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    Vtatibril 4eportet
Towanda, Pa., May 26, Mx.
GEN. LEw WALLACE, who goeis to . Con
stantinople as American Minister, beside
being a diplomat of no Ordinary ability,
is a romance - writer o 1 ranch brilliance.
TILE .North .Inierica7i: says that it is
understood that the new Commissioner of
Akrieulture will not undertake at present
to raise bullocks from beefsteak cuttings.
Jas Gort.u. controls 50,200 miles of
railway and owns 90,".:00 shares of West
ern Union telegraph stack. -_When be
(I.l*ws a cheek for millions he .ean't re
ineinber a month afrwards whether it
wad for live or ten.
7 .
-AT the close of b&•incas on Saturday
notices had ,been received at the Treasury
Deparlment for the continuance-of $209,-
-173,zri$0 of live per cent. bonds. ' In Most
rases — ltie l bonds have already been receiv
ed at the pepattnicnt:
GENERA!: Wm:Nr.u, Commander-in-
Chief of the:Grand Army of the Repubs
lie, has issued orders stating that dosEnt
Tt:strt.r., of Philadelphia; has contributed
sl:s,t;_lo tsiwaids the statue of General
lita•vntars, and inviting all Posts to con
tribute. _
Tilt: Chief Signal 011icer announces
that Mexico enters, by the Brownsville,
(Texas) and Tathpico Oleiico) cable into
ins e.)6ingibl c•mnec:i•in with the Unit
ed States Signal S..rviCe, and -- that: this
country "wilt rceciy...--:clita from 31ekico,
Vi.:a Cm: and Ti i mpico hereafter.
SINCE July 1, l' O, (1,1:10 miles of new
I,uhuui mail serried hits been established
by the I'4” : 4,llitte De. artment, The ex-
tensi o this seiviee for t e preceding
Yt.:ll' from July 1, 1'79, to June :X),„14.0,
of new !i4. - Tvico was es
t,iblislmtl, shows ao incrua . se of ';'01
Ttte Lr,11,1•.11:.7411.111i'd says of the new
h.inslation, ;Jill the Loblest book in the
English langmaie, referring, to the New
Testament, hi, been so revised as to de
111 ire it fir netch of it beauty, and if the
paw version is evea to ie. generally used,
it will have to he a , rain rizii : ted and many
alterations ilis;n7ll3.
of over
nye tholisanti can- - 1;04: elect a supcillitenkl
ent of 1,111;lit. sch ),,
31, , whose action will be
itylel)en4tit of of the county iuper
This wiil give - many counties
!..everal rupeTiuh . wlent,t, .thereby increas
ing the expeii,es'4 the ::ykent, but Wir
1•I Le le,Foil the puhlP,- ;;et the woith
131;:i:i , "il) and Iltm-
E 1., AN weir ii,111 , 1:11 at, Leball( /FS ? for
tic minder 14 11%:-.Ett. in order to
obtain.lifi itioney;,- - has Jusl been
nixie pig ..' Is states that TE.wlrt.\N,
ttho .ca, t ed. one of the 'Prin.-
i n l ip. conspiracy. The . guilt,
of SVisr, STitt , tit.rn and Diti,ws, who
were also hanged, conclusively shown.
l'iimmig:quNEit Li: Orr, of the Agricul
tural Pittri-an, it reNigned, and Mr.
itottur. It. Liotit:ii, of Massachusetts, is
hi; sueues , :or. Thi:, is ..1 chattge which is
very muidi for the 'triter. Mr. LE DU('
hl4l WM. anl w not without ability
of a eel Mill h he did not know
how to' developi ukfutnesi
of t lucid S'‘ :licit he administered.
, ,
I'ls, just, issued,
sloms.that thvicchtre of population, ac
cord_no2, to thelio.l.,n, of Itisti, is in'
1 11 ,1,-, minutes, .t.lB seconds.
moth and longitude sl degrees 39 min-
utcs ,n seconds west. This places it in
Kentiviiy one..mile flout the - south hank
of the t tl.itt , river, awl one
, and,
inihis southeast ill , : village of Taylors
ville. .
THE ivo!nt appeared at Wa7.
lei-town. N. Y.; :(Ic,ip,ying all kinds of
eizet Ilunfircd, of acres of pasture
land ate o.,Cpp:',l_ i f'eciry green thing.
lkports.froni all "pints c f Sr. Lawrence
county i;aileate that :he ravages of the
u‘eins extend o% cr.: lie whole or_N-,•-vrt-h-
ciu Nt:r6 . Yon consequences
a:y feared. Illany -gannet s are greatly.
11 k done iLf it bit to get "rid of
plying the fraudn7r at indebtedness which
was fostt ned upon !hew during the HER-
M( 14.'1their history, the people Of
t hare tUI lily concluded to
make thu .‘f bad matter. The city
it'd a taX•for the p a y_
mod of defluitcd iUrrire,.t. and will make
effur to refund their outstandt
ing'• &hi at a lower rate of interest.
Tim Chief of the Bureau of Statistics
leparts that the (.61 values Of the exports
of dottiest le br9fistuffs from the United
States during. the unnrth of. April, 1S• 4 1,
1 ! I, and. during . April, lssit,
$ . 2'2 ; 741.1,07 L F. r the four months ended
April :;o and for the
foul- months ended April :O, 1.,81,574,-
_,0,-17: 1 4. FOrthe ten monthS ended April
4 . .! . ,ri,115.mA1, and for the same pe-
i.'.u, I l,:;"7
KE‘r.xyr, the representative hoodlum
Hof San, Francisco, recently began to build
\tciilthoasand-dollar house, and his
ate wondering where on earth he
got the money. The mystery i not a
very profound one. Its
. explanation
that Kit xnw has not been a demagogue
tor nothing.. After the manner of his
kind, 'he has spouted stale
, sedition to
s.mne purpose, and put money in his purse
between the_acts. They all do it.
• is,at least some prospect of a
move-i,ing made by the officers of the
ic!:iiratice companies under whose names
nin,crupulout: agentA and exrunining sur
geons have been speculating on die lives
of Old and, intirmpersons. An investiga
tion of a nomlle ase is now being made
by an officer of a company in which a
it•Kpf insurance was obtained, and the
`k" pionipt arikst and conviction of the par
ties interestud in the swindling operation,
i...q.ronaised a, sow, as the evidence of the
fv.ctsin e.. 1 a "be secured.
IT is enriently v, ported that tlie Lake
Shore . ancl i,.!111:.;:in Southern Railway
Compat,:.•i l !nred . control of the Erie
Railway, :nil will assurnzt the direction of
its operation about July Ist.. It is no se
cret that Mr. VANDERI;ILT ptirehased a
large interest . in the road last . winter.
Shenk' the report of its absorption by the
Sliore be erilleit. 'there will be a
radical t kluge it thc policy of , the Erie.
luthe iiiittL:euictit may be ex
pectot. It is said t bat as soots as the bar
gam riot !it...consummated, two of Ibn
present directors will be sopriant et i b y
vrn of tllO
• TO. Annual Report of the Pennsylva
nisinstitution for the Blind, at Philadel=
phia; is received. There' are 121 children
under its -care and they arc
,trying to
give thern'all, beside a common educa
tion, training in some business by which
they will be able to earn their.own
Much attt n: ion is giv, n to music, as
many are 'fled in that way; and as
teac!fris, efinurs of inAritinents,
ters. fqc , it. iffltoped that maw.; will Lind
employ:m-Ift. .Nianufacturcs of various
kinds, clfif fly brooms utl , l brushes,
amotif.ted in 1.•_ 0 :0, to $5,t17:1.91. They
hale' ptir.ttf;l, in raised letters, school .
reaiters geography, philosllphy, Tflstnry,
astronomy:and a good selection of in:s.„
cellAncons reading.• pupil; from
New .Terry and Delawale, and . thcsc
Stites nial:o to it proportionate apprOPri,
ration." This institution mai incorporated
in T 3., so that it is nearly 59 years Old.
along its officers, arc foltud
mimes familiar in l'ennsyvania' p
thropic work.
