The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, March 31, 1870, Image 1

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    T HE P O 3 T .
Published try Tbartdsy Evening by
CBOril A linn. rreprletor.
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nam sit nonine. or ri.ou ir not paid
Wilkin Iht year. IS paper discontinued
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tbe option ofibt publisher.
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ceive prompt attention.
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pulMis. ( ollrciions ami all oilier pro
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Offers his prnfeaslpnsi services lo the pub
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public. All liualneaa entruaied to lii
enra will he promptly altendi-cl lo. Col
lections made in nil pnrla of the S.nie
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language fluently. Ollico belweeu llall't
and the I'tul tiftire.
Middlclttirg Snyder Cutinty Pi-mi'ti.
OtTire a few doora Weal of I be r, O, tin
Main airept. ('nnaiiliiillon in l'n?l;l
and Oerman l ingmiget. Pep. 07il
liUCH Kit.
Lcvinliurir Pa.,
OrTera bia professional arviceato the pub
lie. All buninca eniriKted 10 hit care
will be promptly attended in.
I Jan. 3. T,7il
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6ewing Machine can be accommodated ai
reasonable prioet by c illing on on Sam
vil Fauit, Aceul, beliucrove.
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terms. March I'.'. 'CHtf
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public. U-8'f
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eitiienaof this place and T'oinHy.
speaks German awl Eoglish.
r April 18. JP8
"W A. BOYER, Jr.
Ffwbtiri' Suvder Co. Pa..
Most eetpeot hilly offers bis servloes lo
Iht public aa eauue v.ryer nu nuouun
aer. Having bad a large experience, 1
feel eoondtnt thai I eao render perlect
il.fafliliin to at amnlovaea.
Jan. 9, '67i f
Offioe In Court Iluse, Sept.lS, '07lf
No. 322 N. THIRD Si
J. C. N1PE, Clerk
Ha. 41S k Hi North Third Street.
Btttlooera, Blank book ilnoulacluros
aad dealer in Wrapping, Dlaating, (r
lata Wall panara Vie l'a , Pw.
VOL. 8.
fThe Mtowlna bmatltal homeelreta nnaia !
lnt.Dld lor the lamlly eirela. it ! fiianited anna
an nt wheree rlaa nalghlmrnrTar.! tn m a k t
Iwct 'amity coniioriaDia, arm proviua lor me
rhllil. If on. of i.t.r trae given tn hiai. Soma
one who ha fall the ptaes of poverty, ana yet
ln a, with all tha ilas-naml Snly fMllnaa, hat clntbtxt It la a poetle.l attire.
ami breathed In'o It a spirit of love, rlevntlnn.
ami talth that will flnd a hole raapoan In the
treaat of .rare father anil mother who are bleaaerl
with little pietl. of arteriion. ba the one er
sevaa. Monday school World.,
Which will II be? Which shah It bt t"
I looked al John John looked al me,
I Dear paliest John, who lorea me tel.
A well aa ilioujh me look were Jet).
And wlirn I found thai I muat apeak.
My Tuice teemed airangi-ly low and wenk ;
" Tell me aenin, whtl Hubert aaid ?'
And then I lit'nlng bent tnj head.
"Tbia it bia letter:
" 'I wilt site
A hnue and tnnd white yon aliall life,
If in ti-'U-n. from out your eeern,
One rlnUI io me fur ee la given.' "
I IncVrd at Jolin'a old inimrnn worn,
I ihouekl of all ibal J ihn bad borna
Of poverir. and work, and eaia.
I'lncii i. tiMiiigu willing. eouM not "pare
I thought of teeen momba lo feed,
Of aeten li'tle ebildren'a need,
And lara of ibta.
"Come. John." tald I,
' We'll chooia nmnng them aa they lid
A-lcep i" ao waking band In band,
I'car John and I aurvcyed cur band,
Ki t to the cradle Hgblly atepped.
n era Lillian, the nnhy. alepi.
A glory 'g iint the pillow wnl.e;
Sol'.ly the f.nht-r atuoped lo lay
Ilia rough hand down in loving way,
rt'ien tlicaiii or wbi.per made ber
And butkily be mid, " Not ber not bcr.
We rlooped bride the trundle bed,
And one long lay of lamplight rlu-d
Athwart Ilia i-li fncea I here,
In sleep so piiilut anu fnir:
I eaw on Jamie'a tough, led chrek,
A le ir titidi ied. Ere John could speak,
Ile a but a baby, too." anid I,
And kisied h'.m, as we bttiried by.
Pale, patienl, Kubliit a angle face
"till in bis sleep bora turlrring'e trace,
" .o, for a Ihoiisiind crowns not him."
lie wbbpered, while our eyes grew dim.
Poor Pi k! b-d Dick ! our wayward son,
I u-billet, ncklvsa, bile one
I'ould be be f,iaied f Nny, be who gave,
Hid n befriend hi in to the grave ;
Only a mother s beau could be,
I'u. uiii eiiotigli for sucb aa be;
And an." .aid John. 1 would not liars
To send biui irooi ber bedside pi-uyer."
