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( trtaforti =at ,
Towanda, Pa., Thursday, Allan 24, 1876.
Tin: Presbyterian S. S. beld a pjenic
yesterday. •
„,••• • 4 •
31,es. -G USW s priv4o school will mien
Monday, Sept- 4, 181:00-
THE primary department of the Epis
copal S.'S., enjoyed a picnic last week. •
IToN. B. S. DAn - rr, of Cailton, attended
the .Clia - itaucita Lake S. S. Convention.
_PowELI. has our thanks
for valuable public documents.
AN Episcopal, Church just erected in
Gambier, Minn.; has a memorial window
for the late Rev. CHARLES E. 3Ic•ILsAINE.
Rm . . G. F.. PORTER, Uni'versalist, will
preach in the Court House this place, on
Weilnesday evening, 30th inst., at half
past seven. ;,
ship was sent up froin - .litinnequa
last week. The :ereal vessel lauded in
Willialnsport, about, 'two and a quarter
'hours after leaving Minnequa.
Dit. WILLARD PRATT andjamily, of
Prattville, Cal.,are visiting friends - in
Canton.. Dr. P. formerly resided in Can
ton, but removed from the county some
thirty-five yCars since.
Tii Plicenix Life Insurance Company,
through their agent in' this place, W. IL
DonGE, last week paid a five' thousand
dollar policy on the life of the late Geo.
THREE proMinent'eolleges are repre
sented in one family! in Athens at the
present time: C. S. Mat - un - E, graduate of
Williams' College, a brother of Mr. M.'s
of Yale. and Prof. HoLunooK, a brother
of Mrs. M., of Trinity.
POLE itAISING IN Lti . ettFtr.t.D.—The
Republicans of Litchfield will raise a pole
at the tenter, on Saturday. September 2,
at 1 o'cloeV. lion. E. H.
oyr:um's and Gen. MADILL will be pres
ent and' address the people on the occa
sion. .
GriovE MEETING.—The Evangelidal
Association will hold a Grove Meeting in
ciuyer's Grove, near McOonti's, Burling,
ton township; on Saturday and'
Sept. 2 and 'Mein will he three ser
mons each day, commencing at 105- o'clock.
a. A general invitation is extended to.
all to unite in the service. -
IT Is decidedly complimentary to Mr,
Bot•LToX that the Ltn-ta Hose Co. have.
selected the Washington House. Philadel
phia. as their headquarters' during their
stay in the city next week. As the con
ductor of several. first, clas Hotels, Mr.
Tiot - t,rox is becoming extensively known
throughout the country, and is deservedly
popular with all his guests:'
- .
A NO,TIIER Bradford ("minty man has
'been -honored by a western constituency.
Tiros. EVAN. a native of' this county, who
read law and was admitted to the bar
here some fifteen years since, has
been nominated for congreSs by the Rh
publimns of :the 4th District of Kansa's.
The friends of Mr. It. in this place appre
ciate the compliment and eN:tet d their
clmgra tulatitins.
Mils. R. W. EDDY died in Bath on Tues
day evening . last. Mrs. E. had been a
'great sufferer from rhemnatisin for many
years. Some live or six years since stir ,
removed with her husband ft-4 . .1n this place
to Bath, N. _l;.. that she might be near
her father's family. The deceased-.was
most ; :estitnable and lovOy%christian lady,
and endeared herself" to many during her
residence iti this place.
TitE congregation of Christ church will
regret to learn 14 the severe atlliotion just
sustained by their Rector e l ec t, i n th e
death of one of his children. which oc
curred on Tuesday morning last. While
the'sail event will mar the Pleasure All
have anticipated on the arrival of Mr.
Br.mis and his family in our midst, they
will tind many sympathetic hearts here. to
sympathize with them in their great sot:-
A. T. DmAnn4, who has sup
plied the pulpit Of the Baptist church in
this Place fur the past several months, has
ner,pteil a . ; call to the pastorate 0 0,h e
church. no is now. en . joyite4 a-yacation,
antl will enter upon. his duties as pastor
nn the first; ~1 SVrtenlber. Mr . ,' E. is a
young man 0 - excellent ability, unusual
oratmiCal powers, urbane manners, and
above :ill fervent pirty. t'wler his teach
im; the cotrgtegation must becunie flour
THE gh - nliivr of Main St. between
State and Chestnut Sts., is nearly com
pleted". While .Iteeliaiering of grade has
been attended with no little ineinivenienee
(0 sonic of the residents, we believe all
will unite in prononneing the work dime
vxeellent t and when ,zne sidewalks afe
put down, pedestrians Fill appeeciatelhe
improvement. Mrs: Bali.•ri,w has already
:bid a splendid pine plank walk in frOnt
AI•N DuNs. a count Iri=glituan of this
idace,, was suffocated in a well at LI mER's
lirew'er:.,. on . Tuesday last. DyNN hail
been employed to clean the well, and as
lie was being raised to the ground, fell
from the basket, and. before he could be
rescued died. It is supposed lie was par
tially unconcious at - the time of falling.
('Droner \VA I,K ER held au inquest, and
the jury returned a verdict in accordance
with the above facts,
DisilticY DEPT - Tv WARNER installed
the foll Owing officers over Jinral Lixbre,
No. 112 S. L U. G. T., of Lellaysville, on
Monday evening August
W. C. T.--NV Sigst.m.
T,—Lydia Hollbrook.
W. S.—S. M. Bailey. - . I
S.—C. W. Stevenson:
11": Codding.,
c,--fl e v:
. •
I. ().—Y. 31. ti:z,e.
~..:;2_lolin Bovingdoon.
11". /). .1/.—Mary Prhtt.
1. I!. S. : : : -arrie, Buck.
L. 11. S.— . Mrs. N. Warner.
Smoot. WIN be an
excursion for the S. S. of, 1t0n4 . , Poini
llilland MeyerAitirg and- all others who
des-re to unite with them: to Eldridg e
Park. Elmira. Thursday, Aug. 31, to start.
front W.ystikiniz depot at- 10.41 N 1.. .;
and. return t 7 y. ar. It is desirable that -
t'l who intend to g - 1) WI Will be at the de
pot ht' ten o'clock. Tickets for adult's
one dollar, - for those, frion ten to fifteen
years of age, i tifty cents,,:ind under ten,
free. The S.' S's of- Ori4ll, N. Moine s S.
Litchfield and AVysox and 'all others are
condially invited to'hnilci — xvith us in this
inexpensive excursion. Tickets can be
provired at K . ILM ER & Miiona''s store and
T.tvi.on's hotel, in Home. -.1"
HoMF, Aug. f.);.', i';t;
1 3 F.nsoNAL:—Our s.anctura was honored
on Fridaylast by a visit from Prof. Ho},
itt:oou. of Trinity College, accompanied
by hi: sister, Mrs. `M wiiicE, of Athens,
and Mts. Thitt.ii:E. of Washington] , I). C.
The party spent the afternoon in locking
over our lively town.
— Es W. SPF.-era, a fOrmer resi
dent of, this euunty and,now a real estate
agent :It Caro, Mich., iS visiting friends
in Burlington.
—C. E. Gt.AntuNii, State Purchasing
Agent of the Grange. was in town on
Tuesday. Mr. G. possesses the happy fac
ulty of adapting himself readily to any
position. and proves as successful as a
close and economical buyer of merchan
dise, as hei 'did on the farm, as an inven
tor, and. as an obliging, competent and
popular public officer. It was a fortunate
day for the Patrons when they secured
his services.
—Miss L.nt• At.,, is spending a short
.:cation «ith her parents in this place.
pall-bearers. which was a new and inter
readibg an essay in a July issue csting feature,of the occasion, and I pie,
of the I tEPORT Eli- on Fidelity, I
,was led! snipe it isa case without precedent, where
to think i4lllle on the same subject. As the; remains of a person have been taken"
the sister is speaking of it, I should like, to`the grave by his grandsons in their
in the tirst place, to ask if we have fideli-1 , manhood. Ills body was taken to
ty to God, as without it we can neverh the Franklindale cemetery, and intered
prosper in any; and in the]; beside his wife. The :closing obsequies
next plaeo-. to our , familits are we died wore conducted at thegrave by Mr. Its..
charging our duties as christian mothersti Coiourso, Master of the Towauda Mason
in letting good simples of pietys- or is io'itedge, and at the !don each 'of the
~~`> <=
4~ ~'i ~'i< <',
our nand "
sip taken, up the Grano
that we have excluded all icligiode sub.
,jests? =I don't know how. It is where the
sister lives t .but I. do know:how it has
been hire. When the Grange first start
ed in this place two years ago last March,
twe had preaching every Sunday, morning
and evening, a-good Sabbath school, and
prayer meeting on Wednesday evening;
wehaVesreaChing once in two weeks,
tichopl,'no prayer meeting.
Where is our Fidelity ? There is none
.tertainly for the ordinanCes of religion;
and we can never. pull • down ..religion to
build Granges or, anything of. a worldly
nature;:: for God requires the whole heart.
IS our. fidelity to the church as it should
be? Ale we striving, as christians, to do
what we can, or are we using 'our influ
ence for the Grange ? If we are, I am
,afraid we will never prosper: The sister
spoke of the endearing names by which
they were called. Are we not all broth
ers atilt sisters? We certainly are if we
lielong'to the family of Christ, and if we
do not;:isn't it our duty to love one anoth
er? That is the new
Christ gave us. I do not mean to say
that Grangers have no religion, but it is
Very hard work to make I the two gm to
gether_: especially in this place. But I am
digressing from the subjdct. Fidelity is
a grand thing, if it is the right kind, but
dont let us work so much for anything
that it, 'excludes our higher duties that we
ow'e tO 'God, as lie Onglit-to have the first
place in our hearts. UNKNOWN.
Lts-t' a BAND serenaded Col. Ormwros
and W. ,DAVIES, Ethi., on Tuesday
evening. A large puinher of our citizens
i thou t, dist inction of party, joined the p ro
eession:a..s it followed the band and united
•n extending congratulations to Col.
L .
NEWTON . and Mr. DAMES. on the honor
conferred upon them by ' the Republican
Arriiing at Col. OvErios's residence,
the band played an appropriate tune, when
the Colonel was loudly called „for, in re
sponse to which he made his appearance,
and addressed his fellow citizens in an el
ciluent, impressive manner. His remarks
were frequently and euthusiasticly ap
plauded. At the conclusion of the speech
the procession proceeded to the residence
Of Mr : , DAN - ms, where ;the band again
discoursed 'most eloquent! music. Mr. D.
then. in response to a dell from the as . -
Semblell croWd, made a very 'pleasant and
appropriate speech. 11&was followed by
Capt. CAuNornAN, N. C: ELSBREE, and
A connEsToNDF:cr of the Elmira Ad
rerli.•er makes. the folloWing mention of
the Republican meeting held in Rome
last week:
`• "Thyrsday 'evening of last week
there was a very large and enthusiastic
Republican meeting at :Rome, Bradford
county, so large, indeed, that the !Call
where it was called proved to be so small
that it : Would not accommodate the crowd,
and an!adjournment was had to the Acad
D:in.:, Esq., acted as President
Of thelneetimr. and A. C: Founts as Sec
retary,', lion: REED 3h - Fat and Col. En-
ON - EaviN, of Towanda, made
strpng and stirring- speeches, exciting the
best oflfeeling and' the utmost enthusi
asni. ,
A haws and Wur.Ei.r.n Clut was
formed: and the RulCs and Regulations
adopted such as recently appeared in the
.Tow,anda REPOnTER..
Such , . gatherings surely indi^,ate the
drift of public sentiment. and it is quite
safe to . set down Bradford county as good
for a' large majority for IlavEs and
Thrriugh an oversight, the-writer of the
Opove 'Omitted to noticeibe
witty sPeCch of N. Entsnw, of
Elmira; who addressed the meeting in a
Most ehvipient manner.
En.I{EPORTER:—A. venerable. venera
ted', eNemplary, and early pioneer A' our
County has gone to that "bourne from
Which no traveller returns.". Bran RIDGE
w AV, I:Sq., departed.tbislireon Saturday
last; (10th) at the residence of his son-in
lay (T. T. S3IrLEY), in Fratillin township,
in the p7th year of his a , re. A knowl
edge ofdiis eventful life will be interest
ing to '.the public and especially to the
early ipionvers ! of the et-utty ;
Mr. Ilffit:F.WAv was borntfi:Burlington
C4mnty, April 17, 17' 4 0.
.When he
was only eleven years old, his fathei-'''s wed to IThiladelphia, where
. soo - ri
terwards his father was accidentally
killed, leaving• him at that tender age,
without a father's care, to shape his fu
ture destiny in life'sluntrodden path. In
1! -, 01. when '23 years of age, he came from
Philadelphia to Wysox. to take charge of
a store- for Jolts I nAcii. In the
folbvwing year (1SO4). he was appointed
Postmaster for Wysox,videlt was then
the mily post ''thee between Wyalusing
and Sliesheipi:a. In the same year lie
I Married A LIM: COoLitm•Gil, dal;glityL: of
I m05!:5,.c001.p.,1-611, Es q ., wbo was the
• first MAR( it of the county. Ile after-
I Ward ;,•purehased what is now known as
the l'fin,t,hT farm. and sold IF-•os' and
purchased atioth • &`r farm on Wysox creek.
where he; in connection with one of his
! brothers, built a grist and saw mill. When
he county was organized in I'l'2, lie
iin)ved tit the county. seat, then 'called
now Towanda, and the. same
! •
year het was deputy postmaster under
NV At. Esp. At that time there
Was only a weekly mail from Wysox to
the county Feat, which was a
POSt , boy in a basket. In 1 stl Fife was an
pointed a Jugtieg or the Peace. and the
Sarrletfe:re he onninenced the publication
of the gr0Wf.,,,, 7 1 - ;,(zette, whieyie edited
when he sold it tit LEmum,
• I
all( Eli\Vl I,I..NJAMIN. Ile
• Was elected one of the first commissioners
f the'coptity,land was elerk for the tiro
prothonotary, and afterwards held that
office himself. Thus, when in active life,
was his capacity and integrity apprecia
ted hy. his fellow citizens- baring the
past forty years he resided in Monroe and
Franklin townships. After the death of
his amiable Wife, - stone; 17 years ag), he
enj.rved a pleasant and quiet home in the
'family of his esteemed -son. JAMES C.
It.inat.7„w:ky; but three years ago, while
at the-residence of his!very worthy son
in-law, I'. T. SMILET,'he was suddenly
taken ill, and during and after his-illness.
lie refrained in Mr. SNiti.Ev!s family until
The kind attentions he ipeeived from
the families of his son and son-in-law„were
fully appreciated by lain. lie Anu s- 6
to the -Rev, Mr. CRANmEtt, " I :on kindly
carted: for: the Apostleispoke of the '}'bled
Ileaven, my himie, with my children is
First Heaven. - Ile Was of Quaker
leseent and adhered to the Quaker theo
ries until in 1' 4 3-. when lie' United with
the Methodist church, and during the in
' tenening :N years he ardently espon.4d
and enjoyed the comforting. influences and.
blessin. , s of his new religious faith. Fotr
sontc , 'time past he had been partially de. 7
I.riveti if his sight and hearing, and
- (lured much physical suffering: but his a future state of immortality and
nevet"unding bliss, buOyed him up so its
[ to enable him. through
Ins spiritual vis
ion to -read his title clear to a mansion
in the skie • and, hence, in view of a
happy futurity. he has borne .his priya
tions'and afflictions with clfristian forth
tude Mukutieomplaining patience. •
Asyvidenee of the high este. , ein in which
l'on“KwAr was held by his acipiaill
tanees, not' only his imniediate neighbors,
Lint nunicrons friends from various 'tarts
of the county attended his funeral, al
: thmigh his death was nut generally known
and together with the masonic fraternity,
I wined a funeral cortege -.a mile long.
Haring been a member of the masonic
order, as soon as his death - Vas known,
the:Masimie Lodge of Towanda was con
! veiled to l resoled to attend .chis ft:nun'
in a issly. ‘vhieli was at the house where,,
lie died.. The religious:services were con
ducted by the Rev. Mr.! CnANmEth pastor
of the NI. E. chinch at Monroetom writ)
read a biographical sketch 4 Mr. lt.; with
interesting comMents upon his christian
lifer and at his recilleSt, Mr. JANIES ELLI
OTT; of TIM - and:LI:OW in leis 55th year,
made sonic remarks. Mr E. said he - had
known. Mr. Ros;Ewav for 70 years, and
want - the first man employed by :him to do
1 his yarPenter work. As Mr. CitasmEn
had spoken of Mr. 11.'s belief in the inn
mortality of the soul. Mr. ELLIOTT forei
blyleinonstrated the truth of it by argu
menis based upon biblical authority. The
divine benediction was then invoked by
ply arrangement of the relatives of Mr.
of his grandsons were selected as
_ „
, .
breams Weir' into the gave a sprig of
everirt in ga an emblem of perpe re
them: of their deceased bro th er, ac
companied by words of fraternal regret
at parting, but with cherished hopes of
meeting him again in the hallowed tem- ,
ple.of the Worshipful Grand Master : of
the' universe.
