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(Bnadays excepted),
ALT THE NEW BELLEIIIII 1311111,1111661.
607 Chestnut Street, Philadelphlg,
OABPER, snungß o lk. u.
The SoLucrusU oservoo to spbacribere In the city 018
eats • • week. payable to the carriers. or $8 per. annum.
Of Pl:iiladelphia,
EL E. Corner Fourth and Walnut Bto.
arTM inatitution has no superior in ilea United
Assets over - • - $1,000,000
fi edby
Persons leaving the city eePeelelly will feel better entice
beLng insured.
waLuin W. ALLEN. Agent and Attorney,
117 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia.
geS4 to !Ix tt
T New, style!. ELti ON & CO.,
aw261:14 • " • :417 ChtittatO
Tr Newest and beet manner. Idit UM DEENA. ay
timer and &welter. lid3Ctiestaut street. Obit:11
liDAMß.—SuddenlY on the 116th tilt., at the Conthiental
Hotel, Will , sur. G. Adana, of Chicago.
Dna notice of the ;uncial will bo riven. •
LEE.--On hunday. eyelid:we:Pt, h. at the - residence of
her husband. itt. hey. Alfr4 Lee. in Wilmington. Dela
ware, Julia Winto Lee, In the rAth year of tier age.
Der relativea and friends are _invited to attend the fn.
neral rervicer t to-be held et • fit. , Atiorow'a Church. Wil
mington on Wednesday. Dc.. 2d. at o'clock Y.
BleifilsPlDLO.-4n London. kagiseal. Nov. 16'44 at :A
Charles *civet. Berkley hoogre. limed ,P Mary Boeban
_Mansfield. widow pf the Late John Mansfield. EMI.. of
Dig•well Howe, Welwyn, llertr. and daughter or General
Samuel Smith. of Baltimore, Maryland, D. S. -
Itollll.—On Sunday evening, ult.. Ddward.
Youngest eon of Rich rd and Louisa-id, Robb, aged four
Years and MOOD mouth!.. • - •
Ituneral from his pimentos' residence, 1444 Berth Twelfth
street, an Wedmiday. December ad: at 10 O'clock A.
Mu 148.—urifdonditi weeks.,
Nov. nnh. ite. Sidney J., son of
John B. and Martha H. Beim& aged: ,
Toe male friends o the faintly are respectfully invited
to attend the , funeral, from tits- parents' , resPte•••o
tag blaster Etreet, on 11lredneaday afternoon, Decentitier
28. alb 'O'clock. •
Sthlitlin. On the ult.. flachel St. Spencer. who
Jsrots 8. Splicer. nr.-
Ihe !thuds of the family are invited to attend her fa
semi, on the td- fat., at Il o'clock from the resl r
derice of her. husband. lloti Bt. Verntm street. • •
litacL Battete.
Shalt Cretornoe.
Black lA4oglloce.
Black frith Poplins.
Block Att•woolPoptive,
Black link and Wool Popllne..
Black Hemmed ihibet Lena :.!•haertc.
Black Mixed Water Proof CI ca
.11011nafilg Ilnulavard '
Black and White Striptd Popltite,37:4 cent&
liksdON 4; burl.
Mournloe Dry Goode i/011ne.
o. 9le CHESTNUT etrcet
aunt( BYRN. & LAN D &LG. Fourth and Arch.
Und. r he anapi ens of the
EVENING. December 44,
Doom open at maven. commence at Eight.
For este at GOV/I.VA 111 n lc adore. £.23 Cheatnnt street.
and at the door on the Evening of the Reading.
N. It —llaserved Seats without extra charge del-tn th eitt
at the Home for Little Wanderers, Shippen
street, on 't kiLltoL AY, De comb*r Y.d.at 8 P. H., for three
managers of eaid Home. to eerve for the term of one
year. By order of the board of Managers, .
del. M 4 H. H. SEUCE, Secretary.
Toe friends of tho
Anteriean Bible Society. Auti.rican Tract „ Society and
American and Foreign thrietian Union,
will bold a third union meeting. Tuirday Evening. Doc.
let, at half pai t coven, in the Church of the Epiphany
(Rev. Dr. Newton'a). Fifteenth and Oheetnut etrcele,t,i
further 'evangelical effort, in Spain. libellee Gibbose,
Egg will preeidc. Addremea will be deliver dby 11ev.
H. D. Gamer., of New Y ork, Rev. rhillips tirooke, Rev .T.
Wheaton Se ith, B. D., Rev. A. A. \\ D. D., end Roy.
Riche, d Newton. D. D. notafirticp•
Corner of Nineteenth and Green etrecte.
Lecture the Rev. EDWARD L. CLARK, of New
Subject—" Recent Discoverieo at Jerusalem."
TUESDAY EVLNaNG, Dec. lot, Isesi. at 7' o'clock.
Tickete, be cents. May be obtained of J. T. !intim!,
Druggurt. Atuetwaith and Given; A. L. Vatiaant. Nintti
and Ow:taut t Ow. W. A.'frumpler, .92dChedtuut. 030 2t
will be held at the "Childrer'e- Home" of Nest
Philadelphia, Forty-diet and Bliabingo etreete, on TUE ~
DAI, WI Iib,ESVAY and TUL rasllaY. the let, 2d and rid
of Ut ember.
Market direct carp pace the door. no3o.2tral
delphui Eleetropatlitc Indication. will inetruct a
clam in the epecial doptrtment of the Healing Art—
L'lceirepethy. The Lecturer, of the Connie will com
mence on the evening of December let. Studeute can
enter by applying at the Lnetnation, Walnut
e Rect. no le-are:
I hirehy Wye notice that I am no longer connected with
tho Dolton Dental deeoclation of this city as their opera
tor. Perseus wiehing teeth extracted andolutelv without
Tian by nittoile oxide gag, will find me in my new office.
1021 Walnut 'street.
noW2otrii DR. F. R. THOMAS.
