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    Padfori geporter,
Towanda ! , Pa., Thursday, 'eb• 11, 18713.
. beible±tin
• ;v7 AToiiz\s\ • $
Towands; Jim. IS, 1877. ' \
- -
THE McKean .3tiner bas abandoned
"patcut outside."
Gam. W. 'MOVPITT will be a eandida
for re.election -as High COnstable neit
SF:VP:RAI. sleigh loads of Ladies and gen
tlemen of this place, went .to Ulster on
Monday evening to give ,lonN= - BEEMAN
.C. H. &stmt. the efficient Secretary of.
the Odd Fellows Relief Association, of
Montrose, was in town last week. Ile
reports the institution as in a flourishing
ELLA SPAI.DIN6, teachers in the Graded
School of this place, have been granted
permanent certificates by'State Superin
tendent WICKERSHANt.
THE police, reports for the past year in
dicatc a marked improvement in -the mor
als of Towanda. The effort of OW blur
phy movement, and the judicious watch
ful attention of Policeman
G. W. Gti,Tilc, -who enjoys consider
able notoriety as "an .arti6t, has
sketched a "farm scene," and preSented
it to the publishers of the county history.
If it appears in the work,
."Gus" will he
made famous.
PATRICK FOGARTY cf This place has
told his residence, and purchased a farm
on the James river Virginia, Mr. F., is
an industrious, intelligent and worthy
gentleman, and we .trust he may . Meet
with all the success he anticipates in Ids
new home. °
Rev, pr. CowlAis, of Elmira, Female
College, Theached' in the Presbyterian
Church on Sunday morning last.
_ln the
afternoon he gave an address on " Solo
nionS Temple,"- to which all the Sunday
selmil scholars and teachers in t9wn were
invited,..and a goodly namb:;r were in
attendance. • '
Oun facilities for doing job work neat
ly and promptly were never better than
at present: We have one of the ticstjob
printers - in the eciuntry—Mr. JduN Noni.E
—and assure our customers that the high
rep ion the REPOIRTERIAas ablays StlS
tained for turning out neat work will be
\ •
hilly maintained.
WE understand therc•Ure to be several
bosincss changes herein the 'Spr*. Cott-
SER is to retnoVe to thy Tracy, Motirt't and I
Noble Block, and WOODFORD ,1a I s )1111S
will take posscssior. of the store in Fki.-
Tox's Block, lately - orcupted• by Close' I
Book Store: J. L. s .Alintutox also expects
'to change his location.
. •
Dun members of the `Legislature are al!
aZtive. Senator p.tvitt_s is admitted tq.
be one pi .. .the leaders of the Senate. Spea
ker litivytt, of the House, Susttins the dig
nity of his Position, awl at the same time
maintains his reputition for affability and
courtesy. while 711e,scirs. (ltt.torr and .
YosvEß arc always to be fotSind in their
seats, and have presented several bills air
ready this session.,
Timmeetinfr of ttio Mite tid6et - ,y at tie,
residence of WM: Mi_x, Esq., on Monday
evening was a very. pleasant 'gathering,
and tlu• collection amounted to over four
teen dollSrs. .•
The meeting next Mondayeveningwil+.
be held at the residence of W. A., CHAM
BERLIN, when a time musical Cntertain-
' ment may be exiicrl
ONE 6f W. 11.. CARNO6IIO.Nf• children, a
little girl aged. abOut )3 years, died of
diphtheria on Sunday morning. The re
'mains were taketv to 1 . 14 for interment,
on Monday. Mr. and MI - -
sympathy of the en; i re cm
sad bereavement. It n-il
their many friends tp kno
boys; FitED'andJonN, wl
criticalitondition for son]
considered out of danger.
WE Tpgret that we wer
liStening to the lecture a
Monday evening last: We are informed
`that the audienee.was very small, owing
Ito the imperfect arran,gemehts in regard
I,i the affair. No one
s seemed fo be -e4,
taia.the lecture was to come-off until
day or Satiirday. Those. who were fortu
nate enough to be present speak of the
Icctiire in the highest ternal, and express
the hope' that the Doctor maY visit us
again under more favorable circumstances.
fixtniursorilinconz—Q. A. BLACK and
.1. It. lierTaMMF., of this piaci), •inade an
excursion last week to Athsns in the • in
terest 0(tIe Order, and succeeded. in ob
taining Afteaftirst.ctass flames to a peti
tion for A.charter to orgituiie a Lodge of
Knights of lionor in Athans
The objects, .plans. and berictits of the
Association are beginning to be appreciti
tedlp our Titinity. The Order tnimbers
0 , ell ;oio Lodges and 32,000 member:4 i: An
effort mill be•made at „once. to institute l
L Ages in'llonie, Canton, Troy and ot herr
townOn Briulfora County.
- _
Rvv. W. A. NEwisor.ii, Secretary of th
American. Church Missivry Society.
occuliled the chancel of (*brig. (71nirch on
.snnday last. In 'the morning. hr
oi air interesting addras eiplanatory of
the office, needs and work at the Society,
A getieniuN offering wastuNen up It its
CWICI rtNiOn.:
In the afternoon Mr. NEWlSOLDaddress
rd the 6unday School children. His re
marks Were instructive - ►ud entertaining,
c and were listened to with tte strictest at
In the evening Li delivered a praaidal
• ,
dibeour§e from Micah V, Pith.
PE:ni1:05.4,4.-I . OIIN E. GOODRICH
wife of Williamsport, were- in town last
week to attend the funeral of thell: geand
-141a3. A. G. AARON and E. G.
Phil a flying visit;•to this • place Lint
•-• ,
Isimivrt e LF: Ras coutlized-t6liis
Louse most of -the . rinie last week, but ;is
itirpeovirk now
—Past Chancellor- Commander J. 14: I a In the • darkness and confusion Mr.
i:Atarsr is in- Philadelphia attending the ! PAchAno could pot : observe his assailants
r very closely. There'vas an evident plot
meeting of the• Grand Lodge K. of P. •
1 to decoy hint t6t6wn at that time, and
—Fitts. i .J.` P. KIIIANY bala heen quite iil '
for the past ten dav • but her either, t rob or murder him outright.
I , ' • ''', s y m p toms :, The 4 yir ° is not eonscious of having
an enemy in the world who'wouldivish to
--Miss lifArtv WARD, has returned to i dcrhim an injury - . • - ......- .
. , her home after an absence of „several 1 The ToWanda officers have the affair in
.. I hand, and may -be aide .t...) throw some
. . .
~ —liti.x. H. H. Itockwnyt, of Elmira,.l light oroa matter that: wears an' air:, of
bass I,een hi atieudawai at court this week, ! mystery at present,
Tim loN, , errot gobd irill be pleas
ed to learn that the "Original "Sisredisti.
Lpdy Quartette!" Lave been engaged .for
an entertainment in this place, and *ll
appear at 3lewur Hall, on s Thpraday
February 21st. These favOritel
need no encoreinume from us, lrtit
we doubt not, be greeted by a fultiMuse.
Admission 50 cts ; Reserved Eeatti 75 cbli
Tickets, for sale at-Kramos. •
PoMoNA GRAN - 0 - E MEETnto.-13radfod
and Sullivan District, Pomona' Grange,
No. 23, -Will meet in Grange Hall, Wrsex,
Pa., on Thursday, the 21st day of Febu
rary, ikt one o'clock r. st: , A full repre
sentation- is requests'. We expect to
have a social, time. ; Now, •brothers and
sfsters:come to this meeting anal help
maks it wtrat it should Aie---profitatle and
pleasant. Installation 434' officers will take
place some time during the meeting:
Fifth degree conferred in the evening if
Arable. Worthy Stifle faster, Piota.i7r,
wi --bectfieie 'to OR on lifthe work,
and tilen able spoakerA arc expected. I
say\to 1 subordinate Granges, wake up
and (vile to this meeting.
E. R. DELosti, Master:
Towtti. Fob. 14, 4SiB. ,
, .
A GEF . T' 0 A - r,.=:=A= pair', cif • landsetne
6xB chromes a egiven free Ito every one
who subseribes• or ee months.,to Lei-
Are /raters, a lar e - page literary pa
-1 •
tier, tilled with the bet
_stories, poetry,
etc., by writers of e.,.chlllte,d reputation:_
The paperssent will coat, the opening
chaptors of a charmik story entitled
." - llolden With the Cordtt,' hY \ the anther,
of "Shiloh," I.;:Winter in etta," -eta:
The nulylishele, J. L. PArrox • 'c l 'o., 162
William Street, Sew York, hal t cided
to offer this short subseription aft:teen
cents, (postage stamps. talt'pn), aln tll \ ie
cost of'wld4-e paper awl !Milling, 4p4 '.
give free
,such a pair of beautifulchromes
as cannot fail to pleik:eit..47 one. 1 )04
ble value; of money is ittont,rsed to every
subscriber. $1,500 in prizes is given-free
to, agents. _ .
\ •
While working in the wines at Carbon
Run on SatUrday. the .`!(1 lust XstntEW
Tlotiußs, a well known miner at .th&t,
place met. With an accident which result
ed is iris death. He and his son, a lad
about 15 years old were working togeth
er; . A blast had just been fired - and. it is
thought that all the coal which had been
shaken loose overhead had not been pull
*l down, and :Tailing soon' after, erushod
him beneath
The- . accident oceured about . 11 A. NI.,
and•he died abont 9 o'clock that evening..
The deceased was 'about 40 years of age
and Wes an industilous aid careful miner,
-respected inui esteemed 'by all. • 11 . e
leaves a wife Mid ruse children. Ile was
buried at liarcittyon Tuesday
• '
'Holmes Ld to , leave Carbon
Run in a ithole'time and go west
indeed:ltail au: le up his mind to settle
up and (fti4t the day before bu t
afterward changed his mind.—Journ al,
Early last spring Prof. F. A. ALIEN, who
,has for several years. been principal bf
the Sohlierisl Orphan School, ansl manag
ed it with great success, Was elected prin
cipal-of the - State Normal School. This
fict algae, to those - personally acqUainted
with the Professor, was a sufficient 'guar
- ir 'the prosperity of the sellout.