- AN appeal hai been issued by the com
mandcr-in-chief of the Grand Army .of
the Ite,public to tli comrades over the
State to aid in the fund started by weiti
zen of Philadelphia by a subscription of
s'2:i,ooo to erect tit equestrian statue to
the memory of Major General Tons PUT.-
TON TlF.Y:sons, killed at, . Gettysburg
while he was in the act of accomplishing
a movement t vhich really won the famous
victory. It i eminently fitting that:such
contribntions should be made, but it is
also to be hoped that. the givers io this
fund be not confined to the Posts of the
Grand Army. If Pennsylvania owes a
41,nument. to any Man, it is teJons Fur.-
TON ItrA - Not.ns, and we earnestly hope
that the re. pie of the State will -honor
them elves in contributing on Decoration
Day to th . fund for raising -a monument
to t4t g al ant soldier.
. .
.T : tv Coolas's recovery from his financial
disaster,. says an exchange, is a resultlull
of interest, Ile has paid all his debts,
and has recovered - his splendid home near
Philadelphia! When NicitotAs ,B.Tnotx,
went into bankruptcy, - and carried- the
United States Bank dOwn with hint, he
ruined jhousands of men in all parts of
the country. When JAY Coot E failed
there Was naturally great distress and
s"littitutle, but he then assured his credi
totS;• that their deposlts . would be :paid,
that his Lifis s of credit would be redceme - d.
and he has fulfilled his pr,intisc. Each
claim of :::'l,OOO against :I.y; toNI; iii
It 7, :f is to-day worth all of sl,:,f 1. lie is
the tirst Mn, failingg under similar cir
cumstances, !who lLas recovered as he has
done, and the result is well worthy of
newspaper commendation.
Mvcv queer things have been thine in
the name of the law, and here. is 1)111:,L of
them. It will be recollected about a ear
a! , (C a so-called Shepherd's Fold for t' Va
gra n t in New York, conducted by
one llev..CoWi.Ev, was broken up by the
police as an imposition, the institution be:
ing a tout as vile as it is possible to make
such a place by knavery and hypae - tiq.
Under ;t law of -New York, institutions
condneted as a retreat fur juvenile deliti-.
quoits, receive ,;:i,OOO annually, -as elee •
mosynary assistance. CowLEv_ has sued
the State for recovery .or this sum and
lately got a verdict. in his favor. Now ar .
his "fold" has never been reorganize'],
lie `get this large sum, which:his law=
yers say he can
. put in his own p , : cke,t
and take his own time to disburSe. Could
anything be more ridicultms - and absind
in law ?
MemberS of business firms some-.
times retire from business, either be:.
cause they are tired of active, life, or
pr(4*er to put theiricapital into'some
thing else. But when this happens
-the business does not stop. It goes.
6n pretty Much as usual. It goes on
beeaus,! there is a deinand for what
ever is produced, - and because no
branch of buSiness depends upon the
active co-operation of any single
dividual. And What is true of ordi-
nary business enterprise. -is Oue of
politics. Mr. CONK LING, being either
weary of public life or disgusted with
a President and;Senatc which w(juld
not let him have his own way,'has re:
tired from political life. We'have no
hard Words for Mr. Cosi: N%i ;
is a brilliant man, i'dominating.mind,
,a byglity, imperious le•ider. He
has been 'of , service to the Republican
party, and the party. has recognized
him and his services by giving,.
large share in its affairs and about
twenty yearii,of prominence in' public'
station. Mr. Cos R.LiNi: retires from
the firth doing business Under the
. .name awl
_style of " the Republican
But the firm is not about to initup
the shutters and close out_its -busi
ness. Mr. eoNKt.ixo did snot estab=
ash the firm in business. It was
doing a lively volume of business be
fore he tame into it. It did ri:_large
stroke of business during hislonnec
tion will it. will cOntintie to
do a lirge stroke of business no*'
that he has taken himself and • his
capital out of it. • We, who remain in
the firm, may regret his withdrawal.
But his absence will tie of muchgreat
er Moment to him than it can be to
the party. Sometimes' men arrive at
the conclusion that they are rather
larger than a political party, and
when they do that there is nothing .
left for them to do but to seek More
room in Which to dist r ioit themselves.
When boy outgrows his clothes - he
must have a new suit. „When men
feel m cramped, by their i ronment
they -can do no better than to get out
of- their environment Tlie chicken
does that when it pecks.a hole. in its
shell and bursts it. That is the law.
All creatures obey it by instinct.un
less some other- law conflicts with the
impulse and•suppresses it. •
There -is nothing extraordinary,
then, in the retirement of . .. Mr. CONK-
Lusa from public life. - And there is
-nothing .to cry about;' He folind .
himself -"cribbed, cabiUed, and con
fined," and he toot; himself - off in his
own way. • Whether it was an act of
wisdoin or not is 'of Very little con
sequence to anybody except biinself.
Re is his. own master. Slavery is
abolished in the 'United States. ' It is
not laviful even to reduce a white :
man to slavery ; The Republican
party, fresh 'rojn its labors in. decree.
lug universal I ilierty of person; could
nc,t afford to ;pefinititny man, hoii:
ever great, to ordain a new speelesof
servitude. This is a republic, not an
autocracy; An. autocrat could not
breath - our air. Thetetias ;be n
subject claSs in this i. cointry. We
elect a. Proaident,who-is expected to
.be Preildent. W e Senators Who
are expected to legislate„ and not - to
do executive btisiness. It 'begins to
' look as ilthecountry was ,coming to
a rational understanding of the duties
of public men :and we.are , glad of it.
An evervt.or very greatimp'prCanee.
,as transpired since this ripi4 went.
o press last week.
ess than'the publication of a revise(
copy of the Sacred ScOptures of- the
New, Testament:
closed . a seven years period of intelli
gent, devout, and painstaking work
in which the ablest and_uitist_con,
sciciitious Chiistian Icathirs: partici-
pated. There is 'some danger that
people - Wilhnisappre eic the nature
of this'great work. It is not a new
translation of the New Testament,
as some suppose, but a careful 're
vision of the authorized, or King
JANtEs version. A great &any new
facts have mind to light .since the
authorized version, displaced the old
Bishops' Version, and these facts re
late to the, niehning of certain . Greek
words in larg4j.plirt.
' The revised Scriptures sbould
received on their merits solely,* And
`we May . state at Once that nothing .
has been done to disturb the funds.
mental doctrines of Christianity.
Doctrinally the NeWTestamentstantlsr
just where it did before. But' mis
translations, and misapplehensions
of the text have been remedied, and
interpolations have been dropped.
