Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, September 07, 1876, Image 2

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./kirlC - 12t i s tOltilie s bllald aew OpOtik
ikevou uses and wastes more water
_than London. .
. •
MAR _walked acmes the Eas es Ter,
ew York, on Sanday.
_ - Tits health of Gen. Bartlett, of Pitts
&ld, Maas:, is improving.
1. Timm are 41 Boman Catholic churches
is Brooklyn, agaimt, 6in 1850 and 18 in
l • 1860.
Forty-m cities of the United States
have an aggregate debt of almost $601,-
*EST CHESTER proposes the building
en% Arth monument on the Paoli battle
grouts& '
Sirrsat..* of the Wayne Fencibles, of
West ChesCer r .voted to go and fight Sit
ling. BUM •
Six l atrannso Serviao convicts were
pardoned bf Prince lifilan• on the day an
Heir to his throne was hen
THERE are • employed" Tel, the work of
shilling and shipping anthracite coal in
this Stater upwards of 60,000 men.
- 61FOLRE CO:, extensive tanners of ßerlin . ; "Orsync'county,, have failed. Their
liabilities are sErktrtbd"to be very heavy.
Mits. F. TaActt; fern:ATV Agnes Eth
el, has. received a legacy of two hundred
thousand dollars from' her mother-in-law.
FORTY young men sere - competing for
the West Point cadetship offesed . by
Washington Townsend, of trrarSixtirDii:
triet. '
CENTRAIJA boasts of a big than muted
• McMrmick, a native of Ireland, viliois
six feet Ox inches tall and weighs 380
Ir is denied that the Mineral Railroad
- and Mining Company intend to sell their
colleries to the Lehigh' Valley Railroad
Company. -
Doos are now, taught to carry trains
:yCross the street. What will teach the
builes to keep their 'trains out of the
street r
THE swinging-saloon steamer that was
to do away with sea-sickness on the En
r glish Channel is to be broken up for the
m4rials in, her.
'NE grand naval review at Port Royal,
Sout Carolina, will begin about the first
of October; and is ex' ected to continue
about six wveks. • •
Tire States of Antioquia and Tolinia
ardin open rebellion against the Colutn
bia:ia Government, and affairs in Caoca are
not improving.
PASTOR MILLIN, an eminent SWeditih
historian and novelist, died recently. His
Works in both departments of literature
ate very popular.
tenc,ed to be hanged for the murder of the
iniae boss John P. Jones, at Lansford,
iu September, 1875.
L. Rms.'', an eminent lawyer of
Philadelphia, died , at Bedford Springs,
Wednesday evening, of typhoid pneumo
nia,k. at the age - of 72. -
'l'm:: Indian war is likely to be long and
ftlahn, as the Indians' have separated
into small bands,. each of which will have
to be hunted down.
Mai. PAULINE. Witicarr DAVIB, a well
knowli advocate of tini'versal educatiOn
and independence, died at. Providence;
Ronda Island, a few days ago.
THE White Cross Line steamer C. F.
Puncks, from New York August 10, has
betin Alestroyed, by fire oil the English
coast. No lives lost. 7'
THE. insurrection in. San Domingo has
not yet been quelled. Several 'Ports are
under/blockade and Puerto Plata and San
Diego-are still besieged.
Tun nineteenth session of the Interna
tional Statistical Congress opened Friday
morning, at Pesth, Ilangaty. The I,7ni
ted States was not represented.
LONG BRANCH hotels have been greatly
benetitted this:year by their neighbor at
traction, the Centennial "Exhibition, and
will keep open till October 1.
EXPLOSIONS of farm steam machinery
are now becoming somewhat common. A
steam' thresher killed three men and
wounded six the other day in Minnesota.
Ma. GEORGE Q. RICHMOND, the first
Democratic candidate for Attorney-Gen-
Itel - ofColomile, is now the Knited States
eentenrilal:COmmissioner for that State.
A woman I Council Bluffs, lowa, has
tr.JIFI out, her hu 4 and for a cow, calf and
- 429,-and' the man as gone back to, his
first wife,: from who he had been di
lIENRY GEIST, of Shatholcin, whose
son William wasireftntly beheaded by an
"accident on the'. Reading railroad, has
sued the company, laying damages at
$2;1,000. , •
THE Pittsburg. Presbytery have decided
that according to the standards of .the
United Presbyterian Church members of
'secret societies cannot be admitted to
church fellowship. •
A New York police justice requires of
ficers Winging prisoners before him to
"stand at. parade rest and state their
charges in a tone of voice plainly audible
to the priSoner."
NA VA eauk•tion extraordinary is to be - ,
held off the Irish coast. The sunkeriiron
ela&Vandnard, the toys of whose masts
only a' re visible, will be sold to' the high
est bidder. '
Tut: owner of the yacht William B.
Fay, young merchant," drowned, to
gether with a friend and a sailor who at
tempted to swim ashore, in• Halifax har
bor, recalls the Mohawk.
AN euthus*stic revival is now going on
at Bethlehem; under the direction of Rev.
S. A. Taggart, of Philadelphia, secretary
of the Y.
_M. C. A., all the clergymen of
the place-participating.
THE Speaker of the House of Corn
mons,.like Ferry, is said to be dissatisfied
With the press reports Of its proceedings,
so that these will be reported by an offi
cial stenographer hereafter.
CLAUSSEX, a wealthy brewer,
.._ sits by' the Judge of the "Special Mid
' n!ght Court" for hearing the cases of
barkeepers arrested at Gilmore's New
York Garden and signs bail-bonds for
- them.
- -THE Miners' Journal complains that a
scene in the Pottsville court, represented
in anillustrated journal, makes the pris
.- lid the Mollie attendants appear
. handsonter-lookim, , ;than the court , .and
TUE "substantial" citizens of Carbon ,
e 'r. annual clam-bike at
11 Lake' Septem Hon. W. W.
Ketchum, rom -- 43,-L.-D
*row - are-anion'be ,distingu ved = _
vited guests. ' •
Tin American Bridge Company las
the contract for building the Poughkeep
sie bridge, which is to take Pennsyliania
coal into :fie* England by rail. All Pough
keepsie has subscribed and looks for work
out of the enterprise.
