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GLTY Af.04.1.88.
air ornitiram Pin% Of CITY.
Union County Ticket.
Few P►.Wv 1W . d w /HMOS MAK
. For ',llionsbip.
111, atill 8.,: —'-
vv. , wll. H. DZINNIBTOIL
' re. Otori of ClmoiL
WY. A. Er.lll3ON.
leo Omer Drosionr.
• A.11.1)111 ' EIoOLURL.
' WY. 4.11.1011L15= '
Pm O. - i x emskeismir.
• . 01:08 1 31 6 HAMILTON.
M Dvngior io.r.
Jail J.
getout of Mr. liamtll.
'Kr. lawns Bawdll, - the oarsman, when ra
nt amitiit, with Mr. Ward, of New York,
hae wasted so muchasoltanantameng sports.,
men, astir adtxt.this yostertiaY. Hi ix;
plains his defeat in a few wetae. He states
that no fairness whatever _.tru shown Mm
either by Ward or las friends. At tho_itart
Ward got two lengths ahead, owing to the
bantling meaner in whin Ma was
gives. This advantage was overcome beton
sae lint. two wales tad been palled, wham
Ware; flails' honer. Whig behind, putted
dose armies liamili's!oar, - wad when mid' by,
/Mina to A.tap olf;hentitad . by Muting him
to go to very ',warm fiaraurs Ohl
was at one tun Wade Ward's boat, and , lut
would kayo moppet thou ant Wished foal
play, ban Wit bedevid litansedubte to win,
notwitaimitimig tkii Man n y ti N ausent. la
tanlisigth• sliaba efiteaente neared
him, and the waves greatly lotardad his pro.
jto•o. Mate woe lohollwl by • lust.
oevid tow twat, the man to whim kept post.
Jai Maks to how manould'amsr, mime Ham.
tat hod 4,0 /444 otioad-for. humid, Timm lour
ware she may tees who taw Vraid ran spinal
UMW'S oar, sad Whelk talk chirp Ot top
Wadi 11144 thejodOe,, they using Ward's
101E144 %satinet* to.; Ma, Lamm was „ man
dental. Nandi anountels4 many Mhos, lan
noynoes—was Admired and hootirlfae,. by
*stamen whom he had Mateo at lhodoile tad
was treated very shabbily 'Wahiawa;
ram. With all. Quo disadvantagei he was
may bosun arm lengths, Louisa of
reponse'. Int Mb contest lam 'Anus de.
outgo. a New vk sporting man 'Mead on
Wan, arm oaued to pat . Op 0,000 fora match
the neat day, en the NM, amuse, bat Ward
rotund. s rtitgoughet. who boned Hamel,
salami to pat up a alwdlar sum for a rate an
Me finny/lull .or Miriam river, bin Wart
banal oat tar*, again. Hamel, homiest', Is
detentdOwl Mal Watt &SU SOW DM ,Skipiair
midis oonlidant of MI aoluty se' bias tun at
all Mum on a lair nes. ' • '.••
Before 111..:11: Cossireisetorier Bailey
...fferstberger, who kespi • clothing
Ohre. was arrested on the charge of Maas
Hoary Led to desert. It Misers Levi who
was a hioastript, or • 'substitute, welt into ,
liers/bergres store, la his Mulform, WWI for- •
a suit of artistes clothes, was labia op emirs,
measurod, sod the clothes brought to Ma to
tits soma story, where - he eielsaged
shoddy for the articles Jost putehosed.
doting bought comprised pants, coat, Vest s ;
hat aad shirt, together with a carpet big. ,
The soldier clothes were put late the carpet
bog, *au Libel meat to mte Younsylviala Bail
road P.110a131,5 AldiPOlt to take. to MN for
BarruloargrZerreerrier mein" e boy Moog
to sorry .tie carpet big. Levi also .swore
that to waidittak at the time of the patetismo,
had by t• duos of • Woad, holism, chi aut
ism's clothes as • disguise abuse, to hoped
to seashell eidicuity" with some hatband
whom ae appeared to have ewe to avoid.
Uapt. lielloaSao that the soldier Levi
was not crook' w brought down trom the
Gen. His Weir apple:oo'w W one of
the potato of In. defease, smother was that
lei value bad been awed for As *knees,
sad generatly the scouted Wag !gamma oi l
tho pomades la such caw.
liersbbsrger was held to bill la tie sum of
$l,OOO. tOlitailrer shills mat simian of tho
U. rt. Dutrret Coart. 'Alex. rink became his
S. District Attoraey;Daraelsa, appear
ed tar the Governotees, and Jab. M. Keeper
riot for the defense.
iiosge . uauig,New.
Oar entirprislngheighbre w. B. Jaeksoa,
whose limy' stables an on Poo:Mot - reef, be
low lisulthAeld, receired ui \ sante 'Ails set, a
most beetttitel satire It It is &swab'
two horses, - altkoughvery llgbtl7 built. The
aides with the earring are *Tel, sad an
with the Inset frozen platod LWa. The
side le trimmed Ida Ins blies. 'Weis SUM
fringe and tassels. Although more posttes
ts:ly tat/Faded tor blasts, tollhouse iota hold
a coils lire ash a half tool long. Its soar*.
Mono* wlal obviate the necessity of framing 1
the corpse of salmon la
Flab" passing tluetighJackson's its
btu we were aurottes4 4 thsi went of hie
estabiisitesant—so =hi karats, oetriages,
hearses, bunko, ko., wind by the , pogo
on serious omaaton. A owe complete 'leery .
stable Is sotto be loud in Cur city.
In regard to the lithiat's keine lutroduled
by idr. Jecitsoa, we wold,t Invite the atten
tion of those who may oo nada the patella
mosses, of burying their lime ones, to this
mods of naitnusaad coureibmos.
Sarbonsi veserter.
Thoi; Williams, residing at Um onto of
Walnut sod Y Itilllllll, was arrested last
Elatards, *ming tor' violation of de 214
sad 2,4tireaticos of the conearlotiol
fuoueolog etusea's clothing to. Peter Meal,
• seiniet, ban' sabering mm she" his boos&
Macs had been 'aseepteo as • substitute, beat
lea the a &boat & week ago. -Oa
Basuto he west to the Polon Matoball's
*ides, dossed in ciusea's *lotto, nada the
same'of John Mack, &compassed by WU.
Mama sad anodise maw, who lad taloa him
there to pan him se • substitute; Bat - the
lowness of the trick did not sussed, and
Mom ass arrested ail Alt ilaserter. Naos was
grass at the time. Be was plasea fa trolls,
tuna altar commg to his senses, MO labium.
dea s sloes WlLUSlllefor laroshiag him with
citisem's owning , end prooattag aim from
sepottlag IA the tandowouta. Tas Mathes ro
t end to were Loud in heaps.
Arrival of tte tits eau.
Oat. J. L Portda rosittrati saraliorthy
about IWO iron from the _boisittios of Clarion,
Lidless sal Jodarsos, antis& la tkla city
about too Vistoet Mat auger. Uri mom from
Island Pasty six miles from BmaboartUo.
Alm taking sapper at Wm goons of Ik. Bab
oblimoo Commitroo tbol moat to Camp By r- .
Lops sou Shit latbattir.-
fjoi; Ito& IL ttalloglites rotlatoat, about
700 Watiamartid, lat., Ray
on, &a d Ammons madam, also wind bat
bight ins Liverpool, Az Rollos from Milh
ous'. After okay minor Milo City Build
lags, they loft for amp Smooth tsar Wilt-
Bosailinficaiasosa.--Nattusalsl Shoat, a
privaus to taolCii Rogi*Of /afoatry, was
ocoaglis before Jade ilLtfOosa last *dap
do, on mit of 'labors ifoilw‘. Rh Who
aimed for his alsoliargos oa masa% of the
boy's botailaadar - 20 awl of op. Tito
Masai who silistod tbo lad
,sold his. as the timid aabstiag Wits was
wader 20 years of op. Tho disohaSp was
ligiarrare. To Obarazias..—The Unita&
Sams Druid Attoram Mr. Cusalmla oi.
ske investigation 01,1 at
atiarps began Kr. itstikbirgar tat galas a
ficaarar, amen that ao pun had ansks I.
naafi, Elaltat &lass retain to ohosclat
idea' elmaging Ida soldier
&atm for Mum' , (dailies - amass thank?. a .
.daserua tam the U.tua thaw wales.
