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. LOCAL 1NTELL16:1111 01 L
From Yotterday's - iliwitioid Edition.
' , All 0141110-rittePetrgh "
Than, this . thilitetsiork Attu, of
. ... . .
gatAndAy, sa : "We eommended hi ghly- the
'oily of pigs Initaday, for -iii s pi rited
and tieieki tl O 110PrePetittite meet the
rsbel Waldo -We stated that the storm had
all burs elowld i firr -w. =
week end the olds.
had tuned' ti , alrittiVOi:Mune, and from 8,.
ioo to 10,00
_ . llOl l , yozklng on the -ferttst
tions. We ser and that* did not, in' this
• .Itonorshio - that blame eennanal.
ty mach• , ball ludo. -I' • . Pittsburgh
assearraf ...sayer 4 . Thts - work is
gemming -aligehtle.. 14.000 men
- at work tet- 1 naittlisesl4, 00, with 14,000
• *mot* t 'edrildp — ' their ,pleks
and 'aureole - lit talorwp 'mu =drills",
"- or atm the • - -Andes) iheone o z .
1 1
mtlr pople'adt 1414, oonMikuld,rith this
of hie city ,. bit 0. , , ',Up e ras
4 intreit , hinieet,aill trod ' invader. That
is • glorious ommtlfp fro* its 'hal
lowed Bite s ot old Tort - Du 0.. , In sight
of Pittsburgh - thi'dalkhs gibe, took, Pfau
wideli,drrenght out the trilliktri genies of
Geergelfashlngton ; and it is &happy omen
that to the present day if Penksylvenia's Os
, ourligtoddsk 11,14,,humillitip a Spirit s•
Itlimrstudn ekitrlni. - Ontmess, the, Odd of Wash-,
ington's maiden battie-" 0 ,
The Pldladelphla Belluip, of tha sass date.
contrasts onirSotdon with that of the' citizens
of Philadelphia, that:. "This oinduotethe
• citizens of 13tisburgh:lit At .. anililiPaikd t&T"
• orals oontreet with that of our•oltisens In
' the present nnurpsoy.• ,, Thare - business has
been almost wholly suspended, and the etten
. thou of tha whole amantruidty MO beinglven
totthe Aoestriotlon of Sorb, for ni. dofensi
• of th• city. ;A tabular. statement; has , been
; pabllsltd, showing that: 14801 , MD are en- I
mid upon fortilloatiOn4 WO WM 'tuba/
adraneed.s(far as to'bitri,lboling of se
mit, among the inhabitants.- a 4 Philadel..
Olt were as satire astPltteinugbows should
kayo W
- ilds modumn,:sizty 'thousan d' Mon
.. digging, intramoldng end 000rtniettlit ening
. sad other Initidiments to the : &dynes. of th•
enemy. his not toolate to begin now. Bos-
Inns should be stopped and the able. bodied
men should be . called upon to go to work at
onoe.'.' „ , „ ( ,
Fort 41•4aatait—Lpfpg .P eee eats/tom
The aghast tape fkag presalltation at this
fort, es flateftey, mar swey;imposiag. pot
tiro hours,the stream of eassisges and groups
of sea art&WOMMI, 1 / 4 111Mill IMO winding their
Way 'up ill loos hill,abw and then resting on.
the graft 'slopes and shady `spots that meta , . •
Mt. Washington., such.. • lately spot. The
fort could no patella thiaiies of - Parlous, for
besides those isestlwasol, whelawswira/...* -
' itsn, were the deans of ismalres)the war
es% Ofts, who seam 14 la martial indef., swa
b:owned and hardy lOoltisg. IL was &Aso
sight to et* these resaitheb "eimmtrys pride,"
with the dust.imd•sweat ef toil asthma, for
lb. dermal ef our haus.
Sr. W. batik set the meeting la mottos, by
tarring that Ur. W. Douglas be Prisideut,
which was usanistumsly sompted. Musts.
hialinger Bighorn, Yolifebou fed Awl,
Vies Presidents, and Mr. Wm. Yurdook, ago
. The beautiful flag Ma laity feet . streamer
*as then produced, and pressatid by Prof.
Mem, on the part of ths . tediee,)to the Ye.
ohaalos of Beath Pittsburgh` sod Sligo.
S. Blew% En., responded , for the median
les, at the .loss of.Arkioh, up meat the deg to
Its Asieles-11105TroheersMf the mat
. thuds , and the roll the drum—owed by
the! , ,Eltar Spasm tomer," by the baud.
The order and entire prommodisp was ad
mirable, and eatid - Maill joy and expressions
of patriotism, the meeting dispassd.
Iseendiarylire* in Allegheny
On Ebradiy night .about nine o'elook, the
aispenin shop of Mr. Hugh Olson, near the
wan of Ohio strut and the But Ottoman,
Allegheny, wu discerned to be on Are, mind
ins very'short thisit was la a heap of rotas.
A houndwellini adjoining 'lke shop, own
pied by a Dually asaNd Howard, was consid
erably damaged by water and lie, and ths
redden, of gr. Frank Rahn, also *ear the
shop, wait In'.'grost donor for a time" but
lastly seespg with sillg,lit soorilting. The
An s i/as undoubledly the. work of an inneridi
in*as there had been no fire about the shop
for sent tinscoad on. Saturday _evening the
- shavings bad beet onetally removed. Mr.
Gluey was partially insured, but lot said
: neatly to rover the loss. •
On evening, at itu#srliii hour, an
• . attempt was so* to bum pow 'fad* on the
strut orY4tvUd Chestnut stouts, in the
TUNA:Ward. A lot of natehes had been
thrown Into the now, the hay had ought,
bat it was diseorerwi stud sztingnishod before
The; .Butehers• and the Present
According to a notice in Saturday's papas,
tatohers were to meet at the Market How,
In Pittsburgh, on Monday morning, and
*asp to proceed to Work on the intro:Loh
mats. The undersigned, toPthar with two
bends - wont thae;bit :mind no other butcher
there ;ready togs to w,ork. Now it strikes ms
that one day'rwork per week on the intamsh
tante is doing the work • anther slowly, The
butchers might work orrery day on the in=
treashsnents, if ; they. properly &neap :their
business. The old men amongst the butchers
- an kill and sell enough meet, and haw it
-- sold by 8 or 9 o'clock, a m., for the:next three,
snonthsond the young menmil ita tivrolli o
Wilitrenolineits till --
they as lad, work,
thereafter drill as cavalry or lieu, with
their horses; de. Q - ditense. is to be made;
let it be done encrgetioally, and with view
sueoess. , I don't Wiens in bait measurei.
old Botabers An. and
Union man. .joir*Musitiza.
Attn.* week of goissilsl , seuvostsion, busi
ness lois 'Lola tiatiAwoweid awl - the shops
and storm osociaiwe mews aavalssated. and .
busy apiwaranos.. The nut upon the ptiaol
- --Lpit-try-geoiewatteleassisg-stexelvies 'win;
-steam" •aad thwasiOds of lediaa - wia '
wally tripping - trap'. to El . she' •atadkoat.
" 55"tht eoatteoWS_lasa andradd
hiad tkuplasittenr. Wad- baritaisdag - for those
artistes of wafers sad luxury et which they
• " have boil deprived durtaithe past few 'days:
The heavy stainkfactodtlsestabllsbawats ars
'also gettlagaidei way, aai lb. atMas enials,
the fassaseilke fortioraad the lOW 4R ease
mop be Pei Aineuteensi sans. At
tbeigli the bury. anus et isdnetry Is spin
bola thraushost - the eltr, the week os the
forttlestloes is sot sesleoted, and the tonal
debte defames wllt be pshedionwird to cow
tato the oily osEatudaj attar/loon. and het-
.«Los duet, to frost of lien- nows's
Aro. Otta. ROI/11 made silken, spool, whieh
VIM respon dad to witltthroe ohms for Gamuts
Brooks sad Sews. Th• battery thorn pro
- oudislioahe Consul, sad-bad In drill,
to widoh they- dub stglitais Vast After
drill guy emu our to City Sall, sad had s
good topper set est to them by thsßsbeie
Oosuaittea t After input illaY,tode to
'amp, rushing it about 10 o'clock 1.. w..tke
horns sot allowing sub fatigite.