IN the beginning of the season rattle
snakes were killed measuring five feet in
length. Now they are found measuring
seventeen feet; and before the election is
over will probably have reached one him
! 'tired , feet. This •is a big year for big
snakes. •
A. .CORRESroxpEzif of the Slatington
Netts writes to that paper from Weatherly
that a man named BuCk, while on; Berry
ing near that place, came across a rattle
snake, which he killed, and which upon
being measured was found to - tie seven
teen feet and three-quarter inches long.
That beats the Welsh MountainlSnakes.
MISS CLARA LortsE KELLOGG is said to
' hake asked at. the Commencement of the
Maine Agricultural College if beet vines
required to be trimmed in the spring.
she explained that her education had
been chiefly musical or she would not have
troubled any one with the inquiry.' _ .
PERE HYACINTH; in a letter . writter
' to a friend in this country, expresses the
satisfaction he bas derived from the let
- tern written bp,the Rev. Dr. H. M. Field,
during his tour around the world, saying:
"It is the best voyage around the world
that has ever been written. This is no
. CAP. W.V. Wrc - sLow, who was known
as the' diseoverer of Rocky Point, H. 1.,
and who first made the place known as a
summer resort, died in Warn , R. 1.,
last Tuesday.., He was au old man, and
it is said that big steamboat Argo was one
.• or the earliest in Narra,gantett Bay.
Tun late General Conference of the M.
E. Church, held in Boltimore, made pro.
vision for an Episcopal visitation of the
- 'missions on the west coast of Africa.
_,LiShop Gilbert Haven has .btit4l selected
to perform thatduty and taxpt , Os soon to
for England, *bens. INV wal UN* If
c .44 Ast MOW* tit Red 'Fai MB 'elbow.
IN THE contest for : the Congret
sional nomination in Wayne county,
C. C. fenwtx, an energetic,
in elli
gent merchant, was successful. ,The
Conference will be held in this 4 place
on Tuesday next. Each county
has a candidate. Bradford is. 'the
largest county in the district,-and
presents a . man admitted to' be the
peer of any who has ever held the
position from this district, and confi
dently expects that her 'claims will
be'acceeded to by her sister counties.
With Col. OVE,IITON ogrcandidate,
the Democrats will lire - lint • a for
lorn hope.'
,Tuz Argus last week paraded be
fore its readers, with its usual brazen
bmgactocia, the fact that a young
Democrat aided the Republicans of
Wyalusing in . removing the, guy.
ropes from thei; pole atter it in
position, and that the act Waino
acknowledged in any mariner by the
-Republicans. The truth is he was
greeted with the warmest applause,
the speaker pausing to, allow the
band;i to serenade the young man.
The conduct, as repined in the-rtr
gus, is not in keeping. With the fepu
iation of Relitiblicsii addienties say!
ithersiand if WOW*
~....:, . 4-r77,E.,:i.1:.:>'--:".--'-'4';'W: .-;-
~;: .1 . 4. .., - . 7,- _ , . ;.-.
_.. .
,;-•-, ta .-" ' ' ,: '.
-.1 ' I
lenrrosig • il• •
e. O. GIOODIIIOIII. f. W. Alying..
Tomah" PL. Tkand+7. getri. 7• 1878.
To's vies iitzsrparrii
FOR, C9N011,1688,
(Subject to decision of Conference.)
(Subject to decision of Conference.),
I ;
We will send the . CAMPAI GN
PORTER from the Ist of September to
31st of December, Tor 7WENTY
THAT tidal wave didn't get a good
stanitin the GreenMountain,State.
Timm wakes no reply. -;.,t0 the
charge ef: defrauding the Govent
ment, arch' perjury._
THE Erming the pro
ceedifigs of the Democratic, State
Convention wvaLd, have disgraced a
ward caucus.
A ,
,SOUTEI CREEK.-A ineeting i ol the
Republicans of South Creek twill die
held on Friday evening. ;1, Goad
speakers will be present.
cepted ' the Democratic nomination
for Governor in Massachusetts. A
nominal honor.
TiZ people of Vermont have pass.
ed judgment on the charges against
TiLims, in connection with defraud
ing the Government.'
credibly informed, declines to'! allow
the use of his name as a candidate
for Senator. He is in favor of W.
T. DAviEs. • 11
THE New York Deniocraey are
without a gubernatorial candidate.
It is just, as well, however, as the dye
is cast in favor of Goy. Monae* and
COL. OVEBTON and Hon. .. R.
MYEB will address the Republicans
of Liberty Corners on Mondity even
ing next, at the school house. After
the speeches a HAYES and WHEELER
Club will be organized.
Tn Democrats of New York last
week met in convention and nomi
nated EIORATIO SEYMOUR for Goner
.nor, although it was known to the
officers of the - convention that he had
-peremptorily declined to accept the_
posi tion.
A ? ‘ A
HON E. R. MYER and um o
.' vka.
TON ad dressed a meeting inA
field on Saturday last. In every
section of the County the work goes
forward, and Bradford will show re
form, in the right direction by giving
her usual majority this fall.
ARRANSA4 has gone Democratic
by about 50,000 majorit?: \ Why
should it not? Had the 'Republi
cans of Vermont employed the same
means of keeping Democrats from
the polls that the Democrats did Be:
publicahs in Arkansas, the majority
could easily have been doubled. ,
THE meeting at Weston's on Sat
urday last, proved a very pleasant
affair. A fine pole was raised, an,
beautiful Slag unfurleitto the moun
ain_hreezeer which -stirring ad
resses were madelff_Xek -- Ovratrofq,
,liginFitsos, and It.-
A...llEactqt. The people (: - iI"PhIrAM
roe are • - `alive, and will give a goial
account of themselves in NoVember.
c 4.
' -
The I:iimiiiraid'inet'llt.'cioni,iiiltion-
on Tuesday last, In !demur _Hall.
DANIRL MURAN; of Wpm, was
clioien President, and S. W.-Bucx
and Z. F. WALK= Secretaries.
The list of delegates was called, and
the most of the old stagers who have
eomposell the conventions for the
past ten or fifteen years responded—
many of them are men who Were
been repudiated by the Republicans
and haVe - sought asylumin that refuge
for disappointed malContenfe and
corrupt: men of all classes, the mis
called Democratic party.
