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DAY 1(ORNIF~ , I:TuLY 21
10.1 T 4FF41128.
'Mr 171770ralePAPIX ,0111111 m
_Union Comity Ticket.
&lip of As Di!trici
XOBl3 RixPTON; •
lb. Aseesdar.
yti, Okeh dam
TivairreK -
• A.. 044 MILIG nmsashidosir.
/kr _titisisse ?..
~,:, . .1011NP: MAYO. .
Pittibienk Sanitary Committee.
TbnAdlowiiig donations harp been noshed
at Si routs of the Sanitary Committee, No.
5110ilitketreet, did:lsta* weekending Sat-.
gpirsi,sl4-.lBth, 1863. A largo.amonnt of
shallthlfis be n hipped by the Committee to
Littladile,tinting *the wort, an urgent de
manffiaring bean made from that point, for
suipliis `for tha wounded from Vicksburg.
Wm next shipment will probably be to the
Initifor the }lief of the sufferers in the late
101044Sitr:Gitkrabnrg. It is desired by the
ffmailitoe that mous wishing to contribute
eksiditismA lathetrdosatione.r stiriy se nos
sibia;la pritest tint -
*Mika Boldien"AtiB4sty.-12 bottles
bissilskany brandy, 2 'bottles rye whiskey, 20
pealosges dried frult,l6 cane frnit,4 glasses
Jeltr, 3.pepors cora stazolt,2 packages Moe, 6
wan enip,.2 ens tomatoes, I papers farina,
3 mars ginger, 2 papers pepper , 1 box mus
gird, 1 paper Maples,' seek tabu salt, 1 bed
tlelr,l package literature.
Union Soldiers' Aid Society, Monongahela
City; Pa . -6 pillows, 15 pliloskases,B sheets,
Ibuadi s pade3 ,fmnsquito net, 52 handkerchiefs, 1
bandages, 29 towels, 34 AM', 2S pairs
dames, 1-pair slippers, 14 dressing gowns,
23 hop pad., 13 seeks dried fruit, 35 cans
AL Man" - d-12 nnutittito nets, 11 handker
ahla6„ roU of militia. ,
Mies LoalsalW2 c o s ts, 2 neckties, 1
Ant, Feleet, 1. go magazines.
.111.=frholi.4.1 large bundle lemon. ,
Wm. Iliddle;4 box lemons. .
BMWs' Aid Society .Weal Antrim, p ‘ ..._7
palm drawers,4 dies, bondogoo and linty
paiac e drled fruit, bandlo reading mattar.
' Aid Society, New Mmos, PAL—
M!, ktl rir2,l74dn'easidons, 4 bed ticks, 20
painfttrailetiM shirts, SO handkarobieb, 6
eratate;l pair woolen seeks, 2 cans toma
toes, 8 nabs nult,l bag dried apples, 1 bottle
blubbers, wine, - ID pillows, magazines, pa
pa Mot boa.: • •- '
Boldtaa' Aid 84C44ty, Elttanulag, Pa.-90
gods, 7 piligws , bugs lot Hat, rap and bands
ges,lllo salad, 67 hisadhsrestlais, rdssulag
gowns, Atimire sod '
s, 6 pairs slippers, 32
palraslrawats,ts towels, Ilobirto, 6 old shuts,
$ add oobbt,, -- k packages *bid halt, 18 tans
: . -
t #.
Mat.. 7. P. Lyon, - Sligo Purnicr, Pa.-17
firs trnit.2 jars antrum bottle black.
lisnylinmil bottle tonic n syrup. 2 pounds
iimeigato,l2 poandi farina, 1 Ruud mustard,
2 pounds Me, 2 pounds soap,l package iambs,
4 pedm4eaf fans, 2 quires letter paper, 2
packages envelopes, 18 postage stamps, 2 old
wally twit, 3 Roars old draw
ersokinsitio shirts, 2 neckties, 8 towels, 6
pairwietbra socks, 3 numquito nets, 24 Harp
er's-Inikiles woolen rags.
00161ine. Ai Society, OA Si. IL P. Chino,
Pittibargli-47 muslin shirts, 1 pair drawn",
124iimilietrahists, 3 can fruits old mulls' and
basidird, M mraiere, 4 rats, 2 11 o err coats.
Mn. B. Buns; Biterthl P. 0.-3doun eggs,
4 paskaplafralt. •
Setilies" Aid Sudety, New Castle, Pa.-34
shine, le old shirts, 0 oil-cloth pads, 71 hand.
komibleli,-28 towels, '7 pillow cues, 9 pain
drawino liathor pillows 1 quill, 33 hop
pillows,' 1 Sonia wine, 3 Ants 1 beg elder.
bends* liken coats, Ibit, muslin and banda
Xn. Siblilo.4l cans paean.
&Idlers' Aid boilers, Beidsburg, Clarion
00 1 1 8 % Psr...46.shirts, - 20 pairs drawers, 6
Willows, 7 pillow cases, o ld inn, muslin and
,tandages.3 towels, 1 arm alias, 10 haadker
eddids,'4 _pads, I. jar app's bailor, 1 Gan Milt,
1 Jazjelly, 4 paokages dried fruit. -
Mrs. Lis, Lawnamtrilly, Pa.-1 jar fruit,
4 Adrif t ! pairsdrawers, 6 neckties. .
Xn..Wii:3lcOlure- 1 13 =ignite, nets. I
Soldiers' Aid Seedily, Xt. Jaekson, Pa.l3
pads, 9 pillows, 7 pain drawers 26 pillow
assesh.2 skirur„ 19 tords,4B pookel-handker.
alines, 3 quilt', ' rage and bandages, 1 Palr
NNW 4 likes ,ts 2 dais linen thread. ;
Boldlare•Aid Stabity, Brookville, Pa.= 24
towels, 63 handlowohiefs, 16 bander., 10 arm
sling%•ls shim, 3 *oats, 3 pairs drawers, 6
slums, 7 cans 13 Ottawa 27 pads, 3
*maim zags, Jibed spread, 2 pall! socks.
•"-1315a.-3. Patti/ion-4 can nide, 9 towels, 2
;adages old•mulin.
