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u. ALLsos, toticAt. vinTox.
Towanda, Pa., Dec. 30, z88:4,
774.e.rpiration of subscription is print
ed on the colored 14bel. By nofieing the
orate every subscribes' ' can tett Aehen his
inlper will be stopped unless th,e - tubserii).
tier► is renewal. • -
SAFE FOR SALE.--k new wee of the
make of Boger, Bahman & Co., of Ciw,
eineati, 1,500 pohnds weight, warranted
first z elass, will be sold very. cheap., Ap
ply at this o office.
'Aug's New Year. '
13vr one more day of 1880.
Irian't too late to make a holiday pres
ent. _
-TIIEP.E have . 11 fifty-three Thursdays
this year.
TUESDAY last- was the coldest day of
We season so far.-
TnE Leßayeilllil Rifle TeaanC i liavo dis
banded fur the whiter.,
factoyy is soon to be started - in
Athens. Good for Athens.
It. t 3. THURUER has opened a meat
market in the Arcade Block. • •
THE HELEN POTTER Pie Lades at Mer•
cur Hall on Monlay evening nelt.
Tits office of the Ward douse id being
re-plastered and otherwisd, repaired.
TICKETS for the litt.r.N PuIITEI
.atles . for sale at Ktuuy's Drug g
Tuts is the fifty-third.num
litTunTEit issued during Pie y
Green's Landing literary
will nit& Cone-organization this e
ETAour ticket for thd HELEN POTTER
entertdiumeut. For sale'at Kmur's Drug
31-ANnEvii.i„r, of Canton, received
la - 0 : week a cheek for $1,5(4 back pay on
Lis pension
titz revival meetings at the. Disciple
Church, Cantcin, 4re said to be bery large
NOT since ISG4 Ilve the ice-houses been
so welililled at this time in the season as
they are this.yeaT.
SF:itmoNs appropriate to the season
werelprCached in-all of the churches o
our village on Sunday last. •
MERE will Le a partial 41ipse of the
spin to-morrow morning. You will have
to get up as soon 4s the sun does to see it.
'T►►E Western New York and Northern
Pennsylvania Chess Association - meets at
Tunkhannock, Tuesday, January 25,
ISI. .
IF you desire a mail route you mus
liave your bid on file in the Dep l artruen.
it•Washingtoion or before the 10th o
CoMPLAINT is made of the scarcity: of
silvorWare as wedding presents this tvin
ter. Them is 'no scarcity of weddings,
Gov. liovr has granted a respite thrill
Ft ternary ^d to GEoto;E.".s.:ttrut and CATH
ARINE 3111.t.E1t, the Lycorning county
Perrrpss are being circulated in Ath
ens asiclng'llie Court to divide that bor
ough into two wards. They, are receiving
numerous signers
THE ladies of the M. E. Chard , will
give a grand dinner in the Church par
lors, to morrow, Friday, for the benefit
of the Church. l All are invited. •
lloi;Ens' Planing Mill was again put in
operation on Monday- last, after having
been idle for a week. Ilepairii . to the en
gine caused the suspension of work in the
Mu. C. C. 11;flows, of East Canton, bad
the misfortutie'iu Lip from the loft of his
barn to the Ito >r, a distance of about fif
ty n feet. one day last iieek, receiving se
rious injuries.
CIMIZeII of the Messiah (liniveskalist),
11,v. WNt. TayLon;- pistor, at 10; a. m.,
It-eeption of Members anti Communion
service. At 7 , p. m., "New Tear
DunING ; the recent' cold weather:. the
('anon Sentinel says.mlny of the farmers
on the mountains about that place hare
lost the vegetables4stored iu their cellars
by being frozen.
Tiff: people of Athens are to have -a
course of lectutes . untler the auspices of
tho M. E.. Church pf that place. Several
of the most eminent lectures of the coun
try have been enaaged.
:• I ;.kv.s t he Canton Sentinel of the 24th :
Mr. MtuttAEL ,lllcKlic lost a_valuable
nse 011 Tuesday, while coming down
Solth 11l llllltalil The'aninial slipped on
the icy road and -broke its lkack."
IV-E. notice quite a numbers of our local
items in varioas exchanges credited•-to
the llnAnyoun REPOUTEII.—L4 (hens Ga-
r!t. Gentlemen of the . Press, •he kind
elmugh to "give the devil his due." I
Tut: Particulars of the shooting of Po
-liumatt j PET ERSON.. at Athens, on Christ
ina.; daY,_are given in our Athens letter,
besides a 'number of i_ other interesting
neWs items from that sprightly town.
MAURICE, says the Athens
C•e:ettt; have contracted to build a draw
span for one of the bridges on the New
Tork Central '§ailroad. We learn that
this Will be the lamest and. heaviest span'
evi;r built in the shops.•
YENNon's prediction of a great snow
st‘irrri last week, was verified in certain
Pa;'ts of the country ; reaching far east and
-s.)fith. This Section seems to have been
out of the vith. of the storm s as but an
or two of the " beautiful " fell here.
TIM Bedford Inquire r says - that the ex
periment of crossing the brookind salmon
trout has-been entirely successful at i tbe
State hatchery. The ofispring are said to
be a well-fortned and handsome fish, and
are likely to form a valuable addition to
our bctter class of toad fishes.
• IT is a suggestive fact that hymn 320 in
one f the 3iethodist - Ifymn Books is the
1111iliar "Crown Him Lon of A.11."
T.zr.inda I:eporter. Yes, yes, that's it;
that's the BonlsoEssota.. of it. Make
time ;President King—" Crolyn him Lord'
o" ‘ll.—lt is easy enough to see the drift
or tiw lt.pablicans.-11:ellOoro Gazette.
Well,. well Those boys ,of the Gazette
haveevidently made .the greatest diicov
erysinee the days of Coil:runts, or they're
r: 11.4 billions.
Song of the Delitishits of Wyoming
County adverthm that application will he
nisferAlhe eq4n Pe. fist
itire' . for the repeal Of . the mi s t roWsillig
the mode of sotio4, plat., as it relatesto
Lozeme and Wyoming: The object of
this inOvemeni Jibe sabstitubs the "flee.
ticiret.", for the ticket. again .of
voting. ,
THE ' Presbyterian Church at this place
have tarie4 4l -_neiv ilePaitlint imrellex&iii .
CYMich A MY ovitteer ttaiso — riaroif
to servo as deaconesses in place of the
malo Members wh'Uterms Lave expired.
Mrs. JOHN Fonatrr was elected sto serve
oae dear, Mill* # l7/3 " 11 "9 111 ;" )
year!, aud Idra: N. P. Noss btoPthree
years.--Tunkhannock, 41andard.
