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As Aor to provide for: , the Collection of
t „. • abandoned Property aid fo am( vimuk
lion of Frauds_ in: lits urrei
trials within the Unitedßit s ea.
it ersaetsdli On Senate House of
'. ltepntswitaterei of the'Vislial f‘ of Amer
les is °ingress acumbled,-That it shall be
lawful for the Secretary of 'Me Treasury, from and anti:the passage of; this act, ae
at he ,.u shall ausi from „satm "time - Ind io ttuse the • l eee prooesati tit, to
-1 :point W-Itlieliatigea or-agents to receive
- '.'Sand collect all abandoned or captured
pointy 111. 1117stifitariir: teriltory, or any
portion of any etas. or territory, of the
United States,' designated as do insurrect 7
lion agatiot, the lawftil Government of the
United Otitis bj the. proclamitdon of- the
President of. July Lint,. eighteen hundred
and. sixty-troF ProOled that such pro:if).
soy shall not Anclude , any Idad A! di.
aoription whinh- has been need, or which
was intended-' to be used, for; waging • or
corrying on war agatiefthe UMW-litotes,
oath as Arms, ordnance, Maps, steam
bosts,wr _other water craft, and 'the' Itra.
share, :mai% military =PAW or Muni
- tioam of war..
. 1
See. 2. A n i l be it further enacted. That
-,. ,_ - any pert, of the goods, or.preperty received
or seuied JW:swidi sioa - lte !Mama may
be appropriated to public use on due ap
-j pritissatent ant aritilcuite *mg, or. for
warded to - tuty ~.p' mot tit riles within the My
_ • al Oates, as the public .intercias may re
_ • Aidee4. antalleales of , inch pfroperty shall
beat auction to the hiAmtbidder, and the
,y f . '' ; preemie thereit',ltall" bie-riaid into the 1
. 1 , , . " troaircry of the UMW filatat: .....,.- ~. Tilt ` , 1
..,,, ..- . . .. gto. 8. Aid be it fsirther eisailiec
L., ) , -1.-thefieeritary of Vie 2.remnuyr,may require
... :. i r• ..,- - rho special agents appointed Under this ant
J'%,.." ' to give a beed,irith each socrnities Mid in 1
:::S i . : 17 . pa Animal - Si he ,aiall itsein necessary,
and to :mire the Minim' 44116661 mm
' - - -" '' and - -the streitlther . , tins of said security, as
---.--' . ---- -- - - - - --- -wircaiiritaireis may; Seisialidi, , , and he dual.
also muse a beak or bookteof account to be
, 7 kept, showing from whom inictit...tinropirtl ,
' '-- - Ins reeehed, the oat of trimportation,
_. y ~,,.. so proceeds of the Ws Morel!: -And tiny
'y, person claiming to have been 'the owner of
:-. ..-. . any rich abandoned or: captured propertj
y Jnayeat, any time within mot yearl:afteri
the suppression of the rebellion, prefer Ids
claim to the proceeds thereof la the court
' 'Of claimer and on preif to the satisfaction
... ~ -.. • of add Mot of hie ownership of said prep.:.
oily, of his right , to the preseeds thereof,
and that he has norm given any aid or cam
, ~ --- fat to,tlmpreitsairebeilloa, to receive : the
residue of such proceeds, after the deduo
- tithe' of 111 litt-m wideltimay.
.:, have been.po4l,:tordor , _ 'the expense
of transportation and isfe said property
and any otherlaWfol'expaies attending
disposition thereof. -i.,..5.
Sea d . dui is it /falba. asseleCTlmit
Z..: ': SU property_eamieg intotily et the United
States not . (Wand •In ..‘ fustarectiorlis
. .. ..,aferseeld, from within any of the states
~ ' .l . ;- , dallied in laltwereillitm, through or 1171 1 M
other palm than any avec duly appoint
:: . ' ' ;''''-'' •
ad nada the provisions of this net; un4
p. , •. , -.- ~ 1::' der a lmefulelearanas by the proper old
ea of the Truantry Departnint, Wallas.
oonftiested to the use of the' Government of
. . ,
, r
fm,the tondemnation and kale of any each ~.
~....,,,34,.4„.. property shall be hotituted:and conducted
~ . 1 ...
,loader *a direction of, hs Secretary cf - the '
',iy. , :,,1, Treastryi . isi tie mode' prescribed by the
A ,ut.i,.l...lllol*l ll 4o4ntitittiNA akdamlof the
''' . So a Kara eseenu, serentedit hundred
, •. •
44T :q : -., ...+t % ‘•:.i'.!. - .1 : . : 's
,•...:;,....'•„:,.. : ~,. :
j....r.0.71 ;e,..tif. , 4 ...,4 ,. , 1r.,. ' :
.q.. :,'..: • :.";',..;.i.t. i.•: -- :14:.•,-. :..,,i. : , ,
. .k
...t...:3. ...:.::.:....;.... i :; ~,.,,,,.: . ~:.... .. 1 .,
,:....,,, ~4.
,!:,."3:.:.:.,..... ~...,:..*-1i,,:-.---11
... „ .....4. , ,,, , ,,..., -,. •,. .• • .., ..,
i'•:-.,.. ;:.;::;;I
:;:• .'''!:.=.
~..s. •-,• ••••:....'..:' ' • •'.' '1,4, :. :::- :.1
' ., ,. - 4:t:tr:-.; ..%:!: , ';',..4 4 .'N" •.. ~ - . ~. ..
'. • ' ..' •,- .1' •,....;.v.44. •••,,..-::.: °
.. :5.,: ...,_ - Nce:4 - ,-, , ,,is, i YtsL..e. •:'•
':'....;' 1. ^F,..1i..-1,,i,•":04::,: -;,tiTl'.+'''',
.', . •' , : ti:-. ~.,
,'•l;':',"'''..::l: ,:,; *. • ..
