Daily evening bulletin. (Philadelphia, Pa.) 1856-1870, October 22, 1869, Image 4

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s, ~ f , .
~_. Telma of the Brooks AlmaHants.
1.-KtglitarrEtt SEssiortt3-4adge ;Ludlow.- - mite
.. 'art met at theppolnted hat' yesterday af
,,,,tternOon, and the ta ki ng
of testimony was nt
- AA'!iittmed. : : ~, , • '' .
,z . ,'',V , ;_Thomas - Hughes, sworii—l was in the ' city
.04! 93. the day - Alr. =rooks was shot; I know
'i.,,,,t•r- antes Dou g herty; I see him in-the dock; I
: ''* also' know - Hugh Mara, 'and see ,him in the,
;dock; I saw them on the day Mr. Brooks was
-`shot, in Front street, west side, above Arch;
t y , '';`,;- :
.were then standing on tbe pavement of
p 41,1,6 lager beer saloon just belo w Keenan's store;
ti* was froth ten to fifteenininutes past twelve
'',,1, - AtiOehick; 'I Saw a carriage , standing on the east
'-aide 'of 'Front street, and near by it was. a
e' .4:,' - ,lotEng man called Neil McLaughlin,and I spoke
~,A- . ^. ; ti‘1 11111 ;, While I was talking with MeLatigh
-530, Dougherty and Mara were; standing ,on .
1;1: . Abe,othor side of the way; I 'did not speak to
- ' 3 ' - them at that t ime •as I was going down Front
a,.?Street. '
,;; I saw them on the cast side, on the
i. paternent oaf the barber 'shop; I think the
‘.tzeccind dlsci,rfnah - lbe . corner, below Arch
street ; 1 went down and ,spoke. to Mara,,say-:
t"' e. lug; ollow do you do,. Hughy;'' h 6 made some
,4, *ply which I did not understand; Mara and
#(? to upOerty were together; I didn't - see Dough
7'.K eitrdo anything 'except talking With' Mara;
this was not more than five minutes after I
~;-', ''' was talking with. McLaughlin; subiequently I
''."•:j!.-1 otW' Neil McLaughlin standing in Christian
47 ;' . street, above Seventh; 'next I saw Hugh Mara
,' , "'i„' standing on the west side of the
,street, above
,: Fitiwiiter - 1 judge it, was about three - o'clock
_ ',
r -',,,w len I saw McLaughlin and i ara ; e a er
~ o.l6.,Sitting in a chair in front of . a taVern ;
Weil ' McLaughlin was, going up Eighth
street, 'on the west side • I next saw
tDenglierty coming down Fifth street,
, I Abte Fitzwater; 1 did not speak to 'him; this
t J o was'tWo or three minutes after I had seen
%Mara cin' Front street, Dougherty had on a
L..._,!.dark..coat_ and dark, pants ;.,1.. am _..poSiiike _these
things I have described occurred on the same
day Mr. Brooks was shot, the fith of Septem
':- " ... ber; I saw Dougherty, Mara and McLaughlin
. ,
on the 2d, of September, Thmsday ; they had a
carriage with two horses in it, in Seventhstreet,
A between 6 - amen' and Walnut streets; I saw
- o,McLaughlin drive the carriag e away; I 'saw
Dougherty and Mara crossing from the east to
'"'• the west side of Sarisom street; they got into
) the carriage, and Neil McLaughlin drove it
--- away from SeVenth into Walnut, and down
- ' Walnut; this was about four or five o'clock; I
atu not positive that. I saw them between
Thursday and Monday.
Cross-examined-1 am a cooper by trade ; 1
follow it when I get work at it; I haven't had
work for about seven weeks or ^so ; 1 have
done nothing since then; about eighteen or
nineteen months ago 1 was driving a hack;
' , 7' since then I have worked at my trade and sold
oysters,; I had a little money to live on in the
...: meantime; lam a married man with four
- , children; I. gave:this information the morning
after this occurred to Mr. Tryon ;
A . 4
,- know nothing of the reward
am to receive; I have been
•lung at Woodbury; went to board there
about a week ago ; I don't know who is pay
ing my board; I have seen Mr. Tryon there;
I went there with a gentleman from Glouces
ter, who, 1 believe, is a relative of Detective
• Franklin ; 1 haVe said nothing of this to any l i
' other officer than Franklin or , Tryon..
Re-examined—Before f went to New Jersey
I was arrested by process from; as I under
stand Alderman Devitt. •
' Mr. Mann objec et 6 • us.
Mr Dwight offered to prove that the prisoner
had been arrested by process from Alderman
Devitt ;-that that his,constable handed him over to
' - a man named Bob Lyster Smith, who gave him
money to go to Tyrone, With a man named
Franey, who conducted him to the Fourth
S\ and and there had hint, 'change his clothes ; "
and, while .he' was changing, he slipped away
and went to Officer Tryon.
The court oveiTuled the oiler, and the
•'• witness was dismissed.
Neil McLaughlin being called, was led to the
box' by Lieutenant N Wacky, and being sworn,
~• testhied-1 remember that Mr. Brooks was
' shot on Monday. September 0 ; I know James
Dougherty ; [looking at the prisoners] ; these
are not the men 1. had in the carriage that day;
they were bigger men than these ; I got ;,,e
-quainted with these prisoners hi New York ;
the fist place wherctt saw these men was New
York. at Mr. Murray's, about two or three
weeks ago; I was introduced to theni by a
young man named "Bottles ; I never knew a
'Hugh Mara or JaMes Dougherty in Philadel
plds: I did not see them on the morning of Sept.
6,0 n the day Mr. Brooks was shot; li did not see
them at Seventh and Christian streets on the
same day,after Mr. Brooks was shot; I did not
see those two men in the dock on the day Mr.
Brooks was shot; I never saw them in Phila
delphia before ; the first time I ever saw them
was at johnny Murra.y's, in Amity street,
below Broadway. in New York; we went out
one Sunday afternoon to take a walk, and .
they were arrested and locked up with me in
a station-house, and I was taken away' from
them : I was in Front street on the day Mr.
Brooks was shot ;1 was in that neighborhood
about ltlf-past eleven o'clock ; I was in
Front street, above Arch, with my car
riage; 1 was • engaged about eleven o'clock
by two gentlemen, at Walnut street
- •', • . . d-one to drive to Front and Ar'cli
streets: I never saw the two men before, but I
would know them if I should see them again
that was thejirst dine I had ever seen them ;
after I had been waiting there half an hour or
an hour, they came and gut into the carriage,
and told nie to drive as faSt as I could to Fair
:mount Park; I . don't -knew where they came
, •
froth : a gentleman came running after them; I
2. r .:, drove off as.fast as I could . ; 1 couldn't tell what
t. tile man's intentions were with the pistol ; I
I droVe to Fairmount Park, where the two • men .
Sgotout and paid rue..
Question by Mr. Dwight—Did you ever
' make a statement, about' this matter before?
.':'a,:' A. Yes:
~•.' , Mr. Mann objected to the question, on the
.`ground that the Conunonwealth could- not,
:• .- ' gross -examine or impeach her Own witness.
',: - .' Attire Ludlow said this was an exception to t
L • . - the rule, and the Commonwealth - 110 a right to
- 17? t,. cross-examine the witness. -
• ''' - >'' ' Mr. Dwight asked for an indulgence until he
should send to bring the Mayor into court.
This was, of course, allowed, notwithstanding
the objection of Mr. Mann, who said he thought
the object was to intimidate the witness by the
presence of the Maym;.
The witness continued—The carriage I drove
lielifinged 3:o Mr. KieWin, in Fitkwater street,
above Seventh ; .on the Saturday before this
Monday I saw. these two men that I drove on
Monday; they engaged me at Walnut street,
' iitittif, and I drove *am in Front street ; I had
seen them the Thursday before,and•had driven
Them hi the track ;on Saturday I stopped the
Carriage at Front and Arch; they got out and
went away; and then came back; 1 then drove
them to Seventh and Walnut, where they got
out and paid ; - on Saturday afternoon these men
got,Me at Walnut street wharf, and 1 drove
thdm to Front and Arch 'and Front and
Race, then to Seventh and Walnut ; I saw
the same men on Friday afternoon at
Walnut street wharf, and drove them to Point
Breeze Park; :stayed there until the races were ,
over, brought them back to Ninth and Race,
streets, where they got out and paid me;' on ,
• •• Thursday I was doing a funeral; in the after
, nifoill drove them along Front street to Cal
then to. Chestnut, - then to Ninth and
' • ; Race streets; I saw them on Tuesday before
' that at Walnut street wharf; that was the first
41 ; i ever saw them; 1 drove them in Front;
g,,CS'7..ff‘treet every day from Tuesday until Monday_
; I ..don't know who they were ; I
bare never told anybody who they were, for I
111401, ; know; I now say those two men were ,
not hlugh Mara-nor James Dougherty ; 1 made
• a;.fstateMent, and if 1 did say they were , I was
~ , :•sai.e.(l the way 1 had been arrested ; I never
14-)1d: anybody that the -men 1- drove around
• ~
were Thigh Mara and Jaws Dongrhqty;
k.• A ,
*side of my statement, never said these:men.
were the prisoners; I Made a .stritenient tO the
Mayor, Mr. Tryon and Mr. Franklin; In 'par
or my statement I told the'.MayOr the men ;.
droVe on those six,-days were Mara andi!ongh-,
erty, and hi another part "James Jones'i'and'
'Henry Stratton; I made oath to this Statement;
I told him that Jones. and Stratton Were ,
rested with me in I' York; ifferwarda,whert
the name was mentioned, I told him that Mara:
and Dougherty were arrested with me in New
York; I knew the prisoners in New York'its
James, Dougherty and Hugh Mara; I did not
see them at Coney Island before'. went '.:11.p to
New York; I told the Mayor I was at Coney
Island ;;I: told him that I had met : Some per
sons at''ConeY Island.
Mr. Maim again raising an objeCtion to this
and arguing it at length, Judge Ludlow saidit
Was competent to prove the statements made.
before the Mayor, and if they were contradiO.
tory to. what "was, now stated, ..to prove the
*statements' thendelveS.: - ••c - ' -
The 'witness resumed:
I*ill say RIO, fast time .I ever saw these two`
men in the dock,was in New Friday,:
before . I was arrested; I .don't'. know, what 'L.•
told the Mayor; I don'tknow Whether ;,I told,
him they-were with meat COneylsland;l - migh('
have told him so, but I didn't see them there
I say I never' saw these ; at -Coney'
Lsland den't:knew what I ',told
,the I,ia or,
for I was scared;; After I ,Ocaie.,froni„Tair..
mount Park L went Othe .13oftinfore,12, 1 ePcitatid.
tlienceto the,. stable; .1 hadnobody in mrear
riage from the'Parktci the stable;l drove
Christian street to Ninth, ',up Ninth to 'Fitz;
water, an own r zwa!•r e fle - 7t •
I went:borne, and after*ArdSto Walnut street ,
wharf, 'and' then id the Market 'street wharf; I,
Was walking ;• I Went to , Ninth 'and Chestriut;',
p J ataYed Morning,' and then rode home',
with a young man named Smith ;‘ Robert Lys-..
ter Smith,Was in the carriage ; it was about two
&Clock Tuesday morning when we left Ninth.
fltirlstlat/4_wewent , to Seventh and Shi >-
pen,. waited for Mr. Smith, and drove hird
home, and then went home about four o'clock:
and went to bed; I got up about eight o'clock
and looked at the paper; I saw what was in it.
and stayed at home until nine o'clock, and then
left home by the 2.25 train for New York; -I
stayed over night in New York and tlen went
to Troy, where I stayed two weeks or so
.stayed in New York over night and then Went
to 'Cauek„lsland ; SaNif nobody there that'
knew 1 came back to New Y ork on the Fri
day before 1 was arrested; Hugh Mara, James
Dougherty anvil "BottW - were with me when t
wos arrested.
Cross-examined—When I was arrested in
New York they told meit was for a bank rob
Cornelius Napheys, sworn—l am in business
at No. 116 N. Front, street; I remember the
day Mr. Brobks was shots about I.l'f- o'clock iu
the morning I eaw a carriage standing on the
east side of Front - street.; a young man was
sitting on the box ; again I saw it at 12 o'clock
in front of our door ; the same ybung man was
still with it ; I was standing at our desk about
a quarter after 12, and saw the driver get off
his box and open the carriage door; lie resem
bled the.young man who has just testified; lie
then got on the bok ag,fn, took the reins and
whin in his hand, and looked towards Keenan's
store; I went to the front door and saw three
men run out of Keenan's, store; the first man
entered the carriage, and the other two had to
run a few paces before they could get in, and
Mr. Brooks came running after them; the car
riage drove oft rapidly as soon as the first man
entered ; occurred so quicklY — thAt - 1 —
could not recognize the men. '
W. J. Thorman, doing business in Front
.street, above Arch, corroborated the statement
•of the precediog witness, but could not iden
tity the prisoners as the men who were with
the carriage, though he thought Dougherty
bore a strong resemblance to one Of them.
Policeman Thomas Snyder sworn—l know
the two prisoners ; on the day of this shooting
I saw them at Devitt's about one o'clock in the
'afternoon; they were there .from one until
three, when 1 went away.
Detective Franklin recalled—l have stated
that I saw Mr. Brooks on the day he was shot ;
f was coming down Callowhill street, between
Second and Front, when the carriage driven by
McLaughlin turned into Callowhill street. He
dashed by me, whipping the horses.
Detective Tryon, sworn—l was with Mr.
Franklin on this nay ; he and I called to Mc-
Laughlin to stop, and lie drew up the reins
anti! he had passed, but thep put the whip to
' the horses and drove as that as ever; I pursued
the carriage out Spring Garden street, but did
not overtake it.
Mayor Fox, sworn-1 am Mayor of the city
of Philadelphia ; 1 have seen Neil McLaughlin;
1 saw him to-day on the witness stand ; I had
seen him several times before ; he has made a
statement to me of the circumstances of the
shooting of James J. Brooks; that statement
is in my own handwriting, to which he has
affiXed his quark or signature, I do not recol
lect which, under oath ; lie has made a second
statement, additional to the first, the body not
in my handwriting, which was read to him by
me to know whether they were the facts ; to
which he also affixed his, mark or signature
under oath.
Mr. Dwight here offered thestatementwhich
Mr. Mann objected to. The Judge refused to
admit it to go to the jury, but consented to
-allow the Mapit to detail ii
written document.