_l5 South Ninth etreet. -Clubfoot, Hip and
Spina/ Dim-axes, and Bodily DIVOTTRitied treated Apply
dall9 at 12 o'clock. no 9 3ui,rg
set - Lunirmoriracturrp_,SJ emeAil'n Essfige
treatmont and medicine Pu l naisneu ' gratuitously to
the peon
ki too a: 411
t...) tor rm.—Lama aaprtment in 'the .city of fine note
p a pers. (now 30 W. G...PERKY, 728 Arch stmt.
article completely furnished. Selling at $1 25.
W. G. rEttltY. litationer.
No„ Arch street.
.11.1ot Just rocolved„embrnclng some choice subJeote, now
open (or examination. W. G. PERRY.
no:Net No. '728 Arch street.
_ imported...arid for eats by _
uoBo W. G. PERRY, 7AIB Arch street.
T etyle and price, from dn. 115 to atllls each. The Trade
OuPPliod. (rioN) It] , W. G. PERRY, 728 Arch.
assortuitut and low Prices.
W. G. PERRY. Publisher.
728 Arch street.
No. 1110 Chestnut street.
Roar entrance. 1107 Samna street. •
Sale at No. 1342 Chestnut street.
Dee. 2. nt 10 o'clock. at No. 1342 Chestnut street, swill be
sold, the Furn i ture of a family declining housekeeping,
'comprising, viz .: Three snits of elegant t.,hamber Furni
ture, oil" finish; cult of Parlor Furniture, covered with
- maroon terry ; Stilt of' Library I , urniture, covered with
green re Also. Brussels, Ingrain and Venetian Car
pets. Chin po.
a, Glassware,
The Furniture and Carpets have beon in use onlya Lew
months, and are nearly now.
Can be seen aftvr 8 o'clock on morning of stag.
Others.—The undensigned has lust received a fresh
nspply of Catawba,. Calif o rnia and Ohampagnsi Winos.
fßottio Ale (for invalids). constantly on hand.
SdO Pear street.
. • . Below Third and Walnut streets. .
g.. 41 J. B. SUMER & C0..,103 south Delaware avenue
' tCorrerpondence et the Philadelphia Evendai Tiattatki)
Pants, Thursday, Nov. 17,:1868.—I etIPPOIO.It
is by way of amusing the Parisian publkt at a cno':
meat when politica are somewhat dull,and keep.
lug Its own hand In prattle°, that' the' Govern , .
meat has been what is vulgarly called "runnia&
a miler against the democratic press. .'fror thi3
last week there have been almost daily visits of
the police at the neirepaper °Oleos .or,the post
of lece,and seizures and confiscations on all sides-
The pollee authorities eomethites proceed in their
inquisitorial • visitations , with - ts.' crafty
malice and cunning which are quite
worthy of record. For Instance, 'When the eat
tor of a paper thinks he is publishing something
whichjney'iead st - toltititrof 3b - kwitiof that
day, ho sometimes in the first place prints off •
enly'five hundred or. a thousand copies, and , then
waits to See the effect produced by the depOsit
of a imintier of the journal which he Is every day
bound by law to make at the'efflee of thecrown,
lawyers, before issuing, to the 'public. , OUcourse
it is the duty of the authorities to prohibit the
publication and make the seizure immediately if
they findlhat the number of the journal-which
has been deposited with them contains
illegal matter. But, pas at bete, say these crafty
and zealous tunctionsitice. We know a trick
worth two of that, say , they; there is no occasion
to be in a hurry; we shall bring oar bits down all
the morn surely for waiting a bit! Eio they do
"wale"until the unhappy editor and his printer,
thinking that all is right, that the "proof' nem
, bet has been approved," and that there-will be
no seizure that day, throw Off their whole issue
of so many thousands. But "bide a wee," as the
Scotehmen Boa. The imperial police is un
common "canny," and is just "waiting"
_ at, thaepoinfloexemare their_game mona_surely-
Down they come at once upon the unhappy
newspaper, both at its own office and even at
the peniVellices to which. it has been forwarded
for distribution, and confiscate the whole issue ;
at the same time that a prosecution, involving
certain. fines and- imprisonment, brings all the
parties implicated before the famous • llixtisme
Chambre of Correctional PoPee, which, in such a
ease, has serer been knevna- to tie: quit. This
• dodge" has recently been practiced over and
over again ;and I have just alietched the proceeding
to show you what "liberty , of the press" really con
sists of in France, and how the Government can
"worry to death" editors and journals thit per
sist In oinking themselves ''`dhsitgr , eettble,". _ _
The particular matter in question at the pres
ent moment arose from seine democratic, mani
festations exhibited et.the,tombs of General Ca
vaignac and Deputy Bandit' (killed on the barri
cades the ad or Decenaber;'l6l)---on the foal-du
horto, 2d of November last, when all the people
go to the churchyards. There was a sort of rendez
yeas at Bandin'ts . tomb. and scent
speeches were made and verses recited about"mar
tyrs to liberty," "tyrants,'' fee. Police in plain
doilies are always set to watch `suspected"
tombs, and take down
_what Is said against ,'
parties who otter it. But as th ere was no '
knee nor breach of the. peace committed, no
arrests were made, and the matter was almost
forgotten,when the journal,theßereil, proposed a
subscription for a suitable monument over Ban
din's tomb, and began, with other joarnale, to
publish lists of subscribers, who came in pretty
last. The Government took the alarm, seized all
the journals which published lists, and began
prosecution against them under the famous law
called the law of "manoeuvres," passed at the
time of the Orsini plot. The law does not
alit utpt to define what " manoeuvres " mean ; so
that, in point of fact, under it, anybody may be
proiecuted for anything that the Government
chooses._ Eight persons, including the editors or
proprietors of four Democratic newspapers, have
just been tried and sentenced. of course, to hitt
prisonments of from six to one month and fines of
1.,00 and 2,000 francs, with deprivation of civil and
political rights, tt.c. The inameuvrea "in this
case were the manifestations made at liandin's
tomb, followed by the subscriptions to
his monument. As regards the latter, M
Berryer, the legitimist orator, has writ
ten and published a letter saying that
as on the 3d December, 1851, Louis Napoleon
was himself "deposed and put horl la /vi" by a
decree of the National Assembly, which Baudie
was only - doing his best "legally" to support when
killed on the barricades—therefore he, M. Berryer,
the first lawyer perhaps In France, should sub
-cribe to his monument. This example has beer.
