The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, March 10, 1870, Image 1

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rtlihl every Thursday Evening by
Onccotomn one year
tflOtflrt A .EFmit. Proprietors.
Terms cf Subscription, j
i urn Int. I. column, one yeir,
Ouo-foiirtli o'.liiuin, on year.
One riinret (10 line) one i'usrliuu
Every additional tn.erlinn
l'rofraainnnl ami Unsi.s.j (if
tint more ilian fis litis, pir ysar
two dollars rr.u annum,
wlibir) six roonili. nrfS.CO lr tint piid
11 Uln Ik year. No paper discontinue!
Mil all arresrage or raid units at
Auditor, r.ii'cutor, Adiuiniati niur
an. I .1 laignec Notice J,V
IMilnriitl ti.iiieea per linn I",
Al! advertisements fm- a hnrler psmm
lli. til mi ver are payable: at il, liui
llnjr are're.l. mil if n.ii Iihi.I ihej.r
snii i'iiiit Ilium will bo bil.l rniiiii:i!if
Ui op' Ion of lb publisher.
Sulwcriptiuu outside of tho county
J57 Persons lifting and using paper
no; 2!!
VOL. 8.
r iim lii.inuy.
fi II if
aJdressed to oilier beoom titieribr,
sad are liable fur lb price of lb paper
Middlchuru, Pit..
Offer hi professional service to th pub
lic. Collection an J nil oilier professional
isines entrusted to bi) car will receive
prouipl attention. fJan 3, "07if
Selinsgrove ri.,
Offr bit professional servic to III pub
lic. All buainert entrusted to bit care
wiil b promptly altvudi-d in.
Jan. 17, '07ll
l'lvi'litrg Ta.,
Offer liU I'rofseshinsl servic lo llie pub
11. All husinrs entrusted lo bit care
will be promptly attended to.
Jan 17. CTtf
Lewiabuvg Pa.,
f)ffrs bl professional seme to th pub
lio. Colleoiion ami all oilier Prvfersion-
al business entrusted to bi car will ie-
i? pmuipt addition.
i'lw. r. MILLEU,
Lewisbtirg Va.
Offer til Professions! service lo Ihepil
lie. Collection and all oilier profe-simi
I busines entrusted to bi car will ref
miv prompt attention. Ju. a. 'I7i
Lowialntrg Va-.
OJr liU prnfesslcirnl service ti llie
piililio. Collections and all oilier pro
s....;.. ..1 I.. rnirualrJ In ihelr cure
till roeivprumpHitcniioii.Ju. 3. 7lf
Si'linri". Tn..
Offer hi pTofeneinnal eiicc 10 llie pub
I. Collection and all oilier profeinal
ueiueaa eniruiicd lo bi car will re
tio prompt attention. Oltce two doore
aurib of lb Keyioti Ilotl. Jan 6. '07
Solin"t?rino Tn
Offer bi l'rofeanlunnl erlcc to ihi
public. All buinei enirueied lo hi
r will b"protnpily altended 10. Col
Uoilon made In all paria of lb Siale
H.cia it oik lb K.ngl;h and llermnn
lanruag fluenily. Ostce tetweon IUUV
auj ibe Port offir.
Ln. myi:i:s,
MidiUebttrg Snyilcr Count y lVutiY.
Offic a few door Weal of the 1'. O. on
liaio airret. Cotitiiltatiuu iu Knpliali
ud German language. fp.'07tl
Jc. auciiKu.
LewiHlmr Tit.,
Offer hi profeeslnlial eloli ibe pub
li. All bueinea eiitriutcd to bi can
wiU b promptly attended in
.Ian. 3. C. If
rron In need nf a good and dur .hie
Pawing Macbiu can be accommodated al
reasonable price by calling on on Sam
vl Falt, Agent, Scliuagrov.
1:. j. y. shin del.
MidJIcbur'' i'a.,
Oflr bit profeaaional eriee lo lb cil
iten of kliJdlejurg and sUinliy.
Mnrcb 21. (17
Sfliwsrovo Tonn.
JOHN K. 1IUU1IES, K-tq ,
Tcno Twp., Snyder Co. T
Y1T. WAONEH, Eiq.,
Jacknoj Townuhip, Snyder Co. Va.,
Will attend to all limine tnirusled to
bit ear and on lb most reasonable
Urm.' March 12. 'tiHif
Ccnlrcvlllo, rn!cr Co., Ta.
Offer bi prufcuional rt!oe lo Ibe
publio. la8,f
171 W. SCHWAN.M. I.,
Port Treorton Fn.
Offer Ll professional ertlee to th
eitiun of Vlila plao and ticiuliy. He
peak German and English.
r April 18, '68
1 A. BOY' EH. Jr.
Fiecburg Snyder Co. Pa.,
Moat respectfully offer bi lereice lo
lb publio Vendu Crycr and Auction-
e. Having bad a large experience. 1
fl eouudeiil thai I ean rauder perfcol
aliafaotlon lo my mployae.
Jan. B, 'tl7lf
Offio In Court Bium, Hepl.15, 'C7if
No. 322 N. THIRD Si-
11. II. MANDEItUACII Trop'r.
J. C. KU'E, Clerk
ltd. Ill ' A 116 North Third Klrrel.
KltUQtifm, Blank book MttDMlacturr
1 ud dealer Is Wrappiug, BlailiMc, fur.
I tl and W'l panar '"e ! iq 0v
Tho Merchant of Venice.
There lieeil In Venlea fnmcl of old fur
ireet lil out in water.
A crinpinir. alony bcnrll Jew, who bad an
enlv ilmiirliier.
Callr.1 bhylurk was Ihi Doted Jew, by rctt-
m n nl Mit pate.
Ilia ilnui;hler'a name waa Jof'lcd, ho lotcd
her pft-mnK well,
Uul wlieilier inure Iban "iiinnlnli'' 'lialinrd
for u to tell.
Done by there dwelt Aiiionln, a merrbinl
fnme.l ami rich.
Wlio iruflii'ked upon tho lea in
ilino nnd "eirli ;
lie hl a friend lUmmiio, with briini bui
nary red."
And he poony" on a sal and in noli
inclined In wed.
Mia 1'nrtia llie l n m-l ' name, whose did
her rhnic-e In linflie.
rut up brr f.nlune ond ber band iu a luri
of modern rallle.
