The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, April 07, 1870, Image 1

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iHebed mry Thursday Evening by
;MtSB A BKSFER, Proprietors.
Tor ma of Subscription,
Oneeotnma one year
On half column, on rear.
Ona-fotirth enlums, on year.
One tquar (10 tinea) one Intartiaa
Every additional Insert io
rrofeasional and lluai.e.t card nf
not more rhan flee lines, per year,
Vfl DOLLARH TElt ANNfJM, Payable
arTikia ' niiintli. or f x. 60 Ir tint paid
Kit kin (lie year. Koran r di.pontiiiuetl
nill rf are taid utile at
it optica oft be publisher.
so o i or, r.ieeuinr, Almioirlor
and Ansigne Notleet J.80
Ediinrlal noitce per line J J
All advertisement fr shorter
than one year are payable at the time
ihey are ordered, nnd if not paid the per
son orderint ihem will be btld rc.punsibl
for the iiinney.
Ibacriptions outside of the county
tsr Person lift in and ulnj paper
idreeeetl " oiner become iilrrilprK,
VOL. 8.
Id sr lisbl Tor the prlco of ihe paper
ill 0
4 fit
Mi, I, II.. I, nr.. l.
I .-. ....... i
pert hi prote.lonl service In I lie pub
L t'olle'-.tiona ntiil allolhee rrnf.itnil
l.lnut entrusted to hit ear will reeeiTe
loupt attention. jsn a,
Selinsirrove Pn.,
ITtrf hi professional service to t lie pub-
All nuainest entruaieit lo bit c ri
ll It promptly alteudcd in.
I Jan. I..
Free burg Pn.,
!Trt Id Professional ervlceto the pub-
v. All rinriisieii 10 me care
II be promptly attended to.
Jan 17, MTif
I.i'u l.lninr Ph..
14-. npnftB.lAfiat aprvir tn flip toih.
c. Culled ion and nil oilier Profe-sion-baiinc
entrusted to Ui cure will re
rift prom pi .titration.
-1EO. F. MILI.F.H.
, Lewisloirg Tn.
.deft bis Professional service to iheul
f. Collections iintl nil nlhcr profession-
I businee entrusted to Lis care will ref
ii prompt alieniion. Juu. i, 'Jit
I.ewidiurg Pn.,
fers bl professional service lo the
while. Collection and. nil oilier pvo
Irwlonul linsincs entrusted lo iheiv cure
nil reoeite prompt sltcniiuii. Jan. S, ")7if
Soliitsgrove Pn..
ffer lii profcsionil service in ibo pub-
c t 'tilled ions unit Kit proics-minii
,iines eniruie I lo lii "'ie will re-
fife prompt ntlomion. Olfiee two ilim
jnb of the uejsiniie ttoiei. jin o, ui
Si'lhi-irrnve Pa
pfr hia rrofeanlonil ferii-e lo llip
lnl.lip. All 1hiiiiph rntrit'teil to m
will .r.iimiile nltpiiile I In. Col-
Uiiiihf roiJe in "11 pnrin oftli S:i.
ten upPik '" Mipi'fn nn OPruiMii
.fl"ii:il" Hilt' I"'-. Otlioe t't'lwreii 11 .ill"
Lai III I'nsl oflice.
lhlk-hvg SnytliT Ci'inity IVim'n.
!(!; of tlif 1'. . on
klr.'ui airce!. t'linvnltiiliuii 111 Miplifli
I Germnn lnn(tiimi it. r. '"
r c. uirciiKit.
.i iliitri' Pn-,
'ITrrs liix t .r.fci:onitl umpio iIip pnl.
All lilKiliPK PIHIIUll-l 10 llU CBI'f
kill lie iioii tlly niir-i.iU.1 in.
J S KW Xii MAI U 1 a I..
r.nnni Iii nepil nf a coml Kil l iliinl lr
ewip Muchiiie enn he acciniimoil'iiP'1 i
nnalilt' price 'y r illing on on Sam
:tk t'AlT, Agelil, Selili.-grnve.
H. .1. V.HIIINI'KI..
MiiMlrliurr Pu.
KrTert bin prnfi'.clnnal tervife lo the cil
itent of MiUUleiurg niiU vieiiiny.
r ... I. t i.m
St'l'msj;r'iTo Tonn.
Pcno Twp., Fnjtlcr Co. T
Jtcksoj TowiiKhip, Soydi-rC'o. Pa.,
Will altena to all bnaln entrimleil to
kit ear and on lb moat rnoniM
term, March I-. tin
piiv'kkiav ANDHUr.OF.ON.
Ontreitllr. frjcr ., I
Offer btl prufcloDal icrvlce o I be
puhlio. 0H,f
Fw. SCI1 WAN, M. P..
l'ort TreviirliHt Ta.
Offer bia profeaalonul terice to the
riiinen of ibi place nd ieinlij. e
tpeokt German and tngimi. -
1 AjTll M w
Fieebnrir Sn Viler Co. Pu.,
u..i ..rvifiillv nflpra hia aervlcel to
tbt puhlio a Vendue Oyer and Auction
eer. Daring bad a larg experience, I
feel confident that I ran render perfect
taiUfuction to my employee. . , ,. ,
.n. ui 1 1
Office In Court Him. Sept. 10, '67tr
No. 322 N. THIRD Si
.1 r Kll'K Pl.rk
K. 41S kM North Third Bireet.
t uiiauciiuiai9
Btitlooer, Blank book iUouUeturo
ad dealer la wrapping, flawing. ur
-l.J V-" Hm4 f5-
Like Ilie fir. I flnkpa of mow,
On tome cl.uJ renoliing la ill
While III allpy lelor
. h1ii.niiiiiiC .Iill.