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tioo , l .alarles will be paid to efficient Dien. ,Cull
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. •
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II 41.1: tani: 24
:::Tri" A Vusical Institt4will be held at
P.:1...n - 111e, 1'3., cointnettetng on'Monday evening,
Sept. 4, continuing ten days, with - three session,
thlt , y: 1.2 e to 3.(0 for the ebil.lreni 3.30 to 5.00. he
ginner-; 7in 9 nth:meet'. The institute will close_
Ulth renrert• on,4lny and Friday evetringm,
S.T. 14 and 15, under direetiod of Mr. JAMES Mc-
"" romoN CotA sof: 3IEETis(;.• —The
p•gular ntot.tlng ut Bradronl liktrict
151,,1,3 t;t:ing No. :::t. will 1,, Told at Canton oil
Thiar.lay. Aug. 31, at 9 o'vlo , k a. m. acs.
1.1911: , Will 1.4! 01..11 to all Fourth Ilevve members.
A full attendance of officers. lnentberF: and dele
gates Is de.irat.le, as questions of vital importance
will be illsrosed of. The Pomona degree will be
duly conferred in the Virt:llifig on all hatiqg certi
fied credential..
E. wF.N, Secretary
Itrooks,. Sept. 7. 1570
!mar Sir—l:non early youth I wam lu feeble
health. tronblrl with humor lu my hi 0,41, woatt
ms4 and &laity of the system gene'ralli; was un
able to tailor much. and only at s.ome light buAl
";m•.>., and then only with peat caution.
Seven years
t ags, the. pavt I , prlng, I had a se vere
attack of diptherb. which left my limbs'paralyzed
and useless, so I was unable td walk or even sit up.
Noticing the advertisement of Peruvian Syrup, I
coneho i led to give it a trial, and to my great Joy
soon Toned my health Improvpig. I continued the
ule of the syrup until three bottles bad been used,
and nas restored to completAhealth, and have re
main, d so to this day.
I attribute my present health entlnly to the use
of Peruvian Syrup, and hobl It In high estimation.
I cannot speak too highly in Its praise. I have In
several cases recommended It In eases very similar
to nl% onti the' same goof results. -
_ Yours truly, CIE ARLES E. PEARtV
Chi Gen. KIT.PATRICK, a late resident
of INtlliamsport, I'a., who died very suddenly on
the 11th Inst., whilst on the cars, enroute for Phil
adelphia, had but a few months prevtous seruied
1112..400 insurance on his life. Thus, by a little
forethought 'and trifling cost, this gentleman,
whilst in the vigor of life,' made ample provision
for a fatuity dependant upon him for support. i
Frlernl, are you Insured? If not o-rcurc a I, Ife
Polley An a ftrst class Coutpany at once. Tomorrow
may be. too lute.
The Charter Oak I.lfe Insurance Company, oe,
Ii act Ned, connecticut, Issues polleles on all the
popular plans, at low rates. Es:alollshed In ISIiN
has distributed over r 21,000,000 a inemg her pulley
holders and their widows and . orphans, bringing
Innumerable blussings to thousands of bereaved
househ,dits. Asserts, 114,500,00. Surplus,
000. The "Deposit Plan" offers extraordinary ad
vantages to Policy-holders.
Circtilars expialaing diff anent pLaus of insur
ance furnished on application .to
E. Ottoteral Agent,' -;
• if" 'CoilsouTl-pren-
Ttres.—'the fall imeaake einameitcesi 310#111Air
21st. Bee Use adyertlsemeat la aziather
. •
rtko Notice, there is a &Tat re
ductloa in Waltham and Elgin Watehm Call at
ittittraill.A Wit end you will be sure to bni one a
the prieen he b offering.
N.l 'Arrox.
re l '' OUR WESTERN BORDER---Iy life,
Scene., ind Iliffory.—No portion of Athenian i
llLstory sso replete with thrilling Incident and In
terest as that known as the Heroic Epoch of Amerl
elin Bo rder Lite. . .
. .
There 1 is a charm and freshness atom( the stir
ring deeils and exciting adyentures at the dread
naught old' borderers—sneh dauntless worthies as
Boone, Benton; Brody, Logan, Ilatrod;
lough,lhe Toes, Zanes and Wetzel'', ths attract
alike old atid young, and when read In the light of
recent eVents transpiring in the Indlan:Comitry,
show melestvldly the tryttig scenes through which
the pioneer men and women of our comikrylhave
,IThts history Is Billy given In pie timely
volume I..oi:it •WISTEUN DORMER too iYEARI4
by Charles McKnight, Esq., nuthet of "01d
Fort Duktnerine." and pubisited by J. C.*CUB
BY a cp., Fhiladelphta, Cincinnati, Chlilgo, and
St. Lotstic. Agents are wanted everywkCie. Ad
ress the Pnbilshe rs fai terms and Illust.ratett Clr•
VT Wyoming Seminary and Cr!oaniter
vial College. Kingston, I.nzerue Co.. Pa. Rev. D
COPEIAIND, IL, Principal. Thu Vryo c iutng
SemlnFy offers to students the following ! , conises
of study; I. Common English: 11. Counl In Lit
eratureand Science; lii. Plassicateottri.e; IV.
College 'reparatory course: V. Scientlict Prepar
atory Ctiurse; VI. Course In Music; VlLlCourv,
In Art; VIII. Course fur Teachers. j(r reach,
German and Painting taught by compete 4 teach=
ers; Mn Ic by a German Professor. The 'Outliner
cial College gives instruction In Retail anifitt hole
sale Business, Forwarding and Comnilsl,hm Busi
ness, Banking, Penmanship, Telegraphy;kftnmer
vial Latch etc. The Wpiining Scininary,ts one of
the largr;st and i,est sustained schooli or; the kind
in the errantry. Aclmilinislations for 174 : hoarders
and '2OO Iday scholais. Instruction thoribigh and
prices re:mottable.. Fall ' Term t 4 ens Auk': 30, 1575.
For Catalegiito.,,contalning full Infurtnathei, ad
dress the Principal.
It. NELSON, Pris't Holm, of Trustees
If. Wit ste:LEat, Secretary.fpy2om 6.
I •
Mr. Id
IV) al a
Co.. I
riliiti I
•• arr,
tOll A
from the
send 3
A Itlf
a Illeed l / 1
ell ell%t
D. Bed
QM: R FrS SALES.—By i•irtue
of sundry writs Issued (rut of the 'fourt of
Conittioh will lie extoi , ed to putiller!tule at
the Ciiii*t House.. En' the borough of T . ow`Anila. on
Tli tilto/11% the alst day of AugusLl7a, at ono
tiolooli.t P. M., the following deseribect peoporty :
One 1,,
tort t*l
ning al
.otit h 4
Eby ay es
4 0 vaq
a eor
L A ng9..
In uu• I
p .
twill fl
11 g",
and r.•, .
of Geo
Tram 1
1% il 11 1
.1 11* hi
, , . .
2 'do iiii (rattled dwelling houses, I framed liar!' and
Olt Moll of fruit. trecri..,thereim. Selr. , ll and taken
ri..., exl•crolon at the Fait of E W lialeiuse vs I . .)•
1) . .M.,y; , iar.1. ' , • 1
A I.SII-4 Pile ether hit, slthato In Sheshe nits twp,-
!monde.: on the west by lands 111W4:.111.11ai•k, north
by Malls of .la t o r ita,seil, cowl by hook of Debby.
Vaidnilek, soritirdir lands of sll:l‘.layne,:'(*ornellus
Vaiiel4e arid .las . Srulth; cMitaltis 67 at , res strler
. measurei— , xcl.tmg therefrom -19 ticre4 rollyeYerl
by .1 91 :•szt I th, sheriff or Bradford Co;, to Will .1
Itelprieeli•by deed acknowledged In 11,01:1.011r1 MI
the 1001 day of Sept, Ir• . 73,„atirl recoriledr. lin Brad
r.rd 4 , ..5., 1) It No 1'23. page ar.. Selee,• - ritol - taken
into e ecullon at ;tilt of Win .I % lMtpitet•lN use vs
tie., kl Sibl e y and eordelia Sibley, lils•Wi f e,, and
.las Iteisse.ll. .Te rm. T.-nrstat". ' ',.. '' S',
A Lsi I—Our other lot, situate In Towanda Niro',
hominid,' and . described as follows: ktegilinlng On
the north side of l'lnc-st at the solltil .1)1' riddle
School , lot, thence northerly along said 101,9 S 9-12 ft
to a coh of W.% Chamberlin: thence easterly along
sill e minberlin land :it ft to a (merit a lot; formerly
liclonglng to 11 L Semi, now to Mrs Keene: thence
1 southerly along line of KUMe and parole] with first
described fet 9-12 ft to I.lne-s:: thence Along the
north tine of l'lne-st 91 the place of In:Tinning,
wills a framed dwelling house and a 9-story brick
and fr'' L tiled wagon and blacksmith shop: thereon.
s e iz e d and taken into execUtlen at the sit!l all II
31;:ce'. use vs Henry Stulen and 11 S Clark.
ALSO—One Other lot,i is Wells and Columbia tolls,
boundirl On the north by lands of David Cory, l'n•tl
liy,terl: n Church tot, land of Anus Bowman, and
ri,:itl'ilutnlng from South Creek to the IN Edsalt
Farm: east lov^ land of tiobram Mos,ter.,:south by
lands of T 11ust in, Owen Wright and FAN% In
IV riglit, and Wrest by land of 1) It Frlecet,'_ contains
290 ac rs, more or tess,f ahmat 166 linpr.rend, will. 1
fraineit house, 1 tenement honse, I framed hog
house, 'S framed barti. I blacksmith ;•114,141 t. range
.store. I thld Fellows 11311, and orchard of fruit
trees t wren... Seized and lANu into eqentlen at
the mi I of CVO It Cory to use of Da%lill,!_ory 1:s J S
Sweet; •
AL: 4 IO-01re other lot. hltti a t tb In Athens bom',
botailili•4l on the north by land.,— fetter 110 feet,
,•,11 1
.4 lo • :11aln-,,t 21 ft, south by lauds of tilA ItrI•oloo1
aLoottt 104 ft, ainJ west 1,2, - Elntica-st 21 lit! rontaitts
:thou! -20 of ati acre. more or less, all Arnprovootl,
with hfratnett 4)111111111g u..e0l Aer. . a stores thereon.
Seized! and. taken. Into exceutleta at stilt of John
Coven ', Sr; vs.'.lohn Covetly, Jr. Also it : suit of
John Coven
'oveny trek John Coveity, Jr.
AL It—tine either lot, situate in Burlington bon,.
boundril Ott tluftborth by lands Of John.littlites, east
by lands of Sfio man Hill, south by lan44 of N W
Lane, 111 K Hill and the cemetery lot. aiirl west by
the glutei( Turnpike and a paralei semi leading
to .1 Haines: contains ;0 :117,, tutor 'dr less, about
4 0 initiroved; no buildings. - ;.;
,11.1 q gene other lot. situate In bur 1 irik
ton boro,
I, unothrl on thr• north by lands of N W 'bane, east
by Bid M E Church lot, south by pubtlr highway,
and w •st by Tom Jatics' creek; contains about 5 4
01 an acre. loom or less, all tillitroviil, nMI I
I raw 1 house then-rm. Seized and taken into exit.
, otion at snit of E S Bailey vs .1 11 Simpkins. P
A1,t.11-:-.llne' other lot, situate In l'ow;Uttla bom',
bound .rI on the north by *late-at, east .14 'lands of
Beitia itin KUYkrendall, south by Poplar-At, and west
I,y f i sts of t o o fi W.KNI, Iteing altoot.oo ft front
an d a l... i t iso ft deep. all improved; tot bultilltror.
A t---Tloi ,i ntendant, Geo 1. c a...les , Mullv bred
one-lifth Interest In one Wiwi - lot of land in Barclay
twp, 6nd:titling 113 acres, more of II,,; In the War
ratiter mime of if II Cunningham. wittpa snit' mill.
two mll !Muses and a stable thereon. % 1
A 1.4 i I—The, cleft's undivided one-11 flit interest In
sue other 10l of land in Barclay twp, containing 400
acres.lmore on less, in the warrantee name of Pe
ter Ladley. :
liaa t m
, 111.1vErkr.—At the residence ,
4.1 C. 11.
dial Sheshequin, Aug. In, by C. ll_ Ames
L. Mercer Heger... of Litchfield.' I'a., and
Mtina lIIITem of >nichelville, N. Y.
fiENS—NUIRSE.-At the bride:i; borne
'amptown. Aug. 10, by Ilev.G. L. Williams.
!ms Petereams aneMrs. Mary Nurne, all of
. . ,
I • • DIED. ...
. ,
NO.-At tip Rectory In Athens.ll4 dford
a.. August R. Alive Amanda, .;youngest
1 f Itev..l. Me A Moe and Alice T..Marding,
, .
I years and 9 months.
ark ls - the kingdom of heaven."
.. L .
I''.--1; ale plate, Angmt 20, of Cholera
, 0111 . H w y I tract . . only child of ' r lidm and
M. itotrAy, aged 9 months and 23 days.
'he sou!, tot, soft its Ills to hear, , !
las le:t_onr mortal hemisphere,
ud sought, In better world, the meed .
0 idamiless life by heaven deermid."
4. CAIIIt—To all who are suffering
e errors Aft inillseretions of youth, 'nervous
•f.s, early &vas, loss of manhood, 4,j.. Lyn!
rect.,' that will cure yon. FREE OF
E. This great remedy was diseniet.-d by
mary In Soot h America. Send a self•address
ow to the I{ isr.Pit T. 1 N 3,:,Strt.t ion
ihowtr, New Fork eify .1 May t Elnin '
t •t, piece or pareellor land situate In Tusea•
Wounded and deseribed ns followi4 Begin
he most northerly ,orti,r of said lOt.,thenee
(P_° east 127 p.: to t rortier theac'e solttli
11 p to a cor: thence YlnYtli 66 0 vie;it 51 ps;
"tali foto west an to a ror: thelive math
ps to a cor; thence south hri ° Wett:4l ps to
hence north 1.1., 0 east 115 ps I , i a cor :
ast_l3 ps tokeor; thenev north 42?; vast to
h, of beginniirg: c..ntainlng 1:: aerVi::,at:tl ll't
e or Jesse ationt :i0 acres Improved:: with I
:tome. II framed barn. other outivilldiugs
fruit tries thereon. - .1.
me other lot, situate In Tuscartiwa twp,
1 and described as follows: Itegititting at a
Imp nit the west side of public rotitl a few
rth of il Tiling house. formerly ocetipled by
tight; th nen., south 61 , , 0 west 'llll ps to a
r a corn , r: ? fhence north 97 s 0 c . ;e4 40 ps to
': then 0 north 5 V cast ma ps tii'a staket
north 0 east 40 ps to a tusk oak: thence
. 0 west 4o ps,to the main roads theurce along
Id S 3 ps to the place of :beginning: ieontain
ere.. more .ii - less. Sel`zett and taken Into
1111 at the salt of Its Coleman's use vs John
~ Martin Me.%llister, (leo. Ilought,-; Also at
liieo At %Tod vs same. ;
I—One other lot, situate In Tusearora twp,
•il on the tomtit by lands of S It I:eeney, twit
lof S Ii leettoy and land contraCted to It F
,4'1'1114'11mo! of S It Kerney, and lWest by
Ttraeted ;to Aaron and P:OllliiSS Illinipand A
lt•T; 4 . 0111;i1o• '2ll 3ere..., more or Ie“. 15 It-
WWI r,l'frano ., l Inni.e,, I framed barn. I
up,. I .ley ,11.. p. and I planing n111141%101 all
Jules and maeliln,ry In 111111;1w! w'.iler priv
- -and few frith tree, llwrenn;--quepllng.
serviug therefrom 10 ro.l.s,•miaro; "Claud
ltugg by '.le(sl dated liartiv 16. 1064.
XI the svest stole of highway Ira.tlti from
Eddy. :Seized and lakon tot° ex
at the skill of Geo (• Alvviss( nogg,
gv, moll) II Hogg & Son, Alms ; the mitt
At Wo+i Vs D-11 Ittigg and It r 10U.%
folliiT lot, t•lt nate' ht Towitinlat twp,
A on the north by pnblif hlghwa!2i, leading
Wanda Creek to its . yhith, t,int loilmitis of
?i south by lilnds of lieu P : 01,11 and
rhy. :111.1 west b) lands of &F Ibmjilan: con
e? neres, more or about 50 improjeti, with
V. et-The Jerc'snudl~ide Pone-firth interrst In
one other lot OT land In Barclay !up. colitalnihg 330
acre: 4 ,lloore t.e,,luss, In the n arras tee nami urde,e•ph
Ladlei-. .
