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Tvs~frLY~b~t = 21
Prom Yesterday's Zoning_ Gazette.
list Avilsit sin Ex.
Sheriff of lidiano-Goanty.
Joseph 7. 4 Elltroosi:optswed tetst!!: 11 d!"'"
tame Tajlor . .of this oath to
the foliclritireaMitilitentt wkiatt.*.tieltiltat,
the athetisin-; petite ..loyal -Seencot Marten
t -
Penzsylvskti,ddkilre4detilho t
no unoaloulating loysity,iehieh has swiped
offs es the unsitervieg 'of any district
la the United'States is torepoOof the la!!!.
If !IMO 061/201t4O0V*Aze Pon
of our people will imp!E. 1 1 1 !!:.!".1 0 TO
tieif7is Wolf: of isti,eeintli;;ltalt i l" r • To
defenders on doh" return ; trait 'OW defame,
end a, deeper_
_of their audios and
ours—the skulkillg eoppooloode amongst us,
Indians, 'l2 'tidbits notity,loitakoll
as a member ..k et Plait/ c PetePlity baits I
formed in that Menet; in 'thieve°, to the
data call-of: tbe-Prealtiesit for eix months men.
David' Reliton Was "to be the captain of thh
company, atid,oit mteet4 otssesmis Menotti
for enrollment, Rolston asked him " if>, was
all Wette r &mint iiiiwerradinthe
Ralston told .Ellwoluk time ibtr,.lin•faialng a
company, but dlinoe intand:to:goOo the war,
but blended to make' deo °Utile won to vomit
ao. &re/1k • Hit further gated' ,thst he had
travelled'in ,AM:t
-etra:lg, and Allegheny emuttlesond had "any
amnstie' of omen -radywto., retist , the draft.
That three wen Often thonssoistaiti of Irina
in Indiana county to bellied for thhipurpo*
and "if Indiana could camber
of suns, what the-devil , could_ Westmorelond
.11. then took Ellwood toe private - Teem in
his -house, (he keeps M 4,12001. -
the borough: of Indiam4) and
new revolver, Mating at the same that he
Gould:Kea More furnislasep numbetof
tbese,"and' further thiliatid - thit When the
ninanicallmatettretursed to-losllanaead
manded that t e ladhno :Dilates& - ekonid
hang out the "stars and stripes"--(es we be;
Dave they have declared they would)—he
(Bolaten) had men conceited in his stable,
with sixty rounds of ammunition, for the pur
pose of firing on the soldlen, In sose they at
tempts& any violence on the building.
-United States Commissioner Sproul rant a
warrant for the arrest of BALPA to the Pro
vost Marshal of the 21. st diltriot, when Ral
ston, hearing of this, gave himself up, and
was brought to this city, where he was lodged
in jail to await en examination. A large
number of witnesses are srunmened in the
case, and the time necessary, A* noun their
attendance, prevents tut sonanicing when the
examination will take place. When it does
come off, however,we will keep our readers
advisedpromptlyof the further developments
in this, So gullet - charge which has yet dis
grarod Western Pennsylvania.
' ' '
The Halle Steam Fite Engine
We have already briefly annonnoed the ar
riveted the - neer eninlinnitilic:pureirand
by the :Misses of the Pint Ward, Allegheny,
for the Hope:Aosi-Oompany..:•lt hie been
housed by the company, and Is now being put
condition for triaL_ The apparatus is very
substantial, and at the same lime 'efficiently
*miasmata. On•the wooden easing there are
two silver plates: on one of whiairll the
name of the engine, “Hoper," iand the, other
bears the following inscription:Perot:seed
by the citisens of the Plait Ward:Allegkeny
Oily, Pa., for the no. of " Hope" lire Com-
Pany. Building Committee: Bamuel
Witee,:Chartie Ingham, John
AtwillrWililamo.Btookton:Hugh .Larinier."
It was mandeatured by the Amoskeag Zen
ufannites company, •Ilanehreter:H.:ll., and
s &stains - double engine with two eight
ink eels:dere and two lour inch double eatin
pumps.---li - stake and le g
calculated to throw "four streams. It will
work with from eighty to ninety pounds of
steam. •It is amen; dallied in beau with
nahogehy and walnut aasinp. The air ves
sel Is surmented with a very handsome lamp
with appropriate drains blithe glass. There
are two other handsome lamps. one at sash
earl of the sent. The oat, including the ship.
moot hero, is PAO. The scarcity and into.
riority of hose will now be mush felt, and it
is to be hoped that,aller such liberality on the
pert of the chitlins and company, the 001111-
Oils will not refuse an appropriation. of fond'
to procure good and indolent hose. Thu
company also need a span of good horns,
which will no doubt be tarnished them either
by subsariptiorr or donation "Iles
protection which this apparatus will afford;
if - properly worked and adlaintly equipped,
cannot be over-estimated, end property hold
ers shonlinrge upon thi Wiltribert - of tionnoUS
the propriety. and sKsidti. of keeping it, in
an efficient- •
Ninontwang atertainatent.
zohoit KA44, Ot:0 iwouw :who i, ,
here filbwran eigirtlemnt Broilsfir
Normal Inititane, will give co. of Me Inter
eating andimegaaded antataismaits et Con.
out Illintotro - WATifeel) eerning.
. TIM Fogad, have been geaorously donated to .
the Sanitary and Subsistence Clonunittees, for
the'odd of eursuffiringsoldiers. The Pram
sor's known renatition. Awed espoially tho
object of the entertainment, should insure as
overflowing hour*. Thefollowintpleoes, we
uadentandi forma pert of the iveninerpro
gramme: "General Scotland lite Veteran r.
