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CiiisooASlL—Fine thinchilla and Per ileaver
nodueed to. ~ .. ..... . $ll3
• Of the newest and most stylish materials, out
' and make, 'which have bet n told at. . ... $B5
. A great variety of all styles, upwards from $B,
87Lierin0 JACIE.OTA.-7 he best assortment in the city, sill
' hag °Oven? low.
Pairrattams.-tawoot Catalina:o, reduced to
Varrre dueall wool Cassilunre, reduced t 0..... • • ••• $3
Remorse COATS, in great variety, at prises equally low.
soar Cumuli 0, very low indeed.
Our whole stock of -MEIOB,- Yocrrus% Boys` and
enua:Exat's thnutrrie to be sold out at a great
iticoncrrioN or Patton, which are in all cases
guaranteed lower than the lowest elsewhere, or
the male cancelled and money refunded.
Call d examine our goods alter having em•
embed those of the '•Bactritldur become before
purchasing A fair test is all we auk.
halt way betioreen BErrarrr dG Co.,
Fifth and 'rowan If slx.,
Sixth streets. 618 liamcwr &r.,
awn 600 8110/13W.A.14 haw ouk.
6 Ito rapidity with which Plantation
Bitten have become a hounehold neceseity hroughout
the civilized natious, is without. a parallel in the hiworp
of the world. e ver flea 4 million bottles were soli in
twelve nom he. at d the demand is d'-ily increasing. Rich
ato poor con g and old. ladles , . physicist a and elerg
u, Mid that it revivea deoeying and
leads strength
team synetn, vigor to themiod and itmaturiPs great re
e.orer. lt is compounded of the choicest roots and herbs,
thee. lebrati d Cantu/ye . or 'Peruvian its it. etc., sit pro
get ved in put eSt Blois Hum, leis sold by all respect
able (eiders , n every town, pariah. village and hamlet
tbsoneh Northeand:ehiuth America, Europe and all the
lelar.da of the Ocean.
. .
MAGNOLIA WATER—eupellor to lhe beet imported
Oe ts an Cologie.aud 'old at half the price. jal2,tt.,tMe4t
Manufacturers of
No. 610 Street,
"7: 'Yhllsdelpbl dole the to amt
liWit . Pittnos. Mason ACE aroittes Cabinet mud Metro-
Duni Sui Oigaii.• with Vox Dunt GOULD.
dt29 twth.s. MIMI • NaPio. fr33.Uhestuut street.
highest award Ord gold medal) at the Interna
011a ibitlon. 1867. Bee °dicta! Report. at
Waretoola Of BLASIUS Bituo.,
oell.ll N 0.1006 Cbootnut streot.
DtArruri'S Warm:tom. 914 Chestnut land. 5e21.1f4
Iplitunadays January 14, 1869.
11.114.1 r. CHEMITIVDT ISITJECEEC F 111.113.
The destruction of the magnificent marble
block at the corner of Ninth and Chestnut
Et:teem is naturally felt as a calamity, the inter
est in which is by no means confined to the
immediate sufferers and their personal friends.
The three magnificent stores ofJatnes E.Catd
& Co., jewellers; Howell & Brothers,
paper-hangers, and J. F..& E. B. Orne, car
pets, for Med a trio of the handsomest busi
ness establishments in Philadelphia, having
very few rivals in any part of the United
States, in the beauty of their buildings, the
extent, variety, and value of their choice
stocks of goods. This morning this superb
marble pile is reduced to a mas of smoking
ruins, presenting a sickening spectacle of sud
den devaitation and loss.
Philadelphia has been learning of late years
to take a just pride in the great strides which
her:enterprising business men have made and
are makine; and among them, none have
showed 'a greater public spirit in elevating
the business reputation of Philadelphia, than
the gentlemen who occupied and owned this
splendid block. The Messrs. Howells and
Comes are native Philadelphians, and Mr ,
Caldwell has spent his whole life here, from
early boyhood, and is 'thoroughly identified
with every Philadelphia interest.
Heavily as this disaster falls upon this trio
of business houses, there is an amount of vi
tality about them, a recuperative force, that
will undoubtedly place them all speedily upon
their feet again. One loss alone is irreparable,
and that is the loss of life, at least
two of the young men employed in J. E.
Caldwell & Co.'s store having fallen victims
to the terrible destroyer. With this aid es -
eeption, the ruin which mars our chief thor
oughfare this niorning,and which has e jolted
such a universal expression, of symp• ! •
throughout the community will soon pass
away, anti' the establishments which were
yesterday among the greatest attractions of
the htg.ieehs of POiladelphia will resume and,
as we sinceiely trait, 'mg continue to oc
cupy their foremost place among the enter
prising and public-spirited business houses of
the city.
Tim moo timEan
-The free trade interests have been claiming
so confidently that New England had become
a convert to their theories, that it is refresh
ing to see their assertions satisfactorily con
futed. A few large establishments, whose
profits daring the war had swelled ,their
capital enormouy, have, it is true, imagined
that if protective duties were removed, they
would be able to crush weaker rivals to the
south and west of the 11 , 124 alsp be ablet r ;
control their OperatiVefi more absoltitely.
These concerns, therefore, through their
organs, have been endeavoring to influence
legislative action in Washington, and public
opinion throughout the country, and hive
succeeded in creating a wide spread belief
that New England had abandoned the pro
tective policy to which she, owed her pros
perity, and had become converted to the
specious simplicity of the free-trade theorists:
By dint of proclaiming these assumptions to
be facts, they apparently at last succeeded in
persuading themsi lves of their truth; so far,
at least, as to venture upon au open trial of
strength. We are glad to see that they have
bten beaten in their stronghold, and that their
ablest champion has been unhorsed in the
lists in which he had himself challenged his
adversaries to combat.
At a meeting of the Boston Board of Trade
on Jan. 4th, ldr. Edward Atkinson, who is
well known as the most earnest and most ef-
&lent of the New England free -traders, offered
a series of resolutions strongly condemnatory
of the bill now before Congress,kno wn as the
"Moorhead Tariff ,bill." These resolutions
denounce the bill as wholly uncalled for by
either the tondition of trade or the wants of
the revenue, and covery demanded a reduc
tion of duties to correspond with the removal
of the internal
,tax upon manufactures. The
Boston merchants were not prepared to de
cide upon interests so weighty without af
fording every member a chance of acting in
telligently. They accordingly ordered the
bill itself to be printed, with Mr. Atkinson's
resolutions appended, and to be sent to the
members, with a notice that the question
would be discussed at a meeting to be held, on
9th. That meeting, after a long and ani
mated debate, adjourned until the 11th, when
another vigorous discussion took plate, and
Mr. Atkin sorrshad at last the mortification, t a
see Ins reeolutlons postponed.: by
a large majority.--
Alter thus giving tki free traders every op:-
portunity to make the beet of their case, Bos
ton has fully refuted the slanders whlchhave
represented heves opposed to
. the interacts of
American labor. This will doubtless surprise
many, and we hope that our legislators will
take it to bend:. The adiroCafes 'of free trade
are so loud in proclaiming the progress of
their doctriners, that many of our public men
are misled into believing that the N mth is
gradually becoming detached from its sup
port of, domestic industry. We beg to assure
them that this is not the ease. The masses
of the people are beginning to understand
more clearly than ever that protection is even
more for the benefit of the employed than the.
employer. Like the Irishman's owl, they are
doing "a dale of thinking," though they may
make-less noise than Free Trade Leagnes and
Manchester agents; while among intelligent
business men, such as those composing the
Boston Board of Trade, the conviction never
was so strong that increased duties are neces
sary to foster the depressed industry of the
country, to restore the balance of trade, and
to hasten the resumption of specie payments.
Of course a general revision of the tariff
would be preferable to any partial measure,
such as that proposed in Mr. Moorhead's bill.
In the present session, however, it is mani
festly impossible to give the time and atten
tion necessary to perfect a , measure so com
plex in its detail° ae a complete 'tariff.. We
therefore hope that Mr. Motirlinad'a .
be speedily enacted, and that the neat
gress may find time to put into shape a bill
that Nall relieve all suffering branches of
labor and codify our present somewhat
cumbrous and contradictory customs legis
That venerable annual, so highly valued in
Europe, tilemAlmanach
.dc Gotha, is swol-
len iu tbisrits hundred and sixth year, to a
bulky volume - of about eleven hundred pays.
The size of the pages and the general style are
the same as thosArof the first volume issued
in 1763; but that was a thin little pamphlet,
frt m which there has been a gradual growth
to the present plethoric book, which is
crammed full of information concerning all
the organized governments ()film earth. That
so much information,containing so few errors,
should thus be collected in a neat volume and
sold at a very low price, is a fact very credit
able to the industry of its editors in the little
German capital.
Originally the Gotha Almanac was simply
a manual or directory concerning the sove
reigns ot Europe and their families. It soon
became a recognized authority, by which
titles and lineage were proved, and it became
a matter of importance to people claiming
royal blood to have themselves properly
registered. So the catalogue of the "Sove
reigns of Europe" had to be followed by
another ot "Princes not Sovereign," and of
late years there is a third list of "Maisons
Co mtales," consisting of families a little lower
than those that are princely without being
sovereign. Tilde must be a growing ambi
tion, in this age of Democratic tenden
cies, to secure an authoritative recog
nition cf the grace that is supposed to accom
pany royal or noble blood; for the list of
'amides in the two lower classes included is
the Almanac is much greater in 1869 than it
was a few 3 ears ago. There are some un
questioned and unquestionable snobs among
the princely and titled. There are a good
many families that have rim down in pro
perty and in brains, but that can trace a dis
tinct lineage far back into the middle ages,
or the dark ages beyond. Especially do the
/ancient German families make a figure in the
Almanac, even though the vicissitudes of
fortune and politics have left few of them
acything to boast of except their antiquity.
