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from lverung" Gantt&
Sisk and Wouaried Soldiers:
• The morning, about one o'clock, at Mats of
Ws from Philadelphia,
OiDillathig three, banana aad slot sad
wouaded Ohio troops being tramlierrod from
the Philadelphialtaspitais to Cincinnati. The
Hubsisistios Coastline had been duly soli
r led of the time at whin,. the train would Sir
rive and;they hid made ample props:Micas
for attndthg to their wants. When thadran
arrived, the Committo• found thatthe wend
• could set be „removed to City Hall, owing
- to the Wanner of their wounds, and the food
i*landed for their aeruishatent was featly pa.
pared up and giros Jimmie the oars. After
wards Mel snifornishedirith tea, oolfe, tor
wanton. Msay of then poor fellows were
• snmedy wourind that they bad to be Oa
vapid from tiossitaternip the weitern cars of
Caen: It was a pile sight ato see'cc natty
of the.. brave men crippled for life—ran/
" having fost •Mg or an.. era: Thiy wen all
_ wounded in the •%wattle , of- , Getty
and kayo ~ oictoro6l' kolthienlif to on. older them tS,bi,lecured ,to 'their' - native'
(Kola, Wh. ilk, will ben sinated,n to r
aise the iisita and attesting. of their friends.
They were not delanet Mire Mom thou half
as hoar, and we ri pleased to learn that
they wets fbribillidwith the best possible an.
• munatodations on the tan from Philadelphia
to_this = had atosedastos, room
"and those nazi& to sit ..up were furnished
with beds pieced twin the books of thy stets.
They came through onfait time, -hoist fol
lowed immediately after the mail wan. -They
were also furnished win exoellentlanommo
dation' for the balance of their journey.
United Slates District Cimrt.
A spoolni session of the United States
:lain Court opened 'this mornlnj at ~41/ 41•111
o'clock, Hon. Wilson liteCandiese. ?resident.
Tin following parties, indicted for malts
and Inuit, tokens; fotfaited, thalr..ncrigett•
. .
stairs for Dot appeating,vie : Mum. :mph
d. BateCti ttottleib Ludwig, George iltlan,
John Gregg, Wm. A. Glldentenaey.
Munn. Philip..Earmar D. and• Jacob 0.
De mar plead guilty to the charge of making
and, Unto; tokens.. They were ordered by
the Mint to psy alai of one dollar, 'costa of
pronoun m and stand occamltted until the
natence beeomplled with.
Wm. A. Oildenfenawy appeared and plead
minty to the nee dirge; sad was nonacid
'the came "nth, Kenn. rieyrair.
• Nr• Ellgtales watitietreatukod that in the
now the tokens .were :land, the community
..wore:very badly. off for vault cheap, and
meta:cats were it • ins for the wait of it;
that ponies inning tokens without ander
itendiag they were guilty of a violation of
the law until afterihey had Wind a thountd
of them, at sopa autheyinaud out it was II
legal; redeemed the tokens. •
The Judy read that part of the' sat Of
Congress of July 11,1863, *hi& dearly de
clared the tuning of tokens itiegaL •- He said
that Ift the oases Wore the Court he would
only impose a nominal An*, sad inform the.
gentlemen that they must recall their tune of
tokens from circulation.
. The Court, adJounual WOW ten o'clock
Tuesday monaldg.
Crimp Copeland.
Daring a visit to Camp Copland, at-Brad
dock's Floidei we were nurpilsild to Mara from
some of the inisiithere that thiy.had been seat
out on yridry last, with'b'at one day's rations,
'and that trY Mt Sunday they had received no .
ptorLlori:' eltimi - irere there any facilities
had they been tarnished.
There are no' iiimikhrg sitaibliOn the ground,
and neither MalWor wood to =he tire. The
consequence_ wed, that, during. Saturdey and
Sunday. the soldiers she were short of provis
ions bad -to en the fansews in the
or -go gent% groin' hence to. house
• buyint,sed - begging:, This- neglect is not
only very oiliest to the soldiers- themselves,
t hat a onions annoyanettothirie residing in
the vioinity. The worst facture, however, is
the demeralizing elfwit - ,itpon the soldiers,
many of whom lure bisoemedisgostaid and left
the gyp.: Whether 'Mara ar not,
min only he aceettalosid keteaftar.
Oa inquirietst tieedaaartars, In 'reference
to-this. matter, we learned that some sixty
mon, the had benietraggling about the city,
failed to reosisie their ration' prevlou to the
departure et the train on Fridey, and that by
- - some ovinlgist, they lad ntot KIWI been sup
plied., Provisions. will be mat out to the
wimp to-day, and it is to be hoped, that all
eutscof complaint, will be at once removed.
There is & want of , diaciplinis,"also, which it
to supply-ismasdietaly.
Burglary on !tood'lltreet.
" Tits snornink, 'between two o'oloek and day-
light, the , hardware store of Mr. W. W.
, Young, . comer, of Wood street and Virgin
alley, wee entared•Lor rather one of the shut.
tem on the alley window was shoved from Its
petition, a large p pane•ef, glass hrokee, and •
Ise double.taneled shot 'inn ileitis. The
thief, after limiting the glass; had only to
tamet his hind . and leaves& the gun, as the
gun-cite is placed imm.dlately against the
window. The vs leas veined at Sib.
On the yieviotte Saturday morning, two
Boas wan stolen from this store in the ulna
may, but they ',snooty valued it $l5 eieh.
thief evidently desired" a better artiste,
and hence his second visit. Yr. Young
oa,...wateh Sunday night,. and left! at two
reeliek. It tee pity that be did not remain
. , • while longer, as he might hare got a shot
at the thief. -
Thitiagniar leatitliMen ari notiow on deity,
heviiit"etnia"lor . higher wages. A private
watehmen,, howaves,Aed twee employed afoot
,Wootrotreeti. tbe did* no happen to be
-' *last them" when the.robbery was perpetrat
/ ed. :Thillialibeia the ease with oar• wateh
, man genetally for a time past—they are
' 'always !Nonworkers elms."
Anima' Caanzazili - ron, - Prekto•—asmain
challenged Ward to row another ire mils
. rase for the -chart plot:el:1v; and • pane of
-.51,000. a side: 'The , condlltons ire that the
nos shall take place eithei'lternor at Phila
delphia. In ease Word agree! to oozae bare
(which we ars Instals hewn( not do) Hamill
will pay-his enemies: It they - meet at Phil
adolpkla eaoksaatz-willhear his own expenses.
