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LOCAL k ~ T Ememvo
,roar YeiMplarir b9u4i:w (hinotto).
The ConictipUott Act.
Then Is etlh mutt didormicaof OPhlien Iri
reetenee to the planer eonstrootlon of eertala
ssettens of the eonseription •set The moot
impoitant gout! at Involved to, whether the .
payment of three Madrid dollars to the col
lector of menu - will ittenipt s drafted min
es filly at if he faralthed a substitute. The
Ina sap, "al peiipas eniollod, shall be sub-
,jeet for two panto be called into the military
service of the Milted Shirai" It also sari,
any person who elan Mesh eub'etittito or
pay POO, "sue be Itiolarpd from further
lialollityleadar that diaft." These clauses by
thessains wool 4 seent,to ;Wm s psnonliable
to • sebsequent • draft aay • tine withia tiro
years. Bat seation 17 of the law say,, "any
parson who shall tarnish an acceptable sub-.
millets shall thetenpon receive from the Board
of llinrobnanks tiatileate of discharge him
-snob draft, whisk shall exempt him from mil
- nary duty derfer rte. Brie for-which As is
drefesd.“, .Thie'cortelairsiempti the person
drifted foi. ; years, ,' which to the “tiere”
for wide& he is drafted
Under the Int olausso quoted of the low
there is nothing restrictive 'or limiting the
akar _phiesecilou of the last clause. The
first manly rays he shall be dircierysal from
liability under that draft, that is, net ex.
pored to be-Arswit again under it. net ex
• and elemer goes battier' and says he 'hill re
ceive a oerdikais, of , his disolargo,. which
(nertilicate) shall =mpg him from military
duty during the time for which he is drafted.
The service is Axed under the law for the
timiew.during the present rebellion, but not to
speed Wee Yearr," .which i ls the time, there
fore, to which the above-exemption extends.
But if he is , exempt far three years from
any other draft which may be made within
that time, then fornishiag s' eubstitute, it is
argued, takes two MUT/duals for that period
of taw, instead of eni, oat of the number of
person. liable to petform military duty, and
coaseqesatliwiltincrease, in the same pro
portion, the liability of ill others subject to
. The reihstitate•would be liable, if an
aamplable parses to a second draft, and the
pratioallith ma ny is, whether the law did
set morMnierely that the two should exchange
..pleoes, the subatitote giving three' years' ser
vice, and the person employing him putting
S. 1.0 O. substitute of
•. dta:•-
• ..-= is. , • bz-1 ,
, astrzption, _
z.zi, 1-r w`z
:L1:1,4s ie-4,
eepteble, as, for instance, a -
emigrant, or an able-bodied lad of 18 years,
or • den At for military duty over LS years.
Ia either et these eases, if the employer of the
substitute wereJlable under any time less than
three ran, the Government 'would call for
the service of. two Individuals, when only one
Is liable to dell. .-
It a second enrolment worst. take place at
the end of two:years, it is questionable again
whether a person exempted and itseharged
from the Lest enrolment, for three years , em
not be liable again to draft under the Leona
enrolmeat, though one year of the exempted
time !Alain unexpired. It is probable that,
In this case. the unupiredierm would go to
his savor, if he should be drawn again. These
ate questions and doubts which arise legiti
mately corder this law, anditwlll be Men that
there Is enough ofonatirtalatr to warrant of
fetal itterpretatlok of it hem an authorised
amuse to be Linn as one*, to ;add' all mends,
and to amide the public to now what is the
best eoutielo porno. • •
Another point - mind it,,whether a person
dzafted, Were noUllost4on Quite fact by the
Process lleraltal r has a right le enlist la the
Milted States serval. , We think not. Al
- eon as his numb drawn he Is oonelderod in
the government employment; and" cannot
therefore alter ,salaelon to. the govern
• nent. If he is not prearwxyhen wanted he
is to le treated , se a= deserter, liable to court
martial end to
Sincide of a D eeeee er
Lieut. Lawsonothose exploits in West Vir
ginia, as an °Seer in Rowand'ad:lavalry, had
won for him oonilderible distizoline, deserted
emus of filo Union 'about al:Araks ago,
- nail went within the'veki Haim Hu bad per
' termed a.grest dor' cf arduoits anA dangerous
smiles with lila dompany,und his isle as a
dulingsadellitaisai °Moor preceded him into
Havres - reported to , hars.killed sev
eral lobar Who itticsaptofto Neer after hav
ing boon take nPrisonst by blin. , la' stated
that bo os
hicoompany,went to, innithestor,
. Lawson got to drinking pretty fatly and be
ams *sty mash attaebed to a vebel woman,
~thwStLrnppnad_fadnasd to desert.
, Upostentsaing the umbel lbw and proclaim
ing idamil a-desertim , tie was arrested by the
rebels upon* charge of murder, and taken to
Castle Mender. He had nobbesain oonAno
•most tom, watil•be -despised - and Ms-
Ogled by lbosi to whom he had voluntarily
. nutmiduredi u rit. ant he lately. eouunitted
maleidi I. poison. .13even. thousand
dollars la mormsy was found upon 'Ma person,
four -thousand Ia gold and tho , balance is
--spnealbsteks. He chimed to have sorted doe
„pars is thoregalir army before tho breaking
oat of the rebellion.
Tie acuiimag Match tor Ike Chain
41i• grist: madam last& for the (than:pion-
skip, ketwesa J... Hamill, of this 01% end
:- IsamfirOf Y0r144111 tike plus
of 101 on y. the 23d Inst.,
4 41' Thdi
sheen thsemotlutsprore formable. Although
-intent Is felt hare as to the falai,
metre fa maths the Nese of.
OlNlfeli if so peat that only a halted 'timber
of Semi!'. Meads lore will be able Waltzers
Ahe Sono Orlin or Ifteen'havVolreeo
v gi i n e o l i e r w s
Il i l r p e a r g l e s l p em .l a i c r i od b u s t h ie th r e
7 " '11014 7• M "OlialltiOlekir ',posted to be
ezeeneat toosetlon; sad able tc . cope 'sue
---,lllo4ft_. with 1 4414.0.0 1 4.49, 13 0A110r. NOD*
Of hbodelads, hoperss..arrso wpiiaa . o to
.11•11eve.thathenrili WO, Wand
late Ike SoltuylkilL,es wixa to sumuntlos
-ahlp-ta mash ibetterdesulftloa.amr-thea . ha
iron es the weed* of liioinet 'boniest. , Stitt
Honda In d.oidsdt3 ftil faigrlt. ha% and all
ettalatri,alll goatlike - the willing to book
. thwirgoed, - opinion of hie,-wherever as op
- vortnally for iretting le offered.
lawaltaigla o'clock, as acct
oat-of a mbar okarsoter oeoarred at the
issideaps of Dr•Grioaawatt, Wsilf• serest.