-saes Xmas *Taw issetrig, etrostatleg.,
hiteststsg,,or paying .ost ot sootalito %okapi,
S nal" 0f0.410144 Pewits . ," is • • Tioubtbin et tho
iat of Cowie 001 out ornately bo 'Urn"
011etahot lti* *or' .tho Mutt
URA ot - tbs. Waist' . Sato; Cont. . ?onto@
ltoldles teams hot better tots melerues to
seam *Mir simulation. , hoi tha protlll. l o
Atenellit to asp Wits," by she pulls. •
h...:~...~... _.~,,~.....w...
- Ctrenr -Wrrli
• 4 - 1` -
Floury Sal i 401" was' Mililiflet for Ichisely
swearing Watt, was the only eon of a wid
owed mother, and hei Only 'dependence for
supped. Ilenry.Boyd and Wm. Slater testi
fied on mai, to the fast, b and the czemption
was granted, but before dial notion, the Pro
vost Marshal was Induced to believe that
fraud was intended, and theabove charge *as
laid before the . United States Comerhisloner,
EFq.. against the trio. The ev-
Idenee elicited en the examination, showed
that Eihrliir's mother resided in Uniontown
at the time he was drafted, and was sipportad
by the industry of two daughters,her son hay
ing *sly contributed $lO in money, end about
$5 worth 01 troaeries tp her support, since her
husbana's death, eighteen Months pgo. As
soon as he feud that he wits drafted, he went
for bh mother, andeithough she was lariat to
travel, brough t her. tcrthis city, and at ones
took Boyd and filcilitito hear his statement,
to the effect thit,lashras kervalyoupport; who
knowing nothing - of the facts save what the
old lady.told those; Signed the oirtliosta.
Before giving his decision in the ease, 11. 6.
Commissioner Bally fiery properly administer
ed a severe rebate to Messrs. Boyd and Slater
for certifying onwath to statement< litlsnob
importance, without email knowlidgewf the
',feats; declaring that their action appeared to
him more criminal than that of Barite?:
The awliMal were bell in their own recce
stenos, to appear at the next term of the II
S. Court,"to answer the charge. Distriot ,k.t.
torney Carnahan for the government, Mar-
Ihalltiwari Beside?, Eiq , for the oonsoript
Shrive?, and John Barton lA. for Boasted
The Draft; ie . tate Plait Ward.
The draft in the Tint ward of this City has
been eompleted—the &moiling Board having
passed upon all the drafted wen who reported.
-Itappears.ttat out of 0110 bundred.and 1111,811-
ty.Gar who \ were drawn, forty. three failed to
report, and will be touted as deserters. The
following iiihibits the result of the draft in
the ward :
Lid 110t,a0111111, 43
Paid id
Parafettid' ........ 19
atuabsr of thole who have aot 'yet report
ed will - doubtless do so voiantallii, whim
'othsre.will.trepieked ap Aroma., to day. I:
is pica:aide, hawser, that a 'amber of them
mai have Left the city.
Fatal Accidents.
i On Saturday, a man named Charles Gorm
ley, while engaged in digging a well in the
Ninth Ward, was killed by the caving In of
ipertion of the earth. Bo was about fifty- '
dye years of age. -
John Johnston, aged sixty years, and who
had been employed tor tiveral years past with
Mr. Long, guiding seven miles out the
Blownevitie road, was kicked by 4 horse on
Saturday craning, and killed. .11e entered
the stable for the purpose of .attending to the
horses, and had teen kicked on the head,
Monists dislocation of the neck.
'A lad, whose name we did not learn, was
drowned in the Allegheny liver. OW MM . '
IMMO, on Saturday evening, by the upset
'lnca &AIL
ailLlT44tr XOTICEN.
1120 Illarator or P mu,
98 roar* at. Photbaroo. Po., Joey lit 063.
BOZNIOG. - at and erefillte Bob
Mato. taint .0 4, lock. wt. -4,4 lb. roll o f Li etute
tifell.eer do ILIA Word .01 be ra11.4 at is bleb
luau like pop= drafted moo lbet ward =T—
IM Pods.. Use itclOple of lb. Collector of Internal
' lisonuths: . _„,
SA, Tromsava alibbcdled sLiballtate, wagtails lb.
! Om hoard _ • • •
04. late 7 woe hoard thst be Is eastopt ay law, ky
mom of Physical Dashillsy ~t othwalma
4th. Ask and moor. tart rem kiss. to palm: • a aub•
5t11416, cr pa. the oamastmloo we -7
OIL Bseelse Cl. est orm. Ad, sae gems! a at at.
renaslase 16,111 tams'sro 4 to the camp tt,Ott
. betas tratelahad sear tabet 7
DILA! t all Meal who upon from the several
slialrl to on the Gaye t bowing will am bee:met wvo
eemitme far sot repor s
dsa pieros'y AO7 VII Is
r port astute 541 be r-1510 4. at Its... Isatoutrte •
, soul teeor arm ere ree‘hre.
16. Smut wd, be to cambia loath I riosorh is. m.,
napalming en moor for clswer et t o &wk.
tabor cirri te will 904114 d fa Lis slob ri,44
tlilp won cram. •• rsirsl3 as la y fa Vaasa, • h lb
eta probe to tio so I s•osrs 1
hulk w.rd. 111 today July 17, Ikon I to 76; Toss.
day. a 517116, Loss 76 to ''Nl. -
71Ith lewd ersclasmisy.
IL froth 1 ton:
Thersoky. Joly L.O.h, awn 16 to ILO; ludo,• • Joly
al UP al j 1111.41121111 . • Ass 1, from 111 to
MO; litowas7, Ash. & beta ant boost.
sixth mirk, Teeeder. 614.4, trots I to 10; Irsil
sor dey,_Asus. 5, Irma 41 ta .116/ ;.Tharselar, hog..
from tot t - , so; /rids,. Aug- 7. fr m itui to t 6,
1 • telista ward, Priam. As g. 7.7. h., heal Ito £S;
lets scup I, Irasl2B to 100
, SIUI6 ~erard. 10.4.,. An. 10,; from 1 to 111 ;
11116CSN'iialp IL, boa 66 to to IPS.
• /sloth sired. Weilai alas she 111. from Ito 76;
Iharilley, ektg.l3;froat If to 160; Friday, Aug. 14,
Dui silt tolls*. . • '
lawresceshms, hill, Aut. It. e. m„rfroui Ito
1 0 i tkoloros7. Ash - .6.. Is 91 to lull; Moodily,
As& !MUM WI "alit; •
Semsonmassrl Pe, !Sudsy, Aug. 17. r. M. , frixo 1
to 60; •tweedii7,Ae 19; from 61 to 71..
Wmt Pitabsigs, y L.g. le, r. a., from 1
Momegabela Bartsch, Weiloteday, Avg. 19, from
balks Pittsburgh, wedandty, Amg. 19, Lamp ,
to; 9hatedey, Ass. 11. mom el to 77.
shoittillimo, a bor. 607. Aug. tO, from 1 to GO;
Pride*, Aug. 21, troa al to 110, lletsodoriawik oh,
tr to /Sitio 111. .
1. t Blrawolhaste Iffoodalr.' Aar. MI, trom 1 lo OS,
I "Iseeloy. AAA lit, from NI so bilk - . ~ ...
Uslieespres Wednesday, huh 11 • tau 1 io 17
Iltastiesis lilorowilo. IV isloteLay, hog IA e h. ,
from 1 toff. • •
I w set to a thoth, Tharirrily Aug sit, from Ito 11.
! Pll. th :Uwe say. Leg. al, !omit to 10; Prouty,
Aug MI, from 11 to b 11.
wines. Daisy, au& 511, from 1 JO 10 ; Saluda?,
1 Lai 99, fresilil so 76 -
Pala. Slatlaiso An. Ilk from 1 to EL
',rhos. Moese7,'Aag. 111, from 1t0,4.
• - Pigeon. iloassy. .11 14,11; 6001 to 40; 'Pasiday
* phis., ilredir, rmit 1, treat I. Id 60; 7Pediss
dar,76set 11. nom ot to 714 ..
Pisa WreeisAley,.:epi. 9, (Om 110 It ~ „.
thereat 1 A Iltreboesdar. lorpt r. ir• 111 . .. hi 611.101
iiiallsy, tow; trom Ili to 101. •••!'
olisstor a IPS 'oft ..7,. so. 1, tram 1 •to 75; Bet.
gutsy. ceps 6, frost 76 to I IA •
Allstam imierday. o pt. 6 . Liom 1 10 ta 1 1110ad.7,
lops. I. Imo to to lOW 'c • ~_ • ,
aellisim, Ts eds. 16-pt I, bolsi io SI. .
so ..a-11. 71setway, to. ps b. Ir, m ; to sl.
/soma: Vt.timosey, at. It Io • i will.
W &
. ,
lower !et; thaw,
.ds *lay, *lst. 9. UM / to
21; 9 bassill7, repo. 51 14 /14., r 114.1.