" Address to the American Flag ;" "A Ghost'
litoryr " Readingelrorn „Soden Paperer'
.• Passages ,from Webabsei Speech.con the
Preservation of the Union ;" "Forty Teen
Ago "An Anil:Wog
, Dialeiree 'between a
ew, grand His Caret; "Who are the Oop
pnheads ;. 2 --Nzazaples -of --Panity Bloontion,
As., ko. Tickets mey be- had at the Murk
and Book Stores, or at the door.
Charge of Perjury.
Pitrisk Brannon, an emPloyii at eh* Alio
stony Arassal, we bonen. lad • hearing
berg, El..'Cartunkslorier Bailey on the
. .
above charge this morning. It appeared
Brannon, who halls from Greensburg, was
drafted in that• borough, and, 41 asaspe the
military swan thi drift, swore . IM was wo en
rolled-litho Eighth Waid,Pltlabotgli. Aosta
fat examination , of • the rolls shows this to
be film. He was held to tail In the sum of
$2,000, the aroused and his father, John
Brosnan, beiromiog the satirise In the sum of
$l,OOO suck. Judging by what're* sew of Dm
Ignorance of the osoussd, we are inclined to
think he was rialsidernall-eausanisg West
rolosist la thla.distriet, and iodic unable to
road or write could net nab aluenirsiiitifY
ex a minadon:but 'swore to the Ile , on the rep
reeentatiossol .Idr-fitands.' 7 District
Attorney Omaha* appeared for the.Glolllllll.-
. meat, and Thor. *wan far MO defame.
Diorama. of the Police Force.
We suidintinif that chi Mayor, with tho
consont aria. rites ilkisiOtbie;liiiimilaj:
rid four additional villainy), Whose duty it
will be to attend slots Wylie and'the inter
rioting streets, to rappressiii rowdyism that
may be developed in' that lOosfity. Ths idea
Is to take four men from the night rata, and
supply' theirplaoss by subs - atom. This may
be proper and - setairo - ilthisigk it =simmer
required under any other maaielpallallllllll
- astir* haw heard .no gad :num
alleged , why. .two tor three - Of • Shy day..pc-,
Hoe lone .eanaot be assigsed to -.that .daty,
daily, if It is aseessary , to 4rial; Ottawa
' Whet on ars th• day. or why
are they marployed aridtaid by sheath if they
cannot preserve order until such time ris the
night police...go
Isom:mast Yrau tit dasnalut.-- - On Sou: I
dig night, Iclitwiwn• ton and' Conn o'clock,-
soase a lible and
glued*/ house - of 'Btu* 'Young,
'liatalior, located oa Boatorralloy, a 'short dia
tom* *act of &lora Mat. Th• building is
of brick,_ths....llzalitior—boinge mod -as -w
daughter housoeieldwthit oolsoiht story
illod with bay, eta. Tito grd wok 'apyllod to
the hiy, and. tharoo; was badly damsel boat
fors tits Awed mwo.olitirinisksd. Tao drat
maa wow wromptly,ww - lcaud, sunk tholtanies
wore robed Woe* talk osmium from
aity • trod.'
GasiATre• .-S-slabrisl Alight About 42-
° o a k s - 1k cusps mho: bad 4miss loomed
Ism from PASOS_lptillk - br _Nod. Xitkpatelpir.
for guipitglir es some of
ona j Muss moat
two it 'boo 411okst. ibs 'siker
robbodblEs. lie had boss Worn la iid m
ashed velgo *biollortosstaly Its hat
sist olls-:11011,141147-sttoh-
'''q • -
" ' .--,:f• - •‘r: : .-.7.: - .'i - .; z.- z'7,::::: - . - :;: -- ", -, ! ,,
_...'-- -!.-=-.%•.--F,".."N--,g,--";':::'-::--,;.•,--q-i.;;;,-'...--VZ.F.‘„7:5,(6,W4.4-
---,?...::•-,5; - q. 5 .1 - 1 1 W ..,,,,CzA1d'-k.:',
.;..,-' - : , 1,, , ,•- 7-.. , ,.. a ., e , Vi ., : 42,,6,-6,,.- ' `
- ,-- dx..,1 . :' - '‘ ---
~ - .
second diitrieteristritedlaterefkra dayir. of.
last wish, of whisk netebeilikilfainieluifisiiii;'
'Wales, in paid iS O O,B ll t tae (line 'thirty
firs and married , !I, were tinder twenty or
our forty-fee, 6f-rieldeilrinil Were- enrolled
in other districts the* thowilroniwitieh they
were dratted,thirty-three were alkamilorty
seven were *a • sole dependenos .>of. . aged. pa-.
rents. ormidows, twelve were the eels ilependk.
lona of motherlsu shildren, thirty-four were
,in service on the 3d of March, 18611,
!wine exempted by selection of parents haring
two er more sons drafted, one is at presentln
,the sondes one has two brotherila the set-
Mee,.and sondes,
were exempte& by the 411/ ,
POO kr •
'MUM; Timmon
Ctrl Your ?thrill' , d . ond' thirty. four _rebel
prisoners, all efEcers,lessed through the olty
,on Sunday evening, en mete for •Johnitrited,
plain& • Brig. Gene. Arither and' Tone' ware .
streirgit Ahem.- They. went znostlyeapturel
at the battle of- Gettysburg, but gems: faw
ners tat= at. Murfreesboro. • They tame
from Fort Delaware, where there are still
nine thousand are hundred and fifty-six pris
oners of war. .The escort consisted of a dr
teoburent ; of 7 - Youner Pittsburgh -- Artillery,
under LiMits. Ahl and !deforms'. " •
Teti Iry ANIMA' MAGAZIIIII, for Angnet lit, 13
oat and may b. had at the News and Period
lost Depot of W. A. Gildonlann*, - 416 Path
FRUIT: Litswea Neirsrerie.—The :Lumbar
cf this papillar platorial paper for July 25th,
is fer sale at W. A. Gildtiefenney's, 45 Fifth
One Hundred and rift soled
and Drowned.
&a., en., *a.