A sattaspOri-swasal Boob Ainr-Ntop while
aseagst tamaihilk Alto wend
-- itistniedisatally Gnat upon - elvwtimias
beitnr - 1 tisissetrof Maar! .or Atop test.
TlAAelan' pallidly apt , steps
to tie halidear;her AU harlot bows
„arrereir eat by Amain' is =moot whit the
; star, bat the AT war sot broke& , Hei loft
foot was oostigisabb bisrod, audio= of the
.-7.ollsUOtkistokkirsAsrasithottilliooatod or
- - boot= • Is striontrartwo - sitar the &oddest
the wail seised with spawns, sad it is tear
, od that she has tiosits4 swore internal
phYdolans, however, AIWA
ws.ko±tsU lic l oTur = - '
iYosuittteti toi
lira.'Jookunt Woliskatiottlitteath of apt.
Ilorotr- Poster, with-• Woody sweerfog
ad vidd imir S 6 ' , art of.edeo OA" " iso & P •
taii worths of t he irate: .Triiwipasa
IRON I,olllsor _Bstloy, Walk tonoidid
itdkoWilf,ti:ohibia &fun 1,000
UAL The osoe dams aptidowkoratostor
*de* btfotothit loandoolowor, who, oomittit,
IldisikodiitLowswor-ths ahatio,dxford the
-- Ifiltod - 151WOorinto balk do
' Mailed jllisoll sot !Wog forthsoslog. j '
Tho . attatopt to Napo from, the eountryl.
dodowoo, thotowilt dolor womb& will so I
twines by stow now szamplu of Ma sort:
_ Sasataao To SAVO Lllll,-AllinedOf
'KMhorsy. a roll blows lillaato," Wise
lit tobwk. took outhloalillt fa Ik.
la kis eon. vas taboootoatty reliokod a '
"dig Mpg stestuu tasay mint. E•
(T-rn" plths.osas 4th
„et er g bith vuipostipased 4.a **ems; o;
,r i •
iA I
'bead Plat, tMT PigaZ
Ob. Sib alturaoce:
~~ei;yi:. ; ~`.i'£>Uwiid=i.S:' , ~.a~..s'a`.Sim.'):iree•.`.v~=" + :'J.`i:`;:ti.~:.:.':
Surtiuran Roars Wortanna.—Privata Jam
fiallabiu7, son of Tames .Sallsbary, Beg
Burris of the Borough . of Birmingham; ar
rived home la charge Gills mother.= Sunday
forenoon, from the hospital la the neighbor
hood of Gettysburg. He- wmaired *a ;ballet
wound at the battle of Gettysburg in his left
thigh, the. ball entering Jut above thi knee,
sad .taking a slanting direetionreoming out
near the hip, shattering tAit bows- Wits psi
4skir-exougii, Thi . aurporM.4seild. , not per
forwamputatlO*; ththround being so high up,
ind it Is much' - 404 that - If- may lit prom
fataL arliamambei of Co. B • 62,1. Pa.
rs - wan Critißrigadler General Thomas
A. Rowley snood la the oft: to-daY, on a
brief Issvalif alesenos.
The Artillery and MINIM Expected in
Cinpinnntl To-day.
CllOllll2l, July 21-10 A. 11.
The folio:Sing has just heels noshed at Gen.
Burnside's headquarter:
Hi'amain= 11. 8. Joao= II Ruin,
011{61111 . 111 ()max, Jnly 20 , -4 r. mt.
/inst. 02/. Richmova, Acting ett4stant
General: We chased John Morgan and his
oommud over, fifty Miles today; and after
heavy skirmishing for BiZ or seven miles be
tween the 45th Ohio, of Walford's brigade,
which was in the advance, and the enemy,
we succeeded in bringing the enemy to a stand
about three o'clock' this afternoon, when a
fight ensued, which lasted as hour, when the
rebels fled, taking refuge upon a very high
I sent a flag of trues demanding the imme
diate and unconditional surrender of Morgan
4 , .1: 977 , !...,rzrzand. The flag was received by
Ind other` °Meets, who crime
sr a a personal Interview. They
for consultation. I granted
la which time the command,
whe deserted his command,
taking with him a very small squad, surren
dered. It was my understanding that Mor
gan himself had surrendered, and learned It
was also the understanding of Morgan's ;m
-oors and men.
The number of killed and wounded is in
considerable. The number of prisoners is be
tween 1,000 and 1,600, inoluding a large num
ber of Colonels, Majors and line oilcan.
I espraisd between 600 and 700 prisoners
• I think I will capture Morgan himself to
/00170w. SaaciaLroan. Brig. Gin.
Morgsr.'s artillery and about 2,500 prison
ers, incladhig Basil Duke, are expeetad to
arrive today.
The Rumored Removal of Gen
Meade Untrue.
The Attack on Charleston.
Stragglers from Lee's Army Taken.
Saw Year, July 21—The Post'. Washing
ton special says there is no truth in the report
that Rude has been relieved of the command
of the army of the Potomac.
Returned prisoners from ittolunond don't
think any of Biases forces has reached
D. H. Hill commands the troops to Rich
G. Gilinos* will be lift in supreme com
mand in the attack on Charleston.
Jain, Foiter's headquarters will be at Fort
ran Monroe, and his operations confined to
North Clarellaa and Virginia.
A Itiohniond paper, of the 14th inst., reports
the Federal, landing in considerable forte at
Brandon, on the Janet doubtless, It
Mils, tomato a raid on the Wadden and Peters
burg road. Brandon is thirty miles from Pe
The Pont Washington dispatch says our
amain captured large namben of stragglers
from LOWS retreating army in the last two
The Capture of Fort Fowhattan.
Reported Attack on Fort Darling.