followed by M. Prevost-Parade!, of the Debuts,
by M. Odilon Barrot, by M. Edgar Quinet, and
many other influential Liberia: - Even persons
who do not approve either of the demonstration's'
at the tomb or the subsequent subscriptions,blame
the Government for exasperating public,opinion
by these prosecutions, which have spread rumors
and alarms all over the country. The Gorda;
another "unpleasant" paper„ taking advantage
of this state of public feeling, published a ere
mentious ''Sensational" two days ago, setting
forth that the Government had discovered a ter
rible and widespread "plot" for upsetting the
Empire, and that in consequence it had resolved
to repeal all the "liberal" measures which had
recently been granted. The article produced a
great sensation, and may, for aught I know,
have been telegraphed across the Atlantic. Of
course there was not a word of truth in it,
and the" Government has now brought
another prosecution against the Gaulois for
disseminating false news. Thus the excite
ment is kept up and not in Paris only, but all
over the country; for the provincial papers also
publish Battdin subscription lists, and every
where there are seizures and prosecutions going
on. You cannot take up a newspaper without
reading half a dozen of them. All this is a bad
preparation for the elections of next year; and
the government goes blundering on from bad to
worse, while "the Court" is dancing at COM
plilne and keeping the "nte of Bt. Eugenie," as
though -we had gone back to the Middle Ages.
--all my prognostications of bast week have
been, unhappily, fulfilled, and I have to chronicle
the deaths of three individuals, all well known
and remarkable in their" way—Rossini, Baron
James de Rothschild and Is. Havin ,deputy and
political director of the Siecle. It is certainly!.a
singular coinbidence that three persons so emi
nent in the musical, financial and political world
should have all disappeared from among us so
simultaneouely. There were not, I think, twen
ty-four hours , between dick deaths. Poor Ros
sini suffered awfully at, the , last, being one mass
of binning erysipelas from head to foot, and-de
riving relief only, Irene lee, both internally
find externally, , but which, of course,
could only be. applied ;.all , hive
of saving hint *as gone. :With James de %Roths
child dies the last of thesecond. generation Of
that wonderful family.' Ho was the fifth anti
only' surviving son of the orlgintil; ROthalphildof
Frimitfort, and, .as often happetis inn-viealthY
Jewish families, married his own ,niece; the
daughter of his brother Solomon. One., of the
moat curious relics of biti IMO:1013110 wealth, or
rather reputatiotrfor wcalth, which he leaves be
-6lnd him, is merles of volunieicontaktizig e bo
op together, all the "begging" letters which have
ever boon addressed ,to him. It is truly said that
if ever these lettera 'should be published, with the
names of the writers, they will make posterity
van at the number of "Llinatritme. and even
"royal" who were among the corres•
ponder& of the wealthy Jets Baron. '
Victor Emmanuel and the Papal
otetten. , ,, , • 2
mom the X,onlo Olobe, Nov- 15.1
Sinister rumors have obtained currency in the
foreign press that the King of Italy, with the as
- sent of t b rusala and Russia, intends 'to supports
'he Mozzlolans in another raid on• Rome. Tee,
rumor,.lt_titittue,_lls inflicienilk_terions and "dr, -
- en mitantiallo Call-fbr iminedlate- tatlom--
ia said - King:Victor Ertituandel's speech for the
“pening of • the Chambers , "Is already
made, and .may be _summed np In three
seniencee= evacnatibll ' of 'the' Froth troops,'
annexation of Rome at all hazards. abdication if
his peppier do not support him:" Such a resole.;
don on the part of the .government, we
do not hesitate to declare, would , he
. stheer "Mad:.
139.:E.13. Italy's demand upon France for the,
evacuation of Plintifical territory, it is. well,
tinown, would be the signal for the embarks-
Lion of a French force for the defence, of the
P•pal States and would ioevitably lead to com
pit !Idioms of a grave character, possibly
..svolviogs even other powers than- and
France. We rely, however, on the good sense of
the King and the Italian government, to refrain
from the premature and suicidal action attribu
'ed to their deicrts.' We sincerely trust, as we
filly believe, that there is no foundation -what
s r for these sinister rumors or for the fears en
tertained. Italy must bido her time If she wishes
to obtain Rome for her capital.
'allure of the Rout Cents Railway.
The Florence correspondent of the London
Times sas e: I regret to inform you that the Mont
Cents Railway Company has come to considera
ble grief, and that the communications between
France and Italy are in a very disturbed and un
certain state. Singe the 25th of October there
bad been constant great delays, and the trains
bad arrived in Turin, as ;I - think 1 thenee wrote
to you, at all hours of the morning,. Wednes
day, the 4th of November, was the
only day on which the time was
nearly kept- Since the 6th the_ trains have
ceased to run. We hear of one having been
stuck for eight or nine hours in the snow, frozen
to its place. In short, the concern seems to have
completely broken down, the disaster being ap
parently mainly due to want of sufficient loco
motive power, but accelerated by the unusually
early laid very heavy fall of snow. - The mails
are taken across the mountain in a
horse carriage, and travelers seek
other routes. One trainfull, which had
started from Susa, was glad to get
brick, after severatfreezing hours passed a short
way up the Mountain, and to take ship at Genoa'
for 31arseilles. I know not how far the snow will
nave closed the other passes (the Splugen was
still very., practicable about ten days - ago,) beetth6.
sea route and tliat by the Corldee are. likely to s
in - fayor-thts Winter; . -- Later on the - Mmmt Ocilla - -
Company willprobably resume running, but it
is evident that they must first have a better sup
ply of engines.