Then Mote we aofily up nbove.
And ki ell by Mtry. child of love.
' I'll ha p lor bvr 'twould bo,"'
I Mid to John. IJuiie .'li-my
lie lilted up a curl ihat lay
cros ber cheek Inwiilnl way.
And hbuok bis be..d. "Nny love, not beo."
Ib bileuiy bji t beat audidly.
Only one mora our tud.
Tiu-ty and titiiblul, good nnd gln.l
'o like bis father. No, John, no
( can not, will uoi, let bits go."
rid ao we wrote in eoiirlenna nay.
wou.u noi ! ie one child away ;
nd aiierwaid toil lighter Keemeil,
I hink ng oi'uihi or which we dreamed ;
lli'ppy. in iiu.b, thai not one lace
tie miaei lioiuiia ncoua'oined place i
riiHiiklul to wotk for all ibe seven,
d usting the rest lo One in heaven.
Mr. Solomon WiutLrop was a plain
mil lartnc nn nuUrp preeiao tiiuti
w ho did evervl liifiir by eUbliliod rules
and could roe nu reanoo why people
b'n id iri'tt-p al tuina tcynna wnat
had brro reachrd by their (front grand
laiLera Ho liad three children, two
boys and n prl. Thoro was Jerutniali,
gcvrntevn yoara old ; Samuel, fificco ;
ami funny tourtoen.
It was : cold wiuter'sdny. Samuel
wax in tho kil"iieo rotidiopr a book,
and ho interested was lie that lio did
not notico the entrance of bia father.
Jerry wat in an opposite corner, eo-
(fijoil ciphftlna out a euru abich lie
had round in l.ti artthmitio.
' Sam," aaid tho father to bin young
est boy, "hare you worked out thut
sum yet r"
"Mo, father," anywered tlio boy bes
' Didn't I tell jou to slick to rour
nriibmnth till you Ltd dona it? vaid
ilr. Uinihrop, In a suvero lone.
Pamuel bung down bit bead and
looted troubled.
"I can't do it, father I" trcmblinL'tr
sari samui'i.
111-, , w.
Can't do it? And wbr not? Look
at Jerry, there, with hisnlsteand pen.
cil. lie hud ciphered further than
you have long before bo wui no old as
yon are.'
"Jerry wiw nlwnva fond of euro, and
pfpblems, father They baro no Inter
est for nte."
' Tbat'i.' beciuso tou don't try to feel
an Interest Jn ,Tur atudiea. Ybat
book is tbat you'ara rtadinn f
"It laa work on pfclloaophjr, father."
"A work on flddle-m.'ckei Oo put
It away this Instant, nnd tin get your
slate ; and doo't let tne'aee yod awfl.V
from your aritbmatio until you' can
work out those roota. Do you nnd."
land me V
Samuel made no inawr, but aileol
lj put away Jjia philosophy J and then
be got hie alato, and atl down la the
iblniney-coroer. ' Hie Up tieaiklod,
aod bia eyes tnoiatened, fur he waa un
happy. II is father bad beon barah
towarda him. and be felt tbat it waa
without a caufo. ' 1
Sam,'' aaid Jerry, aa aoou aa their
father bad gone, 1 jll do tUat iuqi for
"No, Jerry' replied the youoiror
brother, with a grateful look t "that
will be deceiving father. I'll tty to
do the eumf but I (ear 1 abao't auo
ceed." Samuel worked rery hard, but all
to ao purpose. Ilia mind waa not oa
t.i aKUt r-ff"i bt". , T rw'
lo thomaelvca, wore to him a mnss ol
Incomprehensible tliing-ij nnd the
more h4 tried, the more bu bt canto
perplexed and bothered.
J The truth was hie father did not
dndetetiind bun.
Samuel waa a bright b-'y, and un.
eomnionly lutcllueot W ono of bin
ego. Mr. WiutLrop mm a thorough
inatbentatici in ; he hniilly ever ciuiie
across a problem he cu'd not anlee
and he dcnired that his boya hIiouIJ be
Hko bim: be conaidcrril tint thucuie
of ethicaiional porlrctioo Iny in the
power of coniiniTinif K icliJ i and tn-
often cxpreeaed hi opinion that, were
I'.ucliil living then, be could ' give the
old cotmetrk-iun a bard tuaalo. lie
seeuifd not to comprehend that ilirTur
ent minis were made with diflVronl
capacitti'S, and what one mlinl traaped
wiili ease another if equal power lailed
0 coinnrehend. Hence bucutiM Jerry
proitrerned rspl ltv in Ms tnntliciiiuti
cal studies, and could already fcurvey
a piece of land of many ang!e he hit
alined that aa Sunncl mnlo no prj
rrB' in tho fame branch be waa idle
nnd caicli'si, and ao treated bi.n nccor
tlingly. Ilu never candidlv conversed
with his younger aon, .with A view to
aai'ci'toiti tho true bent of his mind
but ho had h a own sismlar l ol' ib-
power of nil minds, aod be portiniciou
ly mihrre I to it.
