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'Jlie Grand Demonstration of To-Day.
The late disturbances in New York between
the Irish Protestants and Irish Catholics have
created considerable, excitement among both
parties, and in this oify they have served to
awaken renewed interest. in the organization
. known as the' American Protestant Associa
tion. When the announcement was made
some weeks .ago that thegraud annual parade
of the Order would be made to-day, each and
every lodge began tilling up with members,and
it was hoped that a huge turnout 1 would be
made. 1 ',> ..
When the various Lodges had ail assembled
on Broad street,this morning,no: one was more
astonished than the Worthy Grand Master.
Great as had been the expectations/ the num
ber of men in line Was still-greater, and a fair
estimate placed the figures at three thousand.
Owing to some difficulty in forming the divi
sions, one or two Lodges being absent, it was
nearly 11 o’clock before the line commenced
to move. A
Countermarching on Broad street, thence to
Chestnut, in the folio Wing order: :,
Lieutenant Ericoson.
Reserve Squad, Mounted. .
Lieutenant Pritchard. ' •-
Department of. Police. A
Chief Marshal,
John Fullerton, of No. 10. •
Speoial Aids.
Frank Boss, No. IS ; John Laughlin, No. 16;
' ■lsaac Lyster, No. 29: Thomas Smith, No.SO;
John McCain, No. 58; John Gilkie, No. 66;
William Charlton, No. 86.
Marshal/Thompson Carson. No. 9.
Aids, Frank Burns, No. 13; David Campbell,
No. 14; David Coulter. No. 15.
Liberty'Lodge, No. 9, with four-horse bar
roucbo, containing a -large white silk banner,
with Goddess of Liberty painted thereon.
Independence Lodge, No. 13—Barouche
drawn by four horses, containing a white silk
banner with the painting of, the “Declaration
of Independence?’
Joshua Lodge, No. 14. Barouche drawn by
four horses, containing blue satin banner
with paintiDg of “Joshua commanding the
sun to stand still.” .■■■•
Constitution Lodge, No. 15. Barouche drawn
by four horses, containing blue silk banner
with pairing of Washington holding the Con
stitution. A ■ * ' A
second division.
Marshal—Jaa. Caldwell, No. 18.
Aids—Andrew Henry, No. 16; Wm. H.
Surie, No. 20; Wm. B. Fleming, No. 23. .
Montgomery Lodge, No. 16. Barouche
drawn by four horses,, containing red silk
banner, with painting of the Ark of the Cov
enant; and reverse, portrait of General Mont
Gideon Lodge, No. 18, barouche drawn by
four horses, containing a very handsome white
Silk banner.
Harmony Lodge, No. 20, barouche drawn by
four horses, containing a white silk banner.
Washington Lodge, No. 71, Wilmington,
Del. This lodge carried a fine crimson silk
banner, with the representation of “ Wash
ington at Trenton.”
Manayunk Lodge, No. 23, carried a blue
silk banner.
_ „• Marshal, Adam Hill, No. 30.
Aids, Charles Forbes, No. 26; Samuel Greer,
Ho. 28: Joseph tlermou, Iso. 29.
Star of Bethlehem Lodge, No. 25, barouche
drawn by, four horses, containing a blue silk
banner with the paintmg of the “ Child Jesus
in the Stable at Bethlehem.” ■
Israelite Lodge, No. 28, barouche drawn by
four horses, containing'a red Silk banner with
the painting of: the “ Children of Israelln the
■Wilderness,” and the angel leading them out
Philadelphia Lodge,, No., 08. . This lodge
carried a fane blue banner with the city’s coat
of arms painted thereon.
"Marshal, James Brines, No. 30.
Aid, Joseph Bennett, No. 37.
Southwark Lodge, No. 31, white silk ban
ner, with painting of Indian, and American
Ashland Lodge, No. 32, white silk banner,
with portrait of Henry Clay thereon. ~—
American Star Lodge, No. 37, fine banner,
with ■Washington on. horseback. This Lodge
was also accompanied by a number of boys In
sailors’ costume.
Wm. Penn Lodge, No. 29. Accompanying
this Lodge were a numbor of young men at
tired as Indians, who, by their antics and
capers,- created considerable merriment for
some, whilst they shocked the nerves of
others. Several parties were also attired in
costumes similar to the one worn hy Penn,
and following them came sailors hearing the
trunks supposed to contain trinkets, &c. This
Lodge also carried a fine white silk banner,
with the painting of “ Penn treating with the
Chief Marshal Junior American Protestant
Association, Jas. D. Love, No. 2.
Special Aids, Wm, Glenn, No. 4; John Don
nelly, N 0.3.
fifth division.
Marshal, "Wm. G. O’Brien, No. 3.
Aids, John Kamse.v, No. 4; Rowan Elliott,
No. C; Jas. J. C. Hamilton, No. 11.
Hope Lodge, No. 1: Union Lodge, No. 2;
Liberty Lodge, No. 3; AVrn. Penn Lodge, No.
•1; Montgomery Lodge, No. 6; .Excelsior
Lodge, No. 11; Lodge, No. 7. All these lodges
were accompanied by pioneers; sailors, In
dians, &c.
The Liberty, Montgomery and Excelsior
Lodges also carried handsome silk banners.
Marshal, John Riddell, No. 38.
Aids, Robert Woods, No. 41; James Dunbar,
No. 40; Wm/McGee’, No. 43.
Good Samaritan Lodge, No. 58. This Lodge
carried a flue white silk banner, with tne
painting of the “ Good Samaritan " thereon.
David Lodge, No. 40, carried a red silk ban
x’ ner,with painiing of “David slaying Goliath.”
Conshouoeken Lodge, No. 41, carried a
handsome blue silk banner, with the figure of
an Indian thereon.
Hand-in- Hand Lodge, No. 4b, also carried a
blue silk banner.
Marshal, John McDonald, No. 45.
Aids, John Patterson, No. 47: John Gainings,
No. 48; Charles K. Yarnall, N 0.50.
Zachary Taylor Lodge, No. 45, carried a
crimson silk banner, with portrait of General
Taylor thereon.
'Prentice Boys’Lodge, No. 47, made a fine
show. A large banner drawn in a barouche
bore a painting representing the banishmont
of the Pope aud the inscription, “No triple
crown.” Accompanying them were a number
of Indians mouuted.
Pennsylvania Lodge, No. 47, carried a silk
! unner with the State eoat-of-arms thereon.
Marshal, Joseph Maxwell, No. 60.
William Reynolds, No. 58; Robert McKee,
No. 07 and Joseph Thompson, No. 03.
Ark of Safety Lodge, No. 58, carried a ban
u,er >„with the painting, “Moses Offering up
the Sacrifice.” .
