The Petroleum Centre daily record. (Petroleum Center, Pa.) 1868-1873, November 15, 1873, Image 2

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    Petroleum Centre Daily Record.
Feb Centra, , rrUav fcow. 14
Mvla) ftervlee.
Berrloes every 8bbtb at 11 A. II. and
P. M. Babbeth School at 12Jtf P. M.
eta free, A cordial Invitation extend.
4 to sit. .
Raw. T. OitABiv, Putot.
Pleaching at 11 o'clock A. M.. and 7
'dock P. hi., by tbe Paitor, TV. C. Bcrch
iu Sabbath Sobool at 12, directly
after forenoon service.
Prayer Meeting and 8abbath School
Teacher's Keeling Tuesday evenings of
aek week.
Pelrolenra Centre Lodge, No.
TIB, I. O. of O. F.
Regular meeting nights Friday, at 7
'clock. Signed.
3. C. S. Bartimx, A Sec'y.
Hf-Piuce of meeting, Main St, oppoitte
jtfoCliotock House.
A. O. of V. W.
Liberty Lodge No. 7, A. O. of U. W.,
Beet evory Monday evening at 1 o'clock,
I Odd Fellow's Hall, Petroleum Centre,
JiatlS WlLBON, M. W.
Jamcr 3. Whits, R.
I. O. of R. M.
Mlnnekeuoee Tribe No. 183, I. O. R. M
f Petroleum Centre, meets every Thursday
Tt ntng in Good Templar's Hall.
ty Council Ares lighted at 7 o'clock.
U. HOWE, Sachem.
C. L JUKES, Chief ol Records.
Gold at 1 p. m. 108J
"The Ever Faithful Iale."
The cruel massacre ol General Ryan and
tesr Cuban patriots captured on board the
Vfrgfnns, has aroused the people ef this
country lo a high pitch of eothusiaim In fa
vor or tb cause of the patriots In Cuba. A
wildly enthusiast io miss meeting of Cuban
sympathizers wss bald In Pbilsdelpbla on
Thursday night, wbeo means wore subscrib
ed and volunteers proffered to aid the
patriots. II the government would just
keep Its hands off, but a abort time would
lapse before there would be an army of
100,000 volunteer! from tba United States
on the soil of Cuba. Meetings have already
boon held lo other large cities besides
Philadelphia, and other meetings are called
There baa been no such war excitement in
tbls country since that morning in Aprili
1861, wbsn the news was Bashed over the
country that the rebels bad opened fire on
FurtSumpter. Yesterday's dispatches an
nenneed that lbs authorities ol the United
Stales were determined to proceed to the
prescribed eoostitu tlonal limit in the man
ler. This probably mesne that a little stir
will be made about Ike affair, some show
of resentment, and tbea the whole thing
will be allowed le drop. One tbiog .we
may rest assured of, there will be no war
between tbls country and Spain. A Urge
mejoilty of (our people no doubt deeply
sympathize with Cuba io ber struggle for
Independence, and this fresh outrage com.
mltted by the Spanish authorities will lead
to practical expressions of that sympathy io
Mm shape of means to cany on the struggle
against Spain. The title which years ago
was conferred upon Cuba by the Spanish
government of "the Ever Faithful Isle," has
now aboat as muchs IgniQcauce as the title
of "Defender ( the Fall b," conferred upon
Hhnry VIII., of England by one of the
Popes, when that monarob wrote a book
gainst Luther's dooirines bad alter tin
posiacy of that monarch. Cuba is no long
er failblul lo Spain, Sbe-aspirea to be free
and independent amoug tba nations of the
earth. The insurgents bava held out
against tba power of the borne government
'or a period of more (ban six years, nearly
as long as our lathers were engaged in the
war lor Independence. Our government
ought long age to have recognized the Cu
bans as beligereots, and to hare accorded
the rights belonging to tbem.