H " 'Mile Mar 'Rim
__Ka,vFT, Alm
Lurch, of this plaoe, was Oita badly
burned on Wednesday of last week. The
little fellow was playing near the cook
stove, on which was a kettle of boiling
lard, when in 'some ..*ay -- nziknoirn the
stove was, upeet and the hot grease 'from
the kettle was threin on his leg. Dr.
Join:sox was called and dressed the
wound. - ,
AS District Attorney IdcPmstucow, 40-
companied by Facts GRADY, was riding
up I►iain street on- Friday evening, the
buggy in which they' were seated came in
collision with another wagon, near the
abd was.tipped partly
over, throwing both gentlemen to` the
ground. Neither of them were seriously
injured, but the horse becoMing frighten
ed ran away and broke . the buggy up
J. T. .Bstratv, of. 'Granville, says the
Trot Gaunt; has a cider' mill' at, which
he bas made 412 barrels of . cider. Part
of this was stored in a large tank it the
mill. On the night of the 27th of Novem
ber some villain with intent to injure Mr.
BAILEY, turned the faucet to the tank
ani. let thirty-five barrels run on the
ground ievolVinta,kwa of $OO. Any one
who would do each a dastardly act de
serves a State's prison sentence.
f the
No, GEopoi. The locaieditor of the
REPORTER did not receives a Christmas
present of $1;000,000iin Government four
per Cent. bonds. The committee having
in 'charge the preparation of the presenta
tion address were unable to complete it,
and so have postponed tendering' the gift
until some other suitable occasion. Pos
siby the present may be tendered on New
Year's Day, and possibly not. iiire in
cline to the opinion that it will—not.
‘ i
"It is rumored that Minnequa is to be
rebuilt," and this_time • the old prevaric4 7
tor Dame 'Rumor shakes her old bead and
declares that "what is to be. Will be."
We are told that,it is still doubtful which
one of three,. parties. will undertake the
task, but probabjy it will be the Keystone
hotel companY,'WhiCh is but another name
for the Pennsylvania Central railroad
e?mpany which is naturally most directly
interested in its reconstruction. Itseems
safe to assume quit they will certainly re
build it, unless some one else does who
. could work in harmony with their inter
ests; itrasinuch as - they would be satisfied
.if the hotel paid its c unning expenses lear.:
ing a not gain say of $20,000 in increased
passenger tmffie.—Ounfon Sentr4 i el.. .
THE particulars of the late opt ge_per-,
petrated in Smithfield toWnshiii, are too
disgusting and revolting for publication.
We bad hoped thattbey were greatly ex
aggerated, but the accounts which 'first
reached us fall snort df the facts as dis
closed at the examination before Justice
FORREST. It is disgraceftil .that such an
exhibition' of brutality and indecency
should recur -in a„ Civilized „community,
and it is due to the vindication of the law
abiding and respectable citizens of Smith
field, that the actors in the outrage should
meet with the punishment they so richly
deserve. Our Smithfield correspondent
refers to this occurrence, but evidently
considers the horrible indecencies
were proven to have been perpetrated as
unfit for recital.
Canzstmas passed off very quietly, al
though observed very generally" by our
citizens as a holiday. Appropriate ser- .
vices were held in, the morning - at both
the Episcopal and Catholic Churches. In
the evening the M. E." Church Sunday
School held a festival,' at which i there
was some excellent singing_ by. the mem
bers of the school, some beautiful instru
mental music, an d two handsomely deco
rated Christmas trees. The Church was
filled to overflowing 'by happy schohne, -
their teachers and friends, and the even. ! .
ing proved a highly pleasant and enjoya
ble one to all present. On Christmas eve
the Sunday School scholars of the Church
of the Messiah were treated to an even
ing's enjoyment and a Christmas tree
heavily laden with good things; in (the
basement of the Ch lira). The large rooms'
were well filled with scholars; teachers
and friends of the school. Seyeral of the
scholark received handtionie presents for
punctuality in attendance during the past
year, and several of the teachers were the
recipients of ttstinionisht of esteem at the
hands of their scholar 8. •
• Tun Cbristmai Tree festiVal of Chirst
Church Sunday School, says , the Review
of Tuesday, was held last evening.. The
programme embraced a portion of the
Liturgy, appropriate. Lyme% a beautiful
exercise by the Infant Scilool, and distri:.
bution of presents from the well-laden
tree. One of the ,fiappiest events of the
evening was the preSentationl to the Rea
tor of a handsome coma:mien set, which
was a complete , surprise to the Revererd
The STERLING Comedy Company, under
the Managentent OM. C. %Mir, played at
the Opera House on Christmas afternoon
- and evening to first-rate houses. After see
ing them, it is not to be wondered at that
the party have had such a genuine success
wherever they have appeared. Miss May
ROBERTS is a leading lady who possessis
every requisite for the position that she
occupies and has nmuistaltable talent. 'ln
ooth the playa, "Led Astray " and "Sl4-
ela " she made - a 'very pleasing impression.
Iu Mr. RUTLEDGE, the trodpe have a leading
man who wins at one, by hinennine earn
estness and Strong personality. Jilisis Ha-
LENA COB is o too well known hereabouts
to need to be introdueed. , . She hair a very
attractive 'face and figure and an exceed
ingly pleasing voice: • Her popularity: is
by no means confined to this locality, for
wherever she goes she establishes herself
at' once as- a favorite. These with Mr.
and Mrs. Morrrtmun and.. Mr. and . Mrs.
HAG le and the others of the troupe,
make up a party who atic4ComPetent. to
- render any drama and to rendel . it accept:
ably to the most critical and ex sting au
diences. The company play in Troy, Pa.,
and Towanda 4)r, the rest of the wk,
and bare a route laid out that will ocu
them until near spring. Their outlook
is a- very promising one.—Einairis Free
Press. "
The above"-CompanY .will give ." tied
Astray" at Hoene Hall, this, Thursday,
evening. ' They will also 'appear here on
Saturday afternoon-awl evening.
