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Towanda, Pa., April 27, 2882.
• By all means buy
_the White Sewing
Machine of M. C, WELLS, Agent, Towan
da, l'a.
'NE Davis Sewing Machine with its
Vertical Feed does a lame range of Ow,
tie.ll work not poissible on any under
feed machine. - tf.
T,. B. RO DG En§ eliallmgesedmpePtlon
for tpi ility of goods and low prices on
Saoi,, Blinds and Mouldings, and
at building material. Sang-tf.
Finches, Linnets and Whistling Bull
Finches—all fine, imported Birds—at e'.
'. Crockery Store. 16 mar.
• Miss S. D. BLACK, Agent for the Dress
Milkers' Magic Scale, will be at camp
ton n April 20th, where she will -exhibit
We invention"; All ladies are cordially in
vited to come arid bee for themselves" its
iisefuluess and convenience. april2o.
AZIF.MovAL.—J. S. ALL has removed
his Undertaking Establishment from
Bridge street to - rooms on Main .street,
over TURNER & GORDON'S Drug Store,
Shoe Store. A full line of Undertaker's
Goods • from 'cheapest to. the best.
jaw27,'Bl. 3. S. Aza;TN, Agent.
J. H. Kimmins.
yoti want a well-fitting stylish pair
of ,hoes for summer wear,,go to Simmins
awl leave your measure. Mr. Simmics is
a !hie workman himself, and employs only
such to work for him. lie puts the best
stock into his goods, and is confident he
eau lit you if you lot him try. His prices
:lie very reasonable. Pattous blOck, over
tore lately occupied by H. Jacobs.
April 28,'S:?.
—This is a new and perfectly 'reliable
corn planter,' and is the best and
c t, , ;ipes . now in the market. It will
r! ut c‘nai, beans and peas, also pumpkin
or not, at will. It will pay for it
in one day's use. ONLY
$2 50. AND. WARRANTED. Tell your
n,•!,. 4 iihors about it, and!not to pay from
to $4.50 for a planter not as good.
I.',a• rash with the order I will deliver two
planters in onelot at $2.50 each,
.ioy railroad station or by any stage
Lac innning from Towanda, freight pre-
Farmers can get up clubs and send
t',.l planters." --- -For sAlis at wholesale by
' • R. M. WELLES.
Towanda, April 20.--3 w:
W. G. TIIAT-X - has a new sig.],
TPIST t(l ' dust. Ashes—to the river.
Troy u post-office Ints . been improved
Th,orito had a three dollar foot race
TUT: East Troy band will have new uni
f.i n this spring.
111 . 4-E:. and wild geese are reported on
t I.tke at Eagleimere.
W astsro ItT and Lancaster., arn - hay
ilvely newspaper wars. -
Burs are arrested-in Monrootou for
, ball oiNthk street. •
.11 - sTt( es commissions ate now ready at
the Ite:tister and IteZi)rder's officer. 1. "
L TEST Nims stiid there would' be a
‘1,..1.11114 in Waverly onlWednesday.
. .
.1r last we bare seenl evidence of the
•l:ucmcnt. that al !Mt us is in blossom.
Till: man wihnut a coat nom ). invites
r. 1 s, ealarrlial fever and pneumonia.
Tii Golden-HornedMinstrels are-corn
in M:ty ;at leapt so says the /Ovine.
•.\.,_;:loo • !pipe b'folofiging to 1411%1 - Guy
1101100, droiiped deiorat Liberty Corriers
t eck.
it EW ARE of; turn from -, them
patronize home merehaLts whom you
~.11 trust.
Tiff , . second Institute •nine got away
th , first nine, the other day, by a
, o" , ry of 13 to fi. .
Waverly ..4drocat4 asks if all " but
-1!••• of whiskey are not alike?" Such af :
fc.ete , l i;!,.nortnee is pa,inful.,
THE camptown woolen mill is not
1% ; . - 11, bat is iunninr. on full time 'with
~ litional help and machinery.
r T ANT GENERAL LATTA has issued
ges tomilitia organizations through
t!... State fon use in quelling riots.
Dn. Ih•Lt., of Owen, 'preaclted a Bei=
mo:: last Sunday on Going-a-fishing. It
hineli more proper to preach it than to
).: - .o.tice 00 the Sabbath.
A M BF - Attu:yin; boy bad his nose bit
!co Icf recently, 'ny a pet doz. That boy keep his nose out of other
businesi as long as he lives.
Amur...showers are not bringing May
11., ( • rs.-- ReprilJlicon. We should
s just yet. It is rather premature
'or !lowers, or our almanac misleads
171:ot-spats can't be. too tight for the de-
LI:ohls of good society: H.Exehange. The
wooers can. This is one of the minor
fiolerences between a man and his trou
Fly ? , •Qr::.., .1. P. JoNEs and .L A. Swart:-
IV, I V,j, of Towanda, have leased the
McKinney giist.mill, located abort four
IT 11 . 41.1t9rth of this place.— New Milford
.1(1, Mixer.
Tun 14)st OfTioe Dejiarinent haw ruled mi advertisement or hand -bill shall
h,• allowed to be pet on the wall or any-
v.1 , 0:e in a room, the rent of which is paid
I.:, the Government.
THE Wyoming Mniorral is becoming
by the chronic insanity, of the
II ri.barg Prf riot, and last week prints
;i ailide on the Jeffersonian revival taken
fiolit its leader. - •
Ssow banks are still visible along the
line of the Gravity, on the'lloosie moun
13ins, above Waymart.—llonesdate Citi,
~I . They were visible here in small
c;;latitities Friday last.
WE are informed', that, a ncw• diseate
kn.,..rn " fence shows," is becoming
ep'•lemic among editors in remote part
the West, for which the only known
remely is press tickets.
Wayue County oil well is slowly
di-seendiuw• Chinaward, having. at thiM
reached a depth of 1,740 feet
ithout striking either Venango sand or
oil.—Wayne Independent. • ,
Wutr.r. tearing down an old lionsti,in
( Lathan towns' ip, Tio a Coliiity,
I.llla sit;ce. one of the workmen found . a
11:1! set Of dies . for coining bogus silver
'l ll :itters.—.ltiorthern Tier Gazette.
\Vm. Cnuts.rt %a, who zOmmitt, d the
dangerous; assault uflon W. F. Coburn,
had a hearing before Justice Codding
Monday. Rail in the sum of $1,500 was
taken for his appearance at court.
THE Bradford County Medical-Society
"ill meet it the office of Dr. D; N. New
ton in Tow•an-la on Wednesday, May 30,
et 1:30 P. M. -
ertA . s. K. LADD, Secretary.
E. D. PAYNE,9Premident.
Turs had a German down to Policeman
(corge Weiler's yesterday
,morning ;
aright pounds.-.—LuteAt Neu% %IF
weighed on a standard scale? The
Nht.i;zitt reuses rather too much fora girl
MAPLE; b agar tbieves are - reported quite
plenty at Cherry Flat s.-- Weliaboro Gazette.
- The day for female pillars of, salt is past ;
tut maple stigar individuals still flourish ,
if our trustworthy exchange is to be
Tan itaMni4.• Bays; "Ovbr a hundred A ittettoui correspondent of the Adver-
Sutioupassed through Milton last week, Hier says : "There aqui a rtlll3loll of the
on foots in search of some delightfni,heal large and' respectable family of the 'Wa
thy spot, whet° they will go on the town , termans, at the home of John Waterman,
ship, and make it interesting to the tax- I cote of the brothers, oa Saturday last.
payers." '•I About thirty-flve persona were present,
- representing the families of six brothers
and three slams. A :substantial and ele
gant- diui er was dispotiii of, and the af
ternoon spent in mtisle, conversation, etb.
