the bo
som of ao many parents, makes thorn
say our sou shall not be a farmer, a
uiochanic or a sea faring mno. No.
Ibat is loo lmrd work, and besides
that, ht has too much brain for that ;
he mu4 study and become a doctor,
or a lawyer, a book-kocper or a clerk
Our dear daughter cannot do a
tiling in tho house, for sho has to
much to learn, besiJes sending and
writing, lirnorin (teoj;raphy, she
must learn French, Latin and Greek;
sho must draw in colo', fhe niuht
play on the piano and guitar, and ting
well, and if poiuiiblo, learn aUo limey
sewing and embroidery.
So the tons go to school, many of
tnctn until tlioy arc twenty-rour years
of age, the paronta footing the bills.
At last they get diplomas or are ad
mitted to tho bar, or eertiQontes that
they kuoiv bcok-keepiog and aLo tbt
preliminaries of merchandising.
Hut, alas, youag doctors are ut a
discount ; their chance for a remuner
ative practice is very tuoare ; and as
for lawyer there are more lawyors
than clients. Book keopera and clerk
are as plaotifnl as Canada thistles. It
is the hardest work to got a situa
tion, and if one Is obtained, the sala
ry it so small that only a bare living
can be obtained, and if not by some
lucky chance a good footing is ob
tainod, that clerk or book-keeper can
only eipeot to lead a life ot poverty
to tbe end of bis days
Tb daughter is also full grown,
ber eyes hare an unusual bright lus
tre, but her intellectual face is very
pale, aad she sootns to suffer from a
very weak cheat; liar dross is fault
less, her manner graceful, her conver
national powers charming ; she quotes
French, Italiuo and Groek readily, and
plays delightfully on the piuoo. It is
oitural that ono of Iheyouos dootora.
young lawyers, book-keepor sod e!erk,
woo bas up hill work: to get along,
thinks that highly accomplished young
lady would make him a good wifoj
he proposes, is accepted, marries and
starts housekeeping! she never made
up a bed, sb never swept or dusted
room, she never kindled a fire in a
stovs, she knows out bow to prepare a
eup of coffee, or evon sot a table, and
sho is also physically uoablo to boa
wife aud mother
Tbo disappointed husband hires the
best female help be can let. to do the
cooking, housekeeping, nod wait on
tbe Invslid wife. Under euob btlps
snd circumstances tbe scanty means
get rapidly exhausted. What is to
be done bat appeal to thoir parent
for help. But the parents are In no
condition to render aaaietaoee. Their
sxtravagaot modo ef living, their do--ndr-e
t ttraagers to bare doot
We will not attempt to dwell on
this painful scene, but etnUavor to de.
scribe the natural result nf another
mode of living and education.
" I have no trouble with my chil
dren aid sorvait eir's.'' remark a
plain, neatly dressed, unassuming ml I-dle-sgcd
lady ; "every one of my
boys had to b'trn s trade, mid keep
steady at it. Wo nudo thfm a pron
ent of the board bccino wo cvild af
fjrd that, but they had to clothe them
selves. As for my girl I only give
them a pool plain education 1 did
not even lot llietn leirn lo pliv on the
piano, for several reasons. First, bo
cause they had' to help do tho house
work j tlscy are excellent conk they
Are q'lick nt washing and irouin, and
they can scrub nicely, und bein ascus
tnincd to it, they httvo the streogth to
do it without getting tired Another
reason why I did not allow Ihent to
learo to piny on tho piano, is, hceati'c
they may umrry a man who may not
be able to buy a piano, and bexiJu that
when they once gut mnrrird they InvnJ
to-look alter their house affairs J j:ct to
i.. .1 .1, t . .
jpleasanter than our neighbors who!
navo cuiiurcn, mey win nave iiiudie.rv j-.-i
enough without a piano. Tlnso arej,,wl onrs.ll, if I hsvo it all back in
my views. I know Ihcv nro not popu-!,w" S'ar il ,io' I was no spend-
lar, but I seo that wo get along lar,,"'irt I'1 "'V young days. 1 tin I my
Invo daughters who know a great nlW!,3 " "vt ' wu"' piain ; worneu j wc He,.,, 8, ,i,i i, count uitly kccIv
many refined things, but nre depend wu could ouisclves, anldil ti'H ing new mpplies of fivsh thttm-li
enton others ti do their woik." .tlir-nv our money nwiy foolishly, on I i ,. doors, win. lows, or fire-jdnees.'
