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XPITOI.III AND rtralarP2/1.-
NOV. 24 1
The Right Way to Go to Work•
The Indianapolis Journal publishes two
columned extracts from the Indiana coun
ty papers, all of which show that the
enthusisut for voluutecring in that
State has reached a very high pitch. The
Colludes are generally paying a bounty of
one hundred dollars in addition to that of
toted by the government, an4ta somecaeot
increasing the pay of the volunteer ten dol
lars a month. There will ho no draft in
that State.
—Now why Should not Allegheny coun
ty, and every other county in Pennsylva
nia, tot ,, timely counsel, and sot about
meeting the President's call in so practical,
effective, and honorable a way, as these In
dianians have shown us?
Hors Coppertiegd!Sympathles Are Ei
The copperhead journals always raise an
outcry when their friends, the rebels, are
hurt. Whether Gen..Scticscx, in Mary
land, tries to exclude them from the privil
ege which they have so justly forfeited, of
coming to the polls in the false guise of loyal
citiiens and . voting to put agents and al
liesof theit own into the national
toys, and and intoimportant offices of the state
of 'Maryland; or whether the same uncom
promising General and the Governor of
Delaware nr..roe in adepting the same course
towards men that reface to swear to support
the constitution and laws of f the United States,
in the recent election for a Member of Con
gross in that State—it is all alike. The
General acting alone as -in Maryland,
where Governor BBADFOILD refused to co-
operate with him, or acting with the fullest
• co-operation of the Governor of Delaware- -
it is ell alike. The copperheads are equal
ly dissatisfied in each case, because the
rebels could not just vote and do as they
pleased—what the copperheads always con
sented, and now wish, to see them do.
When Gen. Butler assumed command at
Fortress ftlonroe, he issued the following
rtepresentations Lasing bee
, n made to the corn
' Mending general that certain disloyally disposed per
sons within this department do occasionally, by frce,
interfere with, and by opprobious threauning lan
guage, insult and annoy loyal persons employed in
the quiet discharms of their lawful occupations, It ix
hereby announced that all such conduct and len
group is hereafter expressly forbidden, and will be
punished with ndlitary weerity. AU officers of this
department are directed to order the arrest, gala te
bring such persons mare found offending azoinst this
order before the triburml established' for the Poe
potie of punishing offenses within this departnte , C ,
Of course, as soon as the copperheads
• heard of this, they raised their most savage
howl—or Mrs, we ought to have said, to
avoid the catachresis. They affected to see
all the tyranny and cruelty of a Suns or
Nero in it. In fact, it was even worse
than that—it was uffprecedeuted—it vas
unique--it was !'Brute Butler • redirirus, and
at work again , .
We have not yet had a specimen of their
cry after a new offender in the West, but
here is a paragraph which will be sure to
bring them out:
"The military telegiaph Las beau extended to Fort
Smith, and Gen. 11.14eil has ordered that any inter-
Orme. with the llne shall be punished as buswhacll fro
ing—it the wires are cut, a glean prisoner 44
• hung.”
—By what accident the copperheads have
- overlooked this, we cannot tell, but we sup
pose they must have done so, as we have
not observed a single reference to it in any
- Of their daily diatribes against everybody
and everything that hurts, or is meant to
hurt, their friends. It is certainty quite
as objectionable to both copperheads and
reliefs, as anything General Scnrscr, or
even General BIITLEII, has done, or ever
reposed to do,—and therefore we cannot
but think that their editors and orators will
take It as a favor to nave their attention
called to it ; and for our part, we must ton -
Tess that the antieipationof the coming hiss
from universal snakedom—like a brova
"harp of a thousand strings discoursing
its sibillant music—makes us take pleasure
in doing so.
Ilovr , We Treat Rebel Prisoners.
The painful scilicet which has been neces
sarily so much before our readers of late,
namely, the barberous treatment. of our
captured soldiers bythe rebels, must not be
lost eight of, even though we bear that
through the exertions of benevolent associ
ations and the. co-operation of the Govern-
Meet a certain degree of mitigation of their
sufferings and privations, has taken place,
and that some seasonable clothing and sup
plies of food hove reached and cheered their
prison-dens with assurances that they are
not forgotten.
We think it right that the subject of the
treatment of prisoners should he studied
otherwise than in the revolting aspects it
presents when we look towards the Libby,
Castle Thunder and Belle Isle. Let us to
- day take a contrast, and look at the treat ,
menCof the rebel prisoners in our bands.
We oopy the following extracts of a report
made by W. B. SWAM', M.D., Inspector U. S.
Sanitary Commission, on tho condition and
management of the camp for prisoners of
war at Point Lookout, Maryland:
Teesdee, Nor. 10, 1863.—Yisited and hi-
Tooted the different wards, kitchen and din
ing-room of the Hammond General Hospital,
w now mostly occupied by the rebel
sick, and in charge of Anthony H
with eg
the dß
er, Sur
geon U.S. A. lie, in company
oer of the day (Dr. Bidlack,) visited with me
every ward, kitchen, bathroom, Ice., and
showed me every attention in their power.
The hospital is arranged like the spokes of
a wheel. and has lltteen.wards, together with
one building used as the executive depart
cunt, and centaining also the eleeping apart-
meats of the different surgeons.-diepownl7,
. 11[101440019, &e. The capacity of the hospital,
allowing 903 cubic feet per bed, is 1,050 beds,
or 70 beds to each ward. Including the conval
escent ward, and the wards forarysipelas and
hospital gangrene, there are about 1,400 beds.
Ventilation good—high ceilings, and plenty
of rood sea air. The number of patients at
present in the hospital Is 1,277; 01 these 493
are Union men, and 7134 rebels. The Union
colliers are all nearly ranveteseent, while the
prevailbsedieeese among the rebels I, chronic
blarthea. .
The ward' when In very good condition,
but there was a vast difference in the cleanli
ness of those occupied by our men—no spit
ting on the floor or lounging on the beds with
clothes en—as was seen among the rebels ;
' could do nothing With.them, i m pose no pun
ishment for they wore too weak;
.. evory atten
tion was plaid them , and all potable care taken
tekeep the,arards and bedding es cleanly
* possible. '
Tit,the half and low diet kitchen, found the
traygall ready to convey the foodto the sicki
"..e.! the rebs received the same as "our seen, no
distiction ahatever, potatoes, rice, cabbage,
eWeet milk, soft bread and bur, and n
er • eitirilltoroll being 'Pre tte
Pared- Ws
kifeiren had' female cooks. The full diet
kitiberialtebythe sida of th e dining-room ,
wither-et:thing complete,orens, boilers, lec.