Mis*Bmma: A. HaimEn,i * .native-of
out ` km*V7Tiiii - iiii i iontAifihrkVit ''' '
ity:' , aritliew „,
.° 4 " 4 •*rig4 ffiaiii ''
. 1 ' :ZIR if
entiai'bur,Mii i iile 'an
ouliinity et ter at the enter**,
mol t itfdl*itilif- a t the Church of
Ate#4 4 4'Pi l Oitidi7 t ve . tlioff neitv- 1.14,
twil 4th. :,Thef.nikeetimi-?Bouina, -tple
Retriiii. ;Atiaidoi4i - ':=lttait - isic , ,,Pol4,
This riqsgs *OW 0! Affor;stisiiiiiii 0
existlig amoniesMUs44: thiliiiiitAltillt
i,'4"4s.riiicatool. 4 8 / 1 4 4 : 41 t1t 1 **
8 1"itici - eamte!;_itiri , *t 'thfo*O4Olt, Of
-Milti,.B*4l - nrutintedriiiikiii:li*Plol4-
debgAialO viehillishe t*itled,*oo,l3/0-
1 Y 11**t' 4 4.• Alie4 .l 442***M-.
T oo ri i, *aad. iPri* 0 1 : 4 ,4 . 4 0 ,""ii 0444°
on Vi is 44;14 4 1 *c 10_, ; */: enum erate
thattouebiug Poem Of mini Fariiiingurea,
-"The Last Hymn." "The- ' Balcony
Scene from "Romeo and
_' Juliet," "The
Little'llatcheC Stery," by Burdette, and
lth4 intensely Iltrillim. awl' difficult de
lineation; " The Famine." - Our readers
wilkbe glad to learn alsd that our talent
ed vocalist, 'Mrs. " Let ". Mosvamvz,
will, if' her , health Permits, yield her
sweet tribute of song td the occasion.
Miss. Mica II; SPAinanica, whose skill as
pianist is well-known in' -our - tau3ical
circles has kindly offered a solo. Mr. Wm.,
5."11.3cm, of the choir, will sing "The
White Squall," and those who have heart)
him, know it will be well rendered. The
choli of the church, consisting of Mrs.
D.. TAYLOR, Mrs. S. A. Wurreoun,
Messrs. LACEY; MACE and Gonixm, ; will
offer quartettes of high order. Mr. An.
'mutt LACEY offers a cornet solo, and Mr.
HENRI Serums, a violin solo for the'. c
cabion. While Miss 0/Liam!. Lora, the
talented young organist of - the church,
will be
,the accompanist of..the evening.
Tickets 24,' cents ; may be had at Wnrr-
COMB'S book store or of any member lof
the 1
church. - - ,
The following are the names of those
belonging !to tliti Big Pond - School,"
Rulgbury, who are - entitled to the-Roll of
Honor for goad conduct, for the month
ending December 14th : , GRANT CULP,
3ER CLARK, JOHN WEIS.; • TnostrsoN
Cutr, Taos 31cKEi, EMERSON 31it;
LER. _ LIZZIE B. MAY,, Teacher.
MY. PERCY BROWN, son of Mr. ' SMITH .
BROWN, of RidgburY, met with a terrible
accident ou• Chrtstrnas day, while out
bunting. Mr. littims had a double-barrel
ed shot gnn, and while loadinglhe gun,
some way it • discharged, sending C the
contents through -his bands, Mutilating
theta in a shocking -roamer; The little
finger on his right band WU entirely torn
off, and the index finger of tbe same hand
was torn'to shreds. The left hand fared
even worse; the entire charge of _shot
striking the hollow of the band in such an
angle as to strip the flesh from neatly
every finger. Mr: Boon-if is now in a
critical condition, and frars are entertain
ed that be will lose his left hand Marcie.,
if not his life. _One: shot strirelr his face,
while eighteen passed throtigh tlui rim of
his hat.- He is under the treatment of
Dr: CIIILSON, of Pennyville. Mr. .BROWN .
is one of our very best young men, and
should hav(ra greai deal of Sympathy in
this sad 'affliction. - .
• •
. Some mathematical inquirer acquaint 7
ed - with the mysttrious properties of- the
figure 4 has been regarding the cubing':
year with something like awe and 'has
mathematically mixed himself up as fol
The year ( 1881 will be a'nathematical
curiosity. tFroni right to left and left to
right it reads the same. I z Pghteen
ed:by 2 gives 9 as a quotient; 81 divided
by 9 gives 9 ; if divided by 9 the quotient
contains a. 9 ; multiplied:by 9 the product
Contains two 9's ; 1 and 8 itr09.; . 8 and 1
are 9. If the 18 be placed under the
and added the sum is 99. If 110. figures
be added thus•: 1,8, 8,1, it will give 18.
Reading from left to right it is 18, and
18 is two-ninths of 81.1 , 8 y adding, divid
ing and multiplying 19 Vs are produced,
being one for each year required
complete the century. •
This complimentary designation has
been fitly applied to. "the Philadelphia
Weekly . PressAnsei its present able man-.
agement. With a greatly strengthened
editorial staff, a large corps., of , trait] d_
special cotrespondents and distinguish
i d
occasional contributors, and an WU' r _
passed' mechanical equipment, it rn y
fairly claim to hive'distanced all rivals 1
an enLrged field of usefulness. 'ln edito
rial discussion it aims to be courteous as
well as fearless'and independent ; in the
collection of news its enterprise-As great;
in the family departments nothing of in
terest in the home circle is slighted ; in
'fiction its Standard is high, and the beet
stories of foreign authors appear excht
sivelyin its columns by arrangementwith•
the publishers ; there is something in ita
pages every week tp interest all classes.
We commend the 'Philadelphia . Weekly
Press to the attention of all who are mak
ing-up their lists of newspapers and peri
oAils for the new Sear. It is a neatly
printed newspaper of eight'pagts, and is
offered to clubs on particularly+ attractive
terms. Send to the Press, Philadelphia,
for a sample copy. , - , ,
F 2 Ais the Elmira Telegram of SMiday
last : In the County Court in this city .
'week, a case of peculiar iuterest was
tried. i The plaintiff , was , one CHRISTIAN
Konzit, who is a resident of Wells- town.
Bradford County, Pa. -The defend
ant watt: . MARcus MILLER, a prominent
citizen and resident of the Fifth Ward of
Elmira, and a brother of .l e=-Alticnpan
VALIRVTINE MILLER. The plain fade of
,the case appear to be as follows : Kotiatt,
the: plaintiff, was desirous of getting a
team be owned employed on street work
for the corporation. applied to Cap
tain Latritaw, the Alderman of the Fifth
Ward, bit the latter stated that be could :
not secure employment for the teams of
persons who were non-resrdrnts, saying
Ouse preference should be given to those
belonging here. - Afterivards an artatige
aient was made by Swim, as he claims.
by which his team was rented to - the •de
fendant MILLER, who secured for it work
on' the streets. While thus employed
and while_ being driven by a boy the
horses were driven into the river while in
a heated condition and both animals im
mediately afteiwards died. Hence Ko-
BED, the real owner, stied foi theit2 - value.
Ile recovered ins Justice's court, and an
appeal was taken to the county court.
The jury returned a' verdict in favor of
theislaintiff, (Konen) for f 177.30 as the
value of the team.
olidate. • `*
—Mrs: H. Prat Is ;faith* her niother .
in Nei! York City. ,
iu•e itiends Jo - -Osi•►es.
