The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, July 21, 1870, Image 1

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    T ll C DHCJT I - .... 'mmlTmmm? aMaasj mmm "MMMMUMMm
I r i . j ' ' I I
f ubllsbed every Thursday Evening by
jERChtAB (R018K. Proprietor.
Terms of Subscription,
within Hi mom bi, orTg.oo ir not paid
within Ihe year. No paper discontinued
until all arrearage are paid unleat at
th CptlbO Of lb publisher.
Subscriptions outside of the county n advancr.
pST I'ertona lining and using paper
addressed to otbera become subscribers,
and ara liable fur lha price of the paper
Jr. cronmili.kk,
Middlcbtirg, Tn.,
Offer bla proletf lonal tervice to lha pub
lic. Collection and allothrr professional
business entrusted to bia care will receive
probipt attention. Jan 8, 'C7tf
Selinsgrovo Ta.,
Offer bla professional lervic to the pub
lic. All 'bueinesa entrusted to bia care
will be promptly attended In.
4 Jan. 17, '07tf
Frcebttrg; IV,
nfltrs bis Professional service to the pub
lic. All business entrusted to bi care
will be promptly attendedto.
Jan 17, 07ll
Lcwisbtirg ln.,
Offer bl professional service to the pub
lic, Collection and all other Trofc-sion-kl
business entrusted to bi care will re
ceive prompt attentiou.
J,cwisburg IV
Offers lis Professional service to the pub
lie. Collections and all other profession
al! business entrusted to bia care will re
ceiv prompt attention. Jan. 8, Mi7l
M. linn!
Lewisburg IV,
Offers bis professional service to lh,e
public. Collections and nil other pro
fessional busities entrusted to their care
will receive prompt at tent ion. Jan. IS, '07lf
.Selinsgrovo TV.
Offers his professional scrvicss to the pub
lic. Collection and all other professional
business entrusted to bi care will re.
ceive prompt attention. Office two door,
north of Ibe Keystone Hotel. Jnn ft, 'ti;
Selinsgrovo Til
Offer bla Professional services lo Ibe
public. All business entrusted to bis
care will be promptly attended to. Col
lection mad in all parts of the Slate,
lie can spoilt tlio English and Herman
language fluently. Office between Hull's
and the Toil oflie.
Middlcbtirg Snyder County Pcnn'ii.
Office a few doors West of the P. O. on
Main street. Consultation in English
nnd German languages. Sep.'tolf
l,i wisluirg I'u.,
Otter hi professional aeivR-eato the pub
lic. All business entrusted lo bi care
will be promptly nt tended lo.
1 Jan. 8. 'C7tf
Tersons in need of a good nnd durable
dewing Machine can be accouitnodsted nt
reasonable price by calling on ou Sam
mi Faust, Agent, hllusf rove.
pun, 21. 'f.St.
Middlcbtirg Fa.,
Offers hU professional service to the cita
item of Middleburg and vicinity.
March 21, 'C7
Selinsgrove TVnn.
Fcnn Twp., Snyder Co. Ta
Ylt. WAGNER, Ecq.,
Jackson Township, Snyder Co. Pu.,
Will attend to all buslnes entrusted to
tils aura and on tha most reasonable
terms. Marob 12, 08tf
Centreline, fntier Co., m
Offer hi professional service lo the
public 0-88lf
I? W. 8CHWAN, M. P.,
Fort Trevorton Ta.
Offer bi professional services to the
eiliiens of tbi place and vicinity. II
(peak German and English.
April 10, '68
151 A. BOYER, Jr.
Freabiirir SnvdarCo. Fa..
- ,
Moil respectfully offer bi servloes lo
th pumlo a Vendue uryer and Auotton
mmr. llavin bad a larva exnerlenea. I
feel conCdonl tbat I ean render perfeot
saiwaeiioa 10 sit emuiovees.
Jan- . '7I
Offio In Court House, Sept.16, '87tf
No. 322 N. THIRD
11. H. MANDERBACIf Tiiop'k,
3. C. MfK, Clerk
tie, 413 dlS North Third Strut,
Stationers, Blank book Manufacture
i wniiavyiuiia( -nr.
VOL. 8.
Never Ullnd.
What's Ihe nae of always fretting
At the trials ws shall nnd
Ever strewn alona our pathway t
Travel on and never mind.
Travel onward worklnr. hopln;
t;at eo IIOKerln look behind
Attn trials once encountered-
Look ahead and never mind.
And If those who tntsht herrlsnd yon.
Whom the ties of nature bin. I,
fshnnlil rein's In d.i their ititty,
iMuk to Heaven and never mind.
Friendly words are often spoken
When the (Mllnss are anklmli
Tsk them for their rest value,
l'ass tb, in oa and never mind.
Fata may threaten, elnnds may lower,
bnemles tnev b eoinblnefti
If y.Mir trunt In (tod Is steaclfait,
He 1
1 will help you, never mind.
From th Miminliurn Telegraph.
A Itemlnlsicnec.
