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(pAdfo,i4 -l epo . ,
i oT azis, ra.y. Thunday, 118,7 8 , 1878.
Deafer In
TOWankbk, 3411.19, 1877.
liUsgsotatY lost a valuablo trot-.
t'sig hove last-weck
ON MISSION ER 8A1,14,11, and-PoSt ISlas-.
ter BosWOIITII, of Lellaysrille, am attend=
isg . [lilted States Court at Pittsburgh,
Is Ilic case of llF:Emmi. , againstthe Erie
I:ailroad, tried before Judge INGUAM •in
this - county last year, the Supreme Court
has reversed the decision.
township, was chosen Superintendent of
comthou Schools of Sullivan County on
Tuesday last.
. •
liEcon,vion Day will be duly obsersisd
at I.ellaysv . ille, The arrangements 41
be under the, auspices of •Spalding P(4
G. A. IL. Col. C. A. CARTER, Comman
do., will Marshal of the day.
Br reading a card iu another column it
will he observed that the Franklin hand ,
ermine is offered for sale: Any town de
b lug such a machine Will find this a fa
v,wable opportunity pr securing one at a
os Tuesday evening Rev. :JAlty.s PE
'riul, vastor of the Presby
terian ChoiCh at Tarelay. Rev. J. S.
STEWAItT, D. D., preached the sermon.
feev. Dr. COLT delivered the charge to
raster; and Rey. IL Anmsruoml charge
_PRotaFir.—J. L. BItADLF:I', of South
14itelieh1, is the owner of a . most prolific
ewe. At,the ago of one yeat the animal
gave birth two lambs.; when two years
old she had : triplets, and before, she
was three years of age, in January last,.
gave birth to four, making a totidinerease
of nine inside of two fears. Is there a
sheep owner iu the county who can beat
Mr. BRADLEY'S valuable ewe?
Tut.: managers of the Bradford. Cennty
Agricultural Society met at the Secreta
ry's .office, on 'Tuesday, May 7th, and
changed the time for holding the Fair to
ntli, Nth, and 27th; instead of the
prior. week. The Troy Farmers' Club
had Previously fixed upon the 18th, 19th,
and 20ilt, and it was through a misappre
hension that the Agricultural Society se
lected, at a former
.nieeting, the, same
time. -A •
THE temperance celebration at Owegn
un IV [ ednesday last was a grand affair. A
large number of the bluea•ibbon fraternity
participated, 'and - everything passed off in
the most orderly manner. •
We are . under obligations to Editor.
KEELI•'tt and his excelleut.'wife for nianY
,eourtesies. Mr. K., who was a Towanda
boy,' has come to bc.oue of the foremost
citizens of Owego and occupies one Of the
best residences in. the city:
1.: - I.STER ITEMS. - Miss FRANK . DA4- ,
TITiM.OMEW, vho has been teaching in the
Primary Department of the East Smith
field graded school for, the past three
years, is still doing an excellent work in
that capacity. She is one of the most en
ergetic and thorough teachers in the coun
ty, and has given excellent satisfaciioP.
Mneh damage vas done in Ulster and
vieifity by thy, late rains : gardens wash
ed away, bridges earrieaoff and destroyed,
bridges surrounded and injured, lots coy
ered.tvith. gravel stone, pebbles, and de
brisi of all kinds.
1 4 he old building ()copied formerly by
S: timrrit is beiii,g refitted and ren
ovated 'throughout by its reeept purchas
er, fOr the purpose of starting a drug
store, whielf will soon be in running or
der. • MAccoim.
—"Joy Bells" by W..A.O6mLN, is the
largest contribution. of sacred inui4e for
the Sunday School—
.We understand tb4 .
since. the publication of Mr. Opyr.,i's'
".Crown of Life," thiee years ago; which
proved so popular, that - this favorite Au
thor has been diligently at work prepar 7
in . l.; "-Joy 'Bell*" Upon reviewing this
new collection, we find it full of new and
apprOpriate hymns set to sparkling and
pleasing melodies, by a variety of both
popular and faxorite authors, which can
not fail to delight the great . of Sun
day School children L Mr. , Onrir.N seems
to lie possessed !will a tine genius for this
special work, apd weave of the ,opinion
that this book Will boa; immense success.
It contains 160 pages usual style;, and
sells at the. popitlar price of $3.60 'per
doz.., and 3.5 cents a single copy, board
co‘ (Ts. L. B. Pow Scranton, is Agent,
• for the work. •••
AT a regular meeting of,tilster Lodge,
\o. 1,070; I. 0. of G. T., of Ulster, ra.,
tlie-following were installed by D. G. W.
:1., stnnEE
11'.c. ATRIcK McNEnNEY, Jr.
W. I".T.—{Mrs. J. a 11IcKAY. •
W.S.—W. It. \YELLER.
P.N.—J. S. McKgr.
T.—Mrs. W. It. WELLER.
11. C.—C; J. DEtritA.
31.—JouN BoWNIAN, Jr.
W.—CAßß TERv‘ - rLLIGER. •
11•11. S.—Miss BELLA K. WALKER.
11. -,-51iSS LAURA DEKAY. -
1. U. C . .-31. W. MERu!Lt.
1.. D., (frp. the 'coming year) 7 -W. .R
• IV LL L En.
1 4. 1 ,, G. L.—J. S. 11,161Ay.
IV. Sec'y.f
1:17 1, 1578. -
R. EDITOR :—lt- has been, suggested
that you devote a column of your valua
ble' paper to historical notes and queries,
narrative, biography and incident,.and in
vite contributions.tO it from,all puts 'sof
the e,,unty. - -4*
The Ilistory of the County has, just
litetk published; and it is to be supposed
the peeple will read it, and errors, emis
sion:, misspelled names, etc., will in all
probability be found; and if corrections
be rent directly to . ilia EF.PORTEIti they
may be made in the margin of the book
with pen and ink, I find the paper may
be written upon without blotting.
The narratives, incidents and . exPeri
ences which the book will suggest Land
call up, may here be preserved: There
ait• 41.mbtless in 'the possession of many
.14 people, letters, 'deeds, journals and
extracts; from which would be ageneral
interest. With your permission, Mr. td
(l..r, I say let us have'lhe Ilisteribil
T!asttuent in the REPoRiEfe: • '• C..
Burrwgrsto Lows, No. Et" 1,110. F.
—At a meeting ottha Rebekah-Degree of
This Lodge, Acid May 4, 18T8, the follow.
ing resolutions were offered : "
WHERE" bas pleased Aledghty
..God to call from among us snit worthy
and much beloved sister Hattie, wife of
Brother Elmer Jakeway ; thereinto,
Resolved, That in the death Diner Much
esteemed and worthy sister, Hattie Jake
way, our brother has lost a loving wife,
society an honorable member, and the
Lodge a worthy sister.
Resolved, That wo tender to our much
regpected brother, Elmer Jakeway, our
most sincere and ' heartfelt sympathy in
this, his hour of bereavement.
. -
itesalred, That a copy of these resolu
tions bo furnished our worthy brother by
the Sveretary,: and that a copy be furnish
ed the printers, and that they be plwd
upon the nannies of the Rebekah Deg.
- W. LA/toos, Seel:
FIRE IN ATHENS.—On Monday evening
last a tire'broke out in CAnnEnt.o Block,
in Athens borough, and beftimtbe flames
could be got under control, that building
and Central. Hall and a large ,building
known es the Brockway house were eon
sumed. By the
_greatest exertions,' the
residence of Mrs. G. M. SAWYER wax
saved. C.Otxnft's Block was a three-story
framed building -; the first floor was occu
pied by the meat•market of Joint M.
JANES, and G. L. EASTEILBOOK'S grocery
store ; the second story as tenements ; the
third floor, or large half, by, the G. A. R.
and Good Templar organizations. Ce •
tral Hall-was a largo wooden •two-s
building ; tho whole upper floor was, at
is known as Central Hall, ono of th best
finished and roomy halls in Bradf rd Co.
The Brockway 'building was o ned by
GEO. LYON, ono of the proprie rs of the
Novelty Furniture Works, al d occupied
as aresidenee. The loss in buildings alone.
must amount to ti•om*7,oo to $9,000.
The fire we understand 11.9 probably of
incendiary origin. - Ofe loss of person
al property we have of learned. The
/ 2h
loss on buildings wa nearly covered by
insurance.. /
EDITOR Raron4En =I hear. 'numerous
expressions of dsappointment. Since the
appearance of the "History of Bradford
County," for the reason, mainly, that so
largo a portion of the illustrations and ac
companying sketches refer to persons and
residences of the present day instead of
to the older settlers. This may be ac
counted for in some cases, by the difficul
ty of obtaining correct likenesses and/
facts concerning the latter who no longer .
survive. There would seem,.howeverino
excuse for incorrect statements, su e_ as
are given in following instances; and, if
many such occur, it will go• far to impair
credibility of the work as a histery of the
county and its early" settlers/ The pub
lishers probably - obtained these sketches
from the immediate descendants; and for
their insertion we learn,/they have been
liberally paid. Still, it would seem that some
care should have been to test their
accuracy before inser • g gross misstate
ntents that may have been . made through t
ignorance, or piompted by-excessive van 7
ity. In the personal sketch between Pagati
242-3, says ,`Jous INott.oi brought the
first cal ding machine into the county from
Cooperstown about 1807." - The first card-
ing machine on Wyalusing Creek was
started by ELISIIA ,REF.T.r.n and GUY
W4r.s, Esq., near 131..teK's Milia n , some
three miles from ,the river, but was soon
inrehased by father, .louts INOITAM,
Jr., and put in operation at. this place,
where he had'alrerly established machin
ery for fulling and dyeing. lle afterwards
bought another machino at Cooperstown,
bringing it dowA the Susquehanna inaoal
nee,' The dettile and ineidenti.of the trip
are fresh in my meniery to me
liy Lim. Tbo remains of . both old ma
chines arc now in my possession.