Mount Sinai Lodge, No. 03, carried a small,
bet neat, crimson mush banuer.
Moses Lodge, No. SO, carried a blue silk
banner, with the painting “Moses receiving
the tables of the law.”
b'ume? enS ° 0 - also carried a fine
- Marshal, Jus. Hutchinson, Kg ««
*.-■-■ No. 80. ° ’
. . .Excelsior Lodge, No. 80.
1 bis Lodge careied a fine banner, with the
painting of a JSoy and Motto-" Lxcelslor.”
Following this divimon came thb members
.. of the Worthy Grand Lodge amiinvit t M
guests in barouches and carriages, containing
members of the Order; next a cavalcade of
on'e member from each Order, Marshal Alex
, ander Jeffries.of No, 0, the whole closing with
a squad of Police under Lieutenant Hender
son. The following was the loute passed over:
liown Chestnut to Second, down Second to
Christian, up Christian to. Twelfth, up Twelfth
to Fltzwater, up Flti water to SixtceutU, up
sixteenth to South, up South to Twentieth,
»P Twentieth to Arch, up Arch to Twett «
first, up T&enty.-first toGvecu, down -Green;
to Broad. up-Broad to - Coliimbia' avetfiio, i
down: Columbia avenue to Franliford roha,'
down Fraukford road.to Girard avenue, up:
jGirard' avenue to Sixth, and there,dismissed. |
.The Lodges were formed in the, 'following 1
order. Viz: Marshal; band; banner; Bible,ffup
_ portedi. by l : the Scleral with drawn swords ::
Chaplain, supported, by the Conductors tylth ;
wands ; Worthy Master, supported -by .the ;
According Secretary and Treasurer:; 1 Deputy ;
Master, supported hy the. Financial Secretary
and Assistant Secretary; Past Mastoto; mem- ■
bers, (According to size); four-deep. A dis
tance of six fcot between each ;columu was
observed. -V; •
v The usual Dumber of bouquets tied with
the V orange ribbon” were Observed/as also a ;
number of “ orange neckties.” All-ak>ng. 'the
route the streets were lined , with, spectators;.
Broad street being almost impassable. On the
whole, theparade wasa complete success.-
r The banners carried by Ex
celsior Lodge, No. 86: ExcelsiorLodgepJr., :
Np.ll; Montgomery Lodgo, Jr., No. 6,. and
Mount Sinai Lodge, No.’ 63, were manufac
tured by.the well-known firm of R. Mi Robin
son &. Co.i N 0.131. North Third street, as were
also the silk flags carried by Gideon Lodge,No.
18, and Liberty Lodge, Jr., No. 3.
The Albany Zouave Cadets— Reception
by the City Authorities.— Our Albanian >
visitors are not being allowed to rest'supinely
on their backß. Yesterday, after having been
conducted to their quarters at the Continental,
and allowed time to perform their ablutions,
they were taken in charge, by the members of
CompanyD, lstßegiment P. V. M.yand con
ducted to diffisrenu- parts of the city. In the
evening a complimentary reception was ten
dered them at the Lardner Street Armory, the
hour fixed being nine o’clock. The visi
tors left the hotel at 8.30 o’clock; and
headed by Doering’s band, .were conducted
to tho place named, by a sub-committee of
“D.’’ On entering they found about 150 in
vited guests present, and Company D and the
First Regiment band drawn up in line to re
ceive them. After music hy Doering’s band,
Col. Jas. W. Latta, on behalf of the Reserves,,
tendered the strangers a cordial. welcome, in
reply to which Gapt. -Wm. A. Hamilton; com
manding the Cadets, mado a few remarks,and
closed by introducing Lieut. Jno. Gould,
Judge Advocate, who made a neat and fitting
speech. Company D then saluted the visitors, -
which the latter returned,and,breaking ranks,
all hands partook of a fine collation.
This morning the Cadets, under escort of a
committee of Co. D. Gray Reserves, headed
by Capt. J. Ross Clark, marched from the
Continental Hotel to independeace Hall,
reaching there a little after ten o’clock. .The
members were arranged in a circle around the
Capt. Clark introduced Mayor Fox to the
strangers. ,
Mayor Fox then said:
It gives me pleasure, gentlemen, to extend
to you a warm aiid cordial welcome to our
city. We will have many matters of interest
to occupy your attention, hut there will be
none that will make a deeper impression upon
you than the efforts to promote your enjoy
ment that Will be manifested by the corps
who have been privileged specially to pay
you their. attention whilst ; you. sojourn
with us. We have a strong military spirit
marking the young men of Philadelphia at the
present time, but whilst the State of Pennsyl
vania withholds - that legislation, which is so
essential for the encouragement of this com
mendable movement, our city authorities here
aTe doing everything in their power to foster
and promote it. We believe that a strong
military spirit among our citizens and its - de
velopment into organization contribute
greatly to the aid of the civil power in admin
istering the law; and the.: greater the. organi
zation. the Jess the necessity for its being
called into use. And whatever agencies,
whether ot movement or example, that will
promote this end, it is not only onr place but
our pleasure to welcome; and in-that view,
and also principally because of the dis
tinguished reputation of the Albany
Zouave Cadets as a model - military
corps, we.extend to you a hearty reception,
and we hope that in addition to tlie pleasure
of your company, the excellence of your drill
and discipline will have its ’ beneficial influ
ence upon your brethren, the volunteers of
our city. 1 commend you, gentlemen, to the
hospitalities of onr citizens, and trust that
your visit here may be as agreeable to you as
I am sura it is a matter of happiness to'us.
Capt. Hamilton responded briefly; and in
troduced Judge Advocate Gould.
Lieut. Goiud said: - Our"worthy Captain,
like the illustrious Grant,whose picture, I see,
graces.these walls, is not a talker, although
an excellent officer. I occupy the place of
spokesman, and I feel that I hold a very re
sponsible position, as our company
contains professional men, men of
ability, men of high standing in
commercial pursuits, and men connected
with every branch of business to be found in
a large commercial city. These men the
citizens of Albany i look upon with great pride.
On behalf of the company I thank you for the
hearty welcome which you have extended to
us, and also for the compliment which you
have paid to us. I thank you for this
cordial greeting, which comes in a way to be
appreciated by soldiers. Last night our men
grasped by the hand men who fought with
them on the field of battle ; men who slept
side by side with them; men who had gone
from this State to the rescue of the liberties of
the land.! In addition, I feel as; if I am repre
senting the State of New York on this happy
occasion. I feel as if New York is shaking
hands with Pennsylvania. We cherish our
State, which takes a great pride in her militia
Prussia makes it obligatory to give three years’
service in the military, and wo have recently
seen the effect of that Our State is.followiug
in the footsteps of Prussia. No foreign exam
ple is needed, however, as the first to rush to
arms at the outbreak of our war were the
militia, and to them we owe the preservation
of\ the capital. Wo shall never forget
\oijr kindness, which has made a deep
and lasting impression upon us. We love
our State and we love our Governor Hoffman
hut our hearts are big, and we shall give a
large place to every soldier in this corps of
yours, from whom we have received such
land attentions. - Again I thank you for vom
hospitality so cordially extended on this occa
sion, which .1 consider one of the happiesi
events 1 ever had the pleasure of enjoying.