• New Yon*, July 21.—The thetrwrcial's
Fortress Monroe letter of the 18th; after se
felting to the capture of Port Powhattan„. en
ilia James liTirt, soy. that Admiral Los &s
-lashed an ensign and two hosts' crews as a
garrison, while Widest snored further up the
Ayer. fillottlyaftsr talon tbsirebela returned
and gobbled the tusignificait 'prrison and
decampad. .When one of tour dispatch boats
returned, the battery cold'please opened ou
The Ara Wei returned and the rebels withdrew.
The latest reports rsosived here were to the
area that Lee had attacked Pat Darling,
with what smog is unknown;
Arrival of rho Africa from Europe--
Alarkets--The American War, etc.
11-tuna, 'July 20.--The steamer Africa,
from Liverpool on th e 11th, obi Quin'stows
on do 12th, husrrived. .
The Doily items says: .11* aro under the
impressiontkat tiro - Anted= war. will be
soon closed through its growing unpopularity
at the North, mad: the Oonfedarate sairoessel
in the viry nsighborhood of Washingtbe
„Tito Sam says: aWe may 'input to hair
of , Pruident Davis being in Washington,
almoittt decision of NM Ivor itself, oomforalbg
overtures of poses from its tinsnoosufal de
feadars." _
Th. Army mid Navy' Gaseue says that in
view *few possibility of 'Davis overthrowing
Lincoln, should anothu'llowninant address
its hum Waildagton. it may be diabsult+42-'
deed impossible—to ream to nchnoutedgs.
Liemymol—Breadatalis arel generally very
dal!, with slight dada. in'all 'panties. Corn
qiiet aad- steady. - Bashardson, Brows. and
*Aar tdreulars ,report tour dull and down
ward, with a dmtlin2 of ad@ls, Wheat veri
dull and stemlyi It'd Waster& 71 ad and as.
Corn steady ; mixed 26s ad ; whim 282 ad®:
39s ad. Provisions generally quiet sad steady ;
f Arm, sad small salsa at Mat_ quotations:,
Tork dill. Diem steady. '.Lord qttieVaiid
Ssteady. 1. Sugar Coffee hmotive, bat
r .
col, J . si, 11.—Cotton is cinch/Ingo&
'llieadatalfs very dud: - The Weather is favor
able for crops. Proiblens quiet and steady,
Prodiee'qaiet. ConsOleolosed at 923Q)02,6 ,
y-atettoy.- _Central 29®28; /hit,
8 014 62 351" -
Paris, may—Tite brundis dull ;tentsm
and Protoetiox Pfessoes".:
SinrY ol o 7 '4 2 o•'-tilasitosto Inked
$l,OOO tor the rallotrof 12• U and as as aitr
• ' ' alrlnkl lll Plagrier doti.•
allied auk ding, the iek slot. 3 Thoy
alskypoisoCtssolattiots rogiostlig Goa. Ms
to give sasaroaeo of their psotoottos so Wor
m os do docks.
:new.;+--.. ~.~'%>~ ~' ~.- -...
Rebel Dispatches from Jackson
Nair You, July 21—Noon.—The Mont
gomery Adutrtiler has several dispatches from
Jackson. •One, dated the 14th, stems that
Pemberton and staff arrived last night. An
caw who acuompanied them states they met
Gen..Osterhans' body going to Vicksburg.
He was killed on the 12th.
A dispatch dated the 15th state' that the
enemy had been shelling the sity all evening.
Another division of Gen. Barnside's com
mand reached Gen. Grant to-day.
Jackass, June 16.—The enemy made a hea
vy demonstration on out right and centre,
but were repulsed. Grant is receiving heavy
reinforcements, which are pressed on our
right to cross Pearl River and flank us.
An entire block in this city has been de
strayed by the enemy's shells yesterday. It
is thought the Federate arc trying to flank us,
as their cavalry tried to cross four miles above
last night.
A &spate& of the 12th states that we cap
tured the flags of the 28th, 41st and 51:1 .1111-
nob regiments.
The Fedora's lost, in the charge of Sunday,
tally 1,000 mea.
Results of Gen. Grant's Campaign..
Enormous Captures Withia
lour days..-Expulsions from the
Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.
CllOllllllll, July 2L—The Gamete's Vioks
burg correspondent says: Daring the cam
paign of sixty-four days, ending with the
aepture of Vicksburg, the rebels lost in killed,
wounded, and prisoners, forty-three thousand
hundred men, and seeenty-one thousand
stand of arms bails, including nearly fifty
thousand Enfield rifles in their original pack
ages, which were intended for the rebel army
across the Mississippi, and two hundred and
thirty pieces of artillery.
At a meeting of the Cincinnati Chamber of
Commerce last night, thirty-three members
were expelled for not taking the oath of alter
fl7TBlvl Jct ■lA&bl&Ta
Onto. as an Pirnmuaas Dune Daum, ,
Tamar, July 21, 1222, 5
Gold owing to some unknown cause, hal again,
taken another torn upward, bring quoted to
day at 127% In New York which to an advance of
about 8 acts over the rate of Monday. llere, there
has been a oorreeponding advance, and our banker.
are paying 122®129 for Gold and old Demand Notes
...11111a118 for SETer. 'Latent Zxchange Is un:
°Skiff—Wheat is dull and Insetlve, with a droop..
Ins tendency In prime, we not's sae of 1000 bush
prima kW from more at 11,26. Thera is but little
Inquiry for Oats, and the market is dull at 60 to 62c
from first halide, and 66 to 616 from store. Coro' la
not much icguired for, and In the absence of sales
wo quote at Tao for Shallad. Malt I. firm at 51,60.
FLOC Et—le very much neglected arridull, and prices
are gradually decilalag. Sale from store of 160 bbl.
choler at 50,60 for Yana, and $8,2560,60 for Intra
PEOVISIONS—There is bat little Inquiry for ba-
Shouiders or Sider, end the market is doll and on.
changed. liants,how ~,,, ara a shade Mahar, with
small ea 'ew at Sc for Plain, ant 12r. for prime Sugar
Cured. We note small males of Canntry Lord at 10:„
01100ZRIES—Thor• to only a moderate local de.
man I for Oro-Arica, and the market is quiet bat us
changed. We note small tales at 11)03.18c for En.
gar; 314530 for (toffee, and 66 to 600 for Motu...
