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    Vuulfori gglottet
ALLE., LOCAL •Jr.Drroil.
Towanda, Pa, Thursday, Oct. 1131-1879.
WR issue five papers this month.
ritAtEle 8 heard on eveg fide for
TILAFREIOI I 7II3O in the peat legal hojA.
day. ' 7-
ti.mkunis of job work, cheaper than
over, at the REPORTER °flied. I,
Two weeks'icom next Tuesday, Penn
sylvania trill-weak at the polls. 't
L A NEW sidelialk haFt.been built on,Pine
litreet; north of TRACY & NOBLE'S block.
Tn E State of Pennsylvania is three hun
dred.and ten miles long and one hundred
.and 76 - fy wide.
. -
Trra: - .Eureka Mower took the first pre
irildui at the Mansfield, Tioga. County,
Fair, week before last.
- '
TuE.pfemiums paidtby the, Troy Farni
ers' Club•tb exhibitors at their late fair,
amounted to over $7500:
Dlo. JAMES PItIN;IT, of Woirent was
seriously injured beiog kicked by a
horse one-day lastyeek. !L.
TIIE old saw, mill - etivned by NELSOk
Col E, It:ear Rummer!lad, is being repa4p.
oci - and put in running order. 2, •-•• •
AT the * Waverly Trotting Park, last
week, "Mallory." won the 2:30 race; amtl.
"Josephine S." the three minute ince.
Tni heat, and not the autumnal frosts,
is shriveling up the leaves, and coloring
The . forcsts.rapidly, thus ea.rly in October.
•Tub Montrose Denzaer t.q , ,Ait - . 9itober
Ist, says that it hailed and - snowed in that
section of the country on the Thursday
previous. '
TitaT little Daily isSifed by the RErolt
tra, on the fah. 'grounds, .was first class
as to contents and typographicalneatuess.
. exchange -says there :fie only four
words in the English language ending in
(ion.. Who can tell the readers Of the RE
/Matt! what they are ?
IT is now = inorder to shoot pheasants,
duel: end deer. Sportsmen who have
been resting on their arms the past few
moat*, ca.Mbang away.
• .
..., _,..
CAsniEn (71[Entisr,Y, of the Citizens'
National Bank, bi l is just coirrpleted a sub
4t3ntial stone wallein front of his rosi
tlengq,onliuston street. ~, .
~sttcions meetings are held five nights
of cacli'_ week in Athens. "And yet;” re
marks 'the Gazette of that place; "out
borAfgleis considered rough."
ichnrs of Election, when in town,
-should eall,at _the Coramissioners' Office,
and get thasigAnks fur their aNtriets, as
.r....ticy are tai3Oiatly, for delivery
„ez.A t
irreveg .„„
(chow, who knows more
-about hunting. than tie does about the
Ilishions, calls thy, fashionable
-ilis'of the day "canvas belted dunks.”
THE portable ste.tro saw mill of
lhe EN-S ' near Itylvaria, was - destroyed by
tire on Mtpilay night, (th Instartt. It4g..
piled frorri - a burning slab pile near by:
Am. trade is booming, and the stores
workshops and manufactories that difver
- RliritltTElt are reaping the
benelir.of their - investments in printer's
Is consequence of the absence of 'Rev.
.1. S. STEWART, who is attending the Syn
od at Laucaster ; -no services will be held
in the Presbyyrkan Church ou Sunday
next. -
Mu. JoNns, of Neath, acci
dentally cut bis knee quite seriously one
day recently hilt ctexoged in cutting up
° corn in the licirOf Dtviq of, that? ,
place. _ •:s.s.`r
Tun PritaiitPDO:win - rut of the. Pres
hyieriau Sufiny.),§cliool, Troy, has recent
ly been proeitlectiith a library consisting
of ((rid hundredlQimes
. of excellent
TRE Harrisburg. Tclegrapit says the wa
,t4 iii,the Susquehanna so low at that
place that the bass are all sunburned on
The back. Their tins stick up as a, signal
Gt distress. •
is •whispered that several-weddings.
will interest our people before long., q We
extend our congratulations 46 the parties
most interested, and "may they liveicing
and- proSper.7 •
A ITOUSE belonging to W. S. Don firm,
of Troy, and occupied by ANintriw MANN
On Armenia, was destroyed : by fire on
- Saturday, October 4th. The fire caught
from-the chimney.
Citunen of the ,Messiah' (Universalist)
Rev.. WILLIAM TAI - Nklit.,, Pastor. At 10i
317, subject, "Paul, the Shipmaster."
At 74.,p,„ st.,
"The Michigan Railroad.Hor
ror:' All welcome :I.
Theisveather for two „weeks past has
.certainly been of no un'ttSjial and remark
•hle'tcmlrprature, twit* like that of July.
The - thernouneter nil several days has
reaeheeighty-eight degrees.
. Foie hot anti dry weather October bids
fair to be the banner mrnith of the year.'
The t - rreat-graudfathe'r of the "oldest in
habitant'' has never seen the Susquehan
na river as low as it is at. present.
TnE - Lailies of the Church of tho Mes
siah (cniversaliet), will' bold a sociable
in the lecture monis of the Church, on
Tuesdqv evening. the 2.lst instant. Re;
fresliments will be served e ,All are invited
to attend.
Nit. Cans: Joriss(iN:, 0ft..4 , - firm of C'. J.
JouNsoN Co., foundrytueq, of this
place, lad - fu-o tiagers of his right hand
quite badly injured whilfj4pgaged inovp
. crating a. planer at their Yttatilline shops
v t. ? _ Vowlay last,
.SsxtE parts et he State have been float
ed with counterfeit five dollar notes on
the N'atitsial State Bank, oT Troy, N. Y.
If-any notes of that bank are offered-scan
them elnS6ly Irlefure you take them. The
safest pWkis to refrisetheui altogether.
A 4417AETFjnIS meeting will be held with
the I~erricl : eille Baptist Church, eomlnen
eki,gFriOay evening, October 24th, and
Sittirrday and Siinday.
All are - 'cordially icivitai to be present,
and ailjnteresting time , 7may . be eitketed.
AS educational exhibit at the Ranstiekl
Fairi,says the Troy Gazette, by puPils of
the Troy' graded Scho attracted &in
sider:lbl° attention. The excellent work
; that-Professor and his assist
tant are &nig .is being appreciated
abroad, •
A: B. PonTER,-of,iyyalusing. has com
menced the foyndatton fore handsome
dwellingvhouse in that village which tie complete before winter;. chile
the new etwdlllngs of Mesrrs. G. M. Btx
r.v a nd J. A: GitovE, are alreadynearly
ready for occupancy.. r•4#
14119 tiro litirse thieves a week on an
average are. arrested in Athens., the rea
son thereforhohig thus explained by the
G.!zelte of; list • week: "It ,Itunderittood
.11i1011.!2: the "fraternity'etatleriminals
from Athens:are never punished, and they
hock here for rtaibt3:"
Till total number of tickets sold at the.
".r•ticketfiftice of the Northern Central de
pet, in this place, says the Canton Senti
-ad, during the mouth of ftptember was
t :one thousand and thirty-nine.—thirty-nine
nv,i,te. than way ever_, sold
..during one
mulith.iince the road ii.tas•AMilt. t
- • • t
Wm. T. &MENAI:EIi, of Athens, niet
with iluitc3} severe accident recently. He
wa‘raiiitmr - the frame for a large mill at i
Cooper's Plains, N. Y., and
" whil the
- fifth bent was,goinf.; up the whole stirtiC
• tare came diiWir with a crash, severely in
juring lr. and live of his workmen.:
TIMMICOALInteeho went froth this
place to Scranton, lowa, about a yeafitgo,
met with quite a misfortune_ recently,
having a new" , house• oir his farm: a ley/..,
n3iles.from that town, destroyed by firi;?
Ilis loss ii atiOut,eisrht hundred dollars.; •
Ttrz RsroirrEß office has twice •ss
much material on hand as any other office
ittßradford County, and has,consequent
ly greater facilities for furnishing : job
pitinting. When you *ant anything pret
ty in the way of job printinz, the RErton-
Tun office is•the place to get it.
WE are glad to be able to report that:
the diphtheria which seemed so threaten
ing when we !UV -published, is assuming
a very mild type and that nearly ell: the
cases, .we understand, are considered out
of dangei, and we hear of no further
spread of the disease.—Troy'llazetts.
WE are glad to hear bf.;_the continued
prosp,erittlif the Wyoming Seminary.
largeSumbei-pf-studentb have already
entered filf - the fall terrre.'. - Our •readers
will do well to investigate e merits o
this school. Students iffiSe-toiltclelliPray
time. Send to Rev: D. COPELANT, Kings
ton, Pa., for a catahigue. - --e
WE learn from the . Troy Gazette
Mrs.,Fnamt Luomis has been elected Sec
retari, of the M. E. Sunday School, and
Isaac. CLEAVER, Assistant Superintend
-eat, I3:•A. LONG, Librarian, W. G.
SADLER, Assistant. The :School has a.
ew library and_ library case and is out,of
debt. r
The -Leßaysville Advertiser Says the
Supper and BallAiven by Leßay Lodge,
No. 471. A. Y. M., of that place, Wednes
day evening of last week, was a.grand
success: The mnsic, speeches and Waste
were of a high order,
the bill of fair ex
ceptionally fine, and all - present seemed
well pleased with the occasion.
A FEW days ago .a. little'child of F. W.
,}lov . EY, of Troy. put a•one of its
4iostrils, and all efforts to get it out were
unavailing. The Gatelte says a reference
to Steele's Physiology gavethe clue to its
removal; for on closing the other nostril
and. blemfing in the child's- rnolitfi; the
bean fleWrout at oriee,„Nake a note of it.
TnE "and and Gun Clulh'aA Tray,
elected on Nozidayveniiir , of la i st week,
the following named gentlemen as officers
of that Association for the ensiilng year :
President, R. C. 7:imcDAl.l;;;King Presi
dent, F. H. ifovFstAN; . tiecret4ry.,l A. C.
; Treasurer, G. N.-NEwilEitY ;
Executive Committee, V:,:McKr..aziLoiiii,
ED. F..lonxsos.
A YOUNG man by the name OLREGBEN
PARK, living in Athens township, fell
frOm a chestnut tree, by the breaking,i , of
a limb, one day recentlY, te the-ground, u
distance of about sixty feet. . He received
some serious injuri4 upon the head, but`
it is thought not proves fatal.
The young mall is a son of Dr. PARK, of
Overtop township..
A nwELLING houSe owned by, CLARK
BROWN, situated on Cold. Creel was des
troyed by fire.on Wednesday morning of
last week, together with neatrl of. its
contents. The fire caught in
is supposed from the chimney, and.when:
discovered had made • such progress that
all eftles to extinguish it were unavailing.
The propertmwas not insured.
Mu. KERRICK, , of. Asylum, Sold to
of this placei last
Chesterweek ; ' gull-blooded White„pig,
fburmatitlis'old, Unit weighed one--':_.hun
dred and - forty`'pounds. The price paid
wits $lO, and we believe Mr. 0. thinks he
made a good purchase. This was one of
the pigs awarded the.firstpreminm at - Erni
countzfair. It- pays to keep good stock,
INT - i..iTiI.CC. "Gospel Temperance : ' ;
mectiu • have been held nightly by. Ard-
j0r,,,7 - Aai , CLEA•Ii, in Sxlvania.,-since Sep-.
teldb4r_VA, up to and 'including. October
9th. , Tire meetings have awakened a-deep
interest. in the temperance question, and
were vary successful in inducing many to
sign the pledge... ' 4 Phe ?Major is to' hold
meetings during the .. present: week at Aus
tinville and 13urringiciii.
. .
AT recent meeting of the Canton Lit
erary-fsocie4, the following named per-
S;iips wlre elected Otlitcirs': President, W.
C:SFA;IIItIsT ; Vice Pregilleit. - HATTIE E.
ISPACI,DIN“ ; TreaAurer,C. E. IloorEn ;
Financial Secretnry, Laws. 31.11Ennirr;
Librarian, M. ijAl - cm.s ; Executive
Committee, FANNIE . FITC11„ tiNNNIE
DARTT.,• Music COMMlttee, JENNIE,b.
THE recent` attempts at incendiarism in
Troy has -caused considerable ali7m in
the minds of the citizens of that:village
—as well they may,—And suspicious
characters are being closely watched., as
are all persons who keep late hours. 7 4 . The.
Gazette wisely advises parents, therefore,
to keep their boys ,in doors in the even
ings and thus keep them' out of trouble
which otherwise they may. fall into.
on Wednesday, And picked up a prisoner
in the shape of' Iftt:BEN
"skipped" frontlbejail gang a few.days
ago while they were lumping water. PAE. ; --
mr:11, 'who was in default of costs in the
suit of INGEAM vs. C_ORT NELsotc and R.
PAnmEn, had hut — five days to tern tin in
jail, and probably thought be would not
be missed.-.—Troy Gazette.