The oceaston that called them together
was the departure of one of the trotherii
for his Western home."
Tice witching season of the year has
come again when the frisky tramp takes
uis bundle and ci , dghl and starts on. -his
annual ;summer - excursion. Handle him
gently ;,he is a sensitive plant easily kin ,
ed by harshness.
- -
PARK . I, üb . urcb, was crowded
last Thursday evening with people attend
ing the exh,bition, of the Microscopical
Society of that city. The work of the So
ciety is receiving recognition from scien
tists in other cities.
"You are about as honed a looking
man - as I am," remarked an inebriated
individual who invaded our sanctum last
week ; and Koine way we •haven't felt at
:dl proud since. Compliments don't
please us much anyway.
Ttte Tioga County Record warns New
Yorkers against indulging in profanity af..
ter May 6th. The new statute against
Swearing ,takes effect on that- date ; and
evil men will spend their spare time this
week swearing ahead.
MuITATED stockings, or stockings hav
ing a separate compartment' for each toe,
is the latest feminine foolishness. Between
putting on stoCkings o that kind and
working on tight gloves- the belle of the
future will never bb able to catch a train.
bin. D. F-CLAIIK, of Towanda; wns in
tcwn on Monday, last. Mr. Clark, being
a tiFenian, made the acquaintance of some
of the Owego flie 'addles, and he learned
fOrthe lirst time Unit Towanda money
was not good in Owego.— Tiogn County
A WOMAN in tinsquebanna County
struck and killed an old man named Don
ahue, because ho would nut allow. a girl
living wall him to ~ z o to church with her.
The case has j:ist been tried and resulted
verdict of murder in the , second de
g re! ' .
Tile ladies of the Baptist Church, -at
Waverly, evidently know how to run it
church fair. The fair and festival held
last week realized over six hundiei dol
lars. The fancy work is said to 'have
been very tine, and:. - judging from . the
amounts realized we should say it was ra
ther expensive.
.IrsTtetgets ougler glolw+ sights when
a jury duds the defendants not f4uilty, but.
to pay nine -tenths of the costs and the
prosecutrix one-tenth. This is what a
Luzeruc- County jury did recently, and
who can guess what they 4 bought, or on
what basis of division and right the .ver
dict was framed"
OVER in, Weeds Port, Cayuga Connty,
N. Y., there seems to be a bitter light
over a petty post-office between ; IX 0.
Bowen, of the Cayuga Chief; and a man
by the name of Van Gelder. Tue latter
gentleman we do nut know, but the name
is enough to defeat him. Put him Mit.—
Rayevitie Adrertiser.
A BLACK mare, s abont live years of ago,
was stolen from the stable of Sir. Jere - 3T:
Bittner, in Gni!ford township, last SllO
- night.. For recovery of _mare and
c:mviction of thief a reward will be paid.
Any advice coirct!rning the whereabouts
of either should be forwarded to Chief of
Police Cwft..—Vait4w
Tun Lebanon Jail, from which two
prisoners recently escaped, most be a
very . unbafe place for a man having niOili
ey to sleep in; if it can be as easily enter_
ed as ‘ the 'Courier statci. It might. be a
good'plan,to lock the old gaol occasional:
ly to keep..thieyes from stealing the pris
(niers clothing.
THE cards are-nut for the wedding re.
r.eptiou of BenjaMin Maurice and wife,
formed; May Adams: The reception
take 4 ',Lice May 4tt„Tbe marriage which
we understat d took place in February,
has for some reason been kept, secret from
all e,cept a few relatives and intimate
TnEjurors in the .case of the Athens
bridge, after an e. amination of the struc
ture, and after hearing the evidence re
ported that in their opinion the .bridge
should I e made . free. They vatted the
bridge a . $12,500„an amount higher than
the lirSt4urk found, and lower than the
valueiplAced by several bridge builders.
Miss DARR had a narrlw escape from
a dangerous burning Tuesday thinning.
She was emptying ashes in the yard.when
her eh,thes caught, lire and she :vrould
undoubtedly have been seriously injured
if she had not thrown herself on the
:,•round and remained quiet until the
flames were smothdred by Reed. Smalley.
Timm: are. already five hundred men,
Ititdi, Swedish, Italian, and Spanish, at
work on the new Pine Crick Railroad,
and more are coning every week. The
home life of thet3 men is not very invit
ing,-Most of them Itvim in - the shanties,
as thiek'as a drove of cattle in a yard.;
and not much eleanfier in same cages, if
the stories toll of them.artArue.
Tut: Germania Bop given - Priday ; nighi.
wtbi a success. There were about fifty
couples, several being from other towns,
and Inc ‘,‘ mazy " w - as indulged in until
she early risers were thinking of building
iheir morning tires.- Au exchange in
speaking of the dance says the Towanda
girls arc pretty, but that being a matter
of history and not strictly a part of the
affair proper,
,we omit the statement.
Ws.. have received .from East Smithfield
a communication relating to the post-Of
lice appointment from a " iend of :both
applicants" which we omit, because it
would lead to more 'dirtussion of the ques
tion, and would not result in coo& to ei
ther party. From the statement of our
correspondent we judge both .applicants
are deserving men, aud• it apvears 'that
both are more or, less disabled. _
T. liArmoxn tojbAntionx; the President.
of the State Line ina'Sullivan railroad,
is entertaining" Robert • Glendenning,
Robert Buist, Reuben Lukens' and Win.
B:, Bullock' at Bernice. The gentlemen
are li-reci by both bdsiness and_ pleasure,
and the inspection of railroad :Property,
examination. of timber lands and other
matters of business will altegfate with
fishing and pleasure excursions.
Wonuin's Journal says : Why
have we nut mbre girls called by the no
ble or graceful appellations- of Agatha,
Alethis, Arabella, 'Beatiice, Bertha, Ce
celia; Evelyn, Ethel, Gertrude. Isabel,
Leonora, • Florence ? ' M ildred, Philippa,
Pauline, Ilthla, Clarice, AnnabPl,. Irene,
Zoe, Muriel, E feile , Eugenia, Eupbetnia,
Christabel,- Thete4a, Marcia." Antotiiii,
Sibylla, Hosabel, Rosamond, etc. Wi.
don't know, but. if we have a thousaml
g:rls we wouldn't call one "etz."
_ A (71. rm ER cow died recently, - and upon
rxamination an axe was fond in the ani,
mars - stomach.—Agitator. This and sim
ilar stories are going the rounds or our
euehangea, and we wish to state that a
Bradford County cow was recently killed,,
that hid in her stomach seven lengths oil
stove pipe, a portion Of the Andre monu- i
meta weighing two tons, fair coal dumps,
:a brick :church and a small steam saw
mill Vt-e have another cow in mind to
be killed main, which will probably beat
this recert
IT isn't often that a horse loads himself
into a -wagon ; but that is: what one did
last Thursday. A team was bitched to a
wagon opposite- -the green, and.-being
frightened by the -cars- the . horses com
menced jumping aturat last one . of them
climbed entirely intaithe wagon where he
lay struggling until the wagon was tipped
over and he was releaied. Ilitching horSts
in the street. is a practice which ,in many
cases is poor economy, it is always an
annoyance. Cannot something be done
to prevent it? •
General Orders No. 1: •
1. The folio-Wing named Comrades are
hereby appointed committees to-repare
for the proper observance of next Decora
tion Day, Tuesday, -May 80th, viz '
Colman e of Arrangements—J. A: Willi
A. D. Albert, O. D. Lyon, C. T. Vallow•. -
ell, L. S. Blasdell: • - • .