There was another tltini that Mr,
Wiin hrop cntil 1 not ee, and 'littt wits
that Samuel was continually pondering
upon noli proliiabli) nnttur aa wa in
teresting to him, and I lint be waa
scarcely ever i I lo ; not d.d bia father
see, erlnV, that if lie ever wUbcd hi
ooy io iircotnea nintiieinaiieian, he na
pursuing the Very course to preven'
such a result. IuMeu l i f endeavor
ing to nuke the attiily interesting to
I he child, bo wtis making it obinainua
Tbc dinner hour rnim', nul Samuel
bad not worked out the sum. Hi- fa
ther was nnyry, ami obliged tho boy
to eo without his dinner, nt the same
timo tcllio-' him tltul he was an i J lo.
lazy lud.
Poor Samtii I left tlie kitchen for bis
wn room, nnd there he sat nnd cried.
At Ieii):tlihi8 mind vjecme I to patis
trout the wronjr bo had aulfereil at the
hand ol bis father, and lua lace lii;ht-
e tied up. There was a luro tire in
I ho room below his chamber, go thai
be was not very cold j and, jottintr
up. be went to a cliMet, unil from be
death a lot ol old Vint lies ho took forth
some ion;; hi rips nt wood, llo was cv
tdeutly fashioning some curious sITair
imni tbesc pieces or wool, lie had
I its of nire, bttlo Hirnps of tin plate,
pieces i f twine, aod d l'ns of fnall
b cla thut bo made hinisiill': and be
secerned lo be wot king to get tho whole
io jut ber a'tcr some particular fi.xhion
of.bis own.
Half th) ufternoon h id thus pasged
awy when Inssitii-r entcreil bia chstn
ber. She hud her apron gathered up
in ber band, and after cluing the dooi
oltly behind her, she approached the
spjt where her brother set.
''Here Summylaeo, I have brought
you something to cat. I kuow you
in tint be hungry."
Aa sbo sp ik .1, t-hc opioed her apron
aod took out four cakes, apicco of pie,
ao I eottie cheese. Tiio boy was hun
gry, and Depilate I not to avail liiinsill'
of bis Mister's kill I offer, llo kissed
her as ho took tbo cakes, and thanked
"Oh. what pretty thins ii that you
are liiukinit ?'' uttered Funny as t-he
ear.cil upon hor brotlier's labor. Wou't
you give it to me ulior it is done r '
'.Not litis) one, sister, returned the
boy wilh a smile ; "but I will make
you cno equally ai pretty "
ranny tiianked ber brother, nnd
soon left (be room, whilo tho boy went
on with his work.
Itetore long, the various material
that bad boon subject to Samuel's koife
and placer were joiued aod
gr-ioced together In aourliut maonat
1 ho embryo philoiopbor set the mi
chino for it looked like a aiaebino
n poo tho floor, then gaiedno it intent
ly. His eye gleamed with a peculiar
g'ow of satisfaction ; ho looked proud
and happy. Whilo ho stood and gaz
ed uwoo the child of his labora the
door opened aod hie father entered.
" hat I are you not atudytiiK ex
claimed Mr. Winlhrop, a Lo noticed
the boy standing io the middle of the
Samuel trembled wheo be, heard his
father's voioe, and turned paid with
Ha ! what la tbia?" aaid bia fath
er, a bo caught sight of the curious
coosiructloo on the floor. "Tbia is the
acret of your idleness. Now I arc
bow it la you oaooot roaster your elu I
lea. Ifou apeod your time tn uiaklou
tbem ny-cagea. 1 II see whether you'll
k aru to attend to your lesson or oot.
Thorn V
Aa tbe father ottered this hi rah eiao
ulatioo. he put bia foot upon tbe ob-
'ectofbis displeasure. The boy ut
terb'l a nutsa cry, sou epnug lorwaro,
hut ti: laid. The curious construction
waa crushed to atoma the labor of
long weekt. Covering bia lice with
bia band, ba bu.-at into tear.
"Aio'l you aabaneJ f aaid Mr.
Wlothrop. "A griat lxy like you, to
spend your time in making trap-elape,
and thau cry about it beoause I choose
that yoa should attend to your etud
ie Now goto tba baru and help
Jerry with the ooro.'
Tbe boy waa too full of grief to
make ao explanation, aod without a
word be loft tb chamber but for
long daya afterward be waa weary
aod iowahearted.