I ,
Tilv, Daily Re'ord of the Times; Wilkes
arte, naafi its Monday
- Morning last, in an enlarged form and
4nany improvements added:. It is now
.the.largest Morning daily paper pnblish
cd outside of PhdaiVphia and Pitlsburg,
in the State, and gips all of the Associat
led Press dispatches Up to the bouce' go
log to press. We .are gl.ol to ri4,tothis
evidence of prosperity on the part" ie
of our most-excellvit exchanges..'-'
Mn, En. CON apoN, of Warren Centre,
who Ras injured by being/pin over by a
hand-car at Adrian, N. :I.; September
22d, was brought ,tp his biotherVesi
dence in Owego; Monday . evening of
last week, and -where he ,now lies - in a
fiery 'critical condition, -e4ll
I ;ye s pects fotdits-recovery:
injuted 4 the accident eanstrigtotal par
alysis of-the' spine. -Mr. Co-oniibN is 30
teats of age and has a fatuity consisting
of a wife and two children. vv-
.A2PIIATNPST business man remarks:
"It is manifestly foolish - to wait ler acci
deinal business. The shrewd man will
create bwineriit He will create it by
sonic means Of asavertising. Experience
will s - •,on teach him that in no other way
can lie reacli so many readers as byAdver
tising in a live newspaper ." In tfiTScon
net:lion we might add that.the IlnitonrEit
is But -that fact is so generally acknowl
edged, that WO deem it entirely unneces
sary. •
THE residence of Mr. E. W. CAtimaN,
at Alba, was destroyed by lire on Monday
night, October (lib, including all his
household goods, with the exception of
few articles saved from one room.• The
lire is supposed, toll:pie originated-from a
defective due. 7. W. ' NORRISH, who
teaches school at -Alba, 4134 who was
boarding with -Mr. CARMAN, had gall his
-clothes. books and, Manuscripts burned.
The loss to Mr. CARMAN will be .heavy.
There was an insurance of $l, - 800 on the
Tffts from the Troy Gazette of , last
iieek will no doubt be interesting to some
Towandians : "The bakers that lived on
Canton street, that from Towanda came,
havellitied away - iin• the wings of „Alight
like the false and fleeting flame. They'
"b at" the bush for a little while and
made their bread by day ; and % then, like
the fickle Arabs they.itere, they sikutly
stole away. They did - bot save a cool loaf
for a lunch, 0 where 0 where have they
gone. : perhaps, they are holding a walking
match in the city of Towan—da
Tun BRIDGE.—The pipers' asking an
injunction restraining the, County. Com
missioners from keeping the bridge at'
this place, , were handed to the Judges of
the Supreme Court, at the openinwof the
Court at Pittsburgh, on - Tuesday of last
week, and wore returned to Mr.,SANDER
SON, who Presented them, on the following
morning by judge SIIAICSWOOIi, with the
intimation that the'Court would no&,on
eider the question. . This vWtually settic-5
the question,. and the bridge is free. - We
informed, however, that the Commis
sioners have appealed from the reoort of
the viewers awarding tho,,Bridge Compa
ny .VO,OOO damages foi the - -bridge, and
just how much the county-will eventually
Vv called upon to pay .for tiukstrutture;
cannot be told-Until the matter has been
brought before, and decided' ,upol by-'a
jury in sonic other county. .
= Futr..—ThiOarn' MIXAN Lawn, of
South Creek, burned , Sunday - eveffing,
.with its contents. Fiffeembundred bush.
'ls of oats, twenty tons of hay, a mowing
machine and.a, fanning, mill. Cause of
• •
_PINE ATEINNEL-A destructive fire
uried in Athens last evening.
,The fur.
niturn_ store of LYON, • dwellitig
houissand.:barn.of Joint C4nitota., and
the 'Rresbyterian Church, were destroyed.'
The firevriginated-in the furniture store,
and is supposed to have been. the Work of
an incendiary. We are unable to give tile
JAKE Menu, Conductor of No. 8. tbb
train that arrives at this place at 4:30 A.
M., watnthrown from his train while pass
ing from one car to airther, this morn
ing, at the curve .near Mesboppen. He
was considerably bruised but not serious:
ly injured.; The traitimnartnning at the
the rate of. forty-..milis an hoer,
and the wonder is that he was not instant
ly killed by. his terrible fall.
4!lacksmith, in the employ of the North
efirCentral Railvvay Com pauy, at Canton;
lia!t; purchased .a fine lot seventy five by
one hundred and twenty-four feet on Car
son •street, in that village, and has made
a contract with Wittram S. Dunn, build
er, to erect a neat eight-rooin dwelling
thereon: The building is to be twenty
eight by thiity,eight feet, to c attain all
modern improvements; and ,to be' ready
for occupancy by New Year's eve, 1880.
TnE one hundred and eight hour walk
ing match cointneficed at .Waverly on
Tuestitty - morning of last week, camel()
"rather an. abrupt termination ern Thurs
day evening,. The contestants discovered
that nO - iiiiiney had been put in the batik
to pay the winner, and so left the track
and went home in &gust. At - the time
of quitting the tuck thevalkists bad made
the following scores: 11. Sonf.E, one hun
dred and seventy-four miles and twenty
three laps ; A. Roo ;:' hundred and
Seventy-live ; - F. Sot - a.E, one hundred and
- filly-eight miles. - •
ME are in receipt.ota comMunication
.from a . reputable citizen. of. Litchfield
township,;detailing the unlawful and ob.:
jectionatde-" goings on" in a public hall,
in Litchfield, which we'do not feel at lib
erty to publish, for the reason that if the
scenes of intemperance in&
depicted, literally occur, the place is a
public nuisance, and can be suppressed
by law: Certainly there is morality-Nind
courage enough in the good people of
Litchfield . to_.prffent the repetitionof
such disgraceful transactions.
Those ()four friends, who were last win
ter favored in hearing the renditions of
poetry and prose selections by Mrs. E. W.
01,NEY, of New Yoric, will be pleased
learn that she willm.Tin give us an exhi
bition of her unusual elocutionary abili
ties, at the Church of. the :Messiah, .nit
Friday- evening, (17tif instant); at'
o'clock. Vocal, and Instrumental nitride_
by the well trained Choir of the
will add to the pleasures otiiie - -evening.
T-ickets•twenty-five cents; may be had at
Book Store, or at the door.
Licox JAMES Ebttopr delivered his
promised lecture at the ilaptist" Church,
nti Friday evening last, on the subjecit of
"Things in Nature not what they seem to
,bo." The lecture was lists ed to 14 quite
a sized audience, all of whom paid
the closest attention daring the entire
time of its delivery. The beacon cm- the
evening mentioned had attained the ripe
old age of-rdnety-ouo -yew's, and judging
from his appearance on that occasion, we'
',should say that he Lids fair to live_ many come, which we sincerely Lope
he may.
A UNCLE ;Jormi QVICK, of Sugar „Rut), i
came near being killed on Saturday after
, non, _October 4th. He was taking his•
little granddaughter over, to Wyalusiwfc
and as driving out of thelbca
on the other side of the river the whiftletree
broke and the horse took fright and , riu,
tippietz the wagon over and leaviLg the'
old gentleman and the little
.girl under
it. . When the wagon upset the horse
broke away from it, or the accident might
. have proved fatal.. A few. slight 'bruises
were the only resut. Uncle .loux is up
wards of eighty-tive years old.
some r;me past, - _says the
,Zanton .
Sentinel of last week, a 1,-;ery...severe
ought has been prevailing over this sec
tion of thefi.ouutry. .Asa result, 'forest
fires are raging in many places. - Near
Grover a large tract is now burning and
much valuable timber being destroyed.
Between here and Elmira, the numerous
fires On the bills give: the appearance Of
'burning cities to tho. - se• who ride on the
cars. Many of the wells are dry, which
makeLkt very Meonvenient. Some of the
farmers have td drive their stock a long
distance ,to -water. besides going half a
mile or so - after it for cooking purposes:
THE Rer;evr cavils at the brief history
we gave in our little daily of the Bradfifid
County Agricultural Society. The writer'
is too.ciPtious in his criticisms. We did
not intend to offend the self-coneeitof any
one, but toe a brief account of thb or
ganization of giv
the society. There was in)
space to mention the names of tbn who
had freely given-their services tor the
prosperity of the society.- However fit
ting such a recognition and acknowledg
ment might be, it was not within the pos
sibilities in the limited space at our dis
large barn. in Shesliequin, was destroyed
brgre on Thursday night last," together
with its contents, which consisted in part •
of a valuable pair of liorse, a covered
buggy, two or three sits ocharnes.s, about
eighty bushels of wt eat, three hundred
bushels of oats, wie hundred and fiftyl
bushels of buckwleat, forty lons, of
and a large number oft farming imple
ments. Tho fire ie supptsed to have been
the work of incendiaries, as two men
who acted very suspiciously were
seen near the building ,but a short time
before the fire 'was discovered. The pro
perty was not insured, and the loss is es
timated at 42,500.
A WEDDING was to have taken place in
'Waverly last week, ;at the . residence of
Mr., J. HALLETT, •on Chemung street,
whereiii a daughter of Mr. IT. was to have
taken an active an - d interesting part. De
licious viands loaded the banqueting, `a
'Tile. and invited gnests filled the priors,
i,nti yet the bridegroom came ,not ; but a
telegram instead, Ftatiug that ;he had
`been-taken suddenly ill. The interesting
ceremony therefore was bidet - niftily post
qloned; but not so the partaking, of the
bridal "supper. That was eaten lust the
Same as though nothing had happened to
ittarlite enjoyment of the occasion. Wi
verty pebple never allow theuiselves to
miss a "square meal "—when it's free.,
"AT Fa IVoitus.—By reference to the
Proceedings of the . Borough Council at
their meetings held on Thursday and Fri
day evenings of last week, and published
in Anther column, it will be seen that'
there is now a fair prospect 'of our village
being soon furnished with an ample sup
ply of water, which we sincerely trust
may be the else° The company who 'of
fer to put in the works, is the same that
have recently pin water works at Owe
go,'N. Y.. The eau - tract between the Bor
ougkand the comP:my is to be. drawn up
and signed at once, after which' we learn
the Laying of the pipe will be immediate
ly coininenced. The. estimated cost of put
ting in 'the works is *80,000.' The water
will be brought from the lake ,at Pond
Bill.:JoaCompany hind themselves. to
complete the works within one year from
the date of•signing the contract, butlwiltj
no_doubt have them in
less tittle thin that. • .1
TIIE -wee...!rmeetings of the Ladies'
Benevolent AspociationOf Towanda? will
soop again
. be'resurneci, and it is to be
hoped that , elieh.member may realize the
importance of encouraging the work both
by her presence and aid. Shall the bur
rden, car4nd responsibility ,devolve upon
a few, or, will lii/t--be willing to help on
this noble work? Shall we seek our toWn
ease and pleasure, reganileis oftheelaima
of those in our midst who are in want
and distress, or, are we wi ling ; to make
personal sacrifices, - if need be, and adraiii
i.steeemnfort, sympathy, and relief? We
I trust that a deep , interest may be earnest; .
ly manifested, andothat the work of this
Society may have the hearty co-operatiet
of all ; ever-bearing in inind - the words of
our Saviour : "The poor ye bay° .alivays
with you," and, taking Him as an exam
ple. do all in our power to '-alleviate the
sufferings of others. Due notice will he
given through the papers of the time. Of
meeting, and a full- attendance isAzintiff
de.siked„• • -
It our neighbor' or the Anna would
be a little more careful in giving , tho pro.
per credit to clippings frord , excbange;
he would not be as liable lead - papers
in the neighboring eounties into publishing
reporta concaving - our ,towl,
dettimenTal and dantag*ig.... We obserted
in the'ElMins Pies Press of Thursday last
an article Credited to the Argus, wherein
it was Mated that diphtheria ' within - the
peat few days had made rapid develdp,
ant in °tier/nage. There is not a_.141%
tide of truth in the notice as published
in the Free Preu. We,know of but one
case of diphtheria in,otrr town. Had, the
edifor of the Argus credited the article to
the Northern Tier Casette; of Tref, froth
which be clipped it, • the Fres Preis wool.
not have been led into publishing - a
statement about our tovm. We trust our
neighbor will be 'a little more careful iu
the futute.
A FATAL MISTAKE.--We take , the
lowing partleirlare of the accidental. poi.
toning end death•tberefronr of :Mrs. Bose
Roes, of Sylvania,' from the Troy Oarefte
of last week : • t
",` Mrs.' Dose GerdenDoes, wife of Cullen fleas,
hail a little babe shout four weeks old, and. had
been taktntmediclee tinder the" direction of, Dr.