Thoii!h the silvery aheen
'Mill Hi ren lurk play,
Plill Ilie henrl nmy hi green
While Iba templet are gray.
Like the teufpa ihiit we fir.l
In the fitilpil lire, .of.
With the green lineriperil
Of the mill fruitful tree ;
Thnii:h we gray hair among
The Jiirk irpa.en livhnhl.
Yet the hprt may he young
When the brad hat grown oil.
Liko the flr.l Harry pleim
On ihe hrow or he liiihl,
While thfl Weatprn .ky heaina
Willi III el rung mellow IikIiI j
TIioiikIi ihe riniflein mv how
Here nml there it while ihrenj ;
Yel Ihe henrl nmy ulill glow
1'nJiincinh ngiay benl.
Thnuyli the frome nf long yr
The life cnrretili enfol.l,
'Till the ihin form appear.,
A. impta-ive 3'l colJt
A ihe long fruien night
At ihe pile, mill the beaj
S'ever yel wna on while
That hp henrl waa o,lie ipJ.
Flip .iia in a aplint bottomed chair
l!y ihe enry kitchen tire;
Smoi.iliv i her nm-lTown Luir,
And simple her iiitire.
8'ip Iiiiiii. a qiinint old rhyme
To Ihe biihy ni her id !
And Iht luivy hand, keep lime,
A wiih n inniron pii.le.
She few am) puichea and dirna.
And make oM giirmruia o'er j
And aorl her coluied ynrn.
To carpel her cminga
The tniimlo clock mrike. live;
From nchuol ihe children come ;
Like Ihe di onin of hire,
I ihe ketllr' cheery hum.
Eiu-li eager niouin wi ll IV
Awhile thpy epurt ainl jp.t
Then inrnking e tch curly lira I,
She vnd Ihem to lin ir rct :
And kIip daina and p;iioh; and new..
And imikea old Ritrnienm new:
Ami oe. and heel, nnd hrpl. nnd lore.
And cobble the' olioe.
Liltte Corporal.
A HOLD hlllOkE 10 U A WIFE.
It wu my firs! viit Xoilh ince I
:i J l lit on up my tilmtle ami I'liU'iol on
iliu prai'tice of my pruft'saiuu iu Now
Oi IcilllH.
In Mie city of Xow York I bid a
v.-ty dour tn.'iiil, my did fhuin ainl
c a-Hiiiuti1, (irotvo Uickmn ; am ug lir
tin' mily per.-on I know In the grout
ni' troiinliH, ni couiri) 1 lout 110 liiliJ ill
o kin liiui up.
'1 lireo years liad pnlrj nfoco our littt
mt'i'11114 liut ten could .ornrctily biivi-
pi.diic tl a t'liuiiL'e imrc itiuikod than
Imd luli'ii pltici' iu tlieapi vuruueoaud
inMiiHT f my Irioud.
lur tirt (fiveiin.' ami friendly in
(iiirli-M over, 1 IntijioiJ, yet forli'ire, to
imk i be cause ol in v friend's melun-ch-'ly.
1 f ll I'ure nf boiiiii nunlo t lie
I'i'iifi'loiit uf tlie Kccrel in due time,
provided uu motive of delicacy pr mptcd
U cuiieeuliiielit.
Tluit evening, in my room ut the
liole', (ieoi'jjo ti l I me hi Mory. He
hud ru.ed uu Btiucbmeut for a younjr
iiidy. vtluve griivt'8 id mind and piT.H'ti
lie purlraed with oil tho fervor of u
lover' eloquence. IS ho bad returued
bit. uCVcliou, but hot fiilo r had opposed
his suit, having net hi heurt on the
inuiriu-e uf bis daughter to a nephew
f bU
This nephew was a young pliyci' ian,
uf irofliualo cbuiaeler, my friend as
sured me hut that may bavu bveu
prejudice who bud luny but uuuc-eo.-afully
wooed Lin cousin, tu whom
hi prollrrs wero asrepuoaut tt to her
luibertboy were acceptable. (
Some months niuco, Mr. Puron,tlitt
y'Uug Udy'a lather, had e.otio auuih on
busiueH, uccouipuuied by bin nephew.
At New Oileuu be bad been bo i zed
by audden illiioi-s. which tertutimled
lutully in three days.
Uu the duy pretending bin death bo
had execuled a will, (which bad since
been proven by ibo depositions of the.
aitesiini; wiineekes,) containing a Kol
riiia retpicNt i hut b: daughter. to whom
ho lull t lie whole ol uia emaie, abould
accept tho band of bia nephew iu liiui-
nuue. coupled with u pro vision that in
eu-e tbe luUer otlVred, uud tho rc!ud,
wiibio u ppicilied niuo. lo enter luto
the propoMd union, the entire astute
divined to the daughter, abuuld bo lor
liiiiod to tllD uepbew.
do aucribco her fortune to her heart a
choico would not have cost Julia Pur
sou a niuinvnl' beaitutiou ; tiud noth
ing vould have more delighted Ueoruo
litkson, than so fair an opportunity
of allowing bow cupei-ior hi devotion
waa to U II oolibi telallon of pel'foliul
advantage, liut ber lather' dy iu(j re
4it, iu Julia' eyes, wuoveucred. It
hud surprised and itunord ber, for in
ber oiauy conference oo tbvsubjoei be
had never Ku"e beyond ibo mot kiud
retueiislraiico, and bad never awn
liiuted ut coercion
Young pvraoni bad not the magna
nimity to lurcgo bi ungenerous advao
tugo He miyht have Leon cooteui
with his toiihiu' fortun alone, but
hi right to tbat depeoded on AsoHor
sod her rojeolioo ol uu alliance which
sba felt iu eouicieure bound lo accept.