The same sketch says : "Join; INOIIAM
Started the rust sash factory in Northern
Pennsylvania, if not the first in the State:"
The first sash factory on Wyalusing Creek
was started by WILLIAM STONE on the
race built by JOHN INGHAM for a saw mill:
The machinery was purchased by We.
Sro,,:cp: at Eldridge, Cayuga Co., State of
New York, and run by him fof several
years before JOHN INGHAM became the
CaliiptOWD, April 13, 18.78,
TUE Methodist church at Wyalusing
which fur some weeks past had been un
dergoing repairS, Was re-opotied with ap
propriate services on Sunday, April 21st.
In 17112, what was called the Tioga
cuit was set on; and WILLIAM COLIUT
was appointed the preacher: The circuit
extended front the south part of Wyalus
ing northward to the pole, and westward
to the Pacific ocean.' Mr. CC/Lilt:UT -nn-
dertook to pioneer the way along the Sus
quehanna, and northward to the Seneca
lake. - Ito had,-a-prea.fhing • placn and
class at GIDEON BA LDWIN!S e who lived
where Mr. InA EnoWN noW floes, and a
preaching place, at - Guy WEt.t.s' Esq.,
who lived on the property now owned by
Eustis LY.wis in Morryall. This was'the
lirst,Methodist preaching in the town and
in the county. It would be a very gre •
satisfaction if we could find the old class
book or learn the names of thoSe who
composed this first claSs En the Wyalus
ing charge, but that most likely will never
be found. Wyalusing continued to form
a part of the Tioga circuit until 1814, a.
period of twenty-one years, when the
Wyalusing circuit was set off, tiro division
line being the §usanelianua river. In 1832
'the Wyalusing circuit' was divided, the
eastern part becoming what was known
for Many years as the Pike circuit. Pre
vious to this the interest began to gather
about the.porthern part. of the circuit and
in 1839 the name was changed from Wya
fusing to Orwell circuit, and the next year
the appointment at Wyalusing was at
' tidied to the Skinner's Eddy charge.
' The apliointnient`Was a-very weak one,
and Methodist preaching was enjoyed but
once a month. GitiForf B,ALtiwis and the
class that was accustomed to meet, there
- had passed away and WTI forgotten,and fOr
year no forin,of Orgapization was main
tained. In 16-43 Rev. Ilf.N nit BROWNS-
CoM BE, the preacher on theTkinner's
di charge, organized a class \by the name
of the "Wyallising and Drointown el. , ss,"
with tWenty-nine Member's, eleven of
whom resided at Wyalusing . ; four \ of the
eleven - were transferred to'Asylum,leav
ing but seven. Eleven .years afteivarci,
in 1854,- there. were-but" eight membe_
but other fields had beeri opened, and the
appointment was transferred to a-cliarge,
which was formed in the lower part of the
county. This year too . the Wyalusing Dis
trict was constituted: with GEORGE LAN.
INN its Presiding Elder. - It is to be re. ,
gretted that at the laSt session of theiOn
fercnce this district has-been dismember
ed and the several Parts attached to tither
districts. We are sorry for the necessity
which compels this change because it loees
a nainelistoric iit the annals of Method
ism, and because it does not indicate an
'advance in the strength- and efficiency of
the Church. In 1854 also, the house of
worship at Wyalusing was erected. It is
a plain brit edifice fifty by thirty-four
feet, - without a belfry, was very plainly
finished on the . inside and cost about -eigh
teen hawked , dolLars. Threw rneu were
largeti instrumental in its erection, viz
JOHN KEEt.e.rt, Rev. G. W. JACKSON, and
CHAMBERLIN. At this reop
ening service two of the three bad gone
toNnin the wonhipin the Temple not
Mr. Jausort was a load_ elder, and- an
earnest Christian man:. By trades black
sinith, be labored with his hauls . for the
support of hil family 'and f gave peach* .
revivals, attending &Muds and sup.
plying the waste Pima with the niinistra
tiois of the (IMO* At the breaking out
of the Rebellion his whole soa ves enlist
ed In . the cause of his country, and at the
organivation of the 141st Regiment be
was elltdien Caitlin of COMOM ,04. Ow.
ing to his age and previous ill lusfit be
soon broke down under the rigors of the
Held and was compelled to resign and re
turn home. He afterward went west
where he died. •
Mr. Ker.i.nn was born on the Wyslns-
ing, and belonged to one of the oldest
families on the creek, and his graildfath
er is said to hav rbeen the first person
buried in the 8 vensville burying ground.
For many .yea ha was engaged - in bust
noes about rye miles above Wyalusing.
lie warm l ral supporter of Christiani
ty, a con istent member of the Church,
a man 9 1' genial kindly spirit, and when
the writer knew him his venerable appear
ance dignified, but courteous manners,
an , social disposition challenged one re
s . . t and esteem, Ile died about two years
rime at a good old age. The names of
others, who by their activity were instru
mental in build& up the Church, are de
serving of mention, but they, belonged
a period somewhat later than theta . o
havobeen spoken of. • •
The old Church remained as it_Was first
completed for nearly a quarter of a cen--
tug until this pad winter, whcil the inte
rior was completely renovated.; a recess
was cut back for the pulpit, the walls
wore newly finished, new seats and altar
rail which was said, to bp the most, elegant
one of any Church iwthe Wyoming Can
ference wore put in,/ The entire cost was
not far from-nine undred
i ydollars, about
one-half of the o ginal cost of the Church;
and in style of / architecture and elegance
of finish is probably not equalled by any.
in the Coney. .
On Sabbath morning the. Church was
filled ',Overflowing. After a very able
1 and eloquent sermon by Rev. GRIFFIN, of
the ) ( entenriary Church of Binghamton,
members of the congregation pledged
I themselves to the amount of four hun-
I /dred and eighty dollars, which with the
sums previously given provided for the
payment in full for the repairs which had
been made.
In the evening the sermon -was preach
ed by Hey. Wm) CRArr, of the Preaby
terian Church, after whieh the Church
was dedicated according to the forms pre
scribed in the ritual of the Church. .
The peculiar character of the cervices
at thole-opening is indicative of the spirit
of Christian friendship which prevails he
"tween the two Churches in. this place, and
the harmony which characterizes their
Christian work.
As marking the growth of the charge,
he membership in 1870 was fifty-six and
n 1878 two hundred and fifty-eight.
MY LAST VlSlT.—There is always some
thing solemn in the thought of this being
the last act in ti e life-time of a responsi
ble being; if a righteous act, the individ-
ual will have his or her reward for the
' works of the righteous do follow them,"
but if the oct,is wrong awn is no- means
of altering it. But to my last visit; it was
to see an old brother - of mine in the State
of New York, who I had not seen theic
twenty years past; having heard by the
kindness of a stranger that he had become
very feeble, and in straightened eirente
stances in regard to worldly means and
among strangers; and I was afraid that
he; through pride or for some other cause
would not let me know the worst of his
condition, so I made up my mind to go
and see himi and if possible persuade him
• to come and spend his last days with me ;
behaving no blood relations in that sec
tion, and being a lone man like myself,
now in the eighty-second year of his age.
Having buried his only son many years
ago and his wife two years ago.
• And not feeling safe to travel alone in
this eighty-ninth year of my age, I en-•
gaged my nephew to accompany me—h :
also having a desire to see his Old' uncle.
And having given up all care of myself to
him (under divine providence) we took
the eleven o'clock train at the upper. de
pot 'at Towanda, and reached Albany,
New l'Ork,
_in the evening of the same
day, nothing occurring worthy of note.
The next morning we took an early train
to Niverville. Columbia Co., where we
found my brother near the depot in a
very pleasant section of the State—finind
him well, but the visit being a surprise
and his eyesight poor lie did not know
me, myself having better eyesight than
he, I saw the ELLIOTT features in him at
once, and it proved a happy greeting—
well pleased also to see his nephew, they
soon became acquainted and made their
visit more tangible than I could mine, for
',bey could fillup their pipes and sit dari
together and smoke, whilst myself coul d
not indulge in that luxury,. knowing its
dileterious effects upon both our physical
and mental organism, but . I said nothing
for fear it might spoil their enjoyment.
We found Brother in a much better con
dition than we expPcted ; in the wreck of
his worldly matters, which came through
the mismanagement of an adopted son
(who turned out to be a fast horse man),
be managed to save a life lease in a house'
and lot which,he rents to pay his board,
occupying one room himself; that with
what bedding and other things he saved
makes him look comfortable for the pres
ent at all events; and he seems willing to
trust the future.
Ho told me that he had set up his grave *
stone by the aide of the one set at his
wife's grave, and had put a sufficient sum
of money in the hands of a friend to de
fray the expenses
,of his funenit, so I
found his reason for staying where be is
were • stronger than mine for bringing
him home with me, so I gave it up and
contented myself with visiting whilst we
In returning td Albany we found our
selves in company of a friend who• has a
residence in Towanda. We were heartily
glad to see him, and he manifested a like
feeling to rds us—especially towards
me—for wren we got out of the car be
took my carpet sack and carried it to the
`hotel for the sake of easing me of the
burden. • ,
After leaving our baggage at the hotel,
we took a walkto the new State Capital,
which is in progress of bidlding.. An
mouse structure all of cut.atone, covering
an arca of four' hundred feet one way and,
throe hundred feet the other, which i
about the mice of sixteen common village
lots did notlearn the estimate of ita‘st,
probauly,four.inillion dollars, lA% took
the night boat fOk 'New York, / as there
was no daily line running, I shnuld liked
to have gone down 'the North River in
the daylight, then I Should( have, rem.
have ;
City of Hudea4there I went to
tilarket in my boyhondi l ithd other places
that I have seen, and/I could have looked
upon Catskill litoun‘ains aud,guess at the
place where RIP YANWIIIIILLIIIIIpt the 20
.yeanrafter hiving beer! headed • by- the
ghost of licnnitat HUDSON ; buts it Ina
night and I took i good sleep on board of
a splendid- steambeat.... •Daylight. Walk
upon us Ante Wks before we• the
city, but the fog' iias 'so *kik 'that we
were out of sight of land until we got
new the wharf. , '. After tiling tope Orsk
quarters in the. city the first thing' we I
wept to see was what could be seen of the,
suspension bridge that is being built to
connect New York with Brooklyn. To
conceive of a suspension bridge scrum a
chasm is easy, but to give a correct id
m i
of a bridge ou a Perfect byre' across si w e
stream wham the banks are but a few
feet above the waters at &height nt
to let the shipi in -full rigging pap under ,
it is beyond my powers ofdescription.