... . .
- AlLio—The de fCs undivided OTIC•t1 fill interest IM '
one other* of land In Barclay MT. cold:tilting 3351,
aeres,jmore : or less, In the warrantee name or wal-i
-ter Sltwart. ' ~.. 'r. IF
.s 1,-'l—The, Ile ft 'a undivided one-fifth 'interest liti
one ot i her lot of land lo Barclay and Oyrrton taps.!
containing 400 acres, Morn or less, in theiwarranteel
il:1111C kg Andrew Ladley. Seized and taken iitt,
execution at the suit of E W Bale vi tico 1' Cant'!
and W Itrainhall. ~ : ,
Al't'—'.hue other lot, )rysox twp);
hounded and deseziled as follows:' Santo heing
NO,l mid 2of Bloc N o 12, cor l'enasylvailla'-ave
and' henitiel-st, sr ft front each on Vetritsylvattla•
are and ISO ft deett.fas will more fully appear lit
Wren'', Morgan and Moody's map of "East Towani
Ila Stli division: all Imp'r'oved: no finlidlngs. Seized
and L ken Into execution at suit of Win II Morgan; -
nho s mires 1. 1. 31.5.1 y, vs I- N McCOrhalck.
A I..Stt---prie other lot, situate in ••Ulster twp,
bounded on, the north by lam] of Nor Man Shaw.
Chas tfolcontb, Henry Thomas and Edward Walki
eret el,east by Su.queltanna river, south by lands bei
longing to the estate of Chauncey ItOckivtil. rice'd
and west by 1:111tIN of .las ! A t-triter, Tit.. Odo • Itog , rs,!
Adelhert Shaw. and ti,' Tewell lot); '-coil i
aims trAi
acres 4 more or let,. about 120 liiiptimid; wlth :i
frame ti dwelling house, 2 framed barns with :doubt
attached, other outbullcilugs and orchard of fruit.
trees t•reon. • 1
i - i
A 1..t1i1-43ne . other lot, situate In l'lSter, township;
bounded on the north by public highway leading
from Ulster to Smithfield, rant by other lands of
Jas McCarty (befog the above described lull mud
Chas Molcomb, south by landot Edward t.ocEwoodi
and *est by laud of John VOW*: contains:smi
Wore or less , with about :0 Improved:. utitothil
.11tolsed sod taton Into execution It tin ;anti of
W W Ink Tv
._ alum - It- a ' , I
- -
• •
JILBO-4:ble other lot, situate in Leßoy townstdp,
bounded and described as follows' Beginning at a
stone car In the center of the road leading from
Canton to Towanda, being the northwest nor of .1
L Bailey's lot; thence* southerly course 111 ft to a
post in thellOUthllfest ear of said Bailers tot; thence
an easterly amuse 94% ft 63 a post. beingthe south
east cor.ot said Bailey's tot In the line of lands
owned by S B Morse ; thence south along mid ilea
167 f 1 to a stake and stonetthenee a westerly course
along lands of A L Mon* 807 ft to a stake
ro ll
stone; thence a northerly course along lands of 0 .
Morse 264 ft to the center of the aforesaid ;
thence an easterly course along said road =3 ft to
the place of beginnip contains about 24 acres ,
morn or less, all Impror , ith 1 lonise, 1 ham
and fruit trees thereon. Seized kenlnto exe
cution at suit of Mary Knapp, sure v • . arms
Knapp. vs E A Knapp.
ALSO—One other lot, situate In Springfleld twp,
bounded on the north by lands of Elisha Landdh,
east by the public highway leading from Spring
field Centre to Troy, south by Land of I N,Fan
ning. and wet by lands of Elisha Landon and I N
Fanning; contains 1 acre, more or less, all Improv
ed, with 1 framed steam saw-tuill and grist mill,
mill sheds and all' mill fixtures and appurtenances
belonging thereto.
ALSO—One other lot, situate In Springfield twr,
hounded on tho north by lends of Elisha Landon,
east by land of Elisha Landon, south by public
1 ,
highway leadln from Leona to East Trey, and
west by public h ghUisY leading from Springfield to
Troy; contains , of an acre, more or less, all In,-
proved, with 1 framed house and few fruit trees
thereon. , .
ALSO—One other lot, situate In Springfield DV,
pounded on the north by land of Wtn T that east
by land of I N Fanning. south by land of 1 N Fan:
ning, Uyron Guthrie and Hosea eannetly, and
west by highway leading from Spit InKflelildo Troy
via Leona; contalirs it% acres, more or less, all im
proved; no buildings. i
ALSO—AII the rigid, title and privileges which
the said 31 31 Luther has to a certain water privb
lege. the same •as conveyed by deed from Enos ,
Hubbard and wife to SAM Win 'r Said water
privilege belonging to said mill property mentioned
in lot No 1, hereto described. Seized. and taken
Into execution at stilt 'of W T Daly's use vs M -31
Luther. Also at suit of same vs same. Also at stilt
of saute vs same.
A I.Stl—One other lot, situate int Athen4 boro',
bounded on the north by W 'emit by lOt of
Ida Evans, south by lots of Patrick Nicholson and
Eller Wolcott, and west by lot of b E WaStantrii;
Is 180 fk front on William-at, and 140 ft deeP;con
tains Yi of an acre, more or less. Seized atadVakeit
into execution at suit of If itch.k Kinney vs Simon
Gibbs. reputed owner and contractor.
ALSO—One other lot, situate in AtheMs twp,
bounded on the north and east by lands of. D I.
F . Clarke, south bytltroaibive, and West by Fulton
st; same- being lot No 74 In block No 8 of D L F
Clarke'sestenslonof South Waverty, with I framed
dwelling house and few fruit trees thereon.. Seized
and taken Into ex - tient ion at stilt of ...The Bradford
Loan alp! Building Asviciatlon of Athens twp v ••• vs
'Theodolite Williams. Also at stilt of sanievx 141111 e.
Al.Sti—One other lot, altuate In Albany twp,
bounded on the north, east, south and west by lands
of K tiverton, Jr: contains acres, more or les,,
all Improved, with framed house, ward stable,trist
mill and few fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken
into execution at suit of C IV Eves & Co vs A B
II abler.
ALSO—One other lot, situate hi Athens twp,
'bounded on the
. north by Pitney 81, east by lands of
Judge Yates, - south by lands of Witi Mathewson,
and west by lands of Mrs Ci I..efler; contain,
i t of an a c r e , an, Improved, with.l flawed hnuses ,
outbuildings, and fruit trees thereon. Selzt 7 sl and
taken Into execution at stilt of A 11 Itayner'S use
vs Mary Webb.' .
A I.S.o—. 4 bie other lot, idtuate;in Towanda:Niro',
bounded and described as fellows: Beginning at a.
cur ton the east side of Mahost) of a . lot contracted
to S N Aspinwall by J F Means,: thence easterly
along said Aspinwall's north linen° ft to an alley
(said alley to is 10 ft wide); thence northerly along .
the west stile of said alley 2.1.11 t thence westerly on
a paralel line with said Aspinwalnenorth line to
Matte•st t thence southerly along the. east line of
said Main-st 21 ft to said eor, the place
of beginning; with one 3-story brick building used
for a store thereon. Seized and taken 11:ito execu
tion at stilt of Win Morgan to use of Alvan Wick
ham vs A Wickham and 11 A:Black. I
ALSO—One other lot. situate in silieshequin
bounded on the north by lands"( Davis & Pugh.
Cast by lands of David Ileavner, south. by lands
deeded to Samuel Havner by Chas. A., Hastier, by
deed dated Aug-4, 1556, andlon the west by 4 latills
of 'Charles 11 41cavner and Aaron :heeler; eon
talus aen,,, - ruore or less; T abour .16 Improved,
with I framed 'house, I trained barn, framed
granary and orchard of fruit
.ti;:ees thereon.
ALSitt—one other lor:'situat . it Sn,shequin twp,
bounded on the north by landsi of Ainaslah Sheeler
and the alswe described lot, oast by lands of David
Ileavner, south by lands of J J Freud], and west
by a lot of land known tts the Toyer Ind, now owned
by the li.lnneys; contains 07,aeres noire or less,aboat
20 linprovedt tun buildings. Seized and taken bite
'execution at stilt of I. Elstitee's use' vs Jeremiah
.French and Borleska Heartier, Adttt'rs of Samuel
Ileavner, deed.
hounded On the north aliii tetvt bsi larch of .1 . II
Conklin, south by landsof E& J E l'lollett, and
west by lands of .1 H Conklln: lcontalna el :terry,
more or IrYs. ahtmt 40 improved with 1 log 111311 Se.
I framed barn and few fruit trees thereon. Seized
sen vs 1: N 31cCormtek_
t,l,;41)—(111,6 other lot situate In twp.'
bounde,l on the north by lands of Sololl Fall. east
by, lands of estate Of llorace liinney,"moith by lands
Or L Klmv.bury, and west by land; or s.•lina
horn: contains 6 , 1 acres, more or less, about 20 MI.!
rrov,i: 110
LW I—/lie other lot, sltimte In Shshrgidatwp.,!
bounded on I tie uorl h by lands of
south by lands (d Marshall Segar, east by lauds of
mid lleidleman, and west. by poblle Lighway; run-1
tains about tiro acres, 1111;re with I iratawdi
hou,e„ I framed barn, and few (mit trees thereon.;
Seized and taken Into execution at suit of The I
Athens Building and L , 4111 Association of Athelti.
Penn'a," rs tie(' M
A ILSI other tot. situate In North Towanda.
trap, described as follow,: Beginning af-the south.:
west corner of lot No 19 In the Placer eh ruirvey,!
Menet! north 31 0 west along the westerly Ilue Ut;
said lot Ito rods to the northwest owner thereof;'
thence south 59° west on the IMP between lots No.„
Ii and 14 of said survey 0f) rods or thereabouts to,
the solthwest cor of loi thowe 10° east inn
rods or More About, to the corour of lot Nu. Cuj
thence north So" 6ast, SO rods or thereabouts to
theldare of beginning; contain.; 155 acres. more
or less, about 7.1 improved, with 4,lank house.
framed barn, frami 7 il stable, and orchard of frult.
trees thereon.
A CSI I-1 the other lot, situate In said twp,
ed and lUeserlitell followq; 'Beginning at a pest;
et.r. thence by hinds of I' 51 Manvilfir north ni° east
77 ..10 ps to the public road: - thence along PM Saniti
south 10 0 west as 5-lo to to a staktl; thence by the
same south la? east 7 040 ps to a pest; Menet" south
'4.: ° west, along land , or Iv A Slayter 51 11-10 r, tit
a 11.i!a,, north 2s o west along' line of ha first
deserltred a 5 •41to Its to place of beginning; emb ;
tains acres 311.1 113 pm: about 14 improved. Abut
the right t7f way, atrout In ft wide, over lands of M'
A Sloyter front the southwest cur of the last dr,
scribed lot to the nearest point to public highway;'
said strip toile adjoining and upon the line of said
lot.' Seized and taken Into execution at suit or
Charle+ Hayes vs Daniel Hayes anti John liayes. .• •
Alit *Mier lot, situate to Athens twp, des,
eri bed as follows: Beginning in centre of Chentung
Mad and running vt esterty along the • south line or
lands owned by Gottlieb liens In to lands be
longing to I) I. F Snyder & ratitert thence South;
uric along said lands of DI. Snyder 6 rods para,
let nit!. oho centre of said Chentting road thence
easterly t rods in a line paralel with the north line;
to the-centre of said ritentung roallz. thence north—
erly• 6 riots along Nail!. Chetnung road, to the place
of beginit• lig, containing WI Hoare Psis. inure or
- less, ad improved, with a,••two story !ranted dwell
ing house thereon, Seized taken In execution at'
the stilt of Sarah 1 , Elmer vs MinerSt..loltn.
Al.stt--The following deSeriheti lot, piece or
parcel of land gittaate In Athens borough, Bradford
county. State or Pennsylvania, isannied na follows:
int the north by Chestnut strect„on the east by,
lands of N Ilarrts,on the south itylawls of dunces.
11 Wilsoltatid It F Park. atatl/11 the wegf by lands"
of A rtemins Welter, being about 40 feet front and-
Ile feet deep, with one franuld louse and . terr fruit'
trees 'thereon. Seized an 4 taken In execution aG
the:Nutt of Athens Building and Loan Association
of Athens, a., vs II U
A I.SII—The following tot piece b r
parcel or hoer situate in Towanda borough, Brad. ,
lord counts'. State or Pennsylvania., bounded as rot!
lows: on the north by poplar streets land of
I) V Sledge, south by land of John F.Means, west,
by land of the county of Brodford, and' about 50 ft
front on !isld street by-140 ft deep, !wing lot No. r.
of the Cash estate, with a two story framed dwell.:
!neon'se and framed barn, partly finished, there,
MI and in possession of C A GrISWIed• Seized and
taken In execution at the suit of Mrs. 11 A. Scott
tis W Bramball and Geo I' Cash, security.
A I.Stl-lilio following described Jot, ' piece or
parcel Of hind, situate ill South Creek township;
Bradford county. State of Pennsylvania, l'Onnded
hohtes, hewil: on,h. north by the public high
way, eaq by lands or Win Balmer and Charles usl
trander,south by ; lands et Allen S Parsons and Willi
Itelyeamid on the west by lands of Lyman It rough
ton, containing 71; acres of land, more or lessotlemi
40 acres improved, with I log !muse, i board barn;
and few fruit trees thereon.
AI tt=t the other lot, piece or parcel of laical .414
nate in South Crtek TwiN county and state afore;
saill. , houtided as follows, to-Wit: on the north lac
'land, of .1 F Gillett and Mri Mary doyley, east by
lavitl of .1 1.111. e Vitt. south by Timid , of Beni WID
min, awl on the west try hunk or the N It II f•o;
containitig 40 acres of land niore or ithont 49
aen•s inilitmed. with I board house, I framed tiarni
and few fruit trees thereon. I •
" ALSO—one other lot. olive or.parcel of land sit 7
nate In South Creek twp,rcounty and stale 31.'0 ,
said. bounded ;5.- dollows, to-wit: on the north by
land, of John F Gillett, cast by the public highway
leading from Elmira to Troy, south by the public
highway, and on-the west,: by land, of Peller Wor;
demlyke, containing 'u aere of land. MOre or
sell impnived. with I framed house, I shop, and few
that trees thereon. Seized and taken hi exeention
:it the stilt of A Pars Ons vs E r Parsons and
A S Parsons. Also at suit of same vs same., Also at
ciM snit ofiN Vannusk irk vs valor. •
ALSO—One other lot, piece ur parc4of land skt
nate In Monroe and Overton twps, and I/0111111rd an
tlol south by lands of John
Mane and David rash estate, on the • west ity land
in Stephen Cox, Dorcas E Abbot and Mathew Nor
throp, Jr, on the north by lands id Mrs Weston,
Dorcas F. Abbot and lien) North op. and on the
east by Lands In the ,watratitee names of Ephraim
McAdams, Jacob 1114nnor and James Worth, Con
taining Maud Doe acres noire or less, being known'
as MO Mill Stone Mill !amt.. and composed of the
following warrants,. anirparts Of warrants, via:
James I.mlley and Win qray. and parts of Isaae
Mttlt r, James Sinitmusand Samuel Selz.-
rd aftd taken In exdrutinn at the suit of James D
Hawes VS Nallll.llC Metchr.
ALSO—the following described lot, pleCe
parcel of land. situate In Or*ell lownship.
ford county. State of Pennsylvania. bounikil as fol
low.. vie: beginning at a post the south west ilf
said lot and the north West corner of C Fristiie , s
bd (now sold to S II %Vinson). thence east Imps JO
a post, being the north east cor of said Willsolrs
lob thence north. by lands of L. F rlsble and,ll
Camp 77 2-to ps to a post. thence east by land of :A
Camp 25 ps to a state and stones. thence north.:l7
ps to a stake and stones M Frisble's south line,
thence west by said tine 135ps to a stake and stonos.
thence south by land of .1 Cleve lowl 111 2.40 ps te L a
roost the place of beginning. containing 79 acresail
s-10 ps of land, more or less, with I (ranted !tonsil,
framed barn, other outlitillilingi and (della, 41
frult,trees thereon. Seized'and taken In execution
at the snit of N C Ektiree is C II Upson admrkit
Henry Upson. •
ALSO—AII that certain lot, piece or parcel of
land , lying and being ht the borough of Towanda,
county of nrail ford, ra., ,bounded as follows, viz:
beginning south cast rot' of lot of A F Cowles 'on
south side of IlotOon siteef, thence eastwardly
along the meal' stire of lloiston street 75 ft to the
centre of lot No 7. thenett tumthwardly along the
centre of lot No 7 ataint47.2.s feet to tins of Nctrl .
