The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, June 23, 1870, Image 1

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    -r- r-,sv "-fW,
fablleoesl every Tasrtdsy Evening l
CtOfSK t BEXUR. rroprleton.!
Terms of Subscription,
( 1iMn elf snenth. or f 2.RO If not paid
srllMn Iheyesr. No paper discontinued
until sll srrertt r paid nnleM at
lb elo of tit pnMI-ker.
Ehteeflptlohs txitxiJo tf the county
. . 1BTABLK IN ADVANCR. -j91ronl
liftlnf and sing- pifim
addressed to older become subscribers,
tad ar litblo for th price of llio paper
Jr. cnoNMiTrRK,
Middlcburg, Pa..
Offer bin professional ervlcct to the nub
lit. Collections and nil other professional
business entrusted, to Lie cure will receive
proaipt attention. Jan 8, '07 tf
Selinsgrove P.,
Offer Me professional eerlce to the pub
lis. All buainea ent runted lo hi core
Vill bo promptly alteaded to. ,
r jn..i:f 'o-if
Ji w. KNtmrr,
Froeburg To.,
TlBars lid Professional service to I he pub
lie. All business entrusted to bis core
Will bo promptly attended lo.
Jan 17, MTU
I.OWishlirg I'd.,
Offer bl professional service lo Hie pub
lic. Collection and all other Profession
I business entrusted to hi car will re
ceive prompt attention.
GEO. 1 MI Mi Kit,
Lcwisburg Ph.
Offer Ms Professional service to the tub
lie. Collectifin and all other profneion
Hll business enlrnaled to hi car will re
oelve prompt attention. Jan.. 8, 'u'tf
M.. Lin's,
Lewisluirg TV,
Offer Li professional services to the
public. Collection and all other pro
fessional business enlrutled to thrir enr
will receive prooipt at tent Ion. Jan. t), 'OTif
QTiTlks iiowKiT
Selinsgrove Fit.,
Offer hii prnfotfional services to the pub
iio. Collections and all other professional
business entrusted to hi rare will ro
te!, prompt attention. Office two doors
north of tbe Keyalone Hotel. Jan 6, '07
SelinKgrovo l'u
Offer bit Professional Services to the
public. All business entrusted to hit
ear will be promptly attended lo. Col
lection made in all part of the Stole.
II can apeak the Kngl'eh and German
language fluently. Oflice between Hall's
and the I'oit oflice.
L. N. MY KltS,
MiddkburgSnyiler Conuly rcim'n.
Office a few door West of the 1'- O. on
Mala itrocl. Conaultatlon in Krgli-li
nd German language.. Sop.'U'lf
Lowisburg Vn..
Offer hi professional seivicesto the pub
lic. All busincas nlrutd to hi care
111 he nrowillv attended to.
Jon. 3. 'GTtf
Person In need of a good and durable
Sawing Maobina can be accommodated at
reasonable prloe by calling on on Ham
obl i'avar, Agent, Beliusgrore.
fan. 2,.T,Rt
; Middlcburg Po.,
Offer kit profeaalonal service to the eil
hen of Middlebnrg tod vicinity.
March xl, '07
Solinsgrove Pcnn.
JOllN K. 1IUGHKS, Esq.,
Tcdo Twp., Snyder Co. Pa
II. WAONElt, Esq.,
Jackson Township, Snyder Co. Pu.,
Will attend to all basinet entrusted to
Lis oar and on Ihs moat resaonable
terms. March 12,'OHlf
Physician and surgeon,
Centreline, fustier Co., ra
Offers bis provisional service! to tbe
public. 0-88if
Port Trevorton Pa.
Offers bis profeaalonal service to th
ciliten of thi plaos and vicinity. He
peaks German aod Engliab.
r AprlUO, '88
FA. BOY Kit, Jr.
. A. I ir.TIDNlFER.
Vrnehtirfir RnvderCo. Ptl..
, - , 0
Uaal Mnairill affura' bia services to
the publio ss Vendue Cryer and Auction
av karf a lam axnerienoe. 1
feoloeafidsnl that I can render perfect
satisfaction to my m ploy ess.
Lan. v, oil
OflJos In Court llouao, Sept. 15, 't)ir
No. 322 N. THIRD Si
. e,88 .... PHILADELPHIA.
1. C. N1PE, Clerk
Ho, 418 k 416 Ksrth Third Street.
Etatiopm, UlBDk boob Maoulacturos
d dealers in Wrapping, Ulastiog, Cur.
Isui ad Wall paper Paper Dag Ao Gen
rsl Job Printer
.2W ort) Third street atovo Use
L'uiladtlvbJ Pa.
VOL. 8.
bt atasnr nu.
Let ns drink together, fellows, a wt did In
days of ynrtj,
And still enjoy lbs golden hours that for
tune haa In at ore t
Ths absent friend remembered b In all
that iting or saUl,
And love Immonal conaecrale tho memory
of thetlead.