The friends,,,orZeinzill ,IWIn Anatol* to ,bust
what ,Wardivral saris - , asswir 'Aix 'dna-
HlOOTllllleorlre are Shl4l to Marla that
Mr. B -P. Ifoinsait • •.mtmber _of Hampton's
" baits - ry a ' Ito wee so 4 dangerously wounded it
Gettysburg. Is now la a WI way of recovery.
;He has bees lila% at the 131. , • LawrosIte betel,
Philadelphia, for some weeks, andpop Ulf
;Bfrasesdaj limit was thought that ha-Cola
" — sot survive. He has Mao@ been improving,
pad Is now wasidorsd out of duo r. He
will iose one eye, whloh was badly lapsed by
a pleat of shalL .
Misuse Pistroaso.—H. Wilson, °loader,
of Market street, charged with swindling an
old lady out of eight dollars, by:bundling up
an old raggedeoatt and palming it upon ha
as • par of new.pents, (+Mob bad been or
&wed by her soh at a store next door,) had a
prallsothary hearing, when the 011311 was poet
posed until Tuesday. He does not deny the
&sip, and the oasis will probably be com
promised. • -
')Zoen ors 101 TaititTriasiiiy notes—onu
alterod to tens—were pat Into olroalatlon last
evoning.i,:Terions Ira apt simply to look at
the dsnomlnatlooal inures when - Tomas,
siotas an offered. A. alowe 'aspiration of ths
*ages of therapist will dLielose tii peen paint.
Is than may be plant, of tens offered. It
enraild be will to smalls's, thou.—Phila.
Nese, Avg 1.
Dimming re Eassonmane.-111r. J. M.
Bumbled! is Gluing oat his Meek of embroi
deries at very low prime, sad ours embroi
dank skirts, Jeanette ileassiage, 'deep,
arid variety of oiler artielso; at Ramat low
elta. We would invite our readers to giver
s. 'ahead Issure - good burgles.
Us. J. P; Nom Kiwi's Itall, Ptllh street,
bee Witt& the g/th edigoirif Ike! , CirestiMaios
of the, Mtge' angf • matimmio•Amplendilei"
une &oar retepid Owerimmed, asterieal
Poem," end - 0 hteideek of4seriees, amp'
Lib, Wag evesesuikish 3eee etriksisily
arrk,s Lt e raw sa - 44 - . 6 •
_ -
Hi - 1D "inkg.T.—asdrutilidtk'iitairg
*.-stiliabsti.eastisp A. Itagliveldibt, ria .
Ma bps mumittst =lawn as Walt •1
sl,oolsll. 1 th. patio raids lit Ilasetei.:-
' K ~ F, .
.. {
Icon ftemenina...-Kr..J. W. PHU*, Fifth
omit, opposite thei'Peet.olleo, has received
'rook .L•ble's .res Ceardfoatifs, ankw
tested saiseatasy of light and entertaining
Mariam; also Yankee Nations, an illastrat
ndoemio misielan7 ',dinned to the laugher-.
forte; portion of the oontionalty.
Raw. Jaaarra Hastainr, Ilissiamary at Per
linens, Mori* will Isolate la Dr. T.
Berman Murat', Alloglmay City, on Tuesday
evening, Ave. 4th, at 73 Subjeet
The Oondltion of the Coutrabaude fa the
Souther* -Department." A eolleetiost will he
lakei up for the freed MOIL
this popoisi Weekly Mita, Nowspapw, for
Atgut lb, bur bon mitred by J. W. Pit.
took, Ipith stmt , oppodts t?lo Poot-ofboo.
Yea Barvairen.—Brgoe'sYo.t3JY, Yeakiv
Mafiosi, and Pen* Logi?* i7est • Meetly
have been received by Mr. J. P. Meat, Me
anie Hell, PIM street.
Tits WAiristar 14Oostits.-11r. J. P. Heat,
0t4ra411.11; filth goon,. iss rocoolumi the
Eutaw of this" popular weekly, for Asyut
Detatti ot. the.Flghi Saturday.
Bruit Fight with hamar! lad Cavalry
Party of Spies-Arrested.
Now Tau, Aug. 3.— TM Herald's Wash-
Inton'tilspatalt gives the following details of
the light on Saturday :
Buford's cavalry crossed the Rappahannock
Ford at nine o 'clock yesterday morals'. Our
. . .
torte was composea of the lollowiag cavalry
regiments : The 6th New :York, srd Virginia,
2d finned States, 6th Yeantylvails, bib 11. S.,
Ist If. S , 6th New York, ilth Udine and 17th
Pennsylvania. The evening was effected
about half • mile above the railroad station.
The Odin of the expedition was to auertain
the exact position of-the nano on the rail
road line toWarde Culpepper, and the amount
'of fore, they had disposed to done any
arming whisk we might attempt.
Tha enemy's cavalry eras notountated half
a mile from - the . ford. It 'was • portion of
Stuart's cavalry, and eandiled of Jones' sad
Hampton's brigade', with the following regi
ments: Ist and 2d South Carolina, Cobb's
Georgia Legion, sad Jefferson Davis' Legion.
Oar cavalry drove the enemy gradually, with
out any severe fighting, until a point was
reached about 13i miles this side of Culpepper,
where the gamy fell back ea their infantry
We were then obliged totalize, after a brisk
fight with both ithetr :entry and cavalry, the
saki, outnumbering us two to one after they
bad fallen back to a point where their In
fantry supporta same to their assistance.
Oar loss In the fight near Culpepper, vadat
eras most important, was a few killed and 66
wounded. The latter arrived hers and are in
the Douglass Hospital.
Oar cavalry force only retired a Idle aid a
half after thsy were attacked by the combined
forces of the enemy's Infantry and cavalry,
and bola the enemy at bay' there. ' .
We took abontloo primers. • Some of their.,
wounded are in our hand's, and have arrived
Rebel prisoners in our heads say many of
their dead lay upon the bid near Culpepper,
and that their loss equals 'ours.
Our oevairrunder Buford rude three sea
OMIT, oharges on the imemy.
A corps of infantry crossed the Rappahan
nock, and was in a position to renddr Buford
ablative support.
According to the statement of one most in
telligent prisoner here, the rebel force is so
much 'scattered along_nnmerons fords on the
Rappahannock, watching • our movements,
that no general engagement Is imminent at
present. Pet contra, oar links rousted in
yesterday , ' fight, think quits the contrary,
though to everything else, the wounded of
-both sides agree precisely.