Some of the passages in the authori
zed version have feria been knoWn
not to have been rarts.orthe original
manuscripts. They are marginal notes
and comments placed on the original-
Manuscripts - by investigatOm rroni
time to tiree..-A gain, many obsolete
words4iave been dropped - and„words
now in use and with; distinct mean
ing, substituted. Theobjeet has been
to give us the New Testament in the
best English , of to-day. The Board_
of 'Revision mayNnot have succeeded
wholly perhaps in'
able an end, but, the-revised copy, by
arrangement. •.nd by verbal . expres
sions certainly does - read rathe - r more
like a plain statement= of - facts. and
faith than the old; , y , P
We shall agree. that any . .viOlent
tampering With sacred books is . not
in the interest of religion the
Board done anything like • that •it
could not invite ha4sh-coniment,.
But, as we. set (out byt saying, the
fundamental truths of of r ysteril
main rinchangcd.-
. The objection of
tenest urged against'the'
revised ver
sion is that it disturb9he faith which
crystallizes - around the 1 tanguage of
the authorized versiOn. But the'saine
.objection was urged' afrainSt the.aing
JAmEs version in its day . - and it was
many years befOre' the version . we
have all known becatnelliOstandard.
Pt will not do to say that- faitli
ponds upon the canonization of l what
is known. to be error. Such faith
cannot,save anybody. It is not, faith
at'all,but a sort of-blind assent. The
mistake has . been in insisting upon
the absolute infallibility of tlie letter
of the Bible.- 'Mit best seholars have
known better than that-for a centairy..
If there is a single sentence iii the
authorized version that cannot, be
found in the most authentic originals,
then truth demands the removal of
that senterl.,:.. The Utah injures no
body. The (Christian world cannot
be forced to accept the revised ver
sion,:and hence-there can be no valid
objection to giving it a careful ex - -
ammatien. It will, of course, sup-,
plant-tip King .lAmEs versitin iii. the
course of time. But its acteptance
must he left to the people themselves.
They will miss_ some texts over which
men have fought: and -bled like gladi
ators. but the fact that the tests haVe
tended -to distract and divitle rather
than unify the, CbriStian . world is of
itself-enough to commendae
versiOn to:tens of thousands. The
world now about to read the
That is a gain at least.
JvcnE Wtt.r,tAn 11. llonEnTso's,last
week confirmed as Collector of. the' Port
Of Ne,w York, Was horn in ,Tle,dford,
Westchester county, New York, October'
10,.1,523. Ile was educated at the Union .
Academy, in - Beford ; after. which he
studiedAaw.. lle was admitted to the bar
in 1.1.8. he was elected a ntember
of the Now York AsSembly, and. re-elect
ed in ISSO. In IK:it ho was first elected to
the State Senate. He was next elected
county jud . o . e . , a position Which he held
for twelve years, three terms. During
th - e war Ite.was-chairmaitof the Military
COMmittee to raise and organize troops
itr his district, and was for:s,ix years Brig,
adc Inspectbr of the Seventh Brigade of
the NeF York National Guard.. He re
entered the . State 'mate iii 1872, since
which time he has been regularly re.elect-.
ed. In 1874 he. was unanimously chosen
president pro tem. , This place- he has
veral years since.
SOME time since charges affecting the
official integrity of Colonel J.O. P. BURN
SIDE, dishursing, officer of the Post Office
•Department,_ were preferred against him
by anemploye of the depaitment. Under
directions from Postmaster General JAM
a. thorough investigation Was - made.-by
Post Office Inspector TIDIIALL. As ato
suit of his investigations, Inspector Ttn- -
DALT: prepared and presenteela report to
the Postmaster 4 General„ TA which he
states that none of the charges-or accusa
tions were - sustained in,any particular by
the evidence taken, thus completely exL
operating Colonel BtrusSint : from any
official misconduct.
tur. limit Of f 2,50,000,000, at which the
option of presentiag th registered five
per cents; for . continnatiOn at was fix
ed, has been exceeded by notices reeeived . at the Treasury. It not. ytt
detorinined what coarrqi to piirsuo rela
_tive to the notices ideicess; The mailer
laid before the) Cabinet'.
Two million copies of the revised Tes
tament have, it is said, been sold already,
Which means that its publication, from
purely business point of view, - Will be ex
. The buSinees has
been mamtgal : with_a sbrevrdness which
would ilatriTdOno crOit - to4 - _ - e - Unnecticut
Yankee:. car et ally' gutiiding the edi
tion, and ,;by :issuing it sitottltaimOusly on
both sides of the Atlantic, the British
publishers have been able tb make a
liandimine profit before any • American .
competition was possible. But why avere
they allowed such a monopolv, seeing that
the new edition was the joint
of English and American scholarship?
THE Supreme Court at Uarrisburg
Monday affirmed thejudgment of the
Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia,
that the Reading „Railroad stockholders'
'meeting of-Marchl4th was a ; legal elec
tion,- and that 'Mr, FamiK S. BOND and
his associates lire therefore - the dalyy_
sea president and managers of that'Com
pany, .The'oPinion of the majority of the
Court wassead by Judge MEncuti; and
was concurred in' by - Judges. PaxsoN,'
Gonnox' :MdfGnEm. ' The ,disentinf
opinion read by-Judge TRUNKEY was con
curred in . Chief Justice SuAnswoon,
and JudgeSTERDETT. -
Tit k v.ventis ui
The 'publiehtion
PRESIDENT GARFIELD, and secret ries
ticilate in the ceremonies at the national
eemetery at, Gettysburg on Decoration
Day. Governor Hurl and staff,-with the
heads of Departments and !botn,'Hotuies
of the Legislature, have accepted invita
tions and will be present. lion.: Jur.ius
C. Brituows, of. Michigan,
,will deliver
the address. The Presidential party will
arkve on Moblay morning and remain
until Tue;;day eve,ning.. . .
Ex-SiNATott But:"cE, succeeds lion. G.
%V. S6IOI , IpLD, as Register of the Tieas
nry,,--liresident GAnriki.o by his ap
pointment:"recognizing": the colored
people. lint aside - frOm 'the recognition
question the , appoint meat is a good one, •
for six years servie in the Senatt, where
aulikc liis — Spctesor, he represented the
majority of the people of Mississippi,
showed hith -to be a diligent and able
public servant. He won-universal respect,.
which is more than,can be said for sonic.
Tun' 'Sanitary Committee of . Wilkes
11.irre set a force of men at work on Sat
urday morning to build a pest-bouse out
side of the city limits. The miners itithi,
city became greatly excited over the mat-
lei,and applied to Jinlge WoonWAnn:
who granted tin injunction iostra,itqngthe
city . froth roceeding With .the
other: groundOnnot Ce'obtainednutsi4e,
the committed bfwe decided to build with
in the City hill:its on one . of the public lots.
Tut: Suprdnie Cuirrt - Ti [ — the — United-
States leas .decided that parties buying
polici;2s or insurance upOnth& lives of in
dividuals can only claim: the :Amount of'
money actually due them put of Alm Poli
cy: Any excess collected from a company
can be recovered in a Court of laiv by the
heirs of the person insured; This decision
recentlylrmidered is a matter full of inter
est fen.l;iieTTTi e interested in'the
s ici:ulatiVe life insurance business. --*
IN the ease of I.,Eipv vs. Pitoi7Tou, the
Supreme Court of this Stafe reecitly-reu
&red a deci:iion ‘that .A.,Ouichaser at
sherilrs s.tle may take ppVii:shioe>uf the
iiinperty immediately after the acknowl
edgment of thedeed; and need not give
the former owner three months'.notiee to,
move out, as has frequently been done. ..
Si'..METAI4Y - .WINDONf will, within a i day
or two, aplu.;int_a Committee to investi
gate celtailifeliarges which hav been pre
ferred against tinperintendent Donut, 9f
the San FraneiTcp Mint.
