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    [From the Toledo Blade."'
a Futile Attempt to Rattly the Noml.
=allonym the Corners.
in the State of Kentucky), July 31, 1 BGB.
We hed last night a ratification meeting at
the Corners wick started out gloriously but
didn't end so happily ez it might. I hed
gone to a good deal uv trouble about it and
Died made all arrangements for a feast uv rea
son and flow uv sole ekalled by few ratifica
tions and surpassed by none.
The blessid. Deacon, McPelter and Issaker
Gavitt, who expect respectively to hold the
posiehens uv Assessor, Collector, and Whisky
Inspector for this district, came down hand
somely with the funds, enuff to enable me to
dekorate the post offis with flags and trans
parencies, and myself with a pare uv ready
made pants,. wick I muddied considerable to
make em look old so that they shood not
suspect ther funds hed bin applied in that
way. Human nacher is a inscrutable mys
tery. They wood objeck did they know I
hed clothed myself with ther money instead
uc wastin it on taller candles and sich, wich
burn out and leave nothin behind.
I wuz economikle in my expenditoors, or
Tnther but little expense wuz nessary. De
skin to wake the enthoosiasm uv the Democ
nisy, I procoored a passel uv Confedrit battle
fl wich the returned heroes hed brot home
with em, and hed the talismanic words,
4 13eymore and Blare," painted across em.
The effeck wuz gorgus ! Ez nite approacht
hed the transparencies saved over from a
celebrashenwich hed bin held after the battle
uv Chickamauga lighted up. The enthoosiasm,
ez the populace saw these, and listened to
Captain McPelter, ez he red em to em wuz
overiclowerin. How they cheered ez the
words flasht out into the nite, "Southern
Rites, Southern Men, and a Southern Govern
ment!" "Death to Northern Hirelins!"
"Down with the gorilla Linken !" "Jeff
Davis and the Confederacy forever !" "No
quarter to Fedral invaders !" And when
.Boregard's black flag, onto wich 'Seymore
and'Blare" wuz painted in red- letters, wuz
unfurled, ther arose }itch cheers for the nomi
nees uv the Noo York Convenahun ez I hed \
_never heerd before, nor expect to agin.
At this time,jeat ez everything wuz a gittin
Ted-hot,the trouble commenced. Pennibacker,
wich runs our biggest and best distillery,
.jumpt onto the platform, at my suggestion,
and perposed three cheers for Seymore and
Greenbax and three groans for the bloated
bondholders. The crowd, with troo Dime
era& doeffity, wuz agoin to cheer, when
Bascom, who ez some 5-20 s, riz and swore
that he'd be d—d of that shood be. "Gov
ernor Seymore is in favor of payin the
Nashnel indebtedness, principle and intrest,
in gold. Reecllus_speech_at_the Cooper Ins-_
200 t.
s e is se es °a • ennt •ac er,
spring onto the platform, "is he? Read the
platform wich he accepts !"
"Don't Bellmont and the eastern bankers
support him?" yelled Bascom.
on'tVallandygum, Pendleton, Brick
Pomroy and dirty shirt Dean support him?"
yelled Pennibacker.
"Your doctrin," sed Bascom, excitedly,
"is a swindle—a peece uv theevin wich af
Arab wood be ashamed uv, and Seymore sed
"Yoor proposishen is a outrage onto a op
prest people, a grindin uv em into the earth
under the iron heels uv bloated aristocrats
and pamperd sons uv luxury, and the platform
Seymore stands onto sez so," shouted Penni
"Tool a swindler," excitedly yelled Bas
com,' whereupon they clinched and rolled orf
the platform titely huggin, and making extra
ordinary physikle efforts at injoorin each
To direct the attenshun uv the populie from
this untoward circumstance, I rekested Issa
ker to sing out three cheers for Blare!
"Three cheers for Blare!" sung out Issaker,
"the Missouri statesman, who will rid us uv
Freedmen's Burows and military rool!"
"Three groans for Blare!" yelld Punt—"a
Ablishinist and Linkin hirelin, wick shot my
unkle in Missoury, and burnt my grand
mother's house near Vixburg!" -
"He aint no Ablishnist!" exclaimed Is
'aker, "reed his letters!"
"Its difficult to say wat he is to-day, but
I'll aware to it he wuz three years ago, but
it makes no difference. I swore four years
ago to lick any man who hurrahed for any
member uv the Blare family."
And this infooriated wretch pounced onto
Issaker, and they rolled off the stand to join
Bascom and Pennibacker, who hedn't settled
their onpkasantnis yet.
Before it ended Deekin Pogram and Kernel
McPelter got to arguin ez to the propriety uv
recognizin niggers in the ranks uv the party,
the Deekin takin one aide and McPelter the
other. The passions uv these estimable gen
tlemen wuz arouzd somewat, and before I
cood interfere they hed each other by the
throte and rolled orf onto the ground beneath
the platform. I sprang down to seperate em,
when McPelter turned upon me, and wood
hey sacrificed me on the spot, but the Cor
ners ruaht ez a man to save me. Ez I owe
the most uv em I am entirely safe here, and
cz I shel be ontil I pay my debts I shel never
die uv violence.