The history of the Gotha Almanac has not
been unchequered. As an oracle on royalty
and legitimacy, it has always been conserva
and him reluctantly recognized every
political change that was damaging to the
old order of things. The first French Revo
lutiun was ignored by it, and for a number of
years it kept the name of Louis XVII, under
the head of France, while that prince was an
exile. When Napoleon I. became Emperor,
he thought the little manual important enough
for Lis special notice, and he had the whole
edition of 1808 seized, its editor hurried to
Paris, and an aummeement of the contents
made Ly which the name of a German prince,
in defiance of alphabetical order, was put at'
ter that of Napoleon. After the Bourbons
w ere restored, the I3onapartes all disappeared
hum the successive f..l llll ber4 Of 14 Alm Anita,
and the Bourbons had such honor done to
gi,iFE e Q
them as w ou' d atone for past omissions. The
revolution of 1848 was also resisted along as
possible by the compilers of the Almanac; but
since 1853 the Imperial family has had its
proper place, and there is now also a full
mord of the collateral Bonwartes and Mu
rate, some of the latter being born Ameri
cans. But there is also a full list of the
"Maison Royale de Bourbon"—and a very
monk maison it seems to be, with princes
and princesses enough coming forward to
make no little trouble, should there be politi
cal convulsions again, in the various countries
where Bourbons still retain partisans. The
conservative character of the Almanac is
further shown by its giviug this year, under
the head of "Mexito," the name of poor Car
lota as the "Imperatrice Maria Charlotte,"
..Vc. Under the bead of Spain of course,
figures Isabella, with her family. But the
revolution which dethroned her is acknow
ledged in a brief narrative of the facts of the
last autumn.
All these dynastic and family records that
the Gotha Almanac: editors preserve so piously
are of little value to the world in general.
To Americans and liberal-minded people
everywhere the great merit of the publication
lies in its carefully compiled political, diplo
matic, statistical and other information-
IV hen the first edition was printed, Switzer
land was the only Republic that existed. Now
there are many Republics in America, each
of which has its government officers, its civil,
military and diplomatic organizstion; its
finances,its commerce and many other matters
described in a satisfactory , form. Over thirty
pages are given to the United Bt - ttes alone,
and this part, to prepare which the services of
Men, Edward McPherson were engaged, is
• -
as cortect as possible.;Sonic cf . the famta are
of coursekinmerseder by Ofentii Witt nave
happened since they were compiled, and the
Bibbed, tents of - "itidre 4ohninn, , ; ringuha
McCulloch, Guillaume H. Seward," &c., as
they are printed' hi the :Altuanan, will soon
make this part out of date. but the general
information 18'101 comet..
,Tink - tioyth Gar
man Confederation, and Germany in general,
since the war, of 1567 ~ ,h ave; given the 00131-
pliers a good deal Of 'trouble but they have
arranged all the,avaitable information concern
ing the existing organization in' a remarkably
intelligible manner. In a word, the Gotha
Almanac is a most valuable hook of reference,
and it is this year, more then ever, a pro A' of
wonderful industry on the part of those who
have prepared it for publication.
7`ffil E• Is &MAT E.
The power of public optaion is surely
searching out and rewarding fleedelinquent
men who failed in their manifest duty in the
Impeachment Trial. In Maine, Hannibal
Hamlin, once so foolishly set' aside to make
way for Andrew Johnson, comes forward as
the successor of Mr. Morrill, simply because
he is opposed by Mr. Fessendeno_ There is a
direct retributive justice in this. Mr. Ham
lin, defeated by Andrew Johnson, in turn de
feats Andrew ,Johnson's champion, and goes
hack iriltonor to the Senate.
To-day we learn that another of the re
creant Senators has igot his reward. The
three members of the Impeachment Caen
who are most generally believed to have been
directly tampered with are Henderson, RO3B
and Fowler. The term of the first of these
expires in March next, and the Republicans
of Missouri have expressed their reprobation
of his conduct by leaving him at home,
and sending the brilliant German orator,
writer and statesman, Carl Schurz, to the
Senate, in his place. This action of the Mis
souri Republicans will receive the enthusiastic
approval of the party throughout the country.
The State and the Senate gain immensely by
the change, and the great moral lesson which
it reads to mousing politicians will be laid to
heart by every man in public life who i 3
tempted to sacrifice principle and public duty
to any of those personal considerations which
come in such Protean forms to tempt men
from the paths of honor and duty. We trust
that West Virginia will follow the examples
of Maine and Missouri, and that each of the
seven States which were dishonored by the
defection of their representatives will, as their
opportunities arrive, pass the same condem
nation upon those who failed the country in
one of its hours of greatest need.
IRE ntir.ip..m QUESTION
Every housekeeper of the present day ap
preciates the expense of butter, and anything
that w ill lower the cost of it will be wel -
corned by all of them. The Ectorterny But
ter Company, whose advertisement appears
in to—day's paper, announces a discovery that
promises this important-result. Their "Ex
tract of Batter Plant," we are assured, creates
excellent table butter at a cost of fifteen to
twenty:fiVe cents a,pound. An extract from a
New York letter to.the SundayDitgriatch , pub
lished on another page, gives some interest
ing particulars concerning the dew process
of butter-making.
A New Art-winery.
Out of one of the oldest stands in the city has
been made the newest sensation. Mr. G. Pelman,
of 628 Callowhin street, has been extending and
improving his premises in admirable taste, and
has established a gallery of -paintings tipit'airs
which has no match anywhere in the vicinity.
Besides the new French and Diisseldorf pictures
which the proprietor brought over with him six
wetks since, the collection contains some of the
beet paintings embodied in the last sale of M.
D'llnyvetter, the Importer. Conspicuous among
these will be found the large picture of Cattle
and Ducks by Verboeckhoven, une of that
painter's most assiduous pieces of finish ; it was
the most striking ornament of M. D'Huyvetter's
late collection, but was never intended to be sold
with that gallery; also the beautiful picture by
Bosch, of a white dcg reel iving a lesson from a
be); the large Portia:3lk- besides many others by
Col, de Noter, do Isylandt, Dietfenbach. etc.,
forming a pretty complete exhibit of the Diis4el
- f school OS exemplified in moderate-sized
cabinet art. The picture. gallery is artistically
lighted from above, said floored, like the rest of
the building, in walnut and ash in marquetry.
Communic,ting with the gallery a magnificent
parlor bes been fitted up, simply in order that
Mr. Pelzaan's customers may be able to Judge of
the tin et of a mirror or a frame when surrounded
by rich upholstery and relieved bellied
bronzes and marbles. The furniture, hang
ings, and every circumstance of this salohn
form a creditsble advertisement to the famous
upholsterers and eabinc t-makers who contributed
teem; 'chile the frames around the mirrors and
curtains, of the most classic French designs and
nee Celt taste, show the skill and care with which
Mr Pelman has collected the latest Ideas in his
art during his trips to Europe.
Mr. Pelman, who has but just returned from .
Germany and France, is in expecsMl9n 9f fresh
t t 2likS, to keep hle &Am"
changing. The Veibitieckhoveu should be seen,
before it is removed, by all who appreciate the
sin ciality of 'Paul Potter and Bakhtlysen.
In the ground floor ware rooms are exposed
French mirrors, the most recherctni matters in
carving anti glldieg, French ehromos German
chtontos printed directly on canvas, Prints, ake;,
in all profusion.
4 netion ottee.---Our readers wilt not
forget the eale of elegant ,Enruitnre, Triple-plate
Silver Ware, &c., to be held to.morrow (Friday)
morning, Jane. ry 16th," at Concert Hail Auction
Rooms,' 1219 Chestnut street, commencing at 10)i
abPearance of a Parlor Sofa, with spring back and
emir g seat, and yet in less than one -minute's time, with.
out unscrewing or detaching In any way, it can be ex
tended into a handsome , French Bedstead. with hair
spring mattrasis, complete. It is . without doubt,the hand
somest and most durable Sofa Bed now in me.
Nor sale at the Cabinet marfactory of
Owner and Bole Manufacturer,
oc2B 2rn4p NO. 280 South Second street.
1781 (111BBNUT STREET.
and l: 818 LODGE B'fREET,
Mechanics of every branch required for househulidin6
ud fitting promptly flualsed. Witt
and easy fdtbia Dreea ElMs (patented) in all the
approved faahions of the season. Chestnut street,
neat door to the Post-aim
P oval. oblong, and other shaped holes. wo have Rail
road Condor:tons' Pocket Punch Pipers. Also on hand
a vat WV of Nhoemakers , Punch Plyers and Putirbes.
Th%MAN & BHA W, No. 835 (tight Thirty five) Markot
street, below Ninth.
Pole Blvar... unting Rnivre. SaWEs ag t 8qr10 .:
Al 3. TRUMAN & SIEInW. No. f 3138 (Eight 'rh ty.hvii)
Mothet hired. boi ow Muth.
aid flat Oispes. AAA OI ocallop oreaw-rootn pattarbe
ho, p uuc h eet m a u r ie, Hammers and G .unuf mg' do o•
von. TRUMAN & MI/1W No. b 135 Itight TuirAplive)
yurket ku eat below Airy h.
timid Concert on PATUItDAY .EVEMNsa, j filui , r ;
ligb. AcademTif Idti*. • )414143t
oonagnment and for sale bvJOl3. Huth
anA 4 I s.. me south xkluwan avenue
T TIRSTYAY, ',JANUARY 14, - 1869.: 7
818 'and 820 Ohestnut Street,
Built and occupied by Messrs. Thos. W. Evans di Co.. Is
now offered
TO-RENT - , -
On favorable lease. Posserelon Feb. Inext.
Owing to recent changes in our brightens plans we will
recsive applications for tbo rental of the above property.
Ail application) will bo strictly confidential.
S. E. Cor. Chestnut and Seventh Streets.
Closing Out Pattern Coats and Clothes
not Delivered at Low Prices.
Rink ; ! Rink
What do you Think ?
Bee how the p'opio are waiting!
Why Willson dote?
We're ready for fun !
When are we going to have skating??
Skate Skate!
Row long most we wait?
The lee isso slow in freezing !
The ice had the snow
ire horribly dew,
This singular winter season.
Rink! Rink !
Surely we think
'Toter° a tedieus thing, to get open;
But when you are done,
We'll have lots of fun.' '
• In the queer old sort of a show pen.
Skating is good exercise. But the exercise of ,
patience is good, in its way. Only , it hasn't a
way of, 4veloping the muscles„At
Wilkou's there is not so much room for the exer
cise of patience ' • although there is room for pro.
digions piles of clothes, And no end of customers.
. ready, nobody . % Kept waiting,
as they are for the skating ftwtiat 'id already
made up, r don:t 84 you, iL will give as pieamro
to takb .your measure, and have your spit ready
in as ehori atime as any body in town.
Filets shit miraculously low.
Great Brown Stone Hall,
603 and 605 Chestnut Street.
Slightly Damaged by Water.
311412 f apo
`Dust otupan), of Phil ~ delphia, in confoiyuit , with
au net of Ow i egielature, oublieh a Statement of the
bead on let danuary. 1869, a,
Itent Efface
tr,s44 000 00
Bond. end Mortgagee. ...... ........ ...... 16,443 24
Ciro d- Reran. ...... 69,749 16
._• ••••••......
