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    f etroleuvn Centre Daily Record.
M.Cnln,7i, Tnnradar eP. 85
IMvlne Her v lee.
Services every Sabbath at 11 A. M. and
P. M. Sabbath School at i P. M.
eats free. A oordial Invitation extend,
ed to all.
Rev. T. Graham, Pastor.
Preaching at 11 o'clock A. M.. and 7
'clock P. M., by the Pesior, W. 0. Burch
jrd. Sabbatn School at 12), directly
after toreooon aervice. .
Prayer Meeting and Sabbath School
Teacher1! Meeting Tuesday evenings of
Ml week.
Pfrleaa Centre IiOdge,
T10, I. O. of O. F.
Regular , meeting nigbti Friday, at
'dock. Signed,
C. 11. Ba.iL.icr, A Sec'y.
tjrPlac of meeting, Main St., oppotlte
VcCllntoolt Ilouse.
A. U. of V. V.
Liberty Lodge No. 7, A. O. of U. W..
eat every Monday evening at 1 o'clock,
la Odd Fellow'i Halt, Petroleum Centre,
Jamrs Wilson, M. W.
Jamcs S. Wuitk, K.
I. O. of It. M.
Minnekaunoe Tribe No. 183, I. O. R. M
of Petroleum Centre, meets every Thursday
verting la Good Templar's Hall.
HT Council fires Hjbted at 7 o'clock.
U. HOWE, Sachem.
C. L JUKES, Cbiel ol Records.
Gold' at I p. in. Ill
A Western Itomance.
II there bad not been something good acd
true at tbe bate of tbe literary Idea which
placed a laurel on tbe bead of MraBret
llarte, and Showered gaudy tbotigV less
lasting flbwersoo a score of imitators, II bad
not appealed so warmly to the sympathies
of tbe public, nor met with a praise that
was at one time almost frenzied. Briefly
the theme we mention wia tbat of a hero c
self-sacrifice glowing through, a nature out
wardly rugged, perhaps debased, and all
be brigbter from its tawdry surroundings.
It til not tbat tbe spasmodic virtue excused
Iba life of vloe, but rather tbat tbe vice
made brigbter tbe virtue, as the frowzy balr
ol a gypesy adds ten told to tba gleam of
bar brltllaot eye.
We are led to this utterance by a atory
which reaches us from Sun Jose, California,
and which better pens might fall to deal
with at tenderly as it merit). They were
cousins, It seems, carried west by their pa
rent! la the great geld excitement of '49.
Fata threw them early apart, and upon
their resources. They could not well have
fallen lower tban they did. Whether from
aimple necessity, or from the evil bent of
unregenerate minds tbat we may leave to
tbe theologians manhood fouod Jim a ras
cal of tbe wont border type, and Ellen
seeking ber bread among tbe lowest of a
olass tbat seem to have lost every trace of
womanhood in tbeir horrible trade. A few
month! ago, and they met again. There
war no questions asked of their past lives,
no inquiries aa to character aud occupation,
but Jim took quietly back to bii hovel a
wedded wife, and tbe woman strove in ber
unlearned way, to make him both help-mate
and drudge.
There was no romance about their life
God lave the mark! Jim still itole lor a
living, and the cupboard was often bars
and tbeir stomachs empty; and not unfrrs
quently there were angry words, and curses
ad may be blow, bat still they were not
weary of tbelr partnership. Tba and oame
quickly. Some unusually doting robberies
io the vicinity bad roused the Vigiienoe
Commltte, and Jim found It necessary to
absent himself for short time Iron that
lection of th country. Ellen could not ac
company, for reason that bridal of many
months' Handing may guess at. In bis sb
senca the Regulators, convinced that many
of tbeir bersea bad gone Into Jim's bands,
got bold ol Ellen and gave beat the choice
of banging or Informing them 'of ber bus
band's retreat. She bad only six bouri to
decide, but ibe did not llnob. Tbe sun was
hastening seaward, and death was near,
when woid came from Jim by dirty half
breed :
Don't faert tbe gal an lis bring yer horses
to-uiorrer. jlm Welch.