"P • ft,.
Danger to the sra.aquality or Spain.
[Madrid Nov. 12 Correopondenr-e of the London Morn.
ing Herald
Every day which elapses before the final settle
ment of the great question of the future form of
government renders their settlement more diffi
cult. Parties are everywhere being formed, the
me between those parties becomes more defined,
and the individuals composing them become
more and more strongly wedded to their own
Why should not government, three weeks
since, have made an effort to settle the question
promptly and decidedly ? The example of Italy,
m Venetia, was before her. Why could she not
have imitated it? There in every parish a ballot
box was kept open, and the question asked of
each man was"Do you vote forVietor Emmanuel,
or no ?" There was no complication, no
difficulty, no writing of names upon paper,
no formalities of registers of baptism or
authorities to vote. Each man who so
chose simply walked in, gave his name to the
crutincers at the table, and voted yes or no.
Why could not the Spanish government at once
have adopted a similar simple method? Why not
order ballot, boxes to be opened in every parish
in Spain upon a certain day, and let every male - '
person over twenty-one walk in and deposit
his vote for a Republic Or for a Monarchy. The
affair might not be as formal, might not be
:o theoretically perfect, might be open to
-.ome abuses: but what are these small drawbacks
ro the great question that Spain is to be kept in
a state of uncertainty and confusion for another
'our or five months? Once a republic or a mon
archy decided upon by the acclamation of Spain,
all the excitement would cease- at once. The
Ministry would only have to carry oat the popu
lar will, as they have done in the case of the
various points .acclaimed by the ' Cadiz pro
:van:tine, They; could proceed nnimpeadel and
unembarrassed in their path of making necessary
reforms, and 'when the time came they could
either, should, a repnblie be fixed upon,..summon
a Cortes to decide upon the constitution of that
republic, or in the event of a monarchy having
been selected, could produce the sovereign whom,
they, as acting for the nation, had decided upon.
From the general tone of feeling here and in the
provinces, I feel convinced that long ere the
time comes for the meeting of the Cortes Con
stituen tes they will have cause , bitterly to regret
that they did not pursue some such course as
that indicated
AL . VLrganlaa Catilt Lo
[From the Richmond Journal.)
We have heard of Texas and arkansas jurors
deciding the life of .a man by playing a game of
"old sledge," but the following statement, made
to Governor Wells, of the "majority rule" in the
jury room, is-about the first instance approach
ing the "jack-flopping" process of rendering a
verdict that has come to light in Virginia:
William Armistead, of Portsmouth, Va., was
convicted the November, 11868, term of
the Hustings Court, of unlawful shooting, and
sentenced to the jail for six months. Pardon
was applied for by ten of the jurors by whom he
was tried, and by citizens, on the ground ~that
there were mitigating circumstances, and of his
former good ehariteter. It appears by the sworn
statement of one of the jurors, that the cause
was given to the jury on the 14th of the month;
that they were unable to agree, and remained in
the jury -room until theltitb, the jury, then stand
ing eight for unconditional acquittal, two for
conviction and two for compromise—they being
ready to vote whichever way might secure a ver
The Jurors agreed to draw lots. - Twelve bal
lots were then placed in a hat, marked "guilty,"
with twelve blank ballots, making in all twenty
four. The hat was then shaken and twelve bal
lots drawn out. and it was agreed that the ver
dict should be as the ballots remaining in the hat
Indicated. On counting , the hallots it was found
that seven had written upon them "guilty" and
five wore blank. The prisoner was thereupon,
in pursuance of the agreement found guilty.
Under such cif ctmstances the prisoner cannot be
said to have had a trial bvjury.- Pardon granted.
The Delaware 'Whipping-Yost.
The Wilmington Commercial of yesterday Inge:
On Saturday betweeffk and's o'clock- in the
evening, a young whiteman by the name of
Bluffing tonotaid 'to be very respectably. connected,
was brought out of the prison and pinioned to
the post whereln.theiname of the State of Dela!
ware the majesty of the law was vindicated by
Sheriff Richardson, administering -1.0 laihes on
the bareback. An effort having been made to
havb the Governor remit the huthee, the
performando was postponed until alate hour' in
the day, but no reprieve ' arriving,. the, sentence
was fully executed. Owing to the uncertainty of
the hour at which the lashing wor3 to take prune
the`tleoal ciOioci Of eitiblren irai not p t. to
I . bake warning from the fate of "evil doers, and
temme,better , citiZens.,j-The crime for, bleb
Ttliiriymiriiiiikt was punished was thh b " Or
:stoat from a lead ing lawyer of this city. .
'A Verb , Singular , lornipedy- in ,
ter, L. T.
Late (n s m
ftg ßh segurolanr snNo vne
tragedy was performed, in South Si. Paul Wert
;of which we bave gathered the following parleu
,lars:, • A beautiful and accomplished, young Ad.'',
MiMEoitfta W----„ a stranger, temporarily
Mg lit;the , Osburn Hoese r disguised, her* „ut
makYapParel and proceeded to. Ei oth N0.,;27,. req.
'Paul street, where several of her friends, c-Irra
s fug ber„,uncle and, another, wore pasettl the
evening; whom'she at brat accosted an tcfrPTY
manner, and conversed with pleasantly movie.
though. rather, taeited, tor. ran , hoar r
tr0.1"2 4 She sail' to be "'
of singular romantic and erratic disposition,
3 - .SWlertieek_tifjihanniegmaa's attire, tnerefoie,
attracted little aftentten and created no surprise.