To win llie prito llm-nanio wa hound lo
rik hi" a".
Tut when he caire In eiint th cost bin
bank aceniint wm mnll
Slraiirbt In Antunia be goca loraiae
tin ;"
Yel be, ih.niiili rich, wia raihcr short, f ir
bii "liip In. 1 Hot it'll in.
Qunlb 1I10 Yenptinn. Ivl u bio mraiglit w iy
unto llin .lew.
Shylnek will lend upon my bond enoujli
f.r me and you.
Three lli.iii'and iluoati." quoili th J,.w,
liuli a lnrire mm lo lend ;
j You blackguard nil eonieiiinet you know,
but now you Hn my Irlcn I ;
Yell, I eeli llie nioiiidi for you, and tbiix
ell pi II yon be bound ;
Of Jour fiir tlrh. If you don't pay, you
die nie elnitl one pound1"
olo tho noiery'e forth liiey go, th Chris-
lia 1 mid tho Jew;
Thry aigu the bon l, tlio c:i oil is got, to pul
llvaut 1 t li n-ii cr'i :
Siraiitbt to Mi- 1'oitia s ho rob goo in ,
poeina array. , !
n 00 (li in r ninio. a'-ieiM aricni, tn.
.a.s hi- bride awn
The three month panned, tin bun U ciinii
due. I ul ne'er in all tho hiln
PiJ iiiifiiriunMo Antonio S'iccccJ in "trik
Initile;" He did not see a fliip, though they'd
shipped ninny sen :
Tho wind ilinl blew bad luck to him wu a
culling anrl of bn-eie.
for judgment now !.!' no the Duko llie
severnl panic Mun i
Old Shylnek, with n pair nf elc!i and fl
buii'lu'r knife in bund,
DxKsunio. wi'li bi ducats, llimiyli Ihey
enme a d.iy loo l tie.
And Jttoniii. ibe nicriliant, nercd up to
meet Ills rule.
The Duko he make a pretty speech, ei-
pounding well ill lnw.
Declares llie l.und in foifeil, Ihocaso with.
mil 1 ll iw.
UnshHiiin ninkc wry faces, and calls him-
aelf a lubber;
Anliitilo, niajtsliO, bids hi 111 stop his di'itced
The Jew he whet bi hulchcr-enifc to fmiuli
up his grudge.
When eu'ers Misircsn Tortia, disguined a
a judex.
Delihaaer J., she represent, while, to help
along lh "lark."
Ilir wuitins-niaid NortBca pcrsoniSc llie
Tlio b'srn I judge reviews tho cair, decides
the Jew is right,
lint hopes ihnl bu ll he merciful and take
111 enfh l eighl."
-O wise young judge V old Shylock cries.
a second Duni'l ihou
Who ever w sin-li wiidotu 'noalh such a
youthful brow?
I'll not have the Christian's ducats from
I hem he shall not pail ,
Rut as ita your decisiuu, I prefer lo take
bia heart."
'Take then," the youthful judgo replies,
"lak then thy cruel knife.
Cut quiollv out ihy 'pound of flch, nd
end Ibis cruel strife ;
Hut if you shed one drop of blood, of Chris
tian blond, old Jew !
lly all llie tribes of lerael I'll bet we'll put
you through.
No bio. d is thine, but simply ileb.nnd oul
just a pound.
I rather think, ni l skinflint, that Ycnltlan
law yoi. found.
Now cut awav. you rascal, and be lui you
hit the thing, s
For if you don'i, I promise you your car
cass soon shall swing."
Ishdnllhe law?, if dm lab o, I links I
takes the money."
"Oh, no you don't 1" y Mislres Judge.
you're late for lhat. my honey 1
And more, for that you undertook to settle
the Christian' bash,'
Resides your life, the law provide that you
giver up your cash.
One balf shall be Auionio't Ibo merchant
whom you bale.
The oilier bait, Bussanlo's, the balance 1 0
lb dale.
If you conclude to hang yourself, we hope
lliaLyoit'll not lalier.
And aa you're poor, the Stale, I'm lure,
will furnish you a buller."
Exit tb Jew. lb curtain fall, tb judge
resume bur flounce.
Lot smile on all lb rest of course, as tb
fifth act uoouuceH. ('. W. 8.
I'urltanJ Tranicript.
Oh ! lh driuk, lb terrible drink.
Making each Iowa and eity a. sink
Of misery dire and fearful lo tell .
Ol lb nuuiberlc victim sent 10 bell,
Crime no lark,
Tb lerrlbl drink make night u blaek ;
Tb curse of youib aud deorepit age,
Adding to tli list instead of assuag
Continual drink lb druukard' jrav,
Till it drags biui down lo an early gravis,
Ob ! lb drink, lb borribl driuk I
He lb child from lie father shrink
A k stagger bom from Ibe uigbl't de
bauch, Hi soul on fir from the demon's torch,
Siuubling along,
tlraied with driuk, intent ou wrong
Aud cvu lb dug with a bark and bouud,
Growls al lb niau aa b gropes around I
TUI i ibe picture deny ii who cm,
Of th dowuward slept of a lolleo una. '
One b fro from lb vie, but be fell,
Nil. like lb auguli, from heaven to bail
Kvll, 10 b mocked al, scoffed at, aud beat,
Miugliug wiib filth In lb borribl street.
Drsadiag Ik worst,
Drinking still deeper, yet grsalar lb Ihlral
Till b ioka aad fall, degraded and low.
Iiicltlcnl lii Hit' I. He of
tft aiiv
Adotit tliirty niiKu Lutow tb prH
tlt. fittr of rillKburir, anil wlicre !ut
viT IIOV 'anl Ntiiinl all niH'UMit luri
l-iiowu ni fm t Mclnto-li. It Imili
!'J' a rcviiluliutiury enenil of thai
iiiiiii". in l!n hiitiiiucr nl' 177". It wn
one nl' tiu line nt fiirtn wlikh win in-
l . inloJ I.) K'.mrl tin !o wli.i live. I
'inIi ! tin- Diii.i nviT, rr.'in tlio
Cjrio!i!t nl' llio'in to t lie imrtli
wurl. Tliin furl Wni niic of the favnr
iu n 8'irt id lim L'H'iit iinli.iii Hpy itml
luililpr, Cuphkin S.uiiui'l llra'Iy. Al
lliouli Lii 116 mi hi'.i.iil:li titra w i
I'll inb.iri, tln'ii coiini.iiiir of a rinlo
fort, uml a it-vru ur two r..ugh truntior
I!r.i.y L it 1 r ni;(rr:itril wi'! wanl. or
ritlit r h;nl 111:1 relit! tliithor in ITT"',
IriMiteiiu'il in tin ili-tiiui-.ho.l Ivgluli
I'i'tiii-vivatiiii. lli'.'inii'iit. ti 1 1 1 1-1 tic
. coiiini.iiid nl (iou. i il llich iut llroi -
.1 .1 I. .... ... -i .... :.. .1 .