• The '?.Liellg-tOOlll, 'rabic of 'bating 1,000
porton_ ,s wasth splendidcondition,witb tables,
." 'finer, &e., in good order. I shall not enter
. ,
s -
into the details of these ,various apartments, I rustic .roricEs.7 ..irErir ./D r.ERTISEMEXT,S. .11" E li •.IDI'E It 7 IS EmEArTs. 4•Elf' .ID FE.Kr/St....TiEJI"TS.
hutwill speak of the sections which to us now - - -......------.--- -- —_- • ,---.......- --,,...---z..... --.- - -
is of more interest- It was my fortune to v -- -,, THE MAYORALTY OF ALLE- 1 RI OARD vrANTED—In this city ii; a A I. OLD PRICES!
enter the dining-ram as dinner was being . `-'-' GHENT -Capt. Scans Dana, at the urgent :1-1 Lady, either In ain ,n , .. (cm ~ .. ,-.,t1, t• . ./ . ,
~/ i . ,,/
placed upon the table, and found about six ' .U.•"'"• ° " Or m:::i' dth ' - ', , ,1T: 'r eu b t- P r .-7,- -,.,-,-,.—.- ~, ~-.. , L ,,,,,, - - ;". ..—.../.,/,, . ) ..._.,-, ,..,..
ounces of fresh beef, boiled, three potatoes !. h'f'fritroyb'City, " at ' the ensurng'rrutu:lclgreleCY: -.. ' '''' -. ' - __ /.. • ..._././I t:ty:l4 , "
two thick slices of bread, butter, one pint ot ' Dm. eg
nolb.te • h
S 5 00 RE"
A i'
' -I.
- ''
" ,/,/ • ) \
...p will vegetables, and the condiments of- 1 • • on. ntog.ll.e 2. , 1 tot! I. •,..-u t to. , ort,,
pepper, salt, mustard and vinegar; and to '- . HENIOT AL OF TILE DEAD. —All , Bier , nod X . m are,. ,t,,i ,Landlreky and , . , , .
~. .
~ 1.1.
this the rebels sat down at the mime time and persons intereetted are hereby n r,tibre , t hat - .11. ' ow. di .tt 11.3 It/ a. , . ...'". ~, iiI.I,I'IIIIL r. 1 , I I i I . , i
in the came room with our men. What could , Lir:: ,r,'l,4,,,ltTura:'rjl°,:,'w:..„'"':„,,.„„nd ,e, , c tor it, ~ to-,, i.. . 1 - •.' ,l ii sli 1 ` - 1
they wish morel If there was any complaint fiard,vity of Allegheny, to Hilldals Ceruetory, will
at at all, it ought to come from us, that they ,be commenced on the 27th of thin month. 01 /V F.RN ll ENT sA.I.F. —YI 1, ..• ..,,i, ,
received too much and were entirely to well ' By order of the Board _ . . 00.,
treated. • Ilole,Ad 1 k•A at h", 1•1 , tt. w.r. I, 51, Ir, 1., ... a fli. I
7 Icr"°" l6l.E. '.".) 0., at No 1 1.11 ., .r . .l1OV1 1 •Y. N.` , -
Fru. Disc.—Break/est—Bread, 5 oz.; butter, rim, sr M'soxosucts lsoreavcr. co , 1 ~,. .'"IlL 1.' ,1 . ,, n..... ' o ' ." • .I ., " ( ''.:r"" a IVO i'il'OP, •111.I)* 1;1 L IA; IA.IIII i'. (11kla II
I oz.; Indian meal, boiled, 2 oz.; molasses, .33. iiittlberah, N., 2,1,. 1-..1.1.
.1 , 12,4-Ir., 0.,l 114 1, t 1.1,.. •,,.. .zo , N , a. . iwri . .
of a gill. Amo•e—Boot soup and vegetables. • DIN-IDEN D. I i
- —':_te Directors , •1 this . T'' , l • ,, i i • xer ~ ..! the '
Aic, lio. c. , it , • . t`
Mt, . TI.IIII. .11... , ',OM'''. "",
I pint: meat, lil oz. , sweet potatoes, 7 on.; , Company bore
o n day declared n Dtsi I. on
or Two DOLLARS upon each 'ha, of the '' ip so" .. ' ' . 1 1 , 1 'i 1.1." I'ec-"ii-',.11::.'1'1,.‘•1'''',..•11 ''''l,-
bread, 4 oz. Suppc ' e—Coffeo, 1 pint; bread, 5
Stock, to be applied t., the reduction of the si. •1, '''''• ''' -' - ' ' -
oz.; cheese, 2 ex.: butter, I oz. Doe Bills. 0101" I. MA 17 F AT .A.L'C'l It I'. .t /n
The diet is enanged every day, when they ro chtdot _ B. E. DAVI' ' or''''' 'S n EDNit... , L , it kiolla,ll,G, Nov. 2,01. at II or ~ lIIN 1 ii ,, 1 . 0 ,,,
also receive
ha ge, tomatoes, maaearon , 0,
„. r
or x 0 ,,.. .,,,,,.„ i ,. ( ..„,„ ( ( . 0 . , ,r I 4.1 c, coal le , .. itl, et 1,, ,
and on Sunday have both Irish and sweet Pittsburgh, Nov 1 , nik, le,- f , 1 ; 4 . I ",„ ‘ ' I n II ',„ - '': ',„',',',7:'',,'„!.',11;:r , ,i d , .. ~ , ~,,
potatoes, puddings, La. Timbres , " ration was . 111 ---,As ELECTION FO R IIF T E i „ , :c ::...,,,, g . . ,... I- ~.. .. .
formerly sir inners, but the doctor has elm it v,-,..) , DIE EG•vogs of t i t :. C, rou pons, t o s e t -, 1 , •• I „„, 4 '' . 1 , , y I , i , ~T , .1 :, ‘, k 1,.. I : 4 „.,,•,,„.
down once mince breakfast and supper, ands the e--ning, year will he bro at it. ethos, he to, •
tT e ',once! dinner, 1 Water s triiwt, On TUESDAY. Dr:renal. r Ist, le t n•.... 1 - 1 - 11 it I S TOi • ki LIF.I.NI{IIII ECK . ~: n oi , vi-vn. ee , ,ill t , ~ .n.
Bsth, laundry and engine rooms complete I the hours of li a. m . sad I, , , (,-:' li RF, of )In , h tch, it, t l.a N.,,,,10 , 1 of Wdrt , . .
, ^;
..! 1.,...... 0.0‘.. ye: v, “1,•I ,t,.. eon
I nolNistd H. E. Secrets.. I Lemberg, or hie ht in, n , bereny ootilled that t h
and in good order. 1 I said ECK H A RDT VI •ttll . tit te an w het toss s
~,,... ~.,„ ,•, •u• ~,..., .
„., ~.,.,
~,,,.. 0
—So much for the condition and treat- i LECTURE. ON TIIE-EAST.—Rkv. lof mt., it.,,os. 4. 11 he , his legal Leos 1110. t
JAMES PRESSLEY, D D.. will deliver a , claim le,. re Os thdot., r, l ed(, Id' iO,O r •' It •
~„ ~, r .
.„, ,
.. 1,
ron.i„,..r ,
ment of rebel prisoners at one point, where r„..,r,,,, on THURSDAY (Thanksuivias,l R YRS • 1 tome!, or lose all the, right ....., l. t' e w tl ' " '-. "..."•'''''.
a very considerable number of those in our 1 l in Fei, mai twit. at TY. o'clock, in the elxrit. ST. I t alon-0., Dy 0,-det of the
hands arc kept. Now lotus tarn to anotney "From Sees, by. Mount Slnal, to Jerusalem: . Pro- the Cone,l of 00 111t,tnt,rn. et P111,..00 .•I‘..
..., .
„101 . g
cede for the benefit of the Sabbath Sr:lit , ol. Tickets I t, ,, Ji gto r ~.,„, ..„
and see if there is any difference: The \ .2s cents, to be obtained from the Teachers, ot nt th. 1 . c cENT RE A \ 1 :s L . I .;
liontreal Commercia/ Advertiser, of the 13th d'":"•* r 124 31 FOR a. ALE..--htx ion. o r ~..-11,1E,411,:i ..N.u.C.IT:, 1 ::1 '1 :: ''' .f. ::311'1,..1.:. 4.'"