In MeV - 0W . 600f the evening, however, she end
idezdy became insane, and, drawing a knife, at
tacked and fatally stabbed an Old - gentleman
;who ceileaVOred to curb her eccentricities. and
thenoyishing upon her uncle, whose name waskg, killett-him with a single blow of•be,
wett =7 Before the horrified spectators' could
sunup Oil preb'ence of mind enough to seiz.
the Infuriated lunatic she swallowed some po.
tent poison t ..apparantly, strict:mine, ,and died
In a feW minutes. - •
- ..41 1 1MANIATIO , auto MUSICAL.
—A large and brilliant house.greeted the return
of sericfja opera to its noble temple on Broad
street hiat night. The familiar opera of "Trove -
tore" was sung with great spirit by the Italian
part of Maretzek's troupe,auit the audience lis
tened with the pleasure which this popular work
is pretty sure to afford. Miss Agatha States, in
her experimental part of Leonora, was received
by the house with a kindness that was burden
some, inasmuch as the encorrs to which she was
invited were evidently a tax upon her strength ;
her fair and intelligent thee was a charming in
tertneter of the feeling Of - the dark old Spanish
story, and carried off a great deal of acting which
was more fitter the drawing-room than for the
sabers house. We shall alwaya be pleased to
hear bliss States, even in parts as intricate
and Important As- Leopora l believing that time.
and'thoroligb practice are' what she to
mellow her upper .• regiater. Brignolt took the
troubadour's role with greatzeat; while his tho
rough familiarity gave to every note the effect
conferred by exactness and calculation: hismet
inn of course was, as of old,—but there is no use
in trying, to make an aetor.of Brignoll at his age;
audieneea have learned - to listen es to a blast ol
singing air, without any sense of the carnal ac
companiment. ills "At:. 'elle la morte,"' , very
passionately supported by - Miss States, received
the expected encore; the latter in the trying To
- mance which immediately' precedes it, good
natnredly gratified the wish of the house for aids, I
although the effort was =painful;-and evident:
flowers rewarded her paint:. Orlandini, whci Im
prisonslt very level and baritone in
a physique that does.not promise much music to
the hope:-or the eye,:snstained the easy part of
Pi Luna ivith great felicity, although troubled
with some bronchial accident. In his 'great op
portunity,- "ii rtialeti - del •Eno sorriso," he intro
duced a cough, with rather too, much expression;
the audience were pleased however. and asked
for the pretty serenadeagain. - very well
dressed and very energetic, made all •that could
be mad: of the minorpirt of Ferrando. 'Signora
Cellini made"an exceedingly good impres
sion An the gypsymother. We shall be
glad to hear her to-night in the worthier part of
Eidetic, in the opera of that name, by Beethoven,
which the Philadelphia public loves so well. The
noble, music of the German sympnonist's only
opera will be uttered by a choice company of
:tasty singers, of whom the prima donna . is Ore
only Italian. The male voices to-night are an
exceedingly strong selection, ineludinz Babel
:mann for tenor,- Bement:a for bass, together
with Formes and Reichardt The favorite so a
brette, Rotter, will Bing the charming part of
—lt was Mrs. Drew's announced Intention, at
the beginning of the fall campaign, to rely largely
upon her own resources instead of calling to her
assistance expensive "stars," and with her su
perb company, to give, what may be called, an
assorted' series of performances, stilted to every
variety of taste. The season was to be filled up
with a mosaic work of sensational drama, high
and low comedy, and melodrama, so judiciously
intermingled that the admirers of any one branch
of dramatic art would not have to wait long at
any time before their turn come. Last week she
gave sensation,•thie . week high comedy, and melo
drama is preparing for the early future. To in
telligent play-goers the comedy seasons are the
most attractive, and if the experience of the last
few months proves anything, they are about the
most profitable to the theatre.
But the comedy.last night did not crowd the
house; partly because there were powerful attntc
done eleewhere.rpartly because the play, The
Way to Keep Him, is not as popular as several
other dramas of its class. It is one of those old
fashioned comedies which have furnished later
dramatists with. Ideas and situations for a multi
tude of inferior plays; and ae a literary work it is
vastly better than the productions of most patch
work playwrights of this day. Its plot is In
genious, the language is elegant, and the situa
tions are very effective. Its faults arc that it Is
too verhose; its sittgle climax is placed at the end
oldie anti act. and Some patience le required to
await its attainment; and it has the very common
lault in plays of its age and class, of being
a little too broad for nineteenth
country ideas of delleag. — We can somewhat ex
tenuatethis latter defect in view of the fact that
it was written at a time when licence of lan
guage was the fashion, even in society, and thattt presents a correct acture of the morality of its
day. The looseness of a century old comedy
does not excuse the bawdry of a drama written
yesterday, any more than the free speech of
Shakespeare affords a satisfactory precedent for
the cheap filth of Offenbach's burlesque writers.
If the great literary .merit of the oue does not
atone for the grossness, the custom of the time
does. The small Sensationalists of this day can
not plead excellence of workmanship, or licence
et fashion for their indecencies.
The comedy last night was, of course, admira
bly performed. It is Mrs. Drew's fortune to have
in her theatre. one of the very beet stock cm:opal:l
-ies ever collected upon the stage. From hor very
accomplished self, down to the overealved young
gentleman Who- dock 'the business of footman,
everybody gives an Intelligent, able and com
pletely satisfactory representation of their respec
tive characters.;• 'lt is hardly fair to make any
distinction where all were so good, but perhaps
Mts. Maeder,;Mr. Mackay, and Mr. Everly deserve
especial commendation for the very superior
manner in which they fulfilled the require
ments of their roles last evening. Mr. Barton
Hill and Miss Pried . were hardly less pleasing,
the latter, particularly, having displayed rather
more rim than is, customary with her. Mrs.
Drew's character, was for from being the most
prominent in the drama,- but she played as well
as usual, and Mrs. Creese, in a minor part—all
too small for so good an actress—vas very
charming. This evening the comedy John Rua
will be given, and on ' Thursday Mr. Craig will
appear for the first time in the Heir at LOW as
"Dr. Pauglose," a character that must be well
played to be.eatiefactory. while the person:4lone
of Mr. Warren and other good artists are fresh in
the public mind.