Criontster, July 20..:-Major Brown, com
manding a battalion of the 10th Kentucky
cavalry, arrived here with 650 prieenut, cap
tured during a reconnoissance naatAblastr,
OnSaturday morning, Morgan's forms ware I
overtaken nit! Pomeroy, by Hobson and
Jade', who had formed • junotion. Morgan
finding himself in close porters, and baring
that the ford near Buffington Island was well
guarded, brake up his band ih small muds,
in order to escape.
One squad, with six pieces of artillery, mod*
for the crossing at Buffington, but the gun
boats drove them back with • less of one
hundred and fifty killed and drowned. Our
cavalry mode a charge and capture the bat-
Lary, tilting • number of relish.
Colonel's Watford and Shackelford sueoeed
oil in capturing one lot of 575, and anotherlot
of 275, besides numerous squads, making in
all, over 1,000 pritoners. Among them was
Col. Disk Morgan, a brother of John and
Colonels Ward and Grigsby.
Our cavalry is in pursuit of the balance of
tie command-, which is entirely. broken up,
and reattared in-the hills. Thu position of
our forces is such that they minas pt soros'
the Ohio, nor pt mush further north.
Laza, 12 n.—Oar forces are oontinully
capturing Morgan's men.
Basil Duke was captured this morning near
I Pomeroy. Over 1,300 men have been taken
I so far.
&trans in New York- -The Late Si.
ots.-James U. Brady on the Draft
...Threats to Barn Towns, etc.
New You, July SO.—Yesterday was a quiet
Sunday. The various wards were peaceful as
ever. There was not tie slightestsxhibition
of disorder. Thousande of people visited the
scene of the late conflicts, end the conversa
tion of all classes sentrod upon the conscrip
tion. The military did not make their ap
peaser:eat slim the et:deity of iluelbitterh.
ease, and the police patiolel thidi beet' prat-
ty mesh as formerly. Up.. to this moraine
everything Wes in a sista ' of profound tran
quility from the battery to Barlett a suet
rant force of the National Guards of State
Davies arrivectin the city to enable the civil
authorities to maintain the public prime and
enforce ruder. -
GOT. 81111111011 r, as Commander-In-01M of
the State forces, dilute the several citizen
- volunteer orgsaisatione formed in the emir.
gem to be relieved from further duty.
General Wool was relieved en Saturday by
' General Die's of orders, published this
Drafting will not begin until the meet
quota of the city is definitely determined and
publicly &maenad, by which time the Gov.
inmost will be prepared to execrate it. Poe
libly a week may slaps before the draft rem
minas.. - -
is the attack on the Union Steamworks,
corner of 334 street and 2d avenue, the mob
carried 0fr3,500 muskets, of which only 300
have been recovered.
• The British Consul has notified the Pollee
Commissioner that he has ordered the ship
or war Challenger to take a position in the
river for the purpose of protecting the colored
seamen subjects of Great Britain.
A card from James P. Brady, against mob
I law, is published, in which he rates the mai
suthon °Ohs - bete riots are kept - in statue sic
crecy r . — fit'iiM also do all in his power to
have the draft tested before the •
a toutliutional question, but he begs: the
brave bet mislead men 'thous willies re 2ght
for their principles, not to let theinselicis be
used by political sneaks who don't care how 1
many houses an _horned, or lives sacrificed,
if their one 'themes can beremoted consist
ently with tasty.
New Tone, . July 20.—Three thontand
troops garrison the Seventh avenue mind.
Two steamboats heavily armed and manned
cruise up and down the Madsen river as fares
the northern boundary of Witte/meter county,
in eonsequence of threat' to burn the towns.
AU has been quiet however. Westchester
bounty is part of the metropolitan pollee dbl.
'Wet. ~ . -
. . . , . ....
_ . —..
, .
Lee's Army in `Vicinity of Wine
(bestir.. Large,l Babel, Forces at
Bunker Sill... Good Ground* , Hops
that Leers Army will be Destroyed.
• New Yort, July 20.—Theffwafere .pedal,
'dated Waehington. July lg, says: The
army has notma de Yrapidprogram lonia
Culpepper - No tat 'Oen, rains/it Aupppodd.
There Li good noon for mattes that tbe bilk
of Limes army le still b the tielaity of WW
llMesta. There wu also quite a larp rebel
form at Banter lIW, mhloh is 'Must Win-
Mester, and Martinsburg. yesterday.
It would be improper to state where. Gm.
Ideade's army Is, - but there Is good ground to
hope that they may complete the destruction
of the remains of the rebel army. - ,
glom Gen. Roaearaaa , Gepartmeatt.
. Bragg still Itetreattaft—lgosecrairki
Advance Reported at Gone.
•. • ,
nuram •,
July Hnslbut's manta
.antrod at Corinth to-day from Decatur •and
Jackson, and , seport Bragg ' rostroatiss Into,
ch org isifonowisilailssionassusslhis totem-
Vositatine advance is ropostod.istltouts.
&onto report Bragtondsartning to maks
with Johnston, and that dam:Mons
from l& smarms nanimons.
Opereitions of.Guenillas.
ifasitsigosoir,-Joly,l9.—L special to flu
The only 1417 sf 'retools In out Iminolgati
front to 41 party. , of about forty _of Mosbre
gligri ffil M , who sew pdrsutns Ib• rissol'ion
n of borsootrellny In the vldlotb of 0 octs
goon Creek.- Zasonight* bond of itnotrillas
some wittiln two , vtUes of /OA Was, near.
Chain bridys, and stol:4tiorsos.'They will
be gobbled rey_tques*
Adiiiirals roller aad Eurasia.
. .
; - Nzirrou "Jaly 2IEL=A Neve Orlisaslitter
k'7s it lirmiasti.Utst. AdaliaLPortsr-will
essuiiiiixmasad of tits
and Abe/ill liarragst acr_osaida. to
titssisati—t-itais4ol-,ii Mother imam
"want Ms 'asap -.. • .
