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    padford Neportet
1. 0. CiOODSICII, 11:4108.
Towanda, Pa., May 23, 1880.
Republican State Ticket.
or scrum/T. eova-r,
Itqa. WIRY GREEN, Notthsaci .
At-limn. GENTIZAL,.
JOHN A. LEMON, Blair datz.rt7.
Wok any Republican prefer a First
Term trr - Triogx, to a Third Term for
A sst:nr,ai emocrat that Gurovr cannot;
he Chicago, and observe tbe
grin 4i - satisiaction that will instantly
ate MS wantenance.i:
'Tut Cunrxii-Yortst contest" scat case
was isrought to
, a terminatifin in the
Ifouse Tuesday, by a vote I
f ,f 117 to Z-1 in
favor of Mr. Yof:cm retaining bia,aeat.
THE Snpretne. Court ha H decided that
a tax-payer hasi the right ti) work rut his
roadt i, aid that supervisor have no
right to a conaniision on the tat so work
ed oat. _
THE PT/Mrfitr mmting (If the l'enrintlya
ni4_l3(oar4 of Agriculture will be held this
year at t.lettyo(urg, cornmmeing June a.
There Will Ike ( excellent essays read and
lectiireis -41c1i4rA on subjects interesting
to farmers.
Tin: apptopriation for fuel, light and
water for public will town be
exharvit!erl, and tiPe Of/Apt:et is that the
;prist. office% and ether ait,lie tolildirti will
have their gaa unlefot P,ocne ar
rangrqn.flit can rtAtle with tle
IT in not ealeulated t'; imprews the aver
age of 'Renoir Nr;i Oa the highest estirriate of
political morality, to olmerve the read i
with which sOrne of the prominent news
papers are • encouraging arid applauding
the violation of inhtraetions and the disre
gard of pledges im the part of delegates
to the Sational Convention. •
Titt: contested election camt ,- 4 CCIyTIN
Yof.t . Nl Willi tnkcn up in the House on
Satuiday._ The Inajority resoliiti‘in
elateH the' eliction null and void. The
Minority rewation (leclari.s that. t:Nr,
the sitting - member IA the heat.
31,r ; of , the Yo'rk
spoke for two 11 , m:1i in Fupport of
decimiuri wam
rCarh{ d. .
• 'net: I,:ineafkter Ayr Er etiron itl(l4 ,Tr..
U, that. mty it/ the following
e‘nriplitnentstry inanti"r : " Ifon. GA1.17611.1.
A. 0nr.c..., i t0,,d,1y .4eerhg to have the In-
Ur, the next United Statilm Sen.
ntnr from
Aide. ttax7l;
thin State., wan in town thin
interning and cnlivcucd t hr; New Era of
lire with hk cheery face ;Mil 11h:3h:tilt
nnailc. The ex-Spcakrr in the. very pic
title of r4bitst health, Mid would dot the
State excellent nervice in the National
, ArTAIN POTTER, nt the United States
Nhip 42onatellation was, Tuemday, pre
perded-with this freedom of the city., of
" Lord Mayor GILA v, who presid-
Id at the ceremony, faate3 that the din
- treha in Ireland Wan gloat. am ever, and
be feared that. daring the next tlid,e
Twonthg. it would be rnoa , r, /4,e'Vere. Cap-
grin PtITIV.It signed the Burgess rfdl atraid
cheers. Ile returned thanks to the eiti
- zt. nr. The crowd cheered Captain Pl -
71:11 and i!flicvrs they were leaving
the Clty Hall(
Jon!: B. j iftzsriP.RsoN, a,ll‘, ligurcil #4(
extelysively. . lb!: S. 1..mml anti-third
term wingloitterathno the other day, was
" elected to the mremsion
„f IPPd from the i . eenty'of like. lie
tweed him cu n t 80011 afterward and Went
to the war mi r t,lie ("Mott nide. Ile %%LS a
at, halt, Wag called t , tt, and
took his command op into an
county to wipe mit, a hlierill% A tr ece•wan
agreed upon, mid llr.tiotasolki marched
Iris command home. This was the extetit
of his military exploits."
Tait York Secretary of State has
homed a prOelaniation to the Governor/4 of
the Kel'otral States, calling n p.m them to
appoint &monisriiiinet S to the «'o-Ifyll
Fair tp be held in .New York '043.
TV4:O cotomissionels are to be, appointed
from - each State with 'the exception of
New YOlll, I lel, ..U.4 UlllOl larger repre
sentation, 'and in t ixty daps thew corn
ihNitllKTH will lite II Now York for the
liorporn, of or aim'. Several States
have already tal;. n action in the !natter,
rind the !novena lit rs gaining getter:ll sup
• lowa throughout the country,
'1'111: fever-stricken city of Memphis
bus learned wiislom flout past 'affliction,
nod is endeavoring to remedy the want
of sufficient sanitary. lewd:11.1011a which
bas been the solace of the pestilence that
has walked at noonday through thr
c; ,omcd town. Milmi‘of sowers have been
built in the city since last summer, and
the work is to on until the place is thor
oughly protected. This is mtmh better
thama reliance on Northetn money , and
Northern - nurses when the pestlence
comes. An ter ee 1.1 K(41.'01001 In lheso
vallort it; worth a ton of cure, awl tbd neg. ,
ligelten of Southern municipalitiesi has
been tho means of wido-spread suffering
andiinnumerable deaths.
TttE• jury in the (tittle 7 0f e,4. Tti Alt IN E
Ai I 1,141 t and SM I T4l, Victed apd
tried :fit Williatespotk ft'4' tie . inurtter'of
A Noat - Ar Mit.t.Ett nu the,: ltith of March
tail, near :Jersey Shore:lretureed, after
hix burr~ deliberatimi, a v.erdict of guilty
11f matder in the tlrnt degree. 'rho crime
of wbic h they . "...ere ecnlViCU:ll Wit% 0111 , of
the troe , t at riwiototA l o recotd, Mn'. Mi
I,llq urged SNl(Tril;!i:inprdt.r lipr fillfbatUl;
that they might td)gotlert.° Both of
them confetihed hi the crime of murder.
Mrs. Mt t,t,Ett in the f l ivst woman convicted
of murder ht A:yet - 411111g i xottay, and th e
faet that a matt and woman. are to be
exectilcil on the.naine scaffold will came a
tictu:ation iu that. part of the *ate.
Sr.NK 131,E ad ;CI. from the North Ameri
can: 'l' If (Iv peral (i tta wr is nominated
:at Chicago, which, as it secins'i to us, is
neither to bo 11 'sired norfexpected, it will
bo the duty of all. goodi: Republicans to
give him their, hearty hit'pport, whatever
may bo their personal (pinions as to the
expediency of his candidature. There
-fore, it is poor policy for Republicans to
.., •
- eoultnit themselves to a lino of conduct
WWI) they may epthsetmently be required
to abandon, The Republican party can
only win next fall upoti the condition that
RS members sal:Mice 91eIr 'private feel
ings to the tpp eservatidu of unity, and
in me ti. No vs, in ilicreauitig the-difficulty
ot-t..We suck - Ib: A D
. 14 giving hosplaßes to (or.
Ties= CcernoT, of Ene, , was made
crazy by the fifteen game, and sent to
Dizrnont asylum, from which he returned
Last week, supposed tole cared. But on.
Saturday, morning while in the Cathedral,
Coxzzor bad another attack. The solar&
nities r,f HO - Nam were digurWi by
flinging bishat high abort the Bishop's
throne and exclaiming that be was Dax
tgl. in the. ions' den. The e xcitement
:spread trom end to gad of the large cdififx,
'and the: poor, fellow was got out and
.taken borne. Ike sill probably be bent
lack to Dirmont.
Trts yasrtizans of Senator Ittamvore
making desperate efforts to cotivinve . ithe
courery that bis Puccets at Clicago is cer
tain. In politics nothing succeeds so Wel.
as succeo; The average; politician w4ts
to he on the a - inning side. Jast now Llae
onslaught is made on General Grtss:T.