'EON. ' GLENN I SCHOVIELP . ,. of this
State,. Register of the Tre c asurY,.was last .
week appointed by the President, and
confirmed by the Senate,. as Judge of the
Court of Claims. - -
THE Ileptiblicani)rimarje4 were held in
Lancaster ((minty on Saturdayf,;and bOth
sides claim:the, eleetiOn. Larg bets are
wagered otAhe success Of the -whole He
ferip ticket.
. .
Tug United .States. Senate, afteha two
months and a half imiotlt toms and tent
pestuotig extra session, aililrned ott Fri
day last, sine die.
Trin 'Graded School will . chute, for the
current year, o-nioirow, Friday. ,The
closing exercises will begin at 2 P., M.
rzp.xial Corre:p4ndence of THE 1:1.17) :TEAL
May 14, the
Senate on Tuesday 'morning, 17th
Mr. Alexander, Democrat, offered the
regolution :
lb!Rol-red. (by tffe Senate if the House
concur), That we heartily endorse the
course of Senators-Conkling and Platt in
resigning their seats as members of the
Senate of the United States, and recent-.
Mend that Senators Cameron and 31,itchell
do likewise.
—Mr.—Alexander-Stated that the Legisla
ture a fetid weeks ago endorsed tho posi
tion of
. the Republican United'States Sen..
ateirs,. and no' reason. had arisen for a
change of base. On motion of Mr. Cooper.
the resolution 45 refeired to a commit
tee to consist of the D,emocrafj,e Senators,
As the attendance of Senatots was:small,
Mr. Doss moved that the consideration of
the Mexican - Pension bill be postponed.
itir. Davies suggested that it . be modified,
containsan-it More objectionable featurei
than the one of a similar character vetom
by the Governor two yen ago. Ile was
opposed to allowing persons outside the
State a pension, who would be entitled to
one under the provisions of the act pro
vided they had - served• in a Pennsylvania .
regiment. It also would enable rich-peo
.ple to partako of its benefits. It should
be made to apply. to. persons in needy cir
cumstances.: Mr. Ross supported the bill
and expressed a willingness to havo
reasonable amendments incorporated in
it. At the ins+nceNE:
. postponed for the present. - Ifause
resolution Mit,horizing the Governor to_
donateold hrasS.,cannon, ete., to be used
in the - construction of an etfuestriab statue
of the late. General John F. Reynolds, was
Concurred in. Senate ; bill to convert the
Ifuntingdon pcnitenthiry o into a reforma
tory:_. institution 'was passed second 'read
ing.; Mr./Cooper- called up the funding
bill for amendment: submitted
an amendment that the -State have the
option of redeeming the leria after 'fifteen
and vrithin'thirty years.. The amendment Senate joint resolution
proposing an amendment to the Comititu
tiiiti_ to reduce -
. theiriernbcfshili of the
ft& NC of Representatives to 150 niembers
ras passed finally (yeas 26,,nays 11) and
ant to the. House for concurrence.
1 IQ the Rouse OnTneedi4-triorning,
inst., the calendar of House bills on th
reading and final passage was taken up,'
when the following,' among other_hilbs
were disposed of: as noted : An act to ea-
tablish free public libraries w a s defeatedr
lacking a two-thirds majority..:Tho .041.
lowing bilis wempassed finally
to boarding house keepereind aothera:
ing the atta chment of wages of pemnus
indebted for boarding ; to inthorite the
courts' of quarter sessions to .annul and
set 'aside - decrees annexhig the-land or_
parts 'thereof of • persons resident in one,
township or-borAgh to another for school
Purposes ; &mending an act, to provide
means for securing the health and-safety .
of persona employed in the bituminous
coal mines, increasing - the:number of in
spectors and districts ; regulating - the
holding of mad to prevent frauds in the
primary electiona of the several political
parties in the Comm.' anwealtb; an act mg ! .
elating life insura ncecompanies, limiting
the time in which the company may-oh.
ject to the payment - of iolicies tine to tiro
years. At the afternoon session the sup-
pleruent to the general revenue was passed
finally. The vote by which tho bill to
establish free public labraries was defeat
& Was reconside'red and postponed for
the present. -. .
. • . ,
In the tiernite on Vi! . n - eiday morning,
18th hist:, among ti bills reported from
committee were the following : Approprl-•
acing $1:25,009 to the State geol og ical sur
vey. Affirmatively. Making an appro
priation' to the board of charities. ftirrn
atively with amendments increasing the
appropriation Oloived for the general sec
retary.fro.m $l,OOO to 'i,6,000.; . for clerical
aid from= 3,000 to te5,:200, and for travel.
ing, expenses; etc., from 41,00 g -to $1,600.
:'These amendments make . the bill what it
Was originally, before 'being 'reduced in
A number of 'conscientious
Senators and Representatives seein
tertaih the idea that This board of chari
ties is an expensive and ornamental, raih- .
er than a useful, institution. It certainly
does nut look Well to see the imposing,
rotund forin ) of the secretary oetbe board
pn the door of the House working for the
passage of the bill. An invitation, from
eurPoral Skelly Post, d i . A. R., Gettys
burg,* was' . presented by Mr. Ilereter and
accepted by the Senate, i lto.bc present at
the decoration cereinouies::7 - Mr. McNeil
offered a resolution, whiCh was
. adopted,
that the chief clerk be anthorized to have
prepared 1,000 copies of ki skeleton Map
4 counties and townships in the State,
with the vii ‘es cast in each at the !wt.
;president hit elict ion, for - the tin. of t he.
apportionment& committee. The consid
s.ratiOn on third reading of Rouse bill* to
grant- pensions to the surviving veterans
,the Mexicali war, and to the widows
of deceased soldiers and sailors of said
war, was resumed, and after a,disetission
Of considerable length, was passed finally
(yeas '2S, nays 14.); 'Senator PaVies:Voting
in the negative. The bill now goes to the
Governor, wh& it is- thought, will again
veto it. The Senate concurred in House
amendinentii to. the bill_ extending the
time fur the 'completion of railroads in
this Commonwealth, and also to an act
authorizing 'trial requiring county treas
urers in Counties where the treasurer by
existing law collects State and county
taxes, •to collect unpaid or •delinquent
tared in certain cases. r -
• In - the House on WedneStlay morning,.
ltith inst., the •following bills were taken
Up out of order and passed second read
ing Making an appropriation to the -An
thracite 7 jMiners' Hospital; ; relating_ to
roads mild road lives in the Scveial town
ships of tlie.eummonwealth; giving police
power to,wat ehniensmt he public grounds;
granting courts of comalon pleas authori
ty to issue writs of estrepment, in certain
eti j ses: An aet giving power to prison in
spectors to adjust dedfictions of time from,
the sentences .of prisoners who behave
themselves well was taken up and passed
finally: The vote was reeonsideret , by
Which a jai to 'ant ionize the ;composition
and exttiaiunof .time for:payment of
taxes title by ins4 - dvent corporations*was
defi.;:ited. A stipplAnent'to existing acts
regulating and licensing the. sale of intex
icatiug liquors, was taken pp and passed
on .second reading. 'This bill, requires that
every petition fur lic, , nse shall be ace:om
panic.,l by ' 4:eertificate signed - by twelve
reputable freeholders, two of -whom at
least shalt be personally acquainted with
the -facilities offered lid the establishment
asking license. No pPriion shall sign more
than one certificate and *no person shall
become.sorety on more - than:one bond iv ;
.hired to ; be tiled with a Demise appliCa
tiod-under existile 4 laws. .At the after-
noon session the Senate Iwo:intim as
amended by the House Committee, pro- ,
viding for a final adjournment of the. Le
gislature on May '26th, was called up. • ~
The subject was• discussed at great
length, nearly the-Whole sesiion being
thifs occupied. At the emiclusion of the
debate, a motion to postpone for the presf
ent was adopted, yeas„llo.;. nays, ;It
The-gentleman from Bradford voted with
the Majority. . .