The work is in quite aferward kate of pro
gression, the piers are up said to be
two hundred feet high.
We nag passed ,th;mg the fish mar
ket, and; if I should mpt to speck of
'the quantity and des cribe . ribe the vast vatic
volume; suffice it to
ar for the city and 1
mid besides. We next
an elevated• railroad,
ligh as the windows
I the houses and close
went to the building
Insurance Company,
ram* to the obsemato•
trod feet above the
Jade the busy throng
beloW look like a company of children
just lef - ont of school. The flag staff of
the weather indicator h on this building.
The time indicator is also in full view ;
by this the inhabitants of the city can tell
exactly when it is 12 o'clock at Washing
ton. At *wining we crossed overby ferry
boat to Jersey City, and I was conducted,
safely aboard of a sleeping car, and put
in charge of the porter who saw that I
was - nicely in bed, and - called me up in
time to dress-and then kindly took me by
the hand and led me to the 'bus • at the
Towanda depot, andln duo time I was
conveyed safely to my boarding place, and
here - I am in gt.od l!ealth; and have just
finished this review of my journey.
6, 1878. •
The following persons wore sworn in as
Grand Jurors, viz
C W Holcomb, Ulster, Foreman ; Ly.
'man Arnold, Orwell
_; C N Beers, Orwell;
C C Brown, Canton twp ; M M uoolbaugh,
Monroe twp ; Miner De Groff, Athens bo.
rough ; John Epley, Towanda twp ; Dan:
iel Fogarty, Barclay ; B C Holcomb, Le-
I; Walter Mason, South Creek ; D
May4lidgtonry ; M M Platt, Franklin; J
J Rogers, Litchfield ;.George Rutty, Ath.
enitwp ; D V Stodge, Towanda bore'.;
James Strnble, Litchfield ; Sherman Tan:.
nor, Wells. •
N C Harris vs J J Thompson.—Judg
.ment for
s plaintiff in ease4stated for 027.
80 and costa.
First National Bank of Athens vs J D
Ilyser.--Jiidgmetit for plaintiff in case
stated f0r41,826.00 and costs.
Sarah Jordan vs OliVe Elliott. .1 N Ste
vens mE y•Yr•kizer.—Rnlei made abed.
James Foz*s ex'rs vs Randall & Man
ley.-mßule discharged.
Davis, Jones, Beckwith (!b Co vs J S
Smith, et al.—Final confirmation of Au
ditor's report, stricken off, and report. re
ferred to - Auditor to file a s upplem e nt a l
Citizens National Bank of Towanda vs
J A Codding, et al. Pomeroy .Brothers
vs L D Bradford, et al.—Auditors reports
filed and confirmed ni
James Nesbit vs Wm Nesbit:--Court
appoint J F Sanderson, Esq, ,an Auditor
to distribute fundh raised by the Sheriff's
sale of defendant's personal-property.
N C Harris vs F A Gillett, et al.—Court
appoint; H V Maynard, Esq,• an Auditor
to distribute-funds raised by the Sheriff's
sald of defendant's real estate.
In re the assignment of Moses Gdstin
for the benefit of his creditors.—Assignee's
final account filed and confirmed . n 9 si.
In re the alleged lunacy of Aaron Shotts.
Inquisition returned wherein they find
Aaron Shotta not to be a lunatic. _
C W Clapp vs J W IfollenbaCk.—Court
:unit record to be amended.
J N Murray, et al vs A C Howard, et:
al.—Demurrer sustained and bill dismiss
ed at the costs of the plaintiffs.
Abner Wood vs N.l Lines, et al- H P
Moore vs Nelson Vanderpool. trel Porter
vs E T Buffum. Calvin West vs Henry
Spencer. Augustag Cook vs A G Fria
bie, T T. John Clark vs Ellen Clark.
David Horton's use vs Martin Rogers. J
B.Overfleld Wm Martin. MW, Cor
nell's use vs John Bradley. Rule to open
judgment in each case.
.1 0 Frost & Bons vs Bramball & Haight.
—Rule to open judgment as to W Bram
Hulett vs Z B McKean, of al.
Rule to strike offjudgment as to Z 11 Mc
First National Bank of Athens vs Batt
Golden, et al.—Rule to strike off jndg
Guy Limoreaux vs Alexander Gibbs.—
Rule to set aside execution. .
Ii L Parks vs C E Thayer, et al.—Rule
on plaintiff to tile declaration: ' . ,
Caroline Manley vs,-James Fox's ex'rs.
—Rule on plaintiff to pay costs.
F Reichimer, et al vs Farmer's Mutual
Fire Insurance Company, Garnishee, two
cases. .? Joseph Mosbbacker vs same.—
Rule to didsolve attachment in each case.
A. J Noble vs W S Vincent.—Order sus
pending order of sale revoked; and Re
ceiver directed to make a saltil. ' :
J A. Codding vs F S Ayers.—Auditor's
report referred to the Auditor to find ad
ditiona! facts. .
Kate Grippin vs C L Grippin. Court
direct. a subponia in divorce to-issue.
Mary I. Brink vs C W Brink. Hannl
Clark vs E M Clark. Court direct an ias
subpoena to issue in each case. ,
Antoinette M Eiklor vs Geo ' iklor.
Mary,G Tingley vs F M - Tingl .—Court
direct Sheriff .to make proclamation _in
each case.' A- . - :
Mary .1 Medea vs LymaryMedes.—Court
appoint J 8 Wiliiston,/Esq, a Coinmis
Caroline Sherman / is II N Sherman.—
Court appoint W EChilson, Esq, a Com
missioner- s/ '
S II Waslibnin vs Sarah Washburn.—
Court appoint W J Yining, Esq, a Com
missioner./ . . ,
Addle Dickinson vs G W Dickinson.—
Court p‘rit a divorce.
Cot/ vs John- Pyne. Fornication and
bastardy.' , Com vs J Fox.. Felonius as.
sadlt. Corn vs A W Alger: Concealing
pis propectr. Corn is Gustavus Conklin.
saise prate acs, Each of the above cases
continued taeptember term. : ` '
Com vs Frank Tallada. IPelonius as
sault and battery. Com B F Ball: Con.
tempt; Com vs Frank Ketchen and Rich
ard. Ebston. Assault and battery. Court
direct a nolle prosequi to be 'entered in
each case upon payment of costs.
- COM vs Oliver Nelson.. Surety. of , the
peace.—District Attorney McPherson and
II N Williams, Ergs,. for Commonwealth;
.1 II Shaw and E B Parsons, Fags, for de
fendant. Court adjudge defendant guilty,
and sentence him to pay the costs of pros/
ecution, and 'give security to ' lieep - fe
peace. .
andliaynard for defendant. Jury find
defendant guilty. "Court sentence him to
pity a finnof $5 and ansta'of proseention.
Coin vs Limo Dec*. Assault and bat.
Coot v 8 tery.lontslltY l 4 l 9o o tegisitliTh
battery.—Defendant pleads guilty-. • •
Con. vs .1 W- Marcella& Assault and.
battery. District Attorney McPherson
for Comnumwesltli; D'A Ov, 3 49; EN ,
for defendant. 'Jury find defendant guilty..
Com vs Henry tamPbell, Silas Cambell:
and • Addison Campbell. Riot.—Diatriet
Attorney-McPherson' and N C Elsbree,
Maga, for Corunumwealth ; DeWitt & Hall
for defendants. j , • , .
The Grand Jury diapered ,
of the follow
ing caws, viz: •
COM vs John Alkler. 'Assault and bat
tery. ___
I r
Com vi Isaac Docker. Assault andbat
tory. ,
Cern ye Henry Campbell. • Assault and
battery. •
Coin vs Henry Campbell, Silas Camp.
bell, and Addison Campbell. Riot.
Cora vs James Fox. Felonious assault.
Com ya Byron Tall and. Henry Tall.—
Maliciously breaking down fence. 2 cases.
Com' vs J W Marco Um. Assault and
Coni vs A JiNablo. • Burning a harm
OURDON Illewtrr : Esta, ono -of our
oldest an' most higl i g esteemed citizens,
died on Friday morning last. Mr. E..was
in early life a carpenter, but,for several
successive years was elected Constable of
this-borough, and was once chosen Justice
of the Peace. He was a quiet, peaceable,
and honest gentleman. His age was (gi
AT the annual election of Naiad Engine
N0..2, hold May 7th, the following offi
cers wore elected for - the ensuing year:
Proident--4: ,
,Vice President—E. N. 3LtsoN. _ •
roremars 7 -C. L. CODDING.
trst Aeshitant-O.E, lgristerr.
mut Assistant-LC. N. BEIDLEMAN. I
'Seeretary-..GALEN OWEN.
Finarieickkflelretary : —;: , l... BEETLE._
Ttuue+err-1 ~F urmucti.
• /yrremen---Ittrytrs' *uric
Azemen—C. Bnirros and FRANK Ron-
Member of Fire Board—A. T. Planes.
After election the Company adjourned
to FITCH'S as usual, who opened his ele
gant ice cream Parlors, where a collation
of ice cream and cako.awaited them.
ENT.—The School Directors of the county
assembled en Tuesday lima 'the - peti
pose of selecting a person t , ) servo as
County Superintendent of Schools for the
nest threelpitrs.
Ron. E. R. - MYLE was elected Presi
dent, hud E. 11. THOMAS and J. B. REEVE,
shown Secretaries. ,
lion. .11'41. WEBB nominated G.
RYAN, and W. W. WIIITNIAN nominated
Prof. RANSLEY. On calling the roll, the
vote stood, RYAN, 160; RAICIALEY, 11.