Ile is ti - se Hon in the path of all the Presi
din lial candidates. There is great dan
ger thatlhe unscrupulous axed super ser
viceable friends of BtsusE will overdo
the business in their efforts to convince
the ciu n try with the kn Arledge that all the
del ,gates elected are for their candidate,
and all those instructed for Gr-s.vr are
ready, tO disaabey their instructions. The appears to be conducted vrith ati
unusual and' unnece&ary amount ol r brag
and Must' r.
reduc:ion of the rational
debt is the lar i ge:4t in any tip or tbree
netoithssiinee 7 , :72. It is due, of courpe,
V, large iny , ,,,,rt?, and the deervase of in
terr.•l. The m,nthly interest,' in Match,
72 , 'w„c y t9,(115,(XA WhilC now it jg
Li" nearly 1- AA. The
rect '.r - :e 1;10, mouth Wag ii:17,7.1f; s'll (iorn
et.o..toras awl th(t,':67,471 (ion/ intertal
reverse—ewer 4•:;• f tliirifr,f)( l o, as against
ala',lo l R 1`.),'71 ( 11(jin the Fa rum
tri , n:ll 1 t ear, "While this showin,
so a , !r( ! eaj,le r , therti as:oiler !tide to be
looked at. Silver acturnnia'es. and grid
jH redurieirl jIl vrAlitrie ji3 ti,C trea. - ury.
The silver meurnulatibu hi now34c'!,,,-
/;77, bile the Rit pply ham been re
ducer'. aliont 9,000,f/y0 in fuar tnouthq.
A wow, or couNKEL.
the day appointed for the as
sPinbling of the Republican National
Convention draws near, the exertions
or the friends of the prominent can
didates increa ,, e and . the struggle for
success waxes warmer and warmer.
Never bilore ,in;the history of the
Repnblican party, has the; question;
as to who shall be its nominee been
of siv:llllhciorbing interest, nor at
traded-in such an extraordinary de
gree the attPntiOn of the country.
This owing in measure, to the
prominence of the foremost candi
dates, but principally to a corntinre,
tion circumstances. The conteA
is animated to a degree which...proni•
ices, 1:0i 6 !SS rirorienr3., forbearancS! and;
wi s do m are exercised, to produce dis
astrous results. The readers of the
R geoarrn will bear us witness. that
our constant effort has been to re-
strain the undim manhestations of
partizanship for any, of the candi
date/4, lA/ COTICOIe to every one
free exercise ar t iil exiirnssion of their
iireft!rt.67is, prew2iit, if possi
file the ,engendming of animosities
aii , l pr, judif!es which would in the
slightest nipz,iiira 1 lesFen on r chances
fur f•IINTS4 iu Nr0:9111114!r. •
The pi eul:iar eft - cum:it:tut:es which,
have brought into ;the canvass, so,
much of activityion the part of ti ii
friends of, somel of the gentlemen
natui4l.for the rinnination, grew out
of the eonflition or the country and
the alarm of the people aronfied by
the manifestations of the DemOerath
in Congress. It iH admitted that
when the rpviilutiiiiiary dekigrll3 of
the I t•rno%:rat.ti at tilr extra mession of
Congress had thoroughly alarmed
an i escite , l the North, the public
mind tur•mrl iwginctively to Ocn.
GRANT, as the man who should be
again placed in the Presidential chair.
Under the shadow or a great danger
which seemed, to threaten, there was
an alinostunaniniowi expression that
the illustrious general who had once
led the armies of the nation to vic
tory, and baftleif the designs of those
who sought to of erthrow the govern
ment, was the safest and hest man to
place at the head of affairs; because
Lis very name BF U presence was the
assurance of pea'e4 , and safety. NV lien
there was peril, there Were no ques
tions raised as ti) a Third Tenn. and
the sense or danger and the instinct
of self-preservation swept away 7tll
minor and nnimportant et asidera-
What seemed so unanimous and
emphatic a twelve-month since has
apparently changed so far as, regards
the Condition of the public mind. ,
To-day there is a wide difference of
opinion as to who is the strongest
codidate to be nOtni fluted at Chkago.
Tfie wisest men differ, and differ hon
estly. But while there islthis diver
sity of opinion, we believe there is
but one sentiment as to 'the policy
of selectin as our candidate the Man
who will be the most: e,ertain of sue
ck,ss. The important. consideration
should be to keep the government'
from the control cif those who but a
few short years hgol endeavored to
destroy it.' This : feeling should ani
mate the breast of eery Republican,
to the exclusion of all resentments or
The lumnimoils expression of a
year ago in favor of Gen. GRANT has
apparently changed to such a degree
that the decision at Chicago is doubt
ful. The contesting candidates claim
to, have:Secured 'a sufficient num f ber
i)f delegates to prevent.his norn i lna 7
lion, on the first ballot, - While it is
claimed with equal confidence by his
friends that he is certain of a nomi- I
nation. Be that as it may, it is evi-:
dent that the feeling of a yeaqgo
bas in a measure been change, or
that adroit machinery hag over4ome
thepublie•will. There has bee* un
questionably a sYstemitic, skilful, and
powerful effort to break down Oen.
litt.s.xv's strength, nod to create or
simulate an'-expression of public sen
timent, which -would prevent his
nomination at. C hicago. • As ho wag
the lion in the' path of all the (Alai
Aspirants, the batteries ; have 1;«wa
dinsctNi at him. In 'this effort, - the
Democrats have- been valuable aux
iliaries. Learning wisdom from the
manifeWtstions of popular alarm and
disapprobation of their revolutionary
designs, the leaders have pursue , ' a
do-nothing and say-nothing policy to
quiet the apprehension s of the
country. It would be useless to deny
that they hare succeelkal, partially,
awl as the country became quiet and
re-assured, the partizans of the sev
[ errl Pre..idential candidates. becarnt
impressed with a ream/nabte hope of
turning the ±rnind avi`ray from
GEANT, anal the possibility of on
trolling the -Chicago Convention for'
sonic other aspirarst. 'The methods ,
erniiloTed, have not been exactly such.
as we: tonal` approve of, but - joerhapi'
Such as might be erTected' under
similatr,eireumstance3. What the re=
snit wilt be, remains yet to be-seen-
But what we most . desire is to irn-
press upon our, readers the necessity
for harmibny and fraternal action.
ThereiWnotking in all this prelimir
nary action which should cause a
feeling of disappointment or give
rise to resentments which shall pre
vent a cordial and enthusiastic sup
port of the Chicago nominee. Should
Gen. Cift%tiT ire the f, tandard-bearc.r.
every ;Republican, remembering his
great seiiices, should nut, fOrget that
within thy; riast year the Public mind
of the country has instinctively turn
ed to him for safety. Mould some
other statesman be selected, it will be
in deference to public sentiment, the
force of which should be recognized
and „acquiesced in by every true lover .
of Ms country. The motto of every
Republican should be : The success
of the Party, Cur the good of the
Tim Republican voters of Lancaster
county, will hold their primary elections
on the 2`2rl inst., when they will express ,
their preferences forkandirlates for county
officers. The tickets will also be pr4ared
to vote instructions on United States
Senator, and to vote for TWO lOr.k.lEtl.kTrA
.1,0 go to Chicago and vote for Preitidential
candidates. There is, for a wondclr, a cor
dial afire, rn , •rit betwetal the) Rings as to
the pi opt icty Of recommending 3lr.
for C. S. Seaator, and the vote
will, he given for him with great unanim
ity. The Nett l';r:a says that "no Repair
licau who desires to have the great Corn
monwea;th of l'eonv lvaida represented
in the United Mates Senate by an original
publican of unquestioned integrity, a
State-rnan of expi rience. and acknowl
edged ability, and - a
man who will faith- .
felly'aepresent the interests of the People,-
•should fail to vote for instructions to out .
• Senators and Representatives to . suppotit ,
GaLustra A. Guow. flier° is no
man in the State iittre worthy of this
honor_ than ex-Speaker ;Mir, whose
:Janie is identified With the early struggles
of the I ItepuldlCall tarty, and who in a
Inn; and dist:iignished pail lie career never
sacritiet.d psistrplc to expediency. Ire
iichly the tribute of a unanimous
itolorsemtait frttrit'the Republicans of the
felt Gilard,, at,d every voter who reads
1 this journal simaid see that his name is
on the ticket he, I .attes at the primary.'"
Cot,osm. G. JArrooN,
Quartermasti r-General of >the State Na
tional Giniid, died s ud de nly at his
home in ih;rviick, m u Monday, May 3d,•
Was hien nn the 251 h of March, 1342. Ile
entered the syrvice a; Second Lieutenant
of Comparly ii, 84th Regiment of Infant
ry, Pennsylvania Volunteers, on the 2d
of August: was promoted to its
First Lieutenancy January 1, ISri'd, and
,to its Captaincy July_ 1, of the Aareee year,
transferred to C.ernpany IL 57th Penusyli,
vania Volunteers, as Captain January 15,
.1865, and honorably discharged March
10, 18115. Ile participated in the - battles
of Fredericicshurg, ChancellorsviFe, Mine
Run, Wilderness, Spi ittsy vaunt Court
House, Cold harbor, and Petersbuig.