This concluded the ceremony of reception
-The company broke ranks; and the members
then examined the relics in the hall.
This afternoon there will be a street parade
of the Albany Cadets and Company I>, Gray
Reserves. The line will form at the Conti
nental Hotel, at 4 o'clock, and the column will
march over the following route: Down Ninth
to Walnut, up Walnut to Nineteenth, up
Nineteenth to Green./down Green to Broad,
down Broad to Arch, up Arch to Sixteenth,
down Sixteenth to Spruce, down Spruce to
Broad, up Broad to Chestnut, and thence to
the Continental Hotel. A dress parade will
lake place in front of the Union Lea-mi
H ouse about half-past live o’clock.
This evening a banquet will be given to the
<\-ulei3 by Company D, Gray Reserves, at the
Continental Hotel.
The visitors will leave for home to-morrow
The visiting company comprises 4 officers
s staff, 52 privates, 8 guests, fi drummers, 2u
musicians and 4 servants. Several errors have
occurred in the names of the officers of the
company and staff, as published, and there
tore we give a corrected list as follows:
Captain, Win, A, Hamilton; First Lieut.,
CharlesC. Nichols; Second do., Charles A.
Lansing: Third do., Edward Douglass; In
spector, Edward McOammon; Ordinance Of
dicer, John L. Newman; Engineer, Hred’k
■W. Brown; Judge Advocate, John Gould'
Surgeon, John S. Delavan; Quartermaster
and Acting Adjutant; Orriu A..- F tiller v Pav
-master, George- O. - Harris; Commissary, Ecl
iwafd W. Monteath; Chaplain, Rev. Edwin
B. Russell.
The Albany Zouave Cadets ruruished ninetv
two commissioned officers in active service
during the late rebellion, all from the rank and
Foundling.— A female, about five mouths
old, was found on the steps of St. Vincent's
Borne, Eighteenth and Wood streets, last
evening. The child was taken in charge bv
the Sisters of the institution. *
Attemi'T&d Suicide.—Elizabeth Nelson,
aged tbirtv-two years, jumped into The Dela
ware, at Mead alley wharf, yesterday after
noon. She was .rescued from drowning by u
C*v _ *_ . ■
JXfae Mevenih-'Welril'-Firif'-i-The tosses
and la9nra»MS--fTiieOrimn. ,
■Smith & Harrfb, whose'-pfaeijig aiid pias ter
xtiillat Beach and Coatesstreets, was destroyed
•by fire on Tuesday evenlng.estimate their losi
at $75,000.
fixtures, lumher, plastori &o, , Tho inBuram:(:
amounts to 816,500. The list bf comp’nules
was published in, the Bulletin of yostordav.
Messrs. Sheets & Norcross occupied the one
and a half offliie'at the ‘B. W. oorner of
Delaware' avfenuo . and \ OoatoS Street. The
building,belongs to the city, and'was burnt
out. - Several sheds belonging; to Sheets &
Norcross ’.were burned. ■ No,' Insurance.' The
Joss on,the lumber,on the; whaffbpposlto Is
estimated at $35,000. upon wlijcli, there is an
insurance of $25,060, divided as follows
Insurance Co. of North America... i;;. .$5,000
Stqjte of Pennsylvania.,.p; 5,000
.Spring Garden.......'.........., . 5,000
.Fire A550ciati0n..........i......... ~.., 5,000
•ißtna of Hartford, i. V...... • ....,....; 6,000,
Some of the lumber of Messrs'.: Norcross &
Sheets was of .the most; valuable, character.
About $lO,OOO worth was finished, having
been planed in the mill Of Smith*, jifc: Harris.
Messrs. Taylor & Betts 'estimate their loss
on lumber at $<30,000, Upon which there is an
insurance of $22 500. The names of tho com
panies wero published yesterday; The office
occupied by the firm—a two-storied brick
structure—belonged to Thomas H.. Powers.
Loss, $2,500. Partly, insured. . 1 ■.
At the northwest corner qj Taylor .&. Sons'
wharf A. J. Geigerhad some lumber stored.
His loss upon it is $1,200. No. insurance.
.. On tbe same wharf tliere jiad-just'been
landed a boat load of lumber, to
Gill & LukeiiS. This was destroyed. Loss,
$3,400. Noinsurance.
1). B. Taylor , & Soil’s loss, is estimated at
$35,000. Insurance $15,000. . Their .office be
longed to Thomas H. Powers. Loss $2,500.
Partly insured.
Patterson & Lippincott lose $5,000. Fully
insured in the North America, of Philadel
phia, Niagara, Continental, Yonkers; Loril
lard, Republic and Washington,of New York,
and jFtna of Hartford. -
The second story of D. B. Taylor & Sons’
office was occupied by. Collins & .Co., . .com.
mission dealers in lumber and grain. Loss
:On the first wharf below Coates.street, D.
Trump,Son, & Co, had some lumber damaged.
Loss slight, and fully insured.
Coates street wharf belongs to the city. The
piers wero badly damaged. The other whatves
(the piers of which Were badly damaged) be
long to Thomas H. Powers. :
The persons who had lumber in the mill of
Smith & Harris were as follows:
Feet. Value.
Watson Malone & Sons... 8,006 $175
W. A. Levering l',ooo. 300
Ellis P. Moore & C 0... 2,000 120
Norcoss & Sheets 60,000 . 650
E. B. Edwards & Go 1,000 25
T. P. Gallon & Co 30,000 900
Most of this lumber was not insured. Ral
ston & Biddle had some there. They had an
insurance of $2,500, which will cover their
Fire Marshal Blackburn has investigated
the circumstances attending the origin of the
fire, and is satisfied that the cause was purely
accidental. There were separate - engines ahu
boilers in each mill. ‘ The shavings from the
planing mill wore used in the plaster mil).
The greater part of the saw-dust not used as
fuel was deposited in a small building at the
northeast coner of Coates and Beach streets,
which was formerly used as an odice: —From
each of the saws thero were wooden pipes
which concentrated in a fan. The sawdust
by power of suction was drawn to this fan and
by the fan was blown into this building; - This
building had got-full, and there was a large
pile on the outside - at the end of the deli ver
ing trough. From each of the planingmachifaes
there Was a wooden trough concentrating in
the planing mill.: A larger delivery trough
passed from the planers into the plaster mill.