About ten days ago some of Col. Baker's
deteetiterforce - arrested at Brentelrille a party
ea root* for Richmond, upon wkommu found
aoursiAmy important documents, from this
city, add:studio Jeff. Davie as President of
the .oontederate Beaus. ' Among them were
amuses maps of all our fortifications and de
finer"' of this ally, and a description of the
character of the works, number of the guns in
each, and the strength of their or:Isom&
Also, a statement that the rolls would be for
warded by a different elmaseL It Is not
known what tells wore alladed ta. The doe-
I umente. were Med in the War Department,
and the nutter is still under isveatigation, •
About midnight last night' • Ire comment
, Gated to the bay in the Oovernmeat sheds
and the lee houses, nut the radnameat, by
'an inesadiary. About forty-In bales of hay
and one thousand tall of ice were deatroyd.
The fire extended to the *dissent stables. MI
moveable property, Winding the horses, were
saved. The progress of the Ire was arrested
by the failing down of portions of the build
Pears of its Capture by our Forces.
Now You, Aug 3.—Tho Port Royal FM
South says : Savannah is 'tainted of troops.
reveral memento bad been, sent to the relief
of Vicksburg before our Clharleston demon
stration, and since the battles throe
regiment/ of infantry, and Vol. Anderson's
artillery, numbering twenty•foni brass twelve
pounders have • been sent lea Augusta to
Ohariestoit, lune, for the defense of the aity
but 900 Inn, eavail7, and 300 infantry, and a
battery of artillery. All the extensive bat
tales and forttheatlons before amentlemsd, are
for this :anon only pioltend, and not goal
sonsd. : • '
The peoplo of the city thue left with bat•
take and gun, Mtn* troops to. lulu them
avallablo, have become gently alarmed list
we should empty, flinilak. They have
been for the last two winks asining valuables
into the Interior of til ente, daily expecting
fr.o see a in sight, flanked
by a land fern. • '
Gan. Mercer, who Is in unwind, has re
peatilly telegraphed to Go?. Brown for troops,
but has Invariably .reeelvimi the answer that
thin an no troops to send, and that the inhab- .
nonce mat preturt themsalves.
IPront:GlLmorige Department.
Nay 'You, Aug. 2,—A prieito latter, re.
mired In't/tis elty, dated J0t1,19111, sap :
I runt yesterday to Meek /iland and made
a rooonnoissaneo tram the tallmit tine thaw.
I saw from •tay elevated.. position that the
rebels wan - iimding a Una of batteries and
building riffs pits almost the entire distance
from Bart Johan. to Beesssionvillo, along
the ricer. Bleak Waled Is between Tams,
and Morris Islands,' and distant from the for:
MK one thousand yards.
The Draft Commenced In the /Digo
trial of Columbia. /
Vosomaron, hugest 8.--Tho draft for the
Dletztet of Columbia oonakanord/this morn
ing. The large erred In attendants was re
sarhably orderly, sad Intense Interest was
everywhere manifmted.
Goa. Blair la AIL Urals.
Lom b . Avg. 3,—lllaJor General Blair
aad moral of ble otaff arrived last Wight firma
Vieksbarg. Ha was waleased by a hip
*amber of ids Mirada wed adwinws:
RU . AMA , AIN ttl Idl .
film ha-1110ml amain Oa aaml
toot foliation of Illoadlog Photo about the oily, at
lamboosra ouciais swam.
_woo am lost at OS. •• -
MJAII;1411110 w• ••
W. P. M. If M stank
Pitubargh Petroteam MarkeL
LvGun &-n• market for Cicala 011 bas bee eery
sod prime Oa the Shoe of • rising river} San
ruled higher. 13elee of 2ttlibble at 28a, bble Included;
200 bblo at 2/30, bbk included, and 176 bbl. et 27e 7
bbia Included; TOO We In bulk et 23-, bolderasaking
23e for bulk, and 22e In bbl..
In Reflood Oil, tbere bu b on quite. lively trade.
Soles was made of 1000 bbls Aladdin at 4EO in bond,
finntediate delivery at the-1140=m 2000 Mils stand.
and city brands at 600 In bond, September &Seery,
and 600 bbls city brand at 600, in bond, September
dslirasy. • Beane% vsaerally, ars bolding at 48 to
470 In bond, Inimedbass delivery, and 65 to 6230, tea
p Id.
Sham ism Inquiry for Banana, and In the abeam"
emir. ara quote at 19 to 800 bbie Inaladed los'da•
Now York retrolenm Market
Special Diapatoh to the Pittabnrita Gazette.
Nair Toil, Aug. 3—Crude le Arm and selling at
618511%0. Defined, in bond, le quiet, at from 49 to
Slo, fetus &Unwise. Depths le mauled; Wee
st 2285121 n. O.
imports by Railroad.
Parinilatat IT. Warn &Qum«. iii•xcaoao, Aug.
3-60 bbli whisky, 1153 by oats, 2an cern, D i IL
Wallace;9oo Obis doer, ("rah= & Thomas; 76 eke
bacon, 50 tca hams, GO us boot, 11" Sellon t in; 3dm
lob, LongillttlE; 6do da, lturtiand* co; 3 do do,
15 do brooms, 10 do buckets, B Bobinson & io; 70 do
do, Modlullongh, Smith It co; 6do tots, 6do wadi
boor s,
.Lladsay & Telford; 10 do do, Wm kloClatcla.
too; sOm candle., Benham; 23 ban rap, B B GO ;-
trey; 1 car aout,B stn wool, LUG:amok, &Memory &
co; 1 =dams, 3.l3islth; lido do, 3 3 Boll,.; 2 do do,
J Boyd; 1 do do, Leda; &Ohcopsalng; 1 do Metal, 0
Bryan; 1 do do, J Wood & co, 2 do St. brick. Brown
& No; Be) bidet, B & Ell Garman, 60 do wkdolty, Lam.
