The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, July 28, 1863, Image 2

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- - °D.m.-W!
la hti-National W.
(;11 . ! Ilitts'per we 4layib Ikea , treating' oF i fitete
matters ezolasiiel as itlia sighted to the
first - oonsiderat# the choicer of acry•-
iirmislandlhotif sly to exercise en 0ver
we now to our national relatioris, and In
'.quirchtnt the namistands theri?
3 4. a. ; till' / 1 81 : 4) .11? ,41 41 11 . r i t LI.3I,IT'AMi safely
Urn= hie not -inky
•-•••_. • •
fli,;akiii:stiort in,.eyery,
of courage, 'ttlethfiduesoi itilt
It reilatiiii t in point of
biotpd the`Otit frouLthe
bitginulawand created more trouble and
OiiibiArrilanieit at Waahhigton, by_Ale_oa.
eiottolltten son
"-• '".
neis c it analya - itierGovernors of
wit Lout regard to
their :pa&Polithitr.: 'lf the publio have
...• • Aookoclltt-vain into the pereoui eitirsotor
dut -, Governor to dad;
abroad, i 4 110614
'Posall4 be dbmovered in - a very natural
&Skit* get him out; of thi iroad;seloth
Governer and- candidate, with so Much to
fear from him In both of these relationi.
xh - o kuowe whether the threat of being s
candidate might not have alarmed the
. Government, and whether its renewal nyw
le not intended only to keep up s salutary
• , apprehension of that justly dreaded
genoy ? We may havi *story to tell on that
subject on some future booneloni
When we speak of his officiousness, we
do Ala i however, refer now to the business
of 441 atm:ding agenovat Washington,
• held at - Present, we believe, by Col. B. Bin
nzif Bosun, if this city, of which we
amateur that we comprehend wittily, as we
did the reasonsfar withdrawing that °fa
ou'front'itli regilund, or the authority for
lattaliing ldm in conahrtable winter quay
tens alongside of the Beecutive Chamber at
Harrisburg. If we had been a wither of the
Legialaturem would haunted. it a point to
wide:stand these things, evenat tie risk of a
reproof ;for , our hoperthientie,like that ad
ministered on the mission of the inquiri
for the suppressed document. I Bat what
washis conduct Li regard to the requisi
tion made on this State for troops in 1862,
and the draft Ordered thereupon? Who
are the men whom he hie recommended for
employment, and insisted on, in opposition
• • to the better judgment of the authorities at
Washington? How often has he not been
there—not to further hie own interests
alone, as in the case of the desired minion
to urge the claims of men irhoee zeal
for the lappression of, the rebellion was
nnything 'but a hot one? How many of
his bosom frieidi and counsellors are there
not, who, have thought and said that this
was a n eon's war; that they were surprised
that eenseivatieW a Slate as Pennaylva- '
nay 'should have oentribated so largely to
ow, it on—that for every South Carolina
rebel they would hang a Massachusetts ab
olitiOnist—Alint the rebels . could not be
whippedietlie war ought:therefore, to be
stopped—and that they would be glad to see
it done even by foreign intervention, if not
otherwise ? For which of these sentiments
was it , that he considered the thanks of the
Beata to have been deserved by some of his
fellow-laborers? It would be invidious to
„ name the men who have been to favored,
but it will require no great shreardness on
the part of those who have been familiar
with the faces that have graced the Execu
tive Chamber, from the day that Governor
Cur= enteral it, to guess at the individ
uals to whom we refer. Everybody anll
esOollsct, however, the official dinner at
Weildniton,atitthesecakfilcdal announce
ment in the Istellideacer r that Governor
Cuzzzr was to head a' ecusresziU party in
+ this State, as its caadidate for *Guenter.