( I met a gentleman who was mv pnpll M rears
a;o I
He, a hrinht bn of sis Tears ol.l,
Ami I, a 7011th nt quits nlnstMni
Ttils point and that, hnw brlat they seem,
The UmUdi years lust roll belneeiil
"Three senre and ten," to youthful eyes,
W?.1'? bT 'tr '."!?. "r.,'h!1
in the mm insieni-e, lar away)
wnicn man lueirgiiueriua lowers ui,iayi
A we advance, the easttes fade.
To mst, perhaps, they ut recede:
Afi't as the milting years pass liy,
llow vastly they increase their .M.!t
Who has not lal.l his brllllsfit plans,
Ami seen thos plans "sun alt aiclee t"
lle who youth's prnKramiiie earrls-l mil,
bliall hive a reverent buy Irolu me!
Well, here we aret Mv pupil's beard
Is 'Inxtv." tliouith his eye Is lirliihti
An.l my own hair what's left t mn,
(l)uu t tell It pray!) Is almixl white.
Whatofltt Other men (trnw oldt
Kniich was oi.tian tar than I:
Anil nsTTsa I.k.I" 1 think 1 hear
A little Uible. reader cryt
That's so, my twyt Avoid my laiitts:
Itnpruveeacli hoar of every day.
Let me, at leant, I M nicer punt,
AnJ pulnt to youuiter lel the way.
My pupil l a huiilneM mam
With Imlu.try, ami tan, as well)
And here 1 make my humble boast.
1 lauXht the shaver how Ui spell I
Iii the second year of the lalo civil
war, I was married, and went to live
with my husband iu a stnall villinge
on tho lluils hi, some fifty or sixty
miles from Now i oik. 'i'lie bouse
wo occupied was a large, rambling
mansion, of considerable nntiiuity for
1 his country, nnd stood n littlo npart
from tho rest of th) village, surround
ed by bioad fields, and commanding n
tiloi ious view of the river, ami the hill
of tho Highlands. It had been built
before the rvcvclulion, bv my bus
baud's grcnt-grandliitber, and, though
Icstituto ol mniiv "Mud on improve
ments,'' was still a comfoi'Ublo atid
pleasant rcsideuie.
My liu.suand wns n lawyer nnd n
Inrgo real estate owner iu the neigh
borhood, and, nt tho period of which 1
write, wua creatly perplexed, like
tunny other persons in tho North, by
the perilous state of tho times, nnd es
pecially about the sale Investment of
his fuuds, as the auspciikion of specie
payments, tho great rise in gold, nnd
the military disasters in Virginia,
umde it almost impossible to toll where
it would be salo lo deposit or lo use
000V money in any largo ouiount.
la tho course or hid truusactiou in
real-estate, it happened one day that
be received wbal wus for us then a
largo sum, about ten thousand dollar,
which ho brought home and placed in
my charge, telling 1110 at the same
tiuio that bo should havo to be absent
during the evening, attending to some
business on the other aido of the river
and should not be homo till about
loucnn placo the money 10 tha
safe, dear," be said as be gavt It to
me, "and to-morrow I will try and
find aomo wty to invest it securely,""
do inyuig, ne tieppeu into too pug-
gy, w Die 11 was etaodiog at tbo door,
taking with bitn our hired wun Silas,
and leaving mo with noons in the
house b'lt IHnah, an old colored wo.
man, whotulhlled in our modest bouse
hold the functions of cook and maid-
of-all-work, as she had Jong done in
tha family of my own parents, who, on
my marriage, bud yielded Iter to ni
as a valuable part of my dower.
! 1. - t . r. 1
ijiiiau was iDueeu a cuaraoter. soe
was tall aod very stout, weighing, abe
would never toll how much, more than
two bundrod pound. She was very
black, aud a lary as she was Hack
Idooot think any one could move
moro deliberately than Dinah did, tbat
is, to more at all. And, by a wonder
ful dispensation, the seemed to feel
that whatever her other faults might
be, she was strong on tbo point of lo
comotioo. For wbn aba had boeo
moving with a poodorous slowness, al
most maddening to a person of ordioa
ry quickness, one of ber favorite ex
pression was, "Well. Mia Lillie
what (hall I fly onto next ?'' llow
bs accomplished all hs did. the
brownies ouly know. Ws used some
limes almost tismble wnen tbore wss
a.n v apeoial hurry about our domestic
arrangement, and yet Dinah always
man aged to bring affairs to a oonsum
nation, just when a minute more
would have ruined everything : aod
with undisturbed front, would slowly
enunciate, "Well, miss, what shall J
fly onto oxt T"
It was nearly dark when my hus
band departed, aod, after giving my
orders lo Dinah, or ratbor my ausrirea
tloos, I left her, aod made the tour of
the bouse, to toe that all was a I aod
properly locket! op. This duty attend
ed to, I wo to my bed-room, Idtond.
ing to pass the time la reading t.ll my
Dimmou tuouki returo.