A friend-1 an 'terries, 2 bundlis linen.. -
Xtrs. Capt. ReliTo3 alarm, 2 nits, 1 pair
7,440' Aid Society, Wcirtliloston, Pa.-16
shies, 12 pads, 8 pairs drawers, 6 towels, 6
faits, N/ peitlida dried frill, 1 - gallon dried
b um ., itasdkrroblef, 6 pairs rocky,banda
gesand dins ' s<
80bilam' h 1 0001017, %Nita, Pa.-12
lanolin skint, 2 skle: o , 13 towel,, 2 quills,
pair 'Oki, 16 handkeroldele, 1 old linen coat,
Way^ inualin, linen shirt, 31 - fans,4 pack.
ape &lid pat, 1 Sakai. swam,. Wm-
BoldiereAld Society, Balm, Pa.-28 &sten
mss, I buisiseloats,l9_pair drawon &sheets,
31 genii s ':l2 _kandkereheds, 4 pillow cases,
1 leather gillker. 2 beg/ bb9r. I Pair soaks, /
(flint, beadle muslin,
_link and bandages, 11
as trio, 4 paskages drialitlt, 2 packages doe,
14 ...oat gra% 1 bottle ontrants, 1 oaks maple
sesgr i kb pounds &iodised, 80 pounds dried
apples" AO peturdrirssh-battsr. - __.
0 Oldiee Aid Society, West Oreenvlllo, Pa.
...limp JO &bet apply', 9 packages deed
frnit, di'abh: - * 87 eaas 1'11%6 haadeerohlets,
7 pillowi; - /Ciatrelo, lint, baadager aad old
nulia,l patioeks, 2 papers pins, 3 bottles
amp. X, ipteby Mat, 1 bottle ehloroform,
2 beaufgalpkiller, I Jag ennui wine, $
dreedsir vain% 16 giests,l3 old shirts, 6 pil
low eeesea psokagg.isa, Large let potatoes.
Oidiftirsem . Aid dorki‘l. Delayers PI--11
shirts, &Paha drawers, S:0 towels, epillows, 7
easses.,3ltarakeroldits, 11.0ppillowl 4 Pain
elippessi lot oil media, 111)C • and benders,
dobliers'Aid.Boolety, Lee; hbrat, tPa.-24
sew skins, II old shirts, 8 . pairs &swan, le
;14-Wei A lestber ?Wows; 1
lull IS vital/ linen coat; old - muslin,
Ilbses, sittandagie; 2 sheets, 4 billow
eases, $ testemeate, mem:km ..aetmoas, and
mem 2 bottlesilarnutt shrub: 80 gams ;rule,
ajar fresh batter., ~ -, : --
- Mr. A. A. curia. -4 old skirts, 2b ' dies
.14rs. Wills 7 dosat le:teas. --
linr.2ltonas Willlanu---17 towels, 2- airs
geokapkbale old linen, reading tristrer.
XplesepalP Soldiers' Aid Boslety—lB new
sbistiill old shirt., 6 fund Attu, 12 pun
aoake, 2
pan Meats, 1 andersbirt; 1 - box lint, 2
ofippi 7,pairs
2 .1-N drawers, 7 pillow lames
1 vest, - linen.
dislaire Aid , giodety, Ent Birmingham,
Pso;4l3B.lkirti 4 Ismail slats,. 11 sheets, 22
pilkti f inier ":,,4. pain *imsw 12 handier
ddggeol delei/enteris, ,banda ges and lint, 6
1 9.1 =0 1691
- lies; f gandirrins, Pa.-17
tassel allay ';111" pairs ,Arairers,i 20 muslin
abLets,lt hiadlterekieb, 4 rawsirs 1 deai• 1
Walk, I pair teach 1 binders's, 6 pg.:As
sad:led fsaitit Mitts% r 9 05ti 9 _ 4199 .
&Min' Aid doelety,Allegbeny-68 skirts,
ri Pain dans* as Urea, so old skirts, 6
*milt+) nets, 20 pais, 4 linen coat/id pairs
- 90019 -Ir 4 WW I / A kandlteroblets, baneages
AM sit, 17eir slippers; 9 ma MD, 8 Jeri
hallo L nadbig / woolen - °Osaka, 1,
-iseeksde rap, 1 cateroap, 2 bottles *Mad'
essescagliAtelfOCCDpuirob, 4 bottles black.
=Vs, 1 - bottli ginger Wine, i bottle
*U, I 44 88 11 1 beg mass 1 bushel po
,,- treldiste Aid &misty, Wltite towieldp, in
, as Pih,--30shirta,19 pairs drawers,
ad / -4-krowels; 10 sheets 21 . pillow
• deatt, - 9 1 9949 *? 99 " 1 -Paoiages dried
drat; Crab sok 9 Pillows, 32 minded
;bia s ,14 1 iisdh Wawa add limn, 11 "psoo.
, N s irquoiss, Spout& soap, ld pugs guars
4 P 9 098 Dora 9 5 904 0 44 Notalis Mod Mt%
• . • -- •
• "
cAuL '1.•& ri•
,5?-V6F-VA;y, 4! . 464.12.4.;;T:PA1r4g-W44-4,10.,;17e - A-itiak-017-9-=' , *' 6- "s"
4 1 "' l 3 ' 4 ' 4 V,ki--'lolltkviW:ft-s•t4s. ,
eA I :
The following donation of money have been
remind by Jams Park,Jr., Tressumr of the
Sanitary Committee, during the weak ending
July 14,1863 :
Mn. Sarah G. Coffey, Amble, tp..—.g 10,00
James ....... 10,00
.1. H. Walter 5,00
Dr. Mullin, Benokisy„--_....... 5,00
J. W. - Anderson, Hillside; Pa_—„... 5,00
Connoted by Dr. Carothers, Winch's
burr . „... 74,00
Proceeds of sol;n:ltlyeby Y — ottlh's
Aid Botdety...—... ...... 12 , 00
Oolliotad by Capt. 0.1„
rintavills 23 50
Joseph Wilson, Jiler7on
Collected by S. 8..11111 and leery H.