Merritt'. thence westwatdly along said Mercurs
line abobt 70 feet to a cornier of said A F Cowle's
bit, thence northwordly along the line of sal ,
Cowles about =.5 felt to the place of beginning.
Seized and taken in execution at the stilt of Jidin
II Chapel use,, vs I' W Cowell and W
ailnir of the est of Ellen K deceas,,l.—The following descrlk d lot, piece or 14r
cel of land situate In Towanda borough. Itradfytd
°may, Pa, hounded as follows, beginning
on the west stile of • Main street at the south west
cur of a lot heretofore contracted by .1 M Ward and
E ()Venom Jr. to Jatues Cu.nmisky, and twin e.. 25
ft south of the south west cor of but conveyedihy
the said Ward and Overton to 0 II r DlsbroW.
thence southerly along tho west side of Alatu St.; p
ft, thence along other land of the Bald parties bf
the first inkt south St° CV seat about ft to lleg
of land o Barclay Coal Co sepposed to ho an anon
thence along sald Companraland or alley north !:a
SS' east ft to the south exit cotter of lot cosh**
_tip4 Ostai Cumunlar t tams WON std Gallo
halsky south; line 24 0 , st about 111H11 ft tothe
place of_ beginning, all Ito '• • ed, no buildings. •
ALSO—One Mime lot situate In Towanda bozo,
bounded as:follows, on the north by Elizabeth st.,
int - the east by Main St, on the south by lands of
Samuel Walbridge, and on the west by lands of A
Loder, Whig 44 ft frollt on said Maln street and
,Jr,2 feet deep, pll improved, no buildings. Seized
and taken In exeentlon and,,to be Fold at the suit of
Overton & Elsbree vs Lanl2l,l3tillivan.
ALSO--One other lot of land situate In Attylani
twp, bounded as follows: beginning at a button
:wood near Duren creek, thence along Russell 3111-
ler's land north 32is 0 west 110 p to a corner,thence
.along Andrew Ellenberger's land south 144 0 west.,
104 p to Towanda and SrenchtrArn oroad,„thenco
'down same south 54,4 0 east Si 5-1011 to a corner.
-thence north 80° cast 14 p ton stone corner, thenivb
orth 54° east 27 5.10 p to the place of beginning,
"con n 29 acres of. land, more or less, all ita."
proved, no Inge.
ALSO—One other- Of !arid situate in ,AsyluM
.twp, bounded as follows: a north by lands of
Wm ft Storrs, on the east by othe - riatuls of M Ell
: entairger (the above described lot}, and lands of
Russell Stiller, on the south by lands of Wilson
:Frutchy and lands formerly owned by Jacob Eme-
Ty, and on the west by landsof Edw'd Hecker, con
..taltring 140 acn' of land, more or lets, about 120
Tacrrs Improved. with 2 (rained houses. 2 framed
barns with sheds attache, granary, wagon oiled,
:and other outbuildings, and 2 orchls of fruit
:trees thereon . Seized and taken in o' ecution at
'the',lMit of Jonathan Ho rn et vg 51 F.llentasker.
ALSO—One other lot of land situate In Rome tp,
bounded as follows: beginning at a south west cot.
of Mason Wattles. late Wm A Wattles, thence
north 1° east 1411 pto a post, thence north 50 0 West
20 p to a beech sapling, thence north 1° east 20 p to
a post on the warrant line, thence north flu° west
70 1 540 p to 4 post, thence south I°'west 159 0-10 p
io t a corner itithe mill pond, thence smith 89° east
14 perches 10 a post. thence smith 1° west 4 2-10 p
to a trust, thence south 92 0 east IF. S-10 p to 1) Itlitg,
way's cur. In the creek, thence south 89° east 50 4-,
' 10 p to the place of beginning, containing 97 acres
and 75 p strict measure, be the same, more or less.
al acres belitgepart of.a larger tract of land known
as ; parcel Nt..SL' and of th e warrant No 104, about
90 acres Impkoviel, with 3 framed houses. 2 framed
. barns, 1 sawimill and mill fixtures,,water prlvilego
Ac, and orchard of fruit trees thereon.
T.SO—One other lot of land In Rome twp, boun
ded sai follows, beginning at a hemlock north cast
corner of let No 20 as surveyed by Zephon Flower,
thence west 115 5-10 p to a post south east rot, of lot
No 50. thence north 131 4-10 pto a beech for a cor
ner, thence east 119 5.10 pto a beech for a corner.
thence south 181 3-10 p to the beglnning,contalning
112 aenetS3l. of laud, about 80 acres improved, and
a few fruit trees th.;roon.
ALSO—One other lot of land In.Sheshequin twit,
bounded as MOWS: beginning at the hemlock
south east cor, of a Int No 24, thence west 106 6-.10
p to a pojt a cor, of a lot run out for Cyrus Wheelet
thence north 78 4-10 p to a corner of a lot deeded to
Philo Baxter, thence east 106 C-10 p to the smith
east cor, of said Iltixters lot, toence south 78 4.10
p to the iwginning, containing 52 acres 47 p, lie the
same more or less. no improvements.
ALSO-01w other lot of land situate In Home tp.
boundyd as follows: beginning at a stake the south
west cor. of Mrs I. I) Turrell's lot. thence along the
south line of the same south 88 , t 0 east I+s p to a
i t
stake. aryl stone on the line of C Vaunter; the lee
south 1%... 0 West to a stake and stone cot. of f: W
Wertenletrgh.t hence by the line of the same or rah
$S L z o 'Artst PS p ton corner on the line of S Bed
hope; ihence by the line of the same north east
r. 3 3-1 n p to a corner In line of Wm Balls lot, thence
by the line Of the same south Os z., 0 east 43 p to a
pio.q. I Morel south I. z o west 25 1-10 pto the bagin-
Mimi containing 50 'acres and 314 p of land, more or
les, about , 35 acres Improved, with one (tamed
house, 1 board house, 1 framed, barn and orchard
of fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken.* execu
tion at the suit of Charles It S.ickett and I Overtmt
& Elsliree is Lewis Goff. Also at suit of Mrs Nel
lie I' Hates rs Lewis Goff and Moron Osborn.
ALSO-4 tun other lot of land In Leßoy twp,boun•
del as foltitws: beginning at a post and stones,
ettr. of the -John warrant.thettre by the
warrant holindaries around the four sides of the
tract to the, place of beglnningxontaining 200 acres
of land, mom or less; It being all defendant's until,
rided interest in tht:tiettry Beek warrant.,
ALSO—One other lot of land in Leßoy twp,boun
dell as follOws: beginning at it print and ntOnes on
tit' line of the. Honry Beck wariant, thence br the
several angles and distances of the fractional war
rant lines td the place tele-ginning. containing 2er
acres, roorei,r less. It !wing alt the defendant's
undivided interest,ln the Frylerick Ratestriant:
said Interest Wing all the right. title;"cla in and
demand whatsoeverof the defendant hi Ibe afore
said tracts vested in him as heir of the late C I.
Ward, Jointly with Ellen Ward Miller. winch In
terest commises the ' t of the Henry Berk and
Frederick Re ates warrant:. I
ALS. t—One other lot of land situate In Albany
pj,,l Mt on r 00: t% p5 6 , 11011T1111 . 11 as (Idiom , : beginning
at a corner Of the warrant line of warrant lot No 20.
thence. nortb p, thence east 327 p, thence smith)
p, throve It est. oiS p, throve south nH p, thence
west 12:1p, thence north -15° TV west 221 3.40 p to
the place of lieginnlng, contain In 120 acres of land
!bore or less, • .
3A 4.St 4—A IM bounded as follows: beginning at a
poseon warrant lot No 11 , theneernorth II p.thence
east 100 p, thence Melillo:34i p, thol i nre. writ Ind p to•
the beginning.. enntainldf olorteres of land more or
less;. lying 509 acres of land more Aw less In the
whole ract,, the defendant's Intootest pnly to be sold.
• ALSO—it,. other led of lanol, t rtinate In Towanda
Mt°, brooded asfolliows: hod:lnning 'at a pooln. in
the northilne Of State streeband west line of north
F. ninth St reel, thence along the north line of State
street feet to the proposed corner of State and
Fourth streets, thence along the north lITIP of State
street as aforesaid SO feet to a vorner• thence nor
therly at right antr,lo s to the afonosaid line of •s•ste
SI reef ISO feet to the south line of a IS foot ,oloy.
them, al o ng the south line of said alley parallel
with the line of State street aforesaid to a point In
a parolel upe of North Fourth thence by the
same course 18 feet to the west lltie nr No Fourth
Street, thence along the west line of.salot N.Fourth
St reef to the place of beginning. except bug and re
serving therefrom the privilege of using a strip of
laid Is feet In width measured on State Street (room
the point of intersection of the north lioe of sail
street with the west 1111 P of North Fourth Street
ex fowling northertti to the :o'4'es:ll.lls toot' allev
In the rear 4 .ahl lot for the purpose of whi-nlog
the aforesaid North Fohrth Street when the sane.
shall he °felled to the width Of 50 feet through to
Ward Avenne and restricting thy: right of building
on said strip of land or otherwise obstructing the
use of said-strip oil land for the purpose aforesaid.
with 1 framed honSe and a few fruit trees theretio.
11. St 1-41 M. why): lot of land situate in Athens
•iwP• launtied as follOws: begird/lug at a point In
the attic lint' of inllll. , of 11 , 11114ek.”C & raMpbe`ii.
thence iion!gr SUM line.soWth st , as' east 167 -1-TO p
to a corner: therms southerly 76 2-10 p twa corner.
thence north 72 0 west 17a p to a corner on line of
tha:Mot t, thence northerly Is p to the pyre of
ginning, cot:Mining 50 acre,tif laull, mom or lei
A I.SO-41ne other lot of land situate in Albany
top, bounded as follows: un the north he lands 01
Ellen. Ward Miller, on the east be taunts of E 11
liarris, on the south lee lands of donas Miller and
Eri and on the west by lands of 1/ It Black
man and l'4ctie. e•intalnlng 145 acres of hind.. more
or less, about go acres improveil.with I hoard house
board stied and few fruit trees there.",
A LSI 11-. 1 my other lot or 'mot nil mite to Towanda
bon s Iwn,udrd p_v r4,114 , w, I , gitinlva at a post cor
ner Poplar and 5.,00110 streets. thence by Poplar St
south ato east 45 feet to an a foot alley. thence by
stme north east 77 teet ton twist on the line of a
lot belonging to Henry Ward. knoWn as the cistern
lot. Incnee by the ..110.s north al° west Is ft to the
least. Ilse or Second street. thettre by Secs ion St rret
south 0° ivest•77 foot to the place of Iwginning. be
ing nuts nos 0, 7 and 8 of a 5111.111V61011 of a, piece of
land deeded by Ifenry Ward and wife toil! w Pat
rick by deed ,dated :lan. It, 1574,u all Improved, no
buildings. •
.sl.So.—thie`,,u(her lot of land situate In Athens
top. bounded as follows: begitoilng at a pied On the
line of the :public road, theinal north - 1220 39' 'east •
174 p to a cOrner, thence north :10' west as 9-10
perches to,a post, thence south Ito 91' %vest 09 1-10
pto aposrror. of C lionsecker's let, "hence south
87. - 22. , east :25 2-to pto a corner, thence south 2°sl'
west 102 1i to a post on sand road, !hew,
south as° ll' east 5 5 10 p to th.. place of beginning.
tauntaloing .13 acres and 27 perch., of land.miore or
less, - no Improvements, being . -part of warrant Ni
1512 on the utrwts known as thi• Carrot I lands In
Bradford county; Pa: S.dzed and taken in exern
tlout at the suit of Thomas Mathews vs Henry
A other lot of land situate lri Rome tp.
bounded as follows: on the north by lands of Ben
der Thompson. east by lands of Leroy Marshall.
south I,v lands of MT W Miller, and on the west by
bunts of Mrs .1 it Vanelse, containing 29 acres of
!awl more or less. Seized and taken into execution
at the snit of S M Layton vs .1 C.
ALSO—tine one other lot of land situate In Trov
bor., to as follow,: on the north by other
lands of It I. Nichols, on the east by King street.
on the smith by lands of W King. and ttn the west,
by lands (rt.—, Hoyt, being alamt Ittl feet front
on King street, And 12 nods titsyr, containing 1 ,, att
au're of land, Mire Or all improved, I framed
Inane antll latanlphanty thereon.
.I.l4D—Quit' other la 4 44 land situate In Troy
born, bounded as follows: on the north by lands of
G Sadler. east by King street, on the south by
lands of it 1. Nichols (the above described lot L and
tumthe west by "ands of iloyt, being 70 ft front
nu Kings street. and abOut . 9 rods deep. containing
01 an acre of land more or less, all Improved, no
binblings. Seized and taken in execution at the
suit of A J NObie vs B Nichols and Ii I. Nichols. ,
Al,t4tl-4The other lot Of land situate In Canton
born, latitude , ' as follows: begioning at ihe Inter
s,..tlitit of 'Towanda win h Centre sinud, running
thence north allot Centre street 230 feet i 0 Crook-
A Alley, theme easterly along said alley Iso feet
to te 110:111WeSt corner of Abner Doty's !molten....
south along said Doty' swest Ilse 179 feel to Tiosan
tia street, thence along said street 220 feet to the ,
place-of beginning, containing 35730 square feet of
land.'ivith I framed dwelling house. I framed barn
1 lace building. and few fruit and milaniental
trues theiron. Seized and taken Into - zee:llion at
t h e salt of The 'Mutual Building and Ssving Fluid
. 1
A-ssociation of the bor., or Towanda vs C . I SO•ekwell.
.%lso at the salt of E Pomeroy use cs C Stockwell.
.kiwi at the stilt of A D Spalding use vs C Stock
ALSO—Lot No '2 situate in Canton bona, bound
ed as folloivs: beglimlng at tile, northwest cOrner
of Wllbants Blacks, lot in center Of Division street
romping thence north alimg Division street CO feet
to the corner of Mrs Beeman's hut, t hence east
along Tlrs Beematf i s smith line 144 feet tq the err,
of Mrs Beeman's rot, thence north Sit tel Oct l b,.
line of NI. P. Lewis lot,theiwe east along Ti I' Lew
is' line 91 feet to the west line of C E Andrus hot
thence w t O4 along the southlh,rut saul mot
Ti! BlanehanCs but 12. s feet to the north line of
ItOwnian'S lot, thence .west along said Bowman's
line 40 feet to the east line of W Black's lot.thence
north along said Black's east line 10 feet to Black';
north east corner. thence west-along-Black's north
line 150 feet to the place of Itegintittig. conttfining
1500 square feet of latitt. Inure or less, all improved.
no buildings - .
AI,S4)—NO„ 3. The defendant's half Interest 111
t lie fulled hug lot of land situate In Canton twit,
!atomic.' as follows: on the north by lands of Elias
Rockwell's est., east by lands of Alfred Mills....Mth
by, the public,road leading from Canton t o u n i on .
mid on the, West b lands"( Patrick Fitzpatrick,
containing 20 acres more Or less. all imprtned, no
buildings. Excepting and reserving therefrom 3-9
of an acre heretofore sold by Stockwell and Manly
to Susan Armstrong. AISO reserving to Irvine and
Gleason the privilege of entering upon the said
premises awl taking and bringing from a certain
spring thereon water in a rope.
ALSOt.-No. 4, The defendant's half Interest In
the following lot of land situate in Canton borough
bounded as follows: on tiltsiitorth by lands of the
N Clt II Co, east by lands of John ilopet. south
by I.ycomlog street. and on the west by lands of
J a mes Clark, contaliilng 10 arresof land. more or
less, all Improved. no buildings. Except,lpo .and
reserving from the saute the right of Frederick
filack•to enter upon and take gravel from olf the
said lot Ott Lycoming street fur his blocks use arid
for the Use of whom he may !It'll gravel for
the purpose of leveling awl' filling tip logs That tie
Black may-sell elf Ilk ion{ oppOSlte :abovo
mentioned, and also resert hug a small lot of about
'a au ar p e of land of the South west corner inelud
log a private road for the use of James Cranes,
A I.Stl—N O. 5. The defendant's •half interest In
the-fallowing lot of land In Canton township,bound
cd as follows: beglnithig in the center 4;r the moon
tall, rind leading from Canton steam mills to Wan'
township in the line of lands moneyed tit Wm For
eshow, Menet. north 31 0 we s t 79 p to a lock, thence
south a 7 1..,. oast 95. p to it stake mid stone., them,
south 97 west 95 p to said rind, thence north 45°
west 5 , 4 pto the Vat - e of beginning, root:titling 10
acres of land MI ure. or Irss. nu Ituprovilments.