''', 7.;,.: ti ':.•:' ?• 4 :', .:.:1-,,
i : iiz.iti',, : ,.`,i;; s ':' .. i
4 , .tiiii.',....!.... : .ii%, ,4. ',v. z,
I. :':'• " , ; ; 4 ili; ! . *ti :: ::: ti- ;ti
`'' i,;:''i:', - q*
'''''; : •:'. 7. .i';,;; I :*:•:::;.,...:tI.:,
••• :• .•-
'1 -;
ES:rABLISREA 3 Th 17,86;
. •
Pima a.. 1714, third Seuion of "tho thirty
wrath' Ooniress:
[Postro=-No. 100.] '
Air Aar amendatory of in Act :entitled
-"An Are to pr=ide for the Ciro and
Preisrvation of the Worke construct
ed by the United States for bringing
the Potomac Water into the Cities of
Washington and 'Georgetown,. for the
Supply of slid Mater for 'all Gover[n]-
mental, Purposes, and kr the Uses and
Benefit, of the Inhabitants of the said
_ lite,it mead 4 1/ the Senate bed Howe of
.Repraestatioes of the FratatStster of Amer
tea iiii:Ctespass arreshied,-That in addi
tion-to ths.powers conferred upon the oor.
potation - of Washington by the second and
third stardom:CC the act of` aufirreel4llll;r.
:peered Marcitidarre, eighteen hundred and
ifia-nine, (entitled] "Au .act to provide
- :- for 'the care and peroration of the works
constructed by the United States for bring
. ing the. Potomac water into the cities of
- Washington and _Georgetown, for the sup
ply of a_ id _water for all; varnmental
_ and for the nets and benefit of
',..'the in Gatti ,of; the said 1 cities," full
power and authority- are ' haeby given to
... the.slidoorpOnticalti levy sad collect ,'a
Vater-tai en all - real propertf within the
'tit:mate limits of the city of I Washington
*kelt binds on or touches on any avenue,
street, or alley in which a mailt.water-pipo
his beat laid or hereafterbe laid by
- .the - UnitetStates or by the ration of
Washington, which water- shell be as
mull as possible equal an d' or= May
- .be levied•on lots in proper, n`to their
. frontage oitheir area, as ,the said corpo•
'radon may determin and be collect=
od in not less than three norpiore then Live
annual iriztalmenta, of whIoN instalatents
all after the tint shall bear 14tereat at the
• rate - of 'Vapor cantotaper annum, corn
menidig from-the "dateej: [at] which the
= lint instalment becomes due, lout may, at
- the option of the owner of the property
ta=e 4be paid and discharged in full tat]
any time after it ehall .bare been levied.
. And the said corporation of 'Washington is
farther authorized and empowered, on pe
tition of the owners of the majority of the
real estate on any 'quere orliae of squares
- ',clay down water-piles and erect fire
- plugs and public hydrants ' iterever the
same may be requisite aldanecessary for
. .
public 00IITOIIIIIIIIM, security 111 fire, or
Sec 2. Aid' iht it farther ' , -
.. .
to aid in the 'erection, maintenance, and
eiltdeaby of fire -pings throughout the city,
the said mrporttion of Wasidagton is here
' ..
by authorized iid-empoitered to. levy an,44
optima eapecdalannual tam o- allqald...J
" ingewithin fire hundred feet f any main
L i
_,-...lrarat,gape into yid*, or the lees con-;
, nested therewith, the water has not "been'
' • 'irdzodueed, and-the owners * occupants
- ,-; of which do not pay naannuill water•rate
or rent in accordance 'with the ordinance.- of the corporation, which' tax shell be ley
': lid' ntersa4. to ' the" lulus of the
) so tszed, and shall oe not more
~, Ave dollars nor less than one dollar
o,m ar g
r perpoar; but whenever the water _shall be.
Introduced, in conformity with 'the tome
- - Atkin laws, into any Wilding or premises,
~.ithe Are plug tax thereon dual cease; and
whenever the Water shall be e acontinued
, fram any building oilmen* . ta-„, which
It has been introduced, the .sdili44.
shall be erddect to the fire-plug tam room
'date of the disecntinun* - of the we
, .."
. ,'
& and be it further: *seta; That
_ :the 'water-tax hereby mithailed to be ley.
.401 and collected shall constittite ti farad to`
need exoludiely to deftal. the coat of
distribution of the waiter, uding ' all
fixt-tald_and m•_thbides connected
• with raid distribution • :ink annual
water rates or rents autiorharta - be — cot
lectedily the sot Of which ibbi act is amen
tionitinthe a And' excluebreli
for the maintenance memegithent, and re
pair of the system ofiaterdistribution. .
Approved, Mirth ; /066,'
t ,
4e• -
Fl - C3 IA L
'["PGBLIQ--NO. ~.~
and ninety-nine entitled "An act to reg
ulate the collecition'of duties on imports
and tonnage." And any agent or agents,
person or parsons, by or through whom
such property shall oome within the lines
of the United States unlawfully, as afore
said, shall be . ., judged guilty of a misde
meanor, and on conviction thereof shall be
fined in any sum not exceeding one thou
sand. dollars, or imprisoned for any time
not exceeding one year, or both, at the dis
cretion of the court. And the fines, pen
&tie; and forfeithres scorning under this
adt may be mitigated or remitted in the
mode prescribedley the act of March three
seventeen hundred and ninety revert, or in
such manner, in epeeist osses,!as the Sao
rethry of the l'reasury may prescribe.
liec.4..4ad be it. further enacted, That.
the fifth section of the "Act to provide for
the collection of the revenue upon - the
'norther; northeastern, and northwestern
frontier, and for other parposee," approyo,
Jply fourteen, eighteen hundred and, sixty
tifbdrhall be Saaonstraed nsto allow the
temporary officers which have been or may
be appointed at ports which have been or
may be opened or established In states de.
dared to be in insurrection by the procla
mation of the President on the'first of July
eighteen hundred and sixty-two, the same
compensation law is allowed to
permanent officers of the came position, or
the ordinary compensation of special'
manta, as the Secretary of the Treasury
may determine.
Sao. 8 dad be it further enactel, That it
shall be the duty of every Officer or pri
vate Of the regular or volunteer forces of
the United States, or any officer, sailor, or
marine in the naval service of the United
States itionlhe inland waters ef the Uni
ted Staten, whornay take or 'receive any
auchnbandeuredprop,:or *ran, sugar,
rice, orlebahco from persons in such in
surzeotiOtary:_districts, or have it under
his control, to turn the same over to an
agent ppointed as aforesaid, who shall
give a '
receipt therefor;' and in case he
shall refuse or neglect so to dd, he shall be
tried by a court-martial, and *hall be dis
missed from , the service, or, if an officer,
reduced to the ranks, or suffer such other
punishment as said court shall order,
with the approTal of the President of the
United States.