BUT fEbt t ZOGS—Wo not. mall maks of pocked
Butter at 14040, and Igio of 100110 Mao It
but Uttls 801 l Stator offering.
Pittsburgh Oil Market
Jon 21—With light receipts and but . very limi
ted stock, the market for Crude continues to nil.
flan, and pilaw hare &gala advanced—ranglog from
21 to 220 in bulk and 2%1274 packages Includad.
We nets • sale et 210 bbi. in bulk at 210. The mar
ket for Refined in bend is Arm, though thus hai
not been • alngle trantactlon to day that we could
hear of. Good standard broods for punt delivery
may be quoted Arm at 45e, and diarist delivery 46l
47c. It la but proper to ...mirk, that tone quota
tion are .one. hat above the mews of buyers, gen
Private dlapatches recelesd from Olt My, report
an ►dvanw of 60 caul► per bbl on Or►de ►t the arena,
►od ft is alai reported that the rates of freight be•
tenant lb* emit. and the river Davit been advanced
considerably. •
New Yore retroleum Sweet
(Special Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Nam 'Toes, July 21—Tbare is • fair demand for
Crude, and the inerket is firm et 310 on the spot:
Etellool in toad b weedy but unchanged, ranging
bons 46 to 49c on the spots 62e for A ugnst &Ovary;
66c :or f aptember, and 67}0 for ( ctober. Naptha,
Is dull bet anthenged.O.
Toledo Markets
JULY Ig—The cootinued destine to the New York
masks& has proved a • wet blanket" upon our own,
and them le clothing doing worthy of Dote. Gold is
quoted lo New Tort at labc. and It to bringlag every
deectiptioh of predatct dowtiwsrd so rapidly that It
would to hardly sate to name quotation. to any' roll,
extant. Ylour—Than to nothing doing, sad mud
lot. could not be..Pold. Whest--The market Is dull
and drooping. Weakest. of two es's. of Whit. Mich
this more kng-400 bath each—at la; nod a small
Lot of Nog Iled ro all out but the price could sot be
obteined Tor either grade, which buyers would have
given this morning, end me far beer naming further
atotetions. 00111-7dArket dull; them is no inquiry
tea any grade. iLidem of grata ere diversd to await
a “tors LI the tide of asks," and we do not gamier
any presalag upon toe market. Othwrgralas me not
Boston Fish Illatkot
Jura 15—Tbe market for 0041114 1.1 steady, with •
madame demand at list woeleayriors. bialim of
Graad Bank at is; Bay goodly 160. Mk Waite=
Bank Si for magi and $5 for Iwo; small i 26
qtl. se
Hake Are selling at $2,17%; aaddock 5,71;
Pollock $9,25 bbL Mackerel are firm but quiet;
Wes of ties at 58 tor bare, and $6 for roadloaa
Old Mackerel aro steady at 141,60015 for No and
ilo tar No /1; large alewives Sr. in moderato demand
at MEOW ql bla. Pickled liarrhui an dull at OA
S DN. Lo Salmon Wes of 7J throe ordinary at
sieWs 9 Soros—tom.
Baltimore Grain Market.
JULY 18—thsre via my lOUs Gotta oa 'Chao
raotascaabla weather &Wog Oa put fay days
esifting 'deb
Wet trroaa s d O p m men a ts n . d
BW.he i t n a n w n ht o wa d
Nominal qsatatloas vas ma !Qom latssior to
lair midge Whoa $1,80811,08, good to palm do at
8 1 .700 1 :0 5 , cholas do 10801 80; common to vary
chola Witham red 11,408d1,8i and Psautylyaala
do $1,40411,60 par binhst. Wh ta Corn 818880, as
to quality; yellow do 816880 psi bashaL Matilda&
Oats 74880 might, tad Bye 141081,12 p.r bap tud.
Philadelphia Market.
luny YO—The offertnim of Wheat are very small:
but then. Is very UMW inquiry for It. Wes af Red,
to • small way at $1,1100142 1p brisket arid a choice
lot of Amber at $1,4901,11d. White ranges from dip to to $1,65. Rye' fs oar* $1.0381,00. The
supply of Porn although mall, fally up to tt e de.
mood. Small Labs et yellow at Uri. Oafs are mall.
nomi at. 770800, ended,. Prices of flarley and Ilf Molt ,
are nal.
Olemuseed L mom and may be quoted at $6,60$
6,76 $ 64IDe ilmotby mope from 8246 to 51,76
$ There le little or to named coming M.
WIIMY Illmbeared. Beall males of POWS pod
Oblo barrel. at 47067 7 /Asad drudge et 4N,. .
JOLT 16—Bla was extremely dull during the sarly
put of the week, but towards tae Wee we net:ca
was latpalrp WISIGM markets. Or *Ow descrip
tions the supply It limited to small lota Is wand'
haada. tratusetlons reported are waged to SO
tags good Rio at 290, sod 100 bap prime do at 800 S
S. Today we bays only to note a We of Bo bags
common 810 at Mb Slb. Wequcdsßlo as to quality
51 SZO4 Baguarre at 31/031%0, and Java at YU
Cleveland Markel.
Jute 20-311 BsMs of 300 bbl. XI red ai ll&dd
sad IrIO bble do at PA& Wheat—ldarket uniet. In.
ilettra AO fully 20 lower. Bales 2030 bush rod"t o'
bat 1090. Vat realists are gull* light. Oora—troth...
lag done la either ear or shelled. dating Wee are
mobanged. Oats—Quotable Si before at Ste on
track, with We oil oar. Bye—Nondual at 80e.
Impdrts lUWroad.
Prerasraos rt. WAIN), • CHICAGO BAILIGAD;
Jig/ sa—tao bee oats; 143 do whirr., D & II Wallace,
SC do do, J 8 Llsgett co; 25 bats carbon oil, A
Lyons; 98 oil bale, Beal A HUI.
AlNihon Otatkat, Joly 18 sod 20-30 aka wheat, J
Boost; 15 ado packaged; Wm McKee aon 21 beer
loom Lots* Waifs; ltstkriody.• Karr* 7 crock,
bosom a pkp agp, 011sokoi I Kohn; Ids am, 8
Alton/Mite; 1 taw tobacco, II aka wool, J a Ace.;
b bbfilkoa BastrlEdia dare:W*lkm 414.1
eidela d Width 115 laboatilJ'L Boldivlot tram
W 1d aXsaatort bbl tObacco, , J Ilion; 80 boo,
nagws b.lwtB asp dabs, 1 big. tomato, X
'lO Xtgiailba bp ryikTbat &cop 47. Ms bd •
koo,IXOIII t OW 1 oats 7. , Bodltatlp 8 cars
gavot, & Taylor 200bp' 4ods,•1111 do ~toot: Slap.