At this pint the fite became general. Some
uv the people sided with Bascom, some uv
em with Pennibacker, (akkordin ez they
bought whisky by the barl, or by the drink,)
and the balance uv em assisted Bigler and
Issaker Gavitt ez their inclinashen promptid
em. In the melee the platform, flag and
transparencies wuz tore down, nearly breakin
my leg, for wick I wuz insufllshently remu
nerated by the handkerchers I borrored from
the prostrate combatants under cover of
assistin uv em to rise.
After the scrimmage wuz over Pollock and
Bigler carne, with three niggers, into Bas
corn's, where we wuz repairin damages, wich
remarkt that they bed held a meetin, and hed
passed resolooshens thankin the Lord de
voutly for hevin releeved the Republikin party
uv the Blare family, and sympathizin with
the Dimocrisy wich hed reseeved em;
and also acknowledging the obligashun the
colored men uv the nashen were under to the
Democriey for the handsome manner in wich
they hed treated Joe Williams, the Afrikin
delegate to the Noo York Convenshun, ez
the eelectin uv a nigger ez a delegate and
assoshatin with him on terms uv ekality, wuz
a step in the direction uv yooniversal,Brother
hood wich wuz cheerin. The insultin mes
sage, delivered to men wich wuz a patchin
up ther faces and washin orf the blood uv a
politikle conflick, w uz the reverse uv soothin.
The ratificashun wuzn't altogether a suc
cess, but we shel try it agin after time hez
softened the asperities engendered by the re
cent conflick, and the candidates hev hed
time to fit theirselves and ther records to the
platform. The Corners can be counted on.
(With is Postmaster.)
—The Paris papers mention that the chief Post
•Office of that city will probably soon be removed
from the present building, in the Rue Jean
Jacques Rousseau, to the huge ektillee of the Ma
gasius-Reunis, on the place du Chateau d'Eau.
The spacious courts can contain three hundred
vebieW.S and - stabling for five hundred horses.
The building Is large enough to allow the Post
°Mee and chief central telegraph to be united
under one roof.
--:Young women are admitted to the agricul
tural colleges of lowa and Kansas on the same
;terms as young men.
Democratic Judgmtent or Grant.
(From the N. Y. World. 4prll IL 11365.3
General Grant's history shciuld teach us to dis
criminate better than we Americans are apt. to
do between glitter and solid work. Our prone
neSs to run after sponters and demagogues may
find a wholesome corrective in the study of such
a character as his. The qualities by which great
things are accomplished aro here seen to have no
necessary connection with showy and superficial
accomplishments. When the mass of men look
upon such a character, they may learn a truer
respect for thernsolves and for each other; they
are taught by it that high qualities and great
abilities are consistent with the simplicity of
taste, contempt for parade and plainness of man
ners with which direct and earnest men have
a strong natural sympathy. Ulysses S.
Grant, the tanner, Ulysses B. Grant, the name
ressful applicant for tip post of City Surveyor of
St. Louis, Ulysses S. Grant, the driver into that
city of his two-horse team with a load of wood
to sell, had written in him every manly quality
which will cause the name of Lieut.-Gen. Grant
to live forever in history His career is a lesson
in practical democracy; it is a quiet satire onihe
dandyism, the puppyism and the shallow affecta
tion of our fashionable exquisites, as well as
upon the swagger of our plausible, glib-tongued
demagogues. Not, by any means that great
qualities are inconsistent with cultivated man
ners and a fluent elocution; but that such
superficial, accomplishments aro no measure
of worth or ability. General Grant's last
brilliant campaign sets the final seal upon
his reputation. It stamps him as the
superior of his able antagonist, as well as of all
the commanders who have served with or under
him IMthe great campans of the last year. It
is not necessary to sacrifice any part of their well
earned reputation to his. Sherman and Sheridan
deserve all that has ever been said in their praise;
but there has never been a time since Grant was
made Lieutenant-General, when anybody but
Sherman, on onrside, could have been classed
with him. Since Sherman's bold march through
Georgia, and his capture of Savannah and Char
lene/Ir, there have been many who, in their strong
admiration of his great achiefements, inclined to
rank him as the greater general .of the two.
That Judgment, we take it, is now
reversed by the court of final appeal—not by
dwarfing the reputation of Sherman, which suf
fers no j st abatement4t. by the•expansion
into grader proportions - of that of Grant.
Grant stands pre-eminent among all the generals
who have led our armies in the late war, in that
ho has exhibited the utmost strength of will of
which the highest type of manhood is capable.