Sea 7. "Ind be it further enacted, That
none of the provbsiona el this kat shall ap
ply to any lawful maritime prize by the
giant forces of the United States.
Approved, March 12, 1868.
-.4 13 . 1 . N05810114 WORKS.
Ilanoloctoron of nary variety finfohed
.-..-e....ALß.nrrsie,..xactarN AND
..4111.41811131A/11108. dimililoads tO
Arder.. , 81111A11.8067 WORIC, OVUM A H D
PITTING, and RIPAI3IIIO prorapilly Wended te.
Partiouler attention paid te }arum
13118 Pull 00AL ASO OASSON
uhe N Sole Agoras Ibr 'Ma Western trice of Penn
rficulds Abr. We ask of .11A.811B, aatleoludi, a
00.15 PAPAW! BpPHON the teat me
inftitad lifarl4f . So ;WO% ft la sot hada to pt
out of Mar, sal sill throw slats Yoder than au/
Pump of Moo tts alaa. apt!
D - am.
A. L. WEBS a DHO. -
• •• • •hi Lr lb! fah
• DAftrXl7,lalt ,
on crondatunant all kinds tf %wawa Win
dna, and mks advance thereon. ,
H. B.—Battroad track In front of Walt intim.
WWl'. H . Smi th it co., Pfttiburith ;
1) _
NEW . di
act. "
Spawn it
Nip /I Fillephard,
klarnhanta• Bank, Baltinfbni:
„IL Pr t,a Son.: " shibitie
Kaosteotaioni of
&many flat and.Ontagoa, at aU dw. iditiatitad
opal -t to stry . ,tinpotts ; iniu?ntiatured in this
air Mee and %Nusbaum has.l49 mil Milan
end Untold IL EIIWOND 8228.1 T!!, Marken*.
NNW tiOulld.—linvlng Ines returned
, from the Met, we hen mow fit Km an erhm•
ski importiesnt of scene and desitatee - •
BpOTO AND usrome
Adapted to the saaaoi
.oa ° ua
owl two eepplisol with tti'DIEP, 11111818'
B Ars, oarrstikand taNOl
I . l . loll katsalltbSimilyseathr oath, at
each aulaan t aOs a 00.. a
11....71. savior Waal sad Fourth sas
PLmitisiDiu ems v ISTIGAM
WM. TATE, ir.. Ai CO"
-Dwancts - laust fin. , sawn . LEAT U!.
taNDAATW. :PwntillatlUsa op with hoe sea
water aae pa uitke most arpmed manner.
$O. Owl IiMICRA4 armor,
7t..B.=BeoD m rls
doer below Beldam_ Allwrlany.
wreatatir ettnldOd
A titEin MooOltallni ilt LSO, V . Atin
XL loosogg, Pittsburgh, Ps.
Sig , Wagamos. No.llol Mort, atria.
lgooodoosongo of 0001 E, PARLOR AND L IEgi...
Egg STOI Xi m . 1 21,011 AND IEIMIIN GRAM
HOLLOW W do., : fis Glow 11100 l 4.
log NJUAlolglogo, eiii, gm, Astor Nag An.
otoll .. ..irkelod , .IGriXtr ln L l / 2 1.rOns. Warpslib.
and Orittop y. Jciddria Dad
Ougago to ordrr. Wanted, - Portal& NA
•I t 1 Orr or Hone /boor. • aplikeerd
W.J{O334W ...,,..,...,,,,,,........._ -
W.M. OL•AET ♦ 00.,
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ta r rhattEri x itPLASTlMlt . :lUN
eill .. 4 !!!‘!".1. 4 4.4 0 *0 221.01,11.
W • alibi h. 1 at vu ., Boiler
vs Yoksto sod glad Iron Rte, - MINN
lloC/14141/laad *Lk Hada; soonted p
M =sssatit apan atta lb" teat la roud
amo md to nosinhoture mar
Assalsald:ol BOILNWS la Ow boa otatiaor, aid
worroatod opal to oar oak la lb. ossulw,
CINImNJIwooxtMEto 1131"111', nes B insonisu
tomon 17/07111onwitio,
HALT raffs,Teme,eo427 /AMATO'S,
ammo PANS, 11011,111"7,%
AURAS NANIONIA solo 'aaaatootatoto Cl BAIL.
NUM. PATIN/ BMX& Soptiletarioa•
' 9
bbls. in store 'cud. for .1
Vittsburgh Onzett4,
Publication Mies No. 81 Fifth Btrcet.
monrusto AND sviusnia ILDITZONB, DAI
Mamma ltarrzon, by man, per year-49 M.
Swath-. 10.
week.— I&
single $.
&sirs° Lognut, by lu 1 , per 4 5 4 1 t.
• o week—. 10.
dingle &
We:nth ltorport,ntegle copies, per year.. 9 M.
. elan of 6to 10, . 160.
. ebbs ellO or mote.' 190.
—and cm* extra to the petty lending dub. for •
slab et fifteen, we will lend the Immo Gererre
dilly. Far a club of twenty, we will tend the
MowM. Guerra deny. &Ingle copies, 8 ante.,
461• AU enbeorlptleas *teas in edeanot, end papers
always stopped when the Rai ender.
Appeal for the Gollegille bastfluttous
of Gettysburg.
The faculties and" Unitast of the Theelogi
oat Seminary and Cellep of Gettysburg, Pa.,
tam addressed an elogient appeal to the
friends of education in - behalf -of that. insti
tutions. The appeal,addressol to the Ll:Ghent
Church and Ohriztlens generally, states;
"The theological and oollegiate inatitu
' -
lion! together with the prolesion' houses,
havebeen made a sad none of devastation
and rain. The ridge on which the greater
part of these buildings are toasted was owes
direly occupied by the several armies. Their
batteries ware planted in the vielnitY of these
edifies' ' which were occupied by the enemy
during the I days of conflict, and eon
smutty exposed to the fire, as the place was
I times taken and retaken by both
• ' • "Our institutions have from the
beginning been open to all deuominations,
and multitudes of all creeds have been tido
eatad la them. The college, moreover. whilst
It is decidedly Christian and Protestant, is u
entirely annotation as ,that of ,Prineston or
Yale. To the patriot, theretott, whose been
mallows with gratitude to God for thereon:it
victory, In the achievement of which our in
juries were caused, we respect:ally appeal for
some contailuitien so a gratefett offering to
God, who gave no the success."