It was a large room on tho ground
light faintly entered, dim mod by tlio'evil piHt'loni written in every linomnnt
shadow of 1 ho roof of Ihe iiiu;t, nnd t could aenrcely rofrnin from hIiuiI Jit
partly intercepted by the friogo oljio nt the sight of lili hateful rhar,
womlbinc wltifli luinjf fnim it. My nnd stpecdily tlj.wd my ejes to shut it
led stood wlili it font toward tho out.
windows, nnd with its licml nljont liallj I vifnot yet rjnito rftdy tlm
a yard from tlio wall. It wan no old ordeal throuli which I know I must
nmiiiiniu atruoiui-o, nung wun yeuow
silk liko the windows, hut I tdept with
lha Imnpinpa drawn buck nnd fastcn-
rd to tha head board. The led was
so Urv that 110 ono ever thought of
miivinjr it, except in thooo Heusona of
hous.'luil.l panic culled liome.oUnn.
ingo, whun the conibiticd aircnih
three or four men wh railed iuto
qilisiliun to draw it into tho middle of
tho room. So elaborately carved wns lion of Ihe statidnnd iho ai'rat;etiieni
it tlmt it went by tho mum of Weal- of the clothes, put my wntcli with the
minister Abbey iu tho family. 1 key of tho eafo under my pillow so
end of the room, at no great distance near tho edgo that they eon Id bo cn.
from tho bed, wna u larg sale, built i.'y taken ott, n I knew they would
iuto the high chimney of tho mansion, bo extinguished ono of my rnn lien
with a door high cnoiuh for n pcrm jaid my pntycM, and clodn my eyc',
to enter standing upright. Here 1 resigned myfe'.fto my f at e, with" no
w8 acciiHtoined to place, every even-1 very ntiguino or delinitu Impo of ex
ititf, our silver platoon shelve which : tricatiou from my perilo'i pxition.
extended around tho nido, on which 1 made my brcnthing rcgulat, nnd
arc aUo phteod boxes containing pa-in littlo louder than when 1 was awake
'ncrsnnd other valuables. Oimomto 1
1110 urai ui in ueoiieaii, ueiweca 1 no . ciMltiterieuin aicep. jl last tne
wiudows, wa it mirror, running from stilluesH became 10010 terriblo than
tho floor aiino-t ti tho ceiling. Liko eycn my firat auooy of fear. Sever il
all the other old furniture in tho room' time 1 fancied that I heard a soft utep
it was old end handsome. How ninny approach from tho placo of conceal
linppy sceues it had reflected in the intent. Ai often I was deceived. Then
huiiired years it ha I stood thero !
Tho niht wait execedittgly hot, and
I tli refVit 0 left the windows open,
though I drew the curtuiim beforo I
seated myself at the table in tho centre
of the room, lighted the candles, und
beg iu to read, in order to pans the
heavy tiuio
beforo Iho return of my
Alter a while, I beard tbo clock:
strike nine, nt which buur Dinah sal
ways went to bod. Her chamber was
in the attic, Ihe third story of the
house. Kcmcuilicricg tnino house
hold matter about which I wished to
speak to her, 1 slarted hurriedly up,
and went into tho vutry to intercept
her beforo sho got up staits. I had to
wait ul out a minute be I ore she camo,
and our colloquy contsumcd tbieo or
four minutes more.
When 1 returned to my lelmom.
feeling somewhat tired, 1 resolved to
go to bed, us, ot that Into hour in the!
country, it wns outlo certain imtt no
visitors would cull, nnd my husband
could let himself in with tho latch Ley
which he ulwuys carried. 1 thought,
however, I would try to keep awake by
reading, tool nccorJingly placed a light
stolid aud tho ctiiTdlcs at tlio head of
my bed. I then closed aud fastened
the wiudows, uudrcsscd und got into
bed. The key of tho tafe I placed, as
usual, under my pillow
Alter reading perhaps half tin hour,
I grew woary of the book, aod, quietly
laying it down, remained for some
minutes meJitating with my eyes fixed
on tho mirror opposite tho foot of the
hod, in which 1 could seo myselt re
flected, together wilh the yellow silk
curtains tcluud mv head. I was
thinking, not unnaturally, bow pretty
1 looked, ami how happy 1 was wilh
such a loving busbund and such a
largo sum of niouey secure in our aufe,
when suddenly I saw iu tho mirror a
sight that made my hourt staud still.