A now time table goes into effect to-tnor
row on the Oil Creek &'t Allegheny River
Uailway. The priuoipal changes are in
trains 6 and 6. Train 6 will leave Coiry
6:30 a. m. and arrive at Tilusville 7:58,
and train 6 will leave 9:45 p. m. and reach
t'orry 12:05 p. mi Since Novombar 2d
tbese trains have run only between Titus
villa and Oil City. Train No. 4 will arrive
and leave 6:45 and 6:55 p. m., and not 7:02
and 7:10, as formerly. The trains do not
conned any better with the river division
tbau before:. It la Impoesib e for any pas
asnger between Corry and Oil City to go to
Tidioute and back the same day. Train 46
leaves Tltusville 6:M m. and reaches
Oil City at 8:20- a. m. Train 63 leaves
Oil City forlrvioetoo at 7:30 a. to.
The Be.lio Government yesterday made
further payment of $3,000,000 Jot bonds
ttf the Rolled Stales fuoded loan..
A curious circumstance .la msnttoaed In
Canadian paper of boy named Klcgs
too, who recently lost bis arm by tkresb
log machine at Adelaide. After the limb
had been amputated and buried the boy
complained that the band was cramped,
oausiag bim extreme pain, nnd that it it
waa not disinterred be could net recover.
The limb was accordingly disinterred, and
the band louod ty be Ormily shut together
During the operation of openiog the band
tbe patient evinced great agony, and after
wards declared that he (ell relieved from
the sensation of cramp. The case Is a
strange one, but we believe It is not with
out preceded in medical annals.
Another Fourth Sand Strike.
Petboma, N ov. 14.
No. 4, Patton farm, tested to-day In the
fourth sand, Is flowing at the rata of 1,000
barrels per day.
War with Spain seems more likely every
day. This morning's report bas later die
patches Irom Havaua, which give full de
tails of the cold blooded assassination ol tbe
balance of IbVcrew of tbe steamer Virgln
ius, one hundred and eleven in number.
The goverument should vindicate tbe insult
to our flag at once by declaring war against
Spain. Tbe governmeut of Spain, as every
one knows, is the moet rotten and corrupt
one under the sua, and as such have al
ways sought to impose on other powers.
For the past fifty years American citizens
have been frequently murdered by su called
Spaniards and no redress given. Now that
last outrage bas taken place let the gov
ernment punish tbe cowardly villains and
deolare Cuba independent.
Everybody is engaged in fixing up their
stoves for winter.
In tbe case ef Mrs. M. J. Hull vs. W. A'
Hull, for lbs custody of their child, the
Court rendered a decision Ibis morning, at
Franklin, giving Ibe custody ol tbe child
lo Mr. Hull without any bonds whatever
This is tbe third time the case has beeu
tried in both former trials be having been
compelled to give b nd not to remove tbe
child Irom tbe couoty. Nearly all our oil
izeos are conversant with tbe lacis In this
case. Capt. Hull's many friends will .be
rejuiced le learn of his success In gaining
this suit.
We bear repetlstbis afternoon ol' the
striking of sn enormcus well near Petrolia,
which is said to be flowing 200 barrels per
Today tbe weather is quite pleasant sod
Reports came over Ibe Western Unieo
wires el tbe striking of an immense spouter
nesr Petrolis, which was said lo be yield
log at least 1,000 barrels per day Oil iff
dined lo consequence to 3T,l ceo is per bbl.
at tbe wells. Operators may well say
Wbitber are we drifting?
Tbe probabilities ate that it will go low
er still, and tbe sooner tbe bettrr, say we.
End Nkak at Hand. Tbe Second Ad
ventlsts are making preparations for Ibe
termination of all things earthly, most ab
ruplly and unpleasantly, tbe middle of this
month, and they say there la no tooling
about tbe date this lime.
One of Titusville's promisiog young men
expeois to join Sharpley's minsirels. There
are number of people lo that town who
will be doing "end' business" belore spring
- back end of som body's house asking for
cold victuals.
J. B. Maueb and J. Booib, two of tbe
Polaris crew tave arrived and will proceed
to Washington Immediately by tbe direction
ef tbe Secretary of the Navy. Tbe remain
ing member ol tbe expedition, Mr. Byran t;
astrooomer, isexpeoted here next week.-
Tbe crude boat on which twentyfive ol tba
parly put to sea, and constructed Irom the
steam launch of the Polaris, will be seat to
Tbe Eastern Extension, A. V. R. R., was
opened for business between Red Bank
Junotion and Reyaoldsville on tbe 5tb Inst.,
nd trains now runregulurly stopping at all
intermsdiate points and connecting al Red
Bank with Buffalo express and uignt ex
press north and south.