"Samuel." aaid Mr. Wlothrop, one
ry and I ran pet abmi on the farm. I We to be ui tuned with a band as del
and I think tbat the best thing yon tatean l ns skill'ul. DifTercnt minds
can do s's to lenrn the blaekainith'rl hsro differeul rupacitiea, and no mind
trade. 1 havo given up nil hopo "'.van be drivcii to love that lor which
ever making a purveyor of you, eo,l!it has no taato l'trst seek to under
if you had M farm you would not k low
how to measure it, nr lay it out
Jerry will soon bo ablo to take my
place as, and I have already
arranged for having him sworn, nnd
obtaining his commi.aion. Hut voiir
trade in a good 0ne, bewever, I have
oo doubt you will be able to miko a
good living of it. "
Mr. Young wa a blacksmith in a
neighboring town, and ho carried on
quite an extensive business. More
over, he had the reputatioa of bein
a very fino man. Samuel waa da
liubted with hi father's propyl, an"
when ho learned that Mr. Young al
carried on ipiite htre mtchine shop,
ho was in ec.-ticies. Hi trunk was
packed t g'tod supply of clot In s hav.
ing in been provideil ; and al ter ki.
ing bis mother anil sister, an I slinking
hand Willi his fattier and bro'her, be
mounted the coach, and set olT for his
new destination.
Ho found Mr Young all be colli I
wish, and went into his busiticsi wilh
an a.sidiiitv that silrprled his master.
One evening, after Samuel intdrop
hnl been wilh hia new mister nix
months, the alter came into t b sbon
alter all Urn journeymen ha I quit work
sndit one home, nnd found tbe youth
Imijly engaged in G'tinua piece of iron.
There) were quito a number of pieces
n lite bench br bis Hide, and some
wero curiously rivitrd t-iirether, nnd
fixed with springs nnd slide, while
others appeared not vet ready for their
destined ue. ?Ir i nun.' ascertained
whnt the young wot km in wa up to
and he not only rnr.ntir.iged bim in hi"
undertakings, hut hi stood for ball an
hour and watched him at hi work
Next day Samuel Winlhrop was re
moved from the blacksmith's shop to
the machine shoo
Samuel often visited bis parents
At tho end of iwi years his I'atltnr was
not a little surpri-d when Mr. Young
informed ntm that Samuel was tbo
most useful band in his employ.
Time flow fst. .Samuel wns twen-
ty-ono ; Jeremiuh hud been free al
most two years, and was one of the
most nc. urate and trustworthy sur
veyor in the founly. Mr. Winthrop
looked upon bis eldest son with pride,
and often ex treated a wMi that bis
other son eould have been liko bitn
Si'O i Samuel ranie bime to visit Id
parents, und Mr. Younj carao wilh
him. a
' Mr. Young," said Mr. Winthrop.
after the ten-thinits had been elenred
nwa", "tbal's a fine factory you have
just trec'.cd in your town."
"Ye,'' replied Mr. Young; "there
aro three of them ; and they sro doing
a very heavy bu-itiess."
"I iinilertand that they have an
extensive machine aliop connected
with the fartoite. Now, if my boy
Sam is aa gnod a workman, a you say
ho is, perhaps he might get a first rate
situation there.'1
Mr. Youni; looked askaoco at Sam
uel, and smiled.
"liy tho way csntiuued the olJ far
mer, "what i ail this noise I soo nod
bear in the paper about iIiomj Win
throp looms? They tell ma that they
go ahead of any tbia j thut vu ever
got up brlul' I
"You may nk your son about that,''
Haul Mr. luung. "It i some of baui
uel'a busioess."
"Kh 1 what, my son 7 Some of Sam
Tho old mao s'oppod short and car
ed at his aon. Ho was bewildered.
It could Dot bo that his son hia idle
aon waa tbo inventor ol a power.
loom that had tukeu all the tntaulac
tureis by surprise.
"What do you mean P be at length
"It ia simply thin, father, tbat the
loom is uuuv, teiurued Samuel, with
conspicuous prido. "I Ikivo invented
it, and taken out a patent, and have
already bevo otleied ton IhouaaitU uol
lars liar tbo patent ribt la two adjoin-
ing Stales, Du't you remember that
clap-irspyou crushed with your fool
six veur ago r
Yes,'1 answered tho old man, whose
eyes wero bent to tho floor, and over
whose oiind a new light acemcd to be
"Well,' continued Samuel "that
wns almost a pattern, though, of course
1 bavo made tuucb alteration nutl 1m1
provemeot, and there la room for
much more."
"And that was what you were stud
ying when you ued to aland and aer
mo wen re, sud wheu you luiublod
about my loom ao much '(" said Mrs
"You are right, mother. Even tbeo
( bud ooooeived tbe idea which I have
since carried out.''
"And that' wby you could not un
derataod my mathumalieal problems,"
said Mr. Winthrop, a be started from
hi chair and took tlie youth by tbe
hand. "Samuel, my aon, forgive me
fur tbe hatsbnea I have used towarda
you. I wa blinded, aod now see bow
1 misunderstood you While I tbo't
you idle and cureless, yoa were solv
ing a philosophical problem 1 eoulJ
never have comprehended. Forgive
ue, Samuel; 1 went well enough, but
lacked judgtueot aud diorlmiuaiioo."