A hood appeared between the curiam
drawing them slowly apart, and grasp
ing cautiously tho head-board Jt was
a man's hand, large, coarse and dark,
as if belonging to a molatto, or to one
greatly tanned by exposure to the
My first Imnulso was to start from
the bed, and scream for help. I re
pressed t ty a strong effort of will,
and lay perfectly motiouless, exoept
that I partially closed my eyos, keep-
I . I I.. . I. .
log iuciii oiuy suuicientiy opoo to
watch tho mirror. As quick as light
ning my uiiod took in tho situation
lo the few minutes of my abscnoo
from tho room, while talking to Dinah
in the entry a thief, a robber, a possi
ble murderer, bad stolen iu by the
piazxa-wiudows, and had hidden him
self either under Ibe bed or behind
its draped head. He was doubtless
armed ) aud, If 1 cried out, and at
tempted to escape from toe room, be
eould easily reaub'tbe door before I
could, aod for his owo security would
probably put me to death. Dinab
w a too distant, and too lecble and
too elumsey lo afford me any assist-
anoo, and. besides was by Ibis lime
fast asleep in the third story. The
man doubtless knew that my husband
bad that day received a largo sum of
money, and had gone off across the
liver, leaving ma alone, or noarly alone
ia the bouse. Ho bud entered, caring
only for the money, und anxlou,
above all things, to escape undetected
aod uorooogoixed. If 1 lot bitu koow
tbat 1 was aware of his presence, I
should expose myself to murder, and
perbap to outrage worse loan murder.
My obvious policy was to keop quiet
and to feign sleep. 1 ibougbt also ol
Ibe money, and was not altogether
willing to resign Ibat wnboutan ffort
to save it, and to have at least aome
clew to the indeality of the Ibief. I
conlosa. however, that this last consid
eration was not a very strong ono,
aod am afraid that, if I could have
soen my way clear to an escape from
the room aod the house, I should have
fld inoootluonily, without stoppiog to
see more tbao tbat terrible band.
A moment which seemed an hour
passod while those Ibeugbta rushed
through my miad. I lay notfeotly
still, with my half eloaed eyes watob
ing the mirror. Slowly and noiseless
ly the ftightful band pulled op Its
soon pass. 1 wmiteJ to move mv
liht eland a little out of t'ie wny, nnd
to to arrange tna tea-oiouies tint 1 no mwayit. u tins day, rchuir.HM my
could spring from tho bed without iin-'exploit, wero ol tli-mu'lvo a sullioienl
pcilitncnt. I thcreforo pavo 11 little J cuiipenDitinii fur the horror nnd no
sih, and moved, a if about to awake, nv of that I insr -ii miner iiijjht. .1;
liithtly oneninir my eyo at t tin same -fW .foiiiinit
tituo. The bead and the hand intiinU
disapnenred. I I hen composedly
iiitado the desired ehnnres in the l"si
ami hiv with mv eluuk i.n mv h.iiid
'""', . "f . ..'
.1... 1 ie.,1 .:n 1 i.:.t
I - H 7 11:. wM
through tho pillow ! It was a poi.
tivo relief when ho came out from be
hind tho curtain, atopKid at tho table,
and stood looking at me, as I was well
nware though my eves wero closed
I forced mvsclf to Ire 11 the regularly
utid audibly. II) camo closer; he
bent over mo. lie pa.e 1 the lighted
candle slowly before my lUuo tw i 01
three times. I felt the bent, and saw)
.1... 1 1. ....... I. ..... I! la u.l.i.,1. I
' ' "7 ""'.T' higher, conMi uete I with the-o great
must havo quivered, though be del U, 0( hu of , i(.
not .eetil to ntaerve their - j 1U.IS0 W ,, , , , ()
Heaven gave " "; tbc outside aud inside, coining up to a
or try out .Satislie.l. apparently he M) M Jf . a
put back the C...J e-s t.-k oo tbo stand, n ofsecuritv to
and bis hau l crept soUly and slow ly I ; , t,
lit. .Is, flu. rtill.tu. mi. I ritif. In mm l,.i I . . . n .
removed mv watch and tho key of
, ....1. ..j v,..v, ..
tlio safe, lie slojd so long lookingat
mo tb at 1 h It imnelle 1 to open my
eyes suddenly upon him
s ho walked foftlv toward tlio
safe, I did partly open them, and cau
tiously watch him through my eye
lashes. 1 heard lii-u f.unhling with
the lock, nu 1 oaee ho looUoJ over to
ward the led. My ryes wore wide
open, but I closed the:n iu liuio not to
be dotecte I. atelnng mm stealth . I
ly, I snv hi 'ii op -n the door of the I
safe, go baek to the stand for the can-'
dlo and return to tlm sale, who h
entered without withdrawing tho
t .i .. i ...i.
Hero was the opportunity for which ;
1 uaii wuueij uiiv4 waieiu-ii. i spran
if I .... . I . I . J i .... . j I .y no... u.i ou. m, ot.e uoU no ,
reueiiuu mo saio, uasne.i uiu uoor u,
turned the key, nu I w'ilh cna long and
loud shriek lull pro.lrate nnd souse
less on tbo floor of tho dark room.
How long I lay upon tho thor, I do
not know probably lor a lew minutes
only but, as I was uucotisuious, it
seemed when I camo to myself as if the
interval had been a long ono. 1 was
aroused by bis blows upon the iron
door, and found mysolf weak after the
long, nervous tension, but still calm
I remembered tho satisfaction wilh
which I thought, while I lay there
beforo riling tbat ho could not escape,
ruinglol with a viguo nnd foolish dread
that he might in bis rage burn the va'
unbie contents of tho safe. Ho pound,
ed desperately oo the door, aod swore
fearfully at fiudiog himself entrapped.