We most heakily coligratulite the pea.
ple of the county; on their securing the
services of so competent and eflicient a
gentleman. Under his adminiitration the
educational interests of tlie county will be,
carefully guarded.and the standard etc.
TIIR building known as the "Tovntuda
House," on Second Street, was burned on
Wednesday night last. The fire waadis
covered about 12 o'clock, and before the,
flames could be atibdned, the building
was a mass of ruins together with all•tbe
contents. •
The house was disreputable resort,
and the inmates had been notified to leave
the Taco.
AuAtata LABAIte alias fawn Bon-
BUTS, one of the inmate" watt-suffocated
by the smoke and perished hi the flames.
The proprietteSs; Mrs. BATHYREST, es
caped from a second story, window.
Coroner WALKEn was notified of the
affair, and on Thursday Summoned the
following named jurors, - who after exam
ininga number of witnesses, rendered a
verdict that the deceased came to her .
death by suffocation : , D. 0. HOLLON, E.
From the evidore elicited no other , v6r
elfe,t could have been rendered, but the
gien&al impreisiod ttthattliere was some
thing " erf,x?ked" about the fire. /
C. W. NEvms,,Sec,'y.
The head
girl wer
said by till
understood, icing
facts frosty ' demati
cian regt factor in
orderto. town
factors, as a
science, me or
more face calcu
lations. ' a this
'way, the avoid-.
ed. In i Fam
ily Media. D.. of
Buffalo,.N. ~
~ to the
cireful / mvestigation of'toe Several class ?
will ,diseases for which his remedies are
presMbett as specifics...theirlunpaialiel
ed in mess attests, arguments stronger
t an words , the Doctor ' s
skid. Hill Graci
a Medical Discovery is nnstovassed in
curing diseases of the throat, liver,
and blood ; while the Favorkte 41-.
tion is sold under a Positive' guarantee to
we those diseases and weaknesses pecu
liar to woman. No remedy yet known
equals De. Piekee's-Compound.Bstract of
Bmart-Weed in curing dysenkery and kin
dred irregulanities of the bowels. Over
one hundred ,thousand copies of the Pea
I ple's Common Sense Medical Adviser have
been sold. Price $1.50 - post-paid. Ad
; dress the author, It. V. Pierce, M D.,
rßuffalo; - :r: , 1 ,, i,"' ' -- 7 ------ 7 -7 - '
, .
-I+l ' - 1 . '
Ur "JOY BELLS," a new Eiti . niay-
School Singing Rook, by W. A. OnpEN. Sistnple
copies *.S tents by snail. ' f.. n. rowsui.
malt.._ - ; ..: -f.! ; :
.1 !Scranton,' Ps.
VirWOOL CARDING.--Thitiusinesi
. Carding will be conducted as usuay at the old
establishment In Camptown dining' the coming
summer. We will bo ready do , the first Sack
that mimes, rind cheerfully refer to *bow for whom
we worked for tut season, as to the quality of work
that may be expected,
May bttl 1677.. ,
RV All um styles a t J. L. Km's. mayt
tar MILLINERY GOODS at *bole
sate at EiTRIGIN ! A
larErriOthig in the. lino of station-
Wuncoxs & 811AUT'S. _
rirgifElliAßTY- SHAWLS' In, great
irarlf•tt St J. r.. KENT'S. may 2.
/ I Ladies, I►lirsea and Children!?
pLOVICSAid fiI!SIBY it I.' L; gilfre. • raari
MILLINEIIT, at the lotiest feces, at BORN
Rm. I
TOWELS, at J. L. Hurts. awl.
orge l 7.—tois.
duly find
ehdty as flarstat.
glr Thompscm's wyg . , FITTING
CORSET st J. L. XXlVrak , MTV.
ana batter/.
shit o
. W vs. • - mays.
lir Get your STYLISH BONNETS st
Brixlt Tiros. New York Store and love maw.
or DRESS GOODS at reduced prices
at J. L. Werra.
say- STERN Bros. have just received
Him of Ladles ready made , sults and summer
.Basques. '
fir MislloB Boom S FARNRAM do all
146131ERiri 4 pairs, for 25 cents, at
mats arm
Embroideries,. Laces, ° Silks • and
a bums at STMI Bros..
.1. Mr2.mei is selling goods
this sipriair CIikAPER THAN EVER. Call and
eiarelne before perebaslog. opal.
. tw- STERN Bros. - are selling fgl.7N-'
DOWNS and BAILOR HATS for ,:t3 cents, and
tsr Bear in mind tlia; we will 1011 yon
• Mager tteirtng Machine. with DROP LEAF, two
Drawers and Cower for $30.00.• \ .
way& ' 0. A.'BLACK, Agent.
IM Mrs. E. J. Milieus Ilan. returned
from the ens'. and had decidedly the FINEST
ttils town.
it GLOVES for 15 cents, rind'
PETS for 115 cents at STERN Bros. New York
tW".Tablo Linens, 'Fowling and Nap=
tins at StettN MVP.
rif For Crockery, Cutlery, Glass Ware,
and a boat of other articles, useful and ornamental.
go to 31snita.'s Crockery Store.
. tor Mrs. E. J. ?thauos bas TRIMMED
!EATS feir ONE DOLLAR and upwards. -
for oto -SNELL & FAIINUAM'S for
best Millinery Goods.
rir Cnicnsnrtio.—A splendid oppor
tunity to buy a Illitclass Plano. I hall a floe 7
Octavo Chickering Piano, which has been rented.
It Is laltosescond Case, tour timid corners, Is In
perfect order, and wit be warranted the same as a
new ‘ one. Price WO. L. B. PoWett„
may2.2w. 115 Wyomlng-ave, Scranton, l'a.
$W Great reduction on rates :to an
polnts.West„ 'Northwest and Southwest. The
cheapest taros ever ()gored. Write or apply to G.
It. Sherwood, Towanda, L. V. it. 11. ticket °dice.
tir E. H. DORMAUL,
325 East Water Street,
EL3fIRA, N. Y.
First Floor—DßY GOODS.
Second FIoor—MILLINERY.'
Third . Ffoor—CAAUETS.
tpper floors xeceaslbbi by Elevator. A visit of
inspection will more than amply repay. julyn.
Fir FEJ,CH it • (Taylor tt, Co.'s old
stand), Main Street, having Jost returned from the
City, are offering one of Me riest Assortments of
rETS, OILCLOTHS, kc., ever exhiblied. In To•
wanda. and their Prices are Astonishingly Low.alB
Vir 3frB. C. H. ALLEN . bogs leave to
Inform the Ladles of Towanda that NM Is now pre
pared to do BEiVINti BY TILE DAY on reasonable
terms. Residence, No. a Ward . & Overtones b ark,
First Ward. ppriv
Ear Cowi.Es' Bakery . . Wagon, of the
lift Win' llalcc4r, will be on hand dally with
Fred' Crackers hot Mtn the oven, tread, Pies,
Cakes, Ste. • sprit"
rer Flower Pots and Hanging Baskets
—largest variety ever sltowirla this market, at MA
DILL'S Crockery Store. . may:.
rErThe Largest, Best and Cheapest
line of Shea for Vannes', Mews .. .and Chlldrena'
west Is found at COnsETVS new store, corner Main
and Plne-eta., Tracy ik Noble's Block. aprE7B
lifseos Las the beat' Skirt
Supporter, also the Skirt Elevitor.
Cousin has the best wearing Shoes
for Men, Boys and Youthe wear ever. offered In
Towanda, and at prlets within the reach of ail.
vir Horse Powers for rile, ono Second
hand, and new ones of Blued '& Cols manufacture,
Sayre Stanfl Co.
Sayre, Pa.
Man. 3 months
, .
ilou't you forget it. e have An
at COWLES' BAKERY, where you can' Loy the
beg fresh-baked crackerk,
Or L. B. Roootdts challenges compe
Litton for quality of goods and low prices on bash,
Doora,.Blinda and !dolditq, 6, and all building ma.
tees'. lang3-tn.,
Silver Watches, Chains, Fancy Jewelry, etc. The
undersigned having purchased at Sheriff . % Salo the
entire stock of Watches, Chains, Sliver and Plated
Ware, In the store formerly occupied by N.
DELMAN, and not Wishing to remain In the busi
ness, has concluded to sell the entire stock regard
less of coot, in order to wind np the'business. Call
early an. secure bargains. MvTACQBEg.
tie a
• of
Cr To T r im Punuc.—The Steam Grist:
Millis Bheih6qulp, forinerlyinvitesl by F.S.ATins,
will be started under NEW MAN /t GEMENT
and wltnincreaaed facilities, en 310NDAY, Feb..
18, 1878. We Invite all the old patrons of thin pop.
ular Mt to give us a call. We shall not object tii
making tujw Maude. SATISFACTION GUAR
ANTEED 8. W. Rot:leans, Agent.
or PIANOS AND.OROANS.—If yeti wish
to pnrchase a very supelor PIANO 'or ORGAN,
equal In every excellence •to any made, at 'Sianufac.
turer•s Wholesale Price, and thus save nearly one
half of your„pioney, do not fall. before purchasing ;
to write for catalogue of description and prices, to
Pad Office Box 5a8.%,. New York.
March 7, 1878. tf.4-
tar E. F. Ku - NKEL's'BrrrEn WINE .OF
Nos gives tone to the stomach, Improves the ap
mellte and assists digestion, excites the bowels to
healthy action, expelling all the, foul humors that
contaminate the blood, corrupt the secretions and
otend the breath. It excites the liver to a healthy
action and strengthens the nerves,imparting that
glew to life thatproceedsalone from perfect health.
Thousands In all walks of life, testify to the virtues
of this exceellent mhdlelne In correcting the de
.lartiehlellt of the digestive organs. Oat the gene.
the: Sold only in oue dollar bottles. Ask for F. P.
ONKLL'a BITTED WINE OF 1110%, bud take no
other. ,/
Eiripteltila I Dyspepsia! Dyspeplits!