T. D. Gray. About dusk,..Sunday...October.]stb,
her husband in attempting tegive tier • half spqmn
till'of sweet spirits at niter, by mistake pouted out,
halt teaspoonful of concentrated carbolic weld'
which had been used as a disinfectant, and whp .
diluted a/ a wash. - This liquid , Which, stood in.
bottle beside the niter Is a most virulent:poison,.
and attacked•the mucus nogmbrane.: of the throat
and storesh.with great violence. An attempt was
made to give her the whites of eggs as an antidote,
or to alleviate the pain. hut the poison was too ac
tive, and In a short time the lady was thrown Into
conyulsions. Dr. Gray was sent for but was *War
from Wite, hut came at Maraud administered such
antidotes as he could, but all 'efforts were useless,
and sometimes In convulsions and amenities free
from them the poor woman lingered In great pain
and died shoot twdO'clock Tuesday morning. Per.
sons who have-medicine to give cannot be tocicare.
TUE folloifing is the programme of the
Sunday School Conventinp ; of trio.-Bradr
ford Baptist. Association, tio2be.boblen at
Springfield; October 28th and 29th, 1879,
Rev. N. L. lIETNOLDS, Conductor: ' •
Address by . 1 . X. 31cLalleii ; Reports, History of
Sundaracools. Rev. .1 - ..W..Plannett -; Is the Sun.
day School ofsufficient impprtance to claim the
active operation of every•Carlitlan Rev. J;ltar
ton French ; Union of effort en the part of prator,
superintendent, teacher and -parent necessary - to
success. Rev. A. Tilden; Should the Sunday
School he closed In winter. If not how sustained ?
4'l> a Plercr ; What do we teach, and why t Mrs.
P. Watrous-; Question Boa Evening Praise
meettu Question nos; Address by 'Rev. D.R.
Ir4nl. D. D. of : ..Sitnira. Wednesday, Prayer mart
ini:, pastor's duties, lire B. Wells ; How to main
tain an interest In rla-s. Rev. E. - Weliiil , llunday
School helps. Plannett ; At btiw early
an ape we may eypect .the converslon'ot our chit.
dren t Rev. U. r. Watrous.
THE Athens Gazelle of last week notes
the following Improvements at present
being made lu that village :..
Gem Jordan & ton am building an adaitioTto
the Central House,. 4 has been needed very much
for the aecritumodatfen of the putittc. , , ...-
, James H. Miller is building iii good dwelling
home On east side 4:l4daßl stiget; nearly opposite
James Mristol:s. - - ...04 - : =
~iti., 1- i
Kellogg k Maurice are diggi a cell* r on the
south corner of Main and Salle street. whem;
they will put up • Large store whit h will ,be occur
pied by Ely "Wright; 1 .. .
. ~..
Thompson. _.X.,.-Kucher are tear-Kg away the old
pattern shops-Am the south side of the Foundry,
and will build two dwellings for their own use.
1-John Petersofitras bought the lot where George
Lymes house was burned and Is now building a
barn; the house will come nest.
The piers of the bridge are flashed' and all Is
quiet along the line.
—APT ISO;Trit.NT, of Orwell, Is making arrange ,
menu to go to4:Allternltt.
ENsis 1 4 ;6;831011Z, of Sugar Raw, Is vlettimg
-31151., LA ri(A 14.11/11i now Flnga )n the . choir°
he,Church 4.1 the Messiah..
OLNES, of Boston, la ,vlsltlng bar ancld,
S. P. WMl'OO3lll, In this placed-
STE,VEN4 Is colvaleacent, and nal
left NV likesbarro• for phltadely la.
—Mr. and Mrs. Itty:NE"rr. of New York, are,
0-slting at Itis►x ItOcKWILLP'S ierrOy.
—.lons W. PAYsa.aud daugbter, of WSMama.
port. are visiting relatives In this pewee.
—Mr. CARPENTS.II IcO.IGLAN).I.7 of Lelttri, sto
has been fit for nettle time past, is now convalescent.
--Atvait E. Crlastornt.l.X. of - the New York
Custom Wouse, was home for a short visit last
—M AT. W. PARSON'S, of New York. on of E. A
rAIt,ONS, WaS vl.6ltlng friends In this place las
ALLIC WHITMAN, Who has beell
9 . g Mends, at Olussburg, has returned totei - hurne
n Canton.
rsers, who hits been visiting friends in
Watkifet - nnd vicinity, returned to her hurtle ti
„Can re •k. •
—Witt ALLitv. nephew and student of Dr. 1':.
P. ALLEN, of Athens, has gone to /31111310, 10 at
tend his Oi . Bourse of lectures.
—Sigaixr*GronGs 1). JACKIO,i. of Dahill*,
is reportea. 2 lteadity Improving. and his file.nds
have hopes ot ',kb; natal recovery.
—W. 11. CAnNocitA Esq., has leased anti now
ficetiptea D. U. HOLLOWS house. on Muhl, street,
lately occupied by Mr. ItOitulsts.
-31 CS. IL It. ROCKWELL, of thL OK , 44 was CM
!I Id era bly bruised by K fall on the sidewalk - bear her
resideues, on Friday evening lost.
AF:'"PanaltVrceT, of Leftoy, received a
pension voucher, from the' Pension l)epartnibut,.
last week. for about eight hundred dollars.
--(:rd. JOIOD C 5, or Athena, was somewhat in
althouguluot seriously. one day last week,
by falling out of s wagon to which he was riding.
—l,lls,s RIM I): tltoMAN,.who • has been spend.
lug several weeks wlticher sister Mrs. J. Awellra
Him:War; has retnikaril to hiik home In Ciirning,
—T. C. Canir.x..forinerly of this place. has been
nominated by the Vroenlavicers 0( Clietraing
county, N. T., as a catidblate .tor Memher of As
-10,v. C. it, SttAnnOW. pastor of the M. ,E.
Church, C 31.061), preached his farewell sermon on'
Sunday, OrtonOr stb, prior to Ids .tlepartttre
linoxville, Tennessee.
t —THE Rev. Mr. SEWALL ilitObE:lllStAlled Pastor
of the Presbyterian Church, at Troy. the last week
of the present month. tits peopleare anticipating
the event with high expectatlons.„, •
" —Mr. GEo. A. CAMPBELL. of-. East Troy. not
formerly a shoemaker in Canton, died of the heart
disease ,atta4lltion Pacific train white en his way
to San Franc4co, Callforala, recently. •
LlOdideld correspondenee the Athens
Gazette of Mst week. says that Miss SorintomtA
VAstotzttn started fur Nebraska, last Wednesday.
alone AO meet sy,ad - Marry El) MCKlsrstrr and.
make his lonely home glad. May happiness and
long life attend them. A girtof Artie sense, and
tom age will make a good helpmeet."
—Mr..l. R. KriTttirdts, of this place, having.
de c lined a r e .eieetion'to the °Moe of (irand Pro
tector, at t tmrecent session of thetkand Lodge, K.
and 1.. of it of this State. a ne unanimously chosen
rand Reporter of that body. In making this se
lection the Grand Lodge has chosen a geptleman
who thoroughly understambillte duties or the,. po
sition and is In every way qualified U, perform
them. .
. .
—unit genial young-friend Gmo. Brix, tOok
onto hiniself a helpmeet. In the person of Miss
BLACK. daughter ofslitris; !MACK'. F e rq..;
Lett.aysvtile. on ThurSday list. - eXhe wedding
ceremony took place•at the. Miuse if the bride's
parents. t%e extend our best wishes to the young
couple, and hope their path of lire May over lead
to happiness and prosperity.
—lir. JOHN' E. Eoch.witt.t. and family, of
Walnut Creek, California, are expected; by their
relatives to arrive Au Canton In about i, week or
'ten days. and will, hereafter, reside In this place.
Mr. ROCKWELL Ira. formerly a citizen of Canton,
but left fur the-Goideu State,several nary' ago.
Theirnumerima friends will b glad to, welcome
thcm omthrtr return.—Canton Sentinel.
—!IA011LTON ALUICKS, Jr.. of Harrisburg, the
engineer appointed by s the Government to make a
sun'eyfit„ihe Flliequidiantikwlth a view to making
,it sivelgabte, commenced the survey 'bit Thurstlay
last..-4Startinglyotn the:State Line In the morning
In a Skiff; bereached this place in the evening, and,
remained here over night. He left on Friday morn
fug on his Inurneyydratsl the Chesapeake.
- and M lin A tin:vim, of Orentt
Creek, visited their son at Wellsboro Amid week.
and we understand a golden wedding took place at
their son's residence, as Davin returned with a
beautiful gold-headed cane, which he Is proud of
Mrs. fiat; osicit has a gold chain and pair of spec_
tacies.—Srtndm# raeoram.—Lots of other things
.werixpresented and.theioni folks feel It trio. What
that son will eornif' to,A. morn than we aro able to
tell. To take such indwilantage of his parents is
perfectly—well, tlx the penalty ,dear '.l.Taders
Athena Gazelle. • i a
—ON Thursoday . of lag v
week a picnic held in
a grove near the residence of Mr. J. ( 4 1tY.UNLKAr.
bear Alba. In honor of Mrs. AairmikiloN. of
Quincy; Illinois, daughter of 'yd MIT EL RimEnTs.
of Missouri, formerly of Leßoy. Pa., who is visit
ing her numerous relatives in Pennsylvania. The
plettit was composed of tvlartves of the ItOurats
and friends who wgetsinvited. Among ttoise
preset.: were friend.. from Mamineld, New Albany.
Leltoy,"ltoaring Branch. etc. Dinner was served
in the grove in elegant style. The table was prop
erly decorated with Rowers and cbarualbt wreaths,
The day pa..scd very pleasantly and enjoyable to
to aillinesent.
.h 1 end"' October Stb,,there was a large and
delightful gatherimat the residence of .Con 2i re
taus !Moults. Esq.+, In Tloga Centre, N. Y.. it
being the fiftieth anniversary of dB marriage.
There were umrgenerstions present. The youngest
or which was scarcely more youthful fitt fts feedngs
than Mr. Bwooitlf. There were many guests from
abroad, among which...were Mrs. Craw:lp. son and
daughter, from Windham, Pa. Rev. and Mrs.
WAl.tpxOnTilf, of Owego, &e. The rate Iliwytn
WALLIS, Esti., Stwego,married Mr. and Sirs.
littoottil, he Leing.idt , rhat.ttniie Justice of the
Peace.. Sits. WA t'v . rtwas one or the guests at the
anniversary, and also is the only living-witness of
the marriagia ceremony. The presents were
numerous and haadsotne.— . Oteego Record.
8. liantlitt's nse re. n: MeAffee, Garnishee
of George Clark . ; Pomeroy 'Brothers vs. Harvey
Holcomb. et al:, Burke, Thomas it Co. Ire.
same ; Hiram Rockwell re. same; Burin
ton vs Elisabeth Gable: D. U. Blackman vs. .Geo.
Fox's Executor: F. G. Hall vs. George FM% et at;
Luke Dolan vs. F. H Green, et al;
,Sylvanus Van,
- Buskirk vs. V. C. Leonard. et al; Elhanan
vs. I. 8. Post's Administrator; Justus I.ewtare~ W.
H; Christian, et al.—Rulestnade absolute.
J. B. Brnadley vs. Alonzo HIM et at ; Buy Smith
vs. James Vann; Lewis Zaner vs. J. N. Ward:
Coon .11; Brain vs. llintreilua Springs Improvement
ColnPanY:.E.M. Colwell-vs. Hiram Itoektvell,'ES
ecotor.—ltules discharged.
J. I'. Conkildts'Adininistrator's use vs. 11. K. Al
'lts. et 14.—Rale to set aside elemt -
in re the funary . of Kars Gibbs.7-Rule on Over
seers of ilidgbury township, to be Certified as -the
plaits uflegal settlernept of lunatic.
A. G. Cranmer vs. J: F. Satteriee, et al.—ltnie
to subrogate A. F. Shadduek. Overt On. Trus
tee, and Elira Itussell to the rights of the plaintiff.
- J . O. Ward vs:L.slo'nm Mutual Fire Insurance
Cotupany.--Judgmedt entered fur defentant on re
served- vointetion - Obstante vetrAlletn.
flannel, Mevritt vs. Commertial IIaZIMIZe Cora
pup of New-York. Garnishee of D. It. Blackman.
Attachmentokeeution set aside.
• Barrett vs.sharratt.—Mbect _Morgan, 16srt., ap.
polnted,CoiStalsslossr. • "
• _ ,
The following named gentlemen have
been inemllwi 9.Wwwcif- lbw-Lodge, nam
ed fortbee . mvanfterts:
P. 61.-A4.1". SWART. •
V. 0.-11. M. Brauwato.
Assistant Beieriti: iL.l3mnistAN.
Warden—WAßutma Cass.
0.0.=.,1. P. Sums.
C.:44. M. WoOrnm.
L. 8.1 V: 0 W. R. Rms.
L., B. V. o.—Cm' BEACH.
R. B. B.—Gros'on,WmosisTsit,
- L. B. B.—F. B.COVFEY.