• Oa Sudsy iteraittg,st Wyman, as order
was read _ dithadbg _the aria- of Oergeaat
Blab sada patios of ith sqltad to , itietrlet
oa from the roll for the • good of, tbs bb tom. .
They were &Myst 'ftwabardingis.
. ,
•:. • tk
, .
• , ..
@Mk_ Wait Teracken
... .. , .
'' - ' AT *again, ot 01. Sixth war/ seroa 'DR
4, - seaters; bold oa Jose d
27,1116;451 fellow's's
- samosas wore
. .' .--- tor elle easidng.yelet :
. , ..„
• '-': .44- tirsaintir Iiialatibila.)10181011,
3 ,1 - 0. 8. Dads, 'right 11,011;ae1dia.,, ,, • -
♦ ,,. 44 ' Intennodlote.,Deportesse-Ullea id. 11
...Pf U .. awakes 111,J , Ttosaa, /I, illitlimpsear 14 74.•
. 4 . _$ i; I aodpses E. .1. GOttY•'' '' '. " ' -b.
54 ' 6 t.-4 ''..:
- •:'.. ill4lo6 4 iiiti*lV - "li lli ii MarkEL:W.
: .Vt
Joiale. 31..iXillZats g
. . Missile Saida., E. Brows , !Lopata ir
--- Itt,-11:It.Illskii;lt. A. (le**. Atari: Al;
~ ti Hada. ~ - -- .. . ,1.. r -• •
~:1-Ilt;:, Via 'elation et• Prams', was •
. ". ! 't/41 until the ilea sorbs imeetion.
• '-' ' liiiMallars , ?di!ageif• ;
. ,
b 1 ilt.litotdbo.Woooos''' carol
:Jo doolrodd sits truly •
mu' .hhiOdliP.4l.' #. laksidi.
, .ploolos MOW B ro ws{ *mr
• 'awls th e old Allogliosy
. ~ - -.....-,,..--....,-1---,..--.---- . 4.
. .
. • .
.. ; ,
~ . -
. ; _„„11.:,,,,,..,_,„
~,,....„ ~.... •;-...,-,;,:' .; ,-. • • -,,,,.. r" , •:.` -,,...t •e,,:„,.,Vf„- 'F.4147:
~,. .
..,„„;,..,..- ~..,....,,,...+-,:-,--_-7-1-,-tz--::::-.7,7 :,-,-, ^ , - '' . ..,:- . .. 1 -, ' -.--, .:i, - ;rs.- ..: - . - •...;,.'.1'.;', , , 'T: - , , ,;',' , .• 1-7:',4 .:';,..-*:,.',',"..,;1: , ,: - ::, W.V. , , ib1,:A-,?1,5 , 3t1 - 14.*. 4 %
..-„ - : -. . -- ..... ,. . , :e : ,,,, ,;,h.- . K. -, 1 , ..- - e....-4, ..,, !. 4.., ~. .4 ,-. .- . 4 ...f. .. ., ,r e,, f ,5"....YZt -Ai1i.,64,1, 4-.. e\ - ,._ ,,,, ;.,4*' "•-•.,
~..,,, ~ , ,: , , ..4,,,,,,,,..,.:1,4!.,,...147.7-cr-"','• '...,:.
,•'''.:''..;;;',g.-,\.:,.g.:.•.We1,'...z•j::,,Zf:1f"ji;1.V•','41,7.1151..,:?,.,.,•g;V54cri`Prt•g':••''',,,,t0'.'''7, % *- M'',V4,o',., .0 °
..:.,..... , r; • -,`„ ,•,, , :,, ... ,,,, A ,, ri,r.r......, F. - ; G - . -, . , /, 4.4t2 .1 .r , -;, - . , .:17 - ': , 1,7, - ,c , iielq , 2.1- '=-'.5.",,,,4".•`;`''V, N'..-1',.' p : i ,,; rg.c!., 0 r.5 .- ;;5,,,,- , g-. l X : 'P. ,, f , '-' 43 ' - ' , ''' ''- - - AX.Y .,- ' 14 ? ,4- ''''' '-''''' "''' ' - '' . '''
=. - c..... , - : : :-:,-- . ....=•:=., • *,;:',,,,v..,,- .. • \ ,,, A . 4• , : , .... ,5" .. ,,,, ,, ,.,-- , , 05 . ,„ - ,3 ,,. K - ; ,, , ,,, . , ... - s -o 1 ,,. 1 -.4-.'-'''''-kt:ir , 4 F 4* - ...?:'' - '' , '---‘' "'
, ' '' . .." . ,..,/q ...- -, .• ,--". it ,,,, ,,,• ••''''..Z. ,. '" , .. '3'''' 2 " , •' .--- •-•''' A ''''''' 4 ' 6 ••'''' N ''''' . ' - '" ' ''
~, , • .•/..\--,*:
../,-i..: ',1., -11-6.,-,,, 1.44 ..,,,,,,N..42,,,k-5t,.,..,t...,p.t5. .i. t _„, - ' ,. .. 3 . - - - -: l. cd.. , . -'-`. ,-..•,:-:- —.-.....,,,,..,,..--, , -. '
• " - 4 v 45,' , ... , ~ 4. r , ' ',,,, ' .4 . ; ,- ,4e. - '0 , ,,, , , - -&" - -' ,. ....t'''''''
I 1.?, tkl.
. , 1 - -A-6 , - ,,, ..t , ..,.. ,,, ,,t4. 4 , , „...A-. 1 ,., ,44,:_:-.
1 -e1........,- ,
a . .. c;Fm,,,„,-,,,.-,
;-„,t , e,e.nv.,F,:;:, , ,..*„.:,, , 3 , .;126,..,,,zegimkt,t , ~,,,,,,, ,-. .
Batten A.
This ins clomp's; lindaCapt. Keep, earns
Resulting as Earalleaaal la Cala.
-• • -
Three • nien,lleme4; JebitLM. McKenzie,
David Watt, and Joseph Will, Ir., hams'
been mum:titled to jilt la „this- city, by or
der of Chi Provost *lethal-if this 17th , Dis
trict, charpd.mith_obstrnoting the enroll
ment In Cambria county. Written sysoilism
tloni him* thollnilad States
Distriet Attorney-tor-the Western District,
and Marshal
,Mardoeb has Jody& the par
ties In jell "until further, orden."
• A Barna oi Noma —.Henry Miner, Fifth
- street, next door, to the Rost -piths, Imo re'
*alma from Peterson Brothers, of Ithiladel
phis, throe novas jut published diem.
%Two of these starths are apropos of • oar time
...that's; they are . milliath..llolr l o ll , and will,
no doubt, be mamma to our solutes in comp
--and might perhaps' be binevoleitly admit
ted to cheer the weary and lonely hours in the
hospital. 'Diener; eotitiedVihories of Wa
terloo; an Histories' Boerne," .by W.
,Maxwell;. H.
and "Tim Guerrilla Chid, ore Ito-
Monogr of War," by Captain Grant. The for
mer has long Shia yea popuhrity, and takes
a high place among_ works of It. , ethos; end
the latter bee also enough exciting adventure
and startling incident to yield a sessation
loving reader the falba' satisfaction: The
third is a story which may oho have some in
temst—perhaps have a Lessore,for: our time.
We have everyreavox to lediamathat ths so
cra society, known, al "the Snfgbta ot, the
Golden Chola," sodaßy,Woree
—mom ezensaW:-. than - Irish
"Itibbonism." Be this salt - may, chie "Life
and Advmairres of Body the Rover, the Rib-
Mania of Ireland" by Witham Carleton, the
foams author of "Trait& and Stories of the
Irish P•aseary," will certainly he read with
absorbing interest, merely as a story,lnde-
pendent of any estimate of the vain of its
moral and p olitical teachings.
lisxwell's."Stories of Waterloo!' end
Grant's “Guenilla Clair are also for sale by
W. A. Glidenfennej, 41, Fifth strut.
Gnaw Orenina.-.-Our neighbors, White,
Orr k 00., will have an Opening this morning
one of their openings snob as Choy hare
in ths Spring and Pall-4nt an opening , of
their store, whioh has been closed for a 111141 k
to the detriment of many of oar lady readers.