.T.VN, knowing that the first re-
Or a good school is an able and
faculty; soon associated with hi m
incipal„hum It. FnENett,•-Lls:
atr State Superintendent of Pub:
lie Instruilfon +if Vermont, and the au
thor of Fit`r,xt•rt's mathematical works,
including Fisk:kit:it's Iliniiminal 'Theorem,
and who lifts a li ‘ ationril r(lpatatiOn, and - is
•regarded as
-one I ( the foremost eslueat`ors
in the United St-at s. IVith such men :a
:the head of the_seho 1,. -assisted by such
comiwtent assisiants its .1.4 l; Do.k X r., A •
11., Profes k ,air ofnat oral sciences ; W. C.
M. professor of mathemat
ics ; Miss .E'Arr; ytEnNortna, languages;
Miss Don.k . .N. W;.soUnt - Fy, reading and
grammar ;Mien M. ALL-rs, book-keep
ing and telegraphy, and W. S. HUtiLli NO
BE, principal of model School could well
be otherwise than 'successful. Electric
bibs have
_been introauced throughout
tise buildings and Pr'ove as much 'a eonve- .
nielle‘, for schools its for hotels. Prof.
ALI.E.N has purchased a uclephohe and
as his residen... , e, the normal school, so l
1 'ers' oiphan'school, the'farm and agri
c itural departments i ), f the latter institu
tion, all comfected"by' it. As some of the
above ale over half a mile apart it is a
scatter offtsr;at convenience, besides be--
,ing a tine acquisition for 'scientific pur
pqs.s. The; professor can i!.it in his (;f:tiec
and conversewith, the :superintendent of -
the farm, half a - mile away, nTili as nsuch.,`
-s , , ,
:a.,Q, an,: accuracy as though be wele prefi
\t it: the same - co,,m.- ° Tlicr have also
noted a free course oneeores, by iou.
men, which has provdibolli enjoy
d profitable. They noyr have'- , up-
I v to students attending the nor
bout the same num;ber. - iii the
'ban seltool.'. and due innidred
School, where _the •stuilents
”act ice as'r well as the Oleo-
Mu :h has been - dime to
with tirst-class charts,
" - C
able 9.4
trint, niui
sehher,' o: of
in the model
are given the
ry teaching.' \
t.tippiy the
apparatus, etc.—
a machinist works
I I. ill aTIQWCI* to the folInv:
faun his ,ister, as be suppose
Tow.csuA, Feb.
SHERMAN W. P.tesAttn
is very sick. Come at once.
Lucy FACKA n.
The sister is an employee in the
and shoe manufactory of flemrini
!S:J• TRACY, in the First Ward. A
Jew, days ago . a stranger called at the shop
and enquired for her: lie then stated
that he had some • business to transact
with her brother, and enquired his ad
' dress, which she readily gave biro.
l'AcsAnn- reached Towanda, oa No. :11,
which stops. at the lower dvpot.
knowing this, he) got. off at the upper d
pot and started to walk dOWn the track.
When opposite the ecinetety, where a
high bank bides the railroad `from view,
lie was suddenly assaulted .by two men,
wlio- knocked him- down and beat him
around the head and face in the nuistbni
tal manner. Ile" succeeded in getting
away from them, and ran back,to the de
pot. Ile had received several ugly wounds
on the heatVapparently from a sling shot,
or steel knuckles. A telegrAm,l.was sent
to Officer 13t - iiNg, who brbught ' , him to' a
hotel and s hrul hiswoutuissires:sa. Vpon
reaching l pi sister's hoarding plitee, in
fouml that she had not been sick ; and of
course bad nottsmt any telegram.
SUDDEN DAIlAti i MoNsoE.—utyssEs.
SIVR.F.T, a yolltigpall of 'Monroe township,
died very suddenly on Thtirsdirlaat.l 7-
P. was apparently in. good health, until
short timed previous to his decease. The
use-of his death wan affection of the
heart. lie was aboot2B4col.spf#tge:and,
and leaves a young wife. - liQwas buried
on unday bYlkeiOdd-FellArs, of i'vhich
Order he was a member.. • -
THE comhitiation of Coal men in the
IVryoinftig and Lehigh valleys to advance
the-price does not 'effect this community,
as the Loyal Sockis coming into very
general use, and is considered superior to .
any other variety for nfost purposes. The
small nut for ordinary beating stoves is
more economical than any other Coal and
is sold at much lo o wer 'price than the hard
A company consisting .of R. A.
and wife,' Dr. W. E. Jonssox
and wife, R. A, ELMER, JAMES S. MI:11-
ItAY mid others, took a very pleasant
sleigh ride to Towanda yesterday after
noon, starting atql o'clock. The objec
tive point was a visit to Don.. Josmeit
PowELL, .e.i.Member of Congress. The
day -was ext4edinglytpleasant, -as must.
also - have Inkn i .the ride. The four-in
hand team. vias in eliarae of llimAn
SIIEBRV of this village.— Warerip...ldro
The party reached this place in safety
and received a warm reception frond their
many friends, •
LIZERTY CORNEAM—hI .December tiro
M. PI Church at Liberty Cornerg, was
favored with the preknce of the Pisgah
Praying . }laud, who remained with us
three' weeks; during which time fifty per=
sons were converted:
::.The Band were also with us at French
town' a few days. The. result of -the
-Meeting was that seventy bowed at the
altar and sought the Lord, twenty-eight
of the pumber being married men and
M. S. livasE. l n,
4beity,Corirrs, Feb. 9th, 11.378. .
nomilkai t
day nex . .
iligit, Con 'a
?,th:Ao! 71, fol -
PIIINNY ; C. C..I,Vi i
o,. , ers , :',,ra ~ f Ike "( .
F. E. ,Tiv.NR. - • . d ita r. ..T.nrs .Orru. .,]•--.XJ,T.EN. Mt. 'F. \S . '
'.. {',, f i n c Miff ID- \.
Titiol .ff v(l—A. H,
psi:sin - in- ; WILIIFIF.,
,ludye ' 4 Eiectioit—Thircor(7- 7 11,
D. SiintlDAN. ' " f\ \
lOpert of Election-Third
A. arcs. 3
bra rft• A ssim sod TILE.
1;1011 . 1;TE OF AroNI:
TON I:4is 4 ;r., 1,.0. of 0. F.—A
a rer.ulaig"meeting•of 31miroeton Lode,
No. 1:11', 1. 0. 4, F., held at :IPutroe
tr, Pa., Felnuary 1h h, • 1.877. Tlits‘fol
lowing preamble and resolutions were
• Wm.:eras, It has pleased the Supreme
Ruler of the . ,Universe, to remove by
death, onr respected and egtecined friend
and . brdiher, Vi,TSES M'. SWEET, whose.
eenstanti.devotiem :to the priniples 31141
teachings of our . Order, commanded the
respect Jana esteem of the brotherhood ;
therefore, be it. •
Repot ri!ii; • That we deem it a duty to
pay'hi proper tribute of respect to, 111.. i
memory fipr his many arts d_s nevoleneo
and charity, and for the .deep iiit;;rest lie
always manifested in the Orde . r up to the
HIM; of his sudden death.
Tha.t.ctat totyler to tiw ft?tily
of obr tleeenSeil brother our hea'rWit
sympathy in this- theit sad bereAvoinent.
Ilt,wirr.-1, That the hall, and charter of
the Lodge be di-apeil in mourning thirty
day., • - •
llisotrq, That a copy of the foregoiwz.
preamble and remAntions Le - Pfeseutt4l
the family of our deg .ased bro; her, and
the same lit, pablished in the Timanda
papers, and - spread on the minutes of the
T. It- FOWLER, ) •
;L.A. DEvog, eqm.
1/1.. PrArr, #
Mn'. LAinc.k MOrnEn
'rift: LATE Ri.e , s.—Only two
"W‘erk's, since, the lid , :etuttrvit contaiisql a
biief notice of the new- home!, on North
Main St. Tow:mla, which had been tit
up for the occupation of Mts. 1, - iot.A
11 s>;, the mother of the_ " sweetsinger."
In ten' days after taking possession of
her braetirnl . earthiy home, she wenno
dwell in The "house not, ma,lo with 1
11ands.leternal in, the heavens." It. is a !
C ;nfort to her friends to know that her
1.1,4 hour." wcrefllll of grPtcfstil74% . ..ol” - rr
for 11:c kindness and carc slum a iuu I,y
tisi'Se who deli , 4lited to do her reverence.' ou f• oveniw.. FA J
wypaiutidstrw2;;:je, but
as 5t,.....et1y and peact , fully as a_tired child
goes tai its rest.
cut Tintrsday List, Feb. ^;., at 10 o'clock
: it rtligt ,tis set vices Avert . hchl at !wt'
late !residence. Remarks vtre inatreltr
Ite En. C. I'm; Rs anti prayl ty 11 r. .1.
6'rElt ART. The rernskins watt then taken
to:ltotbe .witcro the funeral setae - tt
Was. prea . .bed. by . 14. STONE, tlt frig 10:
anti physician of the family more than
a glit s ter of a unwary ago.
The text was flop? Rev. 3 chap., 4 vet.
"Awl away air rttr- frmli th.•ll
- n 1.41 tl :.• io , rn,
tr`ith.•l •11:11i 111,0 !••• Iliore
!• , r tter foe 1/1,•1'
7,1 Exprr,s.
The services were open«l 1r the choir
singing in a very impressive manner, "It
is well with my soul." .SOIIIOII was
a most elm i mmt exposition of tint
in the •resitcreetion ,A" those
tcha the in the 1..:,r,ti." Dr. SToNt.
preached the Inner:ll sermon 76 Mr. I, AC
abont tliitteen years', since.
,AthenB, quite
ming•last, Feb:
• i)lajorirrrt.E. the cc:A:shore); with P.
P. Buss in the gospel work, paid a
feeling tribute to the memory of the hon
ored mother of one whomtbe whole world
mourned. 'said that he helieved that
greenback-labor -reformers laic
the 'follOwing ticket to be nnjt
borLiugh election on Tues-
81111.31 AN.
s \ —E. 1111.1,16 - '; n
, t on. -
-Du.P.S. PRATT .7
near the,beautiful cenotaph which all the
nations of the earth have helped to erect
to thepemory Of,,lier son and his sweet
nife.' Mrs. Bi.iss, Whose niaiden name
was. Lvin.t. DOOLITTLE, was brim ;Fp).
in •Litehtield, Cimn. , She was-mar
ried in June IStil to Mr. I::,'AAC -Buffs, at
Smithfield, Bradford County, I'a. -Mrs.