:~~:~, .
:From Great's iiiiii*:l'Depattaws from
klViSsliabiSly at Pemberton', Paroled
: :. AwalumJaeksoallatapted by Bier.
man's F
. tee.a. ,
~ L ....
iit il rfr r iltiar Y'° . * - itod4)2ll;i:9P:-.2hjulicridaly Iltb'4,Valellayi;
- thin: Yoga rfaa's• paroled army lambed
lost at - oar Ithas shla forawon. Oily a few
idsaYears sr* ziow la the olty.
Or forces, ands General Shamus, cam-,
pied Jsekson yesterday. and oar alma
yawl' is biYond Pearl' rifer. ' Jaiiton has
msblosted lblyand the ricer which is next la
lino Gast of Aka : PosarL :1
'Lee Retrentlig-•Meade l e Army Fel
lowing Danis in
Plinrualmrta, July 20.—Ths.Sorrira . has
dlopatah from Hagerstown, on the 18th,
whiting - the rear guard of Idea army loft Mar
niniburg on Saturday morning. Ohr whole
brow b aorowtholiwor. „ l
TliTatoinso billing rapidly.
1. la soiseathm with his main fora by
draft Blanton, ast b u f Cepoppar..
The is progressing Idly to-day.
Oros 05 rme Prrnsonan DiesvOwens,
' . • V.0111).11, July 20, 18E3.
Gol& still receding slowly being quo' ed today at
123 in New York, which ts, the lowest point it bas
niched yet. Here, oar bankers are P.M; from 118
to 120 for Gold and old Demand Notes, and 110 for
Silver. If win continues to recede much longer, we
shall soon as gold and' silver spin In circulation.
Eastern Inchange is steady at former quotations.
The produoe market continues very dull and de
pissed, without, however, any marked changes in
quaations. There is but & limited demand for any
of the keeling articles, and the transactions are alto
gather of & local diameter.
01/41121—Wheat is dull anknegleeted, with mall
sales of Bed from wagon at 51,15. Sales from store of
250 bush Gets of 68®7001150 do do at 70c;160 bosh'
Shelled Cojn at 75c, and 100 bunt Ear et 800.
ELol:ll4—Tnere is only a moderate local demend
for thivartiele, and the market U quiet and doll but
unhinged. Sales of 80 bbls low psis family from
l ater* at $5,75, and 100 bble do white wheat at from
56,25 to $6,46. Bye flour may be quoted at 54,7555
GaGGEBIES—The Grocery market Le quiet with
& moderate Jobbing demand at former qu Wanton&
Sala of 25 hhda Sugar at 11 1 go for Cube, and 130
for New Orleans; 20 bbl, lidluses at 650 for old, and
800 for new; 20 bp llbo Coffee at from 822 i to 33cfor
good to-pines.
BUTTER & EGGS—Butter la steady at 154111817
for Boll; tale of kp packed at Malts. Eggs may
be quoted 10g511c.
DRIED EBUlT—Thers is an improved demand for
Apple!, and we note Wee of 100 bath in latest from
I to Go per pound—the latter figure for... Taft state."
Peaches remelt about so Wt quoted, with bat few
to market. _ . _
011$1.5Z—ta Wm but uncbsupd, 'also in lota of
100 bza NV a at from 10 to 10)io.
BELT—ts scum sr./ In desund; Woof 50 bbla No
1 Extra from atom tat ASO.
Pittsburgh Oil Narkss.
iota . Wl—There to no particodar change to notice
in erode, with the exception, perhaps, that there are
fewer transactions, and this may be at tillbuted to
the Mot there to out to none offating, and there is .
bat little bete to cliew. The receipts continue very
Light, footing up only 181 Dbls for the twenty-bur
tour:sending at noon to-day. We continue to quote
at Wane packages re.uried, and Ito, package. in
eluded, and we note a site of 300 bbl. at thelset
named figure. The eterket for }Leaned is lam active,
under the rather unfavorsb le news from flew Tort,
and some buyers are asking for is ommerslon In mi.
cm. As the stock Is light, holden ere trot tti their
TIMIS, and ratan to sell under teat week's quotstiong
and this being the pass, it is altogether robable that
the transactions for t M rant fiw days will be limb.
ted. • The only sale reported to-day was EDO bblo
landed for tutmedlataddlverLat 45c. AWe of 1000
Dbl. for September delivery vie at:rectal on Seturday
evening at 4834% but this should set be taken as any
criterion of the market.
New Yon. reisoleiun Market.
Bpscial Dispatch to ths Pittsburgh Choate.
lirw Inas. July 20—Crude to firms but unchanged
at hoot SO to Slo ou tho spot. /Wood la bood. Is
study it 47gSiSo on tie spat; Shightufor August do.
livery; 65.560 for Septainbar, wad 67)fio for Octant.
Napttis to nominal at 2105tc. Busiossi scicirstu
sad fordo nun good. 0.
Weekly ROVICW el the New York
Vette'sum arket.
(Reported 7aprwly for the Pittsburgh Giotto.]
New Too. July 18,1863.
The .great riot which provalbd lure during the
greater part of, the week, axcited a eanewhat
trots intim= on the. market, for Petroleum, yet
badness In this article has not been hosoffeed with
to that extent that it has In other deseripUons of
userchandbe. The onerous nistot which were
perused upon the export et Petroleum by the gov
ernment regniations, hatetinelly bees superseded by
the regulations which were submitted to the leam
tory of the Treasury by the Committee of the .17nt
ted State. P 047411391 i Association." whisk vas east
to Warhington for that p u rpose. The report tale •
graphed you that inch was a Ala, was probates%
though no &nest whatever 'aloud that the resells.
latbsoe sabmitted by Use eaucietlon would to salt
ed es they hate slam been. The report that they
wore adopted VW out of the fact that the old. regn.
tattoos were imuudiately oupsuCed, which wad a
moot important step in the right :Mutton. The
market ruled very quiet on Monday, Tureday end
Wednesday. and en the :an tooth. market wu O
man nominal owing to the rlotsus proarallop in
the opperpert of the city. Ors& naafi cooperatively
arm, nowenr, and prim were nalized for story
lot eold. Betined, though without noticeable tart.•
lion, r o,a rather bony, and prior favored balfe%
Slob Waleadey both Orals and Ileflued have bean
quiet and homy. Crude Ins bald quits era until
warty, however, ehenholdore maniasted a Wiling
nem to grant some cooonelen. which failed to meats
a demand. Both Crude and Beam& may therefor.
be considered entirely nominal.