. . ''
instant, in an article on the subject of the vc----'11._,-- NOTICE TO STOCKIiOI,I)IOi6.- - 1 a t,e fret aa ,1„. ~.....,,,. 1,, ..!... 4 . p, t.. Fr.wni 11 .t ;
^ The Anneal Mooting of the Stockholdem of eon , ' I. 1r. , " . ir-iii rSomr. Rae si• 'ie i•- 1, - , i!,,,• I.
Part nersh i p nook y.
late plot to release the rebel prisoners on the Pittsburgh d Connellsvillo Railroad Company . . A -yell bola and c• .
in otiv neenogrel Mich rlc. .
I will be held at the office of the Copany, (Jon. NW brut -, orto' , in (root, no,lo hall, In ., ' P.N. , , (....„,,,, , ;1; L . ~,. .1, 1! . r . ~, ~, i l., th, ..,v 1 ~,,,, ‘1 ,.,
Johnson's Island, and to ravage the Amer ' Buildina4 Fourth strcet, In the City of Pittsburgh. Mrtrrbl6hrtio, eve rhaett..rat.q.. et,:,,,.r,,.r,,, ,
‘,..,.. ,
~; r ,
..1„ : .. „
can commerceon the Lakes, and even some ' . the
. FIRST MONDAY (7th day,) OF DECII.SI. ba :, nimb:. df s •,, ,r ~ IO• r A l- •pr •t,. et', ,il,• ..e
1 DER NICLT, at 12, o'clock m, for the purpose of 1 wt. ' h .- - ' r7e u, am t Tl:.. a r .1‘, L . ' 3 4 ::7 . 11 . 0 . .
of the cities, holds the following language - 1 electing twelve Direct°. for the ensuing year. met . --• ie.- boo.: oit I raeLh. •r . t rsid an .l N‘ .1
no 21: td W.O. HUGIIART, Secretary. ', lionw , , p•rni , ion... `berry ir•i . rr.t• W. "6,-. `hod'
Tho Washington Government having re- 1 - , tre. inol .brubl..ry, a11 , ,D , r di,pler , ,nler loom-
fused to continue the exchange of prisoners of . I sioNAL cORPS-, U. S. A.—A Re- a,,,,..1.,,.....,,,, ,pply !..
war under the cartel, sent the Southern offi- 1 crafting Static', for this a ttractive branch of I 11,25 e. CUTDBI I: r,& ..., tN S, 'I 7141-1, , , •,
array has been openrelin this city. The nature I , R , , ,
errs, accustomed to tropical climate, to John- i P.ScAI F.
• TM., service and the inducements offered are sccb as fmr-.
son's Island, where too thousand of them render this opportunity of e nlisting moat desirlitle,
were confined in wretched quarters, absolutely and one that may not again beoffered. SAVINGS' IN STITIJTION.
unfit to house cattle. There is no reason to Toe 'umber particulars Inquire al , Itecrniting Sta.
doubt that the officers selected for this prison Inon, No. 26 Fifth street, Pittsburg . Di , etts rn'etred I , 0 IL\ . and Ft FRS a 1TI: ll
Lieut. J. B. DrFT, 1...V1 1 , KNIN6.
were those upon whom the mid, damp climate a°ll .21r Recruiting 0111.-^r• tote:x.lllold nt t, l e r .ant p', n unen,
and exp . osure would act most prejudicially.
t*TIIE NEW GY 151N-Ain'Tliiri AI .
It was, in fact, an attempt to commit murder, SEVILLE HALL. -She Chisarst - a-n , op n
without publicly incurring the odium of for new members at each time of meeting. t
slaughter. and Gentlemen, TUESDAY and FRIDAY Et EN
This false report was written to make an IslnkfC7ltit A TilAtitNtoLgrsc, V.s v ran s . D.' Y E re. Thos. M. liotrr.
Wm. R. South,
impression in Canada, and possibly in Eng- 'tent, In APTAN..C: w e , t „, , A.
For Adnits,.urse , of twenty lessons a ' rr
land, but how strangely audacious it will For Lade and kflaisea, e e ...... ... 400 Ilar , iy l. 1.14. .
3 00,
appear to the people of Sandusky those I,.",o,l7Cfildrert, i , n . a r,-,irr. ~ N,. 0,1, o'nTil ,Tr.iri:T
n•,l t mwT
who have read their newspapers can easily t . _ , --- '..TO ST LID EN'IS AN D LOS LI a, r -. 1 , 1 v ,. „,,,, „ ,„ , „ ~.., . ".„ ~ ~ ~ ._.
imagine. We take the refutation of it, .-., OF CHURCH MUSIth—TIol W.11.10,.,11 I '-''' ' ' ''' ..l ''''' S W ''' ' I " . •• ' l r ' - 1.',.01 .11,ht epecitimi 1 , 40, including special romii
. compoaer, Mr. JOHN RUNDE], organiet a nd In- /,‘,, '4-A l .:et' .. . n e• '' '' '''''.. Vfl A .:/ N e r 1 . rneekt'l4,Tl loc.. not oaten met wall to binnuess. Al., a . cross camp fl,, -for it w o lf help the right, while it
however, not from ono of these Sandussy reetor of Music or Henry Ward Reedier , s Church, 1 ';,.., ( ;„ . ',,” 0 " . ';;.' ,- ''' ••“ '": ''• . •
e ..d.ostrin. , won • ekl olt 7i.. ed zet d exer-.... , . In
papers, but from a communication in the tkioe;4ortiowriillcovisit t‘ b d i l. c . it t gi c u ti r o in . g „ t ‘ h i e l :entn , , ,t ,.. h . :ri south Is. aver sue t :111,- , rn toy lietor. 11,Wer ante , . n , ..1 fLI,I.IIIIt.
Washington National Intelligewer, which Organ or Melodeon, and Chortle Etaging coutectr , l (L0 ',',,!,‘,.. 0 1t
, " , ;',r,, - , '" ,, '!::L,.:( • : ( • ,‘,':„.,-,2.'!...
bears the impress of being written by one nt,,h,.pruub.liecrim.erf.oirroa,clct.estog
t. thr Ovg . s t n ,.:, tiL d y , be r , ;. 1
~. , .i
~1„ , , ,
... ~, ,
well informed on the subject in hand. He tained at the Must° Stone ~f D. K leherr,gtrin,,agn.l 6„.rm ,,
~, b.
...,.‘ ,
r. C. Mellor. ln • scr. a ill, , lnt, .. the s hr c., to 1 • nr1.1..• i s e !