The defences of Vicksburg and the defences of
Richmond were both deemed impregnable, and
were defended with a proportionable confidence
and obstinacy; but they both yielded, at last,
to Grant's matchless persistence and un
equalled strategy. If anybody is so ob
tuse or so wrong headed as to see no
thing great in General Grant beyond - his mar
velous tenacity of will, lot that doubter explain,
if he can, how it has happened that, since Grant
rose to high command, this quality has always
been exerted in conspicuous energy precisely at
the Point on which everything in his whole
sphere_ of' operations hinged—There_haa_been no - i
display of great , qualities on small occasions ; no
~,, 1 . 1 , 1 --,=,- ,:, ::„ . 5 ,;;,;,,:, , . . - Z., t L -i.,........k.0 kiii.biu ub-
jecis not of the first magnitude. It is only a very
clear-sighted and a very comprehensive mind
that could always thus have laid the whole em
phasis of an indomitable soul so precisely on the
emphatie place. Apply to Gen. Grant what
test you will ; measure him by the magnitude of
the obstacles he has surmounted, by the value of
the positions he has gained, by the frame of the
antagonist over whom he has triumphed, by the
achievements of his most illustrious co-workers,
by the sureness with which he directs his in
domitable energy to the vital point - which is the
key of a vast field of operations, or by that
supreme teat of consummate ability, the absolute
completeness of his results and he vindicates his
claim to stand next after. Napoleon and Welling
ton among the great soldiers of this century, if
nut on a level with the hitter.
Grant and Butler.
Gen. Butler addressed the citizens of Glou
cester, MUM, Saturday evening, on political mat
te s. The results of the legislation of the first ses
sion of the 40th Congress were reviewed at length,
and the platforms of the respective parties corn
p., red, the speaker closing with matters of a per
sonal character. He said :
My enemies, your enemies, and the enemies of
the country, as a means of sowing dissensions
in the Republican ranks, have told you that,
b( cause of personal differences upon military
qtu stions heretofore existing between the Gen
eral of the Army, whom you selected as your
candidate for President, and myself, that I should
wcrve from the path of loyalty to the country
which I had marked out for myself at the be
ginning of this contest seven years ago,
and refuse to support that party in
the coming election, or at least one of its nomi
nees. These slanderers mistake their
shall go as I begun. When the first hostile gun
was fired at the flag of the Union in '6l, I
marched among the earliest at the head of the
men of Essex and Massachusetts for the sup
pression of the rebellion, and until the country
is restored to that peace and prosperous tran
quillity which it is her destiny to enjoy, I shall
bull march on with the men of Essex and Massa
chusetts fighting the enemies of my country
whenever and wherever found.
"Not content, however, with their slanders,
finding that I had never wavered in my support
of the principles of the Republican party, they
next maligned both General Grant and myself by
asserting that to achieve some supposed personal
advantage to each, an improper and unworthy
agreement as to personal difficulties, some bar
gain such as they would have made had they
been in our places, had been patched up between
us, alike disgraceful to us both.
"I take pleasure in declaring to you, fellow
citizens, as well in behalf of General Grant us
myself, that nothing of the kind has taken place.
A difference in social life, merely, arising from
misunderstanding, has been the subject of mutual
satisfactory explanation. No more, nor less. I
EL all advocate the election of General Grant as
the man selected by my.party, whose patriotism,
energy and success at the head of the armies of
the l lilted States, in destroying the rebellion in
arms, give satisfactory assurance that he will bo
able, at the head of the government, to crush this
new phase of the rebellion as applied to civil life;
and his administration, devoted to such patriotic
work,shall have the same cordial and hearty sup
port horn me that it would have were he my
dearest personal friend.
"Another of the many-headed rumors circulated
to injure me in your good opinion, fellow-citi
zens, is that in the event of General Grant's being
elected to the administration of the government,
as I have no single doubt ho will be, your repre
sentative will not receive that just and proper
recognition from the administration which be
longs to his position in the Republican party.
Of that I have neither doubt nor fear. I shall
receive from a Republican administration all and
more than all that distinction I may personally
deserve, and all that consideration which should
be accorded to your representative if I shall be
so fortunate as to be so greatly honored by your
The Rebel Spirit.
—At a Seymour and Blair ratification meeting
at, Atlanta, ;Georgia, one of the speakers de
nounced the constitutional amendment as "pre
pared" principally for the purpose of keeping
out of office such gentlemen and true patriots as
Howell Cobb, A. H. Stephens, Robert Toombs,
B. H. Hill, John C. Breckinridge, and Jefferson
Davis! As the speaker named each of the patri
ots in the above list there was a storm of cheers ;
but when he mentioned the name of Jeff Davis
the hall was at once the scene of a wild and tu
multuous uproar. Both delegates and spectators
jumped to their feet as if in excitement uncon
trollable. Hats and handkerchiefs were waved
and shaken fiercely above their heads and yells
and shouts 'and cheers and wild stamping for the
space of several minutes shook the hall. It was
the "old rebel yell."
—The President of the South Carolina Demo
cratic State Convention, held on the Gth inst. at
Columbia, on taking the chair, said: " Your
State has been despoiled of her sovereignty; your
people have been deprived of their liberty. You,
are now entering on the great work of restora
tion. We must restore the great, proud, noble
Carolina of former days. Lamm. The_cramt
bling walls and solitary, smokeless chimneys of
your noble State souse are typical of our pre
sent political condition. Thank God, that noble,
brave building lies in ruins. I Applause. I Thank
God; it is 'not desecrated by those beings who as
slime to legislate for us. Let us resolve befor
High Heaven that the land which was once th
home of the Huguenot and the Cavalier, shall
never be ruled by the Puritan and African. [Great
—Howell Cobb, after hiti fiendish'speech at At
lanta, Ga., a few days ago, anathematizing and
denouncing the Union men of the South, should
remember Andrew Johnson's scathing rebuke de
livered ig.tho Senate in 1861. In referring to the
seceding members of Buchanan's. Cabinet, Mr.