Ile was %minded and captured at Cball
ePllOrtiVille May 3, Nll3,,:ind seventeen
years afterward, on the anniversary day
of that event, died in the quiet 'of borne
and family. Au Veletiteer and guards he
was faithful. 'etiicient, and meritorious,
leaving a soldier record honorable in its
country's service. As one of_the leaders
of a largo and thriving industry, his judi
cious management of capital and wise
control of lahrir, enabled it Co pass suc
cessfully through all the recent disasteis
in the one and disturbances in the other.
Yet in the prime of a vigorous inanhoixl,
still active his vigorous pursuits, he
was enjoying the fruits othim wisdom and
toil.. Faithful to his trusts, true in his
friendship, and generous in all his deal , -
ingA, he commanded universal respect ,
and esteem.
I WHENEVER a member of the British
;louse of CW1111)0118 is offered seat in
the Cabinet he must, before he can hold
lit, op,tain a re-election to Parliament.
This usage explains why it was micensary
'for Mr. tlt,AnsTii?in, the new Premier, to
again go before a constituency of the
+plc fur indorsement, although he had
„inst been cho-eti from both .Midlothian
slid Leeds. lie stood for 3lidloth i ian, and
received a - unanimous re-election, while
his son has been chosen without opposi
tion from the borough of Leeds, the seat
from which became vacant by thedeclina
tion of the father. Sir WlLmAst
IlAiwounr, One of the ablest of English
tirwyers, who Was selected for tli c e post of
Secretary of State for the Home Depart
went in the new Ministry, has (idled to
be re-elected by Oxford, 'which returned
him to Parliament at the i recent general
election. This} result nullities his appoint
ment to the Cabinet, and he loses his seat
in the House of Commons at the Same
time. lie can, stand, of course, for . any
other constituency in which there may
happen to be a vacancy; but the number of
these is small,'most of the few seats now
open to contest being from such boroughs
as chose members' who were also elected
by other boroughs.
Tint sub-committee of the House Judi- . 1
Clary Committee have reported to the full.'
committee a bill to establish a uniform
System of bankruptcy throughout the
United States. The original draft of the
bill was prepared .by Judge Lownr.z,, of
Boston, at the. request of the -Board of
Trade of; that city. It is-very probable
that the bill will be adopted by the com
mittee. Some of its provisions aro inter-;
oiling and are thought, to obviate, the'
chief objections to the old law. The reg
isters arc paid by the Government and
the clerks by fees, Which, however, aro
simplified, diminished and consolidated.
While they do most of the work formerly
done by marshals, there.are to be super-
visors in each district to oversee the set
tlement of estates. The duties of such
officers will be sfml r'to these of s bask
cm:airier. The sinceuttofpropertrez.;
empted is made sobstsnlidly uniform for
all traders throughout the exam It is I
claimed "that under she bill the holiest
410 tor will olindn his diFebarge mare I
teittlity and at less expense than under the
T . lre eyes of the , country have been
anxiously turned towards Cook. county,
in,..which . Chicago is situated, as Illinois
was stipposedi,to settle the Presidential
question, and Cook county with its 92
delegates to the State Convention, was to
decide the complexion of that body, which
mts on the 19th inst. The Cook County
Convention met on Monday. The Br...s.rxE
and WASHBVRIC man were in a majority,
and as they proposed to deny the Gttarr
men any'repeesentation in the State Con
yentionilthe litter bolted, and held a
separate ?;onvention. The result is two
sets of delegates to the State Convention.
Should the usual custom •be adhered to,
in admittinz a proportion of • the Ona-sir
delegates, the : State Convention will con
tain a majority of friends of the ex-Presi
dent. MI Claimed that even if the anti-
RANT eiegates from Cook county, are
admitted the Convention will still declare
for GILA NT. It is extremely questiimable
what the result will be, but from all ap
pearances Grt , T will have a majority in
the State Convention, though it is not
probable that there will be a solid dePtga
, •
tion for him.
Jr may person imagines that TILDEN
does not intend to make add take the
Democratic nomination, or that he has
any plans which took to substituting any
friend for that honor, they will wake op
some day with the knowledge that they
have made a great mistake. The Triluae
is authority fat a reported conversation
which took tracb between Mr. TrumN
and a sell-known lawyer, sVliore relations
with the Gramercy Park statesman are
most confldetti4l,• which was communi
cated to another law 4 Yer not now .in any
political organization. Mr. TiLnot is
asserted to have said that be would be a
candidate before the Democratic Conven
tion, no 'matter who might be named at
Chicago by the Republican patty; tha
while he had not formerly intended to be
a candidate, except in the case of the
nomination otGeneral GRANT 4tChim g o,
be had resolved to be /mein any event.,
and that Mr. PAYEE, of Ohio, would be
' his choice for Vice-Presideut. Evidences
are overwhelming that Tr LtDEN intends to
force his nomination at Cincinnati and
the Democratic party cannot help itself.
THE Pret4 offers some very sensible ad
vice to the rnalcanterit l s and self-sufficient
gentlemen who recently met at St. Louis
to regul4te the affairs of the Republican
party. They are warned that "a disre
gard of the unwritten law becomes a
mere bagatelle when compared with
handing over the Government to a party
whose controlling spirits , have amply de 7
rnonstrated that when it suits their pur,
pume they will violate any law, written or
unwritten. In the important National
contest now opening there will no middle
ground. If the members of to day's con
vention allow their opposition to GRANT
is a candidate before the Republican con
vention to extend as GRANT as a candi
date before the peOple they will, citify en
roll themselves in the long list of Repub
lican deserters who, failing to control
their own party, have accepted political
obscurity in the ranks of the Democracy.',
A WAsumwros issecial dispatch says
that while it M true*llATEs long ago an
nounced that he w , ,uld not be a candidate
for re-election, be iwouk not be likely to
leftist, a nomination mind his party ten
der it to him. It not improlnible, ei
ther. that the Chicago Convention may•
turn to the present incumbent as its'stan
dard bearcir. 'The votes in the Conven
tion may be so divided among CinANT.
M.A's': and SHERMAN as to prevent ei
ther from getting the nomination, and
then there would naturally follow some
sort of a compromise. In ca tiny; about
for a dark horse with the best running
capacity, attention *mild be directed to
the present administration, and this very
fact that there is nothing to criticise or
condemn ill its four years of government
would constitute a strong point in favor
of giving it another trial.
A TRIUCIftb: affair took phsce in Oil
City on Thursday. last. Tou Mcßtn-
NEX, of that place, is a powerfulonan,
who formerly was 'much addicted
to • drink.. Recently ho quit, and
since stopping has become partially in.
sane on religious subjects. Lsst Sunda)
he created great disturbance in the Meth
odist Episcopal Church. Thursday Me-
PARSES( and his wife Called Sma neighbor
named. Sumoixoten FM for a friendly via
it. While, there. 3103tuver grabbed
sussut,EoericEit's three-year-old daugh
ter, held her by the head under his arm,
and with his list commenced pounding
dier. Ile said (lop had directed him to
kill her. lie nearly succeeded before her
father could rescue her. He then at
tempted to kill him. It is thought that
the girl cannot recover, and. Mt:Bin:it:sr
was arrested.
A nowt deal of speculation exists wit
reKpcct of the compensation of parties
taking tile forthcoming census. The fol
lowing extract from a circular sent tint
by the Census Department at Washing
ton settles that question :
• t ,
Two and one-fourth 'cents per .name,
except in cities and towns containing
2,009 inhabitants or noire, according to
the census of 11870, when the rate will be
two cents pre:emir. . For each death re
ported live
For est abbriliments.of productive indus
try.reported (manufacturers) as follows :
For. each establishment returned on the
special schedules of mihmfactures, twen
ty-live ceobt. These rates ace, of course,
subject to the pro Vision of law, that no
enumerator shall receive in excess of $4
per day. . ,
report of. a corniersation. with
Senator CoNxt.l;io, is published in
the 1s4: : . V. Herald, with the statement
that it is given with the consent of
the Senator. Ms views of the situa
tion as regaxds the prospect . of
-1311,AfiT'S nomination and election,
Will be found interesting. - The Sena
tor says: ' ' . •
s" I think that General Grant will
be nominated by the people and elect
ed by the people and by a great. ma
jority. 1 . say by the people, for this
reason—nothing has been done for
General Grant; everything has been
done and is -being done against him.