A young, cnergctio meehnnio was i " wn ure position to assist our If a peiso i's lutis are not well
lucky euouh to marry ft daughter
thathouo; ho brings Ini young wile
to his new homo, which eonsists of on
ly a few rooms plainly funvsliod, but
everything looks neat und tidy.
'U'hnt have wo for breakfast J' ho
asked affectionately. -
Hash, biscuits and coiTee.'
'Unhand biscuits! Vou frighten
ed mej 1 havo had enough hash nnd
biscuits in tho boarding houses.' They
repair to the table, its soowy white
linen, tho polished cutlery, the steam
iiiK hash with it inviting flivor, tho
tender biscuits, tha butter crowned
wlh its little bit of ice, tho nicn coffee
nnd cream, all havo such an inviting
appearance, that tbe husband sits
down, tastes of tho bash and biscuits
'Ah!' exeliims ho, 'this hash and bis
cuit is different from tbo boarding
homo hash and their stone liko bid-
cuits ; ' but why don't yoa eat V
'I cannot cat a bite if you do not
nv n nenvf.P will. m. fir!.. M .ron.l :
mutber leirnod mo to maU this basH
nml liispnit toil nhn alio lenrnnd mo
to prn) nnd give thanksgiving to God.
In my parents' house wo always pray
ed before wo naitoolt of a ineul. Io.
mv dear, tho sauio. vou will make ,
. 1 '
me so happy.
Quick as lightning the husband laid
down tho culinnries, cluspod his hands
together and lifted his tearful ryes
heavenward, and prnyod from tho in
most recedes of his h 'art :
'I fliaok Theo, Heavenly 1'athor,
that Thou hast bluised mo with a
gojd wife. M.iko me worthy of her.
Bless us both with continuod g)od
health ; wntch over us wilh Thy pnr
enUl kiuduess ; keep us iu tho path
of righteousness, that wo may fulfil
our uiissiou ou eunh honorably in thy
sight aad the sijjbtof our fellow-men.
Vuu pray well,' said his wife, 'for a
new beginner.'
'It is tbt aim of my life whatever I
do to do it well, aad hpe to improve
io praying, leu nave turned my al
tention to be thankful lo God lor the
many blessings that lie so bountifully
showers upon us. We will both of us
bo good, will w not T asked tbo bus
laid earnestly.
'Yes, we will be just like pa roots,
cheerful, Industrious, sell-rely ing, char
it able and saving.'
'That is my view of lifo, but I must
bo off to ray work Shall I advertise
(or a girl ?'
'No' was the prompt reply i 'Moth
er says that a servant iritl costs per
week, wages, board, and what she
wastes, at least six dollars that would
be nearly ono-third of your weekly
earuings Thank God, I can do with
out a servant u.irl, snd euvt thut much
to my darling husband.'
Thtre is a pi.' ting. kis between
which two bourts are forever blended
ioto ono.
Years pass away, and six pledges of
love now sit tt the dining tuolo, each
rosy, and the very picture of bealtb,
and tho happy mother shows no signs
of futigut. As she serves the noon
meal tbe father cives tbt sign, tbo
children clasp their hands and follow
in tho prayer of tbeir parents.
'Husband yoa do not eat as heart
ily as usual, and seem Inst in thought ;
what ta ttfo matter? You never had
aoy secrets whlob I could not share.'
'i os,' answered tbe husband, 'I
have something on my mind. My
employers are iu a critical condition.
All the partners lived high, drew too
uiuoh from the business, and now thsy
are forced to sell out Tbe low thou
sand dollars that I bavo laid up, are
oot sufficient t if I could make a loin
of'ertral thiuaal dolhrs, I ooull
buy oat the entire coneeru at a great
bargain, and, under my niaougeruont,
il would yield a large lacomo, and as
oar family is a growing one, it would
bo desirable, snd betides that, I could,
by-aod-by, take my boya in business,
learn them tha trade, aod tbis would
be excellent in the future.' .