Reper.„--, -'- .„ 127,00
'Collected by Zaire. Montooth . and
Eiger. 31 ward, Pittabergh... ...... 700,11
Evans A .. Metcalf » 10,00
Mn. Met Butler—
Robert Davis....-------.„...„. 10,00
David Williams.-- » 10,00
Willie William, 25
B,y.Clarion.. L e
ee . . .......... 5,00
James W ampbell.- .......... 10,00
....... „ 1,00
T. 50
°Risme Ist ward, Pittebargi.P•77lfits
'Unmans k attn.-- "
lows :
HeaHlio, per B. P . Bray , P. M., am fol-
S. P, Gni ...-.... - $lO,OO
P. o... Rogers --..... . . ... -. 5,00
Thomu Hill.: ..... --............ ..... ... 5 . 0 0
H. H. Matthews- -... .... . -... ...... 5,00
H. Winett- -.--..„,........_, 10,00
Milton M. Junking.-- - .... 5,00
Daniel Pa -ok.. .„-......-__.„,"...`„: 5,00
James M. Miller — ....-.--.--... ... . .. - 5.00
hire. Karp Miller..--..---.---.... 5 , 00
W. R. another.-- 5,00
Thos. H. Ina__ „._____ .... _ 5,00
Wm. ELI ... . . --.... ..... - _ 5,00
Josiah John...-- « ......«.... 5,00
Iwo Thompson.-.... - --. 5 , 00
Thomas blartMaale...- .. .:-7.-.. - .: 5,00
011 verLi000k-..-.....- . 5,00
Lori Dawson....-...-- „„,„„... 5,00
ILW. Rogers ............ .....- -.... 2 , 00
/th .8unn1ittn........ -_. 2,00
Demos Ormusum.-........„...- 2,00.
Hite' Lum.......... ___ 2,00
James J, mu, 'sr --.... ..... --- 2,00
°harks Horton' l,OO
John Horton.a- ......-.—.-..... 1,00
kiln X. L. Greenfield -...- . 1,00
Joseph Low .b...........-..-..... ............ 1,00
Thomas Ilobirm,n--.--.-....____ 1,00
Total tooallita for weak. ..... $2,033,18
Tax Haw Horn Stamina was tried yczLer
day icening - for the Ant time, at the corner
of ends and Luca& Its., Allegheny. The
trial was not so much to teat the throwing
capaaity (lAMB powerful engine'as to try the
working of the machinery. But ons 'action
of hose was used, lagile , with a steam
pressure of only 120 pounds, - and a diatanae
of 280 feet, horizontal, was reached. A pub
-110 trial of the "Nom" will take place this
afternoon, at two o'clock, before a committee
of 00111101111, at the corner of Ohio and Federal
streets, when we dull be able to furnish our
readers with the results. Meantime, we may
congratulate the citizens of Allegheny upon
so welcome and so powerful an addition to
our Are department.
We would call attention of those interested
10 the advertisement of the City Solicitor in
another column. The validity of the sewer
law was decided by - the Supreme Court last
fall, and of course that is Ind and coneinsive.
The Disiziot Court of the county has recently
decided, in favor of the city, these cases, in
volving all the queitions and points that can
be raised on the general grading and paving
assessment of 182. The City Solicitor has
delayed putting farther costs on delinquents
anti those, oases should be decided, by 114
Court. But if the delinquents do not, with
out fuither delay, now come forwafd and ut
ile, he will feel compelled to issue writs and
subject them to costa. Es gives this Ratios so
that all parties may have fair warning, and
have no cause of complaint hereafter.
and three months' man are to receive credit
for the dma they tarred, and are to 21110&112,
should they desire It, in the same regiments
they enlisted in until their term of volunteer
enlistment expires, when they will be placed
In three years' regiments for the remainder of
their time of semis. Those who are in the
fitata's 1141111110% and not mustered into the
United States' service, will, if drafted, hydnly
notified through their commanding aims
and required to report to the Traeort M&Litl.lll
of the district where they were drafted to be
enrolled into the United Btater sereloe for
three years from the dote of snob enroll
I . •galar line of four sailing vessels has been
established betwcan Cleveland, Ohio, Toronto
(and ether lake ports) and LlverpooL The
vessels are the barqoe itoveroa, 904 tow;
brig Joke G. Deader, 373 tons; bargee Vas,
peard, 393 tons, and the schooner Aloppock.
The Ant named vessel is now ready to be dis
patched. All Ski vassals sail ander tits Brit
ish flag to avoid the Interferon, of pirates or
the heavy "war risk" insaranoss.
DIED ra Nair Oatasze.--On Sanday, dur
ing the stay of the rebel Piisonars V this city,
one of them, Lieut. Wm. T. Morris, of the
.15:h Lesbians iteginsent, threw a note from
ttn can, address's to Mr. Butionp, of Ds.
qaesne Douch', and Informing him that his
son:Jonathan W. Buhonp, a captain in the
label envies, died In. New Orleans, In Feb
nary, 1865, of pnasmonLs. Ills family is
new at Harrisonburg, Ls.
Noun duszaus.s. Oartualn.—Dea lel
Dusky, who haa bean the tarter of the Yana
wha Valley due the wat began, and who
boasts that he bar billow:l=n enough to fill a
grave yard, was captured a few days since in
the *Way, and taken to Wheeling. As he
was rush a great prise, he was maned In the
jail instead of the military prison.
PIUMITLYANIA Bros: aan Wousnan
ornta.=Tho Monads and Matins of Ponnol
_vials soldiers admitted to the hospitals in
Phi Wapitis diarist, oan haul information
rospooling_timmbrappliostion to Jos.Parkar,
Child of Hospital Commission, Nos. 1009 and
1011 Chaumont street.
Rem Wonitniti.—The freight oars, loaded
with rebel prisoners, reached Harrisburg on
Friday evening. The train was detained there
until late at night, when the prisoners were
sent over the Lebanon Talley road, towards
New rem
TUZSTAMi ag we learn from
one of the members now in this city, Ms not
lost a man sines it left here. They were en.
gaged seventeen day, before Vicksburg, with
Ellett's Marine Brigade, bat only five of the
bays were weunded.
Limn. J. GIBBON, of the Stanton Artillery,
attached to Gen. EUett's Marin• Brigade, will
le In this city in a day or two, for the pur
pose of enlisting a few men for the Marine
-Brigade. Boatmen will be preferred.
Item Dummies 81amema.-1t is as
serted, on good authority, that hundreds of
rebel deserters and stragglers are now actually
engaged . in helping the farmers of York,
Ostaberland_and Adams counties to gather
IMO mops.
rum am On. Olnr.-00 Sunday, the oil re
finery of Mr. Cornwell, a New York oil
metonant, wee destroyed by fire near Oil City,
together with a largo quantity of reined oil
ready for shipment.
Tio bran Mamma Assoc!=or will be
hold la 114441ag, on the 4th, 6th' and oth of
Lunn end Misses' salters, bilisonl boots,
kn., stump, at MoOleillazd's Motion House,
56 Bitth street.
Ernie MA 01 4 711 4 at auction this evening,
- at 8 Valois, at iloOloilansi's ISO PM street.