bert & Balaton; 10 do tacottol, B L Tabnestorl; 1 ear
corn, Bea & -HAIL •
Ourrimain t Primmulan Itanzemo, Anamt 1-
1 bo copper romp, 0 0 Hume"; 11 ball Obly a.b,
Bartlma i Connor 4 bbl, pools, 1 ha do McKee
Bra,s cks Moon, ' Clock, Pettit & co; 100 bblo Boor,
151 bm, 16 cotes tobacco," H Spear; 130 bble Boor,
&H. Wallace; 3 bbl. Noon, Jay ectimill:; 25 • ban
caedles, J licHoDmltt; Ibx trait wax, Al r kin;
176 bits equipment., Limit OA Orme; 46 bale, cot ton,
11.1mA P‘nriack too; 4 pkp 114 nor J H Marker &
Boo; 3do do, 3 Lotink; 1 ox medicine, b 111cMarren
17 boa leather, Hays* Stewart; 4 to bates, D Haw
! anti & co; 147 mks wheat, Hitchcock, 114cOreery d oo;
166 by atoms, J Dorrington; 2 bile ore and stamps,
21 cases boots and oboe., lh M 0 Otapp; 1700 halt
blooms iron, Jonah Boyd di co; 68 lam otl, Wade
Smarm & co; 66 do do, ?smock, Ball & o.; 23 sk
scraps, Wm Flamm; 1 bx books, A H English; 8 hbd.
rass, B Weldon; At ra Meese, U anowden; .56
ido do, L Volp & ow b Bdo do, 11 Jones; do do, 2
'wart & co; 18 me Gating, 8 3 Yowler & co; 23 bbla
apples, .1 A Fetzer; 3 do ac, 3 Herbert; 56 bbl. oil, A
(kakis; 1 be moradi, 41 Ibanez' & Son; 12 bdis bp,
Farley a Bro; 16 bbls apples, Owen. & llcomdy; a
do do, Potter & Aalkon; St bbl. oil, Unman & Honk.
Tim Moor ljamasen Caseate.—One to
the agricultural papers has, in a resells
number, an article, the object of which if
to show that for reel educational power,
the Bible will be a better book of study for
any person in this country than•any other
single book. Apart from its religious ef
fect upon the character, it is a 0/115eio of
the greatest power in forming and educe
ling the mind in just of all those points to
which, in this country, reference is con
stantly being made in common conversa
tion and polite and social intercourse. So
that there is no book of which a person
being ignorant, must thereby lose so much
of what ID pasting end well understood by
all persons of respectable attainments, and
constantly feel his inferiorty in almost ev
ery circle of society in which he could wish
to be respeoted.
There is more in this idea than would
at first appear. The forming spirits of the
institutions of this country were men
whose minds were themselves formed by a
very close study of the Bible. To the tame
cold, calculating Western intellect, the im
ages of that volume gave en oriental fire
and energy that formed a new combination
of character, a new type of thinking, ,and
of speaking, and of acting, which renders
it impossible, even now, to understand the
thoughts that are most powerfully opera
tive on the public mind, except by going to
the same fountain of thought and feeling
from which they drank.
Their very mistakes make this necessa
ry, and no doubt, they made many in their
interpretations of the bold and poetic mode
of speech fitted to an eastern mind, yet
applied to literal, plain matter-of-fact
Western circumstances. The Witch of En
dor led them to perseeute witches in Salem.
We can only correct their mistakes—not
by being ignorant of the Book of Samuel—
, but by a closer study of the entire history
of the Old Testament., se the record of the
religions history of man and the gradual
growth and progress of his knowledge of
the sublimes& truths and conceptions.
It this knowledge is necessary to cor
rect area the errors of a former genera
tion, how much mote is it necessary in or
der to enable us to grasp the truths which
they; beyond all previous ages, then
wrought oat. Justice in civil government
and liberty, with all the great principles
of self-government and equal rights, were
learned by them from the Bible and from
the Church government, which they
thought they saw there. When in 1648,
they formed at Cambridge their platform
for the free government and intercourse
of the Chtuches of that Colony, they with
out knowing it, formed that which gave
birth to the free republic into which the
whole colonies formed themselves when the
tie snapped which bound them to the pa
rent ootuary.
The educated men of those days were all
educated on a Scriptural basis to a much
greater degree than now, probably. So
that it becomes impossible to understand
the origin of forming ideas on which those
men were acting, except by understanding
the Scriptures on which they built their
laws, their customs, their social intercourse
—every thing in fact.
Still further within the last fifty years
Bible Societies have so diffused that book
in every house, that it has become the
fountain whence, above all other books,
the millions have and will drew all their
deepest thoughts and most striking figures
--all their most beautiful conceptions, and
most cherished and holy beliefs. No man,
then, can learn to understand so much of
the deep undercurrents of thought and
feeling by the knowledge of any other bock
as by that of this ens.
But it is not merely the book of thin
country and this age, it is the book of all
countries and of all ages. It is a waivers.,
al classic. It goes back to the earliest pa=
'tied of letters among men. It connects
present with the entire history of the4sist.
It removes us from all that is local and
temporary, and opens our eyes to all that
is universal and belonging to man as man.
More than this migh be said: It shows.
men as sons of God—of oneh'eavenlY Path
sr. It ocnineets time with eternity, earth
with heaven, and forms' heavenly life as
0.111111 AID WOOD ORAL=
11/1411111 ORM
salluoss rzioia,
'miasma os nun.
al and N Tiara argot, moons I. SAnoidtoi a 00.
sad 11l Fourth marl. • mhlo
Maeassor to Jams Balms 4 Os")
POISI PlOllit,
Disler In ElkiXIN; LABD,91:10AE.00111D . ILA.1111
SMOLID WY, ho. - .
.111,41, "Wm's*. PA
Razaorr Daman Braamatiumy
iles, all "dads ofldla and aro
supdatolands their
Mses ressonaig• inas.
as Aziboson ettwat t betwees triaisk sad
Robinson amts. Anotana7 010. • 000
Pa nIOXII.IiIE-147.; mail MIMI—
CLAIM of dfoottption, acanthi Dr sob.
*Abor t at no rstosols TosollosoOplf Ofq„
on Whir dello. ak. a. a. :Luau •
af.. vs alum ono. ratsibono„
11. No gro nob If Ordain dor sot
moseoull. shoe rani. oollift
11111raaa's Latin Christianity. 8 vole.
INll•m's Cootlnitials) alstory • f England, 8 Ha.
Is'cry of the 6111-11 e Agra S vols.
.lattall., Oerhalting of atterstour S vole.
Burloo's ikastoros of klelansholy. 3 vols
Mont:lgoe% Works. 4 vols.
ollas. lamb'. Worts .6 vole.