The Wrap,. transeetlone are moderate, cowls
log stout Ils,ooo Dbl., sales males of ell Idads, be
sides some 6,000 or 6,000 gallons Milne. Of the above
eggramte about 11,500 bbio www Crude, 05 . 000 bbl°
Salami to bond, 1500 bble bee, and 1000 bbis
eallisptha, Orade liaptha Is in limited supply,
bat net at .11 SWIM Tae balk of the San bate
beets at 31 Quite fat Crude. 8111221114 to bond, on the
spot 4186500 for August &Unary 53; September
and October 63. ldepthe 9465te for Refined. The
current quotations, which ace enUtely seminal, at.
as follows: ad
d..1005111er, Befined band, en the
root, 45.470. August 51; automats 5334405, end
Ootohor 65; tree 55®57. Neptiut 2461 M: mu ,
kat dear exceoUngly dull. Omni negotiations are
pending but we team Ono isles to-day. On Thaw
not • single late wee effected.
Cleveland Market
.Jarar lii—flour—thdos of 400 bblar.ol broads of
IS whist at 11•26. and 100 bOla do rod at ASP.
What—Dinkefobs Baba care whits at
113 o; a sus red t Limit; I oar do ou track at
100 A car red (cum crop) sold at Ills on troth. It
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imports of Itafiroad.
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Wharton's Ortnaloallams......2xeds.
Wharton it Stllles aledical Jarieprudeneo.
Emilie Lair Vetloners. 2 sots
PIITIOU CS Rows and Binh t vols.
Pa sens en Contracti....Arllii.
Pa:a nil' Idercanthe Law.
Danlap's Beat at Vona.
Shantwood's Blukatens. -2..r01a.
P it thrd an Baniruptry and Insolvency.
Woods' Pratt:lee or liedkdets. '2 yob •
Well Trazapeuttas sad Channsoolosy. 2 role.
Sallttalnnpuy. ATols. Recently published)
Grosetlysteni otlinkury. 2 vols.
Gray'cautcany. , . •• •
Wilson'e - Haaian Anat. rat% . •
Deunillson'a likdical Etlitionaty. ,
Carpenter's Raman Phyatalogy.
Teach's Fondly Prattle*.
.Son sale by . . YMCA - CO.. 65 Wood steer. ..
.ILA Hy Southern 'Meads. By Kirk.
Bletalleiths Bdonastlon to the timer of Colvin
Yaothills as tho Boulder, al maim Workl.
The Great Iron Wesel Esszahla. Brawal.m.
Beaton's Thirty Team to the tJ. B. Seam"
102 Kisersblss. Blatt sad yaps&
41" old Ur% Beecher.
s ate. sad tha
Works is Hlstary, Theology, Medians. Au.
mylh Jul. L LAD, IS loarth street.
A telur.3s4. SURTI.4
LOT or 81 , 1,01110
No. I—Tor Peter, Congestion end Ingualoaticold
No. B—Tor Worm tem Worm Collo, Wetting
the Bal.
lio..3—TorOolica Crying, Teething and Washi
ngs...! Infant.
No. t--Tor Diarrhea, Cholera Infant= and Noll.
mor Ooroplabits.
No. 13-Ifor Collo, Miplep, Dyienteu or Blood!
el = !
No. 6—Por Mehra, Cholera Nachos, Vomiting,
T i —Tor O T nhs. Cold',
a ln e g setlemn.z aN.
Bon Tat
No. —Va
N o t ho k h Pe ßedaNo. i— Tor eeer
et tilt Heed. •
No. 10 —DeoP9rid IWhe—Tor Week sad Datiaitbe -
Stomach. Constipation and Lima
No. 11--Tot Tango Inegniarklesti,Tidnitir
or SuproasedPeriala.
No; Lemeartme, Prohlis Menem, Marion
down of Irmindor. • 1'
No. 13—Tor Camp, Roane Omigh. bed Hart 2.
NO. 14--812/1 kham, Erlysiptina.
lions, Pbnplei on ihaleoe.
No. lh—Shaersetto Plib—Por Paik_lendenere or
Somme the Cheat, Book, Lohm or Limb.
No. 26-11sisinel ladadons, Intoitmtary
and Names Drhoa7. ,
No. • 11Mith, ox Canker of adults or Oki.
• No. 30.-13einery .inomtiafince, Wetting ski Hid
80.111—Pa Periods, Manure Or Upson.
' No. 88—notbeing at champed lira, I loam
No. 13 -4 11 WF/Ind nialtss. Chores, et. vim .
A—Por Pryer an Ago*, Chill Teter, Dumb Ague,
Old t-
Nkmasaiptd Ague.
P—Tor Piles, Mind a Elsoding, Internal or Us
o—Por More, Week or Inflamed Nis and Nreildni
Tailing, Weak or libured Bight.
0--for<Wank, along Mandbg or recant, either
With obstruction ca magas &mbar..
W. o.—Tor weocsamt cocith.sweli IM tiolrata
ALDO 51.10111 CK.