Th brief aeasoa of grava, when she
bad been compelled to beg even wiih
tears, bad already most pel, and a
few mora days would witness th coo
deiuoiiioo of two lives lo hopeless
hereafter bit developed, I felt a peculiar
interest, 1 prevailed up in him to nc
C'Uiipany iiia to a plnro of auiiicuicnt
tt which I had previously procured
When ws renehi'tl tho theatre, the
per forma net) had rlready brgun ; hut
we succeeded in finding scats which
cnmmnnilcil a fair view both of the
staue end the audience
In n few inonicot (leorjjc touched
my elbow.
'()bervo the gentleman nearly oppo
site, in the front ol the) purq'H'itive.ited
next the clnmn. leaning bis arm on
bis cine," hrt whi.ppreil.
I lnoked In (be direction indicated,
mid saw a fuue) whoso striking rcscm
hliinre tt oiii I had S 'eu hi foro caused
tue trt siait wi h surprise.
"Who is It f I nsUeil.
'Kldridtfo Parsons.'' w is the reply.
"The nephew of whom you spoke V
"The ssme," my frLml ans.vrred.
"P.ies he n st'iiihle his uindit?" I
on the Doiut of iiitptiriiipf, but ju-t then
tbe straiiifer dtew tho j;lore from hi
ri,'ht band, and I taw 'b:t tho first
joint of the middle tinker was wanting,
a cir"iiiiiNtaneo wbioh, for suITieitut
rcfisnn, nh.urbed my attention.
-Io V"ii know tho exact date nf Mr.
Parson' death t" I n-kc I, vt hen wo li.i I
regained tho etrvel ut the closo of the
" Yes." said (ienrao ' it wns the
21 1 t Peceint'er. His ilatiliter re
ceived a toVirram Irom Iht i ousiu aii
tiounein t, Is fact the same day, liut
why do you us'.i ?"
I h.ivea reisou which tiny or mny
not prove a L'ood one," I tciunu'd ;
and Htatin.' tiinl I hud Im-incM en
'.uijcmciits (or the whole of the next
day, t parted with in V liieinl. promis
ing to meet ti i iii on the hdlou iu.-cvcu
X. st nl'ii'ruoon fiviiid mo at the
office of lr. Parson.
I r. Psi'sotis. I pre-uine '
tho word." with Winch I occnlKtl I lie :
genlleincn 1 had seeu ut the theatie.
" Yes. sir."
" You may it"' remember me. pot-'
tor, but I lelievo wo have met he-
" I bee; pardon, sir. for not rerolleet-
fni the occasion."
You were in New Orleans last Win
ter, were you not V
" I was, ' ho answered witii sonic rut
" I'm the gentlouian on whom you
called to ilia It a will.''
Ho turned pnlo and made no reply.
" I sjw a iccord oft hit will in th
Surroi:aies ofTieo this morning," I re
sumed, " and I ''
You speak ol my wirlr't will,'' he
hai-tly interrupted.
And yet'" 1 continued, " you sii.l
it was yours when yon applied lo have
it written. You represented your-oH
as desirous of executing such tl tlo-u-iin-nt
preparatory tu on s
perilous voyage. The paper was drn.rn
according to your instructions, leaving
tho date to bo filled ut tho time ol
signing. Your locks wero ;tay then,
and you crtamly 'kid old enough ;
to buvo a marriiigrablo daughter, but
your disguise was not i.orl'ect,' uud I
pointed to the uiu'tilu'cd ffliger.
' What, O you menu?'' he shouted
iu a delimit tone, spiinging to bis feel
'Simply that your uncle s signature
to that paper is nforg rf,' I nnswore-1
rising and confronting him. He died
on the Urciil'i iVuf Pocomhor. Youi
own telegram to that ell'ect is iu exist
coee. It Was on the twenty mirth tbe
day bforo Cbaist m is. that you railed
on me :o prepare the paper now on re
cord ss bis will. Tho inference i
plain; you undertook to manufacture
this spurious tcstcment afur your
uncle's death and wishing lo clothe
your villainy iu leagal form, you pro
cured from mo tho required draft.
You, or somo one st you iu-tigation.
simulated the signature ol your uncle.
The witnesses, who havo since perjur
oJ themselves In their depositions.
were procured in some way beat known
to yourself '
' Knou.-h, sn : u ejaculated. ' ) ou
have shown yourself in possession of a
secret tho custody ol which way prove
' I uin not unprepared for you threat,'
I repliod. In the first place, I did
not come hero unarmed ; in the next
I have prepurcd tt full written state
ment of tho facts to which I have al
luded, with information, besides, of my
piesent visit to yourself. This paper
will bo delivered to tbe Iricnd lo whom
it is directed, unless within sn hour I
reclaim il Irom the messenger, wbo
baa been instructed for that length ot
time to retain it.'
' Ilia liioe gr -w Jtyid. His frame
quivered with mingled fear and rage
mid binya-glenuiod bko that oL.Ao Wardou toll reassured, and aa'nt
...oi. -sp siu ,mI .
w.iii ueo-i ni uuj , raia
i ll'..... - - -
f UUV ! J "U. 'U. p'-" -i .rv.uiim..
od in a voice busrse w4tb aur pressed
1 To keep your secret while you
live, oo ou coudilion.'
'Name it.'
That you writo instantly to Julia
ParaoOB, renouncing all pretentions to
ber buud, aud sbsolutcly witbdiawing
your proposal of marriage '
After a moment's pnu, he quietly
seated himself st hi desk sod liaiatily
penned u brief oote, which h aubmit
etl to my Inspection j it waa quit sat
isfactory.' lie so good at to seal aod address
it,' I auid. II did so.