Mat: ii, is 101. ha 1111, !
_, ,
I oleo: Fraley, 5 !pa 11;frciM 1 to 69.
holt!, eassiway, Aug. •11, tram 1 sal.
17 ht. thistr. liuswrils7, rept, 15, mom Ito 10,
taw , isettedaY. Oohs 12 . ,ryes I to 11.
1161 1 •7 1110 . 110 • 61 7. ortit 1 1 SM ) * I. 11l 111
Psliso Pao , *Mimi 5-96 . 16, *seta to al.
91;011.7 moadm ; rer.l4., IP. Ilk. Mall l to au.
sebtoetat, Teselmi, emit .6. nom 1 So 67
Moo° ossodm,,titpt. 16, r a , Irma 1 Wit
CresSWst - T modes, apt 16, F. it or to 1 top.
Noll" %Adm. mays. . 15. it. la., Iron 114 L
' •IX 11111.21.0113 •
for pos mat al POD ma. bs baadtd the 08Ice it
hey tus, Tim for '4l o.ber sans* too toad
when us spolcsest Is call!d bola. the Dow&
sa SIIIVIO3 II aim - 8, 1833.
. .
Omomhowasfatonloi. ol Inn. sr, oz.
rispq on totodnohittlnils *lnuits o
Idnotisj ,
; ',.... ; .--,-..-..t". - • -*LIM.
Jr , rtet'ef . posli r ee Dspestiseati dated Joky 19,
Dal MMODSAAlllrlfmastrp on AM 'mama of I
' ,
Olean% Moll Al. below board as adult 1
en . le CI
"Wairl ike ' l iiie r illith Slid Wee ilt **GOTn
enmeat or vilVos DO delmoDo..9•DmiDieet., - •
u. sb. Use mite be ppm tote the belted States
ODA Tien lolMM•ditom mmt 4ste._ . , :
- AL Tlat-lik-Moi some OoDend ble Intmitlott W.
booms • althea, el ttm United Mum aid Ilse DO9
aseectied the MOM of oullrop by Tolley et oey elego
11oe Di say Stew ....-,
.. . ~ ,
4154 Abet be thlme to tot seemed from m ilit a ry '
ammo op um vomit that La p the 4101114 at ii. rev -
din 09emaseet.'and Imo am doelizid Me intimates,
alteim, • elt ma of the UMMA - Allattik MO:AM
DAM to Ley 14Am ......-..- ,
like alidasit so be tuppxsol*lfi • M 7 rsoftb9
if tbe Amite to .ssUllislitpat 114 puty deities
g uests so tollystiddealbereta Oath, +beset et
Steatites WI DM diabbars• Mot Am! 9 1 *.t,....y0
It sat Wisest Woo Wel ram 'bide* Mat tlete•
Mutt, 'Womb Ate Protest Melia taimeAt.,toe
&moos bilitit Dininttninst At AteMOD pertismto..
Pte empeedloy Ey MiMeteoftbi DIM shittl the ASD' -
'dim of the Matt mmtlettext be mole. mt,s
lOWA al Abe Sista UpOgilaztat • !Opel' pm,
b• oosiodeml ethieeth et thefille4 .riasiberthli pia ,
0101 1 1 sf.le 14. 1 0 1 *$ V 1 ,. 1 9. 11617 f
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dem atm oti et ettos um% times erupt , pet leeof
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id ., ? a ims limy% eller Die memembeut ( r m . ,
Ti its b.' id,,,,pro to Me , seam mid - *mem eme
moo bte mote te - meta hot. um toll ae.lle at.
ttSot,) •to produce on feomyteSle sabnitose.. Lay
dm dO4 feast OlOttodtit to• Ole lethie.ll.Bl b.,,
tae oemweilme to pay She ttemktioadeed &boy%
.: . littenSar ot Um amid: 1. , - -
A. Mittel rOßTAlVrestOont,,. -
CI” Met PeotoesiAmeibil AM Atm. Ps.
!rectal Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Orrecte.
Wassurovoir, July 25,180.
ores 11051? mares. I
The Itlehtnond WAig thus laments over over
recent raids
Pair warning was given by the Yankees of
their intention to organise 10,000 mounted
men, and ravage the country far and wide.
The Southern. newspapers did all In their
power to awaken the people to a sense of
danger to keep them from trusting to the aid
of the government whisk already had its hands
More thin fall, and to inculcate a lesson of
self defenoo. These efforts of. the prose wire
reworded with but little snout, owing, it le
to be feared, to the inveterate indolence of
the Southern people. , The eensequencas of
this ship-shod Southern way of down things
are before hi In the 'rig on . /Enoxvilia, and
the destination of the bridge at Strawberry
Plains. The; inid anithohtitond and burning
of the bridges on . the South Annii, the raid
on the Virginia alit Te 11114.1011 Railroad at
Wytheville, and bittly, the inicoll the
plegtiohand Widdrin the t he;
of the bridge 500 yerds, Ding, the lou of
5,050 bale. of cotton and the-two ear Rodent
ammunition, thi burning °tan *forts:et rot
ton Lowry, and other losses.
Darks the exoltement in this city, caused
by Speen' exploits, it was bitterly said that
the Yankee raid on Richmond was as pleas
ant and easy as a fox-chase. It is certain-
that other raids have been safe and agreeable
put-time afforded to the Timbres by our un
prepared condition at rolnts whore prepare.
Lion ought, by: all meant, to hare but made,
is the best pouters encouragement-for them
to assail all other prooes: II • thouland
tee horsemen can sport leisurely, around the
Confederate capital, we may be sure that :
wilt not be deterred from enj eying thero
in every interior county of the Southern
Letter writers tell us that the Dutch far
mers of Pennsylvania did exestlent bush
whacking- busluess upon our forces, thereby
saving a groat deal of their property, and
helping not a little to expel us from their soil.
It la tree we are not wedded to property as
Datoh Yankees are, will not fight as hard to
protect it, but for vary shame and for the sake
of southern manhood, we might try to show at ,
least as much spirit as Penneylronlins.
A correspondent of the Whig, who signs
h.:legal( an old resident, after ailing Bat he
is ever 607 ears of age and in the servioe,
complains that every gambling shop, bar
room, store, billiard room, and ten pin alley
in the city of Richmond, as well as the prin
cipal cornets of the main streets, are throng
ed with scores of strong, heel,tby men, all of
them In Bowler of manitood. who are net in•
the service of their Mary, and Ingulres why
it tat' The editor answers as follows :
The sight which so naturally offends the
eyes of oar friend, an old resident, °Raided;
equally the eyes of , the members of Coerces
while In this city, and they having satialled
themselves that these stalwart drones and
biseklege, were for the most part, or claimed
to be, not chines of the Confederate States.
pained a bill subjecting to oonscription, after
the Ist day of July, all aitisoos between 18 and
45, residents or sojourners within the Coated
*rate States. The President did not think
the bill worth signing, and it thus failed to
brooms a low. Had it been otherwisebviar *or- I
respondent would have .been spared the I
trouble of applying roue for information. 1
The remains of Gen. Johnron Pettigrew. I
who was killed during the engagement be
tween the rear-guard of Lee's army and the
enemy weer Williamsport. arrived here yes
terday evening on the central train. A large
number of parsons assembled at the depot to
',Dieu the funeral ceremonies. After some
dibly, the body was transported from the ear
to the hearse, end conveyed to the Capitol.
It will betaken be North Caroline this mess
The Whig has an ailvertiiiemeni from the .
Aillittant and Impactor Genes ll'S office, giv
ing • sohodole of prices to he paid by the I
Government, reducing them in all MSS from
market value, end in 50011416114, malting a se
duties of over one half. -
The Richmond Whig, of the 231 but., just
received, contains the - tollowing Medal ells-
I patch, rewired at the rebel War Department,
on 22d alt.
Cleschieree, Jefy 22.—The enemy neon
lassoed shelling again yestorday,ilth but
few osanaltros on our part. We had in the
battle of the 18th lost. 100 killed and Wound
ed. The esesay's loss, including krisoners,
was about 2,000. Nearly 800 warn : buried
under a Sag or trues. Cal. Pattie., dating ;
Brigadier General, end CoL Shaw, commend-1I
hag a negro regiment, were MULL I
(Signed,) G. T. Beituoszw,
iffijor General.
- The Whig says, editorially, that the South
Carolina troops are, by order of the Governor
of that State, to remain at Columbia and
Ploreneri, for the present, the faros at Charles
ton befog deemed sudden% to prevent an Si,
took of the enemy.