E. V. knniePs Bitter While a less, a sore cure
for thlddiseate. It has hpen prescribet daily for
Many 'years In tee practice of eminent physicians
with nnputraltiled success. Symptoms Ire loos of
appetite, - triad and riatagof food. drynesi in month.
hvadache. dizziness, sletplessness and row splilts.
Get the genuine. Not sold in bulk. only !medullar
Do you want something to strengthen your •Do
you want a good appetite? Do you want to get rid
of nervousness? Do you want energy ?1)0 you
want to sleep well, or be cured ofilyspepshi. kidney
or liver inseams ? Try E. F. RtgillrAL'S • BITTIII,
WINE OF 'nos. Every bottle guaranteed to do as
recommended. Depot and office, 2t9 North Ninth
Street, Philadelphia. Fa. Get_the genneme. Sold
by ail druggists. Ask for FL F. Kunkel's and take
Do other. Alt I ask is a trial, of this valuable med
icine. One bottle will convince you. Get six bot
tles for 'Meddler& one dollar -for one.
Tape Worm;Pin, Seat and Stomach Worms re
moved alive in from tno to tour hours. No fee un
til head of Tape Worm passes alive and In one.
Ask your drontst for Kunkel's Work Syrup. , bill
only In one dollar bottles. Used for children or
porn persons. It never falls. Or send fOr Wen
tar to Dr. Kunkel; 259 North Ninth Street. Philar
detail*. Pa. Advice by mall free. Send three
tent stamp for return of letter.
E. E. nuakol'a Lostral avid E. F. Kul
• kePo Ellionkpoo for the Hair.
/H B.
The beat and 4 cheapest Hair Dressing and Hair
Cleaner In the world. They remove dandruff, allay
Irritation, soothe and tool the dented seep, prevent
the hair from failing off, and Promote the groirth
la a very short time. They preserve and beautify
the Hale, and render it soft and glassy. They im
part a brilliancy and a silky appearance to braid
and nary Hair. sutras a hair dressing they am un
rivalled : eradleatetiatuiruff and prevent bakituns.
The shampoo elevens the flair. removes grease,
scurf, itching, 'eruption. Cures headache produced
by heat and fatigue. Kunkel's Shampoo mut !As
tral restate Hair to a natural andglossy color , re
store faded, dry. harsh and wiry hair. Price ' per
bottle tn. Asir yoor druggist for them, or semi to
H. P. Kande/. Proprietor, No. "Ha North Ninth
Street, Phlbutelpbla, Pa. fiday2-3m.
otic and tnialiiiiillellll/eo
want' a Baby Carriage, call
tkery Store. - mar..
get all the latest atyles of
heap, at.Wuvrcome a Su+uret
Tape Worm Iltentored
I WNlrra^oll/1/ETT4t the bane of tbe bride,
A pit Mb; tell: by - Rie. Gee. L:Wllllaies. Mr.
William T. Timm* and Ulu Monaca &Gillett,
boat of Some. re. -
. .
P02111C116414111ARD11.;.-1o Key
ld.le7i. by Um A. %Stowell; Yr. Preceptor C.
tattles ti INatte.!.3llchsoll, both ot Rose. Is.
wurintoox—ti4l47bas tap, ; AprO ed. JCL
of parodysl; lone Westbrook, aged?) ring $
months sad It days: •
PITZLPI3.—iii Burlington borer, Kay 1, Ma, of
paralysia. "tyro Mips. sea" sod 14J
hit rtsitime was bons to linotooth,, Rotlaad
county, Vt., March 3, Mt. He moved from Solon.
Cortland comity. N. Y., to Candor, Tlmo county;
N7V.,..and from there In 1141 to Burlington,;llrad.
ford county, Pa., where be_ has eoallneed ever
slam to reside up to the time of his death.
-t Mooair.—To antankall desiiifig a
volume of BennamOrrayers sue
addresawsiai revised by Ida crirpliand, best In print,
book' large, type plain, paper geod, and contains
over NO page?. with 73 sermonsind it addresses.
well naiad.. Price according to binding, ta,lo.
43. 43 0, SUL - •
This Book abound be In every home, as Songs and
'Sermons mate well. Apply to E. Burroughs of
4lba, Pa. '
Itirßy - universal accord homes CA
?Harm= Pitts are the b•st of all purgatives for;
family use, They are the produel, of keg, labori
ous., and successful chemical investigation, and
their use, by Physicians in their .proctiety. and kV
all Civilized nations; proves Ahem the best and
most effectual purgative Pill that medical skill cal
devise: tieing purely vegetable, no harm can arise
from their use. In intrinsic value and curative
powers no other pills tan be compared nit): thorn,
and every person, knowing their virtues, will em
ploy tit m, when needed., They keep the sjstcm in
mleck,order,` and maintain In healthy action the
whole machinery of life. Mild, searching and et a
fectual; they are specially adapted to the needs of
the digestive apparatus. derangements of -which
they prevent and cure, If timely taken. They Are
the beat:and safeat , physic ploy far children
and weakened canstitutl 5, where a mild, but
effectual, Cathartic is tilted. SOLD tsY ♦LL
Gene‘l dealers In GrOcertes sad Produce.Patteu`s
• block, corner Male and firldiro Streets.
flour per hbl .# 6 50 00 00 #7 #5 50
Flour per sack ' 1 6,5® 200 1 71® 210
Corn Meal persloo Ilia .: - - i 25® .
Chap feed t _ \ .... , • 1 2506
Wheat per brieh‘ 1 250 135 1 40011 - 45
Cora 45 60
-- , 14 -
ltre ' --- . ' 6 6 0 65
e '
" . • 50®
Buckwheat - \,.. 40 • ...
Clover eited,mmilum,. \ ' - 500 525
Timothy, western,. 4 \• 1150
Beans, 02 Iter, . , s 1 00444 125 1 5(.0 200
Pork. mess 1 . 250® ' ow 10
01 08 D • 10
08 08
08 00 • 10
0843 ‘, 09 ' lO
10 12
1431 to Ise 20
14t Is \ zwo 20
9 10
14 \ 18
Dressed hogs...
I.ard .
Dressed Chickens
• Turkeys •
flutter, tubs
Egg& freaah
Green apples, W.&
Cranberries per quart..
'Potatoes, per:bushel.
Ontorts - -
Veal Mans
Sheep pelts
New . Advertisements.
MTlog no further use for tho F ranklin.lfand
Elie Engine. It now offered forple at a haltala
for Vie oral two weeks. Call on or adidreas
Inafa-2t. b N.. N. BETTS, Harem.
, .
NOTICE. - The Commissioners of
Towanda township have Thirteen (la) (*Mid
ten from Two to Thirteen years of age, for whom
they desire to procure homes. Persons desiring to
adopt or employ anf of them chn apply to the un
dersigned. FRANK. GREGG.
' A.. W. DIMMOCK, •
Commissioners Towanda Towethip.
Towanda, April It, 1878.
LIST OF LETTERS remaining in
Post Bate at Towanda, Bradford Co., Pa.
for the week ending May, 9, 1878:
Raker, Rosa 'Lunch, Emma*
ell, R. F. Mrs, Lynch, Annie . .
Bottler, Addle S. Myrieh, N. H.
Ratner, Elisabeth MeKate, Thos
,Hubling, Maty Stephen!, J. H.
Haitaway, A nnlo Stritth, L. A; Mrs,
Kelley, W. T. Mrs. Stewart, Caroline
Persons ea/ling for au of the abate will please
say " advertised, giving date Of lll4t,
S, W.•ALVOItD, P. M. .
IN • 'BANKRUPTCY. District
Court of the United States for the Western DM
•WI of Pennsylvania. In the matter of Mahlon C.
Morcur, Baukrupt, Western District of Poansyl.
vania- :
A warrant In Bankraptcyhas been lamed by said
Court against the estate of Mahlon C. Merritt. of
the County of Bradford and State of Pennsylvania.
In mild District. adjudged a Bankrupt upon Peti
tion of his Creditc4a, and the payment of any debts
and the delivery of any property belongltigto said
Bankrupt, to him or to his use, and the transfer of
any property by him. - are forbidden by taw. A
meeting of the Creditors of wild Bankrupt, to
prove their debts and choose one or more Assignees
of his Estate, will be held at a Court of Bankrupt
cy to be held at Willlamspmt in said District. on
the :Atli day of MAT, A. D. 1578. at 2 o'clock P
at-the office of P. E. Smith... Esq. we of the trees
ters fn. Bankruptcy of said District, In Court
House. • John Hail.
may: U. r. Marshal-for said District.
- mits. COMMALE,
In her practice in this borough during the past
year, has effected many wonderfnl cures. Iler In
creased knowledge makes her fully competent to
treat nearly all diseases Incident to our race, Spe
cial attention is giyen to purely female complaints,.
AU kinds of lever/. Appoplexy. Inflammation of
the Eyes. quinsy, Croup, Pnetimonla, Pleurisy. In
ftrmmatlen cf the Liver, tuflanunatory Rheuma
•tieni, Amamsle,' Deafness, Aphonia, Dvspepeli.
Diabetes, Dropsy, Chronic Rheumatism. St, Vitus
11,ance, Epilepsy, Gaiter, Neuralgia, Fever . Sore ,
C Curvature Of the Spine. Asthma:
Bright's Disease of the Kidneys, and ether diseases
too numerous to mention.
Charges moderate. Terms cash. itesidenee on
Poplar st., west of Western Avenue, where she
may be found at all Ileum. mays.
Spring Term reimports MONDAY, APRIL 8.
Tor catalogue, or other particulars addles!) the .
Towat.da,'Jait. 17; 1878.
PO TTI'ELL 6% CO: dOsirp
to- call • •
to thei?' stock of
which they co t e now receiv
ing anct offer for sale at an
hi c. ,....jthetr stock of La
manzifa,etured from foods
of new and desirable styles.,
',laic* . they offer at prices
. ranging front,
They are also receiving
large additions to • their
stock of Ladies'
liEdiDr-mADE .71(USLIX
at. prices 1e.43 than. exist`
Materials from whielt,tl44
are made.