A sly lot of hoop Olt% jut matted, at
Nqlnellaad'i Motto' Homo.
liiiithoOth—Os Worthy morales thily loth. et
obloth, Mr. ANDBlith ILIZIEWOOD, !a the 11th
per of the op. .
The Wadi of the badly ere lathted to attend Ws
fain!, froth Ide tits reetlence CI riding strut.
N 0.14 near Web attest. Pittsburgh, ea TOMIDAT,
July 210.!t 2 cede* pia.
DUNCiiii=oa :Math iambs& Jet, eats, at
the reethathe"al -Lee Watt. totrt. Iterneterta
Melee toiatbie. - XABOARXT DOMAN,
thathd year ettharaP.' -
Flypral at 10 Algotor Tawas unarm. Chi
diiiiitrilllaus tea pita mash Oneskrf4o
Aka. •
Gaorsa in) BAKra's Sivas ILLeam, for
faintly and manufsettuing purposes, are the
beat In ese.
A. F. Ono Tony, General Agent,
No. 18 Birth street.
THORAX PAM, Plain and Ornamental blew
Roofer, and dealer in Pennsylvania and Va.
ZllO.St slate of the best quality at low ratio.
oftlet at Alan. Laughlin's, :Lear the Water
Works, Pitiebv2gh,Pa; apBt6m
Omni° Gar an RITIIII Brook Av Cost.--
Sam'l Graham, merchant tailor,ls selling o ff
his Spring and Summer stook ogoods at oast.
They *enlist of ill the latest styles of cloths,
cassimarol and vaginas, of which he is pre
pared to make up In the most fashionable
manner and at wapitis. The public, should
not neglect to avail themselves of this rare
Chanel aad OCT. money by giving him an
early cell.
Also, a largo assortment of pla in and tansy
oanbnarcs, well adapted for boys wear, which
he will eoll by the piece far below cost.
Mothers should not neglect to call early.
Reset Gassiest, Merchant Tailor,
No. 64 Market street.
Munition of our country's bravo defenders re.
neatly returned from the seat of war, and of
the public in general, is again directed to the
very extensive and handsome assortment of
the !abut styles of French, English and
American piece goods, for pants coats and
vests, lately received by Messrs. John Wider
A' Co., Merchant Tailors, No. 126 Federal
street, Allegheny. A tasteful seleotion of
gentlemen's furnishing goods will also always
be found on the shelves of the establishnumt,
together with a lot of ready-made clothing,
got up in the best manner.
New Amara. or Suwon Czeratish—Of
ten we are asked, wheels can we inns a neat
and comfortable mama snit, made tin order,
thus having the Ghana of molesting our own
goods f To all these inquiries we can answer,
go to Messrs. W. H. McGee dt Co., corner of
Federal street and Diamond Ilienare, Alleghe
ny, end you will be united according to your
taste. They have just received their summer
goods, and for elegance of styles they cannot
be surpassed, and for Atom they are the very
persons, as their work is all done under their
own supervision. Give them a call, and you
4831110 t fail to be satisfied.
Cant DVITLIPEXT.-At the Dental !sta
tute, No. Sal, Penn street, sets of teeth for
four dollars, better than those at Ire dollars
at the other dented establishments. An per
sons are requested t all at the Institute
after holing smartened the lowest prices at
the other cheap pLsoes. All work done at
the Institute is guaranteed superior to any
cheep Dentistry la the oily.
.Hlll.-141V. J. H. Con
nell, N. Y. city, says in a letter t " I procu
red Mrs. 8. A. Allen's World's Hair Restorer
and Rylobalsamam (or a relative. lam hap
py to say It prevented the falling off of the
hair, and restored it, from being gray, to Its
natural glossy and beautiful black."
Bola by druggists everywhere. Depot, 198
Greenwich street, Sew York. dew
NOTION To DRISTID Mil.—H. O. Mookrell,
Attorney at Low, No. 1.14 PIM strut, next
door to MoTighe'sßanklng Henn, will attend
to the business of presenting to e dame of
drafted ems for eaaseptioa. large
and mocaesfal experianoe in all kinds el sot
dives elating, ate hien in every way to attend
to this business.
BOLDINES,De to your own health, do not
trust to the army 'applies; Cholera, Paver
and Bowel complaint will follow your *light
en indiveretion. Holloway'. Alb and pier.
foment should be is ovary mated knapsack. 'Thu
British and French troops use no other midi-
Mom. Only IS muss per box or pot. 216
As the County Treasurer has now fitted ap
the room fonuerly occupied by the County
Commissioner, in the north•west timer, lint
floor of the Court Hoc" we would advise all
oar friend• to call and nay their tax while,
they osn have the bawl% of the per eentage.
Noma ro Psormerr Howse; Acura LID
ALL Otratuis larreesento.—For metre or al
teration.' to morn or dwelling, new roofs, er
lay thing ells la the Serpentsr line, ita/1 st
Cethberee Carpenter Shop, Virgin alley,
above Smithfield streets. All crime promptly
attended to.
oriaira and Caimans (Tama will ba takes
al the °Burt= atics 2 110. 4D Llbarty (treat,
dig a: night. 611 oldest laft at tar above
pLace will ba unaptly ettna:led tn. an eat
snot ba raid Ca Em
C. Wu., Dentist, 246 Pima street, &them! tr
all Inuiera• of Ms iseel.rtnet
EhOirtilYZ 7l&ttllH4Llt 01/111.011,
%to DUTIOT or ,
IS /mirth EL, Pittsburgh, July fist, 11153
In accordance with ornery, I yobilsh the fal
lout:lg list of waves rzearytod Dem draft by the
itoard of 1.1101111•11.1 to Mrs District, to thts date,
with the tenroos of tin to tzsteptlow
sr autos or rum/cram socurruth sourtronts.
Barna. Baddenop. Wabatitates.
it'► h datiory, iidath ward, Xedwerd Wallace.
Beast W atortowllabtb • ad, Abraham Mawr,
um !fairy, Math ward, 7 No damns,
Theo A Chaffer, kith ward. ?reedit Piarler,
AM,. Ile Bohai, fineta ward, John moor,
Jana. VK. r, atm ward. ISELIN, 00U,
UJ El,t•ley, Ninth a ard, JII•z Elee•er,
John rwmpea, /Ugh d, George Pherar,
Hoary Vu lore*, Mantle ward, Goa U Maar,
Jam :pram, albh ward, Jame. Wealth,
Thm J Rowley, alf I, John LIM',
I.adalph hurnap, Ztahrh ward, I another Shone:,
Itintetrd brook; Blath ward, James Barb,
A T tet'lleary, Warpath ward, Jos B Lb-7.