I say nothing has, beendone for Gen
'era! Grant, because no committee, no
combination, no bureau, .no patron
age, no money has been enlisted for
him, but all these have been arrayed
against hitn, with a systematized and
arranged combination of many news
papers besides. The sole support
General Grant has received has Come
from spontaneous judginent - and
action. The ex immon sense of men ,
with no purpose Save the success of
the Republican party and the safety
of the country has espoused General
Grant. If anything else t 1.112 support
ed him Ido not know It. Many per
sona write me to know where they
can get a Grant document. . Sure'
enough, where are they? Not a dom..'
meat or circular has ever been sent
out, or printed for Grant that ` I have
herd of; not a clerk has been em
ploj•ed even to write a letter fur him.
Any other candidate would hake been
buried out of sight by thm time.
The strength of General Grant and
his hold on the regard and confi
dence of the country has never shown
more conspicuously than in the fact
that, pummelled and buffetted om
every side, not only by the wholo.
Democratic press, but by the unheard
of instrumentalities which have been
resorted to for his competitors, yet,
without organized effort for him, he
distances thehole field. No other !
c ti
man in either party could have sur
vived such ' a nstant concentrated '
fire..A few mo hs ago no man could
wink so hard. as of to see that at a
national convention of Republicans
held then no other name would be
seriously canvassed.
So far as any change has been pro
duced, what has caused it and what
does it show ? The condition of the
country ,and the perils of the future
are all the same. General Grant is the
same, his competitors are the same.
What, then, has caused any doubt or
Avidion of sentiment now which did
not exist then ? Nothing but the
enormous activities and persuasions,
conibinations ? maAinery, and push
whieh has been put work to get up
counter sentiment:, Had every can
didate done only what General Grant
has one and left. the office to seek
hini, do you think be would care to
ask tally Tan what the Chicago con
vention would probably do ? 'Why,
the question 'void be settled now as
clearly as it will after the convention
adjourns. The whole question, if any
question remains, is whether official
power and patronage, electioneering
politicians and money can prevail.
,against the conviction and conscience
of an overwhelming majority of
thoughtful earnest Republicans; The
prevailing ideabf the canvass against
General Grant is most extraordinary.
It is little less than a menace not to
support him- if a majdrity see fit to
nominate him. The party which ,
allows itself , to be bullied by a
minority deserves the fate of a Gov
ernment which allows itself to , be
bullied by a mob. Neither deserves
to live and peither will live.
Can 64zieral Grant carry New,
York? Irilmy belief, without a doubt,
and by a larger majority than any
other man - could obtain. Can he,
carry any Southern State? I believe
he can, and my advises on this point
are the greatest marvel of the can
vase. After the South was made
solid and the Republicans there aban
doned:and trampled - upon, it seemed
iMpossible for any Republican to re
ceive a majority or to have it count
ed in anyt Southern State, but men
not. likibr to be deceived in at least
four. Southern States now describe a
condition of things there which gives
me great confidence that General
Grant will receive-,a
,majority vote
and a Vote backed 'by a &termina
-1 Lion which will make it hard to choke
or vitiate the count in several South
ern States."
P/111-ADLLPDIA, May 10.
The great political event of the past
week, has been the pretended "revolt"
as it is called, of the Pennsylvania delega
tion to Chicago. If it was intended to
"point .a moral," this flurry would fur
nish an excellent illustration of the unre-
liability of newspaper reports. Your
readers will do well not to pin their faith
upon all the statements. made in the city
journals. When the enterpising reporter
isn't inves'.ig.tting facts he is manufaitur
ing canards. Tho life of a reporter isn't
a happy one—he must bring some 'grist
to the mill, or his occupation's_ gone. So
the invention of I.ensational items is a ne
cessity, and wboi desperate he draws
upon his iina;4inatinn for his facts. The
reporters have been, in their element the
last wet k. They started the , story of a
revolt ,in the Philadelphia delegation
against Grant, and the newsy apeis havo
been _full of pretenod interviews which
never took place; and of declarations on
the,part of delegates which were never
uttered. It's no use trying to "shako f '
one of these interviewers. The safest way
is to disclose all your opinions and frank:
ly tell your intentions. Because, if
you persistently refuse to say anything;
'they will put words iu your mouth, and
.astonisli you with a colunin of your reve-
'The opening races of the Spring , Trot
ting Circuit commenced at the new Hunt
ing Park, near this city, on Tuesday of
list week. Bradford County was well
represented, the entries being L.
Kingsbury's brown gelding Riptou, and
M. Stephens black mare, Josephine. The
newspaper reports say that the_tir-t day's
programme included two races, the . :30
and '2:37 races. For the first event there
were six entries, but at the call of the
judges only four appeared at the., score.
ltipton. a clever-gaited brown gelding,
nine years old, handled by the veteran,
tem.Kingsbury, of Towanda, was made
the favorite in the pools at the odds of
$lO against sli for the field. The 'favor
ite drew the pole, but Price , went away H
with a rush,,iind at the first turn drew to
the inside, Ripton leavibg his feet in bad
style. At the quarter p4e Pike bad
opened a gap of five lengths, Caprice the
same distance in front (!of Harry G., Rip-.
ton being two lengths fourth. Before the
half mile waa reached Riptonhad hecome
well settled, but ho waFt only enabled to
take the second position, Price finally
winning the heat by one and a half
lengths, in 2:40 ; Caprice and Harry G.
distanced. This left but two horses to
settle the dispute, and notwithstandilg
Ripton's showing in the 'first beat ho still
ruled a great favorite. The confidence
was not Misplaced, for ho won the suc
ceeding three heats and' the race in 2:301.
Riptou also won the race on the third
day, the best time beini 2:341.
. .
Josephine did not coins off with such
flying colors, being the sixth in the race
of the second day, and distanced in the
fourth days' race.
At the opening races at Suffolk Park,
l the Bradford County horses did not, win
any heats, and consequently gained no
laurels nor purses. In the first race Rip
ton was second iu the second heat, but
fell behind in the other treats, while Jo
sepuine was distanced. In the second
race, John 0. Ward's Larkin, was fourth
in the first heat. Perhaps they are "lay
ing low" for-heavier purses.
A German baker, whose _store at the
southeast corner ) of Filbert 'and Seven
teenth streets is now on the line of the
new elevitted raillOad; has
,pOsativelY re
fused to accept the $14,000 offered by the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company for his
prOpThisty, as the amount is $4OOO lees
than be denundiel. It is the intention of
the conenstilin to mike, carve at the hi-
terseciion:of the street!' nienticated.:*Och
willnot neeeseithte the use oftbe „proper-
Saturday nsorning; ,aa a shifting engine
on the Reading Railroad, at prnnte and
Green streets, was engaged in drilling
cars, considerable excitement was ' aces-
- sinned in thelladies' waiting room by a
car bouncing tbroogb the partition sepa
rating the 'waiting room from the depot.
If appears-that the shifter sent several
nark whizzing into the depot, when the
car struck the bumper used to cheek the
cars with iocli force as to knock it out of
- -
position, 144 break tbrougb the wail into
the waiting room, The paasengers in
'the room were much frightened, bit fort
unately no one was injured. One of the
cars was cohsificrabiy dantaged.
The Perrnatect Exhibition is, to open
on Monday text, and' to be kept open un
til cold weather seta id. • The Board !of
]tanagers has resolved that nothing shall
be left undote iliat will serve to render it
an in:mediate' and permanent success.
Having secured the hearty co-operation
of the. Park Corruiiissioners, they now
earnestly solicit like co-operations on the
part of Manufacturers, and such support
in the fdrm of visitors as will . prove that
our citizecs are really desirous of having
this enterprise sustained. , •
Thomas A. Iltvzgina, the colored boot
black of the Commercial Eichange, walk-
ed into the buildimt Friday. afternoon,
about half•pa4t two o'clrck, foot-sore and
weary,•having tramped from . New York
in twenty-four hours, to win a wager of
/500 • put up by the reereliants on
'Chapge. (hi Thursday afternoon Tord-r_
my left New York, that sending a dis
patch that he wi•a coming for the /500.
The merchant% were on hand to receive
him and gave Lin) a royal welcome. A
great crowd Lad c4 , llected in front to re
ceive the pedestrian, but. Tommy, being,
notified Of the Tact by an officer at Second
and 'Chestnut streets, entered the Ex
•change by the rear and thiiti - appeared at
a window and was. rt.eeived; with cheers:.