Tie Sorg Carolietaa learas that while there
is meth anxiety, there is abiding tonddenee
Mit Our valued old city will he eseimeetslly
defended against the dtabOlloal invaders. •
".,The evacuation 'of Jackson, MIS, left in
thelands of the enemy, as we learn from the
Memphis Appeal, the rolling stook of the
New Orlesaj, Jackson d Great Northern; the
Mississippi Central end the Mississippi 4
Tennessee railroads.. Tffli motive power alone
consisted of over f o rty enemas. To have
saved this invaluable property it reguirsd only
the oGnst:notion of a teasporari bridge moss
tem Pearl river. Six weeks of time wore el
lowed for this work, which might have been
done in six days. Whet were the railroad
and military authorities thinking about? The
Joss II of inosisalahis importing", sad in. the
•prosentaindition of thlegashally
Nothing seams to go well In Southwest»
• Roister news bpi Cherieston us Yds than
iliekoontained inlbe 'robot reports already
forwarded, but the feeling abort a 4104 Ono!,
au is not so intoyant: , - • L.. ••
StdtitNton of
/19 10 0' 3 ladro': 1 0 1 4 1 0 1'
is`Salt indilittief ,0
lionotiAr or, ins Coors.
1 1'ho 4 Oosantsiin nonof Aviculture fun h. -
, 'nod statement Ott 'tint Aowitition, of ,the
crops (lestt--monthi . the •Valtint
States} The tiondttilit *tont :wee may
ito#lztint not ottottitti r rho 1t stud it
Lula breadth ptintid. ooinlthOi oar Wm.
Vont also ellahtli Leila! the atom. • •
The date nroonniiienilin et the War po
piiiniint,,olnifo:ion how largely Tampon
lei t
onuttoted to !antra; near„almost
• ,
trot- dilissiansea twenty -,
irOitiiiints of tiftinisy otti'oinolm inta, two
boon* tliwotot, postof witiottmote;
wits ep fion re f u g e es Orioalspr beyond her
• • - •
♦ mom ov 1314010 m,
Goa. Ifolatoolnuts juo WWI bootee d In
do Investigate "t hi oondnot of metals
Mon of Goa. liliononsa's oomesall &Was
e •~ux-'~"s+~:..~x%a' Esc
the pregr_eta of tho'grist ed 4 Is tie Tees d
Lee's way. The west eras easpoed et Gm
Nil Weber, Padgett; ;CoIL Darts sad Wer
• , LZILITLLOV notsaisrus.
Upwards sf: Midair salted this arising
from lira:roam Tits laspst portion sr*
members of the 2 ems; the out belong to
the 49th lissisohasstts.
Special LotiPlY:b to the resteburgh °Matti.
PIIL/DSLFIIIIp July 35, 8.
e llet
Ths statements molted hertss to army
movements oil both Meade and Lee eery
eontiloting. It is au:Adeptly belie that
Meade has Loo's omainualution with Riot:-
mond at his moray. Both armies are making
rapid movements south• west,and a great bat
tie will no doubt be fought north of thi Bap
Direct communication between the army of
the Potomac and Waehlagion Is ostibilated;
while but little hopes, aooordiag to the state
moat of • deserter, are entatained by . the
rebela of being able to reach Blohmond In
safety. Their whole Ankle seriormly :Macy-
Aid by our mall.
Lee's fore. is outman:du follows r Stout's
osralry, 11,000; tonptiest's and Bweirs
Corps, 18,000 ("oh ; Ifill f s .Corps, 10,0011.
'Thus, with 18,000 more reboil at Riskmond
'aadloterobusg, are »Poi :big Ueonstilate Um
whole rebel form. -, Tim flogorit.nery aura
had so few troops al at ement. , Sinop their
recent losses it Port Endue: and litleksinitg,
all the troops they can muter, la estimated
Sr follows:'80.000 at Olselutob, indor
Boinvegasdrloo,ooo it Hobilei 16,040 wider'
lifameaduk• and Prise; 24,00 under Johns
ton; 00,000 under Bragg. aad - 35,000 at va
rious dotaahod points, in ill, only 340,000.
Lee's army to the larvtt and best organised
of the South, and the foto teethe Confedoraoy
depends on him.
. . • ..
Lsilier received *Oars not to .fight Nude
now, but to mums in sub. • manner as to
draw the Itaion - srmy towards Staunton or'
Gordonsollio, by which Smithey hope to ro
tator(' tee:
It Is rumored in Washington that the lir
jor Gousralship in the Army, ,accent by thi
retirement of den. Wool, ',Me tendered to
On. grant.
Nether the War or Navy Dopartmonta To
eilved anything from Charleston later than
the 17th Instant.
Special Dtopotob to the fittotaillt Gosotte.
LIXIIICITON, Ky., Sal, te, 1893;
Scants bring word Qat two °wolfs' rest
saints Ewe occupied the 69.
Gilbert talegrapits that floott's avalty
drove la lithe roma along the Gemberlaad.
Oar mat jollied their 'detachments sad hit
book to Logue. where, after a short engsp.
rant; tbey determined to:stead: Gainforros
masa were forwarded by, Gilbert. The rebel
ambers are esthastad _at ,liitsea handled.
Their programa of invasion Le beatable.
Raman hi bonny hi amber and terror for
a far days, and theiryso will bear of the oar.
tare of large Leather oflll44lelesde lobaatious
rebels. 8.8..
Arrival of Ike City of lbw York.
Now Your, ilaly 15.—Tlas City of Nur
orkloada tn. gawp (1014 Q 110040104 11 is
maw days—the quieten Caws ea record for a
sinew moaner.
The Bolismbin salted oat ea the 154, sad
Ahs City of 0011104 the 141111.:
In the House of Colawmakea alte 14th,
Mt. RAWL withilnewskillawaloh for t%wruF 4
opinion or - Um eontisirieldigg . iiliiiiirLtiel;
tit, wishe el Lord Palmeraina. L
mentorP mad s
Mr. Robust. did tight f i n
withdrawing the motion. its lisped this
would hi, me last tome wain say asesiber ot
Parilament would make ore of his Uitersourse
with any foreign sovereign. sash proosediags
beteg extremely inegnier.
Mr. O'D4notighne protested *Oast Mr.
Flosionsk's hostiiiiito toe North. He believ
ed Nr. Booboos's islands, were &matted by .
obo e belief that the .deehreition of AM Celan
maid bee great mirmitage to NeglasC , He
*honk' oansider to the ;moot that
mad be. , . , ,
Madrid, Ana I.ll,—Tas ssiortioas of Span
ish ounials that dpaln Intends to reeogalzs
the 400140111 Ontiadersay are stools raise.
paln will wait the swoon 0i Neg Mad sad
Priam. _
The Polish Natiorial Goreraseat - hair
fetid to agree to um Az polite .of the ab
powers, out will lassie a meatball. to Otero
Th• 2 &awe otnation to the anon of
an BogWinn* la Now Yon, and no edam
of Ws beta by bin oa Beane Vila., a*
'onion for tne Oontodaisto It says a
iganntoe Ann bo obratan for tba Wet*
of the property of neinrals withla tto Jul.
&On of tba Wastuagton'6ovoranent.
• . sonnies* Nene,
, Finnan Masson, Jul; 210—Ilisluitoad
puns to July 28 are reelattal.
The Sadiati, at Jaty 12/, tali that 840
Tannin pruoaer ansama L llttlivaolul coa
Monday. 123 este inn Jaateoa, Misa, aid
'ripe buena froaltlimitoarg. •
Giarlaloa, .J•ty 18—tad Ina,-alas; Ara
Kennon, and lin son and /aortal boats, as;
elated by two Lad wanton sweatias Sou,
nary' lied larlassly at for Weimar all day.
0/01 bt vas eaniasso was astound.. ,
(dips*,) O. T.
Maarisa,Joly 23,—Cluaser's torus; whip
haul aim the nanny gush of
ii.potted to b• monht. towards' etell44ll aed
Olio fro*' Shinn', patouay, matt
that! °hostas liaa' Gain Koh to: amity
Biases anny is mostly at Ohithisoop in&
lionaltur• Sou Jobtudim ,
hunts is Wag Woos!, .
Otiarliston dal*. of tin lOti alma that Fort
Wainstatiii heads Qui, and that the Yukon
hu Dna aniiitind: on Rally Land and rip,
mated to Koala LUGO that the irn-elads
ban/ pasts -ooatlaw* to 6°1104414qt
Tao Upoit, that Pillow to in Wait tinuiteem
Mull buds ot gonna@ ate sahisoLot iki
massiption and swains hoses.. Venn an
ail tin 11401111 Mt ilk balmy:ski bkhablosais,
. .„
Sewn. Flight Mumma ties. Itleyit sus
the stein! tyieper4•Coosplete" Rest
of the Rebels. .' .