The Mayor resumed—Neil McLaughlin said
he was the driver of a carriage belonging to
Michael Kirwin ; with that carriage, on Mon
day, Sept. 0 ' he was at Walnut street wharf;
while there he was employed by two men,
- who ordered blur to drive - to the base
ground; he started up Walnut street mull he
get a little west of Front, with the two men in
side, when one of them, he didn't know which,
said : "Driner,;bold up; turn up Front street;"
be stopped - by their order in Kront, street,
near Arch ; they got out ; Ihe drove
first to one side, then the other, waiting
for Lis_company_for several hours'; suddenly
the two men came running to the carriage ;
one of them got in, in a great hurry; the other
got his foot inside, and this happened just as a
stunning_noise occorred; one of them said :
• 4/rive on," and swore at him ; it came so sud
denly upon him , .that he did not grasp his
reins firmly, but sruck his horses with the
stump,of a whip; just as he started he looked
around, and observed a shot t, stout gentleman
hastening towards them, with a pistol pointed,
and he started withlis, horses'as fast as he
Could; the men continually instructed him
what Courses to turn; he described' the slirec 7
tion he took; he turned froM Spring 61:iuden
Street down Seventeenth, and without
any announcement . from them', to • stop
he slackened hit pace and discovered
they had got Out While , the carriage
was moving; at
,that timehe did not tnenr,
tbnithe names of the two men • as he finished
his firststateent he said he had; more ; partiert=
tars yet to give me ; in the second: 'statement
he said he had been employed by Hugh Mara
and JaMeaDmigherty, on, the .MOrning L ef the
tith of 'September`;, had (ived them to Front
and Arch streets, where,,••,they: 'got ••Ont;, he
waited a considerable length of time for them ;
they had directed hith Where to !place ;16' car
riage—sometimes on the east, sometimes on the
west side; that they (Mara. and Dougherty),
shortly after 12 o'ClodkOlaStened'back to ;'the
carriage; that it waS Mr. James J.Brooks who
had presented the piStol ; he knew Hugh Mara'
:and James Dougherty,
,and they had employed
him on a number ofeceasions previous to that
day; generally engaged him at Walnut street
wharf; nearly every time he Wandd be direeted
to drive around and ultimately chine to. !the
neighborhood of Front and Arch, or Race ;
sometimes they would get out, sometimes nal;
they had regularly paid him Ins charge, except
on the last occasion ; Le.lrad net and' talked
with'S.6ine one in Front street before he vas
ordered to drive away rapidly, and met him
Fivater .s1;leel, near Seventh this
waSllngbes : while ifflying out. Spring - Garden
street one of the men 1.1:1. a hat through Cho
Opening.and asked ( him , to , exchange•hats,which.
heidid, though the• hat offered was too large ;-
on' turning some of the corners the same' two
men who had got out in Seventeenth street
stapped him, and. , got into. the , car-,
rive. again;.the men., got out some
where in, Christian street; he again met
Hughes at Kirwin's stable, and got to talkin;
about the shooting of Brooks; he told Hughes,
he!had had a.chase that day, and ; was in that
affair, bat wanted nothing said-about it; that
night somebody said they were hitii about ,
that affair, and he asked - why;. tor-he hadn't
done it; he purchased a paper and read the•
statement in it, and it alarmed. him, and. he
went to New York; he'isaid lie-civent t o ,coney,
Island, and there met Mara,-,and Dougherty,
and "Pete Bottles ;" he said that while•there
these nien came to the Ocean House; re
mained there with them several days and; re
turned to Nei , York; Mara and 'Dougherty
came afterwardsto New York and they were
all arrested together ,•' he Came voluntarily with ,
the officed
Officer.;James 'Scotti sworn—l am rt,‘New
York policeman;: I arrested the prisoners =on
Sunday,: evening,. the 3d inst.; ISA. the corner of
I3leeker andpreensts.,N.Y; this was , about two
squares froM Murray's 'PlacS'i; they gave the•
names of James Jones, Peter' 'onahtte, Henry
Stratton and Geergit' Gibson; haek,driver
gave his naive as Gibson, DOng4ertY ga*e 4ll6
name of Jones, and Jllaralgave,jthe, name of
Stratton ; I brought them on from New York;
they asked what they were arrested ,for,and we ,
told them for a bank robbery ;- they were ar
-fated for the crime for which they are being
I ral 4 ini"""=.1101111111.111.01.1=1111
• - A petition; sighed by a large number of citi
zens, was presented, asking that" : the portion of
• Penrose Ferry Bridge nowstandin,g be removed,
"as navigation is obstructed.. Referred.
' . A resolution was offered,' authorizing the
' Permission to lay the " Stow foundation pave
r - went" in.front of any property in the city upon
the application of the owners of siich property,
providing the owners pay all expenses.
Mr. Barlow imoved to amend as ' follows :
Provided "that a majority of the owners of
property in any square petition for -the same."
Agreed to—yeas, 13 ; nays, 12, ..
The resolution, as amended, was referred
to the ComMittee on Highways of Select
• —City Councils held a stated meeting Yester
-414 afternoon. .
•• :Select IJranc7l.--24. Riteltie submitted au
ordinance appropriating $6,600 to: pay salaries
of teachers in new schools. Agreed
31t: - Ho - dgdonTor - the - Water - Committee; re- -
ported a resolution providing for the laying of
whter pipe in Walnut and other streets. AdOpted.
Also, au ordinance making the additional ap
propriation : of Vi 13,400 • to, the Water Depart
ment, to pay for coal, pipe,. extra' work, Soc.
Agreed to.
Mri Franciscus, or the -Comtnittee'on--Rail
roads; offered a resolution, authorizing the
laying of a turnout 'on Swanson street when
a railroad is laid in that pottiOn of the street.
Mr. Cattell, Of the Committee* On Girard
Estates, submitted au ordinance authorizing
the Superintendent of Girard Estates to exe
cute all lease's to be made, and also those
which the Mayor has not yet 'executed. Agreed
Mr. Fox submitted the following statement
of the condition of the City Treasury :
Cash balance ou hand Oct. 1, , -
18C9, - - - - • 4 $41.38,370 S 4
The appropriations during the,
mouth were as follows :
For paynient of rote- •
rest on city loans, $4170,26S 55
For sinking fund se-
- 119,000 29
Rectistered warrants
dud special claims, .488,490 00
The following bills and resolutions from
Common Council were 'concurred in : Resolu
tions of instructions to Commissioner cif High
ways, Controller and Police.
Mr. Fox offered 'a resolution authorizing
the laying of the "Stow pavement" in front
of the Custom House. Agreed to. Ad
journed. . .
• CO7lO//07/ " Bronch.—A communication was
received front shippers, ship'-owners, &c., set-,
ting forth that Penrose Ferry Bridge is re
garded by seafaring men as a. great obstruc
tion to the navigation of the Schuylkill river,
and requesting, as the shipment of oil and coal
from this river is very large, that the remains
of the bridge be removed and a new bridge
erected at a higher point up the river, but at a
point where the farmers of Delaware county
can reach the marketS of the lower part of the
city. Referred to the Highway Committee.
Also, one from the Park Commission re
. .
questing • the appropriation of $500,000 for
the payment of damage for ground taken, and
$200,000 for permanent improvementg, being
the balance of the $4,000,000 appropriated
to the Park. liefcrred to the Finance Com
mittee. . ,
Mr. Hetzell presented the certificate. of
election of James F. Stockdale . a.s a member
of the Chamber from the Fourth Ward.
Mr. Stockdale was then sworn in and took his
Mr. Martin offered a resolution to procure
better accommodations for the Coroner.- 11&.
ferred to Committee on Market and City Pro
perty. '
• Mr. Stiles offered a resolution, instructing
the Committee on Police to report to the Chant
ber the frames and .residences of all the-.police- -
officers in the city, together with their especial
duty. Agreed to.
Mr. Shoemaker, Chairman of the Finance
Committee, presented 'an ordinance appror.
priating's3,64.4 35, to pay the expenses of ert
largity,b the Select Council Chamber. Agreed to.
Mr. Ray, Chairman of the Highway. Com-,
mittee, presented a resolution for the grading
of Sansom street from Thirty-fourth to Thirty
sixth street. Agreed to. Also, one for" the:
tramwaying of Kershaw and other streets..
Agreed to. Also, one for the paving of Charter
- and - other streets;TAgreed to.
; Mr. Myers, Chairman of the Police Coin-
Mittee, presented an ordinance extending the
provisions of the ordinance prohibiting the
erection of wooden buildings to the lower por
tion' of-the Twenty-fifth Ward. Agreed to.
Also, one extending the fire alarm telegraph to
kairmount Park, and appropriating therefor
s'6'2s. Agreed to." .
Mr. 13ardsley, Chairman of the Committee
oft Suirveys, presented an ordinance for the
construction of branch sewers upon Walnut,
SchelyFritnklin, Carlton ' Tulip,
Hare and Fifteenth Streets. Agreed to. — ' •
• Also, a resolution for a sewer across Master
street, between Thirtieth and .Thirty-first
streets.. Agreed, to. Also,' a resolution, loca
. ting upo the plans of the city Paoli, Harrison
and Ashburton streets. Agreed to. Also, one
• changing the 'name of State street to... Winter,.
street: Agreed to. Also, one reducing the
width of Forty-second street; between Market
street and Westminster_ avenue, to 60 feet.
Agreed to.
, Mr. Hanna, Chairman of the Committee on
Waterworks of this chamber, presented an or
dinanee for `laying ,wAterrpipe upon
Sheaf, Orianna, and Thirteenth streets,- and on
School lane, when a connection is made be
tween the lioxborough water-works and Mount:
Airy reservoir. Agreed to. •
The following bills from Select Council were
considered: One making an additional appro
proprittaoli :of SP,4-09 to the .DepArtment, .
Water for Iso9. Referred to the Finance
Coinniittee, to :.report next • Thursday. One
relative to4he leases of the (iirard. Estate not:
signed by the Mayor. Ag,ritett (o. - One for
the la):ing,.of Water pipe on Walnut and other
streets Agreed to. An ordinance appro
priating $6,500 to pay •school teachers. 'Agreed
tO. One for t lie t nuniVaying of Currant street;
Twelfth \rani. Agreed to. One of Instrite-
'lix :.<
• Roil to.
.the Conimissioner of Highways.
Agreed to. One relative to a railway turnout
on Swanson street. Agreed to. ;; One .relative
to rearranging and paving the footways and
carriageway.: Agreed to. Adjourned.
—The Railroad Clerks, at their session last
evening, formed an Association, to bo known
as the Railroad Office Clerks' Mutual Life. In
surance Association of the United States. Its,
officers to consist of a President, Vice Presi--
dent, Executive Committee of Five, and Grand
Secretary and Treasurer, who shall give bongs
for the faithful performance of his - duties. The
officers to be elected for one year, and the
meetings of the. Asseciatioutc , be annual ; the
'detentes thereto to consist` of-one from each'
road ordivision belonging to the Association.
In;' case of the death of any member, the
widow to receive the premium due
If no widow is , left, then the heirs , to re
ceive the amount, and in default, of heirs the
funeral expenses to be paid.° 'ln the case of a
member being totally disabled, the same pre
indum to be mised,by tbe Rxecutive.Committee
by assessment, as in the -ease, of death,. and
paid to such member. An election , for perms.- •
nent officers for the ensuing year resulted as
follows: President, John G. Neil; Vice Presi
dent; L. M. Babcock ;' .Grand , Secretary and.
Treasuler, D.:Keene ; Executive Committee,
O. A. Trowbridge,, D ['McKnight, Jarnes:l'.
Kerr, L. B. lilydenburg, C. C. Fisher. The,
Convention then•adjourned tnmeet'at Chicago
on the second Tuesday of April next.
—The 'nitro Benevolent cheld.
its annual meeting yesterday, and, elected the
ollowing-officers-for-the-onsuing-y • ' • • -
dent—Samuel If. Perkins ; Vice Presidents—
l3enjainin Coates and J. F. Learning ; Treasu
rer—E. R. Wood; 'Corresponding Secretary—
L. Montgomery Bond ; Recording Secretary
John H. Atwood.; Managers---Thomas Lati
mer; John Bolder, Wm. Purvis, A. G. Coffin,
lienjamin Orne, Thomas Wattson, Jos. H.
Dulles, J. Ashhurst,T. A. Budd,RichardWood,
- Charles S. Wurts, --- J. - A..Clay, Alfred M. Ca
llm, J. E. Gra,eff, D. Sherrerd, S. 31. Wain,
J. B. Van Dumi, G. C. Morris, W. A. Porter,
J. B. Guest. •
THE COVINT.TY Coulrrs.-i-The following_cases
have been disposed of in the Camden Courts
for the October term: State vs. John Diehl.,
This was an aggravated case, in which the`
father was charged with an atrocious assault
and battery upon his son,With intent to kill.
In the assault •he inflictd' a terrible wound
with a knife in the abdomen of his. Son, WhiCh,
for a long time, endangered his life. VerdiA,
guilty. State vs. Alice Mellhone ; assault and
battery; guilty. State vs. Wm. 11. Ford; assault
and battery on an officer; guilty. Same,charged
with maintaining a nuisance ; guilty: Andrew
Storms, guilty of assault and battery:: Morris
Carkerton, assault and battery; guilty. John
Burk, assault and battery ; guilty. John
Peters, misdemeanor in intimidating a witness
not to testify ; guilty. William Steward was
charged with forgery ; verdict, guilty, for pass
ing, but not forging the order. Robert Small,
three cases of assault and battery; guilty in
all. About forty persons pleaded guilty to sell
ing liquors in violation 'of 16:w. • William H.
Yord pleaded guilty to the charge of.bigamy
and assault and battery. Several other persons
pleaded guilty to the same offence. Jacob
Frederick was arraigned on the charge of hav
ing set fire to and burnid the carpenter shop of
\lr. Harden several months ago, and was con
THAT SUppEH.—The supper given by the
ladies of Atlantic City, on Wednesday evening,
for the benefit of the Methodist Church at that
place, was a grand success. The tables Were
amply supplied with the most attrac
tive viands, and about two hundred guests sat
down to them with appetites that,soon told
that they highly appreciated the feast.
Speeches were made by Roil. Jaccib
iiis Honor, , the Mayor, Jonas lligbie, Esq.,
Silas B. Morse, Egg., Charles Custis, and
several other lesser lights, and Mr. John liar
rold sung one of his 'popular national songs.
The whole affair was arranged iu adinirable
order, and -the programme was carried out
literally. A number of strangers from "off'
shore" and elsewhere were present. All en
joyed themselves to overflowing,
and the re
ceipts of the evening added a handsome sum
to the benefit of the Church.