He made 'the walk. ,from New York iri
twenty-four honrs, less ten minutes. -
The Zoological 'Garden has received a
remarkable accession, a Braz;lian ant
eater laving been added to the collection.
lie appears very much like a bear, but
with an elongated
„ narrow head from
which at times protrudes a tongue meas
nring over two.feet in length. He is also
provided with a wide fan-like tad which
he can throw over his body and shield
himself from vulgar gaze when so dis
posed. In dolor be is brown, with the
exception of the head and face which is
gray and the throat which is very black;
The claws on the fore feet are extremely
long and are only usad as a means of de
fense. Once implanted in the flesh of a
human being, the wound is apt to prove
fatal., In walking the.claws turn inward,
and the animal walks upon the outer edge
of the fore feet in a very awkward why.
In ita own eountry the ~ant -eater feeds on
ants alone, gathering into its mouth a
thousand of the little creatures at a tin e
with its long tongue. At the Zoo tine y
scraped beef mixed with eggs and sugiir
take-the place of the rafts, apd the animal
takes-to the change with very good grace.
The Union Republican Club has secor--
ed quarters at the Tremont House, Chi-,
cago, and will send one hundred men to
the Convention, accompanied by Mc:
Clurg's Band. The delegation will be
attired in a uniform dress, the rules call
ing for a white vest, with pantaloons and
coat of dark blue serge.
The great engine that run sixty miles
of belting in Machinery Hall, during the
Centennial, has been sold by Mr. Corliss,
the owner, to the Pullman Palace Car
Tho first appointments of Mr.- White,
the Supervisor of Census for this district,
were two ladies to serve as Enumerators.
Information has been lodged with the
police of the swindling operations of 'a
well-dressed woman in the large sti - ires.
Tier plan is to denote' the denominathin
of bills handed by the - cash boys to the
cashier during a rush aml then declare
that she had Oven him a bill for change.
If ho expresses any doubt of the tianEac
tion, she assumes %irtuous inili A naGon
and threatens to call the proprietor. This
generally has the effect,. and the cashier
gives her small change for a bill that one
of the cash boys has given hini.
The fence at the end of . the wharf of
Ridgway .Park ferry, beloW Chestnut
street, was broken dower by . a
.crowd of
2,000 people, Sunday afternoon, who had
gathered t bere_for.the p.arpo,e of cross
ing; over the river to the Park. (Oilers
were given to stop running the boats,_
and the trips were not ret;oined for an
hour. Some.of the .at .the island
became boisterous diving the afternoon,
which resulted in the police tug-boat
Stokley being sent over to the scene of
the disturbance and the arrest of the ri
oters, who were locked up on the boat,
The International - Presbyterian 'Coun
cils which will assemble in this city op
Sejitember 23d, promises to be one of the
most important religionvonventions ever
held in America. For some time past a
committee representing every State in the
tnioii, as well as Cimaila, Great' I'lrithin
and Frame, has been busily engaged' in
pushing the preliminary arrangements
for the gathering. The convener of the
council is Rev. 11. A.. Boardman, D. I).,
who was elected to the office upon the
death of Rev. Dr. Elias B. Beadle.
There will be a great demonstration at
the Academy of Music ou IVednesday.ev
ening next, by the friends of the temper
ance cause i reognition of the public
services of FranCis Murphy, who for the
brit two months has been conducting a
very successfo temperance work in vari
ous ehurcheiOn this city in conjunction
with the temperance committee of the
• Young Men's Christian Association. Mr.
Murphy's subject wilt be real life and
battle-field 'experiences. Henry Ward
Beecher will be present and make an ad
dress. John Wanainaker will preside.
-1-The six weeks suspension of the nail
mins reduced stocks 650,000 kels.
—John Sheridai, a miner, was killed
at rittion on Saturday by a fall of rock.
-Peter Raclin was- suffocated by gas
from an oil tt+k, at Tituatllle. on Saturday.
---Joseph - lytle, aged 10 years, was kick
ed to death by a horse at Meadville on Monday.
—George flutehinson, 55 years old,
Committed aulelde at It rad lentil , tatting morphine.
-The Bradford Era estimates the loss
by the recent fire In the northern oil field at r_so,-
—The .Erie car works give employment
to six hundred men, And cover [Dineen acres of
The monthly pay roll of the Pittsburg
dlvbilen of the retatsylvauL% Railroad amounts to
—.Tames Boyle and John Gallagher,
coal miners, were Instautly killed Ilya fall °ems,'
at Audearled.
—A lionolio correspondent states that
tho pipe line to-tortulriale at, North Bend will soon
be completed.
--;James carter, 18 years of age, was
crushed in death in the wheel foundry at Altoona
on Saturday morning.
, —Most of the steel mills iu tho State
are full of orders, ',bleb cannot be completed un
tll the early fall months.
—The strike in the' coke regions has be.
come Metal. Dicpatchea from Conuedmillo state
that no Moublo is anticipated:
.-Hos.l3ea EMai z ifikb ilioisixed
Tetts•go papers so • -aaa. tat twooltaindai to
the Militants boo that musty. • .
...The body a Anal Noma, s T y ,
Mrt, who itasppeared ftesa Atosesarn es Kassa
tut. u Mead la rte Lealet_littrer.
—Lewis Stople, Of Easton: 12 yearlsof
ma, raptured bWof vesirel wittle o'er a
fence eo Therssay, and wed to dam .
The price of who is reported to be so
low that the ratan Iron Company. of Masea.and
It ebesper to bay than to mannfamare tL
—A My-hoar waiting snatch closed in
Brad ford on Saturday eight, an onaltneen" inaltiag
DS sales and taking or the first prize. pzio.
—A - nest of snakes discovered neat
Pottstown was Mt:silted- by a EMU alined with s
dab, who dispatched hineteen of the retches.
—Geneial Kane, the " Sticktiii" re
taitaty. tt wiling - bugs quantities of Laid to Sued•
Lh settiets war the Owe named MUT. himself.
—There are tied Deinoeratia factions in
Lebtaoh county. One is marshaled by Iron. John A.
stun and the other by Iron. WWI= ILiitlOSldell.
—A land turtle was found in South
Hanover township; Dauphin county. a few days
;co, by Y. Saul, width be nutted thirty years ago.
—Michael Kearney, an old man employ
ed it the Gautier S'eei Works was Instantly allied
on Thursday monlb.g .by the huratios of a belt
-4llarry Elliot, of Karns City, while in
a Et pt jealousy about his wife. cane very near tie
ing Successful In an attempt at sttlelde on Saturday
—;-The pay-of the men in the Uonnells
villa coke tee rns has been reduced. and they
threaten to strike unless the amount held. back Is
—Mr. Joseph George, a p inept citi
zen of Irhlertown, was thrown ere sn-einbank
ment by an , rnmanageahle horse, on tarday, and
Instantly tilled.
—The Pittaburg Cl,rfonide tea that
the.lmpressien among the iron men In t t section
Is that It would be better for the trade' to shut
down until fall.
well-to-do married eitizenof liar
rtstgireiukupted to elope with a yonng wormer'
who had tmqn employed In his fatally, bat was de
tected and locked up.
—A supper was given
,to retiring State
Treasurer Noyes of the Grand !lota In Harden:mg
6n,.Tuesday alght. There was .11r . iurnber at prowl
ir.ot gentlemen present.
—Thirteen thousand tons of iron ore
shlpprd films Spain. and-recently arrived at Bahl-
more, 13 bring shipped to the Edgar Thompson
Steel Works at Braddocks. •
—Twenty-one hundred bands are em
pioy«A at the different works of the Bethlehem-Iran
Company. The arorage daily amount of steel made
at these•srcrks Ir about' s•/O Was.
—Gen. W. 11. H. Davis has issued a
rail for a reunion of the surviving rsut.the
One•humiretl-and-fourth Pentnivirania Regiment
at Dolies!on on the Mh Instant.
—A th - opositicin to remove the Beaver
Palls Fife 'Works to N err Yora was rejected by the
coca ho , :de:s at a reeent meeting, and they voted
criLirge the works immediatety.
—The survey of the Cherrytree and Al
toona, Railroad was begin on 3tonday. It la to be
a narrow guago mad. built by the capitalists of Al
toona and Northern Cambria county.
• ,
—Tames Hargrove, Esq., of Aimistrontt
county, and Greenback candidate for Congress two
years ago, now announces himself as a candidate
for Congress In the Democratic party.'