Fill every goblet to tbo brim t let every
heart b filled
With klodljr recollection, and all bitter
one h stilled I
Com round me, dear old fellows, and In
chorus as w alng,
LIT' autumn day shall bsas glad as were
Its days or spring.
Drink, brothers, lo ths absent who ar liv
ing;, fli at of all, .
Whit each familiar nnmo and face we
loviunly recall I
The generous, and hrnve, and good I The
kind, and frank, ami true
Who knew not bow false words to spoak.or
wnat was oure lo do.
We see the faces of Ih dead: ihey hover
in the air :
And looking on us lovingly, our mirth they
reem to share :
Oh, dtarly loved ! tlioneli ye have gone (o
oincr stars oreptieren.
We still have for you thoughts of lov and
ctntvcrnted tears.
Pour a lihatinn rich with lov upon the
(trave that bob!
The ashes of the gallant hearts that long
ago grow cold ;
And swear thai never party feuds or civil
war shall break
Our bonds of love, aud enemies of friends
and comrades make.
Tho dead ore with us always, friends let
us their leaching heed I
"Forgive tby brother, if ho err!" they elo-
Ueutly plead ;
"Let by-gones be by-gonea!" they cry:
let the old love revive !
And on the altars of your hesrts keep
. Friendship's fire alive!"
It Is better far to lov than bate, fur na
tions as fur men;
Let us hope the good old humor soou will
bless the land again ;
Rut If the politicians siitl should wraugle,
scold, and right.
Their quarrels shal not hrrnk Ih ties that
wo rg-knit to-night.
Ourhitumn-daye of life hive Vome, the
the frosts begin to fall,
lleyoud the dark, deep river, hark! wo
hear the old comrades call.
To the dead and living whom each loves,
lot each bis goblet fill :
And tho memory of the dead ehu.ll make the
living dearer still.
Mr. refer)' First Wire.
'Heixr, dear! no toast ; ees bulled
ns hard oh LricLbitts, and tho eult'eo
stono colli.''
And Mr. IVtcrs arose from tbo table
in n temper by no niouns amiable, tuJ
rang tho boll violently Tlicro wo uo
answer. lie rnox again, a third, a
fourth time, aod si ill an answer. Out
of pntiencK, ho went to tho door and
called ".Marin hi Mariah !'
A slight littlo wonipu, dreceod lo
soiled, tuaibled wrapper, with hair in
a stato or direful confusion, aimwerod
hia Minimon. ho had one of tliotu
bright faces which nature iotoodd
should be decked with contiuuul smile ;
but now it was drawn to Its full length
sad tho lare blue cjos had a acrioua
or rather doleful expression, total! nt
variance with their usutxl Joyous look.
II cr voice, too, had lost its melodious
ringing eound, and wan subdued to a
dismal whine.
'What Is it. JoBopb !'
'Where is Uridet V
'Gone out for Die. I want more rib
bon for nijr ascension robe.'
Mr. Peters said a very naughty word,
and then contincd : 'Cold coffee, hard
tgg, breakfast not flt to eat."
' I wish,' whloed his wife, 1 you
woold think less of tomporol matters,
aod turn your attention to tbe grout
end of life'
'Hang it all, madam, I. like to enjoy
my lifo while I have it. Here I was,
the happiest man in the United States,
with a picaant home, a chatty, cheerful
wife, and good, qulot children ; and
now, since you havo joined tbe Millur.
itcs, what am 1 ?'
'Oh, Joseph, if you would only come
into that blevsed circle.'
'Oh, Maria, if you would only come
out of it. Where are the boys T'
'I'm sure I don't know.'
'Aro they going lo school to-dsy ?'
'No, dear Joseph.'
For what rouaoo, madam ?'
'My dear, the tcaohcr has given np
the school, and Is turning bcr mind to
more oxalted objects. Oh, Joseph,
turn flow, vrbilo there's sbi. You
hare still a week for preparation and
'Kepeotance i Well, wbon I ta&e up
the subject it will lake more than a
week to put it through.'
And Mr. Peters put on his eoat and
took op his hat.
'Joseph,' ssid his wife, 'you need
not send homo any dinner. I (ball be
out, aod I'l' take the' boys over to
tbeir uncle's for dinner.'
Joe niado do answer, unless ths vi
olently emphatic manner in whieh he
closed the door was sue. . Muttering
with angor, ho strode into a restaurant
to nuke a breakfast, lUre he was
hailed by ono of bfs frieods, Fred.
Soiumcrs, who looked up as ho beard
Joe's order.
Hello I' bonded, 'you bear T What
are you doing hore at brrakfust Uoue 1
Wife sick I
'Had a quarrel f
'Gone to town 7'
'No.' ,. . . ;
'Then why don't you Breakfast at
homo T Chimney on Are f
No.' - '
SctTSBts iU deadf
Well, what in thunlorls t pay.'