They offer their entire stook at reduced prior*,
and as it was principally laid -in before the
late troubles, it is a tine opportunity to lay in
anything you need In the dry goods line, and
get a good article at a low prim. Se Improve
the chinos, ladles, While the store is open.
Tao Munoz ermannz.—The Monitor
sprinkling - out, to used n Pitch and Wood
streets, is now completed, and will be In ope
ration on Tuesday morning: While the warm
weather continues, the sprinkler will be of
gust bends to die merchants and business
man, as well wall others who crowd these
busy thirongidares. • We hope It will be lib.:
orally patronised, and that the enterpriang
proprietor may be enabled to extend the basl
nese to other streets.
GOOD PON BATTS= A.—As will be seen by
ad./Gramm/at, this Battery, under Capt.
gasp, is Mai up for three .months. This
ie a fine chinos for those who may prefer
tip attractive - branch of the serrim, and
thosh who leaflike defending the State, at
oat* should join. Bnrythlng is now ready
it amp for field cards% and we would urp
that, atom who intend defending their homes
'should apply at ones.
Bascxwoon won Juxi.—The June number,
closing the 93d volume of Btastwood, has pat
been published by Mum. L. Scott & Co., of
New York, and is for sale by their agent here,
Mr. W. A. Glldenfannev, 45 Fifth street. it
it an ILLOOIIIIIS number of this favorite maga
sine, containing several articles written with
great ability on subjects of considerable in
terest, historical, political, literary and mis
Joao P. Hurt has Jost received a novel
entitled the" Guerrilla Otisf--a tale of War,'?
by Capt. Great. To those who have a taste
fordhis oharsoter of literature, this work, we
have no doubt, will be very interesting. It
contains two hundred and thirty three-pages
of reading matter beads quits • number of
so rings. Prim Ally cents.
'lTire Nslld—Ass matter of precuntion,
the mall matter from this oolat, for the eut„
will be suit round by way of Cleveland for
the present. The trains, however, oentinne
to nut as usual on the Pennsylvania Railroad.
The mail from the east, doe here at noon to
day, came through all right.
SHAWN°I GIIAIDe.—This company it ROW
romaiting oat the old Washington Hotel, canal
bridge, Sth Ward. Here is an exultant
emus for good men to enlist in aigood out
pony, soder pod commanders, both of which
have seen active servka, and are well known
u tried soldiers.
Oissitun ro Daman Yana Soria.— The
oompany enrolled at store of James EMbli a
89 Market street, will Inset this evening, at
VA eclat, at the Diamond, MA'AM Hansa,
mond story, for the puzpose of atomisation.
An opporrosity is now offered to enroll in this
Saws. Co., 1)1110p1209 that they will open
this morning, and eentlim• open until faztimr
notion: This store, all will Minember, is 59
Market street. It looms they ale determined
to dispose of their entire stook at onoe. See
their silvertimment.
U. 12. Yafeatry Tactlas &Aborts xi a :Ilion.
' 011hased Slannal lot If olautsms
WOW. Infantry sad Bide Tactics.
Scott's infantry Tasks. 3 rely.
McClellan's Bayonet Iserciss.
XingeStries Artillery mad Infantry.
August' on /bid Artillery.
Cooke. IL &Cavalry Tartan. vols.
Coppoe's /Phi Iffsnusi tot Cowie Martial.
The Oconsay Otvk. ocattainlavisstractioss for
reeSts. Ms and other pipit.
r- sale by . Kea b 00, 56 Weed et.
A 7 Diversions of Parley.; 3 rola
• Lidind's Debris" Writers.' 2 rob.
Dr. Porter's Lectures on Remithat
Cloodito de Trento, In ilisabit sad Lolls
Howe's Trestles. IA so.
&Ideas of the lismurestios Maley.
Mew. and Setae Worts. 1 Vol. -
Kkystook`Oldessish. 2 rob..aro.
Ool4ere Lecturer on licriptuts,reote A Prophesy
How', Worki. Y vols., it To.
svls J. L. 11711 D 71 Voarth nowt.
r1.113110A lONA'
XAlliti Ugh= ltrlaads. %Kirk.
VoTtZot i ato Iloitachay of =or grid.
Ttu Chia Ina Whim' Rhaslood.. Ilensalcoo.
; Diatom's Thirty Irmits to lb. O. K amts.
La. Ittoorgoloh.. Cloth mad mot.
Lys luta Tam Bomber. '
'Rho Mors end the Angola.
Ilotkaht Tel.
Thaq•P: _•_Modichio, so.
el. II Worth Amt.
QM BENT—The iiirmstory BRICK
wamsigoues. so. i-Wood WWI, two doom
from Wafts stmt. •
134 16
.--4r sougrirweobwam
terror SI wedlbod witmota.
rINU 1.101 . --twael Two 01-1 brew tsoona
J. In tbsibirdor MU* stow women ono&
in& /Mb Womb, with 01 without limit power
inn yrowboit
URAL Itisliir—dtho:thiiii- - otorl of :sbo
Wang now o • by theiaNOMNI
a St. Clalt mast aali DnquissirWa7. • • •
1863. - ,..•„,, gAGiiith
Tbs in . &pa 10111611MUI stows/
WM ran dubs the sums betwpos lb" iNboifil ports
al =
- kir thithint Olth Fast Ilailsor
allay tooddiest -Yeti 11.szyni - Losbigtom,
- Part isillap. ranetirilarsimillArrotat , Amblig",
Pat lutist awl Tawas Ow. airy WIUMMWAT
annum if I Wasiak._
bwreatiagisailts4 -01 T, 11 ,torsVistatake
owie. •
van wit
....andesioriosiWth nosh* inapt et;
l-v e a go p j l liis O li d ta le i&l sor T i i a s t s m a agdelWLtkov lndoawpenrs lwill
a .,
ba" ILIZETeur e
litase URA !Omni
'-7 tIO - ocliooOp WU* '4304
.11140001111 at Made's.- Faitooni imam' it ma
Jtot to Mit Aboolletwoo tatr a lsooblo pros alto h Mar
0•40:Dble. aura=
-40 do ,00soiotb ri a M...
- 0 1 1 40:trIlib 11'AX.;
Jae —Weinv asrasi, '
gime sipoliNsriboadias
t '7.110
and ke *kb/
risTsnu KGB - NAU T a
°Min or vine P Dam QUIRTS,
Illounte, June 29. len.
Pitney matters remain se they have been for w
ere! syspnet. quiet aid dull, with no new feature
worth of notice.
The general market is very deli and neglected, the
transeettom 'piling limited, and altogether of a local
eliminator. There is no speculative demand scarcely
for anything, and buyers genteelly perches, Put
enough to meet their Front went& Them is maw
inquiry for Ilene, °recedes and Provisions, without,
however, any change in quotations. Previews is In
good demand, and all that is craned, is sold readily
at Priem mites. Omit is very dull, and with the
eiceptiou of Oata, palm manifest a drooping ten.
ifoteritbstandiag, It woe generally understood that
badness woo to be rammed to-day, there wee really
so little done, that we am compelled to omit NW usual
market report. Wean in hopes, however, that we
will be able to record an Improvement before many
days elapse.
Pittsburgh Oil Aarhus.
.Jou I 0 —There h a continual good demand for
Ontde, and tis market le firm but Tiehanged—suip
tug from 16% to 17 0 , packages retuned, end 246 22 %
packages included. Bales of 165, 150, and 220 bble at
1630 packages returned, and 136 bbls from the
"Boom Well" at 16Mo. There Is alum ccudderable
Inquiry for Seined, and with a limited supply on
the Market, mica are firm with an advancing ten.
!Saucy. Bale of 100 bble bonded for present delivery
at 43c; 160 do at tic, acid 200 bblo for future delivery
al M. Wind, free, bas advanced and ie firm, but
in the absence of sales we omit quotations. There
is no inquiry whatever for Sensing.