Far drama PatMels.—vintramolo, Dilhoolt Ise
Wrest 13reathilSg, attended with Meng and Nap !PAO
roam. Price, 60 - dents ger bat
Per Pr .Dbolaga. Thsafoors.—ThrobolTrogrom I
the Her, the resole of Marla Pam. _Mmaire ca
aerials. for loins in the Hied, iliar.insmot
tog and Waging In the lam and Nor. Ache. Prim.
60 caste per box.
Tar firrofols.—lftla Mends, Palariped • and In
dual onal* PereMnp old Old Ulcers, &trona.
ken or Childrim. Prim, in amts per_gmr.
For Ocarrel Deiling.—Phyakal or Norma Weak.
nem, eitbsithe mull of bidmoot. Isorosiva hiodi.
cation Sr Iskoosttng Prim, ISO rants
per box.
ler Dropee.—lrlabi Amuselations. Tumid . Dwell.
Imp, edit Busty Secretion. Prim, Mo. per bar. •
Per S.. litebega.—Dlotbly Mmes., Vertlgq, Dag.
Taselting, tad Dianne tram riding or warm.
PliiiooolllB wer box. _
For Uriewry Uneem.--for Drerel, Hama Osaaall,
Dtilieelf; rabski thinatiloa. Mimeo cd,ebe Mu"
Prime, 10 owls Der bon .
Fbr B.easel Ekeier4ges.—Lalrelusata.7
mid Ocelsegalat Praire:kb sad Debility. , The Mill
'erhooreetel sad etecient rawly Imown, awl inky b.
retied upon u a care. Moe. $ 1 bet boo
Noe. 67 am L 9 Firm Sir Vow
Soho *vat toe Us Wooten, Oogata7
dy i arva4e/
zurram i TtMszirsi.
Tim r . dampest and bed of the Unita
Maim pep Au a full Commarcial mars. tn.
cluding Ming and Coratnereild Arithmetic. .
fie mint dimmed be WanufsctnrsrA iltnamboat,
Railroad and Rank kee
ll ping.
Illniatere .
eons at one-ba price. Students enter
and maim p time.
This Insti at
tution is condlacted bf ... eared
Smetkets and omit- eal blames emu the pref.
come p m
of this WAWA baldness um
tprooiL~thecountip, as a clip.
per, a ss t OCIWIAT, Mag known as the beat hu
man of the Union, Macho Ornamatal lend Repid
Busluem Writing.
Wrier apedmene of Prof. *mimes unequalled
Writing. and Oatelogua arataining toll
melee cents to the Principe/A
rDsc.9..BIIIIDICITML—Tor onoteareat
last deagerithe diseriass, lINLYBOLDTI Cis
MOT WM, width has noetthd the *salon&
wait of the mist proulasat pithstoithe hatheithiltall
SWAN Is sow althea to ea 141444 loalloSty sa
aestela core tor the Itolloerlagdbeare sad 'Tatham
ca=troth deem. and abuse of the Orloarf
li thlAnc I, Gomel Datlllty, Mental eat
Mold 10letitheitth, thiterialastkno of
liked to the Illeed,Ceatosl tilar,HritortlaMisMil
InitatoUlty, Vattiaamoos and Staeptiotaito 151 Will.
Abloom of thruicaler a
-.Low Itholetui td , Loa Ot Apps,
&Meta* fteitthalth ts, Isteorgethee•
boa TarekOsof the argue o therettoo, PAIN.
tattoo of ths Hasetotall to tact al thirciaccoattaata
at narrow sad dethlitated atheist the system.
To insure 'the poothe, cat this out. Ask ha
' Tsair so attar. Cam losisato4
4.1.• adv•rts6l.46ls aouthoraolataa. ataaollkoi
V V 35 brool Rio and. Jars 000010 •••
35 kallobasto Groan and Slack leas;
12 We. 12. O. Boson
im bpi.. crashed, collo, an d puled anyors;
20 bas..looo• Gaily N.Y. Beep;
10 bids. t halt tibia. Nos. 1, 2 3 Sackful;
85 do do Whits Main
80 lateber,
b boom properid Corral •
$2) bozos alordnaall German Sup;
90 btdo. H. O. Moloosor,
JP liiloldia Syrupy
10 do Wavier Herring;
Just tocadvall and for sale b •
MENAI • '13.1.2011D,
Ater Lt • stmt.
:HOMO, !so.—NI tibia! siceptiosi tta 'hated aid
bud unse Uoo of Bidding Planta sbaut the aty, at
101rOillined look at them
moot T . Vnlilt, $ll kin in in ba ll s
sad 'ldas, In OIiINLE,
Soap, Vox ma = u tainzir WARP, to
o f Kid outottfato tor Gotten
?Warn: hoop 11stas sad rise LION. eel
Ootds. Clotho* Moos, dub Cola, Lo., dO.
Wavlim it. HAIIVIT, " •
84 tialdeo Low Now. Task.
IYVluni,-- • Itue stus dsy 41111001•-
1.1 Md with ce H. 8. WILED, to the mainhmeture
et net Gleeemme. The styled thi, Arm, tn Mum
srAl be 'PAM A Dammam. -
PlUsbunla. Jay J.R. 111dta
btts. p¢n Du f i rk
Warned inn from plia4 D sraarat , ara
0144 TO sod TO Wator strima,
L/RP 91L---50 bble. Na i
On A foe sdle 2 4
co and TO Raba ..
LOMB. on
'NJ DiKai D dlith er milthasti V i siat7. 58.1.1%
- Paymus. - BORDY4O,
biAi iletiewithe Patti di at the old stand;
lather cam laid au . ~- , ...
_ L, ,.... •
j os , W. P. II 111111A1.4 PI * 044 ' sr." '
litt.'l $ . Stilit: NU. 0 . 0 111294 1'
La! WI (Nur York) sad thaaaaoall . (01aohn , L'
natl)mantsiail, on hand awl Ibr asla at
f. IS end sta.,
Qteasiitt-500 4 bOxes filtdilolletarob
0.2 in don bad for ink keit to the 11104 ilk Vail'
ti " th• AIM" sonommrima LA GL
Attu. IeAMLLY ir.LUILW-r49 bblz.