CF.. nK WiLito.ti of this place; and., Mrii.
JENNEVIS &.f - Wellsville, Alle
gheny Y. :we her only, surviving
children, - . • N. L. B,
AK iateriiithig:•revtirilkk saelitipg is in
progress at theM. Chareh.•
Fstmu & Co. now . occupy Um
& Co., Storo on )lain Street._ _
111/ar. Agent- Fox of the S. L. ,§'; haik
been confined to' the -house .for the past'
'month with ihementbmx -
SHELDON oi 'Canton, last
week shipped twenty-one thoUsand snap
rollers. • -
Out: ice dealers succeeded iiiseciaring
good supply of ice during the recent field
weather. _
TIIE Troy Farmers' Cipb have . itcdeti - to
,hold . 'their exhibition on the 25th, 28th
and 27th of Septembei. next.. •
-A ; -TowAiceit lady has fallevrhey to quite
a fortune by the death of an aged
friend in the eastern fart of the. eounty.'
dosT of the portrait illustrations for
the, county history, will be made from:
photographs takeu by Wool), of
this place.
Tilt -warm weather on Fridayfand Sat
urday last caused the ice in tho river to
break up and pass out very . qUietly on
Saturday night. '
QK7ITY, a number. of Odd4Fellinin, so !
boiniiinied by their wives, visited Um*
on Tuesday afternoon, to assist in eine:er
ring the Rebekah Degree. •
4 Goom.y number of:young ladies and
gentlemen bail been . busily engaged in
pylparing„decorations for l'ilercur Hall on
oil occasion of the Naiad reception.
451-kold friend D. _J. QUAID has been
ariii - Ainted traveling malesenan . for a - large
..NeWlYncli grocery house.,iflgoofi
felloW, and well calculated to- succeed in
his new calling
SEVERAL, new cases of diphtheria have
beep developed, since last week. ITLIF.,
eldest daughter of C. L. 'j'R.u•v, and the
little daughter of -C. E. Attnittis, 'kit)
among the - number. . • - •
Tnr•. supper given by the lariieg or Christ
Church provecf% splendid: succests seeially;
and financially. The attendance was gond,
and the entertainment elegant. The re
eeipts amounted to T 145. '
Tnr'Naiads are-making-extensive pre
parations fora "good time" Dll Friday
evening. The boys are always prompt in
responding to the fire alarm, and thane
who enjoy a " hop"roubtless 'pat
ronize the entertainm t. • ,
WE are pleased to learn that Hon. W.
11. Ji - is giving excellent satisfaction
as auflge of - Susquehanna Coupty. Ileis
winning golden opinions from all parties
by the impartial and dignified manner in
which he dispatches business.
Tittl . .people of this county will read
wit t vegret of the: serious jiln,ess
o'l - siitYYtivr, Esq. Mr. P. has Wen
dec initkgi,n health for the ,p3st 'two or
thre ve)krs, and new his condition is such
as to lcivc"no hope of his secovvry.
of a rneniter of the Grange,'
\ . ELo:s; is a first
the, 'year ho bar
\ from,his farm of 77 ?
and eighty four del
7rain, besides sup-
, \ ;iI.TITOL\ ..
C , 111\011.1 flip 1
vest Mstpl sol ~._
?ere:: e.ifii,t hundi
1111 s wortfa\of flay' a 1
p,,rting Lis \family.
WE 11 iIYO
i ifil OtaisiiiCtive
hundred cO , pl aCook • Nil; Most
of them to 'scribers. We iippe
that all air old subscribers lk will nail
\ themselves of the oppOrtunity. , to ccuro
it,' by sending
theitbseriptlo at
Nme.. -Where. the book i to be sent\by
mail: thri , c cents :idditiotial \ to pay posse
tatze'should be foriwarded; , \- . .
311:. EDITOR 01"111E TZEPOUTER ‘ -riot
knowing but what some might want 'to
keep the •‘ Iteminiscences'and Retleelons
of the -Vatky of
...Wysox Creek," \ \ l
would like, if think hest, to have you„
the following corrections :
In article of Nov: 2g, fOr first paraoraph
roi.."llseti7s". read Reel's ; fitrst .para
graph for "-ltansell' read Haus : ell ; sixth
paragrapb, for 4 '.iinon2 a ad .Simcon;
eleventh paritgrapb; fis" Warber" read
Of Peceudier 7t.h, seventh paragraph,
fur ••I.'arlts" V4,Aught ; seventeenth para
graph, I'4 "born up" road from up ;
tiglacenth paragraph, for " lower " read
Of DeC. Viiit„ ninth paragraph (my own
mistake,.you fulloweircopy) "later" read
In rtirlo of Dee 26th, next to the )gat.
lice of tiriNt parilgraph, real narrows, )n
-stead of " : moutnnins,", • •
)f Jaquary Vith, .F•Aseetul paragraph,
ont " look " in next, the last.line.,
Tenth "or what" rcMf on
quotation?, s , r , cond pAragraph,
"•wh( " read which ; fourth from the last
lel 1. ii , " propew , ity '! read prosperity.
Please 4,1" just as you think best about
the above corrections.. • .
As ever lours, etc.
C. E. Tmois
AT a
, I n ee tin g . of• Oscaluwa Grange of
North Towanda, hell on- Friday evening.
laq, the following report of a committee
'pre.vionsl appointed was uuauimously
adopted :
Worikti ifaster, Smterot rtml Brother
The undersigned nwninittee appointed
to draft, reso . ltiiions 'expressive of the
gritat ortinv of this Grange at the death
of our late sister, Mrs. , Lousu. 8.14;LI,
beg leave to submit the following :
Witztlx.As, Death has invaded our
ranks and rem veil one of our most high•
ly teeme-d and useful matrons; and
whereas, we, as a Grange, desire to place
on record some token of our regard for
the deceasiik therefore,
That in the 'death of sister,
Louism Smith; who departed this life on
the 24th of January, we- realize thatOs
caluwa Grange' has 'suffered' an irrepar
able loss, and that one who added so
largely to the enjoyment and profit of our
TIIVe Li ilq.s has been called front her sphere
of tscfniness here . to- the reward -which !,
the tireat Master aboye bestows upon 1i
those v Ito-fait dischlrge their dutieft_
In this life. •
:lie.w!red; That while-we mourn the-loss
our deceased sister; our
viated by ourfaith that loss,is her in
estimable gain • that having performed
her labors faithfully, .she is now permitted
enjoy that blissful restwhiab her active
Christian life prepared her for.
Raotred, That we can best show our
veneration for our, sister's memory by
striving to emulate her many virtues, slid
by a closer devotion to the, precepts of
our order, which were ,exemplified fief
daily *alk, and were so dear to her heart.
Re:lnked, That tts'a Grange we tender
to the bereaved husband our heartfllt
sympathy' in this time of his great sorr4 w
and atllietim. and point him for eimsola
t ion to the only sure refuge of 'the
cd.' Him who has / said that he 'cloth not
- afflor
ict grieve the children of
COURTP/10, cifk — .
, The Grind Jw,dips . pofes, W`tlif Oilkriv
ing additional cases, \ '
Com vs Wm Scott .— L arceny. '
Com vs J Madison and Simonit, 7 -
CComn \
ovs J Patterson.—Pqnsica o N
and Imstardy.
ROT Tiara. mix&
C. 'homas Dalais.—Assault and
obi Ol:Wind John Dolan.—
Assault andbattery. Thomas Dolan 2d
for costs. : • r.;`,+;'.
The Grand Jury were diachaaged ow'
Thursday. • \
Corn -vs CyruirAvery, Mad John Avery. '
Conspiracy. Jury ihni \ defendants guilty.
, Corn Ors Gustavus.Conkiin.—False pro.
• Com vs A W Alger.- - ;-Conspiraey,. (ion.
tinued to May tefm. -2; •
Com vs I N Comstocb.--Surety, of the
pasee.—Distriet Attorney MePhins7in and
D C DeWitt, Rig; for Commonwealth ;
D'A Overton and II J F.sqs, for
defendant. ,I;Cotri, find defendant guilty
and anntencerhim to pay the costs, and to
give'sticiiriti to keep the taw:
Com vs Thomas Watkink—Larceny:
District Attorney McPhersoirand .fN Ca
,Esqr., "for Commonwealth; WA Over
ton;.. Pig; for defendant._ :"Yttry find' de
fondant guilty.
Corn vs Wm Scott ? --Larceny. 'Defend
ant pleads guilty. .
Shesliegaia twp vs Smithll3ld
Emma Briggs vs Case Bri ggs. l E B
Bought vs Maria Bought. -.!Court 'direct
a subpama in divorce to issue in each case:
Betsey Bill vs Sit direct
'Sheriff tornado proostoiiion.
Frank Dorman vs Aosklla DOrman.—
Coqrt appoint A Jloultlin.ond Jno Kish
paugh, Esqs, commissioners.
31 Frederick vs W M Frederick.
—Court applint J S Williston, ES4,
Celia 31 Williams vs A E
Court grant a divorce.
T F Madill vs 43 11 Vargaaon. Luke
Dolan vs 11 IC and H S Allis. • 31orf4fi
Woodruff's ex'is vs H L Park.—Rule to
open judgment in each case._ !-
.31W Wheetodi vs S B
fa satisfy judgment:
O F Taber's use vs C F NiebOls.—Bule
to set aside execution. -
C A Ileavener V& Thomas I.l.l;avener, et
at.—Rule on 'plaintiff to perfeet. his bail.
K Mon tgomei y vs S B Ov'eitOn. —4OB
to quash special capias.
In re the assigfiment of Hiram Horton
for the benefit of his creditors. Auditor's
supplemental report confirmed finally: :..
The following. Sheriff's Deeds were We
inowledged : • - _
George C Atwood, 'for two late in Wits
fusing twp. ,Sold-Dee '7, 1877, as the pro
perty of 11 B Ingham. $911;
Amos Armstrong, for two lots in Tits
earora twp. Sad January $l, 1878, as
the property of W Barrowcliff, $2,217.
George English, for three acres in
bang twp. Sold Jan 81, 1878; as the prci
perty of George English,,T T., $lO.