Hon. Jos. PowELL and Hon. D.
ROCKWELL were unanimously re
nominated for Crlkrress and State
Senator, when the scramble fir the
other positions begait. An effort was
made to defeat Maj. TERRY with "E.
HERRICK, Jr., Esq.;" but all the elo
quence and honeyed phrases of D'A
OVERTON, one of the delegates from
this borough, failed to accomplish
the object: The Major come out
ahead of both HERRICK and Amu
on the first ballot. At this point Jour;
WILLIS claimed a "foul, „ but was
overruled by the umpire. Capt. AmEs
was not much disappointed, as he ex
pected his army record would operate
against him in a Democratic conven
tion. It Was first decided that TERRY
was the center candidate, brit Mr.
OvErimori thought he saw another
chance for NEB, apd eloquently
pleaded that geographical lines shoald
be ignored. In this he was succe.s.;
ful, and the names of Hiaircx and
AmEs were again placed 14efOre the
convention ; a ballot resultedin favor
of the former by a majority of nearly
two to one, which fully convinced
CHARLEY that Union soldiers stand
a poor show, in a DemoCratic con
Pau.° Pscx, having once been sac
rificed tathe duplicity and trickery of
Maj. TERRY, was "set up" for the same
purpose again without opposition.
Foi4ury Commissioner there was,
considerable strife, foi the reason
that the nominee is elected without
opposition. <Mr. E. P. DECKER, of
Towanda township, who has voted
early and often and worked in season
and out for the party leaders, thought
himself entitled to the position, and,
was promised the supp9rt of Maj.
TERRY and others, but on the second
ballot he was declared defeated by a
young gentleman of this borough
without any political convictionFt
and who scarcely ! knows : himself
which party he trains with. We have
not learned what excuse Maj. TERRY
gives for so basely betraying his
most influential friends by defeating
Mr. DECKER, in the face of a positive
and; oluntary pledge to support him,
and order his laquey, /RA SMITH, to
do the same thing, but he will prob.
ably give HARRY and DAN the excuse
the mouse did the cat : "I was . in
liquor when I made the piomise."
By the way, those who saw theMajoi
after the convention were pre* . ell
satisfied that there was considerab •
liquor in him, as lie swageringly boast
ed that he w the man who was go
inga,,:i to be elec .
We must eo gratulate the Democ
on their good fortune in secur- '
ing men of so much character as D'A
and a few others, representatives of
their party. It adds largely to the
moral tone to see such men take an
interest, and by the time another
Centennial rolls around the little
Jeven thus added to the putrefying
mass may have some effect.
The convention on the whole did
not 'pass off smoothly and harmoni
IT BECOMES more evident every
day that the moment the government
is transferred to Democratic hands
a ring of swindlers will begin to
plunder the treasury through the me
dium of fraudulent Southern claims.
For several years Congress has made
an annual appropriation of $6,000 to
pay for the arrangement and exami
nation of the captured rebel archives.
No money was ever appropriated
more wisely, for the discoveries al
ready made in the archives have
saved the government millions of
dollars 't3? disclosing moor of the
• • • • y of Southern claimants.
Adjutant:General TOWNSEND reports,
one claim of $700,000 and:asother of
550,060 defeated by the records.
the Southern Claims COMMit3-
Irtsfne of - 11'00,000—____Thus
been saved by--the
expenditure of not a- than 00,-
I But'in the eyes of our
,be-six thousand a yea .
was a wicked waste, an - Ohey-cu l t, it,
off. Claims amounting to over $1,, , ! ,,7 i7
000,000 are now pending before the
Southern Claims Commission. Proof
of disloyalty 'constitutes a complete
bar qo a claim, and , the ex-Rebels
knew what they were about when
they, struck out the item of $6,000
and cut off the chief means of ol)•
tainixig"tbia proof Their friends:will
"now plunder the government,at will.
HIRE are some of the " retrench
ment and reform'" bills which were
introduced by members of Congress
during last winter, and which would
have become laws had the Senate
and President been in accord with
the Confederate House. Should the
Repubilczuvigarty be defeated in th e
Pending canvass, ttiese bills and
many more of a ,similar nature will
be passed and the amount *appropri
ated 'taken from the treasury. Here
are the items :
Amount of bills for 140 claims
Amount of bins ito refund greet taxes 14814
uncollected 2,641,7111
Amount of bills to refund cotton tax... 1140172,0811
Amount of Mils to pay for property used -
and destroyed 150,000,0110
Amount of bills to pay for supplies 130,t00,C0
Total 1472,210,133
. Nearly five hundred millions of
dollars to the . South! That is the
mum' wily, 'the South is united
now as a* when Semptur.*ae.
fiseduit" ;4.
1:F 1 'Pit* -TING
The Court House was 'crowded to
overflowing on Monday eveni ng last,
in pursuance of a call for a Republi
can meeting. G. M. BIXBY, Of Wya
!using, was icalled to the cha l k, and
M. Tuasza elected Secretaries. Mr.
BIXBY made a few appropnate re
marks on taking the 'chair, which
were loudly applauded. At the con-:
elusion of the President's Iddress,"
lion. Gro. LANDON was introdu ce d.
It has been a lon g time since Mr.
L. has stood before a Republi can au
dience in this place, but his unlt'ue
cessful hunt for reform outsidet of
the party seems only to have Increas
ed his devotion to the principles of
his early life. l. For nearly twO hours
he held the vast multitude spellbound
by his eloquence and his masterly
arraignment of the Democratic party
for its false pretenses and open con
ruptions. -.31r. L. sees much in the
Republican leaders which he cannot
endorie, but is fully pursuaded that
the best interests of the country de
"eland the continuan of the party
in power. , The speech wss pro
nounced by all, both friend's end op
ponents, one of the ablest and 'most
eloquent ever listened to in Towanda.
Mr. LANDON was Hon.