The house met at 700 r. x., for the
consideration of the bill empowering, the
court of Dauphin - County or courts with
in a radius of Sixty miles 'from the State
Capital to issue writs of mandamus on
State officers. . . _
311 r. provins'moved to indefinitely pbst
pOne the further consideration of the bill
and demanded the yeas and nays. There
were Mt against the motion anil 14 for it.
The bill then passed second reading and
the house adjourned until 9 . 'n. 31. on
Thursday.. •• .
. .
In.the Senate on Thursday morning,
the 19th instant, :the • following, among .
other bills, were, reported faVorably from
committees; To prevent franc'( by the dif_
ferent political parties at'. primary elec
tions. . Authorizing • the , attachment of
wages for;boarding.
Mr. Gordon moved that the committee
on municipal alla ) is be diScharged from
the further cons deration• of House bill
dispensing with I the .publication of the
Mercantile appraiser's lists - : iiir -Philadel
phia. After a wrangle occupying neatly
an hour's tittle among the Philadelphia
Senators, the motion vevailed ; yeas, 21';
nays, 19.
Senate bill K 1
op sing to convert the
Huntingdon penitentiary building into a
reformatory institution and appropriating
$300,000 was called up on third reading.
Mr. Stewart supported the bill and hoped,
-them,wonld be no opposition to it. Mr.-
,Holben compared the • foundation of the
building to a fort and suggested that it
be fised for National Guard7purposes.
He doubted the necessity of the proposed
institution. Messrs: Cote and Cooper
said remarkable things bad been accom.
plished in Ehnirasfor the reformation of
convicts, inmates in the instittition at that
pointi . scateely ever returned to their evil
ways.- 10. Cooper thought -the building
Could be finished for $300,000 1 The dis
cussion was continued in favot of the bill
by Messrs.. .Tones; Davies,
.lill, Nelson
and Herr, the latter giving a 1 history of
penology to show the prOgress that had
been made in prison reform. - Mr. Kauft
'man Anought there was no necessity 'for
an additional penitentiary, but bad been
convinced by the :r , Fmarks of Senators
that the preterit bill, should be pasted.
The billl - 44 - Wpassecl finally by , the follow
ing vote : Yeas, 85:; j nays, 41. Messrs.
Giady, Philadelphia; Heretei,- Minus ;
siid~'Westmoreland; and *ileum Co
lignbia; voted, in the negative.'
sk. Laird oalleillip on third re ding
Hpuse.bill to prevent frond str. . tl pima=
- ircolections of the, Deitooratto_ patyin
Westnionelind County . .. , Mi. Everbart
raised the point of order that the bill was
unconstitutional inaiinucli as it creates
now. offices andilrovides for the punish.
anent of persons for offenses which are
coat defined bt,statutes., The' point was
submitted to the Senate and it decirled
- against it. The bill was then passed
finally—yeas, 27 ; nays, 5.. Adjourned
until 3 P. M.
The afternoon session of the Renato on
Tifitrsday was devoted to the considera
tion a bills on second reading; The fol
lowli4, among - others, were paSsed
through that stage : To provide for the
organization of the signal corps to, be at- .
tached t& be National Guard., PrOviding
for the appointment of a committee to in
vestigate the operations of companies in-
suring lives upon the plan of assessments
upon surviving — inecabers, To fix the reg-
War sessions of the Supreme. Court per-
Manently in the city of-Philadelphia. To
provide for the granting by the Supreme
Court -of new- trials iii. criminal 'cases.
House till providing for - the printing - of
10,000 additional copies of Smull's hand s
hook:, was passed second reading. The
vote on the "Westmoreland. priMary elec
tion bill was reconsidered -on motion. of.
Mr. Hall. • Mr. Jones called up: bill pro
posing an amendment to the Constitution
prohibiting - the manufacture 'and sale of
intoxicating liquors in this State for the
purpose of amendment. Mt... Lawrence
desited its passage through second read
ing in its present' shape.. Mr: Davies ex
pressed his surprise that the Senator from
'Philadelphia should call up the bill'wllen
so few Senators were present. The Chair
(Lientenat Governor- Stone) Made the an:,
neuneement that the clerk could not find'
the bill.- Mr. NelsOn feared that if * r ill°
bill were considered to-day it would be
defeated. Mr. Lawrence said lie was par
ticularly interested in its Passage because
rolthe sentiment. ameng,his people. They,
were, perhaps, more interested than he.
Mr. Jones Stated thatilistimendnieut pro
poSed that the miliufacture arid sale of
wine for sacramental puspoaes should not
be. interdicted. , Without actiOn on the
bill Another one was called up -and seep
after the Senate adjourned until Tuesday
.morning at 10 A. M.. ; •
_The . House was --ealled_to order on
Thursday morning, the 1,9111 instant,.at 9
o'clock, who'll the chaplain made his usu
al opening prayer, and Chief . Clerk Helm
read the !journal of the previous - day''- , s
Proceedings. 'The following Semite bills .
were reported from, committees : Provid
ing that no person shall be refused per
mission to_practieeaS an .attorney-at-law
on account of sex.: Affirmatively. To
*regulate the time in which summonses ,s
-sited by justices of the peace shall be -re
turnable. Negatively.- The caltndar of
the apprepi iation bills was then - taken up
and the following passed fivally : 'Making
an appropriation of : 7 ;7,000 for statues of
distinguished Pennsylvanians now, being
prepared to be'placed in the -old capitol
at Washington. Making an appropria-•
tion of $5,000 for boundary monuments
on the lino between the State of P - etinsyls-4
vania add the, States !of. Ohio and . West
Virginia. - Makiimg an appropriation Of
30,000 to the Wilkes-11arre City ,IlesPi- -
tal. 711 e bill making on apropriation of
ri;71,006 ti; the Itosine Hume,. Philadelphia;
wasifv the third time defeated—Lyeas k
133 ; nays, 37. The bill appropriating.
*10,4100 to the Harrisburg Hospital- was
also defeated—yeas, 93 ;- nays, 37. The .
house . bill appropriating - $5,000 to the
Union Home for Old Ladies, Philadelphia,
was also defeated—yeas; . 112 ; nayS,
These three bills require a-two-thirds vote.
The bill making an appropriation to the
Lackawanna Hospital at 'Scranton,
' amount $-:1:1,000, was passed linally—yem,
1.13 ; nays, 10. The vett by which the
Ilosine Home appropriation hill was de
feated was reconsidered, and the bill post
poned for the present. The House 'then
adjourned iint;il . 3 o'clock - in theafternoon.