Thit, if true, would have been Only to go
hack to the position from which his whack-
!striation started, under:his revised and di
luted Inaugural. Ho found necessary,
however,, to , dent, and did deny, that he
was so engaged, and we gtve him the ad
vantage of the stataiout. We must be ex
cused for saying, that we have reaseilibe:
lieu that rt was true, and his message
to . the Legmlature, immediately there
after, in stitch he denounces what he con- I
eiders actarldtrary angst% witilsJourroa
Demousis4were de
'folding them, is; to ear Mind, the strong
est wrldince of it, in connection with the
nesociatiau slack he has sissy, had
around him. His leanings en, and unques
tionably always have tun, in that dim
tico; and thus it,*thit he has scoured some
Demers* toleration, -and ,been inspired
withthedeludvehopq that h“roildreoeive
some Democratic votes. It, may be, and
perhaps is, the fault ofoomphnsion and
Mmperament. •• Weak , and:: nervous, timid
and vsoillatisit - alThif liti - ever been, it
Would be impossible to find a man who Is
tionstitutionally more unfitted foi a oriels
1114 this, which really ' , tries men' s MlLL" its hive already sufe;ed imsughfrons nien
of that kind, whaie very virtues have been
turned into, defaults by' 11,—whose
placid temienism *two real l armfity to
to lattoosnos,--aced wttee timidity , has
hed worse oonuquactaiii . than Bronson it.
self. It is only the "josh. t< isimeeni pro
?odd sition"—tie jos; juntas; firm s am.
*tent, brute and isdiesible' seati-Lwhe
suited 'to - 11mi like tbeie—ant not the
nervous creature, who pales: at a shadew,
and stuns con ,
• •• •
vusivitly, like th e frightened
'fast, at ihe ruatllig' of aigre t tes!. In
order lit::htspifu: a" just - confilhnoi in the
people; we Want it man whilitio to meet
air enemy , sit the border,- aid not one who
.wl/1 retiwat to the Capitol, inn of enact-
&tad' fears—witli . Wirer 4sti eonfuslan in
hie tnan—only to disourioe,i6 out pi;
PIT , kr another Men WM. direction o
thi Deliware
Wi sops tO•daj to meld. from the Batato
Citorior, I. whisk wo Odra to call the attail,7
tfoa oat madam so so oadttiosigite m e i
:ski lost aeovgiaastiiiiirtlifiatlo Naha emr•
MOM sat Ida 'atoplottors of Itate.:Yittd;
trliotovettoshitotroot-sail oitidtly
dttoetod, sat 'lit to • brought - do fall, itio3
askodly •fato tits Vit t tbal, b
moo of isorolitroot fattloody,
seta willfaralt>t aboadoat . toatothl4 to disks
Oat vas daso of impoaihnisat sad as lad.fatto
falai attoattioa of : a talata:tanitW.
%Atrirraos raz Dias "xi Am _iaa,
--,-t--riti-Baftcatoa.—Judga---ihidwzbolnp. of
r'Phlladalig_o4" 4.oml:rafted QatN District
t,AosidlotifoolcolgY; hal didisa that say
- Ilo,ifoOsfele
- -.;
Provost Marshals la the told,
The say_s that holders ofpreper
.ty in Nipir York are7:wnwilliitg to
ISMeetrt"mstWitiiWof the eniosmint
dting%uslassAtild that the 1:41144y
Provost Menthols find it, therefore, impos
sible TO Obtain - trent •
This elmme will not serve. If the Gov
ernment has no buildings otitis own, it
.1 ..eottraCtalielhotoref other people;
whether they are consenting or not. We
: 11 hOr t hil4ririlegewrety day, even to pri
vsterporitionstunder theuright of emi
nent domais, which is Inherent In every
nneertilgityP,Sita it least impliedly typ9S
nlF,34 k„the Conskitotional_prevition for
aMpeniatin, W'kfhYufslxieifludd to apply
to the General Government _ only, and not
to the States. u - the local public—Or in
Aber viordiChruere mtmloipal corporation
—may tiloirltp a whole kook of houses,—
as ,as dine t:ni L linectessiltit of the great
fire in New Yorkitrt o arreatlhe spread of
a !conflagration, we shonid tilnk that, the
GiivernmeneOf Irniti4littatemonght to
find no clinically about the temporary
stisarnan it - .Lballding . in aid - of its
efforts to, put down , a rebellion—width .