H. W. PALMER, of Wilkes-Barre,
who only arrived in town at 9 O'clock,
the train having been delayed. He
spoke for an hour in his usual forci
ble and eloquent strain, and vas lis
taned to with the closest attention,
although the hour was late. Ar. B.
has few equals as a speaker, and no
superiors in any respect. We look
upon him as one of the risin
men of the State -
The followifig letter from
HINMAN, Esq., a candidate
the late Republican Conveni
inserted in pursuance of our ,
to give all
_questions a fair 'and re
spectful heiring. It' will be observed
that Mr. H. does not claim that he
had at any time votes enough Co
inate him, neither does he -- ,ehai. gs•the
candidate who was stiecessf
i t with
any improper or corrupt prrtices
The insinuation that the Secretaries
were unfairor incorrect in tileir tally,
e t
is so absurd that Mr. H. ill be
ashamed of it himself when h comes
to give the subject candid t ought
p 1
and sober reflection. The 4 ecreta
ries were chosen on the asse bling
of the Convention ( without any pre
vious consultation, .and the fact that
the tallies agreed ill the best of evi
lence that they were Correct. The
resident and both Secretar
ges4,lemen whose character is
suspleion, and no,unprejirdic!
would charge them with parch
their actions. One of the Seen
instead of residing in Towanda
as_ far from this borough as Mr ,
MAN does. If delegates who
chosen for Mr. H. disregarded the
wishes of their constituents', they
Should be called to an accoint for
their action by the voters who elected,
them; but it is a singular coincidence
that several other candidates, claim
that the delegates named were ehotien
in their interest. They truth is, the
Republicans of the county are not so
much attached to any man as' aspir
ants for office collie to think them ;
they are more solicitous for the weal
of the party than the advancement of
personal favorites, , and the hearty
satisfaction expressed with the ' , ticket 'ticket
41 the best evidence that the Iv OA of
the Convention was satisfabtorY to a
large niajOrity of the parey. f Had
Mr. HINMAN or any of the othi: un
successful candidates been plata on
the ticket the same acquiesence would
have been manifested, and we egret
to hear from: him such charges ,at
this late day. If he really bell
what he says, he should have
attention to the mistakes aurin
sitting_of the Convention and
them corrected theni.
ME. S. W. Atvouri-ipear Sir :
you would correct an error -you m o in
publihhing the vote in the Rcpul?lican'y
Qonvention on the center candidates for'
Weir Itati' 1d blish the
he gi
" I lse
Spalding and Wm. Rockwell from F ' a
lin, all voted far me on the first hallo and
did not on the second, shows beyo d a
doubt that the Chairman and Secret ries
did me great injustice, and it was pro-
I:lounged a . fraud all through the h .
The fact-that 'the Chairman and Sec ta
ries were from Towanda, and that To
wanda had been so generous as to e mit
two candidates out of five to be nomi ted
out of Towanda, some think II old
suffer the fraud to go unnoticed ; bn to
my mind the interests of the party de
mand that all such frauds should be no
ticed, that they may not be 'repeat on
another like occasi .13 ; ' alsp,,the inj ice 1
to myself and friends require it.' I al not
say that I would have been nominated
with all the. Towinda influence agiinst
me, yet no one will deny the fact that it
had a damaOug,effect—lts, for n.ft,
the Franklin delegates were instru cte d to
vote for mq aa.long as there Wait• any
chance of my nomination, - and they left
me on the , announcement that I had but
twelve votes. others I could mention hi
like manner. '- i •
As for my opponent, James Fostir, I
believe he had nothing to do with it, C be
cause he .at three different times wished
his name withdraw% but a very promi
nent lawyer of, Towanda would not allow
it. But, if Mr. Foster had stooped so; low
to nominate himself, no honest man know
ing the heti would vote for him; as I
I believe him tcio high-minded and of in
tegrity too great to commit such a fraud.
I shall vote ,for him and the rest of the
candidates nominated that' day, th
Hayes and-Wheeler at the bead • • '
Tr" ** *wort * Rg*,„,.***str..
• *--z."- • .
The Campiagn Opened.
._.... . ... .. .._.
7 1101.14110:. Plef: -...
' - 1:' i v iio - ,*
' .4_et
gein4r Boolii, of California; 1;l'o=
hug present atßepn bll o an meeting
at Dariville, I na, on 'the 180 1
. I
was .I‘e ' iXlSlzect. Ow the people and
loudly pilled niion for a speech. In,
response, he , wa de a ferimpromptut
remarks whiCh We qnote in full:
"It would hardly beworth while
to conic so .fai' say so little; but
this call of yortt3 thrills my heart as
it has I not beei before thrilled for
yeirs, ror to-d 1 I stand for the first
time ih,tny na rtt State to
' speak to
my feßow-eitizOis upon a political
question. I can only congratulate
you upon this 4 . hnspicious occasion.
I can Only congratulate the Republi
cans o Indianakthat they have a
leader in this canvass who bears a
histori name tO.ivhich he adds lustre
by hisl own ability and patriotism.
,--Lean only rejoice with you that the
first il oyernor Of the Territory of
1 Indian G will givsi us a Governor in
the C;tennial year. Ido not deny
I that, . far as Aam personally con
cerned, I recogrdie that there are
great political questions bearing up
on us in the near( future that are not
touched upon 13. V the divisions be
-1 tween tile Republican and Deinocrat
ioparties--great questions of finance,
great questions 4f fiscal policy, meth=
ods or reform !and administration.
Bnt when I findithe Democratic par
ty as la compaCped mass cherishing
its oldj traditioes, animated by its
1 old id as, all ot her questions in my
1 mind jre suboripnate to its defeat
and destruction: l I -know not what
othersknay thinle,, Nit as for me I.
can see no road t progress that does
not lead over its ruins: For fifteen
years it has stood in the pathway of
our advance ' • fOr fifteen years it has
endeavoredre to srpress every grand
political utteranc e , and the time has
come-ri-yea, thetidiness of the time—
when i
er. I d not deny that the
t should cumber.the ground
no lonf
i i
Repub lean party has made mistakes.
I do not deny thht it his had corrupt
men sometimes for its agents: ° But
look at the paht behind us. Think of
the great questiOOs it has confronted.