ALSO—Lot No : 6; Situated in Canton borough,
bounded as follows: north by lands of lies T Bene
dict, east by the cemetery gru ttttt Is; I‘Onill by landil
Gleason, west by lanai. of Win Merrick. eon
taining 20 square rods, more or less, all Improved,
no banding's. 1k -taut and taken In execution at the;
snit of E Pomeroy usk vs C Stockwell. Also at th 4:
suit of 'A II Spalding use vs C Stockwell.- -
Af.SO , ;-One other lot of land situate In Sniltb;
hold %lON bounded no tollowot north, diet and smith
led* oil 1Y Woodi wart by Na highway Ii s&
4 4 •t .
~''' r.
big funs Smlthflehl to 13 . illn ~ i - contains 1%
acres. Mortkor texas - with on frameilthop thereon.
Seized andflaken In eveeUtioti at-the atilt of W S
Pierce use es 'Win g Wright. '
ALSO—One other Jot t 4land situate in Oran.
vine twp., ;rounded as folws: north by lands of
Wm finittki east by lands oDaniel W Smith.eouth
by lands ofAllen Weodin, trest by lands of Joseph
Wqpdin and Allen Woodln„lcontslns 24 acres more
or lestabont laurels improl'ed with I framed hotsse
thereon. Seized and taken In execution at the cult
of Henry -4 nous, to heel of Morris Ridgway vs
Charles Breen. , i •
ALSO—One other lot of land situate In Canton
born, bounded as follows: beginning at a post and
stone* on the south side of the mato road or high
way leading' from Canton to Towanda, adjoining
'audio( Wm Lawrence on the west and running
thence south 27 1 i 0 west II) p to a post and stones,
thence ma li 621 ii, , ,, east lbp to a post, and stones,
thence north 27..4 . east 20 pi to a post and stones at
the'road side, thence north 621i0 west 40 p to the
place of beginnlng..contabut II; acres, strict meas.
ure, with tfmmed house, Simile,' barn arid few
fruit trees 'thereon, Seized ,4 n d taken In execution
at the suit of Benjamin Clatit vs C II Higgs.
A4,so—one otuer lot of land In Springfield twp,
Instituted aeleflowei beginning in the centre of the
niatn road:floating to tire. village of Smithfield,
thence soutli,2 o west GO 09-100 p along the Cummins
roadotheno south 484 0 east along said CWIIIIIIIIIB
road a 075400 p, thence south - along said road 40'2 °
east iffiS-10i,p to a post, on Oa east side of the road,
thence north 87 0
,weq along Ablitas Crommurs
Buy 152 p taa post„ thence north 15 0 west iff , , p to
the centreof the main roadl leading to Smithfield,
east along she centre of the same road 12.11 i p to
the place of. beginning, containing 52 , 1 acres more
or less. shoot GO acres improved, i frhmed house, 1
framed bail' therein'. -1 ,
.. .
ALSO--(ine other lot of land situate In Spring
tield twp. houndediae follovii: beginningat a stake
and stone in the corner of Cornelius Lord's (north
east cornerl, Mend's, by laroi of C . ornelins Lord feth
88°T West 652 p to a post, titmice by lanas of A Imolai
Cramer north 34.;* east 213 p 12 feet to a :pst,
thence south Bho east GOT 9r thereabouts, Knetine
theneo south - 4V westi 25 p 12 feet to Ware of
begitinlnga:oittainlng 10 acres morn or:less, no Im
provement:4', Sir and taken In eiectitioO:at the
suit of John Mer e. vs .John Cole. • rzt.
ALSO—One othnr lot oft land situate In Athens
booniteil as Rillows: Cro the north, east and
south by lands of Hiram Titlimaa and wife, west by
Meer stree.t, being no feet front on iald River St.,
and 150 feet deep, with I Rimed barn thereon, be
ing lot Nii;9l as mark'ml F Walker's map or
sinvev made June:27, 1973. Seized and — taken in
execution to, him silt of 111 :am Thomas and Susan
Thothas viCC II Aicord. • ;
Al,So—Cue other lot of' land situate In Wysov
twp, houndri as follows, north IT land of Charles,
Datighertyand N N l'arks, east by lands of A it
Int's, south by lands of I. Wiggitniand .14.7 and
A L (limier; west by landr of It it Prown and 1)
E Widmer,, contalning79 acres more or less, about
M acres ItoprovetkWitlnt flamed house, I framed
barn; 2 orchapds of fralt trery thereon. Seized and
taketklu eiceutionlat tho slit of 'Joit Johnson vs
othtf tot, situate In Towanda twin',
boutoced nPrili by land of Win IM Morgan, east by
land Of Wp. Mix, 'South by plank road. and .rest by
land or 31d gan and Moodyl , contains ,t , „ of an acre,
more or leks, all littproved, with a double framed
;loose and 'levy frult trees tliereon. tkizfd and talc ,
en Into eitiruton al suit of nn Meeltairvs Mahlon
0 Moody and A.l lthartow. : A
A LSI I--illtu other jot, 's [nate In CAnton twp,
bounded !lOW' by lands of 17 Irright and .1; Rob
erts. east of .1 Hi Wright and Lucinda
Wright, s4:luth by public highway., and 'west by
Warren Fitzwater; eon - al:Is 40 acres, inure or less,
about. 30 Iniproved; with.] framed hous.l l . , I framed
barn, I fr,:itned horse barn, and Orchard of fruit
trees thereon. Sletzed and taken lute eieetitlon at
suit of .1 AlMoot:lts use vs 'Warren Wright.
A LSI )-41,1 other lot, satiate In Monroe twpt de
scribed as,ftpows: bcginultig at a stone 'cot' on the
north slitO'-lof d road leadthglront the' first bridge
on the math bank ut Towat'ula Creek above Green
wood C"tif4to lit twp t.t tlw Berwick Tung!Mei
thence nOIIII 45 , 2 4, east. o 0 frlh Ire to n post i thence
along otlkf lands a,f the shill Itayhth Mason south
:a.° east IA ps to ?Frost on I) orth tank Of Towl.ifild
Creek; tlief,nve upirsild crity, north° west 'Z't ps
to a tior lie it centre of road leatling'frorn said: To
wanda Creek neatliawes /Inn top factory' to road '
first above:Anent toned; tin-we north.4s° west 41 ps;
thence north I,9lf.,o'west 111 2-10, ps; thence north :t 0
west 15 2-IDps; thence north 41° west 12 ps; thence
north 551 A west 11 ps; theince north 44 0 west 12 434
lo ps to Mare of beginning ;?f contains '42 acres, strict
measure, Kith 1 framed Ininsti and few fruit ,trees
thereon. Saized alit taken Intriexecution at stilt of
P I. W:u(Ps use vii E Miller and Scepter Brow'''.
ALSO—One other lot, 4ituate in Athens ..twp,
bounded Ithrtlrby*Chenttan* river, east byilands of ,
Gilbert ftirde and 1)S Brow 11. south by public high
way. and by Daniel Gardner and I) S Brown :
contains 2 'Acres, More or lei's. all Improved: 1 frame
dwelling linos': and orchard of fruit trees thereon.
SI!1Z1,1 and - - - ilakiii into execidlon at mutt of Gluten.
berg, Hos:lib:two 41:o vs Biomesliittlennin.
ALSO—One other lot. slitutte In Albany iwp, dr
seribed as ;follow ....t:' Begliuting at a stone heap in
the centrekf the simith kratich of 'll'otvanda.fiteek•
on the lirte"Of Wells Wlkoi, running. thence in a
north ettiturly direction toia stoip: cor of said Wit=
1155' !mot thence, by panda of said Wilcox and l'
Chaptitat4 central of. hit:Me:ly leading to Hibbard
hill 11l an easterly (Ifni . ..lion:: thettee alongsalddilgh
way Ina stint ho este - ly diniet lon to centre of south
lir:inch tifisaitt creek; thence along said south
branch to the place of, beginning ; contains 11 , ,
acres. more or arse, all improved: no buildings.
Setted an'Oaken Into e2COlltlOll at suit of J Il
Tyrrell's iixe vs I):\\ • Illarll lll rger. • :
A I,:tif 1-I"tne otlfer lot. situate in Warren twp,
bounded Mtrlli briands arm Clark ROWCIIs, east
by hlghwae. slunk:by 13101 of J 5 Rogers and west
by the Waiiyasewing creel; contains ili of an acre.
more orlesa, till Improved' with 1 trained 'noise
and (Milt trees thereon. 51.1 zed and taken itito ex
ecution at?. suit of 111. Taylor'sdise vs Jasper An
tisdel. ' ', • i ' I -- i- 5 - -,, L.
ALSO—eine other hit, sßnate In Towanda Born,
describetl* follows: beginning at a post onleor of
li-st and St.coud•ave: thentie by 1)-st north 20 0 west ,
iso ft to a t.iir; thelic'e 'milli 70° east 59 ft tti a Isist:
thence soti - th 20 0 east 150 ft. to Second4ve; thence
•by same minth 7Q° west 50 ft to the place of begin
.,,lng; ~,ntiitr, 7,:ino stir (*Dore or less :being lot
No 1,4 tilolik No 4 or Sayre & co•s addltioli,to To..
wamja borti; witlfil frathed houso aim la few fruit
trees therett. Seized ail taken into execution- at
suit of ToWatoli Iluibiln,„ and Saving'Fund .tsso
,fiation of ?Towanda bolo t's W, II Snyder. W SW
Kingsbury s -jun( A. ji'King-ibury.
AL . ...4/-411Jc other-lid situate in Tuscarora twp,
boluoled Mirth by, lands of -Theo Slivarla, cast by
' ai l o f 4[1.....E it llowney. -Rouen
by land of sfmn
Shaw's estate, and west b land of 4111ver Warner;'
.vat pins 2Tfacres,"nitire or i less, -altont 16 Improved;
no Mfildings; ort•liartiof filial tieuts thereon. Seized
amt • talteiOnto eieciatlomat suit of E S Keeler b.
*it'd( .1 Glieelervs A NVlL'indell.
ALSO—One other if. sittiatd In Canton Dora';
described tis fonoWs: 'lleginiting, at 'the northeast
cor of tat No Si; f'. ; thence paiterlt alloug the line of
sabtlot .N4:36 and-lot 57 11 - 7 ft, more of less, to the
, cor Of, thence lint belly :along cent re of
said st 22511, more or Icss, to the centre tit Casson
st: theitrefavesterty along rent re of Cassou-st 167 ft
. to northeaeit coy of lot No 44.; thence motherly along
line of saiit lot, No 60 212 ft to alto place . of begin
ning, being the .sinemotst, or kss; same indug lots•
N.. 55 atittfso as laid down On the village plot af Can
toll made by 11,11 & W (1 Ormitt for Kingsbury,
Nei ntan X Co. with 1 st,4itni planing. mill and all
unteltinerkanddlx Ours tailonging there to, 1 store
honse. diatiiher ,stieds and flamed barn,
i',lzeti anit taken 'execution at suit of E C Seymour
yt, Jeriondi.E 54nuoir. io, ,
I AL:tit-4111e oilier lot, climate in Tuscariira twit.
bounded Morth by, lands of :Jacob Fowler and 11,inry
Siniw, casi by lads of S 1,) Sturtevantand Charles
smith. smith by' lands Of ltela Cogswell and N .1
( ~ , g , ,,11. F . 1 ,a5t liy land. 4 of A .1 Sllvara aunt lier:
111311 A .r
t1it7F . 1,.., ouralti%J-I :hires. more or less, about
in impro ved. with 3 ft:multi' houses. 1 framed barn,'
I 'blip niill 'and ill mill flitures belonging to same.
I sate titlll-fixttirek behming to satne, and orchard
or fruit trOes there/M. ASO the privilege of a mill
race runtdpg thrOttgli - Med:ands of A .1 Silvan. Soil
all the wafer pri)'ilege ", ao held; emplpyed or en
ji:yed by '.E.slnioniA Cliitki S . eired and' taken itit,
extientloMfMt suit of ..Antdst,tuttiby, executrix of
Moses glißilly. dec'd, vs 1 A-Clink. . :
ALSO-(lnc other lot if land situat In Athens
mi.. bounded as followsidwgioning ,at . d post the
nortliwel, Cr.o 0' lilt 411 . 11 y) eitllVeyi,l ;111,1 th. 4 ,
north east 1 . 07111.1 of lot to I.: 1) Nlecoy,
awl standing It risouth Iltie of :land of Cyrus Wati '
ford, thenie In ai'soultierfi• illreetiou along tlenen:q
urni id sail! McCoy 12 noll: to the eentre of Ple*atit .
Street, tlif•nce e'asteriy along the centre of „said.
Pleasant Itt relit it i l feet. thence., northerly along - lint; .
eJ-Imul .111; It Jgne , 12 rills to a eor. in line of ~.alit
Cyrus Watford lanii,lsdng also northwest corner of.
r•alil E. li-;„lones lot, thentie westerly along Rue of
said WarfOrd 64 feet to the place of beglottlirg i con.
tains ta 6.41 perehes, nun+ or less. be.ttig lot ,No. 35
111 block 1i0.5 of it 1, F Clarke's extension of Smith
Waver!', Pa, all improved. 1 framed house there
on. Seized and' taken lit , execution at the suit or
'J Olin liefkle nsi , vs Bei. Nlllll. ,
LALSOLpne other lot 'of land situate In Athens
Iwo, botifpled as hdlowsi beg! tilting at southweSt
cor. of pif.jately 'owned by Sirs Itavld Cook. widow
.of Bavld oink. lec.l, and now owned by N C liar
rise on 35 „ sln street In [.alil borough of Athens,
thenee . south 12:4 0 west along line of 31ain Street
21c, feet tit the ilivislon partition. and. wail or the
-first storelin the; northtiftthe lot,thence an easterly
Course altritg said division wall and right atigl..
will' the Greet abut thcrl.o - 11.11nr, as It st'ssi ledoni
II was dealroyed by firti,iln said lest 65 feet to aaor,.
tht , hee 44.011 12'x° nest fo said I'....he's lot 2 1'4 ft
111 a cid_ Eilioneii along said cook's, n o w H a ul s .,
south 1in,,,t0 11440.1:tee of ibeghining, all Ifni:eon:4;
no imlitling , . Sidled an. taken lit execution at the
suit of 1111„Bettsler vs W liaticock! .
~,i . ' e . A. J. I. A YTiIS, Sheriff. ~
Sheri 11'.101liciff; Towanda, August to, 1+,76. .
( • ! It '
It 191ANS' C(.it.IRT S A LE.-I>i•
• . virre of ;in order ?ssued . l ott of the. Orphan's'
Court off. trail foill Coutit'y, the undersigned. exec
utor of tile (stale of Arabella J. Wells. late of or
well,, will'expose tO public sale on the prent
ises, on 11ATI,7111)A V. SE.PT. 2, 1676, at 2 o'clock,
p.m_ ilei , eau•it's one-fifth interest In the - 1011AI, hag:
describe 4 lands; ::ituateil in Orwell twit : , in sahl
county of Btaiiford, , l'lng 'on s.outli side of
public hf,gftwav leading drool 'Orwell to Wells HO:
low, an4l)sottoltirl as-follliws: On the north by SAW
Ilighway4ealling fru i t OVWIIII to Wells Hollow. rat
by lamislid Wm. Sebly and Wm. Hardy. south by
puhlie Idghway leading, from the ridge road to
South 11111 (knotirli as thti fillardy road") and land.'
of lieu. rrtsl , l4.contaln . lng about. ISO arres, 'nitro,
or less. iTEI:3I.§- I;Q' bring2druek down.- ;200
on conlitination4 and'ltlin balance 111 one year, u lth •
Ittlerifsf.',4 .: : l hi. C..11.1.1'N. i •
A lig...j '76. i i " Executor.:
XT, OTICK.—E. T. Fox - , "erntee of
_Li the est:Bea Davi(' \Wilmot, derased. In the
Court °rem - minim Pleas' of Bradford County, NO .
781, Seg. T. tistp. i. .
fioticels hereby glveh that E. T. Fox, Trustee
of the etitate of ',Barbi Wilmot, deceased, filed his
1111:11 ac6x:tit on , ,lin: 6th ifay of January. 1571,„ that
said aceptuit was rontiOnell Ni Si by Ow Court,
May 12,i1876. and than slid account at 111 be finally
ctottlonitil on the first day of S.:lib:tuber Term next
.unless osceptions are filed or tine cause shown her
fore that time: 1 I BENJ, M. PECK.
july2:., .