1 will as'a that il i delivered,' I re
marked, takiog it up aod bowing my
self out.
When I net George Diokeon (bat
ovcolng. bia old colliege look had oonje
back. Ha bad great newt to tall tue
a happy rvcn'iig we thrco spent to
vrrtlier, nnd w hat a bnppy mnrrluito
lolUiwed soon nller.
Kldridue I'orsnns. I have just lean.
ed, joined out of t no Cuban expedi
tions, and wait killed in an e ncoiin'er
with tho Spatiinr Is.
A Itoimtrkitblc I'rlsonrr-
lit 1S01-2 there lived in Monroe
county. Mi., a phinti r liamnd Woi
ley. He was n, st h ast
there was a foul deal d Cherokee In
dian in him. Ho owned nlimit L'iHI
slaves, and had all ttie worst hildu ol
the old lime) planter drinking, fca.iil).
Una and linrsc-ricin. 1'hoo persiiit
ateriritel lortul bis solo oi'eirt item,
the planl'ltioil hein.' matimc I hv tin
overeer. lie had Oie sole virltm ol
Indum veneration for the sacredness
of his woid. Ho would not execute
a note tr any p.irehasu whatever, and
held all men in sovereign contempt who
violated their plodded word, lie hid
no compunction in kdlitu n man in
what ho d.'oino I a j 1st q i irrel ; hut
his worl was his hon. I. 'I his was his
we'l-kiiown character, and bo could
have got credit lor thousand cm his
word c:.sicr than other men could
hive irot hundreds. At thu time wo
-peak of he bad killed several person.
in i; unbliii oiiu'iel-, nn I he wns look
ed ui hi a nun not to h? crossed
except ', the risk of life.
tlioiii-lit, while phtyin; oirds in
C'duiiihiis, a quarrel arose uboiit the
k'unc. Hit oppoiicnl was n known
desperado, ntid ho nave tho lie) to Woo
ley's statement about tho i;anw. How
ies flahed out sitiiu'tano"Ul,V both
wore slightly wounded, when a lucky
ldi)W laid Woi ley's oppoio nt upon ill.'
llur. Next m 'itntw Wo dey w is ar
rested bee.ui-o ho did not cure thai
it should lie otbciwie. Wmdey hid
carried his killing f, i far tbat lliej'l l-c
',.t bound to coniuet bitn, in order lo
:i void lintiulutioii of beiii'alVeclcri eith-
ur by fear of Lis lepcrn loi-m ol
Iwlioallb. Accord. nty to jail went
Woolt-y. Tbe jailor wis a weak inin
wak in courage and weak to resist
the 1 1 1 1! in-n - ol u Alter
liear'ng bis confinement for a d y or
two, Wmdey sent for the j iil -r.
"See here, .liui." said ho, "you
know no- ; you know I never break III)
worl. Now. I want uo out and have
a social gone wiih ibo boys. You can
j'lst l.-nve me tho key, and when it
gels bed t too I will come, luck my
sell' in, nnd it will bo all right.
Th' arrangement was enforced by
material con-idor.ili-'in ; nnd night al
ter night Wo . ley used hi ooii.e
and enjoy Ills nocturnal liberty. The
e out pitting soon, he got tho ease put
of. nnd giving bail in tho sum ot SID -UiU).
was releiis.'il.
At the next tcriiio! Court, Wooley; tho jury returned a
verdict of guilty, the judges sentenced
him to one ye-ir in the penitentiary at
Jack-on. The paper-wero duly male
on, nnd the Sherilf propose I lo start
wit b him lor Jacks-m, but Wooley do-
"You know, Sheriff,'' said he, "that
tho county m poor can't afford the
trip and s I'll just let my boy Ca-sir
drive mo down lo Jacksuii, and save
all the expense. (Jul the papers ?"
The Sher.ff produced them, and. ere
ho was aware, Wooley se;zud them
mi l put llnni in bis pocket.
"All rigjit." said he, 1 shall be oil
to-morrow morning."
Tho Slier ill' knew ho hi I a desperate
nun t deal with, but when bo re
flected that Wooley never broko his
word, uud had, besides, over ?101',00U
worth of property he could not move,
ho made a virtue of necessity, and left
things to lake their turn
' True to his word, Wooley h-lt for
Jack-on. and in time arrived. Putting
up ut tho Mansion House, ho sullied
out. visited all the gambling lu lls with
which that towu abounded, uud tho
next morning drove up tn tho pent
temiury. Kutei-iiig tho waul room,
he inquired :
Where shall I find lbs Warden"
"I urn the man," said Col. Dickson
"Well, 1'vo brought you a prisoner "
'Where is he T' inquired Iho War
den "Here : I nin tho mnn," nnd Wooley
handed over Ibo Sheriff's mittimus.
Tho Warden was ainan-d. Had he
tt lunatic to deal with, or had the man
killed Ihe Sheritf, slid then came, to the
prison todely him f He could not tell;
lull ba determined quickly lo keep
tho man. since ho offered himself.