One of the panne' ~ of the saw-dust fan got
heated several times on Tuesday afternoon,
ami the machinery was'stopped to allow Tf'fo.
be cooled.
A little after five o’clock tne foreman, Mr.
Levi B. Ulmer, who was standing-near
the fail; saw. sparks blown through the
delivery-trough to the, pile on tlie
outside-• of the storage-- • building.-
Before he could scarcely see what was the
matter the whole pile broke out into flames,
The tire got into the large delivery trough
leading into the plaster mill, and both mills
were in flames almost simultaneously.
Sv.MiHKR Night Festival.— The Summer
night Festival of the Mannerchor.SiipgeTbund,
Junger Miinnerchor and Harmonie; at Wixsa
hickon Park,last evening.was a very successful
affair in every respect. The park had been
arranged iu a very tasteful and neat manner,
by its worthy proprietor, Mr. John Jliscli.
The attendance was large. Each society had
for its headquarters a large pavilion,
which was gaily decorated with the flags
of the United States, Germany and
the North German Confederation.
The Junger Mannerclior and Siingerbund dis
played several large transparencies with comic
inscriptions. The pavilions were lighted with
numerous lanterns of different colors, and
throughout the grounds there was a profusion
of similar lights. There were two brass bands
—one under Professor Oberkirsch and the
other under Professor Mayer. There was also
an orchestra for dancing. During the after
noon there was considerable singing. Among
the songs were: “Die Wacht am Rhein”
(“The Guard on the Rhine”), by the
Mannerclior, under Professor Engelke;
“The Chassepot,” by the Young
M annerchor, under Professor Hartmann;
“ Dei- Abschied oom Walde” (“Parting with
tbe Woods”); bydhe mixed chorus of the Har
monie,; under Professor Kuenzel, and the
popular air, “ Hoer fes, Mein Yolk” (“ Hear
it, My People.”) The Sangerbund, under
'Professor Dietrich, algo sang several excellent
pieces. The great German national refrain.
“Was Ist des Deutschen VaterlandV” was
sung, about eight o’clock, by the best singers
of all the societies, together with instrumental
accompaniment. This splendid refrain
created the greatest enthusiasm, and cheers
1 olio wed cheers for Germany and its leaders.
1 At about 9 o’clock, a masquerade procession
was formed by members oi' the Junger Miin
nerchor. Fancy caps and dresses,torches, trans
parencies, &c., were plentiful, awl soon one
of the finest-torchlight processions we -have -
ever seen passed through the main avenues of
;thc Park. At the head marched a Fain tali', of
the Napoleonic cut, as Chief Marshal, then
f ollowed a squad of police, uuder command
of Lieutenant Jacoby (who had preserved
excellent order with his men of the Har
bor force and the Thirteenth district), then
came a band, followed by the members of the
Undine, Union, Pennsylvania and Malta Boat
Glub.s in uniform, with torches. Then came
;i brigade of “ Shoo Flies,” and numerous
other characters. After the procession. had
passed through the park by the light andglare
of magnificent red and blue lights, it marched
iuto the dancing pavilion, where it halted and
formed an open square, in which the “Shoo
Flies ” executed some very funny dances.
After the procession had been disbanded there
was a grand display of fireworks consisting of
Bengal lights, Roman candles, rockets and
numerous ornamental pieces, the finish of
which consisted of five arolies, the centre one
larger than the two on each side. In the top
of the centre arch was the word “ Germania,”
and underneath a lyre: in the arches on either
side were the names of the four societies par
tiepating in the festival. This all appeared in
various colored fires,and produced a very good
effect. The festivities closed about midnight.
Everything was well managed, and the affair
was of the most pleasant and agreeable
The HcoheotAtlhc Dispensarv,—Report
of the Hahnemann- Hospital Dispensary, No.
1105 Filbert street, for the month of August:
Whole number of patients, 308; cured, 124;
relieved, 142; pied, 4; did not return, (ill; re
maining, 95; number of visits made at the
homes, of patients, 134. Principal diseases
'treated : Bronchitis, 20; pharyngitis and Ton
si litis, 15 ; stomach 27 pdlarrhorafr
39; dyspepsia, 32;. neuralgia, 15; cholera in
fantum, 15; rheumatism, 20;.. amomia and de
bility, £1; skin,diseases, Sl'; catarrh; 18 ; dis
eases of lungs andboart, 14; liver aud spleen;-
!>;'dysentery, 2; dropsy, 0; erysipelas, 2 • dis
eases of. brain and-spinal covd, 14; cholera
f liorbus, 4 ; marasmus, 8; other diseases, 66;
Deaths were from marasmus, 3; pneumonia, 1;
■total;- 4i--- --'■‘■—'■L ----- -----
■ i ( ) Q »-, »~ij. Xi -*- . ♦ ■*-'- *»- »*■ .
La«t, night,.. -of*, an
iilarm bi-fire, Company
was attacked at Sixth.and Pine streets, ana
afterwards on Ninth street near Spruce. Sev
eral of the members wfifeb&dlyboaten. : - f Thb
carriage was taken possession of, and,was rim
some distance, but was Anrilly rescued, -The
partita who Conniiitted thls’bntragearfe said to
be members or adhorents of the Jlarion .Hose
• Company. i'-; ■ : •a'-.iv -,.i
■ln connection with this subject wo have re
ceived the following Communication:
. M Philadelphia, •Sept.8 1
of the' Evening Bulletin: 'Being accidentally. on
Eighth street, last ev'ehfrigi anting ah 'alarm
of fire, and having witnessed a most shame
ful ana unwarranted attack of a gang of ruf
fians who .wcre'ywlth, tho" carriage of the
Marlon Hose Company upon the members of
the Southwark HoSe iCbmpany,l, 'as a citizen,
who formerly took, aitactivo interest in the
Eird Department' arid atri’ 'still its friend; am
'led.to ask the question,Wlieter there 'is ho way
to prevent such, outrages ? Is it possible that
the Chief Engineer of tho Eire Department
never hears of such occurrences, and if he
does, that he allows them to pass by uiiinvos
tigated ? : Or is thb fahlt With dhr (Sty. Coun
cil, in failing to apply tho remedy When such
cases are submitted to'th'efr cbhslderattoh ?, If
such'acts are to go uifrebuked, and'ruffianism
he allowed free sway in our streets at overy
alarm of Are, th(i eloper ;the present volup r
teer system is forced but of existence the bet
ter for the fail* name of our city. x
' “Volunteer Fireman.”
DiiirriNGs.— Tlio weather to-day is lovely. ■
-Keed-birds are scarce and dear. - .