Basen's Works. 16 vole. Sold srPor 4l4l 3.
ohaksoeerehi Worts 8 vols.
Tor sale by KAY It 00.„ 65 Wood *treat.
LANA rUM,lthillOkiB.
BEI anthem friends. By Kirk.
nisinry el the Betormathm In the times a Calvin.
Toothefs es the Bo:Leda, et anothar World.
The One Iron Wheel Examined. Brownkm
Benten's Thkty Teens In the. U. a Senate.
Leelikerablea - Mote and paper.
By.. cad Lars. Beecher.
- The Stun and the Sage's. '
Marks in Watery. Tbeelogt, II
covl6 lad a @EAtt,'
I df ir cdn ,,m, e,
LlK,Sheep - :
lded remarks 96
nap In the Zed
Iv .. 13 O.
615 Wood at
V Their'Breeds, ilones , rteet
11711114 a Toustt. *bleb at .1
the 8,-ee9e and Management of
States, vita Illeetrative eorrevil
Palm Il
Palt,6 KAY I 00
posy uxvtuN D110:1..:TOILY/ FOI
1843.—AlphsbetIcal Bet of Poet Mass fit the
17 ..... 6 tf5d *gates, .its the IMMO of the/Post tel setae.
With as sppretu= sootalotow the rates of 'Foreign
Pcstsga the new ' • t Moe B111,)Wid other import.
am , postal lido . Prim 11.60. •
irr6 ICAT4I 00.. 66 Wood et_ .
hIQR nALL.—A , °convenient two-story
brick dove Beg boats, with back building. 80.
Stb Bac 'erect Pitt bargh
Also, • large, convenient and well-flnished threw.
Oozy brick dwelling howe with beck budding, Be,
2$ hoes street, between first end Vecond streets.
Also, a bloater, brick dwelling boccie, with bark
buildings, Bo 711 &road street, war twee.
All the above are to good order, and supplied with'
ens and water.
Abel, a one story frame toting dwillint. Bn. MIA
&coed *treat, and the two story frame dwelling ad.
Both or tbs., hones, gee In good order, end
sellable for small furl:lee. •
Also, • tot of gonad on the nurtheastwardly elde
of Nina street., tesween Au end Try stseita, .0•.•
B 0•11 stmt. having . * none 01,St leet on 71. st 'tract,
and extending bark CO feet.
The *bore property. Jo Situated In a desirable part
of the city.
Pot tams oracle and partionieri Inquire of
No. 100 Fifth t.
. lf TOE 63L1L—Tere Lots, 20 feet 4 to.
front by no het deep to en alloy, with alatge double
boon, between Hancock and listed street. 61 dad.
Sable location for • Pupil:lan or Dentist.
110 Me flea bni.ding sites for ptiestersaidasose
near liinemillek, from 101 acne rash.
Also, a Jule umber of Wilting lots, of •adobe
Waft. 01 from 03 to CA feet Want by 100 to 160 foot
aeep, ettested at the terminus of the Wylie Street
Pawnees Itsliway. ,
Apply to the uodentigned, Etecutote of the estate.
of Jobs Hrtron,"deed W. a..EillitEON,
.101110 D HSIIEOII,
11 , 251:3m H. 0. 111111tION • -
.ffETT FOR SILO—We atw authatizei
ter that twantitil gauntry seat, ottotaining neat - 10
Mt; all ander a neat and in • vary forward
St/toot caltiwatlon, with a neat two-story &rabbi&
Grounds partly planted with fruit and alas trees,
and wan watered The above ail-lea peeper!, of
James ales. Molt, John utdalett. aid °th
ere, and Is offered at doe low prim of Woo. Parties
seeking a home to the °gamey, look at naloraing
lade," B. Metal N a 09.. ICS Fount, st
10.000 81111101,LB
Mao. the bad FAMILY rbOUB. by the barrel
TIIOB. 11311111", Grocer,
Oar. B.►r•r and Btu Maid stmt.. if andmeor
e!;tpenOr sooOtid•
F il3 hand Malin= 11011, 50 Whew by ID
has long, all perlea.
Oat apallor ear 801L152.7.1 team Mamie:.
bet Stag. l Inch boa.
''wo HTDUA CLIO PE1:08L, for named, with
pump al °mark.
Several tew sad eacand-bead 51111011 11350111 - 113,
emu 15 Inc, Manatee Lowe to 5 Ina, .111 be eols
for te huh. HUGH If. BOLL
4441 . (; , :the Allmilimy rtWot. ram. Point Ali.?
MJR SAJ,I4—A oonvernent and well-
dnishsd TWO.Erteßli BLUM 130t . 81., with
room and said dry celar, sad hydrant watar, with
a train* stable back. Lot BDallO, or 3 lea 110s110,
osoldormat street, Idancherter. tsar Passenger Ball
way. laqulls %HIS uptick. of to Hyde gy IL
aiDAILio Locust street. Manaberder- tiattt
now rifti, a, aim sow bsios as oauaa.
All woandod &Idiom who ban been la thomill
buy or naval service, are entitled to $lOO Beauty
and Pamion. all roldiers who ban served two
raere olio entitled to the $lOll Bounty. Soldiers
by sown of doss ., ble ent4thid to pia.
dm= 41 07 idols, of Soldiers who die sr ars klllsd In
the servtoe are entitled to potions and the SIM
Bounty, an, fe
WI ooze Oistmn, of every destaiption, promptly at
tended to No charne l made In any 1,11011 until the
money 1. collared. hatpin to
Aliontdirtit•L•a• awl Okla Arm.
No. 114 rina 6T6iYI, Pitubwib, t•
Oollections ta allegbany aisd ad,lotatag isscostleal:
Promotes SOLDIZILEV GLALUS, every descir4i.
Om; BOUNITILB, for all discharged Bolding; PIN
SION% for iwassid More and - &idiom BOLUS
TIZB aadllBlol4B for Wklove, Parsing, Orphan
ObUna, Brothansand litstark or other igal r.pric
asatathas of the. site. bar, died la the venire, ON
brie Odd after dhotiaia. from dimes ow:Amoral fin
o.lo,G4arge [MIS 0•11•••• d, sad n• Wrier wlll
renoreeed leeddmi • •tatnn N nneldsoft• .•12,11,!.
l) Ucouuk YzaatuA2. eiritv7o,
AV —llletwhhotantllng the etteeks of *does
maws, who wire to the of Op.