There are four tribes of Indians remain
Ins in Delaware, aggregating a totul of
sixteen persons.
A peach tree, in Missouri, on being
transplanted to a new soil, Is reported to
bave taken to producing wbite plums.
Tbo bosinese men of St Louis bave be.
come convinced tlat tbe true way. to neu
trslize or destroy tbe bad effects of tbe panic
is to advertise liberally in tbe 'daily news
papers of well eslablUbed ' influeoce and
circulation. Just as true of Petroleoui
IraB. MoVay,
failed last week.
banker, of Pittsburgh,
List ef Traverse Jurors drawn lot the am
Monday la December, 1878:
Crauberry Thomas Ke Hey.
CHeten Richard Major, Petri Bovfe.
Canal E. C. Steveos, Lereneo Jiart,
J uies Singleton.
Cberrytree Charles Brudd.
Franklln-P V Kloocar, P W 'Bsj,
David Smith.
Irwin Wm. Hovis, Rlohart Henderson.
Jackson James Brown, Tbot. Rogeis,
William Alexander.
Oiloreek John Gregg.
Oaklsnd-Godfry Gahrlcg. P G Haslet,
Philip RiiDnlouer.
Oil City W J Kramer, Wm .IUesoo, R
H Mitchell, John Hill.
Flu mr Frederick Coats.
Pinegrove Michael Stover,Nicholas Ilev
rlioe, Peter Goodman.
Plum Rojnold! Welib.
Rockland John Hetsler, David Jolly
Cbas. Cox.
Saodycrexk John Hanson, M L Welien.
Scrubgrass Wm Perry, Jr.
Sugarcreek J W Cu ter, Jesse Booher.
Utica A J Vanslyke.
Tbe Ticbboro cas bus
u . til November 10th.
been adjourned
Tbo American Itoo aod Steel Association
will meet in Philadelphia on tie 20lh Inst.,
to consider the present finnnctal situation.
Testimony lu toe Tweed case has begun
A great tatnlue prevuils in Greenland.
Tbe London papers hope Ibe Uoite'l
States will have revenge (or Cuba's little lt
discretiou iu putting the Vtrginius paseen
gers out ol tbe way.
Wbeu religion gets out as fir as tbe
tongue, self is very apt le slip down iutu
tbe beart.
Milton says tlie hearts of men are their
eloquence. Tbe reason there is so little
depth aud fervour ol beart.
The divorce of Brabant Young's seven
teeotb wife has lis comic side. It is Ibe
first publio protestation ol a lady ogaiiifj
being called young.
Outstanding legal te der, $362,471 Cll
Cincinnati refutes to repeal ttie Suodey
liquor ord. Banco.
M. BiscbiH'iobeirn, a prominent banker
ol Paris, died yesterday.
The dead body of a servant girl was yes
teiday forenoon fouud Irczeu stiff, io a
wsgon, on Carroll street, Brooklyn. It was
app-ireut she bad oeeu outraged.
Twenty Inches of mow was reported on
tbe Cross Cut Railroad yesterday.
Tbe worst policy iu the worln is an in
surance policy tbat has lapsed.
Geese fer diuuer are mote apt lu be fooud
on tue chairs at the UUl tban on tbe
Labor Kslorrn it no uouut au excellent
tbiog, but we bave more cooBdeuce in
sometbmg wbich will reform those who
don't labor.
Characters rte formed like iciclea drop by
drop. If toe prrtioles ol each are pure, tbe
wbole will be thing of ejuimetry aud
and beauty;, if loul, Ibe whole thing will be
ugty and repellent.
tveo me sun is cuttiug down the num
ber of hours lor a day's work aud is only
doing about ten at present. Suppose bur
satellites should strike!
Tbe illustrated pipe s tbis week are lull
of tbe question ol ibe day, "and tbe silua
tlrfa Is depicted so graphically tbat tbe
wooie story latold ai a single glance.
Tbe weather now a-J aye is ap:ly
scribed by an oid woman as 'drefful
ear tin.
Kate bates iniiitacjis so much bair
Makes every mau look like a bear.
But Nellie, who uo thought cuuid letter,
Biirts out, tbe more like tjeara the neUer
Beoauee, ber pretty shoulders shiuggiog
Bears are such glorious chaps lor hug
Tbe work on the beidgeg
is progressing
Indiau summer bas vanished, and now
you way expect winter.