I ui-ii 1 in i.ii.v.iii i ui'ii, mi 110 epriti
Di 1 1 in. M ititosu ri! tri'it imit ctiuu
in:in l iii t o Win , Uioilh u l suit. 'c I
i' I It in uu l rom.ii.K I ul r.Uitunv' un
t.! 17l
.S 10:1 tificr his aJvi'ti' li tho Wont.
Uml v;ii hlvvctt.'.l C.lptuitl. He
hinl m rvo l ut thu ei't;o of ISuainn,
l"iii;lil nt Liiiij Islnml mil W'liilr
I'I.'iiiik, ;oiio llirmijli thu whnlu ol' ll.r
ti'r.'.l lo c u iii 1 nt 1 1 1 ol' Trot. ton mi' I
I'rini'flnii, MilVoii'il ut Ynlloy I''or.
'liiniHii-hrit liiinsll ut I iiTiii.iiiiinr 1:
11111 iir:iti ty win", in i ti:irroviy 11.
(Miicil ilc. 1 h ut l'aoii. Uul Ins l:it
; It'll ll 111 t tllO I'l'l'l t lo I Win
fnv k 1 ivn u.i, u tUj liomior. I n-t.-t J.
Ii;tt . ariv fdu.Mli.i I - Up )u thu uppi'i
1 . 1 . 1 1 i . 1 11
M. - 'lUcluit...:! bail .'..tiVnt-'il a-i.l Iu
ve,ii)r. I luwo lax! re If III tin Vi'iy e:u
Ii.'-t li'iyli io'I. Ilituin'i I ' .I . an will
tli it iu-iiiii'livo hulroil, wl.i' li ii l'i'-
.utiua in t!:o bjMsoiu of tho xvhii
raco by huii.' ycais of i-onu ut mi l mr.
ra.'i, n bitii'f iiiti'tiiiy w:m 1
lo I ho fiflico; jii thiit t'ir l lh 111111
Icr o! hii tiithor uml a ymi'ii r liroilu t
liv I'm lu liiiii, iiuili-r trying an 1 tji
lil'Io i'in uui. t'ltici's.
lluviit. proiiiiai'il this tii'irli by v:iy
"f iiitiM'luL'ii'in it l.rii.'i us to tin
ovt'iitlui inortiiii in wh eli Hr.nly -t
'nl ff.iin bu t Mi lti'.o.ih tor l',ltlmr'
1 lo had with him liv.i if Lis t -1 1 -' jy
ati.l will truincl loMowcrs. Tlu'-i
aero ni t ut' ailii' l Li tho regular uriny.
tti ho W !l rt, hut Wl'l't) 8''(.llli till 1 t-jiice,
who bt cti Willi him mi 111:111V till
expi'ildi di. Thoy wrru Thoi.ius l!c
inptoii uu l lii'i'jiituiti .""i. reMli"l to follow tin north
ern I'titil; of 1 ho (Hii . lii.'i ol j ;t.-d
to tl.ii, upon the roiinlrt. u.i U-
wi ll knew, tho w: ojs wcro luii
of HaVHiti. -Itra ly l.owi't it. hii'l r
so!vt"l to travel ly the ni l In liun pitli.
uul having ii :uv iikuJ" u;i hiri ii.iii.J no
I'uiisMi'raii.iii i'iiul'1 ilciiT L i tn from
carry ini out his ctcrminatioii. lirv
iiiL'tiui hail unci) implicit faith in
nhility to load, llial he never once
thought of (tn'itioiiinjr liin will.
IJuito u 'Us.'U-muii ar.iso bi t worn
I5i iui 1111J bin captain at tho mouth
of Uoaver river, nhont 11 mill, nhovc
the fort, an I wburo they mu-t or a
tlio Ohio if they iliJu't want to euii
tinuo ou the Huiilhern hiile. Uri-'c
linully vaived hU objcetloiH no I I hey
i roi-o I 1 ho f)hio ami wii'h
habitual caution of who Ihinoii who
fully understood their hurtinc.
They hncl Ktartetl oui ly mnj by rapid
trnvolinit they bad reachej, iro dooii
came, tho lust pioce of bottom land on
tho oortb side of tho river, bflow "the
oarrow" Thin in where Sewiekley
now slaii'lit. I'tiou this hot tout a pi
oneer iiioro duriQ.' than miit others
had built a cabin find opened a Kinull
ripot of cleared laud-' Ho hid planted
it iu ooru. and it thvo promino of u
nioHt ubumlunt harvoit.
But tia they approarhed tho else of
the eli'itrina. just outi lo nf tho fetK-e,
Urad.v diBoovoruJ "Indian ains" u
he called iheiii. 1 1 m cintipuiiionrt dis
covered them alun-t aa quick on lie.
and at once in low tunes coiiimunicu
led to each other tho necessity . of a
keen watch.
They nluwly trailed along tho side
of llie fence toward the Imnso. whose
situation they all know, until tho stood
tipou the brow of tho bUilf which over
looked it. A si:ht of tho most terri
ble iioniTlilioo Diet their eyes. The
cabin lay aniens of tmioitlderinu; ruin
from which a dull bluo smoke urono in
tho clear AueuHt Hiiii.hine. Thev ob
served everything around it. llriuly
knew it was customary for tho Indians
after they had fired a g' tller s cubin
if thero wiiw no itumediaie daouer to
teliro to the wood close at band, and
waleb the ttpprnnrh of tho fiyuily wlm
uiiMht chance to bo aliAent whoa they
ntailo the dimeelil. Not knowing but
lhat they were even then lylnif close
at band, lie loft' 1'ei'lntoii to watch
ibe ruins, iy i 11 lt under cover whilst be
proceeded to the northward arid Iti'ga
south ward to make discoveries- Both
were to leturn to Bcvinirtoa if they
found i'0 IndiiiiH. If they came aoroas
tho perpetrators, and I hey wcro too
numerous lo bo attacked reeuhirly,
Brady declared it his purpose M have
mo Cro at them, and lhat should be
the signal for both f bis followers to
make tho bust of their way to the fort.