"Xuw," said Wooley, "let us go
through tins place und so bow ii
looks." nnd through they went. As
they returned to Ihe guard-riHm
YVooJcy had talked so pteasautiy mat
"Xow, Mr. Wooley, what branch ol
the- buitiee do you tbiok you would
like heat V
" To tell you the truth, Oolonol,"
said Wooley, " I uover did a day's
work in my lite, aud I don't in inn in
ik any of your cussed trades. I'll
tell you how we can fix it I'll clerk
lor yu. just for the name of tho thing,
and we'll live jollity together till the
year's up.' '
Tbe Wardea aaw he had a character
to deal withheld concluded that a ma
who would an into prison of hi own
accord would not run iway, and )o
qiiioseed. Wooley staid bia year ac
cordingly ; nominal olerk r eou.pai.iou
by day and a gambler in Jackson by
niarht. He kept tho ward-room sup
plied with llavaoas, and a sly nook lo
ibo otlioo always eontaieed the best ol
liquors. His year op, he left onro-
grettir i but revrattod. for at heart be
i r ii.4Ou4l
4 "I'wsl" l.lfv The Irrrf rlf tit.
tile llilln of south.
IKrnm tli sprlnnn.l.l tteputillran )
Xestled in oui' of iho nnmcron.s pii-
tiirepie valieys of lici'khir is no ol I
I'ssbioncd villnite ol tinc N. w K..l-!..i.,I
type, with its eiuale and shad.-l street,
..! ... 1....1: . .. . i i. ...
two with scntioMl cemeteries, now
and then a Sf re. scattered farm-lions, s
the ineviti.1)!.' I.t ollice. hotel ,m
bride;; to which lit but n lew Jll'.li. -
buildings can be ft Lie I. 'I herc wore,
. . .
however, a town hous0 and s l imk in
f lie villnif. In this se.,ei place
liltiius Ih e first saw the li:;ht in iilmut
I ,,ip v,,u. ts !. jn vt-IUj, ,in ,.,.'
lernity his mot her cave her life. T
the lather this was most severe. Tin
hov. bowtver, survived his m it her. 11 " "' ltr lla' l't'', I'1"" ' ""' tln-tn "'ly n.ol a ilnuul.ter ot two months
and us he grow up the while of the!1', tu" outdoor in U fru ,,,(',.,. I and loo's up his lonely journey hi
love and iilTection of the remaining' pa- 1 ''""'"ipiivo ilhiMn n tieed ,nr pute J "eek his fortune in the wild, .li-tant
rent cr lavished upon tha child , air, and lots cf il 'I'h can only I e 1 Wot. over mil bcyotnl the Koikv
Time passed, and the youth was found ,.'"'""- '" tnaiier what . M. n. while the Ltight nnd irold-
at school, s bright, ipiielc, active, nnd !" ,,,nhlfti i f tho weather is, the niri''li "-un sinks d .wn to re-t aniid tho
ititellifent txii.'.l. Kverv al tention was I is W"V' m ' ,'"!e-oti,e than lliulj'duo waves ollhe iimnd I'lo-ifie.
bestowed upon his rilma'ion. At
fourteen he was elcrtt iu tho bank nt'
tho vitiligo, of which bis lather wn
cashier. Ho was tmind to be well fitted
l,n aoeb a rpxliotisil do idiftoe. rirliioi
j artv , W.1H ,.s, rapid nnd
'.,. :., i.ij .,..!, .,i.,,:,,j ' i). ,,....
j yrar nf ,,v ,,ere.'bolh Tithcr and .on
wore cnlleil 1 1 enter a hunk ng house
in tl larger nnd more thriving town, in
thecipacilv re-pcet ivelv of cashier and
teller, llero both remained shout the
nnd bo h could have staid nv
years toon wit li prolit to I liotnsclve
nn I sils!'a"tioii to nil ouie-rued, ba-l
it not been that the young man was
It, li! . i.nii j.t' iriiitkL. iolii liil-ioP-d l.t.
himself in tho eilv. Tho lather was
b th to have him U'o, but afl-r r.-neatcd -' "'r ",u , ,
s .liciinrlons, nnd having an epportu-1 I be child shom 1 k ecp in u .,,-ge
nitv to form n with an old I'paitinei.t and al-ne. The wii.,,a,
anllrustel banker it i. nl, tho two 1""M ''down thee s !lt , .
went into iho banking business in New '"P nnd tin' b d so located lis not to
York undertlicniuicai.d firm uf Hun,!; ."'J"1'1 Hie sl.epi-r to diaughts ., .,r
Pee .V Co. : 1 be linden oitniiig s!i.,u f,c i.-iuovcd
.,. iii nt night ntid a ihuk. eniioii flaiiio-l
Al pros'iered, nnd after s year or : .i," .-, , .. . ., ,-
' .' . ' . lilglit slillt. tt noil llg to the It et. s oiii 1
two nt sin cess ihe two Minor partners. ,. l .. ., """
, , , . .i ,no worn. Iu the tiiiuiiiiig the si,..u -.
who li il 1 if,, no into t no nrrall-'i lllol.t . , . . . . '
" "" e ... . '
iimri" ci secure ui'- in in csinunsiiiiiein
oi iiij younger meui'ier upon a sun-
and safe foundation 1 1: tin lor any other
reus-ui. Withdrew, and the whole btini
ness fell iutn the hands of tho juni -r
partner, liu ines.s cont.nueit prospei
ous. Ho bought and s ld millions at'
tho brokers' board. The mure he lo.d
to buy and sell tho mme easy it seem-,
el lor 1 1 in) to do the business eiitiu-tel
lo him. Very rapid, un leci untali'v
accurals in all his transactions, the
president ot the lnar-1 of looker one.-1
said of hi oi that thcio win not one ol
thu great number ot the member ot
the hour I w h i coiiM equal him. lie
would buy t'.rio'' of numerous j arlics, -iu
lapi I sueces-ioii, t the price, often,
being atta- he.l the fractional pans ot
a cent ; but Irs accounts were the fn-t ,
to be rea-lv. an I nU'.ivs. ba the lim-i
cot reel, nn I that, too, without the aid
nf pen or paper. Olio day II sten-i-gr
ipic'repoi tei1 w is necrelly employed
to record nil bis tiansietioiis, and be- '
lore the repoilcr could wiiic them out I
youn X l,,,u '"' l bis acvouuls correctly 1
made up, i: really to tbe ustouibhuitut ol :
all who were iu' the secret j
Ho grew rich, ond alas, as ho prow
rich, reckless. Wealth bd tu wine,!
nine to women, nod fast horse and!
gambling followed In fact, to ex I
press il rather inelegantly, tho young
man went it with a rush lor a time.