—*by; USrnis Miniuriz.vicanton, is
!visiting :friends iiißhilidelphia.
; — BERM/ *umcdiedi gradate°
in Litchtlehi, - nii tier*:
—Lieutenant C. B. Bwertentxx, 11. 8.
A., is visiting his patents at, blttroettin.
=-1 4 1 ° 8 3 TA:grT. 31 A 1 4 1 °Ri Ptt, spundui
her holAsi , vacation with her pireets-ut
this iiface 4
-4diasea BEsain and Louis Vamp, of
B,yracuse, Is,-37.; -- are visiting :filoads in
thin Owe. • „ ,
• .-4/.IIES U. CORDING hag been appoint
ed District Deputy G i and High k irl l 3 l
"Judge on
o'f tie • Ai.gus, is
spending a few weeks with his daughter,
Mrs. STARK, Philtu3elptia..
ADAM WOLF died at ter resi;•
deuce on Third street, on Sunday morn
ing, after an ilinesa 9 f inry months.
—Mr. and SprEli tincninALD are
spending several days in.Vett Franklin,
WilpSIE DAVI* of the. Elmira
Female Colleke, is spemling the hellaai
'vacation with her parents in-this place.
--Medical Students W.•Encun, C.
L. Copia:NG 4nd C. 31. PRATT, :}re borne
filin.puweViiiito "pew) Aho-414:4aft
.li... l gkimadrilinnuirWP.chiSSl; of the
Canton Graded School, is spending the
holidaf . vacation with friends in Havani,
N. Y.
Ast MAXWEr Me eminent
temperance lecturer, sa Is for - England'on
January: &-•; to engage in the work there
with Then Ann T. Euirk.:in.
—Mr.'. and Airs. Ci;:tux Wr4 ox are
spending, the' liolidapi . at; their home in
thif •plaeo.' They have been engaged in
Gospel work in New Xurk City for, some
time past. - •
—Says the :Waverly Review: - ;”
and Mrs. R. A. PACKER and Mr. and
MIS.I - lowAntEELU.s.a will leave January'
6th for - Cuba, to. remain •-duriiig the
winter;n: ' ;• ' 4 •
iegvei to:le.ain ofibe 'Serious
ness of Mr.
INNESS, of Granville
Center, who was taken siiddenly ill on
Monday- niitit•with au attack of pleurisy.
---Canton Sentinek:e4th. •
and Mr. 11. HA Ei retained
from their bridaltour.on Thuisday, 4nd
were present at a grand .reception giien
lu their 'honor. by J:,11 1 .: - .441ii..s, at his is-i
-idence near Greeriiveod s , on that evening.
—WintaAm.Crismszra.iN has been ap
pointed District Deputy Grand MaStet for
the "Masonic District, composed of the
counties of Bridiord' and Sullivan, rind
Lodges No. 248 and. ` ‘ ).63 Wyoming
Tuostitsr returned last Reek`
from Potter county; where he has be4oif
a several weeks' deekhunt.
, lie
two dear while onthisrtrip, abd Mr. W.
A. THOMAS, 0 4. e of the party, killed six:—
V.1740Th Sentinel. _• t , , •
—}"roxri' a late number of the
olis Tribuhi, We learn' that our former
townsman, Dr.' D. L. PRATT, .huts been
elected Dictator of Minneapolis Lodge,
Knights of. Ilona., for the ensuing term.
The Lodge vitl have an excellent , Prcsid r !
ing otlicer for the nest its. months: ,
yiEDNE3DA : r; PECt.lolßre:*7B+9o
Victor E. Piollet vs. JOlin.p. Means—
Assrfnipsiti. Iteasons for a pew trial tiled;
Iu re.-tlie . alleged lunacy of Stanley C.
Bullock. Inquisition confirmedsi.:
In re. the matter of the application of
Hannali A. Cartier for the benefit ,of her
separate , earnings. - Prayer of petitioner
. : George H. Mills,- gt.. al., vs. the: Water-
Insuratico COmpany, Garnish ;
nes of Bartley Ileath.--.hula.on plaintiffs
to quash attachment of execution.
Leonora Heath vs. John Caryoll, et. al.
=Trespass. H. itiiddi And • William
Maxwell, Esqs., for plaintiff; H. F. May,
trard; Esq., fOi; de fend anti. -.JA4tn4lio
able to agree Were discharged.
William,H.Barne; vs. William
Trespass. S. W. and William, Little for,
plaintiff ; William Foyle, Esq., for -de
fendant. Verdict' for plaintiff of s4o(lf.
Ream - as filed. for new trial.
W. 11 Christian J.D., Owen, et. al.
—Scire Tacias. Williams & Angle for
plaintiff ; Andes, - CAnqichan ( 1101 for
defendants. Court reserving question o
law. I :
S. B. nipper vs. E. 0. and D. Taylor,
et.. al. Auditor's -Report tiled and` con-
firmed ni. si.
On motion of Williams and Arigle, E.
D. Bufftrigten was admitted to practice
in the several Courts of Bradford Coutity,
w.hereuprin he was duly bwiirn.
On motion of Davies, Carnochan
Hall,James 11-Macfarlane was admitted
to practice in the several Courts of Brad
ford County, whereupon he was - duly
On motion of 3. Andrews IV ilt, 'Esq., E.
A.' Thompson, Esq., was admitted to
aeticer th several Orirti Of Bradford
County, whereupon ho was duly sworn.
. The following Sheriff's deeds Were ac
knowledged :
To ? John B. Overfield, fur ,90: acres of
land in Tuscarora township. Sold Deceni
ber 2 ; 1880, as the property of William
.05; • -;
E. Sracord, Tor-me lot inSorith
Waverly 'Borough. Sold February
1880, as the property of N.. Deli' Walker
AdMinistrators. $l,lOO.
To lcemir — S. , Vanorman, fur 20 acres. of
land in; Warren township.. SoldDecimber
2, ISBO,' as the property of 'Leßoy Ed
• - Tii - '6:11. - and Elk n - Welhrs; E'kecuto:, i s
of Ellen J./Welleii, deceased, for 427:acres
and 107 perches of land in Wilmot town,
ship. Sold December 1880,, as the prO . ,
perty of A.. '4100; - •
On Thursday evening of last week our
people ICC:I3 highly entertained 'biEMer
Car...N.Ev.and Joss Rustsvot; of Mans
field, Pa., who delivered lectures at the
school hnildings,with,a,Chmta.orrOize a
kodg, , ,e; . termed "Independent Order Pa
trons of Temperanbe.!!.- The views pre
sented by the represcutatives of that,Or
der, met with the hearty approbation of
all, insomuch that a lodge was'organizeei:
with a. membership of nineteen, bearing,
the name of Northern Tier Lodge No: 50.