.threaten its existence: The ptaple_pf
ommtry will.take no apologies of this sort
fcm pmitpordr!gths drAftin the city of New
York; espec.r . iiter t has already 0 0 ..
cured there . ' If tAey aid to acquiesce --u
must go on there,
"though the Hearne Should fall."
. .
Heeling the Tiger,
We are struck with& remark of i Picts
burg oorrespondent of the . New Yerk .114 4
Luse, to the effect that our officers were
nualUg a levy suPeriOr - guerrilla cavalry
out of the negroes, and setting them to
hunting their misters, instead of being
hunted by them, as heretofore. 'Thisiooke
like turning the tables upon the chivalry.
It is only a few years since a slave-hull,'
with high-mettled horses and Spanish
bloodhounds, was a not unusual pastime
with the Nimrods of the Southern States.
We doubt, however, whether this new kind
of sport is quite so agreeable. "Genii*.
men," said a British officer who had hunted
more formidable game in India, "tiger
hunting is II royal amusement, and • vary
stirring one; but if the tiger !dwelt' take it
into his head to hunt you--as he sometimes
does—lt alters the case very much, and be
come! anything but agreeable."
Tim Pittsburgh Post complains of=
remarks in regard to Governor Cinema, is
dictated by malice and consisting of "per
-80/%4/ abuse," and disposes of them with the
reflection that "it is none of our (their) or
our (their) party's business."
We expected as much, and therefore do
not ccmplain. It will not be their busi
ness, of course, to ventilate these matters
until he is nominated, if their peculiar re
lations of dependence on influences like
those 'kb:behave ruined the Governor will.
allow them to do it then. It Would be un
grateful, moreover, to Lind fault with the
bridge which carried the Post man himself
,over so stumesalully at the election of 1882.
We wish the Governor joy of his copper
head allies, and will be glad to bear them
all speak out in the same way.
Wax as a Fraternizer.
It has always been the doctrine of the
Peace Democracy that fighting could only
result in more complete alienation-between
the people of the two sections. We have
never believed thin doctrine for many rea.
sons one of which is, that mutual respiet
is necessary to friendly feeling . between
individuals and peoples. The people of
the South, judging of us by our worst class
the politicians, had; before the war most
contemptible opinion - of us.—They knew
us mainly as sharp traders, truckling com
promisers of principle and cowards a•-
cordinith the standard of their code of
honor. They have been whipped into res
pect for us. They have seen the quality of
the thus reprthentacives of the North.
They will as brave men, be more willing to
live with us than they were before the
It has been the universal
_testimony of
thine who have been in Oar own and the
rebel armies that there is far less' bitter
neis of feeling between the soldiers of the
respective armies, than between the non
combatants 'of the opposing sections.
In a late • letter to the N. Y. • Moues
from Viokebarg we see a further and
marked candrmatiOn of this fact. The
writer says:
It is very eihient that the besiegers and
_besieged have learned a-lesson of mutual
respect lathe coarse of the protracted
struggle now over so happily. Orkformer
occasions • disposition to friendliness has
been exhibited who • few minutes
earliar or later were seeking one Anther's
tires. Today both - armies 'wattle have
discarded *Tory feeling of personel ' bitter.
ness, and to hove recognised the quarrel
in which they have been fighting • publiis
one, that ought not to interfere with friend'
ly perional relations. Wherever you
turn in the streets of Vicksburg, and on
whatever transport you go, yen will'-lad
Union officers and soldiers, treating rebel
officers and soldiers to the best eatable'
and drinks our army can afford, sa if they
were old friends just met after a ;wig ospa
ratios... Cordiality and good feeling pre
vail throughout the city.
On ovary hand you;keilleiprassions of
plesied surprise from the rebels at_what.
' they term the gentlemanly character of
their captors, and they seek .oppertunities
to reciprocate the courtesies .extended to
them with an avidity showing Shit they do'
not desire. to be outdone in politeness..