Of course tbe old man had long be
fore beon forgiven for bi barabuesa,
aod hia otiod wa open to a now Icbsod
la b man nature, be wa taught what
aomo parents aro alow to Uarn, eiinply
beoaase they do not try 10 win toe eon
Udeooo of their children by loving
stand the natural abilities and dispu
ail ions of children, and I lien, in yoii
management of their education fur nf-
ter-lile, govern yourself nccor liiisrly
in tlie same lumily yon will uriuu Cud
thai wry boy bus a ta-to i-r bent ol
inn. I .liil'..r....t t....n ...... I. ..I' I::. I... ..I.
- v " . mi uiLiii
CI'S. 1 III Variel V ol talent is a met
coui proviMon ol our iiiavruiy Jatlu r
For "diversities of gifta ' a lieltl ol va
ried labor ia happily provided in tbia
wide wui I-i. Some of tbo most emi
nent m'laieians, whose talents hive en
. . .
chanted tens of thutaiods, have no
iAHlo whatever for drawing or inathe
Jiany ol tlio alili-st ailiti
btVo no ear for Manic! Otto of the
great nwiiil philoMipliiM-s of bis da
coui I hardly reckon in him pic addi
tion, and one of our greatc-l tn it ' lit
maUeiati coui I not write out n com
ii.onplaoe ad Iress. Oue of our lead
ing editors, wb-"e sterling integrity
ami prul'iMi I originality of tliou.-lit
hive made bim rank as nlmost the
chief teacher of public oiiioti in (hia
geueralioti, writes a hand ao cxecru
t'lo that tlitsj unused to it can ecarrcly
decipher i. No one commends l bene
ilelii'ieueir a worthy of imitation :
uui iuey s.-rvo io iiiu-lrato bow nature
limits some faculties wheu other ca -
pabilitiea are tnlargP.. May each
riht-uiiiided child be MiTerc I to follow
tbe instinctive ouMrclihins of il own
soul Inward tbo divinely HiOotioned
, . .
. Lillian Allrn.
A ko id story is tol of that rare old
reprohit. Col. IMian Allen, whose
services to his country, in lb timos
'that tried nien'-i souls.' werj only
equaled by his daring assert ions of
tbe right of private opinion 011 thciheo
l"gicul mutteis. A well known Di
viiio, tbe pastor of tho church
called 0110 evening, oil Ihn Colonel and
whilo injoying his true New Knglind
hospitality at tho supper tnblo the
conversation turned upoo cburch mat
trrs. Quoth tho MinM r, " C donnl, how
Iocs it hnpppn that s mauof your cx
tctiiive influenco and information, bus
never S"en it bis duly to join our soci
ety. Your example would lend urent
ly to invigorate our hand, cod fortify
our hearts ncaiust tbe dire ussaults ol
tho evil one.''
' Well, brother." replied Allen, " I
have often thou iht as you do tibont
tlio busine, nn I one day I had almost
mnde tip my mind to fall in tlio ranks
hut thai uigbt I had U dream which
cauc l me tu give it up.''
"Ah!" exclaimed tin tu'oiatcr,
" what did you dream."
"Well. I thought I was standing!
at tlib entrance of Pat idise. and naw
a mnn tro up and knock."
" Who's that J" asked a voice from
" A friend wi.ibin aJmiitunce,' was
the r.'ply.
Tbe dwr wa opened sod tbe keeper
stepped out.
" Well, sir, what denomination did
you belong to down yonder V
' I am nn Episcopalian,' replioJ the
cao lidate for admiaaion.
"lio in then, and take a scat near
Ibe door."
" Ju-t then another stepped up who
was a Presbvterian, and tlie guurdiau
directed bim lo lake n seat. A large
numbr were admitted und received
direction where to seat themselves. 1
ibunsteptte I up to the entcranc.
" Well, sir, what uro you aked
tbe guardian
" I am neither High Churchmno.
Presbyteriao, Catholic; or Jew, but I
am tbat same old Ethan Allen that
you probably have beard of from down
" What ! the man tint took Tlcoo
dernt.'a?" The samo," I replied.
"All right, Etbao,'' suid be, "just
step in and sit dowo wheixvtr uuu
A IIIk luaner),
Elk county in this Stnto. has the
lurnoat tannery in tho world. It it
kuowa a the ' Wilcox Tuunrrv."
aid waa built throo vour asn, Tho
proprietor own 2-',0 JO ucrc of laud
on tb Clarion river, all heavily cover
ed with hemlock. Tb bark mill of
ih eoocorn aie in a buildins 4.) bv
100 feet, two atoriea high, and rep
ute 01 grteiiiDg seventy nro cords ol
bui k per day. These mill aro driven
by an eighty-horse power rogioe, and
tbe only fuel mod ia spent Un. Tbe
leaching bouse ia S3 by 210 foet, two
stories hiiab. It contain twelve leach
esot immense ixe. The "awcat pit
is t u by vu leet, or atone, bevea but.-
dred vats are now In na.