Hall, for 30 2-10 acres in South
Creek twp. Sold.:.4an 81, 1878, as the
property 'of James K Ameigh. *271.
.' F G Hall, for 38 2-10
, acres in South
Crcekltwp. old . .. Tan 31, 1878; is the pro
perty of-Ephraim : .#atterson. *2O. .
Henry Heichemer, for two lots in Over
two twp. Sold Jan 31, 1878, •as the pro
perty of Martin Heichemer. $25:
A t.l Hunt, for 84 acres of bind in Litch
field 'Lull. Sold Jan 31, lfiiklui Ale pro
perty of Samuel Leo and Mary J 3 Lee, T
T: $3O.
Job P Kirby, for a house.and lot in T&
Wanda Boro'. Sold Jan 31,-1878, as the
property of W, (.3, May. - $5O.
Job P Kirby, for 820 acres in Wysox
twp. Sold Jan 31, Ati7S, as tlie property
of .1. - AParks and Oscar A. Parkis, 7T.
11 , S icKeau, for house and lot in Ath
ens twp. \ Sold Jan 31, IS7B, as the prG.
,pettVirf 1011 organ.. 4.150: ,
1 A \ Pierce;‹s`g ex of 0 B Pollard, for, 2
ot. of land in Armenia twp. Sold Jan 31;
1878, is the proPerty of Alanson Smith.
• \,
• Myron Prince, 'foi.\6o acres.mid 20 pers
orlyul in Windham wp., Sold Jan 31,
I?6 ' , , f_as th,e,property o George ,M .- Van
cise. ;10. ,
• 1 -
116senkrausi. for, 4 lots in Trdy
borough and Arnrttio AirpT .Sold Jan 31,
1878. as the property of Benj*d Young..
- William Russell, ! acres in Ath
ens twp. Sold•jan 4, as the \
pe'rty of Adam AVells. 3 s 'lloo.
Mary E Ithodeil, for defedant's -inte.
est -in Albany twp. 1 - ecei4l)er 7,
1'8;77, as the property of ' Chauarei S
sell. .$3. \ -
Mary E Rhodes, for defendant's \ inter
estin two lots in Albany twp. Sold Dec
1, '18'77. as the property- of John A . Cod-
ding. .*..1. .
A II Slocum, foi• 4.i.acres and 1301 peta
of•land in Tuscarora twp. Sold Jan '3l,
18?8, as the property of Edward Smith.
$1,4)y0., ,, ~ • . • • ;Lk 7. r..!
Towanda Building and Saving Futal
Association o. Towanda boro, for 251
acres 'of land in Alabany wp. Sold as
the property of Robert Mclntosh. $1,150.'
Ewd Welles, for 50 acres and (16 pert; of
land In Wilmot twp. Sold Jan 31, 187ei
as the property of Patrick Ragan. $l5O.
W Wolcatt and Frank Decker, for
-40 acres.ot land in 'Litelifield 'LW-p.:1301d
„lan 31, 18" Pi, as the property bf Clarrissa
E Mann anti . 1V D Munn. $lOO.
mosnav, irEn. 11.
Com vs Samuel_ Butler;--Selling liquor
without license, Defendant pleads guil
ty. Court.suspends sentence upon pay
ment of costs.,
Corn vs .1 Madison and L D Simons,—
'Larceny. District Attorney McPherson
and Overton & Mercer for Common
wealth ; 0 D Kinney and .1 NV Mil-, Es 4,
for defendants: Jury find defendants not
Corn vs 11.. N Busier- and Jennie Bus
ler. --Felon i ous assault. District Attorney
McPherSon and -.1 B Reeve, Esc's, for
Commonwealth ; 11 H Rockwell, Big, for
defendants. Jury find-defendants guilty.
Corn ,vs,ll,N Busier and Jennie Basler..
—Larcenoy. Court dirkt a nolt3 Prcilegni
to be entered.
r •
~ Com vs 9 S Cowell.—Libel. • Court sen
tence defendant to pay a fine Of slo9,,and
costs of. prosecution. - • - '
Coin vs Luke Delmt and Like! Dolan.
3d. 7 - Aggravated assault and battery.
District A.ttOrney McPherson and H
dill,:Esois, for Commonwealth ; 0 D.Kin
ney, Esq, for . llefendants. - Jury-find do;
fendants_guilty. Court sentence defend
ants to pay a fine of $lO and costa of pros-
ecu ti on. ' ,
Corn va Luke DOlan,—Surety of the
peace. Corn vs Luke Dolan and John Do
lan. Same. Com Vs Luke Dolan and
Luke Dolan, 3d.: Same. Court sentence
defendantsin each can to pay the costs,
and give bail to keep the peace,
Hannah Clarkros E M Clark: Court
direct a subpasna in divorce to issue.'
Mary E Tingley vs F M
Court direct an alias subixena to issue.
Emma E Sammons vs IV ll' Sammons.
Court appoint 1V ~J Young, Esq, a corn
missioder. -
+tined child of
ver be an object
I solicitude, and
)ccial protection
, -whose mercy
horn lamb.„
lark of respect
be draped ill
of thirty days,
wead upowour
Ti re the petition:Aft:l44 D Lee for
the benefit of. her separate °spine. Ceprt
grant the prayer qt . thetleWalmer.- A
• Joseph Doll vs Hansom Dennott.—Soor
port of commissioners confirmed finally.
J P Carey 144 Per,
mit defendant to file exceptions.,
~.iityrjeigaing , B use vs Michael Mey
lerL Court direct levy and appraisenicht
4 '04 1 ;1 4 , 11 1 1 4 . ' = • T
\l ihotruis Baty, vs 'Gem* Baty. Sohn
Baty \ vs -same. H K Mott vs Matthew
Motesiministrator.—;43arnishee. .Court:
directgudgrnent to be entered in each
Corn vs llexturder Eurtia.;;•-Adultery.
District Attcnney McPherson and Elha
nab Smith, Ez9s, for Commonwealth;
Patrick & foyle, \ And D C DeWitt,' EsqP,
for defendant. .
• Reribrier's Monthlyinanitedi tit 'inercruu
ing.ten l dency to ,draw into its service a
number ot new artists, miiittly profession-.
al men. the last six months, it has had
original work from the ' peneili, of Wv.tpr
Ctuoi, !Drum Sznntims, '. FRANVL%
o utn,
and others. The March 'number will n
tain Szuwiugsiby two artigno , hew to ' ilia
Monthly;—W. J. ihrunnswy. and J. DA,
now at work for the Magazine, and con
tributions are expected from some of the
ablest of the new men who appear in this
year's exhibitions.. . e
Att. interested in the multifarious aims
or that jawnal, will be happy over the
Rural kllo Yorker's remarkable an
nouncement in Reissue of February 2341,
which r ill
. b 9 mailed frOe to any one send
ing add r ess to 78 Duane, New York.
THE next regular sesshin or the North-
Convention; I: 0. of G. herd at ITornbrook, Tuesday and
Wednesday, February 26 and 27, 1878.
.` • . 1 Curia, Dist Sec'y.
TUE Presbyterians will hold a pound
party at Judge Moinow's this Wednes
evening, and will be glad to see all their
Cam' Seasoned, lumber wanted, Maple,
Beech or }Meth Apply to ilAwits BRO'S, Mont;
vrtott, Pa.
t NOTICE,—The Musical Convention
to be held at Liberty Corners under the clireetiot
of Prof. 8. Agiffzirt., of ftiOng 'has Wen post'.
potted toTVEBD?..Y. FEI4. Isrtl, 18:8.
-,ll2rTbe members of WimukingGrange
Rill entertainment at their Hall, TH VHS
DAT, FEB. Mil, 187 S, consialing of Tsbleatixs,
Vivant's, Charades, 'Music, etc. Admlsston, ^_.i cis.;
children tinder 12 'cam 15 cts. Door; open at
exercises commence at 7.50, p. m.
nr-To RENT.—Wagon and Blacksm:th
Snaps. a good :chance for a firs rap) workmen.
Poisession at any time. G. 11. WEr.r.r.s.
W7alttaing. unworn Co.. Pa. Jan. 4, 1873. tr.
Otter this week, at Itetati, 5 rases each,
BLEACHED :11 . 11,7,.41.1Ntt,
. ,
At Eight and one-half rents per yard, the lowest
Price ever reached In the ilivtoryof the.Dry-Gana .
Vir To TIIE PUlll:ll2,—The Steam Grist
li Ln Shedbermln, formerly owned by Ir.S.AYKit.S,
,will be started under, IEW MANAG EM ENT
and eitu Increased facilities, on 310311 A Feb.
1878. We I.nvlto all the ohl patrons of this pop
ular 11111 to gle us a call. We shall •not °Meet to
rusk Inc . new friend/. SATISFACTIO.kI:IIAR-
A-NTEED. . S. W. Itutfurats,Agint.
Sheshequln, Feb. 74 1878.
[$ "CLOSING OCT IiALE of Gold and
Silver Watches, Chains, Fancy Jewelry, etc,The
undersigned barlog.pardbased at sheritt's Sale the
'entire stock or Watches. ('halm, Sliver and l'itcd
Ware, lathe stools formerly occupied by M. If Et.
DELMAN', and not wishing : to remain In the bust.
ness..his concluded to sell the claire stock retard-
Iktitit Of boot; iaordet to wind up tlv! busl i to.l,.. Call
early and serum bargains. .3WJact.diS,
NOrice.—The Annual Meeting of
the Stockholders of the To*auda Gas and Water
Company tor-the election of a Board of klnnitgers
for the ensuing year, and for the transaction of
general business, will be held at the °m, e of the
Company, in Towanda, on Monday, the 4th day of
March next, between the hours of 1 and 3 r. at.