But, ns I took no notice of bis out
cries, he soon grew quiet.
rrosently 1 rose, and lighting a
candle, dressed myself with all possi
ble baste, and with t.'enibling fingers,
turning often lo look at the safe, from
nnder the closed door of which I more
than half expoctod to see bloo) trick,
ling wby, I cannot tell, except that
my mind was full of images ol horror.
I was soon lo readiness l had no
means of ascertaining the time, as he
had my watch in his pocket, aod there
was no clock in the room. Taking
ibe candle, I hastened to arouse Di
nah, who as I shook bor, slowly open
ed ber eyes, and with ecaroely any
mere than her usutl slowness pronoun,
oed ber formula : "Well, Miss Lillie,
what shall 1 fly Lord a massy
what's de matter wld de chile 1 ion
aio't.scoo a ghost have you, honey?"
"No. Duinli ; but 1 vo seen some.
thing worse than a ghost. I'vo rsugbt
a robber, and he's in the safe. What
time is it f" and, looking at tha clock,
that tickioir slowly aud deliberately
as Vow could Dioah's clock help do.
ing f I saw to my great relief that it
we nearly midnight.
Wo hid scarcely got dowo stairs
when I heard tbo sound of wheel.
A moment more, aod my husband was
in my arms, llsiooiug with atuatoment
to a rapid narrative of my singular
adventure. I would not suffer hint to
open the safo until Silas bad summon
ed asltaooe from the neighborhood.
feared that my desperate prisoner
might still escape. When tho safe
was opened, tbore sat my burglar oo
tho trunk, half stupefied for the want
of air, a kuifo lo one band, the pack
age of money in tho other, and the
buroed out candle at his feet. He was
recognised as an old offender, who
bad not beoo long out of State 1'risoB,
to whiobin due course of law, he was
sent back for a term of yoara, which
I devoutedly hope, may last as long a
Ihe lives t Ut 1 cootes should rrol
I . ,. . ri . v 1
oa enminjr out of tho aula will noli
noon be obliterated.
My innband, 1 Deed liarJty say, was
Brently plfed with my unlo inveat-j
ment, and complimented mo highly j
on iiiit riiiinr-'U an 1 c'oiili'fa WMICII
luid doulitlfss s.iveil my life well na
our money. Tlio love und nrido with
which lie rearlcd me, and with wliieh
I he Wall ol ( lilnn.
All tho cities of China are Kurronnd
ed by high. Mron walls, whoso m
ivo pninriioiir n trnnp;i'l' h iH no idea
of until he see- them. The walls stw
minding the city ol'I'eUin are from
I wenty-two to twenty-live miles in
length, nnd on an avorniro fifty feet
liilth. Thia wnll is sixty feet thick nt
the bottom, nnd fifty-four at the top.
and one) in a few yaid thero are ini
mense buttresses tocivo it Mill grruter
strength. At every fi tX la buttress tin-
wnll lor the Hpaw or one hundred an I
iwciii 1. irei 111 ii'tiuui. is i wo Hun
dred nnd fil'ty-six feet in thickness. In
several places the lounduiioii of this
wall is of marble, and when the ground
is uneven, iminoii-'e (jiinnt it ies of ro
ment n durable neurlv as cranite.
im'i uwm m 11m u, inn u in-vii iwe 10
.. I ..I...... .. . I 1 1 ...
, 1
l7':,.u,,l0'r,,u,':, ''' bjU,n isohl.but i,tasgo.las Bl.wi.rig'i mtgnl.y.thojiry expoot-
..1 1 ..11 -...1 is ...uiiu ui .in.s i-uuii jWi, i),tigiii a lurm, nnd lured a t 1111
tweuty inches long, ten inches wide. 0 to run it m saares. ATter a good
and livo inches thick. These lirieks deal oniaggliug thev agreed that thev
are burned very hard, aod havo pre- L,oulil divide the to-otits thtislv the
cisely tlm appearance ol stone. lute-lmiati to receive the
Ou tha in.sido of this wall, as wcll't,0 y.ukee tho "bottoms''
as on oilier in other ilies, are eplan-
aile.s, or stairways, Willi gate to them
fur ascending them. And over nil the
gateways there are immense towers,
" " """ s, HUH .11.11 U
li railiiig itself is a
outsnl railing is made iuto turrets, lor t his hViiT(s n.ltur:llv nn, kindly w,
the usj ol cannon, in case of attack ' t ta t complaint. Tho Dutchman in
Thn entire top of the wall is covered : it,.,i t,.u mxl j10 would take
with strong burned brick, twenty ich-t, .. bottoms." All right'' said Jon-
es s.'inre, resembling tho flagging of lUtmr, ,aJ(. ,u, .. tops." " AI-'
our sidewalks iu largo cities, only, as
I havo said, Ih-ifO walls lire filly-four
riicre is no way of getting into the
city, only to g'i through tuts iinuieuse swore j,, i..j, )lU.h aUl juJL.t.0D, tint ! - JjIgdJ 1 uu lits'.iinl you ti
wall And wherever there is a gate ' ,xt vear ho would have both " tops'' T 'ljt 'hi l,yM 1,1,1 iiuilty. thnt
lor tbo purpose of getting through. ; lll)(J .1 bottoms'' and " vool de Yankee ' uiurdcreJ my bu-baud wiili.'ut any
thero is another wall lonll enclosing a vvt) py amn." Jonathan, however, cause, before my eye anl my clnl
"I'luio space, c.itupellin nil per-onsj"Wtt loo Cuie again, ns he planted, drcn's and thnt nil has been done t
who go into the city to co through ! i, , i, ,. i,:,,i ...? ,,'nU- I n.lim r,M-n '.him thai ever justice and tbo law co'Il
;ic inilh. by tiassai-'o of two nnirles to
. imoIi other. The walls ure so iintucnsc-
,fielli a'rc
these pa-sigcs through
d over cut stone, retniud
:nA ii..nlli ,.r.,i.M V.lilpU.I llll.lUlL ill
- . " hi "i I'l'ni's'' J".,n
, ,-liUlj M ,
I ol l lie SO arehwavs there is no enormous
. - ----- -
gate made of s'rong timbers, every
where as much as ten inches thick,
and covered on both sides with plates I
ot iron, like tho sides ol om warships.