Loaned On Collei.leral Security., 5)8,511 tb
4014Vg. • •
0,616 checapeaketend-D. per
Chnipany Loan 6 per cent
617,100 City of Yllitadetplais Loan 6 per ct
45,000 liar/ hiburg • Unthread Company
1 oan (I,per tint
4,660/Delaware and 'Raritan knd Cam.l
den and Am6o , Railroad Com.
pony 1 oan 6 pier cent
7,0(0 Lehigh Valley Rath oad Co mean,'
• Loan 6 per , tent
5000 Deiaware Railroad company Loan
8 Per cent. . . ...
MVO retingifv4nlti Croui ,
puny Lean 6 per cent.
.. . .
7,4E0 Schuylkill Navigation, Company
Loan 8 per cont.'„: . . .
10,000 Belalt are •Divielen Canal Com.
pony 1 oan 6 pa' cent....
12.000 rennaylvania natinind Lompcmy
Loan 6 per, cent
3,000 /lia and 'Reeex Railroad Com.
puny.Losu per Cent
11,000 Cincinnati loan 6 per Cunt-- .. I
164,900 Pynns)lvania Mate Loan Per
. • cent
2,00 E Rentkcliy State Loan 6 per cunt...
29,000 Butqu•litilutt Canal Co. Loan 6 per I,
cent.. . . . . .. .
254,250 r tittac i 0 1.0;1n 6 110 e ......
4,7sotnited Statue 1.081 Lea,, per cen t
6,0u0 Cunnictlng and Junction it R. Co.
Loin 6 per cent._
8,00 Pt fladelphia and Reading R . A.Co.
• Loan 6 per cent.. •
.'7.000 Morris Canal t o. Loan 6 per Cent..
15,c,1.0 Cltveland and Mali. It. It. Co.
Loin '7 per cent. . ... ..
6,0t0 111,1 ois .A nual It. it. Co. Loinc . 7l
per cent
4,000 Fbilad.l4.l.a and Sunbury It. It
Co. '7 per c , nt.
42.91 oxotteo tatee 0 per tent...
18,110 Ministrants, 5 per Cbnt..•..
4.146 UMW , gh and Allegheny Coin-
PanY, 6 per cent... .........
7,000 Ti nticebto, 5 per cent .
wrou . A. . .
so Stu.. Northern Bank of Kentucky.
58 ' • Bank of
420 " Lehigh Valley Railroad
1,555 " Girai d t,ife lee. and T. Co.
90 " PhSadEdpbtaNationnl
123 " lineUi.4l Mechanic:a...Nut IlAnk
(5 " thauncerclut Nan mil Dank..
46 " Mechanic.. National Hank...
29 . Bunk of the North. Liberties
76 " Penn Nationalllsuk
1513 Weir ern bad nal Bank...
617 " Barriihurg flailr,,ed
504 " Machin Railroad
Jenuatti 18th, IEB9
At, at the Ph II h aottoeln ( 'oncert c bAT URDAY ob VE.
bIiAG Jan_ lith, Acauatey of Mode.) UBo—
- --. --.
at Grand Cowell, DATURDAY ISVEAING, Jae.
113, Atadetuy ollittaio. j 411.31.
$11 4 8498 co
eStt 083 Kay 5q
F. lOLu•Lry.
A 4 a NTS WAlq `r:Eo'
rovit.',?* 1. 7 11 BEIM READY PRIM 10 INN El lr,Af
1 be distsetfts, saw It . 18 , the -14 , )ISLES C
LITItRA hY . 1,12%1? 0 it:FAKING ev..rlren !red upon lu 1 his
cull trw
7be l'fle or I to "the ell gAPFAI'and most
C1)1111 . 1.P. KtISGYULOP} DIA. the'
Thss . Prom • osysi ft sp vv BIT I JENI. , WELL
)111:PP. WELL' PltittllD. AND titATLY ibLIJA
!hew lan qblishor, 1'104(1(19We.
,-• • •
On or Befbre the 15th of March,
Una contain no the modem convenience-a and befit gool
eider. tor •vg bleb a goo° tent will Loa 4d and the be t of
erne taki n of. A pi os rirt 9 with h Blume Attached
preferred iituatid between Tenth and 'twentieth 'and
t hettnut and Vine btreete.
iddrono W. Pod Itrace Doi 1669, PhPati;,
Stating terms and, attention.
Jan Uri:4
$6.000 --
. thiamin) will be admitted to au intern t
pe a teenufaci urine hardness, paying well; article--a
Wood F awiriq Machine and Pump, met pateated.
at // 2801 " 211 UR:ni atleet roomBo,rind pee it in one.
ration. isle th 4 4113 t.
AT P.R..
Of the line West from Omaha are now completed. and
the work to going on through the Winter. Aa the Mir
I 81 ce hi tween the fintthed portion of the Union and Oen.
tral Pacific itailri ado he now lege than CO milee, and both
companies ate ruching forward the work with great
energy. employing over ZD,tOO men, there CAD be rtO doubt
that the whole
KW he open for Buglers. In the N110103€17 of
The regular Government Commissioners have pro
nounced the Union Pacific BaUrend to be FIRST CLASS
in every respect, and the Epecial Commission appointed
by the President says: •
"Islets as a whole. 'THE UNION - PACIFIC RAIL
WELL b 7 LEC7 EP. The energy and perseverance with
which the work has been urged forward, and the rapidity
with which it has been executed are without parallel in
history. and in grandeur and magnitude of andsrtakiag it
has never been equaled,. Tne report concludes by •
saying that "the country hum reason to congratulate itself
that this groat work of zutUorat, importance is eo rapidly
approaching completion under,euch favorable auspices."
'1 be Conipsny now hive' in use 137 locomotives, endues:l,
Ltaicateed i4ll descriptions. A large additional equip.
meet is'ordered lobe in the - Spring. The grading
is nearly completed. and ties distributed for 120 miles in
advance of the western end of the track. Fully.l2o miles
of iron for new track 'are now delivered west of the MI&
souri Hirer. and 90 miles more are en route, The total
expel:l(3'4Lnc for construction purposes in advance of the
convicted portion of the tone is notices than eightmillion
Besides n donation from the-Government of 12.800 acres
of land per nate; the Compaby la entitled te a subsidy in
P. if oLde on its line as completed• and accepted. at the
average rate ol about e 29.000 per mile. according to the
enconnbsred. for which the Government takes
a second Ike As security. Ibe Company have already
received $14.08.tC0 of thie eubehly. being In full on ttio
940 wilco that have been examined by the United States.
Government Aid=-ISeettrity of the Bonds.
Ily Its charter, the Company is permitted to Waite Its
own Fl lIST MOM (Lan E IbiNin3 to theeanie amount as
the Coverno,ett Boutin, and tio more These Ronde are
a F bet 51e rtgage upon the whole road ;ma all its equip.
mr nts Such a mortgage upon what, for A long time, will
be the curly t abroad connecting the Atlantic and Pacific
Ethatee, takes the highest rank as a cafe security.
The earning+ from the way or local burbles& fer.the year
endive 'tar e 30, PAX on an average of 471 miles. were
over FOUR MILLION DOLLARS, which; after paying
all expellees, were much more than sufficient to cover all
inter. et liability upon *bat distance, and the earnings for
the lan sve menthe have been 82.21ki.870.TneY would
have been greater. if the road bad notheiiii 'tiled to its
utmost capacty to transport Its own materials for eon.
enue!lon. The income from the great pareenger travel,
the g. hina freighta, and the supplies tet',, the. new
Rocky Mountain States And - Territoriell intuit
be ample for all interest and other liabilities.
he, political action can reduce the rate of interest.
It mug. rem, In for thirty years—six per cent. per annum
an poi', now equal to between eight aad MIK! per cent, lo
currency. The Princ , tral is Men payaDie In gold. If a
hun'd, with pitch gusranteee, were leaned by the Govern,
uncut, he market price would not be lent than front 20 to
25 per tent premium. eta these, bonds are issued under
Goverrreent authority and etioervision, upon what is
very largely a (lover, went work, they meet ultimately
approach Government prices.
The price for the present is PAIL -
pubetriptions will be received ill Philadelphia by
No. 40 8. Third Street.
No. SEI S. Third Street.
And Now York
At the Compeers Office N 0.20 Magian St,
AND 071
Johi J. Cleco & Son, Beam, 5,9 Wall St,
And by the company% sulvertleed 411sente throughout
the United'EState& ,
Ronde sent free. but parties subscribing through tow
agents toiU took to them for their safe de4teery.
let, containing a report of the progress of the work to that
date, and a MOTO complete statement in relation to the
value of the bonds than can be given than advertisement.
which will be sent free on application at the Company's
offices or to any of the advertised agents.
JOHN J. CISCO, Tressint, New Ifotik.
JAN. 1.418 e.
s. Packing Hosejse.
Engineers and dealers will find a full assortment of
Goodyear's Patine, Vulcanized Rubber Beltingg.. padding
Hose. dm.. at the Man GOO ufacturer's Head
Chestnnt u street
14.13.--We have may, on hand a large lot of Gen th tle .s m id en e.
Ladies' and Miami' Gam Boots. Aleo. every varlet& saA
style of Ginn Overcoats.
" : writ; s DO: s
kiln 6. raiding. Stamping. ga.
•:“ Filbext street.
, —
k;°:'d Gram tibrimpogoo, of s '6llos:riot
gnelNp.- -E. IdifDDIATON.
iplf Biro* A 11 groat et.
FIN} ST liß6hog ElauterS FOR TELE HAND.
HAIR PREP ..t.IiATiuNES. great varlekr.
_ .
For mile b y
3AbiOs T. Stuart: -
Isp o is ups spruce eta PARRA&
1A J. B. DIMMER & 1065ntb PliaWare Immo
Reduced one-third to one-hell
The sv,hole of svhfch they device
In order to rellnomteh tbe &Darts:mt.
The "Bee Hive,"
do2B tn th I
1869. REMOVAL.
Has Removed to No Nov Uwe,
Corner Eighth and Market Sts.,
We shall continue to maintain and increase the reputa
tion we have sustained of being the largest And cheapest
bIUBI-1N HOUSE in the city.
Becelvang our euyolles from firet handy only, we shall
hereof (or sell all lituellne by the piece, at the regular
wholesale prices.
lathing all the leading brands and reldtho oI
• WIDE 13111:ETIMA
Our constant aimsi RI to to make the loweet prices to
the Market.