Ars rtiohtsig date tie qv unmet eadommeate of ow
eltlew AIL tbat le @eked la to ezandae all other'
Specteohe than call -and exactas the 11111351A1t
Plltailla meta ror ode by
DI/JIIOHD, Proatkel QpUdu
llsaifaetarer el the Blueish Pobt>l4lBpecteeltbe
MG IS PM .met, More/Rd Pod Elml/41ar
Dunn uw insa.
x'azutaxourir CITY,, (
madaqututity orktian.2 2 'tarp sad tkurusgh
PLAIT WINDOW Mali 8113117,
LINGS, us. Pre.. Aa
Hs rill ANN "orlon for UAW* SITUP/ isltb
ProlottAsellusd it fats rates.
K. N. ,Piturbs wanting LONG TINBIN or POP.
&A44 . l . partloolszly Wilted to Estratiss his stalk.
CBAIG, STRUM ass ltabitint.
This haproinesrot baa bwro . pties ay met bap
lizard. bat if Mu result of etudy, szporinientin,
labor end arum Those sasoys with mob- mid
dust will plow Dot aatlitt attbs mad al
tan that MO sgcsittas takes sal sal so douse.
9T119113111 a SillTa
sal n.. to rt.
.. „ ..
(sttooemon to Wm)
TA -Tat; Jr. Oa,) muumuu PLUMBERS;
( 5/i8 AZAD IiTAMIL FITTERS, No. W mbsi
PlDobovo. ard 59 federal area -Al any,
have o t bard sad win toratib LEAD PIP
tmiso__,Has Limn, OM 11082 . B " 3 " T t
BEAOILETIL La. All'wook laminae' to Et..,
lotion - notion
SAMUEL BMW1:1802:.
! - Iklllll or WIEIGHTiI AHD LLIIAJUkAt,
eir OfCm. 80. 4 Owns . oflAbirtyui Irti
44,< , .4 7 4ClPZlustr.
ILAtrt tfLIQUID LlZNlvifer, for mik-
LP /Min •, few planter, delicious and bedthful
nailer dew erts, for side by the des= or duals Wi
ll., at the !NO, ocomr, noire of •
• MI . Ammer Idbotty end Head etrerte.
5,000 Ms, ebbs:
' • , 000 Ms auger dared Oht. Ortid
• 30 Wm Dow Mo. 3 limbo el i
110 bale osw M• 111100
15 ludn• Lae BOTTMIZ •
100 boom prim* Chows;
War aide in • WI. BA 5113.1 4 'lf. 18 Dlanoad
NI V.tilitiAls ULO-1
U—llls ben that IS model Call and examine,
before purolisaingelpsvions; Guaranteed to ere ,
satisfaction. los WS at *canna itabber Depot of
Pos. lased ilalilt.Olato stmt.
Jai 20 Dom my lards nimbarg;
60 do loud g nab D.
200 . do. Western ,
Io 'ton aod for ado by L. B. 00.
.8 Ws. bvih nis; •
1141 'Wm • .
' • Alop prim fni& Batten '
'Now 18 dam sad larval by- b., R. 1,0107& 00.
.. r. .AGBit, 89103' al it
U&tah.. _AMR' 4.713.10811.-=25 boxes
up Ohms lbw nle thaw by
11 1 7T7TrPMM'iirr%
waunuga WILBON'S - -
Z .
WORLD'S I'AM, Lo w7 1( ......-........—...—.......1862.
Mini-TRIAL XXhITIOX. PLIIII-............3861•
Wit ralemble Downy manta
The only ichlne In the World Wax GAM MORS
Panamaca and Onuan, with Improved
- X 11 one a fo l ly Wilted to call at oat
o and ea the Itachines in operation.
rersu Mao,Map aarraatad Arai Haan.
nmau—E7o.27 rtrra bnorr.
Lominur—Elo. I le 674
FOR lIENT—The three4tory BRICK
W&RigHOl3l3/11Ral B Wegni stmt., two doom
Enna Water street.
For term, apply to IEMSII
13•11 coon, Radial
• or ( to .1013IIPEI D W I L
tobral , ooraor 2d nod Wood stmts.
rill.) kW -A cottage with STe MOMS,
J. c ms to the Railroad Etatton, M irwicklayvißs.-
Posensbn giTen Innedlatnis.
Appii . tbe pundits.
DOM 7. L. 0A1215A-Oltial.
rpuLßl'--Une, Two or. Three Homo
In the third or Worth storks of .Glearrn Baud
tog, Irlftb street, with or without steam power
Inquire on the prenst.e. eod:0
Volt third story of the
banding now occupied by the sabsatiber, comer
art. Male irtreet and Dttquerg u ipij A.atiwons.
pi i ) z avz.irrs.
U • human arm Ann Baum la
mums Corrsintu,. Nortb.not =nu Wood and
Third ntreeta.
•P. 0N124 AGMS NORTH Asst
• an, Mate of .Pennayleads and Hartford In.
wane. Oompardoe, 87 Water street.
Isitraaxas 0011 PANT, corner Market sad Wster
GORDON, daasnAin '
Issoluiaa Comm. 09 Wder amt.
UM. BOOK, „Osoarram ALLsorinty
• lanais:ls 00111TMIT. S 7 Pb stmt.
VGALWA V 1.01J1111.)
3.911 1 3170, MID Harrooqworro, 4,000 tow.
RIBININIE, 1,600 Hotoo•power, 4030 ton&
00141381 A. 1.000 Howw.powor,ll,3Xltana.
ANGLIA. 1.300 Harr-power, 5000 lona
Tbo 3.olllcont toftwohlp ILDNI3TIO WI
from Llirirpool, GLlway, to Now York, on Win-
NUE:AY, 16th of July, to be followed by UN
other woosawsof tbollno sorry altarnoto Wednesday.
Rolm of pomp frost Moorpool to Now York, pop
wblo II gold or Ito ma:Talon, In canny:
Vint 0.Z1a........-411115 0018tooroge..—.—$25 CO
Bosond 13 00i
scum Joann Manager. -
or, D .0•1315 ILL.
leas ■ CAroadele.Sulldlag,
ylMlyint No.lll Oh Stmt. Fltubursh.
kJ! POOL, touching at QIIIINSPOWN,
Plots P01i0..) The w known stoma
Limped, New York- PLledelphla litannahty
Orommuy or. Intended to as thllows :
OITT OP NNW T01UL............85turday,Aag. $
CITY OF _. ..Saturday,MANOHNSTIQL... Aug. 15.