Tbe 00 in pany make nothing but
sole lenther, and of tbia ibe product
is 120,000 aide peraoeujn; though
wheo the tannery (hall be completed
uu,uuu imoa Wl" b0 turaed out The
eonsu.npt.oa of bark U 14,000 cord
per year. ;
Tbo eompaay ba ereoted tweoty-
eight tenant bouse, aod employs fro
1 auto sou men at wages raoiii ox from
20 to 170 por month. Tbe capital
invested loot up al about 1500.000.
and nearly 15,000,000 foet of bemlook
lumber la manataeturod every year at
lb Company niiU. Tbo hides need
are imported froaa South Aaterica. Il
will aaaroely be ereditad that Bit toa
of hair aro eolloeted and told annually
at tttUaoeosiUreawahliobuool. Aatoni;
ojbjT'iaeid,optjlia'.' rJaaxudMMaii.
A l iinrrHl llarourao.
Tbo lenders of the I)raor have.
wl'hin Ibe pat or two. been cdi.
flefl with the ret'usil id a prnion
flli' ll.trp of n Thouand Strings.''
and t he ' Farcwrll lliacourres of Broth i"g n yoke ol oxen, a. he Imd been in.
er Watkins" The lone of those di f rnied tin re a a line st k f r al.
cotiraes n.iifbl, in a general wny, l e j j1') tme l the weal. by lai.d owners of
Culled t'li'nsilli'. Nolan Iiiiwuvki- 1 1, ...tlif i. In n
i bil owing hriel' alluMou from ibe pul
pit to a oui.g mnu of in hirer- nt ti -
i-;.: l. .1 . -.1 i i. 1
i -ui. mi in un- nncn. i- reu s n is
- XeW lliiunitliiie aim riiiiui i.. .... ....
decease by a vigorous but absurd v
iliteipial cnutit with a party of tin-
Otard family. Tin preacher who
ollk-liteJ ut tiio liu u I soleiiiniiir. i sit -
proved tbo oceiioii by making the
fulbiwimr remarks
- " 1 bi-v been r 'i'iolo 1. not to snv
i importinied tuc deliver a funeral do
c uiro on tins occasion, nn 1 I hev rt
luctaiitly consented too do so. I mvei !
heerd nny g io I of tbe doreaeil j
ami il Ibe I'licnd h 'V inad up t'b-ii
minis tbat 1 qui about lo Lein seel,
a course now tbi v nte vety inui h mis i
taken I estimute, in laet, tins younc ;
in ui, itoiv a lav in l efoto you. wai
ubiiul tbe if if man ever i-vrm i : t ,-.1 . in
tbe ntiseruliihlo ways of tho divine
pepus-es, toe ncal in ibis vieinity. ,
Id was ono who I iiiibt any slli'r-
fed when ho was tempted : mid l.cj
ccrtiiii'lv lllMieare 1 to ma inn .. L
', ' . ---- . ,..n.
rather than to avoid, occsmous IV r curb
. Ictiiplatioti.
Why, my Tell, r Christians, Ik-
kep' bosses a id run 'em j he lep'
cock und fit Vm ; nnd as to wiu.min.
let bi wid ler (who 1 m-o a-sittin' in
il front pew) t. s'it." (line the wii-,Moitcd to mo ns I citu a Very mi
ow r-..e, as waa the fit loiii when tin- j li-'c I man, nnd n-1 a roju'o -a y b,.t.
family of the ibe. asel wis alluded to. e-t in bis iniiisaot Ions. "
and. deeming 1: n complimentary rr-
mat k, courtrs'ed to the preacher ) 1 In
abort, after a diligent impiiiy into tlie
perlickelets ol bis lernktcr ami cti-
duel while be his resided in lb;s vil-
l-tge, I bev come too the c mclitaioti
that about the only coo I thing tbat
kin be said of bim at a'l is that be was
nn active member of tbc en 'ine com-
puny, nnd oceaslonilly tj , ,it fi,-tt.
" I be pad beireis wrl now tirueced
111 uenr out me corpp. wnue uie Clinir
will sing, as an appropriate hymn, the
31!d hymn, L'd bm Is. abort metre, four
versis. omltiiu.', if you pleu-tc, tbe 21
and 5th alaniis :
' Uclieviiijt. we rrjoic.
Tot tec 1 Us cms rcioivo-1,'
with the llaual Poxologv.'' Hli'lor's
Ihnirir in Jlirpcr't Ma'j izine Jr
.one-Ilrel i:ullng ulloiis.