'Maria's joiaed the Millorit.'
Fred gavo a long, shrill whistle, and
then snidt 'Going to ascend orxt
week V
'Yes, and if I don't commit suicide
in tho mono time, you may congratulate
mc. I nm almost districted. Can't
get a decent men), children runoiog
riot, sorvants suuey, house all in oon
fuBion, wife got the blues, either quo
tioitbo soeeohes of the cider to mo.
or sewing on a white robe, nod groan
ing every third or fourth sutdi. Ilanjr
tt all, lied, I vo got a mind to take
poison, or join tho army.'
'Yon havo an enchanting picture,
but I can suggest a cure.'
A cure I'
'Yes, if you will promise to tako my
nilvlct', I will mnko your homo pleas
ant, your wife cheerful and your chil
dren happy.'
'Ilo it,' cried Joe. 'I'll follow your
word like a stildior under his superior
officer. What shall I do V
I'red to I him, and Joo promised to
follow direction.
At toa tituo Mr. IVtcrs cnterod his
home, whittling. Maria wns ecu led
cwin, and thcrA wera no siun of
pre parution for tho evening tneal.'
'.Maria, my tlenr,' sal I Mr. l'ctern,
is tea ready V
'I ilmr know wn the answer; I
hnro been out all d:iy attending meet
ing.' Oh, very well J never mind. At
tendinir meeting! Yuti aro resolved
then to Icavo mo next week V I
'Oh, Joseph, I must g when I nut
'Yc., my dear, of course. Well, I
mut resign myst'lf, I suppose. Ky (ho
way, my dear, has it ever er-curred to
you thai I shall be left a widower with
threo suitill children r I think I nnt a
hnndsotno man yet, my lovo ' Aoil.Joe
walked over to tho ns, p:tsod his
h'.uitl through his h.itr, ami iuli'd tl
hi-tcout collar. Maria looked up lather
You sec, dear, it it rather a relief
for you lo po quickly, you know. It
is a wearing on tho nerves to havo u
long illnce.s; and btiMdcii, my dear,
there will bo uo funeral expenses lo
pay, and that will be quito a siving. '
Mrs. Peters' lips quivered, and her
laro blue eyes filled with lean. Joe
longed to quit his lioarlm speech and
comfort her, but ho was leurful the
desired ctlfct was not yet gained.
'So, my dear, ho continued, 'if you
must go, I havo lieun thinking of gut
ting unothcr wifi.'
Whnt 1' cried Mrs. Peters
'Another wile, my love. The house
must bo kept iu order, and tho boys
cured for.'
Tho grief was gone from Marin's
face, Ivit her tectli were set with a
look of tier co wrath.
'Another wife, Joseph! Another
'Yes. 1 tliiolc I lavo scloctod a
good successor. I deliberated a long
time, when I was a bachelor, between
her and yourself. You will llko her ;
she is your bosom fiiend.'
'What, Surah Iograhaml'
'Yes, my dear. 1 think that on the
day you ascend, I will marry Surah
What, that good for-nothlnp , silly,
ompty-heuded old uiaid, the mother ol
my children What !'
'Well, my doar, it seems to bo tbe
bost I cao uo. Don't want to leave
my business to go courting, and she
will have me, you koow.'
'No doubt. Oh, you groat, brutal,
'Slop, my dear, don't fly into a fury.
We will try to t-pend our last woo lc id.
happiness. Oh, by the way, I bavo a
proposition to make.'
'Go on, sir. Don't spare mo.'
'Ah, yes, that is tbe very tbing I
wish to do. I know jour mind is en
tirely engrossed wilb your usceunion.
aud I wish to spare you he care of the
hoaso. oupposo you invite burali here
to-morrow, to stay here a week or
two.' -'What
'Tbcu wo can arrango our matrimo
nial preparations iu the eveutog, whilo
you are at the lecture.'
'And you can lcavo tbe house in her
cbargo sll day. That will give you
ylenty ot lime to go, and she ean Iearu
Ibo ways of tbe houso.'
'What I'
'Aod, my dear, one little favor, it
may be the lust. Stay at homo one or
two days and show her around where
you keep things, and so on, so that
she woo t have trouble io keeping order
alter you go. You will do this to
oblige mo, won' you 1"
Mrs. Peters, for an answer, rolled
up tbe ascension robe io)0 a ball, tod
8red it at Joe'a bead. The cotton,
scissors, work-basket, aod tak-le-eiotb
followed la rapid succession, and bo
was unable to fly. Then Maria's rsgo
found vent la words.
" So, you are going to mary Sarah.
That's too reason you whistled so nice
when you camo in. But you shan't
marry Iter, sir. You shan't have that
gratification. I will stay, if it is only
to spite yoe. I tell yon, Mr. Peters,
that I won't go I'
'But, tny dear, you must go If you
are come for.'