Melees received tram Oil City to-day. report the
market Arm there but unchanged.
Pew York retrolinm Market.
Special Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Nov YOU, Jane £o—The market to-day wee ex.
cited: Selma! Conde at 306510. Bond mold at IV
650 for July de:learn 664)57340 for August, and 600
for September. Sales of Baptha at 2202.60. 0.
Weekly Itevlew or the New York
Petroleum illarket.
[Deported Bxpressly for the Pittsburgh Oara ire)
Nrw You, Juno 27, 1863.
The market kir both Crude and Defined Petroleum
remained very .qalet during the early pert of the
week, the public mind harlog become remain:red In
regard to the improbability that the rebel read, or
whatever it maybe termed, would be extended to
Pittsburgh. The demand for both kinds was very
moderate, and the tendency was to a lower range el
prices. But the extreme boldness of the rebels, and
the uninterrupted march Into Peneneylvanise coupled
with their reported expremell determination to pub
on to Pittsburgh, again excited the market, and
stimulated an active speculative demand under which
pipes have been advanced from 2 to 4 cents for Crude,
and 4 to 6 cents for liallned, on the spot and for fu
ture delivery. During the put few days, but per-
Ocularly on Thorsday and Friday, the speculative
Doling was rampant, and some lots were sold over
and ever again, but each time at an advance. 115 b
suns remarks will apply to contract., which went
from one owner to another with marvellous facility,
and in some came were bought back by the origina
tor at a much higher figure than they were sold. Is
sky anomolocui state of the market It will be under
stood that it is imp:stale to ascertain the exact
amount of oil sold, and the aggregate we premien em
braces Wee resale—on the net and to arrive—ln
cluding isles of entracte. The prevailing excited
etas of the market being the result of apprehended
interruption of omemrutication between the oil re.
gion andahle city, and fears for the safety of Pi t
burgh, may be expected to terminate Jost as soon as
the rebel' are driven out of Pennsylvania, or their
further advance rendered Impossible. The Commit
a(tke nominated to proceed to Visshlegtos, have
put the matter in the hands of Be. Arian. one
to. hest intelligent and popular of the Internal RITO3IIIO
Collectors, who hes proceeded, or will proceed, to
' Waehington, to exert his Influence to have the regu-
Dikes simplified. The dealing kr lb* week past,
Outaprim about 76,000 DM& (saes and resales) of
which 16,000 bble Crude, at a reap of 17630 cents
for Crude; 54,000 do Refined, on the spot and fir
ture delivery, 6,000 gallons in tin, 3,500 bbl'free,
Ind 2,500 do Nautili,. Of the 54,000 bbls Refined.
about 44,000 bbl' were for future delivery. Tat mar.
let to-day was comparatively quiet but firm for lots
on the spot, but rather weak for future delivery. The
W ile d quotations are as fellow.: °rude 30 ainta
Wiled. in bond,
cents, on the spot, 60,452)4
for July delivery; 654157% for August, and ho for
September. Refined flopthe may be quoted at .21%
023 mute. • 0.
ilacrae'a rOSTOICIIIIII . Circular
lavrwroox, June 12. ISO.
Smacks—The business of the week has been. as
mishit* eipected, o ta very retail character, but an ,
doubted &mars has been exhibited throughout.o
The declining pima that reach ne t o
bane not had any deprecating effect, end it holders
do glee way at al ), there are ready buyers up till the
end of the year at any. thing tinder prment quota.
dons. The arrival of the Milton with a largo u
snlacellansom cargo, will tea the market by my
next Woe.
Orndo-600 Club of American at £l6 is to LIB
kes, £l7 hatng spin required. No sales of Ormadien.
Hafted-20 00 casks at Is Ild Es, chiefly the
Brains dull at la to le
Lubricating Oils—Nothing of moment.
New York Dry Goods Trade.
Jess 27—In th. absence of a decided Union vic
tory oa the Iflestrippl Blew, and In an of Macon
tlaued ofiansira morsampt of the Gonhaterate army
In Maryland and Perainala es market for Got
ten has ruled buoyant ny and firm a t a larva advance in
arca, and the market ler Manufactured Good a s s s
been la fall sympathy with th raw material. An
scam demand hr prralled ;Or Domestic Oaten
Goods, and pars re DP cents higher on nearly all
kinds. fiery Brown lireflass hsva advanced to 50
costa, sad medium grads. of Sheeting. and Skirtings
are morreepondingly laighar. Bleached Muslim are
firmar—Lonadala havaeoid freely at If mute; the
agents demand M. Thu general market Is rare,
and low and medium grades an oornwpondingly
higher. Drill. ham advanced to tO cents. Cotton
Jeans are active, Laconia 25e, Charter Oak 17, and
Waterford 19. Stripes, Ticks. andDenimas aremore
active, and market valor am higher with both Ant
and second hand., but prima mestill nominal. Print
ing Cloths—MU are advanced to 14 cents. Print.
are steady. Woolen Goods are tolerably Drive at
full s.
Imago price Goods are quiet and unchanged.
Cleveland Darker.
Jens 27—Thicir-Balas of 60 Dbl. red XS at IMP;
60 bbls cholas brands do at Di. Wiest—Buyers
and eaters were apart today, and the only sale was
4 cars Indians waits on trick at 125 a Tor red f o
125 c was asked. Oorn—Bo mar to-day. Quotable
at 590 for shelled on track. Oale—Are unchanged.
- .
Imports by Railroad
Prrisstraan, rT. WATIII ♦ Llaa° Bannoin,
/ins 9D-.360 bldti.l l I Brim; 310 m Nl* Coro. I, X ,
Sour, D k K Wallsoda 80 !Ms flour, Kickdown
/disbar% WOdo doithdp t gibtosp4 92 dawn brscans.
Landon liklpion; llx bacon, Watts wibon; 400
bbl. Roar, Docaskar At Lang; 150 bp awn, Bea a
Kell; 157 by whist,/ 11 Lliptt d co; 420 bides, Wm
Minim®t Orxrxxiwo Kinzoio, Juno 97
96 bids four, 0 11spn, 9 cars islll Ised, dilOpOod
Knox; 100 bbl. door Kacksown I Unbars; 100
do do. Bdo Ni11;111kall DMA dab . 14 6 0Bli San do
17 do do Kaislotos; /5 do de. FLOM. al 0051 o;
DM' whisky, 100 do Ildor, D II Wallies; 30 bbli
wbtoky, Lambert 8 1 911 peen; 11 W brimstone; Jos
Indin; aka potatote. L K Wirt cc; 50 bbli
buckwhiat,llltObcock, Keenan, & Co.
eat. W. S. Obay..--. —.....Prtnelyal.
Paw. Amur
TsMoe, sdvanos,)-1114 1 for • hill comm.
Th. /lithEweelon SID ocanmensw MONDAY July
Oth, and okra PRIDAT . Arepud The ?riacf
pals will be malated_by an 'Odour of Tedabwe,
snug jeTzpf T.:WAILMUNA, Organist
to 11.4WMP.Oashierar; a matter of Sects. and Am.
whkr.Mille ; red. MAX. '150W1,31Y, of - Iron Oil,
0.11;g4 the bat Weller w tkallalmi. who euela all
Mae •WMIM la hmehlog Plaid and Ornamental Pen.
minsiW ,and PTOL BOWE. - *LOD, of Oinehmatti,
Afterloa. Illooadoelst.
- Thermals of. dad, mall Wheelie, ontbrwling all
bhuldwo neeally Welt la oar Public eshools,
WWI Willa" of Iliweetle Analysts wed Phan°.
grepldo Namosual by tbsPrthelpal; Nook.
and Matientala Arl by Prob. JDNlttill
01111 Vaud Maile,by J.T. WAMILINN4
PectieiIMOCOMMID lige2", of tbirt7 lemma,
by Prof.' As • Imam of Moogitiouvrtol.