Towanda, Feb. T, Sieeretary.
t Vir A . LAsY ItEETING.—Among th'e
!numerous notable - wymmithetle creations_ of the
celebrated artist. Gs too EL MAI% who stands first"
among the painterspf the Munich school, are the'
Joachim' seems of the blind girl holding the stamp
for ket fellow believers to descend into theloccret
catacombs, and tliitfota the poor motherless child,
J rl.l A CAPL:LET," carried by the nun, also the
crushed widow compelled to took on the auction
i property. But ,by many, " •
`Last Greeting.'" Is considered his Masterpiece. ft"
represents a lovely maiden, who has been cast into
the at ins, In a *man, to be devoured by the
'.savage beasts. for the detection of the.. inhumati
'Mob. • She leans against the endreting clone wall;
"at her feet, brolte'd by...thetr fall; some simple
wi`ld \powers imploringly she. looks tif), seeking
The hand from which they C3IIIP. Her whole life,
k like some gigantic panorama, swiftly flashes, thee'
feverlkit brain, every act stands out with pain
ful, distineihess. Deeply she z re.all7:es how, often
thatsente, strong hand,whieh now alone bestows
a last t•eirrell, had Omen proffered.. A hiyit would
have p ter.ted..iiesides ensying comfort, happl
and\health, bad ale nut. carelessly and die.
dalotouy 'turned ,away. Woman suffering 'from
those ebronl\xeaknesses peeallar to their Srl: are
prone to just such actions. Every day they hear
of the Favorite i\ftraiiriptrui of Dr. s.t - . Pt ratE,
of the World's litspensary and Invalids' lintel
Buffalo, N. Y. Thoasand'il theie suffers write
lo universal commendation ofiLs great excellence
and worth. Once with the dreaded pale of dls
eatte,ft laiverse-than.foll fp be carilless, and'k:dei:
lay. the use of this positive ocana_of cure. Ladies
suffering from weakness. iting-doirn pain or
weak back, and nervoimprost [lon, will timid this
A ,prcific remedy.. (In recoillot " The
People's Common Senses Medical Adviser." a book
of over nine hundred large'pages, be sent_ post
paid. 'lt contains a clear and . conclse.yle,erlptlon
of The numerous • diseases with .whlrli\omen are
afflicted. Address the author, l't M.
D.,ltltuffnlu, N. T. .
By Order of Com
• Co' Everything in the line of etationl
cry at W ULTeoae,h eustT•is, '
Or Three. Button Kid Gloves in all
the new shades at Mn.a Mixat)s%
rerMus. Moons has the best Skirt
supporter, also the Skirt Elevator.—
rir A „good, double Sleigh for sale
cheap. Enquire at 4'nosrt4 Fultnalure Store.
rif Bronze Lamps, with Crystal !Bute
(nhtor. only Vact. MADI 1.1:5 Crockery SiOre. la.
Vir You can get all the latest styles of
Stationery, very cheap, at WHITCOMB at SU Ayr's
t Go to CILAM.IIEIII;IIti'S and-. see his
wortineof or American, Gold and Silver %catches.
far W. A. eIIAtIIERLTS has just re--
turned root New York with pods for 114 11011-
days. 1 ' •
bHAMBERLIN sells goods, cheaper
for caith, thootony °the rentibllshmenr In7lCrorthern
I We will' pay Cash for Hemlock
Lumber In the log, delivered M our in 11l on Ctarles
or Remember always, that we will
sell rill Lamps, Crockery and GlasstsMre at the
lowest prices, ht.soiLL's Crockery Store: .
t L. B. RatBF:IIS challeugeg compe
tltlon for quality' of goods and low prices on Sash,
Doors, Blinds and I'llohltn i s, and all, building ma:
tertal..` Eauga-it).
rir Don't you forget it. I We have :in
at (3.1 W BAKERY, 'where, Soy" can buy'fhe
best fresh-baked crackers. , .
Qom' amti reduction on rnfes • to • all
points West, Northwest' and Southwest.: The
chestiest fares ever offered , . Writep . i . apply to G.
R. Sherwood, froimida, t,. V. B. B. t!:ket-otnce.
I SPEota4 TO THE Pu44ic.—Saving s
opened a , Coal and Wood yard on Cat's! St., near
the Episcopal Church. I am now prepared toll!,
all orders for COAL AND WOOD AT BOTTOM
PRICES FOR CASH. Having had experience in
thLs 8139100/11, I believe I can do as well by Move
that favor Me with their orders as any one la tire
'trade. It is my intention to keep on hand a good
supply of the best .COAL AND WOOD In the
Ind. sell it as LOW as POSSIBLE - mei
lire by tr. KINDLING WOOD by the barrel or
lead. Any orders left at, the:Store of 1,. T. ItOlse.
Hain St., near bridge, or O. U. Wickham sdrilAbe
receive th e same attention As at
tiro yard. Thanks. Wa generous public for their
very liberal patronage. during the past eight leers
while in the grocery trade. • I respectfully tv.,44it
a Centinnance of their favors, and I will guaraati ; e::
satisfactiOn. • Very Respectfully..
twaaidossla. Okonon Itlnuw'Av.
far E. F. KITNREL',I3 BITTER WIN'E (fl''
/TOW—llas never belin known to fall in the.etire of
weakness, attended,with symptoms, indisposition
to exertion, loss of memory. dime oily 'breat h
'general weak nem, horror of olseasp, weak, nervous
trembling, dreadfahorrer of death, night sweats,
cold feet, weakness", dimness of vision, latignor.
universal lassitude of the muscular systein. error.
mons appetite. with dyspeptic system, hot hands;
firmhlng of the. body, dryucss of the skin, pallid
countenance and - cruptions 'on the face, purifylog
the blood, pairrin the back, heaviness of t iy.;./ey,y 7
this, frequent black stints Hying before time eyes.
with temporary suffusion and loss of light, want
Lot attenblon, etc. These sTniptomemll arise from
a weakness, and to remedy that; miss E, F. Kim
'kers Bitter Wine of iron. It never fail. Thou
sands are now enjoying health who have use-( it.
'Get too genuine. Sold only 'in $1 bottles. Take
only E. F. KunkeFe;
Tote Worm Removed Alts e.
Head and'all complete In twig limns. No fee till
head passes: Seat. 'Pin and . StfimAeh Worms re
-moved hy Dr. Kunkel. 259 North Ninth Street.
Advice free - . No fee null! head and all 1,11,34, In
one, and alive. Dr.-Kunkel is the - only sueressful
s phYsiclan in this country for the removal of Worn' ft,
AVhis Worm' Syrup is pleasant and safe •for
or grown persons.. Send for circular, or. ask
'for ~ Kittle of Klink el's Winun Syrup. Price /1111.
.dolla per bottle. Get it of your - druggist: *t
pever fulls.
E. F. Konkel's Luatral and E. F. Kim.
kelt', Shampoo-for the Hair.
The best and cheapest Hair Hreassng and' Hair
- Cleaner In thembrid.' They remove dandruff: allay
irritation. soothe and cool the heated soalb, prevent
the hair ?rem failing off, and promote the growth
In a verrahOrt time. They preserve and beautify
the Hair, and. render It soft and glosSy. They irm
Part a brilliancy atul\lt silky appearance to braid
and wiry Hair. and as \ ti hair dressing they are un
rivalled; eradicate-dandtuff and prevent baldness.
The shampoo cleans the \ Hair, removes grease.
scurf. itching, crurien. com ‘ relleadlache produced
by heat and fatigue. .Kenkers Shampoo and Ims
tral restore Hair to a naluralitiliftlessy color, re
-store faded, dry, hOrsh and vAry hair. Price pet
hbttle. el. Ask your druggist fig them, or :wild - in
E. F. .ii.unkel. Proprietor, No. .2k6 North Ninth
StreWt..PltUadelphla. :
N P.—AS if. W. ratorS In Merri,k,
' February r. 411„ It7a..bir. the Hey. D. Mr.
Wm. M.:Nesbit, 'f West Polut, Nebrabka... and
Miss Sara J. Camp.: • \
ALEYN—TAYI,OItf At the Lome of the brbb
arent.4,-Filnuary uth, 1878, by Rev. J. R. Davies.
Mr. A 4 3 .11. Allyn; cf Orwell, and Mende L.
Taylor of. !tome. .
, .
_ . .
AIIINONI AN—lp Mk ho , lrt,,mh, au Sondat
moralt,g, Fetrragry loth. (4 dipsherla, Jane i.
youngest danghter of W. If. and Suphla 1.. Car
nochati, aged 3 years. 6 months and is days.
'sconEE:—ln Windham. Tnosday afternoon, Fel.
sth, 1579, Sarah Moore, aged al years, 1
• months . 711111 4 dill's.
" children ilico up, and call tier bressed
(Athens Gazette leas° copy.)
CARMEIC—With feeling's of the deepest regret.
' we atmOunme thtt death of little Bertha, aged 7
yeartca atouttot anti"ft days. daughter of Albert
and Eliza farmer, of Litchfield, who 111 , d
Jannarr23d. from 1101am:trim: of Mi. bowels. af
ter a severe Illness of only a few days.
Elie will not only he Rattly missed at home nth
sehrA, but even the-neigh:ors wlll mks h.'r itttle
visitx,,for she always hrhnght sunshlt7Pleth het'.
.sho Was a child ot Moro than ordihary mteillgetme;
of a kind heart and affeetlonate II nnl lba, and
with heraw eet sidles and happy face, she Won the
,Imart4oiail fern kneW_ her. ,
ME it ( 'l7 11.—•=A t - Towanda. Fehruary 6th, TS;
Fredrlka, daughter of Chart”., 3114 Helen (
31erettr, aged 10 years, 5 months and 12 dar..
“Cslnt on. t hebosoin of thy God,
Young spirit': re, , t thee now.
E'en white with us thy footsteps trod; •
Ills seal was on thy ;,row,"
"Dtpt, to Its narrow hourP beneath :
Sonl,.to Its place.on high
Tkey th4t ere seem. thy Wok. tn death
tioonore may fear to.dio,".
•"bone are the paths, and sat' the bowers,
-. Whence thy meek's:title In guntt ;
lint 0, a iwlghter Ibbute than ours
• In heaven Is,now thine own."
WIL.cOX.-0a of January, tell's, Ntigi
Mary Adelaide iVileftx, lough ter of Eton :yid
atigy'fllvira Wllvoi. aged '2 7 years.
.74traet from th.! sermon preached oti the °era of her funeral by her pastor,
Arp tr mg
• has l,oen my pleasure- to hare known :41er
. tstkigto reinalits arse ahnot to consign to th:loint.