Johnson said: "Cobb remained in the Cabinet
until the Treasury was bankrupt' and the nation
al credit disgraced at home and abroad, and then
ho con'tclentiously seceded." Such is the man
who sets himself up as a censor of men and
morals at the South, as described by one who is
at present his bosom friend.
Presidential Paragraphs.
—The lictrtford Post perpetrates the)following :
Frank Blair's "best bold"—to hold his tongue.
—Will the bountry hays Grant and Peace, or
Seymour, and Blair and pieces? asks the Tribune
—Who boasted that they would not vote a man
nor a dollar to put down the Rebellion? The
Democratic Party.
—The soldiers got no encouraging words from
Horatio Seymour when they were in the field,and
they will give him none now.
—The Presidency has "no attractions" for Ho
ratio Seymour. Oh no., Ho says It don't. HS
also said the nomination didn't. He's a first
class decllner, Horatio Is. Artemns Ward said,
"not a drop of good liquor has passed my lips
in fifteen years. Cause why? I reached out and
Dived it before it got by."
—There was a grand Seymour ratification
meeting at White Sulphur,Va., a few days since,
ded over by Thomas L.. Price,
of Missouri.
Ab t2O ox-Confederate Generals were present.
Oof the resolutions passed is as follows: Re
solved, That the efforts of the Radicals in Con
gress to overthrow the constitution, change the
form of government, and establish negro su
premacy in 'the South, cannot succeed without
Involving the country in another bloody and
desolating war.
Letter from Hon. J. Lottirop Motley
Declining %public Reception ixt Hoak.
Bo.sTox, July 28.—T0 Pis Excellency Alexan
der H. Bullock, Governor of Massachusetts: Nis
Honor N. B.Bhurtleff, Mayor of Boston; The Reve
rend Thomas Hill, President of Harvard Univer
sity; The Honorable John H. Clifford; The Honor
able Giorge 'Bigelow;' The Honorable David
Sears; Jacob Bigelow ' if. D., and others. GEN
TLEMEN: I have just had the honor to receive
your letter of July 14, in which yon request me
to name an occasion upon which I could meet
yourselves and such others of our fellow-citizens
as might be inclined to greet me after my long
absence. I find it difficult to say in adequate
language how deeply I am touched by this un
expected and cordial letter of welcome.
No manifestation of regard has ever grati
fied me so much as this which
I now receive from so large a number of ray fel
low-dtfie.ns,men whose names are most honored
in our Commonwealth, and many of whom I am
proud to count among my familiar and personal
mends. I assure you that the letter one the sig
natures which it bears will always be treasured
by me among my most valuable possessions; and
it is because I- so fully- appreciate-your kind ex
pressions of esteem that •trust you will not mis-
in erpre my mo ives nor in tme n any • egret)
- wanting in sensibility to your very flattering pro
position if I ask leave to decline the honor of a
public reception. The warm expression of
your wishes in this respect is a suffi
cient gratification to me, and I cannot
but feel that too long a period has
elapsed, owing to accidental circumstances, be
tween the abrupt conclusion of my term of public
service and my return to Boston, to permit my
giving you any recent details of political affairs
at my late place of dirty, It will be my good
fortune, I trust, to meet every one of those
esteemed friends and fellow-citizens who have
signed the letter, and to exchange with them the
friendly greetings, without any formality, which
are so grateful to one who has been so long
absent from his country. Seven years have
passed since I left the United States, and I
hardly think it extravagant to say that they
have been more important than any other
seven years in the annals of our race. The stride
which has been taken by the Republic in its on
ward and upward progress during thoSe event
ful years is without precedent or parallel. De
mocracy has been upon its trial, and irrevocably
has the Anierican people vindicated the right
and the capacity of the people to govern itself.
Self-government might have perished from the
earth s had the great republic fallen in its strug
gle with oligarchy, had our faith in the demo
cratic principle faltered during the awful con
flict to which we were doomed by the inexorable
logic of history. Perhaps you will not think it
out of place for me to say on this occasion
that in the country where I have so long been
officially residing, it was never my lot
to hear or to read any expressions of un
friendly feeling towards our country. Every
manifestation was courteous, kindly and sincere,
the Imperial Government throughout the war
maintaining its amicable relations unimpaired
with the Government of the United States. There
are many clouds hanging over the present and
he future of that ancient empire, but there is
light breaking above them, and no man that
has hopes of human progress bat must wish
God-speed to the efforts of the administration of
the present sovereign to advance the cause of
constitutional freedom and the emancipation of
the people from civil and sacerdotal thraldom. I
have written more than I intended, it may be
more than I ought, but it was impossible for me
not to respond with the utmost sympathy to
your congratulations on the abolition of slavery
and the successful issue of the civil war.