Kidd bag Sow iiquals.n—Piths:Diveleh. " To ell who
Ins, Cr anveoblie *hoe, commend Prof
ekwatlonery pow's, are wonderad."—
Ohnesiole. --- Opedal lecteree will b• delivered daring
lisismishe aponlerteetage, Payday/. Oilcan.
ery mid- !malice of Temblog, Mental end Moral
gallitavalhlord lbachenk.' and other wlideeta In.
ideating and Wroltabla to Yeaohere, hy Nava. A. Br
MUS.' B. Si Ilsan and llamas Wilson D. D.;
• DM. Tama. '3. Unarm end J. W lion Prof,.
Mcamon, Diem Oman, Jill , " SUM , . g 1 1 0 .11 1.1
DOOM! and Warn
rat_partlealesteall at IlMeelsior Inalltute NAL
Iron Cbllewe Dldldln=er• al Penn and It.
Mar Weds, or mad for
I•l 4l4 =wabsw 2
piaci OBlla
-:„11:11/italliti Oa hand sal •ftmk2
!E.« 40111131. .11P9FrIalih WHS. PA.
. 1- Mgi. . e
. •
'•• 7e
:plettlatwip•prlit wll.ll.
gig 11Weadrisselkibeire 11
, ;.ro
r If
800 OF T-L6Da can Loan_ Jane 11, 1e63.1
BBLLZD FILOPOSA LS for etch clay seper.tely.
eneoneel "Proposals for Clue No (neon the o'sse,
M the navy yard at /arms the para.)" will be
recodud at this dace until neon -a the 1 sth day of
July nest, for turnithiag ant delivering at tbr ••I' •
oral navy Yards named the materials iced arced e
embneezd in printed Deb.:tales, which • itl be for.
niched oo spoilt:select, and sent by aal, if eo re•
gin strd, to pareone clearing to offer to contra 1 tor
any or all of b., threes nemad therein, by the cox
mandants of the @traria navy yards, for the doss.
for theyarde tinier their command, or by the nary
agent nearest 'ferret', or by the bureau for any or
all of the yards.
To prewar co•fadon and iniitaker in sealing l'.• of-
I ft., so bid will las rewire which contains el/14a for
more thaneee wolf Is one inweboys; and each loin •
vides' cf • arm must 1311p2 the bid end contract.
Bidden are hereby cautioned and particcilarly no
tiled that their offer. tenet be in the form heroinaf.
ter prescribed, and be mailed in time ta Vas iv
dedfltstlen before the time exp'res for thee.. leg
them ; no bid sal be coloblered which shot/ be rereimi
it/tort/at Fantod dec.:Land no afforosaw will be medajer
Paler. of the mei.
To guard against offers belay • pined ho ore the
time appointed. bidders are requuted to endwse on
the envelope, lama the Maws, end draw • lino un•
der the endorsement, thew:
"Prorhhat for Clan No. blame the class) Pt as
Nary Yard et them the yard)
To the thief of the Bowan of and Decks,
Washington, D.C.
Farm of Offen
(dere data the Lifer.)
The undersigned, (here Insert the tame or names
°amp:sing the firm who bid,) of Mime lb* wile)
the state of :slime the poets,) hereby offer to to torah&
under your adverusemeot dated (data of advertise
aunt,) and subject to all the mildrements of the
same, amid the printedithedule to which it refers,
all the artlam embrecod to Glass 140. (name the
then or clams) for tne navy sard et (name the y ard)
acocrding to raid achede, : (here paste on tbo
printed Mass from the echedole, and eppodta ve t o
arath, rat the pith std carry out the.amoant to the
columns for dollar's and cents and foot tip the aggro.
sate amount of the hie for the else%) amounting to
(here write the amount In swede.)
Cho:11d my (or marl offer be accepted, I (or we) re
gout the contract may be prepared and sent to the
navy want at (Game the egethy,) for elgnatzire and
certif cate. And it (or we) hereny declare that the
above offer Is made to strict cant:malty in every par
tly:tier with the law approved Starch sd, then, loc.
lion Si, bertha quoted :
mrthanms 1100 LAM or Tn. oat= IrrArld.
dec. lf. dad ha it /weber enacted, That no eontract
byorder or any
or Interact therein ahall be tranederred
the Pithy parties to whom inch contnict or
order may be given to any other party or parties,
and that any moth transeir shall caws the annul
meat at the contractor or order tr.:throned so far
the United theta are cobeserned; reentided, That all
the right ot action are hereby reeerved to the United
states tor t h y breach of such contract by the oon
tracotug party or parties.
800. 16. dad be ft father meted, That whenever
any contractor for mobalstenoe, clothing, anal, am
munition, munition of ware and fm eve.K:leecriP•
Won of supplies for the Army or Navy of t Gaited
Slates shall be found guilty by a wart-martial 01
fraud co willful neglect of duty, be Shalt be phtlished
by fine, imprisonment, or non other punlahmeit
the court martial shall adjudge; and any Pawn
who shall famish rupplles of any tend or
Ascription *sr the Army or ho shall be deem •
taken as • part of the land or naval forces of
the Ualted thathe tor which he shall contract to fu
rl& veld supplka, ant be rubjem to the rules end
regulations for the government of the land and naval
forces of the United States. Approved July 17, lin.
tea. 2. And be „Nab* . esodsd, That the chef of
any bayou of the Navy Depot talent, in contracting
for naval supplies, shall be .0 liberty to reject the
offer of any pawn who, ae prtheipal or surety, has
been • &honer in any previous centred with the
Navy Department ; nor shall partly who have felled
se principal. or threthee in any former cantrath be
received as emetics on other eentracis ; nor shall the
othertiems of any liras be received as thretled for such
firm or for each other; nor, In contracts with the
same bureau, guff one contract:3 . be retorted as
surety fer another; and every contract chill esquire
the delivee? of • specified quantity; and no We hey.
tog uthelnat or ticdfions prices shall be considered.
That if more than one bid be offered by any one per
ty, by or In the name of hie or their clerk, partner,
as other psson, all lick bids may be rejectel ; and
na persta shall be received as *contractor whole not
mannlacturer of, or reviler dealer to, the articiee
which he Mien to supply, who has not • Meuse ea
each matufacthrer or dealer, and all OMANI Otter.
1 bide shall have thethe rig t t a t
. 0 , 3 present when the
6040 are opened me
Approved Marta Sd. ISM
(core the bidder or bidden and each member of.
the Ann to sign.)
For of Gsereatee.
The undersigned, (name of gnarantor,) cf (name
the town,) and dome of (name the thate,) end (came
ode coed guarantor, do—) hereby undertake that the
shove named (name the bidder or,) will, If
his [or their] nOel as above be acceptet, era -1. into
onntract, mita the United Motes, within tea dem
aloe lite date of notice, thromin the poet Slice, of
the am:mann, of hi. [or their) offer before mention
ed. sad we beret! ember. that neither of us have
been defaulter. to any contremt male with
tee navy Department.
Witter, (elgulturee of gearentors.)
I ..y that the abive named (here
u nto
are lemma to me to be good and respite.
able gearantere in this case, and that the above de.
Semitone of the guarantors to this efLer am, to the
best et my knowledge and belief, true and reliable.
(Olgoatum )
To be signed by the District Judge, lintrict Atter.
nay, lkilsetor, navy Agent, or Done person knoll ix
to the human to to reepfnettle,
lite schedule will state the Game se-Shin which az.
Seim will be resulted to be delivered ; and where
the printed.chsdnie le sot used, the periods stated
In It for deliveries must be copied In the MO. All
the eoliths which may be contracted for musthe de.
Hewed at such piece or ohms. Including drayage
amine:mg. to the place where used within the navy
yard., remectively, for which the SW Is trade, an
testy be directed by the commanding Wittier thereof,
one all ether thing. being equal, prefeream will be
given to Amok= manuiacture. So article el-I be
Readied alter the expiration of Go period *peddled
in the schedules for the completion of &Oven les, un
less spectidly antherned by to. Department. In
competing Methane, the price stated In Om column
of Fiore will be the standard, and the aggregate el
the time will be carried out acoordlng to the grime
ill the arileim under the contract mud be ef the
beet quality, delivered In good order, free of all end
every charge or expense to the Government for de
livery, sad subject to the Invention count, weight,
Cr lisalgtellaillt . of the mid neer }aid, Liebe in all
respects skiefeitory to the oecomatidant thereof.