OM OP SWAIM° - Sarday, Aug. M.
And wary samoodlng 1. at manel, Foul ram
M. North Blrsr..
urn Wawa,.
FsFetts de 044 or esokolod as Onrrwest.
Thaw t1anut..........380 . • ilbminass. 853 58
do. to Landon-. 88 . do. to London.. 85 60
do. to Pane..... - 96 . 10. to Part...... 40 80
• do, to Hautboy 80 .0 do. • to Hamburg fr 60
Painengere also • brw • wl to Havre, Bream, Oct.
terdam, Aster iko4 equally low rates. /
Pares from L I . 1. Queenstown: Lt Cabby
874 ma, VOL Steer poi. - Mims who wish to
send tar their Mends • . boy tkketa bore at'tiser
For further Inbrma • • apply at the Ocimpanr a
Mom F MI G. DALE:Agent,
15 Smadwai i N. T.
JOHN . 011 ' 81)0 , A t,
II stroskArst • • trcoi the dge,
,nhl&tf 7 Pltbbumh.
1. LISE.—PITHOLII - II FluNg pau".....
The ens British Ifarq • • HALTASABA, NotstV ,
son, Muter, havfngrtb coke part of has cargo
entsged, w il l to dlepat , • ea abets. • .
For balsa:nor eight My to
x tr
. jrziow o . r . iTC.I I PO O7 ' W ,
IlloOßDS 249llrhi lt ri a lt ild su A li b tal liP urix hiS ., a I.
j / u r RKOEIVKD
Boas' liana 14=
Batur Yalta
Bona''Malta Ofgsrn
eon Malta IClpurß;
(Ruling's Ambrosia;
Stedises Ambraits;
durling's Ambroda;
Bterling's Aube"la;
Moho& & a.'. 'Elixir remiss Not,
Nkhols & Clo:s Mbar l'srusisa
&fads & 0..'. Paints& But,
Nichols & 0..'. Late ?truth& Bark.
With Protoxfda of Iron;
With Peon:W.lo of Iroo;
With Prato:tido of Iron;
Witls Prokaino of Imo;
Lard'm Blocgo of Youth:
Laird's Bloom of Tooth;
Laird'. Bloom of Tooth;
LNrd's Bloom of Tenth;
Ohrhdadoroh Nrosisior Hatt Die;
Ohrlstadoroh isorldor Barr Dye-
Chriatodoroh ShooHier Bair Ifni
Ohrfitodoroh troelalor If* Dpi;
Hashes Napalm Liquid nits Dm
Dashe llayptlat; Iftyuld Hair Dye;
Dashe s s
Septa= Lksid Hair Dyr;
Bashes lopthso Wald - Hale Lys;
Batasloes Premium Raiz Dye;
Patthelces Promiani Bair Els;
Ilstabalaes Palate= Hair Di%
'Wader's Troika Ha& DTP:
Visitlin •Hafr DY•i.
Venni= Hair Dye;
ireaDlut Hag Des;
Venni= Halr.ll%
Belllogbam's IStlmulatths Oxigunt,
Belanemia Stlanalatlog Ongorna,
BellingMs•e Etbnolating Onmat,
. 1 34111giguies.Isliralithag Organ!,
For the Hair sod Whisker%
For the Hair sad Whisker%
For the Mir arid Whiika%
For tbs gird Whither%
67 and 69 Fifth Street,
NlalLittliMlNlSX. fit VIN VIM
the Partausafp lattar stiffing Warm DLTI.
firm of DANUBE. BIANITT BOX wee dbiotred
na JoUtt, USA by =tad mama
BOHN fo anthostaid tonal, el debts due to or
by tho Ounpany. DAHIIL BENNIM,
btOTIOE HERBS ir ant aCN that I
nar..14.4 - WIGWAM' *UMW irttbi.
ma th manufacture and AN ad dPoontanata,
style of tti Itrat to In D, it W. PDXIi tha
pattasish , o to lase from illy fah ift'a
INDIA NU BBNH kith ti, pure sad
*lib cloth, lu uLL slum, lot ese• at ti sa St.
Glatt Utast. J. a marunairs,
.. . •
111.0013 11111AURCH.1111.
*Amu 4X123 JPOI
_ .
Oa .
Oilliall'OUP /Ararat:ions,
°atomism, Diseases,'
Paysipelas, Boils.
Pimples on the Pace,
lei* *e•.
ihalel Hood.
, - DY•PoPolo.
Old and : Iltabbora Mous.
sheo atio, Disorder,.
Half litheiat.
Kerlizaial Diseases;
Osiairal Debility,
Liver Otrinpieiflt,
petit of APPiititir
LowllP.kriti. L
101.40:0 ,11 iSlabits ,
21,11NHW 41UL ;
Pamir& or Wm.,
lyphilitie Disisies "eaid
Carley et the Bones.
owarrrios or THE BLOOD OB ontortl.
TORT MUM _ _ _
0451 OP 94.4.111114 A. SeTIP.'
riPlPSwas Maple Dv
Dn. G. N. Isonallske . Osman to
.IbJavolantary statrasalla favor al radbtatpie.
Pad b 7 Yon celled "lase afs RPM' Ilearewsa.”
I bad nand kr ITS pas PTA Ilkadaky skids
trots oat cm nay bead and *Plod to at to dkikfine
ate vary much, and took off the belt alts the ati .
am aids Its impart:oW tt ale, broke oat ca- m7' awn above and brew the elbow, id sa In tato *Pk(
and lab so as to some a Awful Jana dlaiaa'
on my bad want r ter time surnral Limit penerel
bone ante oat. I ti very week and law stditta.
and bad gimp AD hop of our poling well. rd
bed triad moral Maki playakkens and : SWAM as
so god. In flebtelabsr IW, 11111. ‘ yaimi wawa as
lay aldweszes Loma cia limas Ibuncrtma. ,, il.
mat roams I bad setattolaEyatant
atter I lad sad th ree bottled of 'Blood Darolver k Dw
alas' on my baattand sae bspatb bail. I bye .