I am, gentlemen,
With sincere respect and regard,
Your friend and obedient servant,
Jcifertion Darts to Reside In New Or.
[From the New Orleane Picayune, Aug. 6.]
Mr. Jefferson Davis and family, as we are in
fot med by telegraph and mail, have left for Eu
rope. As it has been stated that he has gone
there for the purpose of engaging in business, it
may be proper for us to state that while he goes
abroad mainly for his health, and for that recrea
tion which his most eventful life for the past
seven years especially makes needful to him, he
has been likewise induced to go to England upon
the invitation of an eminent commercial firm,
which desires him to become a partner in its busi
It is very possible that Mr. Davis, who has
been deprived by the events of the war of any
means of support, will accept this very generous
oiler: but we may assure oar fellow-citizens of
New Orleans, that unless the other members of
this house shall think it best that he should re
main with them in England, he will make his
borne with us, and represent in this country the
interests of thei house. We shall welcome the
distinguished gentleman with the utmost pleas
ure to this city, where his eminent abilities and
Christian virtues are held in the meat exalted re
TILE WALNUT.—The spectacle of The Black
Crook will be repeated this evenng with all the
gorgeous scenery, transformationS, ballet, 4.45 c.
The success of the piece during the representa
tion has been very great, the theatre being
crowded every night.
THE CHESTNUT.—On Monday evening " next
The White Fawn will be produced in magnificent
style. All the properties belonging to it, as it
was presented at Niblo's, in New York, are here,
together with the same ballet dancers and actors.
Messrs. Sinn Sr, Co. promise to surpass all rivals
in their production of the piece.
THE AAIERICAN.—A miscellaneous entertain
ment will be given this evening, with dancing by
the accomplished ballot troupe.
Canso.—On Friday evening next, the 14th,
Mr. Robert Craiz, the comedian, will give another
series of his wonderful imitations, at Congress
Hall, Cape Island. This is in response to the
earnest solicitations of a large number of our
citizens who are visiting Cape May, and who ap
preciate Mr. Craig's remarkable talents. He
contrives to crowd the hall whenever he appears.
THIRTEENTH WARD CLUB. -A. meeting of the
'Grant and Colfax Club, of the Thirteenth Ward,
will be held this evening, at the hall, northeast
corner of Ninth and Spring Garden streets.
RnrunmcAn INVlNOieLES.—Attention of nieni
bers (of , the Club and the public generally is di
rected to the call in our paper for a meeting to
Railway companies have . comp'lained of being
robbed by their conductors, and various plans
have been !suggested to check the evil. A Phila
delphia artist, who has studied the subject in its
different phases, has hit noon a plan which
seems to be the most feasible ono yet brought
forward. The conductor is to carry a small box,
constructed in a peculiar manner, and which will
be more of an ornament than an ineumbrance.
When a passenger gets into the car the conduc
tor waits upon him, takes his fare and furnishes
him with a check which ho (the passenger) de
posits in the box. The number of checks in the
box at the time the return is Made will,of course,
represent the amount of money received by the
conductor. This plan could be carried out with
little or no inconvenience to either the conduc
tors or passengers, and is worthy of the consid
eration of the ra ilway companies. A:patent has
been applied for by the inventor. The same
gentleman made another design to accomplish
the same object. This was to fasten boxes over
each of the windows and allow the passengers to
deposit their checks when taking their seats.
This idea was not considered as perfect as the
other, which was finally adopted by the inventor
when applying for a patent.
A NOVEL PROCESSION.—The Gambrinus Bene
ficinl Atsociation, composed of the employes of
the various lager beer breweries in the city, have
a picnic at Washington Retreat to-day. Pre
vious to starting for the scene of enjoyment, this
morning, the society made a parade through
the streets of the city. The procession
was very neatly formed, and as it was
somewhat of a novelty it attracted great
attention. The marshals, mounted, led
off, and were followed by a cavalcade, at the
head of which rode Ki ng Gambrinus, carrying
a large mug of beer. Then came the wagons
belonging to the different breweries. These were
all decorated with evergreen, arranged in such
a manner as to represent a pleasant grove. The
first wagon was occupied by a band of
music, another was filled with young ladies
and another by small boys. The
others were occupied by the men from the brew
eries. They were dressed in the same style as
when at work, and presented a neat appearance.
On some of the wagons were handsome banners,.
and others had representations of huge lager beer
kegs. All lied some different decoration, so as to
make the procession morn attractive.
time past, produce commission dealers along
Delaware avenue and Water street have suffered
from the depredations of a gang of negro thieves.
These fellows would watch for articles to be de
livered at the stores, early in the morning—some
times before the stores were opened—and would
then remove them. Yesterday, Officer Casper
CeoPer,_ ofthe_ ,Central__Btation,_ and_ Thomas.
Davis, a private watchman, detected two ncgroes
in the act of removing three boxes from the
front of the store of Shrmder, Christ & Co., on
Water street, below Chestnut. The thieves
were arrested with the boxes in their, possession.