• has if iffonmell e , Bluth ward, Jamm bead,
B Wettetold, Wlath ward, Car BOWlatta,
j Swart Artano,lizth ward, Barftroto Talton
Wm t/ Dobter, Math want Boner& Parksr,
Wm Wills, Bhelb ward, brad Martin.
PAID rnagi /minim DOUAI&
Sam Worthemari,lst ward.GW Hallman. Peibra tp,
John Genitor, Id ward, Jai Hiplir, Tirtopetvllls,
1) Zulekert, bth ward It EtHold, Pltun tp,
11 1) Bank., 6th ward, J LI Riclugicia.l'elbLis tp,
•Bichard Mailey,6th ward D &Maim. lit ward,
fluipti Stewart, 6th ward, ilballe. H Zug, Pitt tp,
John Crawford, lkh ward, I P 111'0owan, I.llllllri tp,
A B Curling, 1101 ward, Jno 0 Stephen•on,,Btrin,
e alectelburg. Slit ward, 11 E DD Dairy, Lawkiniev
And Trailer, Bth ward, W J n'llwens, H Payette,
It T Davis, Bth wand, Joe II Logan, Bobln 6 n IN
James ii..., Sib ward. John Asher, Lawrenci've,
Davld &might. 9th ward, Alen W Poster, Pitt tp,
1) lileClallaad, 011 i ward, It tl Bchmens, ko.). tp,
It B Windless, 9th ward, John Yennlnii, L St 0 tp
Jos Hamilton, 6th ward, 10 laweett,Blrmlngliam
Jos IS Hamilton, 9th ward, Jos Allman. blidllin tp,
IC J 80Ab..., Palma to, - W T /He, Upper St 0 tp,
J amuck, Eloott tp,
And IVElnidel, Totop'no,
Jno B Borland, BR 0 tp.
ix manna sawn Art, 1813.
James Wallin, Fifth ward, Co. P 11etb P. V.
Alex. L. Anderson, Thinl ward, Co. P, 18th P V.
Matthew Dousline, Math ward, Anay'a Battery.
W. Gibe= Hider, Pitt tp., 61st P.. Y.
James Cazothen, Patton tp., Co. B, 15t3d
Joseph L. Catches, hluth ward, Co. A, 113 d P. V.
Henry Brubaker, Peebles, Co. 11, 136tu P. V.
Hoary W. Latimer,Uoltles, Co. CI, 199th P. V.
John dehwa, La, 1//Ith ward, Co. 14 10th N. Y.
Avutels 11. Ilarrey, Itlghth ward, Co. 11, 196th P H. klutteginnery. Ninth Vara, Co. 11, 133 d
Ni llam Mack, kLath ward, C. V, 136th P. Y.
J..mca thabam, Lattloaccrdlo, 00. E. 136th P. V
ALar, Peon tp., Co. G, 136th P. Y.
John Oittunoas, UoIIW tp., Co. 0, 136th P. V.
WIROLLID mu) ZISIDIIIO 11 maws Dirnucts.
Dolled aad En• Enrolled at Beal
rolled In Itesbleace
Wllllem lima% rcolsies, • Wedmorelaud oo
Jacob b., Ninth ward, Westmorebuid co
John& cLaughll ,Lawte o ceetlle,Aillsoce. Otto.
James Dogma, Muth ward, Washington co.
ZNAIIMILD Mr 1171030111 1213> astray
Geo:. 0 O. Etir:s, Lt ward—% ati teeth.
William Carson, let ward—hmcticmal "disease of
tomach end [Wasp.
b. P. W. Gotta, let ward—right /Maul curvature
.f the spine end Wormed hemorrhoids.
AiLert Kuks, lot "aril—tract= of right log;
abort ono inch.
John D. ihompaon, ]at ward—chrouto ulceration
of left leg and inverted great toe nail.
David Entoinloo, lot ward—tendons of right foot
Nathan P. McCullough, 2cl awn—lngalls! heras
♦cnpa WHO ULU aoraraszra zaTienass
CO at d Gicaring,lat ward. Witnesses—Jo: Lind-
.'l l Q
( irr i Jama,, allay John' 11. Oodles, lit ward.
Wlthrwww—G. W. Parker, J. W. Prim.
J. W.
B aa IJudaahtdwiud. Wttarmlea—/teary Marla,
Henry Woeller. 2d ward. Wit4teme—Goo. lung,
Henry Burn.
John Salm, 2d ward. Wlsaosies—John Dam,
John Lovell.' , .
,tanirikagiura or AQl—otsai 3S—simaxso.
Jos. W. Long, li! wind. Witninpoi—D.Nlllos, Jr.,
D. DL Loog. . . .
John RosTillo,Dit ward. Wltnennoe—lnunsHitnt,
Jan. PQM& .
° alma awns 01 OUI apasr-mi.
=gam Quinn, Ist ward. Wltasawa—parents.
DM. listheary,latward. Witwwww—pazezda.
I. =BON roaTzs,
du and Pwritit Martha 22d District. Pot.
Olatettifas ULU.,
0•111 NAL •
Atli" first dim Hotel I sew open lb: us reciptke
ot ti Za. ILigin Trafrll,l%
13pecial Dispatch to the Pittsburgh unos—to
WAsautcl'px,:nly 20,188 E
armor( run soirrAntur Luisa.
The Richmond Registrar, of the 15th RIM,
has a long editorial' on the military aituatbm,
urging that the only salvation of the Southern
Confederacy is in elpng out the levy en
mane ; application of Martial law to the whole
country as in s state of liege absolute con
trol of all trading, espeoially in drink, is
within military lines ; abolition of substitu
tion, exemption and foreign protection, and
material enlargement of tie PassidenCe power
to rewire the election of ofileetionake ap
pointments, and get rid of incompetent officers.
A proclamation by Jeff:, Davis appears/call
ing out, under the Confederate oensoription
act, all white men between the ages of DI
and 45, to serve for three years, under pen
alty of being punishe4 for demotion in cue of
disobeying the call. They, are offered the
privilege of Joining volunteer organisations
before the enrollment.