The letter tbat gives the atory telli o
Jiui'i reckless manner as he rodn Into camp'
witn tba "d d orittera tbat waan't worth
etealln', no bow," and how be went to his
death with a curse on bis lips and a chew
of tobacoo In bis innutb; but says nothing
luttber of the woman. It Is probable that
abe was taken care of, for even Judge
Lyoch'i court Is kindly when out of Session.
It Is a harsh atory and mors plainly laid
Ibau we havo given It, aod is Is doubtful If
. flue of the rough participants saw in it any
u.lcg out ol the common way. Yet many a
laiiiout coic lasiu lit. 8, in pie pathos.
I'strnlcnro Centre has prorrj herself tho alma
mater of oil development in Western Peawylyanle.
For yeaie she wee the busy centre of oil production;
the fountain of anlnexhanHiule inppljr of eisao.
Honey flowed In like a river. Pot tunes vera made
mors rapidly II possible than the fabltd favorites of
Aladdin's lamp. It was s "ery bee Live of Industry
and prosperity. Its population say s mile square
was 18.000 or IM.UUU, and no where could have
boen found men more genial in social lifo, more
shrewd and energetic In business, nor a mining
community where people were marked by more
virtue and Intelligence. Now that fickle fortune
has turned her back upon ns, she ha proved to be
tbe fostering mother for the renion. No town or
district Is there In the oil regrou that the Centre has
not sent her sons snd daughters to help build It up
and not rnc of them all but likes once In a while to
retnia and vWt their old home and take a cup of
kindness--local la In force jot fur the days of auld
lang syne. And wlihal she can still boast In the
midst of hard times oi a fair busiiess, a daily pa
per, three churches, numcous places of business
and a happy and healthy rising generation too nu
merous to mention.
Major J. F. Mackoy, ol Franklin, was in town to
day. The Major was one of the pioneer operators
or the Oil Creek district, and has hosts of friends
hereabouts. At present he Is a candidate for Coun
ty Trossurer ou the Kepublican ticket lie Informs
us his chances for belug elected are good. Politics
fS not our province, at the same timo wo think thu
Major would make a careful, Judicious and prudent
Mlllerstown must he a lively place. A corres
pondent of the Oil linn's Journal, writing from
there, says:
Boys, knee -hlpli to a duck, h ive beon aeon tai
gorlug'hrouh the streets crazy drunk. Leautiful
specimens of young America
Mr. John M. Sherry, agent for Sherry's Now
York Theatre, was In town this forenoon, engaged
in billing for that troupe, who arc to perform here
Oct 7th. He Informs us the troupe was never bet .
ter or stronger than at present. Undoubtedly they
wU draw a crowded house-
They made him a bed both cold and dntm Ihl,
man aa "fu.l as a goose" and all night long by the
flie-fly's lamp, be slept in the calahoesei
Gil. Adams bos opened the Cosy Silo jn, foimer
ly occupied by Clint, Uolijon, and will hcrea'ter
eondnct.the business. Oil. is obliging and accoin"
dating, aud would bo pleased to have his old friends
pay him a call.
A wll put down by Jubu I rwln, Stewart and oth
ers, on the Gubrlng farm, upper B.'nnchou,tuins ont
a dry hole.
Elder Leech, an axed and respected citizen of
Plumcr, died at his residence in that village, yesCJs
day forenoon. For a long term of years ho was an
exhortor In tho Methodist Church.
This evening the Rebekah Degieo, I. O. of 0. P.,
hold a social gathering and auppen at Odd Fellows
Hall, at the conclusion of tba regular meeting.
Tbe Rousevllle Lodge have been invited and are ex J
peciwl to ds in attendance.
A dispatch from St. Louii dated Sept. 24
Allen Is on tbe street today without a
cut on bis face, while McCool keeps bis bed
suffering from tbe terrible beating be re
osived yesterday. He presents a sorry (pec
tacle, and the cuts on bis left check and lips
and loss of teeth will dieligure him for life.
Allen's next flht is with Boo Hogao, ef
Pittsburgh, for $2,500, already posted, and
is to take place near this city in five weeks.