Good yard•wido SHIRTING. 1330.
ard•wide UNBLEACHED MUSLIN; 1236 c.
23g•yarde wide Vb. BLEACH ED !MEETINGS, We.
la large afitortreent.
For Sale at all the Stores..
sHitu th sarP
Batiaomely kaolin Leather sad Rich GEirtog, toatobliag
FIFTY of the;Newt* Moo of Maio folio°, both
Sag and IllettuneldaL- •
Real Valk, $25, and , doldior Only at Ur.
A Paper containing the News. theprincipal Leaders.
a well,digested dummary.and nil tritorodtaii matter from
The Time?, and Is thus rendered availabie. in a cheap
form , for persons residing abrord or In the colonies.
The days of publication are Tuciidaya and Fridele,tla
the afternoon, and the priim is lid, per comer 6d. a week.
post free.
Subscribers can obtain "THE MAW' through News.
paper Aatraw, or may have it from the Pablieher, on pre-
Paymentat Printing Boum Square, London, - sa7tbf 4P
Ja2 e tu th tt
H. P: & O. R. TAYLOR,
641 , and 64811. Ninth Street.
CLOTHING,dm.. at
E 8
• - 304 a co.'s
Corner of Third and Driskill streets.
. Below Lombard.
1. % Tbird and Bppace Btreatir. only one square helowtho
radians°. E9 aou 000 to loan w Large or small amount% on
Mamonaa silver plate. watchosclewelry.
P.M.nd glisows of
value. Office hours from BA.M. to 7 M Imr" &tab.
tusked for the last forty` pears. Advances made In far
arriOunta attha 'omit** market rates , Jag,. ,
U - fornierF—Do.thoyeWe Seventh Eivtnotiooy Philhar
monic Society Concert. SATURDAY EVENI.BO..Ion.
Academy Of Mule. 10,142 t
financial Quotations.
The , Ordnance Coraraittee
By, the Atlantic Cable.
I,ormon, Jan. 14, A. M.--Consols for money,
92%, and for achonnt, 92%@97%. Flue-twenties
quiet at 75. Railways quiet, Erie, 25%; Illiools
Central, 96%. -
LIVERPOOL, Jan. 14, A. M.--Cotton active: the
sale's will reach 15,000 bales.
431..5500w, ' Jane -lt4h.—Arrived, steamship
Europa, from Now York.
Loincm, Jan. 14th, P. M.--Consols 92%, for
money and account; Five-twenties _quiet and
steady. Railways dull; Illinois Central, 93, ek
LIVIMPOOL, Jan. 14, P.M.—Cotton active; Ups
lands, 11346119(,d. Orleans,ll%®ll3o. Peas,
445. ed. Bacon, 575. Lard, 725. 6d. Tallow,
HANEE, Jan. 14.—Cotton quiet for tree ordt
none on , the epot, and firm for low middlings
afloat, at 1351.
From Washington.
Wasniavioes„Jan.l4.—The Southern
bill was presented to the President for his slgna
sure on Tuesday.
Tbo following gentlemen constitute the Special
Committee on Ordnance:
Senators Howard, Cameron and Drake; and
ItcpFesentatit'es Logan, Butter (Hass.,) and
Specie Shipment.
(RPM al Despatch to the - Phila. Ecardnir Bal4etln.l
NII.W YORK, Jan. 14.—The steamer Herrmann
eaila AO-day for Women, taking $200,000113 specie.
State off 'I hernsoonoter This Day, at Hie
Bulletin Office.
ID A. IS des. 13 .40 el.'s. Sr. das.
WWl= dear. Wind Borah welt.
II ae Visskifin Promo on the New Mlove.
The' Virginia newspapers reflect all possible
sharks of opinion on the proposition of Mr. A.
D. B. Stuart, and his associates to accept negro
suffrage, in return for amnesty. The Richmond
Whig, a journal of long-established reputation
and influence in Virginia, which seems to be the
special organ - of the new movetnent r says:
Our situation le peculiar, -If - General-Grant
could get time from other weighty matters to
brinlds practical common sense to bear upon.
the Southern situation for five minutes he could
cotinreltetd and fully appreciate it. He would
see taut whatever may be the patriotic wishes
and`ttete;of one people, we cannot of, °melees
extrieate Otireeleeil from otir embarrassments
We are •thnyletkets of circumstances over which
we have,no control: The Radical party of the
North, looking more to party than to country,
have, favored the ,keeping, of the South in a'
disturbed and unsettled condition, .. that
they might- at any time fire the North
ern: heart -by raising the cry of a
" New .ReheUiort." On the ether hand, the
Northern Democratic party, with perhaps as lit
tle patriotism,are opposed coany pacification,and, •
rehires to hear that the South is harried and raided
by African militia and rapacious carpet-baggers—
for the more shamefully we are oppressed the
better the grounthetor their parusan appeals to
the eympathies of tae generous people of the
North., Between the two we arc crushed and al
moat ground Into powder. We could not
and cannot help ourselves. Our beat and wisest
men know that our true policy was to have no
connection with any of the national parties, but
to devote all our energies to the recupera
tion of our 'ruined fortunes ; and
to that end many of them . have diligently labored.
But in vain. Both the great parties of the North,
being determined to fleet their battles over our
hearts, we had no alternative but to take the
bless of both clues. Our only hope for extrica
tion from this unnatural and painful situation—
oi a into which, we have been forced, and are
kept against our wiehes, and in spite or our ef
for is to escape—is in General Grant. His corn
matidirg posit:oft, political and moral, would en
able him at once to deliver us from the harrass
ing pent:cutlet:le of the ono party, and the
equally destructive and cruel endearments of the
And the Whia's correspondent writes from
There are two points of extreme delleicy in
tbiAlzoveracnt: one is to act witb such discretion
and wisdom as to run no risk of offending and
shockieg the true Virginia feeling, and the other
is to show to Congress .and the Government a
willingness, I may say an earnest desire, for any
such conditions of adjustment as shall not be
altogether unreasonable, and as cannot fail to
pave the way for a respectable hearing. To be
successful, the action of this committee must be
such as will carry alone with it the great body
of the' Virginia people. There is a hand
ful of extreme and violent men, who prefer dis
cord to peace,
and who would be satisfied with
no st ttlenientsbort of the unconditional 811M30-
der of everything into their bands. It mast be
rem intend that Pith who load a public move
ment must almost heaesiiiitY'eo avoid of the
eple a pace or two. Those at the head of this
movement--arc sagacions and thoughtful men,
and will he pretty.cortain not to advance too far
ahead. If the people of Virginia cannot trust
Meru, whom e4n they true'?
On the other.band, the Enquirer and Examiner,
which still retainii the fire-eatine proclivities of
its duplex origin; says :
But what must loe,the amazement of the people
of 'Virginia when 'they leain Mat these self-ap
pointed citizens have actually inaugurated a
movement,, whose sole cffeet,if it succeed, will be
to surrender the cenatnonwealth into the hands
of La enemiee—not for a day, but for all time to
comi! What bb ' their liadignation against
this scheme, whose first :etiolation proposes to
"accept" negro suffrage ati the org. ante -law of
Virginia, to endure for generations to come, and
whose second provideb the means " to give'effect
to this purpose!" 'This is the sum and substance
of the action oflthe self-appointed "representative"
of the peopkt 'of Virginia, who met at the
Exchangp last, week. It'it a "pose() offering"
which sacrifices everything for which ire have
bteti f.gteting the political battle, surrenders our
Whole -ground a* places as entirely at the
mercy (!) of the enemy, bound hand and' foot.
Tor oureelves. we most earnestly protest against
such :action 'being , received as inspired by the
sentiment of Nirkinitt. There is not in the broad
limits of this glorious old Commonwealth enough
white Wen, to' form a constituency for a single
Congressman.who,' under any cireamstances,will
ever acknowledge the equality of the negro raceme
matter under What tcferclon, and no matter how
pressing the; importunities of "expediency." the
mention of such a project will arouse the spirit
of Virginia, and the Primary meetings which
these self , appointed gentlemen recommend' will
round • the note of
,Jtidignatlon against such
trifling with the honor of the CommOnwealth in
tones which will reverberate from the seashore
to the Mountains.
A Muropean Plan to Ste.estobllsh the
• - • Mei:loan Empire
LcoPON. Jan. 10,1869.-430)01d despatches re
ceived in thlstitv to-day from' Madrid state that
eye of, the late taperer Mexican
fienerals to secretly- engaged in that city making
cirehgcletrile With a InimOtr Of Spanish seleptitie
and zullilirY Oftloere, with the view wf placieg
COunt eirgenti, brother of the ex-King of Naplei,
'on the ihronu of Mexico.
Two buudred officers,of_ bigh rank are wanted
, to: carry the MOltettlolll . execution. Their
,pay will be itecured•them 'from the time they en
ter upon their duties.
Beveral of the European goVernments assist se
cretly this enterprise.
Gen. Prim grants a number of officers desirous
jsiiniorr unlimited leave of absence for the pur-
Poee of taking part in the expedition.
The Emperor Napoleon, it is said, secretly fe
vers the .project. • .
General Grant and the hew York
'The N. Y. 7'i;nes of this Igor/116g says:
We have received the following from our reg
ular Washington correspondent: , ,
,"Gen. Grant authorizes the 'statement that the
articles written by an 'occasional • correspondent'
of the New-York War/Amid purporting to Hate
conversations or furnish opinions of his in re
gard to public Men andinatters, are utterly with
out foundation.. No human bring has ever listsned
to, or share& such conversations, as those re
ported. •
Nita. Grant would not deem,it becoming In
him to contradict the articles • hiquestlan
simply affected himself. But. as they are evi
dently written with •a view to embroil his rola
done 'with prominent gentlemen, most of them'
Lib political orpetsonal Iriende4 or at least to
ouirt ge' their ' just sensibilities, he' deviates in
this instance from his usual course, and pro-.
rieueect the articles alluded to incorrect, in
delicate, and impertinent in an extraordinary
The World has at last succeeded In attracting
General Grant's attention—with the result dis
closed in the foregoing paragraph, which emu
to to from our regular Washington correspond
ent. That the language used, as well as the sen
timent expressed, is that of General Grant him
self, we have assurances which leave no room for
The World's course towards General Grant for
a long time back has been extraordinary. Before
he was nominated for the Presidency, the World
commended his puhlic services and indorsed his
personal character' in the strongest terms, and
was understood to be doing everything in its
power to Make him the Prealdenti al
candidate of the Democratic party.