The billowing were the officers initialled
W. 6.--Jaines Mason.
V. P.—Walter Furman.
V. M.—Edith Kline.
C.--Joseph Craig.
M.—James 11. Mason.
A. M.-4). P. Cummins.
A M.--Eida Kline.
(4.—Mrs. James Mason.
. ... B. B . parsolo•
T.—J• ..•
1. G.
I:,e° -a,-- Kline.
. G•
.—James mahood•
. The lodge is to meet on ThWally
ning oreacb week at the hall of IL. )La=
sox. The organization is young, but its
principles are such as to
all.. B. S. PAtiseos,Beeretnry. - ,i
CHECKERVILL . E; piie. es; 1830, ' •
'test initwaicilAsz.
111 PoPulir Pung leader ha i been se-
gored for the basipiatabiOritatiffiggs
at Dimaiock's IJA:riusthiy eventual
'lan'M -3 0 1 . 8 ; Ci "Or
Olichfrepitio•Nt,"-anil tic; onetishoillintiut
ql'nqtl 4 o'7 9 o l. o s o - K. h e r' , ,fif-e gill t
- gond in tosunitiorint- then
i i
.',l `ACCIDENT = AT - -ATM_ NS. ' .-: -',
t ..Ro!to_e;, ll24 , 4 Mcident oocncred, e
residence of lir. ' F. "A. Vsan, ' .iii k a
itie“,Ailienik ''f4l Thursday eviOt9giOt;
Lot is ''' EVAIOI .Irall "busily engaged in
dressing 11401 ior :ler 'little sister Krr.
tarts, Whit:lb Sonia moans the lamp was
07(Ftdrtie.d; setting lit* to thil, carp e t___,ao 0.
also the clothing of: little • Itrreta. The
scrams of the 'children 'hiooght the fate- .
from the other ream; and finding the
Child's clothing iea blaze; they' soon suC,..
"tided in smothering-the.flatites; thereby
saving the.`4iltio oodi Pre; ° h i is badly
burned abaut the lower extremities,/ but
Isviil mover._ : - t • .
'`Tim following is a list,of tbe 'officers of .
Smitbfiellt Lodge. K. of-IL; bto. 1,318,
elected December 2ist, for t4ili term end,
itig Jitne 80, 1881 : - - I
Dietator74. A. Fpittslcu. •
1 r . f D.,70. E. Wii•loi• -:% ' '•
. 4-D: 7 -ALLEN 11. WOOD. .
Report.o.-;-P. A. § WARD. -• •
- P.11.-7A, O. SCOT . I • .• ~,
Tralailtir4r.,c.LAYTOß (iiliallf.D.
Caplitint3 . l). TRACY. ..
'Guide-A. E.• WOOD. ... •
GuardiaN--enuislorumt FRAIXY. -, ,
iientiriet—DrroNyttsus. • • .1-
A trier history of the German Evangel
teat (Lattheran) Church in -Wilmot town
ship, dila county, and the only church to
this denomination in - Bradford Count* :"7-
In the yearr,iB39 there came from the
Kingdom of Baden, Europe, some erni
irt!tewirtr sOtleditOle southern Par 4 01
4rttong them a certain
family,jGeorge J. Eberlin's, were the first
to settle7there, andsoon others follow& :
Mains, eanfman, , Geo. Sebook, Bkieh
and Feubers, and many more of the Lo
th= denomination. They soon num-
bored a small'Ciingregation, and procured
the :55ervicea 'of "Rev:. C. L. Erie; - who
'preached the lira eerreen in Geo. J. Eber'-
litt's house, where they., continued to have
seriiceicnntii- the); 'referiP:leoto build a log .
church. They socin grew in numbers,
aud:conthauqd theii services in. the log
church until 1.872; when they built a neat
frame church buiking fo`t $1,500 ; it was
'dedicated in May, 1872, by 110.4". L. -
Erie and Rev..l..Schlapeg. OtM
afterward the. said "Rev. C. L. Erie swab
disOarged,by the congregation fur mi -
hehavior iii iegartPiolonor and reputa
tion. Re'.had served the 'congregation
upward of, thirty-two years. .
" The first` s English Sabbath-School was
organized and superintended in -the new,
'clmrsh, 2872, by - J,' A. !Menet., jr., (at
tiistfPnearesident,ofhpOt); who con
tinued-to lead tha - Sabbith-School for live
terms in English and German languages,
sone• months after the discharge of C.
L.. - Eile; the - congregation }secured the
services of Rev.' IL 13. So °ditch of Reid
-Whb:i : WIS.- an able hitgidter ; he
stayed two years and then accepted a call
Clum lc - OrristoWn, Pa. Ilfter• Mr, .Btm:
dae.,h - .(lie Congregation procured the ser
vices ',of ono Rev. Louis Wolferz,' of
Brooklyn, N. Y., :who stayed, only one
year and thenaccepteda 'call from New
York. • In the fall Of _Wit they sectired
the services 9f :one - Rev. Lis Smith, of
_Bak.g, P . a.; who 'stayed ,until the'spi in g
of 181'9; anirthen accepted a call at Cogan
Station; Lycoming.cOunty, Pa. Since the
•last Mentioned date the congregation has
beeu minus a minister. Rumor has it that
a Rev. Mr. Wagner, 'of Ilarrii.,barg, will
supply. the charge: -
The ground on which the new cht*ch
stands was given (gratis) by Jacob Eber , - -
lin, a soli of the above-mentioned Geo. J.
- JEberlin. Geo. J. -Eberlin, the original
founder of.thechnrch in Wilmot, bad four
'sons: George; Jacob, Godfrey and Joseph;
and _one daughter, Rosa.. Three of the
sons reside-in Wilmot ; 'one (Jacob) died
in 1814; one (Godfrey) resides in Missouri,-
and the daughter (Mrs... John Butt) lives
in Terry township. The congregatiOn
tilinlbers about two hundred members.
. JOHN A. •
Terrytown, Pa., - Dec. 24, 1580. -
• Local Correspondence. r
EDITOR REPORTER :—Meirj , Christmas
has poem
,and gone, aud. the .question
whether "Anticipation gives more pleas
ure than realization," has again received
a solution iii the minds of many. What
afer may be the decision on that question
all will:agree that fond recollectioiis ofta,
happy time are still active, giving cdmfoft
to many a heart. Ilow swiftly the re- . ,
yolving seasons*, rollin their. burden
of,pairsand pleitstire MIR the trat3t, abyss
of,tketiaii„ and leaving tke'mind to grasp
anevi-fettjhe hops and - fears "of the fu
ture. For a little time the heart-of child
hood is gladdened by the inentOry• of past
events, and oven the. larger children love
to turn back the pages of life to i „,rlatiee
once more at the - -bright spots surrounded
.but dimly, air the Serraws!Whiq,
time helps in art to assuage. , But as we
pass on the Wa'y*te older leaves are less
frequently. visited! and our day dretints of
future happiness till More .turd more the
time which we'eatch in the:interests of
present duties. Brief and-transitory' as
life is for the inflividual, it still presents
a Charming variety of hutnanaction_which
blends. into -a harmeniotis _picture Most
pleasinkto liehold. SabbatirSehools
have badkbeir annual entertainments at
the various ehuteheA, and the Christmas
trees have yielded their precious burdens
most bouutifullt..