—The 3lonurnent Association of Sun
bury has received a 'letter from Senator Wad
tiatuNon expressing his Inability to be there on
Decbratbdt day. In answer loan Invitation.
—A. grand military fete is to be held at
Pott this Aotum - er4onder the an.pices or the
Vint Delendk,r*. Wine two 244 Vlnt.l4efeuders
who wen: from Putt/n(11 , 1e only zlity are
—The present daily production of slate
quarr•es atemg the reughkeepsie nod. w England
Italiieay. is 124 earloads: and this eau 1* deubled
when the e. utpany is tvady to move the 'slate.
—At Franklin, on Tuesday afternoon,
(11:j0 %Vill;eh•, a yotlag 21311 Ms teens, broke 4:9
balls thrown from a Bogardus trap, out of a
po , ,stble 500, nalim a Kennedy repeating, rifle, la
feet the.
—'f he body of Jocob Werrer, aged 73, a farmer of Prescott. Lebanon
rti. Was found Coating in the canal near tbat mace
on Monday morning. It Is nut' knowu bow he met
his death.
—The survey of a branch road from the
main line of the Pennsylvania, Pounghreepsie
and New England Railroad has been completed to
the slate quarries stfrroundlng Bangor, Northamp
ton county.
—The Meadville Journal, with author
ity for doing so. mentions thar lion. Samuel B.
Dirk will be a candidate for renomination to Con
greas. Ills strongest opposition wilt-he Dr. Rob
erts, of 'l . ltirsvilie.
—.Joshua Hutchinson hung himself in
the tireensburf jail. on Monday. with .1; rope made
out of strips turn from his shirt. Ile was impris
oned for assaulting a Constable, and lift. - 1 been mo
ruse for some time.
—.James Dickson, father• of" Thomas
DicksOn—Prsident of the Delaware and Dodson
Canal Company. flied at Carbondale last week. in
his :OM year. Ile came to Carbondale from Scot
land fifty years ago.
—A plan of Rev. Say& Hill, of Phila
delphia. and John tyltay sod Edwatd flarltunn.
prisoners In the Erie Jail, to overisfwer the warden
and escav, was re. , ently frustrated by 3lrs. Staf
ford, wife of the Sheriff.
—Evati•Missler, a well-known citizen of
Iteras county. dbul ou sloriday. De was Sheriff
for three
. fears from Is 71; Chairman for several
years of the Democratic r•ourity Committee, and a
member of the State Committee.
—The Washington Reporter states that
there seems to be a general at finiescence 'nail the
counties of the Twenty-fourth congressional Dis•
frifJ that Dun. Witlizinf S. Shallentfergner shall be
tho.ltepublican nominee for Congress,
—A. boy named Patrick - Malone -was
hired by a stranger In Pottsville on Saturday to'
procure tincture of citric acid. Sopa after the boy,
lett the drug store-with the compounds in a bottle
they exploded, and he was fret busty injured.
large nom+ er of the hands of the
Calmogatipla Manufacturing Corn pane lit work
Friday. causing the mills to stop. The s rike was
rause,' by the priprietor discharging several hands ,
because they bolg,gril to the Amalgamated f 71003.1
—A young man namell E. M. Millard,
who has-Wen travelling through the c.nin ty obtain
ing money front 'Catholic priests under false pre
tences w,s arrested at Pittsburg fut Thursday night
while making an attempt of this kind ou tiphop
—Dave Richards-and Toin Thomas en
gage.l.ln a pri.te tight, near Byda Park. on Friday.
in Cite presenee of a corgi unitiblr of spectators.
They !might th-s;.,:x!Oy. th, w ifk , of one being laid
hand to'eacourag , her tituoranil. After:: routats
the tattle was decided draw.
—A special dispatch to the Pittsburg
Cotorrner , ial-gaz , tte front Bradford states that the
disastrous fir, in the northern oil. fields were c•atis
hy a workman a tang fire to some hushes near
h: w City. The win I was high awl' the , flames
soon communieiced with the 01. wells.
—A. E. Freston, or, Luken , ' rolling mill,
Coatesvatle, Write. to Aratritan that
lils greatsgratol father. I Pennock. established
the fir,t rolling mill in Anierlea in 17t Tti sinl
was called Federal Slitting 5101,1' and was Meat
el on Buck Run, In East, Fanownehi
Chester county.
—.Tulin Erneigh, of Sarah's Furnace,
near Altoona,' barrios! his initial thrnugb grief over
the death of a you. Ile lal•rrs tinder the hallucina
tion that ids stet has eonitnamied film to kW Ids
•In fant.ebild. Several attempts that he - has made
at this have failed. and for the safety of the child
he has been placed In an asylum.
—A reporter of the Pittsburg Diopatch
hies liven .11i formed that the proposed tariff dem qt.
Oration at Heaver on June 5 viill.protiatity not take
place. It Is charged lc the. Grant nien that et bt
Intended for a Blaine *boom," anal many Repair:t
ear., sac that It witi be a Democratic deninnstratlon,
while Cho Demurrals aver thatit wilt he a Republi-
Can affair.
—Mrs. Shoff, livina near Nefrs Island.
In the Snsuoehanna River, took her 'two small
children In a boat on Thursday to row where her
husband was
.11.11Ing. TM, heat struck a rock
and the Manual', tellh.g the children to cling to her,
undertook to swim a:More.. tine of them fell MT
and was drowned. and she reached_ tho shore in
safety with the other, hut much exhausted.
.—ln the Iloffinan-Nolen case at Potts
ville, on Saturday. a suit for warmth'''. a Isnstpone
ment was outdo until Atonday. Miss Holman too•
came very excited when this announcement wan
made, awl was?with ditneulty restrained front mak.
fog a (intone attack on Nolen in the court room.
A former trial of the case was Interrupted by Miss
Hoffman takink laudanuut with suicidal Intent.
Pittsburg correspondent of the New
York Herald. under the date of Saturday. says:
Mr. James Campbell, - an employe of the Fort
wayme Railroad, yesterday received a letter from
his son Wltliam, whols now in Peru, which brought
the startling news that another sun, dames. bad
been eartur r d by the Chilllans In a raid. end after
being subjected to various cruelties, had been tried
and 'shot.
—Three steamships. carrying 1,703 head
of cattle, sailed on Saturday frbui Montreal for En
—The Nevada Bank,',at San Fraifeiseil,"
on Saturday d:eeltarged Keve u of Its leading em
—Silas D. Perry, Treasurer of the State
Savings Hank of Hartford, Conn., died swidenty
—Steel imported for nice M the manu
facture of skates has been placed on the tree list of
Canada. •
—The Loiisvillb and Nashville Ran
i-nal Company has whittled control of the New
Orleans and. Hallman. ,
• —The shop of A. H.. Foxeroft, i Bm
ton diamond critter. was broken Into on Saturday
and rtitect et dinnonds valued at tZ,OOO.
—Dr. Chester. Martin, a leading physi
elan and preintnentliaßon. died suddenly at Chat
ham, Va., on Saturday. of paralysis.
—Gabriel Parillo, 18 years old, was fa
tally stabbed In !Sete York on Friday Melt by An
gelo Capello, and Capello was arrested.
Tames Tobin, a Chicago stevedore,
while drunk. on Saturday Mght kneetad down tits
17-year.old daughter and stamped her to death.
—A jail at Crocket, Texas, was set on
Aro from within on 'Friday. John Winter, a plia
°nor, la thought to have perished In'the dames.
what a lady of Boston said to her hus
band when. be brought home some medi
cine to cure her of the sick headache and
neuralgia which bad made her-niisemble
for fmirteen years. At the first attack
thereafter, it was administered to her
with such -good results, that she continu
ed ittkuse Until cured, and made so enthu
siastic in its; praise, that she induced
twenty-two of the best families in her
'circle to adopt it as their regular family
medicine. Tina ",stuff" is Hop Bitters.
lAra Shatisatestb.
Has remit to _
goaklag It Ids
TogniHid*, April 2,1, 195011.
The Proprietor of this favorite Tioo+•e, duly
thankful for the very liberal parroi,age received
lance its opeulug, again invites the artentioa of
jurors. witnesses, parties. attending the Coons.
and others visiting Towanda on bus:nose or pleas
ure. to the great Inducements he is again able to
offer in superipr access:must alio= and liberal prices
The housi, furniture, bedding and other appli
ances are first-class, a , :d entirely new and fresh
He has just finished a apactobs, fi:e•prr•nf, brick
barn, pronounced the finest In Northern Pennsyl.