When this- scheme failed, -and he re
ceived and accepted the Republican nomination,
the World changed its treatment of him. It
abused and denounced him, in the most virulent
manner, and in every revect. It assailed, witti''
elaborate argument, his military conduct and
character;—vilified him personally in the most
ontrag«ms manlier; and did everything In its
power to overwhelm him with obloquy and coa
te mpt In the eyes of the American peo
ple. 4nel when, in spite of all these
crideavciire, be was elected to the
Presidency by a very large majority of the Amer
ican people, the World, instead of discontinuing
its assaults, only changed their form In prder to
make them more venomous and effective. From
tnat'day to this it has been putting its own opiti
-101314 of public men and affairs into his month—
asserting that they were uttered by him, in con
versation with pretended correspondents, and
giving them to the public as a veritable record of
his declared opinions.
Erie Stuck.
The N. V. Herald says: The followins ,
ached ale comprises the property and effects of
the New York and Erie Railroad Company :
Eric Raltroae, main line.
Biz old brocu roads.
One city railroad.
Two steamboat lines.
One line of freight barges.
One ferry.
000 opera house.
One French opera company.
One ballet company.
Lot of old wardrobe.
Twelve lawsuits.
&morn Comm—Chief Justice Thompson,
and Justices pew, Agnew, Sharewood and
lima—The following judgments were entered
this morning:
Justice vs. Remand. Judgment affirmed.
Coulter vs. Garsett. Decree tifflrmed.
Quay vs. We.ateott. Judgment affirmed.
_ Dearie vs. Roberts. Judgment affirmed.
Elliott's appeal. Decree reversed so tar as
respects the surcharge of $l,OOO. and verdict
remitted to amend the decree accordingly.
Smith vs Simpson. Judgment affirmed.
If untlugdon vs. Jones. Judgment affirmed.
Scblecht vs. Scblecht. Decree reversed.
Palmer vs. Harris. Decree affirmed at cost of
Germantown Passenger Railway Company vs.
Fitt( r. Decree reversed et cost of appellees.
Martin A. Howell and John Scott. Trustees.
(cc . vs. The Broad Top Coal and Iron Company
and Daniel Packer, D. W. Wilbank end Christo
pher Meyer. On Roof of service of bill the
Court gran tt d judgment pro cesfAsp,atid ordered
sale of the premises stated in the bill by order of
the Court.
The Philadelphia list was resumed.
NISI Parns—Justice Williams.—Jordan vs. The
Relief Insurance, Company. Before reported.
Verdict for plaintiff for 65,750.
DISTEcIrT COURT—Judge Grecnbank.—Harbe
son Vs. The Fairmount and Hestonville Passenger
Railway Company.—An action to recover dam
ages for the destruction of a carriage. Verdict
for plaintiff for $75.
He nry Beybert vs. John Jnnker. This was an
action to recover damages for -an allP.ged breach
of contract in the sale of a bakery. On trial.
John W. Bell vs. James Robinson. An action
to recover for services as a clerk. Verdict for
plaintiff for $l3B.
OYEN AND TRltAtlNKß—Judges Allison and
Ludlow.—The case of Henry tichnatz and John
Dougherty, charged with being concerned in the
murder of WHINED Meffieve, on the sth of No
vember last, at West Philadelphia, occupied the
attention of the Court until last evening,
at d was resumed this ,morning. This
was the case in which Mr. /dclileve,
while walking in West Philadelphia, was assaulted
by a party of boys, and so seriously injared that
be died the KIWI, evening. Joseph Hart, one of
the potties, has already been convicted of man
slaughter.- In regard to - the two defendants, it
was alleged by the Commonwealth that they
were present, but the defence showed not
only the good character of the scented,
but that Echnatz was at , home at the time of the
occurrence, tied that Dougherty, - although in the
nets bborhocd,•was not one of the party assault
ing Mr. lilelfieve. The. Commonwealth aban
doned the case a's against Behnatz, and left the
case of Dougherty to the jury', under the charge
of the Court, without argument. Verdict not
guilty. •
Bales at the Philadelte
Two ;
1)0 11 S-21:15'65 cp c 108 h
68.10 CltyS'e stew Its 1003 i
4,10 .. do Its Mil
2000 Meg Co 55 ,75
8000Cam&Zunrntee ' 'B9 98
6000 Lehigh ..(31dLa lie 8814
14 stb&,6thBt, It 85
100 eh Beetonv'eß h6O 1131
100 eh do, fag: , 1131
SO eh Phila Bk b 5 158
100 eh Catawa pf b6O 3834
100 eh do Bail
1500 eitiondio 10 0 %
1600 Lettish Old In Hs 88k
1000 Harrisburg 6'a ~ 9 0
5001 a 68 2 sera rag 106
100 eh Heeton'illelibcoll34
ItO eh do' 113 i
20 sliN CRvr - 48%
100 eh 136 h Nav Pt 20
1900 014 (Sensw 100 u
2990 Fs, es 9 mere 103 k
6 6b Eicbß 43U
94 eh relies 1. 1 . tsl
60 eh do 2dye 56
natmenav, Jan. 11. lE65'„-The' mkretop market opened
to•day with an active demand, Width holder/it were not
so tree to meet as nenn7, being kather exacting with their
easterners as to the cleatatter of their 'securities. This
mo d e o f proceeding being its 'sudden and general among
the brokers soon treated the impression that artificial
moo ns word at work to create a' stringency kmoney.
of at pressing the stook marker. 'Ad might be et
,erted. there woo - quite. an Uncomfortable f,eltog
; Th eo, g needy 'borrowers,,teho, fee Mg .au
extensivelocking up of undo on the ogrt of, the "be ara,il
w. re,rather in a burry to accept Utile% on unfeveralde
terms. leis not difficult to trace thiehineverneut to the
• bulls sod , bearatt of Wall street. wilt gad st coho o ote, l e
no m so mee a r igclal appliances to the uto , ay market in
eider to Ittpl , ess the price ' of steals, white they Make
a Blaney flarice 8.
)bla Qtock Vroluibge.
7 813 Vanua R its 68
200 eh Read .111 47%
200 sh do ha 47%
200 812 do 830 4t
100. eh do 680 48
100 eh , do 47.94
1100 eh do 8110vrii 47,4
100 shPhil&ll.lloß c ;26g
r 200 eb Leh 811; Its 99
tOO 811 Schomokincl Wu 6
800 eh St Web Cl 1
ateLehlTagt doe bill 61.111
21 rph Del Mutual In SIT
60 eh Lh Nv et 29
eh do Its 2913
00 Et do 29
00 eh Phil&Erleß 9614
10 eh'LehVal R 64 34
190 eh Read It 47%
200 eh Read 12 4 1114
seh do eStp
200 eh do 2dye 98
100 eh do 48
tit b-partl 0/(1 But Inc orb the ti , mand for'Money to.
daY .aas ! tit He hrielt the... supply.wss ample
to, meet ell the, demands 'and the advance to rates
wee tot instilled_by s. .v . -real etrinency . in the market
Be Ilia boa ever,' pelt may. thoee who wore in lashing
want of funds bad to submit to a; heavy, shave* tv•lnh•
moor. .11P b lfeve. did with a good strafe. restrict; last 'O.
mot. ow tba fiction 01 a Fit logooo9l/ 1 1013 be AO tuntlifented•
ee tO beeeme • rarity.. we have, to note a rise in the Wes
dinette of about one half per,cent , We mote eau leans
* t 6w7 per cent. on G...v*romen a and 7(48 - On /nem 1..
moons steuritle. Merest:4llo patter ..* as Mceotatle at
plea* ranging from 8012.' Tun fanner figures for AI
filen:twig an active toteinees in the ppeculative aharee
toAny, with aln Arked rise in_prices. but thu bather class
of Beside were With Ola • lier tidal change. Govermwmt snd
8 ater Loins tr I n'cin iea 7- City Leona - new Were sold at .
1 403‘,._ Lehigh Odd Loan was •, Oak 1 11)181‘ ' -
100, 100 Railroad was active and advanced trlo
18:h o .: P. now. Railroad was firm st6B:Lehig Va ll ey
Biltroadat B 430: catawitsa Preferred at 834. an .. elate..
d tibia end Erie Railroad, at 2834 , an advance
In Car al stock a th e onlv i chango `Was lit I ebtah &via&
thin. which after the adjournment sold at 19.14—ad ad
wince of N.• , ,
2be Board 0f,,. Dfreitors of the Ant hracite, Irisuranise
Con navy hte declated a Maid-mad of layer cent on the
capital stock paid In. payable on demand, free* of team.
'1 Barclay Coal Company announces a dividend of
eighty cents per share, clear of State tax. payable on and
after tbe 18th ipet. , , „.• L., • • . • -,‘
Wallace do ßecta BarikeratiB South Third street,qaoto
Porder Shit° Bonds to-dav aa f 011 ms: TOIIOOOIOO. old.
683;(8;0; do. new. 6834,108834: Virginia, old,1161601571::
do. new._ _ 694 North. A:grottos. old. g5%04353.1; do.
new, 82,40;82' 'Morel , es.' 701080; do 7s. 91092.
Meseta lie 'Haven and Brother. rm.- so douth Tided
street. make the following_quotations of the rates of ex•
rbanitB tadaY, at 1 P. M .1 , 1501100 Btatea Bixeo. Mu. 11134
@MR ;do. do.. tea. 1123-gittligs. do.
do.. 1864,104 ' ,118
e0d0.1866,10 3 401041•"d0.d0..'66n0w.10830 11 'at,dodo.
DM new. 1084011083 A do. 1868. 108$101 1 4' • tn.
fortlee. 107340108; 'Due Comp. Intt, Notes: , Mil 13014:
186t5t12830 ; hilver„ 1203 e 0182.. . ~ ,
, ,
Strath. Randolph & Co. Minims, Third andelf
. etrilallt.
quote at 103 d o'clock' m • follows: Gold. 1353‘;
United Btatee nixes. 11931, 112104tia1.4 ; Eivo.twenties l&G,
112,1401123,,'; do. d0.d0., le64.109101.0111i; do. do. do.. 1886.
11.8.3tiei1t934: do. do, July. bed. 10814010234,• do. do. do.
do. 1887. luilf(alObfgr do: do.'do , 18123, - 11:13%1010tf',4; U. S.'
Five*. Ilemfortles. 107310108
Jay Cooke & Co. quote Government eccuritles, &c., to.
day as follows: U. 13 We. IEBI, 112011214: old Fivatwed.
ties, 11230011 M; new Fivetwenttm-. of 'B4. linratiand: do.