Thinkla the htuidreds of thousands,
and the hundreds of theinands on
that, t4at it has ,(employed, think of
the di culties itl i has passed through,
thework it has -accomplished, and it
seems to me mirfl culous that its mis
takes hhve not en more and great•
er.' i They have been but as. the bends
of the river that, i ldo but de fl ect its
channel as it rushes to the sea. . And
there is this to be said of it: That it
made the count
vine opportunity
tastrophe came I,
men all over t
would destroy o:
even. from the j'
made the event
out frbm amon
portunity to 'fix
seal of universa
it the guarinty
B. M.
ion ' is
IN ANSWER to the charge that Re
publicans have i . eceived help, for a
consideration, from the Molly Ma
guires, the Ifinrs' Journal has the
." While we ark not' of those who
pretend to deny that there has been
corruption in politics—for we believe
for years past th(i Democratic party
has, practiced a systematic scheme' of
corruption that has almost demoral
ized the people livherever they had
power, and we hate but to point to
New York city 14 a fair sample of
their work—yet charge of corrup
tion is easily .ml4e, and when that
charge is made against the'Republi
ca'n party we .arq loth to believe it,
because it is' against its instincts and
traditions; and ife must confess we
are wholly sceptical in relation to the
charge so brazenly made that there
ever was any arrangement made be
tweak' Republican leaders and any
body of men in title anthracite coal
region for the fraudulent transfer of
votes for a poneyiconsideration, and
iry violation of the r convictions. An
tagonisms ;n pollees are not easily..
Overcome. The fish? vote „of, this
county has been uniformly Dane
cratic ; they have Fontrolled the pai
ty, and do to-day. Their favbrite .
leadur heads the' 'Democratic ticket,
and the Irish' voters 'rally around
him as one
,man. And we can point
to the past with equal 'confidence.
Who nominated Patrick Collins?
Not the, Republicans. Who nomi
nated' John Slaiteoy ? Not the Re
publicans. Who' idefeatpd lattery
and elected Judg9 Seitzirwr 7, We .
simply say, examine the Clectiorthre
inrns ; they tell a story that cannot
be denied, and the truth is as clear
as-the sunlight. Take township and
district, and no` Republican voted
for John Slattery. I Again, whoi.have
been the victims of the Moll'' Ma
auire3 ? Democrati ? Not one; ,c very
Man they murdered was - a Republi
can. ,:Can anyofici deny this ? We
think not
es are
i man
ity in
• taries,
: lives
--- --
BELOW are 'published two solemn
oaths taken by Sicuum. J. TILDEN,
the Democratic candidate for Presi-
du December t. 5, 185.7,1 In his answer to' , ths
Xr. TUden swore to .a complaint in the Mental
return, tinder oath, inlirourt of the 11. 8, in the
which he said : li,tit of the Bt, Louts,Al.
..1 hereby,certify that thin and Terre irette
the following Is a truel Railroad Mo. against
and faithful statement of . qmselfand others.which
the gains, profits or in-lanswer was filed recent
come of Samuel J. 'I II- lg, Mr. Tilden swore,
en of the city of New tinder oath, as follows:
York, nty of New I" That for such service;
York,State o ' wYork, tke defendant Tilden
whether clerk m made a charge of .10,000
any kind of property, . said second inert
rents, interests, dirt- gage bon . - • d the
-. "• - ary from said charge was paid,
any other source wes... i .o.QM belts, fot sal. .. •• •
Cr, from let day of Jane- on
ary to the Elst dayot De- the 17th of October, ItBe2;
camber...lB62, both days'" i • • that the defend-:
Inclusive, and subject to ant Tilden, for apart of '
an income tax under the Ills services etnes3 kalso ~
excise laws of the United;made,a charge of the iiiiio.
States. Income from all 'gum of #lo,eoo oft account
1 1
sources, 17,11 E." : of i ptotessional services
rendered to. the Arse
utertgage bondholders
Mid the receivers, which
was paid to him by the .
mr A mrtab C. Flagg,
• • • 'mill Which tray
' m nt appears Under date
, • - ofi November 7,18 E; in it
' . t statement annexed la the
,r 1 t report `as aforesaid,'
'•• ins having liven recelptell
f° by the said Tilden on
tit of professional
. ,
se Ices." •
t 'L
The last Congress p ::ed an act re
sting to National Bnks, section sth
if which reads as fo llows:
"That all United States officers
barged with the rec eipt or disburse
ment of public moneys, and all offi
ceri,of national' banks, shall 'stamp
•r write in plain letters •the word
counterfeit,' alterr ' " worth
ess,' upon all fraudu Bent notes issued
n the form of, and intended to eircu
4,te as money, which shall be'.'pre
• • nted at their pla4s of business;
nd if such officers Shall wrongfully
• tamp any genuine mite of the United
tate or of the nataimal banks, they
, piesenpitkip *s ea ma k
Aiwp .
oos extremity its di
that when. the ca
' ver us that good
e world supposed
it snatched victory
ws of defeat; and
Si at was to blot us
the nations the.op
pon our policy the
freedom, and make
of indissoluble un-
The Republicans Carry Wihning!lon b 7 a Largo
WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. the
election in this city to-day for mem
bers 9f the city council, the Republi
cans were successful, carrying eight
out of ten)vards, and .electing,nine
out of eleven councilmen. The Re
publican majority in thcd city on dif- .
ferent candidates varies from 1,045 1
to 1,200.
Ma. BRISTOW his a faculty of ex
pressing himself id few and forcible
words. When a reporterOf the Bos
ton Globe asked for a hriefirexpres
sion of his Views on public attain,. he
made this admirable and comprehen
siVe response : "I beliove the Re-
Publican party to be the party of
'ideas, and the only one to ivhich can
be safely intrusted the 'administra
tion of oar National Government at
this time. There can beoo possible
hope from the Democratic party that
they will carry into effect and con
summation- the heritage pf.vital is
sues inherited from the war ; and as
for me, I am going to work for the
oterests of the - country and I
fiwhere out
le Republican paity."
s ! • '
cerning his plans for the' future, he
Efaid: "My intentions are to return
to the
.practice - -Ipw in "Liouisville,
a profession I love, rind which I was
taken from by accident, not chow •.
Politically I have no aspirations, and
prefer to be let ehtirely
Tux Democrats, of New , ,;York, last
week admitted that SEIIIIOUR was
the only man the:), could elect, by re
fusing to allow his name , t o be with
drawn, after he had perem ptorily rat.
fused to be a candidate. 2 Perhaps .
TILDEN will now insist that his old
friend, TWEED, shall now be re-called
from exile, and placed on . ; the ticket
to fill the vacancy.