. ,
Lao armors', Jab , 22.-0 a Thursday the
16di a dross, lips around. toting Blast
sad the rebel Was.. PorP o to roduktl22 In U.
oomptoto root d the taboo.. ' ' _
Boding the rebels had fallen bask Trod
port Ottawa, Shut, with 2,410 min sad 12
anasi.latt 11 Strait, and attor,marohlaw licy
and in tanaty-four Mari, •loud tha iamb
MOO strong, In position on Ilik Crook.• Bloat
Inuardiately attacked thew Our artillery
dismounted two Mod tau, whkA wars sap
quad: ,A charge was de made. alga the ,
way Lod In confusion. Oar oddly war e
panning when the south lift:; - . , _ - '
Thd rebid lota Is 00 1111ed,14. 'maimed, L aid
100 pdsonon. 'Oar lou 16 .10 .klllod- 63C 10
wounded. Vie es tared s quotes) =of Com.
middy stand. Angst, thowilt 'Mak, WO*
..* .
aliad4d i3l OMB. , . , ,
'Official AlittOlUlt of Oar Captures ,at ,
roil Itiadsoa. . .., f:.. -...
:lilechtrakeeagDarese.'oi ni1...,a•••••
feta AtiaT Otare Boat Bunsen,
. ,
~ ia1110,4863.-._
lull 10,
tiris— t a li
ro b he t rzr ia to t : o .afo= t o fkat
s,6ooD utr ioaed, bolaalai 1 Major Goa. m ad
1 Nei Elaa., sad 10 pboosof
=batteries asialleisg at *on Sabi
; a - good Oipply of proisotilaa fot Nue
sad boos gam, 4.410 pima 01111111104 pOw
dim 0,000 eta*. ;of. vats 00,010 Iv/W . O
amatl astasuiltioa; Wass a matt anoint .ot
atom of wino Wads.:• Woosptaraliketa ,
otoamira, OM of OM h 10 * . c rult
will hi of groat atria at tan
N. P. Baru ; woo ye"
AZ-Dispatch from Gies. Seinirewtritt
Caaaaspos; fo.—Aftocafildapillolaa
, .
Imagist ot arras how. Oiramay sosonita t
tho'-Alamo at Warm 111 .11 4 Tailti aail;rov
piatodly. Oat Ps"l..:fregktdaalaaltalP sad
npalooa lata _,_ . .V:, 1 ; 11 00 0 it. , Oar
lon wis aomairsiovw MS 1141116 1 1
11101011111111111, isloo ll4 -,'• %WWI
was aimanalliffiNg OS 11411 ebb.
4 " , "
Patton Elate ojfacktitosono.nnupa lion of
P en th Wtio 2l.°3 ll :l o li f as. Jt.jaoks:illiovzi.2:4l.tilii—eSisPsP:r. "tl:l3:frois, of
• On this 15th a portion of oar forme, under
Gen Parke, made the attack, and were met
by • legion of mw ratan fro
nt m Saith Ca
line, whip, afteraneogigame of hatfanho
retreated with loss.
Three kindred of our men efoopleCtheir
--PoSitiat untll the next morlainlf,lfllm thii7
Made • second advance, and diseovered that
the rebels had -evacuated, ‘settleg fire to a
number of o ases containittraommiesary end
quarter star stores, which were entirely
eansimed, th . the addition of some fort 7
other buildingsdinited from bousee fluid by
the rebels.
The city wu at once occupied by Sharman,
Wiesen a foroisof cavalry to interrupt the
communisation, and to prevent the anny of
Jobaston from joining Bragg, which it was
wsp_posed he would endeavor to do.
The rebel army left but little behind. So
deliberately bad they left the place that they
took •11 their dok.with them.
Deserters are untintially coming in from
Johnston's army. They express themselves
,dbutislied - with the shape the campaign is
taking, and willing to throw down their arms
cad take the oath of allegiance.
Federal loss in the various skirmishes
Asa assaults amounted to 900 men.
Bet few people were found in the place, and
Most of them foreigners.
Pemberton wee carded liberally as i traitor
Ind unworthy of anfidenoe.
E At Vicksburg, the Federal wants yens being
leeded, and the rebel fortlficatiOns pat into. •
more perfect oeiditicus, - • number of the finest
guns tieing mounted and Placed on a hill, as
• first class annuity forsilleation.,_ ..
FLeta* — By the arrival to
ivel of the stearer Im
lin, we have *deices from New Orleans to
ilth,Portnntison to the 19th, and 'Fucks.
erg to the 21a. - , .
The Imperial was the first steamer to New
OnCiats, having arrived on the 16th. On her
arrival at the landinteshe wu crowded to sof
!Outten with people. It was almost impoi=
Mae to oonviesse them that Port , Hudson and
Vicksburg had fallen.': .' , i :- , • . ,
.A large number of the prisoners ositiredit
Port Hudson are joining the Federal army.
` IThileq.,l94lewit-tiVielatell.b.PAnyurg.rOU-liEfates" loin at
136, exchange on New York at t3i, and S un
ites st 163. , .. . - , •
„, _ .
Lees Tardy. 1110teelle SI ill Accounted
: tora.lfeesei Captured...Y[om this
mi. ***** plat Squadron. •
WAIIIIINGTON, Jnly 25 —The /Valletta/ Re-
Wafts, of this afternoon, statem that posi
tive information has been received here that
Lee has been delaying on the Potomac to ena
ble him to goi away safely with tee plunder
he has ',oilseed in Maryland and Peens, ha
ute, and because his forces have been gather
ing the new crops of grain in the Shenandoah
Valley. Re is now movies towards Bah-
Mond, with an immense train of supplies,
the necessity of procuring which was increas
ed by the fall of Vieksbarg and Yore Unison,
aid is now intensified by the elating of the
Tenneseee Railroad, which 'was a great me
dium for procuring supplies for Lee's army.
The Navy Department has received infor
mation that ,she steamer. Santiago de Cuba
captured on Jody lfidt. ' the steamer Lissle, of .
Nissan, eftsr a clin e of two hours .. She was
formerly owned ' Wilmington, N. 0., and
waken ker wend trip to snit from' Wilming
ton. Her cargo consisted of brandy, soap,
dry kiods, provisions, do._ , -
The following wee received at the Mai P 1-
pirtmant thle mottling : ' ,
Piaci Snip Btacrustrx, 1
1 - .Ors. Virisanoto, July 1E1; 1863.1
• ' Ear: I have the : honor to inform ken \that
thq expedition I gent into the Bad River te , ".
Sleekenpro very eneesseful, ascending
and Tennessee rivers, tanning 'parallel'
with the Mississippi. Lieut. Commander 1
Salbridge made the head of nnellgation, Tenses
Lahti and. Bayer Macon, Wily mites above
Vietnam sad within - five or six &Iles of 1
ttuic Mlestetippi Aver. The enemy were taken 1
• by imuprimu - , The rebels that have aseendird ,'
to ihat region will be *bilged to SWAM tattler'
leek from the rivet ti not' go away altogether.
Lieut. Com. Sednidge divided hit force. on
'lading the transports which hid been cunt
int stores to Walter's army had escaped up
setae of the narrow streams. lie sent the
Seititsi and Rattler rep Little Red Amin
small tributary of the Black, and _the Shiest
Rosa and Petrel up the Tens is. The night
wan dark and it was mining very haid. the
Neste* andMattier encseedel in ;capturing ,
the'rebot steamer Louisville; one of the largest
anti perhaps best steamer in western waters.
l i Up As Teem, or one of. its tributaries, the
Forest Rose or. Petrel captured the steamer
7 .,,
xi loaded with stores of sugar and ram
tor • rebel army.
riding that the steamers which hiad ion
nryid Wilkie/ armj had retuned up the ,
Waddle, theaxpedition steroid op thatsiver,
and'eatue snddealy upon two rebel iruassiers,
in s, : a tt i rebate sat them on lire and they Wes*
ed. Oae steamer loaded with amine
tittlin heaped above the fort at Harrie t which
'.is a every strong work, and nnessalieb Ai with
wooden gunboats. . - ~ • . z - , L; ' • -
Lint. fisibridp was fortnaato enough,
however, to hear of a large quantity of am.
intuition that hid lately been hanled-from
Btatelkes and deposited at Trinity, nearly due
Wise of Retakes, and.' 'from whence sores;
ore t cattle; guinea &maintain:a KID
WW 4I ; . He 4 81041111 1 4;1 5 . 000 reandc of
Ma' eh bore amtemtition, 105 rounds Enfield
and Xil meads filed' ammunition; 52 here.
bean sugar. 10. puncheons rnM,'-`ll' Sirrali
lice a nd MO barrels Malt, allinionting to the
Con crate govainmlat. :.