These gales are shut early in tbo even
ing, generally before sundown, aud
are not allowed to bo opened during
tho night for any purpose. They are
fastened on tho inside by menus of
strong beams of timber.
Indian l uniiliiir.
The-Indinns of tho Western plains
are gradually thinning nut before the
swarming emigrants. They are prob
ably doomed to extinction, but they
are often shrewd in avoiding dangers,
and gaining advantages over tbe
whites. Th following is a good iu
tauco of their cunning;
We bear a great deal about Yaukee
tricks but a. nrivate letter from a sol.
dier out on tbe plains, shows that t lie
.i i.:.. i..,..- , i
Says the writer :
"A part of our troop had been on
trail of a small bund of Sioux, and
they bad dodged us, and beat us, uo
til wo determined to havo them, let
como what might.
" Oue day wo camo upon them,
and it appeared to suddonly, too, that
thero was no chance
lor them to es -
capo. Kuch nuto seated himsult
squarely iu bis saddle, and with revolv
er in hind, we dashed ou.
" There squat each idctitieal Sioux
on his pony, just as thoJgh we wero
miles away, and as stoically indiffer
ent ns though they did not caro for
" A we, at full gallop, drew near,
the oillcer In oommanl felt that We
were running into some trap ; but it
was too late ti sound a retreat, and
oo we went. I tinoK tbe distence be
tween us and the Sioux and their
ponies was just twelve feel before a
aiugle red-skin moved a muscle ; then,
. i .. . . i .
quicker man you count any -ecai.
off from the shoulders of each identical
Sioux orftuo tho dery-red blanket b
wore, and np aud down it wa shaken
riggrously in tbe very faces of our
" We bad boasted a great deal over
those horses, that tboy would do any.
thing we waoted them to that Is to
say, tlrey would drive tb rough a
prairie fire alongside a bull buffalo,
through a prairie dog Tillage, aod over
dead Indians but l leu you
ought to have soon them, to horse,
tuto tail, aud run front those blank
' We wore going along so Bteely,
and eaob trooper was so eater w make
a sure thing of bte red-akin, that we
let the borwoa have it aiuoh their owo
V. Ai?. M
mi J awny they wuil In every direction,
Trooper' were spruw line on the cround
uod otli. r were clinjfiii! to linrxeH
nnne, with t.e h feet not only nut l
the atirrupa, but pomtiit tip in the
" It was the worst H'ampcde I ever
n'.v in I I haro looked oil 'feme' ir
my tiny.
"if the Finns hn I follownl up,
they might htvc made a few si alic.
but th.-y seemed so well pleased with I
the result of th-ir trick, thattlmm-j
who were unhorsed near them, sit J
'hey disappeared M ifth-'y had gone
down through the earth.
" When our troop ne mh!ed. we,
0110 and all, (leelareil that the tiling
was tho best of Ihe kind we hi I evci
heard of, but determined that we
.u 1 . .. .1 1
WUUK, ,,y ,,,, lor .1 0110 III
uiesu unvs won n w
llltldliiH; Iho Piollts
John Quill tells ola man who pl in'ol
p 't'itoes Ktid waited for the flower,
to ripen into fruit, until the whole
crop rotted in tho ground. Jle was
, t,i t,nl 10 ,ou. have diiu tho no
tatocs soon Kller they flowered. IT us 111 tlisa time ; 11 nu t lie law
lie cherished this advice, an I tried it Jers they nil hid their coats off nnd
on a crop of tomatoes nest year, wero smoUiiio; an 1 whittling, and thu
roiling it nil up 011 the first sight of n! wittness the same, an 1 so was tin
(lower, ni'cjiirse he didn't nuke n ' prison, r. Well, the f .ct, there warn't
fnl-Liiiie In that line. Hut w beard nt 'any ilit'TCt in a murder trial Ihcn,
.. . .... .11
a stllal I Putenmin 011L West I n
"tops ' nnd
for the first
I he 1'n'eliinnn looked forward hope-
fully lor a largo yield of wh 'iit. rye.