At the liethoclist Church a novel sub-'
stitute was made or the tiaditooal tree.
Abeautifully i trimined ship manned by a
crew orlittle girls, I . atrideeor.ifetl- with a
pri?fusiou.of gifts froni' hull to top-sail,
was as pretty a sight' as one . Could, wizti
• .
The Baptist.sahool had - a finely decorat
ed tree and appropriate exercises.
At the Presbyterian Church ta‘o trees
were tastefully arranged, and the exercis
es consisted of a colloquy of little children
And Christmas carols sung by .the'school.
At the chwti)f the - eiercises Rev. G. P.
SEWALL, on behalf of the employes of the
Enterprise lilanufaeturing Company, pre:.
rented a gold-headed cane to the mauagt
er, Mr. Joux A. PARSONS. The gift was
atolten of the appreciation In which the
men hold Mr: PARSONS, and, corning as it
did from as fine a -body of men as any ,
community can bbast of, it was a decid
edly handsome compliment to him. The
hearty applAuse: of the:audience skolte
volumes for the respect in which both
employer and employes are - held, add
shows that the. community, deligtts to
honor those who by their labor and capi
tal build up home industries. • '
=The Trojan Lodge of ,41. Y. 111. elected
the folloiring officers, for the ensning
year :4Y. M., E. DOBBINS ; I'4,
AtSTIN LEONARD; J. W., W.. E.-Cum.-
:1 1 : ; Treasuregi.lhfloski ;480ttetwy, R.
O. itindism.. : - .4_ . . _
°soden% . Pim - Voratany bla , 01004,
the folloequi t datum for the : - uipiniutt
year :,, , ,Pfriuldeirit'T VcComosf• VIE*
President, J. kilooLlor ; Ttwiltrwp.
,is s
ILI liviliantf - torofir; - e:-W; -1 ) i
Foiol4lMlXikiti**arn ; pot
ibt, 5.94,1 - 11;,*00 Aiiiiiitant;„
0. Lifesoi , -11htilifhiAstiii4 -6 -go. Ri. *
BrAmtsta ;410(Eiginear, J., L. Fais.os
Second Itoitltati#:, Jima 4 (Ittms ; Tidnr
Eugineui„ WifOutit :_ASE L rourik,En g t.
neer, 11"4 11 . - .Re.bunnort ; : Chief,: F, A,
Lono. ,_ :- ' .„. ,•- . - , : o *;,"
. Denembet igl; 1880.
The return Of ' the 4iolida3r season and
"(gym, of the, year afrorda opportunity for
for future consideration.
.'Our',advancement " the, past yeav'has .
been satisfactory, and the building of:tvni
temples for the worship of Mut Whose
Aatal day we celebrate, does credit to the
people of 'this • place and oar near nelgfi
bK 5M 13 ..1 1
c r ethals binitnies Pros - peiltyben.'
tineies,' i and wo look forward to the time
when,_othey entevprises shall beinstituted
to ad d' to the prosperity . 'tif- thlk place,
with interest.
We give some _ current . news whiclAve
recordWitli regret, ns - the'folli evil
courenbas caused sorrow in some bonies..
But young men _gill .persist in sowing'
'Wild oars and reaping the sad eonsequen
eel; if not in tears yet bringing down
grit hairs in Wirrow"to the grave.
4 company ot them - bad been celebrat:
lag the birth of a Saviour . far differenili
from the ancient shepherds, and this
morning were intoxicated and quarre l
some, when .loft.t PiTensox, a police
man, while in the discharge offbis duty'
and trying to persirOe•them to go horne.
Was shot by one'of their nurilber`, but rot.:
tutiately not Seriously injured., P.irrEs
sok was hot by , ‘Sinksv . Msrrisok,'with
a small pistol,. `which he fired . with Out
taking it from .a
,pocket in his coat.' The
ball struck some , obstruction and was
turned from its 'course; only inflicting a
flesh won' nd in the abdotneu.lThe wound
.ectrits3a seised his r.s.sailantond with the
assistance of others, disarmed Min and
took him to the lockup, where be remain
ed until this afternoon at 4 o'clock, when
be had a hearifig before 'Squire *mum-
TON, and was held in slooB=bonds for his
,appearance corirt, •
" The practice of carrying
bad enough when y4uog men
dulge in their use upan officers., it is tinip
for justice to be meted out to them to the
extent of the law,' whatever may be the
standing of their famsies or friends.
Mr. C. A. WlLe§ accidentally shot
himself, - this eveniug4 with a sniall
inflicting a severe wound in his', left hand.
Dr. E. P: ALLEN, rcniovcd the ballly the
use of- the knife, aufl the geut!eman will
have time, while the iwoundTta healing, to
reflect upon the dang:er . o . f - handling such
Ono poor fox was 141 around by a string'
'Awhile this, .nion)ip and .then turned
loose _to be .caught bir dogs. Our fiiends
mill parth.)n 114 Tor calling it bratal sport,
but it, seems to us lilse an Unfair game CO
torture a captive. •
A shooting match was held this-after
noon:castor the river; but we4under- .
stand they were to shoot at targets and turkey's "instead of slaioting . at the
fowls, themselves. If we commend
the marksmen for avoiding
We now turn to lipleasauterVde of the
ifitylsitistory and notice tho advent of
Santa Claus. lie appeared last - night at
church, or, atlleast was sup.•
posed to, and werowded louse listened•to
the singing of appropriate melodies and
the distribution hundreds of . presents
taken fiom tha overloaded evergreens
which had been prepareri. Many of . the
presenzs were valuable, and the . gifts to
the pa , tor of the church, numerous ;
eluding a INT overcoat and other articles
of value. IlVe were . remembered, and for
he little maiden with a:TerBey - cloak and
smiling face, we thank:the onors': The
hint is a good one, an we will,
that we are reatli , to surrender. if allowed
to appear under a thig of truce to arrange
preliminaries:. • •
• Othdrs of the boys received similar or
youngc,:•loking, presents -and all seemed.