--' Wa u Cit a ; if lett:4lieeek withouti ails- -
' l'hmieNeeriluive shown great energy in this
ezpolitlee, and r have m et' with no mishap.
They. proeared a good deal el liforogitiorir by
whisk blare moveiskelece will baregalated...
The. people in that leaden are very beadle
to thli govarsusent, ead•are,vankrebels.
•I have eiveliesor tobe:lr' . ' ''' • ' . '
re*: wodie,w:4l«:
°t i lt. ata9riliti ILO th e Vl(holifil-
VD. Cossimoillo. 4 o,lkcial Daspitcli
Ira= Cloli,SOckelloid. . , ~
CtiotiiiTf. July 26,--11,to follooiing iiio
'bon Slit iii Itemilinsiiirin :,..,' . ' ~.
H frisrtera 011 do Fio1411:1414 Sara o/.
Now ithiin;'o ads do To _Ookzei Loot,
Nokosood, A. A. 4.—.8y the bloosizo of Al:
stlitty God .I hue nosnedatt in eapturbigr,,
Gen: Joh* it.:llinvin, CoL Cliarke;, sod tbs_
balanbrof tin eionionaci, ainciantit otp about.
41 gelsomilg 'riot start with Morgan roil
lookthotliit.trala foe Gibeinnsti, sad
awnithi GloWill! *air itir; tinnapbitation
.for the tannin., r" -
( B ulined.) 7, ' '
' Thifi-Daiift‘la Mew Toth.
' Na! YouWi.lita 35;-ISfearlislo.9oo It el
reidreollieted for the Wallin al the . ponce
, !nom Sad soldiers. Wand er kUiod
111 OA riots.: Detachments of troops front the
Alski of the Pelmets hare arrived , to take
chary' of the - draftee lawn in' the,,NPrtitun
sad Latent Mates. ; ;Their up/hie/pal -duty
will bp taint& renewer. , Thor go to El.
,sirs and other partial thialltew,and to Vig
nola sad Connecticut. .
TIR dish Is the 'l4d -*aid; iraa , anhi•i,
WI amain , othapietlig the. SW Mongrel
plif ;Matra' , At thP cloalotoVike .daffw,
1ng,74 cheer" were Oran for the flonetta.
tight r s ,wrOug. - The" draft for thealtg,.la now
oow taiititti Ilia ~faiception al: the'lpt wie
ldl4l u-- ,', ,,, •L'.
... paw, Jul y' 2C—Passingini A ith• avtilmi:
hire W-dag Iron - Vas**, Tpuert-that our.
4 . 02 5u10m• ilthigel..geOttnia. sad thattke put ,
tit ortJohusi wil it whiled for tha , mt
eat. ; , f-±...._-- - 77.7,. ....._.r. _- ..
L ^ A atet - inlaid UM , warning. Waging
New o*asif pa , a fat s tbe I Verve},
ken* bg . ..t1 ifoin .. thatkta. -
ItiapUe, di """ \• et Witfig,.. •de trip
dvis ilia hid _ ,it tambli; -:_. , . ~.
s t idAsa ,
,s*Afi) **lt, oillipta
ftis Noll. litioa • diti 'Aalitiani.
1114 t 11040* ffam the fi°:°°f O l T of
' 4 . adsin__ u ,:i !ad Mt .'nhvahl 'ltte'..iintll4 4
•!..- 11 Irri - -- r ---- . --- 6 .- - -- ~.,, ~..,,, .1.-
Scolthe 4 Ana, of .
.tic` saanicatiitail
Qua): 3•11..2 4 .T4laistaillitat Loomis&
thol. Billow, it fittiaN suf. britviat hitt
4sy.lTbsy twin: tut' Vieriesaliwrrer
.to Jultioal: Ili **Oil #iligiAtAliki:
ibrdisitag etarkiit ;104•2*itivuseiud•
taispiatry' liivitaigotea Ws to .Wilve sea*
'401114 bp whisk Alashadapt fa .4*-10.0immt
*do llakat-iitleds , amp iitid latitpli it
dot mattoiristeiotiOady'lltnittli•lF. - aid
err Issa7 ha Pomp. 3'07•, Mated dhoirAll
Si ,Vhdraburg.altd; attic la Aad ffidlehr (bit
= mi te JeWwW, Asa Cu -le..ilttift.van-,
°ea. Logaut was readved here irlut spa?
audie of =Teel, . . ,
From the Arley of the Pete -
Wasuuturos, July 16.---Adilem
headquarters of the army of the Pate. re
ceived to night, say that during the pail wok_
our troops have not been" Idle, but by °ion
scrutiny of LIMel movements and by - PIA
matches has secereded in baffling his errl l
attempts to easel{ warn Virginia ! V or*" • I
stalled his attempted posseselon of b PIO
of the Bins Ridge. It is grmerally
he is now moving nodal towards; m ton
by the Shenandoah Valley. He tried B Jok
ers', Ashley's and hienasaas Gaps-butt ad
a strong. Union form already them. t the
two last named places he was driven beek
with cossiderable lone
At Chester Gap our 'rivalry nee* ,100
of the cattle stolen by the enemy, t venal
hundred sheep and a large number of nu.
Several brisk ellmoishen have takeri
The prinelpal dght assorted on Tuisdey even
ing, between Linden and Front Royal; in
which a brigade of rebel infantry probably
Lee's tsar guard, was driven through the
The cavalry has sorties. The
several commands have made arduous mmehes
and remenoissanses, and completely. foiled
-Stuart in all his attempts .• laid on our
dank. Edna.
hiosbes email but energetic band her alone
&ex us ; tastable, miseipally by cutting oil
forsging.pszties ant messesgers.
A private of cavalry reports that on Friday
as • divi.ion of cavalry was reeostoiteringlx
the vicinity of .Amissvilil, a large ogress of
rebel infantry was seen advancing In that
direction, tied our cavalry was complied to
fail back. ,This form is supposed to be Lost
meet's corps. Up to Saturday sight, tiny
ever, this report bad not been conarmed.
It is impossible to conceive the poverty of
the country through - I/bleb the army . passed.
With the °sorption of licedos musty them
is nothing to harvest eserpt a - few gems of
wheat one eon, and this must be dose by
manual labor, as the eountry her been entire
ly etripped ot stook,
The latiroad is now In running.
Our supplies which have been meetly ex
hausted are flowing into the army, and the
mail,whisk have teen, entirely suspended
sites the army monad the totems° are as:-
tangly Awaited.
Though the army has bad fatiguisg march
end consequent privation', it would be a
to suppose that itie Multi* down in
Toe m ger who brought to Washington
the above inteiligenee, reports that to-day
of Meshes guanines were captured near
Fairfax Station.
liamisoas, July 18.—The following dis
patch was received on Saturday tram the
headquarters of the Middle Deportment:
IlionQl7elilee MIXT or Tan Formai' ' ' .
Front iloysi,lniy 25, 1863.
The Major General Commanding directs em
to inform you that he engaged the enemy at
this point yesterday. The enemy appears to
hare withdrawn las whole army. is undosbt
edly ',trade to Culpepper and Orange Court
House, and probably ate rear , law passed. the
Shenandoah at this plies and Strasburg.'
A. A. Merrill/II
• Colonel and Chief of S taff.
The following inlormution was remind at
headquarters is this city to-day, by General
dbenot.• It is from Brig. Can. Lockwood:
The enemy has. dlaspreirel from Oar front
entirely, and is nowhere north of . Winolaster:
Our cavalry was in• Charlestown yesterday,
(Friday.) and moats have 'been sent out - to .
tee dietaries of ten miles in every illreatlo4
Without any signs of the enemy.
The Operauese bemire Charleston.
New Your, Juli 26'—We are indebted to
the //mild, for the following *exeunt of the
operations near Charleston. tuelved by the
krego en the 19ch. -
The , Abele attempted -to "drive ear forces
from James island. The atrial" was sudden
and unexpected, lent, Erin. Terry_ met and re
pelled them with 'grist sisughter.
The gentlest Pawnee, which supported the
eft item, grinuuled. and • rebel battery open
ed ipon her. firing about fifty shots, thirty.
Dine of 'which 'hit her. She subsequently
lloseutoffand opened upon the rebels, vetting
"them to Sight. - _ '
Oar ow:tattles were smear and the rebels
were taught nelson they will not soon forget.
The bombardment of Pert... Wagner vu re
dewed oretteemorning of the 221, the iron
°rade auoDerataig wimp* army. Darts g the
day Tort - Wagerer was'silenced for some time,
and:the oolors shot sway. The new Melon
,battirces.were opened upon the rebels ,doing
- great execution.