I Won't go.'
'But consider, rsy dear
Won't go.'
'Hut. what will Urn.B think- nt tt
'Sarah t don't dare to sentlon Sarah
to me again. I I ob, I am fairly
choking.' And the little woman threw
borf lata t chair, In a ftt of hys
terics. ..if-.;
Next morning Mr. Tctors sl Fred
.la the street. " ' : ? '
'We'll, old boy, hnw goes ft T
'Fred,' was tho reply, 'I im tho
hnpplast man in the world. I hnve
regained my wife and domestic peace,
and got rid of a busy, tattling old
maid, who, under pretence of loving
hiy wife, was everlnstingly interfering
in our house-hold arrangements.'
'I( 8arah is to be my second wife,
and step-mother to my children, Mm.
l'o'.rrs has concluded that, on the
whole, she won't go.'
And tho didn't go.
Iioiioi:it ji si ii
A correspondent of the Missouri
lemrrti ut Helen. Montana, give,
tho followsvig account of the manner
iu which they trtat tho criminaU in
thst territory :
On Thnrsdiy, April 2, an old
man, farming in tho villey n f"v milei
from this town, ciwno in on business,
got two much whiskey, displayed n
wallet with sonio two or three hundred
dollars, and toward evening atartvd
homo on norm-hick. Tw.i yotino; men,
nuinwd Joe Wilson and Comptoo,
had " polled" him. They went to u
livery stable unl hired two horses,
followed him, ' and about ten miles
from town shot, beat, nod left hi in for
dead, taking his money, and returned
lo the city about twclvo o'clock at
niht. Tho next tnornicg the old man
was fcind on the road alive, serious
ly wounded, but able to give inf -million
as to the parties who had aanlt-
od him. Wilson wa. the first arro-itod.
Uo was first taken out to the wouuded
man wild the horse, rend by him the
sumo evening and not positively
identified, bat tho hoi so wus, and the
same evening tho other ptrty was ar
rested and positively identified as the
urna who nreil the shots ; ho wis
brought bni.-k aud put in jail with the
other prissier. Ou Friday atU'rnooo
handbills were posted through the city
railing the pccplo to meet at the Court
llouso stpiar at seven o clock, nnii
nunetually .at the hour about one
thousand citizens met and nominated a
chairman, when a motion was niado to
adjourn until ten o clock A. M. on Satur
day, tho fullowiug day. At the snmc
timo twelve men were deputed to
guard the jail ui.til thut time.
On Saturday morning at ten o'clock,
with a bright sun overhead, and u
pleasant breeze Mowing from tho
moutituins, the citizuns met. A freight
wagon in tho centra of tbe square was
made tho stand or bar of justice. A
Mr. Knglii-h was nominated as presi
dent or chairman, and bis determina
tion was fully depicMd in all bin fea
tures, and whoever eke uilht shrink
there win no siu . of wavering in his
fuco. Uo addressed a few words to
the audience on tho crtmo committed,
and dccluired himself ready lo do the
will and pleasttro of tho meeting
Twelve mou wero appinlcd lo cram
ino witncs.404 nod tako evidence.
Judge Symes here introduced him
self aod requested tho citizens to hes
itate before goiug to czlrenjitios, or
at least postpone the proceedings for
ono week, as there was reason to sup
pose that othcis coonoetod with this
uaug could bo arrested. This had no
effect on tho people prosont, his re
marks being looked upon ns a mn'ter
of courno ft part of his duty. The
twelve men then retired, and in a short
timo requested that their number be
increased to twenty, which was done.
In a warchoui-e convenient to tho jail
they entered, to examine and consult.
A coll was mado hhortly afterwards
for twelve men, to request tho sheriff
to trivo ui tbe prisoners, aud the
younger prisoner was brought out dl
the jail through ino jam to ine ware
house, where he confessed, and told
tho committee whero they could Cud
part of ths money buried. A party
was deputed to go and search for it.
and it was found.
Tho other prisonor was brought lo,
and found that It wus of no avail, as
his enmpsnlou had confessed, and there
could bo only oce decision.
About two o'clock the president
stood at the door of tbe wun liouan,
whero tta council wero assembled, aod
stated that tho foroman would read the
Hading of tbo committee, which was
that tho prUouers were guilty of mur
der and highway robbery. Tbe next
question was, what shall be done with
tbe prisoner f when tho cry arose,
" UaDii thorn " " Hang them !'' in
some instances with cursos. Tbe
dead pine tree, or whil is known as
' Hangman's tree' wus fixed on as
the place ; tho time set at four o'clock.