'Father will let vou have tbe money.
They have lovltod us several times to
titinntcly. 'I will follow your suffoca
tion.' .
There was n gey time at the old
folks', when tho daughter with herrs
emplnry husband, end their well
drought np children arrive!. The
Christum Tret was; in splendid trim,
and grundfslhcr jtimed about like a
hny. Fvery thing i ail riuht,' soidhe
'That son-in-law i a eipilal fellow,
but there is one thiui; tint 1 do r.nt
like, he has never asked d mo a favor.
I would fe-lumro fatherly toward him
if I could render him a favor '
'Father,' txei timed tho daughter,
'coul I I and my lui-lmnd t ilk to you in
privile on business J
't'ettii'tily,' Miid he. 'Thanks t)llie
Itiiildcr of -all tho world, now emiles
my chanco to show myself lh:it I uni o
ioo I fat hot'.'
Tho plan to buy out the establish
ment was nervouly stated, and read
ily eruutcl.
'Ye, my dear son. yon enn have ton
thousand ilo'l.iM
with ut interest :
. 1
ibin't Witit your noto. just give me
credit in your books, and you need not
I i.'i- nnu 1'aii. 1 ,1,111 '
'' ,U1 IIV0 " Kranit style. e
f,tii'servin cnti.iroii. w ir t nii ircii aw
nil deserving children. J banks to the
lluilderond Preserver of all the worl Is,
wo havo in jJol sous an I model dun
If parents like ti hivo model sons
onu mojci aaujiitiiM, they miwt set
them the example of humility before
of industry and temperance in
their modo of living. The plainer nnd
more in in.; they live, tho better
it will be for them und their children ;
and let thoir sons, by all means, leuri)
s trade, and encourage them to becomo
uiesit-r iiii-eiiuuit.?.
And let their d luhtors learn
prac -
tieally the art of cooking and housckeep'
in.', lint they in ty retain health and
grow physically strong, to be cnabloJ
to fulfill the duties of wifiiand mother
anl tube a helpmate, ns Uol his or
dained The fat-hiousof our day spoil,
ami tho penalty is a lite
a lite ot misery
. ul 1 . Hl y.?rw -
Prolit b! llu "aJ""' of others.
A .iiurut?rfr ifurifti aiivc.
Tha Mouitihis fTennl Acilnnrh of
Aui. savs : The officers ol the
steamer Check tell of tho lynching ol'lull that sort of thin
l . .1. !. .. r I . A I i....i ... : . i. . ti
I leek, who is said to havo murdered
Mr. anil Mrs. Oooue.on l uvonlo Island
I wo mouths ago. Heck was in Austin
(Miss.) juil, where be hnd been placed
by the hlienff of Tunica county, who
had brought him from Indiana a few
duysugo. On Wednesday morning a
large number nf men gathered around
tho jail in Austin, took tho prisoner
out by force, brought him dowu to the
river's edgo, placed hint in a ski If, nnd
rowed hiiu up tho river tu Favorite
Island, and hangod him to a treoovur
the spot wliero tho nucd tlondcs fell
beneath tho murderer's axe somo two
months before. A proper investiga
tion would have accomplished nil this
if tha man was guilty. Whco will
peoplo learn to havo confidence in nnd
.respect for the law? Another ac
count, from what appears to bs a reli
able source, say that there was uo
lynching, properly so called, but that
the uieu took lieck out of jail, manned
a fleet of skill's, as a sort of guard,
aud the prisoner was rowed scrosi the
river by tho wuoing light of Iho moco
oo Weil ties lay morning about three
o'clock, to a suad-bar on the Arkansas
Shore, and there, uuder the long shad
ows of the trees, the crowd gathered
around t'ueir victim and feasted their
druokoi eyes upon bis pallid lace, trem
bling lips and tottering limbs, while
our-essnd blasphemies disturbed the
quietude or t lie uionmg nir. As tho
first gray stroaks of dawn shot upwurJ
from the eastern sky, a grave was
scooped out of tho sand by n lot of men
who sppoaroi at that moment, more
liko demons thai) human beings.