Commissioners appointed by . the City Council
for the purpose of organizing' the Pahl Fire
Department are moving quietly and cautiously
in the matter, it is said, although their pro
ceedings are kept from publicity. it is thought,
however, that they have made such arrange
ments that the new department will he ready
for service by the first of December. In the
meantime the various volunteer companies
are offering their engines and apparatus for
sale. •
+3IOIIE INCENDIARIS3L—Abotit 12 o'clock
on Thursday morning a small, unfinished,
frame dwelling house on Sixth and Chestnut
streets, just over the Camden city line, belono
ing to a man named Fisher, was set on lire and
totally destroyed. , •
•ferry companies of Camden are preparing for
winter by putting their slips, boats and other
-econnnoaatiolent t•ep ' • • 1 • • •
to be ready for the icy blockade approaching
DlimeATlOx.—The members of the Metho
dist Episcopal congregation at Smithville,
Atlantic county, are erecting a fine new church
edifice. which will be dedicated about the nth
of December. •
'Merchant Tailor and Clothier,
• , No. 624 Chestnut atreot,
Offers extraordinuru
Inducements to Purchasers of Ileady-uml ,
llhi assortment Is full, and comprises
all Styles and Qualities.
A RELIABLE REMEDY is at •hallti.- in \V1a
l:0111106 Remedy fur Aethma., .
• --
on SALVATION for the Nair Mirriem with it ite own best
advertisement. Ae the light shiuse through the . bottle
you see that the liquid is clear am the nature of Leuven.
You smell it and rind the odor agreeable. You apply it
and it ehangee gray hair to any naturdl abode wthollt
• sailing the scalp or producing headache.. Nothing eau
be more harmless.
- •
'VERY FULL and the best stock or
nuts and Cana
to tho city can be found at.
Omt I/010W, undeethe Continental
JVDICIOUS MOTHEnkt and nurses use tor
children a safe and pleasant medicine in Bower's infant
COrdial. . .
• A GRAND and attractive sale is going on
at the grsµt fashionable Hat and Cap Store at
534 and SPi Chestnut street.
Siji l. 9CAL iNsFittrmit242l3 and drltg,iette sun
26 south Eighth street.
Cougs,ThiniOns; In*eited 'Nails, skillfully
treated by Dr. J. Davidson, No. 915 Chestnut street.
Charges moderate.
, j
The most comp,lete ecllargest, ftEleortnikent ho fouud
in the city is at - " •
Oiltbottns',.l33f and 836 Chestnut street,:
mont, Alterative and Ohnlyheate. Apply for desalotive
pamphlet. Fitraric BnowN, N. corner Fifth and
Cheatnut atreets. •
DOSED ALMOST TO DEATH with vile ctrastie
compounds, the dyspeptic, the bilious, ,the constipated
haifulth.rapturefhe. advent of Dr.Wir;lstow's delicatei
palatable Liverund L9ZellgQ. It rail modica-.
tion of all its horrors 'and paiigti and in deßtined
bevonle the Standard Family Alterativo of America.
For salo'by all Druggists.
HOVEDUDErgIts • • . •
Can get a complete outfit for the latchett at
• FAILtiON tS: '
Dock street, below Walnut.
. •
Isaacs, N. D., Proleseor of the Eye and Ear treats
all diseases appertaining to the above members with the
utmost success. Testimoniale from the meet reliable
sourced in the city can be seen at hie office, No. 805 Arch
street. The medical faculty aro invited to accompany
their patients, as he has no secrets in his practice. Aril•
ficial eyes inserted. No eliarso made tar aXamillatioll
. ". "~....«.i::.'rw..-.•+--..._.~
_ 1 ....: .r.rca~ u..a:.ti.,.~
,_. ~w:«w,: tr +'~^' Ssiy.>..r
ptri l 76l -- ILLS Fon LOOKSmAIIi
Wasuirterorr, October 16,1869.
SEALED . PROPOSALS for furnishing
Mail-Locks and Keys of new kinds,,to be sub
stituted for the Locks and Keys now used on
the Unittid States mails, will be received at this
iDeparttifent until 9 o'clOck A. M. the 3d day of
FEBRUARY, 1870. It is desirable to 'obtain
Looks and Keys of a new construction for the
exclusivetthe of the - United States mails, and,
if practicable, invented expreosly for that per
be. , As tile expbsure of a model Lock and
lcey to As
examination would impair, if
not destroy, its utility for the mails, the De
partment prescribes no model for bidders, but
relies for its selection on the oecimens "of
mechanical skill and ingenuity which a fair
competition among inventors,' hereby
iurited, may develop., It is suf
ficient to describe ,the.' principal"
requisites of Mail-Lock, 'as follows: Se(f-
Locking n)ormity, security, lightness, strength,
durability, novelty of construction and facility of
use. , Two kinds of Locks and Keys; one of
brass and:the other of irou, ditierent in exte
rior term and interior construction ovarrange
ment, are required; the Proposals - should ,
speolfy separately the price of each „brass
Lock, each Key for same ; each iron iLook
'flilll ' qach Key for same. Duplicate nape; of
each idnd of .Locks ,and , Keys proposed.,are
required to be Submitted with the Proposals
one,of each Sample Lock to be riveted up and
finished, and another, to be open or unriveted,,
So that its internal structure and arrangement
may easily be examined. EverysampleshoUld
be plainly marked' with the 'bidder's name
and, if the same or any part Of itbe covered
by, a patent, the date' of such patent and the
-- nante - of - the -- patentee - raust - abe -- be - attachftt
thereto. _
The internal plan or arrangement of the
Locks offered, and the particular shape of the
Key requisite to open them; must not be like
airy now or heretofore in use.
They must be warranted ;not not to infringe'
upon or conflict with any patented invention
of which the bidder is not the patentee. Pre
ference will be given to a Lock, the Key of
whielf"has not been exposed to general obser—
vation, or been publicly described, disclosed,
or suggested. .
A decision on the various specimens and
Proposals will be made on or before the 3d
day of MARCI - 1, 1870 ; and, unless the Post-;
master-General shall decurit to be best for the
interests of the Department , to reject all the
- Proposals and specimene submitted under this
advertisement (a right hereby expressedly re
served to hula), connects will be entered into;
as soon thereafter as practicable, with the
successful bidder -whose Luek.s shall be
adopted, for furnishing similar Locks and
Keys for four years, as they may be required
and ordered. If mutually agreed to in writing
by the contractor and the Postmaster-
General for the time being, not letsa
than six months before its expiration,
the contract maybe, extended and
comtinued for an additional term of four
years. But on and after the expiration of
either term: of the contract, or on and after
its rightful anulment at any time, the l'ost
master-General shall have the right to con
tract with or employ any other party to
furnish the same, or any other kind of
Locks and'Keys; and if he shall deem proper,
to tieniand and receive from the late or de-
Vaulting contractor all finished or unfinished
Keys and the internal parts of the Leeks con
tracted for, and all dies, gauges, and designs,
(which would enable others to make or forge
such Locks or Keys), in the possession of such
contractor, who, after their surrender to the
Department, shall be paid ftir the same,at such
price as may be ascertained by fair appraise
The Contractor must agree and be 'able to
furnish, if required and ordered, 20,000 Brass
Locks and 3,000 Brass Keys within three
- recuthsfrom che time uf eutering — into
tract, and 80,0110 Iron Locks and 00,000 Iron
Keys within ten months from such time. But
the l'ostmaster-ii entire' will reserve the right
to increase or diminish, as the wants or inter
ests of the service may demand, the quantities
of the Locks and Keys above specified, with
a.proportionate.allowance of time to furnish
All the Locks furnished b• the contractor°
must be warranted to keep in good working
order for two years in the ordinary use of the
serrice„when not subjected, to obvious vio
lence;such as becoine defective within that
time to be replaced with perfect Locks With- .
out charge. All the Locks furnished under
contract are to be. eaeh, distinctly marked
" U. S. Mail," iweither sunk or raised letters,
and 'all the Keys are to be numbered in the
natural order; each Key haring its appropri--
ate number distinctly stamped upon one side
of the bow, and " U. S. Mail" on the opposite
The contractor will be required to deliver
the Locks at his own expense at the Post-
Office Department, Washington, D. C., put up
on sticks, forming separate bundles of five.
Locks each, and securely packed in wooden
boxes containing not more than two hundred
Locks each. The Keys are to be delivered to
an agent of the Department,duly and specially
authorized in each case, to take charge of and
convey the same from the contractor's manta
factory to the Department, where both Locks
and. Keys are to be inspected and approved be
fore they shall be paid for.
The contractor will be required to give bond,
With ample security, in the sum of fifty thou
sand dollars, to be forfeited to the United
States as liquidated damages, in case of his
failure to faithfully perform the contract,
either as to furnishing the supplies ordered
within - a - reasonable tame, or as to guarding
the manufacture of the Mail Locks and Keys
with due privacy integrity and care.
1 , :13 Proposal will, therefore, be accepted if
not accompanied with a bond of the penal
awn of Twenty Thousand Dollars, duly exe
cuted by the proposed sureties (whose respon
. Hy-tai-ust-he certilied-by T a l ltal •. • -'. •
of Record nearest to their of residence,
attested br the Clerk of such Court under the
seal thereof ), and conditioned for their becom
ing responsible as sureties on the required
bond for the fulfillment of the contract, in case
Mach Proposals shall be accepted. The maim
. taCtiire of Mail Locks and Keys is, of neces
'-sitY,-A highly - important and-delicate trust
which the Department will confide to no bidder
whose Proposals are not also accompanied
withtestimonials of good character.'
In deciding on the Proposals and specimens
the Postmaster-General may deem it expedi
ent to select the Brass Lock of.one bidder and
the Iron Lock of another. He. therefore, re
serves the right of contracting with different
individuals for such different kinds of Locks
as he may select.
Proposals sioulu be carefully sealed and ad
dressed to the "Second Assistant Postmaster
( eneral," and endorsed on envelop e"Pro
._pOsals_forMail Locks." •
0c22 f m Bit • Postmaster-General.
C..... & NI ,
AGY,NTS. ,y r _.,...
Mee, Jackson street, opposite Matilififdetreet, Cape
Island, N. J. Real Estate bought 'and sold. Persons
desirous of renting nottaged during the wagon will apply
or address ail above.
Roapectfully refer to Chas. A : Itableam; Henry Bumml
Francis 31clIvain, Auguhtne -Merino, John D 3 vi Kw
fi'r Juvanal.- • .• • feB4lo
COUNTING ROOMS, with one or more lofte_,.,n
Cheetnnt Bowes . Apply to COCHRAN, RUSSELL &
C0.,111 Chestnut Street. • . 0e22-11§
MILLING, Aril ished, 1539 North Tenth et. 002 6t"
Ma Furniture, corner TWenty-firet and SanioFnetrCete.
Apply from ll to I o'clock.' • ' 0c.1.0-3* •
gl . 1 No. Pi3f Pine street. To he seen 'Only upon applica
tion to , •. , , , ,
l 15 valhnt street',!,
ecl9.4t* Eri TAM
i au e p mi.
_._._ - -
AUL large convenient Dwellino,o3 South Ninth et.; in
complete order for immediate occnpancy; will not be It , t,
for a boarding bonito.' Apply from 10 to t 3 o'clock at the
house, or to COPPUCK ,St, J ORDAN , 433 Walnut street.
Ma Modern Residebee, with double"throe-atory 'back
buildings and aide yard ,Situato N 0.102, 2.1411 Nineteenth
street, near Arch. . Immediate possessio . J. M GUAI•
3.IEY 13 SONS, 7,33 'Walnut street. • .
. --,.
Situnto No. 1111 i.lirttr(Tntreet ;
No. 2ZO South Tlventr- first street, RIO sontltonorner
Sovevitenuth told Sumnior iltreots. GUTIINY
SONS, 783 'Walnut ntreet. '
.—_-- •
Liacentral location, rear of all Commerce street, 2
feet front, 3 stories, light front and rear, flue cellar, and
e ngine-room. pi th chininoy.stack i outlet upon Disqlmt
Plitco to Sixth street. Apply to the onmernt
______—_._ ......_._• 805 DIARIVRT, 4
or7tft ' from 10 to 11 dAtly.
C -
pton , and for sale by COOll RA. 1tU54,1i1414 & 00.1
111 Chestnut street.
• 17011 - THE DENEPIT Of THE
O E B . IC A. N T E A T B&,
4 • On TUESDAY EVENING; October 26th,
Under_theilirectiort o 1 Isatto , L. Price.
The folloNflrut esittkeht Artists and _celebrated Singing:
Societies have been secured for this occasion :
Tickets, Parquet, Parquet Circle and. Bolcom' Si N
Can be secured at Trumpler's Nage Store, 924 Obeetsat
street, for 25 cents extra.
Family Circle.... 4 ' - • ' I CO mita
Tickete can be had at the priuMpal Mask Stares, and
on the evening at the door.
Doors open at 7 o'clock. Concert to commence at ft
o'clook.• - ' , . 0022.4
The Best Play) written by; Boucicoultr combining all
• •tbe elements totnake irpopultir. 0... .
With Boucicault's new three-act dramas 'Written for
' • ,LAU iA KEENE:•,
' • ' .EROM. SMILES TO TEAM.' -. •
Au easy - tratudtlou to those who • witness
Or, The ;Two Lives of. Mary Leigh:
I,llliße KEENE su , • Mar/ Leigh
• The Heroine of Two Lives.
As witnessed in everyday-life, ,
, 'Every dhara6ter beautifully portrayed • ,
• Performance to conclmie with a •
Doors open at 1 commence ati4 to4l. - - •
t corner:Ninth,
d h W e
a , ln .
ut St •
BE!EF x T.OI EDWIN 110r/li,
_ •
And the Pumas'. Drama in thrve acts, of • _
DON 0/ESA • ,•,„ ,
I `AN_.... . ...Mil. EDWIN BOOTH
• :
Flb'Til 11(.10TII MATINEE. Saturday at 2 P. M.
22 Let w ins . 54 ., to 8.
• TO
MRS. JNO.RREW us..— .. ... ...MR.B. OAKLEY
Aided b y.the Full Coilipeuly. , •
After which, THE WINDMILL.
Marian ' Mn 3. G. W. STODDART
finial:won Lew - Mr. R. GRAI
. _
MONDAY - Oct; - 25,1889i - iihnk - spirrirs - , _____
In Rehearsal, LOBT. AT SEA.
FRIDAY, October 22, and
SATURDAY, October 23,
Two fierund Perfornin coe each dor; 2% and - Ti - o'CIoZIC.
ClOWren under ten OW Yearn, 25 cents.