sow takas elightor butilettlab.aal My bad sad Sas
are entirely wail wept the scam ninalabet
Km. I iiilladaastata tbat I lad tbe , VdMamettp :
rosy bed to swarm and lap, !lea Di cal lmroba r
also prod tmrbewmatliiir I aria* • well 'ass;
over forty, yam a op, and 1. bed papas and paw ,
art didtfbaa I W2ll tasty/Lad bara*araisilln
willabd bewaill44lldd. I /maid Mao a Les tbid fir
o,mi/a la my kraltesd , Was r bad oatVledle
cooped sad Igrad saldbant buoy, W blood min eat
of Ito eon. Dr. Isy Sad a pkotognibl teduaid
me by Xt. Clazga; the ertkt, eller I taiga* pt
wall. D. does riot abow my abparaaas as bed tt
was Man kixmatimort taking Um manatee. Ina
can ses thipotograply op of Oka Is war la ay
.p wasrlem. and Yee at Dr. Iyarmll4oWooddrr4
would also data than took the Btaod gaucho
width wastnade beton Dr.idepar mausemst male.
is It. Animal* ft bard ammo, I ddd ad al
owes hat oatill I gut the Mod 10110 by Dr. piper
hfcandl, - Ove bottlenf Ids did ma more pod *Ol
two of Oita. I lftlars tt apierdial stings:
Sid lA*. bad resallasakel Dial lcodistelt•
alto a Peat limy of siellika, amp
end' balm It km ballad fil;ll,rbliii”ll tbm. . TOR
may pabasktble If yes wk‘and I. 'am atutteis gat
all arba are arkkd as 1 wee wrap earelL
Ibla city, NG: d Das itesit, mad as amployad ear*
vine • Anderson's IlaloaMarble Works. IN Waster
amt. • Damn a. BOLD. .
A BLIND ZAN , 01111411.
•t La - ts •1 - 13 - 132abook aM km tun
our; Mid 1,1•111r101111-1bIlt mak I
aped la Pt. gam amid' tans oft=
sabod yam to &ape illbsellorrftelAre
br UALDIDA . MINNOW". robin ast
mad DA to rilirtabble Sp 'Pt atle. lag
. raripir• this yen =AU Do M 7 dM or
owl* OW •It i Vi a • •••••• br it bre or Orb'
Dar hi Dit - MAI seil Ana rained.
bet al 41011•0 gignllel Mir • math or tir•
slur I auto oar OS AI begettffil.AD Db.
wntarstos sag r - ran•A by . tbsetior al •
goal Mona - of abb. a Dr. Isissr. vie ristand
sad .7 oo7rrr Ira assay sr will or we
Ur Dodo, orb no Disci direhat" sill
PUbb•ral4 Jai; I. UM Casks
WISSIOIF•44. V.•llllkairir. asibers Mutt.
Prom Onto, ilitoteatltot 111. Ural wegit•
that I tun* bat o, tiowlett li
tat atir-yotio It woo
amoral wttli- alga WWI mono tit - MI rowel oat
N ark sto =Kw o lettootditi oollkutl war• • long OM% Ow • oit-lawo
sts gwatla., lirtiewtawg ottlattwetio WWI
tdty. but - wltawat 1111.410414,.51037 Ilona go Do,
[mar, 12 Ito.. IV Wood Ws* Whooslit ottoolsw
ell WNW two wwWw. ind ma Ist bat twolottllto •
sollabit sod I us 201/eattnitrela al WI to"
Paul wilt "tit 110111011; 111% . T011 MAW
H 12
AMA AWES aft 11 PM& -Vial sof .
owl tin NO THONLA NtiLo
Sir& sertsi ed . Martel* 1111 •4
lerfail Y Ali - •
Di:eblL 12114/11_,.• •
Vraaat NSW
e lleitteirketar . tbit millehat torttalmik SIM
NW/ al Pent cominatradis Ur' Woof Me Platt
'Sae tato a Iltaakeas Ike ollaame of 'the Lap rod
Thsvoketertit.oiletolleatiorkegilo roaa
mrokeptimm ••Tfola .ea poi pm&
mallatm porparel of% rice oath time tar tal
ammeter. •
ameol atormom at poromptios ele/
II will toem 001101111 AIM OtILIDIe Moo
Moabkoneakiessea at ILO MIA
=LAZY 00
• ..• _
Dorn 0671160112 THROAT 1131 01 111232 L
,tr onus el abeassons.mia ••
XI pas Draw AJ
Um sot on
you, do
lma- .pat to mad of Mom pe
tan at kit
tar. t• bates Masai lit• .9 016 1 1 , 611 0 11 01 1 1
ealle of OEIO MUM.
- - O. 4104
Mo. Meath Osated hue.
ma to Dv. wan. Il .140 WWStark.
IaILLSO-111 1 .
(I.IIIT lILL-AlllkAm=fia .
Vl. Prllggitgristi AEID
vonEgg,pme SAILS°
II rIIIII 11 11.1111ANCINNI1T.—On sad attar
VOID T. Awl 10% 156:1, Trani Mil twin Um
&IPA , Um 'hang:ghat' gar , `d. t o ritil
burst. tallsotat •
rdidollA NM Wiadkod L;.. ..:
. 111"1 .... '. ' • IMOat. 6:10 a o .It4o p. la.
.... , .t 1M0. .. I IM3 .•
. I.lklo at I WA t
;- :do .. ._
_• '. . 6:10 II I,lkod • t6ll ° i
Anins Poulto.-. AM " 10.16 • t 6:10 0 1
I• • • ,-- at. litintheepritta gad Be , .1r itlat Btaa. i
, atld • Italboad and oo.tiol Oblo Ran. 1
road km Samattna, Nowa*. Ooltumbou. Lod% ror t
MN !In • • alutuati, loalaillio, Calroo Bi. ' •
I m o % ; Joseph, and an points mat sad moatkwast .
sad-14 - - with Bids sod mak. Bohr
Oloadmd Lbs.
I si i ii i ... •. .. . IMO P. m.
• la . • , .....,...—..... 440
do: • • ............. 610 " COI s
• 6.•• '1".I . • -,...,; 616 .. 4:46 4 .
- do , • , ........,.......1 7416 " 16:t•1 a
intuit cimatisaat... ~... '':.........., 910 .." I 7.:":: w
Glaa*ollat atßallad War Soloaraosa eq" , .... - c.l. itit
Zee nurs•lpids mad Cianal Doman at Alatoo, wpm
iltlobask; Tom w ar n. • and ,Obleagn Bat!:: ,:•,,I •
, gasraaa with Alls'ead Cram Women. 'A...IP-ea
br Winos,. fivesaiiills, Meadville, Doles .:,. ,r t , •
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