On Roteera—G. V. Myer,• Chairman ;
C. F. Crotis, E. G. Owen, W. Gale..
orilnritation*-11. B. McKean, Chair;-
- man ; E. Overton, D. - W. Scott.
I On Finanee—E. A. Thrinispon, Chair-
ESMEItALOA will not be, played here' man ; B. } M. Peck, George W. Kilmer. - •
next week as we announced. The ladies i 04 Musk—S. McClen, Chairman
have received notice from the Madison J. M. Hatt, G. W. Kilmer. '
Square Company - that they. will not be To take charge of eeremonies'at Hellen
I emitted to produce the play, and conse- A. 'Thompson. S. V. C.
quently they will have to give it up. The At Ghent and Horn' Brook—ll. B. Mc.
foolishness of the refusal is on a par with •Kean, J. V. C. -
with its meanness, for the people of To- I
, Cominittee of Arrangements at. Hollon
%%midi% will - remember the discourtesy ; W. Gale, George W. Kilmer.
when tne company come next year, and !.Committee Of Arrangements at Ghent
• •
the many who would have gone to .Com-, —W. E. Stephenson, 0. G:
pare professional :acting with amateur' Committee of Arrangements at Horn
will now stay away; and a feeling of IV- Brook-.F. Cortez Rockwell, Surgeon.•
sentment will keep.many more from a t -1 Ensost, ' -A. A.. PralltN,
. - • kip:stank Commtaden
WE wore shown through the fine atom
i-of Powell f& Co. yesterday, and we think
the display of g oods the bestme ever saw
in a store outside.of a city. Ths stock in
the dry goods, carpet, dress goods, ladies
furnishing goods, and Win and shoe de
partment, is.' large • and selected:, with
care, and everything was convenie ntly ar.
ranged for examination.. The stole is
one thaw the town ought to be prohd of as
well as the owners, and the fact that the
sales . were+ unusually large in March,
shows that the people of the county ap
preciate their efforts. -
" BRICK " POMEROO4 old press. used
so many years in publishing the REPOR
TER, was shipped by us last week to Da
mon &- Peets, New York. The press-Was
used by the' irrepreisible a' Brick "' in
printing the Alhenrilin at Athens,• and
many of his brlliant mtterauces were:giv
en to the Wqrld through the mediutri . ' of
the old WPshinton priess, whicht.hasltone
into rirraw'r• bands. WO gave Mr. Pom
eroy a clum6e to par base
,the: old relic of
his younger days when: neither . fame nor
a frequently disrepittable notoriety were
so common with him as now ; but he is
evidently man devoid of sentiment, that
is rentiment , lett costs something, us he
lefuses'our o lir— - •
T.IIE causes of the " northern lights,"
so called, are not difficult to understand.
The longeoutinued north winds have
brought along with 'them their surplus
electricity which always prevails Wore as
coolpaied the South istud as the South
ern atmosphere, in its regative condition,
looves northward in the higher regions to
restore atmospheric equilibrium,
makes an effort to also restore the electri
cal I.quilibrium. The passage of the elec
trical element from the lower to the high
er atmosphere to accomplish this end is
attended with all the phenoMena we call
'anthem lights. IVhen the electrical
equilibrium, which has beet' disturbed, is
restored the plieuomena Ceagb• - •'' Wafierly
11 droerte. • .
THE Athens correspondent of the Elthi
ra Gazette says: Our side-walks are in a
horrid condition; and as yet no st .ps have
been taken to have them.repaired. Would
it teit be SA ell 'for our officials to take the
subject-into consideration, and have them
put in proper shape before the borough is
called upon to settle a bill for. broken
Hon. John Keller is selling a
large number of buihing, lots near his res
idence, at Olen Valley, and building has
rapidly commeleed ....Charles Parks has
fitiishee and tog occupies his palatial res
idence which adibi: largely to the beality
of that enterprising. hamlet... . Among
the _manufacturing interests about to be
established, there is a mammoth pretzel
factory-to be put up by a- stock company
and surietintended by Keller.... A brew
ery is now talked of, and will probably be
built during the summer.
Leis ARNOLD Imt with a serious ac
cident on Monday while goinz with his
stage between Potterville and Leßayii
yille. lle was lixina a tug when his hOree
kinked, striking him on the right side of
the face near the nose, inflicting serious
wounds on both upper and under jaws.
Po, tunatelylust at the time of the. acci
dent his brother Seneca, Mr.. Wilt of this
place, and other gentle.nen came along
and cared for the injured elan who
tinned senseless for soma time". Mr.
Arnold was placed- in his stage and his
brother went as-fast as possihlel for a
physic:an, while the stage was dritien in
the . direction of medical- assititanse.
There oral considerable• excitement for a
few. moments, and the prompt, action of
Mr. Wilt prevented a runaway, and the
care of all' the , gentlemen present was
given in making;Mr. Arnold as comforta
bleas circumstances would permit.]
County Convention, will be held in Mer
cur Hall Tuesday, May 2, 1882, at 1,20
r.. 11. Called in pursuance of a resolution
of the • Towanda Auxiliary Assodiation.
All iriendsi of the measure are earnestly
iirgv.l to attend. Clergymen. and Ladies
especially invited to engage in the' work
and be present. Ex-Chief Justice A:gnew,
of.the - Supreme Court. and President of
State Association, has been invited to
be present and address the ConVention.
.Judge Jessup, of Montrosn,. was , alSo in
vited, but will be unable to atteno on Re- . :
count of professional engagements. _ln.
expressing his regrets, the Judge. adds
"The people are beginning to awake .to
the importance of this tnatter. It ought
to have the sympathy of every tax-payer,
and the hen co-opertion of every right
minded man in the State." Hon. George
Laudon and others are expected to 'be
present and address the. Meeting. 4 Conte
out and hear this important question fair
ly discussed. --0. J. CIIMIBUCK,
- Corresponding Secretary.
1 - 17'g received list Saturday the following
letter from " " POmeroy
"1 - ours of Bth at hand. As I am!work-.
fug out of the printing business rather
than into it, and hive no use for any eth
er than a fast power press, I do net care
Ito purchto•e the hand press you spqnk of,
althon<da I thank you vpry much for your
kind offer to Inc. The accumulating cares
consequent upon the steady increase of
minim , business I am engaged in, and re
spi.nsibilities which Cue same bring, will
before long requite all of my time SO that
1 1 , can give no part of it: to the printing
business other than to devote an Geur or
so each night and morning to the pen
busineSs. . -
• "Again, that press never brought me
any good luck, and I do not really .care
to bring an unlucky thing into my office.
Not that. - I believe in fatality . of such
things, lint, it is-always well enough to be
on the safe side !- With best wisltes,
Very truly and fraternally thine,
• !
THE great scheme on foot at the county
t now is the proposed dredging. and
damming of Ille'Suelinenanna, riVbr to
mike it navigable from its mouth 'Co the
York State line, or Caitlin- up if neces
sary. -- Congressman - Scranton his been
drawn into the business and ap?ears
much' interested in it, and promises to do
bust, to get-a preliminary appropria
tion of $lOO,OOO to scrape out the river
bed between here and Tunkhannock, and
to enliSt the efforts of all the members
whose constituents a e among the river
lying dihtriets, and get a. survey of the
whole stream. If this survey :results -as
many are contidentit will, then $150,000
more will be. asked - for to complete the
work to the' head waters. There are not
wanting very many in .this section who
liaVe the utmost faith that tile Susnne
hanua may be made navigable its entire
length for all times of year except those
few mouths when the river-is ice-blocked.