All this rapidly transpired, and with
firmly lo decide w to set Aa he
stole cautiously around Ibe northern
aide of the euclosuro ho heard a voice
io the distance singing lie listened
keenly and toon discovered Iron) it
iutonaiious that it was a white man's,
lis passed rapidly In the direction frmu
11 I i.i. 1 -
I white intt'i. rid ui lino tiono, cumo
iMowiyiiiitvn inn tmin
Tlio binn Waa lint ol Alln-rl tirnv
llti' Htrtlwarf,
I'luvu, di-vil-iiiav ciio
8 tt . r, who hail hilill hiia
ninny tniU'-i nw:iy Iruiii the fort, wlu'iol
no ono tiUu wiiul.l Imvo daioJ I'J t:i!;i'!citv:ili'tt'l.'. mid ihn i !i!(.n?n.
a f.uuily but h iusi-ir.
Uriidy wore, ho
most alwivs diil.
tlio I if J -an tiuih mil h.l Wir p.iiut on
Mi f n-e. Ho know Unit if In1 Mi 'Wl
hiuiKoif upoii th - putli 'iruv would
I, Inking liitn lo hn Ml luiliiii.
. II ' llii'r.'lore Miilotv l tiruy i'ii.dlv In
il'l't'llll'll Ilia I111 kin.' lilii. 1 . ll' 11
Mm Iiiiiii cnim lie Hprat. lui iVur l rr
tin' HfltU'r coiiM Lit vi- tiiiii't'i prriiiiri'.
drew Lift to in' a.vU mi l ."-cliiii: him
I ira.--('i llilll ll 'ill! ll :.i ll' ll'"?. Ai ll.'
di I ao In w Iii -1 eivd lo iii its :
1 I am CiipUiii lira ly ; for GolV
.Mie be 1 1 it t "
(iray, with tlio itit iuc: i vo fii'lin;: nl
mi" wlm knew ihuro wii danger, ain!
with 1 1, a, v'vid ptesenco of tniii'l which
ehaructcriea lhoo ucipiiliiUd wiih
fr 'llt'cr lift, Ci'iin'ti ut nin e lo hlWijiitle
I'll 1 lioi 0 '1 id bi'-n atartl -I by the sud
ih'ii mi" n ' I 1 1 1 . and spring to one s tl '.
Dr.' he Ln I tune to leap forwurd Uia lv
hi) linn by the hrollu. Hi
loud KUoiling tliit n'eni' I lo iifou-e tiny
o tn wlm waa near. Th' t'liplui'i sn.'ii
mi bed ti e Ir-l.tetiud ii'iimal into
i :iel.
(Itay now burrid'y lu-k.'l Urady
w hat thu il m;er v.i-. '1'he strong.
vi.'lirolli spy IlKlii'd uwav hii fire
uiiabl'i to uiiiwer him. The seil'cr
already cxetcl loirs were turiicd
liitn realili a. The miilily It'ilil shock
iil.c an apin leaf, w hile lear-. ol' .
li iii i'i ia largo dio;'i of wa'cr over
liia briii' I lui'.'. Unnly iirniilted
the iiii'u!. e ico fi.r a iii 'ic, nl whilst he
led ihe hiir-ti itil i tln tlrckt't el'ae at
i.llu. I Mid U' l l.ici. I, on be I'l'tiirn
d I
r.i v
to the ground and
i great tl elnnl oia eoiivuLinn Wl ithcd
iivi-r him. Urady n iic;! lo.icli.'J him
ni l a ii I :
"i'tlllll!. '
1 1. -ay at en"e iir.ic an 1 ha 1 ipme but
i few yai la uniil every trace ef cut i
lion !.i 1 uppatenily vani.alie l. lie vtf
i o Ion,; r liio bereaved 1.11a!. mid li'nl
fa!!i el, b it he wis the s'lli'ty, Wcll
iruiiu d buiiicr, whom: ear and oyc were
ii'u'ely alive to every .iht i l" s il'id.
l,o w.oviiir ol a leaf or ll.o ciiickii.'.'
of ihe Miialle-t t jg.
IK' ui siied to t.rocied tlirectly to
wards llm li ni.e, but Uradv .I.T.'fl'il I
. J .
I" this, and I hey psaed toward
ihe liv. r b.lik. As tlicy prnec) do 1
they saw fi'iuii the inoe. u-in priulauu.l
tracks nf liorsi a uinu the wh re
thn eaitli was mo. si that the pnty
wos tpiife a numerous one. Al'lci
thorough!)' exainiuiuir every cov.'f mid
;i'.Jo laec nf c nee'iliiii iit, tin y
pasaod on tn the sntithwar I and er.m
hick iu ti n! dircclioa t J tb- -J'ot where
I! 'viugtiui hiood Moiiry.
When they rcaehe l him I lie v found
hat liij.'s li id not iciuriied. In a lev
llliiilllea ho cam" uu l rep Tied that the
trad wns large uul broad ; the Indi
ans had taken no ptins lo conceal their
trucks they simply had strii' k back
into the country so us to avoid enuiin.'
1.. ...: i.". I : ... ...i i.. ..
Ill lUliltllTh fito tnu pint-a vviioiii inn l
supposed to lo lingering uiotig the
The who'u four niw went to the
cabin an. I carefully examined ihe ru
in1. After u lonp- ti ti i tniiiuto search.
Urady discovered that iieiu ol the in
nui'cs had been euii-niiH'd. This au-
iinuiiceiiieut at ouce ui-p..'li'd the ucst
harrowing tears of tlray. As soon us
all that eouhl be discovered bad beeu
ascertained each mi of the puny pro
posed some cuurac ol action, line do-
ired to go to 1 ittahur.' and obtain as
sistance another thought il best lo
r.'liiruto Mi'lutnsli uud ei't bOilia vol
uutecrs l hero. Brady listcnol patient
ly to both theso proposition, but uri g
quickly mil after tulking a moment
apart with llrigs bo :
'Come , '
(iruy and Uiviuton ohcyel at once.
nor did U gi objeot. ilrudy struck
ibe trail and heirau pur.-uil in that lie
niendioualy rapil manuer for which he
waa so faiitiius. Ii wus evident that
if the savages were overtaken it coul I
only bo done by l ho ul most cx-riion
1 bey were some Icurs uhcud and truui
tho number nf th' ir horses muat be
nearly ull mounted. Urady felt that
if they wore uoi overtakeu thut nibt
pursuit would be utterly futile.