P. 11. , -40IIN HUNT.
- " •
Assistant Secretary—T. F. McCouum.
' to Smyrn.
Seerdary—GEonoE P. MONROE._
mmuspron LODGE, , BCRLJENOTON. -9,
V. G.—L. S. Stuacs. • . •
Assistait 'Secretory—R. W.;Lans. --
Treirsurer—l. D. SOPER. • - I ?,
1, 'B. to G. L. N. W LANE.
Beeretqry—R. R. Pastre. ,
COVrwit. CHAISSILISB, Oat, 4, 11171.
' At a special meeting,of " the Council held Oct. 9,
1.879, pursuant; to a tail of the bargees, .to confer
with' the agent of the Boston Water tirorita Co., In
relation to, the establiihment of ersterreiorks in the
borough of Towattile. and le 'tiarienct any other
business considered necessary...ell the Itmbent
were presefit. ' . -
The agent of .the Boston Co.; proposedlo Ostab•
fish fifty hydrants at such peintli lathe hortotigh as
the authorities may deolre at fifty duller* each per
year. and to I et tlzerst wbo may Irish to take
tl ear at .3 and upward per year. - .
a ratei for private me to be subject in tbesip•
' p at of the Council fur a period of tire years. the
w ter to be pure and the best Actuality, and to be
a tiered at their eurbetoneS. . .
A number of the largest leap:tying citizens of
the borough were puraent and spoke urgently In
Negyof accepting the propolitionet the Boston
- Berne members being in doubt fa to the number
of drants necessary, and desiring to make au ex,
aft-Oatkro 6f the streets, etc., before contracting;
Cotetilman IliOlcomb offered the following
Regolent - That a committee consisting of the
Burgess'aiid two othee.ntembers. in conjunction
with the borough engineer. are hereby direct
ed to Make an examination of %Ma streets of
the borough and ascertain the length of the same,
with &View-to entering into a contract for supply
lurthe biwough with water. for public purpows.
iditrreport to the Couneßat a.speclal meeting to
be-helitto-inorriaw (Friday) evening. what Dumber
of. hrdianratit their judgement will be necessary
teso'supply the borough with water. : ' -
The resolution was adopted, and the ButIPP ap
pulnted.Cminclltnen Sued and Holcomb to serwith
him on said committee.
Adjourned,. •
October tbtrr.—Pursuant ,to adjournment, the
Council met on Friday evening' the 10th inst. Ali
the members present., except Councilman Jones.
The minutes of the last meeting and
approved. .. •
The committee appointed to ascertain the num
„her of hydrants required to supply the Borough
'with water, and the pnTrlety of contracting fu
the delivering 61 the same, satimltted i thtt followfug
report t , .
The undersigtied committee. appointed In pur
seance of $ resolution passed last "evening, (Thurs.
day, Bet it, 18794 and charged with the duty of
examining the streets of the Borough of Towanda,
and ascertaining what number of hydrants will be
required to adequately supply the Borough with
water for public' purposes, report that they hive
made such examination, and find that fifty by
draittswiii be necessity for such' purpose, and re-
OMmenti the adoption of the following:
Jyytoteed, That the Connell enter lito an ar
rangement with the lit.t.-sloss Water Company. S. 1..
Wiley, President, to take fifty hydrantS, or water
plugs. and to pay for the. sante, fifty dollars (On),
per annum. or two thOilil2llll five hundred (tz.stto),
per year—sild plugs 1 be attached to the main
h t
pipes sdisal mpany, at such points as the said
itorostlaut ' Aes may deem neressar_y, reserv
ing ttortalit ,emeressary details of said ayramte
ment,for futu 'understanding between the Coun
cil and.said WatittZonipany
ti .ll.TlPonot.
J. not.coun.
Aim All Strum..
On motion of Cuuneilman Monlanye. the report
nitiVresoliition wereimatilmeely adopted.
..1. KINGSBURY, Scer
Awarded by the BradfOrd County Agri . -
cultural Society at the Annual Fair, Yield
at East Towanda, on the Ist, 2d and 3d
days of October; 1879
X!). 1..-RoacLStallione
Over 4 years, 11 C DeWitt, Ist prem. 11% Oa
•,-_.. *. `.
I. S liinmAttry, thi - ' 4 Ou
Under 4 years, A, A Abell; Ist .. •4 00
James McAdam showed a One staillort,'S years
old. deserving of speetat mention. Abel Pane*,
exhibited a stallion showing hue style.
110. .:—ClydoolaPs
Stallion over 4 seam Sr 'A Wood, Ii prom: la
So. 3—Norm on Percherons
Stallion over 4 years, R. S Edmiston, Ist prom. eS 00
No. 4--floroes.4ll.4irk.
Stallion over 4,- A Baster, 151 prem. et 00
° FerpiftVicley, 24 " 400
Single gelding over trAllortim. "4 00
C.l Eastahrooks,: 24 ••Ile,
Stallion under 4, C S Davis, . Ist " 4op I
.1 3L Burlinganiq . 24. " OP
Mare over ' John.Laporte. " 4 00
Chamberlin, ," 200 '
Mare under 4. Addison Gillett. Ist " sOp
Judges—H IS Nturgin-W 1i litreen,Wm flnyde .
No. s—Brood Mares and Coil*.
Mare and colt, Geo It Pa-k. let pretn. fO Oil
01, G rtffin, 24 " 300
3 - year old eidt, Augustus Phelps, 15t .2 00
John W Lane, 24 " lOn
2*year old cell, W ILBrail ford, Ist • " 200
Stephen Gorham, 24 " 100
Yearling colt, II 1. Blackman, let " 200
•• 11 P Taylor, 241 " 100
Sucking colt. Joseph. Towner. -Ist " 100
Judgekr-fl T Darling. Geo - B Mills.
No. 6—Horses for Paint Use.
Drangb n. e, Httgh.3leCatie, ' let prem. f,B 00
A C Atimht. 24 " 400
)litehell mares, .1 W & lot " 8 00
Matched horses, HI. Inaeltman, 241 " , 400
Single home, Clt Black. ISt ", 600
11 W Arnold,. 2d" 1 50
A E Arnold, 2d`` . 1 50
Single mare, Henry Can, let " 000
S .1 Stotp-, " 3 coo
No. 7-11nrs,* . Nkpf for" Pleasure.
}Latched team, J L Rockwell, let prom. el4 r oo
'• • 31 S Camp, ' • 3.00
Single gelding, I. S Kingsbury. Ist • 500
AI) Munn. 24 •••
Single mare, John C lot 0 -3' 00
• Mahlon Stevens, 24 " 2CO
'3l • let - 800
11 S Alll4 , , -- 1 !1 24 „Ott)
No. 8.--Ridtay and piteinv Horscs.
Carriage burse . l, \V II 1) Gree n, Veal. e 5 do
C W Arnold, 2.11 " 3Do
Curt Age mums, 111rnm }'hirer, Ist , 5.00
.1 W tt4) 3f 241D111,51,(L " 60
rr coltiund'O, Geo If Fox,' Ist " 3 00
,'7a: 1.00 Horton. 24" " 1 00
Judges=-BVI) Park. Il I`,llarßug,'Beo B NMI).
Bull 3 rrs and over, aF. Inollett. 3 t prem. vi Do
n if Laning, 4 40
Dull 2 y'rs and under 3, 1..1 !Culver l 400
.Ibb Grillll4 '24 .• .2 00
Helfer call, Etepben Sthitb, -Ist 6 . ICO
Yearlluk bull, a W Sr. 0 M kWh Ist 300
- No, Polled.
hull 2 years, - ‘ S, - Ist prem.-f1 00
E tt llarrl
llutl 3,n3and overt? r A AM!
13 I) Cobh,
2irs. under 3 FP it. AM
66 Alt Thittil
Eult rat e, F P A A. 31
ief fir irni Old over.
Yearling heifer,
NO. 12—Aide
Ball 3 y'rt and - over, 31 It (
C B Strait
Yearling bull. It Z(' Nly
-Cow Z y'rTi and over. 0
C II Sliralt
Helfer calf,
Bull call.
Yearlltig heifer, Hiram El
Anil 4 rn and over, W S 3
Judges—lt Laporte, Jas ,
So. 13S —Grath , and tiat lee
Ayr, ball 3 y'rs and over, W S Davis In prop. .8 Oo
Durham " Plo/let,s, Ist " • AOO
" 2. rm. under 3, L C %VOMIT, Ist " 400
" Mrllng, "' • 2d " .1 00
Jno A; .4os„isylor', - * In " 300
Holstein " S(1 Rainer, Ist " 3 00
Jenssy " All Smith, Ist " 300
Native " Wln Patterson, 2d. ••• INo
Du ram bull nalf,Plonets, In". ai
.. " - Aril Cass, lot " '. 34
'‘ " T. J Culver, In !' . 13
" , Perry ". 60
cow 4 rrs and freer, T liortpn let " 1 50
d " Plailets,„.”, Ist " 4 50
Jersey " It Montgomere,,',lst " 6 110
Devon " E Ayers. - Ist " 000
Durham " 3 y'rs..under4,Pitillets Ist " 4 00
Jersey " •E B Montgomery; Ist " 400
Ayrshire " 2yrs4V S Davis, Ist " 3 00
Durham Plotters, • let . 3os
Aessey -A B Smith, Ist " 3 00
• " E J Ayres, " 150
Durham heifer; rimier " 2 00
Native holler, yearling. SC " 2 00
Durham " A Maass, vat " 1 00
11011 els, Ist 1 00
° Henry Van, 2gl 1 00
" calf, E(1 Bull, • Ist •• 00
" Pei ry Wilbur. 2.1 0 50
Pair of calves, J'W Nichols, • Ist 600
" S mbe - r, •Zti 3 (4)
Durham halter under 3, riiiitets, IA 200
S. Ilk-;-Fai Cattle.
I±, 3yr old steers E .1 Allis, Ist'prem..4 00
•• T Cass, ist "
4 year old or, U 1) Tyrrell, 34 •• 200
No. 15-z- Yr orking Cott"...
Oxen errer4 7'114 A J -Webb, - let prern.4l 00
Alfred Horton, 2d3 00
Judges--atues McCarty, Valentine Saxton.
James WdeatOn.
No. 17---Caßteads•
.... .
B r ack 2 and over;John Laporte. 1 ,, t prem. ea 00
JAI A flatboat', 'll '' ..Z.OO
•• I year, - 00
' abs, ". . lid 0 200
Ewee :and over, ' ," Ist 0 -3. DO
1. 4 40 Jas Van, 211 0 6 00
• " limbs, K B Herrick, _lst . 0 2 - 00
No. IS—Grietsters. .
'tuck : and nver,llarry Scott, ' 4' ;` Ist prom. ft` •6o
" 1 • IT C'dnores, _ ,Ist " 2.00
Eyes :and over, 11., J Pdver., - - let "
UMW, I t roo
Book L r ar. 103 Cr*. ltlpns. 00
Lyres s• 100
4 $1?" • Lot - " OD
NG. gONO:4(lslftsillt , • ,
Mick 2 224 cryer,s gamer. Istpress. taco 1 Jas A Barbour, r a t
„Jam-81p ilarigun, 5 IllfcCorl, Al 2 Dattlar.".
' • • - CL - M 32 4-11WLNE.
- - No . ti—tikeseer White. •
Boar ulder - 1 j.r.Benj Kea/1014. Ist ma. 13 SG
Saw sad pigsr• Ist st - S S G
R ti Luang, " • 2d +'_' 200
.- . •
Speckled Itamtama, Perry Pitcher, let 7t,
Id " 50 .
While Pyle. ' tat ' 50
Chittagong++,Rue McCabe Id ,
Mack Leghorn's; Id • . 75'
13mwn teghores., 0 ,Ist ee " 75
Sliver Pheasant chicks, S 0 Barnerlst 60
IPantlolloleolol. (10011 Webll,l Sat " 50
Y° ll4 (kelt% • " • i Ist
• , • W W Orahalk 24
Ronan ducks, Harrtrarli; Ist •• 75
White geese, , Mehl MCCabe Ist " .I'oo
lira! geese, . 1d9)": 1 di
-Rine geese, - • " ." 1 00
Brous tarkeyt. CIS Sdalt, .1 00
Cage white rabhiti, C W Arnold,. Ist , 76
white and black " .1 Prank deans id - . -75
Tait Guinea pin, Perry Pitcher, let SO
Beet colleen fowls,,(100 tI 1F ebb. let t 1 00
,liidges—Dwight chant,.W Pickering, - C
IN. • . ,
Best and tubhutter, & 0
Niche% - special prem. $lO
E U 3fontgonery. " 10 00
Tub butter, hi Archer, lit "4. 409
.1 21 Brown, .2d " 3 'Oh,
". • Jno B Binds. ad ••
Tabs or butter exhibited by C,B Eitraltand J W
Howie, win thy of special mention. •
Role butter, Jno 11 Ilintio. lot.plin. frt 00
-- " _J 1... Coolbaugh, 2d ... . . 100
Alroltromerman • Ist 0 2 DO
__ _
Pressed batter,
130 Archer, :d -'!. 1' F
Cheese, Mrs •I;Stete- Ist - 200
`• " C R Bach, " 100
• Judges—R 1l Patel), A C Frisble, J H Marsh.
