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_l:6lr headmen before ementipationv and
reptiotai-1 bort thissellirdpertlaf, ghoul& be 4-
'T . F.. . ratidln Ems judicious way for the benefit of
. i !.. ~,,
. E ..-' , thqe_who raised it. The whole subject will ,
—-Ai , .„1. dtabticts,..notratanif the attentive consiclem
1, 4 144 of Congress ,=-' <.
41t., - }:ilTite tarlatan and responsible duty of se
fjt ' ',Metal and lteepiag,. under the direction of '
i Alieltoolihmt. and War , Department, CoMaill
t, ' Iti#Osi money from drafted citizens, has been
lee , :i.„ l :lielneer . by - thel'Coltectors of the Internal
• Lf.r. :neVeatte, at the, Instance of th e secretary of
X , Wrar.3 la . the judgment of the Secretary of
'-thetTretumly this money should be paid di
- t,c.til Into the Treasury arid drawn Out up
,t_ s. - „„ uttion. for :the purposes to which it. Ts
--., ',/fraprinted by Congress. The Secretary of
• ;,. sr thought, however, that the other mode
;._ 0 .0 dollection and dieborselnents would bo less
. , bitrdensome to drafted men and more eon
-1 vanient for the payment of subnitutes. Ills
u. C,; :r e baes were promptly complied with, and the
i ' 4 w,k104 matter is now submitted to Congress.
;il,teder "a resolatlen of the Senate, adopted
.4p the of Starch last, the Secretary has
4skeh; measures for the preuaration of the
statement tamable, with existing means
oli,infermation, of the foreign and domestie
commerce of the United States, including
**Val the Pacific coast. The learning and
thitiability of the gentlemen employed in
1 1114.*ork warrant the expectation that a very
initimitiveffeceennt will he obtained of the
condition and prospects of our foreign cow.
, Mereetrom and to the Atlantic and Pacific
Mimes, as well as overland, northward and
southward, and of our internal and inter-
State bomoserce, Including the trade between
• IP.Yal'ind rebel States, andibetween the bread
prodneng and gold and silver producing dis
tllete,ef our eauntry. The materials for a pro
per statement of this internal commerce must
be sought in reports of State commissioners of
statistics, of botirde of trade, of railroad and
earialponapanici, and occaelonal or periodical
pablimtions relating to trade and basiness.
TWIN a department °feted/dim compsyst ire'y
alliezied difficult of exploration but no pains
- .Mill
be :s in the search, I n the hope of
being able pi to submit to Congress a resalf, -- of
I tOrtllgrallleant,value to the business comma
:filly:wind to. those charged with the duties of
legislation end administration, which. wilt
Been ffutette .the action "necessary to en-
WO rend pretiefeho Important Interests bi
:volved:* • , ,_ _
• grascrlostr. crulerry PiLLITtXO.
:lUnder the sanetlen of the Rots relating to
the subject, the Secretary has taken measures
for Preparing. and pripting fractional cur
rency bonds and notes in the Trearary Depart
ment,: with a degree of success which already
mantes deeded economist', advantages and
• WlllTalits the expectation of satisfactory re
„ _
;J‘ den-camera—aeconateosneas, tn.
'Hlffe Seerstar7 has already invited atten.
den lathe reports of the Register, the Comp
and the several Auditors.
Report on Commerce end Navigation
for the fiscal year 1862, prepared in the Reg.
istees ;office has been greatly delayed by
causes explained in his report. The same Re
port' ear the Ogee year 1863 is also nearly
readyjand wilt . be sent to Congress within
the nes.t-raotibla. Its important information
• trill 'lie : found ranch bettor classified and ar
reatgedj, hid much mere clearly stated, and
therelbew mach more neceptable fos use than
heretetore. The Secretary suggesta that it
will promote the interests of commerce and
expedite' further reports If provision be made
fee the Monthly,or at least somi.annual, pub
lleatitez of the returns of imports and ex-
Thb - suggestiOn of the Second Comptroller
that ::the salaries hi the offices of. the Comp.
tiallorrahould be higher than o in those of the
Andifere, and that promotion should take place
teem Ithe latter Ito the former, is respectfully
enhinieroled to legislative consideration. If
settellOthe by law, it will doubtless pro Mote
accuracy and promptitude in the revision of
The - vast expenditures of the war in life
and treasure, hale devolved unexpected la
bels on the Auditor's' Bureaus. and especially
ibosd of the Second and Third Auditors; and
ape difficulties, attendant on the organisation
of proper force for the settlement of the
staidehly aceizmulated accounts, have caused
soliait,,delays, width the most streuuons efforts
helm:linen made, in vain, to avoid. It is
hopeditiowever, that the accumulation will
now bearrested and henceforth steadily re
duced; The Secretary respectfully suggests
that OM° provision be made by which officers
cittbedepartment may be enabled to attend
the armies and collect information, and nape
cialy Invegard to the wounded, the missing,
and the :killed, which will facilitate the
p_rimptest settlement of the einiffis made in
Iffelialf cif destitute families, and widows and
'hef ie ' port of the Solicitor will exhibit
• the rittlen of that officer IA the investigation
df 1, reads perpetrated by certain pereens form
, erlY feknployed in the New York Custom
!joust, Tho legislation of last seseen, the
pram:ft - dismissal of the guilty parties yet re
aming fn office, and - the measures of preven
tion dellsed and adopted will, it is believed,
eildefeetly "protect the government Realist
the repetition of these or the commission et
like frees.
The Secretary renews the recommendation,
inh • mitted in his last report, of the purchase
of thejelerehanya Exchange in New York,
no* occupied under lease as a Custom-
Tho operations of the Coast Survey hare
beta Alletingnishod by even mere than usual
- On the northern mat the work has
beoa •rigorously ,- prosecuted, notwithstanding
they ealeteece of the war; while, in col:apn
ea* IlllleketplicatiOns from military and naval
ee sartles have been detailed for
Work - Altilithern coast, en tho rivers of
(bet' .• - ' 4 ,4; indeed, wherever their
serriee catiNbirmade available. From these
Laberiri :Of. ad importance cordially acknowl
edged•bj the officers lowborn they have been
rendered, the value of the survey, and the
rtierits'of the:Soty whom it is conducted, ro
cOlio:0mb Illustration.
Paritig the last 'summer a number of rebels,
ran; into Portland harbor in -the night and
seized the revenue cutter lying there, its c0m
a:4.1:144 officer being sick on shore, and a
portion jof the craw absent on leave. They leaving the harbor unobserved;
Mitly• in the morning the Collector of the
Port, hearing of the affair, took instant meas
:foi pursuit by chartering two passenger
steienlere, nosing them with. whatever could
be rhoit"promptly obtained, and providing the
riceitseey force of yoke:doers, citizens and
soldlorie In a few hours the rebels had been
cpxr!pollid to abandon their prise, after set
ting het en fire, and being themselves taken
Plitotlere. The Value of this capture can best
PO MO:fisted by the damage inflicted on COM
aiipipc-,:ky the same reeds In the Taeony, a
yeatel'afrery way inferior to the one they had
aei lode ;The Secretary deeply regrets that the
Cellectei no longer !leas to read this sickness!.
idgniesiof his prompt, energetic and judicious
aettelle'f' •
*Tort of the - Board of Supervising In-
Speatom of steam vessel', to whose supervision
Congrelle has wisely committed the employ
, Meet :of *tenni in water transportation, is
herewith transmitted. The importance of
its sedan may be inferred from the simple
statement that there lure been inspected du
ringlike year 032 steam - vessels, valued at
$16,133,081,000, with en aggregate tossage of
' 406,009 tons • which have carried for longer
or shertersPltanees 6,420,000 passengers. The
Seeetary Invites attention to the suggestion
otAsirt k system of signals, by sounds and
Ilthtip',..Zidapted to the use of steam vessels,
whether in the merchant or national Service ;
and Rhfoh may perhaps, be extended so as to
efulimiest sailing ,r,vessels also. Such signals,
axidetatecid 14,41, might aierteasay disastasa
and hatgie mettle of many benefits, without
at all interferingwith any peculiar eystem re
, el4rtifflffr spactigcommunieation between yes
' of the navy.'