Thu advantages to the business future,of
thiS region that might grow' out . of a
great hi hway like this would be incalcu-,
lAN, But like everything else, the
measure has its enemies and unbelievers
in the practicability of the scheme.—_
Pittston Gazette.
No. 67. U. A.
TOWANDA. April 22, 1852,
./v 7
`. 4 -3 7 •
—Hon. P. D. Morrow is at Clifton
Springs. -
—Hiss Espy has s clans In elocution at
the Institute.
—A daughter of the jailur,llls. Smith,
died on Tuesday at South, Ildl. -
-L-Dr. Taylire and finally left lust Wok
for their new borne, lo Troy; i
Alni. Judge lughatil was in toisu last
weiek as the guest of. Mrs. Watkins.
I d
—Miss *min Smith, East Stroud , -
burg. Pa., ivisiting hie in Wyalulibig
and Towa s. ,
—Bisho Howe will be at - Christ
Chuith, djiril 217tu. to confirm thole rea
dy for continuation.
—Rev. (. F. -Rosonmuller and wife are
'having a trip on the lakes with. Col. R. A.
Packer in his sawn yacht Emilie.
• —lt is said that tbe. Ron. Jobn I.
Mitchell will be one of _the. delegates to
tte tkati Convention from Tioga• County.
.Tay Chapel, formerly a resident of
Towanda, and at present a correspondent
of a Philadaphia paper, was in town list
—Miss flora Kinney, of Waverly. who
has been visiting her sister, Mrs.. E. D.
Buffington, of thin place, returned home
—The Rev. J. C. Brainard, the efficient
Methodist Minister of Nichols, has re
moved to Charleston. lit.. Rev. S. F.•
Wright takes his plare.
—THE Denioontts of Bradford County
want Judge Elwell, of Columbia County,
nominated by the Democratic Convention
for Governor.—Muney Luminary. •
—Owing to-tailing health, Rev. J. H.
Weston, recently located at. Wyalusing,
but now of New Milford, Ps.. is obliged
to give up pastorate labor for the present.
—David Camera% Esq., Of Wellsboro,
has been appointed Second Assistant Dis
trict: Attorney - of the Wes ern District,
assisting William . A. Stone, a former
VVellsboro man.
—WILL Simmons, who has been teveral
years with the Novelty Furniture Compa
ny, of Athens, has gone to Elkland. in
Ting.i Ciounty, where he will ,establish
furniture manufactory of his own.
—John,Devine, of North Towanda, was
seriously 'njured on. Monday. He ivas
helping William Gunn to move when 'his
team became frightened, throwing him to
the ground ana running over him, frac
turing some of his ribs and inflicting oth
er injuries.
WE havb received the following letter
from Ron.: V. E. Piollet, in answer to au
inquiry regarding crop prospects for the
'year :
Wirsox, .April 20; 1882.
bear Sir : —Your favour *slang me to
give youltriadea of the condition of crops
in Bradford County hay and winter grain.
and the Prospect for a crop compared
with 1880 and 1881, came duly: to hand.
In reply, winter grain has suffered from
two causes. Ttie < last fall's, extreme
drourb, arid our open and variable winter
season.' - W'th few exceptions winter
grain is standing thid on_the field; and is
not as proinising at this time of the year
in 1880 or 1881.
The season is not sufficiently- advanced
to speak with certainty at
.to_ the pros
pect,lof one coming !grass croli. There
are grave ; apprehensions that the gi ub
worm, which destroyed our pastures and
meadow land the latter y part - of last sum
mer and autumn, may prolong his v;slt.
There are many pasture and meadow
fields that will not recover until they are
re-seeded. The protracted freezing and
thawing this spring hai thrown out the
diver roots, and injuriously affected the
other grasses which are depended upon
for our hay crop. The promise is not
eonal to either of the two preceding
prim -
There will he an increase of the acre
age sown of our oat crop, induced by the
present exceptional 'market prices. I
judge from present appearauce that there
will be an effort to increase the corn o. op
this year. The tobacco plant is notpulti
vited to much extent in our county. The
dairy product is the main article of Brad
ford County's export, and will continue
to be the main reliance of our farmers.
The census of 1870 shows that Bradford
County made more butteethan any other
county in the State of Pennsylvania.
Reference to the market reports of our
chief export cities place . Bradford County
butter first in quality and price for the
dairy product. I should judge there will
be au increase of our dairy product over
either year you mention.
Bradford County is essentially agricul
tural,. and our farmers exceptionally in
telligent and enterprising. I think there
is a general disposition to diversify our
farming more than heretofore.
The cultivation of vegetablei is justified
b) our proximity to the coal regions, and
will undoubtedly' engage more attention
and take to quite an extent the place of
cereal produets and hitherto special luis.
band ry.
Phis brief note is writtrn out of corn
plimiut to your desire to be interested in
tike agriculture of the county you
. have
adopted as a journalist.
Vicron E. Pien.LET.
. .
AN exchange says :. " Last Monday, an
appalling traeedy occurred at Emporium.
A man named Preston Gowers deliberate.
ly shot his brother-in-4*, Clarence Linda
ley. linthen cut his wife's throat, and
wound up by killing himself, the throe
deaths occurring inside of ten : m.nutes.
G wore was jealous of his wife and Linda
! y. The men had been to work together
dimming the day, and after they' had eaten
supper, 'Glowers walked out. , Ho soon
returned, and meeting Lindsley as the
latter came out of the house, shot 'himi
The men had both been drinking.' They
were about twenty-five years old. Linda.:
ley was married to a sister of Growers'.
The . woman 'murdered
the second
wife of -( sowers ,
they having been
married a year. Gowers was dot .consid
ered entirely sane. Lindsley when sober
was inoffensive and industrious."
- _
• Mrs. Lucinda Morgan to Mrs. Eunice
Case, 77 acres in Columbia twp ; consid
eration, $3,000.4 • -
Isaac Kelley to T. S. Wilcox, 118 acres.
in Leßoy ; consideration ,
. $l,OOO.
Claton Wooster to Lumna Mott, acre
in Leßoy • consideration; WO.
• J. B. M. Hinman, executor of Clark
Sweet, leceased, to I). N. Newton, 4 acres
in Mame; consideration. $35.
Amaziall Gillett to Nelson Gillett, 50
acres ,in Ridgbury , twp ; consideration,
$250. •
4. M. Wattles to Lewis T. Lent, 51 acres
in AVvioit ' • musideration, $3750. •
•Richardßuston . et al. to Lewis T. Lent,
95 acres in Nye° ; contaidenttion, $1075.
Sarah J. Green to' -- Stiles, • 1 acre in
Troy.;.consideration, $l5O.
Tinsteesef St. Paul's church, of Over
ton, to Geo. O. Murseltban ' 13 acres in
Overton ; consideration, $39.5..;q
Sarah M. Arver to Caroline 'Kenyon, j
acre in Athens boro. . . .
. • John F. Means to Jas. Lynch; 98 acres.
in Towanda twp ; consideration, $l6OO-..
Jas. Lynch to John Fanning, 38 'acres"
in Towanda twp consideration , $1450.