At the afternoon - session of the souse,
Thursday, several House bills of a local
'character were disposed of, andlthe man
damus bill was passed third reading after
much discuSsion, andaftet being;_atnend
ed: 'The bill originally empoweredcourts
within a radius of sixty miles -- Of the State
Capital to issue 'writs of iniuidamns. The
bill as amended confines* the power to the
Dauphin County Court.' The last hour
was consumed in :discussing the Senate
"military bill. A number of amendments.
were offered in committee of the
but the report of thi) committeeNas not
adopted. One of these amendments Ihn
itsthe expenses of tlic - i — Nr) .1 Guard
$lO,OOO a year. Adjourned. „ •* *
In the Vona, on Friday morning, 'the
20th instant, after the jiiutinii . reading
and other preliminaries Were disposed of,
the consideration of the . igandamus bill
'was resumed. After a brief discussion,
the further consideration Of the `bill- was
postp - ontd until - Monday 'evening. The
consideration - of the
r resoiutions on the
late ei-Govertwr Bigler, Which were the
special order. for• this session,' wits post
poned until Wednesday ,evening next.
Mr. Bruner moved to take, up a• local bill.
- regarding dogs in Lycoming Cotinty. Mr.
McKee moved t amend by including bill
--39,Ithe phia delinquent .tax'hill. •
Mr. Landet,: - I "1 object, 'Mr... Spealier,
there was an. understanding that this bill
not to betaken up to-day:" Mr.
'- • •
McKee : "There was not.", Mr. Lauder:
" Yon told ni . 6 -- SO -- yourself," The motion
to suspend the rules:Was voted dawn, and
'that Settled.. Several hical bills were tak
up i by unanimous Consent and pawd
Second - reading,' and the ' bill conferring.
porters on the stiperintetilleut and watch
men of the pubic grounds, was passed
finally.. . • e'
The use of tbo Hall lof •the' House on
next Tuesday evening was tgranted to a
:- i
commttee representing the buildingasS4.-
• -
el:Aim t, s of this State for the purpose 4
eXpliining the workings of the a.ssoeia-
Cons) , . • i - , .. -
:1 resolution that it committee Of five
be appointed to make • arrangements for
the excursion to Gettysburg miLDectira,
Lion Day, - was adopted'. . . • -
A coPcurrent resolution *that the ..tegis 7 '
l,'etive Record shall be abolished at the ex
piration of the present contract, oi imme
diately, if practicable, was referred to the
committee on-Judiciary * General; There
was OPOirensiperformance on Friday, the
proceedings being conducted. in a quiet,
orderly and creditable ;hay, prothlgconclu
sivell that the statesmen 'can behave
themselves if 'they want to. .Adjourned
until Monday evening. ' '
. .
• rn The.will of the late Mary Linderman,
of ttppq Providence,. Montgomery coun
ty, 4i to tie contested on the ground that
she helieVed in witchcraft.. •
-74Villiam 11. Richard and William
Ileskitiq, of Ashley, Luzern comity, were
killed -on the Lehigh Valley -Railroad,
nearingnsNotob, on Ri
—Snow fell in Reading one day last
—The sore-eye epidemic raps in Bed
ford and Fulton. =cities. : '
oro has been touncl - in, i•iew
township, Dionroe-ixtunty. ;
—An.abundant apple Fop , is-Predinted
in the central part of the State: '
• —The Cedar Run Tannery - Company,
of 'Tioga County, has 500 men peeling
—The brieklayers of Easton have struck
for an advance from $1.75 to *2.25 per
day. y..'
, —Farmers of Chester county. are badly
frightened by the appearance o 1 the cut
—A. company has been formed iu .West
Ibmtingdon with a capital of slr . io,boo to
tan leather with chestnut.
—Adjutant General Latta thinks there
will hi, no general encampment of the
National Gnards- . thia year•
—The cars in trains arriving n Pitts: .
burg, last week; over the Pau' 1
routepwero covered with snow. 1
—AU of the Pittsburg papers except
the Post and Times have agreed to the
advance asked for by thelompcsitors.
— . there is a contest for the Penfield,.
Clearfield county, postofficc, which
amounts to a general. fightliu the village.
, —Barclay Brothers will erect 'a saw mill
aeSinnemahoning, Cameron county, that
will have. a capacity of 100,000 feet if
lumber per day.
—An infant child. of Mr. William Silke,
of Lebanon, was suffocated on Wednesday
night of fast week. It is claimed that a
cat sucked its breath s . ,
—General Simon 9uneron has pres..nt
ed the old homestead at, Maytpwn, Lati-
castor county, to thc:Luthera.n.congroga
Lion at that place For a parsonage.
—The exectitthe - late - Thaddens
Stevens' will "aio 'about tO"alipropriate
$59,"000 bequeathed by -him to the build
ing of au orphan asylum in Lancaster.
—The t4-mouths end daughter of F. M
Chritzmau, living in Greencastle, Frank
lin county, was scalded to death on tia7,ur..
day by the itec:dcbtal up.:etting of.. a
cdffee-pot. - -
—Rev. Uriel Graves, proprietor of the
.News at G ree II sb u rg, -is publish
ing in his paper the history et Ida life as
A means of refuting • chargys _made by a
rival publication. ::, .. .- ' , 1
—Major crertrgelW. •MirtalyLaiprotili
nent citizen of Pittsburg., comiiiifted-sni
cide in that City on Saturday by taking
m!Thine. -H aewassuffering from iimlan
ch. lia at.the time!:
, .
• Mr. Mary Fo has let the contract.
f "r-a..V20,000 clureh to be built at Fo,:t
lug, Clarion county, as a memorial of
Mind N. Fox, her husband, and Wil
liani L. Fox, -her son... __
---4 girl; nineteen years of age, the
daughter of a respectable: family,in Amity
township;' Perks county, has resolved to
starve, lierialf to death. She will givertio
explanation of her strange'conducf..
• - - ---The BoYi , rtoWn Donoerat is ,. set up
by Mr. Charles .Spatz and daughter. A
'T4-year-kila - :::ou is foreman, and .Mrs.
Spatz works the paiThr off. Two small
Spitzes serve the routes and mail !he
papers. ..- - • ..._ _ . . .
—The "Mauch' -Chunk . Democrat says
that the dead body of Thomas Costen, an
old miscr was found in its hut, near Or
le, on Monday last, and that a search
of the promises brought to light a chest
containing $16,000. - - - -
—The Pennsylvania Coal and Lumber
Company has pnrcbased. 2433 acres ,of
land-at Altoona, where they propose, to
conduct the lumber and - coal business on
a large seale.. - They will erect a mill with
a capacity of 30,0( 0 feet of lumber a day.
—A cave-in - be erred at the Pittston
Coal Company's ,shaft • Thursday ' after
' •
noun. The damage to the miue,eannot
be I .ascertained, but is thought*-to be
licavy s e - The citizens living in theilcinity
were thrown into . a state of eXeltellltlit by
the shock.'
—The-smallpox at sugar Notch and
Wanamie, Luzern° county,' is increasing,
ten lICW • cases having been reported.
Thursday a committee of citizens called
. upon the County ' Cominissioners for aid
and protection. preivent the_ disease
from spreading. - '-- - -
=The smallpo is increasing at W ilkes
barre, „ and a pes house is ' being built.
Perscinsi living .in that icinity held a
meeting on Friday and adopted a Petition
asking•the Cou4to restrain the authori
- ties from .furthetwork on the building..
1 41. N. Paisley, superintendent of the
Stewart Iron "Company's coke works, was
attacked by highwaymen near Union
town on Saturday morning, and robbed
of 'a satchel Containing $4OOO. The rob
bers-also took his horse and wagon.