The rice-eating Hindoos nt ono time
took a better poition among the na
lions than they do now, but neither in
wur nor in paaeo did they ever attain
to anything Of the btandurd of HiUfope
or America. The" Jaytnese have for
ni:e been a fih ra'ber than a flesh
enttnir race, nnd nil travelers scree
that they hrivc ntber receded man
ndvanced from the low standard of
civilization t which they bed attain
ed a thousand years n.o. 1 be C'hi.
nese are na peaceful and inoffensive as
we would stlj'pose a ntition of rice
eaters nii"ht necessarily bo They
have developed, it is true, a ccniu. fir
cerinin nieehsnieal nrt. nnd a quiet
skill in unique handicraft ; but of
llme broad purposes of action tbat
iifhdo Home, the mistress of te world
that omv compel tho eye of the plan
el hi turn to France. England, and
America, China hss known nothing for
the Ions: centuries of her bistnry. And
hero I may siy that in estimating the
relative position of any nation in bis.
tory we da not alone consider its liter
ature, nnr his cimmereo, nor its nte
clinnical genius, nor its religion, nor
it system of education, O'r its siieres.
in war and legislation, nor its speci
mens of individual crei'nsa, but all
tbee combined. Cnreless obi?rvers
r.nd thinker, on visiting for tbe
first time the coaats of China and Japm 1
are sometimes so powerfully impressed
with the originality, snd patience, sn I
mccbinical genius of thp people, thnt ;
they at one accord to tbee nitions a I
nigncr relative position tnnn lliey rem-
ly deserve nr have ever been awarJed !yc,rs ug0 . wag prjl.lilt u, llW , OOJ
b-VJl" J.' ," r"'"d- , , , . 'of tho many bcautiiul towns of W -Thod-ciofthe
nation, of 'Africa it,,no.
.n.l nf mMt iirihn ii in Ii r-C I K. a. M
t.iv.v - .,,v ,"-,. , T- c.
i usually quite m'strer, and his too
little ofvsrtletv to afford iho b st kind
of nutrition. Tbo inhabitants ofome
districts of S )uth America eat clsv ;
certain oejro tribe feed on nnts ; the
savages of lirir portion of the tropi
cal regions subsist abnogt exclusively
on fruit ; the Greenlan lera gorge them
selves on train oil and bluher ; and the
petsint of th Appenine oltentimea
make hi entire meal of masted cheat
nuls; tho lower classe of Europe every
where regard meat a a luxury and not
a a eeccsity. and th potatoes snd
the sour milk of the Irish have be
come praverbial. But what bare tbe
native of South Amtrir. the savage
nf Africa, the stnpij Greenlan lor,
peasantry, of Europe, all combined
June for civilintion, la comparison
with any sinttlo beef-eatiog cluas of
Europe f lbntr$ a' Ifom
Salt La a a. in Utah. i seven feet
higher than it waa ten year sg- aud
is constantly rising. It baa been u re
ed by tboa who have paid attention to
tbo subject that tb rise of water there
would produce a sola. ion of the Mor
mo quest ion before Coo(r would
act upon it
A man at Lowell. Me., ha mad
a peoTiaioo in hie will that be ntost be
bHl U a borglar-proof safe, when
ho diva.-, -
An OIU widow of SO aobiigd to
ma . t av
One colnain one year
one nair toinmn, ooe year,
Oae-fourlh onlumn, on year,
One square 110 lines) one inrerlian
Every additional insertion
Profes.ional and lluaiaese earda nf
not mor.llian flva lines, per year,
Auditor, Eieculor, Adminiairalor
and Aaaifn-e Nullc.n
Editorial nonces per lino
All adverliermpota for a shorfer ti.rl
than one year are payable at Ibe lima
they are erdpred, ami if mil paid Ibe per
aun ordering tbem will ba beid responsible
fur tbe nivner-
I'riiuk onleaalun.
' A fai mrr I; vlnir in Oiford eotm.
in the .Vtate of Muss, wont l..n ,.
nn town lo t a tlioii.iiiul,. tv.,...
I'ut'tlan I, f r the u irn iru of nur, !,..
Ar.iving in the hot farming dMrirt
of II. ( i inliriand .unity l-. n mir
I i- , .
t ,eini im-i a nun ii i
iiv.-.M,,. ..I u I , I. :
, n ,..., , , 1111,11)11-11 ,
't an v.
ii nil nn u e wl etc Mr. I
1 1"
v !
"'Jliioi' a tutilrrof Walls live
nn i. ihI I io r. Wbnli o.ic did yen
i b to linil .' " ii turiii' l i. strangor,
bo a a bir.-ely built, keen rye J man,
li.ib:t- I in I. o. in--1. on. but bcaiiiiL' i'l
'"' gt in r.i! iippi-ii'Miicc Uiimistakabl-1
to.riia m and c ontort o lur
tliililii i-n w i re i-ulierriie.l
'I 'ioti't kniw lnt bi chrioiian
iiiitiie i, piir.-if d i-ur Irieml j but bu
la the i in r id'poit.e very tine (in
' Wi-li. ' n-i ,i,,. . tb.; air.m.'ir,
' tin v ii 1 own pretty lair ocen."
ilaf the one 1 wo-h lu Cud baa sju,o
ocu lor Mile,
"As tor ill it. sir. I I'll' sl-v M any
o! in e;l if liny c..u. J j:il ihei'r
p: ice."
"Hu'," cxcoiimo 1 ll.e (hTurJ e oin'v
iiihn tl,,. Mr VVu'l 1 i . r,. i .'