JOSEPH E. Fromm, a Democratic
candidate for Iteeresentative in this
county latit fall, openly. ;proclaims
that he will not vote for Tu.nis.
THE Prohibitionists of this State
have formed an electoral ticket.
P. sl.lMit,l9-11,-.oe9tor, honk 'OW die.
No Such Enthusiasm SI
WHERE:; *+
Returns Straggling In,
Very Consolatory.
Republican Gain's Evident I
s.Appearances indicate that
- exciting canvass of the past few
weeks will culminate to-day in bring
ing to the polls nearly every voteOn
the State. Free conveyance is fur
nished every voter. Reports from
all quarters show no such enthusiasm
manifested since Lincoln's first elec
tion. Republicans consider there is
a strong probability of an increasq of
4;000 votes , over their ; ",' majoritylpf
1874. The 'Democrats 'are sanguine
the election will show reactionary
Eientiment in favor of their palrty.l
—BB towns give Fairbanks 29,1 1 65,
Bingham 9,484. The same town in
1874 gave Peck 15,243, Binghani 6,-
803. COngressional majorities stow
corresponding gains. Norwich gives
Fairbanks 168, Binghata 141, a Dem
ocrat gain on State ticket of 20.
The Democrats elect Bartlett gsr
gent representative, the first electbd
by them since 1854.' , ;1
—One hundred and - sixteen towns
give Fairbanks 27,702, Bingham 14,-
409 ; the same town s $n 1874' gave
Peek 21,641, Bingham 6,688.
WHITE RIyEH iluNcrioN, Sept. 15.
In the first congressional district 49
towns give Joyce, Rep., 9,7'77;Vhilds,
Dem.,';4,421 ; 'the second district, 34
towns give Dennison, ':Rep., 3,104;
Dickey, Dem., 3,304 ; the third dis
trict, 29 towns ,z, give . Hendee, ReP.,
5,841; Ed ward,'Dem., 2;479.
The towns td , be heal from will
probably increade Fairhanks'-majori
ty to 30,000.
Congressional majorities in three
districts are ha.; 112 towns, 13,418.
Townb not heard from Will swell this
Eaajority t0'29,000.
Republicans throughout the State
are jubilant. Returns come in slowly.
The , complete result *ill net be
known _before to-morrow;
Of the one hundred ;and twelve
towns, the representatives elected are
100 Republicans, 6 Democrats, three
de th
The - ttnii 4 Ork 4 Wa 4 o/ 1 4 6 N 11
organ) in a leagthy,riell-irrittert and;
logical article on the' political
tion, makes thls frank cOnfessuM:
" Mr. TilderOs management of the . ,
canvass leads people to ask ;' Wn
to hive another Buchanan 1' " . t' Bu-'
chanan, they remember, was se. ripe,
and finished statesman, the first of
his time in character, years and exf
perlence, whose administratior was
to 'save the country,' and 'restore
the purity of earlier days.' -Th ar
gument/if that elected Bucliarian are
the arguments the Democrate utie to
elect Tilden. All men know ;:how
disastrous that administration "prov
ed ;• how it threw the country into a
civil war; how it paltered withtrea
son until treason had the naticiti by
the throat, and now this modeljthis
consummate ,statesman President
went into retirement without tkp re
spect of the country, his patrietism
questioned and this administrition
remembered only for its folly its
weaknese and shame ?' What, there
fore, was the strength of Tilden in
the eginning bas been turned itito
weakness solely because he paltered
with the financial question by his
surrender to Hendricks. That statute,
contraversialist, Mr. Marble, ;:niay
show ns
. in careful phiases how3Til
den's letter looks toward resumption,
how it is the real thing'while all; else
is false pretence ' • but the country
will ask why should Mr. Tildeniiro
pose that we should break one of, the
pledges upon which our
credit rests, and that, too, befotv we
have tried to redeem it.' .The , gnly
answer is that such a concessionlwas
necessary to please Mi. Hendricks
and 'the inflationists Of the WesC As
Mr. Marble said t St. 'Louis, OS is'
a - day of comp,romises. , In ; 'tither
words, Mr. Tilden begins his Oam
paig,n of reform by proposing apont
promiseon our national credi, fjust
as-Mr. Buchanan thought he would'
save the Union by cornpromisei,:i'vlth
the. secessionists.- What Buchi - nan
did under the dictation of Davisand
SlidelliTilden does under the dicta-,
tion '4 Hendricks and Ewin , 7
tendency to compromise is seett, in
the wan - /, of leadership shown blithe
Democrats. The ' black • flag .';has
been furled. The campaign of tag
gression ' has become one of expla
S and defence. The ILepbli
cans, who were to sink in the c iace
'because of Grantism, have thiewn
aide all of Grant but what is u4ful.
Intlie canvass for the Governor4hip,
upon which the; success of Tilden
depends mo i re than anything elsf t we
have the same - indecisio*. the dame
helplessneki. Here we --T-are ors the
eve of this' most important Cohen
tion, and the party is at sea 4 to
who shall lead it. Worse even than
this is the Impression that there Is to
be treachery, double dealing,
Instead of naming the best man ; and
calling upon the party to accept him,
Mr. Tilden and his friends haVil6. so
managed• this preliminary canvass
that every candidate for , 4 Goareinor
but the one who receives the' nomi
natio - n will I'6l' that he has been de
e B l
The Hi!rald's prediction in regard
to the Ne . ii-York Convention has
already proven true.
BROTHER KINNEY, of the Waverly
Advocate, pays our candidate for
Congress the following merited com
" The President next .introduced
Col. Edward Overton, Jr: the
ford county nominee for Oon,gresS:
This waS the first time we eve heard
Mr. Overton, andwe were very !ree
ably 'disappointed. He is a rea.
rigorous, anci .forcible speaker, very
familiar with . , the politicariffairs of
the country,., a gentleman of fine
legal and literary abilities. His
speech made a very favorable 'hi
pression, indeed, and was *ell calcu
lated to do goixl in the present can-'
rrIZIN :On A:4IIA MN V :1 krilM
Leaf. of the International Boats Tho Prizes
Awards, and their Money Value-
.PHILADELPUIA, Sept. 5. 7 --The last
races of the :International Regatta
were rowed to-day. The first event
was the- final four-oared heat between
the Thames and Halifax crews:
After turning the flag buoy on the
home stretch, the Condoners were :
leading; Halifax spurted and 'came
alongside, their oar-blades touching
those of the Thames crew. -The lat
ter stopped and claimed-a fOul. Tlie
umpire directed them to pull, again.