Bays: . lletT NATIONAL 1/A.,0. Or I'ITTNISUBOB.) r ,,,, 14 a „„j,..., fr .,,,, ra ,,,,,,t ~,,,,,,
A more unmitigated and shameless falsehood (Lad. Pittehervh Drag Compos t /0 g :a 0. re. 4 t utl-s h...n 1 , es It t.,, h 1 •
Pitteborgh, Nov. 2, 111 , ,,1. ) s, sc.-. t 0111e4 hen, N. 0 1t,:_ , . , , 11 .
than the above was never put in type ;for the
writer speaks advisedly when he a.sserts that ----TIIE PRESIDENT AND EA uED i ,—,...0,,„,.,,..... „, .. ~,,, 0-
ot DIRECTORS have this due derlared a Art. t lb'. 7.110 1 D• ,
-e ~ 1 , 'l , eI •' n
the quarters for the above prisoners are en- Dividend of ONE DOLLAR AND VA.ENTI.FIVE er nwler 0,1001.0n0 t t 0 hell .". si
tirely new, have been prepared with great CENTS per
share on the stock or the rltt•hter,.., vi aloha , o .d. , .
care and attention to their comfort, both as •Trast Company is let or Au. ant , and TWO Dol. ' a -,, .0 /111114-55 Liners
to warmth and ventilation, with ample room LABS per eta. on the Capital stock of the r „., ( , 11A 1.1.•,s —Ni ~ ,•,,,, km,.
and space without crowding, and with all the National B.k, out of the profits to the 11. t uot . 4
- 4
able on or after TEE:aI/AI, the loth met.
needful appliances in the
of mattresses, P qhe Stockholders are hereby n otltted that the final 01,1 o 1 I.llr ,
bedding, Ac., and with full nations of excel- payment of the ettbscription to the Capital Stork ~/ .•
lent food. Twenty-6.1 M.. per share will la, rtnpured on or
The p ri soners have also heretofore had full Won, the lot day of Step next.
nolitlnt JOHN U. Srl LLY '•nabltr.
liberty and opportunity to obtain all extras
in the way of delicacies and luxuries that i --- ,:. - ,.., 'ATTE '.'s TI ON ! V 0 LUN'I'E KRS
they desired, and a Sandusky paper now be- ''-' lon ,6tilit,..,6,e„`!r!:Vi 1,-,0,,, T 1.V.,,f L.,; ~.', , 1 .
fore me says that their citisens are deprived 11;7,...,,,Airit5tp1Z.Lne,,,"',1;.`-;•:•„:,,,,ra't v ';,",,' 740 , r ? .. ,.
of their usual full supply of game, in cense- as g arrison of the poet. By enlisting to It, °II ro l e , -
quence of the demand on it by the large num- sure, long marcher and pr.-attune of the field A' ,
her of rebel officers on Johnson's Island, and avoided, .d men ar, prodded with coma. told H.
mentions, as a proof of the manner in which
r i se rtl t ; t,h0e..171-2,r:,,“irWTlvi:;nS!"l wad.,
they were living, that a dealer in the town In all n the duties co 'Arthlory and I twohr:, cleldsere.
gent, at ono time, twenty-four boxes of wine All the Bountlos paid- ` lod to 1,it1.111, elltl ,',..'A L. 1 .
for those prisoners. 051 r volunteers.
The fact is that modern warfare affords no Apply. for further informatem, at the Itecruttlug
Broder:Tone, LA I A Y LTT E HALL, NV twil street, I
I La W.
parallel even approaching to the good and
kind treatment which the rebel prisoners "'F'ulh•
have, az a general rule, received at the hand!
of the Federal authorities. They have always
been comfortably accommodated, well lodged,
and where it was needed furnished with ex
cellent clothing, and eilwaye with abundant
food of the best quality, and sent home in
such good condition that they could take up
arms without delay.against us fatly recruited
and refreshed.
Let any one visit, ns the writer has, the
hospitals where the sick and wounded rebel
prisoners are located indiscriminately with
Union sick and wounded soldiers, and they
will sco them receiving precisely the same a
care and attention as our own men ; each in , In thr .1 j Ow x. le Pf tt.ol k 1
comfortable and separate bed, well ventilated
and perfectly neat and clean quarters, with
the best nurses and medical attention. ~ ~
Wecannot close our remarks better, alma
by quoting further from the same writer, who
Liltus reviews and sums up the prinoipsl
points of this question, as it now stands for . 5 tlr. ,
" " I
1 e
some kind of final solution: .r.t.sit.os
. liE
Contrast this with the treatment which
. - N'l'
Union prisoner , have received and arc recciv- .
....-Th. b,,.
ing at Richmond, the details of which are - ,
truly revolting. It is an outrage en humanity. , .rcd tor err'
Cold, hunger, want of clothing, crowded and, AV
filthy apartments, andvermin are the lot of all ,
of them. In no points have tne conduct of
two sides in this unhappy contest been
more striking contrast than in the treatment
of their respective prisoners—the one all
kindness and care for their comfort, and the
other all hard-hearted cruelty, neglect and
We have at present. about 3,000 rebel officers
in oar potaession, and as all appeal to the
humanity of the authorities in Richmond has
thus far been iu vain, it is understood that all
the above officere are in future to be deprived
of the privileges they have heretofore enjoyed
of procuring the extra supplies they want, and
aro besides to be put upon precisely the same
rations that are allowed to our prisoners at
Richmond ; still, however, retaining their
other physical comforts as to quarters, dm.,
but which are denied to Union prisoners. The
rebel privates who are prisoner/ are for the
present still to have their fall rations, Soo.,
but unless a change takes place in the treat
ment of our prisoners at Richmond, it to
be presumed the same rule of treatment is
be adopted to all the rebel prisoners in enr
possession, and let all their officers and pri
vates have full opportunity.of writing home
to them friends at the South of the result upon
them bught about by the inhuman conduct
so long ro and 59 constantly pursued towards
- nion prisoners.
Departure of Admiral Milne.
A letter from Halifax - reports that Sir
ALEXANDIM Mn..xs, Naval Commander-in -
Chief on that station, having been succeeded
in the command by Rear Admiral Sir JAIL
Hoer., sailed for England via Bermuda.
lie was much esteemed, and the merchants
of Halifax presented an address to him be
fore his departure. In replying to this ad
dress, he paid a high tribute to the naval
commanders and to the naval authorities
and government of the United States, for
the uniform kindness and courtesy mani
fested toward himself and the officers under
him in all their intercourse. He also stated
that the government.of that country acted
honorably and promptly with regard to
every communication sent to it by him.
This reply has been "gall and wormwood"
to the rebel sympathizers in Halifax, and
they would gladly suppress it If they could.
The President's fliessage.—llb Policy
as to the Rebel States.
Tho Washington correspondent of the Now
York Evening Port Weitzel:
Mr. I.loln .10 so busy that ho receives
no visits o opt those of fin official charae
ter. There tea very general belief in.politi
cal circles that the President will take
ground in his Message on the question of
the management of the rebel States in the fu
ture. This DI not probable, however. It is
likely that he will go on, just as be did on the
emancipation question, not committing him
self until the time comet to act.
When we have the rebel States fully in our
possession, and it becomes Deeel3lll7 CO gOTeini
them, the President will speak' through his
acts: But those persons who are looking to
his message for an open declaration of his
opinions on the much-discussed question will
be mistalien, I think. ~ c
CorroaL corainginto Nashvffio vary frosty
jad the Pigxo4lo,says the liberal prices, paid
will induce the plasters of Middle sea Tenn
to send lit all they have, and to prepare
largely-Increased crop next year.
Cart. .105E1' II E. 13161'11A 11
Battery 1., 3 , 1 Pcnns. Artillery
JI^E W JD i"E IR T 1 S E.l 7 E.l -- r s .
'PHIS FEET, 1.e., for eolo by
CHAS L. rm.nw ELL,
no2l corner Tirol and Martel 'or. el.
Tit A. RiirES FOR SA I. E.-3 Karon, 101 l
.I_ , feet linty, lb foot mid.. 3 , -. to :PA foot .1 , p. In
good ordor. Hero bei.n mied. OIL, iiiiii 141.
notililw lir Wood oiro2A.