It was evident that the luinl hud
been south ot ti o Ohio and plundjie.l
tho homes of the so tiers. They hud
pounced upon the family of Gray upon
thoir return.
When tho nuist have
been two o'clock. At least two hours
had brcu consumed by the spies in
niakiuu tho ueccsmry cxplorutiocssboui
the bouse ero I hey approached it and
iu examiniug ibo rums. Not a word
was spoken upou the route by uny cue,
Their leader kept steadily in advance.
Occasionally he would diverce from
the track, but only to lake it up a aide
ir to iu advance, Tho Captain's inti
mile know led ao of tb typography ol
(lie couirry enabled hint io anticipate
what points they would make. Thua
he uiined rapidly upou them by pro-
occdui' iicurly iu a straight line to
wards Ihe point at which they aitucd
to cross tho Beaver river.
At last convinced from tho penera!
direetion in which the tiuil lel, thai
he could divine with absolute certainly
Ihe spot where t bey would bud that
stream, he abandoned it anil struck
boldly acins ihe rnuntry. The aocu
rey of his judgment waa vindicated
d llie fact, that from an elevated rival
of a lent! Imo of hills, he saw the lodi-
ups, with their Tlotima just diapprj
VaVn, (O il lliikliNni.) Ho coilnleil
. tlicy elnwly hii'ii t In ir wny up tin? n
!ccnt uti'lor tliu r
"4 III tllO (li'lllllllllf
! ain. 'I'Ihto
wcro thirteen wariinm.
'fiylitdf wlmiit wiT'J tiioiiutc.! nti nhor
womni le i lcs (,r.iy e W;lc, "as iu the
Th ' o Ida M'ptnoil foiirlu! to P'n.'i'
ami HiviiiL'l iu ; nlihoti.'li Urn ly m i ll'
ti ! liitn n t I lie moiiiont in y Iml
" - I out nl'evht llrn ly aain pin!,.;.
; '"rwui-J with uiiflujtitu cm-ivy, imr
mi in.i liilmw r. I i - i i ' t I o . lln ro i
not a timti iiiiii'iv them whoivi iihim !.
with t-'unj uu.l ri'id us wi,i;i-Mr l.
finm ci'n i .o ;;n I ti. 1111.114. li ir.!-
-hip and ocpiiaiiri'. II ray's h'i.
bii'iii si'eiiicd to ilil ite twicu ils naliir il j
ai.ll Hi thoairjlt of bii V. ife Itlllflili j
ilrcn. Terrible w:u too voip'oati'-'i.' ho
.Inst ai the mi t''t theapici rr. se.l i
ihc slivaitl Ulrl be.'iiti til lis 'ell' I ih'i
..... 1... ..-1 ..1 ..i t 1
ravine, u was cvi ieui mat 1 in 111 li
ana inteirled to ramp for tin) lii, hi
aome ili-taice up a atii.til creek or run
will' ll dclio iehui illlii ili aver river,
ilioat two miles I'i'iiii lie I'lMtnni '.I
fort Mi lnl"!i. and two In lo.v the ra
vine. The p 'l owiii to the pen. It
ular form of l lr' l vf land lying
weal nf the I'leitvcr. at which I lie) el
icited to encamp, win full ten l.iilc
iVmii the f'ft Mere lie ie .ti a f.i
wiria spring no (J. ,'ly mi l cillitiioIv
Mt'l'itnii ill a ill'.' i 'tell, nil. I ao d cU
.in . .'.. with il.i'l; in iim t iii it plica,
ihtl there ws little il 111 :ir of diacov
cry. liven they lirvJit I vl.t a tire
(I'll C'lllld Hot I.J MID ol.O IiU Itt'd
) llfli
The priic'c linirs of their 1 'ader,
whieii w.i ild have b. eti tetotally iucx
' i it to a!i mheri wet.' paitiiiiy it
not tuily iml.'rst I by l.; f,liiwer
At least they 'li t ti"t le'ait ite or iptea
tniii htm. When d.tfk rViu Ur.iJr
.''"sh'd foiward wi.h a luaeh atipaioii
een.y ua i.e inc nay
Si I I'M I il l IV U'lla, It I i III'. (I I flit f I 111
- - ......w
I;i i;;tns lui I j'lMt liii'Jli'.l t h i t liiro At. )
.!.-.,.! il...:. I ..-I '...:.. i
I"-. i iii -.o ii. ii iii'io nt'iitai
fie who-e Liiaioieo they ilituled aa
much aa that of the
Miiall pox, Mood
ilium tlicni.
Ids ('inly had been loft ll .!i
i.ineo in the rear ut a cuivienciit sp
j while I o ivl forward t reconnoitre
I'Ihtl" t'.u v ri ::i.;::n.'d iiupatieu'ly for
' iblce llioi'lal hnlira. 'J'hi'V 'li-'.'llM d ill
ll'iW tnliea I III I'Xtri'tl) ill-parity nl the
j force, the propriety ol goin." to Mctu
tosli f..r n-.-i.-tuDt t.. Uut ud ugleeil
.I ... !)..! . 1.1.1 . i
tnai it nrany orO'CiM inem toutiicK.
aucceai W is certain. lloWi'Ver IMii'a-
tieiit they were he ret utile. 1 ul licit
1-. , I.. , ,,1-iu in,,, , "-;
iii.mi and chil.liel lay within a centre!
of a I't'eaeeut f a laid by llie savages u I
tl.ev slept. Their litiii.i were st ie... I
nti i" the
ri.'ht and ot th'ir tun-1
.ihiwks. They were i.o! iimre than
tiltci n feet fi'"lu them. Ho had truwled
wiibin fifty feet of them when th'1
aunt lin ol t he hoi'sea. uceasioiii'd l v
the iiiiroaeh of wild bcat, had arm
cd a number of ihj auva-is (rom ibeir
light slumbers, an I he had been com
piiiled tolieipiiet lor more llitiu un
buur lor i hern to sleep auniu.