About (our the people again met, some
coming in carriuges, wagons, on horse
back and on foot to witness the eze
tion. Soon after a wagon drove np
to the door, with some boards for seats
aud in tbe end a packing box. The
orison ers were now attended by thair
spiritual confessors, and shortlr after'
wards tne ooor opeoea, sou ine nrsi
prisoner, Wilson, a young man about
twenty-two, short, fair, and good-looking,
with a soldier's jacket, stepped in
the vehicle and took bis seat, the
Methodist minister accompsoy log him.
Compton followed, accompanied by one
of the priests of the Cat hollo ehnrcb ;
be was older, apparently, then WiUoo;
taller with drooping shoulders, eosrse
features, and anything bat Intelegont,
ret not by soy means givingaooe tbo
ides of a desperate chsraoter.
Tbe president then took his seat! io
front with the drivers, and several ol
the committee occupied seats In tbo
wagon. The crowd, in carrlsgos, wa
gons, on horsobsek, on foot, followed,
sll aniious to see tbe prisoners. It
was only t short distaneo to the fatal
tree, whieh had seen some fourteen
huns In the ssms manner. It is situ-
I atetf la oneof jtowulohee, la thseaafly.
orn fnrt of the town; hem a giyal
crowd had assembled, including woni
on and children, Chinese, Imliuns,
to witness tho execution.
Tho wairon drove sluwly down the
gulch and hailed immediately under
the tree, on ono of whoso spreading
branches two rope wero suspended
with the weliknown hmman's loop
in sight. They were somo two yards
apart, with the ends tnttdo fast to the
butt of tho tree. Here prayeYs were
held, ajid cvrybody uncovered their
heads and joinod. Tlio prionets were
requested to stand on th packing
box in th etui of tho wagon, a white
hankerchicf was hound mound their
eyes j their arms wero pinioned he
IiiikI with ii light ropp, their loirs be
ing tied in the t-sinc manner. Final
ly the ftUl noose was placed over theit
heads, when u 11 wus declared rt a ly,
sign was given to tho driver of the
wagon, iwni ho moved till quickly,
leaving tho culprits hauling between
heaven and earth.
Thus ended tho tragedy, which
seems t have been commenced unl
carried nut with it system of fiirnc-s
an 1 justico both to tho prisoners mil
the community. As thero nre so
m.iny chances of prisoners cither e
eiii ino- from jail or ibmuh tho mohcs
of tho law, the p'opjo living in this
territory ure ati-hi'i thut this is the
only manner 'in which crime can be
punished lo their Futi.-d'ucliou.
Pepper posseses this peculiarity,
that whilo its production is limited
to a small extent of tho ulube, it is iu
iinivcr.-al Join m l, both aiuoui; civiliz
ed and barbitreu nations. Tho tale
for this Hplee is no affair of ca;ii-i or
fashion, and consequootly il.eonJi;iop.
tiot. mast iuercusn iu the ratio of facil
ity und cheapness which the cultivu
tor and tho merchant can t-upply it.
The quantity already produced per
annum is 7.",l.Mli,0H:) pounds namely
from .lava, Sutn itra, llortu-o, tho Ma
layuu Peninsula, the Molucca4,
vaiioiis region: lyimr on tho cnt
cost on the Gull' ol Hum. There
N, generally aptitVmg, abun htit room
for improvement in t'no (jultuie ; whnt
i.t opi-eiully required, however and
we speak par'.iciiir.rly with rcforeueu
to India ij s turgor application f
Kuropcuu capital. When tho piieo is
high, a largo extent ol'suitublo laud
is nt once put under cullurj ; but no
sooner doc llio price deelino, ilian no
care is taken to replace the exhausted
plauts or to curi.'i tho iiupuwriaticd
soil, and tho cultivation is not only
neglected, but pepper districts wholly
'J ho quantity of pepper wo havo giv
en nt the ngregato yield may appear
enormous; but tho amount named, if
distributed amiiii tho iiihatituuts id'
tho globj, would scarcely aflojd to each
a gruiti t day. 1'n-killod cultivation
is not tho only fault connected with
tho production tf this rpieo. Tho
avidity of cultivators and detilvrs to
bring pepper to a market I'. iuontly
tempts them tJ pluc!: i, before it is
ripe, and from this enmo it turns out
light, hollow, npd ili-ll ivorcJ.
For years after Iho discovery of the
Kasteru Arehipelago, pepper was the
principle article of export to Huiopo
It is narrated that Vaseo do damn
loaded two vessuls with this article nt
tho 8 pi eo Islaud in twenty-four days.
The first stimulus to tho Eastern
trade, now boiugso persist cut ly push
ed by tho Americans,' was by the suc
cess attonding tho lilting out vessels
from Hostou lo what is knowu as the
Peppor Const. The trado is now
wholly In tho bands of Kuropeans and
1'ps hikI DO its ot l.llo.
Mr. Johu Hart is creating a furore
in u minstrel hall in New Y'ork by
his perfect delineations of negro char
acter. Ho was once a luillionare.