They did so, London leading the
way. When the island Hearne in
sight, the Halifax crew steered out
in the stream, but London. pulled in
shore, mtt- it was evi den t ,as they
passed the: end of the. island that
something was wrong with their
steering geer. Halifaxpulled, on
home in 18:5-1, and when -the Lbn
doners came -in it was said their rud-'
der line was broken 'on the port side.
They drew up to the umpire's boat
and claimed the font, end the umpire
gave them the race.
The final Angle scull trial heat came
riext, between Hanlon of Toronto,
aria-Brayley of St. Johns. ; Hanlon
led his opponent all over the course,
and won easily in 2409,.8ra1ey com
ing in at 21:1{4. -
The last race was the final pair
oared contest, between-" Green and
Thomas of London,. and Faulkner
and Regon of, Boston. The:latter
started first ana led the way up to
the mile point, where the _Thames'
men virtually gave up the contest,
apparently tired out. They paddled
over the course however,bnt.Faulk
ner and 'Regan `passed .the winning
line easily in 21:20. '
- The prises won in these races are
for t e irst in the four-pared shell
race, $2,500 ; 'for. the second crew
$l,OOO ; for the first in the pair -oared
rxee,ool_;_second, $5OO ; for the
whiner o single,. sculls, $BOO, and
A che second $4OO.
I --
The Firemen's Parade. .
PIIILADE ' LPIITA, Sept,„6.—The fire
men's parade took`plaee to. y, and
was one of the finest display 4 of the
,ever witnessed. There were
eighty companies in line, divided
into twelve divisions, the last seven
divisions being chiefly composed of
visiting companies. ± . ,
The convention of chief engineers
of fire departments of the / United
States this evening, fixed upon the
first Tuesday of eptembee7 as the
Au on which the annuals meeting
shall hereafter be held. It also de-'
eided that hereafter delegates - from
-insuranee companies andl salvage
corps may have the privileges of the
floor without votes.
At the-miming session of tbe Ar
chuelogiesi Society the business tranik
i acted- was- the adoption: ore Co
tation,and. the name ot- ?
- 4 0 44 :44- 4 1. t!filllikl‘lki,
71' t- - -,.:;iy . T. L ..2:=, —, `----- 'lt- ; ..--,--•.'.- ''''. 4-7-."- - ': - Y
CtitdiAnt,.— Ai:verthiaj*lsiiiis
the following definition of the term
"candidate:"', 1 1
"It was the custemwhile,the Ro
man repiiblic subssieted in fat vig
or, for the applicants for high l offices
to appear on the dak- of election in
long white robes, intimating by this
that their clutracters likewisei ought
to be purinnd unsullied .. Hence the,
origin 'of the word candidate.---can=
didus, • white, pure, , ; sincere. 1 ;This.
garment(accordinto Piutarcb) they
were,s, that 'the people mig t not
to wear'without any other
suspect they concealed monde , fbr
purchasing votes, and also thai they
might more easily show to 'the People'
the scars of those wonndit they had
received in fighting for the common
wealth." ' ! I '
,If the custom of the ancieit Ro.:
mkns were in i vogue now , it would
be a little curi ous :to see TILSN dis
playing his battle soars. . I
Ir you want to see a furiou Dem
, _$
just ask him wh o is the Demo
cratic candidate for ' Goverlor of
New York.:c_.
On Main Street,
At $2O, 125, and 1130.
And, all other Goods propo
4 111 they ask Is for you to Gati and see t
and priers, and be couvineed that the °ldyl
buy good goods cheap is of the ntinufaetu
4 1
Remember that we are prepared to do
Lower than!any othe
' •
. .
Towanda,-Sea l'l, IA7B.
.•:r &Nat k
NEW '0031:1S !!
NEW a f)
- \
gave just received their first invoice of
All the new styleiti
, &c., &c:
We'offer Bargnins
' And be convinced for yourselves.
~y :~~ f'
4. ±4'.~
„ -
lion !
o goals
place ha
M. .0,
\ °
• •
• '.l
5 ,
pus ;BE SOL
, ,
.1 1 .1
. ,
1; •
At the old stand of
0. A. BLA.CK.
Towanda,. August 1876
Entirely rewritten by thd ablest writ - Ors
on every subjot. Printed' from new
type, and illastOted with Several Theii
andEngravinl,,,S and Maps. .: .
FRDIi DEV. DR. STRONG, Editorof :McClintock
and Stronws Cyclopmdla of Biblical Literature:
"The preparation of our own eyelopmdla has j e q
and, Indeed,.required me to keep an observant rye
upon all 'the general cyclopalias, especially the
new ones. I find on my return from abroad that jqp
new edition of Appletons' American Cyclopiedia
has made rapid progress, having now reached 04
ninth volume, bringing down the alphabet 10
am highly pleased with its character. The first
edition was a very,convenient work, and more comp
ple`te, for American readers than any other: but this
greatly surpasses It. The articles have all teen
written, and thett subjected to the most rigorous
ctitleism, the .eliect of which is shown in their
clearness, Comprehension. and coodensation: of
"The vocabulary Is particularly rich in Anterica4
biography, popular science, and all these subjeeM
that are most interesting to the mass of readersl
The stylels simple,iransparent , and chaste, and
the information is all of the most practical charac,
ter. The discus ton of disputed taunts Is wi,sely
avoided. and the ipaco thus saved is deveted to
sterling matters of fart. Thu maps are adtnlralthi,
and the wcpodeuts are exceedlinkly appropriate, as
well as elegant. It will form for years to cane
complete family library on all standard topics. And
deserve?, ta..4 it will doubtless have. 'an extensive
circulation. 1 .r.tmEs
We fully concur In Dr. Strong's evsurneutlatinn
of A ppletons' American eye:op:N.lla.
. . , . ..
Editor of the' Nr ir , Fork Examin e r.