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▪ AWN.
• 8,000 Pk bandicksi !Obeli Sklar,
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%COO. Rain . ,(sokites) , - ,
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as 1116 Mort/ Knot.
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t„1 2 e..;~i3. x. ...:~ _ -,_a...t ~ ~. , r?t.~ia•:a b.s ... ~ ...~... ~ .. ,F.~,.....r
.ffiell" BOOKS.
1 .30 LA" A
• Bool[9.
Wbarton's Criminal Law. 2 vets.
Wharton ft *tills'. litsdical Jorbprnifies.
Bon.hs Law Dictionary. 9.d.
Parsons en Bobft and Bilis. 9 vols.
Parsons:on Ciontracts. 9 rot..
!mime WsreantUs L.w.
Deal.;'. !ot Of Foram
P Inn's Jnatica.
finenrciod's Blackstone. 2 vols.
illiard on Bankruptcy and Insolvency.
wide Practice of kladleino 2 vols
Wooes' Tewapwitics and PharmactLoyy. 9 vol
ikianwes Practice of Phyake.
Eimith's pur g er,. yule. Becantly published
Oros' Stoners of Surgery. 2 vols.
Gray's Anatomy.
Wil130 • 11 Haman Anal•
latilical Dictionary.
Olinlinter's Boman Physiology.
Lisseb's Practice.
Tor sslitby KAY di 00., 621 Wood . •
MT fasithsta Friends. By Kirk.
MathlfT..of the Itstrinatlon In the times of Ceivht.
Tontlelle on the Hotutdery of another World. •
The Grief Iron Wheel Tzsnalned. Brownlow
Benton's Thirty Teen In the U. B. Senate.
Les Yleersbits. Cloth and piper.
Tyis sad Ban. Beecher.
The Bean and the Lap's.
Warta In llletory, Theology. Tindiettuf.
ntyls J
,liILLD, TaJoartla unit.
u - -----
w aolze WILBON'S
mourn rszmium,outomas now
With Talubla haprottunita.
The only Medd= le the World oLlog Grua Mots
H i Blame end Omen, Imp l oredilauszt. •
lieen7 ous =lly hatted to all el ea
o2loos sad see the a tn operetta.
Madame rarraimisi Lira. para.
1111r3end fbi Otnmlar.
Lotrunizza—Nal 11141110151/0 Th*P&L
No. I—For 'Near, Compete= and
No. S
e. For Worm Term, Worm Oolk inna rtinfr
No. 3—For Oak., Crying. Tanking and W
ome of Infanta
No. 4—For Diarrhea Cholera Wantons anditnna.
mar Complaint..
Din. 6—For Colic, Griping', Dysentery or lilood y
Fl.:.,_Nge.—For Chokes, Cholera Norte* Vismldnig.
He. I—For Co f .v lolds, Influenza.
rit Z i
No. 11—or Too Faireeotes, No
No. fi—For Needeche, ertigo, Heat and
of the Heed. . .
No. 10—Dpspopria PiN—Sor Wank and Domaged
Stomach. Constipation mid lain Oomphdat.
Noappromadi. 11—ror annals Intacalartym, Saint', Painful
il Patin%
No. la—foe Lenconhan Protium lionata. Dandy
No. 13—For Comp, Hoerr Dooillk Bid Bastbibli•
No. 14—Bolt Diem ?SU.—TOr tryslyelae. Firup!
Myna, Pinajolee on the Yam
No. lb—Nbassfis Pale—for Limeoose or
Somme to Cr. Meet, Dock, Lot= us Limba
No. 46-Beinisal lasimkasjavoluntary
and Narrow Debility.
Na 11A—Oore Booth. or Canker of 'dolt§ or WI.
Q. 130-110 nary Wooathletics, Wotting ttto Bid.
No. 31—Painful Port %y Pnomy as bpostos,
No. 111—Bulfortig at tamp of Ws, Shalom
No. 13-4114ey sad Opootos, Ohara% 131..91t1.
L—Yor Irovor and Aim, ChM Tom, Moab Ago%
014 11hozauta Azusa.
P—Yor I.llao, Blind u Nloodtoir, Lutornal of Itta
6—for Cue, Week or Wanted Byes and ItaUdg
Telling, Week at Blurred Bight.
o —For thlturh. 01 bog standing or moat, 'Obit
with otatrtulion se profuse discharge.
W. U.—ler Whooplek oough.absttog Ike irkleask
• aiLik; 81%01.1105. 1
ror Tsars or EltbkiL—Alppropea. I:slsaelt, Lem
road Breathing, attended with (Mug? and lapecto•
ration. Prke, 60 cents per box.
for Jfr r Diroborpor rod Darliwor.—Dkohargor from
the Les, the malt of Borba four Mosier es Ilse.
aortal& for Lana. the Hord, of Ew
bsad to th e Son, sad lat,Akke. PS"
mato per box.
Moods. Italarpti o*d In. dorating iW B = 6l, l2 =gr sad Oki Mona. erroft
loos Omani of Mrs!. B
BB an is poi:
/kr Googol DeirlOs.—P or Nerving oak.,
Dr, either Qs milt of lirosoolvo
cation or triuristing idoobargoa. Prks, Nimbi
pat o 0:.
Lanuaalailoor. Tumid inn. -
Ist ... with beentp liscrotlosa 604.4 1 / 4 1pot a.
ow Vomiting, sod &lobos& Our riding or outkom.
Moo, i 0 onto per box.
For &room Momerr.—for Gran!. Road Otheall,
Moult, Painful Urination, Mawr ottbo fikinors.
Pries, 60 onto pie bOr.
Tv thooloi Arifeloso.—larolosiary Dlinbariro
and Oonsoquosit Prostration sad DebUlly. Thifokoi
saroonfOl ford adieloai moody known, and. max be
Mimi nos as a care. Prior, $1 per box.