The Fairy Burleague , . TIIE FEMALE W THIEVES
TheNariety Combination in a New Bill.
Matinee on Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
J. L. CA.RNCROSS, Alawaser.
Mumkril Yawl Hall. IV3-70. Every SATURDAY
A k."YERNOON. ut.335 o'clock. oel9-st
Property near the K•nuington Water Works. over
7e4:) feet to length and i 3 fe•et in width. Price moderate;
one-third only reinitired in cash; balance can remain for
a term of yeare. Apply to EDMUND S. YARD, N 0.217
South Third street. octittiti
nese locallott—Three-story brirk Levelling, No.
tG North NltiTll, above RACE btreet. Terms easy.
Immediate possoodon
No. X... 1 Walnut 4treet.
. . . .._. _ ,
eiis , - 1 0 ItTlf III; OAD 81' It EilT.-Aillit
'.L, T r". Sale—Brown -..toue 11.?..h.leure. It. J. DOBBI'NS,
L-'uger B ullklitne. ' , - oe.l. 31'.
four•story brick residence(,22 teet if inches by
,nteet - t - No.MIII - 11elancrybeer - , built-in—thetuosi--/1111
stantial rnanwr, containing fifteen rooms.; bath molar
communicting whit the eh:unbent ,furnished iti the beet
style with smile! eon•eniencei±.,., •
Also, the storemel •Iwelling N0.2.r..S CoateS street,cor-
Tier of Corinthian • • one. iiaviug. all the tnederd
pre. unients. A ppl eIAI7 N. Ninth street.
0c2.1-.lt" .1. g. I,YriNSoliwner.
(.1 Eli :NI AIN T0•"•,',7 N---F •I: 'SALE'SALE_
»Y. to - Itent.•-•••A lone:•• 4ne dressed Stone Cottage,
new, tifibectirdtel: every t li9 eonverdestee: near 4tatiOn_37 .
14 rooms, larg . e lot, improved surroundings. 11 EN BY
C. FISS, Race bin et. ocZ) tit"
Residence. Sit North Sixth street. Every modern
convenience. Lot 21)x133, to itondotplt street. APO/ on
the pr(.inises. Immediate possession. .
ni A beautifully located Farm, on the Brandy• „V
wine Railrmul, abore Downingtown, within tiie
vtte'walk of a station ' • containing fifty -two 11Cre4 ; ten- •
roomed 110118 C ; large barn,wagott:house,work-shop,Scc.,
and all other necessary out-buildings; ne•er•Miling water
near the door • young orchards, Au. Abio.a tenant
house and stable. Fence.. in complete order, being
nearly all new. The buildings are all new and iu cotes
tdote order. For particulars inquire of Mx. A. K.
No. 15 Market street,
phis. ocl4-121'
n elegant four-story brown stone residence, Fituuto
0.. 19r.. Arch street, built in .a veil superior notner.
and furnished with every tnoderu convenience. Lot
feet frout by 1.55 feet deep to Cuthbert street, on which
street is erected a eumniodious concb-house and stable.
J. 34 . GliWilliT k. IiON3. 733 Walnut st.
ja Story Brick Dwelling, •5108. Ninth et. Every coo
•enience. Inquire on the prequiees. tnyil-th,a,tug§
a —The handsurne four , story brick reiidonce, and
thr”e•stury hack buildings. situate No. Kid Pine stret;
furnished with every convenience, and In zood order.
Immediate possession given. J. It. GIr.IIIIIEY & SONS,
733 Walnut st: •
&tit handsome stone Cottage lt, , mitlence, finnan) N. W.
corner East Walnut Lane and Morton street ; has every
modern convenience, and is in perfect order. Grounds
handsomely - shaded fly full grown treesp. Immediate pos
ses Mon stiven. J. 31: SONS.A 7,13 Walnut
4 OE. YALE—THE VAL LI A 131.14
kill Property No. 11,4 South Twelfth street, below
Chestnut : 25 tee•; trout by 01 feet deep. J.M.GUMMET
& SONS. 733 Walnut street.
new (Anted stone Cottages, just finishing, with-
Cty CQIITeIIItILICe, VI I I CI 111 %. I ,
Church Lam, Station. Prier, et; 010 each. J. N. GII3i-
31E Y & SONS, 733 Walnut street.
L!&,210 Columbia avenue. Nineteenth and Thompson.
]44 N. Eighteenth street.. Sansom, West:Phda.
1307 Mt. Vernon street. RON. Fifteenth street.
1323 Brandywine. Lot itlxo. 8 rooms,
newly papered,
and painted. Only 8500 cash required. Price .5:3,500.
•.1.1 31ES _
S. W. corder Broad and Chestnut.
DER CE, 2118 Sprnce street. v
A Stote and Dwelling northwest corner Eighth MU*
A tine Residence, 1721 'Vine street. -
ndsome Residence% 400 South Nbith street. •
dsome Reaidence..West Philadelphia..
A Business „Location. Strawberry street. •
A Dwelling, No. 1110 North Front atteet... Apply tie
COPPECK 4t4 JORDAN, 433 Walnut street,
ildetice, 'marble first story, tinisbed in the , beet
wanner, witb.every convenience, end 5-fe,et. wide side
yard : N 0.317 South Fifteenth street, belowhruott. J. a
GUMMEY & SONS, 733 Walnut street.
4 : FaR -- SALE - ---DWELLING
good order.
Convenient Dwelling, No. 637 Pine, street; ton roOmi,
bath, gas,*c. •
eau toloca greet, two•story brick, good yard:
• 206 btemper street, below Pine, snhill haus&
Alter street, two neat four-room houses.
Building Lots on Paysytnik rood; nude good Lot it
Rising Snu. 1"- ROBERT GnAFFEN &SON,
637 Dine street.
13.. very central. would giro a few dentivulen, suites or
oinglo room, with breakfast ; .ten, ildosired,
Addreos 207 South Tenth strret.
roornsovith beard, nt No. 1209 Spruce et. oela ft'
_ Remus' for lieut. in it private family ? with board, at
2,,,on i fiai,„t. street , - • .oel9-tit*
VY 1 ' .
-vat° family by a gentleman, wife and (laughter, in
n reApeetablii location south of :Market street. Addreen
E. 11., Otliee'of this paper. , - oels miv fit"..
- 43. o mortgage of city property. S.
$8660 —;: 1„t ;
KINGSTON McCAT,. 429 Walnut street. oe2l :it.*
53,000, * , 1,801), . 4 t,1,000 .10 LOAN.
a.., 4 on Mortgatro.
l'gr 000
ogus4v, 0004 3 .1.1.3101tILIS;n 1 North Tenth street,
Fil'St-class . .I.3:l•Una i.v.
LoNter,g in :Gc.it
Nor 'further particulara, apply to JOIIN 111,01 R at
SO4 Abel:deo): ' ocl2 21§
. _
Decons'pd.-I.,ett6rs of Administration, having boon
granted to the undersigned on the above /fatale, all par
ties indebted thereto will Meese makepayment, and
(hose having (106110 will present them to, CHANDLER
-WAINWRIGHT, Administrator, 12it Beindl
affect:. , BoNtu(lt'"
genniab White Castile Soap:ChM I brand. imported
frosu Leghorn and for sale by -G M,. autjtkuAA 4 (le _
1081Sonth Delaware avenue.
• --91_1Ek74s' C+o.lje.M.'N
FltipAY, October•V 1869
February iikthi 1806 , published a
short Muzie Gambit of Id r..Reichhelm's, and of
.which, wehaa,ereeenl il y,learned,„l l :lr.-Steinitz
harms to be the author. If..l 4 lr.Bteinitz really
diu playa game move_ for /move, tip same as
the ganittib*lnetittened, reallya, very
eritioue coincidence. We can assure • Mr.
. Steinitr, however,that zittch a thing. as steal.'
ing games is unknown on this side of the At
lantsc :kir •; lieichhelm's adversary Tin tho
.above contest, which - wM plaqed in 1861, was
Mr. It. 8. , Keys, 41, well-knows player of f.his
city, who at that time had not reached his pre
gent force of play. In conclusion, we beg
-.laid to mention that another. One of Mr,
eteinitz'Ffgameti is identical with tsgame played
Jong ago between Messrs:l:meet liforphy and
Sc)aub. - .
The following, from , Mr. .Elson speaks
for itself. Another,zaatcli between him and
Ni r biteman. would prove exceedingly
terestingto the Cherai
4 ' To Mr. James a, Whiteman:
SlR—While 'entertaining the
livelicatadiniratioa. for y#4r Chess iili4ll o .l am
nevertheliks'etrieviticed; from the Character of
any play I,ntlie kite match. ,;ww, ith. von, and. the
many: voitatin*
.overOgbtei cerainitted,
that I:dlir net do 'myself anAdng justice.
am ',naturall,y desirous of playing a return
match with yerVeonditions`to be the s.vaie tui
lefore. Sincerely treating that you will accept
the same, .dud ilanae an early day for its C.OLU
ntenkpment, I'reinain, very truly yours, ,
' ,JACOB EiLtic!."
.. r •
- 7 .1: won y o lerts and allies.
problem So. 895. •,1
• ' BLACK.
V'74% I p. ......, r ,„7, -7
///4 0,,y,mt,.,, mt ,.,
)./. 4 / . 7.,
c V / ----, %,,--- -- z--!// rr
///,:" 1, ,
~,, - /,/,',/ * •, , 7",, 3 4
, A,id•-•=. / g /A // Azl
./0-..,, 4 ;7 ,7,, ......, 7 .., f , ,
.., ~
..., ~,,...„ . . 4 ,, c1e y,,,, , ,-
~ , ,s A -
-,,, ~,,,, / -...:,.,, er
, - /'' .0 ' , , ,' /A ' ' , ; . 'iA,
-. 7 -, ...
W '
.:., ' i, 2,.•. r
.6--// „i,
P/ ,z Z
04., •
.. i ;,,/,,,, . ,/,./ ~ , '4:
,A;,,.:,;;;;, ,
~...,/,,,/ ' , ,,,,,,i,'”
%,L,'": - ./;. ".•,',Z2,tr. ".%;";'2 , /, - 4..!/4”
warn:. .
White to play and force inii4nate in four
Gaine No. 2321. '
Eleventh and concluding game of the Elson
, "White Man match.
-• '
(French Opmbirb) -
:ti. (MIL 'WHITEMAN) (Mit: E 5.5 0 ....;.)
'l. I' to R 4 , P IC 3
2.i't Q 4 P to Q 4
:3. Q"Kt to T.; 3 . B to Kt 5
4.^11 to Q 3 P tO Q B 4!
(This move uas tir6t pointed out by M. de
.laeniseli in an anal:mical.articie in !the Chss
Wor/d.) •
G. PxQ P. •
6. to B sq (?)
(6. B to'Kt 5 (ch) is the correct play. e. g,
6. B to Kt .5 (cl.) Kt to B 3
7,-Kt-to-11-3 P
8..-B x Kt (ch) 4,tx B.
• This . is decidedly better than P s B, which
is recommended by Jaenisch.
Ltt, Q x P
10: P x B lit to B 3, &c.)
• 41. B x Kt • . •
(Q x P would be dangerous, on account of
lit to lit 5.)
8. to B 3
Btu K 2
' 10. Kr to Q 4
11.13 to Ed .
12. It to Q Kt fql 4?)
(A slip, such as Mr. Whiteman is not often
guilty of.)
12. Kt x .1" •
13. P to 13 :3 Kt Wirt 5 (??)
(This move throws away a won game. It
was not by such play that lSt r. Klsim has made
a stand against many fine players.) n
14. ht. x P !
(The etlect of this move is perfectly magical.
It renders the defence well nigh hopeless.)
14. Kt X Q 11 P
(Q x Kt was thought somewhat better.)
l(. Q x Kt P x Kt
Q to It 4 ick 13toll 3
(Q to 13 3 would equally lose a piece.)
17. Q to Kt 4 Kt to-K,6 (ch)
18. K. toll 2 :' Kt to Kt 5 (ch)
K to Kt sq Castles (Q It)
White now mates in six moves, .winning the
game and the match.:
Oracle No. 2322. .
Second game of, the • Consultation, match,
Hoskins and Hach vs. Roberts, Reuss and
(.%"ta untores Attuci..)
W.HITE (IL, IC. & H.) BLACK (H. & H.)
2'KKitoß3 QKt to 3
3. Ptoß3. ICttoß3
4.PtoQ4 Kt x K P
L.PtoQ KttoK2 •
Gr ICt s P Kt toiCt 3
7. Kt to It 3 r. to B 4
8. Bto K 3 ( • . 9
. . x B (?)
.(9. B to K 2 is better. White will now either
lose a pawn or find it difficult to castle.)
9. Kt x B (eh)
10. Q to K 2
(HD to K 2, then follows Kt to 1 - 1 , 5.)
10. Kt to Q 6 (ch)
11. K. to Q 2 Q Q.e1.1)
12. Bx Q . Kt x 13P
13. Rte K , sq Castles
14. B to B 4 Kt to Kt 5
15..Kt - t4R 4: , : , Q, R 3
16. P to R 3 Kttoß3
17. Kt to B 2 P to Q 3 ,
If4.PtoQll 4 13 to Q 2
.19. Kt to K 3 Q R to K sq
1,1). Pto KKt 4 Ktto B 5
21.11it - to - 7,:t sq .R to K 4
22. Kt to B 3 It to 'K 2
' BtoKt 3 KtxRY
.Btoß 2 KRtoKsq
.White resigns. .
_ Game No. 2323. •
- - - - Third g,ame of the match. .•••••-, •
' (Sicilian Opening.)
WNITE 8 3 H.) BLACK (11.. It. & H.)
1. P to K 4 , •P to Q B
2.•KKtteß3 PDX 3
3. Kt fo•B 3 , • •
(We prefer 3. P to Q 4.)
3. Q Kt to 8.3
. 4., B to B 4
(This Bishop is better posted at . Q 3 after the
Queens past.,:; has been advanced.)
•.• 4. BtoQ 3
• L. Castle§ KKtto K 2 .
(1. Q Kt to Kt 5 B to Kt sq
7. Pto Q 4 Pto Q, 3
01. Kt to It 3 P .
• 0. Kt x Qto 82, .
• ift, to - B 3 Kt te - K 4 ,
(The Black allies here gain a, pawrt.)