The Secretary renews the recommendation
of lout report, that authority be given to
sell the haildiugs erected, but not needed or
need, foe hospitals, and also such other build
ai fire unoccupied or not required for the
o their intended purposes,
hei dpelations under the charge of the
light-hi:Ms° bureau have been Satisfactorily
;plueinted daring theyear. The Cape Charles
iightliaciee, at the entrance of -Chesapeake
they, waft destroyed by guerrillas in August
left. dle reconstruction Ise' great impart
&fibs to`ionimerce, aid should be immediately
aittiorlainlaint provided for.
The _
ght home ; system of. the United Sfisteij';, ,• nnlike . those of commercial mi
tithe tederally, is maintained wholly at our
own. coal.. The Secretary suggarts tho expo
dienet,•efleoridleg; for Its support and ee
lergemptleitatter, so far xis-treaty Wings,
BMUS •SIMI permit, by a small ditty on tonnage
failleklionte . parposes. Tho benefits of the
aptteur accrue too foreign as well as to Amer.
lona eatsm i etee,'and its burdens should bo op
pattliated acm?rdingly.
. •la t'.oo report.the Facrotary necessarily
Omit/ genus things,!bathe cannot omitthe ex
.• p - slarthetif of his - ..cordlar appreciation ol.,the
seaklntalltaercias; tad :fidelity which diva-
she•iff...fftl.his department generally:_ have
brouttWV.) Ahr- diseharga - 05L - thitr.: several
ditties . ; ~ .!To their labors he vitatiblY tacit Ind
- and 41itefrilly acknowledges that ho Is ins
debted,Tiii _vest part, l'on:the measure of sue 7
cast*billalaaaid•bllido l6 k*WliArstklil'
. _P s *
•,,'.;;;•_ltlnit. back=
Wks - ••
za,..•„.-4 0 si(rr;e'
r •-•
4 5 7'1
".; , N
: ..7 i.
• , . .t_.: I
;~ :,
`, 3.
In order that our readers may understand
what mules are note heard, and what are laid
ever until the persons are drafted ? we give
the followingatalasnients. -
"'Only Support," dv.—These case. ere not
hoard now and cannot be until the party is
actually drafted. It will bo well for moms in
terested-to remember that a mother (in the
eyes of the law) is not estop-mother, mother
in-law, or a grandmother.
"Medieval f'arents."—Where two or more,
sons are subject to draft the father or widowed
mother may elect which one shall be a xempted.
This claim must be put in before the draftiand
will not avail after a draft is made. It one
or more is enrolled in some other disjiict, a
certificate of the Board of Enrollment I to that
effect should accompany the paper. .? Those
exempted from last draft for this cadge need
not file now papers now—tboir neme4 will not
go in the wheel In January.
" Two Brother. in Serrice."—Thte CAMS
will be heard after the draft is mad ; and the
applications should state the name of each
brother, and the company and reginient he is
in, as they must ha cent to Washington city
for examination by the War Department.
Unless the brotbore are "of the same famkly
and household," this will not exempt. Core
missioned-officers do not count in titian's...
”Cimeicrices of l'elooy," exempla after the
party is dratted. The application efibuld bo
accompanied by a copy of the record, Lod the
oaths of two citizens identifying the drafted
man as the person so convicted. A subeequent
pardon does not relieve the party of the dis
grace of not being allowed to servo hie coon-
try in the field.
Service 3forch these aro
exempted and placed in the Third Class, on
producing their discharges, and showing that
Ahoy are • the persons enrolled. This
be done before the draft, bat oily be done
"Aficos.."—These should apply now, but it'
drafted their claim, if well founded, will ex
empt them. If already exempted for alionage
they need not apply again. Those exempted
for this eause from the July draft need not
renew their applications.
"Over Forty-fir, and Under Twenty retire uf
Age."—These may apply now. In all cases,
the age en the fleet of July hut determines
whether they are or are not liable. A man
who was not twenty until July 2,1, is not lia.
hlo to draft ; a man who became forty-fire no
the 2d of July is. Where a family record,
certificate of birth or bnptlssa,"waunderbnob,"
or other record can be produced, it saves time
and trouble, to bring it, as it is the very beat
evidence of age. Those exempted on age last
draft need not renew , their application.
"Over Thirty-fire and lforvied."—Read the
paragraph above on the subject of age—ii
applies also to those eases. Those who were
"over thirty-fire and married" on the lst of
Jaly are exempt--not those who have married
sincq or sill. become over thirty 'years of
age. UlOBO already exempted for this cause
are in the Second Clue, and need not apply
again, as they are not affected by this draft.
"Nee Buideme."—This refers to those who
did not reside in the district at the time of the
lasi enrollment, or on the Lit of July last.
They should apply now to be stricken off, and
bring evidence (a certificate of the proper
Board,) that they are enrolled at their proper
residence. Those already exempted for this
cause need not renew their applications.
"Now in Service.' -The friends or relatived
of this class of persons may have their names
stricken off by filing proper evidence of tire
" Paid Comairstation."—These, Ivo are gait.,
confident, will not bo subjected to the cowing
draft, but the Board bare received no positive
order on the subject.
"I'vrni•hed S.bstiture.”—All this class aro
exempt for. 'three years from the day they
were drafted, and do not need to furnish evi
dence of the fact, which is already on the re
cords of the Board of Enrollment.
" Phrioal Divebthry."—Some six or seven
hundred men were exempted for physical dis
ability. Of these the Board will recommend
that all but abont - i hundred be stricken uff
the roil, their disability being of a permanent
nature. The remainder, who',do not exceed a
hupdfad, will be examined after the dealt, if
they.elipplci be drafted—and exempted then,
should the disability then exhit—exceptin a
few cases, (each as short-sightedness, ote.,)
where the regulations have been changed
elnee the July draft. None of those already
exempted for physical disability need apply
now; they cannot be board. Other enrolled
persons may be examined, where the disa
bility is manifest and pen/um-at. Men suffer
ing from epilepsy, lung, liver or heart disease,
ur other affections of the kind, need not apply
until drafted. Those having lost eyes or
limbs, having fractured skulls or ether bones,
and similar cases, are examined daily at len
and two o'clock.
Th• Lorecinaticem (except eases of "choice
of parents") will close on the 20th inst., but
this will not preclude any having valid claims
for exemption from having the benefit of them,
should they be drafted.
Preparing Cokes Is a lucrative business to
lawyers and claim agents, but it Is not neces-
sary to employ either. Any magistrate can
make them out, and the whole expense need
not exceed a dollar—whoever pays more is
swindled. This Is plain language, but seems
necessary to parent Imposition. The blanks
mats ten cents, a stator five cents—three
oaths seventy-five oents—total ninety cents—
vind another dims to ample for the trouble
of filling up the paper.
Dr. A. O. McCandless, Physician to the
Board of Health, reports the following deaths
foi the week commencing N0r.,30 and end.
Mg Dec. 6th:
• Unknown, 2; Consumption, 2 ; Disease of
tho Heart, 1; Diffuse Collulitis, 1; Pneumo
nia,. I; Catarrh Ferer, 1; Measles, I;
therhi“ . ; Croup, 2; Scarlet Fever, 1: Con
vulsions, I.
Coostsitrert Tattooer Notre.—Counter
feit twenty dollar U. S. Treasury notes ore in
circulation. Their general appearance is cal
culated to deceive, bat a judge would at once
detect them. The centre vignette of the
Goddess of Liberty is very imperfectly done,
but rofime parts will pass the closest scrutiny.
The peculiar green ink of the genuine hes not
been imitated; it is much lighter in color, and
is of inferior quality r not printing clearly.
Srimot--A woman named 3frs. henry Po
land, residing at Oregon, Lancaster county,
committed saicido a few days ago. After her
'husband bad gone to his work in tho morning;
her children raised an alarm that they hod
foal . Chair notber. Some of the neighbors in
stituted a search and found the unfortunate
woman hanging to a beam in the cellar. She
hs4been in .a depressed stabs •of mind for
some lime on account of bad health.
Pnor, Ztornit'a Ctass.—Mr. John Zundel's
'chorus singing class will moat, for the tint re
bearealohirevening, at 7% o'eloek, in the
,rocii, occupied by Carry's, Normal Institute ,
on St:'Ciair street, and will continuo withoat
further notice every Tuesday and Friday
evenings. Ladies' Harmony class will meet
.at 1.4011110.11 place every day at two o'clock.
Amangement for: private , tuition on the organ
'can be mute/a the 'above'neteaptieo.
pilisintrgh 6azettll.
FRIDAY k1011512i0'.." •••••-••DEC. 11, 181,18
Preparing for the January Draft.