—The polii-oiu caldron is ' beginning to bub
-ble. .‘
—There is a great deal of bargaining going
on in politics.
—With the approach of the election, the
tree frogs on State House row are increasing.
—The absence of disease this season is attri
buted to the plentitude of fruit.
—City Controller Hancock refuses to coun
tersign the police warrants for August, because
he cannot ascertain who the officers were that
played soldiers.
—A great deal of money changed hands at
the races, yesterday. The sum will be greater
—The new railway line on Twelfth
street is being rapidly pushed for ward,.much
to the disgust of owners of private teams.
—The Are at Beach and Coates streets has
been a God-send to the poor of the neighbor
hood. Their store of kindling-wood has in
creased wonderfully..
A Queer Charge. Before. Alderman
Kerr ,yesterday, Mrs. Julia May and her
daughters Misses ' Matilde arid Juiiai residing “
on Serrill street (late Sergeant), Nineteenth
Ward, w’ere charged with having abducted
the child of a Mrs. May Morgan, residing at
411 same street. Mrs. M. testified that on sev
eral occasions defendant had threatened
to take her child, a daughter of about four
years, away from her, on account of her hav
ing been beaten badly,and that a week or two
ago she disappeared. She now charges de
fendants withher abduction. No evidence of
the fact being produced, they were all three
Larceny on JFikty-eive Dollars.—Ed
ward Eisoman was arraigned before Aid Kerr
this afternoon for the theft of $55 from a Mrs.
Eliza Feeler, residing No. 6i Vincent street,
on last Sunday night a week ago.' Edward
hoarded with Mrs. . E., and dunnr
rhe night 'ote id h room Id ~
Be mgl „ entereu -ier room ani_ robbed
the bureau drawer, he being seen committing
i lie act by a (laughter of Mrs. F. The money
was the result of montlis of labor at.the wash
mb. Edw. expended it for poison wlilsky.'
lie was committed to answer.
Pound Drowned. —The body of Alexander
(i rant was found in the Delaware, at Wash
ington street wharf, this morning. The de
■ eased was a native of Aberdeen, Scotland,
t wenty-three years of ago,and belonged to the
i'rig Argentine. Ho fell overboard at three
"dock on the morning of the btk ihst,
Larceny.— Mary Byan was arrested yester
day by . Sergeant Donnelly, of the Seventh
on the;charge of the larceny of cloth
ing from a house on New Market street. She
a as taken before Aid. Becker,and was held in
riiOO bail. --
Beat a Seaman.— Horaco Baker, Captain
of a vessel from St. John’s, N. B„ was arrested
last night, at Pine street wharf, onthe charge
of beating one of his seamen'.. He was 'com
mitted by Dallas.-,.—. ~.....
The best dressed young gents of Beading,
I'ottsvilie, Wilmington—all tUe cities around
ns—get tbeir wardrobes at the great clothing
bouse of Wanamaker & Brown, Sixth and
Market streets. It is a fair sight—the heap of
packages, containing suits of clothes, sent bv
express every day to all parts of the surround
ing country. The trade of the house is enor
mous, because the finish of the work is per
fect, the style in all the plenitude of fashion,
and the prices rendering competition abortive.
The suits from Sl2 upward are cheaper than
anything else offered.
Point Breeze Park.—The races now in
progress at Point Breeze Park are exciting
and interesting, and have been witnessed daily
by thousands of persons, including many
ladies. The linal race will take place to
morrow for a purse of $4,000, mile
heats, best !i in 5 to harness, for which “ Gold
smith's Maid,” “George Wilkes,” “Buoy”
and “American Girl” have been entered.
Pair.—The Harmonie, one of the leading
German musical societies, has decided to hold
a fair, the proceeds to be given to the fund for
the relief of the Widows and - orphans of - Ger
man soldiers. This Society numbers among
its members many ladles, and as they are all
taking much interest in the matter, the fair
will no doubt be very successful.
Hon- S. B. Axtell, M. C., of San Francisco,
lias reached Philadelphia, and is staying with
his uncle, Rev. Hr. Saunders.
The $l5 Pali, and Winter Suits, which
nro so popular at thin time and bo boautifullycut, made
tint) trimmed, aufi in such vast varieties that you hayo
only to look upon them and they will speak to you—
-1 not in an audible Voieey'b'ntrby a power tiidre potent'
limn words—they will speak to your understanding, to
: your pecuniary interests, to your personal appearance,
!o\en to physical powers, for they ndorn you with a full
chest, and broad and square shoulders. There is nothing
:to coihpeto with the. $l5 suits sold at tho Great
i Drown Stone Hall or Bockhill & Wilson, Nos. 003 and
003 Chestnut street.
St. Albans Place.—The residences in this
desirable block are hoing rapidly rented. The uni
formity and handsome finish of the houses on both sides
..f the square, the magnificent park running from
Twenty*third to Twenty-fourth streots, make the
Ihorouglilare one of tho finest in the city. The houses
V.re l ented at a very low figuro, by Joseph James, 801
•Gray’® Ferry Rond, and C. il. Leslie. 717 Sansom
si reel. . '' >
The best and cheapest advertising medium,
hlio True lb most popular* and circulates,
\vt*ekly,more than any two othera In York county.
Address Hibam Younq,
: • York, Pa.
American Enterprise in the East.—
Wo were recently shown a letter from a traveler in the
Holy Land to friends in America, from which we muko
the following extract, thinklug it may not prove'unin
'tereHtingtoourreadera. Hosuys: ,
i “wo mot with cases of Pratt’s Oil; not only in tho
.bazaars in Jerusalem, and in Damascus and Alexandria,
but in nearly every mountain village of tho Lebanon
iraugo : and wo were told that wo should find it burning
.beneath the tents of tho Arabs, in the plain which
{Htrotches away, towards the vulloy of tho Euphrates.
Hve were told that two pilgrims took as an -offering to
Mecca, two cases of .this oil, ami a German Student
Lump, which so pleased the custodians of tho shrine
that 100 Radioes woro, on thofr return, entrusted with
! an order for a furtbor supply, and now we bollevo that
iMahoinot’s tomb is soon and kissed by the light of
IPmtt’e Now York Oil.”
. Wo are ourselves ÜBing Pratt’s Astral Oil, and, from
actual trial, can recommend it to our readers as the bost
iwe over. used. More than all, it is perfectly safe.
1 “ The Astral Oil is for sale ut wholesale and rotailby Z.
i’Lockk A Co., 1010 Market street. Sole agents for Philu-.
tdilphlß" ; —^
i Straw Hats.—Kfcssrs. O, Oakford &Sonsj
‘ln tbs Continental Hotel', announce;, that they have fre.