11. Kt xKt '•, Qx Kt
12. Pto B 4 • QxK P, •
13. Bto Q 3 .Q, to Q 5 (ch) • .
14. K. to It sq P to Q Kt 4
15. P 'to B 3 'Q to IL Y
10. Q K. 2
17. B to K 3 Q to B 2 •
18. Pto B 4 " • P
19. lit to B .P to QR. 4 -
. 20. Kt to Q 4 .eastleA
21. P td Q It 3 --- 1 -,ll' to lit 2
22. Kt to Kt ' Qto,Qrq.. •
23. P:x I' Pxp.
xlt • • B x 11, • • •
• Z. B B 15, •itto B 3
. 20.: It to B. sq fl to Kt 2
27. Kt to Q t; • 13'x Itt
B x B• It to lit 3
. It to IC lit sq. ,Kt.t0,13 3
30. QtoIC sq • . ,Q,••to Rog • ,
31. Q to lt sq Q x
32.• R x Q Kt t 0 44 5
Bto B sq. ' - Kt to 11 7
34. Ittoß 13,( 0 ,11 3
35. Rteß7 Ptolt 8 •
36. K to Kt)sq Kt to K 6
37. to KKt 3 - to R-4•
:38. K to 82, Kt to Q 8 (ch)
39. K reac4, sq . Kt x P •
40. B , P t 6 R 5s
41 41. BtoNsq Kt6R2
42. B to _Kt 2 Kt xl•
43, Bx B P.x B
44.-11,x BP Xt to K
"45: Bto B 2 p Kt tO Kt 5
46.. K to Kt 2 Ptolt 6 (ob( )
47. K to'' Kt mg P to K 4
48. R x K x R
(The vonel)ndon of the gain°. is most inter
esting.) ' •
49, P ' Kt, x P• -
(Kt x B, &e.,,would also have allowed White
to draw.). -
50. B K 3 Ic to
51..8t08eg. P to Kt 4
. L 2. BtoK 3 Kt,oKts'
53.'33 toßsq Kttoß2
54. B to K a i K to 7E16
••• 55. 13 to V. 7 •Ktto 4 4 3
56. litoKtB KttoKs
57. B to B 7 Kt to_gt 7
58.1.1t0g8 KtoK 7
119. Btoß 7 ' •Kt to (eh)
K to R sq K to K,O
61. B toat 8 K to K 5'
62. Btoß7 KttoK4 •
f 3. K to Kt siji P to 15
64. x , P.xP,
""`I3:111 to .Kt 6 ' •Kt to Kt
66.73t0Q8. 'l't°B6
, KtoK6 '
68. B to rkt 3 Kt to R 3
(68. P to B 7 (eb)is.efsio
.12). Bto B 2 (eb) K to It 7
70. B tto Kt 3 • /Kt to B 4
21, Btoß2 Ktto(.l3
72. P, to Kt 3 Kt to 5 5
73.11t082 KtOQB
75. B to B 2 (eb), drawing the game.
(Centre Gabzbit.) ,
-Vi r il.,43lE—ELso(.) Bt. (Mr.;O6Hl rB.)
• 1 1.'1' , PtcK4 •
o ._l"_to__4l 4 P-x P
3, K Kt to 13 . 3 • , Rat to B 3
4: PtO'it 5 Kt to ir 5
Q P Pto Q 4
G.8t0Q3.33 to Q B 4,
7. Q to lt 4 (ch) 8t0X22
8. Q to Kt. - Kt.x BP •
42 x Q Unlit 3 •
4 11 Kt-z .R,lle-ivoitld have lost. two_piezei tor
10. R. to 13 ,ti ,Pto Q B 3
11. QtOB 4, . Bto Ii"
12. to 11 3' .Kt x,B (Ch)
13. (2 x 1(t Q x.Q •
14. l' x Q ' ' Kt to Q 2
LI 1' Q 4 PtoQ B 4 •
16. Ltoli3 ' Px P •
17. Kt x P lit x P
.18. Kt x B I; to It 4 (eh)
10. K to K 2 P x Kt
20. Kt to R 3 Castles
21. 42 It to B 8(1(011) • lit to 8 , 3 ~
22.1.1tt0114 B to B 2
23. it to K 4 K It to K sq
24. tv,Q .tit 4 KtoKts q
I: to Tit 4 It to Q 2
Kt tO 5 PtoK Kt 3
27. lit x x Kt
31. P to Kt 5 lit to Q sq .
B x P to B sci
30. K It to Q B itxit
3L x (eh) - Kto : Q 2
3.2.-B to lit (V • Kto Q 3!
M. It to Q 4 (ch) K to K '2
:34. I , to Q It 4'
(The only correct move.)
34. R to K Kt sc . !
34. lit to
IC to B 3
R to 42 Kt sq
Q Kt to B 3
Ii Kt to B 3
B to Kt 2
Game %o. 2325.
BetWo.en the same players.
(..4.vtch Gando ir.J
W n.f.11 n. HOsK INS.) Bt.. (%En. EtsOx.)
I. l' to li 4 P to K 4
2. Ii Kt to B 3 • QKtto B
3. I' to Q 4 P x P
4. lit x.,1 3 " . Qto R 5 •
5. Q to Q 3 lit to II 3
,6. Kt x lit Q P x _Kt' '
7. Kt to Q 2 ' . 13 to Q B 4
8. Q to IC. Kt 3 Q x Q
9. ItPxQ Kt to Kt 5
10. Pto K. 13 3' '. . Kt toli 6
11. 13 to , Q 3 ' •Kt x P (eh)'
(Injudieiop . i. The Knight remains impri
soned) ~ , .
12. li to K 2 P to K It. 4
13. lit to lit ,3 . . B tolit .3.
14. It to It 2 ' ' Pto It, 5
15. It x,lit P. xP • ! . .
16. It iP . ' r. Itt.O'll 7 (eh)
17. K to Q •sq R to R 8 (eh)
18. K to Q 2 It to R. 7 (eh)
19. K: o B:1' " • Ktoß sq ,
20. II to li B 4 B. to R 4
21. It to KIIA4 - - 13" to K 3
22. K tp Q 2 P to Q B 4
23. P to 'B 4 • RtoQsq,
24. K to B2' R to It 7 (eb)
25. 'B to Q 2 P to Q It 4
2i;. Qltto K, lit sq Pto 1t,5 .. ~
- 27. Kt to .13 A 4 . 13 x P
.--- - •._ , li: Qlt to - lit - 2 -- ' It X it's -- --- t.7 ---
29. It x . It _ B to IC 3
30. B to B 3 P to K'lit 3 '
31. Btol3 6 . Rto Q 3
32. It to It 2 . I( to IC sq
33. Pto K 5 . Rto Q, 5 .
34. lit .to K 2, R to Q Tit 5
. -
n/( ERRICB Fs 80148_,_ •
430 WASHINGTON Avenue, Philadelphia,
STEAM. ENGINES—High and Low Preesure. Horizon
tal, 'Vertical, Beam, Oscillating, Blast and Cornish
BOlLERb—Cylinder, Fine, Tubular, &c.
STEAM llAMMERB—Natanyth and Davy stifles, and of
1111 1117A41.
ASTINGS—Loam, Dri and Green-Sand, Bran, deo.
ROOFS—Iron Framea, for covering With Slate or Ison.
TANKS—Of Cast or Wrought Iron ,for rettneries;water,
oil, Ac. _ -
GAS MACHINERY—Such as Retiorte; Bench Castings.
Holden and Frames, Purifiers, Coke and Charcoal
Barrows, Valves, Governors, &o.
SUGAR MACHINERY—Such as' Vacuum Pane and
Pumps, Defecators. Bone Black Filterti..Buraera,
• Waehere and Elevatore, Bag Filters, Sugar- and Bono
Blaok Cars, ice. Solo taanufacturere of the following specialtieet
In Philadelphia and vicinity,of Wilham.Wright's Patent
Variable Cut-off Steam Engine. _
In - the United - Statel, - of Weston'i-Pate—ntSelf-center
ing and Self-balancing Centrifugal Sugar-draining Ida
chine. •
Maga Barton's improvement on Aspinwall A WooloeVe
Bartol's Patent Wrought-Iron Retort Lid. •
Strahan's Drill Grinding Rest. .
Contractors for the design, erection and fitting up of Re
fineries for working Sugar or Molasses.
,• Brazier's Clair Botts and Ingot
WrlnrdiatOn.tikoo.nd9aiftualiThgAte by R""
Made to the Comptroller of the Currency, as shown by
its books ut the close of business on the 9th day of Oc
tober, 194,
REspuncEs:- • •
Loana tine Discounts • $1,171;415 59
C. 8. Onds deposited with
Treasurer of the U. 8 500,000 00
Bonds on hand • • 141,000 0Y
Beal Bidet° ( productive) 132,121 10
. ,
Legal Tender Notes and Certill- __ _ ' $1,9i4,636 96
_legal Ten.__
National Dank Notes.
Fractional Currency and iitampa
Due from other flanks
Expenisa and Taxes
Capital Stocl-' . ' 1,000,000 00
Circulation • , •, • 417,N0 00
Deposits ' • 1283,N3•01
Surplus Fund $10,713 fl' -
Loss 51,037 55 •
73,751 18
. • • , JoenPn 1 3 -141).11! PRO, eitalner.
- PIIILA1)ELIIIIA'. Oct. 15. 1509.„: 0q 123,1 1 t ot§
LAIM oft.-. 59 BBLS. NO. I,' W.ESTEA,N
Lard Oil; to arrive , and for by.,00011.11,A1i
KIMBELL It 00:.1,1101notnnt 1600
• Gpme 7114.2524. . .`
The, Following gamea; between 3lessni. Bison
and llobkins, were reeently,played in a little
Tourney .at the German Club.
35. B 4o B 5 (ch)
30. R to (2 7
.37. B to It 7, &c.)
36. 13 X B.,•(01) .
37, Pto 5
40. P 'to Kt 4
41. P toft 3
42. K"to K's
toil. 6, will wins
', Xx B
K 'to Q 2
P to Kt 4.
P to It 3
X to Q 2
36. 13 to K 4 9 and wins
Y. IRON, &U.
LIT/ES ‘1 : " t
e 2,7601100 07
Wilmington and Reading Railroad,
Payable April and October, free of State
This roadr ti n through a thickly populated and rich
agricultural and manufacturing district.
For the present we are offering a limited amount of the
above bonds at .
The connection of this road with the Penneylvan and
Reading Railroads insures it a large and remunerative
trade. We recommend the bonds as the cheapest first•
ease investment in the market:
112 and 114 So. THIRD ST. PHILAD'A
= We will receive applications for Policies of
Life Insurance in the new National Life In
siirs9leeiccoepany of thn 'United States. Full
information given at our office. - 4
V superior -200 boxes just landed from bark Idea, and
for sale by;.ll9BgliT
Druggists, N.E. corner rm our an o Dace streets.
_ _ _
346,174 00
24,899 00
7,949 19
9,925 00
399,912 29
7 88 , 36 9 48
27,203 93
A./stock of /lion's Medicinal Extracts and Oil Almonds,
Radathel. Opt., Citric Acid, Coxe's Sparkling Gelatin,
genuine Wedgwood' Mortars. kc., just landed from bark.
Hoffnnug, from Loudon. • ROBERT.' SHODICAKED,
CO.; Wholesale Druggists. N. E,,coruor .rskurtla and
Race streets,
xx ates, Mortar, Pill Tiles s Combs, Brnabors, Minters,
Tweezers, rug Bcows,Horn ScuolaSurgical 'mam
moth, Trussea; Hard and' Soft Rubber.bGcbde; Vial
Caeca, Wass and HotalLSyr ingoc s &1a.,. rirst
Handel" prices. Slit 'IV,PEN do BROTHNII,
a. -tf 23 South Eighth street.
Dr. FINE; No. 219' Vine"street, bolonr Third,
inserts the handsomest Tooth in the city,nt prices
to snit all. Teeth Plugged, Teeth Repaired, Exchanged,
orNmodollod to suit. Gas Ether.; No pain , in ex.
trusting. • 011ico'bouiv,8 !ob. •
...• se2s.e,mtibm
. .
, .
: , ..' . ., , c.,igAitai1iiiii!A , 4...kiiie...(L... , .t... , ,
..,...:____ . . . . ........
rim A m
.‘ • The analysis proves that the waters of the ,
~SaratOga Springs
have a much larger amount of solid abstance, richer in
Medical ingredients than an Other spring In Saratoga,
and iihovrs what the taste! namelYi tha IS the
it also demonstruee That the. STAB WATER contains
, 100 Coble kora 0 64 •
in it gallon thaw any other spring. it is this eXtra
amount of gas that Imparts to this water Ito peculiarly
sparkling appearance, and render. it so very agreeable
to the taste. It also tends to preserve the delicious flavor
of the water when bottled, and causes it to uncork with
an efferveseence almost oqualtttakuppPallhe•
lilt Sol d b c oy
untry. the leading Dnigyiete and Hotels through- ,
the • ' '
JOHN' WTETH & 81104,
1412 Wallotut Street, Phillitdsa g
Wholesale Agents
Also for sale by4V,Waltar kfulfenteheetnut liillafrod
Brown,corner of riab and Chestnut streetc_. J Gra:.
kerne, Twelfth and Filbert: H. B. Lipdacott.Twentieth
and cherrYl Penh &Go., rsa chestnut. ; amens) S. Bnnt.
Ag, Tenth add Borneo...lL O. Taylot.iuls CheatnatlP.(l ,
SighOunth and Bp . 6e.• Y. Jadob.y, Jr.,917 Vilest *
nut; Geo. G. Bower, Sixth r :zul Vinc;Jae.l'. Bhinn,Broad
abet Spruce; Daniel 8. Jones, Twelfth and Spruce; W. B.
Wobb .
it Tenth and :pring Garden.
8 0
-,,gmv , - P 1 3 1 '.-- 11, 7 A " ) , ----(1 --- 1
4 - *FRS 1 1 "Z.1.1.,,,_1K
Dealers In IT. S. Bonds and Members of
Stock-and-Gold-Itcehange o receive ae.
counts of Banks and Bankers on Ilberal
terra, Issue Bills of Exchange cm
C. J.Hambro & Son, London.
,'B. Metzler, S. Sohn'& Co., FranktOrd. • •
James W. Tuoker Co., Paris.
And other principal cities, and 'Letters
of Credit available throm;hont- Europe
S. W. corner Third and Chestnut Street&
Bought, Sold and Exchanged on' most
liberal terms.
Bought and Sold at Marhet Bates.
Bought, and Sold.
Bought and Sold on Commission Only.
Nade,on all_Accessible Points.
a 41
ilittitte, 101
I to , fi
40 South Third St.,
and Vatted States Taxes.