Nos. 67 min 69 Firm Beirm,
Soli Await for Ike Widera Ocnoitry.
. =730
Inearporsted by the lagatattre al Tantattena.
Open An Doren, boa 10. us. to I detach P....
: 4 11Y sheo. SATURDAY MMUS, bay II a
• air moos rota= grain. ,
• BATA 008111111 MT and PEOFITABLI
DIPOISZEDET, far atialutaka, Labonmclark• sad
all thaw whom moms at aatiaga OWL kg
11•1111110111 b null to Itratatals; Attattatiton.' Oadp,
*Rom ateata, r=a7 &otitis ot•ial..
and woo= f
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latarantat Sao rolta of IfIX OMIT. tat. ea-
Anal la dopoidlia_whtd% If
_ant Own' wltt
be ataixid to' ea. troth lt di tam drpodtar atat Mt
doled , 111 r, and thlrautfoariaad thavallef tam tar
1110111•WOCIOS OS thaattgalvaL . At tltli iota, too*,
ortil damage In Isa iwari "aim • "
L /alma ootatipooo ea all ispodtatbafrat sad
Anna& Itall of Ito! mot* altar snob ; datandtaini
Book•anntatalm GaaftnfoltPlonna dicta filWal
ad on spylloatlon at ilif COM . • ''
Praida4-18410 .10111 - '
via Prosigest—W.LOOPMUM
Hon. Thonah. 11. Haws, . A l o e 50n...J...14
tialbe Jo
w. B. Oopshad. ... . Jacob Maori
Raney Uk44, ,w.: EkAwliko yowl ? ,
baron wV0mmt , ..41,11.:C1A11 1 1 311 /4 i
WOOL VWINIC., all Malik bag
v .314 Wins, In vupol,4,
Hemp; - nix awl Umpa ClTPft ' f/ABP, to
Cotton - .
pad subiallata h i , , Oetkra yor warz:wo
TWINS& Fancy Tito* ud 11h Ltaei. Bel
Pord . 2_o4oa• blot 444 0 .6. ,4 , 9 1 60 4 1 1 0 4°. •
wd "' 77-7 1: A: llama. •
04 114.1444 Leas 74w Itork.
Nu._,T4u.s.—Wc.ol4). sttikdaphis(niat
.eq with as H. S. $14:411011. the menu *tun
of Flint Glasimare. TM styled the srm, la (atom
willb• ZANE & BsoTaxas-'.-
• • islitta
Pittsburgh. July Ist*
.11-/160 bbli. pttryDpalt 2s Ong
• - Wrarildtar
Warrantairrat kayo! Natal apt tntrunt. for sal• ba
An ie xtr i nt i ter ,
LARD OIL-50 6 1111111.1 4 . 0"
1 1
1"14114d " Dozirx*ao - s,
gala! k sad TO Water amt.
NA - Dooki Drilling aid shmakt- 4 .bbek.
drab, maroon ant roan oplora=Me Ism at to
Bt. OW? (Moat ' H. PHlLLiam.,
lte., tits kothtpelfs Maw &I dead.
aar comb sad
/OS W. P. INEALT.• rif
AA'lllllll Inglanith ' ool ritalledt
Heit's PH. icek)ud Slelinea'd Otheln•
mat) zoaantaasiu•, oa ifte.4 matt Pisa, ii&U sad fa
Bt. Oar stmt. ^ HIGLIPN.
PO oiromisia foriasimouthcamilbois
nAcau24-13 mob WE°
ima Ilbr age pi =Az vICIZIT a 00.
C 01:111114. rou
Oememeas Animations,
- Ustansoss Diseases,
• Thysipelis, Boil, ,
Pimples of the Nees.
Sore -
Totter Alfeetions.
• -L, L Outhouses.
Old and litibbeiklileers.
• '
Balt Rheum.
Karenriel Diseases,
General Debility.
Liver Complaint,
Lou of Appetite,
Low Mite,
Female Complaints,
- Xpilepsy or Pits,
Paralysis or Palsy. •
Siphilitie Diseases and
Caries of-the Bones,
CAll 01 Aillllll. 41. BOYD
rummlinani; Doeisabor 111. MI
Da. O. IL Astoor 7 ff tab pimp" la ej,
wla affaMars atatruat di hoot lit i *Wits* pm.
prod fis sou MIMI ..IMMoit Dui* liaiiirma."
I hod milord hr Ira Raior alth.ffirolom
boob 9ja my Mod ami_lindmid so as to DOW=
as eirymmoh, aid took off theolotr Ms the dlo
moo woda *ll illirmaion It ohm hi** sat on ar
arm above and Wow tho elbow, and wit into tiiiikts
mid arm as toOspoio ii bola/ rm. The diem
ea my head mat so hr that amoral mall pima of.
boas aimmiat. I VII vary' weak and low astshie,-
mid bad idym moll Dote at sm Dffttoff wdi, at I
had tried mardatilllial. phldpLne aad tbp did as
ao good.. Ia Diptrabor Mat, Dbl. I ma Wawa/ to
'Q7 ....L.Mosit's Lino mo Moosk
mu/ ainhis I bad so Mtn 111tstan/ 'Maim% it,
Mir I kid and Mom bottler Otllkod esstetwar, tio
idars am ap Wad sad atm 2:4Mom to bl. TDr •
aortaffi atiatot Ma bottloarod may ball and sea
No nth* Inn um's* Um rani nautalag Mid for
sons. IMU abs atats-thaal Dad tba : thisowitim
my bad la my amino/ Lip The Moo/ liaroist
abo mod Ur tartititilim. IMaam a isalk may
our forty yam of asi, anH bal sample sad young
as I did vim I was Moat% riff 6aio laortrod Is
laded homy soaada. I Maid iffso Moto &blithe
DMus la iv amine/ mi . bad :that rim bo
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at Um ocrikDr. Xmas bad I shamitaidt:_taltaa of
NY by lb. arm the art," Met I Mien M tss
ma It dor mat abow m 7 Iffirraria as bid es tt
was bass Immummil LaMar th• madirm. Toe
NO fluptotapipb,owdviloh la mow in ay
posordaa. and Moat Dr. Ismer^ lig Wood ann.