, . wm t a " i j 'i j mm n
j u t" wvabhv''
"Yi s, well' I rci kmi thcn iiln'l iny
: f Vm wry bad eff," replied tbi ethei,
I with a t;o I.
"My Mr. Wiill." c t.tluunl n r
friend. Iiealtatlntlv. "baa been rei rc-
W ith a curious twinkle of tbe eye,
an I n gentle jiat tipuii ibe bntii c'.i of
bis lie ir nx, be sai l, "to tell you t o
truth, n'r, I ;iie-a they're a cl bie-l
s-. I nil rmiud. and I 1 ever beard tout
1 hone-ty run in the Luiily, Jau't thcie
aomethitig e!r '!"
j "Yes, icpliei tbc searcher fir oxen.
j deperatcly. ''llicv lav be bus been
caub: in the very net of robbu g Lis
own brotlc r's chicken coon "
The a-ranger bowed and atnilel.
" jn' 'm (he man .' Couie with
me mil I'll rbow y-u a tiiic b t of cat.
lie asyou can tin I iu the State; and
il you know what oxen ate, ibi-iv's
110 danger t f fittii g cheated "
IIoit lu allultv .lloiisr l uit and
! Enter into a bu-inrss of which you
j have p perlect kuow'e l.'e. In v'our
own rljht, or by th; ai 1 of friends 01
I long linie, have a ca-b ctipital auP.i
jcietil to do at lea-t n casli biieine-s.
Never venture on a cred t tu-ines at
I the C'muiciirei!)cii'. l!uy all your
Ifomls or iiiateriuN f .r cash ; you ca'i
I thus take every ad Vitiligo of the nut
kct, pick and ih )sof win re un 1 when
iyou wid. Jle ciireful, imt to ovi r-tm k
youi'aclf. liist. and fail witli tbe luur.
ket oil ahol t stocks. AUjvs :lc!(io
(tbo.-a wb mi you prove it bo tiicilr
jut iu their transacti-o. an 1 abu'i a l
I others, evm nt a temporary di-idvan-tigo.
Ne er take aJvunt ig uf II 1 u
touicr's igiiiratic,i,l 0"r equivocate ti- r
misreprc-ciit, Hao bat one price an 1
a amall jirolil. and yo 1 will 60 1 all tho
111 -st I'tvtitiiule cu-t'imers. lb J ca-U
ones or they will fin 1 y iu.
If you deceive ia bu-ities irangir-li'-ns,
never attempt tj save youreif
by puttiug Ibe Jeccp'i-'n npon ether. ;
but aubimt lo the Is, utid be tie to
caution in future. According to tlio
character or success ot your busies-,
et asi le a liberal percentage for pi bit
ing and a IvertiMu.,'. aud il not hesi
tate. Never let nnd article, parcel or
package, g) out lrom y 01 without a
hands'. luiely-prioted wrapper, cird cr
circular, aud dispense tUctu cotuiouai
ly. Keep V' uracil' uucca.iogly b.'fi ro
the public by judiciously advertising ;
utll it matters nut what b'J-lii't ot
u.ililv -ull nmUrt .., ,-u,u f if 1
.m, ,uju,lr,,uv ,.ur,i.ed. n
r..IU0(, u, ,h(, r.a,;)f t , y. t
Ui simcss ami ltim.Ei evral
-, v t a -v j viat,y ak vi , a, a
tertujited by tb entrance of a boy,
the sou ct'nue of uiy clouts, who Lad
walked into lowu, six uides, iu a
blazing in, for tno purpe of proeur.
inguiiitilc. lie had leco totl, bo
aid, that tht'fc wau pUce vbrietLcy
gave tbem away t. people who had bo
money , he aaid he 1 ad lio moiiey aod
wa v.'ry anx ou to j'el ouo ol lb
good books, aud naked ui to go wttb
hi 10 a pi jco where they wie kpt.
Aoxioua lo encourage bim 111 hi early
piety. I left ibe briet 00 wbica I wa
eutfageJ, and sent over with biui Ij
the stand of aa old Preebyteriao ii a
con who bad tb much coveiei b.l
in charge. ! inirodueed bim to tba
deaoun. telling him tho circumstance.
He pried lb b y very highly, was
dtflmbled to see a youag auau to early
sevkiug alter the truth, etc , etc. ; and
pretested biui wnb tb bot-bouud B.
01 io ibe colUctioo. 11 4 b by pat it iu
hi pocket aod wa eUuiug off, whou
ib deacon aay :
"Nov, auy avxi, tht you possesa what
you so much desired, 1 upiH thai ymi
will feel prrtectly happy T
"Wsll, Ido, oldbua; for, between
yoa aod I, 1 kaow where 1 oaa trad it
tor a plaguo irtmd tiddiv.' '
Tie moat latunus istw ia nlaad
just bow, ia tb jouim Duke ef Ua
iltoa, who has quaalurwd a foiiis'
of two hundred tboaujaad aj "
a4 luM TMUriMtU "
V 1.