Bret Uarte's nutue is connected wllb a
foricomiug ten thousand dollar serial story
(or Scribner'e. .
Bisbop Gruss tbe Catholic bSbop in Sav
ann ib, baa been dangerously ill, but is now
getting better r
Tbe Loweu Courier remarks tnat no man
can consider his literary reputation secure
nowadays uutil be has writtsn a comic al
A lady in Troy carries a sawdust baby
wbeo she rides In tbe borse oars, thereby
rooling .the gentlemen and getting ssoat
every time.-
Taking into consideration the
dollnes of the times And the
low prion of oil, not speaking
of the orcarcity- of money, 1
have c&nduded to reduce- the
price of BENZINE delivered
at the welb to $1,00 P bar'
rel. My motto is live and let
live. Pay me a. call before
elsewhere and I will
Batisfy you as to
quality and
Old stand
price of Benzine.
Railroad track
Petroleum Centre, Oct. 23. 1873.
Mr. James Carter, of Oakland
township, killed a calf a few
days ago which weighed two hnuj
di ed and eighty pounds when
dressed. He has more calves
just as good.
A widow once said to her
daughter. When you are my
age, it will be time enough to
dream of a hushand." "Yes,
mamma," replied the thoughtless
?irl. "of a second yne. I he
mother fainted.
Now that he is dead, how
cruel it is to insist tbat the fctc
John Stuart Mill shonld have
ground an organ rather than be
come the expert that he was on
the piano.
This month workmen have
five pay days, and clergymen
will have five working days,
C.Tbls Is the nearest approach to wioler
The Creek is filled with floating ice.
A good maoy of out eitizens are putting
in apparatuses for burnlog benzlbe.
Mls Marv Howard will mo oo tbe ami
monopoly ticket ol Sangamon t county, 111,
lor superintendent of schools.
Experience aod observation bave tenth t
men that It is bard to quit chewing tobsceo
bard lo driok liquor and Dot be Intemperate
bard ta keep Irom eating teo mnebj bard lo
pap your debts; bard te resist temptation;
baeil to believe mao when yeu know be
Is a liar; bard lo love your enemies; bard to
turn tbe other cheek wbeo struok; bard to
borrow money of trleod wbeo we oeed It
but harder tban all to go to keaveo With
out paving the printer, bead lo your back
UisaolutiOn Notice.
The DarloerabiD heretofore existing be
I ween tbe undersigned oarryins oo business
at l'etroleum (Jentre, re., as Kenoers ol re
troleum under tbe name style and firm o
Falifield. Prestou & Co., has tbis day beeo
dissolved by mutual consent.
T. D. Fairnbld.
D. H. Prkstok.
Petroleum Centre, Oot 120, 1873.
McKinley & Gross,
toiler $f alters
Egbert Farm,
Boiler Repairing a Speciality
ZZT We wairent all work dona by us to
he uearly as good as new wbeo repaired.
Good material furnished and prices reason
Having had long experience In tbe bust
nets wa are snabled to ctva satisfaction.
Joseph Mckinley, sebahtiam OBOBS
i cwuicua vsDirst radian, avtl.
$4.00 OIL
The Oldest Established d
quor Store on Oil (rcek
To the Raw Stand In Christie's Old Store, np ;J
the Jamestown Clothing Store, IVtiulcum UuJ
INew uooas in ureat and J
but plenty ot Sunday Con.
fort left yet
1 bars refitted the store fnmrlr occnplrd r J
II. I bristle, corner or Vt s-hinton and Fint f:i
and laid In a new stock of the purest soil be;l
Wines, Liquors and ('.girt
kty stock consists In part of
New England, Medford and
Jamaica Kums,
Sole Arjentfo.-t .
of Brockton, N. Y, j
. . . au. a-f.l.t.j1 r.H AT
KEN BKAKD of Amirlcao t'bampstnje. ';
tba PlMsaut Valley Wine i:a, 'L'ul,6J0c3
New York, constantly on Hand the imported ca
pagnes, sc.
CIGAUB Is rnexclloeo ia'j
My stock (of
Cigars and Win
At myaew start
War Oenlre;PWj