Llthiastwea st.= stiu, now j 4 1 , 1416 i bola
&Nam WI City, Ibr misty: „,
_ boxes . pnroo ' .4, 101 0 3 13
SlCllisees - bed isolated aud dst sale •
KO • 1101111112 MUMS* 00.
kW* J. 1:0111110:
341.111ciatii drift we wow.
~;.3'' ~~.;._.,., _.~..., s._.~:sa-.:mot=wc.:a~.w^x z~_::.:~_:.:r,~:.:~aa+~--....
1,0 . 6 . 0 NA a CIiEV.,
Sambas, •
• . Chitanootut . Dileases; •
Pimples on the Face;
Bore Eyes,
Totter Affeetioni c r
Mudd 11.04;•:.:
- , Dl l l) 6 3 l eiti' ,,
Old and Stubborn-111430W '
ithetuusile Disbydoie,
Jiiundica. -
Salt Rheum:
Xereturial Diseases,
General Debility
Liver Complaint.
Lou of Appetite,
Low Spirits,
female Complaints.
Xigepapor Fits.
Paralysis or Palsy, -
Snob!litio Diseases' in
Caries of the Bo
QM OP :).414.111.1. 41. 1101,e
Dn. Q. B. Errgot—l teks Patin In maktne
thu volmstaly Stain:Mt ha Wet of ii iaididai Yrs.
Prod* psi willed nnowsesßiosa -- 19ssiaila."
I bad entkaw4 tor. are - . pan with Goads; which
broke ont on lay trod and ionised go as to dlatigtue
or very rendb. Mid tool WI the hate when the dle.
sue made tta manaranoto tt she broke out an my
arm shore and blow the elbow, sod .at taut theta:ln
and gash nee to sslgas a feartal pore., The Dann
oti my bent oral so In that osiers/ nub plena of
b4ree mole eat, . L wei. Tria week. and law Writer,
ead hadstrukag all hop* :Per. getting Ingl, sa I
beA OW geranatekELlal Option= and they did Es(
, se pod .-- In Depenberlset, MI, I wee Induced it
r la utanksiri : ISM .10 111.4001111112062 en /
masyconbes I had inieligl l - P - tat,indith=e4 hot
slntl 14 and -
thaw bon/Mot Mora tearrher, the
aleteagnyey Immetand, ern . login to heal. I hat.
sow taloa 41P4dreen bettlen.and atlthetel and Ina
are eattelerwat amp tha gaits nostehrg Dose the
nee.. I geniis stets thei 1 Ind the - rtuatreatime
may bid In my ems sad tap. ThaDkal geszehet
atm oared the rhooniatten. I am now a well Insaa.
one betty pees ot age, sadl Pet amyl, sad pang
sa I did when I' Was Math and have langendla
weight tweedy ponsda, -I wog/ abo date that the
Dean Is my fathead was go bad that when he
moped and Meg sapling Pam the blood ran out
of the nes. Dr. Knorr has • &WWII* taken of
me by Kr. Ong% the ertlet, atter I been to pi
t i.... 4
PD. It dor not show MY Manx= a lna 10 II
was Amara I. asuaanied UAW Iwoditha. Too
am see the 0104011711"-oli• 01 v ts saw be my
pmereion, sad she at Do. Mayne _ Ito Wooded et.
I *sold also state Dist I took Mood Samba
*oh was nada baton Dr. Islnt oak'
alt n. Magna Is haperms tom•,, .I ma- &atm
isirwr bats:Ml I pails liad sisf• Wk. hoy Oar
divot one' bottle of huh_did ssa mare , goat. that
MO dila old. I Novi. his a vest add rAciao
and better. I bate netangnielld the Dlrmanewt l4 :
se to • gnat inlay agar Male toe vartneedneesee. l
sool I bonen It beg Weed tbe who/Cot Om. - los
nay yabllth We Dye* wiahcand 1 aft tonloas that
ell who an sillkneekital Pnangoe oared' :-1 thing
thteetty, Ne. t its ifted,suad gm wagloyed 5 , Vel..
Mlle A andereola Vans Warble Works. et D'ime
slaws. DAM= A.. 'A
°ITI/1817141H. Pa..
i Ms „to Wilo crassa4'itia. soi 142v0 tom
sesell Übg ta beik.”‘s ON.- Drub Wu' Som.,
W 2 co W. SANK okima Oro iminato isty *NS
Viol Wu to ivo ni• dthk496a to 110 lastUntlo
he ILK: MI, Id.
.041d41101. Us: 1.61 d pw.t.1182 /
sold mog IP _ l 4-nsillAlk - 10- 3,41 . NI Po hse
=Weans WI iroollimp Aft MA& odd= Mao a
wile fa lb, blooL 'iltkiikisoff we'll tiebl v t iii s
this ..ia dindimia ill illValtMill Akfmi '
bed No" Milo I befaritei , ,
Woe 1 01111311.01Ig" tiOmpal. PIM* far *J .
novo goonibirood4.4 6 alPdeby
good hilmistalbwootelii
. D '
ay slati.zoak:4o
I* east r la fi rnr i y
liThir ed x,Vlsa, loo n e izyj, s
~.. ,n, ~,,? JatKzo
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arisred with aim,: owl wr-Mdl toad mg
wockibr SIVE .-3/4.411M11at " `hulas
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me Oen S woOlkal4l p 11 tiabotarkat ,
aidichill' s aid Ilia wor. Wilms oar ,
tbilled_. glailalia alt• 4 11.