.1-4 selling a pure "WELL till: • equal to No.
Lard Oil u a lubricator, tirbieh to warrant not t..
chill nor gum, and it en,lizlylifr.zedrk.:iimiriaand:,s.
nol7:2vr dii. sod 70 Wol , -r littNit
WHITE CORN til ) it.t r eci , i , ..i
a fresh supply of Lora White Corn Meat,
fpm Indiana, and put up in ',nail iota , tio Li iii
iiiii i or for sale by the tinell-1 't the Fa'n•lT iir' ,,, Y
snort of JOHN A...IIENcIIAW ,
nolo Corner L ib,trt 7 awl II :0,-1 .tn.-to.
1;;.1.1.0.RE FOR RENT ON '.NI ARE El'
Io.J 151.1tHi1'.—Tbe bauthwrr, Iron Prout, No.
Market stn., next door to N ',Whore A itio.", ‘i oi
terra fur rent on nrst of Jannary next.
Addreits JOUN WAI, Jr.,
noldt2ptliol ' Bol‘riekleyrille t'. 0
DIKE KEGTflaiii.,:,.ii-4,0.)U feet to
arricn thin tiny, for sale
Lila;aim at 319 LIDS/ITT ST DEET, rit te Lur ;lb
- _
In atom and for I,y
no:5I 121 50.,..1 .11.•
Tor,ardn l to order from
Fourth itroet an run out to tho Gr.rrsht.tsm
every fifteen minutes. nol7lf
240 Acr.x.:4,
More er,lene. of COAL AND L Ts, !,s. Motion
gahe la hirer, }est above oho third Lock.
no..eod2wcwatT ho. 100 Wood street.
ihlroworrllle Clipp,r copy& limos and ch. this oars.;
Pittsburgh, November 18th, 1061. s
r—fkated Propmals will ha received at this office
until the 20rti INSTANT,lncleutive, for furnishing
SCHOOL DUPLICATES, for the year 1004.
By direction of County Co ntrolle r.
nolihtd [MERV LAMBERT.
TOR SAL—The large throe -atory BUICK
DWELLING, No. 85 Penn .treat, below Ray !street,
L offered for sale. Price $6,600. The home is w!il
bully farnistscd with marble manilas, gm and water.
Large yard and alley to the rear. Any one wishing
to are the home can enter throngh the side gee on
81110 street. .101 IN WAY, Jr.,
nolPaptial Sesickleyvllle P. 0.
.L 1 postale are to end will he received by the
Committee on Streets of the City of Allegheny, until
FRIDAY, November the 27th, 1863, for the grading
of Ridge street, loom avenue to Chortler.
street, In the Fleet ward. Payments will be d
made to.
the contractor as fast as they are collecte off ot
proparrf. Proposals will be loft with A. HOBSON,
Street Lommissioner, or
no2Ltd JOHN WEICIIT, Chairmen.
are Invited mod will ho received .ant 11
FRIDAPr= 27th lust., by the Committee u
Engines Yi
of the City of Allegheny, for tho
tore end delirell, in mid ci, of onoeultahl.! thousandfor sh.
of the best grunts' of Leathe ty r Rose,
use of Stoup Fin Engin.. Separate proposals on•
solicited for 0 and 1U inch how complete.
Proposals to be sealed and left with A. D. BbIITH.
PE--ESTRAY.--Carne to the
ses of the enbecriber, on the W bins on
Pas, % miles from she city, ma the 16th imisant,
TWO tOWB, ono s small Brind toad
other • Lugo Red Cow, apparently 6 or 7 years
The °wiser_ is requested to come forward, prthe ove prop-
erty, pay utters. sad take them away, or y
Ise sold to pay expense., according to law.
riddlat JOISSPiI ALLAN, Union Township.
_ . •
1U be sold, on WEDNESDAY,
Nor. e :bib, 41
licßelrey's Auction Home,Fifth tr eet,H IL-
largest and beet assortment of LADIES' a C
DREN'. S FURS sold at auction Oils season. romprte
leg Ladles' arid Children's Setts, of ail kinds. This
may be the last miser the season, therefore all lo
want of Tura &mild attend the sale.
l l
nendit. J. McKELYEY, Auctioneer
N.. 7 Omer of Moil, mai 81. Mir streets, on Wed
nesday evening last, a BLACK 3/A_ltE, attached to
4 stientliA spring pa g an. The wattim contained - fire
barrels of apple., s tool of cimeee,s bag of sugar and
=MO other small articles. Any one lifting brifottoz
don that will lead to the recovery of them, will be
liberally reverie& , i , COPLEY SPASM,
n07.1:8t 761 Penn Imo.
s k fur HNT'S
mod t ALI! A 'S A C
tho Iwat, ato DO ether,
31- , '
t:. t;
\ •
, ni Nl.‘r.
1.1.1. \ \LE
nt.r.r.r.NEN l .
!„.\1..t.":. %).
I ~l\ VII.I t~•i
s; \l\
I. uniox,
N'T WA' It 1...111
General Butler in New Orleans ;
A lilstor f I,l.l:kr,nt nt in.trn•t
"( Uulf'll , tl.l , y••eir wkth eg,-.llot tt...
,111-1 t i 11 ••• :••I
t: inv. 5:1:p .p.
p ts, lAN.
Clll:.U'Er. T1:1\ 'AEI
tlns x , k at
st.ct f
UV ,Lett..3 :tytt •
I to to , •-tt t
111,•t ••1 •
Th, c---..t
-th-,roh out
Fru, .1; ill ir'4ll 1:1l41,
-,E. • •
Co, EtAnnt)
11n7u.,1 Nn.u. 071,--11.11n 1 ;
Culunll,---nn new' nArluf
Pole: 1.7 ..roltur Ch ,
Arthur I,l7.Anry
7,11,10. ,1 4.11 , ..1 11 :tiu.n . •• 1.
For 1,7 1. A .t 1 1
6U 0 E
No. - 55 Fifth Street
no'sS . _ .
11 til.10f); UM\ (ANL. \\,
RESTORED oat pabilothYd. In a ',al.' •.-
...lobo. Pace Cab:J. A Leaf nry Narrra,
Tmats:^nt and Radical C.:rr of Svarmsorriara. or
W A ,Lboaa, Inr-lantat tl
L , bill, and Impedirnants tt , Marrlage r”nrsb) ;
NP,OCIPI,,, COlO ampt.lon, Lpilt•pry nt/ itt ;
tal and Phyalcul frbAparll), reaslllagr frt , al St If-
Alas, Aa., by 1101rr. J. r,tvasstrJ.,, NI. b., a atb.,
••,./rran flabk. Arr. '•A Baba to ThoaranJA of
Safferc., - sent and, 'Jt ;daft, •f ad
to IA
%clop, la
nny addrKst. past-p-pl, 011 re,llo, Is e,
INCIAtN, 011.0/101, lIIt. J
1T Post 11111, lb•s I.oa.
1)11. 13 A.ELZ
Faye parlionlar ationtlon to tha iriatinent
IC DISEASES, the - EYE and EAU °Post , *
ineerte ARTIFICIAL E 1 ES, and tresta
F LA?IIIATORY EYES ; also 11 Arm
and all dim-owe atforiing 01,4 E,, and loading to
(Mice. len FIFTY! I:MEET. k.. 22 ' 1 ., ) :?