Ellen Word M i ller and John Holmes'
to ElizaEoth :Lewis, 140 acres in Monroe;
cOnsidemtiOn, $l5O. •
Daniel Si'Wyatt to Edward Bride, his
interest in 89 acres in Asylum ; consider
ation, $2,000.
F: R. Lyon to G:. F. Lyon and C.
Hall, land in Athens borough ; consider
ation, $28:.14,18.
• Lyman Gates to Seth Gates, 162 acres
in_SMithfield ; consideration, $2,000.
Lyman Gates to Henry Gates, 200 acres
in Smithfield ; consideration, ;14110XL
Wyalusing Educational Union to Wya
lusing School District, 4 acre in Wyalus•
ing ; consideration, $1250.
Samuel Owen to Frank Peck, lot In .
Canton born ; consideration, s'4oo.
Ira Lindley to Martha! Wannest, 4 acre
irk Leßoy; consideration, $BOO.
tßridget Granger and Horace . Granger.
tO. E. T. Fox, 20 acres in North Towanda ;
consideration, $lO5O. .
* Albino Hulett to Wm. Hulett, 33 acres
in Athens twp ; consideration, $5O.
R. F. Holly to C. L. Lowry and' heirs,
50 acres in South Creek ; consideration,
F: W. lieges to Chas. L. LoittrY, 50
- sterna in South Creek : - eonaiderlition,ssoo.
Horace and Samuel Poinemy to A. B.
.Tobnson, lot in Troy born: consideration,
Albert Lent to Albert Lent, Jr.; 120
acres in Wysox ,• consideration,- $3OOO.
Albert Hitchcock to John W. Hollen
track and Wm. M. Amsbry, lot in 'Emu
rola twp ; consideration, $lO.
Lame Middaupll and others to. S. AV.
Kollinback andWm. - 1=80.04 1$
Tuitimeri Voris Ifdrudq .
:iota in Burlington ; ninaiderittiori, $5OO.
'Sarah Bantesand others•to Lunian Pat-
Haut, 128 acres ln'Onniville and 4 acre in
Canton;: onnaiditration, $2800:
8.W.. Wilcox to Sophronia Smith, A 7.
acres in Monroei; consideration, $300.,
- Sophronia Smith, adruinistrator'of Geo:
Smith, to B. W. Wilcox 57 acres in Mow.
roe.; .emisideration; laBoi* • •
Goo. W. Bailey to Sabra &a-hanger,
acts in LeHaysVille ; catsiderstlon,sBoo.
. James Vann to S. F. Wright, 1041 acres
in Sheshecptin ; consideration, $38.30.
Mi. L. M. Partridge died at. his • home
on- Lauiel near. Milan, Thursday,
April 20, 1684 f aged $9 years. The de
ceased had been a.faitbful member oldie
M.-fir Church - for:l2 years. His 'pleasant
manners and address gained -the. respect
and love of all , who were favored with his
Lida A. Dainty died in Asiddsburg,
April 9, aged 4 years 29 days. . Lids was
the only child of Thomas anu Badalu
Bentley. She was a very bright and affec
tionate little girl, the idol of her parents
and grandmother, who miss ber very
much ; yet they feel that what is their
Loss is their darling's gain. They have
the heartfelt sympathy of the ueighbor
Little Lida, thou haat left us,
And thy leis we deeply feel ;
Yet It's God that has bereft us,
And. through Him we try our hearts to still.
JOHN M 11141.1111.
John Miller quietly =passedaway after
a brief illness on Mcitiday morning, April
17, 1 1 882. Mr.- Miller was born in Now
Jersey, August 29.1802, and was there
fore nearly :80 years old *hen he died.
lie came to Ridgbury when quite a young
man, and' commenced to clear laud and
at out a harm, for his enjoyment in after
life. In this be was eminently successful,
for by hard work, ecanomy and stlictly
temperate habits, lie became one of Ridg
bury's foremost farmers art's , citizens.
Early in fife he married Miss Charlotte
Coleman; - a - most estimable lady, which
proved to be a happy union. They en
joyed this relations abqut 55 yeats--a re
lation In happiness and number of years
that but few mortals are permitted to
enjoy. M. Miller was `the father of elev
en children, three having died when quite
young : eight' still survive to mourn the
lo•is of their respected father. The funer
al was held on Wedneedty morning, April
10, froin Ws late residence. A very large
concourse of people were present to show
the high appreciation in which he was
held by them. • The funeral service was
preached by P. 8. Everett, of Wellsburg,
N. Y. Thus has passed away another of
our old.landmarks, 'a worthy citizen, a • d
a kind and indulgent parent. P.S.R.
H. grALDisio.
At a regular meeting•of Athens ] Lodg:
No. 165, I. O. 0. F., April 11, 1882, t e
following' molutions were uJaninions.7
'Passed -
WHEREAS ? Almighty. God in Ifia ini
nite wisdom has been pleased to Ireinoite
from our midst our beloved brother, I'.
G., A. H. Spalding, we his associates act
uated by a deep sense of gratitude to the
deported for his valuable services to this
Lodge, deem it fitting to testify to - the
fraternal esteem in which We have ever
held him by offriing same slight expres
sion of respect to his memory; therefore,
be it
Resered, TI atAn the death of P..G., A.
•li. Spalding, this Lodge can keenly real.
izee the loss of one of its oldest,and gen-,
erally active, earnest and useful members:
always laboring to promote add protect
its best interests, and whose wine counsel
was eagerly sought-in our Lodge and gen
erally appreciated.
Rosa/ved, That the unblemished integ
rity and many virtues of the deceased,
justly endeared him to all-who knew him,
in this community as ?. worthy eitizontu
every respect, while his purity of charac
ter abd benevolent disposition were ex
tended toward , relieving his fellow-men
proved him a true Odd Fellow.
Resolved,, l i s i tt in this hour of their
tnla t painfal a fiction, we tender the fam
ily of the departed our sincere condolence
hoping they may and consolation in the
conviction thatAheir sad bereavement is
his gain. -
Ressived„.That the foregoing be pub
lished in three different papers, and a
copy of the resolution.. be went to the
family - of the deceased. -
Local Correspondence.
S?ring has bad inotber bad elapse.
Miss Libbie Blackman is visiting friends
at this place.
Mr.. andi Mrs. Orrin Heverly are the
happy poagessors of a little boy. His
weight is ten pounds.
Miss Stephens, of Towanda, has . started
a millinery establishment at this place
with good succe,fs.
r. Reuben Parks is slowlk recovering
from an attack of iiiitimmatory rheuma
. Joseph, lieverly, has begun active
work towards the: building of a.' new
Stiecvy is sick with erysipelas.
L. V. Hcverly is home on'a visit.
And so we are to have a change of
postmasters. Wonder how soon the new
one takes his place. , T VERNON.
0 VELMON, April 24. {
The wooden wedding of James Kenyon
and wife, on the - 18th- instant, was well
attended, and there were many valuable
presents and a gixid time.
The boys who started lo hunt Indians,
came back to stay the first night, and
will wait for warmer weather.
Freeman Pierce his bought at team
Consideration, $2OO. • • •
M. W. Pierce is happy. Not a•boy. o
girl. but a pension. , .
.Mr. Wheeler is stilt quits feeble.
When is the Christening to be?
Our Sabbath School flourishes.
Miss Alice Ryan will teach our district
school term, to commence the first Wed
neitday in May. This is the third term .
-for Miss Ryan in this district, and there
is no use changing teachers as long as the
patrons are satisfied. . •
Mr. Fred - McCollum, late of the firm of
Gernert & McCollum, at Troyi having
,withdrawn from the mercantile business,
will, we are told, (melee° his farming as
Sowing is mostly done with us, but
Vennor gave as an. April fool ;:on the
weather question.