I would Woo state that I took tho BMA &mobs
whisk was mad, Mem Dit. Maim matammi, MAP
ag U. although talidgoff auk rial, tiot ast
ISM &Mullin got taw fflall made by Dr. #1"1"1
IffossalL this boODO of - Ms 10 mi mom rolsl4=
too ales ohL I. trihmiltilli
sad bettor. t I Itais nogialluda die Blood
rbmproanysu pmaab.theval4oood.
son Whim It twaDffpuid tie Mobil Utata.l Ta
lig PUMA till U*oll Oh, \hi I as iiiikonh
in via •fitititia 1/1/ Ink air 0: ant Ihirak
al. My, NO. 4 nit. am.; aid aisl wife 10ia Y oa.
ilfl AaMoom's Valois MAD Works. IN *arm
Mom. a.' DOWD.
11 . ,BLIft,P t4 IIrAJI
1 tlu Ih• 11‘,41-01inta• 104 ;all laTel
bit" ta , a o loll. Bl4 kAssutr isr mks:-
of DraralltAkin mosSlis ima tr e
" %Pr I NIMPTi= "
anal notoonto b• aaii
matkib• eat web/ slur ar. as bud* any Soul
mos MK, -Zinglid UM, or Mane
oft, sad TN wbit Manna abet • =math dr two
Mar mainerarilirlippft•Ll Mug 1 OW
snelou s•horahm art tans/. Wile adrie• of
pot ibli
Ittalk NI aloft so D4 . Xsour. *As aft ripen*
my d sad my us mart, an mil as MIL
iaaDairrtawAs Mud Ihmedreuri
1124•1•20. Jab O Mica MM. sick.
wawa—a 1. Wllkaste. Moans. itnal..••••
• •
..• . 4..841.1) SOME ItlG GOALIE'. -
tireitaro 4 *. — tesictiii
... .4, .. 1 .0.. 1 „; Au,....
.....„,..f..............w.....5t.u.,, DOI
Tov t !... . s. ulkw....
. 7 „.
=ili wtdi.i . : bales als*
Lam, it 10. lia • w Ulf iiitumpboi
WI Lew Jimmie Altar& *NEC obi'. say,,
guar ow NW- - THOUS UMW. ,
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. ,
Aeneas aion ainee a• ear esii!
Iwo in lb irk&
NUL 111.11.111/1116 :
1111111bagurp.: .1111.1114a4iWitiog;
.1 11 MI_ L _ • JUKE:
, pea _______Allastig lamb IS WI:
ailat/ or Pen; 11 :scompatiallwilis lib Wahl r
Ti.. blot damns a/ Ur Lug Ur Mir
Dbagastiflogr , fro ouiplatiolooolas at ma
salt of Us ll* enas gnat sad poi •
taftgairt IngsAill liiiii alt%11"1III"
41MWM liirAlir illiitdoe , -triaihan
bolafirer . _ Oita& 11 iiill Shia a}
vir r iama.
ii iiiii3OOLDS, aid li am bp
Veit........ ef-the 1111DRIMI pal
.7.1111=6 Was ' Ma%
ruck, aszfikuat
o!!,Giikaiditt a mpa . .
4k.ii; iii«rtai - ailpinun l i Dn.
nun& .a 4 day Waal cow ~ ,
rolo_flo to' WO I* whao
. , - roomarmunrsao raaahis
' flora 'YID kb rad pi • illootligha*
I. L.baa at MI OM. 67 soPa-r 1 10, 1 4
mow pm DANN • . - .;. •- - ! !hi% ..i
.4. O.' WIJUI/IST Droptakt,_ _q• -z, ;,,
' % .10 One Diund ota•ok ramie
Dia Dr De. DAIL • . US Read Massa.
FOA ElALlk—st osn. • 'eat two-story
brkk dwelling hook, back Width& No.
26 Boss sitia. Pitta
Also, a imp, con=at • • wall-lihisbed three.
story brick dirdikg Wm, ',I back banding, No.
21 ticerstrest, between /hat •• • Eacond drama.
Also, a twoartcry brick d • homy-with back
111 Second mar Norm
All Ma above are is good • • nami implied sith
f and water.
at..e i no awry trams eat dwelling, No. 1114
&co.,' and,tho tee. •• hams dwelling ad.
labliog. loth Mikes& bomb In good order, and
suitable lbw ®W &milk& I
Moo. a lot cf Pound ma the • • • warily side
of hint street, between Zoos end Try "freak, near
Bap street barbs • Irma 01 Met on Pint street,
and 'Mantling back CO kat.
The above property Ii situated In a desirable part
of the city.
lot krma of sale and particular" hiontre of
Wit. W. HOSON,
717511 . No. 1011 lifitistmet.
VOit ...Vas rarice- mond
bind . OTI.LUDIR Yore!ft. so: Aootim bY
het Wag. slYpartect:
thr o ii tt ipttior new 8011.132,71 babes alienator.
tilt Inch hoe.
Too ammo putioncroi Ptinde43. with
'brand urn and nocoola sideum,
from LS-1 diameter down to 3 bob; will be tow
low tor Kb. -, HUGH X. BOLA
traltt On thikbother4 rim. oar. Point AMT.
lot of ground containing two acres and
foripelne perches, 'hosts adjobtag - property. of .
John Young. Esq., on the, north. and W. S. gmerts.
Not, ow the west, on corner of" Niagara end Oharhie
snail.. This lot le beautifully located. Is rairiente
ly.far Inns the trrowof, the WWII , and yet overlooks
the Ow** tbi.rivet.. Is weilienced. ea, !tooted
eith line Ault and shrabbery. Apply to , ,
)117' ' • it NolotlN 100" NW rourth-st:
loot 'trots; 18 look niindre r llO tost4toir - ly
whoa, and of about 160 hoer power../ Alta, toe ni
bobtor, two Drjr Ootob, and' Auto Wu .Bollexionb
Vprioht lkoEbig liathtdo,
NoolUst tor looldair - Pump Sods tbr wine, tom
ALL Mrsittabood ltb bob. 1136 Mkt
All ot the abobsitrVl to lola ate L axiat tin;
aft biandridt at awe at tl sink amt. Ise -
OE - 13ALLEA eonvenient: and . well ,
astattod TWOMOIrIt 11IOk - 1101:18.1,irttb
rottn.• l 4 foodArataat. tileAallant gate! ! w ith
a trans Kook ono. Lot .muµ or a is ta onnO,
oa Loan stmt. Kaantuater. Naar Primo: Nall.
way lagolra TIM 01M011, or to EMMY It.