Provost Marshal Poster and the Board of
Enrollment of this district, having had the
lists of the first class printed (very ncatiy, by
the tray,) and circulated throughout the dis
trict, commenced on Monday revislng,the en
rollment, by receiving applications of those
improperly enrolled for exemptions, and hear
ing their eases. About seven /soared applica
tions have already boon filed, and about three
hundred heard and disposed of, the Board
working at the rate of nearly a hundred per
day, their editions being some seven boors.
The following table will show tbo number
already recommended to be stricken from the
list of those in the Grst thus, subject to the
January draft
of gresaptio.
ALL. lath. 7'l.
YS In 21 21 62
17 II 18 69
7 9 15 20 61
A 6 4 6 16
A 1 :1 2 A
2 7
- - -
alaulfett. physical disability
Eleetiou of parents...... _....
Custer 29 years of age....--
Telni nuanter esemtned.... 58 0 71 77 247
The Board meets at ten o'clock and sits till
five, adjourning en hour for dinner at one
o'clock. At ten (and also at two) o'clock, the
names of thoto asking exemption by choice of
parents are first called and disposed of, as also
those for "manifest permanent physical disa
bility"—after which other applicationt aro
hoard in lite . orrier in which the paper, torro
_Filed. To-day (Friday) those numbered from
30Q to 400 will bo beard.
City Mortality.
e 114rew Banquet.
The bulgiest glee by the Hebrew Ladies .
Aid Society, on Wednesday evening,at La
fayette Hall, wee a most agreeable and rue
omelet atTair. Three largo tablee had been
prepared, extending nearly the entire length
of the ball, with a fourth in front of the step.-
These were most amply supplied with every
delicacy and luxury of the lemon, and every
seat wee Occupied by a guest.
The President, Mr. Louis Morganstern,
called the assemblage to order at nine o'clock,
and delivered a neat and appropriate opening
address, in which he paid a high compliment
to tho Hebrew Ladies' for the patriotism and
liberality *IAA they_ had displayed on the
present occealon.
Prof: Cohen tenoned in a very learned ad.
dyes., mainly upon tho aocial and political
history of the Jena.
The feast . was most keenly relished and
heartily enjoyed by the guests, and the best
of humor perraded the large assemblage.
Touts were offered, and among others, was
one highly complimentary to President Lin
coln, which we. loudly applauded.
Mayor Sawyer, being present, responded to
this toast, and was followed by Mr. Strums in
a few remarks.
At eleven o'clock the banquet - was over,and
the ball woe - cleared for dancing, and other
social enjoyments.
A collection was taken up. daring the even
ing, in aid of the Sanitary Commission, and
the handsomest= of $7OO was realised.
The following are the names of the Lady
Managers: President, Mrs. Wm. Frank;
Treasurer, Mrs: Regina Bierman: Trustees,
Mrs. Abram Pr:mouthld, Mrs. Asher Prowen
field, Mrs. Rosenbach, Mrs. Wm. Armhold,
and Mrs. Idareman.
The Draft in Indiana County
"n Tuesday evening last a public meeting
wee )leld in Indiana borough, for the purpose
of taking measures for raising volunteer sol
diers, and avoiding the draft. After full dill.
CltS3iol3, the following resolution waa adopted:
Serarta. That the Ciii7,l4l of the sormal elmtion
districts in this (minty be multiunit! to bold public
moorings, for the purpose of taking the rotes of the
cltirous opou the subject of procuring an act of As
muddy authorizing the County tAnninissioners to pay
• bounty of Slim h. uev emrnits, and faM to atone en.
enlisting bariim been in tin• 'military senior of the
United Stat... sir mouths or nprre•ds.
lln pursuance of the above, a call has been
rissued requesting the Citilol2ll of cam district
m the, county to meet at their respective places
of holding elections, on Saturday next, to get
an expression of the public will, and report
the sitille'ett once to the Commissioners.
The Coal Fields of Butler and Mercer.
A meeting of the Directors of the Atlantic
and Great Western Railway, and of the par
ties interested In the largo and rich coal
tleldr east of Mercer, was held in West Orson
vine, en Tuesday last, for the purpose of
taking measures for the construction of a
railroad from that place, by the way of Mer
cer, to the neighborhood of Harrisville, in
Butler county. It is assorted that the road
will certainly bo built , and that the engineers
will commence he survey of the route In a
few days. This project in ono of importance
and of great public advantage. It will de
velop the great coal region referred to—the
largest and richest in northern Pennsylvania
—end add materially to the wealth of the
llucr ROthIEM-011 the night of the 211th
ult., the etore4of McConkey Bro., at Peach
Bottom, York county, was robbed of about
$1,600. The waroroom was first broken open
with a crowbar, whence the rubbers entered
the store, drilled the lock off the iron safe, and
appropriated the money there. about.sooo of
it Loing specie.
Kthttn.—Lieutenant John E. Hoffman, of
the Third West Virginia Cavalry, was killed
on the 24th .ustent, in ti skirmishon tho Ra;ii
don. The decoto.e.l wasnon of Joan 11.
Hoffman, Esq., is Morgantown,
MIA. ?Altar, Plain and urnamerLal
Slate Roofer, and dealer in Pennsylvania and
Vermont slate of the best quality at low rate,
'Offiee at Alex. Laughlin's, near the Nfator
Works, Pittsburgh, Pa. •
Facto rue Too Psm • u.—Embruidoriog ma
chines are not the thing for family sewing.
Read the following :
One prominent defect of the double thread
loop stitch is the waste of thread in forming
it. Each yard of scans requires on an aver
age 7.!..4 yards of thread, or twice and mse-half
the amount required by the "lock stitch." An
estimate may 60 easily made of the compar
ative espenso of using the two. In the skirt
manufactory of Messrs. Douglass Sherwood,
a day's work of ten houn for ono person is
estimated at 1,000 yards of straight seam, ten
stitches to the inch, with the look-etich ma
chines, w,hich they rise; this length of seem
requires three thousand yards of cotton thread,
and with the double thread chain or knitting
stitch machine, 7,500 yards would be required.
The cost of 3,000 yards of cotton thread would
be $1,35 at wholesale, and the cost of 7,506
yards would ho $3,10, tanking a difference of
$1,85 a day in this item alone, or more than
$l,OOO a year ; with costlier thread or silk (at
present prices at $ll perpound), the difference
would be much greater. In shirt and collar
Manufacture, where the stitch is finer, and lees
length of seam is sewed, the difference per
day is only about 75 cents in favor of the look
stitch machines. In a manufactory like that
Itif Winchester A Davies, where one hundred
and sixty of those machines are used, the
saving is $l2O per day. The result is that the
chain or knitting-stitch is not need on this
work. In quilting, where silk is used, the
difference each day would amount to more
than two dollars and twenty-five cents on
each usahine.—Sdentific
The Wheeler Wilson is the best machine
for family use, Office No. 27 Fifth street
! wd:ltw
Yea FALL •ae Wilms WEAL—The Stun
meri s past, and by the morning's frost, wa
begin to apprehend, that fall and winter will
shortly by upon us, and no must provide our
selves with the material to keep ns comfort
able. A nice fall suit, or a good and well
mode overcoat are the very thing, and we do
net know of any place where our readers
would cult themselves batter than at Messrs.
W. 11. McGee a Co's clothing establishment,
corner of Federal street and Diamond Square,
Allegheny. They have also received a com
plete assortment of gentlemen!, furnishing
goods, and a great variety of new patterns for
waistcoating, ha.
Genetrass, bare you ekamined tbo fall nod
winterr stock or goods at the Merchant Tall
taring establig :moot of Sam. Graham St Co.,
No. 54 Mark,: street ?
A fresh su, ply of goods every week.
. Bare you ,samined tho prices of goods at
the Merchant Tailoring establishment of Sam.
Graham A Co., No. 154 Market street; If not,
It is now time you would, and save 20 per
cant. in your clothing bill.
Every garment warranted a perfect fit.
Sam= Gla.aAx, 0110. MOCAUIDLUB.
Kmerticxy Bream APPRICIATZ.—Mrs. Anne
Naule, of Louisville, Ry., says in a letter:
" When in New York, this summer. I pur
chased by way of experiment some of Mr.. 8.
A. Allen's celebrated Hair Restorer and
Zylobalsamum, which I have found valuable.
I now write to have you send me a doses of
cull by express, for the use of my friends."