The Enquirer rays: An aloha depart&
from Ohmlaston,rsoeived!yeaterday morning,
stater that all was quiet. The enemy ate
throwing up works on As south oorner of
Morris Island.
Two Federal iron•elado entered Appomattox
river, but the river le obstructed above, and
hoped by the bait of thip freshet to oateh
the iron :dads aground.
The latest Charleston 'Mercury received in
Richmond on the 16th, has the following on
the situation there:
It appears to no undue to attempt to dis
guise from ourselves the situation. By whose
fault we got into it, it is van now to inquire.
The Yankees hiving gotten eso lon of the
Southern half of Morris 'lsland, there is but
one way to save the ally of Charleston, and
that is a speedy and untlinohing use of the
bayonet. If the fight on MOM, Island is
to be now a fight by engineering and ,anon
merely, the advantage is with the enemy.
With their iron•elade celesta and their men
in occupation of the land, it is likely to be a
men question of time; The fall of Port
Wagner endt In the fall bf Charleston. Fort
Sumpter, like Port Weiner, will then be as
satiable by both land anci tea, and the fate of
Fort Pulaski will be that of Simper.
Gen. Gllmore, Commander of the Depart
ment, it the man who reduced Port Pulaski.
Charleston meat in mei as Illoinsond was.
For six day, our ferns stormed the noose
siva batteries of the anelny and raved Rich
mond. The greater part of our soldiers who
achieved these trinmphe by bayonet, bad
flavor before bean in a charge. The Yankees
hive as yet few or no. formidable works, they
have but a few thousand troops, if our sol
dier. and officers here are not equal to the
kind of fighting fought $y the army of Vir
ginia, and tried by the Yankees against snob
strong works as Fort Wagner and ileoeseion
will., they Charleston fain. This it appears
to us is the only course of safety, and we may
add too, for the economy of life. Other
means may protract flghtieg to days and
weeks, and postpole the termination of the
struggle, but no other means in our opinion
will save the city. We believe it eon sally
be saved with promptoen, end energy, and
dash. It is too late for engineering. Hesi
tation and delay are Gni
The Mobile Adveraur' says that the Con
federaoy has seen darker day. and emerged
from them., It Is not de& enough to justify
it to tk. prudence of those who are ready to
submit and anxious for pesoe and the security
of their property on a basis of submission to
show their hands. Yet there have bon come
signs of this whits Mather flattering during
the few past gloomy days. Let as warn them
that it is base to feel and dangerous to be
premature In the uttaranee of sorb sentiments.
The land has made too many sacrifices for its
freedom, to falter at tiniest hour. The timid
and faithless must not be allowed to fetter the
footstep. of the revolution. It must roll on
to triumph, although its wheels have to roll
over them and their Innen.
Th. proposition of the fail of Vicksburg be
ing absolute, it Is now plain that it has fallen
with the least possible hum to as. If it had
held out only tires, ty Lior hour* longer, John
ston's army would kayo, wiLoout any doubt,
been out to pieces. Johnston was on the
Big Black, and on Saturday night bh army
Womack's with orders to move on Grant's
intrenohmenta at two o'clock in the morning.
Before the boor strived the news of Pember
ton's capitulation Was recOlved. Prom what
hu been learned of Grant's position, It is
now known thatif Johnston's fore* had been
dcSuhlsd and trebled It ovoid never have got
through the works of Grant. Tho country for
miles was defended by felled timber; soar,'
gorge and ravine a fortified work, bristling
with cannon and oonvertesi Into a slaughter
We are credibly informed that it took some.
of our paroled officers at Vicksburg fifteen
hours to ride fifteen mile, through the felled
Umber and around the eneavatione and em
bankments made by the enemy.
The Richmond paper. Contain the following
Jackson, July 14.—Theie Is no &any in the
condition of affairs dna yesterday:
Lieut. Gan. Pamborton and stag mind
hero last night. An affirm who cams with
sham gap that they met{an moot swamps
flying the body of Gen. Ostothans to Vicks
burg. 'They stated that. Ostarhaus was killed
bits oannon ball, on 'the itth last. t.
navy skirmishing still continues. Bey
oral bonus wore dementia yesteriarby the
enemy's shell & " 1
/agues, July 14, via' Mobile, July 10.—
Gin, Johnston rant a deg of trues to-day to
Gees. Grant, asking pernibision to bury the
YVAN dud in front of our works. Gen.
Gnat asked pa/minion to nod assistance in
order that the dud might be recognised,
whioh was refund. The terms originally
proposed were than agreed to. Oar troops
have e'en engaged all afternoon in burying
the dead Yankee's. The Yankee- other In
charge of the flag admitted a loss of from four
to Ave hundred. ' 1
The Columbia ( Ga.) S ee soya that the pea
plet of the Confederate illatee will soon be
called upon-to undergo la suers trial.--ones
dust will fully test the deadly of the probes
elemoleretfore made. We cannot escape the
ordul. The time for .trying men's souls is
not far in the fatrird. 'tinny, we fear, will he
weigied >a the balninis end found wanting
on that dreadful difY.
11DISAID lITUSTSI lose Deillee.
Ta Boston, bath cif Edward BlStr•
Sit!' lOU haws P lam d rafted, edd
going to seri,* Tho Whams
that ha shall do thi same :it drafrad # israfeF?
:hag to do so tithe than to fantail a maid!
tcqe; or parllloo. • , -
an. warrrowiss. . . _
essa. Wadsworth hat araihwag_id d . r ripas:
tioa, but tka eotsroatsat fi IMillidl33l4 11110.
wiingto saeap t it..' Bo .4!ilooi from th°
sosisui thirty daia!isiiTa; 'am; his griii.alait
41k0libt.WOOkliti,04‘. ,••• 4. ' ;
„Demmely published _lists of promotions in
the regular army are incortdit in stating that
Major Dawson was promoted to the Lieut.
Coloneley of the 9th regular infantry. lie is
said to have been promoted to the plats va
sated by the death of Gin. Paul at Gettysburg.
'The War Depart ant understands enema
to be reed g.
Gen. Prenchlt argument in the council of
wax that decided not to attack Lee, was that
Les was on the point of attacking us—an: ar7,
gamest:which is said to have turned the scales
against assault. .
The following are the latest drip:Lbws of
general interest concerning the conscription
from the Provost Marshal General:
WAN DarinTxxxv, •
Wal6il4olElly SO, 1863.