Mr. Tommy Hines has gone; to the
Sunny South for the benefit of his health.
Isis return is indefinitely postponed. We
miss hitrgenial face, and hope he pay re
gain his wanted health.
April 23 1882.
Mr. Stephen Russell is very low with
typhoid pneumonia. This disease is quite
prevalent in this locality. Among the
others who suffer from the same disease
are Miss Cotton, Mrs. Samuel Walker
and Mr. Amerman. "
It is reported that D. B. fitrope . and
Polly •Prince were married to-day. They
will returu horn their wedding tour soon
and -reside in this place, to the satisfaction
and joy of m thy friends. '
Our school of ?7 pupils is taught by
Miss Emma L. Case, of Rome, and she is
doing finely., - ,
We have a new school house, so the old
"barn" is no longer occupied. '
Mr. James Ellsworth has Bold hiS farm
to E. Broadman and hair gone to Michigan.
Mr. Itlceaslio, of Rome Borough, 11 . 1144
sold his house, lot and blacksmith shop
to Mr. Anson Case. The former moves
to Athens.
The select school at Rome, taught by
. F. Hexed', haiclosed for want of pat
ronage. - -
Mr. Thos. Hill has returned from Ito
pine woods of Cameron county and is n r
busy on his 'fan* = -
Miss Amanda Bostwick, of Windham,
is visiting friends in this place.
Miss Sarah Gable is about to leave for
an extended visit_ to Apalachan, N. Y..
where she will be the guest of Mr. 'Na•
thaniel - Sherwood. •
-Mr. George Gable ha* a fine Iron - gray
colt of the Bettrand-Pateben stock, which
promises to make ohe of
/ the thieet F 940.
Usti th* country 4
- Nh , Grnmari AVralA "SC
'rho new doll); wail route from Asillont
to Hothirt'a_rerry - been let to E. L.
Jarmo& Ho. .-oM.ft*W tattyltlig the
mail on the 24th inst.
- Mr..e Ili E. Gilbert; of, Asylnut; bits ptiti•
chased a span of Ktntticky .mulee, - ,threei
yeartfold for s3Bs:' Tett/ weeks agn.they
-were mot halter-broke;' now ho uses them
for all kinds of teaming, upon, his farm ."
. . .
On .Monday - We tasked - .Mr:- M. F. Cor
bin, of Silvaraoitid found bim sitting in.
a chair by. the stove,: ' The swe ll ing is
nearly all not of •• hii Cage, and in a, few'
days the doctors _win try and ,set thlow
sr and up•r.jairs Which - arnbroken,. and
take Out three teeth which- were driv
en from t heir places into his month:- •It
is with
,dillienity that he carries-on a
conversation with his many viiiitoril. , If
inflammation can be kept out he • will un
doubtedly recover. , - •.•\ • i
. 1
Mr. Fred D. Kerrick has presented the.
First Methodist church or ;Asylum an
elegant $l5 eight-day clock. The•church
has abundant reason - to thank the genet=
ons .
giver. ! • . .
There seems to be a lei-. prOspect now
for a hay cro., Stlll it is- too soon to
predict the result with ceitaitity.
N. P. 81.-•
Rev. S.-P. Gate.* of Canton} exchanged
pulpits with Roy. G. P. Sewall on Sun
day last, add preached very able and-ac
ceptable sermons morning and evening.
. Rev. J. G. Encell,. of, Smithfield, was
hero last week'and delivered his two very
interesting lectures, giving flue Stereopti=
con views with o the same. Mr. Encell - ki
au able lecturer and his pictures tqe
among the Bost of their kind. His long-
personal- acquaintance with' President
Garfield makes his lecture on that topic
one - or superior interest., and his lecture
upon travel in foreign lands shows him to
be a close observer of fads and people.
Dr. Bowers; of Philadelphia, will lec-,
rum the afflicted on. diseases of various
sorts, and ou the miibjecc,,of anatomy. He
.is to renntiri,three days,* • -
Teachers' examination , was , held here
Saturday, April 22, when all of a class of
thirty passed very creditable examina-
tiOns. Some of the certificates granted
were of an excellent grade. Prof. Ryan
was accompan ed by Mrs. Ryan who
made pleasant calli upon friends here.
Mr. Lewis E. Crane is recovering froin
a severe attack of typhoid pneumonia.
Will 11. Grant is doing a fine business
.Auburn; N. Y., as - engraver—a busi
nefis.for which be is well qualified.
B. W. Edwards and John Baldwin have
returned from Texas... They report' a
pleinimt trip and that the wheat drop:
looks fine in that country. -
Christian is clerking for 0. H.
Smith. John is a ; genial fellow and a.
good saloFnan.
. • .
Miss H. E. .Toues has returned from
New. York *hero she has been purchasing
goodg, and is now ready to furnish her
many cuitomerti with any "thing in her
line of trade. •
William Mahoney is happy. It is a
Miss I.Yorat Pattuu has returned from
Sullivan county where she has been visit-
tg for soine tiinte past.
• There was a necktie and- maple sugar
party ato4-, residencg; of M. L. Kerney
last week fiirl i he benefit of the Methodist.
Sunday sclniol - "Skinner's Eddy. A
good time waz enjoyed, and the funds of
the school was largely increased:
The, fierce tight that took place bet Ween
W. G. Cuhurti and William Christian a
few days ago. was a disgraceful affair and
ought to have been prevented by the
officer and'bystanders..
There is rejoicing at Cheater E. Camp
bell's, because it is a girl.. Weight, . ten
and one-half pounds.
Our farmers Are wide awake sowing
large fields of oats and planting potatoes.
It is hoped that Bradford County will not
have to depend on Ireland and Scotland
for tubers again. •
Hon. George W. 'Moscrip is at work on
the south side of : Sugar Creek Oiling
stumps and clearing - up a neglected field
for. a crop. He has been at consiMrable
expense putting his buildings in repair,
and, is slicking up his farm generally af
ter the manner of a good farmer.
Rev. Mr. Troxell is an earnest and pop
ular preacher of the Gospel, and is very
good at raising money for benevolent pur
poses by collection. - •
- Miss Margaret Milder, from the West,
arrived here on Saturday last,ft . and is a
guest of Mrs. !Maria Morley, her sister.
Mrs. Merab Windwfirth; of Springfield,
Pa., was visiting her many friends in this
place last week.
L. King, of is to de-
liver a lecture at :West Burlington, on
Friday excning next. Subject, "Rebel
Prisons,'!" , -
• M. E. Quarterly Meeting at Burlington
Borough, on SaturilaS? next.
Dr. It. 3lurdock is reported siek.
The.lino (?)of lie "bean pole" Was
eseor Constable William . T i neke be
fore D4fintre. William Wright, - - on Fri4y
of last week, where he pleaded guilty to the
charge, and was fitted twenty dollars and
the costs of:proseentiott. .
JBB2. -
Tour correspondent has not been dead
during the past few Weeks, neither has he
been asleep (all of the time) but has beeu
removed from the borders of civilization.
This accounts for our silence.
• .