He sai l bo meant to ut'si k I hem
but ho must depend solely up. o th.'
knife un I tomaliawk. He was to be
iriu tho hluiiirh'ei on th" rijht, lii ay
on the It-It mi l lieviogti.ii iu the cen
tre, uud Higa should secure thu ene
my's units.
The dillicult utid hazzirdoiii ap-
prnucli begin. J hey arrived v.'ilhiu aic.'tll, an I llie
buu'lrcd vurdi q! the savu.vj, mi l then ' knew it ut a ,
lay iIou to creep berp'iil like into
their dreadful circle. Just within ii
Ui.'gs cracked a Iwi;, a hato savage,
le-s asleep I bin his freibrcu. who lay
within reach of llray ' toiualniwk, slow
ly sat up as il startled into bis posture
by tho smiiid. After roiling bis eyes
ho ntraiu laid down uu l all wus still.
Full tiltecn luiuiiles uitscd ere
Hi.'L'a move I, then ho slow I v wont nn.
Wlien be reached Ids plate, a very
alow, hissing sound indicated that lie.
waa ready. Urudy iu turn reiterated
the snuud us a bl"iial to tlrav and Ilev-'
iugt'in to U'gio. This they did in the
most deliberate manner. No iicrvnus.
uess was periuisaible then. They
slowly felt inr lb.' heart of eiiob sav
a.' a they wore to slab, then piling
ed the k n i:'o. The toiuuh'iwk was not
to bo used link Ihe knife proved lu
cfll' lent. Not a sound broke the still
lies of the uight as I hey cautiously fell
and blabbed, uulesi it might he thai
ono who was I'eel'Ui; would hear the
stroko of the other's kui to and the gr.Mii
nf the victim whom ibe other bid
slain. One of t hem had not beeu kill
ed nu'riifht by the stab nf limy. He
sprung to hta feet, but ns ho rose lo
about the war cry, tho tomnhavrk fin
ished what the knife had bcuu. H'
sla.'gere.l and fell heavily forward ou
one who bad not yet been reached. j
Hestartei up. but Urady was too auiek.
his knife retichrd his houtt aud the
tomahawk his brain at alinut the same
All were ilriin by the thioe spies,
except uiie. He started lo fl e. but
ritle sht by Biggs rant merrily out
on the night air aud closed bs career.
The women and children alarmed by
the contest, fled wildly to the woods .
but when all had grown still and ihev
were called they returned, rernguitod
amid their fright the tone ef their owe
(suople. The whole party took up
their march for Mclutoh at onee.
About sunrise next morning tho sen
tries of tho fort were surprised to aee
tho cavalcade of horeVs, men women
and children, approaching th fort
When they reeok'O'a-ed Urady tb-y al
..n admitted hlax and ibo wbde parly
Io lh relation of the eireunitaoee
aflerwards, Bevinaiton claimed t) have
two h'.o iniiiy. Tin) lliirlo.-iith.
I5i jr'-f thi)t.
Ffum lhat hniir ti tli-.i, ihi'nir i
unll.vl tho lO'ly Sjiinir.-' iul tin
; "iiiuil run i eulli-il "Urn ly' Kn '
row, i'ti or tl.p limit curioii.i .i f Un-
pooplj living in lim ii.:io;;,li,)t lion 1
kill.1 au'lil ofihi) c.ruutii.l tnc wliiri,
oiil'.-rri'.l klp'-o iianin 1111111,11 wiiiih
ill b. 1 r-'-orv.'il by trnJiiio'i fuovir
'lli n cii ImI 1, in! of ti,, in i.- t Ll'ioK
fail I di In I lijl.;.i wlin li th! jrit .i;
-py li tl tl.o Mivi,va. ILalioto
i i 1'1'lcr i.l i ir.iu iiKi Ji :i'a, 1-
in iry, i I .., let. J
foii'.i aloi!. : i f
i Xjili.riiti.itia mid advi oiiir .us
llimi t!i.,t id' eitiu t Weti. or ll oi
T K' liton. IU saw tiinr.' M'rvii u lli.ii.
ilin'l 'il tliein. an I hii 11 uiic w.i.
aa a by -word ol l. riur ainoiij lu iin,
M .ulii
iVjiii 1 1. :
.S ja piu!i,ui ia Ij 1. ik
r in.
'J'tl t'ulai' M-i.
The Nf Yotk cerrespoiidiiit of th
I'liiai leijihiil t'iCi icciin y relatci
ihli Mi I t.iry :
Thioiitfli li.c jrjiliy lh.' b mcil u.iil
nlTer, tin i never Wns the l.tet more
ili.-dii'a.itijy iiii sir.l'e I than iu lli.
I.iio iim.-t nf ii .New YmU cuinteririi
er D ie id (lie .e.-t I'lirniven ,u ib
oiintry, it inil in ti.e world, sir-r.-leJ
in h .i i lfiCc, w in re cviTi tiiin.'
w. nl lo prove, nil i wheio hi! unre-erv -t.
lly ini.l'i'Mi' l Ina y,u !i t,.u imiiij 1. 1.
y br ikeu an t co.ii'iMfl t.i i,i tho ii
denial. He wo a !'; ..', y. ir i. inaa!
I ' k ti in hi, tb. hi .ii i.; ii ,1 .ij,. bat
i! .jipate 1, I'Win, Jii.i!.u!y, lo the
wn leh d lid-invas iu wlii. ii l,0 n ,a
ei,i;,:nyi..l. Ho bud w,.rku I i .r
any l',i., uii'l ljr tli)
k v .1., uii.. ur i.i) Aie.l ,i ji
1 1
ing C'tliimtiV. us a .-.'iiilllr. I,,iiiel
t rur.iver, uiel ii i:p In v.i.i.iu p,,,
Wc.-k.-t ;u liteuiit In family. N d,r be. th.-aioa:; .,u M.,,j ,.
'tc,iL eriiiie id l.i. .i ! i., aure.v en l
ity, , had I.e. n u k.nd I ither uu l I n
' I ... I . .. I . 1 I
Uii till, UTI-i Hi' . IT i 111 I 1 hit
I,., h..i,u. ; lu-ii!,.r lie v;i at
Mil lllli
l.'JiV lo
ii i' a Uu l man, i
!.,. i;.,.,,. .,
C 111 l'i-''.,i,e,i (
lii" f.ti't I tia; !
i !, w.,, um-ic,.' lor
I tie i I
mi i an i it,
;.iu-t i i.e
iptel hii:,
'ni. la wj-
IV '.ill
L.ti) i.r.