Sportlug men bere tender '.him a banquet
here tomorrow night. Allen's share of tbe
contest was $4,400. Allen and Hogan
signed article! tonigbt.
Hogan ii well known in tbli region. He
bai no reputation as a prize lighter, aod in
act bai not much reputation any way.
A wouderful trade ia tbat of petroleum.
Twelve yean ago tbe Brat export sale em
braced 250 barrels aod the e ile was herald
ed as a "large" one. In 1801 tbe export
of tbe whole country amounted to 1,600,000
gallons. In 1872 tbe export amounted lo
iau,uuu,uuu gallons, and during tbe seveu
months of the present year more tbaa 115,
000,000 gallons have been exported. Tbe
utilization of petroleum In tbe interests of
commerce has been remarkable.
We only wlsb tbat our readers knew bow
hard it Is to get locals, and with what av
idity editors 'go for them.' We thought we
bad a local tbe otber oday, bnt when we
reached lor it it wasgoue. , Our devil eald
lo us, Mr. Editor I got a local lor you; well
what is IttjSmitb Ii married: who'es Smith?
that fellow that used to work for Brown two
or three days, weti we don't know Smith,
but who did he marry? I don't know wbe,
and thus we missed a local.
Tho West ii now literally pouring its new
grain into tbe market, 1,614 carloads Of
grain having passed over tbe Mississippi
River Railroad bridge at Davenport aod
Rock Island for Chicago or tba East, Sep
fember 1st and 2d. The city Is being flood
ed with grain arriving by rail and canal,
but It nevertheless continues to bring fair
prices. Tbe grain reoeipts at that city on
September 1 were '1,075 car loads, and of
these, receipts by canal were 149,100 busb
els, principally of corn.
Aa editor whose ideas on curreot jottings
are somewhat uixed, says tbat "kissing a
lady with a circular saw on, t pretty ruff.'i
A save has beon discovered near Devils
river, Texas, the interior ol which con
tain i very remarkable paiutlugs acd sculp
ture, apparently of A '.tic. oc'iu.
: Within the last few weeks, several wel
lying west of Kerns City, one owned by
Tack, Moorbead and others, one owned by
Galley and others, together with another
well or two, tbe production! of wbisb bad
heretolore been quite small have been sunk
deeper and locreased for a tims to one, two
three, four and five hundred barrels per
day. Ot ber owners of wells in tbe vlcioity
are making calculations to drill deeper In
hopes ofa similar result. The parties who
have been favored with success are not
boisterous or noisy about tbeir good fortune;
they do not tell every one the depth to
wbicb tbey drilled; but tbe opinion prevails
among many tbat have penotrated tbe earth
until a fourth sand has beon toiiud wbicb
yields a more bountiful supply of oil tban
ever has been obtained Irom the third sand
in tbe neighborhood. We are to d tbat a
number of wells which scarcely pay at tbe
present prices are to be sunk deeper In view
of fluding a fourth sand before tbey are
It la said tbat on Monday last a well lo
cated on tbe Tack & Moorhead farm, was
without doubt drilled to tbe fourth sand.
Tbe sand is said to present a good ap
pearance, aod as the drilling progressed tbe
well flowed oil at intervals.
On Wednesday afternoon we paid a visit
to Karns City, all persons thereabouts con
curred in assertion that Ibe Tsck A Moor
head well, a short distance west of town,
had been drilled some depth to tbe fourth
saod. The tools remained in the hole,
while the well was flowing incessantly
yielding oil nt the rate of three or fonr
hundred barrels per day. Oilman's Joorn.
seen by an article elsewhere in this week's
paper, tbat tbe Indian Spring Gas Com
pany have commenced to lay their pipes
fiom the vicinity of Kairvlew lo this city,
and in ten days they expect to be prepared
Q supply our citizens with natural gar, both
for illuminatiug purposes and as au article
of fuel. Tbe conveniences of gas are well
known to most ol our people, and propos
ing to furnish tbe city at the rates charged
elsewhere, as the company propose doing, is
certainly an Inducement to parties to use
tbe artlole. Tbe company should be en
couraged in everything tbat is just and fair
Oilman's Journal.