Totcanda, May 9, 187 g.
bt sundry writs tuned out of the Gird of
Common Mesa Bradford County, and to me di.
reciek. , ifittil pub li c. ale en FRIDAY.
the :Midi, of MAT. 1874 at the doorof the Court
Mouse, in Towanda Borough. at 1 o'clo.k,, P. x.,
the following.deSertbed property, tomtit:
- No 1. One lot, pleepor parcel of land situate In
* Burlington twp, bounded north lands of D
Luther. eat by lands of Writ Barnes, south by
lands of Darld Mead and Isaac Lane, west by
lands of Barton Bcouteti and Wm Cannarecontalio,
SO aerssmore Cr less, about IS in:proved, with 1
board house, and board granary tit
and Wilkey Into execution at the suitor it T Fox va
Almanza Allen and Darld Mead. Also at the suit
of N C Thompson vs Almanza B Allen.
No 2. ALSO.—Ode other lot situate In Canton
bono', bounded and descrlbmt as follows:. Begin.
cling in the east line of Mix is Whitman's drug
More lot on the northeast cor of the lot herein de
- scribed; thence easterly - along the south line of
lands belongingto Lodge No $2l, 10 of 0 F. soft
to an alien thence south along the west aide of said
alley about 1001 tto the north line of A 0 • Keliers
lot; thence west along Kelley 'S north line about to
tt; thence Utah along said Mix & Whitman's- east
line to the place of beginning; contains about 3,100
Kure feet of land More or less, all improved. -
Nos. ALSO-4Mo other let less,.
in Canton
two', bounded arid described as • follows:
ning In** a proposed e ate:igloo of .Ceo
tertst at the northeast cor of K Wright's; thence
' west along J K Wright's north line 185 ft to Beale's
alley; thence north along east line of Bears alley
600; thence east along the south line of other Inods
of 8 J Illekok iestt to :said CentrOst; thence smolt
along the center of said to the place of
beginning; contains 11,100 square feet of land; all
Improved. -
No 4. ALSO—One other lot :situate In Canton
bona', bounded and described as follows: Begin.
fling at the northeast cor of the last above descrlb.
ed lot; thence west along the same 185 ft to fears
alley; thence north along said alley BOft to lot of A
0 Kelley; thence east along said Kelley's south line
to center of said; thence south along the
center of said street to the Kier of begicintr , g; , nn.
tains X of an acre more or less, with 1 framed
house thereon.
No 5. ALSO—One other lot situate In Canton
bore% bounded worth by other lands of 8.3 - Hickok.
east by Dlvisien•st, south by lands formerly owned
by O A Krim,. West by lands of James A Itolhwell:
being about oOft front and abont 130 ft deep, with 1
'framed house thereon'. lielted inittaken Into exe
cution at the suitor Mrs J E Bullock Yst•Stl Hickok
and If N Williams, Sesey.
No O. ALSO—One otberlot situate In Pike twp,
bounded north' by the public highway, east by
lands of Willson Ethan, south and west bythe
public highway; contains 1 acre More or less, all
improved, with 1 framed house, I, framed barn' and
few fruit toner thereon.
No 7. Al,Bo—One other lot situate in Pike twp,
bounded north by lands of Win Davis,* east and
south by.the public highway.-and lauds of 1111 son,
Edaall, and west by lands of Mai Mister; contain,
5 acres of land be the same more or less, all Improv
ed, no buildings, but few fruit trees thereon. 14,1 -
ed mid taken Into execution .at the suit of the Ath
ena Building and Eau/ Association of Athens, Pa,
vs S SI Gregory.
No 8. ALSO—One other lot situate in' Albany
twp, bounded north by lands of Joseph Conklin,
east and south by the public highway, 'west by
lands of Claricliancnekt being 100 H flout and.'sOft
deep, with 1 trusted house and few fruit trees
thereon. (excepting and reserving that part of the
house and lot sold by said Ormsby be Camp
bell off the north end of said.lot. Seized anti taken
Into execution at the milt of Edward Overton S
*Ormsby. • -
No la: ALSO = -One ather lot situate In Athens
twp, bounded north /glands of George Ereortheck.
east by lands of Albert Campbell, south by lands of
N C Harris, west by lands of Horace. Williston's
estate, contains 125 acres more or less, about 10 Im
proved, with 2 framed
.houses, 2 framed. barns, 1
hog hense, I corn house. other outbuildings, and an
orchard of fruit trees thereon.
No 14. A LsO—Une other lot situate In. Athens
t.wp. bounded north by lands of 11orace
'estate, east by lands of =James VVldte, south I,! lands 0f,.1 Griffith and theidiblic highway, west by
lands of Senn' Kirby; contains 55 acres more or
-less, no Improvements. Seized and taken into ex
ecution at the stilt of Miami S Pike vs C II unsicker
and A Hiinsicker.
No 15. 1 ALSO—One other lilt situate .In Orwell
twp, bounded and described as follows : lleginning
on the public highway leading froni - Wysox to the
Wappasena Creek, known as the Ridge road on the
southerly line between said-piece of land owned by
said Taylor atal the .northerly boundary rane of
Wm II Darling, running north .1,,"° , west along the
said Ridge road 44 pert to a point; thence' north
714 ° east along the.line‘of the said road 43 pets to
a point; thence north Is'4° east along the said road
65 tiers to a peintethence along the said emultiorth
21 0 east 34 pers to a point; thence along the said
road north 54% 0 east - 12 pets to a point thence
north, 65.k1.° east 32 pers; thence along the'sald road
73.15° east 24 pers to the line between the" lands of
Cyrus Cook and - the said Taylor; thence south 24 0
east along the line between the said lands 15 2-10
.pert to a stake and stones; thence along the line of
lands of Cyrus Cook. N W . Morgan, and the said
Taylor tooth 12 1 ° west 163 4.10 pert to a cor:
thence north 80° west long the Southerly' line
IS 4-10 pert to a cor ; thence south 3,..(e west :16 pers
tea cur On the line of lands of 'William II Darling,
and the said Taylor; thence along the southerly
- line of said Taylor lands north bra ,° west 50 s-10
pert to the centre of said Ridge mad to. the place
of beginning: contains 92 acres and 21 MO's, be tlo:
same more or lest
- No 16: ALSO—One other lot situate in Orwell
twp, boundetfand described as follows iteginnlog
at the center of the before said Ridge mod °lithe
southerly line of the ian'd of said Taylor, and the
northerly line of the lands of .1 J Newell , naming
along the said line - north 95 0 west 232 pert to aver
of the lands of - .l,l•Newell. Henry Ilowe, and the
said Taylor: thence north fll.• ; ° east along the west.
erly line of the said 'Taylor's land 106 pert to a cor
of the lands of Burton Russell, W W and the
said Taylor, marked hya stake and stones; thence,
along the line between W Olds sort the • said
Taylor; thence 67 1 4 0 east 110 5.10 pers to a
cot a stake and stones at the- piddle
road leading from the - mid' Ridge road to James
Cleaveland's; thence along said toad south 5 0 east
12 6-10 pert: thence along the northerly line of said ' (
Olds and S II Wilson hinds north Srai°- east' '
131 5-10 tiers to-a cor of sold B'i'son, Cyrus Cook,
and said Taylor's lands, marked by a stake. and
stones;thence along the line of lantlsof the said Cook
and Taylor, smith t.S O east as pers to the before
named Ridge road ithenee southerly along the said
read 198 pets to the place of beginning; contalns I
167 "acres and 33 pert, be the shun. more'or less. I
No 17. ALSO—One other lot Situate In (dwell
twit. bounded and' deserlbed at follows: Beginning
at a sugar maple tree at the cor of the lands of II
II Darling and lands formerly owned by II Chaim•
lain, now ownetTby Dr Lewis: and running along
the line between those-lamb. north 4s 1 .2 9 West 511 3.
10 pets to a cur of lands of t h e said Dr Lewis'J
• Newelland Taylor marked .by a stake raid stones:
thence dire east along the 1118.1 of the lands of said
Newell anti Taylor 79.5-10 pets to a cur marked
a stake and stones; thence along the line between
the same south I° west .16 5-10 pers to a cor marked
by a beach sapling: ['mate along the line between
tile land of W II -Darling anti said Taylor 52 0 west
458:10 pets to the plaee of beginning: cOntalns te
acrovand 80 pers, be theiiante more or less. The.
elem.; three lots of land art: kitiewn as the-A (1 Fri.-
•bleTarni. with 1 framed house, 3 framod bares,
sheds and outbuildings, and orchard of-fruit area
thereon. Seized - and taken fate". execution at the
suit of A twists T Cook's use vs A .1 Friable.
No IS. A LSo—one other lot situare In Pike trio:
heralded north by lands of A• D Tassel?: east ity
lands of the Thranaa Brink estate, south by !mitts
of the Tliotnas Brink estate, west be the inflate
-highway contains 12 acres . More or less, all ran
proved, with I franoel house: 1 board shanty, and
few Dolt trees there're. Seized and taken into ex
ceutleit at the suit of 0, W galley vs Stephen It
Canfield. ' •
No 19. ALSO—One other lot situate in Leroy
twit, heunded and described as follows: Begisming
at a cur in the public read leading from the stage
toad to thissoutit side of the Towanda 'Creek. and
cur of Lindley Stone's land, anti in - - the. line of
Amos Vantteers lanO: and running; Menee north
as the oreginahroursa given ratting the lint of Amos
Vantleet's land: running thence north as the origi
nal course giVen along the line of Ames Van fleet.
Lewis Darling: formerly D A Greene, about 2tt
_pers and 5-10 of a perch to a 'cot post...and stones'
adjoining lands of Reuben McClelland on the north,
and thence east as the Original course pees to a
cor in the line of David Hotel:imps Vaud; and
thenCe south as the original course mentioned in
former cratiVeyances a distance of about 312, 4-10
pert to , a cor adjoining Lindley Shale's land as
conveyed/to him by Nathan r.Wficos, anti along
the line of David' Iloagland's laud to said cur, awl
thence troth afte west .4 3-10 per, to a post 111111
Stories; thence west 11 6-10 pets to a blekory tree
isarktid for a cor; thence north 3° east along said
Until 3* Stone's land and one 19 pert to a cor near
a hiekory tree; thence 8: 0 west 23 3-10.pers to the
place of beginning; contains the seppeSe.i quantity
or amount of alstut 66 acres, lie the same noire or less.