Sold by Druggists everywhere. Depot, 163
Greenwich street, New York.
fate assortment of Pall and Winter Clothing,
lately received by Messrs. John Wier k Co.,
Merchant Tailors, No. 146 Federal street, Al
legheny. The stock of clothing consists of
the finest variety of gents' pantaloons, vests,
coati and °Temente. The style of patterns Is
tasteful and fashionable. Wo would invite
all of our readers to give the above gentlemen
a call. •
I'mm:erases Ames - rice I—For the derange.
moots of the syttem incidental to the change
of diet, Ronde, Eruptions, and exposures
whieh every Volunteer is liable to, there are
no remedies so sate, convenient, and reliable
as Holloway, Pills and Ointment, 25 cants
per pot. 209.
Oninnre and carriage calls will be taken at
the Omnibus race, No. 410 Peon street, day
or night. MI orders left at tha above .place
will be promptly attended to. MI callsmastbe paid in shines. •
C. Buz, Dentist, 248 Penn meet, will at
tend to all kindness of lie tiffloraolon.
STIMMEBS—RENMEDT.—On December bth, by
the MR. Isaac Aiken. at the residence of the bride's
metber, Mr. JOSEPU L. SUMMERS and MI
ALICIA ICENNDY, of West klancheeter.
ATWELL.—At half•paet right o'clock Thursday
morning,CIIIIISTIAS 4NN, youngeet daughter of
Marl Jacket]. and chattel Aterell.agodlgt months.
Special Dignach w the Pittabru.ol ()seem%
Lovejoy's bill, of which he gaveisotice the
other day, to punish alarebolding, provides
that all slava freed by the Proclamation of
the President of January at, or by acts of
Congress shall be citizens, and competent to
he with oases In. ths, courts of the United Slates .
Whosever attempts to reduce any one Co freed
to *la very, is guilty of misdemeanor, and pun
ished in a scan not less than two, nor more
than ten thousand dollars, and imprisoned not
Its. than one nor more than ton years.
in the Alexandria Quartermaster's operations
continue to be discovered, and a story now is
that they will reach millions of dollars.
Measures are being taken for farther investi
gations, and the matter will be prObed to the
bottom. Higher game than that yet caught
is thought to bo winged.
SpeculstiOna as to the effect of the Presi•
dent'• Amnesty Proclamation has alarmed
soma of the border State men, who incline to
the belief that it will have a material effect in
hastening peace. Its suggestions ii attributed
in some quarters to Secretary Chase.
The Ressian officers will rieit the fort ;Ilea
lions to-morroa
The President's careful silence on the Max
leans:lna:Lion is a plate of comment - In diplo
matic eirclos. The Mexican Legation regard
It as an intimation that he had nothing pleas•
ant to say, and therefore in the present junc
ture of affairs at home, thought it best to say
nothing at all.
The rumors of a change In the command of
the Army of the Potomac Is again curfent.
They have probably this foundation : It is
known that grave dissatisfaction exists with
the authorities at Meade's Into campaign, and
also that the Secretary of War has not been
disposed to regard him with favor ever since
he lot Lee across the Potomac after the tunic
of Gettysburg. It is known also that the
authorities hare been considering whose ap
pointment to the command of that army would
give the greatest promise of securing its
earnest co-operation and activity, and that
various names have been suggested and dis
cussed. Beyond this it is net probable that
anything is as yet certain. When Horace
Greeley was here, he urged Thomas as the
popular man, and his name reCtiVes favorable
mention In many quarters. A thorough re
organization of the army is considered cer
THIC 11.011, FRAUDCLEIT 1302:D5.
The ease of the Floyd fraudulent bonds has,
begun to be argued le the Court of
Judge Thomas, Caleb Cushing and Judge
Curtis are the counsel.
1311311 ME!
Efforts arc going to be made to oust Itlier
mood as Chief Engineer of the-N - ffry7iit - rOn•
sequence of his testimony in the Sickles cut
off case.
Ity the Agricultural report for Ito nanntli
just made it amontre that the deficiencies in
the corn crop for the prosent year, is nearly
one hundred and thirty millions of bushels
below what i• required for home consumption.
As the wants of the government fur the army
aro so very large It is questioned whistlur the
late military ordera stopping the distillation
of grain in Kentucky and Tintless. •ill nut
bo extended to the great distilling States of
Ohio and Illinois.
Thu President's hmlth in much improved.
Ho sow visitant who liinat npocial hodnc•e with
him to-day.
Certain war department officials are still
very much exercised over the statement that
Thomas. gives Ileseerans credit for the pion
of the Leto movements. They have bat slight
contradictions however.
The ❑earn actions-nod over tilt Monday, t.
give the Speaker dine to forM the mei
Orbo election of Dr. °banning, as Chaplain
to-day, is as uneipestad as jtqls
Chancing is an out and oat Abotitionlst and
The National Loyal League will remain in
ie:sien a day ur JO yet. It it quite largely
Guv Brown has arrived.
From Cairo.
Ca co, Dec. to.—The Memphis Bolle:n says:
lien. Veatch and staff are busy mustering
volunteer companies into service. Seven full
companies were mustered in on the 7th. and
u many more would be next day. General
Veatch has extended the day of grace to the
The steamer Sallie List arrivel at Mem
phis from :Arkansas river. She reports the
steamer Emma being Ored into, on route for
Duvall's Bluff, to Jackson Port. One major
and a captain were wounded.
skirmish occurred near Little Rook Rail
road between a party. of Federals, who were
repairing the road, and a band of guerrillas,
in which several were killed, and the guer
rillas repalied.
The steamer Fanny Mcßride sunk below
Fort Pillow. Value $30,000.
The steamer McClellan arrived at New Or
leans from Breton, Texas Coast, bringing
Gen. Banks and staff.
Tho Clara Bell arrived with 1,100 pkgs.
vegetables for Sanitary Comminion.
IlemphLi cotton market Inactive.
Proposed Amendment to the Conettlu-
New Tong, Dec. 10.—The Tribsas's Wash
ington special says : The following Is the res
olution which iiir.Wllson, of lowa, gave notice
on Monday in the Howe: Be it resolved by
the Senate end Rouse of Representatives of
the United States bf America ' in Congress
assembled—two-thirds of both Roues concur
ring—that the following article be proposed to
the Legislatures of the several States as an
amendment to the Constitution of the United
States, which, when ratified by three-furths
of said Legislature, shall be valid to all In
tents and purposes, as a part of the said Con
stitztion, namly: Article IS, Bee. 1.--Slavery
being incompatible with a free government, I.
forever prohibited In this country, and testa4
notary servitude shell be permitted only as a
punishment for crime. Sec. 2.—Conrgess
shall have hill power to enforce the foregoing
auction of this article by an appropriate Leg
An Important 11111—IformatIon of the
Committees In Congress.
liar Yore, Dec. 10.—A special to the
Post, dated Washington, 10th, says t Mr.
Ashley will introduee into Congress an im
portant bill at an early day, providing that
the free States may recruit to fill their quo
tas in the rebel States, offering such bounties
os they please.
It is supposed that Washburne, of Illinois,
will be Chairman of the Committee on Com ,
merco in the Howe, iind,Schenek Chairman
of the Military Commission.
The Lloyd bonds anis'will-come op In the
Court of Claims to-day.
Fenton will probably be put on the Cum
mittoo of Ways and Means ff be desires.
nterest on Indiana 8
Isoriasrotts, Dee. 10.—The July Interest
on Indiana stocks, which the State Agent,
Auditor and Treasurer declined paying be
cause the Legislature failed , to make appro
priations, will be paid aftei the 10th Inst., at
Winslow, Lamer & Co.'s Banking Odic*, New
Tort, aererner,3l94elt baring -arfajilred
with them to advance the neeeuary hinds;
. Ir , or Joterest due Januarynett.-
The litiensalfoute Air aottnl#orgait. :.-
totizairm4/ 1 409 0 1 - 0, 43 ir 4 44
sitdoert *IWO and , the
eithermosnlit eti tth
WANIXT:TOTOV CrIT, Dec. 10, 1863.
SESATE.-nr. Foster gave notiee of a tat
to encourage enlistments in the naralservice,
and credit such enlistments on the military
quotas of the aereral Stater.
Mr. &Miner game notion of a hill to repeal
all acts for the rendition of fugitive glares.
Adjourned till Monday.