There 'sno jeeri jeering or tainting by our mosi.
I am confident that there haa not! been to
day') alnglirinatance - where any Officer ;or.
soldier of our army ha; indulged in any
„plecely exultation over the - fallen foe
men. We hsve STOW been restrained from
Wig, and - nothing aboolutely,l has leen
done to add humiliation to the cup Of jos."
rows which the rebels have been compelled
to drink. Weenier this universalpreva
lence of good feeling has tempted' th e men
of both armise to resort to - . moral inset=
and argement - for - Andlesttes- of their res.
peetive *Wows. belligerents. -
I have Ultima iitentively to' Many die ,
etweloml of thktiegtes__ the . war, tot en
us sweet mamma eacceen7whero, expect..
I •l'taaa l 4= - 14.:. high words of dd.
i mic e m& gtem.7,But to my
prisk'timie never ' elsewhere heard thigei
aowriumitimutemitrovereleg about the war
lad - its iaUsiiiid.elde. maim . 17 and
ly oonductatethoelhePeammerumment of
our' national treitioleal' 4 24. one who has
witneised thia,iMuseridhiery meeting: of
L!►dZ*hlSifatlte have oemr - thir -
friendly spirit milifesteel,f It is a subject
of .xemark throughout our illy be-
Odin the fersoineilable character of the
tend between the Worth Ind South boleti
. .
reatly undeintined thereby.
IlEntialuna ihmAnas vas Wxa
assis.4 l a4ki i 4th of Anion Juir
bow ind_upon b 7 both houses gale IN
ile tha. dy
iiery trui jawed thVosfues,of %mu*:
iVallandlgbatee Dependenie.
~Vallandigham seen:sect be losing ground,
'l t MLoorite are deseenTighie stand 4 os
which for thirty years has been the
organ of the democrats ofiefferson county,
refuses utterly to-support the .V
n en
ham ticiee, emplMtieally:deol gl 2 -
•"We,mrsn ealtutridalltirltFeaTniftfing
we did the first day the first gun was fired
On Fort Samter. klearly the whole ipart,„y :.
Stood with withu then, - as- wet believe it , dime.
now. We will not thillitimidated or
wheedled into a wrong posithol. We . will
stand between the camps of the. Israelites
and Philistines; ands we .
-catifery in the;
hoartid degeneracy.woe to the leader" of
the treat democratic party, until, like' an:
dent I . lizieveb, the people will awake-:and
cotnif-up to the ptuificatioti 'ttf the t demo ,
cratio temple, Antloverthrqw.those who are
trying to place - the pitiyan s fain_ -
tion. This will be done."
n T 1
VallandighinfidnUmdi is doubtless-satis
fied ilia he'Sfaiii4 : l oo MilliYY messed.- ,A
rebel letter written froinliholbyville,,Tenn„ .
on the 181 k ultii asp tiMt: , '"Vallandigham c
declared, Wiien'theie, r that Idei'election de
pended upon the fate gUieltsburg.," ; That
dependence - havirtilled, Venal
digham has probabli teat hj .
mast still remain In the ' , private station."
Err. CHU. Exactor'', of Georgetown,
Ham, has been convicted of heresy by a .
Congregitional council. The charge was
that Mr. Beecher did not preach according
to the creed of his church and that of Con-,
gregationalehurehes generally in New Eng
land,-and• ,Waspeitiontarly in er
ror in lds doatilito fthe pri,ersterice of
man, in hirriew of the eandition thel
soul after death, the; atonement and `divine
sorrow. The vote, rindecinizigleim was 16
yeas to 6 nab; : Rev. Edward Beecher D.
his brither :and Rey. 11.1 d. Baxter,. at,
Boston, protested eigainit the reeulta.