_„, ~.
• ~,, No. I.l;—.Girifn ilnd Seed.
Sample yallow„aeed. corn, J L Cool
‘•baugh,--1, tat prem. ' V
white cord, 1 Win Patterson; IsL " 11 . 00
Dent Corti. Viollets, tat *" .00
yellow corn, ,Z It Vaughan, Ist "., 00
rye, ' in' A Sluyter, Ist :". • 00
buctreheati-74—Josepli 'Towner, Ist " • 00
oats, 11 senonnover, tat " 00
white Norway oats, Beni Kerri elt, let " :00
1....% white wheat, W A Sluyter, Ist '• 11
Acre Red Lancaster, Alfred Ilortonist " 00
Sample Fultz . Beni liertlck, . Ist . 00
1 ' barley, • L J Culver, let " 00
• whttn. beans, B S Vannes, Ist " • 00
red kidney W 1 '.llorea," Ist " 00
cranberry " B S Vatmets. lot .., • 00
.1 udges,—B A Crannier, Justus Ackley, Frank _ hi
Vaught. -- ,
.1. v.:.
s s emple early potatoeA 1. C Mericle, let premi et . 50
6.6 Vannes', " 66
tate potatoes, 32 - C' Mertele. VI " - 140
Flue varieties . Wm Patterson, 13t " P 7
- , L C 3tericle, let "'' P F
Slangel Wurtzels - Wm Patterson, let " aOO
Field Wets. . I. J 4.;ulsr, •• Ist :" 300
Sample otitons, .It s \Tallness, 'lit ". .50
par.ollol 1..1 Culver, Ist " 50
. c.ahhage.• Wm Vatailtranatk let ._• •,,.50
Mddishes, • 'T F Epsy , Ist 88- ,50
squashes, 'W 31 Patterson,. let " 50
pumpkins, •U C Shores. Ist " 50
seed corn.: Wni Patterson, Ist 8 .• 50
watermdons, John Stroud, . Ist . " 5O
citrons, ' J,T Forbes. let " 50.
=MIA, 1) 0 /WPM, - let " .50
sweet potatoes, TF.. , _ Ist ." . 50
Fi 'S
tePllers. . Starry Scott, ''', let .. , So
iota mans, Harry Scott, - 1-s5, " 1,013 50
F. :gg Oant, Bishop &Whiney ist " • so
no.AILI. . Bishop 41 WLs Ito 'y Ist . 8 50
_ sweit corn, Starry Scott, let " 50
11.yarintles sgetsh, Bishop ktWtry let " 50
tinuaines. Itit2 - '"
caulltlower, ° " let` - ' , 5l
larnips, Ist " 50
.variety vegetables', " . Ist " 300
Judges—Levi 10 Scott, Gee Caro, War C Bowen.
' No...ll—Frn Ile
12 varieties apples, 'tarry Scott, let prem. - roo
Celli:Ca •". • Piellets, • Ist " '2 00
6 fall apples, J 041ensteT, Ist " 2 00
Peck - sample, 11• , ...;.ft,grItkut Ist. " 50
I G varieties pearS, H a rry Scott,. ",. Ist ,• ... ,50
, .. Joel steveus,,.2l. " . 0
~. 1 / 4 ., . winter apples, " • let " .1 oo -
Ft . ..A' inaction grapes, .1 .31 . Lewis; Ist " lOO
1 Sample quinces, CII Black, let " 5.0
Collection peaches, 'E .1 Apvs, let " ' 100
Plate peaehe:., ' Wan Chwberlini st "
,_ 50
(MI Nr.heal. flower, H Conklin, Ist prem.:blp
White " Int " Dip
Bop yeast bread, —3IrXD a Ilolipn lst • Pl'
Mrs 13 li.Allei, zd ; •••:. . 50
5111 k yeast. brew! Mrs I) to Mown. Ist oo ' p
lolscooll, Mrs .I‘%* Nichols! ."
Pinto of rolotle t ., Mrs it Allen. lot - 6 . So
raLitol , bliscult: MrF 1)U Down, F
I.olljliMvelis; ^d ".. 100
Grahatulo - ead, •Mr!", A Warford Ist 1'
Rye '31r14 F. A Robbinsl3l " P F
Pesch [de, Mrs It° liollon, ISt " 1' F
Pumpkin pie. - ... Ist ". •I' F
Dread made by glrl,Polly - Stertna, lst •"' P F
No, 33—:.Canne4 Fruit, Etc., , '
Ilample il rled apples. Mrs . E A Fowler tst •`• 50
peaches, - Mrs E A Itohltins, lot- V " 50
tr!.AIRr. -.•— Ist " 50
cheitie 9, . lot. " 7. 50
rasplierties, • " . -" Ist " - ..So
''LlactOterries, " 15t,..". 50
' - sweeepeppera, `• Ist' •. 50
mangoes. - 31tri F,- AIF owler, lot: '6 50
Elderberry wine, Mrs It Richards, Ist " 50
Grape wine, . ' Ist 6 `
Grape catsu ••5° p. Anna Warfo.rd. tat `•'-i 0 -fmr- xx STAR CEMENT.—Just te.
Sample honey. ' 011 Ilartholomew, Ist:- " - 60 cared - another rat load of this unrivalled Cement.
_maple sugar.. E J AIRS. Ist "-
. 5° . fries /1.30 per barrel. I hereby challenge the
maple-syrups ' " • Ist "GI
G varieties c'd (Is. Mrs IV Patterson Ist " ' PI, dealers In Copt q: I'm] Rosen4lie Ciniekt to a
Greatest " Emily A Robbins, lit " 200 public te — s - t-trial of
.ceutenis. it. m. 'WEIILES.
Col domestic Jellies, Mrs F. A Fowler-Ist " ' 50 I •
Sample chow-chow, Towanda, Pa., Oct. 7, IgiO. e• Ist " 50 ' 4w
- _
' tomato catsup,
1 , lat '' • 50
peach butter, ler ."
Judges-11ra Norman White, Mrs Wm Snyder,
Mrs I:eu W Scoville.. i
Best IDsplay. machinery. 11M Well's, Ist prem. $5 00
Mowingsuartsjue.Eurtka Moyer Co,lst .. , .. Dip
.. .Warrlor Mosier, Sil
Railway eltun(power. it M Welles, Ist
. .
ircular wheel
Endless chain
Horse rake, one horse, Tompkins Co
leader. It M Welles, agent • Ist
ralti_drll44Thatnplon. Yhlllips Rralst Dip
Corn shelter, It 31 Welles, Ist ..•' Dip
Chilled pluw,Vilard ist Dip
Farm truck , . Itarris, .. Ist . hip
Cultivator, Totnp Ist ...'Dip
Fanning mill.Captniu,CMldanville ist . Dip
Judges—E S Ayres, .1 .1 Vannoy, THMOicoMb:'
CLASS 9—H Alt iSS4I4,TC. ' '
• •
DES'play or harness, etc, CF asytortist prem. t 2 e
C N Reldleraan VI 4, 1 , 1
Fancy double harness, CB' Dayton let ..
- Heavy harness S Fuller Ist Dip
Farm and road harneis Dayton Ist . v'' Din-
Fancy single • Ist - Dip
Plain.. C N - Feldleman let Dip
Judges—N C Elsbree, It 31 Knarp.,,,l Whittaker.
Lumber wagon K Ross . Ist prem. Dip
Adjust'le sleigh runner. It M Welles Ist' Dip
Platform wagon with Clark spring
gear. It 11 Welles . Ist ...• Dip
tuniner wagon with patent attach.
meat, G W Vincent. Ist .. Dip
Dirt pick , • MO Moody - , let ... .Dip
Wager) jack Ist .t.Z• Dip
Burglar starlit • F N filament tat Dlp
Judges—lt II Lan'ing, .1 0 'Alger. F S Morley.
Rag carpet, Mrs]) F Park • let prem: 50
Piero worktillt-Micry Burbank Ist.) . 100
Knit counterpane, Hen W'T intent let!
Patch Werir quilt, Mrs R MWelles Ist ' 00
Log cabin . • Ist .. •5e
Linen yarn, C R Fitch. aist 50
Knit mittens, Mrs Samuel Kellum . •50
Silk quilt, Mrs H C 1111dreth 107, 1 00
'Zephyr rug , Ist .. 50
Stocking yarn, Mrs Samuel liellunrlst 55
Judges—Mrs J . H Howard. Mrs S Strickland;
Mrs W 11 Shaw.
!Cornell Ist prem. f 8,04
2d 400
'Cornell ISt " ' '4 00
n, 24 " 200
Cornell let " 1 00
Ist•!' 400
2d " • 200
let " 2OO
2d ". 100
lst •" I'oo
rpmwell, let prem. 1 1 .3 09
" +OO
6r, tat " •00
. 200
r. 16. t 6 . SOU
Tis, 3 , Ist " 400
2 1 I 200
Ist. " 200
Ist • 1 01)
Ist • 1,00
bree, ,Y lit .` 00
tarnin.• 14p rein..B 00
licks, L C
Millinery e:hlbltlon,-Ellen Gladden Ist-prem. Dip'
Specinti smbroldery, Mrs I) F Park Ist .. 100
Silk embroidery. - Mrs C:r Kirby Ist lno
Embrtifo2red skirt; Mrs E J Mlugoe let 1 00
Sofa pillow, Mrs Ir£ Park-Ist .. 00
Fancy chair work, 31 rs.l 1 Coolhan'h Ist .. 50
Crothet work, Mrs 1):F Park . Ist .. 1 00
Enili'd pillow sham, "Mrs Ell Pierce Ist .. 1 00
Toilet, Fannie.rowell •• • Ist .. do
tintless nay, rally Stevens " Ist 50
Pln cushion, Mis IC - Richards . Ist .. 30
•Embrolderkd suit, Mrs James Tau Ist ; . 1 00
Applique work, Mrs R Richards ISt 1,00
Lace edg"lng. Rose.Vineent Ist .. 50
Sofa tinier,' Lucy Stevens 50
Ottoman coyera,Mrs C B•Haight : Ist .. 1
Serpentine trinn - , Olive Patterson , Ist .. 50
Crochet chair tidy, Lucy Stevens' Ist .. 54
Velvet sofa tidy, NirsJ U Bewley . Ist .. .50
Lambrequ, .31 rs..S- 11 Stevens! Ist .. 50
Zephyr mirk, Ellen Standen Est.• • tO
Netted tidy, Mary L Elliott Ist ' 30
Knit thiwi„Mrs II C Hildreth tio
Crochet hood, Olire palon Ist ~ 50
'Chair tidy, Mrs J L Cool Vs Ist 30
Toilet mats, Mrs J L Cdol augh Ist .. 50
Fancy rug, Mrs J A.Tupixo. Ist .. . - 1 9 0
Brush holder, Mrs H C Hildreth. Ist .. 50
Carriage afghan, Mrs 11.1 Mingo' Ist .. 100
Mrs I) F
Elliott art. Ist • 50
Mary L t - '24 . 50
. J migos-I.lxile 3lontatiye,-AhreltanXm, Mary
Wax flowers, Mrs J W Means I- "Ist prem. 114 00
. Wax fruit., Mrs J W Means "- rat •. '5O
Spec oil painting. Mrs J W Meatia Ist Dip
Painted candle; Mrs J W Means lit - 50
Water mg. p`Vg., Mrs 1,11 ebbura Ist 1 00
Nettle Lent Ist.. 30
Cot, oil paint, Mrs C M Manville Ist
Five photographs, A J Fisher -Ist ' Dip
Carved work, E C Bull - • tat ..• 50
Aut. feat frame, Mrs CM Manville Ist 30.
Worsted wreath, Mrs L B Coburn. rat 50
" Mrs Rltichards Ist • 00
Crystal ivory types; Nettle Lent Ist.. 'BO
Judges—Miss Frank lung , Miss Nettle Flab,
Jno C
Gls brass plantsilary L Elliott. Ist prep $5 00
Collection datillai.,slary,L. Elliott, Ist ' ..1 100
Col. verbenas ant! pansies, V Ist ..1,- 100
Table buquet,'. • '
._ , ' Ist .. 7 - 1 00
house plants In bl6oBn, " - ' lit '... ' - 1 00
• Judges—Suss Aniinda Mee. Mrs G. W. Ryiu.
Rahge, Ransom coliage, No. e," -
Itcoglre Bros. ht. pram. Dip
Coal muting store, Cunard - No. ' •
No ;O-,-Vegetablee.
S!—lyo r, %Bread, Etc
_,,gon 1 " - 400
'Geo 11 Marsha ll : 1 " 100
' 6 clesabolars, Mark Bowman, - I " 400
" " " Harry Comm, • •2, " 200.