HocAr.—Mr. Fenton gave notice of his in
tention to introduce a bill to facilitate the
payment of bounties on account of deceased
On motion o f !ifr. Wastaburne, it wa3 re
tolVed, that, rub, n tho Rouse adjourned to
day, it bo till Monday nett.
Mr. Pendleton, of Ohio, gave notice of his
intention to intru,lu•t• a bill to admit to teats
upon the floor of the Senate end Reuse of
Repent entail Iry s members of the. Cabinet, with
Use right to debate upon matters pertaining
to the hnsine,s of their departments, respec
The memorial of Thomas W. McLurg, of
the Fourth District of Missouri, was referred
to the Committee on Elections.
The Speaker laid before the House tho
annual report of the Secretary of the Trees
ray on finance,. I
Thu Rouse proceeded to the election of
Chaplain. Eleven canditinc.s were placed in
nomination. Refere the result was announced
numerous gentleman changed their rote, for
the leading candidates, namely, Right lien.
Bithop Itopkinit, of Vermont, and Rev. W.
R. Charming, of the Unitarian, Washington.
Illrhop Hopkins received 'as votes, and Mr.
Chancing 06. The other votes were scattered
among the other candidates. Mr. Cheeping
was declared elected.
The House adjourned till Monday.
The Capture of the Chesapeake
Nsw Veer, December 10.—The identity of
the pirates who captured the steamer Chesa
peake, of this city, it still unknown. It it
believed that some of them hare come from
Caned. to Portland, and there embarked or
board forlhb port; they knew all the feels,
sad worn therefore able to direct the opera
tions of persons who joined thorn.
The steamer Potomac, belonging I. If. B.
Cornwell a Co., owner, of the Chose pea
wql start to-day in pursuit.
he gurcruntont has rommixtioned the Pa
tomaeolml she will be armed and furnished
'lrk a lighting crew at the Navy Yard.
Sr. :onus, Dec. le.—Tho Evening Gail,
gives the following conwirning the rapture of
the Chesapeake. The schooner was matured
hero by confederate agents. Meetings were
held utad the passage mot °rpm: ties to maks
the seizure, was paid through to New York.
The one promised s:•Ott eiteh on steamers
being tardy taken into Wilmington. It was
also arranged that in a store in New 1 ..rk
each of the party into tr roll nt different times
fora parcel containing arevolter, amunit inn
and a pair of hand-cuffs. It to believed the
cargo was shipped by Confederate agents, and
wan very valuable to the Smith, and that it
was arranged that she should be seised on this
particular trip The Chesapeake did not cool
here, she vented oil tho harbor crud took on
board Capt. Parker, formerly of the privateer
Iteribution, who took command.
LATEir-Thu C'hebnpeake t,. br
near Cape Seble.
The rlv, r e.t.11 readlns a1..w17 c. tl,: , t, 4EII
Lot titllr .v,. for
Tts.• u eat:" raw 4.4 .1..3.1y
the ludicutio:, ore lAN. , It
Bus ~. ravrn• m 11.1Ln ,
,aa van )4,4 e• I.,at ID Inn ..3 , t et otoi:
Sala Ina e l l mr,tl, all toe
fr.glat t,a, • n ,gan 5•• wwlel
and 3 tar unn/I•nr of Inn., ~,r•
TIM Jul", trtut ••• wt.. Is. tt ••••1
• 111 probaLlyil.t. ful, l •t tit. ; lltt,ttot tuft,
Ti.Lett I Leo. at.tlStAr Itglt t an dtt.t.
044 116.666.• latt• I 11. , Jounte
rracLeal b0w..,.0 'fue.J•. nct irolu Seta 6$
.. N. Yo•ri. I apt tut
It. *461 ti,. .1.•141). 6.ta
WI 1111 , 11, i i , lll ‘ ', P , I
Sian 1.1..1. la au 6•6616 ... 6.. I. a t•• I, 31..aplit, ut ,t •
••tiVii hare .ail a. •111/1.1 tI l'in•
clunat C0n13,/, , ~/I • irtly altar IL,
I•.tio left fur 31anipli :ant at day night. the
i. aftiit I• In; ..I.l.rsla lit.
Pet unit mate an, viall."l 1., llie a flat part
Laiat i II lir.. lie ht, bri-tt ital.:, o r
Laitral frau, It La a.arail 1-11 tit aa aitil aa•
.Jratasadail. Mr. W. rtas*is, /110,1D/D-r,04,
/D theiivatil of Lai fn thug o,i - bit...ld, tn..) sag
axlad gilt reaching ilia Altai c In
°star, Penn., ache, Itaa a Gaudy
A 0 , ..01. , a ,{a: e .I.en thr
Loa... tl.• an tn.., ..ear tl.r
Nal:ultra! Cimb;rlArrl rir,r ; tt,r t:dir I6.rer.r.r nm
iato Ity thy street, eith•t. th e
Onto on the 1a:b.•,,1 eel, Fit," the la. at thg
etrat.4ra hetLent. TL. I.tee Ivan. nor.ll Ito ets the
doct. at St. &Anita tor r-t...tre.
We a...1i OnAm/ that wit 'IJ Ili,
Lyt , e
614or,Arelproten t!,, , Land. el'
'Apta,e Sam neves,
•lbera, to ren t.e ttaii
tl arket. by rclecra p
nAtAttt,ttoa Itt - Flom- 'lull anti ItttAt y How
I.lntrr.rt 4-.51 :it
Nrizt tie,. %Vit. 1:1 1.1, old 51 I .1:. II Ll
try firui awl tott.t .ttltto n.
I'nlLtn4Pltl~ IF., I.? n ro , a: 7 - .0 n ,::,
fur Extra Yana: wal doll. role. VON, I. Pit
5 4 . tOt4l 1.5 for 1:.,1 and ,z.OO f o r {..murkyi„r..
horn. ttn. uld 51.1,. , a• • In drulnl,l
Wl.uky firm at a`,..
Dec. to - t.t sltll
ehAtie,.;a ••17,1:tt ,
Extv% ist E.:, L. H. 1.. N,
ttttps 'Whsta 1 4 t . ..ts
In twit, dtsatstl, htt *1 4101 4.1.1. r t hlrago $l.OlOO.
$1.1.11,1.10 r..r Hilw•uks 51.4.Wjt.4.4 be Arm
3.l.l.tattltst.--ilts 'Alter a snt•sitt 51.19 H
1.Z. , Is. Vt stter 11,1 Hs,.. (11. att.l 111 .... , (•:_zl./r.f tsr
Arslter /1•1-1 , .! a •Isttlo rms., nt bl 31.1(.•
1 for t' st,:t IS It. curs firmer tts.l
hatter pro,. 11.2, hm ttaaaot oil an 44tot 44 . 7 , 4.00
Lu tnixrd IV.44.tern, deliverable front the I.t t ibe
of February, buyer,. opt 44.4, El t l i u
ttattne an tteparttl, loon. et }IMO. 4.. le
het ter: Er.!, tYlagur very dull. Elolttute quiet
Potrultturn Irrt4illar 4attd m 4.0411441. In 1.4144/
47r. fork qui.. and intr... tvationzt material e
Littman Sides uvelerately not 444. I..trd doll and
uI 11 , y(41,!!-e, the latter or es Inlne lln n.r tltro at
aysc..:, fur 01-,
New York Stock and Money Market.
.IDror Tone. Doc. ra-y at 0.. 0.7.
tlrin..r at 1 , 161,1 for 1101 - cl,ot 1..1
fold irrvgolar, oneoltleil and linnto. opcnlng at 11> , '
declining to 10' and fine al 1, 1 41.1,1.
Goren - moot I , to. t• 11tIn 1,10'.. loit ,
7.110 r 10'1 1 ,. 1-Year 114,1111catoo
!Roan quit t act J,.
ltu. kr., Ilk. t'
Ed., 1 . 14. 101 , .: 1/.1! r
Boullog 1101, NV..t
New York Wool Market
Fax Yon., 14w ember 10.—Th. public ale of darn
aged Capo Wool, this m wning. was not evry largely
attented; but tbsre was still enough present to In
vite The prices realized, were very
bligh aal ostmdnl expectatiung. Ti, wool waa held
for and ou arstout of underwriters. The w hot , . otrer
legs sold at prices varying from to :UM p,
for that In bales, and the love nuol, which try
4.117 damaged, at 4,vistk 14,
01 , mau matt,.