Indeed, ho seemed determined tu see
Inw mush and how foolishly ho c nil j
spend. Iu a diivo lo Hie (.' nlral Park
bo has been known lo spend f 5-'h,
110 Willi ll gel in nest ,ea... ..... i
lli.t ilfiiitf t ill iiw tililnt 111 I ill si -4 liMM
. . i i
1 .as.' a I . , w " " I
no would pattheioostrisbioiuidei
saloons on the route uud in-luig') in
the iiioel eoslly wim-s. Money was
.,u.ilu Mini ..,.., ensile v l ... ti .1., 1 1
y -i -
Ami no scciue I to iiiuiii ii wouii ui
ways be so,
lti.tll.era is lust where
h waa mistaken l-'cw men aro al l
lo stand disituttiiiu of '.bo eh. nuclei'
hero imlieatod for any length of tune,
and Pee could ut indulgo therein
without athjuting kimnlfua well us his
Depositors became suspicious,
friends warned, an I many withdrew
l heir deposits Hud securities, while
oibers, either ignorant or bis course1 tain bred de-erves especial public rec-i
or still Inning faith in him, prruiiMtd lord, and w.ll ever be a s.iir.e uf sat
theirs to remain. IJ it, loo late, tiny
found their coulideuce hai been bo
irayed. Xot satisfied with using bis
own money, or that not being sutlieient
l r bis demands, he drew from the
immense aunts with which lie bud been
entrusted, perhaps honestly believing
at first that he would be able to re-
placo ihem when needed, until lie lul l
run throuub in a year a million und s
half uf dollars, liut iho terrible mo
mentum he bad forced upon bimsell
could not be overcome. Mure and
more rapidly he went down, until all
hope of retrieving tha losses be hud
entailed upon bis friends was usckss.
His lather, Inrosell wealthy, eu-
leavored to stem th flood, throwing
in bis whole f .rtui.e, but tbo current
wss too powerful, aod it was awept
sway forever. Unrelenting creditors
pressed their claims ; tbe young mais
knowing that it waa utl to try sod
sstisfay tlieiu to f4 arrest and im
Drisotiuient. fled lb couotry, and aow
Mama a famtive io a foreign land.
The father, mortally tirieveoX, at the
course of bis son bad tskeo. aod ou-
iaf Dated that b could not restursy tt
losses bis I'rlead ba-l aafTared, t n
became ioasoe, aad Anally died iu
inaauo atyluw. a9l was barrieU I
tZur treachery hi .Iway roaaia ll tb. f V '
, . .V f T .WUr,,:, "waling f.pui me aum her lovi-r i-r
aids of herwW tiJ in brr I ' - j Bt Hlf m,iu oi a,iu,
C'icV'TiX it ''- - 'WljOif0rar ' ,
the aids sf her
oiisuiiiititc ( lilltln ii.
As a general lliinir, t m lii'ti h ran
is Ink. mi ol thildreii who have coughs
androids. Mother., in I loir nn x Ur
In protect tlicir i hildi en against 'eo..,'
! eoi.liue ll.rui too much within iloo
j '"' i"c" "iny
to si'tk the nit
-v li" e tin wiutlicr is
fiae, nnd linn
,l!,.'!r V'V1"1' ''""''''"'i of iln
i "' " . 1 ' partie-ilnrlV tli
t eti mere Is any reason
tn Misncet
t..l...a....T..a. .1. : .1 '
1 ' o-"''i in n.e eliil.l ,
i " ,':'r" ' tsken in have tl.o caildVskii
l " i''""i': . ir on cum, i,y nmm.. i
wear flannel drawers nnd under-liii I .
i w"" a" etrmhi knr.-s fl.iiincl ubmii
the ehcsl ; it its liii.b.s
are encn-ed in
Warm, woolen Mocking-, thick shoe
and riibl er overshoes in wd w. nil
oiioi wn- in ,-oom. .d inii in ran .liter years ni ii.u, tirmlgi ry, nml
i "' to tho child if it is pinpcrly clad , revcr-es of foi tuiu in the ii.incs. ho
rs hints will alwavs feel ln tf. r, mi l came to Son I'lalu i -ro and cnji'ed in
pel form ther llinetion Lclttr, ill Ihejhusiiic. lie hein sueei ssful, soefl
niot m. than in the illy venti'ated bon-e amie l tin inui ce-e f, rtutie. His
Consumptive i-leldrni Sliould h.ive h, loVed wife I. a I die I. Olll iie' ilm.
iiiuPkii. spoiiiu naiiy. in W.itcr of tioh
a tempi liiture us i.ot tt produce shock
.li... , i , .
or ciiii.inesv in,, ho Iv should he
th irmibly diiel mid briskly ruh'.iii
willi a eoaise towel. ,!,,.( ( ,,,
s'.cak, roast lo e t r tun r I h i i l,,, i,
' V" T wi!' l '"' ""i-bed pmato.
with nun anil coats I.e. ,t, 1.
"to mi ,j he
strictly observed Pn-.
patry tnu-t not ho allow c I.
or (inin- ol an v soi , -.lino.;
(iik s nn I
No gre 'Iso
I he enroll.