When the oil fever broko out in Penn
sylvania, Mr. Hart owned a hundred
uures of wild land near Tidroute, Pa ,
worth about sixteen cunts an acre
Ho was then running a canal boat on
tho Delaware and Hudson Canal. Io
the full of 180 1, several immense oil
wolU wero discovered on Mr. Hart's
laud. Stock companies wero formed
in whieh bo was a prominent share
holder, and at ono timo he was offered
8500,000 for bis interest. This wus
refused. Uo left the canal, built a
most magnificent private residence,
wore diamonds of almost fabulous
value, and seemed mado of inouey.
At oue time he was a prominent can
didate for Congress, but fuiled to se
cure the nomination through the in
ortness of a-trustod Mend. Fortune's
wheel suddenly turned backward
Mr. Hart wus inveigled into more oil
specnlutious, and within three year
was without a peony, fie tben turn
ed his attention to negro minstrelsy,
and is siid ' to be superior to either
Dan Byrant, T. D. Kiee or Dun Em
met ia hie delineations of negro ruins
trtlsy. He speaks four different las
guanos, end has traveled in Kurope
and Australia. Uo was ones wrecked
io th Straits of Mugellen, sod spent
two month in destitution on the Island
of Terra del Fuego. He is now play
an engagement at salary of 810U a
If U ttatod thut the Governor of
Ohio, a few dirys ajto, offorod a reward
of 600 for tho arrest of a man named
John Smith, and since the offer ha
boon made publie every Irsin that ar
rive at Columbus Is crowded with
polioemen, each with a ma with tbe
right name, but of oourso, in other
naj jfinthojanluliinal w.i,liol
siiiiuoiiaiMl I'ytliln.
Alwiut ono hundred years ngt hr.
foro Christ lived lnmen anl Pythias.
Pnthairorcnn philosophers, who hud
gone from Athens to St.-ily ,n n press
in"; invitation' of Monvsius, oalleil the
" Tyrant if Syracuse.'1 in trder If
teach tho ru le iuts f that fer
tile islands theart and scicnecs. Full
ing under tho displeantiro r tho tyrant.
Ihimon was condemned lodnith ami
(he lime f,.r liH execution njipoltited.
AnxloiiH to see li s v.ilo nnd rlti 1 J't'ii
inee timro before his execution, h
n-ked th" kin,. fr pufmij,,;,,,, i,viii
them. Tho King nnwcied : " Whnt
Bfixirnnre do you civo me Hint you will
return f" I will givo you my IVcihI
Pythias,'' said D.imon, " f, r security.'
thoKiiiK nsVed Pythias ifhett'oK
willing to become tho hcriilMiiail ol
Ijainon, nnd to tlio in hja p(-e. pro
vided Iu did not return ? " Vi-s,''
siiiil Pythias, " I will st.iml P.r hiiii.
and il he is not here vn the day appoint
ed. I Will sutler death in t,i ,,iil00 t"
Well." sail the Kin -.this i.
hut Pamon you tiro nt liher-'of
ty to go und viit Vo ir fuinily, and i!
yntl do not reinni. ns I siq.osC you
williiot, justico will nut lo-ho her Vic-
,i,n " ,
Piitnon huiriel home to emhrace
his family nnd tocotiimiinientc to them
tno sail iiiieiiigcnec that, in n few days I
hn must return to Syracuse to
death. H lien Iu4 uifu Inii-neil 1 1 .-
sto of things that ho hal violated no' It is raid that Young liberally xupplie
law; that he wus condemned by a , his wives with money, ntid on tinu d.'ns
more nhim of iiouy-iu, nml ihut'hisjihcy drive out und go shoppih-'. Ho
fl'lend, Pythias, Illlil become 1, is h io,U- onn.lovs n inilsii- li-a, bi-r I'roml, t ...... I
man, shu insisted upon his not return
iti".. Mie reasoned with him. and
sought him by the uffeciioti ho Lore to
her und her children not to return
but nil her entreaties were in vnin.
' Wetl'd y !l have mo to viol ltd my
sacred ph-dgo of h nmr to my fi ieii'd
I'ylhius':" said ho. "No, no; I would
despise myself in ease hut I
slitill return and n lirvo niir friend and
iiiaoiiiiii my nonor, even tit l ho ex
peno i)i' my own life 1"
I 'anion lemained a Icone, ns wo
mtiy imagine-, as lotii: as ho could. At
lrn;;t!i, amid the sobs nnd tears el his
wifo mil thillren, ho tore himself
away from those ho loved. The exe
cution was to take place nt noun, and
us his progress was impeded by had
roads) and high waters, on tho dav
nppointcd ho was h: ill Iwcuty miles
from Syracuse ; but ho rs early iu
the morning, aud n tho sun was ap
proaching t!u meridian, thu spires of
tho city wero in view. Mnstc-aing on.
he found n large mukiiu lo cathered
in front ol'tho prison. The tyrant wa
there, t-cutcd on n platform to wiliuvs
th novelty of tna man dying for an
other! Tho hour for lh execution
hid nearly expired. " Ah," niij-s the
tyrant, ' where is your friend i 'anion.