. I ' Prothonotat . y, -,
'..1 ,
ii ...
. I '-'• r
,)tlve 1,4 hereby Iglven that all persons-i l debted , io the estate of (.sear I.llltott, tle.e.l, late , iii
Roin-, Va!, oni:st make iiminediate payment to the
underslgtele, Silt all permois having claims ag,althit
said estate must presentitheut, duly authenticated
for settlement' ! '
• . i.::
. 4 XECUTOR'S NOTlCE.—Notice
~;i:ilwlTlifliveti Ilia; all person 'wield iiitto
the estati- of .lidin TaylOr, late of Standing Stone,
ilee'il.!',:are ronulred to make ilatlicitiate paY
mont frill., iinilerslgiMil. and all petS.IIS IIiVIIIC
eialnil' the said testate, must present them,
duly afithentleated, for!,ettletnent. - ,
Augg 16. "1 -61. N. TAVIA.)It, Executor.'
. "'s.: , :'. •
WS! INlsTitATtirvs „NOTICE.
1 4 .41 , 11ive . , ipiivi - el.yl glii en that ail periona in
ch-Ned to ti10 . C4I;IIII 14 Clark W. Alower, fate of To. •
'wainti Niro% jiiicit„ must - make lin late, payment
all persons Mrv)tig:plantis against said estate must
presetit themdtil,Wauth4litleated for settlentent: '
Au! - d.,--.c.(..'. ,110 W Ea, AdmlnEstratoi.
. ..... 1 .-.", • --L — i ------ ----------.----
:ixoti r e Is beret, given that all peronS,lll
- to the elate of (John llussell, late of Itome,
deetteed. i Must '' ma o Immediate payment , 'to
' the itadentlgozd; and all persons having - clattits
minas amid - estate .irt at present latem. linty 'Snot
thetttleatetit to settiement. , : .
:Mir) _ . , ? 01.9.,4171111111J4 AdvalidstiV*
... . , .
4 ;'.141:
--- LegoL. . -.-.:, -. t,. -_ .
:,...............1...................... k ....,...i........._,H. , ...._:_.....____ T —.....................
ZHEILIFFIS I SALEa- - By .., mile
of sundry *Mg totted opt of thO Co rt of
Oottnon ! Pitsas"of Bradford County. and to . (it.
:meted, I will expose to public sate on .• Fftid)A,7l. -
ibis fith day Of.Septeniber, at the door Of the-Comrt
!tame In Toaranda, the following described proper
-ty. to-it; _ •i ' 1 ,
• . o ne tarot land In Towan da horn, boanded is fol
low,chegiuning at a point In the north linen State
at, and West , line of north fourth lq, thence along
the mirth line of state st. left to the prolves 1 cor
ner:of Shite and. 4th stsf thence along the nor h line
of State it, as aforesaid, Oft to a corner: therm:.
!northerly at right angles to the aforesaid line of
State at, l:i0 ft to the, south line of a 15 feet alley:
thence along the south line Of said alley, parallel
'with tne line of litatfi street 'aforesaid to a-p4lnt in
"the - proisiscd line of north Vattrth at: thence to; the •
'same coorSe 18 feet to the ottlst line of Orth Fiturtit
'Street:. thence along the,. ofvst line of north 4th st.
to the place ofbeginnlngt 14'?eceptIng, and reSt t rvlng
therefrom the privilege ofl using a strfil of Ind hi
'!feet in width measured onlAtate St fruit) tiotpolot '
of intersnetlon.of the north! line of said street with
the west line of, north 4th fit, extending northerly
to the aforeaaid 15ft alley! to .the'rear'of the said
!lot for the putpose of wideling the aforennidi north.
4th-st, when the same shall be opened tO the width
I ,
.4f :Alf t thrsoigh to , ' Ward . ve, and restrict! ig the
right of holiding on said strip of land or of oiler
wise idioructing the nse of said strip. of land for
.the*-4foremVid, with a franted hotike and
.few friar trees thereon. Seized and taken Intoex
ecutitin at the' suit of. Ellett Ward Yd Bier's u se vs
Ella V Myer. ' j 1 •
• ALSO=-One other lot of land In Athens twit, and
bonnded pas follows: beginning at a' white pine
stump near the road running up, Sattvriees creek.
thence SiOlth AO eiit4o l-lOp to a buttonwood:
thetieh smith 4 1 io east 26 9-10 k thence south 67°
east 21 :Hop to a white oak :beach: thettee s,seith 411:
to' a post; thence west.Bl ilop to a whit:. Maple:
thence sautit Sop Illa!post: hence wesOS 2461. to a
010110 corner; thence! north 1.:,'7 west alp along tfw
line agreed 1115111 hot fvcen ( onstant Mllliew son and
' Win G litevensl thimee cask 76 4-10 p, to a post,'
thence north Grp to! the place of hegionlog: con-
:taltilog 7$ acres, siege or less. befog .the Salm. :1 , ,
convoy...l:r. hy the, said part of the lwq,ond part to
:Maria Van (:utlier. • ‘ 1
''ALSO-li ne other piece of land sit nate,lts afOn•said
beginning at a ;stake Aro 013111, on the .S..o.pioliatttut
riVer, at the s w corner of a lot formerly belonging
to John Shepard: thlmetc along the. south line of ,
laid lot - sit a;lepto a 'oak:valid stoat's: thence sbUtli-
erly along the land fitonerly of tleo".l d'erkili , and
Elijah VottOorder t 42-101, to tit,• fine of E Vat. fine
der's lot:; thence 1 westerlyy.' e-lop to :the tsits..o
- flyer; thence, up said river-to the place of
hegintting: containing 25 jicres ;and 121tp, more or
less. : , . . ,
' Alf.SO4-One otiter'pelre of land situate as;nfore
aid aunt ihoundfd as tolloWs: beginning ne n win
cherry trV.e for a:corner :mil theoi w corucr ,1f !awl
'Of said party of the flr,st Part: tht!oce ,to an east Arly
direction, about Si) root, to an oak sapling forM cor
ner on the Thonial latuld then& along ti : !. we,- . 7
line of Said l'ionitan lot o t Samuel Hulett in .
northerly direeti ' on :!trout. ]fillouFort, to 110. -.mash east
- ranter or land_. rurwerly ,wne4 by .E. Itolinson:
thenje along the] line of .01 lot In a westerly di
rection ll. the bank of 111.. 1 /Susquehanna riv%-r to a
corner: thence sOutherly along, the east:batik 61 said
rivet' to 0111 glary of lc-gunning: containing 21 abr..,
!floret or I:4s. Seized and Itaken Into exeention at
the suit of Owen, IVark 'VA Jacob VanGorder and
Marla N'anftorder. :
A t.,SO- , --11ne other lot of [land situate 111 -$llllllO
field 101 1 0, 10/11111.1d ,as follows: On the smile by
lands of ('yell I;Fartnatt, on the east by the pupil ,
higliwart on the Louth by I. rids of Ifenry Miller and
John,Vosburg, on the wes , by land late of the 10.-
Isle of Matthew Howl!. di. , eased. contains 1.1 :Wres
More or! lets, 111 acres Iniproved. with I framed
house. 1 framed : barn and few fruit treio; there.n.
.:: ALSO-The defendant's:half interist Inoue oilier
lot of land situate loth.. bops of Towanda awl N.
Towatolti....lwundell as follOws; beginning -at ' i i.e.c
In the rtre of • Ilw Old I'latik it..,,.4 lo 011...; Ow
northwe. t cor. of a lot Iterotoft we s.olitjt, 11 ,Isms„.i, lo. l 00 Iljte upland f'ortnerly .n nett Inc E li, l ertott.
K•ti., thunce along lire o r
, said Ilv:.‘rtot. north tt2 ,
:I,o' II est .3.1. , to'a iced and stone tqw. tut line 'lf Cla
xeraok M o 3;, t N, tit ne; along-line Of sauce , 1101'111
61° east '1.7 p to a cur. on the north side of :Saga ,
Vreek nti line of John list:IOW:: I.lrol :toil ..tlavor
ktq.” lot ;So. a' .111 , al.n*, iii... 6f LIP: same south
' tc"2 o- 30' east atsutt 13 .1 ./ 1/191 a cor_jti the centre of
I*ol.l Plank R.:L.l7as 1,0 ai,,,,,1i• bil ~..i, tinier
along salit JOlll, tin.: Pelt I, 7e, .., 1 . 3 west M. 1.111211. p to
it cur., tiOnce south Al° 's 'lt 7, p to 110; puree ~f h o . •
ginning, rcontains. 71 acr,j.. wore or' lo,t. 'no hr.-
provenlettt s. Exeepthig and rwterving theicfrom
24:leres 4 5-10 p of hind cOIIVeyA.III to .14110 (•100,11y
on t11. 1 "21 t day' of Mayer., I ti 74. :Ind 17 acres. l l:ll gist
land conteVed to Michael li I rtiln on the stli!day of
May. Is7¢, - leaving itt the ahoCe piece 1114 11.111 - ef• 11:111.
• 11e lies , - tine more ortesS. i . •
- ' A I.SO--Tlie ilefewlatit•sH Interest in on.'. other
lot of 131111 111'DM:111101 - 1/lorO, 1,0100104 as ft.tiow::
beginning at the north east cor. of the Int4rseethet
pf Tbirki 1 Street and, Plattii lload.thitre'rislolt e. ,
east ai,out;:t feet to a car. of lot' i oh, oyint by .1.-
Towell and Nrr -Elsbree.:attys in fat% to Wm It
Morgan. j.liellrii south , S'J''. ea.d ne. fret to "e4r. of
same lot; then " ;,' north C°4cist :is feet, to ar• .r, MI
. fantlit illit• of atilttlier lot cenv - Ye. ll 'v ' P""Yq& 1 ": 1 ' :-
firef...ittri s 111 fart, to sail :Win IfM organ. thence
tont!' Slot t 0 illl5l abort lit fe l t to c0r. , 11 lot 9Ft:owl
lv eonveyed by 'M II Merctir to Mn ..i Ito .Meelmo.
t h e .,,,, ~,loth au , c , s,l or 111.4nm...0uts Si toot to Pr.
Ihri4,tho'no- north ~,T io wrest 11 0 ,1111:11, feet to 1110
,:p1;10.1 of beginning. al th 2 !framed :ems., Ilicre.t..
..• A1.: 4 0 7 -'llw defendants .I s interest In one other
lot (.f laud ,ittlato iii TolValola hoiq. bounded a.: -
fol:fur.: hot:lnning et a Cot% tIO , inter-oetion o:
yourth r4reet with the Plat.k 1t.c,t,1. I Iwnee siorth
along IF , ,artli 5 . tr,.....t. , 11.. west about s') I.rt to cur..
' 11 ) , " 11,0 1 , 1 4 ra 6.1' 0 east sl feet to a cor. on Plank
Road. thence In a southwesterly dii , c4uion a1....1i
1111 feet to the. Vac.: of I,l:ginning. ::II imploved.
with 1 friimed I there:
,n.' theren. ' _ ;
ALS ( +Lot N 1. In v
Trrwatirla or, boor:tied on
the,north by J F Me'ans, east_ try . NVilltalr ' t st. ',air
try other lands of dofetolant. West by Mitiii st. belt.;;
40 ft froht on Malt, t , t, try alma: ltto ft clevy,, , 0 ith ~
framed house and a fiwv frnit tree. tlohteon:
, A 4,44)..-4.0t .7.i0 2, bound,, , d north Ityll,l toi I. east
ltY ;Willi:l4 st. south l other land of, 'clef. , l 'lan:.
kr:t by Slain ,rt. being 40 ,ft front oil Molt: .t lis:
about I3tl ft deep with. our: flamed houSe, flawed
ham and', few fruit tree. tlotrotb. ,
Ai,:st)-1-1,4t Not:),Lboun,l6l north by lot nu"_: east
by %5'1111:011 st, sontk by .1101 4' Irsitig. we.; by Main
i.t. IteingAir ft front out Mairt St . byal "14130 ft devp.
'with a frntned ltituse and a few -fruit trues th,:reoo,
~" ALSO—One "th,r,l"t:orand,Sitnat , t In
1,..rt.. Imlintleil as follows: 1 O
A. rth by Chestnut Strcrl
east by loots of Mis Mar: Marshall, s tlatit 1.
'lands I ornierly 1,... - doitgdoz o M r Mereur. 0,-st 1,2.
Third Stref.t, being {lo rt,ilfr•pilt on said (11.•.-‘111at
I"4leet to{ about 12'i feet del , . all ltuprtoe,l,, , v, in I
-hug , tt , rt. story fratu , A thittse.- I framed !vita. and
few fruit trees thereOn, t , idze,l and taken lin ett:-
cotton at: the stilt yf .1 I,' KirbY yo S MT .-1,1. r .r.1.
Al.:=o2One othttr - lot 011 - land In TfM:tillia twp.
boand,oltnorth by tho puerilehigho:tyleadi :2-fron,
Towantl4 ereel,to Asylum:; east by lands": it'illian:
Stagier: L o uth by lac„ds of it,. I' ( tali and .1 I' K,-
. I.y:•an.l •tt - r•st try bawls of i t ? F 11,,,,,,,,,' ! ,, r....rwritrir:,..•
7r. rtr - rr,'arrrre or loci. al.ail it , aorkl)iapt , vo , l. 0 lib
:.mail frame meriting houses. flamed born :not
oorchard Of fruit treO , :hercon. , 5.1,,, , ,1 :1 ,1 t . ,1,,,,,
Into exei•ution at the suit, , -1 u_ f• it"ii marl vt, I, Ii
Nat hard. A 1 ,41 at , 41111 ~f sante,x, ,oule. I
31.1.11L0N F.. ELLIOTT,
,51.1 , 0,—0ne °thee lot of :iiiii in siiiittli Cri e',;" tw li
tiounill: Mirth by lands of •-•:i - rotel F • sett .'.et 'i
road lciullug to N . T state line to I Whim. , s. -ii,iii
by lanils!of Seymour Snuff; and A FasSotf, anti we s„
by land jd tiro Dutiliam, ere:mit:Mg 55, .ter -s. more
or less, tileitit 40 acre, Intproyed, with a (rant !it
house, 1": framed barn. I w; tg, in ,iiiip re ontii er iiiit
lodliling's and orrhard of fruit trees:thereon!. Set, e
and taken tido execution at this stilt of Amanda
Andrus Xs J A Vall' . Wert; ,
A I.S( T"--"eilie other bit of land in., Wili,tid twp.
bounded north by land of! Jaciiii r _Norconli i , east,'!) :
laud of Daniel N oncom :; S outh by Limit of: sianna."
Noreitnli and west I,iy liiiid of,l'airick Mix ni"... cot:,
Mining ! About MO acres i iif lanitinore,lpr lo:s. altollt
.1 mires imprioed. with I ' framed house. qtr.:lined
barn and orchard of fruit trees theieom i Seiibal
aril takrti into exiientliii at the -itit id I,hilin 51
II iacoeli'S use ys W M Norconk. if , I
A 1." , (1--I Tins 'other lot Olt land In Towanda liorii,
bound-4 north by l'orlartst. cast by lanillof Jabs
and :itarla lI Ileule, smith by rate! of J 1' Means
wel west ','land,La C A i:ris,o4l, with a few ,
fruit trees thereon. Solzeil and tiieil inlio exect.-
tioWat the suit of F.. \V 11:ile's ifs,• e'S n vi :,tedgc,
k List 4-,...b . 1n e other lot et . 13:e4 'ill TUWatttla lwro,
boon! .4 north by State : I st, vast liv" lattili of A L
Hard. siitith by lanifs e f - lielm, we t•;lci, by abd t we , t.
'by land 'id Mrs F E'llarlier, being 50;ft frolic byli,ti
ft deli - 11,1w iii, I framed Minn. , and few fruit hers
thereon; Seized and talst•tt lilto i•XVeathlll at th
suit of n \V Bate vs (;,., I'T:l,h. r ' •
ALSO—One other lot "'of lam! In: can ea trip.
holtraleti 1101111 by lands id .1 51. Allen, eft the ea..'
by lanai of Henry "visirlie, smith by:the 1.. :. "Yi otid:•;,:
r"illitY tine. and west by land of Adam I tinis. vie.-
tabling 73 acres of land, it ere or les , ..aliolit. 2 5 aci•es
I inproviM with 1 framed I 1
oust., I fr4iti lbarn and
mil:anti:of fruit t rec. , thereon. Seyoil !Mid taken
biro extietittun at the tint of Win 11 Lock - , it,s• 5 - :.