Minding tho wretch's Linda and feel
together, thoy ibrew him luto tho bole.
Two or throo of the stoutest alood
upon bis body while tho hole was being
filled up, lifting thoir feet every now
and thon to beep ou a lovol wilb the
rising atiid. As the aand went in
tho'io men actually daooed upon the
smothering victim beneath, and the
whole crowi broke out iu so unearthly
son:. At loueth, when tbe nolo was
IU led up and heaped over, a "stag
dance" was improvised, and the twenty
vigalaotera carried oo the revel until
tho sua rose above the horizon, wbou
they hurried to thoir skiffs and disap
peared u p and down tn river iloog the
Mississippi shore.
Sato Coun Now is tbe time for
farmers to gather their seed corn for
next year. If every farmer would go
into his field, sod, selecting the best
ears, gather enough fur next year's
seed aud place it where it would get
thoroughly dry belore freesioir weath
or, there would be no trouble about
oorn rotting in tbe ground. Tbe ex-
fieritnce that uiauy of our farmers bad
ust spring snd the anxiety sbout the
Southern oorn not ripening ought to
convince that a half days work now
wight says much trouble. Our expo-
urtolllcis ol llrrntlilnir.
The tnl'er men are. other tilings bc -
ing equal, the molt liins they have
and tho (.'renter ntunlirr ol euhie
iuclie ol uir tliey cull tnke in or do
liver nt a single I renl h. It is grner-
ally thouuht I but a tniin'H luiis urr
sound aud well developed in pi-qw
tion to thi gir'h nroiiii I ihu rhest :
yet obHtfrvntions ehuwi th itslim meii
41 a rule, will run 1'iMcr. otn! fm iImji
with less fntiguo, having "more win 1"
than stout men. If two ersons nt e
taken, in all rtspeets alike, exeepi
that one uietuurcs twelve incln's more
around !io eMesl tliau the olhur, the
una having tho ex 'ti-s will tu t deliver
morn uir at one Iti'l lueuth. by tnatlie
matieal mcasui nieul, lliau lli ulher.
Tlu more uir n inun receives into
III.- lungs in ordin-iry breathing, the
more h.'itlthy be in li ilile tn tic; bi-
iiusn an important ebj -ct In breatli
iti is t rem.tvr imputities from the
blond. Kaeb breuth is dr um in tu t lie
'.lunifs: on its out e.nn r. the noxt in-
f airtnt, is so impi:i, so p.-r
: tV-otty detituto of iiouri-l.tne-it. that
n. rc-nre u no i wnnoui an v niun
t,lro nf a p irer ntmosj. here, tho in in
Would die. Heneo, one ol the cmdi-
tions neeos.iry to secure n hi.'li s'a'e
r . 1 .1 . . 1 .
f health is, (lint tlu rooms in hieh
vch.pcd, tho heilih will bu imperfect.
but thn .levoloiunent m !. io .,,!
;t.Vcrai inches in a few in intln.'hv ,
daily onl-loor runnus with the:
mouth closed, beginning wit lj twenty
yar n un'i on k at a linic, inei easiug j ,
tPn yards every week, until a hundred
nro ,, ovpr 1. 1 1 rtou a d iv. A siibstj.
tto lor ladies n il djisoih in cities Is
1 ruiMI;ni, Vit , tails with the mouth
l ..,cii whicli compels Very deep in-
I (.pirations, in a natural way, at tho end
'of the jouruov.
,s consumntivo nconlo are decln
ing, ea.'li week is witness lo llieir ilia -
'Lilitv m ili.liv.r ns mo,.ii ir .w -m.
U'le utit breathing ns tho week before ;
hence, tho best way toke.ipthit fell
diseao at bay is to maintain lung de-,
All .ti Iuiiisu I'uIIci 'm Atlilrc
To Ills Sou.