'reived another lot of thoso One Dollar Straw Haw,' The
igreatosf bargains Over offered in America."
-The^; , sPtm.Ai>BLi‘HiATrpHofcsTEßV,’’--oor--
’n»r Fifte.'Utl: and OtKHtnut ,effects, embraces 'every
lurticlo lb the the business, curtains, shades and befi
tting. Arid' nil manner of upholstery work done at a
tremedition, rc'luctioufronttheresuWroa»rses;-
■ Aromatic' Sohiedam Bchnapps seem tobe
extensively gaining onr pupUo confidence..and pro
toiaoa to Mike toe every otbofltiiiior Q^td
especljiljy fornujdlciDdl
~Tills tB not surprising : for. *part from its being found
imhoet Ofom*rOepeotM>Jo Xlrag Stores r in - this city And
country*; apd its -being strongly treepinmended T tho
-phyHlciflDß, tho mild ecdamoablo, taale .ofothis artiole,
controbtodiwithtbo fffrong'pungentend-aoUaDaenija
tlouprodocwi tm tbo palatebr tfi o common?deleterious
art fcle^-Wblob is HOW tho general oomplnint of pfearly all
thOinodteft! Jacuity'of this iboifntry-~vrtrald, or -itself,
-Dufllco to give it tho decided prpforepoo. Tf proscribed ns
A medicine, it 1a not bad to toko; &nu, to nso as a bore* l
rflge it is considored by judges to bo superior to ant arti
cle of the kind oyer Imported Intothls country** v*
Boaches, Ants, PuEB, MosQuifc>Eß and
•nUiDsebts are anlckly dostroyod-by JACoBY’s T.N6ECT
Powder. .fro,f?|7Chestnutstreot ft ~,, . , ;
Jnpicious,; use i
Bowkn'a Infant CoEDfALi bocaiißo at is on# of .tho f
most delightful Bind efficacious ircnlMlee_over discovered ;
.forenring tho various ill. to which infants and young .
childrenoroeubject. { V;-. ,
Jacqby’s Yiohy LozkNoes. Highly redom-;
mended for, Acidity ,of, tub Stomach. Hkartbcrw, i
Featblekct'and Indioebtion: No. 917 Chesxnct >
street. "■ a <; 1
Deafness, Blindnebs ,'and Catarrh
treated With the Utmost knoeosSTby J. Isaacs.M. D.,
and. Profossor of Diseases oftboKye and Ear /his speci
alty! In the Medical Oollogo of Pennsylvania,l2 years ex
perience. No. 80S'Arch street. Testimonial# can be eken
at his office. The medical faculty are invited to.ac
company their patient#, a# he ha# no secret# Inhiaiprao
tico. Artificial eye# Inserted without pain. No charge
for examination. _
Ladies can find every description of Horsets
nt Hoi-kins’ Hoop Shirt, Corset and Ladles’ Under-gar
morit Emporium. 1115 Chestnut street.
■ Corns, Bunions, Inverted Nails, skillfully
treated by Dr. J. Davidson, No. 915 Chestnut streot.
Chargee moderate. ■- - '
Ladies going to the country or seaside V'
Should procure one of those
Elogant and cheap 8 andowns from
Dakfobd SM and BSs Chestnut street,
Surgical Instruments and druggists
sundries. -
, , ■ Snowden * Bbothrb,
’-V M Soptn Eighth street.
Have largely Increased their stock of
In Mountmi/s of Et.qu Site Style, carefully pre
pared by the most Skillful Workmen.
They also call particular attention to
In Boman Gold, Gold and Enamel,
Turquoise, Black Onyx,
Bjzantine Mosaics, and
Parisian Enamels;- -
mv33 tu th b tfrp? "
A Choice and Undoubted Security.
T' I 3 ex- Cent- Grold
Coupon or BCKlHtered.nnd Free of F.S.Tax
Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Min-
nesota R, £. Co,
A Limited Quantity still offerc-d for sale at
J. EDGAR THOMSON,* m rfl(ttßA _
CHARLES L. FROST, \ Tra * t{ *«‘
The greater part of the rood is already completed, and
the earnings from the finished portion are already more
than sufficient to pay operating expenses and interest on
the bonds. The balance of tho work Is progressing
rapidly, in time for tho movement of tho coming- grain
crops, which, it Is esiimatod, will double tho present In*
come of the road.
The establish!*! character of this line, running as it
does through the heart of the most thickly settled and
richest portion of tho great State of lowa, together with
its present advanced condition and large earnings, war*
rant ns in unhesitatingly recommending these bonds
to investors As. In every respect, an undoubted security.
These bonds have CO years to run, are convertible at
the option of the holder into the stock of tho Company
at par, and the payment of tho principal is provided for
by a sinking fund. Tho convertibility privilege at*
racbed to these bonds cannot fail to canse them at no
distant day to command a market price considerably
•hove par, besides paving about 9 per cent., currency.
Merest in the meanwhile. Unitod states Five-twenties*
» present prices, only return 5 per cent., and we regard
lie security equally safe.
38 Wall Street, Sew York.
' OWNSEND WHELEN & CO., Philada.
i KKEB BBOS. as CO., “
t hTZ & HOWABD, “
..WEN & FOX,
i HAVEN &880.,
*Mi tutbolm
. . Elegant- Browci'Btone . Bosldence, three stories «hd
j* roof; very commodious, furnished with over?
Mtdlern convenience, and built in a very superior and
hi Ktuntial manner. Lot 26 feet front by 150 feet deep to
n»nbert street, on which is erected a nandaomo brick
-ihble and Coach Uoubo,
J. M. GUfifMET & SONS,
753 WALNUT Street.
»u ? 4 tfrp
Pil’il with ten acres, more or iesa, if required; *3tm
i .eiity of fruit. &c : five miles from the city, near rail
load station. Apply to JOSEPH B. BARRY, 429 Wal
nut street. lt v
U. P. & c. n. TAYLOR,
PerfYimery and Toilet Soups,
641 and 543 N orth Hiath street.
\J The very best article for travelers, infants, &o.
Neatle’fl Milk Substitute, Patent Barley, Fresh Oat
Meal, Bermuda Arrowroot, Ac. Liquid Rennet and
Miivoring Extracts. Forsale by JAMES T. SHINN
*■» W, corner Broad and Bpruoes*re6ta. \
JL Money Broker, northeast corner Third and Spruco
Ktrects.—«2s(J.oooto Loun,in large or small amounts, on
Diamonds, 811 vor-Plato, watches, jewelry,ahd allgdods
of value. Office Honrs trom 8 A. M.to„7 P. M. *5fJSs-
Üblishad for tho last Forty Years. Advances made in
largo amounts at the lowest markot rates, I# No Oon*
nection with any other Office In this Pity, . . . .