Existinir fa - we make & distinction in the
matter of pay, bounty and other allowances
between soldiers of African descent and other
soldiers in the service of the, United 'States.
Men Of African dement can therefore only be
accepted as substitutes for each other, under
the Enrollment. • Jauza 11.. say,
Ptovait Merrh I General.
Wsnuntocur, Saki 19.4.ny porton
ie"g'e:amption.on the ground of allenage
Shall file before the Boud an affidavit dating:
First—That he is an alien, and setting
forth the government cf 'which he claims to
be a subject.
Second—The time - whin ho come info the
United States, Sind where fie hail resided slum
. Third—That he has never decdared his in
tention to become a citizen of the United
States, and hu not exercised the right of suf
frage by voting at any elution in any State.
Fourth—That he olsdAs to be exempted
from Military service on the ground thit be
is a eubjeot of a foreign government, and has
not declared his intention to become a citizen
of the United States sad has never voted in
any State: the affidavit to be supported by
inch proof as the party may offer, if the Board
le satisfied that the party
iseuipilon is fatly entitled thereto
under the act ,pf Congress, they
will discharge htm from the draft,
bat if not satisfied they shall refer theca:ES
with the affidavit, through the Proiost Mar
ihali for derision by the Department of
State, in the meantime suspending statimitn
disease until the decision of the Stets Deport
ment be made. Certificates of the State De
partment, shall Ia such case be considered ev
idence of the fact whether the person is cruet
subject to military duty.
(Signed) Jaxss B. Fey,
Provost !Bushel General.
Gen. Butler L still strenuously urged for
the New York onimanti Several members
of the Cabinet favor lt, and several oppose.
Ye wont be appointed.
General Sickles is recovering so rapidly
that this evening hi was out for an hoar in
his carrier!, riding !slang the avenue end
through the city.
The draft commences here to- mmow. Tho
Gout/ meet hu taken ample means to prevent
any distarbanee.
The smut whereabottiti of the rebel army
seems to be • mystery.
Illorgan's Guerrilla Band Completely
Broken op
CINCIEULTI, July 20-10 p. in.—Morgan,
with about 1,000 then, hao been turned book.
ilo was moving this afternoon towarda
closely. followed by our loran, viands
st his then being Dither' up hourly.
The Coamtereiors Columbus dlopstoh sap
that after the nett at Buffington the rebels
moved up the river to ilesivilla ahead of tho
ganboas t and by threats compelled the citizens
to furnTsh flatboats, by which 000 escaped to
Virginia shore just as the gunboat, hove in
sight. The rest on the Ohio shore were at
tacked by our forms and mattered. Oar men
continued picking them up tiU only about
1,600 were left, who tinily outmoded in
breaking thr lines, and pushed back in tho
direction of Buffington. At nine o'clock this
morning they paned through Barrizonville,
tea =Use northeast of Pomeroy, apparently
enhausoll with fatigue.
Chicago Market
JULY 12.—The demand for Wheat wee principally
coogned terthe Inter grades, which sold et an Ina
promo:ma of %able per butted on the outing pricer
ofytaterdsy. Vett upper grades wore neglected and
dull, No. I Spring sold s: Si 033‘ ; No 2 Red at
11 - OA No. 2 Spring at 94298 c; Relented Red at 901Z2
ale, and. nJected Spring at.l4 174 a. flour continues
'dull anddepermed. t orn opened Ann with an attire
specutatire demand, and tales of - mixed to eine were
mad* st awe, but towards the clam - th. mime an
ender feeling. and Doyen were only offatingildatf%
Ghat Dorn was quiet at 4934442-yio for mixed, 1124
600 for high mixed alba. Data were Aim bet quiet,
with small transectlOns at Btglas3 o. Rye neglected
anddult. }Ugh wince quiet and may at 31%c.
Moil Dlspa'sbes to the Pittsburgh Gswitte.
WAsanarow, July 18,186 E
The President sent two dispatches to Gan.
Meade urging an inunediate Weak, saying lit
one that he thought a n appearances indicated
that no other oaaasion would arise offering
eirau!nsttncee so propitious to of and Ito un
favorable to the robs's. - In council iof war,
Eledgewick, Sykes, French, Rays and Sloaum
voted against, and' Bade , Howard, Pleasure-'
ton, Wadsworth an Warren and Runaphregs,
of Ataailo's ate, for an attack. Hid a move
"tent been tilde at tho time naggested,. but
410,000 rebels would have been to tight, 20,9 . 00
hating around: • •
MIL oilman 11111031115.
02101111 advises report file thousand , rebel
oaken; as:ptisoaun am le oar hands. :This
presents anther formidable obstsole to Jeff
Davis' system of retaliation.
11TANTED.460 mom( *gust
TV - Amitt at PO month, oxpensiso: fold sell
one Po~om Paid/4 Grimed Thontort, mod Madam
othor Mori aithalsod" cartons Uncles Tifton oh.
sayealanager - SHAW CLAIM Bladeiord, MA.
IiVANIAD.r.47/5 * MONTH 11811410
We dints Were* elrenty'st $ • mouth,
ace l o4ll Ps to sou ler now cheep Family twine
electdess. Address; - 8. EADIBOII,'
eiss:d.erweT Jibed. M.N..
WAN L'Al)=.4. good second tuukd Vy •
fader Boon , 'anus 20 feet pog, at Incas
diameter. lullaby' '
/tit • •3‘) Lib/or Ismc
WANTIW.,A. tow good usiteNN.
,TJIRS, to whom the beet otos TILL ertree.
J. II: ta..III4.X.WALT.
Jackson etreet. I.lhrgismv orit
knatitcr Ur
Tan A411,114132et1t -Boasoi
UMW' bovine Mode arrangements to ran sm.
Igor Una of leolent, Boots on the Allogbony Elm;
betas. n ghtannuae and lilntro May, In conorotton
with Um .Alterbony.Valloy biatrold. tweed/ailed
to Won potato wW be nodeod natil farther notice
al the A. V. Z. B. Depot, on elks West, and toe..
wordo4 watt regotartter_and deopotott, as to otomoo
doperlitindent A. v.
PlltiOnreb.Jae Stk. 1303. •, • • lethlw-- ,
ATI AA ri Itslsll.ffiL
.1. BOVA.L 11114. tYPIAAI lt/AVNA
• (cmionie V-.1../111C.)