Bidden are referred to the yard for plena, e a
or sample; end any further descriptions of toe
articles or explications they may desire. When hid
dem shell hem doubt se to the precise articles tamed
In the ethedu es, they will apply to the commanding
,Deer of the wry yard and of to 'apropos for de
erniptiote ol the arida. in dou which intirMation
the said Slicer will glee In wi ld g.
Approved rezettert,le the full amount cf the cone
tract will be zwied, and twenty per mate= as ad
ditional security deducted Irma each payment until
the centre d s have been completed or cancelled.
lakes oth an th orfaed by toe Department, aei
eighty per e m of theamount of all deliveries
made wilt be by the navy split at
within tern. days alter warrants ler the same shall.
Ormabeito gamed by the Secretary of the Timmy.
No part of,ltte per erontam i resemed le to be
un til all the gawked articles offered ceder the con
tract shall have been removed Iron the. yard, union
moistly authorised by the Department. .
It will be all in the contract that if &Malt
shall be made by the battles of the keit part in de
livering eller any of tee artielespeutionedln any
Oast hid tor, of the quality' and at the timea and
pieces Mona Provided, then ant in
the that case
States the told a
parties will farteit sad pay to Gaited
sum of Othisyhot to IMMO tyke the amount of such
claw which - may be moneted, from them to time,
according to the act of Gouge... En thetas:a moelded,
approved March 5,1813.
The swathe Mastdye the contract, std their rie•
sPolmibility be canned to by • ellmy lent. collector.
"CASS attorney, clerk of the DIM= Mutt, or come .
Other Meson gettentemili haat/kW tip bureau.
It le to to prodded la the mitred tkit the bureau
Stall have the power;of annulling the oostmcl,Witte.
out lose or damage to she Garernment, in amg *me
grey shall not have inadesklent approprighthe for
thicartiries same!, or for theh oompletletiof Works
mttlailled - for, and an which title edirartbeitant is
Peaces wham offal shall be accepted will be nail,
lied by litter through the mat which notlai
'ban "401454,4 90516521;_and tote do not
ter tart contract ix =WWI waned Wilkie ten
dims from the date of notice from the bureau bf thi
&cattlemen of their bid, a contract will be made with
some other patron or panes, and the guarantors of
such defsedtleg uac bidders will be held responsible for
all dellsqim.
All often not insd• In drid coreforwity with ads
'sdartisenant will, at lb* option of tbe Doreen.
'Mee only whose off re nay be wanted will be
nottlia, and contacts will be may for execution al
soon thereafter as may be practicable.
Glom ll*. 1, Brick.; close No. 2, Blot.; claw No. 5 ,
Yellow pine lumber; dames. 5, 'eked bard wood;
class No. e, White pins,. ce, Juniper and Masai
elms No. 7, Lime, hair and plaster; class No. 8, Ga
mma; clam No. 9, Oriel and .and ; elms No. 11,
- Iran; I ro n nails end spikes; car No. I. Steel; ol i ve
Peals, Plu ; due So. 11, S h iplam N 0.15,
oils andeats; clam No. 16, chandlery
clue No. 17,- Hardware' oleos No. ii, Maloney ;
class No: IP, Pinewood; 25.85 y sod Straw.
elms No. 81, Proven & ,r• clams No. illiatotell then
No. 63, Deltas, pecking and hoes dms No. 114,
'Mina end Inbation cils,• chew No. 23, Iron cat
ions; ciao No. lte, Aetna clam No., ST, Anthracite
. coal ; elms No. XI. Ditunainossthunberlsad;
.elms A, Peat NM; class B, Mum 'baler; clue 0,
Blehop's darriok I plats D, Beat Walden' and ciar..
=5. shop; k, rain , shop; GAO 1. Porta",
Ufa 0, Brake ; class H. Stone; clam Whit.
pine and spruce timber and lumber;4lsoil J, Lime
and 'sent; dies 11, Sand clam L, Slate; clam My
iron nails end badinage ; 011111111 N, Paints, oils mid
glue; obis 0, Iraa cen i ga s.
Oise No. 1, Bricks; oleo N 0.2, Eitoue; class Ne. i 8,
Tallow pine timber; dui so. Cry oak end herd wood:
elms Ito. 6,5/ hits pine, spruce. /Rana lad clam:
clam No. 7, Ihne, hair sod plaster No.. (10.
meet; alai No 9, Gravel end No
alms 240. It,
Iroa. Boa aelle sad Mama ciao No. 19,-Bteel; elm
No. 13, Pig lan; edam no. 14, Pike; clam ho. 16.
Paints, oils and Liss; clam 110.16, 15bineheadlory;
c h. No. 17, • Hardware; clam No. 18, litationery;
due No. 19, lirewood; Owe No. SO, flay andfltran
elms No Si, Provender; clam No. 211. Charms]; din
No. 13, Deltimr, packlan sad hose; ohm No. 24.
Imam and lubricates ells; alma No. 20, Aniscs4
clam No. iff, amends. mel; clam No. 29, /Maul;
Imo Ocattlelandeoaliaipialio.liktinai-ottalataoaa
Tlnhing W 4;
Ilia Les; elate 'lf Clootoalgattoti,foosi ar
ehrep 'Net ..4.1,4,
Oleo 1, Woks; 0h.% Nona; dew Oak lid
kora woodistatior oa4 loabwl dm I, ligation
4L.4116#112117 OISP
bard non lekthiptaa Ea asdnontstbscrandkumber;
due a, use a
d; pinto; clan 11.. Cement; clan la, .
Grant and end; clan If, Inm-tron spikes end nab;
elan N, Slating and - thuting; clan 0, . s . ;
dna P. Paints and alb ; din Q. Pig Ira= m.. •
NEW: TOOK. .- •
Olen Ne. 1, trick...chit No. 2, _Stone; die No.
O Eton; clan No. 6,Cakikal bard. won; Can No.
6. White pin, Ipso., cypreea and lunicer. dam NO..
7, Lime, hair and plasters clan No. fr; Clement; char - .
ho. 9 Granl and .and. chasNo-i • lam, teen oath.
en 1 ePtkees clam N 0.12 neck chin N 0.13, PI r Iron:"
ens o. 'l6, 1111 n; ChM No. 15. Pai nts, tile and ,
sl sce; Ins 'llO. Itli idalp Chased; clan . No. lio
Herd are, aILS It N.s. 18, Statham - clan No. 10.11 AS
and a ta w: ' den No. 21. Prena . Has Nff. EA
Cbarc sl; den No: 23. Bellinnlmchlag and heal;
ohm o 26, Sperm and labrlcatlas, clan No. TB,
inn, k,'Oping, to.; clan NO 26,-Aasens• clan
Nos/2 7 . afahnsits coal; clan No. PO, Sendaltazah.
nova ;hold Top coal; clan No. Si. Copper and can.
pceldea nail; dew A, Hale canine; Claw B, 011 l•
me hewn; du a o,loundry.
1011 ORDNANCE. ' •s ..
Chas D. White ;toe, Ac.; elan 11, Llnum9l9o;
ease V, rig Iron. clan 0, Sand for castleg shah;
clue U. Svelter; data I, Max, 011171111 and twine;
dan J, Copper On S. Laketon 'dale -L. Wrought
Iron Unfits; al ' an K. Ilkl clan N, Bross and iron
scren; clan 0, Iron—nand, flit and asnare; clan.
P. Paten, OM. An • dna Q; Drumz; clue - % Hard.
ware; chat A, 210; ' 0ilill T. eh* Ohandltv7; clan iiu.
Class No. I, Mots; chit No 9. - Bisine; cla No. 6,
Oak and bard • ood; elm No 6. White pine, sprei:n,
Jadper and cypress ; dos No: T.
.I.lnse, -hair mad
Plader; Wen No. 9, Oratel , mad send; claseldo. 11.