Mrs. Eliza Hi ter, widow, aod James
Graham, guardian ol Para' I N. Rlter, minor
son of James M. Rlter, deceased, who was
killed on Ibe Allegheny Valley Railroad,
at Sorubgrass, on tbe 13th of January last,
baa commenced an action for damages
against the company, In tbe District Couit
of Allegheny county. The amount cl aimed
ii $10,000. ,.
A young dress maker in Van Wert, Ohio,
went to tbe depot to see a Cleveland drum
mer off. She gave Mm a good start with
the aid of a oowbide and several eggs. She
out bits with the formor and plastered, trim
who ine latter. jiveian4 drummers are
bad men, and should be kept at borne.
Tbe posteffice authorities lo Washington
have been Informed by tba government of
Germany tbat tbe newspaper tax is no lang.
er collected from persons in the kingdom of
Prnssia lo whom may be addressed newsne,
pers printed in tba German language In this
At the Crown Point and Bridport Fair, in
Uteex county, last week Mr. A. A. Buck, a
man 65 years old exhibited a borsa train
ed by blmielf tbat performed a variety ol
feati aa are usually sea only la tbe ciicut
Tho Balliet well on tbe Bower fat no north
of Edenburg was tubed last Saturday, and
is y Is Iding 100 barrels a day. Tbe other
well on tbe same farm la reported to be in
creaeior. It has produced 65 barrels a day
lor nearly two months. Clarion Demo-
A flowing well was struck on Sags Run,
. . ... .
uonr kiii vuy, yesiernay, wnicb Is said to
be doing 400 barrels dally. The owners are
Dr. Sbamnurg and Green Brothers.
''Rulei to govern persons who are drown
ing," are published at length In a Milwan
kee paper. This is a good idea and should
be followed by several similar codes such as
"Direction! for ladiei and gentlemen blown
ap in steamboat;" "Guide for tbe victim!
of a railway collision;" "System to be pur
med by aeronaut! who fall from tbeir bal
loons;" "Tbe wbole duty of a man after
Bitro.glyoerioe explosion ;" "Regulation! to
to followed. by all persons struck by ligbl
"iog; ana -rroper deportment during
rapid descent from sixth story wiodow "
Seciiro the shadow ere tbe substance fades
by going to Taylor's Photograph Gallery,
over Christie's Drugstore, Wasbloffton St..
Petroleum Centre, Pa. U9 mskes a ,...
true to lifo acd finished in tbe highest style
ol the sit.
The Uayden expedition hai discovered
tbat tbe Middle Fsrkvof Colorado is Inter 1
seoted to a great extent with dikes of basal, j
tie rock, and III these once melted rock! are
found moaa and wood agates, while led end
yellow jaspets cover Ibe bills in great abun
dance. The Indians ol ancient limes UBea
lo resort to those plaoes lo procure material
for tbeir arrow beads, and chipped flints
and broken arrow heads occur quite fre
quently. There is no doubt tbat Hint ar
mw beads were in common use among the
Western Indians before tbe introduction ol
pork barrels aod hoop-iron.
On tbe recent voyage to New York of tbe
steamer City of Brooklyn, a woman who was
a steerage pas-eager, insane from sickness
threw ber little boy four years old overboard
then with ber babe In ber arms jnmped lor
to tbe sea. Slio was rescued but her chil
dren were drowned.
A curious case was recently tried io a
Hungarian Court. A man found his wife in
the agonies or death from swallowing pol
soo, and, with questionable humanity, put
her out of ber misery with a revolver, with
whiob be alterwards tried lo shoot himself.
The culprit was tried for murder, and sen
tenced to ten years' Imprisonment, but on
sppeal the sentence was commuted to three
yearn, on tbe ground tbat the woman could
not have recovered from tbe poison, an d
tbat killing ber was merely a mistaken act
ot Immunity to shorten her sufferings.