111) /Mime,. . i •
A Lai—One other lot "of land in W Helot le. p.
bounded 011 the north by taint, of .T 1' Horton and
Hiram Horton, east by limits of Win V;irilooyan.
south by land of Illratti Horton and .1 li Hot tot,
West liVatid of Alvah {Fond, containing i 25 acres
more or, Its,. about :3 acrek impriived, is lit h a board
11 in:se, lextril shed, and few fruit trecslthereon,
Seized and taken Into cslecution at the knit ofe .t
Lewis ti!Cillelltatt 1( .1 / 1 l'imil. Phil' W Pond and
l'hlitcait Point. '
ALS9--Otte other lot i l l land 111TrOy txry, Loon."
dill n o n hby insist lac - ,b..\ A I.imierittan and .li.s.=,
Ifhilliiiii, cast by lat.ils of I 11 Sinlth,, ,chili liy land
of DaViii Slitignlaitil andwrit by lain!, of .1;;!+l, A
Linilerntan, containing 5: acres, more or hiss, about
blaeres 1111prer.1,1%k It 11 (ranted . house. tft a. lited
turn with shedsattacliedt 1 framed horse,• barn and
few frutt trees tin- Feint. !Seized anirtak ea 1111,1.1-s
-et'UltOk at the suit of ITaii lit .Siingerland is 1 . 1;,,,i
-an'. A l iso ;it suit Of sane vs saute. I
A LSV— tae othiir tut e ( land in Wyaltising twp.
bititiolell norili by lands of-. 1 'W _Norrtsii. east I,v
lands of Sarum.' liayliircislsMitil by lands —Birch
acid Wer.t by a private rieid elf 13n,i, 111 .ties Clay ;orb,
C..lltaililllg ,l'i acre of land, more iir less. :in ha
tiroveil with : framed I Oil,e, 1 f tamed "barn anil
few frillt treti, the"reon. I Seized sail taken Into iii
t-cutlon at the suihof
~A IT ("ham-
C Steveill vs 0 "am
berllml . .; • ,
ALSil—rnie other lot jot land In ftr.inVllle twit,
IA 11 1.1411 Olt the Wirth by lands of Via... title Sax ton,
east by land, of Frank I t tni)ait, smith Liy the public
'highway leading! from 411•alivillel ('enter to tilt
W Intlfall, west by" landslof titiorge Cotton, vontain-
Mg 51:acres. of, More o less, about 51 acres Mi
preti, eeith
"i . trained : '' house, 1 framed! barn and
orchard of fruit feces t it'reint; Seized and }skim
tub eXectitlon at the st r ut of .1 1' Willey," guardian
of Clarence I) IFimith vs i ttis,B Clark, . .i
A 1,10-1 (ire other lot of land in Athens liiir,
bounded north by landslof Edward 'AV She,, vaid by
i„ ffi t s or 14, Si 3lorse, south by
: Walltitt-st. ;mil
west ljy lands of Si:unite] itylatol,):ontaitilrig , 4 ;of
a n acre, more or less.,"being about 75 ft (rout oh
Said Walnut id. unit iSO ft ticcli. with 1 framed'
!tonsil'. 1 (ranted barn and few fruit Ire.ii thereon.
Seized and taken : into execution at the Suit e l th e
Athens I:Milling r and Lunn A.,4.41:11101 H . Athens
l'a. vslLafaVette ..kitsiin and I'hoelie'sl .5 Moot. ! '
ALSO—One other ICI/ of land in ,itiiens (Ai,
•liittiltileit north by,' lanilti ; ol JaeoliCreanback. cant
by ant its of Albeit 4 . :11111bell., ,i , IIIII . by litttils of it
Wanier, west I.y latolis or.ow widi..A,li estate.
containing about I:0 acre,. mitre or 1,,,,i, a m, tt i : 7:",
ilniddycllt 2 fraililed houses, 2 fr ame d barns, 1 cOri,
Amuse and Tew ft alt trees inert:oll.s Scha;tl . aiel!t a .
V s 'cit ',do ii - Sectitliin at the suit of 51 W Wheelock s • '
.Xiltistsiclier. ..,] l
, .. ;
Al;S:o—(tar other 101 of 111(1 in -Smithfild twp,
bountled as follows: beginith ' o , at a post hie s e Cor
ner of lands fornierlrowned by Wild:tot W ithili-on
thence tomtit Sc? o'csti 163 7-Ittit to a pied; thence
stein it 169 east 12.3 3-10 p to a post: tletwe's :tort hat
a .
east 165 7-Sup to, a hem m ilock; theriortli 100 west
125 3slop to the p!ace of begtimin ;containing in
the rehole .129 acres 12:i",ii rods, exetipling ',therefrom
so Mitch of the lIIS/V .bounded tract of .land :LH lics 1
east lit the roairruntling southerly sromi %Het 0 .. .t.r.
mild's, I whiz about 4'l acres heretofore conN t ly t 4
by Tarthis Rose et al to Ira Adams, aleitit 100 ant e s,
improved, 1 flamed house. I (rained -barn is ith
:died and i orchard ofrma Seated
I berei4iSeatedand .taken into execution at'the stilt of Irvinislam;
Fr.titk I' Jturgess. earl s of Chas ITurge,l xi s, dec' vs
Jalties 1' Foslitagh. I
A ni
t.SO—Ie tither ltit of lantl liilVyttinsing twit.
.hounded as follows: beginning at a post fornter!y
a hemlock tree for a "corner, it being the s w 1.0,',
tier of the farm of Jiiim•pli Doughrty.-and I . lrl the
litirt of land cif - said 11l taltato, thence, on said Ilio• 1
forth 57 0 35' nest 594-top tlt a I.bat, :11...11W laibte'r I.
of line sub! Ilrahane jarm, Ilii•nceifiliorth 2 , .1" cast "
26 23-2.5 ii to a post for a corner: thence south s:' , ' [
55 east 59 4.101 i to the line of land of .I.4citt Iblugh-i
04: thence tin the line or land of said llinigherty [
"'"ulh 't/ west 26 23?..-5P IA the place orbeginiiing,
containing 10 acres If land. more or less, all hn
prtiVed,lio building& • • • .." ,
4LSO--Otte other lot of land litWyalusing i twp,F
houndr,d Ss (011011ISI beginning at the n ir corner /if,
land couttucted to btli sold to Jame! rent and Inch,
ate roe (late llollnlitenco along ILee tjt [Laid Imo*
aonta 93 two toll cOinar; thoncn gong line Or pal
itist4 Wu; 114 p• tto li i Gator, to Una - vi bad 091 T.
_ 4 .1 3
late In possession ()eV , T • 41ddanght thente Ilikatli
line of same north f53-10p tuba corner; thence along
line of Same MO On; thenee along /11 1 9` of labia
north Cap to a icortier in lift'of land conveyed to
John l'lleKinney. thence saw line of land of said
3feghtney And itipil now or fhte in the poSitotslen of
Alex Dougherty; east 94p, i tt the place •of .begfr"
Ding: containing 5, acres a d soil; of land in(fre Or.
lees, about 30 rail { ItnProiedi I 'framed lhodt.e. 1 .
framed barn sod Eel . , Mari trees:thereon. -Lieft'S
InteresConly tti hi...:s'iild. deetzoil and takers intoeg-.
ecallon at the atilt! of. (leo is Atwood Ste Richard
Graham. AlsO, atthe suit tit James . ntuther3 WO ._
Vs same.
A).150:-floe :fitlier . 16Z of} land In Franklin! War
Overton twps. anildielog composed of tint vrhnle of
four certain tracif of land (surveyed In the naltleB
of peter Edge. r . Peter Ternpn., Samuel Temnlcl and
(leery Bette, wldcl) four .:,,,....r..11
,tracts taken to
get her are hottallr'.' l allll (14 •wrd.aos ftilfocr3, to-.
witi beginning 'at a beceld In the .liontitseMVlerly
line; of a tract of land stirveY,erl In'the natne ell (430 •
3106re, - and a corner of tacintraoti kttryoYert In the
nanies of Joseph Betz and Henry Betz: Do3nee
:dung the sill south.easter - line of the sairl',(4o..o.
MoOre tract anti the coot inna ly
tlon Of
,531 3 1 llon Wirth
ano pat 4011. or land store o>'les.. tti a point la this' •
said continua:o3n of said Bile .and at the, westerly
cortier of two trent+ , surn:vea In tile names of Pete!,
Edge and George }:age: ti edrs. alonga line bet*ecirf '
the Old trartssiifycyed to Peter Yawl nod Qefirge
Edge south dc.,.1.4'35t . 2.01 p mire or less to the weld
crlytcorner of two, tracts. surveyed In the natties of
pelt Tempi,' And: George TeDiple; thence hifing a
line between tile said tracts rairve.yed to sala Peter
Ten . pie and Gitorge Terl'ito 'south 35 0 easClo4p.,
Imo* or less. to a point at t lia4witnrly corner otisant ~
last Intentlotted•Aracts. and th a line betWeett the r i
sal.l last iroditiOneri tracts add landstirveyed i 4 the i
mule of Paul )fooret Iltencol along 'said list nlen- "
tionril lino ateldh.) co:dlr.:n:4lOn thereof south Zoo .
w." 4 4011. morel - looless to 4 hecar at the easterly'
corner 'of truer:l-surveyed 114 tin! ttaanes . of :..anitie.l
Tolinle and lienry lireys.43l , thence along tlioillnd.
bet Ween tree ivi',4, WW I= fled. tracts and along ...
. 1
'the line between the tracts urveyed In the it4nies
of Dimry Itetz,:tnoldosepli 1.:4:2, north M. we...VI/Nip
inm3c or 1.-3.8., 37,1 the place of ibeffluaing: eked:di:log
13.3 d acres of latia.•morv.or "..5..., sod allowance for - .
road-: SE,. Tllll , ,itt,llll , e , 111 .la,stlon being 3 1 ,ialr-
I b iti l , - ,r the „ it ioit ,pr.pert-y .. .ci=liVoVeil by a cettaltr
d.•.. 41 (rota .1 1 . ...tr0... Smith. Iligh isherl.l . .o . fidlid .
said county of Bradford, to ill *.V Patrick. anted ,
March 3 11 , 15.11.'31M1 rreorde. '1:1 Itte'f.:ll=l county 111
the t••=boritf's and Troasto , r4 deed took nd 3, pogo
27711011 7”7,1, zitoi .31,.. 1;1 thy olive rer recoriling
deeds Sc, lit ailed lierok 1.0 O. page.;:and the
sa il p rem b.,,,, 1111 fl p e ,tion, nig.dheri with the,tirop.
ert..3 convoyed `.by a rertaitt deed. from the IFall Cred St uric Ci.. to list Fall. Cr..q..1: 111tpr11n.*.(...31
n.*.( . ..31 C,?.irlatvil Ni.'. 11'1 , 45 and 'teen:ll.3d iff
said county of; Bradford In the offiee for recording
deed's .. , :c.ilit ihierl'hoolt No Ta, tear 31c, tic. Tenn
,ng :-1,1 tadng.t!o•rtVW......z.l.r.=4.erty conveyed 1,313 - ald
so,,,ktirs deed trfsabl II NV l'atrick. and the abovo '
g the 3a 311, tracts as conid3yed
by a ,-crud r. deah,froto the Fall Crack f7r.all and
11, 1T CO. to tlt-t- :Fall Creek I,ltuMinorts (.'tall Co. •
dated June 7.1 SID. and ter ' , tiled ii. !iald county of
Itraflford In i11e , .. - ollice for ...cording deeds .9:lc,•in •
1/H3l. Book Ni tf . ..3„: page 173aitc. ;.'sdiasl and taken
Intri execution' :3'l ; the suit id-3Seldeit F. - Mani:l VS
Tioil'all l'reek.pitutolibinsicoal Co. ; .
A11. , ..)--.M...other lot. .iltlate Di Orwell twfq' de
serl'l,3hd as fol!osys: Ceglitttik.ll,... public highway ...
hnolii,g "(van •V. - 2. - :irec Ito Wappzineea ('reek. knowit
as the Ridge It:oad. on ,3,Liti.erly line betvrecul i safd
pleqe of land .1111161 by Mail I Twit"! '(,rill tint m i rth_
ertsl boundary line ;.f NV, II 11:3;•13t31.3' running, north
'h' we,: along' said Eldlttit road -II p, to a poor;
thence bort], 7'4°',l•:l<t alm,,,d line of said road j 3 pi !
to nipotio: thence: n..rth 1,"1..r...4 'gong sail road
,I 5 its ire a point 7 them.: al' ir o said toad north 21°
1.1 , 01 'II ps to a point; lb .144 " said road,tiorti,
r,f ..t, „ a :112 10.'1 po',i.: : I lietwe north .15.? - ^t'asr•
32 II , : thence along said road 72 , -, 0 ...30.3. 21 ps tri tine
1.1.ty.,011 . :71ifi1 , lit Cyrus I:ord. and the said Taid.'r ; .
thence south 24? oast :Cane line.beiv,er.a ~311-1 lands '
15 2;.10 p, to a stake and storlos: thylie.. along Whiter
lauds of Cvrairl('is.k. N IS" Morgan and
,tto. said
Taylof ,00fh120i1 - , I , ~..ra.t.- , i4-1.. I t , to a cr: :1,..n,cn
nortl4 is:. aro•••I along lb, 4nith,rly lice ' 13.1-p. I.
In :li cid: them... ) .south V..: ;tr.,: 3 , i 1.. to a cdr oil
h of lands tirll,l 114):trii712 and ill.- ...ald.,Taylur:
t b,3 3 , e „tong .sioitadly litic ,i'd said Taylo'r'. lands
1, " 1 1 1 ) ,4, '. - ~H rt rra '-10 p+ to ',..'nfri .!f . -aid 11 01 g. .,
,„,..1 to 1 ,3,,,, o r 'begin ning: il...91:1111., t 32 acres and 21
ps. Snore or less.', '. i „'
. AII.:YO 0 1 ,
-elothi.r lot. slt nate in Orwell tsrp. ne-
scl*bed 05 i 1•114,; bet:it...gig at the --:--litre ii - the
lief aresaid 1t:,11.11:!!...r...til on 4 oolo•riy line 3.1 land of
bi-aTayb r 8.4 inirillerlydito . of 301111; Of .1 .1 New
ell. funning airtug 1.. - tirl line north 95 1 %Nest 232 "3., to
a e'ir of land , pf ,f, .1 Newell. Fleury Ito's , . m 3.1 hi,.
,„1,1 T:,y! , ,,, tliko•a• our; b. 7. ~.. s• .•a•t along nt•aierly
lind of said 'f:tyl'ir:- hind ill; id' to a eor of lank: of
p e0 2 .13 ,. 3 33. 3 .... 3 •13',NV 111.3, 3 1,1 ..ald •i 4, n.t.-,..*,,inik_
i t -.„,. 11 ....t., , ,,,• 4 /1.i,t100e....: itTa••.•4b - o.z, line ih .. •tVet•ll
NV Si' 0111. :nor Ilo• -.11•1 •71,7,.0r.; ; tio•tne ~;, -. 4 v .',.
...-.. J . 110 7t-i0- p- , 15-' 33 coo InA,rlied:' by a stAke! 3 3ed
stoic, at 1310,11,,rotold,ading from .... 3 3d it id g , r,-iii
1.".r...1, l;lev..;:itpi•- . .thei.e. , atom; -Wel road 5 m t ...1 3 ,3 - ,* :.
ca-1 32.11-10 p-: e11eu , ... a3ongl nortlo.tly line of ;said ,
....dr and "S 11 - 11ill-s.m' , land .313.3 - 3.1. nn' ; c ,ha s t . 131 •
:•,.13i 3 .. 10 3 cor,,ir ',a - A 5% ii- la. c yin.: look iimi;.,a3d 1 .
.7'31..10r'.. land. nintk...l by a ,40 11 i, 31. , 1-1. , 11e-:l l ien ,- .... , .
.;..;:k , the I;re,3lof 0111)1" 01l soldi Cook idol TI:ylor :
...,,0ni..2.. 7 . ~ , ,t. i . . i.t: pi to salt! Ifni,:.r , :t.l: 1111 , .
so,3l.erly afrng;,...3.1 , 1 road If - , 1..10. , ip,,,, , ..f. bil.tin
rri: 1. t'oll;:ilykulr 1.17 ;ter,. :41.1 :=;l=. !Lori. oriel..