DI play 61 exywdiradntaPapparatus, •
BwrinshanniCol.lfiltitatet, • 1 " 200
6 • • " Towanda 60400 School, 2• " 1
A 1' L111e7. . Esq.. exhibited a valuable collection
-of mineral anti geological specimens, which deserve
special mention.
Jutiges 4 -E L Hill* W P format, hillock Arm
strong. . _ • •
Olga . n, Deo Wood,11011itee& Passage, Ist &cm Dip
bowleg machine, Davis, 0 A Black,' 1. .. Dip
Collection eablnet,work;Frost . s Sonf,l , Dip
Spring bed bottom. Frost's Sons, 1 .. Dip
Chamber suit. Frost's Sobs. 1 .. Dip
Force punip, , llawe, Lyon & OrrLs,• 1 Dlp
Sample stank. Oswego Starch Co., 1 .. Dip
Spec Oral print., Towanda Journal, 1 . . Dip
Doren Brooms, IL P. Schafer, 1 : Dip
l'Arci upset. Albert Strupier, 1 Dip
Beetave, Union, tl B Bartholomew. 1 .. Dip
Eatery grinder, Eureka Bower Co.,' 1 .. Dip
Bronze monument. Cit Fitch; ' I .. - Dip
Poi'`` and fliit'g Irons, Cdohtuson 01,1 .. 'Dip
wzading machine . , Wll Phelps, .. Dip
Display dry goesjs, Powell k Co.. • 1 Dip
Sample woo gongs. Cit Fitch,. . 1.. Dip
W Sterigere, D F Barton, A J ,sly-,
florae shoeing. C 8 Darts, Ist prem. 2 00
- S 0 Alger. ' - 300
Judges—Stephen Strickland, J E iltloK, • John
Largest and beat display_Wfaauklng,
No, Sa, tat prem. 20 00
Judges—WDGarnage,Jobn Clapper, A T Litter:
Itand of music, fAbeity Cornet, letpretn. 2 00
Preinturns *HI be palk on . detnand,.,at the
office of the Secretary, In Towanda. • '
W/d. S. VINCENT, J. E.
Secretary, . •_,Y-resident.
Sr ' E BACii. FORTY-Two YEAUS.—" I was
troubled with Kidney Complaint, Gravel,
etc.';;My blood becanie thin ; I - was dull
an d iii ' ive ; could hardly crawl. about ;
was an ld worn out man all over-; could
get 'loth ng, to help Me, until I ,got Bop
Bitters, . nd- now I am a .bay* again. ' My
blood utiirkidneys are alt right, and I am
as active as a man of .thirty, • although I
aril severity-two, and I' have tiii..dOubt - it
Will do as well for others of my age.:-.--
(Father).-43uuday Mercury. - - ,
only . 25cts, and RACKET LANTERNS 65cto
tho 9Dct !tore.
re 99et store is: - headquarters for
43IPS and LAMP
Alt:Urea, best goods and toeiestrtee:e&
Bad ins in TABLE A LINF,NS,
Again. . ,
The Largest, Best and Cheapest
tlai„Qf Shea for Ladles'. and Cblldrens•
wear is found at cons Rzem new store, corner )fain
and Plue-eta., Tracy & Noble's Block. r--apr47B
gORSER has the best wearing Shoes
itin,ltoya and Youths'' *ear ever otrered , ln
Towanda, and at prtcee.witldtf mini of WI.
• - UNDERWEAR of all kinds, bot
eci;il pricers at 99ct, stare.
agcdlady of 4 i'sperience as a professional mirse de
sires a situathnitrie best of references given 'as
to character agagiltity. Enquire of Mrs. 3ftiFaatt .
IGhtrts; or astkiii; s: C. P. O. Boa iSt, !Towan
da, Pi.
Dar For fine Millinery, first class Hair
Goals, Java Caiiv Hold' and Silver tinted Card
Board, and Chlldren'a Sailor Hats; call on airs. M.
A. Fletcher, No. 4, Bridge Street.. Bleachlng'and
seating overaveelatty. - •
rir NEW YORK, June 5, 1879.—Messrs.,
ELY Buns., Owego, N. i7.—racuttemen: I have
used your Catirrif Betnedy.,:Cream Balm, andcY
perienced great relief. In fact it Is the only etnedy
that gave anything like comfort from a distressing
and nauseous complaint. In my family I laio
found it specially good in coldralfecting the head
and noitrils, with soy children..nml others. The,
relief has been almost instant. ' consider Ir't
invaluabte for family UStil •
"'erg truly, ll ., R. Waits
:Manliness Malinger of N.' Y. Co inneerefal ddr . fr
' tiers. ••,-,„ [Sept. In.
Zg r. James McCabe wants 4000 busltels
potatoellnuneillatelt, for which be will pay the
highest Klee In cub. '
131.1.731 sells a superior article
Ladies and StLsas 151(I Goat BoitonSHGES for
very little tOoney.
.Sign of the G tit Boot, opposite
&eters, tf
MForGenVi3 Fine and Cfoarse BONS
go to 111.1.711*5. 'Ail Boots and Shod warranted a'
represented. Sign of .00.. Glit Boot, opposite See,
I , L
School Directors of Franklin Township will Meet
at Dr. litxtortex's office. In Franklindale,
Saturday, fktober IL talk at 2 r. 3f., for the pUr
pose of Siting teaches and fixing upon their
wages for the Winteiltrn. They would be pteas
.ed to see those wishing etuploytnent, at the Incit
ing, .A13„ . .t. ssmt, Secretary.
Yilt4llndale, Pa.,.Oct 14, 1879-Iw,
By unfoiersal accord AII - EFL'et CA-'
.iltairric PILLS are the best ot all purgatives ter
family %se.. They Pm the product of long, laborl
- aild.,,,sui*fslni chemical „Investigation, and.
ens., b y yeltiFis in their practice, and by
8 1 11 , 0vilized nati c em proibm them. the best . :and
moat effectual pittgi_tive Pill that medical skill can
devise. "Icing putelY vegetable. no harateau arise,
from thelvuse. In Intrinsic value and 'Curative
powers no ai4er pills can be coqipaTed with them,
and every petson, knowing theit virtues, will eni.
ploy theta, wfrertneeded. They keep the system In
perfect - order, aid roallitain In healthy action the
whole machinery of life searching and et
lectual, th4"skt;_e specially adapted to the needs of
the digestive ciparatus, lerangdments. of which
they prevent and if timely taken. Therare
the beskand safest phonic to emplyy for children
... /and weakened constitutions, Where a, mild, but t
Keeton), cathartic Is required, SOLD, 1W ALL..
, .
WEST--SMITIL—At the residence,of Mr. A.M.
N. West. f.eßey, October '1879, by. M: K.
Emt.. Mr. AnttreSr West, Jr.. of Leßoy,
and 3lbta 3laggle C. Smith, or Granrille, Pa. .
MO VC—PAI.K; INTT.—At Cam ptown, _AugestNe,
by Rev. W. Neatly. Mr. T. M.311.431' Smnallag
Stptte, anti Miss Alice Padgett, of Towanda,..
DAKT(')N-111 - KSINGE Catoptown, : by
Rev. W. Keatly, October 7,111 r. George N. Bar
toftand Milta Sarah E. If malinger, both of
Wyrilualeg, Va.
DIED. , ty
FORD.-On Tuesday, September lath, larli, Paul
8.. sne of C. A., and Elsie-1- Ford, of 'Dialling.
ton; Pa., aged 4 niontlisdikilays. 2- z ,
_ .
I sat In the lonesome twilight * , • • • ..
Willi empty arras on my breast.
• . `31 . 3-'lleart was heavy with anguish, . '.
Yet wild withsehiad unrest. ..
I knelt by the little one's cradle,
And thought of a new•made grate ;--;.:
Aud I cried, "Oh, death, you were erdet,
To come toe the child God gtive.l, .
thonght et him, out In the darkness,
With min onfilsAittle bed,
And no sone to told about bin;
Or pillow his sunny bead.
And fancied be woke from Itlsstntabers,
Frightened, and calling on me -: 1
And 1 cried, . 1 0h. death, you were cruel,
But what is lily grief, to •Ittee.”
Abvettiseme tO.• .•
QIIERIFF'S ,SALE.-11y - irtue . of
t.,3 a writ of Ft: Fa.; leaned- out of the Court of
Common fleas.. and to me directed, r wilt expem
to public sale at the Court Rome. in Towanda lior•
ough, on c rIIUIRSDIT. NOVEMBER, 1179,
at one o' ock I'. N., the following described lot.
piece or parcel of land, situate In Otinvrilhs town
ship. and bounded as• follows: On the north hy
lands of C. Monroe, cast by landt of C. , Momme, 17.
Nenyou estate. John Bayles and S. Putnam, south
by lauds of Sylvester; Putnam • tied 'fink Bayles.
west by the estate of 0.; N. Fuller and -- estate of
William Morrison,: containing 97 acres of land
more or ;less, with I framed house. I framed, barn.
LIM - wed hog pen. 1 framed corn house end an or
chard-of fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken Into
execution-at the suit of E. Polneroy's oso xs. Chas.-
Clark. • FETER 4. BEAN. Shoilli.
Sheriff's Omce, Towafula, October 10, 1010
6TITi , T6. Flrat Whiter Tenn Will 'begin
310NUAY. NOVEMBF.It 3d, 1819. :Expenses for
board, tuition and Vizentatted. room from 1172 t211.80'
-per year, For , ratah%ue .or further partlcitiors
Address the rrf yelps/.
EDWIN E. rjUltiplX, .11.
I .' - Towar.(ll4.4n l y. a, 1679, • 771. -
T°W"l lk
1 4144.11KET8. :•?'Y
• az PORTEVIIT srzyzys t LON G ,
(ittnersldowiersta.Greeeties sinti Produce, PattolVi
Block, 'corner Main snit Bridge tliteeta. • .
..*ZUNPIDAY zyz skim, OCT 39, 1879, •
Ist. Dip
I . st A
Set. f 00
Ist. .. It It
well. 8 N Bronson.
, • •
„ • -, rsortro7.' eststro3
rigor per bbl '— . 17611 It 71 Si 71(4 8-00
itour:per seek ' • 1 600 . 1-84, •,,1,400 IP9
. Om, 7seid per 1001bs .. 1 10(4 ' —l , lOll lls
Chop Feed. , •••• # • a
.-1.1001 525
best, per bust! I low 12G - - --- . .200 1 2.3
Corn .. 40(410. 70 fit 70
'Rye --- - . . _
_f #s 0 • . a -64
Oats .... 10(472 '
773SfS 3735
lluelvabeat: ' 40044 • . •,(4 So
nddistpte m. Dip
10 • Dip
. .
Clover seed.. ".. . 465 00
Thnothy, , westero........ 2 254* , . • 'l4-11-40
Beans, 42 lbs,. - •I. 004 I. 25 - I. 204 ;50
Pert:olEBs. .... ..../.., (itibhl.. : - 13 00
))rowed peia 445 -
Gar dhou
d lderC.;.. ....
__.. - 50
• 74
. ; ..... 10019 - Ilofr 2 0
Bogs • 124115 1260 18 -
!Eggs, fresh:, • ''.1803)18 ' 1848 .18
Chess° 11011- 121644 124
Potatoes., tof:r bushel.... 280/820'
.Onions • - 60060 • - 10 (41' 90
IfesBwasc ....... •• ,• • ~ - • 20
Melia •••
Veal skink - •
fieaconl, •
Sbeeprelta • -
Lamp 'Altlns
0- 1
' Wsrren Cantre, - /1 ord County, Pa. .
Belqclubur..2s, 1870.
E .H. Doitst.lo3l,..
325 East Water St., Einnira, N.Y.
let VitOi,;'.. tiny . - titiops•
2,1 Floor • Kier -
ad Floor CAILPF.S.
4th Ifiebr • • CLOAKS SKAWLSP - •
4 doors .
`lr..llrA visit of inspection is respectfully sOlicited.
STRAY.--Camelp io the enclosure
ii JI of Mrs. S. J. Davis, to West -- ,Buillogton.
putli k iber 22(14; ante WIIITE &AIMING
kalr E It. The cTifilt htherehy requested to.rome
forth, prove property.. , -pay eharges and take her
away. •
, September Itandzsr!,,-
abeti has refr irsy bed and board without apy
rause or pr.gocation, I hereby forbid any one from
harboring or i tiustlng heron ray nedount, as 1 shall
pay no debts or her contracting. • "
Tusrarora,Twp.., Pa., Som. tri79.- • • fnwa•
Letters of ad mlidstratson baying been grant
ed to the unde rsign - .upon - the estate' of paniel
Liveilsoatu•or Son 'Creek tewnship, deceased,
notice 13 hereby git nF.
that . all' pepons Indebted to
the. said estate arenested to mate immediate
payment, and eh ohs baring claims to present
the same without lay, - . .. - • .. •
1 4 4 ,4
JOll. -;LIVEI4-9,'Administrater.