Nov.lBn2, 102,1401G274: Flvetwenthas of Julv.loB.4oloB 3 dt
do. IBlf7. , 10830021u8, 4 ":. en, 1 ,1 1 . . 11 1 11.1. ( 4 1,4) : ''" ,o rucs
11/Tha4loB,li; SoW. 186,4% Un X:.,
ion Pacifica,lololol , •
. .
Philadelphia Produce liar Ker.
Ton - Banat, Jan:l4.—Therso is a to id demand for Clover
seed. and further eiles arc` reported at $8 1.2%®88
Timothy It scarce, rtd has advanbed to ai3 115 per boshel.
There is hot little Flaxseed coming forward, and it is
in ncd rtquest at 152 Wil2 62_
here is uo life in ti Breadstuff's' market. no inquiry
excett for small lota fcr the supply.of the home comm.
Ti era. Small Wes of eopmflne, sratia, 60 per .nstrel;•
Yxt, as at - $6(46 26;,. lows , and WI - cousin
Extra' Vanilla , At $7 25(a7 76; Minntsolt do. do. at 87 60
COI: Feral& do do. at R&M?" P Ohio 'do. do , ff 9 g lo
nd 'Fancy lots at 81116510. Ilse' , lour sells inlets at 87 MI
Et. & ,hires of Comities' are n.nmin al.
',the Wheat market fe vsri , .qoiet, with small atlas of
Bed at $1 P.:(42 00 and Amber at $2 03A2 08 per hus.el.'
Ilya on ea fora are/ 'lowly. and conimands 81 6142 62.
..Corn Jr dullatyretetdarctlgurea; •sales of .2uoo bush
,new Valow , at Itue , Oats Ole 1, .1 , activa and , ranee fr
72 to 16e, for Wtoterr and 60(468e for Penntvivant s.
Whitky is dull and ranges from $1 to $1 04, tax paid.
- 14/val . York !honey tilarket.
Morn the N.' Y. Herald of to-day.l
J. 13 —The bill introduced by rienarat hitter in COll
green e Its ires a topic of conversation in Witt street than
a ould be supposed, Except by • Jew of the more vette-
T able o f tie banking fraternitt it was hardly niacuued.
,Ititrotel limmt*ry es the fact may i mat V. the author of
to mutable a financial measure Whatever effect 3 t,
Oil ' , roc pee seat pot so ninth by its own pros otirions as
bam a la lief that it fore shadows tlonereCcional action
a lib r ftrunte to the c 'ropey praludirlat to the inte
r. eta of the gold and t. bond g.inblere of Wall street
Among the majority it erected no spare
h talon. its provisions embracing a change
Ea ewe. Ping, And ostentive as to place it outside
the posei hint, of • being suede a law during ther present
11 , IS hes so often etultlB d ite , lf on the
tinaucial cniestion that the great mate of financiers begin
to lore ell bore of yt Ise action. tiald..which was condos
d , e - 13 the male d Ming the recess of l'ong es% is now trt.
voling hack again, and this with a very flaVering arming
of Lupines for the new year. It is difficult to foresee what
the r. it abider of the reesivn will bring forth., The policy
of **masterly inactivity" until the bleep:dog of the new
adromletretion.ai h a President end Congress fresh Ire a
the people, would he the most sensible one for the utter.
tired term of the prefent body, Wall street would cur
ta , ply meter it.
'1 he money market today was easy. The Drumlin:ll
rate n call loans was seven per cent. currency. A few
triveartione are reported at coin intPreirt. hut they.swe
so exeeptional as not to merit quotation. As on the ore
viola day money. was most - am ire - irrhuaineserlatranr. -
ft er half .pa st two o'clock balaneos were offering at -six-
Per cent, while a large number o' lend•ris were linable to :
r lace their fonds.' :7 he interest rate fa toneless in keen. ,
tog .t the 1. g 1 Mame. The supply of money on band is
t lentilid and more than ie. ordinarily s equlmite. The do.
maid is anstained by the heavy Investmente elocia,
which ware so extensively- purchased. by _Soper/-
tole in anticipation of a etrong upward,
n °vetoer t with the peerage of quarterly statement'
time. In this as in many other things the advance had
been counted upon, and hence holders are not . disposed
tore% WaU attract operatora are beginning to Dean share
ti at they can foresee and make allowance for every con.,
lb:menet of the future.. . ttothingistew with them news.
days. For instance, the Pacific Railway is to be' corn..
tleted sometime this year. It fa confessed on all sides
that it will have an luatortant influence upOn Ill' lines of
railway running trom the - Atlantic - cities tcr the, Maris:
tippi river. This influence fa now discounting at 'pretty
DIN rllB par valne, and thireourplotion of the road wilt
come and go as quietly ash' it - was a most ordinary mat
. ,
'I he foreign bankers have been fiea putehnsore Of 'Told
during the Pact few dalye for shipment to Ell - 01114 the high
rate of exchange making the transaction profitable. "he
e fleet of there vales, aided as they were by aporeinmeotus
for the result of the Paris limstmeince and a little nneasi.
nets concerning General Rut ter's bill. was to cause an rm.
poll ant edvanee inthe premium, The opening price was
135.1',',. with a relapse to 13.514. From this point the market
became active, and the pnce at 'squatter past four o'clock
bad ripen to 120. oath gold wag in abundant enpply.
1 cane o ere made at 7,ki TAO per er.nt., ano at 1.32 toe carev•
lug. After Clearing Home time loans were made Hat for
borrow ir 0. The gross &Parings were A 33646.000 the geld
bai•nces sl.Bt 3 67a and the ertrrenegjeilances 512.747,74.9
The improvement In government stocks created by the
caries feeling in money induced a large number if opera.
tors to go ",bore" of them to the beginning of the week.
A ger end her re. env g of the market took place to day
end prices at-the noon and afternoon beards were faced
down an &vet awe of lif ft on) the opening prices. Adven
t.ppe uas taken of General Btnices financial bill to
fright , n timid 1 olden , . and it is a suggestive f act that
wade five-Anomie, declined above the teniorties ad
vanced alien, 1,;. The speculators wore eucceseful , n their
echrn,e. but on their parch. sing to cover. later to the
day, the walked r covered tone and prices returned to
the vicinty of the opening figures.
[Fr nth the Nen York
JAN. 13.—The money market le easier at 7 per cent, in
currency, and the a' ppiv thronghout the day was in ev-
Yeas of the demand. 'the hanks are gaining currency and
the tendency is t, wards greater ease. The activity In
g• rend business throughout the country, however, is
likely to keep our imoney Market fairly active at 7 per
cent currency.
The ton lon exchange market it quiet as neual on
Wed ee4llB‘ aft r the ratline of the packet
The gold is arket was active and advanced. opening at
13 sr, & clizing to 13'04, advancing to 17514. and etin g
at 8 P. M at 115%. TI e rat , a paid for carrying were 7‘6.
7 8 and 132 per cent., and at 12 55 P. 31 fiat. After the
I oat d ad jour ned, the quotations were 1353 t; to 13'3 at 530
P.. 51 . vt ith sales at 126 •
or, rations of the Onld Ex:change Dank to-day were
ff 110. C:
old bn lances
Cunt nes. halancee
Gina* clearance...
The Latest Qu otations from new York
Lin Telestrann.i
NEW Yong, January 14th, 12W. —Btocke strong acid nu
changed ; Chicago and Rock.. Island. 12131; Reading. ni3a .
L anion Co., 063:. : Erie. 1814: Cleveland and Toledo. 104 L. ;
(. elandland kitistrurgb.Bs:l."; rittenargh and Et. Wayne.
1223; Ichigin :tiara'. 116 ; • Michigan douthern.
New York entre' 1,56 3 4 ; Cenci - al —; cannel •
Ind Preferred, ; Virgin's rtaer, _ps • • Ml:court
ix. N. ; Hudson "Over. 1613. i; ; Eloeivoentieo..l.B6l. 114'.:
de.. 1864, 116.14.,d0.186k, 1ep,56 ; do. new. loslifttut9. ; Too
fOrti',l. 1013 s; M old, t ' • onev percent.
Blarkets Telegraph.
(Steele) Despatch to the rbiladelphia Eyeuttut Bulletin.)
PW Yorta..Jan. , l4. 12.31i'F:"BL—tiotton—The market this
merning Wee aotive.exched and buoyant. - Sales of about
3,ofe talea. We quote as fellows: Bltdddpg • Dolauds.
Idtddlin Orleans, 80. •"' • • •
lout, &e.--Receipte ICC Nimbi The market for U.
te,n ard State FlourlesaactiyVeawlheave. The Bake
are shout 9,000 obis., including ..etipertine State at
$5 70@$6 20; Extra Mate .at s6lo@ts7 Ur; low grade wii.cern Extra, ; go@lfv.. Southern Flour la 'Ot.oad.Y.
v , ith aleederate demand'at - - $6 fo@7 (li fur Extra Haiti
more and; On ntry. al ds6 46gilt 1046 50q14 for faintly
do, Califonnto ' timer is dull end' Steady at $6:749 for old
by aay of the Dorn. and sl,oo)..Lfor. new, by wayof the
Grainitcriuta--Wheat.' 42000 bushels: The market is
tow, r and da11:1111 sales - The vales are --- bu-h. No.
Milwaukee st $1.69481.61. Coin—lt-teipta. 84ti; the
rket bib rat r with a fair demand ;-exoort Mew bird'.
Now Weattrn.nt .08c.@.,96c... afloat; Old Ail 06(4.51 07 1
sl'll Oata—llecelpte, 2 40u; market firmer, fair dem au
at 76,50.
Prt visfoni--The reoellite' ot.F,'Ork are = l -- hands. The
market le lower , and . naerilual . - at 61Z for new
western. Meas. Lard--Recolote.6oo oke. Thu morket
dull and heavier.. We quote fair to prime steam at 19:4
H' et nee, ReMi---Weetern, at 74'a14 cents' into. 14
(is' 14M cents
W Mika Receipts -- 66 boner %so markber !lab 6
We quote ‘Vesttm free at $1 U. • _
ii:oneepondt uce of the Associated 'Preral
Nr.w 'Vona, ,Tan. 14.--L'otton firnur ; 180041141 e! sold at
293 e. Flour dull and declining but_ Priem: o'..changed;
7.600 barrels . sold. : Wheat du -1 11 P dn declining;
7 660 bushels mold No. 2at 168. m skin. : 33 coo tile. ;W. stern M ixed, 00€060 onthero, 98c0061
tune dull, and quotations ars lord PAI. Beer quiet Pork
dull; New Mese, ISM ...Lard MIR ; ' tteam rendered. 120 A
193ec. Whhky dull, ". - •
AetrctfupilE ‘lll.ll.l6.z—tetion firm at 29®2534 cents Flour
qnint and etradt ;_floward Street fitiperfine. $6 86 $7 00 ;
no, Fix trim thelqllo 00; do. Family. $lO 00601.2 00; City
stilperflne. lii 25047 60; do. Extra. $8 00®10 60; do .