oats, cabbage, salad cih rv. and gjod ! here was to keep your pi into gravt
ihings that rio above iho ground ; yard, l!ut that w mau seemed to
and he kir.d of chuckle 1 in the thought have her heart ci nu banging that
that bo bad taken in the Yankee, p'p.iniiud, und you'd ouht to havo
lie didn't laugh .so much when he ' ,,'-- IjW "l,e Wuul 1 K'lire "3 him a
saw n splendid eron of buz'tii onions minute, uud tli.'ii look up at mc in bel
ptatoes. radishes, turnips and nil su-h
i minus, i us -- ions in vr'iirn iiiiii i
: iitnmint to tnneh Tho Vnnkrn tn,:L 1
. rceht.'' echoed the other; but
LVIC be saw ....lniv
i vt'lieat rvo nnd oats cotnin" up. be
-I ji
peas beuu. tomatoes, Ac, td which hl
gave the Dutchmin tho "tps" mil
"bottoms" and kept the " Middles" I
for himself. The la.t wo beard of the
members uf that Grin, nftor it was dis
solved, was that the Yankee was run
ning the farm ou his own book, u:i I j
tho Daichmaii was IVeping a lajer beer ;
fejloou iu the next village. j
Wusu't Alriild ol Indians. ,
The following has a smack of Mark '
Twaiu about it. Wo find it drilling
unknown through the cxi'linng?.
" A friend ol ours who took a trip 1
to I'nlit. o nio, said that he was not ;
afraid of ludians, because be belonged '
to the IJcnevnleiit Order if lied Men.'
an 1 knew ad the pass words au I
winks, and all tbe figurative language
aod thiugs, and o savage was going i
to touch him, initiated an 1 fixed tip
ns be was in reii!ii. He ha In't gone !
more thanra hundred mijs from Onia
ha before a bail I cf Indians camo nt
1.0 aud op. He
tbe chicfaside and whispered tho pass-
word in bis ear, and gave bi.n the
, r,' twcl
au I made
i twenty six limes on both bands.
somo observations about
.om. .....- ..i .i,..r, i,i;-
Uliu til."'!..-., nu.. 111., 1 ........
grounds.' The chief replied in a fi iend-
ly manucr bv tomahawking b in and
jabbing bis butcher knife inti his
vitals. Our friend remarked that
these ceremonii were, iict observed
in bis lodge; but the chief wanted
to show him all the peculiarities of
. l . ie ... ... l t ... 1
1 , . iti- ' 1 .1
ana cnoppcu i'u 111 uose, am iviiii
build a liontire 00 bis stomach.
when eome soldiers arrived and res-
caed him. 11 is oow the baldest Ited
M... u;.l r .K. !..;.. l...,.n
and yo i never saw a person s i dis-1
gusted with secret societiesand Indian
poetry. He is going to sue she lodge
lor passing a counterfeit grip 00 him
aod lor damage done ly lose of bi
Recently a farmer named Oasmrre,
residing in Greenfield, Mich , conclud
ed tbat ho would rid hia barn of about
ahundred oests made by awollews un
der tbe eaves, and for the purpose put
op aud mounted a loeg ladder. There
were only a doacn bird about when
tbe farmer commenced at tbe oests,
bat be had scarcely tore one down be
fore tbe lew set up aueh a twittering
ai eooa brought lo the spot every bird
from tho barns ot tho whole neighbor
hood. Tbey (lew around tVasmere's
head, uttered uoies of displeasae, aod
at last the whole cloud settled epoo
bim, screaming, peeking aod eeraUbiog,
as if determined tsdrgh eyas out
The ladder did oot stand very e
curelv. ad. as the fanner raWod hi
hand to Ight etf hie toretentere, his
support slipped and fell earrying bim
to ihe ground, the faU breaking a n,
aod giving ktna aorae a vers ctrtnea.
The bred remained about the spot
1 -il llw inrl tit teir
l 1 w lr
nr column one year
. 8.00
tine-ball column, on year.
iino-toiirih column, one year,
Une sqnsrs ( to lines) on interlion 75
F.very additional inrrtion (t)
Prnfes.innal and ltuiees earils of
not more than nt llnrs, per year. 6.00
Auditor, Uxrctitor, Aduiiniitratur
anl Assignee oiieea 2.5T
Udilorial ti'itice per line
All advertisements f"r a shorter psrloai
itnn one yrar are payable at the time
they are nrdred, and if not firttel the per.
son ordering tbeui will be held reepunsfbl
for the mouse.
1 1 s ai
A Stlrlletl Woiiittn.