The olgasie of this appeal have been among
thi moot atUmtive and devoted to the wound
ed In theretent batiks. Goetyabate College
sent the drat volunteer commas,* from among
its itadento In reopens* to the Governor's re
cent eel'.
The Chine of the Pinata of nor.
gan'u Rat&
The Louisville Joureol says :
' Ice regard to John Morgan's late raid, we
are in p ion of interesting and import
ant foots, 'Mob es can establish by, direat
testimony. Before Morgan started upon kis
expedition, be folly explained the rebel plan,
of whiah that itirdition waits part He was
to make no attack upon Leesville, but to go
through Ludlum and Mile, swOeping may
thing before him, attracting the whole of
nubile attention in that direction and break
ing up all railroad oommunlostans by which
reinforcements for the defense ;of Louisville
could be sent baandistely upon thin, Back
lam man tmageirmisantskai:ifigagt•--...
considerable force underrate command, a m p
tore Lot:WU:le t and take and deitrqir what
ever he plastid, and • then the two, Buckner
and Morgan, Mere to make a'simultameons
rub upon Cindanati.
To the rebel mind, the plan teemed feasible,
bat .oventa occurred to intanwpt sad defeat it.
Vicksburg and Port Hudson fell, and Gen.
.itosearant advanced sooner- than the robot"
expected. Buireor (wouldn't possibly be
spared lion where he was. A. courier was
dispatched post haste to stop John Morgan,
bat he wee too late ; when he arrived, Morgan
wu enrols the Ohio. Thirost of the story!,
The Lait Link is 11Soken
The ricent operations of Grant and Porter
at Natehes and vicinity are mash more im
portant than as mersCapturee of ammnsdtlon
atom, &o. They lay base most anuilstaks:
bly the line of communisations whieh had
been adopted by the rebel, to 'connect their
eastern and western armies, after Banks had
destroyed the line earned on ail Port Hudson
and Redriser, and 'Vicksburg had been ran
dared impracticable by Grant. limes= thit
from Natchas this line crossed the Mississippi
river and thin went by road to Trinity, at
thejunetion of _the Tema and watt* dull
du west of Natchez. • -
A short oilstones north of this-thy bad
built a itreig fort at Harrbonburg, on the
Washita, on a bluff one hundred fast high,
not 'ruff/ibis by wooden guaboate. A rebel
corps under Generil %aka operated In this
region, and rebel transports and gunboats
were on the -Tome, Washita and other riv
ets, so that the arrangement Vas complete,
and this was the male tine of ribs). communi
cations. How important It wai n is shown by
the large captures we have mad. of ammuni
tion, beeves, Ao.
ILLIOLLITY 07 POLIGAIItrp-44 : - Delltak
News contain, a report of a intse.of habeas
corpus mainly decided by Judge Drake of
Great Balt Lake county, whisk ;hallows fo rth
what it 15 thrattare foriltah through 'polyg•
awy. A mother, by writ of habeas corpus,
brought her daughter of 17 before the judge,,
asking that the.; mother haw castody of -the
dabghter, who was then - under the seabed or
• man nomad Park, who claimed her as kit
lawful wedded wife. Thiess. Soling up for
biltzlig, It was sho w n Mist Park already had
one wile, by whom Vad'seversi children,
and that his two wins lived with. hint IA the
came house. The Judge decided that the sea•
oad vantage was net lawful, but a crime
vilest the laws of the Vatted Eitsbn, and
therefore .sull and told, *ad peasant rests
upon it. The Judge decided that the mother
was entitled to the custody of the girl. The
New charm:daises the Judge's doings as a
fidetastible moulding," and l'an oficial out.
• Beta the Swindell Berveddinit GI,! Joe
Hooker another Mane r not as the aommand.
sr of ■ groat army, bat as tho Captain of 's
Division, or the leader of an expedition. Give
him from 20,000 to 40,000 mu nada General
Hone, or by hi:smell on the itnismulit, and
let him try one, mote. Like Stonewall Jet*.
son to the rebels, Hooker -has proved himself
oar best lighter in a nbsidiary, expedition. ,
ary. sanctity. Let him go to his old•phete,
and ran the lanreb of 1852.
GLIM% Ccrivass.—The groatest capture
of men .inouttioned in mods= history was
Lade by Bonaparte at Austerlitz, where
took 30,000 toes. Gen. Gnat took nearly
3,000 at Vlsksburg. Napoleon's spoil/ at
Austerlitz was 150 pieties of artlllsrit/ilen.
Grant's at. Vicksburg Is stated to ba/312
embracing sane siege guns sad 209 • cof
light artillery.
A Foam: Paxerr.- r Ons at • Bemis
ilethollo pipets of Newark, N J., told Ma
dock, acute days since, that U he should at
any timeline of the perpetration by as
bids= of any *strap - whatever upon say
colored otUos, he shou/Inuiladhately. seek
out end protest la Ma o wnhouse Ike penes
HIV. Dlll. EDirlsom bar ever ao
tiro that ha sad ciliate labor Wirt *Dami
an arblob triad aid oorvialadi hii.. bream
Etweberi of Georgotowna of irseaye
Ha deaonamifitir minisesw o hd
1111 k
heard., MM. to ausprio . saegatorf'Ulr all
11 be
WILL ynnw.--Wltits the belb- vire
ben Portman*, W. 8, for Ils• fall pf
Vtaubtrvi - dlstoyikl. .sakod wieth ig y
of tee Tke lat.
• tikr i ;killeka neloaded. the butt of every
oft Um, you mufti coppaboad.•,
- -fl
A, Fighting Democrat on the War
and . e Copperhead".
Gen. John A. Logan, a well-known Illi
nois Demmrat, connoted with the army of
Gin. Great, is home on a short visit to his
ftieids. In passing through Cairo the p ee
pie gathered around him, and he made a few
impromptu remarks, which we give below.