During, the month several' important
dents have transpired, which:have , all
been made known to the publie through
lout paper. The excitement oecasitured
_by the burglars had scarcely subsided,
when fire made its appearance in our
midst. Previous this two of Smith
lieliPS young ladies Chose a Wedded life
and were made happy, These events
have not been Without their warning le4.
sons. The sneak-thieves taught us that
the locks and ,k ys of stores, dwellings
and even postoffice have been no, protec
tion to property. They yielded, even
when - inexperienced boy:thietees made a
effint to overcome then]. The-tat
-est weddings show to a certainty, that the
maiden in - her teens, as well- as the ven
erable matrons who have, passed through
the several stages and finally
.turned the
last corner ' is subject to the matrimonial'
fever. The flames ha o: taught us that
the old buildings which - have _stood for
generations, and with no insurance, are
not proof against the destructive de
ments. A few dollars premiums paid
once in a few years is a slight .toss corn
pared-to the value of one's home.
Our: schools open :Monday. We under
stand that two or three districts have not
been presided with teachers as yet. $l4
per Month is paid this season, and teach
ers travel for their bread and butter a
cetera. • . • •
portions are now on. the sick
list. Among them are Mrs. Asa Phyllis
and Mrs. Joel .Harris.
. some graielms been sown.
At the last: teachers'. examination here
not one of the applicants . who had attend
ed the graded school during the last few
years failed to get a certificate. Several
parties froni adjoining townihips were
not so fortunate. . X. •
Among the many locals in the REPORTER,
we see nothing of . late from Ghent, and
think it about time that our gown was .
beard from.". , -
- Farmers are very busy' getting in their
spring crops.
If you wish to' sea some tine farms,
choice. stock, valuable horses, - etc.; you
must visit the old reliable .farmers of
Ghent, w: , o will also show yo - u how to
"farm for profit."
. We have had our share of -sickness :
Mr. Bailey Belo id, whose life. was -des
paired of but a few days since, is now im=
:proving under skillful treatment of
C. 11. D. Cole.. of Sheshequin.
3lr. Miles Merrill, is Suffering from au
abscess, or periosrial swelling of Die jaw,
which has now snppurated ,and is. doing
well under - the core of Dr. T. B.4ohnson,
of your borofigh.
Mt. It: Young his sold his snug little .
farm to Dr. W. C. Ransom, who has just
; taken possession. Mr. Young has taken
apartments in the house otitis son-in-law,
Professor AV: P. Morton, anti - has por
chased a Mimi in - North ;tome which is
being cared . his 'grand son; F.
Yonng.: - ' • • ' •
Mr, L Yottlist basjost completed his
flue The litetteil end grate"-
Mg is very skififulfy dime by an o'd gen
tleman seventy years of age, who has
worked in the Palace Car Works of. flosa
ton ' Massachusetts, and is the finest work
we have seen outside of the loge cities.
When you come to Ghent gke us a call.
If yoU - certer by way of Mr. Chas. Valhi's,
bewaie of the dog. " lie !s dangerous,
but iii usually kept chained. '
If you use this we will try to be more
interesting And newsy next time.
: April 24. 1882.,,
MESSRS. EDITORS ;— Our ol d mend,' the
Reronl'Ess, is stilt a . welcome guest to
many of oui best Istmilies, Bach week Ai
seems to be more heavily laden with the
choicest locals and general news.
Our Sabbath Scholl is prospering finely
under the Superintendency - of Mr. J. Wo
ols.), assisted by Rev, Alonzo Babcock.:
Church services at Bumptown, at 11
O'CIOCIC. A. M., and (Our o'clock P. as., each
Sabbath. The Church has been furnish
ed with carpet, lamps, ztovesyete., by the,
proceeds from mite societies, sociables!
and coneertr.
Our summer school .begins May Ist.
The North Rome school, .of twenty-sev
en pupils; is doing well in charge of, Miss
McCabe, of that village.
Mr., Eugene tent, the enterprising,
merchant of North. Rome; has a very val
uable collection of ;relics du the line of
coins of different nations, bank bills, etc.,
among'which noticed a Colonial cur
rency bid of denomination six dollars,. is
sued by the Maryland Colony in the year
1767, or nine years before the Revolution,
and so well preserved that the signature.
is quite easily read. His collection al-
Most, if not quite, equals that of Mr. Pe.
leg'Peck's, of Sylvania, Pa.
•. whicli is re
garded by, many as being tt:e" test in the
001 r. Smull, the prosperous tanner iof
Athens, has purchased a valuable timber
Met in this place, and soon the bark
peeleris and a steam sawmill will-be busy
in theii. all iy below, and to the west
NIT. W.' W. Mi;leis, iTlio, by - the way, has
better music in his own family than they
can make.
Mr. A. E. Arnold, of :13umptown, 114.
one of the tinest tbree-year-old colts in
the county. lie is a beautiful iron. grey
oaf the Bertrand Patchen stock, weighing
1;100 piminds, and with Careful training,
twill make a fast horse some day in , the
near future.
Oats kvill be cheap after the harvest, if
the season is favorable for them, or a
least we judge so, by the large amount
- being sown. ,
It this is worth space you may exec
to hear from us later:
ONE OF THE "F. B. cnonv."
April 19, 1882.
People are very busy, no person being ;
idle' that wishes to work. .There mAy
found in all places idlers of both sexes
that would like easy places and high sala
ries for their presence, 'but none of our
willing workers iu town or country are
out - of employment. We occasionally see
an able bodied *ramp, -however, and pity
the people who encourage such ',ractices
by feeding-them.
The fields begin to assume a spriri
appearance, and an unnsoal ammo. ofi
ma-leg grain is to he sown, judging by to
fields already plowed.
Scandal mongers, persons desirous of
injuring neighbOrs, and blackmailers, are
busy in %rations places, but, those thus far
attacked- will not be injared ieriou'ily by
their designing. 'Tis strange how soon
a person's vittuos are forgotten if any
chat t le b brought against him, no matter
front how low a source and stronger still
that those who have associated in friend
ly'irays "should s 4 easily lend a listening
ear. The 'deal Ido -not escape,=-widows .
and orphans are of respected. minister s
are-numbered wj h those sought to
jured by the .le Creatures in human
form, and virt is decried.
Mr. Ira El tree is this- week,
engaged in the . second ,‘trial of his-suit
with the-Erie railroad, for damages re
ceived in getting off a train a few years
ago. -The jury-disagreed in the first
Dr. E. P. Allen, of this place, is 'a wit
ness in the case.
Rev; Mr. Vatrons has resigned his pas
torate of the Baptist Church, to take ef
fect in July.
Mr. Ira Minier, of - Green's Landing,
having lost a horse, -, some of his friends:
quietly circulated around, ano the result
of their missions will be asubstantal pres
ent that will go far towards replacing the
loss. Who says that is not a Christiani
community? • .•
-Some Of the G. A. R. bays visited their
Smithfield brothers last week and - report
a; very pleasant. time. -Such "representa
tives of the •order are bound to have a
good.tinr, and their popularity insures
them a weleome. • • .*
April 24, 1882.
WE are strongly disposed to regard that
person as the best physician who. does
most to alleviate human suffering. ;Wk.:
ed from this Standard, Mrs. Lydia L.
Pinkbam, 233 Western Avenue, Lynn,
Mass.; is entitled- to the , front rank, for
her Vegetable Compound is daily working
wonderful cures. in femille diseases.. Send
for circular to the above address. -
Warner's %safe Kidney and.Liwer Cure
"ar Have derived some benefit from
the um) Of Simmons' Llver . ltegulator, awl with to
give It a further trial.
"I have n-2 , ver seen or tried such a simple.
ciwe, satisfactod and pleasant remedy in niv.llte.
H. HAINES, St. Louts, Mo."
April 23, - 1882, by H. K.' Mott, Esq., NI r.