JUDWIL lam: strut, Itancbotter. SOW
TLBT—A. Cottage pith fire rooms,
doss to the Banned bud Jon, st
Zoo A mLon & th en
vomited. loomodtdyla. •
WAY ot , e
—J •at - J. L. OAMAMIAM.
MEBNT.—SL I — gg well
• ilk' we
Illaken• or Machias Shop% if! be lewd tb cue f,
dtliensat port... £Tsb 0%09 I.4th U.M.t
TO .14.1gZ
- DOR BENT--The threestory BRIM
.a: weasuousii, No. 1 . Wood sDsst. two doors
am Water strut. . •
For twos spy to TRASK-
Soles , A lao._%L
or ri k i 3MIEWOODWRIAT4 '
sh7:tl canter SI sad WOW Anew
111 U 14M—uns, Two 0r...J . . .. timuns
.1. , la tie third or Sawa stadia of Waxen Satkl:
Istrn: street, with or "Mast slam poww.• - •
tha premien. - . mot
ANNT—The third story of the
bandleig now =aged by the eabmbet,bonsei
of St. Mir Meet mut Pagaeme Way. ' -
ptle:tf BOB?. ASHWOWTI.
1.471 ow drew .IGEXTS.
U • Ywrzus, Patusauziu• aim lirazumni-lit.
MAWR Ocnirmm, North•east annex Wood old
Thud insets.
UTP. JONES, Amur! Noma Amps
. ay State of Perinsyleasts and Harttard
sus Clompsnles. ft Water street.
- 0,41/AU BL I&KA, his an Otrizime
stree Owersarr, wrier Karla sad Wit
GORDON, timosurrazy. i 'momour
.lionrusal Ooatrairr, MI Water Meet.
Ild. 1300 13aaremnr dummy
Limramaa Clomparr, er I'M stmt.
0.7 POOL . ..knobby u QI32IIIIBTOWN,
1 11% .4 ilAssolu) TS. wstl labwa lOSllata al VIII
Nor lark sad Pilladslphla eteduaubly
Onapiay Istauled to fie es *flows:
July 115.
oar OP Jl
.orrr OY Au* ua..
Aad vary suctualln. Estirdoy, AS soma treas Pier
44. Nona /Over.
Parsige in GoLI, or 16 opuhsimi is Orme'
hit: Chati.—.....4180 00 f1ain60z.—...5651 60
do. to London-. it 00 do. to London.. 116 4110
do. to - Pazia...... 96 00 ' do. to" Porta-- 40 00
do. to Kiabirg 90 00 do. -to Hantbwra &I 60
Punengett alio totwatd4d tenant, Braun. ikd..
9 0 0 4994 APSW_o . p. et.,at etwally tow ratan.. . .. _
Tar,. koa Ltrawoot or town : lot Cabby
M. Bs . t e tt 6 :. 'Wan% Thaw who, lib& to
Ow Mends OM tlakett hers at. thws
_iouttarther latematkai_vpii at the ooupspe
JOHN O. DU" 4141Nt_
, Braiding, N.
- JOHN raroxesox awt,-
Hand dna; &limbs frowthwftWp,
, .
SR TLC, 111113 H
__ . ,_ROTAL MAIL MAY asnee,
%Iva 0011fAXL , 41M44
fiDifILT/0. I.aoo Ifottelertne44,ooo foot
EnnifilabAoooHoreepayte. a.OOO tau..
OULUlLBlA;l.BXollerse•powar, tow •
ANGLIA: I.ootrlioneloterr,,Tooo.ttam -
' •
TtetAmegobloset Seisausdp.avitieno pN ma
k= Librupook, vie Gahm; Smiley York. ottiliflD- -
ItiBDAY, the .26th of JA% to be Mowed Or bo
etbetehmuome ef Moils' ow a. Wednesday.
Wee ef porerttoat Limped Whir York. pay.
ebb to_ rh . for bie medeleimt to
comma 00
. fofrousp apply at ohs omoe of itis Agents.
444 4 1116 } Y,artr•
142 " 12 41111 i anaNa;
icka so. / 7D Yinh Oe ?Prate,:,
4 ,
ZIP, PPM!! ri g ° ?!...
11110L1111ila • -
JAB. I{': !vQ9P1.. 1 741.,, •."
Iv form Thlrdititristtlliaoo,,•
, in smith
1 / 1 513313illfoitid: - •
Mil ituitt lid* *ad paok' Two • - •
.3.1113416 - 114 • - •
Joon M1N,13. ti;to3lt!toottoe indca 1111035' ,
ttco. T.
• 30 bbla. &built bids. broo.l, 31 asoforoi;
toji .do do Wallo,lbits3
'B = l =
- •'•" :•'; 21100t;IaaRt•il a d tI .O
Juatl4lo foet nioNag"oalptatiii*nloor;
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a israroa
Tapirti;:#6.7-'7ffithost eimptioi tbo Inrioott sad
but *ghat* of iodated Mt* alktaitie 00. fr
/131113XX3tel oArsaall SUBSIST. - -,; •
1101111611 tad lbok at them_ 311.11":
011.1iLditi.L.414.1ADWI44.1- .1
(onoonoser to , Intion biotite 4 - 016.1:
'0 0 1* -I,X-01.1114"
Nebo to MOON, LAS.I4 3111041G0 OIND $ a . ¢ !, 1319/31334/5111 /to , ,
' OWL AZEi'7lll/3" .
•11:41, rrotiootimit,im
3.1a 2 / 1 1.13X-tilda,lll4B.
1310401114iIIA:ca as_,lnuttut
,I rr 1 Or M, imb,
1111761idati5ILO Oej
0111112414211,10* la CAL TAW:M T •
-, - *Atibrow atiootr ia,
11.34 um* ar•loall== g too not
-nootooot, oodollist Rhin ittatio., toddy
~~~ -
:~. i
. I t4iiiiii4bruDiainist , Mai anialmiaasoni,
Ogl l 4-1140kotilisaa saqpiainiaig thole
'oltour:,VA etromiit.rogiatk
/slur Iry
=moot/ 'maw
i k oss as: eve Go ' plalg marag
—4OO zirsirjogr;
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