Gen. Logan, it will be remembered, wee
'Money opposed to coercion. After the at-••
tank non Sumter, and when there was ei
hope that the difficulties might be settled'. '
by, compromise, ho went to Blob:ma t
talk to the leading politinians there, on th
subject. He was told that if the Ad minis, ;
tration would give them a sheet of White
paper, and allow them. to sake their - owii
terms, they would not "inept the offer 'holt ;
of a dissolution of the Union. Logan thiei
made up his, mind that the 'Union could only
be saved by war; he abandoned his ant:-
coercion ideas, came home and girded on the
sword. He has eines been serving his obis-,
try in the army. This is the man who'
speaks at follows:
It makes no difference whether you all:me
Bement, Republican, or -Anotitionistas
acme Igoe of lan named tee. It does hot
change my feelingsdoes not Mtn my amton.;
I am for my country nary time—for my oohn-.1
try first , last and 1 4W 4 1.1 end aailightlogior '
the right 0 that country to be numbered
mune the - honored nations of the earth.l,Un
di that is brought about,
e nd this rebellion
crashed oat, I am but. an Ameridan' olden.
When that right shalt have been assailed,
then; should we find that there is something
wrong in the fabric that cur fathers reared,
something, we desire to change, it will bi time
enough to some ap and demand the chiings.
Row we twee this amused rebellion to root
out. It must be rooted nut. Ipm for using
every means and cit. means for putties' it to
an and. If the ,people at the,;North plonld
use the same form Jeff. Darla end hi" min
ions um--tand were as unanimon as y ate
—for id the South force of arm, comp every
man to art as though he sanettonee• • re
bellion whether he feels inetined ore 'this
ton woLld he rieeestbilly teraisaisal fie , An
die months. .
' livery mother's son who is oppos to the
war should be compelled to take.ip 'arms
-either against us or for us. Thu then wend
be no talk•of pens here in the Noith,ho talk
of resistant no teen ens as Frattonditline., co
nen coward : Shod sob "spurt at/ reinue,
and say Due thine.
Valiannigham says he has traveled over the
Chnfideracy—usban;:the Wm "Confederacy"
—not the phrase so-called Confederacy (for I
do not acki6wledge the 'oximene of say au
thority or goveriment in Amain aside from
that of the Baited State),—eanitan not yet
met man, woman or child who does not sus
tale the war, and who is not determined to
nen it out to the death or"- the bitter cad.
Vatindiencies Aare rieepty lies. He tells what '
is not tore, and he knows it. Vallandighsm
aside from the leading mett-jet. Dalig:
Toombs and Stephens—did not,'-I' venture to
say, speak with a doyen of persons while tak
ing his involuntary trip through Dixie. Bad
he done so, his report would hemebeel of a
different color. .
.z-i 14.111
in •
The people who inittLiti against this
Government--the,poor whims onlprising the
rank and fi le of the rebellion—iiihe-tenths of
them do not know what they are fighting for;
do not know what they are fighting against.
A majority of them do not know anything,
and naiads of them never sawlhe -Amer!.
can flag in their Gm until they. taw It march
into Vicksburg in triumph. 7 , t., do not
know the BourthOf July, or yarn, else
that is good. But poor sad ignorant as they
are, let them ' express their own free minds,
and they will, almost to a unn, demand a
.speedy termination of this war—would sub
mit to almost 'my ltdag,isthei.ihan fight one .
'' \ • - natty aTO been 'gating- ~-ft is
aali BY Oa torn • is
kepi torther.
Even that cannot prevent the deserters
Rom flocking into Jaokion by. hundreds, to
tetra the oath of allegiance or to join the Union
ranks. And I tell you what I know when I
say that it will not be many day. ere the en
tire States of Mississippi and Tennessee will
be knocking loudly far re-admission to a
Union which not long shoe they thought
their puny efforts could quickly dissolve.
They are talking of it even now.
Speaking of being united,inell you, by the
_Mahal God, there was never a more truthftl
:manna thaa that of Douglas::" Those who
are not with are agains as; ;" and I reiterate
it, and add that those who ere Noe with as
sneak/ nine or abate be with :their Sortisra
bretlises, /typ i ng with, thew.
Let them either aid the Government or go
where they can holster up the tottering for
tunes of rebeidom. Better hive a down foes
on the field than one fighting us behind our
backs. - -
Yoh - will anon ma, gentlemen, if, in gay
inn what I hanuid, I have been rather Pro•
hue aidleary lir the way of euiPharls- Two
yedri Only ttom siiiiisation,, with my men,
hl-, made me rather emphatic in all my
thoughts and words in regard to 'Certain
things. I speak emphatically, biome I em
phatically tad that which my tongue finds to
Anecdotes lot Gen. Grant
We And the following in the : Detroit Fres
Prenr .
, . .
A 'gentleman of this city, who was an early
friend of_Genoral Grant, Imbibe' the follow
lag amanita:moss of the bromism:nil who hu
soinseparabir flaked his name with tbe Tic
tortes of the meant armies.: ;
• General *antis of a Methodist family of
, Ohio ' , rend nearriod th e dough* of a Metho
ditt bloat preacher, and o'B,mnd-daughter of
the pioneer of itethodbit . In:Western Penn
.sylvania; of the .riamer of WreashalL When
act muuk over twelve pars of age he wai of
10601, and lad , as . a • soloolfellow his o
natural 'lmola, whole: parental were Gri
Isubjecti of Oanada. . Young Grant wu to lit
l t
to forgive isJuries, u a Divine pinup and
to do good and not evil to others, d his
lather had impressed his mind wit love of
country and revarentorp for tbsitamsef Wash.
Ington.. The Otosidian bad bUsAetherwise
!educated, and. believed WHIM n a rebeL
On out °fusion a diametral between
'lke boys ea to toreof 1101111 and duty to .a
kilt, wilett . Jebn said :""17 G., (Grant had
lout niokieniad 11. ELi)rot, Witikkington was
a rebel , and fought spin t hit king.'" .
- Grant replied:' , Jas k/ you taut stop tha t
_ -
2fersire you fOrabusing '
fur Washington 111. off
Yen are cousin Jut,
to for not forgioing.".