A sadi'accideot occurred in the Berlin
settlement, six or seven miles from Clarion
on Sunday last, by wblch George Pettier, a
young man of that place, lost bis lifo. It
appears tbat I'eilt'er, with several other
young men, were sitting on a loj in the
grove, of the party, natmd Swatz-
ager, bad a gun lying on his arm, and was
working wilb tbe lock, when tbe cua was
accidau tally discharged, thecontoula Indgj
ing In i'eltl'L-r's neck. Tbe wounded man
was caught by bis brother, in tbn act o'
falling. lie said, "X m shot I must die,'
and immediately expired. The deceased
wai a nephew of Judge Cook, from whom
we got the facts. Tbe occurrence has cast
a gloom over the entire community, and
much sympathy is expressed for tbe pareuts
and relatives of tbe deceased. Forest Re
We must keep telling about the Sbub, lor
he's going away pretty soon, aod then will
be of no more use lor "personals" or new
papers. That man has absolute control over
tbe wbele revenue of tbe country, and can
tax bis subjects as much as be pleases. He
is worth about $20,000,000, one half ol
wbicb is in jewels.
There are about 4,500 scbolers io the Rrf
man Catholic schools in Boston.
Tbe Pope received from 1849 to
hundred and seventy million francs as
rater Pence.
Tbe New York Evening Post ssys tbe
next trial ol Stokes for tbe shooting of Fisk
is set down for October 6th.
Louisville ii swarming with oater pillars
and according to the Courier-Journal aver
age fifty to tbe square foot.
A convention of railroad .conductors has
been called to meet in Boston on tbe 8tb of
noxt month.
A statement "recently appeared in the
London Times laying tbat the wheat crop
in England would rait to per cent, below
the average.
A Gorham, N. H., cat bai a "fleece as
white as snow, " and four inobes long about
Its neck.
Two Texai cattle men in Wiobita recent
ly played a game of marbles for one bun
dred lleen a side.
A publio spirited citizen of PittsSeld.Vt.,
kindly offers for entertainment tbe petrified
ooay or his mother who was butied twenty
years ago.
Girl Wante...
To do general housework. Inquire at Gor
don ' Hardware store
Vnr Mil In
15,000 to 20,000 feet ol SECOND-llAND
TUBING, at from 25 tnRK t. .....
The Tubin Is in first class order and all
reaay ntiea
AP' 211 II. H. WARNER.
Having disposed of my Interest In tbs
"u " Blum, oexi ooor to Dimmoo a
Drug Store, to my brother, Lawrence Zed
wlob, ail parties knowing themselves jo
debted to me will please call and settle at
once, and all persons having bills against
me will present tbeui. I shall superintend
the business for a time aod can be lound at
tbe atore.
Pet Centre, Sopt 22. Little Joe.
Flour & Feed iJlerchant,
XXX wtlto Vh't ri, $9,(10 1 Meal, a, ,
$2' JflWtaitBiM. lS
' ou- senlM
Oil Cloths Motions,
Washington Ntn ct,
Petroleum Ci'iitreJ
The Largest anil Cheapost stock ot
8 to 10 ct per yard.
from 11 to 16 cts
10 to 15 ctS'
from 1S.' to IS cts
4 spools for S3 cts.
Dress Goods, Shawls, HoJ
iery, Corsets
Pomes Ic Plece70ood, Ladles Ties, Kbt(
Ilooytkiitu the very bent quality Drillings aod Ull
eu. j-ine ana needle, o cisjkt paper, uupes a
lue luwwi rates.
Millinery Trimmings
And & complete stock of ladiJ
Hats and Honncts,
Also, Complete Slock of
Wbicb will be sold at
(toper tan the Cheapest
Commencing August 1st, ISISj
P3rJGlve me a call and examine
and prices.
Fat, Centre, July 17tb, 187X
McKinley & Gross,
Egbert Farm. I'etroleuff!
Centre, Pa.
Boiler Repairing a Specialty-
tST We wairant all work done by u" H
ria naapls a t nnni n a ri am d'hun i firu '
Good material furnished and prices rear
Having had long experience In the u I
nose we are enabled to em Mturaciion.
l'TOlnm Centre, fa., fan. 3. (I