A'Uharge'iras made on York Wagner, and
our :troops, alter a desperate straggle, ware
obliged to fallback, which they, did in axes!.
order, and held their old panic's'. The
loss on oar side was quits swore, bit our total
loss of tilted, wounded and missing. oboe the"
10th, is only ' about 1,000:' The 48 th: Nair
orb lost about 050 man, and only S officers
escaped Unharmed.
The Ostskillmas strut over 10 'limas, but
is all right. Atm - went to Hilton for , supplies'
ud seat.
Tile' 'steamer Arago, from CharlUtOn Bar,
on the afternoon of the 23J, has 'arrived:
.Azonglar passengers are Cals. Strang and
Seynioar woundad, Oct. Jackson and Lint:
Cot Rodman wousdod. add odium' '
Ti. Arago on the :tat,' captured the stain
er .Emcna, of. London, from Wilmingtoa ler
. 134Mtads, With a cargo turpentirmy
and gotten, Ind towed her into this rat."
The steamer Champion; from Aspinwall, Da
YEa Ith, has snirod. JOhe has .$OlB,OllO - la
s tat steamer podahsntas, frost. Port Royal
a: the 2;01, has arrived. .7 .. .
She hoard Assay firing when off Charleston.
-The Olga of -Sort 'Wagner was favorably pro
fftio4peoflbecti.'•ltuntheen Dlipateltim.
Tilt& 4111i5/1.121-
taros ' sPectils sate - that, It 1 - OTbeliMed. that
Lsii i suireedsd in oomph% with bb army,
atiel,,, ' at Galpepper or Onto" Gout Bosse.
tlativ si,sight. - - . -- - - '. .- ~3i
The affair. at Chester Gap is; -supposed to
haver NOM with his Tear pieta., :, :. • 1 ' C' •
' ', ..11:
f.s ritisir dispetal drted Nur col, Mimi Jill
si n
18, s that their army to -Olt tallies back.
Jt., la toted that tho clam* of :hobos ;after
there Maims left: faimelly'amtendaed - the
. • The same dispitcTststes that'the rebels
taiptared and destroyed 100-federal wands.
lacy stone, is L . Grant Mar. '••4ltsti -that the
Mde s crossedtherimir an thel7th In Strong
form din movie, on the radii steadily.'
"A. Orton dispatah of the, 90th states , thas
.all thirebel Gengsh taken st Viskslati have
bsenelehanpd.. ; , ? - i :- , - !' -' '' • '
. , .
,Iffunitar .44 - mi.ej. : Aiso•ok.-..,.-..
Oniiiimient. July 95.—Thefenersi of Yej.
liatlatik, Paymaster is the 'United States
. May.'
I f
Get knowi as the father of tits light;
'bird mks. took plods this Shaman. he
_proms les wait lengthy and imposingiin whist '
were S,Beresidresd.-atalt..ll4...Gint. Cis i
;ma itir. ix: heads- of thsididereet military
,datr a tients of tits city, two companies of
tai , the Trosessess, his three sou, N.J.
'Glos:' cOook, Col. Dat McCook end Copula
Mooocik, of Gen. Boyearsta • Maff, together
with Ike QUO, (kn. lleCook's personal staff,
wets 14 a ttendan ce .
'-.'l 1 from.•t.iattloinis. ' '
Bo Viusouscro, July 25.—Gedness dating
the fortnight now closed has boon dull: No
impterionnt is tooled for-before the middle
; it, ss we generally have feral doll
Tookebetween thosprlog and tall trado..__.,•
The ries Of new wheat some established' '
4t ins, d ono-holt opt, per pound.- Wool Is
;490;1 misted. .. _ . :: i...- . - :::
i......6.'4) , minor =taint distsick his bon Ois•
covered to Nevada Territory, oovsotr 'intim .
north'of Iloisolivoi:. The so** promise so
li:o#tOnsive' lid, .Talsablo, ' About slat,'
bliaiis have been halm.
J. Y. Sakor.nroaro,
CaL CliakoisAdta
ball, of llontsviltec, ate,.L.,Utigeo
. Arm itednocd#,9lB3oo o or 20'000 . '
, Nur rrili,4;3l-1,14-tAt;linteritlin Itlx-'
lflowitis Tosa.,-JallOkki • etnifiniii thi ear
tan of italanultooWs oo -'14 1 6. 1111 r 1 ! .#a'
1,11)ob scao#or*lgial.,lltaalay. --, -
.2:S# if.iirki ii sodooot Im - am,'
tfoit to MOO or 20,0 #. - , - 1 [ ;--
il l
. 1-..'
Death! or nose -Jolili J. Critter el.
~` • Lau0tn...,. 1 or ! , oz. - lobs . eft..
**do, &OS .lElublf.piol tlooeteeloek 04
okozoto, at Ito..lOfifortiiritbottpila or @Omer=
gly in J sololoffeC et Ms yforaltles. -1:Itto
'444.66: al 0411,1161,1111 q./ 'Wirt.' is 4,
',lti l i Z., el lib 41 • • -
' - ^ '•''
Fruri ~Pi rftiert~
ii e. iis
:iic. : a
iii a—a-W -
o a f3 , : , O
conebb nds, pialed ui bow aarYla Um
"' l " 41 4 " - :t
IbromZ a ti?sow
.1 a. saarays. I.
4;43. LWOW? 04 cIiTY *AMU**
cp • ir.x.•••zremir sod as,. Ora. kir,.
surepatio, mo sou. pug - .
The rime is SiXl speeding steadily at this point ,
telthinitlittlisiree four feet in tie the :el by the
.plerrinarks lad evening: ..Tbe -owdber continies
'ekes and extrimelj bat, withipa maidens! shower
There bnot.miseb dohig at the whinged notna.
toad Improvement In she riser bosicsss most to ...s
-pirted until there te more water. • 'lb. oirly. antral
we 'Dare to reocad b the Jimesll Gib:acre; Irina
Steubenville, Where she bat bean lad tip 'Hilt
Atirlight and Swab. are toothttok end Will pro le
be found at the wharf this morning.
As will be seen, by cad. tbe ,Janses B. GI mot*,
Capt. D.S.H. Gilmore. L . aneounced be. Patio and
St. Louis on Ttieidey. ,the bs a a nit lelas stumps,
with Rood wiucalmettailiddlor passengers; tied plenty
drown . • ,
The 011 City .came down *ma Einlentint yesterday,
and will lea, loS,Vilieellog to •Say. • She , teparts the
Allegheny au falling rapidly andsate:as c reet many
bulk all basis;,whicAlehOcl City on swell,
are now grounded at verbal plecea ,
Tea ltnmw'ret OPlln4&ttininer ' airinea
°rearm on slaty le; wl.b nierebandle• from St. Louise
The following bat justteen made Public. at
Steamers destined for New Urban., with towelan...
Ldl.s rbispd Ind permitted accontucc Sc, um, wit iha
convoyed .O the way tbrooeir to Vt. kebuts, train,
Ashleh plate a bunks at Sam will In tinny to Wert
enciw 1110 .day morning to sins prancti.a to the O. n.
TO)IL .No tessele will tie p rinittel to 40 deco the
ltrOt wlttnnonoo9,ol for lb. •un Woomera
will be obliget to lay' weir a •eas it. they go 051 4.
TM" on cc MOM OM day of tbo-k ten on 'gallon ann
Toys start. - Armed Is. bowator, "costoS batse• ea
times will also gun moray. bat no resoled. y -must
be espected.-truw L4llOl. 4,r gnat ot.eaten, ea our
war toms to stop ma the way: Sou wiu
alasigroe4.A4ll‘?4 , o 863
vaviii.D., Possum, '
Rear Admiral Coma's sloe tniOodron.
ttooloinrr er ?se dread uI VAACK‘II•
mined on 'f) and the street r Citt bf• a bon, untie
that boat. trttles on tirr way tram t.unt to •
ltlemph s. wee ssrountl on' tbe bar at lirrtubtutout..
The nAte4 sod tee Cum .crod este • boon 4
lot to nr6of 'panful; tit • boot over,
tbe spit, a tong nod Leavy plied: Of ittobrr w.stet
by bloats and Witte itteourd A. We r"
Pie, beets,Quiett es &Loh of Iliptolug tour t be.
beck bend/Ver. anted uu tee Stow ows arson sett
kneeled Into met; eitont rd e orutwoe
The boat at Perth* but int pios of a tut her vill
age. The baths of thus etntal oar tbirtien sale
buried decently on thelett maitre., by the -sone of
1 the sccideut —llantlavols, J.korual. • ••.
Pion Gur. Na' no ,
calved at Mheloing on Friday intoning from.