(root her earliest years. She was toy pupil win n a
tutu!. when in early youth and then again la
the full maturity of her youth : and I hare nev , r
known what swilled to roe to 1... fau l t lA.,
pharneter. tier teacher for year , . I do 'not le ,
Ileve that I ever, had °evasion to titter ono word of
rept.4.of. Some i welve a tars ago elm heealne a Wein
her of the rresbylerlan ehoreli in- Monromott, avid
was a memiter lu gooi tun' regular ' , landing the
day of her death. .lo,t one week from tho d a y (.1'
her, burial she sent Chrtlel , ! for me to
nslt her; I Iptstened .to 11 , r slot; Outwit,: and
found her in a tlyiwz.state, and with no inv.(
tug. Her mind was clear and 'mob:lvied. :silo re
alized tier 131tuatIon. • But the could not road her
title clear to mansions ru the t•kres. Site seas for a
time in the dary.. bur longing and praying for Itglti:
and light and peace. and JoY and hap pines, woro
not long denied her. With great narnestness anti
with a sweet smile of faith and thtipe she was 'able
to say: -Jesus has pardoned my sins. I can trust
in Him." * From that time until death closed' the
scene, she seemed at peace and happy: She begged
a weep) rg sister not to arch, /131. C, "i am hap
py." 14.10 opp-who was present In i rim room on the
rs - easkut of visit can ever doubt that Addle
Wlttaiz Is now In heaven, a ransomed shiner. Ills,
who while upon earth never turned away a pony
tent soul, diAmt refo-^ to hear and :tuswer the
prayer of this fJu r, st:lferhig. dying
'to the-stfrrowing father and soother, and broth
ers arl,slate'rs, to.the whole afill'eted household; 1
Ft - pp - dee that I can speak words of comfort and hope.
Your daughter,, your sister, is not dead, but sleep.
et li. She will not return to you, but you Indy go to
'her. Ifeoilonber fliardeadt la not only breaking
up, but re-unijleg household , . The separation. are
tetnporary;:the n-nntons are eternal. That Savlowr
that your daughter and sister ft-it that she so nitieh
needed 1n a dying hour: and that Sat lour that slit
s,' eat uestly sought.aud found, is the sery Savtonr
that you need time to cute fort you In your aillietton.
You have the tenderest and profoundest,ympa:
of all )our neighten, far and near: you hare lit
syrnpatl4 of !Inn who wept with Mary and Mart lest
over the tomb of Lazarus. Oh, Let toe urge you to
east all your cares upon Mho : lie w ill snstaln you.
"One tltht Is above all. niP<rs,
d e ,,rve, tipt i;anie
MS Is 11:11"../J1.10114 • !.. 00:1,. Fs.
Costly, tree. and m , end.' .
Trust In Win.
iIyI,3tEVENS Sr 1.41 NI;
Gentrr: dealers In-f: rocorps andyroduee, rat tiny,
corner Mal.n 3111111:ridge Stre(•ts.
'WEDNESDAY EVENING, :1 l Elt. la , 1577.
rlonr per bid - 7 (O (W. , ?' n Sreq,! , l 00
Flour per sa(;;; 73(y, 20 2 tc(i. 225
Corn Ideal per 104)
Cbop Feedl :VI
W heal per bush, _ --
Clover seed,inedluro_
vStul ct,
1{0:1111S, nrS,
- Cork. in
Dres,ied hogs
'arcked Chickens.
t urkeys
Durk , .
lie e
Butte Cubs
Eggs. (re
(Meese—. .......
Breen nppl,
Potatoe., Iw•t I tst.4.".
rr I'A TUN k IMO.
Iftdes__ .. Nal).
Veal !skins.... . 0,±0.1, ,
I )i.aeon4 . . l'.tr:i; It.
Sheep pelt% ' • la( e.r.,r.
Tattaw • s .
\ (th,.xvoi
-'nut. N*3 , h...q1..:..
\ - \:,ii' 4:IF,
Unwashed " . N 41:1.21
•.%\ .
.__ _ , 4 -
• .
. -
- ..- .
• • GARDEN \ SEEr)S.
, .
Plants of the newest and fiee.t Imprwred . ' sort s.
carefully vaeked and pret•vid II mail.' )1y enit'.-,--
tion AStr.twberries took the first premium for tht ,
best clonertion. at the . great . ,how of I be,Massachn.
sel i 3 Tiorticultilml' Boston. 1 grow ov,r I
/DO varieties, the wont- collIrlett• rollers i o n It t!.l ,
'country. including ail the new, large A met lean and
Imported kinds. Prlee-1 deserlptivt; cata1.,g0,..-.,
gratis, by .tall.. Also. Bulbs, Fruit Tree., 1t, , ...„
Evergreens. Cht.tee Flonet.Garden, Tree. Es -r
-green, Bort., or..Frult S'eeds, 2:i packets of either
for et.oo, by mall. , -
C, C. . The True Cape rad Cranberry, best sort
• C. berry, best sort for Upland, Lowland, or
harden, by mall, prepaid. ,11;..q. , per leo, MOD ppr
I,AUO...Wholesale Catalogue to the Trade. '
Agents wanted.' , •
• B. M. WATSO.N, rim co,•ny .Nurserles and
Wardionse, M;L•sachust!tts.
abllabed' lA4Y. Leta t..
- - •
. „-1\e(Ico Is hereby given that all Tenons to
dented to the estate of Allen WlOstoa, late of!Wit.
Mot twp, deed. are requested to make immediate
. payment, anti all peraonsi having claims against said
eatato. must pmkerii Ahem' duly autbk,ittirateil for. settlement. JOHN
Feb.74w, AdininiStratcr: •
.4133.32.13,60. Rep _ art
.r° V THE
FROM JAN. st TO DEC. 315 T, 1877.
o amount paid Auditors..
•Prottionoiory sod Register
contfacti •
: ttridge relialre ' • •
'Viewers - - '
rad Anil Cour. ty A,gr I c 'lite cal Soc le ty 100 00
tatiteittnaking returns to Cotirt 993 78
Amset9tirs . 3.009 00
Costs 111 Conimoiivreal .
th snits :' - 3,928 79
Counsel 'in criminal suits - . . 50 00
Counsel to Commissioners
Crier and tipostavei . or Court - .1,137 54
J. It. Reeve, Dist.-Atry fronel37l to '74 531 (p)
District. Attorney f0r1577.;.....,' ... • .... ..' .. -. 620 00
Election expenses ' .1,52 54
Fuel and lights - r .r,7,884 97'
Grand - Jurors .....,i. .... ‘.` .... . 1,049 56 -
Traverse •Ihrors ' , 9,643 'BO
insurance on public buildings ` . 204 00
Coroneiand.Justices' Inquisitions " 'l9l :24
C. I Ferguson. late Jury Comitulssioner. s - 2 8 14
-lury CommiSslorters and Clerk for 1877. \ 189 31
Ortie,, books . . '.-, 971 12
. . .
Aeroflot Wlth-tpeilescral Collectors of tonally Tax for 1[677 andPresloile.
Wysox "
Lot.) , ••••
A riomt la ' •
Asylum '
Atha Row' .
Hanel 3y
Canton Hort;
1.1[011104 •
I.ef::tvv!lte .
To , mois '
Towand3 Baru , -
A rmeula
It3relay . . .
lierliug!..on West—.
Mott toe Twit '
Orwell ;
It ,me Twp
Smithfield ,
South Creek, •
Twwanda Twit
Towattda North •
A rat
Asyl ' • • • • •
Athens iro
• •
A.thens '
Barr I.y: .... • •
itri ! ton r . ! Horn'
rl he.thel 'rap.
t ton
Canttet.T.wp ,
I Lelrtty..,*tt„.
nn r4l,
-• •
rl3w it
ttvertnn ....
Smith Cr
S:01 le.
'III ti,r,eLl
T - olvag,(l:t Twp..
Tttwarnin Nnrth
Towttml.3. }torn%
Ttny Tur
'rrnr ItTrtte
Tn - •r1.:•orn
t•lf ,
%% arr
\C 11 ni t...
? \
James' C. resiutrer. in ount With .County- of Bradford.
Robinson,, Aee,
I'neollectod froni 1877 and mniotts.
Perre'ntage to Colleetors
Paid Sento. Treanur&.r
Rank tax, .
Teachers' lu.stitutO for 1 ,1- 6
Teaeh..r.s• Institute for 1877
.I'l4ll per centorninlasion on $.56,107 tO
One per cent. connutmlon - on otoos, - 43
In Treasury Jan: Ist, 1878 • •
Du, u l! on dull +i,f 1576 and ftreytonf ,
titilm,mmi of t,77
Stink tax
Itmlitmoal rem:iv:lls'
- • ,
'Fr.m.mry Jan. Ist. 1477.;.
Lc:viol from Cittzmit.' .:‘; it Bank..
DR A Ityi iitli (1111STr. 'S: - • . - • .
IVii. the undersigned. eununiiisionerc of Said County, do hereby certify that \ this is a true and correct
, tatement of the receive! , and etno:tulltnres of. , said County from the lot day of January tia the 314 t day
o f ciiiiirdniiiir. ireelo,tve:„ A. 1t... 1;77. . ' , . \
NV itne:s our bands Mid seal .of °Mee al Towanda. this 17th day of Janbary, A. D„ 1878..
Arr il l -T—WILLIAAkeI.EWIS,, Cie rk
BRA irroltli 't 7 OII.7.NTY. SS: , ,
W,. the undersigned: And itorq of ',aid (:nonty, do hent•hy,rettlfy.that we hare examined the
t:T ,
statement aml the coti . chen, for the same, and Mel It to be correct. \ .
- .
• D, Boun x r.. \
w. L. LANTZ. Auditing.'
C. L. SHL.PARI), e ,
Cominisspmler'S 01lire . , Jan. 17..117S
TOTICE.—By virtue of an order
_Li- of the Court of Comnmal Pleas. of liradforil
I ~nnt-y..•the !inaersigne,i, con l mittee.of the-le ,
,nitanil_proisirty of .lere,tithili ilenson.ainnatle, will
sale. on • the prs Inln -in 'Alhany
townstrll% on 1 , 111 It AY, M.ll3ril at .2
M.. tro. Interest said lunatic Owing
01w-hlif) in the following . ileseriloil piece ~r panel
linol , itnateltrsahl,townshift of Albany, bound
. • ..•
col and de-critici as 10/11IWS : • 'A •
Begint,latt at a rorner-helcinglng to Welts Wil
cox ana A 11.-veriy; .thence north V.,. east along
oho line between A li,verly and Wells Wilcox 7
twrehes to a .te,nc heap for a corner: thence north
ea , t Ir perettei: to a Comer;them, torifit 29°.