• —Jeremiah Cross Icy and Michael Quinn
were killed and John' Dickson had :i leg
broken on Batnrclay afternebn by the cav
.ing In of It sbaft near-Mill Creek', in which
they were working.. :The shaft was near
ly twenty feet deep, and was only pro
tected by slight timbering, which gave
,Way. •
—General William .1. Polion; of Nor
ristown,'was rejoiced on l'riday last of
being relieved of an iron ball with which
ho was, wounded befor .Petersburg on the
80th of July; 1861, and which has annoy
ed him 'exceedingly ever since. The ball
weighs 273 grains, Troy, and is
.of the
class knOwn as canister' shot, .
. —Thecontcst over- a will-in the Mont
gomery 'courts brought out the fact that
the testatrix was a firm believer in-witch
craft.. She had all the keyholes of her
dwelling-house tightly stopped with pa
per to keep the witches-out,
and kept.a number
. of pistols and guns
which she tired oil at stated periods to
.drive the evil ones away, ,
, •
—lltontgo i mery; Ala., is the healtffics
city in the Union . according-to the healt
officers report. •
'—the Elkhart, straw-boars
mill *as - destioyed: by fire on Friday
toss, $30;000.
—The codfisherk . has •comtneuced
fair prospects. Salmon are plenty at St
John, F., at 10 cents a pound.
.—Martin Flanigan, the convicted niur
deter of John Kairns, was Friday, a,
Buffalo, N. Y., 'sentenced to belting Jul)
The entire block of buildings erected
at BTansfield,Mo., since the great cyclone
last year . was ''destroyed • by fire on Tues
day of last week.
—A fire it Dubuque, lowa, Friday de.,
stroyed Walker. & Co.'s barrel factory and
feed mills apd Carr, 4k. Ryder's sash and
door factory. Loss, $3:1,000.
. —The Council of the Potestant.EpiscO
pal Church in Virginia, which closed its
session at Danville on Saturday, adjourn.:
ed to meet in Norfolk next , year. -
=A package containiar $10;500 was
stolen by.
.an unknown person at Balti
more on Saturday frOrin behind a screen
on The counter of p..rabliestock
_ _
brokers. '
—A. broke bost,F, lioroicize, of GCo'r,tio
B. Armstrong, the organizer of the United
States postal railway service, was unveil-
ed at Chicago, and Ron. Schuyler Colfax
doliverd an
fire in Talbotton, Talbot County,
.Ga., on Friday liight, destroyed all the
POrtion Col that town west Of the , public
square, laying in ajlies ten stores and
three offices. _ Lossel2,ooo. 4
-Ex-Postrnaptet -- Boyd was arrested at
lieulton ; Me., on Saturday night for rob
bing the post office of letters containing_
money.. They were found on his Person,
and ho acknowledges his guilt.
—Colonel W. ti. French, ; (re-.
tired], a native of Maryland, died at his
residence in Washington, D. C., Friday,
of apoplexy.„ Ile -was Major General of
Volunteers during the•war, and - Brevet
Major-General in the Regular Army..
—Reports received from various ctin
tics in the southwestern part of AlissCuri
aro to ! the effect that the flyhas already
ruined thousands of acres CC wheat, and
fears are . entertained that the crops in
that section of the State will be more than .
.half destroyed. ,
`—The. l'eoPle's Temperance Reform
Convention metro second day's sesSion- at
Columbus, Ohio, Thursday. Resolutions
were adopted declaritig that the t4raper
ance people will net --- strkpore_any member
of thei late General Aisernljly-who_aided
in the defeat of the:Local Option bill, nor
any administrativr officer who is capable
of WiiIIVISE4 influence against the ftliact--
meat of prohibi t ory laws. ;A call ijs also
made for trim nomination of a Stilt - 0 •
perance ticket. f . , . .
—The Genera! Assembly of the
ern Presbyterian Church met at Stit
Va., Thursday.' It will.,,coutinue
sion ten or more days. - The openh
mon was pryiehed by :Rev. T. - A . .
of Nashville. lie was at one 'Ulm
dent of the Gold Poard Of New Yor
and presided there on the men,
"Black Friday." From the rep
appears that the soltheru•Presbyt( i
twelve vYnods and sixty-seven pi
ries. The contritintions of el
for the yeas ending
ed to .$1,062,2:.N.
Matters of Genral Inter
. .' Col. Thomas Ala Scott 11Icai
Col Thomas AleXanderScot Nied
1 „,
at 1) o'clock Saturday. evening, , . tiliis
country }lone,Woodbitrn, nett, Par
by, Delaware.county. After siking
rapidly during
_tile afternoon 1 e fell
i ff
into a state of total-nacbnscio sness
at 7 o'clock and remained so until
the moment of final dissolution. lie
was surrounded at; the last moment
by members of his family and several
of the officers of the Pennsylvania
Railroad COmpany. lie died of pa
ralVsis•and softening of the brain.
. Thomas A, Scott was,born in Lou
don, lanklin county, Pa:, December
2S, 1•11, and was educated at the
village school. While alatl be worked
in s'eyeral•eountry store, and on the .
death of his father he became the
clerk of - his ,brother-in-law, - -Major
.Tames I'att6n, who Was collector of
tolls at Columbia, where considerable
freight was transferred from . .the State
canals to . ..the Philadelphia and• C
olumbus railroad.' Ile .soon showed
that he, possessed good business tai. - A-,
and his efficiency led to his prdmotion
in is 17 to the office, of collector of ,
tolls on the State main line at Phila
delphia, where he was niade. , chief
._clerk. He had charge of the pasen-'
ger and freight traffic between Phila:
delphia and - . all local and. 'through
point , to the west. On Septunber 1,
•I z.. 19, the first division oft- the Penn
sylvania railroad, extilnding from
Harrisburg to Lewistown, a distance
of sixty-one piles,- was opened " for• .
business in - connection with_the canal
and the turnpike. A year later he
entered the service of the Pennsylva
nia railroad- company as general
agent of the Eastern Division of the
road, his office being at Duncansville.
His ~ veal and administrative ability
we're so great that •in
. IS5s he Was
apPointed general superintendent of
the . intiq line, and on the death early
in I qf.) •iof• 'William B. Foster, jr.,
vice -President of the company, hewas
elected eo -1111 the vacaney.• . "While
holding these positions he made him
self a mister of theletails of railway
transportation anti of the nature . of
the industrieS and interests along the
Pennsylvania line, and made a special
study of one , of the growing que'sti'ons
(11 the day , --- --- the throttn•h _traffic- be
tween the great 'ffrain "Tow in ,- *' dis
tricts of the west and the Atlantie
seaboard. During - the war he took:
an actiVe interest in the Union ean , - , e,
and after serving in various positions
was Made Assistant • Secretary of
War, which position he resigned ,to
attend to his increasing railroad bus
iness. 'At length in the Winter of
1 , z70-71 it'was, thou?kt desirable that
a special 'company should he created
which, 'should !have control of rail
those linCr, with al single exception,'
wltielillyer(!. leased l,y the Pennsylva
nia railroad cornpany. This corpor
ation was
.called the 'Pennsylvania
company, 'and itA lifics , connected
Pittslnirg with Chica! , r4 and St.',onis:
Of . this newly formed company Ca'6l-.
Scott wa&elected president. In:June.