85 Cents and Interest.
Banliers and Dealei4 In Governmenti,
n 1 Lr 5:
1 a i w
ItS'A'D /NG RAILROAD: - - 0-.11,11A.Vj
Trunk Line from Philadelphia to the interior of
ennsylvania, the Schwan', Saftnebanna, .flumberr'
* land and Wyoming Valleys, tha_North. Northwest and;
the Canada.,Smamer Arrangement of Passeriger TrAins.`
Jul ,12 - OE9, leavingthe Company is 'Depot, Thirteenth
and Oaliowhill streets, Philad r eblilat •at •the fennwing!'
hours: __,.. . . . •
'Reading and ' all intermediate , Stations and• Allentown.'
;• Rourning,leaves Reading at 6.30 P. M.'. arriving -ft '
'Philadelphia at 9.35 P. M. ; .
MORN/NG •EXPRESB.--At fl. 15A. If: for eading.
• Letuanioai t Harrisburg, potteville, Pine Grotte,Taniaqua.r,
Sunbury,_ • Williameport, 'Elmira. Rochester , Niagara!
I . Pallaißftralo Wilkdsbarre ' Pittston, York. clarikien
Cbalnuereburi, Hagerstown; ,tc. ' •-' - !"
The 7. A D . train connect. at Reading With the Naar
Penneylvaniaßailropd trains forAllentowntite.,and the!
'8,15 A. M. train connects with the Labanon valley train'
- rot Harriebum, dec.; at Port Clinton volth Catawinsa E.
/11.' trains los W.illiatturportfLock Haven , ,Ehaira, dro_....•ati
Rarrishu_rg„with Northern Central,. Oumberhind Val-;
leg. and Schnkill and Suearlehanna trains for/forth-I
tanberlarid,"Williameport. 'York; Chamberiburg,Pine.,
W I lt e liNOON .P.X PRESS.LilltiveS•Philadelphin ;V'
3.30 . 14, for Reading, Pottsville, Ilarrieburg; Ao„ con. t
Codag with Reading and•Columbla //unread trains for ',.
b..be. , ~ • - .. -___•+ ' ; i • • • , ..
n at 0.25 A. Ili.ottopping at theinterniodiate Stations:l
arrives in Philadelphia at 8.40 A. Mt Returning :leaves!
• Philadelphi a , at 4.30 P. M.; arrive. inTottstownatt 11401
TlO2B -Leaves Pottsville at 530 A:ll4l=d Reading lat i
Igo A. M., atopftgat all way stations' unveil in Phila.. l
delphia at 70.1 A. 11
~ ,
Retinsing, leaven philidelphla at 'l5 5. P. N.; arrives l
in_fteading at 8.03 P. M., and at Pottftlllo at 9.40 P. M. • l
_;,•Tpains for •Pkdladelphta leave ; itarrishu*BlloA..
ki, and.Pottaville at 930 A./11., arrivifts is P 01Phta I
at t i llo P,M. Afternoon trains leave ,Marrisb 'g at 2.001
-P. , . strut Potteivillu at 2.45 P. 'M.; iirrilltia" Mk Phila. l
arrinburg Aoconnuodition leaves *Siding it 7_15 A, I
,nand Harrisburg at 410 P. M 0 e tins at Need .1
- ink with Afternoon AccomModation south at 6.30 P: M., I
arrhim In RhibidelDbiaat 9.1.3 P I N. _ - •1 , ~ ,
Slrma tmin, with& Passenger car attachedjleftes
delphia at 19 45n00n for Pottsville and , nu Way,
leaven Pottsville olt 5.40 A. N.'. connecting at
-sending with ancommudation train for Philadelphia and
.4112 Otatinata. fr !'
AlMillie above trains innAtillyilkftdaprefteepted.
•,_' Bi !ay trains leave Pottsville at 8 A.,'.Bt.,"and Philo
air at 8 . 1 5 P. M.; leave Philadelphia for Beading at
-AIM, returning from Reading at 4.25 P. M. • • , , -
;Downingtown and intermediate points take the 1.80
• ra ne em • nun spa
in from Downingtown at 6.10 A.M.. 1.60 P. 11.. and aAS
pBRICIOMEN RAILROAD.-Passengets for 13ehweriks
title-take 7.30 A.H., 12.45 and 4.30 P.ll. trains for Phila
delphia returning from Sohwenksville at 5.55 and 8.12
A.XL 1 2 .55 ' noon. Stage lines for varioua Paints in
Perklomen Valley connect With trains at Collegeville
and Schwenkaville.
Boyertosn and intermediate points take the 7.30 A. M.
and 4.30 P. D. trains from Philadelphia, returning front
Boyertown at 7.2.5 and 11.50 A. M.
THE WEST.-Leaves New York at'9.6o A. 31., 5.00. and
8.00 P. Id., passing Reading'at 12.35 3141.45 and 10.02
P. N., and connects at •Harrisburg with Peanafivaala
and Northern Central Railroad Express Trainb for "Pitta
burgh; ChicagoWilliamsport,
Elmira', Baltimore, &c.
Returning, Express Train leaves Ha rriebtir ;g on arrival
of Pennsylvania Express from Pittsburgh.at 230 awl 5 - 20
A: 51. and 4.45 P. 31., pa.sing Reading at 4.10 and 7.05 A.
31. and' 6.16 P M., arriving at New York 10.00 and 11.45
.11.31., and 10.20 P. 51. Bleephweara_aecompany theao
trains through between Jersey City and Plttahurgh.
without change.
Mail train for New York leaves Harrisburg at 8.10 A.
M. and 2.00 P. N. „Mail train for Harrisburg leaves New
york at 12 Noon.
Pottsville atG D and 113.1 A.M. and 6.50 P. 31.. returning
from Tamaqua at 9.35 A. 31.4 and 2.15 and 4.50 P. M.
-Trains ienve Auburn at 8.55 A. 11. and 3.2(/ M. for
Pinegrove and Harrisburg and at 12.10 noon for Pine
grove and Tremont; returning from Ilarri4burg at 7.35
and 11.50 A. 31., and from Tremont at 6.45 A.R. and 5.05
P. 31.
TICKETS.—Through firet•olaes tickets and RmitTrant
tickets to all the principal points in t o heNorth and West
and Canada.
Eieursion Ticketa from Philadelnitial') Reading and
Intermediate Stations, good for day oni3•_ , , are sold by
Morning Accommodation, Market Train, Reading and
Pottstown Accommodation 'Dating at reduced rates,
•. Rzenrsion Tickets to Philadelphia, good Tor day only,
are Hold at Reading and Intermediate Stations by Read
ing and Pottstown Accommodation , Trains at' reduced
. .
The follovine tickets are obtainable only at the Office
of 8. Bradford, Treasurer, No. 221 south Fourth street,
Philadelphia, or of G. A. Nicol's, General Superinten
dent, Reading.
Commutation Tickcte.at 25 per cent. discount, between
any 'points desired, for families and arms.
Mileage Tickets, good for 2,001./miles,between all poinfs
at 6 , 52 each for families an.l firms.
' Season Tickets, for three, six, nine or twelve 'months,
for holders only, to all points,.at reduced rates.
Clergymen residing on 'the lne of the road will be fur
nished with cards, entitling themselves and wices- to
tickets at half fare . •
Excursion Tickets from rhiladelphia to principal sta
tions, good for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, at re
duced fare, to be had
streets. t the Ticket Office, at Thir
teenth and Callowhill .
FREIGHT.—Goods of all descriptions forwarded -to
all the, above points from the Cornpanyls New Freight
,Dipot:, - Brond and - Willeic — Streets.
reigle Trains leave Philadelphia daily at 435 A. H.,
12.45 noon, 5.00 and 7.15 P. H., for Reuling, Lebanon,
Harrisburg, Pottsville, Port Clinton, and all points be d
Rails close at the PhiladelPhiaPost-office for all places
en the road and' its branches at 5 A. H., and for the prin
cipal Stations only at 2.15 P. aL •
BAGGAGE. • • '
. Dungan's F.nress will collect Baggage for all trains
leaving Philadelphia Depot. 'Orders can be left ,at No.
225 South Fourth street, or at the Depot, Thirteenth and
Callowhill streets.
Philadelphia to New York, and way places, from Wal
nut street wharf. • Fare.
.At 6.30 A. M., via Camden and Ainbtry, Accom.. $225
At A. M. via. Camden and. Jersey City Ex. •300
At 2.00 P. 31., via Camden and Amboy Express, 800
At 6 P. 31. for Amboy and intermediate stations,
At 630 and 8 A. M., and 2 P. 31., for Freehold.
At 2.00 P. 31. for Long Branch and Points on
R.& D. B. R. R.
At 8 and 10 A :M., 12 AI, 2,3..E1and 4.80 P. M.,for Trenton.
At 6.30,8 and 10 A.M., 12 31;,2.3.30,4.80,6, i and 1 1;30 P • 31.,
for 33ordentown,Florence,Burlulgton,Beterly and De
lance. •
At 6.:11 and I 0A.M.,12 31., 3.30,4.38,6,7 and 1130 P.M. for
Edgewater,Riverside, Riverton, Palmyra and Fish
Nouse, an AL, for Riverton.
The 11.30 P. M. Line leaves from foot of
Market street by uppei ferry.
From Kensington Depot:
At.ll A. Si., via Kensington and Jersey City, New York
Express Line $3 00:
At 7.30 and 11_00 A. 31., 2.30, 3.30 and P. M. for Trenton
and Bristol. And at 10.15 A. M. and 6T. M. for Bristol.
At 7.30 and 11 A. AL , 2.30 and 5 P. M. for Morrisville and
At 7.30 and 10.15 A. 31., 2.30, 5 and 6 P. IL for Schenck's
and Eddington.
At 7.30 and 10.15 A. M., 2.30, 4;5 and 6 P. M., for Coin- •
*ells, Torresdale, Holniesburg, Tacony, Wissinoming,
ltridesburg and Frankford aud.8.30 Pad. for Mohan&
burg and lntennediate Stations. '
From West Philsdelphi&Depot via Connectingßailway
At 930 A. 31.,J.A) 4, 6.45,8 and 12 P. M. New York Ex -'
press Line, via Jersey City 31325
At 11.30 P: M. Emigrant Line
At 9.30 A. 31 ,1.30, 4, 6.44,S and 12 P.ll. for Trenton.
At 9.30 A. 31., #, 6.45 and 12 P. 31., for Bristol.'
At 12 P.M .(Night) for Morrisville,Tullytown,Schenck'S
Eddington, Contwells; Torresdale, Rolmeeburg, Ta
cony, Wissmoming, lridesburg and Frankford., •
The 9.30 A. M. and s and 12 P. 3 f Lines run daily.' All
others, Sundays excepted. • •
Fur Lines leaving Kensington Depot, take the cars on
Third or Fifth streets, at Chestnut, at half an hour be
fore departure.' The Cars of 'Market Street Railway tun
direct to West Philadelphia Depot Chestnut and Walnut'
within one stmare, On !Sundays, the Market Street Oars,
will run to connect with the 9.30 A. M, arid 8 and' 12 P.
front Kensington Depot. '
At 7.30 A. .Al., for Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Dunkirk,''
Elmira, Ithaca, Owego, Rochester, Binghampton,
Oswego, §yracuse, Great Bend, Montrose, Wilkesbarre,:
Schooley Mountain. &c. • •
At 7.30 A. M. and 3.30 P. Si. for Scranton, ,Strouds-:
burg, Water Gap, Belvidere, Easton, Lambertville,'
Flemington, &e. The 3.30 P. 11.'Line counecta 'direct ,
with the train leiving-Etiston for. Stanch Chunks/Men-I.
town, Bethlehem, &c. . .
At 14 A. M. and P. M. for Lambertville and interme
diate Stations.
ket street FernqUprier Side.) ' •
At 7 nna 10 A. m.;i; 2.15430,6 & 6.30 P.ll.for Merchants.r
ville,lllooreatown, Hartford. Alasonville,llainaport,'
' Mount Ilotly, Smithviliu,
,Ewausyllle, iincontown,
Birmingham and Pemberton. •• • • • , ;
Atslo A. Id. for Lewistown, Wrlghtstown, Cookstown,,;
New Egypt and Hornendown.
Al 7A. At., 1 and3.Bo•P. M. for Lewistoivn, Wrights-;
town. Cookstown, Now Egypt, nornerstown, Cream
Ithisze, Indaystown, Sharon and nightgown. _
Fifty pounde of Baggage only allowed each Puasohger,l
Passengers are prohibited from taking anything as bag 4
gage but their wearing apparel. Alrbaggage over fifty,
_poundsto be pilidlor_extra,L_The_Company_limit their
responsibility Our baggage to One. Dollar per p'ilatidil
aim will not be liable for any, amou ,V.0)0
nt beyond , ex
cept by special contract.
Tickets sold and Baggage checked -direct through :to
Boston, Wortester, Springfield, Hartford, New Haven;'
Prot Newport, Albany, Troy, Saratoga,' - Utica,
Bence, 6 , ,) mouse, limehester,Buffalo,• Niagara Falls and
Suspension Bridge: ' "
An additional Ticket Office Is located at No. 82.1IChest,
nut street, where tickets to New York, and all import
taut points North and East, may be procures!. Persona
.purchasing Tickets-at'this gun have their hagl
gage checked from residences or hotel to destlnation,by
Union Transfer Baggage Express. • •• `
Lines from New :I. ork, for Philadelphia will leave front •
foot of Cortland street tel 1.00 and 4.00 P. Al., Via Jersey
City and Camden. At 6.30 P. M. via Jersey City 'end
Kensington At 7, and hi A.M., 12.30,5 mid 9 P.M., miff
12 Night, via Jersey City and AVest Philadelphia. •
Front Pier No. I, N. Inver, at 640 A. M. AccommodM
tine and 2P. Si. Express, via Amboy and Camden: •
Aug. 30,1869. VIM. it. GATZ3LKIt, Agent.
EST JEItS Y• 11 A,D;
Leave Philadelphia, Foot of'Market street ( Upper
Fern )at • , • • ; '• • •
8,15 A. Si., Mall, for Bridgeton, Salem, Aliilville,Vlrm•
land, Svredeshoro and, ailliderniediii to stations.
Ai.,, Mail, for, Cape May, Inlllville, Vineland
and way stations below Glinieboro. ' • ,
3.30 P. Me Passenger, for Bridgeton,' Salem, Swedes
born. and all intermediate stations. 4.•
440 P,M., .Woodbury and. Glassboro sccorniniabilfen:
Frefeld train,fOr all'adtioti,tleaves Canideu at
12,00 o'clock, n00n... • , • ,• ; ,
Freight received in , Philadelphia at oecoad. covered
wharf below Walnut etroet. •
Freight delivered at N 0.228 8. Delaware avenue. •
Commutation tickets, at reduced . rates, between Phila
delphia and all stations.