(2 acres being reserved. flierelmin In the, convey
airce,)about.6oacres improved. with t f ram...l house,
2. framed Minis, other mittniihilings, and orchard of,
fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken O
& into .exect
lion it the suit of verton Elshree vs-Anthott . 1
Darling. ,
No 20. AL.Sti-‘olte other lot situate in f rabville
twp, bounded Math by hinds of Charles Parmerier
and David Eaton, on-the, east•by laud! of Ephraim
• Keutiall, south by lauds of WilliON Annable
David Thompson, west by lands of Maleelii shoe
maker and Cartiand Clark ; contain., 56 acres more
or less, ail improved,' with I framed hense. I fram
ed barn. 1 framed hog pen, and orchard of - fruit
trees thereon. Seized and taken into executlen at
the stilt of Patrick McGerighralt vs James RI nein
110,11SP. Also at the suit of Burk; Thomas & Co vs
same. .
No 21. ALSO—One other let situate in „Ulster
twp, hounded and described as follows:
on the southwest cor at, the junction of Cash creek
road anti Main neoleading Duni Ulster •to Athens
at a phst in' the cur_ ' e a fence, said cur being moth
east cor of said-Mt . :thence south on west side of
said Main road 66ttsrul 2 Inches to a point; thence
westerly running parallel with building now till
said tot 60ft to it stake: thence right angle souther
ly to said loti thence westerly direetion on said
stinth lie tria point : thetice northerly about s reds
to south side of Cash Creek road to a post ill fence:
thence easterly along south side of said C.ish creek
rand OS rods to the. place of beginning: reserming
therefrom the original surveys of said a pier._
of laud lying on south side of 'said lot east a
right angle and south of line running parallel-with
braidings for C 11* Holcomb in consideratiotrof a
plece.of laud now occupied by sata bundling or point
on southeast cereal said lot with 1 tiv.sstoryltranael
building, 1 trained barn, and other euitmralittest
(hereon. *totted and taken Into excention at the
seat of the Athens Bulltlingotel Loan A saocialtoe
- of them', Pa, vs Sl3 Lucky:Os - A and Mys A Lock
Not , ALSO--One other lot satiate: in Athens
bone, bounded as follows: Being lot No 42in a plot .
or survey made by Orson Rickey for the Ural Ed
want Ilerrick.and Inntnded north by lons No D. 15
and 46; cast 'by lot No .11, south by Chestnut-st.
west by lots No s 7„ Ss and 59, which :Said 10t inter
albs was conveyed to Francis Si ()reale' by the
Sheriff of Bradford County by deed dated and aek
nowledged the lath day orSeptember A. • 1).
with 1 framed house and few fruit trees thereon.
Seized anti takerfinto execution al the suit of Ilia
Athens Braldlng and Loan Assort:Ohm of A trams',
Pa es - 31 W Ryan and Margaret Ryan.
• N 023. ALSO—One other lot situate In Orwell
twp, bounded and tie:trained as follows .; Begluning
at a post and stories on the east side of the high
way. (said highway leading front Potterville by
Werkisers trall),.atthe northeast cor of the tail
nery_lot of S - 31 Beecher; (Melee north el°. east by
said tannery lot 13 •pers. to a 'stake and stoves:
Menet, north lits° west by land 14 said - grantors
7 6-10 pert to a stake and stones: thence smith 54'
west 6 3-10 i ere - thence south 11'1, 0 east 6 5-10,pers;
thence soutb 810 west 6 feto pets inane cast stile of
the first mentioned highway; thence south 9 1 4°
`along the east side of the highway 141 t to the place
of beginning: vonlates 52 pers, be the sane more.
or !ells, all Improved: with au 01.1 framed building
thereon. , ' Seized and take into
Burke & Wheaton,
luto exeinitton at the
cult of .1 F Wheaton, ex'r "v
and .14 Wheaten, Seely.
No 4.4. A. ALSO—Orte .other lot allote in -tome
bon), Isrffintled north by the Aeadern. lot, cast !by
lands of ILK Adams, south by the 4 Illitl-FeIIOWS
west by )fain-sus being about 100 ft front, and 150 ft
deep, with 1 trained house, I trained barn - , t tratuetl i
shut; and few fruit trees thereon. IF
No 25, ALSO-Oneother lot situate n Rome tateo", l l
beturded north by the public lane, eat by the Wy
sox ('reek, south lo• lands of Wm Cotratattgli, west
by talitis of. Dr itieetarantains I tier° shore or less..
all improved. no buildiugs. Seized raid tat.eit into
ex.:oration at the suit of - toplion Elwell vx Ales:an
der Keefe and ILL Parks..
No 26. ALSO—One other lot situate in South
Creek twp, bounded north by lands of Robert Ray,
east by lands of JamestrLeary. smith by lands of
J,C ittitte,e estate, a nd W Lord. ity lands
of Petrie* Morley; contain...lll acct-:.more or lest,
'about GO acres Improved. with I fronted house, 1
\ 12%.
25 \ LS
. 04403
. 40640
. Wi1430
. 05406
4 . LepL
log barn. and Orchard of fruit treee r thmeon. Seta.
ed and taken into execution St Hilt Of CalelS
West es Henry Spencer.
No 87. ALSO—One other lot situate In OraarolThs - (..
twp, hounded- north by lands of Jobs M Plahlo pod
James Riley, east by lands of Adam lonia, south
hy lands of Adam Innis and Wm Bunyan; 'west by
hinds of Harrison Ross, Vbelstle Lowe, and Joint
31 Phallm• contains 87 acres, and 31 pers. mere Or
less, abent SO acres Improved; with 2 framed houses,
2-framed barns, other.outbal kilns% and 2 Meharl .
of fruit trees thereon.: Seizes:land taken into-ex '
cotton at the atilt of 11 Kslfott vs Omar Davie. A •
so at the Ault ofsJ Z Spencer to use of U 1) Baxter
vs Omar Davis. - • -
No 28.. A 1.140-41ne other lot situate in Towanda
taro% bounded north by lands of J J 011113ths, east
by lands of E W Hate. south by 11/Idgeirt, best by
Malmst; being about 7511 front on said kfalk4W sad
about 70ft deep on •, with t three-story
belek block thereon, known as Patton , . Math. -
Seized and taken foto execution at the salt of A
and E Cohnrn's lice, et at vs John J Orlfilths sod J '
No 30. ALSO—One other lot situate in Leroy
twp, bonnded north by lands of M T Shoemaker-,
and James Rittenlomse, east by the estate of Eph
raim Annable and lands - of Reuben Stone, south by
lauds of Wesley Stone. Lindley IkOne, and M H.; Annatde.
Annable. went by the public 410 Way; contains 1341
acres and 13.1 pets more or less, about 110 acres Ina
proved, with 1 (raffled house; I framed barn and :s •
shed attached, 1 Ice house and orchard of- fruit
trees thereon. Seized and taken Into execullon at
the suit of James - Lyon - sears vs David Thompson.
• No 3i: A LS.O4-One other lot situate in Asylum
two, bounded and described as follOws - Beginning
at a stone -heap; thence east 104 pera to a moue
heap; thence-south 25 0 east 119 pets to a stone heap;
thence south 70 0 west 11l 0.10-pets to- stone heap; -
thence April, 15w west 1 0 5'4 pets to the placeo f b""
ginning; contains 94- acriA a n d 15.3 pets more or
less, being part of Sarah 11 Butlers mitt surveyed
In the warrantee name of Barnabas McSitain. about
84 acres Improved, with 1 framed house. 1 framed
barnand sheds attached, blacksmith shop, -work
shop, I framed granary, and orchard of fruit trees
thereon. - .
• NO 32. ALSO—One other lot sittmie In Mourne
and Albany twps, bounded and de:welted/4s follows:
lleginnieg at a sugar torn at an origlital cor of Jnu
Boyd and John Kidd warrants; thence cast by Jno -
Boyd warrant 167 pea to a.hcintock rum of Otis Ly. _
nos' lot: thence by the same sontb-143,pers to a cor
thence went i 67 per* to a cot or E C Kellogg's lot: •
thence by the same north 145 pets to the place •of
beginning ; comains 150 acres and En pets more of
less swing part of a large tract In the warrantee '
name of Joseph Thompson, no Improvements.
No 33. ALSO—Use other .lot situate In 3lonrcat
tai. bounded and described as follows: Beginning
at a cor on lino of E C Kellogg's land; thence. east
100 pert to a cot of the Saulsbury lot; thence north
an pers to a cor on tames W traine's lot i thence.
east its pets to a cor online of John Bristoli thence
30ut112,4' , 1 0 east isiSers to a cor nl3l line of John
Bristol thence ea it. 24 west 1/0 pets to a cot on
line of l". C Kellogg; thence by ItellogrslanftWest .
142 pers to a cor; thence still by Kellogg's land north
AS pets to the place of beginninga contains 76, acres
and 63 pert more or less, no Improvements. Y
No 31. ALSO-41nti other lot situate. In Asylum
tap, bounded and described as follows: Beginntut
at a tor, being the southeast per of the l'blio
go' lot (now,one flacon), running south 3..i 0 west 2
,-10 pets to a cot of past and stones; thence south
83 0 east or thereabouta. 38 pens , to a cors(being
northwest cur of Benjamin lot), thence smith 2°,_
30" west •112 pets to a cor; thence north 73 1 ( ,1 west "
41 5-10 pors to a cor; thence north 40:4 0 west 1741140
bets los cot and stones; thence south 780_
east 114"pers to the place of beglnng: contains 75
,__"acre's more or less, about 50 improved. Seized and '
talcen into execution at the salt of Hiram Elsbree
vs .lames Ellis and E W Ellis.