Izon, iron nags end sptkas; also. 80.. a, Itsal; claw
No 14, Tiles; class No. 16. Paints, Ws end glass;
class So. 16, Ship Obindlery Fels's; No. Ili kisrd.
ware; damn No. 18, Statkraory; - cam Net 10;
woad; clams No. V), Bay and Straw; class - So. Y.l,
Provender; class No. VI, Obsrooll; class No. E 7, Wt.
lug. packing and hoes; o eta No. TS. Spann sad Wail
casing oils; class No. 26, ngers; class No. VT. An
thrselto coal; class No. 20, ceent.tltuminous Bra n
c:a% 'awn No. 81, Ooppas end composition nails;
• claw A, nxtension of pinata shop; class B. Nston
slon,of Moro basso
Class No. 1, Olstblnr, dam No. 9, Hata bsobs and
shoos, ,te r ; ilia No. 8, Pro•lalonsr class No 4. Oro.
miss; class 3504 6. Dry Goods; elan - No:-6; Breed,
Sc.; alma No. 7, Tobacon clams No. 11.1.'oels dos No.
9, Paiata, oils end glass; clan No. 10, Bricks, 'mill
end Use; cla. 11, Lumber; class No. 19, Sire.
wood; clan N ao. 13, Pronndsr; cliseNes. 141114 1 4 1.
lazwass; .olaas No. 15. Plarlware; elan No. 16. Sta
Olme N> 1, Prick.; clam No. 3, Tallow pros
bar; clam No. 4, Tallow pine lumber; rims No. 6, .
Cot and hard wood;; elm No. 6, Midis pins. 'prima.
Juniper and annum; alms No. 7, ILO, hair and
plaster; clam No. 3, Cement; door N 0.9, Grand and
Saud; dam No. 11, Iron, Iron nails and .apiksr, class
No. 12, Steal; clam No. 19, Pig iron ; ciam No., 14,
Tiles; clans No. 15, Mitts, oils and ■ shoji clam No.
Sh p C
claws No. lf, Hardwrze; dhow
No. 11, Stationery; alma No. 19, Pirewood; ala i No.
21), Hay and Straw • chin No. 21, Psovandar; dew
No. Sri, °barma
n , clime No. 23, Ileribig, packing and
hose; class No. M. Spann and lubricating oar; rims
No. 27, Anthracite molt class No. 29; kilteminola
Cumberlsnd cosi:clam Machinery and Goole;
clan A, Bishop's boom derrick.
Class No. 0, White pine, sorties, Juniper and ci
rrus* dm No. 11, Iron, Iron and WO; class
No. 1 . 2, 2001; dim N 0.16, Tilts claws 50.13, Mang
ells and gleam dies No. ie. Ship Ohaaaltrif clam
N 0.17, Hardware . claws No. 18,Stailoriary; class No.
1, Firewood; c o. Bel ting. nde; clam No. HA
Charcoal; dm 110. 1 3, soaking and hots;
clue li.. 24,13pann and lubricating ails; class No.
Broadthracite coal; class No. 36,
Top waiting, No. 31,0oppar and onsproltion
Postage moot bo prepaid on allots forvrordsd. bY
mail alter the lot of Jai,. Jelitlaw4w
Dirt= QUA/111 1 / 1 1A11 2 { G 1211111.1:. Ornas,
Pittsburgh, Pa., June 29, NW.
1 00 TONS HAY.
e of ld Proposals will be received et this office uutll
12 m', the 507 a DAT OF JOELrgh, 1513, for furnish.
lug sad delivery at Pittsbu, Pa., ORM Mill.
In Woe welt bonnet, weighing about two hundred end .
Ally .potinds each, us follows:
75:torks on or Wore the 7th day of July, UM.
15 tom on or before the 15th day of July, 1165.
25 tons on or Won the sma day of July, 1565
ad tone on or baton t h e 30th day of iuly, lB6l.
Prop:ash must be ma:ked."Proposele kw 100 tons
of Baled liay," and addressed to 14 Oal. 0.rJR056,
Depity Quartermaster General, O. 8. /tiny, Pitts.
burgh, Pa.
The abillty of the bidder to ell the oontract,should
it be awarded to Ides. meat bo persateed by two
teepontible venom. whose tignatares meat be sp. -
graded to the animates.
The responsibility ot the gusrastors meat to shown
by the *Mast artlecate of the Okra of the menet
District Oonrt or of the United Rates District At..
Bidders mast be present in pence when the bids
are opened, or their proposals will not
to ore stared..
Bends equal in amount to half the sea to be se. .
mired on the contract. shined bs , the creamier sad
both of Ms guarantors, will be reanired el the suo.
cereftd bidder upon Marking the contract. As the
bond most letoMeane the contract, it will be mow
eery for the bidders to him their !madmen with
them, or to hare bends 'Mood In saticipsilm and
ready to be produced when the contract Is leaned.
lore of Gsarrodos.
Re,— of the comity of—and State of- - ,
and of the meaty of and State of do
homily guarantee, that In able to fulfill a an.
tract,ln aceordance with the tams of hie proposition,
and that, should hie proposition be accepted, he will
at onto ardor Into a contract In accordance there
with. Should the contract be awarded him no are
prepared to broom socaritios.
10 this itumentee moot be *made& the aloha
oirtilicate above samotkmad.
Tropossisfrom disloyal parties will not be colts*
Mod, and an oath of &Wilma will be roguing of
onccesobil bidders before Opting contract..
Too ntelemfgood reserves to billatat the Higy to
rejerA any or ad bids that be may deem too Idg
Payment to be made upon the oompletion the
content; or Ito aeon thereabor as the undoralgsed
shall be in fends. 0. ODOM
joittd fdwt. 001. and D. Q. ri. Genual.
Zones Dirairsuorr,
W G a sius and Torenty•secoad s
WRITTIIII 'PROFORMA an Invited for fart( •
log HAT, BTRAW, OATS and CORN, kw the rise el
WI Depot, to bo de livered at the Railroad Depot, or
it any of the Gicrearanseat Wharves in this Pity,
The proposals to be addrusod to the undersirned,
and they shank% state the quantity of each article
offered, also the prke and the date of a•Uv•ri.
?topcoats will be teadvad Par fire thousand (5,000)
hasher* of Corn or Oats, hncl furl mice, of
tit:ow, and upwards. calm cula be for the
'tend of the Government to contract for • lea
All grain to to put to good tacks. of about two (10
bushels each. which are to be furnished at the oast
of the contractor.
The Ray and Straw to be securely holed.
MI Grain and Ray °frond to
b be subject to a rigid
Inspootkor by he Gorsrulneut
unitracte will he awarded from=tine to the
lowest isupoludble bidders. ea the bilantate of Dre ler.
vice may mutts. Good seowitr win be Mobil br
the bittMul folillment of any contract made &Or
this advertiseaunit. •
Payment tope made et tits =Wolf& of the con.
trent. D. BROWN, .
ap2l:2la Captain and A. Q. 11., 11. B. A.
cluoirslOLtersu Gi talt.M ernes,
WASIII7OI.OI err!, larch ID, Sits.. f
umthe to send to the Quarterrasefor Ilenend'e
olio. tenders for their chute? or Isla.
Tenders elicald oontali doicrlptiosse of the meals,
their disoradons, enrolled or regietered, toonalle,
actual carrying capacity, material, whether mewed,
whether side-wheel or propellor", whether oo or
Iron fastened, else empower of euglois esul
and should Mese the price at which thy era •
ibr long or short charter, with the orthaattel vela*
the renal la tase of lam or In nee the IloTerllMell
multi prefer to purchase ,
instead of charter's&
Ihniere of 'steam reads already ht the. metre of
the rbarterroasteee DiplittMODS, ere '1•011141114 to
maps known to the Depattaefat Ikay' redaction to
their present rated which theymay be nailing to
grant, and also the price at which they, will be ea.
Ing to sell than, . • .