An old Nevada J'id.i of the eirlf
times relates the following as "tho
most right op and mappy ehulliti m
of wontatdy rp'lnk'' that Ini ever full
en under hi notice :
' I wns silting here," paid the .fudga
in this old pulpit, holding c nrt, an I
we wetp trying a bii. wh-ked looking
""paiii-h desperado for killing the hu
hand vt a liribt, pretty Moxict't wo
man. It wn- 0 luy sum tier d iv, and
111 awful long Mie. Hinl (he witnesses
were tedious. N ne of us tool any
interest in tho trial, except that perr
ons, tuieasy devil of a Mi'Xieatl wo
rn m because) Toil know' how they
love and how they hate, nnd this 0110
h:id loved her huslmnd with all her
might, an I now she bad all
,JW int mvl Ht(((n
tiug it at that Spiiti'mrd with her 170s;
ail 1 I tell you shu would stir IDC lip,
too, w i 1 li n littlo of ber summer li jtt-
ninn ocensionally. Well, I hal my
coal o!T, and heels up, lolling an I
vventini. nnd smoking one of thoso
cibbnge cigars the San I't uneisoo peo
ple used to tlniiK were goinl cnougli
oeciiuse 1110 iihsoiht uj ihmiij
.. . .1 : . .1 .
tug them to Uo as iiiiieli lot' tiieni
s into tiuio ; nn.l, nil hough thu evi
dence was straight and s piarc against
this SpauiarJ. we knew wo could not
convict him without seeming to be ra
llior liih lutidc 1 a:i'l sort of reflecting
o.i every gjuthinrt.i In tho co ntuaoi
ty ; for there wern'l any rarri.igi-s and
1 vei les then, and so the only 'tyl
: pleading way. and then turn, and for
i ..v...-v t"j -
l.tces nnd by ami ly drop tier ijco in
her bauds for just a littlo while, as if
alio was most ready to givo up ; but,
out she'd come again directly and be as
live and atixii'us us ever. Hut when
Iho j ny announce 1 iho verdict, not
Is'uilty, and I told the prisoner ho was
aeqiuted and tree ti g . tliut woman
rose till shu appeared as tali as a s.'V-
enty-lour gun ship, nnd says rb.' :
lo f '
' Tbe same.' "
'And then what d you reckon sho
did ?'' Why she tun.ed on tint smirk
ing Sp inisli loot likt' a wildcat, and
out wr.h a 'iiuve,' and shot him dead
in opjo court "
'That was spiritcJ, I im willing U
almit '
' Wasn't it though,'' said the .Iu Ige
a liniring'y. '1 wouldn't have miss
ed it for anything;. 1 udjourocl cutt
right on th." sp.t, nul we put on our
coat. and went out nod took up a col
li ct ion for her anl her cub , anl sent
them over the monnVain to their
fii-n Is Ah, sbo wai a spirit!
wench 1 '
Mustlo ixiilttst Meant.
Two youag m.n from the country
called iul.i a Detroit foundry a fe'
davs ngi lo gi't a piece of casting for
nine farm machinery. The employees
were a'.sent at tneir ameer, wkd tne
exception of the engineer , wlvi M
: ''" UP ntne lor the nrteroeoD
rk. It was running at h-vv p.'cd.
"J pump ng wau-r iuio me
I c country 00111 w in 10-
tercst at its moiions an 1 me no. rer-
o ution of the Urge lly-wheel, and ft If
iuto a discussion as to tho relative)
power of steam and bumia imis.-le.
Ojo of them fimtly offrred to bel a
dollar that he could ' grab ' the huge
wheel and hold it. lie s epped up is
the engineer aud asked permission lo'
iry it, whieh ws readily :r4ntej, an I
taking off hi coat, and rollm w bi
: " , , . .
r mm c u..sV..
ateumg carotui y ootu inc ngnr
't' came ai our-, wun a rusn 10
encouraee riimsei; n cimcnra it. 11m
didu'l exactly stop the wheel ie reel
he went over it wi;h. at stopping and
was discharged in a txrabolie orbit
through apace, coming d'wo in a
sand heap, io the farther p-t ol the
foundry. He w picked up ,t thor
oughly drsgtrsted man, aod o ht
1 hal be was obliged to climb iuto hi
agon at tbe back cod, quite Mtisfivt
however that team was loo niUcu for
It i to!4 ol John Wee!y tbat wheaf
he saw some of his hearers avrrep he
slopped io hi discourse and vtroured
r ire I are. ine tropic wre atatsa
ed, anvl eme one cried out, Where,
sir! where f To whkh Weeley
earnestly and solemnly replied, " la
bell, for those who sleep ander tax
preaching of the word."
1 .. j 1 -i". J
' Hub, is your sister at bitote V
Ye, but she won't awe you te
" Beoaese eiie aarhe was geteg
ui have eae more awe ef oaioas, if she
oever gvH another be."
II ATI ft ao k ex paates vMtl frieei
ia eaea 4 atretrta. TbVY eeeaeUaaea