.' "tnl-st alliens ul loot
II!'.' Illli,-
nig anove reieirc I to shoiil p,
j( Jt.-a t , y
giv. i,
I hen
Waim tin, in.
. huve the child don the iVi u t , , J . a,,,
romp in thu opcu air, before l,
' lost.
Never sen! s consumptive child t )
........ .1 .1. . ., . . .
-ciiwoi. i in-air iu u.e ci'o-.Vileil sell .1
w . i . . . ,.
iwi-ipi.ii sail iiavic wnli H-
lungs, lliiq-l y a teimhcr ut ii-une, i r
il mis cauiiot he nil . i-'li; I. lot her I
mother must net as teacher ..r the
hour or two that the child shuilj l o
coiiliucd t-i slu ly, daily.
Il the child is thin "nnd j tiny. nk
your la uily physician to pi-e-ei i lo eoj.
liver ml nnd iron, t"r ii. A l.iVtuiie
formula of oms j- to a Id two minces
Ui tllC lull I I, 'in I ,';,, I,,
outl'-e ot pure cut In er oil. (Itihjs
wo give a child, t.-n year. oi.. u ten.
spooiiliil in,, i nlng and -veiling
toil above u i, let (In. eh. hi live mil
d s lis liiti'-h as pns.ihle give thoin
warm clothing nnd wholes.. inc. pi , in
loud, and wo h-I.evc lliat v.rv many
liitiooii. s w ill grow to i.s-fti in, i, i an' i
Wotnniihooil, tllat olliei wise woMol
li'i'l an early grave, under tic- l.i'.il I nl
u n wis-care id u fjiid iiiuther. Tin
Ih'tuurj, llci ole t tnnl u I.
A wel!-lniH ) gt nt Ion, an of this c-ty.
p'lS.eiiger on the I'acili,- Mxpres. train,
Pennsylvania dailioad, e wuing wi st i n
Siituniay lit, haiois us I be follow in
iiitercsliug item :
This Saniidiy motning fMan-h IV...
about twent V iinniites ii-t ',1 irelocl;
no an i a nan nuies west ol A toonn.
, . ,.,,,,. KsjlI.p., j,,
. .
TV' t Wil
rilllllMlllif H I'lHl'll
- '" -
... i. -'v' "-I
the tuber, a wee lad was seen ahead
mi- no . iiii. iinoeioi.nj locks on
bis bat and loosing lo liitl..
"" ".""" ' as s. ..ppeu
......j ..I. .i-i 'IM... . i
witbiu a lew tcet nf a mass id' rock mil
idirt upon the truck sufficient to have
thrown passengers, ciuineer and cuts
over tho proi-ipieo. The lad (whose'
iiiiiiio I giall'uliy record is Willie I'uliko. i
not ten vears old i h ot seen 1 1 1
uud hastened lo aigual iho nppi oach-
in-' train.
While Ibis act of forethought nnd1!"? . the i,dv .c-tes .d wenian's
buuiatiilv in one so young and u.outi ,' "!' :" "'V1 '"'K '' l'"r' . !"' ho lmcsI-
taction in bis lifter tile, yet wo have
no doubt liu will receive Irom the
road company a more substantial rec
ognition, u bo would have don IVoui
tho passengers hud thev known nt tin
I tino ol Ins ptovidout iiiterfieiice
Mr. Thomas Watt, iba conductor id
tho train, was highly elated and grat
ilied tit this worthy specimen of Peni.-
sylvauiil's youthful benevolent lore-
(nought. AH hnivir lit Mti mountain
buy Willie t'uhiit
1 bo Company cannot do less than
proviTo for the education of this bey.'
aud give bim a start iu life Pitlburj
I was iii love once, with a fut stirl.
says Pou I'ia't. she waa very fleshy
9'ie was euoruious. Kul tl.o course
of my true love cmo lo grief. I was
-iilio who ber to the dim twilight
ou evenius. I was aoutiiuooUl ; 1
suid uiany soft thing t 1 euibrseed
part ol her. She sceuiud distant She
fn-queutly turned ber lovely bead from
mo. Al last 1 thousht I board tbv
murmur of voices oo ibo other aide.
1 arose sad walked around, sod tbare
I found aaoibsf fellow ourling er
to ibo lalt OsnK. A was Ind'j-qua,
A t ulllornlii ItoiiitiiK e.
It would serin from the lrcinent oi
eurienee of ronarkiil.le im i dents, that
there is iioihin n' mi improbable m.-
tnre, ju 'geinj Irom t'U(. f.dlowmif won.
dctlul, htnine and baldly ctediUhlo
toty. wbn b en tint to our s ft.w
lay. Hi'ico : In t?,esrin td'119.
When th- gold fever w its nt Ps hii'lu's)
I ossiblc t ol k X' il-iia.-ft in Calitoi- tl ere l.vt-d III the fi.'Mo tifYii
rfiliia. on the li tiki ot the Yol k i n I,
i few miles below Y"rktwti, n get.
tleuian id eolturc, who..- patents weio
in tuoileniie e.riiioistiiiice. It was
lurin.' the udd ee.t, ni( nt that ho lilt
ho o lid T's o a boiiie. hn Inetid '. re
lative, n loving wife, who bo ha-! led
to the nliar but a v. nr since, ntid an
. . . . . i
vaiiing epoli into, wlnleeii nti-il tt
st -Uii r I at - vo- during tbe yellow f.-ier
season at New (.litmus, as nt iT.c satin
t i nl did u I t tie pi 1 1 of another f aun -
Iv. id the siinc tinoie Mid age as bi
little iliiifhtiT. lie i-ited i.t Stales
but could lin, I no fll to ,. ,. c use I
wile's sist.-r; ho thought, ns'u'.-il v,
thai she In.' Int. I ili-il. He letUMK'l
to h" lii'l lcll State, nn I t ino in, tie?