PAS( along I he'iitte of hunt belonging . tit A Wilcox
7i pet - flies to a ,tt,no heap for a cornet; thence
north Clo.ragt pers to a stake. corner; thence
south west lIS perch., to a post for. a., corner.
a!ong tfif , • llne of land I,lloagirj.: to quimby
t helm, ..out it 610. t.3..t rt.qllll, 10 tilt, place of
bepin„,l7.,7 1)(1 artcs moro.i.rir*,s. •
TEl:ms.-0 , 50,,ip ,, n the property N•lng struck
d vn, :1:14 the•baialiel . upon 11.11011r:1(iOU ( sal)]
sai,. • AN DUE IV WlcK rzl+:ll.,
fn.l-1.- CottitutZlet..
• .
TRIAL LISt-FEiralll3l,lB7,B
. ~ •
. . .
1 1 14 , TilNVklilan V , Daniel.]: Blact:lnan........ptsue
T 111.14 ! tilat4y vs lieci IV lii,ney. debt
Javoli Niattn vs .1 P Ilort , . ii . • . - Irpeal
Mi7ter S.. .‘sery vs Iltrant lintte , ~appe- a t
I , ane Viililtney ca EPl ,, tt Wltita..y, et al _set fa
s.tuatel it Staltli vs LI•Vi Wel: , ' W.IIIIIIIL
EIIIVIVI ,r;111!: irtwlit .-,•S311111.- , 1 Kellam eject
-rit deli,. S Leettara Vs Roderick Wtlllanl4....:appea,
Salnuel Walbridge's - NV NV, Decker • covenant
NVashirizton Miller Vs Jr,bri.ll swlirader 'appeal
Ileei vs rsa'ae De.el;er, et al assampt.
• Itridget 'on"lly Rfsb.rrs eject
.I , r ,, iplap Roth Vs Frm,k.l49,blard ' • assumpt
F:ii7ihet 11011- vs- * appa.ll
II vs )Ili,, Tavhe., g 3.1-• at tex
V-. CP E Plekett debt
I 2 . 5 - q. 135 1, 4144* 1
SU ea 6i',
3U 3:
40 5)
‘l,..N;•ai I' 1'ov:41 rep
- 'tplrt'al
vs V..r ex'z's sr; fa
11v-it , a 1 vn Vol Sa,l:ii's .'x'r. • '
r[ • c. T Halt wan Ippeal
vs 'r Ilsyso
S..'asait 'n)lnvi..el al vs C.,W Donne
7:74 , , 2 01.
1 notTh t 75 • 1 7 , , (.1. 04)
14 .
~uL • ~,ro~.:: retnritible Nion , lay, F.• 1 ,. 4, Is
" ..
. .
r , •
,Tov.Audn. .fan Prothonotary.
NNOTICE.—The County •Commis
st“tirt, have fixed 'Upon the follo*lng dates
114.41ing appvals at thr rotiMll,l4lileK,' ()Si:ive
in Tow:111 , 1;i Ituinugh.. far III.; %evert' townhhlp...
nt-xlft•nt :
. Feb. sylitm../Tvrry, Witinoi. and
- . •
Os • I/9
1/ . .(i 19
' oa
1 •/ai, 27
I r.r IS.) ] fi
2f Li, 2.
'...1 :: .
'l'lw:day. Ft. 1,.. 7.6--Overtf , n. Von (e an
r;411 kltn, Granvilte nad Lenny. v•
Feb• (1,1,, as 1,,,r0•)
monla aH. Alba.
'fmr. and nniV).; fru
West. •
I—lt trill OWE.. twit two')
3t.nday, - 31areli 4—South 'Creek, .o'o6, Sh,he
rp , f•l
March s—Windham, W4rren. ttnrct
and I: , •nte (tv.p. and bore'). -
3tarch..6-- , 11 , •rr! , 1r. Pike, Len:qF
Tn.ear.ors: IVyaln3ln,..; and - Siancling - Sitv..
Tlint,d'ac..Marelt 7,-W„) .5... X and 70wanda (twp
bon,' and !;:ortli). •
Friday' • 'drip s—t: bier, Athe:ic wp. lion,
d I:arclay.
ft'VDITOR'S NOTICE.-4n the
Court of .Common Pleas' of Bradford
county. Davis, Jame.. BeekuJth &,Co. Janun
s‘s.Stul!li and I. W. Smith. o. 593, Sept'. Term,
L. 6: • , .
Lr undersigned:an Auditor apprduted by the .
con t d,sdlstrthuto funds arislmt froth the Sherifrs
sale 4 defendants , real estate. will' attend to 'the
dutles:of tair arpoliltatc'nf at the . "Ka , -of Overton
Iterettr. In tlk , Borough of 'rownhtla, 4 , n
I . Bll)A . V.\thedrith day of iriVt, at le
reeloek AJ, when and where all t.ert.on having
‘lalms said food must present them, or ho
-for , :ver,debarred from coining in on said fund. •
janl7-Iw. •
'R. A. M Etre Ult,'Auditor,
• • •
S. De
if.ay (ram It' the ( : Oturt'of Coln-.
mon Pleas of Itradford s Vonnty. No. Septern-
Trllll. 1 , 76
ittol;w. , lgi-,1, an Anditor eppol lived l!A - the
0 . 1 1 1 1 to dl. trltatte futat./.ra/stil Ly Sheriff . sale of
f , •fewlant'N real '.0110101,.10. the
, 5f Ids app •intment at his ofTlee s tn Crow:ml4 holm%
im 7 trEs DA Y. )1 t6CU li, IN. at to o'..lock, A.
al.'when and whe . te all perons having ehlatts idiot
Maid fund must present them or Ix, c run. er :debar
red froni - Mming in upon the game. \
I. Dlcr RSON.
febl4-4w. A.tuittor.
I D. M. T.Jonphear ' ..
IL It. Hill - ..
O. W. W I IcoX, "
Cluis. NM
E. t'Spalding... ,
i •
:Hen . Kerrick " ...
I .J
.. S Reynold.
.!11. V. McC.raney .... ...
LI. V Mee
.12'. S Painsworth
i.ras. 3le phersim -
~ 1 1. S. Munn
,i 4:. 11. HUMphrei.... ..•
,;(,.. 0. Vanivinkle
.;'as. W. McGill . ' -
. S. W. Rollrcers.,..
11. S.
....11V. H. Recker -
....INI gron,F risble.... •
......lohn It. D-40.1.,
.!31. R. Pherrys ,
.: „ , , N. C. Mcßeno
;_;;!(". 0. VansvinkleA.... .
....;Morris Vought.. e .'.. ..`.
....'E. V. Nichols' ....
..!David Clta.z . o
...'.:Ton I...,nnard .
.. , .: Leonard Vanhorn.:., ..
....Id. W . . 'Magill ...
....!E. I« Da0ng......5.....
.:..I E. R. Bishop....
.;..‘f:to. 11. Knapp ......
..... W. H. Beeke
.-„!myrue &nisi& ...
~....-.C. S. Wilsou
~.., J ohn 11. H0mner........
....,N, V4WellOr '
~...i Morris K eJiog . g , • ,
I.lohn 11. pasis,A
~.....ii. d
. M. L Cl a ark ' ...
;Win. I'. n ,
IN. I'. McKean ' •
I'. s. Fr k r,mwortti
• lifiram - Litu11ey....:" . ...
Thomas' . oleney.... ...
iHavid• - •Smik'Y '
iO. :+hrpri,rd
ja5..31c410..rr, , 0n •
II A. \V ..t e e
I I,W It. Payson -
I A Mort Canni-tr ..
111. It. - H01itt.,...
":1.1 S. 'AI Ingos.• ....
!C..0. Vanarinkie ,
......i.lolin MATlorks....-.. .:.
;1).O. Northrop
• :J. S. Prink
~,%...-....'E; F.. Spalding
1 rohn St !riot, " ....
s s • • Tho Leonard
N,. . ' David Cho.,
• \ .fle"rge CLI1(1,
4:e0rg , 5age........ .....
' V Nichols
1.1311105 FF. 1ai , t ,,,,, ... • •
' \ .., A . W. Dintocir
F R. PoLong\ s ' ...
N A. Wi , k ham ... i.... ..
ii„l. N. Fish
• H. 31. Srahli - ug...':.,,..
IS. llOwnsan
• , lohn Clapper
. .
1 .1 - anle\ (r. IDA'
•4) W. sc.thifi . '
• : Fliner . .C 1 :11 -
- 1 ,- ... It. 1-110}ip
-0,,0, H. K -I n.m.p ,- -
- • 1.13110, .1.01 c ,,,
' 1T4,0111,1N E. spriek
. iße...l..ssossihenta
, I • ",„ -
' . Total
Legal ITotim
By 0r.1.:.r or the Board
Atte!,;,-iyila.l.%N! LEWIS (::crk
Conanii,ioners• omi•e. Fel,. 7. 1,..724.
Conaty nwto!s.
Ills 95.
90 go' C
14,259 52
1757 87
80 74
Postage and stationery 89 i. .
Public printing MI 10
PM:loners , support In Jail 3,270 21
Eastern Penitentiary 1,614 SD
Convoying ptisonera to Penitentiary.... • 891-'6O
ProPy and Clerk Quarter Sessions' tees.. . 4"39 61
Repairs on public bulklinga ' . 672 93
Repairs and rent of 400 M for Troy Court -472.00.
llheriff for summoning Jimmy - :63 20
libeciff for fees in Commonwealth stilts. 231 60
Wildcat certificates 20
Making duplicates. kr • 68 00
Treasurer for attending Troy Court VI 50
Copying and comparing Tness''s sale ... 312 00
Cull refunded 30 33
F. E. Tupper, Stenogsapher of Court.... 666 60
'Bounty fur the returMlif stolen horses.. 20 00
ti. CountiPunmissioner..; 610 00
Coolbatigh, County Cemmlssloner. . MA 00
John italdwin„ County Comizilasionee.. &SO 00
William Lewis, Clerk 1,000 00
.4 - netzt Anent
' r :Clefo:' Reed.