Did 1 not toll you that ho would not
return V " Put," says Pythias, ' he
will return, if he is aiivo. I know he
will not disappuiut me. I know him,
iml liuow that he wottl rather die
tban breuk his word." Tho tyrant
thcu looked ot tlio sun-dial, and it was
just nonn. "Now," sail the execu
tioner, " proceed. ' Pythias luid his
lieu I on the block, tho axu was raised,
nnd its sharp edgo g'imeicd In the sun
licht. Vhen, lo ! there was a move
ment in the crowd. " Stop," said ly.
rant, " till wo Bee tho means." There
stood Damon, panting and covered
with dust. Uo had como in time.
Tho tyrant was so much struck with
this proo of friendship, that hn par
doned them both, and requested per-
nnsion to Join their fraternity. It is
well known that a popular anil widely
extonded society, tho ' Koijfhts of
Pythias," is founded on this hcuuiiful
iucidcut. Lutheran Ohservrr.
The stock-pens of Galls dislillcrv.
in Cincinnati, contning 4.2UO bogs,
ware buruud last week Tho scene
was said to be uraad as it was horri
ble. Ureat columus of fiauie, fed bv
the the living fuel, Khot uu thoiisiuds
of feet, snd rolled off iu deoso masses
of black smoke. Th outcry ol the
frightened nnimuls, as they crowded
one upon the other into tbo coiners
of tbo pens remotest from the lire, un
til it score hod und then consumed them
awed tbo spectators who looked help
lessly fon. livery effort was made
to save at least a greater portion of
the hogs, tbe greater proportion being
hopelessly eut off. uut a little over u
thousand of the animals wero cotton
out in nil, and thu rest of tho 4,20U
were literally broiled alivo. The odor
of burned or roast pork prevaded tho
oity for many blocks io all directions
after the fire bad died out for want of
fuel. The toss on live stock elouo is
Obtimated at 900,000. The lose ou
tho buildinm is estimated at from
S-'5,000 to :ij,ooo.
Pt ni.NU the recent dubate on th
Tariff, tlio subjoct of an impobt on
"jute lutts'' was discussed, snd we
have no doubt that many were mysti
fied and peiplexod by the terra. Our
lady readers will be surprised to loaru
that ths odd-looking words is the
name of an article with whieh many
ofthem are fatniliur. "Jute butts
are sections of the jute-tree, taken
front'neas tho ground, and after being
boiled and dressed in a similar way
to flax, produce a Jwig, coarse fibre,
used chiefly for ladiu chi&ouus. It
udupts it self to every shade of eolor.
and is tbe bost cheap substitute fur
Human nutr. wiitcu lias yet been uis
covered. At Itsst oiue out of ten cl
Ihe chignons worn aro constructed of
that material, that sffurdiug another
evidence that the fashionable wonios
of tho period, is in costume tod adorn
moots, mo.t " fearfully and woaderful-
Onecolnma on year t f r.o.OO
OSe half column, one year. SO.Ofl
One-fourth column, one year,
One square (10 lines) one Inrrrtlon ".'
Kvery (ddliinnal Insertion CO
Professional and llusisess cards of
not more than fiv lines, fee year. C.OO
Amlilnr, Kiroulor, Admiuisiralor
and Assignee Notices 2.10
IMilorial notices per line .,
All adrertisenicul for a shorter period
than one year ar piyalile at I lie time
iliry are ordt-rrd, smi if not paid the i-r-son
oririn I he in will be held respnnsilila -for
the inoner.
llrlRtiniu Young') llousr'iu id
The rooms ol llio women nri trry
much al ke. snd furiiihd nenrly H k.-.
They are plain hut c tllli ttable. 'I'l o
woincii live in them prerist ly as pcoplo
'lo at a holi I. lvieh lady has In r own
Key, ntol flicn she t'oes olit hIio o k
he dour There is n littlo vMtin:; hack
In I forth, nnd llio ladies liehnve Very
nnii h a ".nest tin til it fli"t cl:i hot, ,
I'.very niorning arid evening, rt tho
rintring of I hi' hell, the iiniii'iti s n-itet
in the reat p:irlor, to nttend pravcrs.
They sing a hymn, and Young pr.iv
fervently. Tlio prophet used lo cut
tv.lh his wives, hut ho selJoui does s
now. In the muriiin. on i-it iiijj, i nelt
woman puis her room in or ler, nnd
if hi. el, us children II, em fur
hreiM'ast. After prnycrs they nl' go
to lirriikl.isl, the lilies with children
silling nt liille family tuh'es, nnd thuxi
vtiihotit children at tho cunnion tnlde.