3 AN E. LINIWe , , Admintstrattli
South Creek, 1 . 6.,',6,0g, 20, 1879. 6w'
A Oncy for the Kalp, and I,ittchase Of - all klndi of
Secuthees anClor making ;OARS on Real Estate,
All business Willi redelve careful and prompt
attention. ' . true 4. UM
0 ..„:„. ... ..
Every rairserplionld know hon. 31 k cvp .tlimn. , An
entirely nest nin. riunpletosvatem 3n , t. derl l .• S , 'wl
pp3til 1 . or tree. Circnlars to tnn ina L ANs,/: lirn.vrT 'IN
laLIisNUSSV*I.I4Z, US S. Ulan 'tic, rhilwim*At.W.
SALE.—Bk:iirtue of
~K 3 a writ of Ff. I'm, issued` out Of the CoUrt of
CommomPteits, and to me directed. 1. will expose
to public sate. at the court - House to Towanda Rot ,
°ugh; on TIIIIRSI),“*, O,t"TOIIEJt 30111., 1a75, at
one .Wett.ek, M - 314 the following described lot.
piece - or, parcel of land. .sltnate, In the town.
ships 4f Smithfield. Springfield and Ridgbiiry
Bounded north by istalior Thutuas Sullivati, Thom
as Butler:and James
.m Webb, east by 'lands of
damns H. Webb and the public highway leading
front Stalthfiellgto Bentley Creek. south by the
public leading , .tread Smithfield Road to
the rum Oki' , and lauds of David Haley; and west
briands of David Haley. 'Rester .3(nore 'and
estate of George MIMI!. deceased;
. containing 52,
acres of land, more or less, abont nacres Improved,'
tcltfi 2 framed luMses.l framed baroand an orch.rd
of fruit trees thereon. Reing the same land con
veyed to , William Raley by James H; Webb. ad.'
Jninistrator of GeorgeDifiline; deceased. Seized.
and, taken into exectititta at the soft of .James If
.Weldi. George 111.1alue, vs. Will s '
lain Haley
1 • _
' _Li, of, ite First N'atieltat Bank at, :Towanda.
the State of Pennsylvania; at the close ur hnsi
-I'l-Jess October 2,1879:
1111§4.)Inter.s. .
Leans anki discounts - • , ' " 1370.7477 72
Overdrafts2.9m- 16
C. S. 114 , [10 to secure circulatlen.:;, , ,,... 1.0.00 'OO
t. S. on hand ' - '.!;tue -
'Other stocks. I,onds. and mortgages ..... 194,0 18
Me frotn,apid - ofed reserve agents - 74;9.50 02
Ithe frinn,otldir Natlonalltanks - ' 4,11,1' , 13
Ilue•froinStatt:llankS and !linkers 5.322 a 7
Heal estate;lttrulture. and fixtures • , 29.072 04
tetrent expenses and tales pat, ... •.:: .. .. : .4.c40 4?;
t'lleck sand other Cash' itennv,.. . -.;•,..," 7.1370"18
. 1111 is of other Banks -- " 2.GF•S Co
react tonal curretici(lnciltding Ickels) 7u'B7
`Specie ' 4..1 - f..." 42
Legal-!curlern o t e - ./
4.955 00
Red pt fund with•ll.7 S. TT; 15 lir i. It eir cfr.) • 5.625.00
Due from VSTreab . i" uth'ith't 5/4 clt . ,Pa ADO Do
t'arntiii4nea. pn.d in,
Surpins Inn,l
Unfilviand profits...
National Rani: notes untfctandlng
1 ilvidencts unpaid...........
check{{ • • '- '1- .s 7 17
Wind .cdrt.lllcates tit ilepiAt.. 108.07 n 25
. 1 372:050 42
1,770 91
13116, to at hi-riNational..patiks
• ' 083,6 U In
State of reol)sylvanla, trouity of Bradford. St:
I. N. N. BETTS, Caihrer of the above named
bank - ; do solemnly swear that. the at. , :ife.stetneut
latide to the best of iny.lttiowledgonint
N. N. BETTS. Cashier/.
- Subserlbed and sworn to before roe tills 7th day
Of October, 1b79," ,
W. ff. DODGE, Notary Palle.
• • - a.osErn row ELL,
• • c TRACT', - .Direetors.
- • V. M. MANVILLE, .
Towanda; October 16, 169w1.
Whereas, The - _Cuutt of Quarter Sessions of
the Peaee, in and for the County of ItrasifoSd, did
o h the 6th tA July ; 1679 . , :mike the following
Order. vii.:
„, 111 ,, w.t0 iltlY. 4 . 1579. ,It appearing to
the Court ny i ty, within petition and recommenda
lion of cert.if .- .**,i've.orrs of the Poor in the .several
poor district. lori,Welmaity of Bradford, that more
than twa-tliftliir Of said ilkerseets now fn office;
within sabl ill , tricts hare petitioned this Court.
that the question of purchaaing real estate within
said County of Itradietd for fora Poor Boole, be sub
' mitteil to the qualified electors ” of Isald County.,
agreeable totle pruyislons ernie Act of Assembly.
entitled "An Act to Create Poot Districts, and to
Ai:Din:ire the Purchase of Lands imd—kinertfori of
flaming., to Furnish Itellerand Give Employment
, to the Destitute PooicandVaupetsin this Vouniten
wealth, appmeed June 4, 1A79 ; ' It Is hereby or
dereil. on motion of, W.-.l.;Young, Esq.. for sal
petitionces, that r thelortiffith of :such, purchase be
.sutunittegto the qualified electors of 'said Co v"
of Bradford, at the General Election* to he held on
Tuesday„ - the.4th day of Novetnber next. said elec
tion to Ito hilid and conducted ity.the officers pro
holding electionaln their respactire ills
,tricts atid.pmcittets. andiaccortling latakltiwent
log liener.ll Elestlons,withitt *the CortiffiMiwealth.
It is 'further ordered, that tlo. Sheriff of 'Bradford
County give slity days, notice of surh election by
In two hestitpapers -published in ; said
Counti, and that the harlots A be printed in the man
ner iod received by the litoper election officeis as
pruyided ju the said act of Asseinbly.
• •
And Trhersos. It Is prOrlded In the.2d sectiOn of
said A ct,that- at least sixty days notice of such
election shalt he given by the Sheriff-of said Coon
ty. by publication' in two newspapers published
within said. County. .
Now, by virtue of said Act of Asanifility and said
Order of Court,' I. Prrait .1. DEAN. High Sheriff
of said County. hereby give 'notice - thatan election
will be held at the place. Of holding the General
Election in the the several election districts within
hatd Cpronty, on TCESD AY, the 4th -day of NO.
EMBER, ibln, at which election the 'lineation of
the purchase of real estate, ac.. for a • Poor House
will belletetsuined by the qualified electors of said
County of Bradford, as . ,-provided in said Act, sAld
election shall be conducted by the officers provided
bylaw for holding )aid treneral Elect-ton, who shill .
receive ballots from said qualified dte - ctors, written
or printed as 'follows : :On - the outside, "Poor
House on the inside, either s For Poor Rouse'!
or - Against root Ilionte,i' and at the close of the
polls tits votes shall be counted, and duplicate cer
tilled.returns of the result thereof be made and
staled, one copy witick shall Iw,-depsited with
the Commisidoners of wan county of Bradford, to
lie opened by them ; , ..anT4the other with the Clerk
of the Court of Quartelhesidona of said Cotih ty, as
provide in said mt.. "2' • " . •
tsiven• tidef my band; at my office in Towanda;
this 2fith daysif August,: n the" year of our Lord
one thoti3tiW4ight huntised and seventy-nine, and
In the rayired and. third year of the Indepen
dence Milted States.
PETEIt .1. DEAN, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Towanda, Aug.; •Z 6, 1579.
• lO*ANDA, PA. •
Meals at all hours. 'Tenn to suit the times.
sMble attached. „
• - - -
Towanda.. July 14:7041.
. .
(soviAstrr. EIDBLIg2gQI,TAIY.Z.)
. -
. •
This well-known houlg r has teen thoroughly ran
'novated and repaired throughout, and the proprie
•tor is now preluded to,oXevidttet,-elany aceotuutoda-
Mons tolhe puldie, oir` thik . tfitist reasenable. tetras.
~ E. A. - 4-14NNINGS;s.
Towanda, 14% 4 14362, 11378. ' .
msrEvf, - • ,
• `hti underalgurd •haying taken pow:salon
of the &bore hotel, respectfully solicits the patron
age of his tdo friends and ;he public generally.
angtGtf, Vii. .1.•1,01111EST,
4LTTOI:S - tY•4 . T . -LAw,
PI:7TER ph:AL Sheriff.
pfftee, Oct. 5, 1575.
t 643,65-1 16
Ly of sundry writs lined out of the Court of Dien. •
mon Pleas of Braiftird County and to me directed,
I will expose to public sale at the Court "Ifornie: far - •
Towanda; On TIDTBSDAY, OCTOBEttlad,
at 1 o'clock, P.-M., the following described proper+ .
Sys to wtt
No, 1. A: lot of land situate la Terry township;
bounded and described as follows: Beginning at •
the bank dl the riven thence by lands of-A. Jack:
son smith 60.4 4 :west 173 perches; Mince isnith 76 0
west IE4 perches; thence by lan4s tif7,. Elliott SO
to corner near white oak; thence hysime south 4334 w
west 47 perches to a hemlock on tont of creek;
thence up .said creek north W"Vrett 40 perches ; '
thence by lame north' SO° west Stperehes to a roe
ner; thence south by lands of J. Elliott 40 perches"
to Edmund Hornmkillnd ; thence by the same 390
torches to tank of the river; .tbsace" by the ante - •
62 perches toplace of :beginning; containing 140
acres of land,more about 100 acres Wpm. -
ed, with") framed bark°, I framed barn and other
outbuildings thereon. •
. .
• 14°,2. AUKL=One other lot of land, Situatellr
'Terry township, bound and described as. follows: - -
It %U be baatk of the river :west tiy lands -
of Johnstaan Terry al perches to* post and stone;
thence by binds of AM DOwelt;, thence west by A.
Dowell 14 perches to spoat, and stonettbence smith" -
13 percbee;thcnee north b Dewell 1655 perches;
thence west by lands o WillisW
f Terry I:2o.perches;
thence souili by finds of Wiltis Terry 12 perches . -
therm • westerly by public , ros4llo perches: thence
sotolulty rad - leading to Washington Strong's 114 4
• perches to a post And at One;:thenee east by lands - of '
ty.'etrong morklinor and alramTerry 310-perches •
to Cape-cit's land; thwart:4o.sli by same and p&r- .
soilage lot and Bra. Price to-; ` poet ter* corner.:
- thence east by Mrs. Price 16'porehes; thence north
9 perches to a post: thence east 21 perches by lands
of .IC: Berton to post on 'the bank of--the river ;
thence north 14 river - 5S perches to the place of be-,
glnniegt. containing IGO acres of land, more or less,
about :lie acres liaprored. with 2 dwelling houses, 2
barns and other outbuildings thereon. :seized and ".
taken futeezecution at the atilt of J. P. Kirby vs.
rein Terre.
. •
N 0.3, it CSO—Cine- other lot of land, snitate its j'
Monroe township, bounded north by iambi of :taut-- 'I • •
uel.f.yon, Benjamin Northrop. Ellen Wilcox,
-limn James:ton and Nelson Cast by lands
of D. W. Bodge, south by lands of . Williantosturt.
Clarence Bellow; anti Mrs. Miller,.'au4 west by
lands of 0. F. Mason's estate and Benjamin for. .
thropt acres of land, more titles!,
about 150 acres improved. with 3 framed houses;
framed barn, hay barn aniliheds attaellesk — •
'1 waterpower saw mill with all mill tixtnros s
fratne building erected for a Steam saw rpill,And ' '
3 Orchards of fruit trees thereon. ,Belugisamtfland
that was.purehased by D. B. Blackman at sheriff's "
sale. December 7.1877 by deed recorded in thee. -
ill's had treasurer's de4hook N 0.4, at page e2,etc. • ,
one corn house thereon. ;
No. 4. ALSO—Ono otheraot of land. hate
'Monroe Borough, bounded north:by lands of E.
!Sweet, deceased, east hy.Ttiwanda (leek.'sonth
lands of ;1.1.. Rockwell, deceased, and West 14 thee ,
public highway leading from Monroe to Towanda;-..
containing' \to, acres of land-- -- More or less, all Ito- •
proved. with 1 framed Louse: 2 framed Darns, 1
cooper thop.4 small framedbuilding formerly used
as a dwelling:house, and an orchard "of fruit trees .r.
.... 0401
... 8001,100
- • • 20040
. 1 001 2.
25 LO
thereon.- . . ,
No. b, ALSO'one other.iot of- land, situate In.