Tanta. and Is now readF to supply his guests and
all others with safe and saperior stabling.
Boarding by the day and week. Slagle weals at
all honrs.
, The Hoeg will be Well supplied with ple;saut
And attentive Waller!.
Towanda, April Z.). 135,1
Foundry & Machine Shops,
We claim to make the
In the market
Patnell'l4 ImproFed Feed Cutter,
Stroud's Keystone Fire Shrinker,
Griswold's Boss Water Wheel's,
Ward's Patent Buckwheat Cleaner,.
&c., &c., &c.
Slade to order. lt,trilrtug or all kinds done on
stßat nottr.% SaiWaetion .guaranteed. Alsr,
manufacturers of' and dealers In
Polishing pin 4 Fluting Immm
The best in the wurht. Agents wanted.
Towanda. April 15, IS,O
tuct,ling to
fio.• each bottle smite cal , • S. ct en
en M. encne inexperi mend Aandit.
'" a
Co u r g O lia, f CI S * I c irto e ,
inrrtura:l) . yaentery, Crampa s
ati Bowe/ tamp/460a.
S ou - a for l irea Sl S ' l r eTt m iteti'
Sick Headache. rain In the Buck or Side.
Itherizontiont. and liieicealgio.
PAIN KILLER 1 1.1;itifi:E0-sfriPir rt
Mims •Pevde rthejr in tit oa t ,,s o f
Nroines, Coto, Sprainv, Severe Burns,
PAIN KILLER the ..-en.trta and truricti
friend of the ilieelutic.
Farmer, Planter. Sailor. and Infect All claFre r e
viwiting• a medicine always at hand; and sa fe /3
Internally or externally with certainty
of relief.
l ..tie family can afford to be Ulthout thfg In
valuable in the 1r , r0.0. It. t‘rice brings it
ritltin the reach of all, and it will - 41..nuallY cure
Liriv tunas Its cost In ,locione Leas.
eft by dr4gglatt .t 411 a aattfa.
PERRY DAVIS & SON, Provideiese. R. l.
Proprietors. ,
Agricultural. IViachinery
'; ~ _ .
R. M. Welles, Towanda, Pa.,
Wholesale and Retail deakr 111
Gale Chilled Plows,
Best Reversible Plows,
Adgato and Enterprise Churn PoWers,
Corn Shelters, Farm' Wagons,
Platform Wagons, Buggies, . - •
Feed Cutters, Grain ; Drills,
Bullard's Hay Tedders, Leader and Gale
Raktt, Tompkins County Imported
. Cultivators. Slowing Machtnes t
Keapera, Now Sultys,
Sprout's Hay Elevators and Harpoon
Liquid Paints, mixed ready for the
brash. of hest brands. SIX STAR HYDRAULIC
CEMENT. ate.,lm. Call and see iny stork or sett]
for circulars and prices. °Mee in C. ,
09. Cent Stone. Warehouse directly In rear of alma
la the alley. . R. 3T. Iti ELLEt.
Tolland.", March 11 1 1880. • '
anal .ceder of the Stoekhotders of the
!WAVE 1.1.51C.* SULLIVAN' E. S., Ca for the
election OrPresideat end rttremon; mad for the
tradebettoci of soup other badness es may EMU be. ,
tore them. %die M 44 sterile aloe - of tbe Cims.
peer. ho 'the Borevgb of Torrzotte, mowzry..-
N ESDAT, rAg, O. it id o'clock A. 3f.,
- • or. A. B %LEWIN, Secretary,
4oursade,. Pa., .111.4114. Mao.
Stata of Penc.lll tegit,ty Braimed,
ft: To( ivorge Cornett. Phoebe Cosine , 11 frisw Phrr
be Dory). Matinsh"Cornell Dow Itannah
an residing In Mu township of LitelWd. Bradford
Cott:D.j. Pa.; Jolla Ann Cornell teas Julia Ann
Merrnith "OL Belmont. Allegany Gf' azaty. N. Ti;
Phoebe Spear. ream of Mattilaa
Of ToMpitins Countl, Y 4 Mat) , E.
Lynch, intertnarried with C L Lynch.f
Ithara. Tompkins , Co. N.Y.: A : yMica B. Carr and
.Fetes ft. Carr;reshltagar. Ithann. Tompkins Conn
tr. N. Y.. and .;'Wt Carr. `ltending u L 14, 1 61.
Broome COC!*II7. N.llo—pimse late"notire :
Whereas, at an Orphans . Coort.itseld Tonrindw.•
in dad, for the sold County of Bradford, on the 15th
.417 of April. A. D. anon. - perm Use Hon. Hugh K."
Commin. rpm.dent Judge of the said Coati, in
the matter ot the *loathe of Moses W. COrae; do.
ceased, the petition:of John Cornett, brother of the
said Moses W. late of the .L4errnsbip of
Li teh neld CV:). deceased. was presented,
liettiar forth that ; • said•Mottes W; rOresell dEr44.
on or about the day of Septemisrr. A. D.
intestate; and,leasing neither favitt
n , r mother surslritig Aim. bat, basing' Vito:het*
sisters. children and lineal descendants of sitters
as (allows; The petit:otter. tjohn Cornell. resicilag
at Barton, Ticga Contity. N.Y.. a brother: George
Cornell. brother: Phoebe Doty. widow of . John S.
Doty. deceased. sl!der: Datatah Parks. wire cf
Moses Parks; !incr. all I:residing in the Lown.,:i.dp
of Litehneld afetesaid AIM Merrill, wife of
Ahrahani Merrill. sister, residing us DelutOut.
Srkan7 Phoebe Spear.'.‘tf
Mathias Spear. deceased. sister. residing at tit. - o - a.
N. 'f . the following children of Jinn (Cat-
rot;) Cur sod Atsrourn Cair at'r bastraind:r.t.4t.ri,
both ranw dt:thased. to wit Maxi E. I..,stutt, tra..r.•
married with taar - oes Lymeht Gitriekt Cur,
Alan , ort..B. Cart and , Peter E. CUT. teitdirag
sad Carr, rea✓Stag LWe,
Ittronne'County. N. '
That said dssst-edent. 51 , ./tsei W. dled
5e12.,1 In fee of and In a i s r pas , „ e ; or
land. actuate in the ts..wn , hip of I , st.".hteld. Cc , fidy
and State atoresa , l„ bltossl,l st e ,,,,,rits e d as -0A,3.
lenals : • Be:Tinning at Ai nrd1114.4,44: vdner rife
wid 16; are) to :Le of the fate Charles
Kinney tot: th, t.. G-sen oat: , 2".-3rdl=g to
the magnetic Tar - Ist:on Stay 14.1 - 411,,,;47 z. 14 rods
to a pock& the &es's - beast efe.ner or sallf(flian ee
ney th , :nee north a. (;144:;:nany run .5 . % rods to a
sate the soatturc-t. s-ossn-r ..ahat,'",ras the Aral)
Sherman lot theisen eta a< ,r4:062i11y r. aincg
th e esotts' s.,f the 441 , 1 A rat,-testate .o: €o r.ele
to a pos.: the sP. - ,uthea,st corner of ..aid nherman lot
in the, we‘t . ;los. of what was tl. - sts.l K. Walker
lot thenre swath- .14.4 unglnally rots 10.riroCts to a
alate the nor:hr.:l-r eornt , rof Lorefand land 4, by'the-north hest of tat. welt a. onzt
natty run 7.10 1143 to a etake its( ace
11 , 4:11 as criginal.y run Na rd., to the, place siT be
ginning; (.07rtillnIng It 7 acres anll . 7.'s ~erclae,
Insire or le Si.
A I.: 4 )-4),1-s. oth-r lot of land. tail - mile in saki
Ll:ehtiehl town-111p. lion't:ded north t y iarh, .
?AO: , :Inds of Hors 'Slone south
ty LifiA1 , ,0r .. 5.2.,,,-.lel •
Lee. and west by lands t.f
uel P:Woleezt rontatrilng :11-ne-ret..mure
Thatruo ur rah:at:on of said rtate bar. •
tog he,m m 34, Eour peti.loner reqmssts- ths. ("ours:
to le pieiard Waward an Inquest to make reartithr:
of the .pienii‘eS store-sald to and among the r,:ptv
sentatlves of :It, gatd In:estate In each manner a:A
In such proportions as by the laws of this -
Wealth is directed. if such partition can Iss.
without prejudice to or ,po}4ing• :he whole t het If
such partition cannot he made there Of. 'then 1,,
w5me..310 appr4l3o the same, and 'to make return
of their pro,erdings aceordiog to tzsv - . And where.