—The circus company at Y the ',Chestnut street
theatre gave a first perform:ince last evening, to
an immense audience. It is only fair to say that
the entertainment was very exceliont,_ and that
the promise 61 the manager, that he.would give a
model circus performance, was fulfilled in the
most satisfactory manner: Without attempting
to specify the woridettalithirigs accoinplished by
each member ,of, the company„wo may mention
the equestrian .feats of Mr. James,Robinson, for
their gracefulness Andtagility, the acrobatic per-
Tonnances of the , Levantlne Brothers. the "cloud
ewleging u 'of Mr. Ward, and young , Master Rob
iiisoule-trieWwith his' pdny, for their , stiperlor
excellence. Tha'performahen will be repeated
this evening.
— , lNlrßobort Craig will havq beliefit at the Arch
, , .
Street Theatre on Sattuday.evening next, when a
very Attractive bill will be presented. Nearly all
the Wats have been sold, at this early day, and as
1 ibis trill be a benefit night, those priveeip3d•per
'ens Abe desire to attend; will, be compelled to
dtpai t from their usual custom and outley their
11l , it' they desire to:, physical comfort
v.bil refreshing their Intellect& The %modally
;is a i .trd one, but it will'not be made le 's griev
' aisl/_v charging , &fr.-Craig with vulgarity.
',.. —Mril, 1). P. Bowers appeared at the Walnit
Street re last evening.ln :Cady Audrey. Se
cret. I.,i'tel i m •duelegrini for the excellence, of
Mrs 1.*;.% VP"" efforts in the line of histrionic
- ir csto.
eharsetefa-2, e lett ehe'halt lately 'app'eared, we
'do not beeltate t Pronounce her "Ludy Audley"
ber very finest p , rtioOation. The drama cas
tt e - herbintr thio 'ugh a series .of constantly:
changing emotions, n to , the highest pitch of
tragic.passion, t
parsion, and ra.owera contrives, with
tarable skill, to deppt. every phase BO that the
,o l t
meaning stands out In' ~,.. Poltand striking relief.
the intensepasstigcsbWm‘folets is even better
tunic the more placid episoil.',--I,4l.,`"i'vh°lB`
ticreelilint , 44 artistic and e.., 013 / ,,- . -- h. , & Ma
wont rsetingturi lwen3 wiu,,,,..4ppear in the
character again MI& eveutsg. .
—The American Theatre announces an olio
entertainment for this evening. ' •
, < —The Theatre Comique, Seventh street, below
Pitch, has au excellent Dill prepared for to-night.
the whole company , will appear in. a variety: of
perfortnances, and the mined animals will exert
i bemselVes In a surprising manner for the amuse-'
meat of the spectators.
ATTITAIPTED Bonotaxir.—Last night about 11
o'clock an attenipt was made to enter the bottle
of Col. John B. Peddle, NO 40 North Eighth
htreet. Col. Peddle, ti
was 'the sitting-room, and
heard glass breaking. He iapOned the window
and observed s' man in the side-yard. He
called to the fellow, who immediately
jumped the fence and, got into the
2. arid of the church adjoining. Col. Peddle went,
out the front door, and with the. assistance .of , a
gentleman who was passing, captured the 'bur
glar as - be - was - getting - overthe - railingof the
-berth yard. The prisoner was taken to the
Eighth District Pollee tEltation; and this morning,
after a bearing before Alderman. Massey, was
'NEW Bufr.ohvGa.=-The whole number of per
mits for the erection of new buildings issued by
the Building Inspectors during the month of No
vember was 290; an increase of 22 over thenum
her issued during the same month last year.' Of
ibis number 12 were for the erection of'four
story dwellings; 116 for three-storydwellings,and
28 for two-story dwellings. "Banking house, 1;
Bailer house, 1;• Chapels, 2; Factories, 4; Ice
hoWee, 1: Offices, 5; Saloon, 1; • Sheds, 2; Shops,
14: Skating Rink, 1; Staides, 21; Stores, 8; Store ,
houses and Warehouses, 8. There were also is
sued 71 permits for alterathins and additions:
young men named Francis Bradley. and Edward
Benedict were arrested , last evening, about half
past six o'clock, - by Policeman Eros, 'Fourth
District, and private watchman Jessee
they were in an alley adjoining a store on Cbtirch
street, below Third, and while the office.ra were
commit's; theni, a fellow supposed ,ba a con
federate:-jamped from the - second story window
of the store and. ran . away. The prisoners will
have a hearing;at the Central Station this atter-
BuopmFrDlG.—ltate O'Brien was arrested yes
terday afternoon, at Eighth and Arch streote, - by
Reserve Policeman Mitchell. upon the charge of
the larceny of a piece.of cloth from the store No.
55 North Eighth street. Ald. Beltier held hor in
itBoo bail to answer.
ASSAULTING A PnrAcmuluv.—Francis Doyle,
•lames L. Ross, Robert Williams and John
Trains got Into a fight at Third and Brown
streets. yesterday afternoon, and Ross, it is al
leged, assaulted Policeman J. Miller. The bel
ligerents were all arrested. They were taken be
fore Alderman Toland and were held in $l,OOO
oail each for trial.
RAILROAD ACCIDRNT. This morning about
half-post nine o'clock Martin O'Connell jumped
from a train of cars on the Norristown railroad,
at Flat Rock, while it was in motion. He fell and
bad his head badly cut. Ho was convoyed to
St. Joseph's HospitaL O'Connell resides at
Ninth and Vine streets.
PRESS CLU/I.—The regular stated meeting of
the Press Club of Philadelphikwill be held to
morrow afternoon, at the rooms, No. 607 Walnut
street. The reading of essays and discussions
thereon by members is to be resumed, and the
meeting will. no doubt, be an interesting one.