They gave their names as Simpson and Smith,
and were-committed-by-Alderman-Hurley.
before Alderman Carpenter, this morning, upon
the charge of the larceny of a gold watch valued
at $l2O, and a lot of plated spoons. It seems
that about a week ago he went to the house of
John Lacey with whom he was acquainted, and
asked permission to remain. Mr. Lacey granted
the request, and gave him a bed to sleep on.
During the night, it is alleged, he got up, ran
sackca the hope, and left with the watch and
spoons. Ho was committed in default of $1.200
bail to answer at Court.
was arrested yesterday, while leaving a new
house at Twenty-second and Diamond streets,
with a bundle under his arm. When the bundle
Was examined, it was found to contain a lot of
lead pipe. Blaker was taken before aid. Hood
and was committed for trial.
SNEAK TnrEvEs.—Kate Morgan and Ellen
Riley sneaked into a house at Seventh and Cath
arine streets yesterday and made way with some
jowelry, clothing, dm. They were afterwards
arrested and the stolen articles were found on
their persons. The accused were committed by
Ald. Emmen.
THE WHITE FAWN.—Jarrett & Palmer's com
bined Parasian and Viennoiso Ballet Troupe
arrived In this city this morning from Chicago
in a special train consisting of two sleeping and
three passenger cars. The baggage was con
tained in four baggage cars, and consists of the
properties, costumes, scenery &c., to be used in
the production of the White Fawn, at the New
Chestnut Street Theatre, on Monday evening,
August 17th.
REAL ESTATE.-WO call the attention of our
readers to the card of Wm. L. Creece, to be found
in our Real Estate column. Persons desirous of
purchasing or renting cottages at Cape Island
would do well to consult him.
DRINK the famous Arctic Soda Water and read
the EVENING BULLETIN, at Hillman's News Stand,
at North Pennsylvania Depot.
WE Ann in the midst of a revolution. No
more premature decay of the teeth. Sozoooter ren
ders them indestructible. Nay, more, it makes the
enamel as white as Parian marble, and the breath as
odiferons as " the sweet South breathing o'er banks of
violets." Neither the teeth nor the gums can become
diseased, if it is used daily.
every house.
reliable remedy for those brown discoloration on the
face is "Perry's Moth and Freckle Lotion." Prepared
only by Dr. B. C. PERIM, 49 Bond street, Now York.
Ita ,— Blold everywhere.
No. 824 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
French Sack Coat, New Style,
No. 824 Chestnut street, Philadelphia,
Fi ench Sack Overcoat, entirely New,
No. 824 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
English Palto Overcoat, Latest Style,
No. 624 Chestnut street,
Commas STOKES & Co.
Under Continental Hotel,i
ANNOUNCEBLENT.—ObarIes Oakford & Sons,
under the Continental, announce to the public that
they have the largest and cheapest stock of hats and
caps in the city.
FINE Custom-made Boots and Shoes for Gen
tlemen. Bartlett, 33 South Sixth street, above Chest
nut. •
JUDICIOUS mothers and nurses use for children
a safe and pleasant medicine in Bowna's Inratrr 00S.
Fnza. WArcnns.—We desire to call the atten
lion of watch-buyers to the very line Watches made by
the American Watch Company of Waltham, and
known as the 3C-plate, 16 size.
To the manufacture of these watches the Company
have devoted all the science and skill in the art at
their command, and confidently claim that for fineness
and beauty, not less than for the greater excellencies
of mechanical and scientific correctness of design and
execution, these Watches will compare favorably with
the best made in any country. In this country the
manufacture of such Watches is not even attempted
except at Waltham.
For sale by all respectable dealers.
No. 182 Broadway, N. Y.
SURGICAL INSTRUAGINXI3 and druggists' sun
23 South Eighth street.
ANNOUNCEMPIIs7T.—CharIefi Oakford AR. 130110,
under the Continental, announce to the public that
they have the largest and cheapest .stock of hats
and caps in the city,
J. haat*, M. D., Professor of the Bye and Bar, treats
all diseases appertaining to the above members with
the utmost success. Testimonials from the most re
liable sources in the city can be aeon at , hie once, No.
130 a Arch street. The medical faculty are invited to
accompany their patients as he hasno secrets in hia
practice. Artificial eyes inserted. No charge made
for examination.
rtelNEUßadelgaßM El itdletlm
NF GOB—Bark Sara Sheppard. Evans-203 hhda
25 tee sugar 185 hhda 6 tea 855 bble molasses 1 pipo ram 1
ease Jelly Goo 0 Carson 4: 00.
HAANA—Bark Mazy 0 Fox. Ross-!-6611 EmICeS
hhdo do E Knight &
liras Matins Builatis on bUtide rag&
Steamer Whirlwind. ' Geer. 36 hours f , rom Providence.
With mdse to D 8 Stetson, Co.
Steamer H L Gaw, Der, 13 hours from Baltimore, with
indite to A Groves, Jr.
Steamer A C Stlmers, Knox. 24 hours from New York..
with rodeo to W P Clyde & Co.
Bark Mary C Fox, Ross, from Matanzas via Havana,
10 days, with sugar to E G Knight dr Co.