'Open th- said Curt, on doe proof and
nni of • the pretrit-e, , . awarded an Inquest ihe
pitrposas ar , re,al,l. We therefore commatirl
'bar, taktr:g with ymt seven gtx , tl and Lawful to-n
of yOnr baltiwlek. yon go to Aw , l upon the pketnis'es
aft - met-aid:and there,•ll, th e pres.snee of thelpart
afore?ahl, f-y you to he. warned (if upon' -hell,tt
warned they ne . present), and haring re-,peet
to the true valUmtion thereof and rif,:a the os,thc
'and at:trig:4ll , 2ns of the ta:d seven gt.,rl and lawf:::
men. you make partiticm to and stung
•and legal I .. .4 , r.:sentative . i of the sail
such - manner and La- such pr.portl,;:,, , 'a, by the
laws of tht. Colutftonweatth is - d irect, , ,l • t f
can-be-s., parted an : d.vided withZert
or 'spotting the whole: aitd If such partlt'en ;Ann , :
be made thereof without prejudice to or
the *bole, that cause the said inquest : 2 ,
Inquire and .7.3eertt4l: whether :he tratne.,•,lll
I'L'lllehliY.a.-' o u l Ole!st.iti . lnoie that. one 'of the sal - 1'
heirs nod repte.serhativ,s6f tie said itite:dato.
without' l.r. l•slice lad if
so h..nw mat, It will as al'.•:,sani accotoMOdate:d,-
s s isri , dr.z, ea, ~ a rt tseinds, and returning-a ;lust
Vs' oat i o n ot' the zayne. Bat)! the sald,intiuest
you tti su•nuonesd as aforesaid to wake the said
partition or . - ah1a.:4.1, shall he of opinion that the
premises af• real.l With the .1-I,llrte•tianCeS.eatirkg
parted sod as to accommodate more
_than one. Of ties said heir , anci legal representatives
on the said ...tat-, that then you cause the inque,t
tos ante thr vt bole of the sahl real estate *Rh the.
appurteriar—s. having respect tot he true valuation.
therevt it r- - ably to law. And thatltte peitloco
or valnatHa so made V.,13 distinctly and ~,p,„,;)s•
have before our =aided u.igt.t at Towanda. a: au Or
phans-CW.2r: be held on the daa•uf
se.s . 4nis th• reof, after such inqweri Shall - be mad,
utirler your I. ind and seal, and under the Lanai'
and Leal. of thi,se, t v Ith,, oaths or settrmatioos
you shall n.ske such partition or valuation and
Lave you th..a and there this. writ..
Withes:: 11,ig,11 Curainin. President of cur
!'said court a'. Ton anda aforesaid, the ill:it day of
' April, A. r): A. C. £111,131E,
Clerk of Orphans' Court.
• In cantor:nity uith the aly4ve ord,r, 1 hereby
glv.c tne- algwe natne'd ant all 6*.tfcr
per,4_(,),s lute , eszed. that an inquest ail! l,v b<-!l
th, ate. oh the prentt,e,,ur. SATURDAY,
41:N E. 19th, A. I). 1 , ,5(), at II Wetc..l.:, a. 31.
O. 1)1.: Shetiff.
of C,.l , .enbla !Lim! In
Iprti 73l b, l'•50. • -
t:ECELPT:.I. •
. .
Treasticy April 1.4.1,79 11;4 , 7.1
71opli,a.t4z ' -
Fion, • ' .._, lR e l dtLuria!
11. 1111,-v.
'Back r..adt;.. - x - collected
Pant for rent hall--
T0 ,, T1 clerk -
O. "
.1 If. remtaisston,r•
.I.u.ll'orq •
S'aNehers".,::lfl etc:....,
Tn Pr. thononiry
For ' •
l'cr Wank anti I.rt'lv, - •
arty.. at t.;I/dibg en:T..4kt!
~ I pport or IN .or
Ti'oxo tax eV-Ler:I:11m ,
N•n•e% bursa'
1411 nice lu rycasury
A. Aildlt.;rs
•.1. If. AVATKINS, i S
V. V. ‘ll,le.c.A.N.Tonn
XTOT iCE',—This my. eleventh sea ,
Su Tou, , nda. I :wain r 11 . 4 - for 511,3
, 111 - 1) 111 i; PLANTS, romptl,lo{
mfv., "al tinii!.ll , ,
at-o. i ialgl tmelt of {-.;.:•g
Kititl,o4llt I N‘i iSr.s. .18 at I
cad and examine-i.t0 , 1; acd
rtala ..437k1 CalAkage Plato s
hYwr.2,lly. ..they v•afetal.lft pant. to their sea
on.-, ".; I. or
brirrh. AMES C. RVECG.
"rlll..iirv9, Apr11 . 2 . .1, ISio-In2.
at 1 Zl' 1:%4 ',fox d are prompCy.
N >I..K math t ord.r and trarraNt(d
. Tltts,sl . rat tm C.': my hu=ll:' sis cent' cem
Cue-tautly nn Land. and for g:fle lowa prjePS
tbAn tlsetthere.
81.00. Sca I for pr ee lists.
1. ItErt)RTETt 11 . 1.71L.1),1NG.
. 44.'9.80. TOWANDA. PA., P. Q. not . 13 •
, and
'evils, and restop s the patient 1 ,, a porter: fy nem y
,condition h ity . lind mind. no raptil/y !Goma
log detnaint rot:thls medicine and our largo 'Alt ,
In c. rm.ineatc. Is Indeed ',efficient eviticuer itt
tts gstaivndarity.
IT HAS Perfe,otly NO EQUAL Harmless.
It can be used any - time wit/tont ,•fear by the tu,t ,
delicate porrons. No matter what the ailing,
may be given to chl' , ,trenwfthi,ertect'..arety.-8,
bad remits follow its use, doing no,p,,ilde injoy.
•Asa ndhl Ttnlitt, Ofltio al,3Varlye- ;ma 21,..rit2:e••
Inytgorant lt Is' Int}niteilf stye' it,kito any linoNa
renteds fur •
Mu tarfppa Fererg, • 17•+iCti
Jounair , of ReNtt,sa , • , s.
• Mmutitl I>cl+Ttaxi•i+i,. + ' :, l ick ller+•lrich..
Con xt Bit
:Read followlrg , nines,of• persons an.l
whlely linawn. who tkodif the Iro•nabl."ptor , ' ,
Hem of z..IMIIONS 1..1‘ 4, ,ER REGULATOR i2R
MEDICINE : /Hon. AleZ. :Hephenv; John W.
lleckwlo.llhMoi , of Geoigla.; G en. John It. (lot.
deo., iF. S. sr mi. or •I( on.; John 41111, Shorter,
Rev. Bislom rivree:
1(111, i 1 n. dato C. Brvetlnrldge: Prof. David.
Wins, 1,). I). IV flram Warner,' Chief au.tlee. or
Ceorgla; Levi la Wunder. A.sVI r. M., I'lol,,
many other , from whom wii have leuteri cominvu!.
log upon this medicine ia a moat valuable hoax . -
hold remedy. t
The Cheapest, Purest find Root Pamil:l
Chit in the World. Original eon: genuine.
J. 41. ZEILIN Q. CO.,Phitadelphla.
IPrire. "'Rohl by all liiugglslA.
rTiTt.:74t.—SOrltig Term will bel:ln NONitA Y,
_APRIL fern. ' , lasi% for board, tultioa
and furnished' room. from C7f," to els° per year.
• Vor eittdlogno or further particulars addre tbtt .
TowillMis, jail. 16,4180.
4- `>6.3
43 31
4•I 56
36 r ,
7 2.4
13 " 1 .1
47 24
1 '3;
le, '1
3:7 41
6 n , )
870 72,
60 1
. 110'1 t
;1,612 32
cw ilbvertis'cmcuto.
00e. Al' qll line of
.aIs are recelt , d
every slay Iry the .prs
primor. of 51. )t ,, ' , S
I.lVEtt 111131*1.. -
TOP, Irmo, rrnmn, nf
edttPatlott an4l mnan!...
tunic, from 411,part , of
the country attling .
Ito.the unmiferful ~r'•
tlve prop,rttes of illk
great nunthnne. N.
other preparati“rt t.nt
eihttitt Oh.covered tr. o
1)1- SP4SIA.