Blnga of solid 18 karat fin© Gold—a specialty: a
ruU agßortmont.of Bizeß, andno charge for etigraving
naxnea, &c, IP ARB A BKOT&KRj Mabera, .
ovr24rptf • 824 oh6Btpot■trftet« below Fomifl*
1 'A JEWKLBY, PLATE. OLOTjftNO, ato., *»
9 W, ■ . JONES Sc 00,’S .
.Corner of Third and Gasklll etreeta, ,
, Below Lombard.
' POE-SAI3 AT, ■ „ ■ _ ': ...
, itartrareJ-
Jc% erto failod to give Bftttaroctjto, :put
■KT a. order.TPartlcular attention paid to FtncWdtcli-.
•***es, OhronoMoters t , ete,, by slsUfal-w3 r *““?®<-
Musical Boxes ,^ B & UIIOTHIEB. f *
Importers of Watches. Musical Boxes, Ac,,
rnyio ' 321 Chestnut #treet,'beWw Jrmta.'
;i ;mak-er,..< .
; |3fol and j 303 (DHESTNUt
■A fine vissortment ot th .Lowest iPM«ibi«
r.. **,«*• ' ' ■ • V.
y-iNQll2m>P9<i ;iu y t; ■/ i
;', ! _ J-'f- •, ■ 1 - AlfD ''■ , V v;;'V,, <W ! !
j, v Ar^noWj-eeljlßgtheir ', ,
•* REII POftt COAIW ' ■
Richmond street (American street' Coal Yard, aburs
Si“ff, 0 5S l iO r Bt tbeDoal Iprdof JOHN T.BPBKRTS «c
BiiO., Germ tin town, " . ■
1.. ...; , Ho. 12i! SouthSßOOKD,Street
«u 5.9 Jmrps' ' .
A -M CX ?E fit»AL,i>Eß TOX OF ?.m
'.m **U BLlir SiU^K.-THOAI^Ui&SC^NS;
■SL Ancllontenj.—Vnlpabl'.- Frnlt Farm And country
feat, lMaerea, river Delaware, half mile abovo uar-
N # fJi-Ou itneylay , September 27th, im, at
o clock noon.will be Fold at public; Jialo, at the Phila
delphia Kxchangd,all that auperlor fruit fans, owned
by William Dulty,Jr.,, situate on the Delaware river,
about a ball mile nbovotho beimdnry line' oft bo city of
Burlington, N. J., conaistlne of l“l acres. ThU cele
brated farm it nntjnostloi.abli one of the most profit aH,
Id the State, which cun be shown by authenticated re
turns by application to the proprietor. -The toil 1«
scarcely ettualled, which cotjylsUof rich loatn, resting
upon a clay base, and . almost oytrs
acre -of .- that... ol - , tho , : .pretdltot
appropriated to cultivation ,1s capable of the most pro
tituble results; Therearr now npon tho premise* about
bOncreaiu tdaebberrics and ttr-awberrte*, about tvruallv
divided, tlio bearing capacity of..which, during tb<*
coming season, vvlllhe greatly Increased. Tto-ro are
ivlso:about,7W .beautiful, healthy, poach treys Just ap
proachlugj;tbe rerlod of /nil bearing: stare i meadow,
At., A latgo additional portion of Ia ml hat beetipre
fared for increased strawberry plowing tlie comln*
spring, at w hich time there will he upon the premises
an ample supply of the choicest young plants for that
purpose. There is also upon the premise* a large murk
deposit of extraordinary riclmeas, being composed al
most exclusively ol decomposed'vegetable matter, And
has burn penetiated 8 feet without reaching the txrtroni.
This tnucK costs todlgtocents per ttiutre yardiund no
iertlUzlng element pnihe value could V-
cultivator for two dollars por square yard. Acarefnl
examination of the vtrea covering theae deposit*, lead*
.Jothe conclusion_that ther#- ramjet be lew than four
tboueand square yards. The test of sereral years'
trial lias proven tbla element to be for blackberries,
strawberries, peaches, and, hi.lead, lor almost anv
crop, llie beat fertilizing .clement ever used upon the
premises. But noiniihstantllng the great attraction
which this property presents for horiUultore'and fartu
m*. It presents for improvement in Ibe vray of division
und for bmldiag purpow-* Mill greater io/Jnc{ra>*?pu; It
2t*in fftct.abont tbo ouly largp tract of land olizibb
•tltumU-il od tbo I>|?la»raro rjvtre b»lwe«u PbMtdftfphi*
urid Uorenco, whlcU la fc'iiitablcW thutpurpow. Th«
trad I* ncjirlr with a front oa tfc* rirer of or/*r
2.UW feet. oTtd tU<? lowerboiiodtiry U witbiaflro minute*
-w*!-k-o*-?he SlevrhM iJle-dejrt/t-nflthi* Cmndrp aud Air).
boy Btillroad. The uui*r<-vfT/i-nt* nr* a htttutlft;!
Gothic cottapo, iu complete repair, vittr&o attractive
lawn. liocoi-iiMrj’ out building, tmamV houht, Ac Ic
tvil! rficrefoie be. pert'elvH that this Tu'opertjr. hi .vJ4i
tion to it* 'Villus prr*tttt* ; theTanT.ariT#^Xff2o>t
ol o> W-autifulcoumr} #eat turl profitablylana. "Aini tU-
MiuatJon in perfect!j hoalttty, proved b v V+&-& 1
'r»>»Monc«. -'
Lithograph plat' may k«. t| w * Auction E
f lhe promise/ vr!l be /ho«-j L.y tfu* omxcr art-i'-y rij
want. . -.
. Tt'rtju-TrOK* talt. by s><>:» J *u i
uwTlßflpv'o» th«
8-y lummlitvto p^^ion.
iSL'TUUMAi: A SONS. t }i: .iion*er«.
ur«tl J 4! SouthT worth' feir^t.
Sfea.-s»!e;«>LarsA‘iuid 'Valuable J(p*itl«nc4. with &jd
> nrd arid M.dde and C*;tch Uousv, Pine *tre*'t.