A now and bountiful preparation for
Chapped frond•, Mpg nod Rough Shin,
Can't:4 1.3 told or cindy 'feather
rrt par , d ...I for oak a
Corr Ohio and Federal Strevto,
In Irlarknt Howe, AllowLetry .
NO. I.lli ESS & CO, to J. W. lIASNA.)
Comntl nelou at, Forwarding, Merc 11 note,
Ilavain purchased the "flaunt. War...balite- A
Dit.;, and hating amplo room and Ac illt r ite
now proffered to store and forward OIL AN II NI E It-
CRAN MEE, of every .1.....crtp, leo, end pmm .-- rat.
Inaction to all who may facer its .r.,11 that 1.?,, , n.
no. , .
110 i., .1,11
.- .---
MIIIISTANT QtrilLTLllMOiorrO. n Omar, 1
l/cruet G and ".:/fl Etri:oto,
Washington, E. C., ..or.
..lth , 1..Q.1
I , V 7 lON. at the ltinirorrmaster's Warelne , e, on
the square between It and f' arel tag and 1 r,7,10.
WonhfOlgtoO, D. 0.. on CrEPNIKEDkIf, De, igf, o
large lot 01 QueivrEnsAterros sTouvs, m u .
d..... 4 le tinflt fir public minim, congest s% in part
of Scrap Iron end Leather, Saddle,,Blilett. p.• L , Of
Barnette sod Wago 'aut., Tools kid i mplements.
Terms rash, In Government Studs. , •
Sala to commence ut..30 O'c AS lock..
. 11:14351P.E.1.,15' !
A 17.11.,13. • F A. '
.—. _
bytrarreij. B. C WEi
AN Y to 4 .i., t ) r a
THE ONLI I,..,TuruTioN
I U.,.
Prit'llit Ledge/
113 01.03 Ow ,vll‘. c.l 1114. 1.u.1n~ nr.•
kur. u; general bunk., lor thew. 1,1 the
,r—kni,. Tio« I. n,“ ev.” uamod eW•whp,,
Ile.. u:.4 1`,, , Del a.,p 8001,
Single Entry
pr • ;h.
" TliE iirt;LE t'A
lleranged Booble-Enir) Books, ~.....
• The anti tnuat z,.urtng
10 II- !rarner IP
Opcniat atAtup!ix
I Principal OM
and Wholesale Emporin3:93, .
r, ~ ~,,, And pet tIl tar . 1., Ott. , IttlN. The it•orlit. r 1 C t tpitto m 211141 011 receipt of 95 cant. 1 No. SI Firth Street.. ..... rrrasnrsais, PA
' ht-,, w,.t.walhet eiht)
• DUKLLOR, 1 Pike's Opera Houses
__.. al Wool) STREET. 1 lir= I.°EnPl.""
Closing Books
Business rciainv
Of Pr --o , y N tee.
,Artinnt Notes. Drafts, Or.. n ',3l - "
, der. • tidb, .d E. l,au.s. aunt, Inroleet, sc.. dr• TWELFTH LIST OF .A_I'PLICA- 1
I. Al . ' ' "Tr - .4 ; . TIONS for telling Lt core, glut !a the Clerk's
I Otago up to November loth, VIZ: I
Catharine Denby, other goals, let ward, Pittaligb;
• Unrry Sheer, tavern. Id ward, do;
Jame. O'Rouk do, do. do;
W ''''''• ''' 'L' :hr ''''''''''' ''''''''''' '''' "" " 000'''' Mas lee 7. IL nue, eetlug O ov . , do. do; N o MORE GRAY ILIIR.
tali - pia_ tusk. mg It d rev.
W m. Congdon, , ,„,.,, do do,
1..; du.. ' 1.,,,1te -• 1.r.. tO, S., Lll. a,,, r wm. Bechtold, do, 3d ward, do;
, , Peter Dean,do, do; \
, Simpsou d Ihnosys, do. ,tt•g list, 4th watt', do: TIIIE. 11,3Erz - u - v -- EczN.A.aNcon.
' Rudolph liatvegger, other g'dm, do, do; I
Lea :Irv; upon Book - liieep i gag . „„,,,,, nirk„.„,. a „ , do, do; For r3toring and ',amnia:kg the flair.
I Den tel Ilerwig, tni.•rm , at h ward, du;
1 , , ttt ... t,l . Principal ..splaluiat, di the ...b.lte ... , A ~a row ih. ..,, , d o , do, do, Thid ill 1111 article but recently introduced both, this
, 7 , rd..d in the test Alt , t Weil,: G.urge Willer, .., e., do; country, but has long been Linvorably known by Os
i John Oster° , l'r, J• • du, de; . ',Hilly of Erotica as their colt (ffectnal HAtit
Lectures on Business Subjects. IV% ru. Audi. do, do, do; I AP-STOLLER. It is complete within Itself. no otbor
1 J..ho 110<•111,,,,"^, do, bat ward, do: ' doming or accompaniment of any kind bettig r......
Joial Watson, other goods, do, do; • eery to ....ore the attainment of the tirmring drat-
H " o '' 00 .tie "'" '''' r'h. ' J. ' s' t ' ''' rich " 1 Moreau Liebold, do, oth ward. do; • table results, other than adopt compliance with tb
'r'a'nt;. 1 ~•• .-...... •.1 ... min. • lailtlll./. Uti , John PI: teh w er,
_ a, d 0 ,,. . d . ::: 1 dlre i cti .n o . usi. ,
i..,a.,, ,..
~.v.. c
coy zr.i,
star. ''''"' "' 1.1"'
''''''' "'''
' ' "0
''''' rr ' r"! "'
1 TioLgiiii.nbliall., cl ' u, ' let word, 'a l liiheny , ' „,,,i d i ll ,,,a „„g o ,
' 7 0.,..0,
mg 000., Id . ord. .; , S. It SCIII stoke tt grow ea E-shi ffeatit.
Gottlieb Pass. other goo.ds, 3d ward, .'..-, • S. i t till ",,,,,... do , N 0. ,,,i Fe ,„,,,.... 4 .
Coinaiterciell Luse. , A nob ony Berningor, tavern, do, do; lA. It cotta refaces the Deadnif and Iterdc.
I Jacob Jost, other goods,
do. do; I B. It wit: make the Hair Soft ay..l GkAro.
On r.,... rsi no • ...50 1.. 1 .sutatae. Ito :...011 1 Lewis Cow, tavern, 4th wort, do; I 6. r. milt 1....env as Original C... 1. 0. to ore Apt.
do; I 7. It nal guava! the Hair-from Faliaba V.
, ,:ri..7- the • , ..dut of !...1! e 'l. nt. Sr. Prettied! I It..R A. Carson, other geode, do,.
1 W tn. Demo, eating house, do, do: IS. It lain core on Diremes o f tho Scalp.
I George Gerber, tavern, do, rib' It 3 not a Dy e s ; contains no Nitrate of Sarin . , or fin,i
P. D. Bownstann, other goods, do. do: other ingredint injerlius to either Skin or Hair.
Joo. (3. Schwind, tavern, Birmingham ; ?rico ONE DOLLAR. •
Henry Dyers, do, gut Birtningstn; For ally, by ali respectable Druggists.
Margaret To.. do, LAVTIMM•iIIe; 51E/ON JOHNSTON, Goners] Agent,
Jacob R .11. r. do, do; Car. of Smithfield and Fourth Sta., l'ittsbursch.