Mr. Wm. J. Clark, Jr.; of the Evening Telegraph,
is the essayist for the occasion.
Susrictors.—Last evening Policeman Laird
attempted to arrest two suspicious looking men,
who were prowling about on Arch street, near
Fourth. A scuffle ensued, aad one of the fellows
dropped a large jimmy and ran. The other man
was captured. and on his person was found a
at-tall file, The prisoner gave his name as
Alonzo Snow. He will have a hearing at the
Central Station this afternoon.
CABMEN Fri:am—Joseph E. Frono, M. Kirwin
and James Durham, cab drivers, who persist in
standing at Ninth and Chestnut streets, at late
hours of the night, were arrested yesterday by
High Constable Clark, on the charge of violating
a city ordinance. They were each fined $5 by
Alderman /jam.
BricroF..—This morning, about eight o'clock,
William Still, residing No. .704 New Market
street, cut his throat with a razor. Ho inflicted
a frightful gash and died from the effects of it
about ten o'clock.
&Alum Ev ANGEL re.Arros. A meeting of
much interest is annonuced to be held this evening, at
torch of the Epiphany, corner of Fifteenth and
Chestnut streets, under the auspices of the American
Bible Society, American Tract Society and American
and Foreign Christian Union. These Societies have
~ • ecelved at , Stirarices trout General Prim and others that
Bibles and other sacred literature issued by them,
which have hitherto been excluded from Spain. will
now be welcomed and their circulation encouraged.
The object of the meeting is to give information on
this point and enlist an interest in the work, that it
may be prompt and vigorons for fear future political
changes should abridge the liberty now afforded. A
circular issued by these Societies states that Bibles
and 129 other publications, in the Spanish language,
baye been provided by them, and the services of de
'-oted native protestants, who nave secretly main
tained an organization for a long time, have been se
cure(L. Twelve churches, one numbering 200 mem
bers, are already organized In that country. Tae
lion. Charles (admits will prgside this evening, and
addresses will be made oy theßev. Phillips Brooks,
Rev. Dr. Newton, Rev. Br. Willits, Rev. Br. Guise,
and Rev. J. Wheaton Smith.
TVItSD VY, December ist.—Thifi is the first day
of winter, and it is made a marked day to Philadel
phians by the opening of the great clothing sale at
Oak Hell. As it reminds of snow and ice and cold,
lot it also remind us of overcoats and skating jackets,
and warm clothes generally, and then we will see the
fitness of beginning this grand sale of heavy clothing
on the drat day of winter.
A quick sale it Is to be. and to this end the prices
ar o way clown to where the thermometer ought to he
to-day—a little abbvo zero. Get your money ready—
you will net need a very large amount, and you will
be Rue to receive much more than a fair equivalent
for it at_Wananialter-kt Broivn's tnis week,
A WortritY entiniric.—A fair is now beinz hold
at Neale°itnral flail in aid of the Home for the
aged and infirm members of the Methedibt'Eplacepal
Church. The display of .gbods of ,all kinds 18 very
large and very attractive ' and the prices are not greatce
than those churned byrelail.stores-Lin some Mee, in,
deed, they are amaljer....The very excellent purpose of
this enterprise commends it to ,the kind considetation
of every Methodist in this atty. and More than that, to
every benevolent .person. The fair will be continued
for two weeks, and we sincerely hope it may be the
means of ralaing a large fund for the worthy charity
in the Interest el: Which it has beck established,
',* . ; . Z' .. ::OlWW;'-
NEW JEllitSer BlAlrrelitft
Tire Crrr Coustoin -:-.Laat outing' the etie
(=tell of Camden held a regular stated meeting. ;
having adjortrned from Thursday night; MeV
being Tbankegiviog. - The usual bttsiness Wag
disposed of among the most Important of which
was an ordinance (which, according to rulewary,
laid _ over until next meeting) providing that;
*hen the Camden and Amboy R•silrold company '
shall fence in befit sktea of their"track on Bridge
avenue in a secure manner, the council will thee;
vacate said avenue from Second: - etrect to 'lke"
river. The ordinance contains quite ettingeet:
provisions, and will meet with,much OPPoiliflOe l
himmicarrz . s.—The streets and vielnity,oololll,..
den now daily present a larger number of hew,
dleanta and beggera than usual. It is belleraL
that they make begging a medium for the - rine- -
pose of Obtaining a view of the: pretahleS "air
visit in order - to facilitate burglarious operatiosibc
Camden should possess a worbhoutie for 1174110
idle itidivldtials:
Bonanaruous,—Burglarts appear to betirettri
active In carrying on their business. There hi Al"
gang at work, seeming to be operating ja.edia'•
junction with each other. Four different &sea.:
icg houses on Sunday tight were entered, bet;
the villains were not verysuccessful in obtaittiop
much to reward them for their pains. • • •
Commrrittn.;—Yeeterday Justice JametelL
study committed Lorenzo 'Doughty for , commie. •
tang an assault and'bettery on:another Maw Re •
is an old offender, and has served out a terni. oC
imprisonment on a charge of atiliault, and tit
iitach_a man Instills life._.___. • • -•••
Youx, Dec. I.—The L'oroner's inquest; hi'
the Larkin murder case : was concluded yesterday:
the furynvdering a verdict that the , death - o f:
Larkin was caused by Robert_ Campbell, JoltaL
nerrlgan and Ann Hines. The three were them
committed to await the action of the Grand Jury
Norman L. Johnson, living • at 178 Forsyth:
street, Was stabbed in the side , by his wife, - Rilza.
Johnson. yesterday noon, while the two were:
quarrtling,lirs. Johnson beingintoxicatedht the ,
time. Bhe'immediately disappeared and a'aeltr-'
rant is now opt for: her.- arrest— Johnson:Watt:lL
living, but is severely, wounded.