-• 'Wok ladies should be adoneems to the qua ,
teroisster Geherld of the Maid Mat* t Wellads&
ton, audebould sedoteed “Propoeshe thichortl
When recehod they erAr
to rad ial- cdte te t h e- d ed, and lir
letestuout grill andossoaz .
perm etutadlog army Usher. realm' open the swami
and tidomatess br substituting, when!~ It asa
so. *Seger steeds of equal capacity Ihr those Dow
• oktrlesSat
witoLseaLi on
.na n slant arem, modt,sio. ilhaaaltai 004_
and 111 roarllt Stmt. +-1-101110
TN T or r Attar COURT ' U •
ALVEGUSNY .00111:111. - In themitt.
ter of theeetite ef Gabriel aunt, dearated.-
June Term
And new: Jane MB, MO, on motion ot
litulth, the Quit appoint J. hatharlead4 ,
Auditor. te disuitnite the Nude la the Umtata the
Adolluistrstor. TEM 001:111T..
Wx. A. Blum auk.
PortlooLlDlMAtitt ltoreby zottsod out ,ttki
Auditor &bolo nailed yin &Wind to the Wks st his
Dam. Ito. AO Grant Atroot.PlttaboulyaoLlADAT,
losl4sy of inly, 31.11163 i at II attack Nu,: at
wAtolt tAmoszA paw, goy rogitostod to Weal.'
sot. egatatniagio6:sammtattv, Iva mama the
city, war XatadoW. *Atm on the Pitgbwiti
swiatenstitaaaikaaa— Coolies lb, caw:
try Wats. twiirliGY with .wwl iv „toot OW
Tkhryaepesty Y Ognid at a pia bora •
e xTharriblalsat i , aim 11111110111 t rillt .
; , .
TULOW - 1 1 1101T.-300 bushel'
.1./4,o*.drialAppiikAor-0010 -low to dolo oat kit,
QM um, stir/1.603y Wolk: ,
k•vi Agialtioivtiminiow:- '
-Ark'LEL 4 .-441 bust Vero
X! is for MO ri J. H. CIANYIILD.
VOR SALBT—Vabry deniable :IRON
JVbbrbar PllllPBRlX,iitualtd st , BIOYay•
to an. Ma= asaurty,-Pa. trtilderaithurt distance cat
tba Peausdraaaitalirtudestililsard:.: lumbald
property co Iplisaa Turmas. with wsublow7 of
amp • rower us bur, It. nem iltbandstraslor an
thrash. coal ; about 1300 semi tinitaL 7 Volarent
Maraud Irriebutiod pips itiallUribait.
• about .111arni: -wrinli produces ter: abartlis e_ frau -.WA:a-Maw Ili wakbti onr. iambs ,
lila r.nagrard is
and Oar Axles. This is the osir . akesilublig prouty I
tu'tlltetateirlikliprallooi the aro
mulct D
stousiaaratataillUtrualire -
of.tlis.lanaciOuldatuderz maw laararkersia
',lda abundance of e..lismaitas ammo .to
=ken, at a coot id air on W
arns=istp td! Ssilfated
was lama balc -IWI 11111.61
iseanUy ban nakomed vkledriint produce
` iceletait
•ra to apply the foam Soft IWO ora aleo
ab.undant.ln, neldidxdbood. • Chittookl, In any
quantities, an a Lace daltrami sago tames at •
to s% ants par basket
Ws Turas' weU situatod far iba taaktiAlz:
lagwatar and nil. amaisofeastanrinth
.phis, Yltiatattata, Benham sattlibutlV 9 11 " 7
impatat usinutadneing Winn. -
- Yor Oa, team and =Ulm partials= „
stabaslifai •
Foit - 8i1i130 1 . 1 -.FOUNDRIC
/AM111192.-1:110 WY* WO!
lokkot; Tri Iladlsonjodloos, vontsl_ll ll4 .l oil.
noted tw bantam. — lt coOktoo WP oroookt of
sasoklustif sad Wolkoff? 'Uric wort= of iho
Wilt =Wpm potter= low4ig‘glitiilsollt !inroad
work. byo • mg drial Pima rddoseam.
sad powwow merlin odrantagoo Ike
—boring good twatios tor. to
party of Moamar": : Itwato'wro - lowiflttog
, sod Os lootiltk- woad JO 40hthee "ft tboil
own for nn:inoln.,llnnopriotornill. all_
cototdituaat4 If oppUot foroOdidit PIO
or orkokudt of tt mar to tong ocoppokinkgoitpk,
=torsion& will the ISZID*I.O44 ot
each oasitatdistuttonlv -Orb. sot.
be would sons rooprOado , fittlailiig . t l l 3o
years, Magas BIC Wasigkileta el Mg/ 6 4
Forties wishing tO 11111W:Sbeso KS IWO ADP. OW
yards to slur pliel,:witik` non .work onnni tfOut
they aia do, mid asok,y Tartlet dottrint ionnind
for nonnono. nitro sea nadnuo, nmPoll ,
od to Via nun dalso,Pltbmwaal oi porno bon
remt'u%ll-.4 44"..10 1 . i ii VOL flifidliff4:
O'UOUItI - AND LOT•ON 12 - 27/11
Ilyikidaof air ardor or tkali#l/laale Coaltaf al2w
stray (I= i baravrllk be mood to 211213
*a tbo as Wayne the - au
•. 111 10.. an usszaz„ tb/kMtb day of Jana*
1221. fo
ea la.. aa Ike imam of John
Com dammed, alr that =Wit
ad goand aka.
Moon tba award Wayne , nod ant :asks= aka.
LI the Gaybaatada 'treat 2120 11
hobo on Ofasaa sta t e.
hsad szleadlag 'tack silag
J"ma-salat fook
]lad la a: phi a
bdcous bY N.Y. iamb Mac, nomad In
Dead Book tad. da. 219. - aud tbo liana width
d e ad SIMI to add Jobn Canna
died. by &tad Jimmy 17. 1387, tacordsal ta
Dad Book vol. 67. 1011 88. ea Ind& Is snmAlla
tomato!,hoom o v i nit
Tamp castu -- ..10101' isfiegaar,-
Iror awful:o2 720/019 1113 ;
2.1* - Attotroy tot, patllladar. 1fo;168 legkta
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land b. of ivo ,a C i ty aboorgatiLiors~ tiw
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Dwelling .8E" arkrOreluird: -OrwrioXlO ad
woll•tlaitorod; Witt be 001tr111i,:,,..i4b0r Ist 000, MN.
or Wooing& • - ''' • -
/or !tribe, partlooloty spotv to ' • . • '
t- SioilirlOra * PAUM,.
' lOttnittoo4.4lbWgi
Or, J. 11. DION. itltroootam,
IiARM , FOR , BSI. — LOG Ainilo 7
• -sem well teapyored, with LOG 'Dift
lion= - *noted; la KIMIn - trininlN - A 13 . 0 % .17
county. nor elar our Poor '
by James %%Maar, daamen6. Wai by uo obey
Ss orb. , Algio4 - 1s 7101JEING KEW' known Ntb
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sad Abet fibyromionts. - loydritlr:
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.i . lmad MANDE' soLLY.II, 114 k, 1 1 10
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TwoUYDIIAULIIi• PllllllB/ M, iMmeed, With
mammal' annidda
Email asw andatnd•hand.M 4 M ' at
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FINE . 51iXat FARM - VW:
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Morena, Pas
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eery. Tee twmktagetne et A. D. lINITH.IIo.
Water meet, , intake •
-rOlt BENT-=A new and. gauntly
Waited hick Ittrathag Hoe" on Booth Me
nue, Whitlow Otty,• sea square wart of tho Mrat
Ward Moot nonwhartag *oar room, =ohm and.
cedar. water, =dips ta sit: the nasal; lame Ord;
traakho. To •weed tanankreat lent be moderate.
Apply to Ilya IL H. BLDDLII, on the
or to a. SUDDLII,
at the AlloOkesT ;tat OW "'
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Third streets.
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Oa lAbattranot Dept,
G 5019711 Yosaw, Illotat Apia.
"11 . 4 A1bir7=1.749311419:115t Agent.
No farther or •
_ . . =WASS', Agent,
At tag Oonpare• Odin la ladert swim, Yeas A.
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No. 65
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