I .r hi
r g lia
invid i ii.i,- to i hj
a." co in .t i It
that i..' ie
', ; ptolita h .w
Vl I
rv ali.el, lor ni.e in th ir v 1 1 1 j
an I Doner. I,.' l'.'i t 1. i.i i.ii
I"V UL 1
', U.I
lake Ins C'lialK', s id liiim, n.-o gai;.s I
al'a'.ig w.lli p .'-.-ivIe diai'.-veiy. ciuvic-
tinii u-id the .St .le 1'r.soti.
All. i hi, :ii'.-,.,t. in eo.i, i,..i.i'
the Cl.ii f of the Sectot .Scrvii'u uii i !
uvo K li.orJiu.ile-, wo waa locol t" i to
hi h ni.e a luaud, di ?j.'..t f.l, - ilit,
wrcleh, and the nee'ie t.,.tt eli-u.. I nl
, i,.. , i .m i.,,.,, i.,, , i
us were the ollieer., I.i r.iii.i ,1 I ,..,;!.
;riei-, li'ju,:lit uli. Ut lo tin'.." suiliiuai i
iiiiC'.i.-, iiii li-ini eoii-ci;:ic. !'.' nl ln.ti;e
iiiirieebee tu.d leal a wu u.'lhing i.-w
I' tililookol I n ; but the taiinlvs de
. i ..i ,.
apair i.' cc:. t :.
nut euro lo uiiet the ira.:u of the af
Iright jd Woman who nu-l tluio ut tin
door. A biuul'lul d.iujhti r ut six
tct'U lifted a while li dTilied fn e be 1 her lnuilier'; ullJilier of ten
ahrauk uiruitial the wall ; a I ri.'ht iu
telli-icul boy of sis aloud trja-dt d il.
wonder, ull J u einikiig inUnt of tw..
e "lifrouleJ tbo miairablo litlur uud
ll isbaiid. TLe i flk-iTs uoidi d tu t t"
search the bou-e lor lie.e of bis evil
deeds. Wile and Ireu were iun i
l.iujr-j.rji-ticcJ ufli'-'cts.
iti .'e. i no utiuaiiliv
sib' s;u. k in t ' a chair, l'lii.iu ,er
sliui.) Iii.tids one over tho oilier, uu l
ssavitig to uu iro, she umaui'd ihe pit cry to heaven, " U, d'od ! w by
can't 1 iio 7 1 Her wet lice was lived I c
ueutU its tears, utid shrunk iind si, irj
visibly, liknu face that is dying.
Tear utter loaf till fiohi In r starin. e)es
aud t'uliui il 'WIl her pallid checks lo
her lap. Never cms? pultinii up
him I to wine them awav. tl.ev 1:, id:..
uud helpless on her knew, uud ih'e U.k
'.,e tiirued on biui was titterlv br. kiu
nearted. The vuuu ' daaiitee a,.!..
bed liautieally, "Oh, laiher ! lather i
abut have you done'.' ' Then mruinc
lo Ihe chief, " On, don't believe il, ir ;
my latliar coul I ii"i do it." The lutit
girlclnng to the olfjcer'a knecin child
ish nit i va!)'. " Don't take my faiher
Tin !
o prison, oieaae. picas u Mi u I Hi
my U ii uiuler the bed, uud tiie baby
crawled at it's mother' leet, whitaj.
eruu iu iia I nglit utiL'i ite I
The lather iis'k. d up' u tile ruiu he
hud wrought, the grief ho bid Lroa ji
upon Lis loved one4, and sob alter ui.
luoke from iii. b s ou. 1 'ashing dowu
bis uravcr, lie sai l. " In d cur-j u.e
to my genius, ami 1 il never iitt it
tigaiu l1' lie covered his lace, uud iu
Ins tears, these who loved b-ni lush
ed their cries.
The pear vvlfelouul her str.-agth
and voice at the pilwou sight, ami
came aul put ber band gently on hi
shoulder. "My poor, pour husband !
How could you ; how could you t riiu
such em row and yourself such ni'sery ?
It U Saturday nibl, and there is nei
ther food uor tire ; they wid take you
to to sway front us. an I oh ? wbei
ahsll 1 do fur the children ? Who will
pity nr help ua alter this T"
" 1 expected sumo inouey to-i.i;bl.'
and I tie lakiug trun ul
ifcket a torn halt-dollar : " this i sb
I have ; lake tt . and cet a little bread
for them ta night.''
He put it ia her hand, but the tremb
ling tinker dropped il unnoticed.
" My husband in jail, my vbildn n
tarvina I O U'-d ! what bat I dooe
thai 1 utustsuffel an?"
Hew tho chief a'errd forward
You shall sot suffer; I'll see, tuadata.
lhat you and joofc ojte. t. n iuaie
io 'hinU you : ho ia j:u !ty, ju ilj. Let
my hub.'itid,''
" Yes.'' Inn st mi' th '' tj t-r ; ' I
ait) i2 i i It v ; yoi h ive th ) pie-s -a. pljie
cveryiliiiii.. sti I k'c.W it, b'it I i loro
ihe Aluii.'htr liii i t'n y ire inuueciit ;
liny knew ipdhin i, ii.''