FAtnilT• $lO 50(412 75; Western Bunertiur. $6 26e46 76 ;
do. I....strae, $7 700.0 60_.; do. Family. $O3 04110,10 76.; Wheat
dull; Red. S 2 26fit2 80 Vane dull; prime Whim. 868188 et ,
allow, 6.9Cedil route. Oats firm; prim", 70076 cente. hoe
lower. at $Bl-47u41 60. Pork. $BO 60. Haemr—rib elder, 17.4
rums; clear aides 173.1 o. n th ; ehouldere. 1314 cents; llama
19e20 cents. Lard. 20 yenta
llFF lllo .llNotatilistiodUliMPANY sußrri
T'utr.A.DELPuta.. Jam 14 1869.
Ate meeting of lbe!tockHolde,-,% b ld 13th !n t.. dr3
fellou lug gentlemen wtre dul; elected to eerve4or the
calming year as
Arthur G Coffin, ntUncrroaa.l
tirorge Ifureenn.
Fame' W.,1 tam FrADC I6 R. twos
John A. Brown, : H. Trottmr,
Cbarbit T_3lor, Ed4P.44.8...0 , ark0.
A 11.birad v , hite.. 'hariton . 000 0 .9.
William Welsh, A Ifrod Et Jemmy.
l'ichard G. IVood. John P. White.
kiwi fa Wain, I cute et madulra,
John Maron. Illuirloa - W. Outman.
And at a • anlve_unfnt Totaling , of.,thaqibova Anton, lll
Mau pit 9n
oporAtilvyak nuanfrocinalY•tolfilutgo4 .. 0
Jal4 810 ClEtiftlai Pigkrt. keen) tan,.
`The liozeine.ticin Pleases lielmblioatis
Thepltissouri Sentgtorstalp.
[giecial Deepateb to the Plitledelphin Evening Belletin.)
WASHINGTON, Jan. 14.—The despatch announ
cing the nomination of Carl Schurz, as 'Senator
from Missouri t in caucus last evening,gives gene
ral satisfaction te all the Republicans here with
the exception of the few friends of Senators Hen
derson and . Drake. There. is much silent
rejoicing among the Radicals that Henderson
hos-niet with such an overwhelming defeat. The
action cif Senator Drake In going to Missouri to
defeat the nomination of Mr. Schurz is criticised
very severely by many of his colleagnmas being
unnecessary interference on his part, and his
failure, therefore, is well received in Republican
Speaker Colfax and Governor Harriman of
New Hampshire, had an interview this morning
with Gen. Grant.
Fortieth Congreas..--Tbird Seenlow,
WA8111:NOTON, Jan. 14. •
BEVATIE.—.Mr. Wilson (110,18.) preecuted the
weroonal of the Equal Rights Association, for a
Constitutional amendment giving equal suffrage
Mr.. Colliding (N. Y. presented , toe memorial
Peter Cooper, President of the New York and
Newfoundland Telegraph Company, asking to be
allowed to land their cable on the shores of the
United States.
Mr: Harlan (Iowa) presented the memorial of
certain capitalists of Prairie du Chien, praying
for the improvement of the Mississippi river at
,that point, and setting forth the great import
asee of such improvement. Referred to the Com
mittee on Commerce.
Mr. Anthony (R. I.) presented the memorial
of Lucretia Slott, Ernestine L. Rose and others,
of the American Equal Rights Association, pray.'
Ing for a constitutional amendment giving to
women the_ right of suffrage on oral terms
with men. Referred to the Committee on the
Bonsu —On motion of Mr. O'Neill (Pa.). the
Committee on Commerce was discharged from
the Inethcr consideration' of the bill giving the
consent of the United States for the erection of a
bridge across the Delaware river,to connect Phil
sdrlphia ono Camden, and the bill was referred
to the Committee on Roads and Canals.
Mr. - Windom, with the consent of Mr. Van
Horn (N: Y.), who was entitled to the floor, on
the Niagara 614 Canal, moved to postpone its
consideraticn no til after the morning hone. This
was agreed to. Yeas, 70; nays, 40. - -
Mr. Wasliburrie (III.) moved to reconsider the
Vote and asked for the reading of the bill as
preliminary to his remarks.
Mr. Eliot (Mass.) raised the point of order that
it was' not in order to read the provisions of
the Mat this time. The Speaker sustained the
Mr. Washburne (Ill.) said his object was to
show-that it was right and proper to dispose of
this billet the earliest moment, in order that the
public business should be-proceeded --with,- and
besides he wanted to see whether the House was
willing, that the large amount of money proposed
to be appropriate should be made a charge on
the Government.
,After further proceedings Mr. Washburn
moved, and the House ordered, his motion to lie
on the table.
Mr. Asidey (Obio).from the Committee on Terri
{oriel, reported a bill to extend the boundaries of
the States of ‘Nevadtc• Minnesota and Nebraska,
and the Territories of Colorado, Montana and
Wyoming. He said the Senators and Represen
tatives from these States, and the delegates from
the Territories, are in favor of the bill.
' • Pen's , "!vain° 4.egisiature.
HARRISEI7IO3, Jan. 14.
Burn.—The Senate was called to order at 11
o'clock. and three petitions were presented, bat
none . (if interest to Philadelphia.
Mr. White moved to proceed to nominate can-
Astro'for.the United States Senate.
Mr. Connell nominated John Scott; Mr. Jack
eon, C. N. Buckalew. Mr. &aright, Samuel
Evans, of. Fayette: Mr. White, George Connell,of
Philadelphia; Mr. Mclntire, W. A. 'Wallace; Mr.
McCandless, Hon. James H. Campbell, of Phila
delphia. •
Mr. Nagle presented a petition from sundry
citizens; contesting the seat of J. I. Clark
Hare, President Judge. To-morrow was fixed
for the - drawings of the committee in the case.
The Senate then proceeded to the House to
the drawing of the committee in the Greenbank
contested election case, and, on returning, ad
HOUSE.—The annual report of Wein Forney,
State Librarian, was presented.
The Speaker announced the Standing Commit . -
tees' of the House. The chairmen are as follows:
Of Ways and Meane—Mr.rilson, of dile
ghF ny.
Judiciary --General Strang, of Tioga.
Judiciary, Local—Mr. Herr, of Dauphin.
binnicipal Corporaiions.—Mr. Stokes, of Phila
Iron and Coal Companies—Mr. Foy, of Phila
Mines and Manufactures—Mr. Ilolgste, of
Roads, BrOges and Ferries—Mr. Marshall, of
301 673 00
....., 2 797.749 21.
_33 676.000 00
Railroads—Mr. Davis, of Philadelphia.
Penelons—.Mr. Hamilton, of Indiana.
Federal Relations—Mr. Phillips, of Chester.
Education—Mr. Nicholson, of Beaver.
Estates—Clark, of Warren.
Counties—Brown, of Huntingdon..
Corporations—Hong, of Philadelphia.
Agriculture—Miller, of Allegheny.
piVQ7c2P—Webb, of Bradford.
Faskenger Rmilways-..Buhers, of Philadelphia.
Bonke--Leedoro, of Delaware.
Accouptp—Res, of Erie.
Mr. Brown, of Huntingdon, moved to proleed
to the nomination of candidates for United StAtea
Binator, which was agreed to.
Mr. Davin nominated John Scott, of Hunting
don.; • •
Tdr. BrOwni of Clarion, nominated Wm. d.
tr. JOnea nominated Asa Packer.
Mr. Brown nominated Geo. F. Morgan.
Mr. Josephs nominated C. R. Bnckalew. 1
The Senators being Introdneed j the members
of both , branebea proceeded to choose a commit
tee to try ;the contested election case of M. Ras.
sell Thayer vs. Thomas Greenbank. Messes. E.
T. Chase and J.. A. Simpson appeared,for the con
testant, and Messrs. R. A. Lamberton and sH. A.
/lecher& fOr Judge Greenbank. .
-- • rated Atpay
CHICAGO, Jan. 14.—1n N
county, Illinois, on Tuesday night, James. Laird,
Deputy U. B. Marshal of Wyoraing Territory,
was billed by Chauncey Bailey, as he was enter
ing 'Mr: Bailey's bed•room; Batlny anapectinc
improper intercourse with` a woman who had
Previously eloped with a Univereallst minister.
The citizens justify the homicide.
• itembery.
FIRITICILL, N. Y., Jan.l4.—Thedi7 goods atom
ot B. T. Conch, at Cold Spring, was entered by
burglars yesterday morning, the thieves forcing
an entrance through the show.window and rob.
blng the store of 8800.
Weather Report.
Jan. 14.9 A.M.: • • •Wind. Weather. Then
Pleleter Cove. ... . ..... .....N. W. Cloudy. •go
llalitnx... ..... . . W. Cloudy., 29.
..... ...... ...H. NV Clear. SS
8eet0n.."...... ..... . Clear. St
New 1 . Clean
:S. VT. Clear. 85'
Wllmingum. ". . . ... .S. W. ' Clear. se
.. .. ..s. Clear. ' 85
Iticketiond." • ' • & NV. Clear. SO
_ 2. Clear. lSt
Cbaratetee......... ..... ...W. Clear. 48
Clearo. n ic„ r• • •no wa e... • ki
Clean 44
Pitta urgit sw•
llhiea¢n N. Cleat. 1 'llll`
Inaierille,; N. Cloudy. • 88
;;Cloudy. 64
New .R.eYtatUiugsl,
cY ' l 4/eat. " r• - ICOSTIt • • 013
11avau5...... . ............. Vloa y.
2:30 0'01o431(.-
Eouuvi„...•:' .. p...vrtQN,
Ihe:Civillenure Law in- the senate
The Repeal of the Civil Tentire
(Special De match to the Phila. Evening llailetio.l
WASTILNGT9N, Jan. 14.—A partial canvass of
of the - Senate showaptat the• sentiment is gene
rally fiCvorable to' a 'repeal of the Civil Tenure
law. It is thought, hoWever, that it will not , be
acted upon until near the close of the session.
Senator Berry, of COnn., says the repeal of the
law now might defeat the Repnbileans in his
State at their election next April. He believes
that every Republican in office would be at once
turned out.