ADRTATIO, I WO Eforii.river, 4,1)30 ton.. _
fit DX101 1 1,1,000 itcsoo.{. tow, ntao tone. •
OULU NMI a. tone.
Alia 6I A. LOW Boreafpower. 3 OW woe,
magul.floosi I•testosUtp,ADAIATIO wilt will
Irma Liverpool, If. Galan' , to Nov Took, ce
111,8DA.T. the lath of July, ,to bo.,tottooed by in.
other Mimosa of w
o, oltotittoWoitatioy.
' of ponatio' tem Ltotanool 14 NOW TOtici pop.
able ta- rola oe.lbt tqweolent viamina: .
0016t0nap........„,„5ys to
Otbto•••••oo - ea t q."
eippj, at &be oinai of soe op:My
• .aAellt, A ABAULE, ISeoadvsy;
join. /1.
, • Art.n. 0 1/ 1111 4*
_ - TO'fdt Ntivot.,.-etasobantli.. t
1040 404 iiith*TAIMI,LIALAW4
•ALL'oftr• 100 , 61 1 61 11 , veal Rai Beek
111111fildli. GUS SWIM% SpdasOlans. Ma th Why
or Raub of asviasiL •
mpgars 4inaaa
poigi t _".niam dams: ow:
SPECIAL .rorzw.
Or Lake SullenOr Copper Mill and .
PARK . . ?MURRY & CO. "O"CO.;
MeaolYotnrsrs of 131LEATELENG, 13BAISMi6' AJD
ass Importers anddaslersin trITTALA,TIN PLATT.
SEXIT LOOK, war, As. Osostantly on MAL'
Wukructsgsz, Lim 149 Blurt sing) rimed stmts.
'Pittsburgh, Penes.
i4'Bpecl►l Seders sf copePs cst in say desired pit
tom. cay2ft:dewlst
M'The Confestions and Ktperinee
ur AN INVALID, pubtlibed for the benefit and at
• mumble andOkIMON TO TOUZG MIN mita
wirer inim Nervous Zeldity. Premature Deem at
Manhood, etc., suPplylog, at the same lime, THE
111.112113 Or HELP pram pr ono whohis mad
himself after being pat to great expellee and Wary
through medical humbug end quackery.
By enclosing • pealed addressed envelope,
gla (*pits any be had otthe author.
reysll:l4dmer Ifedbro.ilinew emote. A. Y.
B emus diatoms of /lot;
BKIBB.—A reverend gentlemen hiving been re.
stored to health in a few days, after undergoing all
the usual routine and tireeptiox expensive modem a
treatment, without success, considers. it hie non
duty to communicate to his afillsted fellow creature
the arum or cuxx. Hence, on the receipt of an d•
dressed envelope, he will send (free) a copy of the
presaiption need. Direct to ,Dr, JOHN H. DAG.
NALL, BPS Button street, Brooklyn, N. T.
Jr/. 41/LLEB. supplies a Irani felt by *Tory good
housekeeper. Hoary Oen sill kill a gnat when
Meg we think. annunuber that It Is DUTOSIMD
that does this, and unser the bee. itilliAntiCKll Mit
ars often& Thom& article is for Isle by all nowt
able Pruning.
reaskstooks. sox s - co., •
corner of Sint and Wood atm%
Jel:,•R}daa.L • Plttebaralf.
.L JOHN :000.11]32H 44 BRO.,
wnenow-GDS, to.; ffoi• 01 SocOnd street and
SD Third street, betison . Woodintlfarket,
Have on hand • variety of -new Patterns, Isnc7
111114; &in, suitable for all purposes.
Particular bitention paid lo" enclosing Drove Lot
Sobbing daps at short poties. obi;
Long, Miter isc Co.
Works at Sharysborg Stith:oa r Allegheny Valley
Ballroad. °Moo and Warehouse. No. 23 ALUM=
STHEST, Pllteburgh.
kLanntiotintre oI ILLIIMINATING and LUBRI
tar hi o. S BRASICED OIL, warranted non-explo-
Oho, always on band. oolklyd.
EaNII3 & Milt
Wow, Pitiaburib, PODD'A.
Ort . tec, No. SI Maass" ersoso.
Ifaztasettiro kinthroTSTEATI ENGINES AND
war•JOBBING AND REPAIRING done co obeli
Pittsburgh: Steal Worki.
assao Jon= —mka WOVILOWIII
CO. llimuffecturen of OUT STEIL; slip, 131.111.1fu
ooraor of Don and 71:st stxreta, Pittsburgh
Pane's. . ocli)
OM/MAGA ivaiumoruarae,
And Manufacture. of
No. T fl_. OLAIP. and
DUQUESNE WAY, its tits Bridiro,
Cr; .1141/01.t.73,
Na.. 129 god 131 Third stow; lotuses Wood and
SaiLktildsfrecto—Nortig skid
WarBANS LOOKS away., on hand. sob 23
JOON. HOLNigi of BUNS, Dealer'
CHANG& 01117/7710A1* 07 DIPOSIT,DANI
NOTICS AND SPEC'S, No. 67 Market street, Pitta.
bu 7 S 7 4-716 -
1167Colloctiono made au all lb. principal cider
MIL B. & O. P. MARKLE, Paper
sarHave removed from No. Ft Wood strait o No,
33 Budthileld street, Pittsburgb, Pa.
WARMING AIM 001017.88[021 lIIMOLIAtiT and
etc:deed* dealer In 011XIIII, BUTTES, ['XXIII,
)VIII; and Produce geaorally, No. SS Wood weer
Pittebaruh. Pe. nal
foxa always on bind and tonne to order TILOS AHD
MAW BOBBLE( Willi CILAYI'H ; 1313V13,_0f ill
trade BMUS. for lIIAVI
WORK 108 WLISDOW3, do.; BIM) (16GLB, OB
110.11IINTAL Wit= W 021"... for Flowers, in
l r'AA•nef WIRE for nab tt
VOX 1,17.1114P0C1L, (Learlum AT BAL-
A: 111111111. TARA PiTIOLZU/L4—Tzte fine British
'lllllp PERTRI3HIRG, -now losifog at Grafilin's
Wharf, will soil an leve itrrx. Asylrefght shipped
by this vessel from H.tideorein viii On foroarded tree
of oommiodom and ff consigned to my friends to
ToTorpool, libetil cosh advenc••• made.
r freight apply lathe underdog& • •
•• MIA& A. BEttGif, -
jog4:llw et Pon% Gov Et.. Baltimore, Md.
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