Isaac Jennings and Miss Katie Campton,
both of Franklin,
STROPE—PRINCE. 7 -At :the 3... E.
parsonage, hi Rome,
April . 20, 1882,._ by
Rev. S. B. Keeney, Mr. L. B. Strobe and
Miss Polly Mince, both of Rome.
Rev. B. Jones. .19th inst., at the brifie's
father's, Mr. E. C. Stnidevant and Ms's'
Lucy E. Howell, both of Albany;
April 22 1822, .by the Rev. B. Drum
mings,•Mr. John E. Newman to Miss Lo
ceJO. Andtews, both of Sheshi.gnin..
_ _
odist. Parsonage, April 25, 1882,. by Rev.
Cfiarles,H. Wright, Mr: Henry J. Cool
baugh and Miss Ada Ennis, both of To
wanda. - '
.Metliodisi, Parionage, April 25, 1882, by
Roy. Cluirles Wright, Mr. George M.
Tompkins and Wis . Ida Tiirneri• both •of
'Aleshoppeu, Pa.
PHELPS—tIARRIS,—At the home of
the bride, April 19,, 1882. by, Rev. J.
Lloyd Jones, Mr. Laporte •H. Phelps, of
zlnringfield township, and : Miss Ella M.
Harris, of South Bratich.
• 'HILLER.—In Ridgebnry, April tab,'
John Miller, aged 80 years.
FULLER.—In Springfield, April 13th,
Mrs. Merely, Fuller, aged 82, years..
BROWN.—In Aurora, Illinois, Mrs.
Frank Brosin,;formorly of - Wysox, I'a.
'TAYLOR min Granville, Pa.,_•April,
12th. of erysipelaq, Laura, wife of Vo hiey
Taylor, aged 51 years.
H AHKNESS.—In Springfield; Apr ill
180, - of general debility,. Miss - Sophia
Harkness, aged 60 years.
.• HULL. In Troy, April 19th, of gener
al debility, Mrs. Lydia Ann Hull, widow
pf the:late George X. Hull, ag4d 69 years.
V. tiNNESS.-In Wysox, Maid)
1882, of ineinurauous croup, .Susie, infant
daughter or Horton and Marie Van
nese. • .
PECK—In Troy, Pa., April 18tb, of
pneumonia, at the residence of her so%
George L. Peck, Palmy, widow of the
late Jonathan, Peck, aged 82 yearn.
Mon. PAUL D. Moaaow, Piesideet Judge of
toe lath Judicial District. consistleg of the county
of Bradford, has issued hit precept bearing de e
the lath day of March, 1842. to me directed, for
holding a Court of Oyer and Terminer, General
Jail Delivery, Quarter Sersion of th 6 Peace, Com
mon Pleas and I trphans' Court at Towanda. fur
• the county of Bradford, commencing on Monday.
111 A Y 1et,1882, to continue three weeks.
Notice Is therefore hereby given to the Coroners
and Justices of the Peace of the county of Brad
ford, that they be then and there to their proper
persons, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of said day,
with records. Inquitrit ions and other remembrances
to do those things which to their office appertains
to be done:'and those who are bound by recogni
zanees or otherwise, to prosecute against the pristo
nets who are or may be In the jell of amid county,
are to be thee and there to prosecute against theta
as shall he just. Jurors are requested to be punc
tual in their attendance, agrerably to their pot Ice.
Dated at Towanda, the f.l day of Pebitiarl. In the
• year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
Amd elghty•two o anti of the ludependente of tits
Halted Stipa one hundred and alga. - -
WILLIAM T. 11128117/4
We would call SPECIAL . ATTENTION to this Department r We
have constantly in stock a full lice of COFFINS and CASKET&
Further thin this, we guarantee our Virt.).R.ll AS GOOD and PRICES
AS LOW as any place in the country. Give us a trial and convince your.
selves. 'Don't forget the place.
Bridge Street Furniture Store !
We are now' prepared to show'our IMMENSE STOCK OF SPRING
FURNITURE, * and:feel confident that , we can give you BARGAINS its
every, line.
Chamber Suits, $2O to 5150 each.
Parlor Suits, $5O to sloo,each.
Dining Chairs, 20c to $2 each.
Lounges, $6 to each. -
Mat t tresses, $3 to $2O each. -
Spring Beds, ,s 3 to $l2 each.
Mein Abvertiorsotts.
LORD CLYDE will make the
season of 1682 at the farm of the
subsctiber. one mile west of the
village of East El Bilgeld. Both
Sire and Item Iniported. Bred
be Wm. Cozier.' Northport, Long
" ,
Island. As we give the breeder's
name and address In full we can assure patrons
that we arc not offering the services of a
. grad.f
horse. T1:n515,05. W. A. WOOD.
East Sofithfleld Pa., Aprll 5,1582.
Hay; Straw and Crain
For which we will pay tbe HIGHEST
MARKET PRICE, delivered here
or at points ou L. V. R. R.
Bath; ne of Dedrlck • s Perpetual Presses,
with patty for baling 50 tons per day. we are
ena ed to receive large quantities of hay and straw
• many of the principal shipping points of this
and pdjninlng enuntlex.. We are also agents for
the improved Bale Ties.
Clfflwo nv... I•vrnh k T miry** qt .r*. nn<lll.lllll
Country orders. Promptly
Attended to, •
Ira, N. Y., April 20, 924Inurs
SPRING, 1882;
Would announce that they have re-
ceived; and have now open for inbpta
tioni their SPRING STOCK OF
CARPETS. which aside from being
larger than in former yea're, conipri-
sea 'a greater "
variety of STYLES
AND QUALITIES; consisting o?
Body Brussels,
Tapestry. Brussels,
Extra. Supers,
_• Cotton Chains,
Hail and Stairs.
SELS CARPETS, together with a
LARGE and CROLIE aisortnient. of
Bordeml 4nd MOW CUIR MATE for
(lottolfsit -
E. B PIERCE, Bridge Street, Towanda, Pa.
Will inalce . scason of tat? st his owner's stable in
Granville. Bradford . County, Pa.. except &mot
days. when he will be at Troy. Is known as otm
of the best generrt-furpose bar es lirlhe country.
as he and his colts were awa , ded ant premi
ums at the last County rain. for particulars
addreia ' ALVON.BAXTEtt,
27spra2. • West Burlington, Ps.
This celebrated STALLION, formerly
kept to Bradford Comity. Is hoet aiwln wed will
make the season at 4sts owner's friable at Noiantaln
Lake. - '
The undersigned, desirous of reducing
their large stock of -
85 00 to
12 00 "
Voir /Omits/in/ids:
" Stephen A. Douglass."
4. O. NICtiOLS, Mountain Lake.
April 4. 1882-amte.
Coffins, I Casksls, I Robes,
Wlllfrom this A
-L-4. rx COST !
data offer them
This ineins busiress, as it is a trite saying
that there Is no frlend,hlp Irt-tratie.
DOLLARS, such as you hare been paying fib
such ar will cost you Ca or/30. CALL
ON US , : but If you prefer to PAY DOD.
yourselves, as YOC and no ooe - else, ruler by It.
Furnished at a very MODERATE, Price
when desifed
Tos antL‘, Pa.. :::Ipre:-ienos.
33.5 E. 'Water St
Silks Silks Silks
Diess Goods;
White Goods
Laces Laces "
Linens Linens
Our Opening was a
Grand Success, and
we thank - all for their
B. Erlich & Son
$l5 Earot avatar-:t., yl
820 00
100 00
- Laces