O. Kenai announcing that be had rra r d
Pedal's° river, wad wonldocenpl ger.
-"lbut.en Saturday. ,
BIIII3IIT-1111k#3, at -Boorishico. Jed. .1%010
len, 0 ii. 111014 11,.rkaticir. .liampme• Pa.
Battery. ,
Tciday Joly:1616. MAL
60ttaIla:11 aiod 63,1 .6-
tb0 . 25t5 nitaot;it 11 o'clock 111
ILtZaeats ot' am. Wand Bord.rotto D.
Friona sopa o•ths
I.9loTutit Ilfititla • L.% .0 it V• tO9, •
Lin visfUlt or Plaite& r.
98 Taw* Bi.; Pitt:bu go; .11:4 Midi_ 1983
tow . sooordano. with ord<yr, I ptibitan thi. fol.
lowtogltit of rrsolis zempt-d town drat by who
• Pkiirt of 5W3°1.041.10 - ta tb • Mai MIA tiate,
with lh• iftwons th• tr tx•tepi ion:
it wool ig la? - rviiinnula '4lFcrtismc
Residene. ..43satualtutes.
A'. Yams, Dam b - Oak; is. It. ON. ei not.
Nasalor nr•mo.o
11 0 4ribapse, Bitmlaebsta; Tuea Wit
teCkasall. Lwineasvilte. Jno.S
Jowl* P. 64 Pot tonomblo, .1 swim 11.40annoll
•t Re.hlen, Plan townWilp, J.inn- nand.,
• • PAISIZNIS .1117XDILD D•Lt•ASS. •.• ', • '
, .
DOChteuga4ram,ra data J a als2l. feh reed ' -
Bail LOVIS, damson Lab% 3+32.1•m• I t Wag
Jacebll P.tam o 2,Wllkion ze, td• a mr, 0131,11 •
Jiro 8 Leacatt,M Fora , •Aut. Mal .r, 3 ...aril , •
John Baia lbw ID .1 a..rdr U. rtr, 32 ..rd
',bathlltrnary. K.lll a race Mattock.. 31 ward.
Jos AMMO% Jr., Yam :1,,- "
• .. .11111101241LatiSS or am : •
Dijailliir .7 . 4d-
ad— Tr. than, Ore. marled '
Witarmai-;.ll3prestaaJletbarthy, rocas t rooky:. -' b
-11aMd L'Howarl. 3.1—acdar t aea.y. Milt- , -
amm.e.-11braty - mbwa'd, rand - t awls. _
'Dante" lb laratama, colo,d, 31 wara--omithfr , y.
... -
Ma. marrled. Witabaser—Slwara Loves, G. hinr
&MO.__ - .
Charles Blame, ral Wart —nada twenty. it-.. .
nemm—Oharlone Slam. 3 Ins Cab terra t. -, .
Was. Lonktrart, 32 want—tali r twenty,, it; ~ ~
Man—Bohan and Gs ed. Lockhart, Darrel..
Max 0-Iden 3d ward—.Ter mart, Ova. mar tea.'
Witnaasee—lho. lobar .n,-W. X kloblmo, . .
John OrsiNry, ed ward—mar tab..) , Ora yeas. it.
amv*--bleva b a lry. norm Orri bor.
Bar W o Gray. ad ward:- over, marslod. '"."
Wlumares;-.1 11 &Mtn% W li./lamblton. - '
ammo MllOlll.lll SOS Dii•Laiii• I 'EMMONS. ' •
John Xellaprotdb, 3d ward; Wittman.; John .
Torkamp, It cbwarts. ' - - . '
Tom Hai. 3 4 I mrd.- - Wltraumm, Patrick. Hatay. '
-• Wm Barhe Le i. 3d . raid. Witniabem,,Marttry Po*. „,...
W J WK.*. rd Maid. Wltnerirs, IL-11.'„11beteri.'.'
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r. d ward.....Wltammea.
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War beams, Moran* Wilma:cr. w D sielip; Jea • !
Jar Ill'h. ro, 3d ward, Wltneebee,W D Ebralfe,lM '
Badolaa Sodas, .sd ward Witimies, tranctr r•-,
sobilhareby and War Thariby,3.l ward._ Wit,
cease. L Osgood. Itantorn dd mon ' ,
• at Haanbattaa.34 ward. Viltamemi, Martin Cloylo,
Harry - Lard int. 131 ,wald. Wltnesina, Imopald.
11.11bruaer;11 mid &rattan .
- John Moment'. ad wird:•' Mitnemes; Dennis Albin.
Max X' Maar. IX ward. Wthreaate, Mx Walker,
• lrfadirlcat Xia,ll.3dMMtd.H :-_XXosselmreterJa4ob, - .
Johh , ... . -
' rd wind; rouble lo•ui n .t hangs.
Joao Igriiibt; Ed :sr.; d- nth.. ot.tal a. -
- Bobart, -thane - 4 3d . ward; t liWatia' • dm , . b a dii.
dimmed kora anntirat, LonaonitiOnititlcati , al Dr 0 •
John Birst;ia . ctilonitianiptionai thy din;
ea idlest* of Di brOonk.•
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-W. Nwidanna ai.ard; dattioaa in 'titan
araissaand.o Bandinaon.3l - ara tenancies* Telma.
'Dabs B 11..1 E irwa.,rar. noon. . .• .
'rata Waal; atm wart pia.Wvaliaadt podia; o ,r. ~
Aldo oi r %sews. Drolad in as war) . ,
John al 110.1%3 1 want landasi heard • '
- ania.Wallawaaid wardi'inarrara er Volt.
Patr eV...04m0.; i ..rd; 12•1101.6 t I eit.cireo„ ,
.1 ho o.l.lirtiv; 31 was;altvolioa sad
dram dabliity, :ratan.* • of his John Daman.' sal
W. a iliaanua .
'JO • *SLUM. LI ward. darn:tire [loth.l. •
Dan einair. 34 ward, dii• 010ra Wank. . ,
,-, Rai a wrpDNl. bd w.ddi tnnitioaal (llama o 4;
. 11 ° 00 0 61 .•
DIIPIXDUCI 0/ L aMar:M . 0:1.41014 TAUNT& •
• Patriot Ileardla. par 3, WltMe.ll4l. AV/ 11 1d%
Androw ' ' ' . • • •
tar asailcaViii'aii.34
8: U. TooF.llVaisidus. 4:o V, 14 h P B U.
Alaaander Patton.An Y. 71,0 p.n.
Ilamtliaihbotra Latour rp .Oci AL, PV.
aux PlaWillaisal or aornia•ist oluiEtir 01011
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WA: rianatreog, Third Inv d. bard.
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Ines 'tat tan swilat A 3 . 6 " 1 '.1 QA 4 " D A V '
ruder. of 10101a.C11 111 be
transactilkfilloglsiol•nos is zecimmed; ' -
11.SS*41.V.i.t 4'210 ;I;
OCIONTL: 31W ti e
There vim 011.110100isig stilts On'on uststy *vas.
Ors Clesisoltsos, ss.l{l . o'clock. • at on Vi *DS oar , •
WW1.41111 ISSA, lA* safes c 4 Iklarstfll **lerj4, •
mine wow . As tits state (kmeest4o9 meat. PO
Gat .f ASPIC tb.. - 11,111 Os busliess 'et toot
postwar . laid bolos %be Oftuati, S. sad .•
;O lt 11 uTIP 4 P 118.64.
12):t4 , J Tit srsitsltr P.e .ten -:, •
,'lrkttlital. 3 I WA_ r.O 1 '‘ •
liatilidl,tlo , belt• at tte Bowl of vital
{ti) +VW 1f tM.GtU. 01 rlitioutt4Yh. an OSIOUAIO
dal Ot ag10•i.1.11 1 . esrtl OWOOLIII.8; 1 4
ttipqt,ftnua ititrittorsot the .1 tsbarda atailtra7,
tat Cua.el. to SO v.*, lb* teiikwa
Stumm da411117131, , Wit 9
~,loata. Outlaw.. - • /11
'4 4 Iit,,SiOCISICIIr, etd ol b.x l.
CerICLOAL-ofrike bcoskhouteritor -- '
Weft , atilled- this sok =oda, will
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roll 110 a 44T. lb • nor dair of .r,o'y vkit,
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VI 1.,./Miet ( by 00)" PSI' 'BOA ILI ~014,1motit 1 ,
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Allik 1.1%.111W ' . - ttfV 4l,l,
ham Ote Up abwrosal istainidistopertiiirTOOk r . , , - ...'.7
DAY, Mk Ira .os 4. - 00 took p.. 11 1 ,. - - - '. • '''
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