_ r •
+TVIA.iLIAM. J. BEWEIIL, Superintendent.
-PENNSYLVANIA--; RAILROAD, -to Wilkesbarre, •
Annoy City, Mount Carmel, Centr ilia and' all points
on Lehigh Valley Railroad mid its branthea. • ,
By new arrangements,Terfected this day, this read is
enabled to give inoreased•tiespatch to ,merchaviditio con
signed to the„above , ntimpti points
Goode delivered at the Through Xreight Depot,
13.1 G: ror. Front and Noble streets,
:Refine 4 P/ ;numb Wilkeabarro, Mount cannel.
MalialPteY Pity', and : the, other stationa Memleinoy and
ikilevh3tieforf' `,ll:' the succeeding day'. ,
-' , s:'f , -, '::t• . ! . ;;Eir;*,vei.Eits , aviiii.
'.IVI - 1-TH2t , ' ) DLE ROUTE.t-ShOrtest and most di_4
rent line ter:'Bethlehem_,_ East(' ,n . Allentown , Mauch.
. Chunk, Hazleton, H
White aven, Wilkesbarra f Mahanoyo
1; City, lit. Carme l Pittston, iTnnktunnicick, ficranton4
1 Carbondaleand all the points in the Lehigh:and W 70.1
mangoes' regions , - ,
k • -
. Passenger Depot iiii' Philadelphia, H. W. corner Berkli
and Areerictur aced/3'; _ . '
On and niter TUESDAY, June let, ISO, Passenger;
Trains leave 'the Depot, corner of Berke and American)
I street!), daily (Sundaysexcepted), as followii• •'- • • 6.45 A. M. Accommddation for fortiVashingtoo:. i
At 7.45 A.11.-Morning. Express for. Bethlehem and!
Principal, Stational on Korth Pennsylvania Railroad,.
~,,c ohnecting at Bethlehem with Lehigh Valley Rallroadi
for Allentown ! Catasanana,Slatington, Mauch Chunk',
'Weatnerly,Jeanesville, Hag leton,White Haven, WiLkes-;
tarre, Kingston, Pittston, Tunkhannock, and all points(
In 'Lehigh' , and 'Wyoming Valleys; also, it cOnnentioni
with Lehigh and Malutnoy Railroad for Mahanoy 0.14•',
and with Catawissa Railroad for Rupert, Danville, Mil-;
ton and•Williezniport. Arrive at Mauch Chunk at 12 M.;
atWilkesbarre at 2210P.M.;at Mahan°, City at 1.50 P. 11.1
) At&46A: M.-Accommodatinn for. Doylestown; stop.'
ping at•all Intermediate Stations. Passengers lor Wil
low GroVealltboro , and Hartsville, by this , train, take
Stage at Old York Road. , '
• 9461a..••M. (Express) • for Bethlehem,. Allentown,',
Mauch Chunk., White Haven, Wilkesbarre, Pittston ' ',
Scranton and tiarbondale via Lehigh and Susquehanna •
Rif Irdad, '-.'and ' Allentown and' ' Easton, ' and '
points on New Jemmy Central Railroad and Morris and
Essex ILdiroad to New York via th igh ValleyßaUroad.
" At 10.45 A. /I.o4cconanodatibn for Fort Washington,
stomping at intermediate Stations • , ,
1.15,8,15,520 and 5.P.M. , -A odatiou to Abington.
At 1.45)P. M.-Lehigh Valley press for Rethlehem, ,
Easton ' Allentown, Manch ,Chmilt, ,Hazlletdn„. White
'Haven,Wilkesbarre, Pittatoty Scranton, and Wyoming
Coal Regions. . t
_.% . ~ ,
At 2.45• P. 144-Accommodation for poyleatown, Itoll
- at all intermediate stations:
At 4 3 ,5 P. M.-Accommodation for Doriettewll;44Opt
tpixtlg at all intermediate stations. i , , i
. ;AA 6.00 P. 111.-Through for Bethlehem, csuniecting at
with Lehigh valley Evening, Train' for
'Easton:Allentown; •'Mauch Chunice. _ • ) .. , , •
• At 6.20 P. X.-Accommodation for Ltungiale,stopping
at all intermediate stations. . .
At .11.30 P. 11.-Accothmodtion`for Pert Washington.
• Pram Bethlehem at 9 A. 11., 2.10, .4.45' nnd , ,8.25 P. M.
2.10 P. M.,,4.45R,..M. and 8.25 P.M. Trains wake' direct
connection trith'Lehigh Valley dr Lehigh 'and Susque
li arum trains front Easton, Scranton, Wilkesbarre„ Ma
hanoy City and Ilaxieton. __.-
_, ,
from Doylestown at 8.25 A.1.1.,4.55.P.m
.4' 1 4 7 . 110 P.M
From Lansdale at 7.80 A. M. • '
' " - 011 --Waddrigtal.. 4 % Nr...”. 1 q 10_
Philadelphia for Bethieherti,at 9.38 A. M. ' • ' •
Philadelphia for Doylestownstl.oo Pi. M. •
Philadelphia for Abington
Doylestown for Philadelphia at 6.30 4,,At;
Bethlehem for Philadelphia at 4.00 P. - •
Abington for Philtulelphia at - ''•
•• Fifth and Sixth Streets Passengercurs convey,paseon
gers to and from the new Depot.
White cars of Second and' Third - Streets Liftol and
Union Line run within a short distance of the Depot,
•• Tickets must ho procured at the' Ticket UtHcot ittOrder
to secure tho lowest rates of fare. • •
Tickets soldand Baggage checked through turinci
pal points, at' Nunn 'a 'North Penn. • Baggage , Express
office, No. J 0 South Fifth street
mencingDlONDAY,' May 10th ; 1 869 Trains will leave
Depot, cornerßroad' and Washington avenue, se.fol••
WAY HAIL TRAIN at 8.30'A. It. (Sundays except .4),
for Baltimore, stopping at all Regular Stations. CM
meting With Doiawara Railroad at .Wilmington• for
Crisfield and Intermediate Stations.
EXPRESS TRAIN at 12.00 DI. ( Sundays eicepted), for
Baltimore and Washington, stopping at Wilmington,
Perryville and Havre de Grace. • Connects at Wilming-/
ton with train for New Castle. • ,
EXPRESS 'TRAIN a 44.00 P. H. (Sundayit excepted)4
for Baltimore and Washington, stopping at Chester,
Thurlow, Linta - ood,, Claymont, Wilmington, Newport,
,Stanton. Newark, Elkton, North East,, Charlestown, •
Perryville Havre do Grae, Aberdeen, Perryman's,
Edgewood,' 3lngnolia, Chase ' s and Stenimer ' s Run...
Iv E
IGIiT XPRESS at ll'.„U) P. M. (daily) for Raltiniore
and• SVRshinaten. stopping at. Chester, Thurlow, Lin
wood;'Claymont, Wilmington, Newark, Elkton; North
East, Perryville, Havre de Grace, Perryman' and Mag
• .
Passengers for Fortress Monroe and Norfolk will take
the 121,0 M. Tram.
WIL3IINGTON TRAlNS.—Stopping at all Station
between Philadelphia and Wilmington.'
LCRSO PHILADELPHIA. at .11.00 A. M..2..53_,3:00 - and
7.00 P. M. The.o.oo P. M. train connects with Delaware
Railroad for Harrington end intermediate stations.
Leave WIL AIINGTON 6.30 and 8.10 A. 31., 1.30,4.15 and
7.00 P. 3.1. The 8.10 A. M. train will not stop between,
Chester and Philadelphia. The '7.00 P. 31. train • from
Wilmington . runs daily ;allothorAccommodation Trains
Sundays excepted.
Baltimore 7.25 A.M., Way Mail: 9.35 A. 1J.., Express,
2.35 P.M., Express.72s P. 31.,-h'xpress. .
BALTIMORE at 1.23 P. M. Stopping at-Magnolia, Per
rymun'ti, Aberdeen`Havre-de-Grace,Perryville,Charles
town, North-East, Elkton; Newark, Stanton, Newport,
Wilmington, Dial-Mont, Linwood and Chester.
RAILROAD TRAlNS—Stopping at all Stations on Ches
ter Creek and Philadelphia and Baltimore Central RR.
day excepted t TRFA
The 7.00 A. M. Train will atop at all Stations 'between
Philadelphia and Lamokin. . , •
A Freight Train with Passenger car attached will
leave Philadelphia daily (Sundays excepted) ut 1.00 P
M., running to Oxford. " •
days excepted) at 5.40 A. 31,0.25 A. M., and 2.30 P, 181.
Trains leaving WILMINGTON at 0.30 A. M. and 4.15
P. M., will convect at Lamokin Junction with the 1.00
1.:31.und 4.30 P:11. trains for Baltimore Central R. R.
Through tickets to all point West, South, and South
west rnay.be procured at the ticket office, 628 Chestnut
street, under Continental Hotel,' where also State Rooms
and Berths in Sleeping Cars can be secured during the
day. Persons purchasing tickets at this office can have
baggage checked at their residence by_ the Union Trans
fer Company. H. F. KENNEDY, Sup7t.•
_L. ROAD.—After. 3P. IL; SUNDAY, September sth
1869. The trains of the , Pennsylvania Central Railroad
leave the Depot,at ,Thirty-tirst and Market streets,which
is reached directly by the cars of the Market Street Pas
senger Railway, the last car connecting with each train
leaving Front and Market street thirty minutes 'before
its departure. Those of the Chestnut and Walnut
Streets Railway run within ono square of the Depot.
Stepping Car Tickets can be had on application at the
Ticket Office, Northwest corner of Ninth and. Chestnut
streets, and at the Depot.
Agents of the Union Transfer Company will call for
and deliver Baggy at the Depot. Orders lett at N 0.901
Chestnut street, No
/16 Market street, will receive at
, .
Mail Train at 8.00 A. M.
Paoli Accona. at /0.36 A.M., LlO, and 7.10 P. M.
Fast Line. , at 11.50 A. M.'
Erie Erprese nt 11.50 A. M.
Harrisburg Accom .. at 2.30 P. M.
Lancaster Accom at 4.00 P. M. ,
Parksburg Train. . at 5.30 P. M.
Cincinnati Express . at 8.00 P. M.
Erie Mail and 'Pittsburgh Expre55.—...........at 9.30 P. M.
Accommodation at 11.00 P.M.
Philadelphia Express 'at 12.00 night.
_ Erie Mail leaves daily, except Sunday,. running on
'Saturday night tp Williatimport only. on Sunday Wight
'passengers will Wave Philadelphia at 8 o'clock._ ,
Philadelphia Express leaves daily. Cincinnati Ex- ,
Dress daily, except Saturday. All other trains daily,
except Sunday.
Tha Western Accommodation Train runs, daily, except
Sunday For this train tickets must be procured and
baggage delivered by LOU P. M.. at 116 Market street.
Cincinnati Express.... at 2.45 A. IL
Philadelphia Express, at 6.20 A. M.
Erie Mail ' ' .at 6.20 A. M.
Paoli Accommodation at 8.21/ A. M. and 4.05 Fr 6.35 P. M
Parkeburg Train at 9.10 A. M.
Fast 1ine....-- ' at 9.35 A. M
Lancaster Train at 12.30 P. IL
,xpress at 6,10 P. 31
Day xpress
Pacific Express ..at 8.25 P. M.
Harrisburg Accommodationl‘ at 9.40 P. M.
For further information, apply to
JOAN F. VANLEER, JR., Ticket gent, 901 Chestnut
FRANCIS FUNK, Ticket Agent, Ile , Market street --
SAMDEL 11. vALLAcn, Ticket Agent at the Depot.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company will not assume
an risk for Baggage, except for wearing apparel, and
limit their responsibility to -One -Hundred Dollare-in
'value AU Baggage exceeding that amount in value will
be at the risk of the owner, unless taken by special con
tract., ' EDWARD 11. WILLIAMS.,
General Superintendent. Altoona, Pa.
Y PHIA RAILROAD,-;-Winter Arrangement: On
and after MONDAY, (let. 4, l&ig, Tram] will li:exam
follows: .
Leave Philadelphia, from Now Depot Thirty-first and .
Chestnut streets, 7.45 A. M., 11.00 A. 3i 2.30 '. M- 1 4.15-
P. M., 4.401'. 11,6.15 P. 11, 11 .30 P. M.
Leave West Chester, from Depot, on East Market
street; 6.25 A. 31,8.00 A. M., 7.45 A M 10 45A 3I 1.65
P. 11,4.50 P. 11,0.55 P.M.
Train leaving West Chester iit 8.00 A.M. will stop pt
B. C. Junction, Lanni, Glen Riddle and Media: leaving
, Philadelphia at 4.40 P. .11, will stop at Media, Glen
from stations between Wait Chester and B. 0. Junction
going East, will take train leaving West Chesteeat 7.45
A. M., and cur will be attached to Bxprese Train at IL
C. Junction; and going West, Passengers for Stations
above B. C. Junction will take train leaving Philadel
phia at 4.40 P. AL, and Will change cars at .13. 0. Junc
tion. . •
Theelle - pat in Philadelphia is retiched directly by .the
Chestnut and 'Walnut street curs. Those of the Market
street line run within one square. The care of both Lime
connect with each train upon its arrival.
. ON SUNDAYS.—Leavo Philadelphia for Weet Cheater
at 8,80 A. 31. and 2.00 P. M.
Leave West Chester for Philadelphiant TM A. M. and
• Wir Passengers artiallowed to take Wearing Apptird
only, as Baggage, and.the Company will not in any case
be responsible for an amount exceeding one kundreddoll
lam unless a special ovine be made ter the same.
• • crenoral (Superintendent. '
-.1... . 110 AD—W INTER TIME, TABLE..
On and after MONDAY, Sept. 6, 1869, the Trains on
the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad will run as followa
front Pennsylvania. Railroad Depot, West Philadelphia :
Mall Train leave's Philadelphia . • ' 920 P. M. ,
~ . :Williantsport 7.80 A. M. ',• LE - THE ORPHANS'' CO URT FORT - fitill
~ ~ arrives'at Erie..., • 8.15 P. M. 1J : • city' CA
and County ' of I ,l ll,ll.ttlelphia. , *-Estatecof
Erie Extort:es 'mires Philadelphia ILSO A, M. /., GH CARR, deceased.—Notice. is- herd. ygiveu,tiiat
.. 1 '• " .', 'Williamsport ' ' TAXI P.,3f ELLEN CAR,R,..widow of saki ,decease,d, has tiled sr:
.. •4, arriveelitFria“.., , - 10 .00 A.M .Petitien, with' appraisement of !personal' property ' be.