I got the worse of it,
being whipped at home
i father interposed and 1
The boy also will fight
riots kilns:Oa man and
;pule _ him for twenty
"Yu, I do, and Jack do it again under
Ito immolates. Washington Is nay Idol, and
ti mn it is mom insulting to speak:disrsipmt-.
fay ot Washington or my country than to
thiamine. myself. - - Mother's makim does very
wall in pirate' qtutnels, but It - don't apply
where ons's ma, Is denonnold, Grits gods,.
Washbgton is b w it in the Aglaia:A plat on-,
and I eouldn't rest easy it I pamitted ay
abuts of his Rams."
Bath Was and is "UnoondttloasE durtendar
Tia Oates toed by the :Oohs on. this . in
trenelumeals at.Vlobbag j 'obi to be sold
by order of eea. Grant, and its proosods
among the privatoodhilsrs as tribute
ot valor.. Firs per twat of the private sot.'
diets and nei.coinmlssioned onions ore:to be
shwa hutoughs for tiOrtyin eonsidera.
Sion at tisk , Warta and oadaisnos daring
the dosser Vicksburg.. ,Tho streitinise to,
bi thoroughly eland end
.31171•12- oa tba..tta k . '. o !tlo !li t rli 14 . be
. • •
• .
" - Parmaotos or Clatoooo.—Tkoolty diriotitm,
of OlitsBatorlB6; Ins the Popatititii ofthot
.014 $160,800. t:
- j Arianirenris dogma& & Wed
for la Ink ozgoonesit Pods.,
7The opinionS of the people of Missouri on
Mieso-oslied Ettaneipation Grew!" passed
y the liltate Conventbutans belngestensirely
. ~ - -
s o
`ventilated t ugh public mass tineOngs bud
other expre Ye demonstrations. Themsjor
ity is dear, in opmitfori to th e Convention
otollitiMee, a., nteitingi fii MAW
. • 7 .
fie - crania - in Pettis aid' Ifswietreetantlint
'by the oOn natives erne eo .slimily Madded
by the litter the Itadiesii toot.peeswrien,
and passed resolatloni at eaelling (bold
a huadred Liles apart ) demons irOaM:
esintiothraid -mating ,the ;Vale tivislisa
ieldiOonsention. 1
Mmiirillaiemitinue lit infect: Thl'6ll parts
of Interior of tb• State with lOW oriess
- aotkity., ,Killing et their leadidala etwaral
instinem of late his hitil i viol silset, The
truireharasitar ef Mils wiifervis Wields - MAW
the; robbery of • the hien& ,of the , Witeters
Bank of -Missouri at Bleentingten, by;smar- ;
liiill4l, on the 201 h inst. - They stole-M15,0014
ineluding $2,000 in coin b-donging te,ihrposi
tore. Bash-whacking and hone- thirillsgarw.
now considered synonimpue 'term. _ Rebel
sympathisers In the interior litre of late tinf-' I
fired quite at sweerely as, the Union mew. -.
The Felton Taw/rags states Mutt a petition
I, being circulated. in the southwestern part_
of the Btate '
by Edwin :Psi.,, whine the
President to permit fiterlbig Prins toreros
to Missouri. It Is said h penitent and de
sires to abandon the rebel esusbi came horn",
and spend the remainderof hisdayeilepewee.
Edwin Price is a. son of the old mtlaV,'-itio
abandoned the rebellion more thin Ai 'W
arp, end has sines lived quietly:on tit funk
In Chariton county.
We take the following from di tioaeetek.
eorrespondinee of thw Bill80111i'st;
'MD ratite an Incident which Unkind
'this morning, at the expense, of a- galleuti
young ° soldier. He was prospecting around
town, when his attention wu attracted to .a
stable of •very fine home. •Whiltradmiring
their Ane point', be twat surprised• - by-the A—
ppearance of a very fascinating young ;adz; all
ebe emerged from another apartment 9f the
home home, - and bowed politely, and galled
killingly upon him. He stammered outsets,.
thing epology for Ma seeming Intru
sion, mixing -up the words "proatimation"
and "canfitaation", as., end ended by asking'
who was the owner of tholdaos 7. , .
"Dr. Neely," replied the lady.
"And you—yon are his wife 7" laid the lel:
diet, doubtfally. i
"No," said the lady.
"Then his daughter 7"—this was said vary
"Hsi nisa,
"No; no re
"Then a I
"No, not
"Well, the
who you are I
toyed the lel
relish, "I ass
The pail
look, and MI
A Paris 1•t rto an English paper . ail:
A small proprietor amusing hims If after
Ike fashion otitis ki nd in digging up is own
potatoes, came on something hard. • tried
to dig it up, but found it was X lint He
cleared • part of it, and saw it i was Cm wall
of • hitting ;he examined the wall d found
there was an inscription on it; wh ,as he
could not rind, gave him nosiest Chao
his &surety. Be, however, !Orb. lid 4/111.
friends ; further excavations were ;We, end,:
by • curious chain of eircamstatoes, the dig
gingaf ~potatotts his opened to tlntayer of the'
Antiquarian •wenliCtlie Preis sous!' wide&
erealltont ethane: . . liCiails. A .long Lae of
tombs, isomple fannilong
both sides of this "sacred way ' by CNA'
groat Atha • ns used to be onkel to their
last home, ad the fashionable world of
Athens used o crowd to the farm of Ceres.
born is et .100 premium in Richmond,, an
advanoe of 2 , 0 over previous qUotatione._is
a natural co • (queues the prim. of everything'
is increasing. The Richmond 8018'44 of the
24th, gives the following reeord;of sales maw
on the previous day, and at Thelma. piles.:
Candles, tallow, V" lb., 23,25; ;medley, lade- -
luallibm_,.. V 11 4 $4,60; Eng li sh pine apple
ahem*, , lb, $4,50 ; English dram cheese, V
lb, $4,25; American cheese, V lb, $2,80; Wel- .
crostersitin sauce, vet single bottle, 27,25.
clarified sugar, lb lb, $3,85 ; brewer sugar,'
lb, 24,57 ; roll butter, V' lb, $2,86; 'lard, - lb,"
$1,50 ; mol aa sss , New Orleans, - pet a l b lion,
211,25; salt, from North' Rarolins, 10 ,40
cents ;.eoffee, Rio, V lb, $4,15 ;I cog , Cabs,
•IP 5, $3,80; cognac bread', pa litc t ik bottles,
$110; claret wine, par . clonal Wm, $80;
salad oil, single bottle, $7,25i, tea, ;Young
Hyson, V 5..17 ; oil, Keroseno, per gallon,
qt /
220 ; rios, V lb, 26 teats. It ill be Been that
these rates are, in regard several articles,
higher than any previous Mations, and the
tendency is still upward
A WHira Bunn • roe A. litsoc Co..