1872' 23 40j ao
1671' 100 88;. 93 15
.24 82i 24 82
1875 2012! 21 12
• 680 00' 6z4 io
1. 582 10' 531 02
93, 23, 87 67
" 731 61' 681.03
;93' 101 99
" - 125 1 25;
128 04', 121 04 1
698 66, 644'27
" 53 14 1 53 14,
770.0 86 73708,
" 576 65'. 539 05
220 01 320 01
" I 709 831 .661 97
1876 •25 53; 23.63!
" 564 20; 532'481
4 .1 720.18;673 sat
100 45; 98 00
" ; 24 121 2112 )
i 630 244 594 941
766 63, 7 13
616 20.'683.01
, 117 s 96 1115 14
467.28' 439 08[
. 6
,514 69. 514 691
" 191 77,
1 562 77; 524.831
32t 32r 303 221
•• 852 82'785 54;
" 723. 29' 679 9.1
;187.7! 242 70. 95. 00.
960 78, 926,341
1 " I 154 05'; -142 53,
I 1565 64 1470 93,
" 3487 39.3136 73;
; 1 ^ 619 20 878 801
" , 1i 6 3 10' 803 511
:•` 153 46:: 145 09 1
893 56 „944 '73
i 789 33 765;06 1
" I 'BO3 13: 759, 9$
" 1730 '32; 800 00'
" 18;'6 47: 1709.77; 41 61
1, ' 6 610 41' 556 01 1 :5 00;
; ` • 10 00 63 . 4015'64: '9 55 1
.4 . 535 IR' 7 2 000',
0 6 1062 83 1002 1 .,35 . 7 101
1." $l5 56 297 68 1 112 '
;" .; 1137 49 1035 56 1 47 01;
219 02 .207 09 .4 02 - 10 911
1050 29 880 00 220 29
" 1346 3 11 1258 74 21 22 68.54.
• 392 - 43 353 571 20 200 18 661
" 10 30 2 3 1537 . 42 11 71' 81 1 1 1
1092 72 963 ...... 129 72
152 10 14186, 2 801 • -7
/2 70 91 119614 10 911 63.09'
. 1716 5$ 1265 00 - 13 251,
.115 34' 332 89
• - 80'6 81 580 00 , 7.86 81
1067 02 1579 27' 4 - 501. 83 25;
• 811 32 764 47, 8•551 . .40 50,
" 2138..8 7 ; '..'013 38. 19 14' 1041
44 154 - 15' 73 008515
922 19 848 PO 74 10
44 045 88 501 00 117 41 26 alii• • • ....
4289 26 4529 34 120 01: . :38 911....3..
• 1 , ,71 A 26 1773.33 ‘5: 93 4S'
" r2rt ..2-79 1175 87! 14.16• 82 751.
690 75 590 99 857 31 2!);
926 03 850 73 19 94 AS
• 1136 79 996 15 75 92: 52 (16
• , MS 43 j 3.32 73 20 70 0 4 , k, 004
"• 1191 01 1066 41 11 16, 56 44!
'A : 1423 17 1320.5: 63 69 63j
' r2is 92 595 00 13 76 63 78, 211 38
• 1403 0 3 1393 54' 15 91 73 511
• 871 3e 914 27, 17 08 4311'
345 7 5' 194 74 15 Z:1. 13.5 St
'5319n 5d47978 27:94'01 7.til! 24.272;1,09
.2,51 R 51
.5 •I" 15
1,1%7 90
I'o - 3
• 1.154 81
FP --'
C. W. KILMER. - . .
:M. J. COOLRA UGH, ‘Comnilssloner
, . ,
of an order' Issued out, of the Court of
( . .pnitnon 114 orthe County of Dradford.(Penn..)
the , enders ed, Assignee of George P. Cash.
'Charles D. Cash, and Fred A. Cash, of ToWanda,
Pa.. will expefe to nubile sale at the Coati House.
in the Berough of Towanda. Bradford County,
on TUESDAY, FEBRUABY l9tb„ 187 a, at cl
o'clock r.) the three undivided fifths inter
-6t owned by deorge P, Cash, ChariesD.Cnsh, and
.Fre'd A, Cash, in the following 5 traetsof land; vie:
1. A certain lot4n Barclay township. Bradford
County_ Ph., eontalning one hundred and thirteen
OM acres more or less, In the warrantee name of
D. 11. Cunningham, with a.saw mill, , S mill houses
and astable thereon.
2. ALSO—A certain lot In Barclay township
afore,atcl„ contaluing 400 acres More or less . ; In the
warranteti name or Peter Ladley.
3. ALSO—A certain let:ln Barclay twp.atorectald,
containing 33i acieo more or less 111 the warrantee
name•. of Walter Stewart.
4.. &LS( i—.l certain Mt hi Barclay and Oyetton
to ps., in said county, containing 400 acres more or
less; in Ahe wArranteeziante of Andrew Lailley.,
5. ALSI I—.l certain lot'ln Barclay twp atoreleild,
c.iotainlng 335 acres more or less, in the warrantee
name or Joseph T.actley. .
. .
Each ont.-11 ft If Interest IWlte above tracts w111•be
sold seNiintely. . -
•Thesst tract; adjoin lands owned by. the Barclay
real co.. and the Rarelay Railroad passes through
the I). U. Cunningham rind Andrew Ladley tracts.
Thy' Joseph and Peter Laaley warrants are known
to contain valuable Coal Mines; also. deposits -of . ,
.Iroo and are Clay.
. .
The saw mill on the D .1I Cunningham tract ...
old, but the mill seat la valuable. , , .
I Rlll also stql At same time- and place, the nitdi•
,sided two-flfths Interest of Charles D. Cash at .
}'red A. Cash, In the ffdlowing lot of land In tiro
llorough.of Towanda, County and State aforesaid.
bounded and described as follows, viz: Bounded
on the north by Poplar street, east by Third atrret,
smith by lands of A., Il.Stone, (fonnerly Wm Get? ,
its), west by in...alley: being about i 65f t front on said
Third stre,t,' and :2'.`..ollkeet back on said ropar
Street, With a two-story brick • gothic dwell i ng
house, 1 framed barn and - other outbuildings and a
frnit and ornamental, trees therCon: said. lot'
known as the • , 'lloinestcad lot of David - Cash Es.
. Each one-fifth Interest in the .above lot will be
sold separately.
I Will :aso,-e;1 - at same time and place - the lider
est of Geor2e I'i ('ash In a certain 161 in Asylum; .
county and State afores.3l4..bounded as follows,vis:
Ilegitoiluvaoifeet -south of an oak _stump . the •
southeast eornetot SamoaTanderpOid's lot; thence
westerls , and parallel with said Pool's line, to LIS'
southwest corner; thinee westerly on the south side
of a road proposed lb be opened fro. the Plump
first mentioned to the corner.last mentioned, ,an
thence by the most ellgi tole roam to the foot. of •
small hill on the present road about ludspr 'pore
nest of said last mentioned corner; thence southerly
and in line with a fallen tree lYing,seross the creek
to a point 150 Qet south of said creek (or' Holden
('re k}; thence easterly and parallel with said creek
to a continuation of mid Benjamin's emit line;
therica.• northerly-to place-i3l --- beginning;'eontaining
A Iflnestone quarry. •
. This lot is hold under -a contract from Wm IL
'Storrs, dated February 13th, 87a. and said Cash's-
- In said contract only Ito be 'sold: -
TEIOIS OF SALE:—Teti per cent, of the pur
chase nioftey to be . paid on the tipperty being
struck doisw: ten per cent on the confirmation of
-the s ae, and balance to one year frOm date of sale
Interest from due of sale. The unpaid pur..
chase money to be secured to the satisfaction of the
Ass - ignee.*, SCOTT, Aralguee.
to pa,.
I will al9o sell at samo tlrue and place a lot of
personal - property belonging to 'Georg's' IP. east!,
eouststlhg of some quarry tools and ,sorue' Judg
tuentsi awl accounts.
.Towan4a, P.!:, Jan: 21, 1878:
„Virtue of an order issued itro, the firphsns•
Br,ulford'.countyi th.' Undersigned; execu-
tors of ileum - Schouton. litte of Burlington borough,
(ket, will expose; to public sale. on the premises.
township, on SATUBBAY. FE1 . 3121.1-
Rl 6 , His, at. o'clock p, m , the following de
iicribed Beal - Estate Bounded on the north- by a
ynabllc highway. on the east by a public highway, /
on the!moth ant west by lands now belonging to
Merit Wood,..and-supposed to contain eighty-seven
TEHMS:iioo on the property trehdr struck down;
taooon cludirmation, and the balance In twormnal
aonual Installments, with HILO st, annually from
1 Jan. 17
Orphans' Court of Bradfard County. N 0.21.
Dee. Term. ISII. - In the matter of the estate of
I."anrence deceased.' •
'The undersigned. ittrAuditor appointed by the
Court to distribute funds in the hands of adminbi
ttaiors arising fr ,, bl the sale of personal and real
estate of said decedent. will attend to the duties Of
his appointllleilt SATI.ItDAY, - 11ARCII„, 2,187 a.
al the ortlce of Davis .% Carnochaty, in Towanda In o'clock, a, tn., wharf oral whore MI
persons hating claims upon said foods mud pre.
sent then, or be foreyer debarred-from coming in
tpon the same,- U. CAUNOCII A N,
Feb SAW , Auditor,
$13.281 02
• ,
ins•tst l
" (
4 C 6 ill -1, -.''.
33 97t.....
Ji smi
14 88
1 81
i 2 8D
a e...
Is se)...
11 271
3,91 31 39
5 37, 37 09'•
3 4EI ackle
4 901's, 58 761
5 /91 33 10
,27 71j •--
16 1 '
41 bro s '
36-94. •
-• 1 1 7„79.
ss 751.. '
7 •
78 07:
Iss se ;
30 631
42 23'
41 59'
• 24 33
40 03 57
(A I 9305.)
29 40'
i-4 44 1 ,
' I 115 13
15 76! •
54 841
20 82!
7 -16
11 69
4 02
10 04 1
184 86
9 77
17 3 9
*.37.2 09'
, 1.081 40
•M 3 83
2,923 08
1.491 90
53,284 02
.123 94
. 198 50
. 4,M18 06
Legal -Notices.
H. L. geOTT,