Lem. and :',l ik.usg or
raralrell beuellt of Mr. R. r. ./. all LEI, the
equestilan artlete, Artie will appear 11,11 e. the
linater," and "Mauer/pa."
Tills (Friday) EY ENING,
W 111 M preeentol, the meld-dramt lc miss:tad...4
VEIL E, TIIE 1.117211TE1t I
Herne E )Ill.•
Lytornod G. S. Rams..
Shadotell J. 0. Sefton,
Mabel Annie Ebe: lie.
The Doltish Horse II leastl.a.
To conclurls w ith the hrst art of
Mitten+. R. E. J. Miles.
The Wild Ilkorse Wittaxnah.
CommenelnN Rlamlety, Dec. 14 CI, 1 . ..63.
Ta a rad
N' Yer parlitla. Iwo Programme.
detLSt ; B, IL ARSISTEOND.'Aaant.
- Graf or dusontr.r, 1
Treisneeeft Office, Dee. 1, ma I
lIONDSAFAM:D.—VertIei 'bolding. Cotnpro•
mire Hands of the City of Allegheny, Pa.; are hereby
notified that de...Sinking Fund for 3.80 will he to.
!veltedzitt, thole; :Bonds-at the Iciestt - enter offered.
fProixnals teethed tuItiIIATUIDAY the •211. day
ALLIDGITENT.Tba Board of Directors
hart this day-called on ..sessmant of rifts Per
Coat. of the Capital Stockof "Tlt Tina National
Dank of Allegheny.° payable.. tteelfth lost, at
Omelet. of the Stectisoito'flaelap' Dank, Allegheny.
&lie% . T. H. President.
Omer or Tn. Cremate Lem - quer. Co., 1
Pitt...buret, Dee. 10th, 1e67.
oorm durlng the mating year, will be holt at this
°Mee nu MONDAY, the 21st loot, between the boom
of Ito trt. and 1 p.m.
Aolet.l SAMUEL BEA, &wrote,.
_ _
rho I...pular author and lecturer, will deliror th
11.11,11 'enure tho r..urs.. under the ...0re...1 th
Mere.. ntila Library A swarlat 1.. n, nt
L, .% 1-471 - 7 M HALL.
Ou Monday Evening, Doe. lith, I MO3
OW' The Penut. Imola Railroad Co. ell' rune spe
ial train from Turtle Creek, on the night of each
lectore of the mum, if sufficient encouragement is
given t;y the ref:Wrote aleng tin cowl.
Tickets Si ce•te, to be bail at the bltatic rind Book
Stores, Library B•wr., and at the Hall Door.
• • .
•.• . •
Itc.ent open .t 7; !leading to cam:arum at T,g.
W. 11. 6 / 1 [..10, GrAtaar W. W[l.ol,
5A141,1. A. L 0,,,, Tuoitra BARiPfIi.L, Jr.,
WILLI CV W. ‘V.2.11, /11,11{T M. ATWOOD
de] 0 td I,Peture Contmittra.
M., and !kola...Rory. 59 Fourth If I reel,
Itetvee• Wood and Pifiuket Str'otr
Paul rmyr—TlloslAS BAK Ell ELL
Smarr s )8E PH H. UNTER
TArAirstut—J kDIES PARK, Jr
rontrtt.tioun or money and god+ ,ollef teal sent to all parts of the army.
Ittfortuation furtt,.lteti In notation to tbn skk and
nttntt.ktl In Ik. ('nntitt. and tittspitaLs.
The fretght ten J..a•ted I. paid here
—lh ['talon , oteri f the City or AI y
Arn Invit,i to meet et their ttopNetire places Lr
hul•ling olectiotut, ou dATURDAY, 26th inALlot, be
t the h.•ur. ut 4 sod u'doelt y. m , aid rule
1,3 1,,,11.4
One rilltnn fur Mr^yor,
31/ti 4160 tor enDliitiatem for the rest:active Ward otTlee•
Judtros of the Prienat7 glertioos will tarot at
tor TtoW. IlitCe3l:, on 111./NDA T, 28th Inst., at II
o'cl.!el: a. M., Mad nall UP the TUC Or the respeette
prect vet, the persou haring the highest Tote to be
, I,lare.l the ootoinee of therev r,
lithern. Elt , tlen are Inetritcterl to refer.. Mn
rot, offered hry flow.. 'rho Toted agalwwt the Union
Stete Ticket to Uctuber
At order oftlin Execitirn Cumzulttee.
Ann.] Asbeastnent I.ixt for Inn; containing
Taxes on Income, oilier Plate, Carriages,
Liven.« liotteg io the lth 114rbii.ati of the 2114 Penns.
Uet nil, eunipridng the fah, 7th and 61 h Ward. of
the t'ity of Pittsburgh, end Pitt Town-hlp, except
ing Dint pan north of Penn street, has be‘Wrerrired
front the Asaeso.or, and ton Taxes are now doe. I
will merle, the Tama as aforvesnl, at the rides of
Aldermen BUTLER, No. 125 Wylie etre., from the
Obit day of November until ane 15th day of Ihicem
lair, Dir., Inclusive between the hone, of I and 5 p.
tn. alter which tiros the penallien prescribed IT the
law will be exacted. 40/1N A SERGEANT,
Deputy Collector 4th D1T.00,22d District
f .lei
D. L. De.,..IInIEY, 1).,
will .letiv, hu calebrated reply to
at SLt 1: 111 roll aloN 11. E. COL' RCEI, Allegheny.
an lIII:ESNAT EVENING, Dec. 1010, far the ben
fit of tn. Sander Srlowl connorod will, that charge.
Tale,te, .45 cant .-ann—to be had at the /aorta of
Pratt .t Denney and lhamae Chantler. Vedarel rt..
Ala-glyny. and at the Book ttaree g-nrrall! In
1..c1ar.• tnno,o, at 7 clack.
NEVI I. LE HALL.—the Classess
m. open
for nen members el rash time of mesting. Ladies
4r.4 Grlltlnmeo. TUENDAY and FRIDAY, !YEN-
I NGS, at 11,. Ladies and Children, WKDSZSDAY
stsl 8A TCliti Al' A FTE/LNOONS, at] (idea.
Tor course a tw..0,3 DLL
For Luis =IL .112 sere, DO.
rm. Childr.e,
- - -
- I/ EN Y —Capt. Stsaur Durso, at the argent
rah, it. 001 of m, eitlurns, Iw canon - Mod to permit
las :lam, to he uoad as • candidate for the Mayoralty
‘.l dll.yh, uy I:ity, . tho ellusaug municipal ciao-
Wm. ttallete
-VE Pr 9 D WEJr7'6i.
ti rtrxrtTlsa YURPUSSti.
.1. F. 1.51 b U. 8. lufaxilfY,
Nutlota! 1101,1
MA IL TO 1-()1/ FRIENDS----The
PASSIDENT'S AlYSNAllil la full, In the
Weetly C./.,.,,:e1, for tale week, nos re-44y In wrap.
,eav wailing. Price file ceutl, at Frank Clllo'll
New* No. TO Fifth Ist.
cIALESMA WANTED —A 2ialeantnn
ni a SI hohnuala Grocery nuue, in Philadelphia.
rune ha'oll2 experzen-e in the lowineba, a liberal
.alley will he Or, n. A.ldiran BOX N. 2421, Phila
delphia P 0. Aeln st
ItENVARD.—Lost, on Tuesday
N A lE. with steel chain. c,nrsislog taint $240. The
aline reward will te paid the finder If kit at TIM
UVVICE. dt.41,71
(111EAP FUEI,—Tha Pittsburgh Gas
C.nipany will sell CORE, suitable fur tosanfar
luring ur duw..lle purl...a, at 4 cents per bushel,
In lb. e.rks, p, Lnudirl delivered within
any ronsonstile distance, in the city.
11.-I.lw J A 31. Call [STY. Tressur.r.
WA N 1 ED—ln au old establiobed No.
V V lion Elotme In Phlladelpfiin,
Who can tolloencc matt Mlnd ahort.timw 0000117
B.ldrsa, BOX No. 213:!, Pllo.lollhln P.O
XS, for FOCI, arr due and must ha paid to ore cents.
itoceir...l at City Truasurer's Mace, Fourth wove,
during business hours, , mat my rc-Wens, No. t 79
Wehstor sheet, opposite the Water Works, from 6 to
ti a. m.and to 7 clock p. etc
deoktf J. IL NEWMAN. Coll/rotor.