P. Miller, do, South Pittsburgh'. , nolliArotentuF
Wm. 1.....ppy, eating laortee, Seortckley borcrugh; ,
. . --
J.. , •. Phillip, tavern, Elizabeth tp; T 1. - NDSEY'S
Jon. Bork , do, Mifflin tp; ,
_I j
,„ ,„,, „...,,,,,,, .10.,,.. 0., e rne trawtion and equip- .1, .0 Frey. de, J,,,,,0 tp,
ll • ...ratio- rea.A.tsnd esp. talus. G the . - .t• . 'oe..dll, d", Roes tp; improved Blood-searcher,.
-"1 '• • Deoeie Ilealor, eating beau, himler tp;
'''''' ' .'"' d °''''' 0 d'''' . " ''' ° ' 4 ''''' Th ''''' D ''' John Buchanan, tavern, L. St. mar tp; For rho cure of an diseases arising from au inentlfe
are a •v• rot: sd by other., I 'I! : ' ,A.1.,.1 olaer, h. r.. 1 0 1, ' , 3 pa, In, de. do; .tote of the blood, such Co
YredonefN/Lanf, do, do;
Ann 31. Killer, eating hones, do;
Goetze IV. Boyd, tavern, E. St. Clair tp;
Privcite Battle t3ooks. Lon Thompson. eating bowel, Union tp;
The Conrt will most on NIEDNESEAIt, December
- ''
." 1 ' . 0 '''''''''' 10 '''• ; 2,1, ISIS, at II o'clock a. m. 110.12100.15entnal 0112.%
' - -.1 ~110100 be filed on or before that day. Applicant. will bring
Gate bond, t • my *Moe before Um day of heating.
r •Ji.dul W. A. HERRON. Clerk.
1- IVI I \
Counterfal Bank -Eotex.
l‘y ..f t;•-• mud counter, mad note,
otir it(litrOUti BOOk-
i.rivat 1-11,11 rn. 0, no.. enl,
camboat Book- ticepinge,
N.rf prep,. pronounced by notaytdent nut or•
; .• •t.-L and account. '
i • p.L.,14L ttudrnitthr at
Mr. SMITH. an
I.,nr•l Trtrtic.ti .I•.unntan'. and
.1,. ottran,.
The fllowing, testimonial, leoli -ate the chorseter
..,tber work sport Book-Keephag explabm the
tobjto v.ith so rum• - tt
Cashier Mechanics` Bank, 'Wall street, N. Y.
"It gives s clear Insight Intall departments of
tholwitneo." Say FRASER,
Cashier of Seventh Ward Bank, N. Y.
"It rontalun lunch matter Important t , the mer
chant. C. U. 11.1.LSTSAV,
Ilaultattan Bonk, /g. Y.
'leo most complete work
JA of Ise 1. kimuand I
iLAY, him ever
B. 13.
' , lout Exchangeßook, Pitt
onaive that I hate
"""" J h Ofli EINYDER,
m.t Cashier Bank of Pituthingh.
••Yon hoer pit your own long ..Nr^liera.o MI a Mel ,
rueut to good use In this work..'
No. tio Front street, N. V.
an extensive Ship Owner. American and Euro.
post, )1,1.0, Bank Director, etc., ho has 1..0rn0
the u•p•U go ion of the highestorder of towlines , . tots
50IIN W. IM-RBTHANI, Merchant,
No. 8 South street, N. Y.
• Mr. I•of• is 11. loan of Tan rinalleiCatiOaS for Mod
uso." JOHN M. ft. TAILOR, Merchant,
Union at tot,, New , Orleans.
•• 21 r. Puff lea merchant of the drat reepeCtablitty..
J. LANDIS, Merchant; Net! Orleans.
.•i greduntcd In Pairs College in half the time I
expect —I. Ills admirable syatem includes nothing
- ',arduous. nor lances out anything ON O slotinh
Cusio.r Niagara Plank, Jo, kport, N. Y.
”Tba favorable opinions rdready expressed by gee'
tlemen of competent authority are well deserved, and
very properly lento's ,41."
Special Colnutlttee of the Chamber of Commerce.
[Extract from the Minutes.]
PROSPER M. vrET mous., s e c-raw-T.
.tiour Committee unanimously concur in the op,
lon or the Utility of the improved method of Mr
Recqraing Frer'y of the American instlt ate, N. Y.
For 1.r.1 Business and Ornamental Palma:kg%lp
raud our present Penman, by the
It.ol Maim Fair, at Clorinnnii, in WO.
Penntylvanta State Fair, wt Wyoming.- ......
W,morn Itnamylvanto Fir, M
Weatcru V irgluin Fair, at Whooling_..--„-..1 801
And 1110 01114 Saat Fair at einv..loutt tr 4.4.
wh t irl arr rchibitrd nt our Atm,
Terroet I,llots Df [Lb r.umaree art." —Piebbarg,h
• .111.4. , perrennahces ,cala.uttli be excellt.i hi the
enthor."—PLlZZeeals (:d•
"All hie oriestiteetal deelges ate new :red remarka
ble perfamaTirre "—Renting Garso,
"The lay,. Western Pranglnnis Fair awarded him
Bra Fte.p PROM , . Wall branches of the art,—Otlik.
iTab• Jvareat.
- •
Oic Grailaatiug Connie, tit= lallitnitc4.44o au
Mantearol Stationery, (rnetint S 7 elsecrberna. I if ,
Th. enterre "nittion nr T)ndrt noot:fr,opl.f.. 2 'l , 71
Our Manta are nude of One extra rho piper, ruled
empirte. =lth full seta of auxiliaries.
. .
igcor For Nit Ortliniare rend tnr 611r.,e1 . eptikt a cs
tireultix, *ittk Wimple, a cur Yertmin'et
!Ina ivid omo:dental Writillg. •
1.• inform VU! public that ha
11 N• 4 NOT H.ll-TI ) THE PRICE
Dot 1.11. them at the old I.C.ce
i F . : 1-I,..":"T'S . I L. CO T.
:0, Loot,
- r —rams
enare,l2 76 pot grown
•.r 'arm, gro.
11,,:1..41~x.e1at of too nod *tamps.
r•y t.,
JOHN P, HUNT, 'Publisher,
ii..nuicthat, Finn ■feet
Cap(' and Sack Orci-coata,
A ta,t ipoatt , louder man irjrits of the =Maas
and popularity of the celebrated WHEEL= a Sn/L
-; NON YAMILI SEWING 31 AMP:ll—the chearesi
Garibaldi and Cutaway Suits, Moot ina is, the
11/11 0L , 4 .11 1 , 111 1,1 ' 1 . r°r EVERY MALOINE WARRANTED f'n THREE YEVRS.
Songs, Trios, Ciaartetts and Choruses Oren on npptleat.oci, °WILT tn
fiv , r pubnshed. VAAL itook should be m every loyal . r .. U •
Sputa for the Weeds.= States and Westa - a Pa
in even r i. , n League, and around every
5..1(1 by Booh.eller< 6 ,rstly
P. DlifFP & 808, Principabt,
I 11.0 TS
BO'. AND Y01"111.,
GRAY 6; 1.00 AN, N 0.19 Fifth di
epiclebt .nte,intng w e>t a weton or the
,ut tr r , I
I..A.TrSTED OCTOBER 19,18,2.