AWN, on) the death Of •.l. E.l!eir
'Thompson. 'president of the Pennsyl
vania railroad company, Col.,Seott
Was elected unanimously 'to fill the
vacancy, there being •no other i.eni
nation. Before the war .ooh Scott
became :interested in thexpiesti,on of..
transcontinental • .railways. In 187:2
he visited 'Texas and California, and
formed the scheme of the Texas -Pa
cific line,.Of which lie•was made pres
ident. The failure of -JaY Cooke in
1N73, a.Mpthet generiti . financial panic
of the same year, were a severe blow
to this as ,to many other companies,
-but the pt ct was not lastin g . From
'March, l;• at, to March, I 572., Colonel
Scott wasFalso . president.of the-Vnion
Paeilic railroad, and in A u!Tust, 1 7:f,
11e„was elected presideitt Of - the At;
lantce.and Pti6ilie ,railroad 'I fe had
for some years a;Controliiv interest
in the Sodhern Railway Sectirity
Company, and for :t - long i.i ltle
was '...7. director of time Kansas Pacific.,
Denver and Rio Grapie, and other
railroVs. About a tear ago, owing
to his ill-health, he resigned his posi
tion as Kesident of the PennslylVania
railroad company, and last month he
also resigned the presidency of. the
Texas Pacific conipany. The - funeral
took place Tuesday . afternoon, and
was .largely attended by persOns or
Fearful Disastc4 In Canada
. LoNooN, Ont., may 2 I.—As the
steamer Victoria, plying* between
London Springbank, Ont , was
rettrillinif from Springbank, this eve
ning, wittiSix hundred excursionists
on board, when near the cove rail
way bri,i e o . a mile bele4
,the. city,
the boat iputklenly collapsed like an
egg gbell,And". became a total wreck
OlLa level with the water's edge.. All
the past engers were instantly plung
ed inta . the stream, more than half
being underneath the debris..
The first news reaching the city
was. broUght, by the survivors, who
strugalcd thrungh the streets wet and
weary. The news fell like a thunder
bolt, 'and - a stampede took plate for
the scene: of the accident.. Arriving
there, horrible Hight met the vim
Fifty-or sixty, bolais had already
been recovered, and were lying on
the green sward, some distance up
the bank. People from the city
crowded, around,. anxious to see if
their relatives 'were aboard.. 'About,
one thousand farnilies verb repreeli•
ted.on the excursion.
that arose.'at the sight of the victim
warAeart-rending. Fathers, mothers,
brothers and sisters ru - shed
panic-stricken, endedvOring to iden
tify their friends.
By seven o'clock . about eighty
bodies wererecovered from littler the
wreck, wluire the water is'sfmie twelve
feet deep. Almost every Minute some
poor victim was brought to the hank.
The steamer Princess
• Louise was car.
lc brought to -the 'spot_ and the vic
tims placed, upon her tipper •.
Fiies were ighted oil the hai f ks
looking : the river, iina - Petroh:;;;, l
I 'torches were brought and the seat
,ur.til night. •••
Up to the present about one
dred and fifty have been
cured. Among, the, dead .are •.1 an A: .
Robertson, manager .of the Bank (,
British North-America ; d. C.. Mere
dith, clerk -of 'the court;
Bride,. Assessor and Secretary of ti
Western Fair Association ;
Wm. Aslibm•y ; Wm. Mi1lman,•:110:;
treat commercial agent, and two son-
J. Rogers, plumber: • - •
Allr is confusion at present.' Th.
landing .at the. foot of Ihindas
is crowded with people, biting it'
breathless expect:akin or the arriv:,
of the steamer I.ui=4.• with the land:.:-
The total loss will ae:grca•ate
ctn .~i~ucrf isc~rtcrtt~.
r 3 Las
it„ —.1 ,,, t0,; - 17 , V , •;•;.,n., •, , I_l,
Agclt7 , '';-, J•( .1;,.
1/ F.frit ;: 7-i.
. _ ,
I ,mches
ly_tr:iuns are furl
Mr.. 4,, I oVttrt , .:)
the Wlt!.•.t• t!,
Ml f; 1 . :11N . , Ex.
I).. rt. al, NT rerfid .
1 -I RENC/I ' S - ON 'l'll
11,4, city
•', ."
Vt . 1,.;.t.-..f/! to a;!. an -, 1 •Ait!.lri ;hie- 11,1,
1%.1:4 I: ,i'10,•1 S!...1"•• - •`.
f:;,1 rglr par:, .d-tl;•: t•i•ri , l•l
arrililgi . nlC . Lt , Wit /C,:.14::!r.
a:11 A
1 , 1 , `
I, •••••,,; :
F: 1 - 11.S1:1 1111.1.
17, 1 •XEC.I:TOIt'S - NOT IC
in • .
ctrl 311 !.31 t;:g
A I):11 L.-Yr Nt
; ,t
1:;••;14.;1101.41‘ Hr. , i
,r :••:. ... .
'1 ':r '.S r.•t:'
' )/WSl ' .,.. • / . • A - 1.• f •
F 01 - SA I,E.
! 1.:1;4
~ i:. ~l 1,.m~.~t
•: 1.. 1 - •
M V !•)-,.
(71i111\111"1 - I.:1'.'S
I t.~~.a!:. •his ~ -1
I.ltl`. -1. :1
: :;•::•-••,:,••.!,..••.: • It
: ••: t
•• !
1 , ..,;;;;; u p;.; at -3 zi •
- .
illt•n-y to L, ,11,1
14 Er(vcr oF"1'11E coN
ri, ‘l , r,
!toll.;h:tr. 1 : •
fur . :.: , . - ot•
1) •
I. (;v0r4..• It:,
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1011)0, I
1 .
17'0. .
1 !. I'F.t
:I r )I;4) • NN'SY,
:tr,,•••ti., ,r).l ... ......
l'1•!•.'1 , 1 , i :1%; I. It •-•
t)i!, ;11, I I
I . 1 Mt
The, '
Ifn• Wnr . -; :
An ,f h • -
all .1i • •
I,i‘er, .t:•.tcli
1:•.gul:Oe the livtt 111,1
1,1*,%4. It:
`‘i tilt! i j,
rt(9,3 •IF I t ,L It
yt.:l Liv, 1- I:
for 11:j, rcp.,:• :%;
‘,1,„ yuur
• PILES • •
IT w nr.vly vutt,r torture 413., - after day.
I,7!:Atti.,ll`Xi,:etlt%,llr p
(thug I" fi,a7!
3. ready t”
y,telll , .:lCally tltr rt.111. -. 0,:i i 1.1!
rtf‘i :,•11:1t11 , !,g
4i1•01. , ptl' go,. 101:
_IL g.2att , ... ,
, .
se 1.-
mould asr ;1
ulrri!—fu fart barlltt.` ili•lfltl4,l • Ih, uti.
orthi—lusweb, aa.l aLy
front Mc,: 1.1.• skay oftt;
serious danger. It L. , plite al, inn ••1` , •: Ir
repn•(• a , conoo.o.ionq r,,n;
bowels an It in to eat or .!ero,a1;11 no In.,
can Le 4. 4 :(1wcit.,1 wilera 1 e , ,N; iva halt
1,041 y bvallf;.• • ,
Tltli tllstivsstitgaltlellt.ti iii Ii m..t hrt
'NIP 11.0,1170 , 3 m, ~f .the 5t1. , 111:1, - 11 2 ttrisotLt
itutot.t.:, , ,Thy Mgt.. .•.;11 „., . 1
Itt the tllit,at - t tnvattit - ,1 IN 013,
witl 11..!,4;h ppulafly
:Sick -
.411:1,114N 'AND ON - I,y I.•;Nt. 4 ,
If. Z. V1I•1 N
LAW can t r lid 4 Office.
1.• t
• .
I ..1.
I.r I: cr.,
t. I
I 1 1
. - .
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1 , 1 I
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'• t 1:77 , 2v , ".1v.r.‘ N ; I
Iwo*" 1 1