CLIZAP rOH CASH. —71.1 Lnt btu 2S fort
front on Toarneund atreot, Sault Ward, and runs
Lank 100 fivt to au alley. The Hon. la • tero-stury
brick, containing lire morn., and ism the mar of
the lot, fronting on the alley. A gaal bargain may
ba had br applying soon, to JOHN it ITLfitth,
tow .lrott, or at
lii Ti,,rea, Bands and Ct.l4,
. .
Dunn, QuAlrrou•aszpaUmfaa.u..ll UrVICe
iltaburgh, , Rec. 8, 1863. f
Dec. 1111., 1.63, al 81 a. rn., at [ha Prblle
boin No. 333 Liberty 811.4.1, to th. Rlghoirt bidder.
Terme cash, Goverltalcut Vaud,
Lieut. Cul. and IN-Tint, Q.lll. Gan _
V of the pawn ; 15 acres to sell now ; 7 foot cant of
cool. Any one trtablng to purchase land of tls
above quality, mill plea.* call at POILTSEIDSIIU
TEL, corner of Penn strold and Cod] oil VII !-
DAT, Dec. II lh, Etiquln, for
del I:21 DAVID 11. SCINVAND.
It ran to seen of the "Peed ytorlan Bno Rooms,"
07 Hand etmet. delltrr
Sterling'. a mbroidri, for the ;
Laird'. Bloom of Youth;. „ •
Binh Allen's Bair Restorer; leer/paint ;
Perfamery and Toilet Articles, td eirry der
Family Dye ikdore
Gent'. and Ladles' liltonlder Brae.;
Of neery deseriptlon and lend quality, kept roivtantly
on tairel rind for tole et
Dr: Keyser's Llndsero Blood Seemlier,
for ule by
'Corner Fourth end Smltheeldntreete.
mama to consider blniaelf, or It may be rather wiehea
to create the impremion, tbat tie la "ibnlnal• and
retail agent" for this methane. To those who know
him It Is unnetwisary to aay is word, lint to oaten I
wl•h to aay that /Amid tiaDr." Lindeey's exclusive
appointment, hoeing 'yet ova:. eight years of yam.
rind time to Tip: still, tb• pritilleation may' bo Of
lest importanos to me than to the newspaper camera.
A T - filiE (MILNER, 4/1 0 ' UNE!) ATM
OBAIVFORD EiTtIEE72I, a 4a641617 slut
Droillogliouto Gad two lota otigrooildi b k#Orior.
al lovroolo..kitchan th roe tiotoltone, porrit...)ll.
dront, ono; grips oinosoltuv. ' De
.14 ot a bargain. ApOy
.44 4.1137Abi111
piorosAus FoR FORMIE,
Dopot, - Deciatber 3, f
Sealed propasals areirrolted 14 the ttadandyrted txr
aapplyiag the U. S. QiWter¢lilltie• DefenlollBlt, at
Washington. C , Italtimota, of
Aleratialita aad
Tort Iloarcei Tit., or F. H hor those
,tarsen; lath
Bids will be reads - ea for the do/leery of 6,1:m0 Desk
of or oats, and 60 tons of bay or straw, anrinp.
Bidders mist state et which of the •bvt• nano]
point. they propose to main de/ire:lm and the mini
at which they will tube deliveries thereat, tbeqnsa,
tlty of sorb article proposed to be dellrend, the time
when maid deliveries shall be eatemenced, and Ithotti
to be completed. ,
The price must be written out Au Wards on Meth!,
Cons to le put up in good stout tanks, of &taut t •
bushels each. Oats in like seemi of about tbre.
bushels rook. The minks lobe tbrulsbed wlthent
too charge to the Gmernmetd.: The bay alai atm.
io be securely baled.
The rani/vier kind or dwecriptioo of oaf., cora,
bay, or straw proposal to be deirreral, most le stated
in the proposals.
All the articles offered undsr..the bid. herein Lk
riled will be subject to a rigid' inrpectlon by the
Goverument Inspector, before behrtaceepted.
Cataracts will be awarded hove time to thoo to the
lowest responsible bidder, as the interest of the Gov
ernment May reqolro, and payment will be etude
when the whole amount contracted for aball hare
hen delivered and ettepted. .
The bidder ell be minima to accompany hi. pro.
page' with a guava:lly, tigual by two•responaible
tbat in case ids bid U accepted he or they
will, within ten days thereafter, execute tint contract
for the van., with 'gam/ and sufficient sureties, to •
Onto 0.1.1 to the 111131012,Ut of- the contract, to dellrcr
UM forage proposed in conformity with the tar= of
tide advertisement; on Lo case the said bidder bo ld
fall to enter into the contract, they to make good the
difference between the offer of geld bidder and as
next lowest responsible bidder; or the persqn In whom
the contract may be awarded.
The reeponebility of the guarantor most I. shsrwu
by the official certittcate of a C. B.blstrict Attorney,
Collector of Customs, or any (Abet officer miller the
Qnited illugoa•Corerament, or reepoissible Krems
known to this office.
AU bidden will be duly notified of the acceptance
or mieetina of their proptod.
The fell Mme awl P. O. addrera id each bidder
must be legibly written to the prupoiaL
Proposals mint be addressed to Brigadier General
D. IL RUCKER, Chief Depot Qoarienusatee. Wwih;
loges's, D. C., and should be plainly marked ••Propo•
411 for Forage."
Benda, in IL sum equal to the amount of the con
tract, elgoed by the contractor and both of hL gnaw
work wilt be regaired of the unaratfid bidder cr
biddore upon eigolag the contract.
Blank form. of tida l guarantees, nod bonde. Rot).
br ohtsined upon applicatlim at tills (dice.
Town, Comity and f tate,)
1, iltenuh.crlber,du hereby pmpr. „
to Lunt* sad
&Deer to the Vetted States, at the guartermaater4
Department at , agrreably to the Dm= of
Jour advertisement, treating preponds for *Mahe,
datrd Werbington Depot, December 8, IMO, the 0-
artictea, Me 1 •
boahele of Corn In arks, at per boahol.
of hn pound,
bushel. of flatm, In eark., at per Imshel;
of 32
—torn of baled flay, st por ton, of 2,000
—t ins ofStraw, at —per tan, of 2,Cf%)iondilt.
Dell eery I.oool2lllloBCOun or before the—day of
—, lan-, and to be completed oil or Wore the
day of —JIG-, and plaice tripoli' to enter halo •
written contract with the Idled States, with prod
uad approved socoritlew, within the !warned ten days
after being nertitlnl that toy hid hat been arreptaiL
Your obedient torrant,
Bri ;miser General D. H. litu num,
Ch lel Depot Quartermaster,
Washington, D. C.
w., the undentigned, residents of
the county of --,stud t 4 4afts of
..• •• • -
hereby, Jointly and sceeratly, 00,11. i litt lb*
muitcd Males, and guarantee, in ea. the foregoing
bid -- accepted, that he or they stll,'
within ten day - sager the acceptanie of wad bid, PIT
cute the contract for the oaten with good sad englritait
sureties, in a aunt equal to the stotount of the contract,
to throat. the forage proposed In contfermity to.tbe.
terms of advertises:nen dated Peeember ISM. under
which the bid was mode, and, is ca . the
. .
fail w enter hap • C o ntr act as afar:amid, tremor—
antes to maket.goott the tlittorenm betorven the offer
41 the and the tool fowls!. respatmlbbe
I.l.ltter, or the pertuata to tchoto the contract may be
f Chrrn under."' hand, and Rafe
1 t —day of —,
thralll larryby that, 1., the heat of my knoll
• d belief, the ab aant.d guarantor, are goal ind
stekitnt asan , rtk.• for Ma antount for which tb. y
Err to be se,,rlo
To tre rettlll.4l.y the Mated Staten Diatelet Altos
,nlleetor of twat... or any other officer tunlze .
IL. Unit.' Stat. t.otertnnont, respdtilble peretm
known to thls oto.-•. n. n. RCM( E
[trig. Cen. mot Q.eterm.tar.
Commitsioa and ShippinglEe(!ihant,
Refer to—Tiltaara. It. Jack G.., Pittsburgh
!Cleat! d Ladd, Cincinnati;
K. C. Knight Oa., Philadelphia;
C. P. Kedged et Brae,
ti' Consignments solicited.