soarm—At Elmira N. Y. ' the-othor day,
Benjamin Johnsto • , colored, who had barn
dratted, appear.. I the odioe t t i the Provost
Marshal, and to . dared a whl visa as Idt
subsdtute, ilial examined d 11 4OoPtid•
It seams to that if a blast ma - May
n hire a
white manl r a substitato,a whitssimus ought
to be allowed to hires blackfor a sub.
stAtuta. /'lt is a poor rule tha won't • work
both wo s. We present this o for tho don.
ald7tion and indignation of o Copperhead
i rn
trio s. It Is another evidonoi of the "rank
inequalities" of the Conscript law, and pet , '
frfetly oonolusivo on the point, whisk has
• totem been doubted by some, that this is
a "war for the nigger."
Oh 0111111 .I It god-father to 4,000 dal
&on; f,OOO boyr have reeeived Ma MOWN Hs
Is honorably burps" of 90 aides aad towns;
and.. honorary preiddent of 120 assoolations.
Ho has 21 awards of honor k of *kWh 41 have
been pent from abroad. dines 1859 . 3,000 od
dness of dovotedness have taaa tent'toldat.
In oonsequenoe of thelmprevemitintrodeeed ,
into, the cultivation of the land high
easel ClaYiera, hie Annuaire peas amounts
to 3,000 'flume. 9 rile:al:lly a 11 Wes 'altnist
nothing. • ' ; •
florin Oor on Paton AZD Co reiaian~-
In a late speech in Ohlo,Bnniet Coxelegiatli
said the- . 4 Administration want milker se
tasks war nor pima; Yon mi ghts@ well set
up "powder house in hell as to vend Seward
South to make pesos. lie sald.also, that as
the Elebrewo looked to the copperhead which .
Moses emoted in the wildernois and were
haled, so It is only in and-armlet sad by the
Denuicratitiparty that salvation can come to
this vepablic." '
the bolo, now man-
Ind roon ~ rnd . to soltoot
13., do on remember
)tor ftalug Washing.
- TEI Man papers state that flaribaldi has
bosoms • parfoot week. BL EWA bas gloss
way; his wound 1" eonstantly. .breaking out
&Mar, In consequence of the - of
MI bons; and thesiegleet lito whisk.- he kia
!atlas, she loss of his populazity, and the
death and Imprisonment of hhi: old Meads;
contribnicto depress blot still more .thiut the
physical injuries that hays !ado hbre a. clip,
pie for life..
••. • . •
• Bayeux ! barns hiving been destroyed tear
Baltimore s Umber of disloyal °ideas have
been &sallied for the amount of ,damage, their
apportionments to be paid withittiltree 4lays
after notice shall be given. I ; ;
aumu, aomumarr .Err, •
i jkles ywo a, third door Meer lbe:Chthedre
; ; Altrocuided .aolahmlirh• have lieen la the urn.
I ca
at meet wok* ars entitled. Wittoo Booitlf
iltn -yummy dilboidlore :wbo haw awed NIA
as shoontittoo to um sipo.iouoti. • &dales
by tereint bf
.diseseeteee 1 entinlettostoo•
mom.. Idowe Cl *latent Co di. er its tilled is
the . earttor are' entitled to pastas end the NCO
liSloote Oats% disadskji ' . e
hailed to No chap m oftener
~ta saj ;
aim •
woe, Is conloceni. -- - • .. - . ile
. crlionot th• albreata i7llWillaiND 41111.7/ilf•AXlltnuiL,Al utseli
ilkageldrisk - M .. ,00ikeiniebr cIAA/Lum
A Slave.
perhaps;' endearingly.
Lion that I know of.
.y friend, on a eialtl".—gris-;=
. .
•' it, either."
may Ibe permitted lilt
replied the lady, she
s disoomdtsre with
is slave."
Lad in
cave ono long, bias,
• low whistlo, &inns
iscovery of Gmei
R. P. /11LAND)
ourpluium'isrnriro ons, sLAT BOA"
lotTinE4 FrAVlSkae,
BOOR; fropting Alliettny
Vine. Pi. /TUl:lyd,
- 211 , and-21.3 , 50nth Water St,
tai & 0111011PIIIIIIk Dm City 011 world:
Lux& hams. I. Pent.: & Ce.-
424:11 CiuuYAmr. Swig, Chalfant &
WALLACE Js Q 111418 4,
And : delders
. . . .
• -1 1 1 1rIttrno wadi, (ardor coser,) f0r16.000
ltioittOothot. Midst. for shlpptot *umlaut
Lot rontlp ports, et onr Wiser on - ttor
atm, WM do &Mt= of tb• Poona. 11.
Jigiqatt of lb*
111111 - Llieril out advritnon mad* ea coati: marts
tied - led or Crude Petroleum
Von.Tvarinora Blur%
19,1DHJI &Olip3l,
• • iIiODBOTB, • OLUI,
r a r v e - wilW TOLIC
1' _OIL Wu ITT - •
Mionfictivera and Bait= of
.op.,Daszurs, AND DrDamATINg
oisUDI parzoLaum.
gouriri:6,l T polus Ilharpobarg.
Oft" di Plldlin ILIAXIL Datum. W
gION*74/3410N ALE .TIA2C/13.
gar- aim*
, IPLNG, at flair
sulerrligs e#
~L/1/1;.81W ZOBL
r .cr..y.. ~. -
and whary. END Nan.
- - .
nth :RON ;need insibi4mlo4,
e i.
.., by eaforcement of the Balk • Ordite.
Ran otai . hare their on barreled illa skipped
'atm sanchOithe OUP: WAUTIO4 I . daa.4 fame
amid ' with ma -risk. ieee mato* amt-iii bitter
ill 7
. iiiiili ' oii .
.- • - .
the alleobany Talley,ltailread. alarm . tenereio' et.
ve, else till Is pumped twat the , baste
the auntl. to pay, paint, NM pir Nett,
withreat aaj 4
s reAlhipphig. • s .
air take at lard. ea Mann Passenati It. P..'