.t• ~
DANIEL minty. I): D.,
Editor . t r tho... Chri,,tifun Adrocatr &'
S. I. PIUME. D. I)., i - .
Editor of the St ;I , " Fork Olovrrtr
Editor rtf the Noy'
,Fork Erange/ e!'. ~
F 410.31 REV. DR. FsTF.EVES, of New Castie, Pa.
“Apt)loons' ,now vlll:lon.,Antcrietto Cychittedin
Is the hest work-of lii l i. kind pubitshedi, It p. well ~
ler s i It e a...reale fit Ily i .istrated. and I:regard It 'as
the standard of ,anthrlty. Thin work • should' he
wltlita.the reach of everybody. I '. ' .'
, \
\\ \Pr ncfpnl'Neto Curdle Coi eve, • '
, : A
, , , .
Frtoir , Exvc DR. £ ~,, Pittsburg,h •Pa i 1 \
---, P 1 " 1 : 1 .4• .r• ” 'l. Ith„ 3, .k.,... • . .
....., ; e
_, ,
' 1
I f"
• DEAR Slit: YOtkask 1:k! \ .
t t 61... give Ins °Onion with
reference. to the arthle in the -% ineririto Cyclof4)!-
.dia which relatO • te\ttlie 171 Catlio!ie t7hurcli , . •
and its history-. '' H• ' \
These articles are wriitelt. So far'rs I have elm'. '
• hied !hem, by Iteturt,ltailmile:l, fr,llo i a Ilehian '
Catholic standpoint ; Ulnas!'" at tho same time they '
strive to Ire impartial.' i \
"It seeing to inn tinit ;this Is a feature to he cents. :. '
tnended. We want to' know What - that Church
thinks of Its doctrines and history. ,
I regard It as a yeettliariitumexce of the Allied.
ran Cyclopedia. that.. not Imly v. ikh referetee to the - 4
notnan Catholic Church. Mit ahvi s wi'h'refl:rjnee,te '
all other subjects, the articles al• written 1/y Mr;
sous who are specially familiar with these,suNects...
- • I ale, yours et
Will c. i A etc.
.1. REF( ).D. D .•
• "
111. '..lfiniefer 'of Fire 1.•1'. r.lterreh.• l
I flo not think. saexcelient a ork as A pplistons ,
Aperieail Crlopa-dla c3u nee( any iCortts of coTu4
memlation reom me.
.....L .
I am, howerer , the more iem y now to say that , I
consider,' It as fat, lfeyond all N Sllllllar,WOrk itl Its
character and usefulness; and TA. Ssureany persons
who-May purchase It, that they, will have secanki .
an unfailing and trustworthy help in all 'apait4
ments of knowledge. I speak frem a thorough ae, -i
quaintauVe with the work. : . •.;
• .1.
Xterh.p of ct,rancetirnt".`:l
FROM PROF. EATON, of William College
" LiBt,RTY,, D'ec.
I rejoice every (lay over`this - eyelopaqlla., regaril-;' , ..
Itig It as the Cyclopiedla par ..rcellenre. .1 rangrztt• i
plate myself continually, as I constantly 'resort to./i, ,
In being in possession of ibis invaluable aid. , i •
. • Profraloi Natural Seiruce; W. J. C.'!'i.
• i •`N't:lV YORK. Dce..15., ; •
The American "!.) - clop.a(ll3 . . . when Nun
pletett„ It will 1 , 4; ah author:oll - e hmt-hook on 411
sulleetx—an epitome of human knoWledge. -
I • F.0111'5..11 $. .IA NES.
_ l 4
"llOKR.v.sfi•-rit - TitEIII..tIGICAL it
:February '2.4, IST-I.
Th, articles give 'evltlette"O of 'moo careful Prep
aration, anti often- present, In conipact form. re
markably complete 'lnformation, and th 6 West re
snlts.ot critical ILi - estigatton.
-Presi'dcifit and'Prof...e.v.r if tlienhogy;-;
R. J. W. Ift!CKI.ANI). •
Profestrw• elinrrit
w C. w iNsf.c.s,
Profess , ,i' Ilqrif't let
h z:H, .March 1, 1375
' I regard 'the' Amin lean t. .
ful work. It Is recounneiuk
many of the ablest and mos,t. eon.
tie country. It IA worthy o f 'th
whq desire a rellhble. carefully-prep.
;arranged epltoiue or knowledge. .
.10SIti'lI CI 7 MMTI..
Pro:!:deritt ,tf 11 - tefeyan rnirersi
New CNA) ei in I'6 Large Octavo
Voltimes. • • :
D. APPLETON & CO., PuldiAbers, New York
and 97. J. Chestnnt-St., Philadelphia. - (.127.
At - the corner of Colirtandltiver-sts., directly In'
the'viclulty and . outh Of the Court Rouse.
. .
1 : ...
The above house has been re-furnished and re!
fitted. and Is now open to the traveling 'public. '
The Bar will at all times bo , slipplleit with the best
of liquors. Good stabling attached to the prepilbes;
Boarders by the day or week accommodated. •
May 10, 1876.) - ' -401 IN BURK.E._ ,
, .
Rich In historical Interests. It h tho only building
in the country except 4ndep4mdenee 11 It, honored
by the sojourn withitills walla
Fayette, Lee and other
.patriots of. th weltatitei.
'This popular hotel, has recently char lentils,
.beenArnlirtrved. entirety' refurnished , ' the pro
prietor cordially Invites his friends an areling
pliolic to give him a taill—ne, pains will be pared to
render their stay comfortable. People etiluute fur
Yhltatlelphla will and,, It convenient. to , peed the
night here, reaching, the city about of it In tho
motates. A salle room on the first , for the
_—__... n ei nn t net` l4 Siirtat 3 " "
1 ', ::_,. : : -, t . ...:•:' . - . 4:41 . ;
.: .."?...::; . •:*.it...., ~.._:..•..;.
I.:i. --.'4,,,-Ii- ...-.'.:-...:.; ..: •
.-1-',:;; ; .. - Z7. 17,-, ; - . , '.: ,.....;.--.=.-;.47:;
I •
clop:n(11a as 4 wonder:.
' and! Indorsed by
- ` — ientlons scholar!,
‘ F ‘ dtentlon of all
A and veell4
I Mtil