Tim Hilino food is iven to nil, iiml tho
hi'l of fare is by n mentis n poi.r one.
Ilriglisin, from time t timo. iV-i.
nates snliio ol his wives totuLi. im it.
tho conkinu, und lltey rvmuiu on
duly until relieved. Puring the day
the 'women wnlk out, sew, sin. j,h,V
the piano in tho pmlor, or walkout,
with the children. Most ofthem spin
'make cloth an I color it. They iim
' very proud with Ihoir doth on I em-
broidery. In tho evening a 1 1 hutid-i
im In the theatre, whero fVcrr ono of
I'.i i -Ikiii,'. ive. Inn ii p..,ri
r, und dancing ii.iit. r, for tho use ot'
his Iioii-cIiiJ. l!i iL-linin's wemen am
well ilri s-rd, butbtiil ihey liave to
Work hard, mil he kieps up a nheie
souiu dise iliiin over them.
Mr. IIilxj I ueasy.
Mr. I'asy keeps a hotel i:i t!ie su
herbs f IJ isl in. titkil):' both transient
an l peruiauciit hoarders ns they may
oner, rvunu years since Iu liU'l it
youo married couple anions his guests,
wil t kept up an iipearuiieo of ampin
iiicnns, mi 1 seoiueil lo have vvurythiug
they wuited, though Ihey ha I no
lotu;od their stay lor several weeks,
and thu hitidlotd had not culled upon
them for money.
At last arum littlo circumstance
occurred which made I'asy ulrille tt tt
easy is In tliu solvency ol his debtors,
aud hn Miid In his wile, in coiifidcrco
' What do you thing uhout Mr. and
Mrs. .Sharp? They tiro running us it
pretty largo bill 1 Htijpiso bs is
good for it, though."
"(), I guess there's no danger re
plied Mrs. Kasy. " '1 hry are sll right.
I as-ked hiin lor money yesterday, und
ho paid mo thirty dollars uu ac
count. " Paid you thirty dollars ?''
" Yes."
A sadden light dawned npon Mr.
" 1 know where he cot it,'' Im ex
claimed, ' lie bu ruwcd thirty i(7.'it; s
nj im ijrtti ril'iy .''
And so bo bad borrowed tho money
of Mr. Jvisy to pay his bo'ird to Mrt.
Kusy. Muio host got ri 1 of what
threatened lo be a brace of pet tii iiiout.
hoarders ; but he never !t thu thiily
do lars, nor hi-, wilo thu balan e of
tho debt. Slurp owned up only to
the balance, iiisistin,' that tiiu tliiity
dollars Was paid which it was, out of
ono into the other.
How to CliiiKCouxs Weirera of
tight boots will no doubt take interest
in the following suirostioiiH i "II o J
eorus aro cuusod by leu much prea-uro
of tho rhoo, or by it being so loosu as
to slide back and forth on tlu ''i
wbi'ro tho uiro ulterwitrlnohows itself.
Medical books record sovernl cu-ses
whero paring a hard corn bus caused
a bleeding whieh no kuown ineuns
eould arrest, sal death ensued. Noth
ing harder than tho fin-t r uail oiiht
over to be ullowctl to touch a corn,
which cao always be cured, or kept,
from causing iuconvuuience, by limply
bathibg the part in warm water fof
half an bout fur several days in suc-
cosHon ; olteu n single bathing wi.l
nceoiuphsh the object id so sofieuing
the sdjuooiit to tlio actual corn that it
can bu picked out with thu linger nail,
aud ihe shoo cau bo instantly worn
without dkicomturt, which uu b'iur be
fore gave j.rreat puio. It nvay return
iu a week, or a iiuuitli, or a year, but,
this same treatment Will a)v ays uvoil.
Puruitf them catTes tlMiin to spread
and tuko deeper re t." .
Til II KB JMfOUT.tNX 'i 'ilt.Ntis. Tltreo
thing to lore uuuiagc, geulleuos,
and affuctijti.
Three things to admire intellect'
ual power, dignity nnd Kniecfulitcs,
Throe things to delight iur- beauty,
frankness and tredom.
Throe things lo wish for health,
frionds nnd cheerful spirit.
Three Ihisg to avoid idlonesr, lo
quaoity and tlippaut jesting.
Throe tbiugs to pmy tor faith, peace
aud purity of heart,
Threo things to conteul for honor
country and frionds.
Threo things to govern temper,
tongue sod conduct.
Throo things to thing about life,
UoutU otjd eleruity.
At a dance iu Van Francisco a'
young lady, who was particularly nc-,
comodating In drslng-room as
sisting other good-looking young girls
in ths fixing up, putting ou slippers,
and lacing corsets, turned cat to be s.
young man. -As sexsn, as the ,irla
found it out Ihey " Interviewed" him,
and be now uses hair restoratives sad
court nIKtr. "d r"'-rV!si"J
- s
1 '