HOl FOR 'MB DRAM—Persons
claiming XXEMPTION eau bare their Rpm
mad., not by calling npas
WAS. T. DUNE. No. ICU rlith greet
Tbreo down below CotbedraL
H. B.—There should be no delay, aa the to for
bllo~ehalms Is very short. Bring ten arltneaeray
/wade qf fassities. with Tau. delder
. InvHod and will bis
FEUDS Y, the 11th tmt., by tho Committee on PIM
Engines of the City tit Allegheny, for Ma manufac
tory and delivery, In said city, of en. thousand *et
of the best ipvillty of Leather Mee, suitable fur lb.
toy of Steam Fin Engines. Separate proposals ate
solicited corn and 10 inch how complete.
Proposals to Ic staled and left with A. D. Ml=
to new bright Lama, bbr sale by
FOR BALE.—The largo threowtory
DIPELLLNG. BC. Penn street, below nay Eire;
I. offered for sale. Pries f-0,500. The house is well
bully famished with marble mantel., gas and water.
Larne Tani and alley inc h e rear. Any nno
teem the house me ear ihrongh the aide gaisi ov
Pena etreet- JOON WAY.Jr. •
eniffdradal SAkkietwrill. ,
Prima Inch Mooring . Boards,
to root long, rnrbooo mama, for ode by
111031AS-10 A LABG,
nelAbe 129 Liberty street.
ty ?Roarer having Owed In the hands of teems
denlgned the County Duplicate for milmtion„all
person. who have not settled lb. same are requested
to intik., Immedhate payment and Nam coals.
G . 8 . 4 5 5 41./ 1 / 1 7,
Mae, Boller .t.. near Al 1..
SEEDLEtiS RAISINS, new erep, - very
fine. Jmt received. Also, London Layer Italotes,
In whole, hell and quarter boom, emote's/ andler
isle by JOlllf L. EANBALW. ,
eis/ eorrter Liberty and ilima street/.
QMOKED SALMON—A - fresh supply
Jed reeeinsi and /be mete by the pound; at the
Family Gersery More of
Corner Liberty and Hand strosta,.
WO bW ,. TOTAtOtB. of Pnell Blow, Pr*" Al
bert:ly ko., varletlro, for rale by -
ea= SOW. 11NAZELTON, 18 Dholnd.
EARLASH-30 casks Na 1 in don
and for We by. J. IL C&N11117LD....
The IfiniOalifsaters of the East
P , '
lANIOS ug'out faior of DECKER'S f II
I --"
After basin/ examined the Piano Forte% of the
Item. DECKER. BROS.very carefully, we hate
come to the conchnion, and cheerfully acetify, that.
1b..) , are in every revved impeder Inetrumente.
time in pure, rich, brilliant, very distinct; niolef an
entirely austral
character. Their workmanshipla
of the very best, plainly demonstrating that 0129,1* bat
the very beet material. are used, and their,.toucb,.
everment and equality of tone throughout theovitole
commas of the key board, trilostetl by any obis
Plane fart* ere have yet men, - •
8.. 11.. Mills, Theodore Thonise, William
Chas.-Tredell, Theo. Ilagnei r editor of the
.Y t
&eine owl World; ,Cori Anehnts, Director of! the
German Opera: John ZondeVeditorJoerset PK3. -
Werahtp: Bitter, Cart %Vol reohn, Voila
A choice Lot ci a...superior instruments Jest eV::
doing. J.ll HOY/MAX &
&fa sT,r3fth street
• 11 - NAIJE lAN/6 ara -
11 um considered the t.est Plaza
the 'arid BRI N ES DitOS. Pl. ' I
ANOS an the Wet Planor So tlie'coeutiyat the
. price. 02110VISTEENit CO.'S' PLAAOS,' thltTee;
MTh taselroodOblly. entreated. Car A 07,01. 'NAV
;SHALL At Tlll.l= -. 8 PetiortlectPlANOS far=s.
!PitiIiCZI.NZLODLONB,IbO4 utle• Prlta
,from ;33 to 1220.
cimmorn zuriz z O - virthiripei: -
de6 Sol* sprit for 10.0.11
=gr reamer PULL (MAHAN, Iloar,..aatelV
aLar, harm Plttsparah area • at
4 p, 5,.. awl Zatteittlle wrrry PBtWAT; at lit 01.atit
a. as. The new ataatmar JITLTA, elattat Com,'
ataadar,battat Itatsbarpti rawIer3ATIIIMIT di 4
p. as., itod Unwind, spry 7113Sattr; atttellOck.
a . is. par freight Of rytagaralliow board art*
Tboy cora Idler CbstiNatnit stab Zioroini
They make ch. Irak stnii_Um. Janda
and on exhausted notate/ groat.rodroOr.l-sofT:
oonctesed of the relebrated Collobro -both. '
green. soltuihno, rooti lard herbs. :"f.oroa la
wholly buri n . Coilt 'scat for tortiotao,
eitonlats and teo Windt& wand factilolOalo , ,
Boworo of !wooden., ilbumolniereilt
thatbait &IL %rue glguitur•olt CO!
IL theorp ot.e Ow cork, with plintortant
our arm alitrattoze on a lbw stool plate eapealog
Ade bib& B.s tbat oar We to not'xel'Medlar
opaline ord.:oh/akar, stuff; Vs 441 97 vogiz..,
b =OA the aide or &cuter of Otte lgOcebtl - 44.1 . ./
PoroOtipodeidhig to Cell rursii tiCiittta**-.6.0
pan or to bulk, b Co koPortor• We mOir OAF ) 2 _
our tog eabto bottle. — Any petteCi toaltatfortithlo A
bottle, or selling au othsitootottal tbizept,trboatta 41
called Plantation )3114er0 Or oct o to 6 • 1111 toll; orraor
Lb. Q. a, Low, and win be WrilrooloOtect by itt•
ohood7 bow oor Aro "bo two.portio 1041314•4Yer
Wary- to, who whl onoceod {tot!
-Into edeer , varteno Tbet
totkor !Intro hunt Wier. - dergleiri,.lnoicattllO? . :,
4e, to *leafy bscrealble. .tho ilff4:t • •
bettli le tho ertd.ap A nrosett'Of.thOtr,W4hloot s f'
aaperkrttl• !b4 on , Bold Von. •;'
gad% 4" 0 "*. , Pbrd.lonlb '2,0144 : 1 4 00 4 0, 4'7 , e 2 :-
" 4 "'Y xrdisiioct;
4 X X4'.4 BEY. r
vats, et .1. whianie slid retail;
'SIMON ialiNgiti-M;
corner emiedubs aireeta.?
- .
• 1G BOLLMAIIi Galati!". - • •' • _-_
(lamerim 114 4%.40410 , 4-1 _
"Mt brobkli' of
aiay.ezhlatde at the 14 ' , "" 621.' • F ihib . l " ,
iooeoa 14"61!b711
8. K.O/tDiAi_, _
liter Illascusrm,
10 , . ,, PRIVATE Dll3/IMIES
Dr. Lndlcan's 13p6okftb
ua. =is mut& rom,dy tor tie , ors= re,
ofietesnalm. It Is the ?Uneve' eta. smintE4
Ptryikint sisosi nib inns devoted to tit" iat of
this dr of dlnemes. onproc '41;40,
oess, for ;non thui twooty nom Lopirt.loa in
ttra trquiriag m hdectionis, and diffilidiCilai,4".*
konalbs pnatce nandibt -troacrsat:variV.
_ .
Las egnapands offered to lha
?notable and perfectly ialb."ltacts like a-dirt:4
Caintax,--T4 gnat soil:moor tSO .t.stottOß
"lbeltog *Dumas =tins lot; led to 4 bel ag
by imprincliad,oun. Macaw thenitivii
Cols fmyrigtorMuthalati,
Sal Ll si l :prne#4 ?ameAlLPar
wryer tea atirtiesuls by GEO IL - Erpr*
lie wood rued. '
' ; 186,1 --
TO THE.CITIZEOS OF prrucum Ammon.
tortuioo . 9optos yroold torpeettotty tietc ottitottti
to the pftwolottknowit -
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ado, Lea of Blom Ind Cdtarsl Horiinis
Abaft theiNbs fiiitrmttai
manizonvii actrime P 11141;„ .
Tha moat port form of Ce.thatto ores giv.enflo
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and con ••O Xry-spopda,, Hilloomoolt
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, Practkal Chetrat, Balton, Xara. -
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