Monroe township, bounded north by the old Han
son farm. east by the Betwleklurnpike.-south by
a lot of 11. N. New.ton,and west by lands of Joseph
Smith; containing 27 acreibtland: more or less. all
Improved,. Said two lots befog the same. land that ,
was conveyed to MB. Blackman by - Jeklih. Hornet
by deed dated November 17, 1e69, retarded in deed:
hook No. 95, at page 263, etc..
No. 6.- - A f..SO--One othei - lot of_ land: shit to In.
' , Monroe Borough, bounded and detcribed as-follows: •
Beginning at a sleigh' ' shoe 111 "-centre of Itrond -
Street, being the north corner hereof and the north..
west corner of the mill lot; thettesi, by said - mill
lON° west 22.4.10 rods to a post; thence by lands..
conveyed to Lyman Blackman by J. B. 11.11Inman -
north s 0 0! west 8 rods and 9 lipketto a post ; thence
by lands of S. S. Hinman north,lll° east = 3-10 rods '
to a post In . centre of lirceil • -irt.reet.; thence - aping
the centre of said street SO° eit. 8 rods and - 20 links '
to the plac• of beginning; co taining 1 acre and 13 . •
rods of land, more -fir -less, all Improved. - with 1_
framed - house, - 1 framed barn and wagertlib,ed, 1
framed corn house and few fruit trees
No. 7. ALSO—One other pit.cif - bend, situate' to
Monroe Borough,. Joitilue4hi% above described
trtiFt;:bourled-and described-as follows: Beglh- •
rilitg at midst In the centre of a Like at its terminse:
lion-on - the line of S. S. 'Hinman, and -CueantOlf
_thence south 10'i9 West 54 18.100 rods to - -k' post ;
[lmam south 56.!4° east 19 perches; thence South -
14° east 28 48-tee . perehes to a post ; thence nezth
40° west 23 4-100-pt.rcites to the place of beginning%
contatnlng 4 acres and 08-perches of land, more or
less. Ile said - last - two lots being some land that
welt conveyed to D. It.filackain by J. S. Black. •
titan, - by deed dated April 9. 1669. recorded in deed,
book NO. 91 , page et, etc. Seized and .taketi,into
execution at-the suit of Hiram Sweet to use of .1.
I'. litrby vs. D. B. Blackman, Also 'at the Suit of . •
f. e. Illornan to u.4e of J. P. Kirby vs. D. It. -Black-
_ .
• No'. B.•ALSiI--One other lot of land, situate in "
AThany,"3lnurne and Overton townships, bounded . '
anti described:us follows: Beginning' at an old .
homloelveorner the southwest corner of warrant in, "
the none of Stephen Hollingsworth ; thence south
:N. cast 25 2.16 lists to-the wetdjtne of warrant tia
the - nante.of Ann Ifirris ; thence south 32° west
aiont.,Bs rtids to the southwest corner of said Ann"
'Harris' warrant :. thence south LS°. east )54 rods to •
I.l.ust and stnn;,s the volt:beast cortser.of said .ton •
Harris' warrant ; thence north 32° - cant--¢O'J. 640 •
rods to tttn .northwest eorneE4.of Jackson's 'lot ;
thence south lasc. east 212 rods r o Jacilsoics north- ,
cast corner; thence South 32° west 1.4 a post. .
corner; thence north 55 4 V 4 east 57 440 redi to;* .
..tomer: thence north 44? 's.„Least fl 9 rods; thence' .
south sss , ,elast Iff; 6.10 fuels: thence north 373.iw . .
east_ 50ireds;•ilience south 54% 0 east 20 rods to the j
‘Ve/F 6 ' , - 1 4,war rant in. the name of Mary Wallies ; I
thence norttl,ea - st 110 perches to the southwest'
'eortieref l Warsin.d. IW-the na me of ltolJeit Ham pion;
thence south 55° east 5d rods: thence nerth- SIX °
:east la reds ; thence_north -19. east32e rodtrto the:
south •ast corner-of grant in the name or t ancsel
Antleison : thence north 32 0 ' east 224 mitt to the .
nortlithq corner of sti ULA ['demon warrant:: thence
noritilv". west 324 rods to a .hemlock stump an old •
corner; thence south 32 0 west ..=4 roils to a cornea - C.
of warrants tn the names of Peter North and Peter"
Shotts; thence north IS. west 623 toils to the north-_ .
west corner of a warrant. In: ttf•it: name of Jahn
North ;- thence soutlt 24° west 425 rods to a black
oak corner: thence south -at° , west 444 ,, reds: ''
thence north 55 4 . west 3-5 rods to 6-post, old tstirp.Lp4 - 4 , '
:thence south 32° west 3".rJ r_sls. to the place oI L he . = •
- ginning; containing 6,C00 acres - of land, inpre or
less, ahoill 55 acres Improved, with 4 I. O C- honSks
slid 2 stables, thereon. .seized and tab tt into exc.'
cution at the unit of. W. 0. Tracy vs. J. fr. Satter- .
ice, who survives J. DeWitt; -
Nr. 9. A I.SO--Oneq/ther lot of land, - situate In
springnaid.townsillp, Huted . north by lands of
Abraham Westbks/k Joel-,Adiniv east by
lands t.t . 10. Westnrcsik au the noblfc
' , :nth by lands of Abraham Vestbroolc and Hay.
man Westbrook, and' west • by ;lands of Eliza fay
and A. Westhlook ; containing 9lY.'aeses of lalnl,
. .
more or Irss, shoat 90 antes Iraprov.ed. with ! s trained
h0u.:4%. 2 framed barns, I. frame'd chler rnlll„and 1
orchards of .fruit trees thereon.-
%No. 10. I—One other lot of - land, situate In
Springfield township, bounded north by .lands oC
JamcaPhilil ps. east by lands of "---- Harkness,
south ity lands_of Cr. Beardsley, and west by lauds
of Noah Bliss: containing 30 acres of land, more
or less: no improvements. Belted and taken into
execution at the salt of D. D. Brace vs.:_3l. C.
Westbrook and Abe Westbrook. • '
' •: • - PETER J.,l4,AN.Sheriff.
• Sheri Irk Office, Towanda..ffetTt. 30, 1870.
/125 IVO -00
85,000 00
7283 82
112.880 00
'eciVNYt 2 _,...l3ll.tovonD. 'r SarS.ll .7ano
Eastabrook. wiie-bt It. B. Ea•tabrinok. Elmira. N..
Y'.: J•ervlig. Chaffee, Rome. Pa.: Huth Narner,
wire o r cohrerr, ./Zlirat-ner, 'New' rork City;'wm.
D. Chaffee„l,f,.faps - Ille. Pa.; - Dacia A. Warner,
wife of .3tarem "WaYnei,' Pike. Jeiomo
Chaffer: Marlon; Iranklln county. 'Nebraska: Pet;
rldne Antisdell, Nig fe --Anti:glen:Warren,
Pa.; Afleorge itogeM Brandotnl Buchinan,connty.
low; Wive Arnold. wife of-Anbert Arnold, War
ren, Pa.::..gleerV Chaffee. Muffled, F..mniciln coun
ty, Nenta‘ka.: .Nivnur fliaffee. Orwell,' Thene
Titus, wife of dames, TRU& P. 34 TaleZe
A. Chaffee, guardian of Lincoln Chaffee.
Take notice: an Orphan's Court heiti4it
Towanda In and for said County.of Bradford.,Sept.
4. Is7:1, lion. P. VI. Morrow, President Judge, on
the bench, the•petition of Solomon AClltaffee, of
Orwell township, in said cotinty, respectfully rep
resents: That.C. B. Chaffee ' late of said/I:hip
of 'I irweit. in hist. wit. on h day
of November, A, P. 1067, by - a contract hi writing
- hearing date on the day last fnentloned, bound
htniself to convey the petittonera cer
tain messuage and tract of )and situated In
aforesaid, containing - about 90 acres of 4and ; being
MP'S:MC premises purchased by said C. D. Chat- ~
drum Joseph Kingsbury' , by deed dated Aprfe
24, 16J0. A 11,41 also, another tract adjoining tfur;: .
'foregoing and eontainlngabont 24 acres; being the
'Name iirendses pureh*cd by said C.A. Chaffee or-
Joseph liingsbury, by:'deed dated December 9th,
1634. Abi . o, another tract adjoining' the raid first
mentioned sot. and - containing about 22
-log the same. premises purchased by said C. It.
Chaffee of IlOrace Dames. Also, atihther lot or
piece of Ism!, containing 18. aires anirS perches,
more or less; being the same premises purchased.
ity saltC:ll. Chatter front Nathaniel ll„Chattee,
by deed dated December lath, lberA with' the all ,
purtenancef4 • The petitloneiagrveing by the same
contract (a-i • •(!py whereof Isterrtaarineseti marked
A," and is made a part of this petition), in
sideration thereof. to provide for and maintain the
said C. H. Chaffee and Docia his wife dprinfrlielr:
Joint lives and the Alte..of the survivor' of them,
with. good and sufficient meat, drink, lodging, ap- •
pare!; and attendance - in sickness and in health; •
and In addition thereto, to pay to them annually
the sum of twenty-five dollars. la by reference to
th( said contract will. more fully and at large al.
The petitioner further represents, that he did in --
every' respect during the tires of the said C. 11, •
Chattee anti Doela.Chaffer his wife, provide for .
and maintain them to their entire satisfaction. and: = •
pay the said sumof -twentydivedolfarspiVunlittld:
That it,was:also agreed by said writing. that the
OrpEllu's Court should complete the title to said
premises accordingto laic after the decesee of the .
,aid C. It; Chat fea'an'A linciaJtis wife and fulfill,
Inc.nt of the aforesaid contract. .".
Ile farther representi,,that the: r ev-hi C. it. Chat
fee.-di on the 418th day' of March, A. D.
seized and pos-essed of the, said "messtiages and
tracts of land without having. - aide any sufficient
provision fOr. the performance of - said contract ; -
that - letters of administration have- - heel_ duly_
granted by the Itegister Of Wills for the County of
' ltradford to 'your petitioner, and jbAt the said C.
II; Chaffee left children and, beire'stlrviving him,
as follows, vii: Sarah Jane istabrook: wife of R.
R. Eastabmot; of Elmira. N. Y., a daughter ; jer
via S. Chaffee. of Rome, l'a.; a son t Ruth - S. War
.ner, wife orOfiver J. W2r.llSr• of New Tort City, -
a daughter fs'lV-m. 13; Chaffee; of -Lellaysville4.a.,
sOn ; Do - ela A. Warner, wife..of Marcus Wainer,
of Pike, a ddegliter;',lerome C.ChaffecoltMatiou; ,
Franklin county. Netwaska. a-sbb ;, belphine',An
tlsdell, wife OF- Ant Well, of Warren,
child of TaniZon 3r. Rogerg a daughter:" nets
ceased: George Rogers; Jason of .T4=3011'31. Rog; r-i•
prf aforesaid: at ilrandon.Buhantin County, Iowa;
olive Arnold, witn'of RohereArrieldi et •
l'a.; Georgehaffee. of-3furritit. Franklin county,
Nebmska ; Myron, Chaffee,.ef Orwell; Pa.; Pbels ,
Titus. wife of. JameiTites. of MerAick. and
',Menlo Chaffee, a tultir, having_ fet - a guardian
Tamar A. onaffee.--,the last five being children of -
`t. IL Cliatteil, a sou of the decedent. That on (Ito
first flay of June. A. 13. ts7e, the said Iwsli a Clialfeu ns- -
died. Tito poltioto:r. Merlon... showing that
has fully perforined the said contract on *his tortiat
prays the Court to make a decree for the specific ,
performance of sat,, contract according , to the true
intent andtneaning thereof.- ' _
: Now. September 4. 187 p, on - reading within
Lion tunterouotionof Davies" It Comedian; solici
tors for the petitioner, the court grant rule to show
collie why speCific execution of said contract shall
not be decreciland the sheriff of thiclianty
ed to execute to him, a deed, returnable at next"
tern' ; and it Is ordered that notice be given to all
the- parties within the county personally; and to
those residing without the, county by publication - .
for four weeks In the BRADroup /11[POIITZT,
copy of which shall be forwarded to-the pustollidi
'address of said parties: - BY THE - 001.72r1r.
A. C. kitliiictoi Clerk. -
Dodos atCi4rieetima, solicitors tar SrAi'l2batlce.
Tewandis, -Sept. 30, 1a79. 4.
.-' •
....;-.l.,clters of adadniAtritlon having been
ranted to tb6 undOpsigne,f, 'upon the estate of
Chester Neal, late o f Wind tram township, deceased,
notice Is hereby given tluttrall.persons indebted to
sali estate an rwitte”ttrd to ma k., 11111fledtatO My?
oltlit, and all persons bring claims to pres Opt the
satup without dutap. - • • . ,
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ft. N. leis*,Adtritrapti*Ot.
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