' I inn jvrfieily well awn re if it,"
ii i.l the chief, iind n it wns t'l ii'iil to
all. I hey flcpnrlt'I with the pr oner,
.ciiv i ii g the ik.aokito Luiuo to ils lcari
in I nnki'iiati.
ll'et.r lamtd grief wai written on
i vt.iin iiiV luce, il Kiii sthuip d i n thij
j!ll-'.! f alnlfi nf ( .U'l'efleller'i
wile, when ah,. ,,,!te. i.r illi'd en llm
weeping clid Jieli ; lo reprnni-h utile
' l.u'.V hi 'ild yoi. Iiovr c.i'il I miu '
have sejii the br.v fniie.l into tnanv
iovin,r hoiiiea', win-re ita l.pitd bv h a ri -
e 'lit i runes brotig!it s .1 b ii woe, but
never did I vtilti. -s so Inn rnwoig it
'.a tiiia itd-i rablo ti.'i'aver'a dwe lin,
"he k 't twiaiing her lingeri tnfeilirr,
and t . if and ncu'iinr " lo in rrmv
i Siin-ldV : oh, a '.b! at!i f.r tuc,
u. i iiil in ii, my li u -t-Rii 1 ; '
.She wnan la ly l y eiiacali oi. l i t'l
and aa, mi l thia bl,.v strii k
ln-r lo loo i at tli. Shu c .u'. en lnni
iti'l conceal proves !y, hut ih;i pr.-o'i
i ii.i" the wnil I tun. i know, an I iln
li 'tiil.le u'l'icl'an i ahil'U W ia Ie r. I i
I" ut i.a In at she i,i(i.i. 'J':i,i S'at-i
I'r.i'ii Mir.-iy inv.ti' t !. ti'li.r, and
Ji.'.iih ihe in. oh r if t!i I'jcj aim ern -
! i : I to hi. e ll ih .t ..ibl...tli tiinriiin
a nti in.b'N to the salh tin within.
And the in i. r!il eye i.i.y. th" cmw.
ii. a t'l.!'.'.'. and il.o : i t u I yiria. i. hit
vi I h co no nl llit'.n .' fh' late cn'in
iloit unr.ii tin to; o a fi ,iltt--i won.
a i 'a hcurt tisaiiu ler, mil li t it l u
e;..ini:ir io other vlu bavo a lui
devote I hi'iniy u ji.-r.l iu ihcir d.a
,l..c uti.J run.
gm I im rala do not bavo their
l.'i 'i iu tavci'iia niel Miloot.s ;
I hey lo ii.i'j about sbnps cr
I a!wa)a have u p i..f opini
g i.i. tn ti t. I in u rhu'.r uti n
U ..yi,
imr ilj
till vs.
"I - V..U
iiolll t,.eti
g' mi ii'.r.
ni u.uijiing Ins l gs in ii
'U'-ll I lit' is he 'ct a i-ivii;-
. 1 1.
swag.vri'ig til. Ill li
IJ lUl V Uul' 11. ,111.1 :
Ie, ati.l
ia si
ru.,.;i' to ;i g,,,j w.irnau in vice ii
v .i tue 1 lu ul ii.o-i iiere ol
p aei a)
ii ie i c i. i a
an a'.a
te Ij etnolio an 1
i'ia vait.s, crack
J"," ' " " "''
" yii u" r''
.. i.-. uinl you kiiow
I ita aotlle oi ill, in i.-. I
a I'l'. j.i late lor ) o l ihuu
w bol
yoi;.- si-Uts. !i .t
' ul 1 '"vi! J-tu itiaio tl.vtn, wi.l
1 lial a wid "
aiiwn men to r..l .i li.'thili hi
real li.; is'tion
e xemptiiiti from
their own sex.
1 1..)' lllli. k
wh.. his kc
'f his hut.or
aitcr al 1.I-.
a li ii ov ti ttil 1" green"
t l!.- I I .uia nn I tuc:iiy
i itiV, .'ate let the tweet
.. lo aa b ia ; an 1 tli.'V
say a lhow that ws not o'.joy u tin.t
e g.r or a i;ias oi'ei.-et, la ks iu thu
itigtvd.eLt.! of wiiat ti ov eouat t .e
a'V"jl Itll .v.. ' It ia ilia slieercat
ti 'ncacuoe. ani the tn st ultnl) e la's
i:y ih..t evr wl.ieiiel a yojug iinn
.ut u it., n,t j,l, ei. I a Ui an " execileu'.
jii'lo'' of u,eii. i.i.,; home if tb very
best oiica it bia l ei n in) g-M'J totluue
to know, have beeu wen ul' honor, geli
eros'ty, lai'o I.c.iric.lues., saiypa'.hy,
Jeep uud strung iu f.oiii'g iippiveia
ttVC, puaae.'.aillg gooJ soie uud jule.
incut; and they neither siu ko, chew,
drink intoxicating Leverages, attend-liorsc-lacea,
dc.iut iu the Witticisms
ft.iocloivu o! a couutry eireu-, UJr
I'lauL l looi a lor tloraes.
The l iili.v.u;. iron ihe I'ineinna'l
litizette, ay'.'tliij uo the sub " In regard to hurt" standinz on
(are jiljnk floors htv tried it for
lift ceo years, and never littered a stall
vet. nor have I ever hul a hors or
tiinlo to get lam by being 9 trcatel.
I have at tinws left'atable fli.ra with
out plauk, aul al'tervTit Ja p'at.ked ihctu
for the reaaoii that th. horse do bet
ter on plank floors, and the stahlca are
easier cleaned Th y da not wear iu
holes or ever get wot. I pot the idea
Ir. tn a rper inanr year aa. which
stated t L it in lln'ljti.l 1 1 think) 'hcv
'"e sti iu H i ts for their stable, aa I
ever lit tcr ibem.a'id they have souu
lit born than any ether coutitrv.
N ov if I was g'irti t baild a stable
lls.r I wo J I.l ,'.t lw by f ti r inch oak
aeanilin., nod lay tftem lengthways ut
die stall, or the si : way tho h t s
stund, and lettvo etnai. half-inch cracks
between lliara. Selling them edi.
way ayoi will Imo a do r fmr inches
thick, aud one that will a'.w v le dry
and c'l. The r'4"0 for Lying it
lengthy of the h rso is. if tl should
ever wer out it Will be where Mia
bora stsuii ; con'tjunily, only a few
piece need be taken up aod repairvJ.
I would a'a-i bar the. flour two feel
above gr und. if fMsa.bie, for Urrn
and euiilitioo."
NiTPorar m lliaroar. A youth
lul applietnl for aivit'Scato t. teieh
school prorD'ctl himself before tho
Superintending ebol I'oramttt Ola
town in Maine, aod atVr haviog aea-
wered oorrertly aeveral qQestioaa in
ma'hetuaiiea, be waa akjd .
" lu what year did Colatubua discov
er Amerie J"'
Th yuuog mat paused, seraicbej
hi hea l, and replied-
Well, Mitra yoa'v) jrtot n
sow I"
" Waa It Wora or after the birth of
our Saviour f coutiauard the eoaoiit
tee wan. Tho youth, apeot Majt
ia tbouxht, and il. raisiug hi baesj ...
r v- : -