Marl 8.5.,
Inght Brtt,
hIBI rdr,
rintog ottl ,
IParl. Brawn
Light Br
Fn. brow,
01 my,
1).00. t
I.i,,ht P: 146
^ Prtgb
14. Fate,' 0
per Dyeing aeodd,
Bemis, Dresses, Bonnet.% Hate,
Feathers. hid Gloves, Children' , -C'lotlaing, and all
kinds of Wearing Arraml- •
egr A BAYING Or SO PER aim - tat
For 2./ coats you can color as many goods as vrould
otherwise east bon times that ma. Yarioat shades
coo be prodnoal from the eagle dye. The proems ie
simple, and any otot <an me th
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and Gertuah,
Inside of each package:
iron further informatitm Dyeing, and giving •
perft,nt knowledge what colors am best adapted to dye
,er others, with nanny variable recipe%) pnreba.
Howe di Stevens' Treatise on Dyeing and Coloring.
Bent by mail on reCtiPt l'Ai w csg i l ui rti
Manufactured by P,
if.ol3roadway, I:t.ton.
for sale by &I:4;00 and tleacra
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Tiering accepted - Lb.
AVAST for the sate of the
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tot the etioutietk of .Glaws and -Steel Manufacturers
to the Aliases emu shores sa repelled Ph i Profs. A.
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*VW, together withthetat idled UptTleaceity
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Louis; detenrilueso be Umpired she most .salu
&bin (*byte' burn', whether Foreign . Amertearr.
Pot. =ditto= it ham stoesPlu the Glue Purace
from trig months. , •
The Analysis le of the Clay as talon from the mine,
without may robing or genoratten... , I,
potimao greet aldhcalreome,agd plaatleiV qua er nta+,
which are not ahoan by the Analrele, And . ..i l l ll4ll
mit of fßii MiStare of a large proportion ok abettor
buried day.
lem now mewed td ell Orders-1d the lbw, Cloy
to be shipped from Bt. Lanbrordelirrrod hem.
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Prete:mon, Pa..
NEW GR - Fnficer errorrac ,
vr,e, shap,ftx..aniu; Mogat month, Thi
and recall, WITHOUT/if! tt.DvArics ISTE,
. . Floor Oil ,Cloths,
I " ! toms 3to a feet wide. '
01.*VESS TOMS awn,
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Thee, goods s first hands, tram.
Trait-to T-W, within thirty
days, ilia*, atoms, selling MIT= THAN gip—
llttinUltts. rit.PRIOES. Oneatoet ts ALUMNA en-,
tiseltztif; ill Inssidg hoen tmmtdiaScrd- within ninety:
dsgai to cash,: at thasetylaselit. grime tt tius. Tear.
McFarland, Collin% & CO.,
t • : , .. ries.l2 AND ,7d. TO= ST3 7t,
-.BstsnansPost Mien and Moak), ginildings.— so
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Co of b.
Dess.—Littets *bola 006271
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;zta;ol Mmiln)kix‘A
AWA111”:1 1 T 111:
AT Tv'r
Industrial Expcsition, Paris, 1861,
. : ocal, nob all the leading tug Ilectanos
In Europe and America, and the 17nit1
i:tates Agnem,,ml Amencratnon ; Metropolitan kle•
ch.ka' Institute, Washington; leranklin Institute,
rhitadelphia ; Mechanics' Akv.,clation, Batton
American !nein.' Ynrk 3T.ryland Institut..
: Steaumica' Cinclanati ;
K entucky I maitute, Lonierillo; Mechanics' lOU
tote, Yun rianmew nut at every State and
County Fair where Eillibited this
BEcAi - ai: IT is Till. BEST
11..,11;CrTioll:, FREE.
XI, AVIS IL\ 1 • 1 , . 117.1l1:1,7
~th him locitAls of the bib
Cancerous Fonna- •
lions. Cutaneous Di.
eases, Lrysipelao,licik
plea on the Face, Sere Eyes, Scold
Heed. Totter Alrectkms, Old lied .
Btubboru Ulcers, Rheumatic Disorders,
Dyspepsia, Cos.renua, solt.EthetitC.,
ltlercorial Diwasoe, General Debility', LirerCota*
plaint, Loss of Appetite .Lor: Spirits, Foul Stamlel.
Female Complaints, togethcr with ail oil,. dis
orkrt from an improper condition or the
circulatory Ira.. Ae *general Topk,,
Its effects aro most bonle tOt, and
eanr.ot fail to bonee, teuere
used perr•rcringly and ac
cording to lamellate.
.crk Gre" I
. G ivbt (Meru, l
P07+1 , ..
B o wl P. - Or
TusT RECEIVED.—'IIe finest niel
t/ largest atoct of
Perfumery and Toilet Artio
Byer brought to this city, curb so
And the lamed mei meet eemplße emortmeni
mmHg, HAIR BRUSHES. TOOTH naususs, &e.
It floe lot of laroJoll£ l , sorb or BYLlZailf , aud
It - INES, of all dtscrlptioos. for Dually rtro.
I. X. FITLTON'S DRUG iffina,
Not. (reAND (Y) ITU STILT=
not wand duo. helm. , the Port Office?
——— -
And the only known maln y for Dished . sad Dia
ease of the Kidneys and Bladder.
CONTSITITTION WILTED is arithonflohbt Oa
inchreatedy.for DlADETl;sad.,ers UT'S, Ila
'ranch Canada:we that it ii a specifin sr Ili basethst Mit
01114. T. will ionidises deep, and uuthltdlii ssi' It
has oared every case la which it his Leen crib
. Stone bolts, Bladder, Wed*, Orval, ,}Stick 'Daft
Deposit end iducous or Milky Dischsiges,atter rein
.••. .
J. ;11, PIELTOII Daucialir
Nee. 67 A CS TUTU 873ETT
TT 'HO NO' EQVAL.-7—The Ea= --r
--1.. inecess vtaak for the raid irrenyearit*attena
ed PHOP. SJCLEt'B" 'MalaHltile OIL In the titer W : ..
Om and care of rain; embolden the proptiettele
, (and challenge toettlitictbmO - . --- :
Tina It has cared mortrllhatomittrate• i i: • z'
That It hie canni mote & I hrOo, •
That it hammed mare a,, I
• That It has curodmarp•Neak•Joirda, .
That It hes eared more Inerrant lime,s. , -% i
That !thee cared moreZasse,r' -•,- • .-'
Tam It het mewl more Proirta lract. ,, .• -- .2..
That h bus cured more Bralem. _
_.,- - ' '
That It has cured more Norma ArSudhotah .
That It has Cured amrs,titiff lolats, ,
Than all other Pain 'Carere,,Pattt Illrlers".sallas,„
moats combined. -Porsalo by Droglimeargyerher e,
51IdOli JOHNSTON, Sole Aged,' '-
. note .Corner dourth. ead fiahtbSeltehtets,
'l3.—Thabig puttird a, ymseist.4.4 good*
for 02.1% - we are able to Otter Gnat 1 :rix - Rd rat ez--
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FLAMM BEM:. Il&Ut;./r a
the bat =LAW, and ITITEIND BUN Abrogated.
A great .variety_of BLIND& TAlRLS.lprwa s
CaItEET.BINDINGS, Art& teerrveristrat4aide
krpt la that Rua.
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VON. SALE.--Wo 13_ odan ow
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Th. great Remedy fur
Second door below the'''. 0.