Hob. you uro about leaving homo
for strange purls. You are goin to
throw niooiitof tho gamo and k it
mono, i no o iis ara ngin you, liot
remember that imluniy utui pci'seve
runeo are tha wimiinir ns ll.nv
are tho ''bowers.'' lljok li'ariiin und
will do to till up
, with, like small trumps, but you must
i have the bowers t t back I hem, or tliey
ain't worth shucks, if luck is ciu
you pretty strong, don't cry aud look
ike a sick chicken ou a rainy day, bill
. hold up your hand uud make believe
'you are tlunh of trumps, nud they won 'i
p!ay so hard aiu you. I've lived
and travels 1 around somo, lloh, and
and I'vo found out that as soon us folks
thought you bell a weak hand, they'd
all buck o,'io you strong. So when
yoii'ro sort'r weak, keep a bold look
"but play cautious ; besati.sSel wilh a
point. Many s tho haaJ 1 vo seen em
cuahrs cause they played for too much.
Keep your eyes wall skinned, Hob ;
Jon't let them nig you ; recollect the
game lays as much with tho bead ns
with the hands. Ho tempera's, nover
get drunk, for then, no mutter how
good your hand, you won't know how
to play it; bulb bowers and tho see
wou'l save you ; for there's certain to
be a "miss deul" or something wrong.
Aod another thiur', Hb, ihi was
spokeu in a low tone), d u't go too
much on the woiiun ; queens is kinder
poor cards, tho more you have of them
tho worso for you ; you might have
three and nary a trump. I don't bay
discard 'em all; if you get boid of one
tliut is trump ll a all good, and there's
sartin to be one oot of four. And,
Lbovo all, Hob, be honerH ; never take
a roan's trick wol dou't belong to you,
ner slip cards or uig, tor then you ran t
look your man in tlia !aeo, and wheu
thni's tho case them's no fun in the
gumo; it's u regular -'cut throat." So,
now, liob, farewell ; remember what
I tell you, aud you'd be sure to win,
and if you don't, it serves you I'Uht it
you get "skunko I.''
Thb SeCKET or it. An old farmer
being asked why his boys stayeJ at
home whoa others did not, replied
that it was owing to the fact that be
always tried to make home pleasant
to them, lie luroisueu them Willi
useful and attractive reading ; and
when night comes, and tho day's labor
is ended, instead of running witb other
boys to the railway station tad adjoin
ing towns, they gather around the
great lamp, and becomo absorbed iu
their books aod papers. Iis boys were
still st homo when the eldest boy was
twenty-one, while (hose who were
furnished with no rtading at homo
sought city life and city dissipation as
soon as they wero teveottee cr eighteeo.
All will do well lo bred this testiuioay
of s (armor who has known how bard
to struggle for a footing on a free soil
without capitul is, and bow valuable
snd comparatively cheap sro tho aids
which Rood reading briuus to him. In
Ibis age of general Intelligence, tbe
wind must be catered to sod boobs aad
papers furnished : and not only tbis,
but in ibis age of cheap snd artistic
obromos, pictures cap aba be broaght
J . u.
On eoltimn one yttr fCn.OO
One-half column, one year, 10,00
ine-fiirth column, one year, 14.00
One square (10 lines) one insertion 7t
Kvery idililional inserlina (0
Professional end llusisese rani tff
net more than fire lines, per rear. 6,00
Auditor, Eiecutnr, Administrator
and Assignee Nutirrs 5,50
Editorial notices per line 15
All advertisements for a shorter perioa
thau one vesr sire fns!le at the time
i they re ordered, and if not paid Ibe per
son ordering them will he held rrspontibt
fiT ltr moiirr.
1 '
y u
h i rntii.u
i 1: i -I il'anv
.. i I . '.
. , i - n' i . I . ' a
.i- ,i - i. i - i '
V. I I IT it I'l"
.-l ll
1 1,.,
li . .
I I'
I . I
i.-l ;
t : r : j -
i I .
l -
liri'iiliiu; 4; i a ii's I iil-r (.i otinl ,
A c MTe.s;oiJctit of the fr iyw Cul-titi'i-t
.-ays :
'Many vnrs ago. while in the Ifr-
i aery I'lisinrvs, u cu-toiner wunted sonm
I vines ol Hi', tin I whiii tiiv were being
I lug tli li-iisk ' I me il l kept my gripe)
'overwinter This wu in .Much. (IT
lour.- he ;;ot a nrgilivc rep'y.