Sale of the steamer Atlantic.
Deepateh to the Phila. Evening Bulletin 3
WistsmorON, Jan. 14.—The Senate Naval
Committee at their session this morning agreed
to report adversely upon various private bills
They also decided to refer the House bill for the
sale of the steamer Atlantic to the Attorney-
General, for his opinion upon the legal pohits in
The toggle; Cumin.
(Special Despatch to the Phila. Eventng Bulletin.)
WASHINGTON, Jan. 14.—A special meeting of
the Judiciary Committee of the Senate is to be
held to-morrow, to consider the Georg'. ease.
ImprOvenrent of Rivers and: Unsnarl.
[Special Despatch, to the - Phila. Evening Eulletin.]
WASHINGTON', Jan. 14.—The Senate Committee
on Commerce , were at work to-day upon the
River and Harbor bill left before them at the
cicee of the last Ee6131013.
They are correcting the various amounts ap
propriated,and expect to finish the bill this week.
The Blaine Senator—H. A. Smythe.
(Special Despatch to the Philada. Evening ttulletinol
WASHINGTON, JIM 14.—flenafor Morrill ap
peared on the floor fresh from the Senatorial con
test in Melee.
Among the memorials presented to-dsy was one
from twenty-nine leading mercantile firms at
New York, asking the confirmati.n of IL A.
fimytbe. to the R u sgan mission. It is thought
Bmy the's case will come up this afternoon.
Tice Case oil Commodore Meade•
[Special Despatch to the Phila. Eventng Bulletin.]
WASIIINGTOP, Jan. 14.—The chairman of the
Senate Naval Committee made a report to the
Senate ree,onithending that the application of
Commodore R. W. Meade, asking to •be restored
to active service, be indefinitely suspended.
Moro Nominations.
(Special Denotoh to the Phila. Evening EnEeilnA
WASHINGTON. Jan. 14.—The President to-day
nominated Perry Fuller, Collector of Customs at
New Orleans, and John Savage as Consul at
Leeds. The latter is the Head'Centre of. the Fe
nian organization. In New York.
Pension to Mrs. it idtiit..
Wrenn' Despatch to the Phila. Evening Bulletin.]
WASIIMOTOW, Jan. 14.—Senator Morton Intro*
duced a bill granting a pension, to an amount
which was left blank, to the widow of President
Lincoln. The preamble recounts that President
Lincoln, while Commander-la-Chief of the Army
and .Navy, was killed in the late war, and his
widow, therefore, Is as much entitled to a pen
sion as the widow of any army officer.
By the Atlantic Cable.
Guisoow, Jan. 14. —The Prince of Wales
Theatre, in this city, was totally destroyed by
fire lest night. No lives were lost.
MADRID, Janp-14.—The government authori
ties received a despatch yesterday from Captain
General Dulce• of Cuba, asking for reinforce;
ments. fie thinks he can suppress the insurrec
tion there with 4,000 additional troops.
LONDON, Jan. 14.—The press of London and
Paris almost,nnanimously condemn the attitnie
of, Greece in insisting on representation in the
xLtta CONGERAN—Seeond %gavot° n.
[Emisno—Continued from MoThird Edition.]
Mr. Grimes, from the Committee on Naval Af
fairs, "reported adversely upon the memorial of
Corn. R. W. Meade, asking to be restored to the
active list, and moved its Indefinite postpone
ment, which was ordered.
Mr. Sumner, from the Committee on Foreign
Relation's, reported a bill to carry into effect the
dr erre of the United States Court,of the Southern
District of New York, in the case of the English
cbooner "Sibyl" and her cargo.
Mr. Morton introduced a bill for the relief of
Mary Lincoln, widow of Abraham Linc9in, late
Pry sident of, the United States, as follows:
Whereas, The late President of the United
States, Abraham Lincoln, while acting as Presi
dent and Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the
United States, was killed in the war of the rebsi
lion 'y the enemies of the . United States; and
Whereas, rills widow, Mrs. • Mary, Lincoln, is
entitled to a.pension, upon the same principles,
and for the - like reason with the widow of any
other officer who fell in the war; therefore,
Be it enacted, etc., That the said Mary Lincoln,
widow of Abraham Lincoln, shall receive a pen
sion of— dollars, to be computed from the
day of the death of her husband, Abraham Lin
coln, late President of the United States.
Mr. Sumner suggested that the blank be filled
with the words "live thousand dollars per an
num," and that the Senate consider the bill im
Mr. Conkling thought it had better lie over.
:Mr. Sherman moved to refer up 'lt the Com
mittee On*Pentions, and it was so referred.
nicna—continued from Fourth Edition.)
Washburne (Ill.) said that the bill proposed
to diems mber Utab, and he suggested whether,
before taking the first action on it, it would not
be better to wait for the arrival of the delegate
from Utah, who is detained •fiont the House by
sith nese.
Mr. Ashley said the bill did not design to inter
fere with the settled portion of Utah, but to give
to the territory of Colorado so that there would
not be territory enough in Utah to make a State.
lie originally drew up the bill to blot out Utah,
but the committee thinking that the Mormons
should not be, disturbed whore, they • are; the
provisions were altered to 'what they are in the
billy. He .consented that the farther considera
tion of,the bill be postponed for two weeks.
Mr. _Ashley also reported a bill., granting the
right of way to the Walla-Walla mad 'Columbia
River Railroad. The distance from
to 'he Colunibla River is 30 miles. The bill gives
100 feet on each side of the road and five acres of
laud at each of the railroad depots. There are
no other grants.
Mr. Delano offered'an, amendment, which was
agreed to, naniely, that the grant is made on the
express condition that if any effort shall be made
by the• said railroad company to , obtain
any land grant. subsidy or pecuniary aid from
the. United States, this shall work a forfeit
ure of the grant. The bill was ordered to be en
grossed for a third reading.
Mr. Ashley (Ohio). from the Committee on
Territories, reported a bill to preserve the purity
of elections iw the several organized territories of
the United States. It provides for conetitutinc
boards of county canvassers in each county, and
also election boards, Am., it being the intention
to have such a representation mi. parties. on the
boards as will' secure - protection against illegal
voting and fraudulent elect ion returns. .
" •
1 , . _
, Mt viirsavatlitsysing avid ffliarlaor.
' TI:Kt. Denver (Colorado) 7'raune of tho 7th,
lifter glv,lpg a 'pug aeCount, of Indian thlevlog
MA ,tul;t cdorlng oporathma, concludes with this
statement: -, - .
I / 4 , r, , IN-' , /a , Malony. who Is engaged in hooting.
and hap in camp at the month of Urciw .
"rtelt.,e t atno In .last evening . and famished us
lib tbq following adlitional particulars, of ' late,.
ridian,opiationa. • Christmas day six Pidiftris'
ran cif Ids stOck, eight horses,' 'A fight bottrbert
hie party of eleven hooters and the Indians en"
'anew, mid resulted in wounding orfe and .
capturing his pony, and one . pony' killed. Mr.
Malang bad his horse billed le the fight. Next,
the redskins dropped in and burned Ildrs-estatp,.
fourteen miles from Crow Creek, whets:this mg.
'era. with 2,000 head. - of °ratio; were Maytag"; ant •
ran off fourhorses. They &sestet Brato thepratrisn
and the feed is entirely destroyed.' Lad MdaY
evening twenty-eight Indians ran off thirtykorsetV•
ht longing to `Geary, who immediately tants ;
company of thirty men and: went in punteiltonr.ra
recting to overtake them on ArrapattOo (Track.
They - had'not - returned-when Mr. Malany left;
Geury's wife's father (an Indian) says••that Chien
hand of Sioux and that: they arereattped
Pumpkin Creek, which is north of theactith
Platte and empties into It below Crow Creek.-A'
warrior's bat, bedecked With featherS, indicating
that they are on The war-patb; was picked up
near Pine Bluffs. Geary gays that the Indians who
ran off his stock, all bad theit 4 war-eaps on. Mr.
Malony has seen many "signe for a Month past,
Indicating that the country between the Platte
and the railroad at Pine Bluffs Is" alive with red
3:15 0'010431r..'
uiraTAus' 141milatiLu••
• .• 8684
Cretonnes, Tassel and Loops ,
The above goods are fresh * and are
offered with confidence. as: the moat
recherche and complete assOrtmOnt Olt
Fabrics forthe embellishment of Tar.
isno t Llibrarlet,• Chambers, inning
rooms, Halls, &c. ever exhiblte in
We offer•for sale% limited amount of thee°
And, Ac"aimed Interest tecisiDee. let
The Donde are In amount, of
either Begirtered or Conion, at the option o the , par - -
chaser, and bear interest at •
The Mortgage under which there lionda are issued ID
,Fie ffiilliona ottollar . 0,
upon a propeitv coating oVer
Twenty Millions of Dollars.
The am receipts upon whichfor• the year part are veer
Four 'Million Dollars.
We offer these Bonds as in every respect
And will receive in payment for them,
tithed States, State, City, or other
Marketable Securities, allowing
the full .market price,
84 F outh Third Street:
Corner Walnut and Deck Sts,
• eX3 IsuLa
ai tt,Aiß 4
cs 44 BANKERS,
Acoonnto of BMW Firma, and kV - lauds tecetted, alitliata
bootie& at sight
0,,. PENNSYLVANIA . 9 , K , ,K,
OF THE c". \..
c....d L)
if ltit t
t4ll O of T/ I 1 -44 CECO
corporation chartered by special Act of Congrqui, ap •
proved July 515, 1868 with a
Liberal terms offered to Agents and. Sollelton, who
are invited taapply at our alive
Full particulars to be bad on application at aux office.
located in the second story of our /anking Rouse,
where Circulars and Pamplaleba, tally' deeorising tbu
advantages °Mated by the littompany, may be had
R. W. CLAIM Alt CO.,
Pro. MI Boufh, Third st.
"11191r1F,C- - -io o 041113 5 Welrill 80X49:
hu3 drag and for eats ,7 uparllßlZ. Bontk
Delaware avenue.
uroalsf filmoille Walnuts Inadinik spill cat
sale bi mug. 4.4 if CO. 108 Saab UtieWlii'
swab • • -
80131011 obt•D TRENTON BIOCUM—T III 3
JJP trade Arappllod with Bmße Batten Inn=
Oiett, '
r en by
'rbore **N.
timed renton and Wino Biscuit, by .100. 11. BIJ
CO.. H alo enennr.loB Month Delaware avenue.
Corker macaroni end verml bulldog