- - IWO- , • -
j:.411 the - members of the sabbath' schboi
were. remembered by their teachers .or
friends and4he evening was enjoyefi by
the assembly. - • "--` •
Th 6 evdning ‘ a similar scene is taking
Place at the 'Methodist church, where a
nicely arranged programme is being ear,
ried-out,' and in a church neatly decorat
ed ; • many gifts :are being 'distributed
from two trees placed in front of the
minister's desk.
,AII looked bright and
cheerful there, though every inch of space
*as occupied. • . •
OR „next Tuesday .evening a similar
scene will .be enacted at the Episcopal
church,l and we presume with the like
success, as Santa has been liberal . this
year. •
For lack of time we cannot speak of
other events, and so we' close the year
With the compliments of the season to the
RE:PORTF.R and its readers.
Athena, Pa., beepniber 25, WO. :„
Mrs. VI NT•owL*l has entirely
covered from her lite sickness, under the
able .treatment of Dr. Crrmsox..-"
The beautiful . residence of Mr. M
Cum() is nearing completion.'-..t.Mr: CILAIG
is building one of the - finest Or,d'e - 'resi
donde, in the town. .The woad Is under
the managenient of M.R..1 C * () Or;El:t..
.. I .
. ThethriStthaatteii turd tiref.ctiertain=
mcnt by. the Sunday s.chooli was'a grand
unde'r the lead of superintendent
D. - I - 1. 6 1,..k1t111:q1N, 'assisted by - his "able
teachers. The siagipg *as conducted try
.Mrs. Dr. Cint.soN, assisted by the D.OTZ
l ' - sisters, Miss RoumsoN; 'Miss 'l3AT.ewis,
• ,
Miks_3lAv,and Mr. I A.l,nwt., The
tations Were exceedingly good. Superior
to anything: the writer ever listened to,
for a Christmas'entertainrsent, .The mu
tiering of "Maud Muller,!' by Mtss 11Nr-
TIE B.i.t.uvrix, was very line, and showed
careful 864. While the pieces spokeit
by Miss MINTA ROM;S:SO.S, 31iSS MAY,
liii*GtOiiiZAL* Miss Cti.r, 11.01.T.i, -
31r.Crrmi and others; were equally good.
The lass recitations, under
. the direction
of Mass COnA GONZAI Es and Mrs. Dr.'
CIIILSON, were admirable.
The Christmas trees=for there were
two of them—were well laden with pres
ents. •The school children were all re
membered with presents 'of more or less
Value. Some ' received: bevutiful gold_
watthes ; some valuahle boOka, lamps,
PS - astotmentl in a word almost everything
beautiful as well as ornameitar..‘ The
superintendent, Mr. D. H. Pialusox,
-was remembered by the scroxil 'among
- other things with a beautifril silver castor,
and from one of our worthy merchants
and wife, with a very valuable and It-se
ta' book. lAA, but riit least, among the
pretients,, was
. one given to the pastor, P.
EvEttari, by the most worthy eit!zens
cot a& it*llle4o ll 4.isClf.o 0 . 994# your
Om City; sheri ff P. prea
eitt---,lm A beatititni, inbe; - r etilected by
innaented by D. B. Latinist's, in behalf
of the citizens - or Bidglittry.• Attached
to the robe; Asa ;jig'fukcf.
sil v er ; 4*
IbtZ i - Cltriannale, it flan 1 . :V . 4
turkey, frnm Mra.,WICGONZLLE(I. Thus
closed one of 1 ther beat inteitstinmenta
Bentley Creek ever had. P. B. E.,
.Wellsburk, December . 27, 1880.
iWherwis on . i'eleven feet of snow that
as-to visit us the 224. I ' •
Mr. J. C. Rontwa is doi4g a lively
business. The large Dumber of people
which, can be seen pore trading speaks
well Air Mr. 'R. and clerks;
Great preparations are Lein made for
Christmas. There is 'Co he a Christmas
Tree at the Baptist thatch:. Quite ex
-WISP/0 arrangement* hava been made in
the line of recitations, etc. After which
supper into be served at Stevens' Hall
- for the benefit of the church. '
Dr. Orsjiou seems to be in great fa
vor, judging from' the practice he has. - •
Schools seem - to be progiessing finely
nnaer our present teachegs. Ridgbury
pays better arlig,6 than most of the adjoin
ing towns. Consequently We get the beat
Mr. Sir.vmlic gives his Opening Ball
New Year's eve.
The xesidence of Mr. MACK CRAIG is
nearly completed. It-is a very handsome
buildinF. ,
December 22,,1880. • '
It is probable that nothing has ever oc
curred in this county, that has so. thor
oughly aroused the public in 'general, as
did the disgraceful affair, .the account of
which was first published in the Elmira
Telegram.. According to the. evidence as
brought out by the trial, the facts were
not in the least exaggerated. The state
ment in the teltram is wrong, howevei,
in two particulars : First, the outraged
partiei l l were not married ; and second, it
togs nett in B:ailltyleld at all, and we should,
not irve, the credit of it., The perpetra
tors of the nefarioris, deed, with a single
exception, were not` really residents of
Smithfield. Tut° reside in Springfield,
two *ere from Troy, having been in our
town but a short time, one from Towin
da, and the others cannot:be properly 10.
-rated anywhere that we. know of—they
certainly do not belong here. Neither do
the unfortunates five in Smithfield, but in
the adjoining township of Springfield.
liappen where it may, it was a disgrace
-ti]a civi.ized community, and the perpe:
tratora should be punished to. the. extent
of the la*. A. fair trial was ;given them
last I Wednesday , and Thu: tklay, before
Esquire tORREST; who committed four
of the number and held the:others nude:
five hundre-dollars,bolicls to appear/ at
_the Feiuiiary Court.- We understand that
- two of ; the four committed have been
tbailed; out at one thousand dollars each,
one other (the negro) for five hundred,
and the fouirth is awaiting trial in the coun
ty jail. Our greitest anxiety is, that,
through some underhanded way the -guil
ty parties may manage to evade the.pen
alties of the law. Every honest law-abid
ing citizen should use his influence. to
have law enforced in this case at least.
•• 1 • s SM !TTIFIELDEI!.
Deiiember 2i, 1880.
We aufrouueed last 'week the death of
Mrs. 3fuzsat Fox. seems fitting that
a more extended.notice should be made
of oue so long and so well known in our
fifth child of Jouß EVANS.; a prominent
lawyer of Wilkes-Barre, and was. born in March 14, 1813. In early child.
hood she removed to Cooper's Plains, N.
Y., and . made her home with an older .sis
ter. There she was .married' to MILLER
Fox, January 4, 1847, and after a brief resi
dence in Vermont, moved to Towanda,
Where • the remainder .of her life was
spent. .