1 - Tax Columbus:Cray Fief says Vallazdig
luun caused ths'uicent rebel invasion of
Pennsylvania, by information and. advice
given to the rebel chiefs, 'Willi he vie in'
Dixie. We dole& suppose thlois anything
mote than a, s u rmise, and improbable - at
Unit; but it it be true , we shall insist' on
Val.'s hiving a liberal pension - :fgl
That rebel invasion is the best, move yet
for; the Union caus e. -11. Y.Tra2wie,
KINCILiKI ie yzepaliag • -fourth
edition of the'"Histort'of the invaeion of
the Crimete to which' he is adding , fresh
notes, and forttifying) his ' statement With'
doownentary prook'but Lie neither - added'
to nor withdrawn s wo'rd of the kit:
said that upwards of twelve thonmd oSp-,
hut have Already been sold in Eagland.:
- said thatm tin
mine has,been disooveredlisidiesousi, Mir
the head of fit franeli river.. The n:Vida
been found in s traet of land of about one
thousand acres, and is rich in qinility:.
Romoszn BZTVU os Vait.esnitil
A report that Clement L
arrived at Toledo, Ohio on Tomelay night,
from Buffalo, and pm:oiled st on to ,Day
ton, is noticed-in the Toledo; Blade. - •
Gr. J. M. Currier', orHewport, VeiaMat,
ims Jars coffee growirig in Ms garden.
He says that it endures frost better than
beau, tomatoes or Indian 'corn.
U SW.—
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GAP, LII/ClUt 90. e!. b 0,1138 tederalstort, At
heism, Ottr.
eemestaar City. July 27.18f3. - Mit ••
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t.,. that boaatbal country beak containing am, 10
mon, all muter* withw Red fil • vezylkirwaid
otata of calibratio a neat two Oder diroldrod;
0r0..d. • Twill tdantrd with troll sad duds boot
and wall neat n& TN. .bows &Olds, prapsrly.of
Janine Wawa, alai. Mag. John Webb. and Ott:
ott, sad afraid at lbw low Odin of OM Parties
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aids:. YoLani 1 OM. 103 il/411kidiSt..
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at Beviatlervale, 60 acne id racial* lead for
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ors win mil as the lowest pleas for 0/18n. .
nISHOLLITION.—Notice is -busby
larva tbot the Arm of liltaTHa 0//102‘
was dlstoltod ea Batarkr, the 1151 h Wt. All tame
who Am Waded to oho moo WtJlOww moist
than to rous_sisll4smt WWI , bil_olthat
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pasta to NW* lb* bombast. •
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100 half bbls. trims asw ougr a l.
is stars alarm sate ha
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Ns. HS Mans intik •
I\ll6W 15110151 4 . •
L. Ts Book of Ooppubsids.
Tbs Dwai's, Boy. • book for boys. -
no Plower Bah sad bow ba bona* PrsdnanS.,-,
~ -J oansil Of • Saddam on • Gossisla PfuloSkso.-
11,Trascsi Boasblo:
osF Warbiton. DI tho authors* of .91sib
. By Ohm. Nona.
waerlono In Bowe. D 7 Cloud.
Valk . asp, ask bow I. wake lbam utroog. S 7.
gstia's Izolis Ton - _ .• '"
Gbasabws' Do of Doss.i - vol. 1.
' Poet VW. Btractawy,'lbrllSS.
lissosoodh 'M El
ari sitsfsa . •
!Walk's Art of War. lee saltlon.
Lents from Ike Dion obi Apo flossotio:
hoard of noltatlll,
Llf. to the cps D N.J.lbrop
Tagß lb A auffoo.: - .JI
.- Tho Two PkWares. 7. N. J. Yeintook...
Strain.% lima:fon al OW Ihimis.;k Vol.!.
1796 - SAT a 00.,110. as wi,wanisit'''
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ttod avenue, tea 41sh'ivitelow
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____K, 1 /0.:j% signed
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GOLD. PINS warrauted the bed that are zee
N '• N T 5 @,
Masonic Hall, Fifth Street.
Fi Yoti.R - 'IIHAVOItqIgO
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.50.000, CARD DROTODRADEr t f ft
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Atararland, Collins '4k Co
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