The -anniversary of the appointment, 'Orthe :
Polish Proyisional Government of 3.830;wita04
brated last evening, at the Hall N0.'235 Boweirq. -
Colonel Zoltner prodded,- and much enpinslasne
was thanifested. - ' ' • • - ' •
Mayor Hoffman retired front office atrtoon yeg-: -
terday. Mr. Conan becomealdayor utitit t the xAtj
of January . next, , by, virtue of big office as "Frest•
dent of the Board of Alderman. ,
„ .
• Official Vote by Cousit es.
Cateutiett.- • Town& Gra2it.
I3amrden. ..1 ,6.769 3 701 6677.9J1
' 3 318 649 ' 5,813 '919 1
Franklin . 4 6191 , • 916 .•
Berkoliire.'..3l 4493' ' 3,783 - 5,464 a.m. •
4' 17,363” • :19.918 16,874 13,6601
• East . ... ...... 34 a 1,614 , .7.665 19 031 . • 8, lit
MidOltiox 53 ..2,4688 • 12,446 93,894', 13.189
Womater. 68 19.850 :6004 19 0E -
Norfolk .......3310 , 4,726 9 673 .5,,M
nrial of 19 10,155 2,784 0.943 ' 3.88 F
1pta0uth............ 5 1,507 • 2 699' 7,6113
11arnatabie...........13 3,381 - 647
13 4 • 4.36 108 433, 113^
Nantucket.... .... . . 1 . 471 - 401 • 470; =. • .42
, ,
• Total. , :rts ,
13c.59°.59,221. • 111,243 , -
Grant'* saa - jorify.l74.tlL InfUrt!li majority, 69v10p,
The Weaehar for Notromb - Or.
B. S. L. sends us , the. following table of
weather at Germantown for the nzontb. juish
-.:NOVPSBE tf;-
L.: ...4 I
I W - .3 .Z , ...- ind and Weather.
'..; ?.. I ti ~ I 4 i
e, .-C
...1 ..: 1, - -
Z. -t• fC - .
: l iZt 4
N. W.Cloudy. Hain Snow
N. W. Cloudy.
N. W. Clear. • •
W. Clear.
W. Cloudy. Bahr.-
W. Clear.
N. E, Cloudy.
IN. W. Clear.
S. W. Clear.
S. W. Clear. Ha. y.. •
W. Cloudy. Rau,.
W. Clear.
S. W• Clear.
1 W. Clear.
N. E. Clear.
N. E. Cloudy., ,
IN. E. Cloudy.., Rain.
N. W. Cloudy.
N. W. Clear. . • ,
N. E. Cloudy. it 'mu.,
N. E. Cloudy.
N. Cloudy.
N. W. Clear.
W. Clear. • ,
E. Cloudy. Rain.
8-1 U 3. E. Cloudy. Rola.
N. W. Clear.
S. NV. Clear. ,
S. W. Clear.
TN •
vest Point
gut o'clock
• lye Wein('
vc o'clock
oth (>1 Rai
gym"- arid-soothe the Pali - of children - teettitii
I' se Bower's Infant Cordial. Sold by all Draggiatt...
friends of persons who have been, restored from. con
firmed Consumption by the use of this original prepa-,
ration, and the grateful parties them Selves, have by
recommending it and acknowledging its wonderful•
efficacy, given to the article a vast popularity In NOW,
England The Cod Liver Oil is in this combination:.
robbed of its unpleasant taste, and is rendered doubly .
effeciive in being coupled with the. Lime, which is it
a restorative principle, supplying nature with just
the agent and assistance required to heal and reform,
the diseased lungs. A. E. Wilber, No. lee Court
street,Bostrin, is the proprietor. Sold in Philadelphia.
by Johnston, . Holloway t, Cowden, and Drugglsta
LIKE "QUA loar),-,"Guss.
Artificial teeth arc of little use and easily detected..
Take care of the real ones. All you need is fragrant
s , )zonoNT. tlfe It daily and your tenth will km the
last of Nature's gifts to fail you.
"811.ALDIP7 , ; . t. ' GLUE:" mends Headless Dolls. and
Broke Cradles,
A. Ward anis of
WASIIINC:TON, that his •
great. forte . wan.
in not having any man f)f the preaent_generation to re-.
~ e nible him to any alarming extent.
. _
forte is in surpassing all others in the quality, style,
and cheapness of their line customer-made clothing.
Every garment cut over a customer pattern by,practit.!,
cal artists.
You; patronago is respectfully solicited
at No. 529 Gheatimt strdet,..
GEN TS can procure the latest styles of Hata,
and Caps at the very lowest prices and of the hest.
make. at. Chas. Oaktord Sons', bat, and spo Chestnut,
lnosmit; Tables, CI to :112. • •
l'Aueo N. & Co.'s Kitchen Fernistdng Mom,
220 and 222 Dock street, below Walnut.'
"(hem Arable Secrete" for your Cougb. Sere Throatt
and Pulmonary troubles. -Physicians nee them.' De
pot, Sixth and Vine. On man,
Corms, Bunions,. Inverted Nails, skiilfally
treated by Dr. J. Dtvisison, No. 015 Chestnut street..
Charges moderate. .
SPItt:ICAL I.NnEinit.ENTS eun.
Slictvralrar & Baostiiirg,
'ra Sonth 311,1 , ,kttir atm.*,
To Loma AND Aftssas.
Piepafiflnr the Holidays by getting one of, those
ticantifol Hats at Oakfords' Continental Rotol.
J. hallos, M. D.. Proleaser. or the Eye and
treats aildiseases appertaining to the above melba*
twith ttertitmost auctess. Testimonials trom the mosst
reliable sources Abe city can be seen at this °Moe,
No. SW Arch street. ; The medical tscally are:Lava , *
to accompany their patienta,as ho has no secrets is his
pratlice. Artificial eyes pt•erts,ti. No charge nodes
ler. examination.