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has *to of ammaption thair„lpt,
koclins ressdy afesetk. ,
10 *Mt oft OOMMilikto OOLV
nimble rmaftfigtdirosei of lb. /LIDNHe let
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naro-ou" iittiFZ ": l 4ol-ospadtpurtalriel
Liz; liabctrid - imat -portvitdolotit
*Olaf On Thaw. " -
D. 4. O. WINFAST Pic-pew:4,
,; • " •Mk ID Souk Baspirdsse.' l l o ;,,
:O dfaihr:WITIMIR I.IID Wait mrsU,
PROS Foll , lwri,.Al i gttele
Isoutsenordoesamoldeligai diftlii : ~.,
Yawn lizroaddd*, ~ .- l . ' ••
- ' Oorniiid . and Twentylateitt etaillte ~•
Weitifilaeolt.D, n• t ahaft 24./.. 74 a
WlLlTildf PabtallAl.l3 arodidtorld
Int II AY..6TIZO.w. Oaatt tedleollll,V OK
t , i• MT. , . to be iblienrednt do ildlrood er
et ~ 3 , the G ore ng4N3 Monts Imelda
The Foliage to be agragai to the .. .:
and they - "haunt - stets the imanlity at imlie..
*revel, oleo deeptito outdo dad WWI . _IL:,
Prop:outs will Da tiladeoil ter Add j_§,.l
Yodels of flernot gotiond Ltd 0 0 / Sou of ma 1
straw, and nphords, calm trohinild be :Ittr the la •
tweet of the 00Yerantant• to worm*[„ for • led
All end tab* pat in good wed. of dont two(1)
lesehels elob e .wldab sub be fangthed et the Cut
The Ida, end Elia. to Wiens*: b01d..:.
All Grata olditty bffebeTti3 be sublost lb . 1t stillis
ltopeetion by the Genrennntrar lillsoeter. 4 ,
uontrecta will. /*awarded troareinto to Whet* The
limit tesfoulbl9.l44dsteesathednualeeto of Slerset'
'dm =V r•quir.tecotity will bo regained br
de feltbfal fallanidlit of •
any omitted dodo nodes
Ibis advertiseamt ***** • , .
Payment to be =deal theroompletam of the ihrh•
beat. S. L. 1111 OWN.
1 .0 1 : 3 =, - ealdela Mid- il./1,13.11. Ji.
rum s's', Desinbar 1. lsal
BAD 116 zia_0.U.E41,p
....4?•,•*4•••• 14mgrA4..
FUR. twoistoiy
brick dwells g house, with back bnildhagi Ho.
26 Bon isnot, Pituborgh.. . ,
Also, a .large, oouverrient and Wistilllifelted - three,
story duelling.bome, with back bandit:4,Na:
29, boss street, between Sint and decond streets: ,
Alto a two atcry brick disejlinchimse, with back
ballafrise, fro: fit Stidibrid Street, wax.
All - therabovirare in'griodbrileY, • and supplied with .
in end water. ....... •• • • ....... • .....
Alai, mono. story. Immo =thugs lo i. 21
Secoad street, and the.ttreranit7. hams
loirdoin "Hotlfof thins home .A In good ordar,and'
suitable for midi -
Also, ..lot of ground= the - ainthitattwarMy lade
of Jima stmot, Anemia Hoer and Try streets, lOW
Hots street % lumbar about of.24.feeton'lfird street,
arid it runding beck CO feet.
The at Otie property fi situated in
. a &mixable pert
of the city. . .....
For terms of Ws and particularsitenaf
.W11:-W. 74 024 ''''
1,17. t i . sas s. Mt. lOs
A . VALI:IA.1111W ..13104Aci
iltusted to Hancock coma; Matt: Ifirglinsa,
mile from New Cumberland, and Myatt an astie*;
she front on Um ObtOritar, (deep watery: . •Contstillel
ICO acres in a high stets of eOttratlantbee two Yobs ,
of cost opining On the river-6 foot and tent anise
tuft •14 loot vein of Earn Clay: A cm
- fortable frame dwelling, barn, - and' other Mardi&
hot a splendid orchard. of best election of trait.
To paths wishing to purchase a lio.l farm, mid at
the same time Work the mat and Are, clay, - tht abase
presents a rare oppOrtrilitty for • profitable Watt.
meat. For partmolios apply a the oglin of
- -- B. A Ow., Zeal Estate Agents.
tl a., Yluebarght
Or, THOS. LY0196, on the farm. tyl
- UAW& YOB MILN- 6 43ittistedin - Bili•
.11.! oar =My, about tie inflow tanic,lamomii
coraidalag two headrodmeg elghty.stogiateed.' Tbe
Lad is of 'pod. abead.oMe; bland ems
dean& Cost and 11SUNISCOs as the promilea.- Sloe
Dealllng Emma Sam and Oroluird. r Garloired lead
well clamored. Will be sold brer. sltharln Otskiwoi
or three firms.
tor forth.: isi . utti ' misis applrto: - ";.=
'o4ll....Fisilti • •- • --;
- Mitts 'Mot, ,„,
Or. J.IL:DIOS, Sitiaordna. Pa) meatier.;
FOR ,6..u.t;':o3le. i th , Oziot..:seaonii
Una Mardi* NO . ..10A3zAhis by; Et
One warater new-11011M149 111610 filitadedil
'Two IIYIISAULMItI rTINENNE, tor Elfarew3o ,lol.
mope all complete.
Eeteral oar sad soootel-haai STEAM ENG
from 16 tooti diameter dawn to 3 tub - Via be '•
low tor awh. • imam al. Balm,
• .1,5:1.1 On the Allethera robot Alba.—
—A lot of ground containing two arnarantl
fortymthe perches, volute adjoining'. property of
John Yotmg, garb, oa the north. sad VG B. nmettar
Neck, on the weal on comer of . Niagara and Clothes
ruetha. This lo de thantifully booed, btandlobrnt ,
ty fin trom the brow of the f e are d , t overlooks
the comae of the river. - is well nd Mooted
• tth Am knit and shrubbery. Apply to • ,
• On B. iteleAlit Ow., MS forth th.
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