Dark StuS Sheppard. Evans..2o days from Clonfuegos,
with sugar and molasses to Goo C Carson & Co.
Behr Warrington. Lord, from Boston, in ballast to Len
nox & Burgess,
Behr Reading RR No 4a, Powell. 6 days from Norfolk.
with ehingles to Norcross & Sheets.
Behr F Nickerson, Kell DOIStOIL
Behr Godfrey, God fre y, Bostam.
Bchr T J 11111. Chase, Boston.
Behr L &A Babcock, Smith. Boston.
Behr H G Handy. Taylor, Boston.
Behr .1 11 Allen. }Ketcham, Boston.
Behr Alice B, Parker, Boston,
Behr J 11 Bartlett, Harris, Boston.
Behr W W Marcy. Champion, Boston.
Behrl W Hine. Lane. Wilmington, Del.
Bchr Id Bewail, Friable. Providence.
Behr 11 Hobart, Martin, Providence.
Behr AS Percy, Poulson. Washington.
Bchrt E Elmer. Haleyßoxbur".
Behr J B Cunningham: heath, New,London.
Behr Mary Anna, Adams, Bridgeport.
Behr Marshall Perrin, Packard, Cohossett.
Behr Evergreen, Beilesto, Saugus.
Behr R H Wilson. Harris, Groenport.
Behr If W Benedict. Case New Bedford.
Behr L B Ives, Bowditch , Newport.
Behr L D Small. Tice, Donvereport.
Behr F French. Lippincott, Salem.
Tug Chesapeake, Mershon. from Havre do Grace, with
a tow of bargee, to W P Clyde & Co.
CILFARnis Tills DAY.
Steamer Brunette, Howe. New York, John F Ohl.
Steamer Ann Eliza. Richards. New 1 ork. W P Clyde&Co.
Behr F Nickerson. Kell, Salem, Westmd Coal Co.
Selr I W Hine, Lane. ldartford, do
Saw )3 Hobart, Manson, Providence. do •
Behr Maggie. McFadden, Boston, F. A Bonder & Co.
Behr Warrington, Lord, Boston, Lennox & Burgess.
Behr J B Cunningham, Reath. Norwich, Sinnickson & Co.
Behr B Iver. Bowditch, Providence, do
Behr Boston, Smith, North 'rrure do
Bchr Minnesota, Phinney, Bristo l, do
Behr E B Wharton. BonsalL Bristol. do
B.thr J D Cunningham. Rooth, Norwich. do
Behr L & A Babcock, Smith, Chelsea, Illakiston. Graeff
& Co.
Behr Evergreen, Delloste, Bristol, RI, Jno Rommel, Jr.
Behr R H Wilson Harris , Fall River, do
Bchr H W Benedict, Came, Gloucester, do
Behr M 11 Freeman, Howes,_Boston. Sinnickeon & Co.
Behr 31 H Wescott, Gandy, Beaufort. NC. Captain.
Correspondence of the Philadelphia Exchange.
Dra... Aug. 10-4 &61.
Bark Brunewick. for Marseilles; Priam. for Genoa;
Mathilde. for Bremen. and Restless. for Rarbadoe. all
from kthiladelphia. went to sea yesterday. Wind N. .
Steamer rimier, Catharine, hence at Wilmington. N(3.
y esterday.
Steamer City of New York (Br), Tibbetts. cleared at
N York yesterday for LiverpooL
Steamer Holeatia (NG). Ehlers, cleared at New York
yesterday for Hamburg.
Steamer Ville de Paris (Fr). Surmount, from Havre 30th
ult. and Brest lot inst. with 203 Passengers, at New York
Steamer Cimbria (NG), Barends, from Hamburg July
!2.9 and Southampton Slat, with 765 passengers. at N York
Bark White Wing (Br), Morris, cleared at New York
yesterday for Lagnayra and Porto CabeUo. •
Brig Ambrose Light, Higgins'. sailed from Charleston
yesterday for this port.
Behr.) B-Smith. Williams, flailed from Providence fth
inst. for this port.
Seim George Fates, Nickerson. hence at Providence 9th
Behr A Van Cleat'Heath, hence at East Greenwich Bth
Behr Wm C Atwater. Taylor. sailed from Bristol Bth
inst. for this Dort.
Behr C G Cranmer. Cranmer, cleared at Boston Bth inst.
for tbirgoort - . ---
Behr Jos May. Maxfield. cleared at Boston Bth Wt. far
- urn4.4a ••,
K11:811;Z:1 Strong. Broi TIT — Res tI e ae,. Kelley, and Maria
Roxana, Palmer, hence at Boeton fith Met.
Schrs Jetele . B Allen. Case, and 0 8 Watson, Adams.
hence at Nantucket let imt. and both nailed 6tb to return.
• Sehr Henry. Dobbin hence at Bangor 7th inst.
Chartered by the State of Pennsylvania.
N. E cor. Fourth and Cheattut &S. !
Authorized Capital, - $1 000,000
Paid in Capital, - - $lOO,OOO
Solicit the Accounts of Business Firms,
Manufacturers, Dealers
and Others.