liii'ling exci'i tn nt oflm- n. .s. mi -ii
he ilcd bis Horrows. tin I ol'a.-ed. ii -l
ita-itlv, all lecolhetini nl' ,s oil
I. oo. e on the bunks (, t!,,. p'atid Yo'k.
Shortly utter the cotaj leiion of iht
IVotlie llaiiroad there ai lived nt Sviti
I'r iuei-c i a pioitJemiui. b s w ile and a
beautitul, well e lii'-ntid. tin ) pinccful
yoniig lady, j i-t blooming into in ii.!
otihooil. iipp.rantly niol renPy about
cih'.eeii S'lu.nieri. It v.-as by (banc)
the oii ng holy nn I n'C'l widower met
a . . I to un et w is to I iVi. ' hey wet
duly tn-ir: led. ndi-r a short ac.piaiii-
t no-.-, till' t-et i III oiy bei lg ecb dilate I
uith great ceint. mill or. at in;, no litllo
il l' 1 r iii tin- lushicniil.V nn wiiilthv
is o I ha' eilv. Tiie fuel that both
al iu s lion- tliesaiin- stn i
inn.- exe te I
n e oiiiiient or iiojU-rv,
ilni"-t o'li e as c.itntn
lis ji was tun.
n ss i hat if
. a. 1 1 II or lii'owu. A lew Weeks alter
the li'.tn i iage, us the liiisbiud ami wife
na'ui'ullv enquired int each other's
ra-t histoiy m'i I niitecp li iiis. uud wt r,
gradually becoming belter ticqu iinied
vuili eaeli other, tin il. iioueiut-nt
c iino tiny were lather uud daugh
ter. Woman's ili,.n i in 'I t at v-Mu.
s-ilii.eii. alM.'Ugh iisua'ly legar led n
Is I.ilol the tunes in I h . ice i.-n t i .ii nf
w.'tn in s rig!. is, s,., ,,,M i,, ,.IVl, ,;,,
a step iu advance. 'I orcc -m-ii h ivo
heciiiild. il to tin' '. ',, hi, i ;,f j.
el'.s'.lllt inoj l '. Tl.t If , once n
; woman, in. I Pi in il.e lln-t.
u hi scried iho l,.r,,'s ol tie Philis
tines in Ihe sin,(. Xo ilmiht
then' have been li.lliiV Uliolll-iyl 1). .
I ihs s:n e th it duy. Jiut , .so wi n
"ie'eelivcs in r.iiistaiilinoplc are olfi
- y ii eogii.. 'd. t-i opetaio against
Ih-'irowii sex. 'J h - Uey's comuiis-ioii
gives t hi iii position. Tney mingle
itli u, -no n without I'ctinying their
, . l!i. i.ii charai ti r. siol link.' nso cl iii
' can I us ri vclati. lis to tho conl'usioii
lol the iinb'riuiiates whom they betray
into convi nation. In this way a imir
'deicl was recently ili-tecled A lo
i a, ule w itness refusing lo testily was
, show into a room where seicia'l tub-r
! w. nicii were scaled.
A woman detect've wa anion them
1 "l."U''"".U'1' ""J.0"1' mniugei lo ob
i.iio me ii.ioi'iuaiion wiiicn i, iiiuiu
"liiei ils could not exiruet Irun the n
luctant wiincts. Now hcio i tlio
light k-f women to servo on the polico
aetiinlly iitvortcd , ly tl.o Turk, and
somew hat iu advance of tho nppoioi-uii-iit
of a Woiiiitn as Justice of tho
Penco in Wyoming; 'l'erriioiv it. our
"" " -'uu,-try- 'r,,.uy . ilo innvm ;
I u"' w' '"-pect ton move is in u direc-
.'" "'c''!" "'' 1 , u!'! " w"",t-'n ha
is-i10. ,'lo1."l1' l' Pre-il.-iit, Uov-ruor
' 'r. r"v ' 'ntiiuiy privu-
ecd lo j 'in th di Icctivu force.
General l'l. u-oi.ioo u.ed to t II all
aiiiMsing little India i s:ory. Ho was
once, wlnlo stationed u' a fi or. tier post,
quite surrounded by tLrentennig bands
of Clnyeiiiiu. He wished Very much
lo negotiate a treaty Willi tiei chi Is,
U 1 1 .ry were tu auspi, Iojs o ' l.osii o
to placo tbcniselves iu Iiis puw er. Al,
last be succeeded In Ooptui in.' a young
I ml iu it or ruk, whom be held us a lies
lage. One clay tin caXive, sulleuly
stalking sboul tho fort, eume upon u.
soldier who lor want of better amuse
ment, wasplayiug with a child's jump- '
ing jack. Tho noble savag was trans-'
died with wonder aud aduiiruliou.-
ue watcoea tue oi;ne litllo tig. ,
lire iu Ireathles sileue lor some uiio--uica.
llieo turned aad ro like one u.d
past tho aentii.els, -It a pad sll the ols .,
-truetious, und escaped from Ik fprL.''
la aa incredible shul timn, Lowyrer,
b returned, boadiug a deputation or
vhirtt, who, allvr spcndiiu an b'-ur vt i
so io wrspt C"Otcniplrlon oflb juuip
..... I.AU hdlil .ttldlKK Anhll A -. .1
"I- J - -" - w- ..ill, 0 S
oegotistod tb 'Virvd treaty, ttipola-'
ling aa too roost impstunt cumK,ilo"
last Ihe ssirvsilou llnl i " r'