"We!!." -ni l n, "wli.-n 1 eomonext
! eck for trees I i I l.riiiL,' you somo
J l.u ilnn sretned lil aj j' ko (o mrf
nl the tituri, but ol cur-e I thanked
lilni fi r the kind otr-r. True to hU
pr.'ini'e, wlien ho came n week or ton
ui vsi ttieu nner, lio lii'iuigiit mo Koine;
Not u low berries, ns iniyht hire been
expected, but ut least live pounds.
They wore I-u'icllxs nnd I '.ituw bus pcr-
i 'l'(,,y I'lump. sweet mil Ire-h, although
' "")Ht "l0 ''O1'1'"" "ad dropped Iroui
! t!ll 'r H,1',"IS ' '''' l,,p exception of it
jvery slight earthy taste, they woro
!l'r''l"y excellent.
i , 'l'" ", ieir.i
i 'lf" do you keep them thus? Tho
reply was, ilmt iu tho lull, ns lato as tho
cold would admit, Ihey were gathered
in a clear day when perfectly dry ; it
layer of green leaves was taken from
I ho vines nnd laid. on the billon; on
these a layer of crapes, nn I theu ii
liver of leavea a.'nin, until the box was
full, finishing wilh a layer of leaves,
I'ut the li l on tight, aud bury doep
enough to escape tho feo-ts of winter.
(l course it must be where water can
J not sett lo into the box. .'I' lie stems of
grapes were unite Ireah wlieu
: Rlvt'" aio.
Tho man toll me bis father in-law
had kep. them thu fot years
To ibis tho editor if the journal
adds :
"Wc have often dug np bunches of
crapes on layers), lato in ihc fill, when
all the grapes on the vines had been
frozen long before, and louui them
plump, svveet and fresh. No. do not
lo iU thu method is u gojJ ouo uud
worth a trial."
t xefiil liituriiiuf luii.
How to Lav O. f a Sqkk Acub
or til'.oi.wn Measure "IT 0. leet ou
eavli side and you will huvo a s pure
icro wiihin an inch.
Contests of an Acre. An ncio
contains 4,710 s pure yards.
A square mile comoins 010 acres.
MKAsi nv. or Distances. A tnilo
is .V-'SO leet, l.ltid yards .n length.
A fathom is six leet.
A Iculmio is three miles,
A Sabbath day's journey is l.lfi.V
yards this is I S yards less thau two.
Hiiro ol a mile.
A day's journey is 321 miles.
A cubit is two feet.
A ban ! (horso uuasure) is four
A palm is thr.'o inches.
A spun is 13; inches.
A space is three leet.
llAHHEl. MKA-iKilE A barrel of fljur
weighs r.J.i liouiiilH.
A barrel of pork -00 ponnds.
A keg ol pow.ler 2 pound..
A firiiu of btittrr .VI pounlsw
A t ib of I utter 8 1 pounds.
IkstiKi, Me.uu bk TIm following
ate sold by weighs per bu-hel. :
u heat, beans, ami slovirserd, six'y
pouuds to the bushel.
Com, ryo an I flaxseed, 50 p uuds.
Duck wheat 52 pounds.
liarlcy 4H pouuds.
(Ms 32 pounds'.
lirao ''J pjuuds.
Coarse salt 8i pounds.
Various Weights and Measi uks.
A ton of round timber is 40 feet j of
sqared timber bi cubic feet.
A o.uiuiuioial bale of cotten is 2(11
A paok of wool Is 240 pounds.
A soulioa of government laud is C40"
A liquid ton is 252 gallons.
A box 16 by 161 inches aud 8incbc
deep contains a burhol.
Wn. A groco lookiug chop, from
tho Green Mountain Statu, went over
tho line, aod on lo Montreal, "to Vndi
around a leetlle." Qolut ioto a lufgo'
and hsadsouse dry-good besise, bW t er.
daoey attacked the attention cf the
proprietor, who attempted to (rats bint,
but having an impedinyeas) la his
speech, ht bad to sive it up, snd hi
olork cawo forward t speaa ft hha.
lie begun
' Mr. Uull wishes to knew if yot