No 35. A Esc --one other lot situate fu Pike trip,
bounded north by the public highwayman bylaqds
of Win Hutchinson, south by lands .or Seymour
Wilson, west by lands of Herbert Beecher; routalns
6 acres more or less, all Improved. with 1 framed
bons° and few .frult trees thereon. Seized and to..
ken Into execut lon it the suit of Catherine E liars
rtugton vs Martha B Bradley.
• Ne 36. ALSO—Ono other lot situate-in Columbia
'iwn, bounded north by lands of Caleb Burt and.
James Strong, east by lands -of Caleb Burt; south
by lands of Henry Geniet and Fayette Kenyon,
west by the public highway; contains, 90 acres more '
or less about s 0 Improved, with 1 framed hou. e, I
granary and few fruit trees thereon. Seized end--;
taken intOexec.utionat the suit of E B Parson's use .
.vs E 11 Williams.
No 37. ALSO—One other lot situate In
and bounded as: follows : Being all that piece or
parcel of land lying In the township;of Froy and,
being. a portion of the land' boight- tiy Pomeroy."
Itros• of 14'm and Clement Amead, and and now *es -
culled by E A Kennedy,. being all the land'otriled
by Foolery Bros' on`the north sidw:of the county
road, and supposed to contaltiso actes s of land more
less, all Improved, being the same piece of land
conveyed by Pomeroy Bros' L Burton Ayers, by
articles of agreement dated Lee al, 1." .
.framed ht. 41.0.4 8114 orchard of frultrrees thereon.,
Seized art taken Into execiition at'the stilt of.
eroy Bros' vs Burton S Ayres. r•Tunant
. .
No 39. ALSO--Ono other lot situate In Atht ,
bard, bounded north by lands of C - .3V Clapp. (nc:
In possession of H Vanduzer), east t l y lands of eagai , ..
Clapp and. John - llonoraii. south by lands of 'F., :. c uir .
31errill. west by Main-st; being 150 ft on said Main
st,..snil Ilioft deeii,'with 1 :rained house and barns" n
tlienn. -. .
No 4 . 0: ALSO—One other lot actuate In Sheshes
twp. bounded north by 'Muth of Henry Ma=
note and Joseph
,Humphrey, east by lands of Jo..
sephHumphrey - , soutn by landsof John Wagot and
Adam Tiler, west
,by lauds formerly owned os ]tor.
gan Thornmom contains 100 aerea more or leas,
atsmit.9o improved, with '1 trained house, 1 framed'
bign, 2 sheds, 1 wagon house, and An orchard Of
fruit tress thenon. Seized aitd taken into eaeett.
Om at the suit of W C and A 11 Burrows vs .
man Vandurer end If F Maynard.
. No 41. ALSO—One other lot situate In Overton
twp, bounded and described as follows; Beginning
at al birch tree on the line of Pant Moors:',and Josh
ua Cooley warrants:- thence south 31°, 45', west
alOng Jteteph Antbonrdwarrant 104 7.10 per's to a
haswood; thence,north 64.49 west along Ell Morris'
warrant 160 pers to a CM; thence north 31°, 40' east
let 7-10 pers to- a eor; timbre soistii 58!.i0 east
fro pers to the place of beginning; coutains,lo;
acres and 112 pers more or less. It beog thd sable -
land sold to W.Owen by C 1. Ward by contract
dated let-1. 1863.1 .about 50 acres horn:wed. with 1'
framed house, I framed barn. and fese;frnltstrees
thereon. Seized and taken Imo, execution at the
shit of Mrs Ellen Wan! Ml ler :o. use of .W W
• King , loiry vs .1 W t 'wen. - .
- -
'No 42. ALSO-4.the other lot situate Canton trrp.•
bounded north by lands of 41 P and 1) C Manley,
'east by-lands of George Meeker, south t y the To- i
wanda Crock, west by lands of Dr N Smith; eons ,
tain3 70 acres more or le-is., all Improved, with 1
'framed house, I framed barn and few fruit:trees'
thereon. :...elzed and taken into execution - at Dm
suit of dames le Yo s, ex.'r vs Stephen A Randall
and ,Ihreq S ;11,siley, •
No 42.—(ltie other lot situate en Asylum
twp. Moulded north by lands of John Ellis, east by
lands S Heath, south by lands of E W Neal, '
west by other lands of said Kipp; contains 42. acres.
inure or less, about 40 improved, with I framed .
barn and few fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken
into execution at the suit of II L Scott's use vs -L
II Clink. - • -
No 43. .1.14 4 0—0ne other lot situate In Towanda
twp.'moinded north by lot No 92, east' by an alley ,'
south by lot No 69, west by Stablest: being lots !Via
70 and 71, as will inure fully and at large appear on
•6- Mason' s plot of Sonth-Towanda,,aud being-Mt
front tm.ifain-st, and 125 ft - deep, with I framed
house thereon. Seized and taken Into riecntionlit
the suit uf.II L Stott, Trustee V. Michael Hoyle.
ANDREW J. LAYTON. Sheriff. , -
torid'sbdice, Towanda, Pa.. April 17, 1677
TRIAL LIST for May Term, 1878.
Canton Iloro• vs Canton Twp...... ' . •
John Merkle vs Lemon I) Forest' • .
,F.lnts nunslker vs Cornelius Hunsiker .
Th10)In Kinney vs Geo. W. Kinney—.
Sti , --an Canner et al vs C W -Doane
John Thonirvion vs 'M ichael Coleman..,
FlVst Nat Hank of Athens vs John I) Kyser...debt
name };twin Drake... .`
. .
iatt.3 Towner v.) 1 . .er01 . Corbin - assre.
.ssaeher Drew vs littince M Kinney, adni*r...
(Aileen! Bank, Waverly, va Coddinh A llussl "
• same • - .1 D.Monfanye..
- same . Cbauncey'S Russell "
David Gardner vs Daniel lieasor appeal
citi • zerz Batik; Waverly. vs John - F.Means.. autspt
N 1 Voorhis' use vs If IC Gates ' ' appeal
same '.l W Huggins et al ...
SWIM A M Harris =.
SWIM John Lantz. • `•
same Alfred McClure e.
same 0 D D Murphy 5.... • "
same "f 11l F Wilson .. •
6 A 3f idtlaugh vs - Eiluttlatt Smith
.1 A Linderman vSiti.c It 11. C 0.... "' •
Win Vanderistol vs Jun Crimmins .... "
C W Cispp vs G M Ulzby ....- ..... *.e.380
Sunretraes returnable Monday. May 13, iris, at
2 P. at.. • BENJ. S. PECK, Prot.
Towanda, Pa., April 1., 1175.. .
. BANKRUPTCY. District
xeourt of the Vetted tltat.o for the western dia.
triet of l'enusyleallia:
This isto give notice that. on the 12th day of.
.Ipril A. D. is7to. warrant in bankruptcy was Issu
ed against the estate of Rufus. W: Child of Smith
field ten, in the Comity of I:rad ford. and State of
rennsylvailla, who has tern sdjudgett a bankrupt
upon his own petition ; that the payment of any
debts and delivery of any property heionging-to
styli bankrupt to Mtn or for , his tier, and the
transfer of any promrty, by him are forbiden by
law; that a meeting of the creditors(/' said bank-.„
rlipt to Foe., these debts, and to choose one or
:note assignees of his estate, V 1 111 be held- at a
Conn of Bankruptcy, to be held 'at the office of
therton 31ereur. Towanda l'i., before R.. A.
Mercer Esq., Register. on the 215th day of MAY
...A'. 11. le7e'at 10 o'clock, A. M
April, l°th,
U. S. Marshal as Mi•ssenger.
_LA is hereby given that all persons indebted to
estate of Wm. W. Craytnn. late •of Franklin.
ec'd, must Make immediate payment; and all per,
,ns hav lug claims against said estate must present
menu duly authenticated for Settlement:
13 GM
. is hereby given that all persons Indebted to
the estate of l'ynthla Ann Swart, late of. Wyalu
killigolec'4l, must make Immediate payment. and
II persons having claims against aald estate-moat
presentl them duly authenticated for wit meat.
JAW. H. ?I AIM. -
• .xeentar.•
Wyaltiglng,April 4, '7B
Notice Is hereby .given that all persona in
dented to the estato of .lereinlah Blackman. late Or
Monroe township, tiee'd,, are requested to make
Immediate payment, and all person shaving claims
against said estate must present thfm duty authen
ticated sot settlement. 11. It,
. administrator, with will anneied.
gettroeton, l'a., April lt4lB.
Natlce persons hereby given that 011 l
ndel led to the estate of Geo. T. Cote, late nr Towanla
Boni., deed. are requested to make Immedia a . "
payment, and all persons having elaimsaViDZSgaiik
estate must present them duly authenticated tat
settlement. R.L. 11111.1.18,..
Adadniatrator dents idle.
Towanda, Pa., Aral 4. 1878. •
tick! is hereby given thatall persons Indebted
tot,..ustato.or lietwen Fairchild. late , of Waren
townvhlp, dce'd, must make immediate payMent.
and all persons having claims_
_against paid estate
west present them duty authenticated - fur settle
ment. POLLX - li. FAIRCHILD.
Warren Tmp.„ April i . lB. ' • Ifolecutrii. ,
TX EcUTOR'S Ofil C E.--Notic,e
Is hereby given that all persons intlefited to
the estate of G. A. GADM, late of Wlltnot, deed.
arc requested to.mak i immediate payment, and all.
persons having claims against' said estate must
pr,, , 44eit them - daily authenticated for settlement.
'nioitAs It. qNICK,
Ruti, April 25, 7tl. , Executor.
T - 14 .1 4 X EC U'rOlt'S NOTiC
,/ hereby given that all persons- Indebted
the estate of dose& lloniphrey, late of llheshequin. ,
deed, are requested to make Immediate payment.and all prrsonahsving...ebilms.agalost said "estate
tOty,t. pre:unit them duly soitbentlrate,d for settle•
merit. IA -J. TIIIO3ITSON.
slieshequln, May 5,7 R. ' ,Executer. '