Collections Made and Checks on
Country Banks Received.
Certificates Bearin g Interest at 4 Per
Cent. will be issued for De.
posits Hemalpin g 30 Days
or Lon g er.
re- Check Books Issued on Call.
N. C. MUSSELMAN, President.
E. F. MOODY, Cashier.
auB lm§
Xl2 and 114 So. THERM ST. PELTLAVA.
For sale Keeping of Valuables, &mull.
ties, etc., and Heating of Safes.
N. B. Browne. J. (1101.in6ham Eely Al= Henry
C. H. Clarke, C. Macalester. B. A. Caldwell.
John Welsh B. W. (dark. Cleo. F. Toler.
OFFICII, 0.421 oli.EsTrarr sr - skins
N. B. BROWNE. President. •
0: H. CLAIM Vice Presidemt.
PATTERSON. Beo. and Treasurer. Isle.thAttaTlV
of igood address to receive orders for the LONDON
PUBLILIBING' COMPANY, 411 Chestnut street. It'
Gentlemen of good address, to solicit for an old and suo
PHIA. Liberal ' terms and permanent positions to good
This is also a good opportunity for Teachers and Clergy
men who have lehsure time. to employ the same advan
._ _
th.lBo Addrere NV.. Box 1.980.
Tamarinds, in sugar, binding and for sale by Ja)3.
BUSKER Wr lOC Wath Delaware avow.
No. 85 South Third Street, Philada-,
iron TUE
United States of Aaner(ea,
rou TUE
States of Pennsylvania and Southern
New Jersey.
PANY is a corporation Chartered by Special Act
of Congress, approved July 25, 1868, with a
Cash Capital of Ono Million Dollars,
And Is now thoroughly organized and prepared
for business.
Liberal terms offered to Agents and Solicitors,
who aro Invited to apply at our office.
Full particulais to be bad on application at our
office, located In the second story of our Banking
House, where Circulars and Pamphlets, fully
describing the advantages offered by the Com
pany, may be had.
E. W. CLARK & CO.,
No. 85 South Third Street.
anB to th ttO
-The Liverpool ee Lon,
aeon &P -Globe Insurante
The Report of this Com
pany for 1868 shows:
Premiums - 5,479278$
Lops - - - 3,344,728
and after paying a
•ent o 3o per cent., tze
Total Affets are, in Gold,
General Agent,
/1111 E COLUMBIA HOUSE, at Cape bland,
N. T., will be opened thin season on the 25th
of June.
Situated but a few rods from the beach,, with
three hundred good bathing rooms standing di
rectly at the surf, and with fine shade trees upon
the lawn, this house must surpass any other at
the Capes as well for its outside attractions and
conveniences as for its extensive and well regu
lated Interior.
The Columbia has long been sustained by a sub
stantial and select patronage froth all parts of the
country, and its appointments may be depended
upon as strictly first-class. For rooms,&e., address
GEO. J. BOLTON, Proprietor,
Cape Island, N. J.,
Harrisburg, Pa.
lel3 a to tL ttrpo
Will be opened for the reception of gnats on
The house has been repainted, papered and otherwise
Altaic will be under the direction of Simon Hassler.
Persona wishing to engage rooms can do so by applying to
Atlantic City, or
No. 827 Rletunond Street.
`ATLANTIC crinr, N. J.
This well-known House bas been Removed. Remodeled
andab very
Roo much Enlarged—with commodious and com
fortle ms.
he grounds surrounding are nicely enclosed and well
shaded. Guests for the house will leave the cars at U. 8.
HoteL . WV — NO BAIL
Jell 2ml JONAH WOOTTON. Proprietor.
..LJ well-known and delighti nisummer resort having boon
thoroughly renovated and much improved since last sea
son, is now oven tinder the management of the under
signed. Excursion tickets over the Pennsylvania Rail
road can be procured in Philadelphia.Pittaburgh aterilßar-
Nyberg to Kayler's Station, two miles distant from the
Springs, at which point vehicles will be in readiness to
convey visitors to them. Visitors will take the 11 o'clock
P M. train to avoid delay. The owner of the Springs,
Nr. Gibbons, will give hie personal attention to the wel
fare of hie guests. Terms, $l2 per week. For circulars
and further particulars, address
open for the season. This house is most oonvenient to
the surf.
ofthey improvements have been added for the comfort
A band of music has been engaged for the season.
Allentown. Pa, will be opened on the 23d of June.
This new establishment is fitted out in magnificent atyle
for the especial accommodation of those from abroad.
who seek a healthy and pleasant Bummer retreat. Rooms
can be secured by letter. 11)y addressing
Jena 2mo BERNDT & GRADER, Proprietors.
ette et, opposite Delaware House, Cape Island. a74nr*
Thirteenth and Chestnut Streets.
ipll 2m6
.L Pecans landing. ezeteanwhip_ Star of the Union , and
for eale by J. B. But:hums - a CO.. 108 South Delaware
white r tmoortoil and for sale by JOEL p. FIUME.%
CO,. US Bonth Delaware even=