2 Poet Ma adders, .110 X SM. Pittetiatal j on I
- cla be !tot dtall ii th• 01 . 1 . , C 404, 4 0 .* •
Da*lnittist. --
R i qt A K DB 9/ 4 1 . /44 21, EY: 1 ( Kt ,
Comintha ud Forward* Illorekutt,
Ho. IP lawn, ersxurr,
earLibral out AirtAzosa en caulimenia
17eti1 $k or Latent ffarksis.
erzaresaz 'sinuous
Mast& J. B. DIL lOW% 004
.fironsona BAssAosii_ -
liamoa !Bs*. rval ucialumni . Beak.
ROES 1 AsLiwora4 !
ao. az mint emir!, elit4,6 - 0;
Forwarding &Commission Kart:haat
- "AND DIAL= IN dna
.LLUKENATIFii, °amok
erraoLetna- um*, i tilaspapy ow Wind 11 "
fir We 04 the lowest =Oat /00,114. 0621111i1M,a .
dm mitt frcurmar: - gram'
'eabsos W. soLstrup e in; •
Austnkaantssas ott
Nap sonimuntrou bind lb. part boot quallty oi
IWRNING OUaidonrand witthOntodan; Wags good
1171AI0ATO8. pare INHITI 81015014.1 and VAN
sorAu No. NS hiss - &rarrt. Bonk
Hook. robot IlOte,irlir to pinoptly otteard 'to.
. 1:143J0T OW WORKS.
Dingoili;'DlJALA)P A 00..
roan wan& ititimurfrouusoit out.
cow, so si lameny ma,
mnaitrasatt, PA
ja . W . W,f9;N,
ccrmorvratot h
• - • 'LOA siumnA.
Orders be Roh ms We Masi cos
sor of Noslu4 wal Ir.'!" prompt
.1y 6 4 1. cqq, 4416. ; #41 T4 a.
, . 0,44402 . , •
mums Aro DLLs: II oAnaluotzt
• 'usawri by' 662 , 16 tas irks4'
fir r o6 .. fed letfai ti 4 464 Ito : . giLEMEiti
Wat,66,1124 wora. ii nimmituioral be
—.II"M i 4 ts t
i ai ttli t tMlCOW - :
pgrawaTß 01le W 0,114.,
!IL"! kinlaittg 4.; mora
OpeolleriaresbqamialLearr*, • „ .1
lain" 112117,_
- osei," thaireadtzew '
11.7 ottoatfoo oll_ ma sal Womb! Idiot to, the
tootolot tlor tooloolosa or Ismaili liottio,
:111.4 -alleiftft!",ls ""ttilati;
:Alla Waist SCOW,
FIRE AID KARIM =swum el.
- Jams D. Varner
ChipL Jobs L. iliteds
Samoa P. Bbrim,:
thall• B. Jona%
G. Bunn Lem,
te a " John
B. g
John-a. m.
.Wa: Van !Usti'
WATTorfee ftsukli•
711111 . - 7 1 LASILLIII Val IHERIRLNOZ -
?Mar or, PHILADILPLI. ; 0111., 438 and 981Mem= oxs.s, rob.,
etateremat'ot AiSti, Junta, 5 1st. Mo. vtibilthed
llntontontny_ to on aft of Assambly, bida
seenred... 686,5921 80
_Rag lin . : ILL M gt= l, tonons on
Pone : -maple
51065 as (5611711611 t abs BB6 . 6l Ml 3l :l oZr • l9, 7 85 CO
Nola and inlls logn
Orb 87,919 CO
tllirTlo, ottly him twniadosua Irak& tale
Cloktaar atio:divide by law are boat dab Taal
,maypad. ovin itaictiptkot =!1
Witiatt maim Mit aa lowa. are
Ithutiihair ppr.tkw, • PiriNi of, ibidY
taming* paid loom by; fil:1 to so =mot ostwattiti
ii/Wriiii4o4lll of Dolkath thereby alTostling orbital*
of tliatuid_tatios lantatioti as weltastbdr
L and *alapoaltioto mat with petatplusw
igi4 l lo 4 ,dFthtilis r 1
Okaiei it. Han,
Laic, Loo.
Iffordabol , D.:larodo, - .Tocob B. Haigh, .
!Tobias .Wwer , &twirl O.
**PalCi VAlitdri 24:13 1 =1 1 7 . Proieim
Wm. A. &crawl pr • Om
, • "I; OARIOWAS 001111.151. dory
&Ili , . - 018a.Northoin, oor. Wood a Mira
lA/ beiliti.lN ENISUJSAINV.K. CU .• 1 - ii. •
- TV - !troy ktrrapusen.
,• : ,
12.. B. Milian; Jr., •
.•.. M. GORDON Sorresorr.
.omoo, No. 92 Water armee, aping Co.'s. vi us
'hires, up stairs; Pittsburgh.
Owe ,sgaient ail reds of sad Masse
' Was.' . .1 Honig toil, • • • - bp Dirsorre wes
einwski . brews es 04 011411111.11114ir. . • Nail pr. 'ad I.
=dud, 4.prempress sad • •, to asossures Oas
skinacer vilesk- ties Mass'" es operas As rag
pored" 19 Ars wko d.*. imunrogi.
7,,L !
- ABUTS, 00TO , 90, MOO i
Stook ikc00tint5............. .............—..—l MAO, '..0
Mortgages —...... —.........—.—.. 2,160 01.
Offlos furniture—. ....—....1..,.---... km t 0
'OP= ektmolknr, do—. .............—....... 7,809 JO'
Cash. Cash.. . ... .. —...--..—.:............ 18,861 4.
- _ —...—....... row- 14
trek* and Bp D ..tu5tad.—................ 17071 12
Andrew Ankle%
Alezweder Spew,
- David"lL Long,
Bees J. Thomas,
'Benj.,l% Mamal.
John XL M'Oate.
AIL RohmpAtaiY.
ilmkk, •
A t ßioketea
z .
It. X. wattuuN. barfiuv.
Insurance Co. of the Sta'te of Penn's.,
Hartford Fire Insurance Company
a z .i tb• b obar y
nold saudttoollibillo66
W. P. JONZB, Agar.
Barlatnri. 87 Water atm!
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