Elmira Mall loaves 1. 4 )1 ladelpida t 8.00 A. M; r. 'electil to retain under the act ,of Assembly of 'AptitM s
" " ' '" '3 illitinisport. ' 6.10 P. 11l •
~ 1667, and itoeupplementontel. that the, MAXIAMIAlteal,p.t , ;
od, “ arrives at iLook Haven ' 1.80 P. 84 - prore4 by tbe your; on ATUEDAY.,9 S O#I-;234 _Wo •
• • • - - . • - TA , • L
_• urilpile exceptione be filed hereto. • •Az -
.11lail : Train levee Erie. '8.15.14. m. ,i ... ~. F. - - JOHN- 214.) BURTON, , .. -- - , c •
" ' 4 _ Willitunsport ' ' 9.15 P.M, 4, , 0014-th s 4t* ', ,•. ~ ~.. ', .• : At.ternoy, 1 . 5 . F . ,,W18406', ~ •. • ,•-.
" 44 tdrireentrPhiholeipitla ' 6.10 AO*. ;'
Dip Eicyreoe leaves ErteOF ' (.1 0 37 : ' 31 3- L' i tAit ' ' - '''
0.20 P.:i X. i TN THE COURT ,. . . , ,
" Williamsport 4.25 A. M. ' 1 FOR THE CITY AND COUNTY; OD' porn ~ ' , 14';
" " Williamsport
Philo.lelithia 1.20 P. K. . PRIA.--HANNAII. GERHART A by her. next 'llFjetulli ~ ' , - ;1.1
Tiltaira - Illai loavvo ',eh-Haven. .... :.. .....--..-6.50-A,IC - e ,:o. , -1 , 0.-- OIiA4LEIL-GILIRUAIVE..--..Tuno---
k rl rer sT
" •" Wi 1110 msport '8.45 A. SE, No. 26, lit pivoroe. .To CHARLES -0 It ti Tioi•-,ls ,
"• • " arr ve4 int Plillottotobin , ' 7.15 P. M. ' respendent ; litit ; Masataka ttotloothat a rola haatr:;vi.
I t
re a rine betweouo to
dth Wel a45; - .1 . ;
Eplo , E we leaves MILI:I4Ort *. ' i l 2 20 rin t t ei g . ?i ,),
u i cin the. !above Steert . show. causer 13 1- . - '," . '
arrives at, Pihiadtapbta. 9.25 .A; M. 'thud. not, be decreed„ unik, • ainl *old, and ” why why,tvi , ,, , ,y,.::', ,
.' .• .4 ' I • ', ---. '•• - • . - • divorce a vtarato • mearimo
_.isi.• 'o hook! , not , be decrOia' l- .7,ni'
Xrpretio east conooete at Corry. grill mast at Corry and , therein, returnable tIATURVe.A.Yr October MAL 4n6ih, 4 r'-N
In jitetpli. ,Expropo wed 'at Iry tnetuo with trains on lo o'clock A. M. Pereonal,,norrlco haling flied 91.1. i. ...
o y i -c‘rat.i, and Allegheny River Railroad. . •, ' count of van!. abracQ. , &'_, , BLEB
, L. . p Jlet -i m ii7..;;;
. • . : ALFILLu L. TYLER, ' 1 - OA
~.. 7. : .General Superintendent. , ociO to tit 4t§ • Attorney t0r14144404.1i.tt0
: L04,4:4141
OH iIiADELP te . , 'OBE -. • ' I ,:.„,,
P.E.-On and after Monday, May 3ds /810,91,81,11 • •
further notice:
Leave rhfilidel4lll4.- 4 4,7, S, IMMI ,1 0, 11 .- /a A•lesit . :* ,t,
, 4.14, 8 1 11,4,4.34,4.01, 00 ,7,8,84A0, 11 1. 12 P.
Leave G : rm antown ....4 ; 7, l/11 31 ,1 8 , 41 ), Vs ...w, Ds 12 4 1 i, „
I, 2,3, 4, 4 41 5 , 631.0, 63b, 7 1 0 , - .4 4m. , ... , • ...• ,_ ..-..'-,..1 -
The 8.20 down-train, and the ex and Eli ult tramis•was
notnt9P 00119 Genrill'atemlarkirrjl.: " ••• ~: •., %.
• _
~.., . .4 ON SU
' Leave Phiiadelphlar-9.15 A. M., 2, 4.08 minutes, 7 ... q .,
'IT ......-* 8 •36d9M P 1M
Leave Clermont° .... ~.1 A. lit, 1,. ,_ an .
_:;, 2 _ ..
.testve PhiladelphiaB; a, 10, 32 A. N , 2, 38f,01,41t ,
and 11 P• M.
_Leave Chestant Rill--7.10 minutes, 8,9 40, eat* 1140 AI i
; 140, 340,640, 6.40 i1 8.40 and 10.40 P.M.
' teiti4 Pfilladelphia-9.15 antes A'. M.; 2 and .."38,.„,
Leave Chestnut noi-azo zonnter A. N . ; /240,6 A aw,
• Liave Thiledeiplla,..B . 7%,0, 11 J30sA. re- s
9.2S .B IP O I E nu C te O B I3 P B . II N oocKEN AND. Noßß,Lyro 3 wr a 4
-"6%. 6.14, 8.06,10.08 and 11% P. 31-,,„„, .
Leave Norrietewn-84.0,631, 7, t x,,,9
111 A N . , Lti t e ll 4:
43b 4.18, 8 and 93i P,M.
iir en ralf: g fr , o_m_Norristownwill riot stop,)
Domino or Schnee Laney I:
at jll9" .llos T ea h ' e tPP 4/A otta:l anayttn
rnuadel hla will etoponl "..,,
' IW * /'he a P • 4l ' Tilinfr°ll2 h P h ken i'A
et Schoolla , n , e, on s k tr aip p d A,_ Cri ti a ,, c'
. 0 ,7 0 15 ; m vii ,,! ,:;l
Leave rhitaatlphia. 4 9 A. 31.; 2,4.4 Etna .
__.. 2, ,1 ,
Leave Norristown-l•A. If .; I_,,d 9 P. M,
,11 ,, k,.
Leave Philadelph i a - 6,73 A: ?d•; 2)11 3 $ 4341'110 N
r3k4,, e 6 st al letaett o in i n a k u -d d'4 .1 78 0,717 : i . , 810,9 M, wi.A • 3t4 t 3 g tr- ' .17
-5, 6'fi,,13.30 and 10 _ . P
mi . The,M tromphaadeisda iiii , 2, ,•:
.. 'l'
at School - Lane and W ln
__ , ,
~•:, ,
• • =, ON , 8 uNDA - 21A 4
p.14,, , ,,, ; :1.„,,,,
LeavolPhiladelphits. 31._;
I.,ottv/Idanagunk.-T. Af ue . ii •
e i r it i t3; i a ti n ve d r 9 l 3i nte r nd . M alt , ; , ,• 4, , 4 f t
. D WILSON , tNi th and Green' ensue
J DOAD.-On and after MONDAY, October •i ii .; ,
trains' will leave Vino street ferry as follows ( Bad i r I ,
Mexcepted,/ : • ' j..:..-. IMO illf
aiL.... ... ..... ....... • •••••••" . •'," . 434 Ai ..:'
Treight (with passenger car) , &Di P,.^•31,1
Atlantic Accommodation
Ateoand inter- ••• , 1'
Junction) Acconimedathm • to
~!..,,...„L„ ~„,.., sx, i 544,,
, mediate atations
LEAVE - ATL - Airifio.. 4 13., ;IA
BET D R / 4 / 11(3 .
.thai. , .. , _.. ,,, •„.......:.......,...----- relght liAas.l•l,,:i
Atlantic, Accomincslat on 606 Junction Accommodation from Atco
Maddenil eld Acconnned atEon • trains .
leave , 2
~,,1 : ,„,.‘,..'• 1 1,...,^1
Yin street 10.35 A. N. and tr .yr. •2 ' ,
iffildoenfield.....-.1-............. ";.DAVID
ll l,oo H P lF :M trim an r d
.4 ., ,e , `,
A 4 ,
year -
.. Irv . • ' vv ..
v igor
For ,the Renovation .of the , Hairt:', - ,
The Great Desideratum of the 'Aga.
A' dressing 'which
,is, at once argeeab,li,
healthy, and effectual
for preserving the
hair. 'Faded or gray
hdir is soon, restored
to its original' color
and the
freskiess of
* youth.
Thin hair is .thick-
ened, falling, hair checked, and -bald
ness often, though not always, cured
by its use. Nothing can restore
hair where the follicles are. destroyed,
or the glands- 'atrophied and decayed 'Y
That such as ;remain can be saved' for
,usefulness by this application. Instead
of, fouling the hair' with a pasty sedi,
ment, it will keep it clean and . vigorous
Its occasional,use will prevent the hair
from turning gray or falling off, and
froM those deleterious Sub Stances which
make some preparatious dangerous and
Injurious U) the hair, the Vigor can
only, benefit but not harm it. If wanted
merely fora ,
nothing else can be found so desirable.
Containing neither oil nor dye, it doet? ,
not soil white cambric,- and yet lasts
longer on the hair; giving it 'a rich
glossy lustre and a grateful perfume.
Prepared by Dr. 1. C. Ayer & Co.
• •
PRIDE $l.OO, • ;
Sold by all Druggists everywhere. •At wholesale . by
J. It. ALARM at CO., Philadelphia. mh9 to th s cow ly
(?P.A-Ti • DENTALUNA. ••=-; - A StrPERIOR
article for cleaning the . Tenth destroying animalcule
w gich infest them, giving tone to the grime and leaving
a feeling or fragrance and perfect cleanliness in the
mouth. It may be used daily, - and will be found to
strengthen weak and bleeding gums, ,whila the aroma detersiveriess
,will recommend it to every one. Be
ing composed with the assititance of the Dentist, Physi
cians and Microscopist, it id confidently offered as a
reliable substitute for the uncertain washes formerly in
vogue, • .
Lminent Dentists, acquainted. with the constituents
of the Dentallina, advocate its use; it contains nothing
to prevent its nurostrained emplbyruent. Blade only by
JANES T. SHINN, ApothecarY•
Broad and Spruce etreets,
rally, and
D. L. Stackhonse,
Robert C. Davis, •
Geo. C. Bower, '
Chas. Shivers, ,
S. M.
S. C. Bunting.
Chas. IL Eberle,
James N. Marks,
E. Bringhurst k Co.. ,
Dyott Co„, •
1 - 1131al, I,
Wyeth &Bro. •
For sale by. Druggists gene
Fred. Browne, ;
liassard & Co., '
U. R. , .
.Isaac H: Kay, '
C. R. Needles,
T. J.' llnsband
Ambrose Smitb, •
Edward Parrish,
Wm. B. Webb,
James L. Bispham,
geea& COLA •
Henry o A. Bower. ,
'UN THE COURT OF COMMON-P1.7t 7 i....4 '
A. for the City and Co'linty of Philadelphia.—Assigned
Estate of JOHN H. WILLIAMS dc CO.—The. Auditor •
appointed by the Court to audit, settle, and adjust the --
account Of JOSEPII J. DORAN, Assignee of. JOHN IL _.: .........
' , ;wiLLIAlis , & o.,.and- to make distribution. of the
balance in the hands of the -accountant, will meet the
. parties : interested. for the.purposes of his appointment,
onMONDAY, October 25t11,18r,e, at 4 o'clock I'. AL, at --.' --.
'his office, No. 217 South Third street, in the city of Phil- 4 .- ..--. •
• adelphia. . , . -.5. HENRY NORRIS, . ..',
-- • ocl6 f in - w At§ - . . . - • Auditor:
VSTATE .OF ELIZABETH. AV. 3 , 1.c-,, ,. 1;..,
lA, CAUSLAND.depoused.—Letters teshunentary On ,: \
- .4-,
. the last will of said - decedent having, been granted to the ia.-41
undersigned; all persons indebted to' the said estate trill.:;`. - '-.y . • .
make payment, and those having' claims will -present , ;1 5 .;4 - 7," ; , , '"
the same to MARGARETTA McCAUSLAND, Exec-- •! e.' , 1, • .
. utrix, N 0.807 North Nineteenth Street,. or to .her At
torney, --- WILLLAAI, - 3. - AIcELIIOY, - southeast "corner,
'Sixth and Walnut streets, Philadelphia. ' • eel TOL" :•,'li..- t' ,
...4 - e, if , , - 4
' TN THE ORPHANS' COURT FOR' Tlik"k;ie4 - 20c.,:
-- x—city - ami - Countrof-Philatielelthr.—Estate`of ISAAautt
RODGERS, deceased.—The: Auditor appointed by,thoW - ;-&-: - 4 - ',
Court to report distribution of the - fund in Court; - ", •-•-"1" - ," .
being the proceeds of a sale by decree of the said; -r .=. , „--
Court of ' the premise" situate on the north side of '
• Shippon street. at the, distance of 184: feet west from Sixth •- '• ,'. •I
street, will meet the parties Interested for .the purposes
of Isle appointment, on WEDNESDAY. November ;(1,
1809. at 2 o'clock, P. 11.. at Ins Mite°, No. 217 South Sixth
street, in the city of Philadelnhia. ' ' ' - . . .- • .
_oc2l4ll,s,tust§ , - JOUN GOFORTII, Auditor: -, .- -.
D. D. deceased:—Letters Testamentary upon t he . '
estate of BENJAMIN DIM% deepened, lato of the o ty ~.
of Philadelphia, haring been granted to the raider. ,
aigned, all persons indebted to the said estate arettw'
quested to make payment,. and 'those having • elainatk., ~
against the same to present them without delay to • A
tors ;or to their Attorney,SlNlA RD CARRIE TER., , , ' • ':
242 South - Third street. . ' ' ' ' Otarldtr'' , '.t; ' '
VSTATE OF JOHN L.ITTL , 0 1 , 0 1:0: 1 =-
.112,1 ,k it
*., Lettere of Administration to the estate . „ mat , ,:. ~ :1 l
LITTLE haring been granted to. 'the under :, • '-, II ' ""y. 4
persons indebteci to said estate are requested , o, in
paTinent and those haring elaims_,,asainst'ghe Hameln! %.,"
Tresent. them'.to JULIA B. LITTLE, Addothlestrattlx, ,
Bridosburg P. O. • .• • ~s .: ' oo23•lfer ~ is