.=•6 tr-t front, )«fer-r Tce*d*\". i Kcj>t>j*ih*.r 2?tW'
I*7o. «t 1? o'clock. iK*6tiV vi H J T«o *<>T<l »i
:\t the Philadelphia Exchange, a j| that and ra.ta
aM* threoetoi y brh U me-ouase, with thiee-vtory ao 1
.l>UL\Mflrj.b;<ck.Jt*«ildinita an4.ltt.af f r :mi&4.jutu*t« .on
tue h’/uHi aid*.- of Pino Mrtet, »<~#| <n Fifth «fr*et, N<*.
r<te ; the lot containing In front ot; Pirn? S'i
anil extendfriir In depth lOC feet. The bout* i« in good
rejiair.;. .ha« lw«c. potior,. Oinkig.-tuom. kitchen and
laundry on the first floor; 2 l*nz*- chamber*. library
abd eiding-roem on the wcet.d floor, and 4 chuitttr*
and Mimry on the third floor ; «a» and ivator through*
nut vbath. Uy.t f -*:lghiPt~ fum****.-
cookinu-rancc, permanent Mhflitul.*#, with th>
ai.d told water, and ironing rang* in laundry i ah»-j n
two-story brick *tabl** a»d carriage hou»* in the rear,
with a nag carriage way tc pine street; jnu-d*t, plant-j 1
v jth fruit tree*, grape l ines, sbrnfjh'rr, ic.
Terms—sB.iw may remrun'on mortgage.
Possession witklnOD da>*. May he ex«mioed any d»j
pterion* to sale.
Sale absolute.
. Mi THOMAS A SON*. Auctioneer*.
\7 24 ia:«apdUl South Fourth *tr©'*i.
& Sons. Auctioneers.—3 two-story brick dvrellioei«>
2103. 21 JO. 2112,21)4, 2110. 2H3, 2120, 2122 Franklin
mm t.noithofDianjuud street. On Tuesday,Seplurnber
27, lWu,ai 12o’clock*noon* will l»c soldnt public sale.
without rw/re, at the Philadelphia Exchange, all
thoso i two-story brick meeeuages and lot* of ground
thereunto belonging, situate on the west aide of Frank
lin street, north of Diamond street. f?o#. 2103,2110, 2112,
2114. 2116, 2118,2120, 2122 ; each containing in front on
r riinklin street 14 (Vet 2 inches. an«l extending in. depth
To teet to a 4 feet wide alley/with the privilege thereof.
The bouse* nro two stories high* with Mansard roof* ;
have gas, bath, hot and cold water, furnace, «;ookiuj<-
niuge, Ac.
They rent for §3OO ft year
Terms cash.
They wlli be sold separately
bale absolute.
M.THOMAS & SONS. Auctioneer*,
*«SJ724 139aiid 141 Sc*oth Fourth_fitre*it.
Rale.—Modern Three-story Brick Residence. Ko.
&1U trout h Tenth wtrect, below Catharine street —On
Tuesday, Sept 27th; 1370, aTl2'b’clock t . noon, will bo
tohl at public sale, at the Philadelphia Exchange, all
that modern three -atbrj brick' thoaauagb, with' throe
ntorj hack building and lot of ground, situate xm the
west aide of Tenth street, Honth of Catharine HtrooCi No
elli; containing in front on Tenth street lb feet, and ox
tending in d* ptli 105 feet to a 10 feet wide alley, with the
prl\ liege theieof. It baa parlor, dining room and tw>
kitchens on the first iloor; gas, bath, hot and cold water,
furnace, range, to. .
Terms—s3,ooomay remain on mortgage.
Tfiir Clear of all incurnbranc-.
■immediate possession
> ions to salo.
May bo exaitiiiitM ;*u> vHy p' *
M. THOMAS k SONS, Auctior<ocr»,
and 1H South Fourthstreet.
fiiiiL Sale*.—Kueipuss Stand.-Throe-story brick store
dwelling, No, 1719 South Rtro-et, wo t of HevnntoßUtli
btreet. Ou Tuesday, September Id, 1370, at IZ o'clock
noun, will be sold at public sale, at the Philadelphia
Exrhange, all ihut three-story brick store and dwelling,
with three-frtory tmckbuiidlognndiotofffroupd.BUu&tO
ou the north side'of South street, v/est ol Sevonteooth
btreet. No, 1719 . Containing in front ou South street 13
l>< t,understanding in depth 80 feet taOarvor fitroot. It
haa gas, range, Ac. Is occupied us a shoe store, and fe a
good business stand.
Subject to a yearly groubd rent of.SIOO. * .. ,
Posaeosiou on .*?!) days’notice. May bo examined.
M. THOMAS A; dONB, Auctioneers,
139 and 111 South Fourth street.
finil Sale.—. Business Stand, Itour-utory Brick Tavorn
and levelling, No, 1813 Lombard street, woat of Eigh
teenth sireeF. On Tueadaj, September 27* 1&£0|. V*
o’clock, noon, will be sold At publio atite, at tho Palladol*
nbin Kxchnuge, all that four otory brick mefl«uwjo-"kb*
lot of ground; situate on tho north woe of Lombard
street, west of Eighteenth street, No. IM3 ; oqntaln(ng
iu fronton Lombard street 1C feet, and cxtoudiitg in
di-pth 49 feet to a'i feet wide alley. It is occupied As a
tavern end dwelling ; haibaranu nxturea, gee, raugo,
Ac. Subject to a silver ground rent of SCO e year. '
izwusdiato Possession. May ho GKemincd;
M. THOMAS & SONS, Auctionoor*.
130 and 141 South Fourth(itrdofc,
: Bha Hale.~~Fivo valuable Building Lota, Thirteenth
■ireQt.botwoim Columbia aveutio and Montgomery ptroot,
extending through to Camnc Btroet j two fronts.' <Jn
.Tuesday, Bebt. 27,1870. at 12 o’clock, noon, will bo ooht
<at publicstub, l at the Phllndelohia Exchange, alt Mtflfsf
five contiguous totsxjf ground, situate on the oaitqido
Jof Thirteenth street, 180 feet south of Montgomery
htfdfct; .each'containing in fronton Thirteenth streot 18
Ifcei, and extending ta tX6 feet to Catnac otroet;
!t <vo fronta.
) They wili be 'sold separately. Clear of all inourn
Jbrauce. ;
• ’ ix. THOMAS & BONS, Auctioneers,
t fu>B!7 24 ' ! 139 and Hi South Fourth street. 1
'BHiL Auctioneers.—Three -Valuable Tracts 06a! .'lron,
Timber Lands, I<WO acres, >FavoUe-oounty»
.bvjvonia, aboutSralles from the .Pittsburgh and Clou
’iiolsvillo Bailroad, ond* about 15 miles from OonnolS*
dvillo*. Oh TuoHday, October 4th, 1870;-at-12 o'clock,
inooujWill be sold at public sale, tho Philadelphia
jKxchuuge. Full 'parttculartf In u*hdbuhi; •*
j liefer toiZnlniunr Ludingtpn, or JE..JL
jl'emutli, SONS. AuctWr
I r,03 , IS9 bp.il UlSoutu RourtU at?oot. j
ttie uatittl Ur«iirlif3 of Elfi'inob education,, with fclu
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