..,:[,......t t-= . T1 ,431..1.1..7, s:l.fite tZt..trwell ItN ir, de- ,
~)-:1,-,1 a-. 1.) , 11AN -. beghinidgat a sugar mapl.i tr,,,
alder of lands'id 1 . ) Ii ilaril•og 5.1.1 lands (cruelty
ow .i...,1 by Il r N t i t iptili•,lll , ,Vl.sslled dv lir Leis i dand
rin - ...3 1 .11 along, line ledwcen hesr"larals nor111.0 , :4 3
YOH? 3' , 7 h-bu 1. , 1'.., a Cot' of Ini=l- of the sail Ilr .
i's„ .1 Ne‘..-Irtutii tile sabli . la% !Rd. Marked by' as
s'.l.i.. and 5t,513 . 3.-: 11, ;it, ttult u:.l ;:Ion:: it L i, o f
lands of said N'3•%."3•.1 and T.:; • ;, •r - 7'.. S-13:13, Ina c.r,
ors ;:c1 '''Y a 9t; o - ' anti :dog' - : tin . nrs. alo t .irlith,
.0.•Zy.•.=.".= -azio;: i latza , -===z• ii = 1= ~...t 1=::.-W 3,310 a.
orl.n 'arked Ie• a le, ere saolii:. 113.suce alm 33 .3l.ti t ie
Y.•.3e.3 lat•d-r1 of NV 11 1h1rC.1.34 :31.31 ..a i l. Taylor
•V 2 7 .1 Vt o•t.t 17. ,-,..-, 11. It. Ib, • r . ,1,1.• of, !, , •,:ti,nninii , : 1.-0, 1 - 1
tai.i,- , 12 acresddt I;s''',.ps. :note or' I, ' - , Tit? aI...VC I
thrh--:lo:s of 1:330 'Aro knowd a- the '.a. G. Frishi, '
r',V:1 1 .1.; V. I:11 I rni.,,.• .1 1..,,,,- , •3:: i'ramed 1.:110., :hod:
and . other 30:11 . 3ttildingh. and Lrchard , of trait irreii .
tin i;••011. 5t•;, , ...1 - 311.1 i:t . to•tt iltfoo ttlk,..ittion hut ~ lit-of
.1a -[l' 11.1- lain VT , ~. A(I Fristdc. Abo an suit - •
~I t: 3 t,,,, N Fri-1,1,.. !_•oaiai:ln 4 , : l: I. COnuer . .
%-. 0 0 I , , ishie., 2 . • i. t
; 511,',r-On•s other b.:, situate- In . Wilmot trip ,
!„-,e' 3 , 3 1,1 ohs t h e' Pori I. by ~1 11- ), , , , ..“1.,g.e,, , r, .
1., 1.,,,,i, -.1 Alv;ili Pond. -.:,:r li I.:i;1:11141, of , (1,, 31
1:1 -. ...1.-y. and mil.-.1 , 1..y lot: • contains.'
1:3 . tobtsf ur I. s, ;,1.34t ;10 Impulsed. ;ith a
fey. f rni 1 t.r., s t Iti•reott. 1
Ad.S,,-liefequlaur's rauliri.lo , l ~ 3 interest in oil ,
lot sl:tial, ill Will:l.d tw p. de5,"ri1...,1 as , col
loy..• : 1,..L..W..jf.;=.:1:11 llie -..,t1b...1 , z ror Of lot owner. '
31 11. \ '''Y't 1 5 :' , "' l'y i11'."!1,5r.'11...1. liar', east
- •':'. 2 r'd s to ad,i•eil at t1: - .- ~.: Cal as. ,-.r of Sinn' il
...1:'70111L',", 111,1 , E P , ,-1, , ..e.1.y le as: Into of :am- tiortlr
~,,0%11.:.... r .: 3 11: io s'•3:ll;' ~, . r ~f hu'r't tor:§-•r!,y
~,k,..1 1,,,• A a i•,. d 1: - .4y :. the tic o• 1-y :aid Ely - .:. south
!..• 3 3 , 3 ,3 1....., I 11,,ifinan's ....e.i311 1.:110 west 355 1 ' c . 3 1..!1,,
5 . :13 lb-tin:a:C.. sodthwest =in:: I.l""r'' 11':,1111 . p
:',. '
3 1 , 1,41 iit; , :titl lit , ll - 16:1:Ct: ool'lllV.i , i rte - tire;
111. 1,4.0 liy V. 441'411; Foi•• 4-: 177' z t.... 1., to Hiram
I ll'I"tr , ......43.:1!.; e;t: 1 I I,hO''' in '3;l 11"1 1 . ,11 i .,1
~,,,! R i 0,, • , ~.4 . , Ep,. ~:,..- 04.. t,, 111 , plan .: ,if bi. gf 1 ,1
t13r.1 - .7: v.IEI alll,l - .3 3,1, ..11.01!,.... p... of 1311.1. 11,4... o r
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,p•pdioi..c.. Nt .t:TOtt , .. i • [ ',-
AL:7n , - , 00 . , other thd- : 3 1:313,1 , in Willett . 1i5p, , , i(1.1 , • , 1 l',.`1111 , It; S:t , ti•!ch'.lll.l:t fit.,l'. va , l Iry laud,
~'E. II nu, "Ni i 11...,... r,,,,11. In - 1i t .,31, T f .1 , 111: Barnwell,
and ,cst •-•y iaf.di.,- t '3% It 1. s; ll' W,;:),..... t ." 1 „, ..,
::;i:.: . 1". - , 11:or.t ot' le-. 'l. i t I W.z.Ve.l. Willi ;: 1i1i..f.e,„,
2 , t:rut. I .-tea:lll', tz.ill. iat..t a te...V Iptit 11115
'' • .
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A L....a i-Def...n.Aanr , Intetc.,.: hi on t other ISt! ....It
a ,ti,. in 'cert . ,' int., 1,...n.1eil oello• north by 13.n31, 3 , •:
..f Fora -lit- Sll.ti.:o - .1. e I , L ',l.Sl . l.3liike I t igtrxhit,t t et ,,lt u , t. :
11. till TVITVIt , I%III:- , .11 ,, 3113'.1' , .:1tk 1.)" land of ,lieu'
!ri . ..bard. •,;". :t'i ) 1 , 1,, I. ;,1 4 1..1%.5-....,: t, , ,V:00-1 Ili
..efo-, :Iv': e oe Ids, :a. i1m.ft.....31. Iyill. 1 buns , and
"-aw 11.111 flame t1er,,.... 5i'17...1...u0l taken in.:3)ex--
e.'utioti at .allot Fambf=e".l l t.rroll vs.ltirm iii.rtrot.'
'`,5.1.1."...1.1..,00er but. it =l:it.=• to N'11.,•11,=! . . Mt , -
=,,,t0 i d...1 until Ity paid. , 1333331tway and landslof (7
ii,i i ,,ik,,, et i.=il ,I.y 1,,:5-l-ot Ira Avadeot It soljih by
4.0, , ,
„: ( . 1 , a ,„ 0,,i,.,, silt (; W 3,V;1:k..r. :11: , li AVV+I ,
I,', land. of Plitrleti Whin.; contain , i•- , acrc.,, , , morn
or no-. 30 sn!,pioi ed. with ), frame boos, 2 fratn...l
.cares. and 10',c11.6 -1 of fruit sii•-•:•"then-ott. it"
aoll :akco lett/ oNecut ion at saiL of -I'l. K:il-rei , vs
rot 1} Grtnito .not A. l ( 1 3• 1 11 1 t 11 . r.- - •
I . •
1.i..1. ) --- , nie'other I's. :dinar,. in. Towantla',l , olo. :
1, bn31,1 led Ili Ity :::atc.sti i-by lands oti .1 .7
.;,..inoi,, -.owl, by g o ld-of U.31..f ,: ur: and west by '
l'l3ll - .1-sta being - 1;7 ft front i.n said Thit.l-st. and led
ft 35-1 sai'l Sll'l3 f r t. with I 1,3,..d•0ry fraino.l. litulso
; wit foss fruit
al ..
It t, Yes thed coo t t • : , :,ii ~i ll, l
3 1110eit i silo
..'(),11,1i , 11 03 . ..-
f It II .I.' , 11.,'. ,y , ,liettrly 3sitt
seedtel II 3. VI 311, ~ i - ,
A 1.:-.1-= =Tot. 'oh her to: ref land in .)rweill t;s'p; .
oinolc.l 3t, follo,s: beginning :17 a maple trek dim
.• 4th west :r.rper i.f i:...ild-. ..wi....1 I.)' c it iiii`tit,-
~ ,,iek: ibe1t......1t0 . ...i.i....... wi'sr-f.5•7.-lobue 3 toot Lind
..t10.....; iloono.. north 2 , .... 0
,4 1 ast 1343..dt, a p..15-root
...brie , : tar: 'e ...o il :, !,';', o feast 10-rerslop to tt!si - i.,3,0
and -tom's: 11,7,•:,.... south 4: 1 0 5 , ...,..:l s 2 a-101, i.e.:n.-
1,4 ut highwv I thence 3.4ing eent,lr of 111411 Way
to Oft h -a .. Wt...... 1 :1'; 7-top: Ins: co sloth 7. west dtp .
tOktakk. and stone.; them., 'north s'h* west allti-ltip.
lo l a male!'; 1110 '. 1.1;ico of I egtriblinti. rotitallitlig. 5 1 53
..,ei e . of 1:11.0.Z.111“r, ,,, r lessi about ,u aere's Improved I
with 1 fraint'3l house and 1 1,!. orchards of fruit! trees 1
=.ll).roott. Selizil :111=1 tat:. p 110... execution lut the
•or of 11 II 1,,0111.* to, vstAtex4l..l,.r wi e tai,sr, .
• I A LS , , ---. 6 111 .011) , •11 is 4.. :if :ail' 1 ill W . V`"%i 0 ,. .p., •1
bdumbul as-11 , 1(0{% , . 1 , t.114T1-1..t. NO':1 Of hi's - ki No 14 ,
Si'' ft front oill'a ass. 1111,1 1 'io ft deep. a, wilt m o r e 1
folly apis•ar inll a map of litercur. Morgan 5. 3100.
dy,' , ...insltvhir'n. recorded In the office of ilt Begs
3er aml 1t."',3d.10r in ,aid(( . 0 Or It rallfolll., in decd -
1,l41;, Nil Ile,
.page 13. Sr, i 1 .
, .
IA 1.3 , .1--one other lot Ir.jc land in
. Wy;o34 tup,,,_
...nom,' a -,. .r.,11,,,,,.: ~,,,I), l'3 Lyninci-s3.'t by 1
l'A to'... souh byt lot No 2 fand on tit.' ,estioy lob',
NI , t•.... 1e'...1g to; No t . 2 f 1.,:0.....:. so 12, rt" frfrollt '
; ,.4,1 tz," ft ,A,...i., .1., :t;.]...N.; i'di Merear, 11,4,4 Sr
Nror-f:;:tir , n1:11, of Fast doilanda, rec., d e d i ; ,lll",d_ 1
;. I r.i ~....n)y 1f.,,,1p . .kr.',;,miv.,. ill -.1e...1 book S. it the,
lige EL &,,,, '
.1 1.35t.-Ohe'eller lob i'd ittsol hi Ity:o3: two-,
bootol.-1 ..irti, by let N o t, oast' I,v;l'a an-' 3 south
by I.'t No :$ and west, by It.: No 11 . ; being lot, 'No 2,
.n; block. No 12. being 3.1 CO front att.1 . 131) It din.p. as
30" , :zrs 1 ay 31erenr. 31. i. .I . Si l Morgisn'.i , 111. y. 4f East
TOw:11"1:1, 11i" , r.1==.1 In Itr:0 ford ,('minty .iteeiult3'r's
othr..' In 31...0 book Ni. 110'4 , 1,02v 13. Seized ,^3.11 ta
kon 1.11.....3..qua10tt at tile,: suit of NV in liiruin vs E
1 MccorttNik.
A 1.5.)-t);,.. other lot fpf Iluil ll' , stb .14 r twp,
,toilinted a.,f‘dio,...i•eon.ll-..ileing . In the nogth line
0 , 3 the . 3 .3,333 i sheet yunqug south anon till street
- H ading trot.- Ow 3 1 ,..p0rt the p 3 ,1 3,3, a f 15 1 ,3.1„; _llO l
ft Mont the:3 ; ',.itt I. west r, ..f saial ...r0. , 4,81. Z=ll4l l
.rint.!l".!. I lii.ll==e at. rigliti.ang",...- "flit salrliser'ojal l
I ..!..,..t Ist ft 1,, 3 cornelAthence intralli;l -it 11ff said!
street :0 , It .t= 4 e0x....r, thch: , at right at:36.s with'
'Sad thircet 'lso, It to thci nest -11„, of
~ ,,,, i, i street , I ,
I then., northerly ai0ng.,41.1 ;attn.( Soft' o the plaro;
, of begin:ll.3g flt-t•l'Vitlg 101,tr011i :;; , 1" Ilitfil , i3y ours
1 inset..l ft ip.:•n woi ali n ,
0, , t he front or 'said, tot eta
I 3,..ra11el ,1111 st rect. swing lite Na o:..1 in; th , ..t•vlll
L ~,g , ...f isayre, on 3 III:tiqt1:3.1 , by Z F. walker tor
Lion aid giincy awl ott,Ors,f 0 nt 31 1131 33 ,
.. i l' acr e.„
n3l, more' , i'r less, all Otiprdved. wit:li 21erainei
1, 0 ,5”.. 0111,:r:o5-; Mlll.l,7lngs 31111. ft'NN it - lilt . tr,n44
Meer'-':I, Z4.....iii....1 atmrtalt.eti 11110; oNCelltIVII.:111b=.
'41.11 of the ittadford ''l..,ati anti •Itullalltig o.ssrich
lion or Nihon:: ton 1:5111rIv , l‘lartita A S , 'V.:st:
Al,lO-000 of her =lot! td land In Minim", last
"boutelo'l mirth by 111.:14.11..,f, ca,t, by. tut N 0.12
3...-outli a 1 and ty.-. by lllT..biof 1) 1. I' Clark.,lcontalt •
.lug' , acres f 'land. Thorp-or less. all lintol.oved. 5-. h
]1.1,11,111.g.. • 1
i i
i t I•so , -otin other lot of It'anl -in Atln;dis 1w11,,,
; I ounded adiftli hy 1)1‘1,3:3.11-st, east by'l'a ate, sontt
11. v lands of 1) 1.. 1" t". O -k 31‘.t w... 1 I.w 14 NO 120,
I ontaining 4 . 3 333,te of Ihnd. more or 1 1 1 1,,q all Int.
pr"Ved, la lilt 1 f ram.,l, l ll.ntse and 'few'filnit i lei!
. .)10roaa. 1.10, - m. , al:on, qetog• lots Nos 120 is 121. if
I1,1 1 .„.k• 111, IS s hout, by in. I. F Clark's inap,ruado In
f"/.. I , Walker, - 51 trel.. 1 . -;"5. 3. 1 ..11.A and to con In t o
ip•xecutl..i. 4; iln. out
,‘it. Tl6.' ttradford,Loati ant,
Building Xh,sdciatiou 4 Adilen, Imp vs Edsliartl I
.1 0i...5. Alsh at .tilt of Atm, v.. s ail.... - I ' .
i ;1A1.'40-31110 other 1..., of iand al .Athiins twit
j ti0nn.1...1 north by Intoislof (tell :Walker. citst by-h l
l ave, ,01101%tit..1 55e...1 by limb; of Geo Walkier, heal)l
I'M It, IV ilk Ott said Pit dve: by.l-1.1 Tt .leek, Wit 31:
framed i fmed bons,. and (kr font t roc; theivor,
,isely 3
tel t30,,,,15,10, executh?l3 at tho 'salt of did:it Elt , ..
I ,i'ss• vs l'llliles - 1 , '1 . 1311u3. , • I
• ,
.: ...' .NN i.MEW .7 LAY,Tt.
. t, 1
• 'Slerlit.
Sherltr,4:ollce, A,
,t 7, ~r • :
NC0111 . .011 kTION' O'Pj.6E,
Not:4'o,ls beret,y - ON'ett that applii•atiol4%itt
toa.l, to a .`last -
_110! gt. t f ray.arm,l 'coqttlyiat
!,•pt,.1111,11 . Vont it or common i.:l
h.,•r t ir,it t
1.011:11 , .11 cit 'f. , 11 lan 4 Ma, Assotiatioii i,f
T.b,. 1...0f . ,461 A,l4;latloti Ist to cree't zitltt otcli
a !tall, with :gore r..ottis'anti ,ither0cc..444v01414..'
1,1,C,•, to 4,Tt..TalltOitait.,Satit SKI(' ty (le 0..C1ate.4.p .
1114 Y I 4'l6'll*, ttie al.. • Li
.1. C. Sll4 . NI 11.1.'Cil kill, .
, I. • • •
• cuunc it' • i
, • .
:) P
Stos . „()4t.fia , s , at tioino. i l amp
• worth tia ppy., gutis,
' - ';, ' ' •."}' :-'....i:,,,,Vf!'"'''
1061. •
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