The circumstances of her early life had.
great influence in determining her char=
actor. Left motherless in her fourth
year, and bereaved seven years afterward
of her father,- she was thrown more than
is, usual upon her own resources of ehar 2 ,
aster, and hence became brave, energetic,
positive . and self-reliant. Her intellect l ,
was naturally dear and vigorous ; her in
tentisms subtle; her will; resolute and in:-
flexible. In the way of conscientious
conviction nothing could move her. IShe
'hood by the right with an immovable
and outspoken determination. i At the
same time her heart was tender l
und„ de
voted. To her family she was the incar
nation of love; and fidelity, and she stood
by her friend with unilinblflit loyalty.
And ito union with her clear iat.2llect and
loving heart she_possessed a delicate and
artistic tastes A thing of beauty was al
si.ays a joy- , to -her ; :flowers seemed to
knoW:her tender touch, and beauty' sprang
responiive to her 'assiduous care. Her
come-was a sanctuary to . her clinging af
fections. She poured out:all the treasures
of her mind 4ud heart UPon itrand her
family feel as if the ;perpetual light bad
burned out and,the altar-fires had expired.
gifts of this strong and active
NVORIINI were!eon.secratedhy faith in the
Lord JESUS !Onts.T. Her religion was
,undeinoiistrAtive, btit powerful; it; jras
note mere feeling hut a life. Grace was
both 'a restraint and an inspiration. It
nerved her for duty ; it supported and
soothed her ender_ great trials. Few_are
called Am suffer as she suffered duringthe
past four years. Biit - she went' into ,the
dark: and long valley leaving upon the Be
lo'ved, and she passed out with the peacc
fulmss of a child into the, radiant rest be
yond. GOD gave her the sleep of his be
lova it was no doubt to her a blessed
change. Aud in this belierher bereaved
friends can for themselves until the day
dawn and thePshadows lieb away. ' S.
• *Died at the residence of. hiaeou-iu-law,
JAMES W. JorrEa. in Warren township,
Bradford ;county, Pa,,-Octal'er 18th, 1880.
Wit meg agedl - 41 years and 20
days. Thus has passed away in peace.
-with the blessed hope of the Christian,
at a ripe age, another - of the pioneers
of Bradford county. , .
The subject of the above notice was
t • -
born in Glaurnovgansbire, Wales,- Sep
tember 28, 1808. la 1832 he, with Isis
Artottier tEv4N. IIowELL, together with
some seventy-five others, from the same
neighborhood. concluded to emigrate to
America, and on the 17th of June, of that
ye:it., bid adieu 'to their many relatives
mid i friends, and, embarked on board the
brig "Rabbi Castle," theniailing from
Swansea to New York . After - a long and
perilous Voyaye,.. they arrived safely in
New York, October oth, of the Same :
year. Here, th e parties separated, some
going one 'direction and' some another,_
but the most of them settling in rerun -71-
vault'. Mr. HOwitta, weutto Carbondale,
where be'- Itlgh4 *hen some,
time in, 1883, be removed to Bradford
county. hating in the meauthne, married
Ale ROM ,MOBBIO, then late of
Morristown, -near Swamies, 'his brother
ETAN, and his lister CAMAS'S; wife of
Evaus, having preceded him.
Upon arriviaig- in. Bradford county, in
the township of Warren, he settled upon
the farm where his daughter and son-in
law now live;whin that 'section of - the
county was almoit an unbroken wilder
ness, and there lived until the day of his
le,ath. . He , liyed to lee the wilderness
converted into. fridtful farms, land in the
community whipli' be . livid, he saw
'schools - and Churches and other Instal:
tions of Chilithua morality and refine
ment flourish ill wend him. - During his
life he erpeliejmed much of the bitter
ness as well *Stile sweets of life, especial
ly so, in_the logs of Lis dear wife in 1842,
and More recently, in the.death of two of
three children. He embrseed tiligion in
early life,' and united with they' Congrega-
.tional church,Jn Wales, and upon his ar
rival in thiwenuntry, was-one of the fore
most in organizing the " Welsh Congre
gational Church," at. ITeatb, 'Pa., *of
which chnrch he continued a faithful and
devoted member , until his death. Mr.
How - ELL took a very active and lively in
terest in the affairs of the community in
° Which he lived, and gave liberally of his
time; influence and means to promote the interests of Society in ienentli the
church in particular, and all worth ir ob
jects of charity. In fact, be was a Man
of whom it can be emphatically said that
"whatsoever; his hands found to do; he
did it with his might." SOcially, he was
almoiit an nOlversal favorite among his
acquaintances, and, indeed, not only be
caine of his genial pleasarTtnesi and good
nature, but f l i or his 'irrepressible' love of
fun, as will as the fund of general intelli
gence and infoimation which he' ppm:w
ed. And many of his old acquaintances,
far and near, will mist the greetings of
lie was always cheerful and industri
ous ; a devoted husband and father, and
a kind-hearted neighhor. He -leaves one
son and one daughter, and ghost of fela
tiVes, frienai and acquaintances to mourn
his loss. -" He sweetly. Sleeps low in the
ground," by the side of his father, moth
er, three brothers, his wife and his son
JouN, in_ the quaint old churchyard at
died in Columbia township, Bradford
'cotinty l . December 22d; in thri Gad year of
her age; wife of , Mr. NELSON WOLF, to
whom she had been married 42 pears, and
by allow she had live shiliren, three of
whom survive her and are married. She
left also twoigrandchildren.
Ilet. °funeral was largely attended, on
the 26th, at the Presbyterian church of
itsPinwall. and wag conducted by the
Rev. JOEL ''JONES, her former pastor and
intimate friend for thirty years, and Rev.
A.• G. Ilan a:A her late pastor, who .
chose foilfis text, Psalms 127-2—" So he
giveth his beloved
She had been an acute and constant
sufferer foitnany years,. but bore up With
wonderful patience and cheeefulness, and
died Farrotpderl by her children and
grandchildren. fler has sustain
ed an irreparsble loss:
Theit.t uhApter of Proverbs was read
asstri ingly appropri,te, with the'remark
that to this description of a virtuous NVO ,
mati,•she added the higher virtues of the
Her children rise ttP . and call her bless.
eil ';• tier htisband also, and praiseth her.
She .early professed•. the christi2 religion
anti united with the Presbyterian church
of Avints'all, nf which her an
honored (deacon. NO - one was pore -re
spected in the community and by the min;
fster's •of' every Evangelical denomination,
who were always iveleonied to her house
and table: She had no eat mies for she
made none, and her memory will long be
cliciishd with respect and . affection.
• Let me OM the death of the righteous,
and la my last end be like here: She. fell
asleep in Jesus'andis blessed.
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